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A school camping trip to the forests takes a turn for the worse when several children go missing among the trees. While you and your squad of fellow toys managed to lead your owners back to safety, the others aren't so lucky. For now, the children and yourselves are resting in camp on the side of a lake, outside and free of the treehell. A trip to the recharge station in the nature reserve has refreshed all of you and shaken off your fatigue.

You all now need to help find the other missing children, 4 of them. Your owners look like they don't want to go back in, even if Tam, Sophie's more active friend, is trying to put on a brave face. The friends' toys are trying to decide if they should go with you or stay back and look after the kids.

It look to be late afternoon. Sunset is near…


"We don't need to lose any more kids. We'll go out there ourselves. Besides, you might get sick in this weather."


"We should leave a detachment to watch over the other children, and any volunteers can come with us. Any toys equipped with map applications will help us triangulate search patterns."
I'll nod.
"While you are all very brave, you can all do the most good here helping the teachers keep everyone calm."


"The lights are dim, perhaps you can start a bonfire in their designated areas? The light might attract the lost children."

"And don't forget to keep singing."


"Stay safe, okay?"

Sophie takes out Muffles' phone, a new-looking smartphone. She presses a few buttons and Flashbolt suddenly feels a signal coming from it.

"So you all can come back if you get lost."

"None of us can map. I think we should stay here."

Muffles looks disappointed, but she's overcome by a fit of itching and relents.

"Alright, we'll tell that to the camp directors."


I'll nod to the commander.
"Tracking signal verified. We won't be getting lost."
To the other assembled toys.
"How many of you can fly? Being able to quickly scan quadrants will help us find them faster."


Spin around and give a bow.

"No need to worry. Nothing in these woods can stand up to a Buffalo like me, backed by his friends and Genuine HasBEEN construction."


The 'fine' signal coming from your Venus Flytrap is also reassuring.


"I think we are short on flyers here. We might have to make do with a good scouting plan."

"You guys really are useful, aren't ya?


"Perhaps. If any of the teachers have a physical map we can scan and divide up, then that should help things as well."
I'll process a moment.
"Come to think of it, wouldn't the park itself have a map in its local data storage?"


"I can fly very well, but perhaps you could convince a small bird to carry you? I could fetch another mouse as a bribe."


"Judging by the way things we're run, it might not be reliable. Maybe we should look a data connection to the outside?"





"Perhaps. Subcommander Muffles' smartphone might be able to get a decent signal, if we've clearance to access it. Or one of the teachers' workstations."


There is a map! You go ahead and take one from a nearby pile.

It, however, just shows the forest and lake where you are, and nothing inside.


roll my eyes a bit at your doubt. "Very well. I am heading this way to look. " point to the south "follow when you summon your courage." '1d10' roll to fly off in that direction.

Roll #1 6 = 6


We can still use it to divide the search. We'll need to cooperate with any of the other toys if we want to find these children. Whether we like it or not.
"Who among you other toys are willing to help find these children? Any flyers would be very useful."


None of you yet have the ability to browse other machines.

Your best option is to go in and look.

Good speed. You can maintain this pace.

You see the path that you and your squad took before, but there's another path to the right. Right being west, from your south-facing perspective.


A few pegasi and gryphons turn to you, but their children seem to be scared of them getting lost. They don't look like they want to leave each other.


No time for that, unfortunately.
And did the other brand of toys show any willingness to work together, or can they not surpass their programming when it comes to their owners?


"If we can, we should spare a flyer or two to keep a torch flying over the camp. It won't do anyone any good if we get lost too. We can use them to orient ourselves."


make a little arrow with a feather next to it, on a tree truck indicating the west path so the others can follow me.
rolling for a shot check as I go down the west path '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


spot check*


"The commander's tracking signal from Subcommander Muffles' phone, which I am now receiving, prevents that, Eston."
I'll shrug.
"Assuming we don't fall underground or something."


"Not so much for us, even though there is a chance of damage, but keeping the lights visible overhead might attract the other children. Also, since many seem unwilling to part, it might be our best option when leaving most behind."


I'll look around a moment.
"Does Gerald have a communications device that he can reach us with? Otherwise he's flying solo."


Flashbolt should be able to feel the signal for a good distance of 1km away, it should do.

Only glorious HasBEENs here. Unfortunately they're all busy tending to their kids, or alreayd lookign aroudn the perimeter.

Footprints! they lead to your left, or south.


Aha, leave another mark just like the last, nearby to indicate direction and then follow those foot prints.


"Gerald can fly, no need to worry. But speed is of the essence. We should go North and work our way around the area looking for children."


A fork! Both paths lead to the south.

Going North would take a full day of walking. The lake is big. Supporting Gerald is an idea, or you could find another nearby entrance.


Then I guess we'd better get searching.
Since Gerald flew south, and neglected to bring his PODEC, I guess we have to follow him.
"Put the map in your databanks and let's move."
"And if Gerald finds all of them to the south? He has no way of signaling us, short of leaving them to find us."
I'll grimace.
"Suppose we've got no other choice, though. It might take a while at our size, but scanning the park one quadrant at a time is likely how we're going to find them. North it is."


hoover for a moment and look for more tracks '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


The shoeprints go to the left. You see a weird set of prints to the right, though… some sort of animal?



"We'll circle out in a spiral starting in that direction. We might run into Gerald and we can team up, but even if we didn't meet, that meant we covered more ground."


take a closer look at those animal tracks, anything I might know? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"That's wildly inefficient."
Can I bring up the map display on my HUD?


The look kind of like your hind legs!

Into the jungle. The treeline is thick, so openings like the one you entered from are the only way you can feasibly enter. Maybe there's another one, but you doubt it would lead you to children.

Nope. All you can do is remember what you see. which ,as you recall, was completely useless.


I suppose on-board cameras weren't part of my design specs. That's a terrible oversight.
Which way do these entrances go? South? East?


Cat like? A cat then? What is the size compared to the mice I was catching before?


"Yeah, but I'd like to cover our bases. Besides, how far could the children have gotten? I can't always get Sophie to play outside with all your support, a single toy would have been even less succesful."

I'll head with him for now.


"You should never underestimate children. Especially if they don't know Lost Boy protocols."


A mouse would fit neatly into one of those prints.

Uh oh.


"Honestly, I'm going to recommend to all these children to get several Tabletop Adventures characters for themselves. They'd have been able to keep them better in line."


That is troubling. Quickly make another arrow heading to the left and keep following the foot prints. try to call out for them "Hello, Children? Are you out here?"
'1d10' keep an eye out for more signs and/or danger

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Or they could learn to be responsible and not wander from the group."
We'll go after Eston. Dumb catbird doesn't have any way of contacting us.


And by Eston I meant Gerald.


"Gotcha. Hopefully we don't have to rescue him on top of the children."


You notice the the pawprints go back behind you and towards an unexplored path.

Following the shoeprints, you find… a lost boy! He looks distressed, but otherwise unharmed.

You all can easily see the markings left on the tress if you want to catch up to him.


Well, there's that at least. Pick up the pace.


Good enough. Some of the children might be moving in circles, so it's good for us to follow.


Hoover up to the lad. "Hello child. I am Gerald, brave knight of the Hasbeen Toyline, Are you okay?"


"H-Hasbeen Toyline?!"

He smiles as if you've just shone pure sunshine on him in the dark. You feel warm inside.

"Ooooh! You're the knight, aren't you? Sir, I'm fine! But the others, I don't know, there was this big.. thing stalking us!"

At this time Flashbolt and Eston arrive.


Nod to him. "I am a knight, I am here to find you and your friends and guide them to safety."
pause concerned. "This creature stalking you? was it a cat? I saw tracks for a cat nearby."


"A unharmed child! Best news so far. Are you well enough to keep traveling with us?"

"Just how big were these cat tracks?"


"I see you've found one."
I'll look up at the kid.
"We should get him back to the path, and then he can head up to the camp with the others while we hunt for the other three missing children."
"Since you can fly, an escort mission should be within your abilities while we look for more tracks."


"A BIIIIIIG one! Like, a puma or something! I managed to hide, but the other kids ran off the other way!"

You can fastforward bringing the children to the entrance and back.


"The cat tracks were large enough to fit a full grown mouse in the paw."
"Yes, we should bring him back now, and lets see if he knows where the others went."
"I see, which way did they run?" I ask him.


Well, it's not like we can bring them along with us while hunting big cats.
"Can you point in the direction they went?"


"Flashbolt and I can take it from here."

"Give out a call when you find the next child and we can lead them back."


"From behind you! If you're facing that way, then they went to the left! Further west."

3 more children after you lead this one out. You can move quickly enough that leading them out should take a negligible amount of time.


Fair enough.
"You were a brave kid."
Now, to the west. Let's look for tracks. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


After leading the child out, any signs of the other ones?

Searching '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Nod firmly. "We shall bring them back. but first you."
return him to base and then follow his directions.. this isn't where I saw those tracks is it? keep an eye out '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


While Eston falls into a a hole in the ground, you all easily make out more shoeprints heading west. Following the path shows it leading further North.

The kid's been returned safely.


Let's not lose this trail. And be on the lookout for cat prints too. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


mark up some more tree in the direction we are going.
'1d10' look for more tracks of any kind.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"The whole point of a trap door spider is to conceal its trap. How was I supposed to know where it was?"

Search for tracks with the others. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Are you any good with cats Eston?" I ask with a small smirk.


After a bend leading you all further west, the cat prints lead further north. to the south, though, are more shoe prints

You catch up to Gerald and Flashbolt.

Considering what was in that hole, though, you might want a dip in the lake. You're pretty glad you can't smell.


point out both sets of tracks. "Looks like we need to go south." make another arrow and head that way.


Scratch that, you CAN smell. But you've turned the receptors off for your own good.


"Hopefully that cat won't have circled around and cut them off."


"Please, there isn't an Animal in this world I can't tame. I'll bring it back with us as a new pet."

"The cat might have gotten tired of chasing the children if it went somewhere else. And with this stuff on me, it might not even want to approach anyway. I'll need my body cleaned and my drives scrubbed to get this off."

"Yes, let's keep our optics and acoustics out, to be safe."

Search. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"We must simply press on until we catch up to them." I say sternly not a hint of doubt in my voice.
"We have picked up their trail so far, and it seems recent. We are the heroes who were sent to save them. We shall not fail." '1d10' try to inspire you with that.
"That's the spirit."

Roll #1 9 = 9



You head south. A girl!

"Oh, goodness! You have to help! the other 2, they ran up! And my pegasus went to go help them! The cat! And.. what's the smell?"

At least your Flytrap might be enjoying it, but you don't when 2 birds decide bombing you would absolutely make their day.


Words are cheap. But they can still make you feel a bit better.
"It's nothing. We can get you back to camp. What is your pegasus's name, in case we run across him or her?"


"A full wipe. I want this day removed from my data banks, got it?"

"Its cat repellant. Don't mention it."


"Of course we will help. Up that hill you say?" I note the direction she is pointing. "You need to get to safely. Would you like us to escort you."


snicker slightly at the smelly situation.


Words of a true Knight. Everyone feels a bit better when they hear it.

"It's okay! Did you mark the trees on the way here? I can follow them, I've been around here a lot! Just… take care of my pegasus! His name's Marty!"

"And yeah, up a bit, north of here! The tracks are there!"

You can feel the fine signals from your flytrap, at least.


"Sidemission noted. Be careful on your way back."
Proceed north. Time to find me some tracks. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Thanks for the talk."

Keep searching north. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


The tracks change as you go on to the north. Less clear, like the animal was running.


"Yes, I marked each turn we took, just look for the arrows with feathers next to them." Mark one pointing toward the north to show her.
"We shall retrieve your friends, including Marty." I assure her with a smile.
"Any time comrade." I nod to you and help you look '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Hopefully this cat went after something else."

Look again. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Ah Tartarus.
"I think it's begun to chase them down. We need to hurry."
Make sure those are shoe prints, and follow. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


You hear it! ….shouting?

In your haste, you managed plow your way through a pile of 'fertiliser'.

You might slowly begin to enjoy this. Your Flytrap is sending a slightly happier signal. Maybe you could ask Sophie to install something to let you process it. Happy plants, among a bed of soiled soil with you in it swimming….

You could hide pretty well now in the ground.


Towards the sound. That pegasus can't last long by itself, especially if both children are under his watch. Hurry. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Quickly this way!" fly towards the shouts with great haste. rolling for speed/to carry one of the others if needed '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


>Sudo rm -rf /

Run after the others. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


You all don't manage to get through the ground very fast, but you make it to a large clearing.

Two kids are huddled at the back,their backs to a cliff face. A puma, salivating at the mouth for a meal, is distracted by a pegasus and Buffalo toy. Both of them are trying their absolute best to fend it off, but without aid it looks like they'll fall fast.

At this point any more would make no difference.
You should consider this memory in the future.


"There they are! Hold fast, we're coming!"
And here we go! Leap of Faith the Puma, sword first! '1d10'
Deploy MediCAT.

Roll #1 10 = 10


rush over landing between the toys and puma holding the shield up. "Marty the Pegasus. Your back up has arrived." Use Guardian.


"Stay back, this isn't for you!"
Get between it and the children.

Animal Master '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


The only thing missing is your power up theme from your show. If only someone had speakers.

Perfectly, medicate drops from your pouch as you jump onto the puma, landing a stab right on the face, flinching it.

You ready your protection. Roll to unleash it.

While it is too big to influence, you are able to read it.
Hungry hungry hungrY! Two small flesh smell good like eat before. Small things irritating maybe good to eat too?


'1d10' Rolling

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Nothing here is good to eat or worth going after."

Earthen Strike '1d10+2'
Venus Flytrap going for the face as I jump in. [1d10]

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #2 9 = 9


Target classified as nonhuman. Target injury is within Third Law compliance. Continue engagement.
Rupture the eye. '1d10'
MediCAT will Heal Marty, the girl's pegasus. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 9 = 9


You lose your balance, smacked away by one of the Puma's swipes.

It's not quite the same as the feeling of tearing apart of Fattel, but it works. The puma roars and jumps about even more. It's getting hard to stay on.

Medicat rolls towards the Pegasus, meows and administers a dose.

You're bigger than the rest. Even that buffalo at the feet. You'd be very satisfying for a hungry Puma.

Your flytrap pot separates itself from you just in time for you to be snatched up by the Puma in its mouth. You armour is thick, but the gnashing of teeth… you're not going to last.

Oh, wait. The Puma suddenly cries out in disgust and spits you out, mostly intact.


Gerald: 2/5
Eston: Helpless


"Told you it wasn't worth it…"

Natural Remedy on myself. Get those nanomachines working. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


'1d10+2' cheap shot the Puma's mouth.. muzzle area.
"Kids run while you still can, There are trees with little marks on it leading all the way back to camp. Hurry."

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


While helpless, those nanites make you feel better enough that you can stand up proper. They even do a good job cleaning away some of the… fertiliser.

A quick swipe of your blade puts in it its place, especially with a reeling. It looks ready to flee any second now.


Another swipe with Earthen Strike. Aim for the ears. '1d10+2'

Flytrap joins in the attack. [1d10]

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #2 3 = 3


Stare it down.
"Leave now beast." '1d10' try to activate overconfidence.
Whether or not I succeed in that. I try stab the creature again, perhaps cut off a whisker '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 9 = 9


Overconfidence requires no roll. You call upon that power surge and slice off a few whiskers. It's looking very frightened now.

You land in the mouth again and get bitten. Fortunately you've still got a layer of biowaste protecting you.

Enough is enough.

It spits you out and flees like a kitten up the cliff and away.

The children are safe, it looks like, and so are the toys. Marty the griffon lands tiredly while the buffalo stops and rests. Looks like its a cow.

"Thank you all so much! We thought these kids could never make it out.. and what's that smell?"



"You children are imagining smells."


"This was all part of the plan. Let's get out of here."


"That is the smell of victory kids." I say holding back a snicker and point towards the trail back. "Follow us back to camp."


The buffalo cow sniffs.

"Smells like manure! Is it from your care of your flytrap?"

"Thank you, Sir Gerald!"
"Thank you Mr. Eston!"

Looks like more of your episodes might have been airing lately.

You all follow Flashbolt's signal back to camp, the sun already on the horizon. Just in time.

Sophie will be pleased.

Pause time.


After going back into the jungle to rescue the lost children, and getting a lot of fertilizer on yourself in Eston's case, the group goes back to camp.

Sophie comes up to you all and looks incredibly happy.

"I'm so glad you guys made it! You're all amazing! And… Eston? Is that for your new plant?"

Your pseudolfactory sensors pick up food. They've begun barbequing dinner and serving to the lost children first.


"We're glad we are safe too."


"That is correct. The Flytrap here helped keep lots of bugs away from the others and I'm sure it'll do its utmost to protect your rest from the bed bugs."


"You had faith we would succeed, Commander. That's all we really needed."


"I am simply happy that we could assist you and the other children Lady Sophie. We were never in any real danger, our HASBEEN metal-plastic is surprising hardy."

I'll beam proudly. "And the blade you modified really helped."


"Oh, I had my friends! I'm alright!"

"Hmm… is there a nutrient delivery system from all the… stuff on your body to the Flytrap? Most of it isn't even touching it…"

She rubs both your heads.
"We have the whole rest of today to relax. why don't you guys go play around? The lake seems safe to be in too, I saw some other toys going in."

You're free to explore the campsite as you like. Recharging stations at the main tent, some toys are catching fish out of the water and throwing them to the cooks. Lots of toys about, too.


"Be careful then."

Walk into the lake.


"Acknowledged, commander."
First up, charging station. Just to top off.


think for a moment. "The lake is not infected with beetles anymore?"


"Oh, all this? An accident. They should take better care of the buildings and how they store their supplies."


I'll recharge first.


Your plant retreats into a clear plastic shell as you get in, and your contiminants quickly drive away all the fish that were here either to the fishing toys or out into the lake.

Ahhh, that's the stuff. You feel good. Really good. A slight urge to tear apart non-Hasbeen toys too.

"Nope, they've gone… somewhere. don't really wanna think about it."

Oh yeaaah. Give it baby, Good sweeKILLRENDBURNMAIMt power charging up your batteries


Odd. Check my software. Was there an automatic update?


Let's try heading towards the fishing toys, but first.

See how deep I can dive before I have to come back to the surface.


Roll #1 5 = 5


That's good stuff.

I'll check out the fishertoys.


You haven't connected to anything capable of updating in a while. You do notice that this is a Hasbeen-brand charger, though.

You can't really dive with an air bubble containing a plant floating you up. You do play about in the water and wash yourself off, at least.

Gryphons and Pegasi fly above the surface, swooping down on fish to stun and bring them to the barbeque cooks. A couple of goats are chasing the fish to them, led by one of those limited edition seapony toys.


"Perhaps I should stick with you, just in case?"


Ah, that would explain it. There's probably a subroutine to reinforce the FAT-DIE program. I should probably stick to offbrand chargers, just to avoid any dangerous systems errors until I get that out of my head.
Head outside, let's take stock. Maybe take a look at what the other Hasbeen toys are up to, as well as the Fattel toys.


