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Using this since /mlp/ is giving one player some technical difficulties


Posting Recap here while we wait a bit for a few players. Post your sheets!

Flow – M. Goo Pony Dark Knight – 10/4 (10/5)
Amy Thest – F. Crystal Pony Druid – 7/4 (7/6)
Flaming Shorthorns – F. Buffalo Wildguard – 8/6 (8/6)
Shei-Sher – M. Goat Spellwright – 6/7 (6/7)
>Pheo – F. Phoenix – 4/4
>Gigginox – 4/4 (Waiting on Hypnagogium Floor awaiting further orders)
Sir Pryce Etac – M. Unicorn Battlemage – 9/4 (9/5)
Prince Novelus – M. Sheep Trickster – 6/6 (6/6)
Observer – M. Voidling Spellwright – 7/6 (7/6)
>Golem – 5/5 (5/5)


Ecc. B – F. Zebra – 6/3 (6/6) (Observer)
>Currently has no use of arms and cannot attack with them
Ecc. D – M. Unicorn – 6/2 (6/6) (Dania)
Ecc. G – F. Crystal – 6/3 (6/6) (Shei)
Ecc. A – M. Crystal – 6/6 (6/6) (Amy)
Ecc. F – M. Unicorn – 6/6 (6/6) (Flaming)
>A and F are not with Amy and Flaming and thus cannot take orders for now

Last time on HolyQuest…

After reuniting within the labyrinth of the Anomaly which was consuming not only parts of Wishful's nightmare, but also the Hypnagogium itself, the party left with the help of the Phomesa. Vizsla came along as well, promising to make a brew which would help restore Renee to normal. Pryce, Ichimonji, and Spitshine spoke about various things, including Ecclesia's dysfunctional leadership, Spitshine considering going back to his father to try to exact revenge, as well as the status of the world. These talks abruptly ended when an enormous wheel, coated in silver and gold fire, landed in the plaza outside the Hypnagogium. A brilliantly-glowing figure began to appear above…


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File: 1453171345938.jpg (247.39 KB, 500x500, download.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The figure is gargantuan, standing 3/4ths the height of the Hypnagogium's central tower. Its body is awash in brilliant white-gold light and flame, wearing it as a cloak. It is far too bright for you to focus on anything but its general silhouette without burning your eyes. It has the outline of a thin, tall U, with a spherical mass at its base, which extends into a taller pillar protruding skyward. An appendage extends from its base, like a hand, and slowly picks up the wheel.

Ecc. A and F stand awestruck, mouths agape and limbs trembling. F falls over backward with a whimper when another appendage comes from the angel's base and extends in your direction. It raises its 'hand', 'palm' out, in a signal of peace. In the streets below, the crowd of demons begin to work themselves into a frenzy, laughing and chortling, bellowing savage challenges to the angel. The wheel dangles from the angel's hand, giving the angel a casual, relaxed appearance.

Ichimonji gets up and speaks in a lightly-warbling voice. "Move. Now. Things are about to get ugly."

Spitshine is immobile, still looking at you.

The Sefer Yad's trembling grows worse and worse. It threatens to shiver right off your arm, as though it wants to run away. Volkama is more composed, backing away from the window. "About time… someone… did– urgh. Someone did something about those demons…"

He begins to stumble away and lean on a podium. "Do you smell… that? It's like… brine. Dead fish." He says with a mild gag.

You you begin to smell it too, just as he described. You also become aware of a chewing sound… (see below)

Vizsla goes back to stirring the cauldron. "Bother. An angel's turned up. Patient little younker. One of the ones what was chasing me and Mudi a few weeks ago. You dears stay indoors now. It's bound to get ugly out there."

She dips a spoon into the broth and pulls it out, smelling it. "Ah! All ready now." She turns and splashes some onto Renee's body. Renee does not react, but part of her body turns pink and translucent, going back to the relaxed state that it was earlier.

Renee begins to giggle, like she's got a secret, as Vizsla spoons out some more. "A-a-are you telling me… nobody else hears that?"


You become aware of a chewing, crunching sound. The crackling of snapping wood, the pulpy mashing of waterlogged paper. The crunching and splattering comes from all around, as though the walls themselves were the source of the grinding. The odor of rancid seawater fills the air.

A hoofful of snow climbs out of Vizsla's pocket. It sprouts an arm and starts to crawl toward the stairs.

Ecclesians G and D turn pale as Renee begins to imitate the sound of splashing water.

Finally, you hear a coughing retch come from outside, then something falls from the sky onto the pavement with a wet splat.


Shorthorns keeps a healthy distance away from the window, her eyes bulging out at the sheer size of this monstrosity. "That's a pretty big one…"

She turns to Vizsla, "He's only here to slaughter the demons, right? He has no qualms with us, he won't attack the tower, will he?"

She gasps as she finishes the concoction, "AH, FINALLY!" she shouts with a scamper to Renee's side, "Renee, how are you feeling? Your color is better, do you feel your head coming back? What are you talking about, hear wha-"

Shorthorn's freezes in place, a chill sent up her spine at the sound of the watery, mashy, crunching sound coming through the walls. She cringes, turning away from Renee to point her horns at the walls, "Neverm-mind, I hear it now. And stop that, will you," She says in response to the imitations, "You're scaring m… uh, the soldiers."

She walks up to the walls steadily, putting an ear against them to try and see if she can hear it in more detail.
[1d10] Perceptioning to hear through the wall, can I hear a creature breathing?

Roll #1 9 = 9


Observer attempts to find the source of the sound, attempting to see if it might be an illusion.

>Fourth Eye


Roll #1 8 = 8


Shei-sher soon after takes notice of the rancid smell and uncomfortable sounds "Ouughck! You're right!" He covers his nose and mouth while fighting his gag reflex "I envy the dead in hell -ogck who can not know such foul odors"
Shei runs down the tower stairs and throws himself out the front door to escape the horrible stench. He is too occupied coughing and gasping onto the ground to pay attention to the angel above.


Novelus stares in awe at the gigantic angel out the window, glimpses of bad memories flashing in his mind
''Visla…What is this angel doing here?…And why did it decided to appear just now?''

his body tenses up at the disturbing, disgusting sound however, and as much as he liked Renne, she wasn't helping…He gave her an disaproving glare with a hint of worry
'1d10+2' I-Inspire

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Pryce glares up at the angel's form, expression unchanging at the sign of peace.

"We don't have anywhere we can move, and I won't be able to safely carry all of you if these creatures start fighting."
Pryce's horn glows, pulling off his bracelet and levitating it in front of him. It sparks as it attempts to spit out a set of lances, and is consumed by flames as Pryce attempts to form a canon around it.
>Homing Magic [Fire] [1d10+1]
>Conjure Weapon [Firework Canon] [Fire, Great, Ranged] [1d10]

"I'll hold everything back until we can get a clear path out of here."

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4 / Roll #2 1 = 1


"Heh, sounds like it's gonna get real fun outside in a few minutes," Flow remarks at the mention of the angel.

Flow's eyes focus on Renee as he body starts shifting colors until he's made aware of the sound and repulsive odor. He draws out Schlangenschwert and stabs at the snow with an arm.
"You two. Check out the stairs."

Vice and Trapper run for the stairs.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


File: 1453173455390.jpg (316.05 KB, 1506x1147, 1446604857511.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The crunching and chewing stops, replaced with a labored, feverish breathing from above, around, even the floor. The walls and floor blur, their distinct colors and shadows melding together, until it is impossible to tell their depth. Observer's vision is assailed by a blur of pinks, yellows, and browns, condensing into a sphere-like shape. It bends space around it, causing Observer's head to swim and his third eye to strain. A shotgun blast of whimpering and growling, fearful and frustrated, explodes in his ears.

"I can see them!" Ecc. G says, looking through a window. "Sir Ichimonji and Pryce!" she picks up the JOY addicts on her back, legs and voice warbling in fear. "Please, they're in trouble! Let's go!"

Renee jumps away from Vizsla as she splashes more potion onto her, more of her coat turning pink again. "It's close, isn't it? Heheheh… no! Get away! Away! I'll have none of your tricks, witch!"

Vizsla narrows her eyes, not appearing that concerned. "You're going to change your tone soon, you brat. Believe me."

The sword bisects the snow pile. One half continues to flee toward the staircase. Noticing it, the pink-silver Renee lunges toward it and tries to grab it. "You're dead!"


As Vice and Trapper reach the stairs, they see that the stairs have grown to absurd lengths, each step as tall as Celestia, stretching hundreds of meters upward, until they are blocked off by an array of mold-wrapped wooden beams.

The odor hardly decreases as you get outside. It begins to rain, but the sky is devoid of clouds. There is only the bright red moon, which appears far closer than before. The stars in the sky begin to vanish, one by one, starting with those closest to the moon.

A few meters ahead lies a mangled puddle of wood and waterlogged paper, and marionette strings. The twitching head is that of a doe. It is coated in some form of saliva.

Nothing happens. The angel rears back its arm, each of its several joints creaking with metallic hisses, as the demons swarm toward it.

[1d10+30] Demons
[1d20] Angel

Wide-eyed, Ichimonji scoops up Spitshine and rushes across the rooftop, jumping onto an adjacent house. Ecc. A and F do the same.


Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9 / Roll #2 5 + 30 = 35 / Roll #3 16 = 16 / Roll #4 9 + 4 = 13 / Roll #5 5 + 3 = 8


Observer strains from the sounds exploding into his ear, he focuses his attention on the sphere and attempts to dispel it with his own magic.



Roll #1 10 = 10


Pheo comes flapping out the tower after Shei. She squawks madly and follows Shei.

Shei-sher covers his mouth and nose again with his cloak. He breathes desperately through the fabric. Shei continues down the garden path to the puddle of debris. "Wha-what is this.." Shei-sher is awashed with anxiety, He slumps down to pick up the Doe's head with both hooves "It can't be.." he hardly flinches at the touch of salvia.

He dangles Pupil out to confirm what the remains are. [1d10+1] appraise

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10



"Is it working?" Amy asks Vizsla with her head cocked to one side, ignoring the strange sounds happening. She has to make sure she is fulfilling her promise.


Shorthorns' legs begin to jump away quickly from the wall as the breathing takes its place, turning to look at all the blending of the walls and floors, finding it impossible to see where one ends and the other begins.

As she tries to make heads or tails of it, she hears the Ecclesian soldier calling out, "What?!" She turns to look out the window, "Ach, you're right! Come on, we're leaving now!"

She turns to look at the witch as she heals Renee, "Is she done?! We have to leave immediately!" She turns to the Ecclesians, "G-gather up the addicts, and see that the witch and Renee are out of here safely! I'll go help Sir Pryce."

She looks about one more time, trying to make sense of Renee's warning, before darting out the door after Ichimonji. She cries out as she sees her burnt new commander, "We have them all! We must leave the city, Ichimonji, Sir Pryce! Get down from there!"

[1d10] Reaching them if necessary to navigate through the crowd of demons, not engaging them yet to let the angel do the brunt of the work.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Flow looks all around him as the surroundings of him and his comrades shift and twist. He huffs out of frustration.
"What a day this' been eh?" he also scoffs when Vizsla calls Renee a brat.
Flow reaches down to pick up the snow half.
"I swear, if it's you, Nightseed…"

Meanwhile, Trapper tries to jump up to the stairs, despite how it towers over him. Vice, on the other hand, returns to Flow.
>"It seems as if time and space is being distorted again, sir."
Vice turns to Vizsla.
>"Madam Vizsla, we must evacuate immediately. Please hurry in curing Renee's ailment."


Pryce picks up his bracelet as it clatters to the ground with nothing to show.
"Why does my magic never want to work when I need it?!"
He grumbles, more frustrated than normal at the outcome.

As Ichimonji and the Eclesians run off, Pryce turns and runs after, not going to leave them alone with rampaging demons about.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Novelus hopped after Ichimonji and the Ecclesians, taking a few brief glances at the epic battle of demons and angels happening near them

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


The spell causes a rippling effect across the spherical surface, coloring a small white patch. The sphere jiggles, responding with another despairing cry. A spurt of water shoots from the spot you hit, expanding into a torrent as it approaches you.


It is the Phomesa, its 'life' hanging by a thin thread. Seawater leaks from its now-hollow body as you touch it. Its marble eyes, though inanimate, are glossed over with a rotten yellow texture, frozen in a look of horror as the bottom half of its head crumbles.

Renee appears to drain the water from the snow. It begins to shift and mutate, eventually forming into Nightseed, who is now half her original size, clutching a bleeding injury where Flow stabbed her. Her stump of a right arm has been bandaged up. She backs away against the wall, looking at Vizsla in fear.

Renee approaches Nightseed, her many eyes glowing white and pink.

"Oopsie!" Vizsla laughs as she knocks over the cauldron, spilling the contents onto Renee. Renee is bowled over with a yelp as the potion overwhelms her.

Vizsla laughs as Nightseed starts to scamper away with a whimper. "Better get that core in her, Flowy dear."

As you rush outside, you are momentarily blinded by the light of the angel as it rears back its arm. As your eyes adjust, you see Pryce following Ichimonji, and the stuff below:

You and the Ecclesians hop a couple roofs over. Looking back, the angel hurls the wheel like a discus as the demons pour onto it. The wheel splits into fifteen more, shredding through the demons like wet parchment, annihilating much of the street and surrounding buildings with it, leaving a huge open path in the 'sea' of demons. The demons that latch onto the angel are annihilated in its silver-gold flames.

Ichimonji turns to you, clutching her side. "C'mon. If we go north then east around the towers we can get out through a gap in the wall. Double time!"

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


''No need to tell us twice, Ichimonji'' the sheep speaks up as he followed as fast as he could, cursing himself for the fact he was still using heels
'1d10' inspire

Roll #1 4 = 4



Amy looks between Flow, Renee, and Vizsla with a confused expression. "That potion isn't hurting her is it?"


Flow doesn't react to anything else other than Renee having the potion spilled on her. He dives down to scoop her goo away from the potion, putting her core back into the mass of her goo.

Trapper and Vice on the other hand, make moves to keep Nightseed where she is. Vice lunges to tackle her to the ground while Trapper lunges at her with the twinblade.

"Doesn't matter, it's liquid!" he yells as he scoops Renee up.
"She could dissolve!"

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 9 = 9 / Roll #3 10 = 10


Even with the torrent pushing against him he attempts to fight against it as he continues his focus on his spell.

>Continue attack on spell


Roll #1 6 = 6


Pryce looks back as the angel tears through the demons as they leap at it, then backto Ichimonji.
"I have a better idea."
Pryce pulls the flying horseshoes fom his bag, and hands them to the two Ecclesians.
"Here, one of you carry the other."

Pryce turns around and fans out his wings, looking at Ichimonji and Spitshine.
"I'll carry you two. With your injury we can't have you running and making it worse."
>Assuming they take the offer, Pryce starts flying them out of there
>Flight [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1


Flaming grunts and closes both her eyes, slowly fluttering them open again after the light fades to readjust her bearings as she continues running after Ichimonji and Pryce. She shouts up at them "Pryce! Ichimonji! Thank the spirits, I thought I'd never see you again for a bit back there! Are we leaving this horrible place, how long until the bombs start?! I still have ponies inside the Hypnagogium, but they should be right behind me!"

She turns back to the Hypnagogium, seeing that the others have remained within, "Any moment now, that is!"



Amy's ears perk up. "Oh yeah!" she says, leaping to both of their aid.

"You could dissolve too! Let me help her!" she says with concern in her voice. "Go get whatever core thing witchy was talking about. I'll help her."


Amy grabs Renee to pull her out of the potion. Or… does her best to pull a wet gooey pile.

[1d10] to get Renee to safety

Roll #1 4 = 4


In a panick Shei-sher rifles through items in his bag. He gently holds the bottom half of the head while he runs mercury and other chemicals along the broken parts.
>Tinker [1d10+1]
>I Dream of Alchemy+2 [1d10+3]

He attempts to reintigrate the crumbling structure.

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #2 3 + 3 = 6


Vizsla's hoof molds into a claw-like appendage, with which she pinches your cheek. "Wouldn't dream of it, dear. I'm the Kind one, after all. I keep my promises, unlike my sisters."

She casually leaves the room, dissolving into a pool of ice as she leaves.

Vice and Trapper nail Nightseed as she tries to run. She turns back and flings icicles at the two of them.
[1d10+3] [1d10+3]

Renee is now a pink, formless puddle. As you jam the core inside, it begins to turn pink itself. Soon, a face begins to form out of the pink goo, molding itself into Renee's face. Limbs and tail gradually follow suit.

The spell splits the torrent, causing more ripples to spread across the surface. Water soaks Observer, chilling him to the bone.


As this happens, he and Amy hear another despairing cry. Amy in particular gets a sense of fear and frustration from the sound. It is a youngling's cry to be left alone.

You manage to fix a large amount of the damage, draining the corrosive seawater from the joints and patching up the crumbling bits. The creature's life signs gradually increase, its head twitching lightly. Even though you've reattached its mouth, it hangs open, a despairing sound trickling out.

You hear the sounds of tumultuous, explosive waves hitting the coast, as the rain grows more intense.


Novelus catches up with Flaming and Pryce.

After momentary confusion, Ecc. F puts them on and hands his gun to Ecc. A, who climbs on F's back. As Ichimonji hops on, however, you hear a despairing, young-sounding cry. A swimming pool's worth of water falls from above, drenching each of you and sending you back to the ground.

Novelus 2/6
Flaming 4/6
Pryce 5/4
EA 2/6
EF 2/6
I 12/6
S 2/6

Coughing and sputtering, Spitshine growls, "What the fuck? Water!?"

You hear the sounds of tumultuous, explosive waves hitting the coast, as the rain grows more intense.

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4 / Roll #2 4 + 3 = 7


>better quality version of the music here


Flow lets out a sigh of relief as Renee's features start to form, and he gets up.
"Oi. Trapper, Vice. We need to leave, now," he looks at Nightseed, "Leave her to me."
The two clones lower their weapons and nod as they start to leave where Novelus and Flaming left, carrying Renee as they flee.
"You too, Amy. Things are gonna get ugly here."

He hoists his sword in the air and charges at Nightseed, looking to cut off her other arm with two consecutive slices.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8 / Roll #2 9 + 2 = 11


Flaming looks up in shock as she hears the cry, trying to turn around and find the source. "Where is that coming from?! It isn't the angel, is it? Is it some other sort of demon?!"

She gasps as the massive supply of water comes from above, sending her to the ground in a heap as she's drenched yet again. She blows some wet fur out of her face, growling, "I'm… reallllly… getting TIRED of getting wet!"

She stands back up, looking around as the rain grows stronger and stronger with each passing second. She shouts up towards the heavens, "Whoever is doing this, whether you're a spirit, demon, or angel, stop this! We are leaving this city!" She turns up at Ichimonji, "Commander, the bombs, the bombs! Are they going to fall?! I think I see the witch exiting, the others should follow suit soon."

She looks at the Angels and demon horde remaining, wondering how they're reacting to the sudden downpour.


Pheo's caws grow excruciatingly neccessant. Steam rises from her body from the outpour of rain. She flies back into the garden tower.

The roarous sounds of crashing water urges Shei to find some high ground before the area becomes flooded. He picks up the Phomesa's limbs, storing them in his bag. And carries the head under his arm.