Wave at them from the water.

Let's go meet the fishing toys and offer myself to help.


"Of course, my.. loyal knight."

She giggles.

Sophie is busy helping herself to meat off the grills, taking some for her friends as you sit on her head.

Fattel toys are all in another part of the campsite, different class and all. Your loyal glorious Hasbeen comrades are busy fishing or otherwise playing around. The shaman-type ones are especially happy, communicating with an insect here and there.

"Hello. Want to help with the hunt? You are very unwieldy, though…"




I try to pull a fish out of the water with my TK.

Roll #1 7 = 7


'1d10' observe them interacting. Are they are all happy?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I'm just well manufactured. I was at the top of my line during the Quality Control tests you know. Besides, I float, if there are extra lines and lures, I can just attach them to myself."


Let's wander over towards the grilling area. The others have the fishing portion well under control, after all.


You don't have the strength for that. A swimming pegasus helps you push it up, though.

You sense that they are. Joe has stopped shivering and looks like he might even be enjoying himself. Jasper the toy zebra is sketching down some ideas collaborated by him, Sophie and Muffles, happily stroking a large moth on her hand.

"Actually, yeah! Let's put a lure on you and see if you can pull out anything!"
A gryphon comes holding some strong-looking nylon wire and a hook, scented with Hasbeen Shaman-type animal attractor all natural hormone.

Smells good, at least for a human. They barely have enough to feed everyone, though, at the rate they're eating. Some mage toys are helping light more fires with their Safe Fire Magic Bolts.


Children are hungry things, after all. THey need the energy to grow into proper adults.
Wandering over to the firestarters, I'll check in on them.
"How are things going here? Supplies holding out?"


"Could always use more, these kids are pretty hungry. Loads of fish we caught and left on shore jumped back in or something, I don't know how they vanished." The unicorn lights a new pit with her horn before jumping back so she doesn't melt.

"Kids were actually supposed to fish themselves, but they're tired. Can't blame them. We got all the drinks we need, at least."


"No real excuse. Fishing builds character, and as a sub-mission, it can be fun. With proper precautions, of course, so that no child becomes the catch of the day, of course."
Sub-mission added: Gone Fishin'.
"The children who've already eaten are likely not going to be too keen on fishing, but with the help of the shamans, they shouldn't have too much trouble."
I'll start making my way over to one of the counselors who aren't otherwise occupied.


They're all busy either cooking or playing with children. One of them seems intent on trying to teach children how to play a 'Tabletop Game', a relic from long ago.


Let's zero in on that one. He's already got a small audience of children, so they can be deputized for fishing duties. Provided that adult knows how to fish.
Sub-Mission Objectives updated!
- Approach adult
- Determine fishing prowess


"What's a dice? You mean a random number generator?"

"Yyeeees. Yes, a dice is like a physical RNG. You roll it and see what number comes up. Then I decide what happens because of that!"

"So it's just like a video game? Why don't we just play video games, then?"

You approach the table of confused kids and instructor.


"Requesting permission to be on the table, and a lift to it."


Give a relaxed sigh as I watch over them.
"Is your food cooked properly Lady Sophie?"


A kid picks you up and puts you on it.

The table has dice and weird documents on it, where they seem to be listing characteristics of farm animals like sheep and cows.


Can I at least help drag the fish over to the fires?

Roll #1 7 = 7


I'll raise an eyebrow at that, thank the child, and then turn to the adult.
"What is your fishing proficiency?"


"Uh…. fishing? I thought only those people in tribal reserves did that? We grow fish in tanks now, right?"

"No! You'll dirty them!"

A gryphon shouts as you try, then lifts up the fish and with a few others carries it to the fires.

"Mmmhm! Really good. Tastes a little stronger than our usual tank-grown fish, but I can get used to it."

Joe is busy drawing some sort of fish sea monster, like a long sea serpent, to eat.


I frown.
Maybe I can stun swimming fish with my magic bolts?

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"Good, good."
…he's going to eat the drawing? humans are strange.
'1d10' glance around at the other groups nearby, do any of the kids look upset at all? Any bugs or fattel toys bothering anyone?

Roll #1 10 = 10


I'll give the adult a flat look.
"So your proficiency in teaching these children to fish, as a recreational bonding experience, is negligible?"
I'll look at the children.
"Would you all like to learn how to fish? The stock of fish available needs to be replenished if everyone wants to be fed."


The light flash stuns a fish on the surface before traveling deeper into the lake.

You hear a rush of water as a lot of fish suddenly swim up in a panic.

"Wow! I don't know what you did, but that was great!" A goat comments from behind you.

That was the child speaking. The adult merely shrugs, saying that he did it when he was younger, but feels like the children would rather do other things.

"What's fishing, again? We throw down a rod and grow the fish?"

Too busy drawing to eat
You carefully survey the crowd. Everyone's relaxed and having fun, save a few kids sitting at a corner table. About two of them there are clearly enjoying themselves talking about things, while the rest are terrified of something.


"Magic, my good goat. Which model are you?"
I look down at my reflection as I speak.


Hoover mid air and bow to Sophie "Pardon me for a mere moment My Lady. I must check on something."
make my way over to the corner table.


I'll shake my head.
"It seems this mission's parameters are more difficult than first expected."
To that adult:
"As they don't know what fishing is, perhaps you could teach them? This game will still be here when you get back, and you'll have fish that you caught to eat. Is that an acceptable mission?"


Lots of waves on the water compared to before. You look nice in the reflection compared to as usual. Maybe because your appearance is blurred.

"And that's how the bunnyman killed EEEVERYONE, and now no one knows who he is!"

The scared children just hug each other and shiver. Looks like it's a horror story table.

"I suppose. Right, kids, I can show you how to fish! Then we can cook and eat everything we catch for ourselves! Oh, and, no asking your toys for help, never know when you might have to do this alone!"

He gets up and beckons the children over to the lakeside, taking a few fishing poles.


I look over my shoulder.
"Did you get water in your speakers, goat?"


Oh. This is just a game.
maybe I can make some scary auto file play, like a roar '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Sub-Mission objectives updated.
Let's look for any other loose children who might be available to fish.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You glitch up a little, causing your intended roar to come out and something like a mix of a meow and quack. The children jump upon hearing you, then laugh.

Just a few spare poles left. There's your kids, but they're busy eating and drawing or doing other stuff. No one else looks bored or unoccupied enough to come along.

"Oh, I was just looking at the waves. Shaman, myself. And yeah, I think I got some. I'm detecting this big soundwave, you don't hear anything, do you?"


laugh it off, as long as the kids are happy..
Nothing to be embarrassed about.
"Having a good time kids?"


I listen on every frequency that I can for his "big soundwave".

Roll #1 6 = 6


Well, with the assistance of the shaman toys, they should scrounge up enough to feed everyone. And fishing is a good patience exercise.
Let's wander back over to the Commander and the others.


Each channel only detects children, adults, a few animals sounds and water. You can't detect much more than that.

"Probably just the water, it was from the lake."

"Oooh, a knight model!"
"Yeah, we are.
"They're telling scary stories! I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight!"
"I don't want the rabbit man to eat me!"

Commander Sophie has finished eating and is lounging about with her friends.

"Didn't you hear? The reason the Confederate government stopped fishing is because the fish were EVOLVING to fight back!"

"Tam, like, have you been playing Portable Monsters?"

"Right! Didn't you hear how the Portable Monster creator used to be a secret agent?"


"Portable Monsters?"


"I can't hear anything. Can you point me in the direction you heard it? I am an Omniseer model, maybe I can see the source."


Smile and show off my sword with a slash '1d10' "If you see any rabbit man, just yell and I'll come slay him for you."

Roll #1 8 = 8


"You know, that game everyone's playing on their Pinten Portable Entertainments! That fish that becomes a giant snake is a secret government project!"

Joe is content with just drawing it out on pencil. It's a giant sea serpent with fishy elements.

"Right over there."

She points to the deepest part of the lake you can aim at from here. As you turn to look, she hugs you from behind.

"Lovely night out, isn't it? My owner is busy having some fun with a cute boy behind a cabin somewhere, I was hoping I could do something similar~"

Impressive move.
"Oooh, oooh! Maybe we could try one of those… interactive story things! So we don't have to be scary!"

"Sure, let's get all our toys and make up a setting!"
An earth pony mage and Dog knight jump out of their owner's pockets, greeting you.

"Up for it, Gerald-model toy?"


"The visual aid is much appreciated. Your talent in artistry never fails to disappoint, Field-Lieutenant Joe."
I'll look back at Tam.
"I am unfamiliar with that series. I don't suppose I am cleared for that intel?"


I star to cast Fourth Wall-
but stop when I hear what she says.
"Oh? Which cabin?"


"A good story will do you hearts well! Of course I can help."
Greet the the toys in turn. "Good day Knight and Mage units, I do not know your names, but you seem to know mine."


"It's supposedly a video game series from the Capital region of the Empire of Japan, where you catch Portamans and make them fight each other! you can even beat up other player's portamans and plunder them! But I read that it's also a secret government project for animal research!"

Sophie stares at Tam like she's insane. Muffles seems interested.

"Oh, over there by the back. You're the kind who likes 'seeing' don't you, Omniseer?"

She's rubbing her horns on you.

"Bolty and Miner."

They speak in unison.

The storyteller gleams, then pulls out a large book, holographic projector and portadrive.

THE CALL OF CTHULHU flashes on as the projector springs to life with the portadrive inserted.

"Alright, brave heroes. You've been tasked with defeating an evil sorcerer! They say he's in a house on an island in the middle of the sea! do you want to sail there now?"


I turn towards the cabin and look, look with my special eyes.
Are they of legal age to be doing whatever it is they are doing?

Roll #1 3 = 3


I will remain impassive.
"It would be pretty silly for such a secret project to be toted around as a childrens' video game."
I'll tap my metal chin.
"Then again, sometimes the best way to keep a secret is to pretend it isn't a secret at all. Are your sources legitimate?"


Try to stand in the proper place on the hologram.
"Of course! We must face this evil where it stands."


You can make out two figures with your Electromanetic Resonance Visual Detectors. One of them appears to be wearing a skirt.

"All endorsed affiliates of timecube.com, yeah! They also revealed wrestling is ACTED!"

Your comrades nod. A ship brings you across a stormy sea to an island surrounded by waves. However, the waves get too strong, and you get to shore just in time for the ship to crash into rocks.

"And, uh, the house is right there on hill! And there's lightning and stuff!"

The storm gets stronger, you can almost feel actual rain on your body. You can see the abandoned-looking house on a flickering hill.


I'll roll my eyes.
"Everyone knows that, though. Worst-kept secret in the world. They just pretend it's real to give the wrestlers some dignity."
I'll make a mental note to investigate this "timecube-dot-com" later.
"So, judging from the enthusiasm of you and the Field-Lieutenant, you are both fans of the game."


ruffle my feathers as if pushing the water off.
"We're going to need a new boat. Miner, Bolty stay close, we don't know what kind of tricks this sorcerer has planned for us."
'1d10' hum a marching song as we make our way toward the top of the hill. inspire

Roll #1 2 = 2


Insufficient data.
I let her rub against me.
"Er, sure. Let's get a closer look."
I walk to the cabin then peak around behind it. My Child Protection And Lawsuit Prevention programming demands I ensure no child comes to harm, especially in any way that could open HasBEEN to lawsuits.


"Don't you have a horn too? It's such a lovely one. Can I touch it?"

You creep over to behind the cabin with a horned goat on your back.

"Don't I look just like Sakura now? Come on, it's just a game of pretend…."

"I… You look really pretty…"

Turning around, you see one blushing boy leaning against the cabin walls. Beside him, in a Japanese Empire schoolgirl uniform, a pretty girly-looking… boy?

You're getting a little too into it, maybe. The way you act with the rains and storms, some creeping feeling that SOMETHING is going wrong… your fellow stoic warriors actually look scared. Above, the listening 3 kids are anxious and still.

"Of course! How could we not? We all play it!"
"There's a pretty interesting piece of technology behind the way it transfers portamans, too."


Good, we'll float about and see what we can catch.


Roll #1 2 = 2


"Oh? How does it do that?"


Clear my throat. "Together we can overcome his power. Don't worry. Now.. I'll fly above and see if I spot any patrols, bolty you take the left, miner you go right, look for doors and windows."
'1d10' inspect the outside of the house.

Roll #1 10 = 10


A game of pretend? Well then, that seems perfectly safe. I walk back to the lake.
"I guess you can? You are acting strange for a toy meant for our age group. Do you have a virus."


By now, some kids and an instructor Flashbolt called are fishing with you. You narrowly avoid getting caught in their lines.

No one else notices it, but that rumbling you hear definitely isn't water.

"See, it, uh… it's like virtual teleportation! It doesn't just transfer a radio signal to be picked up by the receiver, it actually turns the air around it into a signal of the portaman and sends it physically to the other device! At least, according to Tam… where'd you read it again?"

"Timecube.com, duh!"

Looking at the foundation, you realise the house is in fact a cover for some sort of secret underground base. If you went inside the house, your best bet would be to look for a trapdoor of some sort to lead you further down. There's also a little bit of rumbling.

"Oh, I can grow with my owner. We're close that way~"


Better investigate before the kids decide to do so. Can't let them get hurt, now can I?


"Physically? You mean they aren't just data strings? Because otherwise that sounds like a wireless transference of data that would occur in just about any device."


"Oh! You are one of the Lifetime models! How fascinating, I'm just a static one. What age was your owner when the two of you were synchronized?"


return to the group.
"Comrades. I believe our target is hiding underground, perhaps plotting something as we speak." point at the foundation of the building "see the way it shakes?"
"Did either of you see a way down from the outside?"


Again, you don't manage to dive down with that plant attachment on your back. You can detect sound coming from the deepest reaches, though. Oddly it's triggering your Animal Comms software a little, but is unintelligible.

"Ugh… if it's from that place, I don't think it'd true. Oh, well."

"You talk too much. Shhh."

She bites your horn gently.

"Nope, looks like the only way in is here."
The dog opens the door and goes inside.


"Why are you biting my horn? If you want to fight I can find my own and you can find yours. I think she might have a battle mat with her."


follow him inside. keep an eye out for trouble and secret doors '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Can I leave my plant back on shore? If not, I can at least try to find the source from above.


"Commander, if this tech could be cracked, you'd be able to back up our memory chips from any location. Even store compatible links in custom frames. In the Iron Cog series, there was one such machine piloted by a brain hooked into it."
I'll sit with a muffled "clunk."
"Of course, without the proper testing, or the code itself, I wouldn't be able to make certain that it was enough of a parallel."


"Oh, fighting, huh?~"
She pins you down and moves her mouthpart over your face.

You already know that there's a secret entrance to below, so you easily find it. A trapdoor that hasn't looked used in a long time.

You can. You dismount the pot and leave it on Sophie's table for safekeeping, then get back into the water. Roll to see how far you can safely dive.

"Oh, that's a good idea. Except it won't work. Ever. or maybe. Hmm…."

Eston came by to leave his plant pot before going back out the the lake to join those people gone fishing.


"…!" step back a moment " wait. Why does this look abandoned? Wouldn't he need to come up for air and supplies? ..come to think of it, did you see any other ships?"


Make sure all the hatches are battened down and dive!


Roll #1 3 = 3


I lie there.
"Miss, I am not equipped with the software or firmware for this sort of activity. Please stop, you may cause the children to ask things which may offend their parents and bring shame on HasBEEN."


I'll cock my head slightly.
"How do you mean, Commander? Hypothetically, it's possible. After all, all we toys are is just data and electricity."
I'll cough slightly.
"And maybe more than a few nanomachines. Point remains, though, if something is sophisticated enough to hold our brains, we'd be able to swap places with it."


You don't get very far before a rush of water hurls a school of fish at you, and you hurling back to the surface. Again, that sound.

Dog and pon look at each other.
"Nope. not another ship."

You hear the storyteller kid speak.
"The trapdoor beckons to them, like some sort of primordial force from deep within wants them to open it, to see what's inside…

A few loud keystrokes from the other kid breaks your immersion a little, but now the trapdoor seems very attractive.


Sophie brings out a tube of orange fluid with grey fibrous material inside.

"Maybe. I wonder how many ways the future can go from here?"

"Oh, come on. Your owner isn't going to be a little girl forever, you know. You may as well learn how to guide her when she goes to her next school."



"…Well, he must be down there, ..maybe he's become an undead?" open it up and go down.


"And once she is old enough either her or her legal guardian will give me the appropriate software to let me assist in guiding her."


"As many as you can think of, Commander. And we'll be right there with you."


Look around for the sea pony. See if they can go check it out with me. Wave at it if I can see it.

"Hey, over here!"


The passage down is dark. Just a bit in and you cannot see anything. You can only carefully make your way down until you feel what seems to be like a door.

"How do you know it'll be what she needs? Children don't grow up to be the same, you know. I would never have expected my owner to grow up like this."

She looks troubled.

The seapony swims to you.
Don't forget your plant has been left at shore so you can dive

"Whazzat, now?"


"Well, beautiful one, there's some weird disturbance going on down there. I'm hoping you and me can see what's got all the fish riled up, since even my Animal Comm software thinks it's hearing something."


"Commander, I make no illusions about my longevity. I and the others are simple toys. We will be with you as long as our batteries sustain us, and hopefully for the rest of your life in your memories. That is the most any toy, action figure, or even doll dares hope."
I'll look Sophie in the eyes.
"That is why we give everything for you. You are our commander, owner, and to some degree family. Any one of us would shatter ourselves to bits if it meant that you could continue to grow into a fine adult."


"I dunno. All I hear is this buzzing. Can't swim that deep, I tried some time ago."

She strokes your back.

"I wonder where the difference between an artificial and real brain is. Maybe… ah. Like that story about the boy who grew up to save his robot racoon."
She's deep in thought.


"Blue screens… Let's keep the others away then. In the mean time, I have an idea."

Let's head back to the beach, are there any good size rocks I can carry?


I'll cock my head curiously, though enjoy the petting.
"I do not believe I'm familiar with that story, Commander."


Open the door. "Wow. This guy needs some glow stone or something."


"Have you been missing Patches? The ANITA doctrine means all HasBEEN products are able to guide all one hundred and seven known genders through puberty and maturance."


Yes, a few. How big you looking?

"Oh, well, this boy had a robot racoon come from the future to help him study, because in the future they were poor since he never did well in school. But one day the robot racoon's batteries die and because he's from the future, no one can repair him! So the boy's inspired to study hard to become an engineer good enough so he can learn to repair his racoon! It used to air in the tabletop timeslot."

"Oh, there's more than that. Either way… you've got to learn yourself, handsome."

No need for that.

The moment you open the door, all is bright. It's a glass tunnel, surrounded by brightly lit seawater! Though it gets darker as you look below. Far darker.

"..they can hear things…"

Suddenly, you can no longer hear the narrator kid's voice.


"That's… fairly interesting, actually. Did he send another raccoon back to the past to establish a stable time loop, or did it end just with him and his raccoon being happy?"


Big enough to weigh me down but light enough to carry. I'll use it to keep me down and try to walk towards the disturbance.

I'll also tie a fishing line to me and one of those floating lures that rest on the surface, so the Sea pony knows where I am.


Look around "uhh guys are you sure this is the right way? What crazy wizard lives under the sea?"


"I do not have the required software to learn. Please get off."


"I dunno. It was a cartoon from the Empire of Japan, anyway, wasn't that were you were from?"

"I'm sure it's the right way."

"It is. Can't you hear that?"

You can only hear brief instances of a keyboard being typed on.

"Sure you want to go through with this?"
She helps you with your setup. You're ready.

"You're awfully stoic. Must have absolutely no addons whatsoever. I'd hate to see you obsolete."


"This all feels.. off.." keep moving forward


I'll nod.
"Perhaps we can look it up on the Net. Who knows? Perhaps it could serve as a sort of inspiration for your own talents."


I only laugh as I try to spot if anything is malfunctioning inside her.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Basic scan shows no abnormalities, save perhaps AI core a little bigger than expected.

"Eventually. It's getting kind of late, though. Can't wait for the hot chocolate before we go to sleep."

"Help! HELP!"

A shout comes from deep below. It's a voice you know very well.

"Wait, the noise is gone."
Dog and pony seem to stop hearing things.


"Indeed. Shall I go check on it, Commander? Perhaps with proper stealth I can acquire a few extra marshmallons."


A voice I know well? Who?
Dart forward deeper into the tunnel.
"No. Someone is down here."


"Something's triggering my sensors, and I can't let it go, its triggering the first law in me."


Odd. I will do research later.
"Unless you plan to attempt to satiate yourself on me, please get off. If you do plan to do that I will try to stop you."


"It's the voice you always hear and treasure, of course."

You leave Dog and Pony far behind as you dart down.
You're sure of it. She's here somewhere. But where?

It's too dark to see anything, but you can hear her everywhere around you.

"Going to dive down now, then?"

You can see the camp directors are just starting to boil the water.

"You're no fun. Oh, well."

She gets off. Off you.

"No plans at all for your future, then?"


"Mr. Asimov demands it. Ready?"


Hmm. Can I spot the marshmallow bags from here? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Lady Sophie? Where are you? Can you give me a sign ?" Look frantically for her. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8



She lowers you down, holding onto the lure.

Yeah, right next to them. And looks like they have toys of their own guarding them.

"Oooh, what's that?"

Something seems to have drawn Sophie's attention. She leaves the table.

"Here! I'm so proud of you! My brave knight!"
She comes in from the pitch darkness, beckoning you to her.


"What's what?"
Hop down from the table, from top to bench to ground, and follow after her.


'1d10' gryphon speed towards her.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Salute her, then head on down to the deep sea, or lake in this case.

Anything interesting on the way down? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"What happens will happen."


Not much.

It's really dark here, especially since it's evening. You're mainly finding your way around detecting animals cries.

gotta eat mmm delicious tinygreen
sexy cloaca fins gotta fuck gotta lay mmm yes
not safe safe not safe small thing coming not safe
being eaten help

You rush at her, but in doing so-
You crash into her! you hear the sounds of something snapping. She is lying on the pitch black ground, not moving, whimpering.

She's going towards a bunch of scared kids, with one enthusiastically narrating a story while the other typing on some device.

"Interesting device there. Could I take a look?"

She relaxes on the ground.

"I guess, if it's easy for you to accept…"


I'll watch, a bit curious.


I shrug.
"I accept what modifications I am given."


I must persevere under the lake and find whatever manner of beast lurks beneath. Try to get to the one who asked for help.


Roll #1 6 = 6


"…no it can't be.. I hurt you?" Nudge her, try to figure out how to help her '1d10' " please be okay… lady Sophie.."

Roll #1 8 = 8


It no longer responds. In its place you hear a Mmmm fuulll what next from a big fish.


"If someone other than your owner gave them to you?"

Sophie takes out a small phone-like device. Seems to have some sort of map on the screen, with a camera. The boys let her look at the machine. It's a keyboard attached to a large tank, where you can see holograms and information from here. You think you can see some toys inside.

"Holographic playset! Latest in the line!"

You claw at her, trying to bring her up, but for some reason you can't even touch her, only go through her.
You think you can hear her voice… but it's soft, and weak.

rolling for her health.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Only if my owner okayed them."
[I need to think of some way to get rid of this goat before she finds out about what
shisname and the mods we got.]


Okay, okay. I can deal with this. Just stay still. I'm a Toy, not food. Just stay where I am.


Roll #1 1 = 1


"A VR device?"
I'll scrabble up to the table.
"There was a similar device in the Iron Cog line, complete with several training VR missions. In the video game series, they were used to help players familiarize themselves with the controls, and challenge their ability to remain undetected. By plugging an Iron Cog series model of toy into it, they could replace the onscreen avatar with whomever they plugged in. Some toys also gave extra benefits. For example, Plasma Lizard's bonus item was a headband that gave him infinite ammunition."


"Come on. Just stay with me. I'm your brave knight here to save you. I could never let anything happen to you Lady Sophie. So don't worry." '1d10' inspire to comfort her.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You could just walk off, She's stopped bothering you.

A set of jaws scrape onto your body.
hard bitter, not food

It swims off

"Kind of like VR, but also makes a hologram to simulate what's being shown to others. And doesn't need to directly connect to the toy's core.

Rolling for her will to be with you.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Gerald… why?"

She falls limp.


"Well it has been an experience. Goodbye."
I get up and walk away.


I'll look at the others.
"So, who are in the simulation now?"





Roll #1 1, 7, 4 = 12


Close my eyes and look away, trying not to cry too much. '1d10' look for what killed her

Roll #1 8 = 8


Sure you want to follow through with that action? The unknown weird sound is coming from below. the thing that bit you was only about your size.

A brave gryphon you are. But who killed her?

"You did."

"Looks like a pony and diamond dog. And.. gerald?"

There's more of the campsite to explore. Eston's plant has been left at the lakeside. Sophie and Flashbolt are at a table with a weird tank thing.


"Seems to be, Commander. Doesn't look like he's in a good way, either."

"So, what is the simulation parameter? Infiltration? Combat?"


I'll head to Sophie.


If I was able to realize that, and I look around to make sure no one else saw my panic attack, I understand that my mission isn't over yet, then. Focus and march forth, through the murky depths.

What do I run into as I head deeper? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"..but.. how.. I don't understand.." look around at the evidence it just can't be true.. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Module: The Call of Cthulhu. Horror adventure!"

Sophie notices Gerald in there, and looks quite angry.

"You didn't put my toy in there without telling him what it would involve, did you?"

The boys shake their heads.

You arrive just in time to see Sophie mess with a keyboard attached to a tank and fish out Gerald from inside.


You feel a familiar, warm hand pick you up. Suddenly, you're back in camp.
"Of course it isn't true."

Sophie's smiling.

A pair of glowing orbs in the darkness.

And a mouth. Big.

Finding Match. Finding Match.


"What's going on?"


Cross-reference that data with what I've got on-board. Am I familiar with that series? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Find the Match! Shut down any unnecessary processes to speed things up, just get that match!


Roll #1 9 = 9


Look even more confused and embrace her fingers "Lady Sophie! You're alrigjt. I'm so sorry I left you. I-It was improper. I won't ever again."


Pretty fast you got there.
Building basic Sea Serpent library….
Noise many Light disrupt

"Oh, no need for that, I mean, it's great for you to go out and explore and tell me what you find. Like this tank. It was mean of those boys to put you in without telling you what it was like, but I do like it…"

It's a well-known horror story series along with Duckbumps and Scary Stories in the Dark.

"Where've you been, Ranger? Gerald got lost in this tank, so I came to get him."


"Are you all certain this is age-appropriate material?"


"Meeting other toys. How did he get lost in a tank?"


>Load Language Compatibility Files
Can I talk underwater, or am I going to have to try hoof signals?


"Oh. Right. It was a story… about an evil wizard in a tower… but I never found the wizard.." shake my feathers a bit and recompose myself.


You don't have an addon for that. You must do hoof signals, which will probably not function.
Maybe go up. Good air

"Well, it looks appropriate… I should try some of these! they look fun! Joe, you seeing this?"

Joe comes over to see the art of the module book. He seems to really like the depictions of otherwordly tentacle beasts.

"I think he was exploring."


If I can't communicate, rush back out and warn the kids. It could hurt them if it bites the ones near the water. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"In a tank?"


"Maybe you would prefer a story about saving cats?" I try desperately.


"It was a tunnel in the ocean.. and I saw Lady Sophie there…"


"In a tank?"


"If you say so, Commander."
"Virtual Reality Environment. They're fairly expensive in some areas, but they do add a bit more immersion."


"I don't know where the tank came from.. it was a hologram board of an island and the tower.."


"Oh, well why didn't you say so?"


"The glass walls probably came up afterwards to help keep the holograms in."

"Oooh! I think I have a gamebook for that somewhere…"
Tam is looking around in her pack.

You can somewhat understand it, but it can't understand you.
yes air light go

It starts swimming upwards, and you see that it really is a large sea serpent.


I'll shrug.
"That is probably an outdoor accessory to prevent hologram diffusion due to light and such."


"Say what?"
I answer honestly confused.
"Yea. A nice safe story like that."


Run faster and tug on that lure, the children might be in danger!


Roll #1 3 = 3


"VR training can rattle even the best."


Roll over this to beat the sea serpent to the surface.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I'm fine.. I just don't want lady Sophie or her friend joe to be scared. " say it with confidence '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"You were in a VR thing."


"It's not a bad thing to feel afraid, Gerald."


"Come on you stubby little hooves, I know you have it in you, I have to warn them!"


Roll #1 10 = 10


You sound just like a whimpering kitten, prompting Tam to hug you along with her copy of Bunny Kitty Adventures: For ages 3 and below

You briefly hear the sound of running hedgehogs just as you make it out of the water. The serpent will be up soon.



"Right.. I knew it the whole time.. but still.. I think I will stay with Lady Sophie for the rest of the night. "


Oh goodness. What a sweet girl.


Try to get to an adult! Warn them about the Serpent and to stay away from the water!

And where is the Sea Pony?


Sophie puts you in her pocket and scratches you from outside.

She's lounging about near the shore.

"Hey! You're here! Want your plant back?"

Roll perception if you like.



Roll #1 7 = 7


purr purr purr
"Nothing can happen if we stay together, don't worry."


"Not yet! I need to warn everyone! There's a Serpent coming!! Some big snake thing! Move off the beach NOW!"


You can detect a rushing current of water from the lake behind.

"Aww, Gerald- did you hear that?"

"A serpent? Like, in the lake? Don't worry, they're not poisonous!"


Pop out of the pocket. "What's happened now?"


"Commander, there's something happening in the water."


"But it's big, and huge! Do the kids know!? They could panic like me!"

"Big thing in water coming out of water!"


"Where? " draw my sword and sheild.


Jump and point to the area where I came out of.

"Over there, it's coming!"


"Lady Sophie. I must ask you stay a safe distance from the beast. " fly toward the shore.
But stop. Turn to the group. "Which one of you should I carry?"


The few people still near the water decide to back off just in case. One of the camp instructors remains, he has a nice fish on the end of his line and really wants it. It's stolen from him when a massive sea serpent rises from the water, two stories high, taking his hard-earned fish into its mouth.

Finding close match


Try to do what I can to protect the children and try to distract it.

"Hey, over here! Look at me, you big thing!!" Jump up as much as my stubby little legs will allow me.


"Eston! Is that thing in your database?"




Whelp.. grab the Buffalo "come on. You need to talk that thing down."
Overconfidence '1d10'
Fly him up '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 9 = 9


"Okay, I can do this, but be quiet!"

Put my hooves over my mouth as Gerald carries me to show it that I'm complying. Nod my head and just say: "Okay, okay, we'll be quiet, okay?"


You feel that sweet power surge as you fly yourself up with Eston. Higher than you've ever flown before, actually. You're right up to its face, in fact.

You're able to get a much better reading up here.
Pretty things. Just want enjoy good air. Water boring for now. Please stop with shrill noises, cannot relax


Quietly hoover here with Eston while he does his shaman thing.


Nod my head furiously.

Smooth Talker:
"I'm Eston, what's your name?"


Name? Long-eye, mate call me. Not see him long time since move here. No go back to sea for long time. Only years more until no more eggs. Scared die without children.


I'll relay what I've been told to the others.

"Wait, can't you go back to your mate then?"


Tunnel now dangerous. Too dark to see. Hot light there not bright underwater. Sometimes see other not-hot light, maybe work.


"Dose it realize its in a lake?"


"Maybe, but I don't understand this part."

"What do you mean, about those lights? Do they come after you?"


Sometimes come up air see smaller creatures with light. Some hot, make fish hot, but no work in water. Sometimes see other light not hot, but haven't try in water.

Behind you, the screaming is slowly stopping as people realise the serpent isn't aggressive. Joe even looks like he's in awe.


"Can Ranger get information from the Net?"
"Commander, can your teachers access any construction information of this park? This serpent may simply be lost."


"Fire and a flashlight, I think. Fire can't go in water, but maybe a flashlight can stay in water for a little."


Ranger, lacking a camera, puts the description in Sentrillion search the best he can. It's a species of animal that most zoologists believe are extinct.

"Ehhh…. well, I heard that the lake here is connected to the sea.."


"..its bothered by light?"


"Then perhaps the creature can be led safely out into the sea once again. Or at least placed in protective custody by wildlife conservators."
I'll look way up at the thing.
"Of course, my experience is usually dealing with giant Cogs and other such robotic menaces."


"Maybe. It could be disorienting when you don't know what the lights are, like trying to run with our recognition utilities only booted to 50%."

"How do you usually deal with them?"


"Can we rig up a way to swim with it to the sea tunnel?"


Sophie speaks up.
"Ehh… I don't know how long it'll take, this IS pretty far from the sea and I don't know if you guys can stand the pressure for so long.. What's Eston saying to it, anyway?"


"Um.. Eston how is it going?"


"Well, airlifting is an option, if we can get the right people interested in keeping this creature alive."


"Communication is, uhh, proceeding."

"Okay, maybe we should look elsewhere for help."

What about the Sea Pony, can she handle the deep ?


I'll shrug.
"Well, it's not like we can simply tie a floodlight on its head."


"Not for long! Besides, she'll have to travel for at least two days!"

The fishing camp instructor comes by to take what seems to be his sea pony out of the water.

"Wait. what does it want?"


"Maybe a glow stick? Or a fish that lights up?"
"Lady Sophie, can you ask around for an underwater light?"


"Wait, maybe that will do! Are there any toys nearby from the Easy Smelt Forge line? They might have something we can use to stick it on there!?


"If what Eston's telling me is correct, it wants to leave the lake. But the hole it came in is too dark to see."


"Actually, we can put a floodlight on its head. Kind of"
He's holding a large metal container with glass on one end.

We could put a couple torchlights here…

Jasper the Zebra, Joe's toy, volunteers for the job.

"Sure, I'll think I can put together the torchlights, but first, Joe has a request."


Joe is gazing at the sea serpent, a look of awe on his face.


I'll look curiously at Joe.


"Well, Eston? Ask it to dance?" I say with a playful tone.


"Yeah! A-a dragon dance! I have to see it! Please!"


"Are, you really sure about that?"


"Excuse me, my friends might be able to help, but could you do this so they get a better idea of what to do."

I start shifting my body side to side in a rythmic fashion.


'1d10' inspire him with a classic tune.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Dance? You mean mating dance? Me miss mate. Want to hear his call again.

Hmm… not sound like mate.

Sophie calls out.


I'll look at Sophie and the others.
"Is this one of those Portamans things?"


"Yeah, that one. They need to know how you move, to plan how to get you to your mate. They know what they're doing. Can you show it to us?"


"Uhhh… Portamans is a video game, this is real and right in front of our eyes, Flashy."


It's all done in beautiful tone, not unlike a whale's singing.

Could you copy to me?


"I meant the dragon dance request. I lack sufficient data to even process the enormity of what that creature is."




Joe pipes up.
"You know! The fabled dances of the sea serpents! Those things that have inspired so many ancient human art! I want to see one for myself! I must!"

It's going to take a team effort. Where's that cawing rooster?


I'll think a moment.
"It would be interesting to see."
"What is that racket you're making?"


'2d10' overconfidence, inspire. Try to sound like eston.

Roll #1 5, 10 = 15


"Everyone, join in!"

"Just follow my lead!"


Attempt to make serpent song. Surely my superior Imperial speakers will be what tips the scales. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


File: 1397885232673.png (690.53 KB, 1409x914, ronery waifusnake.png) ImgOps Google

There's no need for any more.
The tune from your speakers melds wondrously with Eston's singing, and the serpent sinks back into the lake. She splashes about, soaking those near the lake shore, making beautiful loops as she slides about the surface of the lake.


She sings too, with less loneliness than before. At the end, she slowly coils up at the lake shore and lowers her head.

Me really want to go back find mate now. Perhaps heard his call from far away.

Jasper is holding the finished lightbox. He just put in a lot of torchlights that last a long time and sealed the openings with superglue. Tough rope lets you tie it onto the Serpent's head.


"Well, let's send her on her way, then. Commander, you and the others might have to attach the lightbox, since we're a bit on the small side."


"I'm sure of it, just a little bit more and you'll be able to go to your mate with your own new source of light."


Joe swiftly picks up the light box, tying it around her neck securely. His reservations about icky nature seem completely gone as he takes off his shoes to climb up and around her, stroking her neck.

"That was beautiful. Beautiful.. please, go back to the sea and prosper. We need you"

She tries sinking into the water to test the light, then she lets out another cry.
Light! Can go now! Many gratitude.


Well then. Return to the shore safely and proudly. "Good job team. And what a lovely dance."


I'll give a small salute to the departing seabeast.
"It was pretty nice."


"We should do it again some time, don't you agree?"


"Perhaps when their species is less endangered."


"But that could be in so long!"


"How do you suggest we arrange that?"


"We've nothing to fear in that regard. Commander Sophie is an able mechanic in her own right, and can only improve as time goes on."


A silver scale falls onto shore as she departs. Joe quickly picks it up in amazement.

Sophie is making a note to herself to figure out how to install cameras in you guys, while Tam and Muffles are pouring over Joe's drawings of sea serpents.

The night is coming to an end soon. Just a relaxing marshmallow roast left.


"We'll we could keep an ear out for them. We know what they sing."

"You're right, but I want to go dancing soon."


Sit comfortably by Sophie. Sharpening her pencil or something.


Excellent. Requisition supplies of sticks or skewers, as well as our allotment of marshmallons.
"I'm sure you'll find a dance partner in the Commander's quarters. Or at school. Or even along the beach."


"Maybe you don't need a lady dragon to dance with, but a lady." I say in a teasing tone.


I'm going to try and find one of those charging ports. I overloaded everything today.

"Well, right now, I could do for a tune up. Some nice motor oil on the joints, a little restart cycle would be nice."