Shei-sher whitles sharply into the wet air to summon his Gigginox.
After returning to the dry interior of the garden tower Shei hurries up the stairs to Volkama's level while calling for him "VOLKAMA!!"


Pryce shakes his head as he pries himself from the ground after getting drenched.
"Things just seem to get worse once an angel is around. We should be happy its just water and get you all out of here ASAP."
Pryce flaps his wings a few times to shake off the water, and goes to take off for a second time to carry Ichimonji and Spitshine out of the city.
>Flight [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


Observer shivers as he feels the chill, he holds his breath and grits his teeth as he continues to try and keep focus.

>Continue focus against it.


Roll #1 4 = 4



"Your sisters…?" Amy thinks out loud as she lets Renee go.

"Wait!" she calls out to Vizsla as she is leaving. "When we were in that… place… wherever it was… I think I saw your sister." Amy pauses for a moment, unsure of what to say.

"I thought she was dead. What… happened to her? Can she be fixed?"

Amy's ears twitch at the cry but ignores it for now.


You break the other arm, leaving it hanging by a few disparate sinews. She makes no attempt to counterattack as she falls onto the potion seeping into the floor. She grimaces madly, eyes wide. "Looking to dissolve, goo? Just stay here. Keep on staying here to finish me off! The wave's coming. You all did this, because you couldn't let me feed Wishful in peace!"

Ichimonji, dazed, coughs up some water, bending to cover Spitshine with her body. "I've got the detonator. Things should be waterproof; we've just got to get clear of the blast radius, then I'll fire. Your ponies clear or not?"

As you look down the street, you see part of the horde of demons rushing toward you. You then hear a sharp revving as the angel spins its wheel, reeling its arm back to throw it at the demons again.

The gigginox perches on the roof of the garden tower to wait for you. As you reach the top floor, you see a large hole in the wall facing the central tower. Through it, you see that Volkama has blown another hole in the main tower, and is picking up the ~70 frozen ponies in an enormous telekinetic grasp, straining too much to hear you.

She pauses, re-forming her head. "Dead…? Well," she chortles. "That's an unreliable state, dead. What kind of 'dead' do you mean? How 'dead' are we talking here?"

The vision begins to blur as your focus wanes from the chill. You notice that everyone is leaving, and the sounds of combat travel nortward.

Following Ichimonji's earlier directions, you fly north around the tower, then turn southeast. There, in a small corner of the wall, you see a crack in the wall.


Your head begins to tremble, as a shiver passes down your spine. As you blink, the crack in the wall begins to fade. The streets are awash in bright light, and appear to be covered in rusted steel. Your mind rushes back to the fight with Gabriele and Punish within the seraph, Providence. The wall itself appears to grow in height until it stretches infinitely into the sky, rusted and devoid of openings.



"Well…" Amy gulps, scared of the response this could incite. But, she's come this far.

"I… ate her," Amy says, closing her eyes and looking down in fear of whatever emotion might be on Vizsla's face. "I'm sorry. I was dumb then. I want to make up for it. I saw her in there. I think she was a demon now. She seemed so corrupted. So angry. In so much pain. I want to help her. I want to make up for what I did."


Pryce holds a hoof to his head with the tremble, shutting his eyes and stopping with the headache and bright light. When he looks back to the wall, he hovers side to side, flying close and scrambling his hooves over the wall to find the opening.
"Where'd it go? It was right here, you said it was here right?"

He shakes his head, holding a hoof to his temple as he's reminded of the fight, his resolve already worn from remembering it in his outburst at Spitshine earlier.
Looking up at the rising wall, his horn glows in defiance as he blasts at the wall to burn a hole through it.
>Telekinesis [Fire] [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


Observer attempts to give it one last burst of his spells in order to break it before he would release it. If he is unable to, he would let out a deep sigh before following the others closely so he isn't left behind.

>Spellbreaker: Last attempt


Roll #1 9 = 9


Flow scoffs.
"Feeding Wishful with the parts of others, mind you."

He sheathes Schlangenshwert and grabs Nightseed by the neck, propping her up on the wall as he unsheathes his perma poison knife, and jabs it inside of her.
"Not only did you take Phase's arm."
He stabs her in the shoulder.
"But you almost killed my Renee."
He stabs her in the stomach.
"And that's something I can't forgive."
He cuts off the bandages and stabs her wound before he starts dragging her towards the exit.


Shei-sher is feeling like is at the center of all the chaos in the world. He decides not to bother volkama, as 70 lives obviously outweigh 1

He gathers the Phomesa's head and all the body parts he could salvage. After a cursory count of all the limbs to check if there are any critical parts missing

"Abandon your worry Phomesa you are among friends. And very capable hooves." Shei says as he tries to dash away his own stress. He gets to work on Phomesa, utilizing his own and whatever tools he finds around him in the Tower to reattache the Phomesa's body parts.


Shorthorns shakes off some of the excess wetness from her jacket and tunic and fur, looking up at Ichimonji with a shout, "Not yet! They're sure to be out soon, though, they were right behind me! I'll go get them, just get Spitshine out of here, please! We'll catch up!"

She looks on at the oncoming horde of the monsters, her eyes bulging out. "So… many of them…"

Her eyes flash back to when she first fought such a horde, trying to reclaim her home from their evil clutches… and her terrifying defeat. She scratches the cobblestones with her hoofs, looking at them head on as she takes a deep breath.

"I'm not running away again."

She charges head on at the demons to get back to the Hypnagogium, "HAAAAAAAAAA!"

[1d10+5] Charge + All or Nothing on the closest demon I fight

Roll #1 8 + 5 = 13


forgot roll
>Tinker [1d10+1]

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


>initial jab

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #2 7 + 1 = 8 / Roll #3 6 + 1 = 7 / Roll #4 6 + 1 = 7


Vizsla is stunned, mouth hanging open. She grimaces, furrowing her brow, closing her eyes tightly. She presses her lips together, raising her hooves to her temple. "Just one question."

"Stir fry, or grilled?"

Vizsla explodes in uproarious cackling, tossing her head back. "Oh, please! They do not call us the 'Witches of Gehenna' for nothing. It takes more than a little beating and bruising to properly kill us weavers of curses and seekers of Tartarus. You've destroyed her physical form, sure, but that was just step one to putting her down. I hope she at least tasted good. I doubt I would, so don't get any ideas. I wouldn't be surprised if you saw her soul again– a setback like that will make her awfully ornery. But you needn't let it wrack your mind."

You blast a sizable hole into the wall, revealing a vast, intestine-like network of circuitry beneath the surface. They sprout like Providence's many black arms, reaching for you. Ichimonji grips your shoulder. "Calm down! It's below you! Keep your wits about you!"

Nightseed is unable to speak as you butcher her, leaving you with a bloody corpse. As you rush outside, you see that the angel and demons have moved northeast. The angel flings its wheel at the demons. Midair it segments into sixteen parts.

No further water splashes you as you blast the sphere. It creates a deep crack in the surface instead of rippling, and you are rewarded with a horrendously shrill cry.

You careen into the wall of demons, meeting them head-on as the angel's wheels shriek toward them. The sixteen wheels obliterate great chunks of the demons wall, eviscerating the streets and sending cobblestone and pieces of buildings flying.

The few remaining frenzied demons attack you, purple gunk dripping from their crocodile mouths.

[1d10+3] [1d10+3]

You finish repairing the marionette as Volkama starts to fly backward through the hole with the ponies in his grasp. He cackles madly, his cheeks wet and eyes red. He slowly makes his way toward the wall.

The Phomesa sits up, shivering, intact. Its eyes have regained their original sheen. She clutches you, twitching intermittently.

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7 / Roll #2 6 + 3 = 9



"Raw…" Amy says, blushing as if she just admitted some embarrassing secret.

"Thank you for the information," Amy says, bouncing up to Vizsla to give her a hug. "It makes me happy to know I didn't completely ruin her for eternity. I still have to make it up to her though. I'll figure something out next time I see her."

[1d10] for hug being accepted by witch lady

Roll #1 6 = 6


Pryce dashes back, horn continues to glow as he blasts back at the arms with a wave of fire.
"Nothing's below me, now quiet so I can blast through this wall before it kills us!"
>Telekinesis [Fire] [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


Still clutching the shredded remains of Nightseed in one arm and supporting Renee with the otehr, Flow tilts his head curiously at the battle ensuing.
>"Seems like quite the battle, sir."
>>"Yeah! Look at all the violence! I wanna join in!!!"
"We can't. We need to catch up with the others and get out of here. Nightseed was right, the wave's coming."
He sets down the remains and fires Phase's pistol at the mess of gore.

The four goos start making their way towards the battle, looking for any sign of the party.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Strange… Results may appear at a later time." He thinks to himself, pondering if what he was doing was harming a creature.

He then follows over to watch Flow butcher Nightsteed.

Observer continues to follow Flow, allowing him to fight as he also searches for the rest of the party.


Flaming shakes her head off the impact as she flies back from the demon horde she just rammed, jumping about the rain with fury in her eyes at the demonic scourge separating her from the Hypnagogium. She watches the angel assist her in devastating their number, filling with confidence as she charges them again, "LET. ME. THROUGH!"

[1d10+3] All or Nothing on the first available demon

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


Shei-sher sees Volkama making his exit out the hole. "Uuh- V-Volkama are you leaving? Is that uhh Is that very wise?… I'll -uh okay. See you at the ship.."
shei-sher inquires meekly with a raised voice not sure if Volkama can hear him through all the cacophonous commotion.

Shei is delighted to have The Phomesa alive and hugging him. "You're alive! Fantastic! That is verily -verily a good thing." he sighs "No doubt Everypony is vacating the city. It is like Circadia is being swallowed into the belly of Tartarus. And so we must leave now. If you have nowhere safe to go you may follow."

Shei waves out a window for his Gigganox. And when he comes, sits on its back with his pheonix nested inside his cloak. Shei-sher leaves for the direction their weather ship is.


As Vizsla hugs you in return, you feel your head clear. The struggling, worming sensation in your stomach fades slightly, and some clumps of unsightly, scraggly fur vanish. She pats your side. "Now get out of here, before the big wave comes. I'd hate to lose you, little sweetie. May we meet again."

With that, she melts again and slithers toward the wall. You see Observer and Flow's crew leave the Hypnagogium. Above, more and more stars are fading from sight. The moon now has a crack in it, near the base.

Flow attracts a clump of demons with the pistol shot, who turn to look at him. You notice that great chunks of the city have been demolished, leaving behind craters with metal wheels in them. You see Flaming fighting many demons nearby. Above, more and more stars are fading from sight. The moon now has a crack in it, near the base.

The rain does not let up, and the waves get louder.

One demon lunges at Flow, another at Observer. [1d10+3] [1d10+3]

Two demons bite into you, sending a boiling feeling through your veins.

Flaming 4/4

You bash more of them away, and they back away slightly. Some split off and head toward Flow and Observer, who approach from the tower. Still others attack you. [1d10+3]

Your blast singes many of the arms and deepens the hole. Still, many others reach out and brush softly against you. They attach to your limbs, pulling you closer. (Instant to resist)

Ichimonji yells something at you, but it is indistinct and incomprehensible (Instant to try to focus; reminder of 1 standard 1 instant or 2 instant rule)

Volkama nods to you, waving and nodding, horrendous, incomprehensible spilling from his mouth. As you fly over with the Gigginox, you catch a glimpse of a sight far far down the wall. Pryce is continually flinging blasts of magic at the wall, while Ichimonji yells at him, riding on his back.

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6 / Roll #2 3 + 3 = 6 / Roll #3 2 + 3 = 5



Amy nods in satisfaction, now even more self-assured of her conviction that everything deserves to be treated nicely. This witch was too kind to be just pure evil. Surely, the others are the same if given a chance.

Upon being told to get out of here, her ears perk up. She remembers that Flaming went out to go fight. She'll need healing!

Amy runs down the tower to find Flaming.

[1d10] if necessary

Roll #1 4 = 4


Pryce struggles against the limbs, flailing his legs to push them back.
>Resist [1d10]
His horn continues glowing as he swirls fire around himself to repel the oncoming arms, momentarily forgetting about Ichimonji and Spitshine on his back.
>Telekinesis [Fire] [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 7 = 7


She grunts and cries out as her flesh is torn into, hoping these demons will gag on the foul stench she's emanating but not holding her breath. She holds at her wounds a moment, staring them down as she sees some of them going for Flow and Observer near by. She leaps up in a strong bound, holding back her head before swinging it down like a mallet on the nearest one.


"OBSERVER! FLOW! Is everyone out of the Hypnagogium?! The bombs are ready, we're leaving now!"

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


Observer throws a few Homing Magic bolts at each demon coming for Flow and him, along with throwing out an extra normal magic bolt at the one coming for him.
>Homing magic 2 bolts out of 5
>Flow assailant
>Observer assailant

>Normal bolt on Observer's assailant.


"I lost track of where our allies have gone, except for Flow."

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 2 = 2 / Roll #3 10 = 10


Trapper is absolutely foaming as the demons lunge at Flow and Observer, and Flow draws out Schlangenschwert to smash it down into the ground. He also focuses on himself and Vice.
>Vision of Grandeur
"Both of you, stay behind me and make sure nothing comes close to Renee."
Vice takes the flintlock pistol and the five shots in one hand, while Trapper takes the longsword.

>>"Oi Shorty! We're all clear here, mate, save for Amy!"

Roll #1 7 + 4 = 11 / Roll #2 8 = 8


Shei steer's the gigganox toward the far end of the wall where he think's Pryce is shooting distress flames.


"Amy's still in there?! What about the witch, and Renee?!"


Vice raises his shoulder a bit, to move Renee.
>"She's with us, Miss Shorthorns. We have no idea where the witch is, but she left. Come to think of it, I believe Amy left as well, but to where, I do not know."


"So she's lost again!? Oh, Amy!" She grunts as she rams her head against the demon she's fighting, "Why would she wander of NOW of all times?!"


You catch up with Flaming, who is battling a group of demons. Enormous chunks of the city have been eviscerated, debris everywhere. Many craters in the ground have wheels in them, signs of the angel's rampage.

As they pull you closer, you blow away another enormous chunk of them, breaking off the ones that grabbed you. Fire explodes from your horn, in a far far greater quantity than you ever thought possible. Soon you see an opening on the other side that you could fly through.

All around you, people hiss and scream. They beg and howl, and you feel dozens of hooves touching and pulling at you. Chilling water shoots all along your body, up and down.

As you approach, you see more clearly that Pryce is shooting at an inanimate wall, his eyes glazed over. Ichimonji and Spitshine are on his back, yelling at him to calm down and 'snap out of it', but he seems to be in some kind of trance. Beneath them, there is a gap in the wall, although Pryce has blown another one in it, in a huge torrent of fire that you've never seen him produce.

The demons each bite into Flow and Observer, tearing at their limbs like wild dogs, sending boiling sensations through them. Another rams into Observer, knocking him out of the golem.

Flow 10/3
Observer 0/4

Your attacks send the demons reeling, and they scatter like wild beasts, many rushing back to the mob gathering on the other side of town, rushing at the angel.


Observer recoils in pain from the bite, but attempts to recover from it after having blasted it away.



Roll #1 7 = 7


Pryce's horn finally cools as the hole is made, but as the voices grow his movement stills.
The screams and howls slow him, the begs compel his aid. He grabs and pushes at the hoofs to keep them back, feeling overwhelmed.
"What is it that you want?! I can't understand all of you at once! Please calm down so I can help you!"
He shouts back.


Flow scrapes Schlangenshwert on the ground as he growls, the burning sensations in his limbs subsiding quickly.
"We need to keep moving. Shei and Pryce are still out there."
He waits for Observer to recover and walks up to Renee to see if she's conscious at all.


As her last attack sends the creatures fleeing towards the Angel, she huffs and puffs, "Great, now I have to go back in an grab…"

She gasps, "AMY! There you are!" She stares daggers at vice, seeming to have mislead her on Amy's wandering off. "You don't seem very lost at all."

She sighs, "That's it, that's everypony, it's time to waste this place."

Shorthorns turns towards the wall, "RUN! Ichimonji could pull the detonator at any second!"

[1d10] VAMOOSE!

Roll #1 10 = 10



"Are we talking about ME!?" Amy asks as if she's honored to be receiving some sort of reward, suddenly bouncing in out of nowhere.


"Oh," Amy says casually, waving a hoof dismissively. "I was just hugging Vizsla."

"Detonator!?" Amy says, just now registering the word. She follows behind Flaming as fast as she can to keep up.

[1d10] for running

"What's a detonator?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Flow sighs and picks up Renee on his own, hoisting her on his back as he runs after Shorthorns, with his goons right behind him.
>running in the 90's

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Of course you were." Shorthorns states matter of factly, lowering her eyes at Vice, "VICE told me you had wandered off, I was gonna go looking for you, but you came! Where is the witch?"

She looks back at Amy, flabbergasted she doesn't know, "It's… it's like a big button that makes things go BOOM!"

She looks over at Flow and Renee, "Is… is she going to be okay?"


Shei-Sher descends onto the scene. Shei hops off his Gigganox stepping over to Pryce "Move aside, I think it's the moon that has him mad."

Shei scents his hoof with a few dabs of jasmine juice. He plugs Pryce's nose with the sobering scent and hums an incantation.

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


Observer also runs with Shorthorns and Flow after recovery

Roll #1 7 = 7


Vice shrugs in response.

"Don't know. I certainly hope so, damnit, otherwise I didn't do enough to Nightseed's corpse."
He seems to grind his teeth together.


She grimaces, "You found her?! And, she's dead then… good. It's just too bad we won't be able to give her a proper burial, but, I imagine the bombs will incinerate her all the same. Her ashes will spread to the winds. As good an end as we can give."


You get back up.

The voices do not let up, but two, constant strains, barely audible, urge you to wake up and not listen. They are vaguely familiar, one young and male, and another much older, female.

The vivid hallucinations subside as Shei performs his ritual. The voices, circuitry, and metal walls all vanish, and Pryce finds himself in the real world again.

Renee is still unconscious.

As you run, more of the seemingly-endless tide of demons rush like water after you, hordes of them trampling over the ruins of the city, and even each other, as the angel cuts down more and more of them. In addition, the rushing of the waves has finally subsided. As you look at the coast, you see that a colossal tidal wave is approaching the city.

As you make it past the Hypnagogium and sprint toward the gap where Pryce and Shei are, the explosives detonate. Debris from the towers crushes the demons chasing after you. Amy and Flow lag behind, and are hit similarly, but keep going.

Flow 10/2
Amy 3/4

As you make it to the gap in the wall, you see that the weather factory is near the gap, just outside the wall. Its turned so that the entrance faces you. The Ecclesians who remained at Fort Arange are standing in the entranceway, shooting over your shoulders at any demons who are still following you.


Observer doesn't hesitate to make his way quickly back to his Sky Lab, boarding it so that he can be behind it's safe walls.


Pryce keeps shouting back at the voices, until his voices starts to lower and fade with the hallucinations. His wings slow as he lowers down into the hole he burnt through the wall and slumps on the rock.
"Ughh, my head…"
He groan as he holds his head, followed by wiping at his nose with his hoof to rub off the odd smell.