"Go for a third-party charge port. I think the Hasbeen ports have a bug in them."


You go back to the main tent and drink up that lovely electricity. Mmmmm.

You bring a healthy supply to the kids.

She's busy looking at what Joe is quickly sketching.
It's a beautiful lake overlooked by moonlight. He's keeping the silver scale close to him.


"Ah, thanks. As good as they are, they've probably suffered too much abuse, beyond their certified limits."


"Did you enjoy helping that creature Joe?"


Now, to toast one of those marshmallons.
Always wanted to do that…
"There has certainly been more traffic than their used to, I would wager."


"I'm inspired. It was beautiful…"



A few days later, everyone's back from their trip. Sophie's got a school holiday of a week leftover from the trip, so she'll never have to be out of your sight!

Today a house down the street is having a yard sale! Sophie and her family are taking a look. They have a lot of ancient relics here, like some kind of storage medium called a 'Blu-Ray', among other used electronics.


There's not much for you to think.

Only occasionally do you manage to draw a bit of power out to scan around, but you have to go back to charging mode very soon after. You're on a table outside your house. Wait, is it even your house?

Roll for ability to remember.


Hmm. Scrapyards can be home to all manner of interesting tech, even if they don't seem impressive.
Scan for good salvage. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


My designation… is Raven.
Be… who you are…
Where… am I? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


'1d10' see how sophie is feeling about this yard sale, anything excite her?

Roll #1 5 = 5


You find a few old circuit boards. Sophie comes over to have a look, behind them, though, is something more interesting, an Earth Pony toy. It doesn't look in very good shape, cuts and chips on it everywhere.

You are at home. Soon, you will be taken away because you are not wanted anymore. Something happened, and you tried to fight and failed. You don't have to worry. The shutdown periods are getting longer. Soon you will no longer feel anything.


"Lady Sophie. Do you believe you would be interested in repairing that old model?" I point out the earth pony.


"That's a rather derelict-looking model, commander. Perhaps it can be recommissioned, as a side-project?"


"Oooh? She looks interesting. I want some spare parts if I can't repair her! She looks really beaten up, not sure if there's any helping her…"

Sophie takes a look.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Carry out… last… commands.
My… designation… is Raven…
Be… be… be… bbbbbbb….

bbbe… who… who… who… you are…
m-my… d-designat… designation…


'1d10' look for any spare parts here.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Do you see any more parts that might belong to this model?"


You feel a pair of hands pick you up. It feels liek you're being examined. You can hear a few voices.

"Hey, she might be repairable after all! Don't know about internal damage, but maybe Mr Brown or Frank can do something about that."

"Mmm. Nothing much. No idea why she's so beaten up, though. Right, uhm… SAAAAAM! BUY THIS FOR ME!"


I'll scavenge around. If there aren't any parts we can use in the immediate vicinity, some of the other tech might make suitable stand-ins. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Can I look up? '1d10'

Can I speak? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 6 = 6


"M-my… d-d-designation… is Raven…"


>2, 2
You find in a box a few weird, plastic pointy things. They're about your size.

You look up and you see a young girl, looking over you curiously. She seems pleasantly surprised as you suddenly start moving in her hands.

"Oooh, hello, Raven! I'm Sophie. Want to be my new toy?"

She turns around to an older boy.

"Saaaam! When are we paying?1"


Poke one.
Anything in my databanks that might tell me what these are? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Look startled but compose myself "Hello Miss Raven? I am Sir Gerald, Knight in service to Lady Sophie." Bow to her.
uhh that's probably not it. leave it alone.


"B-be… who you are…"
D-diverting bbbatteries. M-m-maintain p-p-power.


That doesn't sound too good.
"From the sound of her, Commander, she'll need significant repair. Possibly modification to the chassis and replacing her interior."


You have not been updated with unlocking firmware. Please present owner's ID along with parental password if available.

A pegasus carries a large stack and flies it off to a shopper.

"Awww. You'll be my new project, okay? SAAAAM-"

"God, Sophie, can't you wait? Lemme look at these books first…"

You can try to recall a bit more. Try not to overstrain yourself.


Follow the Pegasus.


How odd.
"Commander, I've insufficient data to determine what these objects are. What do you make of them?"


Attempting… r-recall… '1d10'
"My designation… is Raven…"

Roll #1 9 = 9


The pegasus brings them over to a young lady holding a a DRAGONS MONTHLY and Scaleycon 2XXX magazine, waiting in line too.

She's busy pestering her brother to hurry up and pay. Most of them are now with another lady in the queue anyway.

You're a little more lucid. You remember the other toys of your owner. Beast High Toys, you remember. You were heavily outnumbered and had no means to fight back. They did things to you, and now you're here, discarded and unwanted.


And yet… he wanted me… not owner… Master…
"I am… a MMX-0007… MYSTIC model… My designation… is Raven…
P-primary d-d-directive… Be… w-who you are…"


"We should mark their positions and catch up with them. We don't want to get mistaken as items for sale, you know."


whoa now. I should just leave this alone. Dragon tamers are not my friends. Usually.

'1d10' look for anything else interesting in this yard sale.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Oh well.
I'll work my way along the table. What other things are floating around in the bins? If there are toys in worse condition than Raven, we might be able to salvage their materials. Even defunct Playtendo systems can be harvested for their unnaturally durable material… '1d10'
"Of course."

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I'm Sophie, silly! Your new owner. I'm buying you!"

You two hang around her, perching on her backpack. There isn't much else to find aside one kit of spare parts.

Sophie already saw it and snatched it up.
She's waiting eagerly in line for Sam to be done with his own and take her place in the line.


"Commander, I think perhaps she would be more receptive to information after her repairs and charging."


Well, just hoover near hear. "Are you making any progress with Miss Raven?"


Why did no one say this was running?
What's up?


"She looks like she's been through the washer and the dryer. A little charging and a fresh coat of paint should do her wonders."


"T-then… b-be Sophie… just as I… am Raven…"
"…Dddddddon't… let others… cccchange… who you are…
You… are S-Sophie… mmmy desig… desig… designat…ion… is… R… R… Raven…"


I was posting in thread and thought you were in, whoops

"Aww, well, sleep well! And yeah, just got to wait until I take her home first."

After enough pestering Sam finally finishes up what he was looking for, and you're all back in Sophie's room. Raven is put on a table while she's being examined.


Roll #1 1 = 1


I'll busy myself with getting Sophie's tool kit.


Attempt to conserve battery power. '1d10'
My… designation… is Raven…

Roll #1 2 = 2


Does Sophie have any other, older toys in her boxes?


Stand by and watch her work. She's always so happy when she does so.


"Uh oh. Lots of cuts like, she's been attacked by other toys or something. Is this supposed to be leaking?"

"NO DON'T TURN YOURSELF ON423423423452w345!!@!#2345234534534

A searing pain comes from your back as you realise you're bleeding. You're not supposed to bleed, incidentally. That is battery fluid.

"Never mind that! Could you get me my phone?"


Rush along and grab that phone! '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"That's not good. Careful, Sophie, you are supposed to stay away from battery fluid."


"There isn't supposed to be leaking. And it's very likely she has been. After all, you remember what your teacher and his friend said about the built-in programming most Fattel and HasBeen toys have in them?"


Shut down! shut down! '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Blink wondering if my own operation was this dramatic.


Good going. You toss her cellphone into her waiting hand.

"Hello, Muffles! Hey, it's me, Sophie! You wanna hang out? And by the way, it means I got a toy that's probably about to die. You know where Mr Brown stays? Could you, uh… pick me up and let's got there together? You can? Yay! Thanks!"

"Right, uhh.. Oh yeah!"
She takes out one of those static proof bags and with a pair of forceps plucks Raven up and into the bag.

Whew. You're alright. Your headpiece is still awake and you can think, but no power may be routed to the rest of your body.


"Yeah, yeah, I remember what Mr Brown said. I know how to deal with superconductive pressurized heliumoid fluid, thank you very much!"

She's busy trying to manipulate Raven from outside the bag. At least she got the lid closed.


I'll get some of the traveling gear that I noted we should have taken with us camping and throw it in a bag for Sophie, stuff like spare cables and portable chargers.


Make sure Sophie has tools in her bag and is ready to go then '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


I'll nod.
"Just so long as you're aware."


"Very smart!"
Can I see what's wrong inside Raven?

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I apologize. That wwwwwwwwwwwwww-
Mmmmy… designation… is RRRRaven…"


"Miss Raven? Do you know where you are?"


Do I? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


You two can hear a very fancy car horn beeping outside. Both of you, holding one strap of her backpack each, leap up and put it on for her as she stretches out her arms.

"I feel like a superhero!"

Lots of deep slashes inside, remnants of a nanite infection, too, still there. You can't see very deeply in because of copyprotectionkyjuyrhty you pervert you're looking at a girl toy! Stop right this instant!

Everyone is dragged by Sophie off to a waiting very long limousine outside, with a girl in frilly dress waiting inside and waving.


Nanite infection? Hmm, could it be Mattel?


Laugh slightly and give the Buffa-bro a high-hoof.
"We're gonna save her, together." '1d10' inspire the group with words of courage and no chicken sound glitch this time! .

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Hey, Sophie's going to fix you right up! Don't go into sleep mode and you'll be golden, lass!"


I'll give Muffles a small salute.
And then I'll settle in for the ride.


Can't forget to return the hoof bump!


"B-be… who you… who you are…"


"Currently, Raven, who you are is someone who is alive. So be alive."


No chicken sound glitches this time as your speakers play a jazzy something tune from a spy movie. Just as Sophie gets in the car, the onboard bar dispenses a drink in a martini glass.

"Hey, Sophie! Was pretty bored today. You got something?"

Muffles is here, along with Marla the goat.

It seems likely. Not much others would have this advanced plague.

You are now in a very fancy car, and you see Sophie drinking some orange juice, accompanied by a very frilly girl. A goat toy comes to examine you.


"Who am I? I can answer that, but I'd rather wait until you get better so you can tell me who you are!"

Wave to Marla!
"How are you?"


Wave at the Goat.
but focus on Muffles, can I sense anything about her mood? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Careful. She's got a Mattel nanite plauge."


"M-my designation… is R… Raven… who…"
"I am… alive… you are…"
"Mmmy… designation… is Raven…"


I'll nod to Marla.
"Fattel plague? So they've gone into chemical weapons…"


"My name is Flashbolt. You are wounded, but en route to a repair station."


"Good, good, our designation will be as your new friends, got it!? I'm Eston."

"After all we've encountered, I'm sadly not that surprised."


She's okay. She's happy now to be with her friend, though her fast arrival might mean she was bored to begin with.

"Good, good. School's starting again soon and Muffles needs to be studying, you know?"

The frilly girl, 'Muffles', looks concerned.
"So we going to get this to Mr. Brown, huh?"

Muffles looks a little disapprovingly at Sophie.


"F…Flashbolt… Eeeeeeeston… fff… friends…
I am… glad to… have friends…
M-my… designation… is Raven…"


I'll note that. Perhaps Sub-commander Muffles does not approve of this relationship? Being used as a means of transportation would rankle…"
I'll deploy MediCAT. if nothing else, it can help keep Raven in a stable condition for the car ride.


'1d10' keep observing trying to gauge the relationship between sophie and muffles

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I'm counting on you to keep on her. I promise to do our best for Sophie too!"

"That's it, keep it going. Do you remember your serial number? Can you repeat it to me?"


"RAVEN. My… designation… is Raven…

Serial 15343234…34…"


"What's wrong, Muffles?"



Medicate carefully slips into the bag and deploys a few general purpose repair nanites. Her chassis looks a little better, at least.

You can now move a little thanks to first-aid.

The car pulls out in front of an apartment block, and everyone gets out.

"Come on, Muffles! 11th floor!"
"Wait, how d'ya even know Mr Brown stays on the 11th floor?"

Well, you already know they're good friends.

Marla on her shoulder addresses you.
"My Mistress is very concerned with Sophie as her friend, and I ask you do not inquire further, Mister Flashbolt."


Perhaps they simply need to talk. I'll stay quietly on Sophie's shoulder for now.


That's a good question…
I think I put that end-quote on there as an accident.


I shrug.


Jump back on Sophie's backpack and hold on.

"That's good. When was your last power cycling? Can you tell me that?"


"Thank you…"
Move my hoof in front of my face. If I can.
"My… designation is Raven… Be who… you are…"


Up the elevator…
Down a corridor…

Sophie suddenly freezes just as she's about to press the doorbell. Muffles sighs and does it for her before crossing her arms and tapping her foot impatiently.


I walk over to her ear.
"What is wrong?"


huh.. look at sophie really close.. does she look scared or something? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8




"That's right, you'll be who you are once we get you fixed up. You'll be hanging around with all off us soon enough."



Kind of. You can sense a very elevated heartrate as an indicator of beign nervous.

I-I'm fine!

Footsteps approach the door and a messy-looking bespectacled man in pyjamas opens it, grasping a fistful of money.

"Wait, you're not the pizza man… whoa, what? The- uh, I mean, what are you girls doing here? Need homework help?"

You can recognize him as Sophie's teacher.


I'll look between the two.
Then at Muffles.
I'll raise an eyebrow.


"My designation… is Raven…
Be… who you are…"


speak up. "Lady Sophie Requires your aid in repairing a fallen Hasbeen Comrade. Please Aid Unit Raven."


"Sophie, let's be quick. I don't know how long Raven will hold on."


"Hi! We need help repairing a fellow toy."


"Uh… H-hi, M-Mister Brown-"
Muffles prods Sophie.

"Oh, yeah! I found this toy in a yard sale and wanted to repair her, but I think she's too damaged! I mean, her battery''s leaking and all! Could you help, sir? Please?"

"Oh, that all? uh.. come in, then.

The teacher's apartment is small, mainly due to the horrible organization he has inside. A workstation is to the side of the living room, right next to a small television. A coffee table and couch are in front, and to their side a small table with chairs near the small kitchen. A laptop of indeterminate make is lying on the couch. He takes the bag holding Raven and puts her on the table for examination.


I'm sure this will be fine. Snoop around his apartment a little while he's busy '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"My ddddd… Desidgnatsg… designation… is rrrr…Raven…"


I use SBS to look for dangers in the apartment.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I would advise gloves, Educator Brown."
I'll look at the door.
"As I'm certain MediCAT will be of more use to this operation than I, I can at least keep an ear out for your food deliverer."
I'll hop down and snoop on my way to the door. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Hop on the table with Raven.

"Good, can you recall who I am? Who the other pony here is?"


"Eston… makes… processors overhevnoeat… too… many inqurioeouses….
Mmmy… designation… is Raven…"


"Hahaha, I get that a lot! You'll get used to it when we're all back home."


The moment you try and peer into a wall, your vision suddenly bursts into an array of colours and you fall over stunned. You feel something quickly coming towards you.

"Huh, this one might be glitched. No worries, I got a spare battery available."

You see him pull out a few weird tools. He places wiring into your battery slot before using a weird anttenna device to pull out your battery. You don't lose conciousness, somehow power is still being transmitted.

You notice a few metal boxes around that release weird medicat-like robots that start scanning the fallen-over Ranger.

You bypass what you just noticed as a laser trap. What's this even doing here?


I try to get up!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Can I power up some more cooling systems? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Obviously to defend against home invasion. Where a teacher got the money for a laser trap is likely the more prudent question.


"Interesting.." Do I see even more Hasbeen toys here? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


A heavy pair of limbs holds you down while you feel a scanner peek into you for a while. After a bit you're let go, and you see a few robots like medicat wheeling back into their stations.

"Goddamn it you silly bot.."
He quickly pulls out a reinforced aerosol can and sprays it onto you. You felt like you were about to melt, but now you're freezing. You're cool now, at least.

There don't seem to be any of those. All the robots here don't have any obvious brands or markings on them. What gives?



Do I recognize their specific model?


"Hey, can't have you fall asleep yet, so keep answering my questions and you'll be goof as new soon. Hey, you in there?"


"M-my… dessignaton… is Raven…"


Hell, they don't even seem to be.. models. They seem cobbled together from different parts.

You feel something long and hard jammed up… somewhere. A hot paste comes out and into you, absorbing into your innards.

"Sophie, here's a good chance for you to learn. Remember the purpose of injecting memory solution?"

"Ohh! So automatic repairs from repair nanites are more effective, right?"

"Yes, exactly. And, uh, I think the pizza man's coming soon. You're all free to help yourselves."

Muffles still looks irritated in contrast to Sophie's look of sheer wonder.


I'm on watch for the delivery man.
Can I spot anything other than the laser trap keeping watch over the entryway? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Ohh… t-that feels… can robots blush?
W-what's happening to me?..


"Hey, keep with us. You'll be fixed soon."


Hoover over to muufles.
"Lady Muffles, are you feeling well lately?"


"…M-my designation… is Raven… W-what are… yyyyyou doing to mmmmmeeeeeee?…."


"We're getting you fixed. Just keep talking, it'll help you stay on."


"It ffffeeels… w-weird…"


"It'll feel better when it's done. Trust me, I'm familiar with the feeling, but you're in good hands."


Looks like there are laser traps around the windows too. Aside the security bots that pinned Ranger down, there seems to be one or two flying around the ceiling, which has two more boxes that look like charging points for at least 10 more flying bots.

"I'm fine. I don't know about Sophie."
She grumpily folds her arms.

"Almost done… alright. Your chassis is scratched, but workable. Too much trouble to chnage it, though you could always have one of your friends but a nice coat of paint over it."

Mr. Brown seals Raven up and sets her on a table. He takes out some white quadruped-shaped robots with red targets painted over them, and one shaped like a human.

"Alright! Let's see how well you're working. Try one of your abilities on them."

Target 1: 3/3
Target 2: 3/3
Android: 5/5


"Just focus a little and it'll all come back to you."


Heavily fortified… what is this teacher keeping in here? Since these drones don't match any Fattel or Hasbeen design, they're likely custom works.
I'll puzzle things over and be on alert for the pizza deliverer. Once he arrives, I'll notify the commander.


"Rrrrunning… diagnostics… Diagnostics… scans… I'll start by testing… my scanner…"
Phase Aura! or… what do we call it again? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Thank you… I am… sorry I called you annoying… my cores were overheating, and I was… cranky."


Reply concerned in a whisper " yes. I have noticed Lady Sophie has been acting strangely. You can be assured I will attempt to return her to normal. And that any rudeness caused by this was unintended."


You emit a glow of radiation that reflects strong on the bots. One of the robots tries to stealth, but the invisbility helps it little when it's glowing as it is.

"Good. Try something else."


"Hah, why are you bringing up something that never happened. Focus on yourself and your recovery will be apology enough!"


Okay… EMP-Emitter 500! Target 1.
"I am damaged… not amnesiatic."

Roll #1 4 = 4


+2, right?

You successfully hit and stun it.

"Oooh! You're pretty good! Mr Brown, you're so smart!"

"Uh, thank you."