He turns and looks at Shei.
"Shei, where'd you come from? "



Flaming gasps as the falling debris overtake Flow and Amy for a split second, fearing for their very lives before they finally manage to pull through, giving her a sigh of relief.

She watches the wall as they approach, "Come on, we're all almost there!"

She stops for a moment to look at Shei and Pryce hanging around the entrance, "What are you two doing? The explosives went off, we need to get on board!"

She begins pulling on Pryce and Shei's hooves towards the entryway to the Skylab, its shimmering sanctuary a welcome sight as she runs up. "Take off as soon as everyone's on board. Ichimonji!? Spitshine, did you make it on?!" She shouts within.



"The witch melted. In a good way," Amy says awkwardly as if she has something else on her mind.

However, her mind quickly drops all other subjects upon the description of a detonator. Her eyes go wide. "That's AWESOME!" she shouts like a child. "How does it do it? Can you just like point it at anything and it goes boom? What happens if you point it at the ground? Does the entire world just go boom? Or, is it like just a small area?"


Amy takes note of the angel momentarily before the bombs cut off view of everything. Upon being hit, she simply shakes her head and then keeps running.

[1d10] for going fast

Roll #1 4 = 4


Flow tanks the debris and falters a little from the weight of the debris and Renee on his back. The three goos all rush Renee inside of the weather factory.

Flow lays Renee down on the ground and covers her with his raincoat while Vice and Trapper go back outside to make sure everyone else is safe and sound. Flow sits down and sets the wakizashi between him and Renee as he drink whatever water is left in his canteen.

Meanwhile, Vice tries another experiment with the flintlock pistol. Using some of the parchment Trapper found, he stuffs a tad bit inside the barrel of the flintlock pistol after the primer and powder is set. He then rams in one of the weather machine gun cartridges inside, and fires at the wall the party just went through.

Roll #1 7 = 7


As she runs, she asks, "How do you melt in a good way? That doesn't sound good at all."

As she gushes over the detonator, Shorthorns groans as she tries to scamper away from the explosions, "She pushes a button and things blow up! I don't know how they work, they just do that somehow! M-maybe we can ask her when we're on board!"


"eeaugh" Shei is not pleased about having shove a hoof up Pryce's nose. He wipes the hoof on spitshine.

"Oh, you know. Just from one of the hellholes every other monstrous exception for a pedestrian around here slinks out of. Pardon me but I need to carry on with my fleeing and you should too." He says as he's about to ride he gigganox out from here

But before Shei can ride his pet safe and free all the ensueing calamity he is suddenly gripped by Flaming Shorthorns and dragged by the hoof "No! Wa-a-a-ait! I planned on flying my way out! It was a sure escape!" Shei-sher holds his hoof out as calls after his pet in desperation "Gi-i-i-iggles!!"


Pryce rises back up with a strain, flapping his wings again.
"Right, right… We were leaving the city. Let's get moving."
Pryce takes off again and follows the others through the wall.



"I dunno. She did it on purpose," Amy responds with a shrug. Which she somehow manages to do while running. "I think she does that to travel."



The instant everyone is onboard the weather factory, it slowly, slowly rises again, fleeing southeast. Your eardrums threaten to shatter as thousands and thousands of gallons of seawater throw themselves onto the walls and the cities. Bricks and ice plummet from the wall, crashing down onto the ground below. The factory shakes as great quantities of far-flung debris manages to crash into it, but it holds intact, though some faint warning sirens hiss from the impact.

As you enter the cockpit, you see River Spring, her head bandaged, slumped over the controls. An Ecclesian soldier holds her steady as she woozily pilots, not noticing you.

The Gigginox flies alongside the fleeing weather factory, with some nervous-looking Ecclesians preparing to shoot it. Ecclesian G sets down the JOY addicts and calms them down, assuring them it's not a threat. She nods at you.

The gun jams, the cartridge being far too large to fire.

Spitshine and Ichimonji sit down against the wall, nodding at you in acknowledgement. Ichimonji shuts her eyes and clutches her side, while Spitshine shivers, looking at his hoof in amazement at how much it's trembling.


city streets, not cities


Observer moves River out of the pilot seat as he takes control. "Do not touch my ship's controls, River. You know the rules." He takes controls now.


Pryce flags down the nearest Ecclesian and tells them of Ichimonji's injury and that she'l need medical attention ASAP.

After, he collapses against the wall next to Spitshine and Ichimonji, his body exhausted far past any limit.


Vice blinks and looks at the gun. He taps it a few times and tries firing again to no avail. He sighs in defeat and hangs his head low as he looks for Shei-Sher.

Flow sighs and pats Renee's unconscious body before he gets up. He takes the wakizashi and unsheathes it, examining the curvature of the blade and how different it felt from most other, in fact, all other swords he's handled before. He takes a few quick slices in the air before he tries slicing Trapper in half.

Trapper, oblivious of Flow's attack, draws some lewd drawings again.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 4 = 4


"W-well you should have hopped on him before I grabbed you!" She retorts, "If you want I'll throw you out after we take off and THEN you can ride him to safety!"

"Oh… like magic? Okay, that makes a lot more sense… wonder where she went?"

Flaming huffs, taking her breath by slumping down to the floor, looking out a window to watch the envelopment of the once great city in a torrent of water, sinking beneath the waves.

She sighs, flopping on to her back with a little groan. "We made it… and brought everyone we could…" she rubs her head, "I'm really tired…"

She looks over at Ichimonji, nodding her head, "Mission complete, ma'am?" She turns to Spitshine, "How are you doing?"


Shei-sher can rest at ease knowing his Gigginox will eventually make it back to his quarters.

"Perhaps you shouldn't cavilier every situation so headstrong! As dense as your cranium might be I don't think that morsel of gum you have inside can take anymore damage." Shei delivers with equal sass.



Amy stares out a window at the destruction of the city, frowning. After a while, she turns around and slumps against the wall, rubbing her temples with her hooves.

"Please tell me there won't be another Blood Moon for a very very very long time," Amy groans.


"Shoooooooortyhooooorns," Amy moans as she dramatically flops her entire body onto the ground. She splays her hooves in every direction as if she's some sort of dead creature. "I need a hug!"


"You're… welcome. Stinky… void-thing. That other one… ugh." River stumbles away, leaning on the soldier.

"If you keep heading southeast, we'll reach a town called Lilane, which we're using as a base of operations. There's also the Fort, but we cleared that out, so no point going there. If you want to check out Circadia again, well… don't do that, please." he says, backing away with River.


>Fort Arange

Control panel readings are showing you that the ship is low on fuel, and needs repairs badly, all around.

It's a breddy gud sword. Not the best, but pretty nice nonetheless. It's thin and medium-length, but thick enough that it won't break after a few uses.

Trapper draws some generic ho before getting a wakizashi in the head.

Ecc. G grimaces as she looks at the two JOY addicts she recovered. She looks up and shakes her head, looking quite apologetic.

"Pryce saved… eighteen I believe it was? More than I had thought we could get. We won't be returning there anytime soon. I'm calling off the reclamation op. We are NOT equipped to deal with that.

Spitshine continues to shiver. He nods at you, but his gaze returns to Pryce.

"You're in luck. They aren't a common thing." a soldier says.


"How far from the town? The ship requires fuel and repairs, I hope your base can supply what I need." He states, directing his attention to bringing the crew to Lilane.


Shei interject "Excuse me. Has anyone seen Volkama? Did he make it onto the ship. Last I saw him, he was hovering in the air with at least 70 ponies in his telekenetic grip."


She brings her head up as he mentions her brain being morsel size. She growls, "HEY! I was just trying to SAVE you from being blown up, or covered in rubble, or drowned in a torrent of water! Sorry if I was scared you and Pryce were just hanging around instead of running away," she huffs, "If you want I could still throw you out there…"

Amy turns her head slightly to look at Amy as she flops on the ground similar to her, looking marginally more 'dead' than the buffalo. "But you got lots of hugs today. And I'm exhausted."

Shorthorns looks at the Ecc soldier as she shakes her head, unsure of what the matter was. "What's wrong with them? Those two are going to make it, aren't they?"

She turns to Ichimonji, smiling, "Eighteen though… that has to be good. And Splitz must have made it out with more himself we can get back later, right?"

She turns to Spitshine, then looks to Pryce as he does. "Did something happen out here? I know a lot happened to us…"


She looks around, "I don't know, I haven't seen Volkama since we left that dirty traitor in the Hypnagogium with you and Pryce. After we left, I was too focused on getting on board. He had 70 ponies with him?!"


Flow blinks and examines the sword, turning it back and forth as he sighs, and sheathes it. Vice, still having the jammed flintlock, returns with his head still hanged low.
Vice nods.
Flow pats Vice on the head.
"Don't sweat it, use Phase's till you get it fixed. Until then, let's have a duel. It's been a while since I've had a proper duel."
Vice smiles and nods as he draws out the longsword. The two stand several feet apart as they ready their swords. The two examine each other and their stances as they grip their blades, Flow with the wakizashi, and Vice with the longsword. After a good minute of staring each other down, they make their moves.

Meanwhile, Trapper, with some difficulty, reformed his head, and with it, a new idea blossomed. A sinister grin forms on his face as he giggles like a madman. He draws the two females he knows best.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7 / Roll #2 5 = 5 / Roll #3 4 = 4


>"If you want I could still throw you out there…"
Shei-sher dismissively taps your head with the hammer end of his staff

"He's not a traitor! The blood moon was only clouding his judgement thats all. And yes I saw him leave with 70 ponies and he left before I had the chance to so he must be here! I hope."


She gives a small grunt as her head is bonked with the hammer, rubbing her thick skull.

"I don't care! The Blood Moon affected ALL of us, and Amy or Renee or Novelus didn't hurt River or Onion, or steal anything as important as the cure. He's just telling you the Blood Moon clouded his judgement so he won't get in trouble."

She shakes her head, "What was he doing with 70 ponies?"



"Thank goodness…" Amy moans.


"Uuuuuuuuuuuh," Amy groans like a child, wiggling her hooves everywhere dramatically.


"Shei!" Amy looks toward Shei desperately. "I need a huuug!"



Amy raises a hoof weakly. "If we're taking votes on what to do next, my vote is for Observer's 'get more friends' idea."

She drops her hoof heavily back down to the ground.


"A lot happened… A lot of running, and other things…"
Pryce slowly says from his slumped position.

Pryce turns his head to Spitshine slightly, his head leaning back looking up to the roof, feeling it the only way to keep him from slumping over onto the ground.
"You alright Spitshine? Sort of… blanked out near the end there…"
He says between breaths.


"None of you come close to matching Volkama in raw magical strength. He must of had the worst time keeping sane than any one of us! And likely he was saving those ponies, what else would someone do with 70 ponies, sell them real estate?"

"No Amy I'm not done squabbling with Shorthorns yet!"


"I am not making friends, I am acquiring repair parts and fuel."


One of the soldiers raises her hoof. "I did! When we were mobilizing to move out to pick you up, I saw him flying overhead. I think he must've crashlanded somewhere in the forests by the old Fort."

"They're… dead." Ecc. G announces. "I'm sorry. It must've been when I was dragging them up that ledge in the nightmare-whatever it was."

You slash each other, getting goo everywhere.

"Can you like… fucking not?" Ecc. B complains.

Trapper draws shorty and amy.

"It's not very far. Here, just keep going… um… straight. Yes. That way. I'm… uh… sorry. I'm probably in your way." the soldier meekly says.

One of the Rumblers scampers out from the barracks and licks your face.

"Yeah… just… just tired." he says, slumped over, looking at the ground.
>Timeskipping to Lilane


A few hours later, the airship lands in a cozy town nestled in some mountains, with a lake at the base, connecting to a forest. Its many houses are structured similarly to Circadia's. The second-biggest house appears to be an inn near the cliff, with a water pulley system. The houses have sloped roofs with adobe tiles. They look marvelously well-kept despite the apocalypse. Though there are some empty places where houses clearly used to be, possibly scrapped for resources. The town is surrounded by a newly-made wall of scrap, with a few guards on the wall.

Hunger, thirst, and exhaustion wash over all of you, except Shei, who isn't sleepy.

Observer parks the airship in one of the empty lots, and the soldiers pour out. Ichimonji hops out as well, now wearing many bandages over her burnt torso. She nods at the second-largest building. "In here. Got some baths and food for you lot."


Flaming groans, "Okay, okay! Hold on, I'm getting up…"

She struggles up to her legs, sore from the constant battle and running across the course of this horrifying day, and slowly wobbles over to Amy.

She plops down on top of the spread-out Amy, laying across her like a blanket. "There. We're hugging now."

She nods her head, "You wouldn't even believe all the things we saw… I can't even begin to list them. We entered some kind of anamoly, and everything around us was warped, wrong…"

"Hrmm…. whatever, that doesn't excuse what he did!"

She flattens her ears, "Actually, yeah, he might. Slavery is evidently a solid business around here…"


Her eyes squint, closing at the last second as she turns away. "Oh."

She press her head down the floor. "So… just the 18 then… its better than nothing. Anything is better than nothing. We did all we could, right…?"

She groans, pressing her head tighter into Amy's chest, starting to yawn. "I need a nap… don't wake me for a while, okay."

As the hours pass by, the shake of the airship landing startles Shorthorns awake, spurring her to action, "Whuh… okay okay I'm up." She groggily gets up to her legs, turning out towards the window towards the peaceful town. She smiles at its much better kept condition.

"Wow… where are we?" She asks as she follows down with Ichimonji. She grumbles as she feels her belly ache. "Oh, yeah. Food please. Lots of food."


Flow grimaces at the floor, cursing how weak he's gotten.
"Come on…I've been awake for much longer, yet I feel so weary…why?!"
He punches Vice's head, leaving just his mouth intact.
>"Perhaps you're just exhausted from the strain you've been putting on yourself."
"Oh can it, smart mouth, I've been through almost all of this continent and I've managed fine, thank you very much!"
>>"Perhaps yer age is catchin' up to ye mate."
"You too, slick. Can it before I paint the walls with you. All I need is some water and I'll be good to go!"
Vice and Trapper hop off of the airship, both of them ready and raring to go, since they're not real goos per se. Flow kneels next to Renee and waits for her to see if she gets up on her own, her wakizashi on his back.


Observer steps out of his ship to inspect it before following the others.



"Yeah, but to get those things, you have to get them from ponies. And, they can be our friends."


Amy just gives Shei a little pouty face.


However, Flaming more than delivers, and Amy looks happy. She embraces Flaming with a simple smile on her face, and closes her eyes as well.


When Flaming gets up, Amy whines that her snugglenap was interupted. However, the mention of food quickly has her on her hooves. Unnaturally quickly. Like some sort of springloaded cardboard cutout at a shooting gallery.

"FOOD!?" Amy exclaims happily with the general facial expressions and body language of an excited dog.

"Food. Food. Food. Food," Amy hums in a sing-song tone as she bounces behind Ichimonji and Flaming.


"w-we're going to pick up right?"
They didn't pick him up. Shei decided when they land He'd go looking for him. He spent the time inbetween within his quarters patching himself up and listening to that diamond dog they picked up a while back play his banjo.
He also asked an ecclessian for geographical details and how to reach the forests by the old fort.

"Aaa-a-a-argh! You are stubborn like a rock. I don't care. I'm leaving to search for him." You see Shei has his things packed already for the trip. He has his Gigginox walk out the ship with him.


"Yea… this has been an exhausting day…"

Pryce heads to the building wordlessly, practically dragging his body at this point. He skips the food and goes straight to a bath, after the running; squeezing his way through a demon bar twice; and the effects of the blood moon on his body, a long relaxing cleanse is the only thing on his mind at the offers.


>Forgot to respond, would say this on the ship during flight

"I can… barely remember some things I saw. My head… is as worn as my body at this point…"


Before the trip takes off, Flaming gives a little grunt a she's embraced, but she does not oppose it as the need for sleep quickly takes precedence.

After arising and following off the ship, she grins and looks back at Amy as she gets excited about food.

"Hehehehhe. Hey! I thought you didn't like to eat food? Remember, I had to force you back on the guard in Zha to eat?"

She growls after him, shouting, "And you're blind like a mole! Volkama is no good, Shei. The 70 ponies we should get back from him, but why are you defending him? Did you forget the first thing he did was try to blow us up?"

She lowers her ears as she walks, grimacing. "I can remember too much of mine… not all of it was bad, but, most of it was. Lots of death… or things that felt like death."



"No," Amy says, wagging a hoof like a teacher correcting a student. "I don't take things I don't need. And, I NEEEEEEED food right now!"


Renee rolls out of bed, eventually getting up with a stretch and a yawn. She shakes each limb out, before being startled by your sight. "Oh! Why, good morning. Or… night. Guten Abend, whatever state we're in now."

She looks at the wakizashi, and a look of remembrance washes over her. "Ohhhh…"

It looks pretty rough, both from before and after the escape from Circadia.

As you hop back out, Onion and Ecc. G meet you outside. "You're not seriously going all the way back out there?" G asks. Onion puts his paw on her side, inching it toward her rump. Ecc. G quickly scoots away.

"I forget where I was going with that." Onion says. "But anyway if'n you need company or what, give the word."

Ichimonji leads you into a large bathhouse, where you see several Ecclesians, many of whom are wearing a thinner, lighter version of the coat that the soldiers wear. You suspect they must be Laity members.

There are several hallways in the building, each of which have a sign over them.

>Mess Hall

>Washrooms - Use before getting in hot spring! Danke - EK
>Hot Spring - Female
>Hot Spring - Male
>!!No funny business!! - EK

As you enter, you are approached by a pink pegasus stallion with a black septagram necklace and thin glasses. His white mane and tail are kept in a sharp zig-zag pattern.

"Hallo, hallo, you must be zhe new recruits, yes? Hand over zhe coats now, if you please." he says, gesturing at the coats that Ichimonji gave you when you signed up for the Congregation.


Flaming gives another snort, "Oh, right, that's what you said! Wow, you must really really need it then." She smirks, "I hope they have enough. I'm starving too."

She looks around the large bathhouse as they enter, her stomach still grumbling all the while as they enter it. She smiles as she looks at the signs, "A bathhouse…? Wow, I can't remember the last time I had a bath. Must have been back in Zha." She takes a whiff of herself, nearly passing out between the several days hard travel and the putrid water that soaked into her clothes and fur in the anomaly. "Blegh."

She looks up at the pink pegasus, smiling up at him. "Hehe. You talk funny." She reaches behind her to pull of the coat, reaching up to give it to him. "Are these getting washed? Can you do a tunic too?"



Amy looks down at her coat which took her great pains and difficulty to put on correctly. She looks around awkwardly for a moment.

"Of course," she says slowly with shifty eyes. "I definitely know how to take this off."

Her hoof slowly fumbles with the button as she looks around casually as if nothing's wrong. "It definitely always takes me this long to get these DARN buttons undone," she says with growing frustration. "There's nothing unusual about any of this, no siree."

Suddenly, the first button comes undone. "Oh," she says happily. "That was a LOT easier than getting it on!"

She quickly slips the rest of the jacket off. She wasn't wearing anything underneath. Not that that matters. They're ponies.


Pryce continues walking towards the Hot Springs, ignoring the washrooms.
Reaching the spring, he drops his robe and bracelet at the side of the water, and sinks down in the water. The relaxing tides washing over him bring him much wanted ease, enough to doze off.