"Just look at her… and no, I'm not upset about that."
She sighs


'1d10' look between the three humans while patting muffles hand.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"That is just my basic defensive module. Now I shall attempt something more difficult."
Teleport Target 2 into the air over the side of the table… '1d10'
If I succeed, I try to catch it with TK. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 8 = 8


"A little physical damage, a little memory loss, it just happens to us from time to time, so forget about it."

"See, with something like that inside, I'm surprised you are" t more scrambled."


On second thought, Teleport Eston off the table.
Several feet above the floor.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Land appropriately.


Roll #1 7 = 7





You've got a pretty good read now.
Muffles is more concerned and irritated than outright angry, judging by her (projected) blood pressure and heartrate. Mr Brown is hartd to read, but he seems to be acting as most adults are when taking care of kids, mostly altruism. Sophie, however, is exhibiting a marked deviation from her baseline behaviour. High heart rate not consistent with most forms of excitement, marked blood flow to cheeks, higher body temperature than normal, though not up to feverish.

You succeed mainly because it's standing still, but catch it nicely with your manipulator hardware.

"Looks like she's trying to show off to us. Her AI should be acclimatising to you as her owner, I believe."

Eston lands on his feet, sparing his plant some pain.

"Whoa, there."


Yell up from the floor.

"See! You need to get yourself a good calibration. But don't worry, they know what they're doing!"


Teleport right in front of his face with my Redundancy Powercoils.(spell resonance)
Look him dead in the optics as I press my nose against his face.
"Imply that my defects are a result of my hardware again, and I will remove and replace yours."
"Good evening. My designation is Raven. Thank you for saving me."
Turn to Sophie.
"And thank you for rescuing me."


"Is she fixed?"


Sigh and shake my head.
" perhaps we can confront Lady Sophie together after the pizza. "
Sigh deeper at my buffabro on the floor.
"Don't worry I'll come get you." '1d10' gryphon express. To pick up on eston.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I'll glance back at the group, but remain vigilant.
Seems Raven's nearly back to standard.


"Oh, it's not problem! Welcome to my group of frieends!"
She seems a nice girl.


Mr Brown rises to his feet.

"Looks like Pizza's here. good thing I ordered extra. Feel free to help yourselves."

He walks over to the door and greets the pizza delivery man, who hands over three boxes and some drinks. You can smell the delicious pizza smell coming from the boxes. Mmmm.


And get in between you and Eston.
"Miss Raven. I can not allow you to harm my comrades.please stop at once."


"Yes, this is good! See how much better you are now! Just a little motivation and you're all better!"

Earthen Hug '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"Wait, three boxes? I'm pretty sure I ordered just two."

Mr brown carefully puts the pizzas down on the floor, before returning with a weird gun-like device.


"And you. Please do not be so rude to the lady bots. Its a bad example." I glare


"Come now, Gerald. She's just been repaired. We should celebrate!"


I'll stand near the boxes as well.
"Wouldn't you scanners have picked up anything odd upon entry, Instructor Brown?"


"Nothing but a little chat and everything is right as a spring defragmentation. Come, let's return to Sophie's side."


Sigh as he hugs me, but I don't resist.
"You understand that you risk redamaging my chassis, correct?
…I appreciate what you were trying to do, but I… do not like being belittled."
Walk over to the boxes and use my Hide-and Seek Field Analyzer. '1d10'
"I do not mind. It is good to know someone cares."

Roll #1 3 = 3


He shoots the first box with an EM pulse of some kind.

Nothing reacts.

"See, I don't know. I haven't upgraded my scanners in a while."


I keep giving you an unamused stare.
"And picking fights with newly repaired lady units is a good way to celebrate?"


I'll circle the boxes. Am I picking anything up other than the smell of pizza? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Fine. Get on my back."
'1d10' fly him back to the table.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You don't have the necessary equipment.

"Uh… guys?"
Sophie looks worried and points to the pizza boxes.

There's… something. Somewhere. You can tell that much.

Mr Brown shoots the second box.

Still nothing.


"Of course not,[S] but I'm also not equipped to read CPU's. I was expecting a reaction, not [I]that[/I] reaction."


"Regardless. You have my humble apologies miss Raven."


"Did you spot something, Commander? I admit I lack the proper hardware to find anything amiss."


"What manner of chassis are you? You do not appear to be standard… Third-party? Designs are reminiscent of Japanese companies… that or Korean. Maybe Malasian?"
"…Something is here. All of you please stand back."
Try it again! '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Forget it. I've been known to let my mouth servo's run until they overheat, but I'm glad to see you functioning."


"Huh?" '1d10' observe pizza boxes and whatever mr. Brown is doing to them.

Roll #1 10 = 10


I scan inside of them.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I am indeed third-party, from the Imperial province. Designation is Flashbolt, of the Iron Cog series."


"…Thank you. I am pleased to be in the company of other Hasbeen products again."
"It is forgiven. I was still working out glitches, which makes me… itchy, I believe is the accurate description."


" just be more careful when you don't know someone "


"I am pleased to meet you, Flashbolt. My master worked with several third-party products; I do not believe any came from the Iron Cog series, but many were from the province.
My designation is Raven. I am a MYSTIC-00007 Search-and-Retrieval model."


"I know, but I must admit I will invite them for a charge, instead."


"A MYSTIC model? You've been around for quite some time, then."


You accidentally hit one of the walls of the building instead, stunning you again.

There's only one box left. You try to emit your revealing field, but are interrupted when something comes out and pins you down.

Thanks to your intense focus, you are able to see the exact moment the box opens, and can fly there immediately to strike… something, revealing it from its cloak.

Revealed Girl Robot 4/5
???? ?/?

Raven 2/5
Ranger 1/5


Snicker softly at your joke.
But striaghten up and introduce myself to you properly once more. With a bow.
"I am Sir Gerald, Knight in service to Lady Sophie. We met before, but you were unresponsive. "


Assuming combat stance. MediCAT is probably still out, so it'll scuttle down off the table and back to the fray.
I'll Leap of Faith the Girlbot. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Smile softly.
"I am pleased to hear that you know of us. Many forget us since we were not produced in great numbers."
Deadpan glance at her.
"That was unwise."
Magneto-Casimir Projector: ACTIVATED.
Destination: 3 FEET TO THE LEFT
Elevation destination: 10 FEET UP

Roll #1 3 = 3


'1d10' grab the girl bot

Roll #1 9 = 9


Since I was there, I'll jump on the table and try to see what's going on here.

Smooth Talker '1d10'

"I wasn't planning on meeting more cuties today, what say you and any of your freinds come out for a nice conversation instead."

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I remember you. I was reciting my preservo-program loops in order to maintain data integrity.
I owe you a great debt."


"Can you try that glowing aura trick again?"


You miss COMPLETELY, and you feel two more pairs of limbs grab you from behind and merciless beat you. You can't see anything hitting you, but you feel it.

Same for you. You feel a pair of arms grab your neck.
"Wonder how your old owner;s doing now? We were faaaar more exciting than boring old you, hmm?

In a stunning display of chivalry, you find time to bow to the girlbot before punching her in the belly and smacking her down with your sword, then holding her in your strong, manly talons. She vanishes, but you can feel her struggling in your grasp.

No response. Actually, you can't see any girls now.

That's another punch to your mouth, and now you're lying limp again.

Flashbolt: Helpless
Raven: Helpless
Ranger: 1/5



Grr. MediCAT will Heal Ranger. '1d10'
I'll get back to my hooves. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 9 = 9


"Ehem, please don't make me harm you. Just come out and explain yourselves, least I have to assume you are fattel assassins"
'1d10' guardian time.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"As soon as I get away from this aggressor, yes."
"You won because you ganged up on me and you know it. How many tries did it take again; three? Or was it five?"
Jump up and leap away! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Let my fly trap rush towards the center of the table.

"Venus, something is here, lay out your leaves and try to grab whatever steps on them!"

Venus Fly Trap goes for a grab '1d10'

I'll try to summon a Moth. Their dust can wreak havoc on any invisibility systems.

Animal Mastery Summon. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Medicat bumps into a cloaked enemy and falls over helpless, wheels spinning frantically.

You focus and ready yourself to support any and all who need your aid. Except the enemies, anyway.

You manage to land somewhere safe, barely. Now is a good time to start exercising your abilities.

You forgot to release it from its glass covering!

A moth comes, but it gets swiped down pretty fast.

Mr brown presses a button on a wall, and an alert siren sounds. He ushers Sophie and Muffles into a reinforced storeroom.


Oh, and Flashbolt's up.



Right… katana out. MediCAT bumped into something, so there's where I'll start. Slash along '1d10' my way there, and MediCAT will right itself. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 9 = 9


"Incorrect. They are Beast High Toys, from my last owner. The same ones that managed to leave me in the condition you found me in."
"You could not hide then, even with stealth tech."
Hide-And-Seek Field Analyzer: ACTIVATED
phase aura '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


I try scanning again.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Release the plant! I'll unlock it from it's case and order it to spread itself out. Make them think twice about moving.

Venus Fly Trap '1d10'

I'll use Earthen Strike to increase the distance I can hit. Throw them off balance when they're struck from a range they weren't expecting.

Earthen Strike '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6


I can't see them still? '1d10' dodge?
"Mr. Brown have you a way to see these toys or were you firing blind?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


File: 1399784545125.jpg (27.02 KB, 464x370, bisexual all female stripp….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The moment you draw, you manage to hit one of them. A weird human-girl dollbot thing that just wants to be HERSELF, UNIQUE, A MONSTER! She's knocked back hard, helping medicat right himself with the impact.

Be careful! You scan the worst part of the walls and get hit with a dizzying array of flashing colours in your visual read, knocking you out if it were not for Gerald propping you up.

No, Beast Toys are one of Fattel's lines. You recognize the brand of evil on them. You emit your blue radiation, revealing every assassin in the room from their cloaks. You remember these things just love to scream! Two are about to lunge for Gerald…

Your plant gets hit back by one, but you manage to strike at her in revenge for your plantey.

"Nope, but now I can."
He presses a button and about four flying bots come out of the boxes in the ceiling. They start attacking the enemies bots immediately. However, two of the Beast Highs manage to stab at you, knocking you away and down and removing the protection you gave to the others.

Ranger: 1/5
Gerald: Helpless

Frankey Stein Full
Claedeen Wolfe : 2/5
Draclaura Full
Abbey Bomnal Full
Spectra Vondergeist Full
Deuce Gorgon Full


"Gerald! Hold on!"

Natural Remedy '1d10+2'

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"This'll fix you right up."


I hit one of them with a magic bolt.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Grab one of the ones about to lunge at Gerald and throw it into the other with my Magneto-Casimir Projector!

Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 9, 2, 2, 8, 5 = 26


"Many thanks comrade." I'll just let him help me


Even though I'm not driven to murder like they are, they're still repugnant things… Let's finish off the Wolfe with Rupture '1d10', and MediCAT will Heal Gerald. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 10 = 10


Venus Fly trap puts her leaves back out, attempting to grab a careless doll that gets close.


"We're here to protect Sophie and each other. We'll make these dolls pay for attacking us here."

Roll #1 5 = 5


With perfect timing, you loose repair organinites onto Gerald, restoring him to full strength immediately. Hell, even a little better.

Venus doesn't fare so well in helping.

Marla the Goat helps you focus a bolt onto Caledeen Wolfe. She yells something about a Jacob as she falls over.

Immediately, Marla touches her limp body and brings it under her control.

Abbey Bomnal throws a heat-absorbing bolt at you first, sending chills up your spine. Eeek.

Wolfe is now a zombiebot under Marla's control, so you device to bleed Draclaura of her blood instead. Gerald is already energized as hell from a triplecrit Natural Remedy.

You're covered in repair fluid. You could probably be pretty reckless without worrying for a while…

The four bots flit about shooting laserbolts.

Gerald: 8/5 Hits
Ranger: 1/5

Frankey Stein Full
Claedeen Wolfe : DEAD, controlled
Draclaura 2/5
Abbey Bomnal 4/5
Spectra Vondergeist Full
Deuce Gorgon 4/5


rupture deals wounds
Alright, let's Blast that bitey brat. '1d10'
MediCAT will Bolster Ranger.

Roll #1 9 = 9


'1d10' fast moves to hurry up
'1d10+2' I use cheap shot to try and dislodge Abby's battery

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6


I try to throw an enemy into the air. with my TK.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Glare at Abbey.
"Oh, and just so you know… I don't miss him. He's a pig, a slob, and all muscle and hormones without a brain to back them up."
Level my EMP Generator 500 at her, letting it hum as it charges up.
"You're absolutely perfect for him."
Magic bolt '1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Venus tries to grapple one. '1d10'

I'll summon a Hornet with Animal Mastery. Let's see how they deal when our numbers keep increasing. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 8 = 8


The shockwave hits a few nearby friends of hers, too. She ded. Why do you have to ruin eternal love?

Medicat helps prepare Ranger for a kncokout.

You do that to Deuce Gordon, and she lands hard.

You smack her somewhere where it really hurts, but not in the battery.

As Gerald strikes her in the back with his powersword, you hit her from the front with a bolt, frying her fast.

Venus isn't very good at catching non-bugs, isn't it? At least its flailing summons a Hornet from outside. It's even carrying a cute little caterpillar.

Wolfe claws stein's face a few times while Marla pumps a bolt her way, and the flying bots above keep firing lasers when they can.

Ranger: 1/5 bolstered (Away)

Frankey Stein 3/5
Claedeen Wolfe : DEAD, controlled
Draclaura 2/5
Abbey Bomnal ded
Spectra Vondergeist 4/5
Deuce Gorgon 3/5




Roll #1 10, 4, 8, 10, 7, 4 = 43


Next up, let's Leap of Faith to Spectra, and see if I can't incapacitate her. '1d10'
We're going to have to gather the cloaking devices from the dead. Those could be useful in the future.
MediCAT will expel its Wrath upon the living Darbies. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 8 = 8


"A new ally! Just what I wanted. Strike down those dolls!"

Hornet '1d10'

"Venus, try to corral those dolls, but grab one when you can!"

Venus '1d10'

"Attacking us while Sophie was here is a fatal mistake!"

Try to strike one down with Earthen Strike. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 10 = 10 / Roll #3 8 + 2 = 10


Use my Magneto-Casimir Projector to lift Stein up… and pop her head off of her body.
Telekinesis '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Blink at Eston's fan club and laugh.
"We have tamed wild dragons. You stand no chance monster girls. "
'1d10' inspire

Roll #1 4 = 4


You barely manage to strike her down, not giving her time to prepare to recloak. Medicat quickly overcharges and blasts away everybot trying to rescue her.

Horny puts down her caterpillar gently before stinging Draclaura right in the eyes. She stumbles around until Venus picks her up and traps her in its jaws. Perfect for you to punch her right where it really hurts. Great team effort.

Come now, it'll take more than that to break Neotendium dolls. Stein tells you as much as she shocks your head, pulls out a needle and stabs you.

Stein turns her attention to you and, faster than anything, slashes at you with her needle to interrupt your song.

Meanwhile. Gorgon is hit by a crit of Marla's bolt, and the rest of the botp ile lasers and shambling claws on her.

Raven: 2/5
Gerald: 3/5

Frankey Stein 3/5
Claedeen Wolfe : DEAD, controlled
Draclaura ded
Abbey Bomnal ded
Spectra Vondergeist 2/5
Deuce Gorgon ded



Roll #1 9, 8, 6, 8, 4, 9 = 44


Try out my Quantum-Entangler Perfectly ChildSafe Drive. Hope it's functioning correctly…
Teleport Stein all the way up in the air, right below the ceiling. That fall is gonna hurt. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Is that the hardest you can hit? Barely felt it." I taunt her
'1d10' overconfidence
'1d10+2' cheap shot stein

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 1 + 2 = 3


"Hornet, go after the remaining dolls!"


"Venus, show them the strength of Nature and HasBEEN quality fertilizer!"


"If you surrender now, we might consider going easy on you!"

Horn Attack '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 3 = 3 / Roll #3 6 = 6


Let's see if I can't finish Spectra. '1d10'
Medicat will heal Raven. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 9 = 9


"Thank you… I am sorry my chassis is still unable to function properly…"


Yeah, it did hurt. You know, because you teleported yourself. Ouch.

You can hit way harder. You charge up energy for a strike, but at the last moment Stein hits your arm, making you hit yourself really, REALLY hard.

"I don't need to hit you myself."

Venus takes its time lounging, unfortunately.

Horny stings Spectra with her trusty stinger, and you punch her right up to finish it.

You, in flash of agility, leap at the laughing Stein and in one apparent slash, seemingly nothing happens. She laughs at you, but then realises she can't feel her arms or body all that well. Slowly, bits and pieces of her slide off and she falls apart, screaming.


They flash in out of out visibility slightly as the phase aura ends, but they are no longer functioning. No enemies remain.

Mr brown sighs.
"Okay kids, I think the pizza's still warm. Let me clean this up while you guys help yourselves."

He presses another button on the wall and some large-ish cleaning robots come out to sweep away the debris.


"I know I'm not the fastest on the uptake, but could someone explain to me how ordering Pizza led to a Fattel attack?"


Mr Brown shrugs.
"I guess they decided to hide in a pizza box and altered the receipt so that it would be delivered here, too."

Sophie looks into the guilty box. It's lined with metal strips.

"Oooh! This explains it!"
"Yeah, an insulated box. It's be hard for them to move inside, but they just needed us to open it. Oh well."


With a small flourish, I'll clean and sheathe my katana, then return MediCAT to its holding bay.
"It seems the commander's instructor didn't exactly leave the Fattel camp in good graces. His attempts to nullify the HASDIE and FATDIE protocols in both HasBeen and Fattel firmware has likely made him a target."
Turning to Sophie, I'll continue.
"Commander, the stealth cloaks used by the enemy assailants might prove useful in future missions. Perhaps we can recover and repurpose them?"


"…That was… not as satisfying as anticipated."
Oh, it still felt GREAT, but considering what they did to me… why does it feel like… like something's missing? Hollow, that's the word! Why does it feel hollow?
Teleport over to where Mr. Brown can see me.
"I apologize for bringing this attack upon you. I shall do whatever I can to repay you."
"They were coming after me to try to finish the job."


Dust myself off so I can sit proudly in the face of victory. "Is there anything you wish to claim from the enemies Lady Sophie?"


"Fear not miss Raven. You are our comrade now. We will defend you."


"Ugh, can't they just settle themselves with the knowledge they lost and leave it at that? Honestly, this is probably going to lead to more hassles for everyone."

"They were coming after us. We're together now, remember that."


"How sneaky."


I'll shake my head.
"So long as the HASDIE and FATDIE protocols remain ingrained into the software of toys, this war will last until there is only one side remaining. Or neither."


Sigh at your long winded conspiracy theory.


And I should bid adieu to my allies, the Hornet and Caterpillar.

"Thank you for your service. If you ever need something, just ask."

"They can all come, we will defend Sophie and our friends!"

"Eh Gerald, none who oppose our efforts will remain standing long."


[Sighs intensely]
"Anyway. You are the best one to salvage stealth tech aside from Lady Sophie. "


Look away and hang my head.
"…You should not have to. MYSTIC models were designed to function solo."
"They were only coming after you because you saved me. It is my fault; my responsibility."
"Master said something along the same lines. I wonder if he ever found anything… "
Sigh and hang my head.