"Well the first thing you ever did was headbutt me!" Shei-sher is hoisted on his Gigginox ready to leave.

Shei-sher sits atop his Gigginox on a saddle he fashioned from scrap leather seat cushions from inside the weather ship. His witching lantern hangs on stick pointing diagonally out from the saddle.

"What if he doesn't find his way back home? I can't just abandon him like that. This factory we hi-jacked was his homestead afterall."

Shei appears more jovial when responding to Onion. "I'd be glad to have you. If you care to join me. I do enjoy your folksy guitar playing."


Flow smiles and raises an eyebrow.
"Ah, sie sprechen auch Pegasoot?"
He unsheathes the wakizashi and bows to Renee, holding it up.
"I had no idea you owned such a gorgeous weapon. You must tell me where you got it, I've never seen anything like it!"

Meanwhile, Trapper instantly decides to cause some mischief. He changes a few things about his face and slinks off to the female hot springs.
>actually succeeding
As for Vice, he approaches the pegasus with a curious look.
>"Ihr Akzent ist stark, mein Freund. Sprechen Sie Pegasoot?"[Your accent is strong, my friend. Do you speak Pegasoot?]

Roll #1 5 = 5


Observer decides to make his way to the Male hot springs to clean his wounds and his form.


>Also heading to washrooms to clean up then to hot springs.


She blushes, "Oh… yeah… we-well, I mean, I wasn't REALLY trying to hurt you that bad, or anything. Th-that doesn't count!"

She remarks on him saddling up. "Do you have to go already? We just got here. You should rest up first, you'll wear yourself out. A warrior knows when she needs to recharge."


"Eet ist a regional dialect, nozthing funny about it." the pegasus says, waiting patiently for Amy. "Ve'll have zhese washed, und enchanted for you. Ve use zhem as a medium for a head-to-hoof protective enchantment. Ve don't give zhe enchantment to zhe new recruits' coats unless zhey prove zheir vorth. So, congratulations!"

"Mein name ist Einmal ist Keinmal. EK, please, you'll butscher zhe Pegasoot prounciation." he says as he walks away with the coats.

Renee stares blankly ahead. "…Come again? I just know a few greetings, is all."

"I found it while we were scavenging by the bay. I thought I'd surprise you by helping the party fight once in a while, but… clearly that didn't go well." she scratches her temple.

EK grimaces. "Ja, clearly I'm zhe only vone besides 'Der' Freischutz. Or 'Die', vhatever."

Mumbling and nodding some mumbo jumbo in affirmation, he hops on, and you take off.
>make 2 rolls to search for Volkama, to speed up this last post


With Pryce disregarding the basic rules of the bathhouse, you enter the male hot spring and dip in. The hum of the bubbles and wildlife, combined with the warmth and hum of the water, totally relax your muscles, almost instantly getting quite sleepy. Other stallions are in the hot spring as well, but leave you be, as if sensing what you've been through from a distance.



"Food?" is all Amy can say. And, it's all she can do to not scream it at the top of her lungs out of excitement. She continues to bounce up and down like a nervous ball of energy. All the bouncing only serves to make her stomach growl loudly.


"Do you believe it may be possible to reach the stars with what material your world has to offer?" Observer asks Pryce, resting his head back into the water yet keeping his face and ears above the water.


Flaming lowers her head, "My apologies, *snort* I just never heard it before. I like it."

She hands off the coat and tunic (chuckling at Amy's difficulty with the buttons) as she does so.

"We're glad to have proven ourselves, Eeenma is… uh, you know, I think I like EK better. Not that I WOULD have failed at the real name, just, that sounds better."

Before heading off to the baths, she stops and looks at him, "Oh, right, food! Can we take it into the baths? Where is it?"


"I'm not a warrior. I'm a spellwright. And I don't need rest. I only need to find Volkama, and know he's alright. I'll be back before you've had your fill of wine and rest."

"Hyah!" Shei kicks and his stead takes off riding into the forest.

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 8 = 8


Flow takes off the scabbard from his back and spins the wakizashi in one hand before he sheathes the sword.
"I love it. It's so light, so fast! It cuts with ease, and is made of a durable material!"
He hugs Renee and pats her on the head.
"A valiant effort, mein Renee, but you didn't need to. It's up to me to fight off foes, right?" he beams at Renee, "after all, I've been doing it for decades now…"
His smile falters a little.
"A-anywyas, let's go."
He takes her by the hoof and leads her out of the factory.

Meanwhile, Vice bows his head.
"Gut, es war ein Vergnügen, Sir Keinmal."[Well, it's been a pleasure, Sir Keinmal]
He wanders to the mess hall.
Trapper on the other hand, continues on his mission to catch a better look at some mare anatomy for his drawings.


After submerging for a moment to get water through his mane and over his face, Pryce rests his head on the edge of the spring, looking up to the sky.
They saved as many addicts as they could, and a good portion of demons were wiped away by the angel, in their capital no less. All the rushing they've done the past few days accomplished so much, but he still feels unaccomplished. Maybe there was truth in his outburst, that he doesn't know what to do anymore. But, that worry drifts away in the water like his stress. For now, all he wants to do is sleep off this journey they've had since he came back to this world in Zha'Arklane.

And so he does. Eyes falling shut, Pryce falls to slumber as he lies in the hot spring.

No response comes aside from the mild splashing from a shifting body as it sleeps.


She frowns, "A spellwright should rest too… just be careful alright? I just got through all that madness without losing any of my clan, you come back if it's too much or else you'll wish I had threw you out of the cloud factory."


Noticing Pryce's silence, observer waits in the water a bit more to enjoy the more weightless feeling it brings before climbing out. He then heads to the mess hall to search for a quick meal before he would return to his ship.


A few of the Laity sitting by exchange confused looks, then point at the hallway with the label 'Mess Hall'.

"No food in zhe bazths!" EK scolds.

With a somewhat annoyed expression, Renee taps your shoulder, reaching over to take the wakizashi. "That's… not the point. I know you're strong, I haven't a doubt of that. But you're not the only one who has to be."

You enter the mess hall, where there is a long line for some kind of borscht. Trapper scopes out the ass.

You have pleasant dreams about [write-in whatever you want].


Onion plays tunes the whole way through, until you finally reach a swampy jungle-like forest west of Fort Arange. Flying over the forest, you see a large circular gap in the forest, where something crash-landed at high speeds.


Beneath a light green bubble shield, Volkama's unconscious, mutated form lies, surrounded by the frozen ponies, many of whom he is covering with his body, as a shield. You note that some of them have mutated, their limbs and necks stretching and contorting the way his is, including the mare that Volkama clutches most tightly in his arms, the one he called Deriva.



Using this for the PvP for the sake of time. Post sheets.




Whatever effect Yareakh's strange power had on the world, it didn't erase the scuffs and marks that Pryce and Shei had inflicted on one another during their fight. Now, with nobody to get in their way, they quickly got back to it, standing outside the ship, currently undergoing repairs by Observer.

With Renee coldly standing by and staring daggers at Shei, the fight continues, with Shei having just destroyed the sword Pryce attempted to make. Renee stands by with her hoof resting on an indistinct shape in her bag.

>Pryce 9/4

>Shei 2/7


Pryce takes a step back as his sword is broken from forming.
"Lucky shot."
He says flatly, horn glowing as he blasts a wave of heat at Shei to knock him away.
>Telekinesis [Fire] [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4


Shei-sher takes four paces backward to give Pryce a chance to summon his swords. Meanwhile Shei points his staff skyward, he turns his face towards the clouds as weel. His eyes closed, visibly meditating.

>Staff of the Cloudsmith: Roll to change the weather in the local area to rainy, cloudy, stormy, or clear. Can store one weather pattern that is not on this list in its orb for future use

[1d10] to summon a downpourous storm.

Roll #1 6 = 6


The air rapidly grows damp as clouds gather directly above, showering the immediate vicinity in a heavy downpour, which smothers Pryce's TK. You both notice a growing crowd of grumbling, curious Ecclesians conglomerating in a circle several meters in diameter around you.


"I'm waiting.." Shei-sher comments calmly, not breaking his stance.


Pryce pauses a moment as the ran comes down, offering some relief to his head burns and bruises.
He looks around as a crowd starts to build, grumbling a bit himself.

He attempts again to conjure a weapon for himself, heat building overhead as a steamcloud rises from the forming blade.
>Conjure Weapon: Sword [Fire, Single] [1d10+1]

Looking over at Shei, he gives another quick blast of heat as the goat focuses on the raincalling.
"Water won't protect you from my magic!"
>Telekinesis [Fire] [1d10]

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 4 = 4


Shei-sher keeps his position, breathing in and breathing out, taking long and deep breaths. "I like the rain. It's calming. You're too stressed Pryce."
A light like a twinkling begins to emanate from Shei. Reflecting along the droplets in a beautiful display of color.

>PHASE AURA: Your body sheds light in a small radius of 5 meters, in a color you choose when you learn this skill. All creatures in this range cannot turn invisible or become hidden, creatures already hidden or invisible are made clear, and incorporeal beings and lingering magical effects and wards manifest a visible shape. Effect persists roll minus five turns (six lasts one, seven lasts two, etc.)


Roll #1 7 = 7


[ahem.. like a twinkling star]


The expanding aura deflects Pryce's magic, dispelling it.


Correction, Pryce summons his sword.