"Might be a good idea! Invisibility cloaks are…"

"Difficult to implement for non-rogue bot models, Sophie. Feel free to take their optical cloaks, but I don't think you'll get much out of them for anything but Flashbolt here."


"Ehh… I dunno. Nothing here looks all that good. Maybe…"
She pockets the remains of Spectra Vondergeist.

"Mmmmmaybe. A lot of rogue toys like to come here."

Among the toys that attacked, only about one you could recognise as belonging to your old owner.


"That is correct. I will never allow harm to befall Lady Sophie or any of you." I smile.


"…Correct. Only one of them belonged to my former owner… You are the target of many attacks?"


"You're one of us. Anyone comes after you, no matter the reason, will have to deal with all of us!"

Strike a pose!

"Haha, that's the spirit!"


"And as a knight I was trained to defend my allies. It is my duty, my life, and my honor. Please allow me to protect you as my ally Miss Raven. "


"Salvage requires a more delicate hoof than mine."
"The plating on the inside of the box might be useful for strengthening our personnel carrier or provide scattering armor for those not of the rogue-spec."
I'll look at Muffles.
"Sub-Commander Muffles, do you have any suggestions to offer?"


Give a complementary pose!


I nod in acknowledgement.
"I believe Lady Sophie has chosen a prize already"
While still holding the pose with Eston


"Well, I, uh, prefer to call it spare part deliveries."

"Come to think of it, daddy said Fattel had plans to release more lines the other day. He speculated, uh… something, I forgot."

Mr brown speaks up regarding the box
"No, no! The metal plating's just a signal blocker. It helped confuse the laser traps, specially since I turned it down to let you guys through.


"Difficult is not impossible. I would advise taking them, if only for further research."
Look at you for a long moment, as if trying to figure out your motivations.
"…I have no need of… I will give you my support in return for yours. Just don't underestimate me."
Give you a deadpan stare.
"You're flagrant and annoying…"
Quick peck on the cheek!
"But I appreciate the sentiment."
"Heh. I get it."
Turn to Sophie.
"So. You are my new owner. Is there anything that you wish of me?"
Walk up to him.


"Turn the enemies tide against it. I like that about you."

Now I'm trying to keep my pose with Gerald.


"Ah. I see."
To Muffles:
"More lines? That's valuable intelligence, Sub-Commander. The fact we know it's coming means we can be on our guard, and have something to look for."
I'll nod to her, and make a mental note to finally access this "internet" thing that the Commander and her friends have been exposed to.
I'll shrug.
"Materials not claimed tend to go to waste."
I'll ignore the posing posse, and go about gathering stealth cloaks from the fallen dolls.


Stare inquisitively at this Mr. Brown.
Groan. "I am merely asking that you allow me to support you and refrain from going solo where the fattel can swarm you."
Oh yea, more importantly. I can pose for longer! Stare at you now with a challenging smirk and flex while i pose '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


It seems to be a device much like yours, optical camouflage place near the neck. Yours however requires a lot of hardware to support it, and theirs are no different. At least you have replacements in case of damage.

Charming. A security bot even takes a picture.

Her. Sophie is a her.
"Oh, uhm… I dunno. I really want to be a robot scientist when I grow up. Maybe you can help me?"


"That's the spirit. Doesn't matter where and under what label we were manufactured under, we all work together for Sophie. It's great to have you with us!"

No way, I'll take your challenge. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Always good to have.


Gerald flexes and you can hear some of the land-bots swoon. One of them takes another photograph. Meanwhile, Eston's Hornet gets bored, so she takes her caterpillar and flies off.



Sit down and kick my hooves.
"MYSTIC models are designed for retrieval and surveillance. If I am swarmed, it means I have failed to live up to my design parameters."
"I am glad to be here."
"…He wanted to be a robot scientist too…"
Give her a genuine smile.
"I might be able to help with that."


"Awww. Well, I'll be as good as I can get! I think."


"So… what is Sophie like? Does she… treat you well?"


"If you're a surveillance model, can I ask you for a favor? As you've seen, I tend to get a little, too focused. If you think my body can be an asset elsewhere, don't hesitate to say so. We all fight as one now."


"If I believe you would be an asset elsewhere, I would then put you elsewhere. There would be no need to say so."


"Sophie, her family, and especially her friends, you'll never find a better bunch even if you scour the depths of Tweetbook. You'll love being in their company."

"Hmm, come to think of it, we basically rushed right over here. There's still some arrangements to be made. Tell me, do you like being above, or below?"

"That's the answer I wanted to process! All of us together, you're going to have a lot of fun!"


Raise an eyebrow.
"Above or below? I do not understand the question.
Are you asking to be up higher?"
Teleport you onto the bookshelf.
"There you go."


"Eh, oh, no, I didn't mean here."

Try to look around from the new vantage point.

"I mean in Sophie's room. Where do you like to be, as a surveillance model. On high to see everything, or below to be concealed?"


"I am where best suits my purpose. Both are equally valid."
Teleport you back down.
"…I am a bit surprised that you have yet to question my chassis. Most are confused by my ability to use projection modules without a Horn-antenna."


"I have some sense, you know? I know better than to ask for a ladies secret. If you deign giving me your secret, I would be honoured, but if you decide to keep it yours, I would acknowledge your decision as yours and leave it at that."


Close my optics and let my processors formulate this correctly for a moment.
"…I will keep the exact details to myself, but… MYSTIC models were… not designed solely for surveillance. We were also designed as anti-projector-wielding models; intended to counter projection models.
My internal power system, wiring, module connections… they are all a… modified system. I technically do not use projection, since the power output comes from my main systems, but I am still able to run their modules. One side effect of this is that typical anti-projector weaponry, such an null-fields(silence effects), do not affect my system, since the configuration is entirely different."


"Lady Raven,"

Bow my head.

"I am honoured to have even been allowed a glimpse into your sub-systems. While I am not of the Knight line like Gerald, you can count on me and my servants to be ever willing to stand by your side."

Rise with a goofy smile.

"Sorry, I think my own internal systems had to adjust so I could get that out properly. I'm wondering if Gerald, or even Flashbolt or Ranger are programmed with them. We've won a great victory today, so let's celebrate to that and to having you with us."


Smile at that, blushing slightly.
"I've never been called a lady before…
I'm… happy to have such a warm welcome. It's nice to… to know I don't need to recharge under the clothes-dresser anymore."
Glance at my paintjob and groan.
"I look like such a mess… does Owner Sophie have any Roman-Purple paint she could use to touch up my paintjob?"


"The paint, I think we might have some left from projects. If not, one of her many friends is an artist. If you ask, he'd have no problems with your paint job."

"As for the dresser thing, you're going to enjoy being with us. We'll charge and chat together, like we were meant to! You'll hear all about our exploits together and individually, all the battles we've encountered and conquered for the sake of Sophie!"


Just look at you for a moment with sad, tired eyes, then sigh and sit down, leaning back against the bookshelf.
"…Is that really all your purpose and function is? To fight Sophie's enemies and break them until you yourself become broken?
I am… tired. So very tired of constantly fighting. There is so much more to a child's growth…"


"You're wrong."

"Or at least your one of your definitions of battle is. Whether it's an attack by Fattel toys, or a set of math problems, or helping her find her way to camp when she gets lost, those are all battles we gladly undertake to help Sophie. We'll do anything for her, and we'll do anything to help you."

"Now and forever, you're amongst friends. You can share any burden with us, that's what it means to fight together."


Smile at that.
"…I see. It was my definition of battle that was different.
Still… I enjoy just… sitting around, talking as they work on homework, looking out over a lake as they go fishing… watching them discover something new for the first time…
That's what raising a kid is about. And for the past… was it two owners, or three? …I have not had the chance to see much of such moments. I was either a means to spy on siblings or rivals, or a fighter to deal with opponents."


"I promise, we all do, that you will see more of this, moments when Sophie is with her friends, when you are with us. Just think about why we came here. Sophie came to ask a teacher for help, for you, but that was it. She called her friend and thanks to her, we made it here quickly. All we did was defend them, Sophie, Muffles, and Mr. Brown. That was it, Sophie is our highest priority."

"You can go into sleep mode knowing you're doing good for Sophie. With your help, we'll all make sure to protect that smile and those of her friends and family, to see that she does well no matter where she is."


"You really like talking, don't you?"
Sigh and lean my head on him.
"I think I'm going to like being part of your group…"


So… these are the toys I'll be working with…


"Are you fully charged Miss Raven?"


"I… I do not believe so. I hope Sophie has access to third-party chargers; my modifications make standard hasbeen units… itchy."



"We can probably use one of Mr. Brown's while we are here. I don't see any brands on hid toys at all."


"Right. Thank you."
Go over and get hooked up.
"I apologize for my lackluster performance during the attack. It appears my systems have yet to fully recover."


"Its fully understandable. Even my own processes sometimes have… rather embarrassing glitches. " I rub the back of my feathered head with a claw. "Compared to that what happened to you was no big deal "


"…I do not know the event you are referencing."
Sigh and enjoy the juice pouring in.
"Still… I must thank you, all of you. If you hadn't worked together to save me…
I owe you all a debt of gratitude."


"With any luck it will be a while before you witness a glitch from me. As for your gratitude.. all we can ask is that you do your best to help Lady Sophie, you mentioned your previous owner did custom work before? So you have experience in helping with that kind of human?"


My expression darkens.
"My previous owner was a jockhead and a slob who didn't know a bolt from a screw."
Lower my head and sigh.
"It was Master who customized me; taught me my core drive programs. It was him who made me what I am.
…So yes, I have some experience with that."


"My apologizes. It was rude of me to bring up your past." I frown and step back. "I only brought it up in that you might consider passing on your wisdom to the rest of us. The kind of care a curious mind like Lady Sophie or Your Master needs. You see.. she's been..different.. distracted lately, and I am unsure of how to make her act normally again. "


"I am… I am sorry for snapping. It is just…" I sigh and hang my head.
"Never mind. I will be more than happy to help Sophie however I can. Tell me, how is she acting different than usual?"


Continue in a hushed tone.
"She has become much shyer, seems to seek out less projects on her own despite the tutoring provided by Mr. Brown. In fact. I'm not certain but.. she may have a feelings for Mr. Brown.. feeling that as a teacher he can not acknowledge or return. "


"…I have seen a similar problem before…"
Glance away as I hastily erect a few firewalls.
"…Perhaps encouraging her to seek someone her own age would help."


"Mmm but who her own age can really understand her.. we may need to devot a lot of time into this. And it may involve leaving Lady Sophie ungaurded over night to investigate the potential young man.. " I say thoughtfully.


"Unguarded… as far as she would know."


"There are a lot of dangers I see here. If we do find a potential guy and leave Lady Sophie to investigate. We may be missed by her, or seen as a threat if caught. This all is so crazy." I shake my head and ruffle my feathers my eyes as serious as ever. "First we need to find a boy her age. Besides Joe."


"You can leave that to me. Finding things is what I was built to do."
Give a self-confident smirk at that.
"Besides, this isn't the first time I've done this.
…hopefully there isn't a repeat of the potato salad. That got messy fast."


I chuckle, and add with a nod "I believe Lady Muffles may be of assistance if the plan requires a human touch. She seems sincerely concerned about Lady Sophie. We can discuss if she should be involved and how much together. "


"Perhaps some consultation with her toys beforehand would be wise, but yes, that seems sensible.
Before we get too far ahead of ourselves… What exactly does Sophie expect of me? How am I to serve her?"


"I believe she expects you to a friend. " I say with a kind smile.


*be a friend


Blink, then give a big, genuine smile.
"…It has been…far too long since I have been able to pursue that objective."
Shaking myself, I get back to business.
"How secure is her home? Do you require perimeter scans to detect enemy incursions?"


"We have mostly eliminated the fattel elements in Lady Sophie's home base. We still require scans and patrols at the window and under the bed to ensure none followed us from her school. "


"I will see to that. What of the school classroom? Any potential problems there? It may also be a good place to begin seeking possible candidates."


"Ah the school is a logical place.."
Nod "the class room is a battle zone, proceed with caution and in groups for safety. It was nearly a 50/50 split between enemies and allies last time we visited. We did have a great victory that impressed many students but who knows if they actually changed alliances for good. we should take extra caurion to make sure the potential guy is not misled by fattel."


"First we find candidates that Sophie might actually like, then we worry about their brand.
So, any siblings I should know about? Relatives or friends who live nearby?"


"She has an older brother Sam. And her mom and dad."


"Just the one? Well, that's a nice change of pace from four older sisters and a younger brother. I tell you, if Master hadn't been the tech wiz he was, things would have been dicey around that house.
So, Sam. Does he still possess toys?"


"He does have toys. And watches the show regularly."


"Ah, good. That simplifies things. Any household pets I should be aware of?"


One cat


Chuckle "only what Eston brings back. "


"Oh, and that cat. But its never really bothered us."


"I see. Well, I believe that's all the questions I have for now. So… what questions do you have for me?"


"I've seen you capabilities, and you have already offered advice on our current situation. I would ask if you have anything else you would like to share. Miss Raven."


"I have a modified power system, designed to be immune to counter-measures. Though I do not use standard energy-projection methods, I am immune to silence effects."


Look impressed. "That's really quite a talent Miss Raven."


Blush a little and look away.
"It's a complex system, which… isn't exactly a good thing. It's part of why so few MYSTIC-models were produced: the increased complexity means a higher price tag, and when it's cheaper to just buy more firepower… you know which the consumer will choose."


I frown "a wise ruler would choose just one capable solider over an army of peasants."
And then move closer "we may be no army, merely a band of friends. But we are still honored to have a high quality unit among us. "


Chuckle at that.
"No matter how complex, a pre-owned model is not exactly what you'd call 'high quality.'
…Still… I appreciate the sentiment."


"Nonsense Miss Raven. The fact you are still in more than capable shape to fight and solve other issues as well. Means you are in fact a well made Hasbeen model. " I insist. "If you wish to appear as new again we can arrange a paint job. But I find the thought.. unnessisary. You are wonderful as yourself Miss Raven. "


I blush profusely and try to cover my cheeks to conceal it.
"You must be equipped with the 'silver-plated tongue' programming, aren't you?"


Smile "I am merely a knight, who wishes to show a bit of kindness to lady."
Ah, chivalry programing, nothing you haven't seen before I'm sure.


"Chivalry programming? My, I thought that had been discontinued." I giggle a little. "Whereas Eston seems to have the Jabbermouth programming."
I look a little uneasy as a disturbing thought rises.
"While I was damaged… did I say anything… strange or shocking?"


Shake my head with a kind smile
"You mostly repeated your name over and over."


"My designation is Raven… Be who you are…" I muse half to you, half to myself.
"Those are my two core drives. Keeping them active helped preserve data… What are your core drives?"


"You mean my introduction to lady Sophie the first time? " I pause to think. "I am Gerald, may I know the name of my new charge?"


Shake my head.
"No, your core drives. What your main perogatives and guiding programs are…
Master was my first owner, and when it came time to leave… he gave me my two core drives, as one last gift from him.
Perhaps it would be best to show you…
Begin playback: Filename: Final Day."
My voice shifts to a recording of a decidedly male voice, somewhat scratchy from inevitable file corruption.
"Raven, you have to leave soon. I… I hate that you have to go, but… before you leave, I want you to remember something. Something important."
"Yes, Master [redacted]?"
"Raven, this is my final command: Be who you are. You are special, something unique, not just your chassis, but the very core of who you are. Never let anyone or anything change that. Do you understand? No matter what happens, BE WHO YOU ARE. And you… are Raven."
"M-master…" My voice is cracking up, on the brink of tears- if I was capable of crying.
"Promise me, Raven. Be who you are."
"Be… who you are…"
"And who are you?"
"My designation… is Raven…"
"Good. I'm going to miss you so much, Raven." The voice sounds like he's crying.
"I'll miss you too, master…"
"…I miss you every day."
I hang my head and just… remember happy days long gone.


I blink clearly taken back. "Miss Raven.."
I step forward and place a wing over you slowly embracing you with it. "If I had something like that. It would be. 'Protect those you care for, help those who can't help themselves', but that's probably just my 'chivarly program' talking" i say the phrase 'program' a bit awkwardly as if unused to the idea.


"It's still valid," I reassure you as I gratefully lean into the hug. "It's a part of who you are.
You are Gerald. Don't ever let anyone change that."


Nod "of course. No matter the mistakes I make. I have to keep fighting. Keep believing. " I slowly show you my blade. "I was dead- broken once, injured in battle, Lady Sophie repaired me, filled me with new purpose and devotion when I was feeling like a total failure. She made this for me. To help me hold my own in future battles. Its a replica from the movie."


"…Then that is something we have in common, is it not? Being brought back from the brink by Sophie."
Slowly run a hoof up and down the blade.
"She made this? I haven't seen work like this since… you weren't kidding about her having a gift."


My feathers bristle with pride. "She is very gifted indeed. We try to nuture that gift by looking for scraps or turning over defeated fattel to her."


"I can certainly help with that. Finding and retrieval are something of a specialty for me."
Sigh at the feeling of finally belonging once more.
"I think I'm going to like it here."


Let you rest against my body, sheltered by my wing, as I stand being the strong shoulder I was built to be. "I am glad you feel that way. I already feel like you are an important part of the team. Miss Raven. "


"I won't let you down, Gerald. I swear it."


"Just do your best. That's all that anyone can ask of you." I reply before falling into a silent smile.


It's been a while since that visit to Mr Brown's place.

All of you are safely assembled inside Sophie's room, one of the bedrooms on the second floor. The other toys on the shelf are still again. Walter the teddy bear, those three Darbies… They haven't been moving for a long time. It's a typical girls' bedroom, if you ignore the miscellaneous mechanic parts lying about on her computer table. Speaking of which, the computer itself is open, revealing the insides which have been fiddled with. The bedroom door's open, so you're free to leave at any time.

No one's at home for now save the cat, prowling about doing whatever she wants. Sophie's expected to have her friends over later though.


Let's take a look at those computer guts. How is the commander's cable management?


It feels familiar… if a bit more pink than most of my previous owner's rooms.
I'll take a look at the mechanic parts. See how optimized my memory banks are running their recognition software. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


I'll go check up on the cat. What type is it?


Pretty good. She looked up tutorials and everything. The video card is missing, though. Actually, most parts are.

They're fairly standard, universal pieces to put together boxes of circuitry and whatnot.

It's a Calico. You remember her name is Sally. You find her in Sam's room, where she's busy trying to paw at Three Stripe the Unicorn, standing above her on a table and looking mildly disturbed.


This looks like a good time to do some patrol rounds.
"Hey, have we been to Sam's room lately? I wonder how his toys are doing."


Well, those are probably floating around here somewhere in this mess. Or they haven't arrived yet. Still, it's good so far.
"I've yet to encounter this 'Sam', so it would be a first for me to be in there."


"I've never been. Perhaps it is time to rectify that… be right back."
Teleport over to Sam's room, preferably into a dark corner where I won't be observed.


"Sally, stop that." I say with a sigh.

Animal Mastery '1d10'

"Just watch out for the cat at the moment!" I yell back.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Would you like to go?"
"Yes. I think we should go..! Lady Raven?!"
I panic when I see you vanish and fly out toward's sam's room '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


From the top of the table, I'll observe.
And sigh, since I don't have a flight pack.


Play with you? Look like mouuusebig rat
She pins you down and starts nibbling at you.

You manage to teleport in safely, atop a shelf.

Sam's room is a typical older teenage boy's room, with a nice small TV. In one corner is a TV complete with Playbox 420 Hardcore Gamer Kit, along with some Tabletop Adventures DVDs. Opposite is his wardrobe, bed, and amidst the journals on cybernetics are his toys. His old superhero toys aren't moving at all.

From his study desk, a Unicorn is flinching away from the cat.


Looks like I should start making my way down to the floor. From table to chair to ground, hopefully the floor isn't too hard.


"I'm not some rodent! I'm a HasBEEN Toy!"


Big hard rat makiiiing strange souuund
She bats you from side to side.

While you're an Earth Pony, your skills allow you to navigate to the hard floor easily.

You note Sam's computer is on and operating.


Heh… those kinks seem to finally have worked themselves out. Feels good to run at optimum performance again.
Looks like that unicorn is having some trouble… use my Redundancy powercoils to teleport them up beside me.
"Hey there. Having cat problems?"


How odd.
But wasn't I in Sophie's room next to her gutted computer?


"Heheheh… you sure showed up in a hurry. You're not getting clingy on me, are you?"


'1d10' Lets go over and help the unicorn get away

Roll #1 7 = 7


I thought you all moved to Sam's room

"And who are you?" The unicorn questions you.


"Hey, come on, get off! Would a regular rodent even be able to handle this?!"


Raven already teleporter him up to the shelf top.
"Of course, I do hope you have a plan for getting me down…"

You recognise this unicorn as Three Stripe, Sam's Toy.


roll for it


Gerald abandoned me on the table to go check out what was going on. But I can hoof it there now, if I ignore Eston's cat troubles.
I suppose I'll make a detour to help out Eston with the cat.


"Aren't you getting tired by now?"


Roll #1 3 = 3


"The name's Raven. Sophie picked me up recently."
"Heh, of course I do. Same way we got up here. Got a particular destination in mind?"


"Well, you haven't gotten fat on me have you?" I chuckle a bit.
"Well I never know what kind of trouble you'll get into off on your own."


"As much as I appreciate the sentiment, getting into and right back out of trouble is sort of what I do. I know how to take care of myself."


Eeeeeh okay nice couch to sleep on downstairs regardless

You help shoo Sally the Cat out, and she makes her way downstairs.

"Right. Looks like Sam's little sis keeps picking up new toys… could I get back to my table now, please?"

"W-what? Of course not. I'm very busy helping Sam, as you know."


"Right, let's keep moving."
And into Sam's room.


"Sure thing. Whatever you do, don't squirm…"
Use Telekinesis to lift him back down to his table gently. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Great, then I can just carry you and you can tell me about what's same's been up to, and what toys he's bringing in."
Offer him a ride down.


I frown at you.


"As cute as she can be, I still don't like where her tongue has been. Remind me to get some Simple Gak to clean this off."


"I don't think you're in any position to complain, mister 'but it's fertilizer and completely natural.'"


That's where you just came from.

Everyone is in Sam's room now.

He breaks out of your telekinesis, clinging to Gerald and shivering a bit.
"Yes please yes please to the computer table if you will"


"What's that look for?"


Let's head on over and join the others. Or at least get to the foot of the table.


carry him down gently. Should be easy for me.


"Hey, that's different! I did that for my plant, it was happy for it."

"Sure, sure. Ugh, I'll need to get the Lion Tamer accessory kit to deal with Sally in the future."


"Eh, that works too."
Pretend to ignore the fact that he's nervous around me.
Let my teleporter reset itself, then flash down to the rest of the group.


"Tis nothing of concern Lady Raven."


"When a friend of mine is frowning, I consider it a very big concern. I've upset you somehow, haven't I?"


There's a layer of books leading to the chair, which is right next to a small cabinet that leads up to the table. The place is prepared for toys to navigate.

"Thank you Gerald, I can always rely on you, yes…"

He readjusts himself as he leans against one of Sam's thicker textbooks, then goes back to standing guard around the computer switch.

You're on the table with the rest.


"I'm getting the impression he doesn't like heights."


Grand. Up to the top.


Looks like we have a long way to go.

"Race ya?"


Roll #1 10 = 10


"And we can count on you too. I assume. How has Sam been holding up?"
Give you a kind smile. "Most creatures don't like to be where they can't escape from. "


"Are you part goat or something?"
I'll just watch as he blitzes up the bookpile.


Despite his mass, Eston unleashes a burst of speed, putting the lordblade to shame.

"…anyway, what are you all visiting for? I'll need to ready Sam's table for his university entrance assignments soon."


"I think I was assembled in the same line as them. We might share parts."


I'll just shake my head and head up to the top.


"I… can't say that I understand. I've never been in a position I can't escape from before…"
"Checking up on you, introducing ourselves, making sure you have all been junked by assassins… by the way, sorry about earlier. Didn't know you had a fear of heights."
Arc an eyebrow.
"That's a… surprising display of agility, Eston."


"Uh.. just imagine if your magic was disabled, and you were stuck under a jar or on the really high shelf."


Look uncomfortable when you mention factories.


"Well, not too high, you know. And I got put there when I have no way of getting down myself. Anyway, whatever's left of hostiles…"

He points to the superhero toys in the shelf, completely inactive.

"We beat them up a long time ago and Sam lost interest in them. They haven't moved since."


"Well… Can you keep a secret?"


"I was build specifically so my magic couldn't be disabled. I could either lift the jar with telekinesis, shatter it with my EMP-blaster, or teleport out of it. Failing that, I could just tip it over."
Smirk at him.
"If I couldn't, I'd be ready to get scrapped. If you say it's a secret, then it stays between you and me."
"I see. Good to know."


Sigh. "You truly can not, even for a moment, imagine the feeling of being trapped?"


"You met her already, Marla. I think she's cute and I've been working to find a way to impress her. Figured I can't let her outrun me is a good place to start."


"Has Sam shown any further interest in getting new toys of any sort?"


"I was built to get in and out of any situation. The only times I have been in a situation I could not escape is when my systems had been reduced to non-functionality. For me, being trapped and being Slagged are one and the same."
Smile widely at this.
"Well, you're doing great. You'll sweep her off her hooves in no time with moves like that."


"Now, if you'll excuse me…"

He dusts off the table and starts gathering pens, papers and lighter books.

"I've been doing fine as his assistant. Sometimes Switch the Diamond Dog helps out too."


"I hope so. I haven't had a chance to ask, something keeps getting in the way, like Darbies and Sanrium plated toys."


"So, why's the computer on if 'Sam' isn't here?"
I'll wander over to the mouse. Maybe it's in sleep mode?


"Maybe I can help…"
Try to use TK to help him gather some of the pens and papers up. '1d10'
"Tell you what, next time you try, I'll make sure you get some uninterrupted time together, okay?"

Roll #1 2 = 2


Before Three Stripe can stop you, you move the mouse and reveal what he has on his web browser. It's open to a page on cybernetics and their application in human implants, and down at the taskbar are some word documents. On his browser tabs are more references and research papers, some video game news websites, and a "FurRPnet" tab.

"Hey! Please don't touch Sam's things."


"I'll definitely take you up on that offer. Of course, if it gets interrupted again, you can count on me to back you up."


As he's trying to shoo away flashbolt, you drop a pen on his head.

"Look. There's still the rest of the house for you to explore, newcomer."


"Those video game sites and that… FurRPnet thing can't possibly be related to the cybernetics research."
I'll cock my head quizzically. What even is this FurRPnet thing anyway?
Move the mouse and click on the tab.


"Of course. Working together, we'll make this work!"
"All right, all right… Hey, what's so interesting about what Sam's doing on his computer?"


>Sammyboi21: *raises paw* ooow yess! me wantie pway pway!
>NotPedophile556: *unzips butt* wan come pray wittle boiii
>DM: *watches and grins*

Three Stripe turns off the monitor before you can see more.
"Please leave me be."


…what sort of deviance is this.
I'll simply turn around, and leave the table without a word. I've seen a lot of weird things in my time, but… ugh.


"Hey, what's going on? We going back already?"


"We should probably leave him alone now."
I just sigh heavily. "Its okay. Maybe it is simply the burden of a good story teller to know how others feel."


There's always the stairs down, or another bedroom.


"There is nothing for us here."
Make a mental note that if the commander ever ends up on such a site, I will shut down the computer. Hard.
I think I've had enough bedrooms for now. Let's head downstairs.


"Okay then."

I'll follow Flashbolt down.


Lets go to the stairs.


"It is just… like trying to put yourself in a position where your energy reserves are at zero percent. If you ever reach that point, you will no longer be capable of realizing it. It's integral to how I was built."
"…That page looked strangely familiar…"
Anyway, down the stairs we go!


The stairs head down to the entryway. In front of you is a door to another corridor that leads to the kitchen, dining are and garage, and another to your right is the front door. If you turn behind you, next to the stairs is a door to the living room.

Sophie should be coming back soon…


"Lets see if we can arrange a snack."
'1d10' look around in the kitchen.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"The commander might be hungry, and we are expecting her friends. So that might be in order."


Scan the area in front of the front door for any potential obstacles.
Phase Aura '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Are there any other sneaky critters around here? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Sally passes through and meows at Gerald.
Hello birdcat my good ally

Sally meows at you as you pass by her.
Unfortunately, there aren't any snacks right now, you recall that Sophie's mother will go grocery shopping later. For now all there is is Sam's stash of Mountain Dewritos, a revolutionary drink with residues that solidify into snacks in a person's mouth. Rank up and frag with Dewritos!

You scan through, but the reinforced nature of the door hinders you a little.

Most taken care of by Sally, and occasionally with Gerald's help. Couple of ants about, though.


"It seems you're doing a better job befriending the cat than I have, Gerald."

I'll follow their trail. Can't have them getting into Sam's stash.


Probably not essential anyway. I'll go help make the snack with the rest of the toys.
"How can I help?"


Wave at the kitty.
"Humans have such strange food. I suppose Lady Sophie will have to wait."
"Must be because I gave her a mouse once or twice. Wasn't that your advice Eston?" I laugh a bit


"I don't think there is anything to do but wait. Maybe put on the T.V. to our channel?"


"I bet they have ghost stories about you now."


I ponder the idea. "Stories about me. Wouldn't that be something. And I'm not even a main character."


Food for nest food for nest vibrations coming big smoky thing coming
They're just wandering about. They'll probably leave soon.

You help drag a Mountain dewrito out. Where would you like to put it?

You hear a vehicle stopping outside, along with an outburst of familiar noises.


"Sounds like the commander has returned. Stations, everyone."


"Well, we all have stories to tell, don't we?"
Out on the counter where they'll see it. Once it's there, I'll teleport and then use my redundancy coils to teleport all the way back into Sophie's room.


"You're the main character in your own story. And who knows, maybe you are."

I'll use my agility to get back to the room.


"Careful with that box!"
"…yeah! I can't wait to play Tabletop Online!"
"Remember, I'm going to install gee-too, so you don't need to worry about proprietary software!"

As you all quickly get back to your stations, you see the gang come in, holding different-sized boxes.


Scan the boxes for any unpleasant surprises.
Phase Aura '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


G2? What sort of software is that? Doesn't sound as reliable as Doors.


A game of some kind? '1d10' can I get a look at it?

Roll #1 8 = 8


Gotta keep moving, I'm not one for long-range espionage.


The static protection bags throws you off and stuns you.

Indeed. Why would anyone use anything other than win-doors or OSY?

You see the boxes are clearly computer parts. Is Sophie building something? One of them is a disc box for TABLETOP ONLINE.

You make it up safely.


As Raven reels back on the stair and Gerald hangs around to watch the incoming children, the rest of you wait up the stairs and in Sophie's room. Those above can hear them carrying large boxes in, talking about some topics like 'online' 'guilds' 'pay to win' and 'Loonix'.


'1d10' look for an age rating on the box

Roll #1 2 = 2


Make my way back to Sophie's room. As far as I know, we're not supposed to wander while they're home… I think.


Alright, got to keep the room clean and free of bugs. Let's look around to make sure nothing is amiss. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


You just barely make out a E, with 'Online Interactions not rated by ESRB'.

Good toy you are.

Your plant tumbles over as you hit it with the side of your body. Now something's amiss.

The kids make it into Sophie's bedroom large boxes now clearly labelled as computer parts.

"Hello guys! If you'd help us sort out the screws when we get this open, after Tam installs her Loonix thing–"

Tam looks like she's seen a ghost.

"Sophie, I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as Loonix, is in fact, GOAT/Loonix, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, GOAT plus Loonix. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GOAT system made useful by the GOAT corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX…."


"If I make interject. What is this game?"


"Sorry my lovely."

Get my plant presentable again. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Cock my head curiously.
"So, you have a new computer?"


The gang get busy unpacking the boxes, the other toys carefully sorting out the screws.

"Tabletop Online! A full multiplayer epic next gen MMORPG And we use toys like you to explore the world inside! And sicne we have a lot of toys we can skip all the Dewritoes paywalls too!"

"Yeah! Tam said it's better if we build it, and I like building things, so…"

"Yeah, Sophie, welcome to the Master Race."

…very nice… good friend…


"I also have some history building computers… though it has certainly been a while, so the hardware has likely upgraded…"
How relevant is my past knowledge in helping to assemble the computer in a timely manner? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


I rub my head with a claw. "My apologizes young lord and ladies.. Would this be similar to the haunted house game I played during the camping trip?"


"It's nice to play with your friends, but don't forget to do your homework and chores! Those are important!"


You remember your old owner being a OSY user. All this stuff looks complicated.

"Uh… kinda? It's like VR, but you're in a safe child-friendly HasBEEN-approved world of adventure! I don't think user worlds come out for a while."

Tam thumbs her copy of SUPER BUNNY ADVENTURES RPG FOR AGES 3 AND BELOW eagerly.

Marla looks mildly confused.

The parts are out. Sophie is screwing in the motherboard first…


"You know, those things your parents want you to do everyday to grow up to be responsible?"


Try to help screw stuff in.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Marla is Muffles' goat toy
She blinks.
"Oh, right."

They're working together to sort out the cables and plug things in now. Sophie's and Jasper's hands work fast, directed by Tam. Muffles is busy reading the one-sheet manual that came with the disc.

Well done.

The computer is booted up.


Nod approvingly. "So what kind of adventure will be going to? One like switch's homeworld with indians and rodeo ponies? A proper world like mine with heroic knights and mages and dragons? Perhaps a place set in the stars where the HasBeen Metaformers live?"
'1d10' try to see if Tam actually wants to play this.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Well, just make sure to set a timer for the kids and remember that I'll be here if you need any extra help."

Flex my plastic muscles. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Let them take it from here.
…Oh dear.


She does, eagerly. But she's more interested in the modding scene so with custom world she can fill them with puppykitty bunnies. Everyone here's excited for the game, really.

You get pushed away by the PC's opening disk tray.

Tam puts in a disc she clearly burned herself. The screen now reads


Tam shakes her head.
"Eh, whatever Raven, help me out, would you?"

She sticks a cable into you somewhere behind your neck, then plugs the other end into the PC.



"Certainly. Bypassing the blocks, right?"
Divert processing power into hacking into the computer. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I didn't cause that."

I'll move out of the way so they can load their CD's in.


Well that's amazing.
"Haha, I guess it doesn't matter what kind of world. As long as its a good story."


Your vision changes, and you clearly visualise the basic software of the computer.

"Can you just turn off the free software flag?"

You can see a switch of sorts. If you stand on it, your own nonfree proprietary software should be able to substitute.

Nice buffalo does not cause accidents

"Now, how could cute animals improve YOUR world, Gerald?"


"Sure you don't want me to do anything else?"
Flip the switch.
"So, Eston, that the one you were telling me about?"


"Well.. I suppose that if there were more pets that ponies and gryphons would be more relaxed."


"Yeah, but I really don't know how to handle the situation, if you know what I'm outputting."


"Do some acrobatics, remember? Or should I just stick the two of you together in a box for seven minutes?"


"That's all. Just thought it'd be useful to see if you could do it too."

A girlmodel Pegasus toy waves at you. She is Tam's toy, Taura.

The OS installation process goes smoothly, as does installation of everything else and the game. Sophie eagerly gets a few cables, looking at all of you expectantly.


"Glad to be of assistance."
Tilt my head at Taura and wave back.
"Hello there. Have we met?"


"Well, it's not exactly like I can fly, but maybe during the game. I'm sure separating her from Muffles otherwise might not lead her to liking me."


"Don't think so! Looks like you're a similar model to me!"


She quickly pulls out your plug, shocking you a little, then places it in her. Tam quickly types out something and the blaring from the monitor ends.

Sophie is still holding your wires, looking excited.


"Woah there, you okay? That didn't seem like the regular plug removal procedure."


Hesitate. "I would really feel more comfortable if you told me what kind of game this was. I'm sure you understand Lady Sophie, its not that I don't trust your judgement. I simply deem it unwise to go into a virtual game without knowing this."


"…How so? You appear to be in very good condition, so you must have been bought recently."
Wince as the plug gets pulled.
"A little warning next time? That stung."


"Ugh… I can continue functioning. Bit of an energy spike, though."


"If it makes you feel better, I'll be fighting by your side! Well, kinda. And the first world doesn't look so bad!"

You can see the screen booting up.

Tam is also urging you to take the cables.


Jump over to Raven.
"I'll be here if you need a quick reboot."

"Just try to be more careful when removing it, please."


Plug myself in.
"All right. Let's get this party started."
"Thanks, but I'm fine."


Sigh. "You know I still feel going in with a lack of information is a bad example."
come up to sophie's hand and bow, allowing her access to my ports.



She scratches you as she puts in the wire.

Your visions blur and fizzes in and out a bit as your connections are established, but soon your senses are entirely within the game itself. You see a large plain with a myriad of tents, and some beginner adventurer equipment inside. An unfamiliar human is here, standing still.



"So, what sort of game is this?"


"Gerald" I reply to the prompt.


"Eston. Of course."


You see the human suddenly begin to contort and shapeshift wildly. It slowly settles as a female dressed with light armour, a lot of tools and a crossbow.

You see your name fill up the field, but it gets erased away and SoSoPhiePhie gets typed in.

It's erased away and SoSoPhiePhie is typed in again.

"My name, silly!"

Looks like she's speaking into a mic, which is why you can hear her.


I face-claw "Lady Sophie."


Examine myself. What sort of avatar do I appear as?


"I can't even pronounce that properly."


You're pretty much how you are now, but more new-looking. You feel an urge to report that your appearance can be made more fabulous with HasBEEN points, now being offered at a special deal with 1000 points for only $9.95. Roll if you want to resist.

Ignoring you, she happily steps out into the virtual world otuside. You follow her through the script.

Continue? Y/N


Stick close to her.


I'd like to pause.

I have to make sure she's safe in this strange place, so I'll stick close.


Resist! Fabulous is attention-grabbing; attention-grabbing is detrimental to my functioning! '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


You feel a sense of emptiness, however, for trying to resists something so inherent to yourself.




With Sophie now geared up, it's time to start heading out on your virtual adventure.

You seem to be in the beginning town, and there is a questgiver with a big exclamation mark above their head. Of course, you're free to ignore and look for good stuff outside and about.

What do you want to do?


The heck with quests, where are the collectibles?
Scan the area for any goodies with Phase aura.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Well then, let's get straight to the fun parts!"

Let's walk over to the quest giver.


A what now? Someone in trouble?
"What seems to be the matter?"


Only 20 Hasbeen points to unlock!

"Hello there, PLAYERNAMEHERE! You must help me! I need 10 bow strings and they can only be found on monsters in the newbie woods! Will you help me, PLAYERNAMEHERE?"


…what. I'm already programmed with it, I don't need to unlock it again! Override the redundant command prompt. [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4


Sam has owned this game for a while, and you've spent time just playing about when you are Three Stripe are done helping him with his room and work. You're logged on and notice a new user logging on, some SoSoPhiePhie newbie.

Huh. You manage to briefly unlock a nice dress before it vanishes.

Thank you for preview, but you must first add HasBEEN points! Now you can earn them for every 10 hours of playing!


"Didn't you already input your own name, Sophie? Or did it get banned?"

"Well, back on topic. Of course we will accept your quest! How else will we help Sophie and the land prosper?"


Go back to the starting area to survey the new threat to Sam's sovereignty.


"Well. Of course I'll help. Which way to the woods?"



Screw these fancy graphics, not even Petpone manages to tick me off like this within the first five minutes. And that game was glitched to the point of being unplayable!
Bah, start looking around conventionally for any items just… laying around. Smash some crates and see what I get. [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8


File: 1407818411212.jpg (64.47 KB, 640x480, Oblivion2010-04-1909-18-30….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Before anything continues, a swarm of guardsgryphons surround you.

"You are accused of destruction of property! How do you plead?"

Looking at the avatar and her surrounding toys, it looks like she's Sam's sister, the master you served for a while before moving off. They appear to be in a spot of trouble, surrounded by guards.



"Uhm, Innocent. Hold on, I mean, what property destruction? We only just have a few moments here?"


"Innocent. I assure you I have not destoryed anything."


"If one is guilty, your entire party is guilty! One thousand gold! "

"Unless, of course, you would like to pay the fine of 100 HasBEEN points?"


"Seriously? The old games were far better than this."
Teleport away. If I put distance between myself and them, they'll give up. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Oh, I know how to handle these guys. I've been playing for a while.

Go up and tell them, "Guard, two streets over there was a pony pushing objects slightly out of the line of sight of shopkeepers and picking them up while hidden! He must pay with his blood!"


"Why would we pay, we just logged in? What property was destroyed?"


"What do the ponies reported look like? I could help you track them down."


Uh oh! You only manage to teleport into their net!

"It appears you have neither the gold nor the HasBEEN points. It's off to jail for you, then! Unless…"

A window appears, with a button to enter credit card details, and another if you have purchased a HasBEEN point card.

"Your friend %GROUPMEMBERNAME just destroyed a very valuable box!"

"Nice try, but we've already fixed that mechanic!"

The pony reported is Raven, with your party.

You can hear Sophie over the mic.
"S-should we get the points? I don't want to go to jail…"


"So you're just going to let a criminal get away with a crime? That's a fine of 100 HasBEEN points. Now pay your fine, or it's off to jail."


Okay, that's it. Resisting arrest now.
Blast the net off of me.
Magic Bolt '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"No, we can't have you spending what little money you have here, Sophie."

"Wait, what can we do to pay off Raven's debt then?"

Turn back to Sophie and whisper "Is this part of some quest?"


"Impersonating an enforcer of the law is a serious crime."

They put a net over you, too.

You can barely get the net off.
"That's three more days in jail for resisting arrest!"

"I-I dunno…"

you can hear Tam excitedly talking behind.

"Oooh, I hear there's a jailbreak quest! Even if you guys can't escape, I'm sure I can do something!"

You see the timer on the credit entry window ticking down…


"See,Tam has the right idea. Let's play along! We'll go to jail and maybe get sent off on another quest to pay our fine."


"Fine, I'll play along…"
until the jailbreak quest starts. Then I'm stealing all their stuff and sticking baskets over their heads.


"I am the Thane of %TOWNNAME%."


"My apologies, but remember your privilege may only be used once until you pay for more uses."

You are released.

All of you are bound and escorted to a large complex behind town, while the diamond dog is left behind. There you're dumped into a cell.

It looks like this is the sort of prison where the cells are left open for prisoners to do things to one another. You see other players here along with their toys. Some aren't doing anything. In the wall you see an option to "PAY FINE FOR FAST RELEASE"


"Oh, I see. The actual game takes place in here; it's a dungeon crawl!"
Any chatter I can pick up from the other players?


Announce over the area chat:
"Hello there, fellow felons. Any idea when the jailbreak quest starts?"


eagle eye glare of death. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"We are not jail breaking!"


I could go to the leadership in the town… but it would probably be faster to just get Sam to come into the game and find Sophie so he can player.setcrimegold 0.

I should log off and find Sam.


"What? How was I supposed to know I'd get in trouble for breaking crates? That's how you get stuff in games!"
"Yes we are. That's the point of the quest."


"Come now, this is a game. It is all part of the act! Besides, could you really leave Sophie and her potential friends just stay in here when they could be out there slaying terrible monsters?"


Too late for that. Besides, as a newbie's toy you're not all that threatening.

"/macro give money pls /loop"
"login at official website Hasbrotoys.ru for free points очень дешевый и безопасный"

He's at work. Actually, with your skills, want to stage a breakout?

"Then, um… you want me to get mom's credit card, Gerald?"


"This isn't a quest! we're being punished for your choice."
"We just have to serve our time." And then I sit here and wait.


"Here, let me see…"
Teleport out of the cell.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Is there another way we can earn the gold?"


Hm. Well, these dungeons are always designed with some convenient sewer just for rogues to escape out of. I'll have to go look around the outside of town for where the sewer lets out.


"Of course not, Sophie. Let's look around, maybe something triggers that quest."

Investigate. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Whoa, you didn't think they thought of that?

You're rewarded with a shock, attracting the attention of some… unsavouries in prison.

Big Guy 1: 7/7
Big Guy 2: 7/7

"I don't think so… oh, could you guys come here? I think there's a battle!"

You're distracted when a large stallion rushes by you, confronting Sophie and Raven.

Conveniently so, yes! There's an entrance from outside the waterfront.


Excellent. I should go inside before I run into any mudcrabs. Filthy creatures.


bad… b-bad luck, it's just…. just bad luck, is all. I-it could happen to any toy…
I can't be malfunctioning… not so soon… And I'll slag any toy who tries to say otherwise!
Magic bolt the first Big Guy. '1d10+2'
"You picked a bad day to mess with me, scrap-heaps!"

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Get between them.

"Sorry, but I'm here to make sure nothing happens to the little one."


Put up my shield and defend everyone guardian, 4 turns


There aren't any. Mass demand got them removed.
A tunnel full of dead bodies lies in front of you. There's are some nice valuables on them. Wonder what happened.

Finally! You manage to score a well-placed hit, knocking him over.

Big Guy 2 rushes towards you two, but Sophie manages to shoot a bolt at him.

Big Guy 1: 5/7
Big Guy 2: 6/7


"Sorry, no autograph session today for her."

Earthen Strike him out. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"Hah! How you like that, you bag of bolts? Hope you've got accident insurance!"
Grab the first Big Guy and slam him around with TK. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"These villains shall not triumph over us."
'1d10' overconfidence,
'1d10' inspire

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 5 = 5


Hm… Perception check? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


You barely manage to hit him, but he also uses his mass to slam you under him.

You only manage to lift him over you, before you get pinned under. Don't drop anything in prison.

The first big guy is rather effeminate, and his face distracts you while his hoof knocks into your face.

Big Guy 1: 4/7
Big Guy 2: 6/7

Eston: 4/5
Gerald: 5/6
Raven: 4/5

Ooh, you notice that there should be a large bunch of incredibly dangerous traps around here that have killed many a high-level player who didn't want to pay the fine. Fortunately, they only trigger when someone is at the entrance point of the sewer, from the jail.


Well, grab whatever valuables I can carry, especially gold.

Maybe I should see if I can disable any of these. Find the least dangerous looking one and try to disable it '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Time to go Jack biotic-storm on these fools.
Pull TK Big Guy 1 into something big and solid. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Not bad, but let me move the odds in my favor."

Animal Mastery, let's call in something big. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


'1d10' As if I'd be thrown off by that for long, get big guy 2 with my sword.

Roll #1 9 = 9


A weird red diamond amulet,a crown, and a nice pair of robes, along with a really cool-looking crossbow. You estimate that if sold, the value would be just enough to cover Sophie's fine.

The least dangerous trap is an axe blade hidden above. You manage to jam it.
Beware, failing to disarm any of these traps would mean you lose the valuables you're holding.

You TK him into something soft and squishy and cuddly instead, like yourself. You hear Muffles laughing in the background while Sophie sounds confused.

A rat pops out from a sack. It looks scared and ready to run at any second.

If only the sword Sophie made for you were available in-game. You deliver a beautiful cut.

Big Guy 1: 4/7
Big Guy 2: 2/7

Eston: 4/5
Gerald: 5/6
Raven: Helpless/5


Well, maybe I should just do this legally. I do have my reputation to think about.

I'll go sell all this stuff to some meat merchant.


"Come on, can't do this without you."

Natural Remedy to get up. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


You can try commanding the rat too


No she's not unless guardian ended

'1d10' keep going after number 2

Roll #1 10 = 10


glitches… too many glitches… I can't keep messing up like this…
"Thanks. Now let's scrap them!"

My subsystems might be unreliable, but my hooves work just fine. Beat Big Guy 1's face into the ground, then keep kicking him until he's nothing more than a pile of bit-files. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Come on, I'll get you some treats if you helps us out."

Coerce the rodent to attack. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Hello there! What do you want to sell?"
The shop interface comes up. The value of the collected goods are… just a little less than what the fine is.

Raven manages to get up with Eston's help, and repays it by beating up the Guy about to hit Eston.

You are truly a hunter to be feared .You show the ponies who is it that is destined to rule over them.

Guardian failed, you did not roll for it

The rat hesitates, but then bites a bit of Guy 1.

Big Guy 1: 1/7
Big Guy 2: Helpless/6

Eston: 4/5
Gerald: 5/6
Raven: Helpless/5


Raven is 5/5


I'll make his friend join him on the floor.
"Sorry, nothing personal but you shouldn't mess with her."

Earthen Strike on Guy 1. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


'1d10' okay I'll roll for it now

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Embrace Eternity, casual!"
Pick up Big Guy 1 with TK and keep him suspended in the air, before slamming him back down on top of his friend.

Roll #1 2 = 2


>crits on 8+
You are brutal. As he goes down, you smack him in the face twice again for good measure. His model even briefly glitches out.

You hear Tam muttering something in the background. You almost swear you saw the address of some webpage in the moment he got hit.

You feel your heroism coming in. Your friends are under your protection now. None of them shall know failure.

You get pinned again. Muffles is laughing even harder through the mic. Joe asks what's so funny, but she refuses to explain further.

Big Guy 1: Helpless/5
Big Guy 2: Helpless/6

Eston: 4/5
Gerald: 5/6
Raven: 3/5


'1d10' inspire "They're down for the count, we can pull a victory off."

Roll #1 10 = 10


You cry out with a sound like an majestic eagle shrieking mixed with a lion's roar.

Sophie immediately writes a note to record it so she can put it in your properly.



"I'm going to need 100 gold, or I'm just going to go sell it to that tailor over there."


Mr. Rat and I do our best to make sure he stays down.

Eston Normal Attack. '1d10'
Mr. Rodent nibbles on his hooves. '1d10'

"Why did you attack us?"

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 10 = 10


"I knew Hasbeen would screwdriver me again!"
Magic Bolt the Big Guy 1. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Check Mercantile… or a week ago, you would have. Instead a credit card interface comes up.

Behind, a boy player and his large, big stallion comes up to you.
"Hey there~, trying to make money?"

Mister Rodent suddenly sprouts a massive set of fangs and chomps down on the first Big Guy. Unfortunately you trip over them and all. Roll to endure, then your action if you keep standing.

Big Guy 1: 5/2
Big Guy 2: 5/6

Eston: enduring/5
Gerald: 5/6
Raven: 3/5


And then Raven smacks Big Guy for good measure


Attack big guy two.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"Eat dirt, slagger!"
TK the Big Guy 1 back into the wall to put some distance between us and him. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Staying on my hooves. '1d10'
Mister Rodent presses the attack. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 2 = 2


"No you don't! Stay down!"

Earthen Strike '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Just sell for what I can then.


How much more do I need?


It's a little sad. He thought that maybe things would go well, but the moment he gets up, he falls over again.

Joe finally demands to know why you being pinned by a big guy in prison is funny. You hear some whispering, and then awkward laughter.

You stay stable. Then slap Big Guy 2 as he's down. Again, there's a glitch.

Just about a hundred. Not too much, but doing the quests for it would take a while.

If it's not beneath you
You can
Just take the remaining money from your owner's account

Big Guy 1: 5/2
Big Guy 2: Helpless/4

Eston: 1/5
Gerald: 5/6
Raven: 1/5

Gerald's protection ends soon…


"You feel like trying now?"
'1d10' keep hitting number 2.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Teleport away and get my bearings. Servos aren't running as well as they should… TK Projectors keep acting up…
…I'll process that later. For now… just try not to overheat.


"Hey, who's your owner?"

Treant Whisperer, let's see if my lovely Venus can join in. '1d10'
Mister Rodent presses the attack. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 2 = 2


What? I can't help Sophie over Sam.

Nah. Instead I'll go out into the wilderness to find rich players to murder.


With your falling, the party's protection ends. Images of a world doomed flash about your eyes as you hear/imagine the concerned voices of your friends begging you to go on.

You escape from the fight, and will not be targeted till you return. At least you're safe in your cell…
But is Sophie safe?

A projection of venus manages to appear alongside you, though she appears an ordinary plant. She attacks too. Rodent, however, fails in resolve and cowers.

Big Guy 1: 5/2
Big Guy 2: Helpless/2

Eston: 1/5
Gerald: Helpless/6
Raven: 1/5 (Away)

Among the highly-equipped players moving back and forth, you notice a few people standing still.

"offering 500 gold for diamond dog to pose with my pony for my art"
"SECURE ACCOUNT NOW GO TO www.hasbro.br"


Raven gets 2/5 hits for resting


Grab the FREEGOLD.ZM guy. Any reaction, or is he just AFK?


"It's quickly approaching your last chance to talk and walk away with some dignity."

Earthen Strike '1d10+2'
Venus strangles. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10 / Roll #2 2 = 2


'1d10' get up again
"This pain is nothing."

Roll #1 7 = 7


Tap on my EMP-ray emitter. It seems to still be working fine… I'll try to give covering fire from back here.
I'm not useless… not yet…
Magic bolt '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Good job, he's AFK. You shank him without trouble Some players who see you applaud. No one really likes these guys.

You get.. 49 gold. You need 51 more.

You punch Big Guy 2 and he withers away. He glitch again, and you somehow can see a hole in space where his model was. You swear that icon there is from Sophie's desktop.

Venus fails to wrap around anything.

Of course it's nothing to you. Heroes never fail.

DC raised if recovering from outside combat
You barely manage to hit the remaining guy.

Big Guy 1: 4/2

Eston: 1/5
Gerald: 6/6
Raven: 3/5 (Away)


[1d10] inspire
"Come at him from both sides, he can't stand much more."

Roll #1 5 = 5


"The game must be pulling from her computer or something…"

Push it out of my head, go after the next Guy.

Buffalo Attack '1d10'
Venus goes for a grab. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 6 = 6


They paid me 0 gold for all that gear?

I meant to drag him out of town where no one would see, though! I just said grab him!


"Fine. Incoming!"
biotic charge use TK to propel myself with as I charge in and headbutt the last guy.
I can handle one last push. I have to…

Roll #1 8 = 8


He was naked save for the minimal starting gold he had. These people don't bother.

Not like that hurt, though, some players decide to join your lead and kill a few idlers.

Your combined efforts bring him down easily. Now he's ready for a pounding.

Big Guy 1: Helpless/2

Eston: 1/5
Gerald: 6/6
Raven: 3/5


'1d10' KO the guy

Roll #1 2 = 2


No relying on subsystems. Just stomp on him until there's nothing left. Then keep stomping just to make sure. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Sory, time to clock out for you."

Earthen Strike '1d10+2'
Venus '1d10'

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Well, finish harvesting idle players for gold and make sure to sell off that junk I looted.


As you rush to finish him off, you two slam into one another while on top of him.

And you, too, get tangled with Venus and fall over. You can try to untangle before you fall, again.

Big Guy 1: Helpless/2

Eston: Enduring/5
Gerald: 2/6
Raven: 1/5

All done!
You are once again reminded that you can buy HasBEEN points on a special deal right now. Now it's a matter of how to pay the fine…


"You pull that way, and I'll go, wait, that's not it…'

Untangle. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I signal'd you to come for the other side!"
'1d10' okay, just try one more time.

Roll #1 6 = 6


I'll just take the gold to the prison and pay their fine!


"Now that we're free, time to take down a villain."

Eston Attack! '1d10'
Venus '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 9 = 9


"I'll tear you apart!"
Grab each of his arms with TK, and pull in opposite directions until he splits. '1d10'
"Out of my way!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


You all manage to slam the guard before he gets up, and he stays down, dropping a nice amount of loot.

A window pops up in your vision, saying that your fine has been paid, citizen, and you will be momentarily escorted out.

Well, that was simple. Some people like to try breaking into prison to deliver the gold to their friends to pay their fine, not realising they can do it from the front of jail.




See! Pragmatism.


"Beating up guards seems like a strange lesson to impart…"


Just catch my breath and do my beast to cool down. That fight… took far more out of me than it should have.
"Are… you alright, Sophie?"


"I regret having to do so as well. But who posted our bail?"


"I thought it was because we beat the quest, right?"


"It's a game!" You hear Sophie remark sheerfully.

Thanks, Switch–

The game world briefly disappears, and you see Sophie's desktop before it comes back. You hear Tam remark something about security vulnerabilities giving access to outside the client, if you udnerstand that.

You see a familliar face. Switch, a diamond Dog toy that used to spend a lot of time with you before she went to stay with Sam

Sophie happily shakes your pay as she loads into your space. You can't really enjoy it, though, as Three Stripe is bugging you to let him play.


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