"I wonder why."
He says through his teeth at the goat, sword rotating overhead as steam rises from it.
The sword lunges forward to cut along SHei's side.
>Thrust [Fire, DC5] [1d10+1]

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


Shei-sher keeps his focus, he imagines Pryce's movements and mentally predicts the instant to react.
>A Vision of Thralls: Twice per combat; Instant; Summon either 1 monster from the “Medium” tier, or 2 from the “Small” tier of the Compendium of Monsters. If “I Dream of Monsters” has already been chosen, this skill’s rolls get +1. Grants one Pet Mastery point. All summoning weakens the Firmament.
[1d10] to summon a water elemental

[And for my non-instant action]A wall of water is summoned between Shei-sher and Pryce to take the brunt of the attack. As quickly as it forms it soon dissappears after (not lingering as a minion)

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 4 = 4


The raindrops begin to condense into a misty shape in the center of the brawl, out of which extends some frightful creature, its face a hideous mixture of hammerhead shark and beefy crocodile, its scaly arms ending in webbed claws with three digits.
>Water elemental summoned, 4/4

Pryce's sword splits the water wall clean in half, stabbing into Shei's side, sinking deep and burning the fur off his side in a wide radius.

>Shei 0/6, DC 7 recovery


"Can't even fight for yourself?"
Pryce scolds as he pulls his sword back, levitating it at the ready.
With the goat down, Pryce's horn glows as he attempts to conjure multiple daggers around him in an arc.
>Homing Magic: Daggers [Fire] [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Ba-a-a!" Shei cries, his stance breaks and his posture slouches, with the hammer of his staff falling to the ground with a thud. He holds his burnt side
"eheh.. miscalculated- the barrier lacked girth."

Shei summons the strength to manuever Pryce's next attack [1d10] to get up from helpless

"Tis the nature of my magic Pryce, The same goes for your pyrokinesis."

Roll #1 9 = 9


Initially, three daggers are produced, but the howling wind and rain erases all but one.

You get back up, the flames having already cauterized the injury.


"I conjure objects to fight with, not things to do my fighting for me. I thought you wanted *us* to face off."

Pryce tosses the flame dagger at Shei's other side, aiming the dagger to stab in instead of slice by.
>Homing Bolt [Fire] [1d10]

His sword rotates around him and flicks out at the elemental to disrupt it.
>Slash [Fire, DC5] [1d10+1]

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 10 + 1 = 11


Shei-sher pulls forward his shield and produces a brilliant flash of light before running in the other direction.

>Blinding Flare: Recharge 2; A dazzling display of light blinds foes, Dazing them and lowering their damage by half.


"I'm sorry are my minions present? No. I summoned the forces of water to aid me. By my manipulation! Not their agency!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


As you raise the shield, Pryce's thrown dagger sinks into your temporarily-exposed shoulder, knocking it out of your grasp. You lose four Hits, and the beam of light does nothing but break a gap in the clouds.

Your slash splits the water elemental straight down the center.
>Elemental 0/2


"Still sticking to your puppeteering. Fine then. I'll match your water with fire."
Pryce says down to the goat horn glowing as a beam of light rises up to the sky above.
>Orbital Strike [Fire] [1d10+1]
>Duration Roll if successful [1d10]

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10 / Roll #2 9 = 9


[Autumn I didn't want the elemental to subsist. I mentioned in my earlier post it'd be terminated promptly after it fulfilled its action] The water elemental dispels into a puddle of water.

shei-sher grunts as he's hit again "awful quick with your fire aren't you." Shei stares up above as the fire coalesces in the sky "no matter.." He shrugs it off and pulls his shield forward again.

>Blinding Flare: Recharge 2; A dazzling display of light blinds foes, Dazing them and lowering their damage by half.


Roll #1 5 = 5


The shield hums weakly.

Your bolt penetrates the gathering clouds, leaving a circular hole where light shimmers through. The clouds weaken from the impact, the rain letting up.


"I have to be quick. When you work with conjuring you need to be able to form anything at a moment's call. You'd learn things like this if you had the motivation to push your way into knighthood."

He scolds with another flick of his sword, cutting at Shei's chest.
>Slash [Fire, DC5] [1d10+1]

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


"My kind is naught for such bright destinies. Perhaps if you weren't afraid of the darkness within you, you would truly understand magic. And how to dispell it."

Shei raises his staff and glares at the flaming orb above them. He glares at it until its light burns a purple color into his vision. He imagines the purple encapsulating the flame and cooling it, whilst Shei whispers a chant.
>SPELLBREAKER: recharge 2, spell, ranged; nullify a spell or magic effect

Roll #1 1 = 1


Pryce's swing slaps the staff a few feet away from Shei, disrupting the casting.

>Auto-Instant to retrieve for Shei if Pryce does not.

>If Pryce decides to go for it as well, both roll Instant, highest wins



"So you're just going to give up, because of your 'kind'? Pathetic, after saying you would give everything for it, you gave up on it easily."

Pryce gives his sword a spin to slash downward over Shei's shoulder.
>Slash [Fire DC5] [1d10+1]

As Shei mentions dispelling, he turns his head towards the staff, splitting his focus to pull it to himself.
"If you had proper training you'd know not to tel a foe your plan."
>Telekinetic Grab [1d10]

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #2 8 = 8


Shei-sher begins to sweat a heat wash down his head and visibly sweats "Awwgh." He strains "To have a magic this finely knit you must either be very pure of heart or a well composed understanding of magic. Why you possess moral insecurity is a mystery Pryce."

And then Shei-sher's staff was swatted form his grasp "The nerve!"

Once Pryce reels in the staff with his TK Shei-sher reaches to grab it

[saving non instant roll for next post.]

Roll #1 3 = 3


failing to grab it Shei-sher tries again to blind Pryce with his shield
>Blinding Flare

Roll #1 7 = 7


Pryce snatches the staff, but is blinded by the reflection from Shei's shield. His swing grazes Shei's leg, but the force is enough to knock Shei off balance again.

>Pryce has the staff now

>Pryce is Dazed for 2 turns, dealing half damage during
>Shei 0/5


"Tch" Shei drops a knee to the ground and attempts to pull himself up [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


Pryce covers his eyes with his hoof, too late as his eyes sting from the brightness.
"Ngh. My magical understanding is from a lifetime of using it. And my morals were fie until you had to meddle with that seal of yours!"
Pryce spits out, rising his sword and slamming it down onto Shei's back.
>Slam [Fire DC5] [1d10+1]

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


"As if you weren't blabbering on about your misplaced trust in angels!"


"That was a question of what I follow, not of my morals!"


>Fire Element effect raises recovery DC to 7
As Shei tries to get up, Pryce smacks him back down again, with the weight of his body now painfully cramping the fore-parts of his legs.
>Shei 0/4
>Orbital Strike activate next turn

A twinkling above reminds Pryce of his incoming missile…


"A-a-a-a-ack!" shei is beat down but then staggers back up

"Precisely Pryce! -ack- So why have you been dwelling so despairingly on it?"

to get up from helpless [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Because. …sometimes you don't know the truth of something, and seeing it leaves a sense of betrayal."

Pryce looks up as the sky shines.
"But that's something separate. My morals are solely on me, for having fell for your trick. And on you, for betraying trust I had. And now, you'll receive your judgement for it."

Pryce's horn glows bright, the scorch mark turning bright crimson like a hot iron. A wave of flame spreads out from his horn in a circle around him, a wall of steam rising from the heat as it flows forth and washes over Shei.
>Smite [1d10+2]

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Shei trembles as he gets up and so does his words "The only truth, is what's inside us. I see much evil within me. And I accept your judgement, but not without a fight."


>2 Hits from Smite + 5(x2) from Orbital Strike = 12 Hits.
>The way I do extra wound damage is that an extra wound is inflicted if total damage does twice the damage of target's max Hits

As Shei gets up once again, he is assailed from above boh by Pryce's first attack, and an airborne fireball which crushes him, tainting the air with the foul scent of cooked flesh and singed fur.
>Shei 0/2

Quickly, a soothing pale pink mist surrounds Shei, cooling the worst of his many burns before the pain gets worse. "Alright alright, the two of you have had enough for one day. Let's drop the posturing before someone makes a mistake we'll ALL regret." Renee's disembodied voice commands from within the mist.


Pryce looks on as the fireball descends on the goat, unflinching.

"Very well."
He says as Renee steps in.
"But lastly…"

Pryce steps over to Shei.
"Without a fight it was. The fact that you controlled me after this display is even more surprising than you doing it in the first place. And so, I'll return the favor."

Pryce levitates his sword over, heating it up a little more. After seeing the seals on all of Volkama's ponies, Pryce attempts to mimic the design and burn the seal onto Shei's back while he's down.
>Brand [Not damaging, just an insult to injury/personal vengence] [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


"BA-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-AH!!" Shei-Sher reels back in agony, throatling at the top of his lungs. his baas sound monstrous. "Don't touch me! I can still go on!"

[1d10] to get up

"You have no right to use Gabby's seal!" He barks in terrible rage

Roll #1 10 = 10


A glint of light permeates the mist as you approach Shei.

"That was not a polite suggestion." Renee snarls. The blade of a wakizashi dances freely in the mist and attempts to counter Pryce's sword.


Shei gets up.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Shei-sher is encapsulated in rage, with whats left of his energy he throws his staff aside and charges after Pryce to headbutt his face in with his horns.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Renee's misty form is not quick enough to stop Pryce, and he gets about 75% of the seal done before Renee smacks away the sword, causing a squiggly line to painfully trail off from the brand like an ugly tattoo.

"Shei! My gods, I am so sorry– Pryce!" Renee shouts again. The sword hovers horizontally in front of him. "Drop it now before…!"

Caught by surprise, Pryce is knocked back and loses 10 Hits from the impact.

"Damn it, I said stop!" Renee's misty form demands. Darker pink clouds consolidate around Shei's neck and shoulder.


>Back to regularly-scheduled posting order, post now, results come later

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Shei-sher continues to ram into to Pryce with all of his anger. Unrelenting he smashes his horns into Pryce's shoulders, and ribs and face. "HOW DARE YOU MAKE A MOCKERY OF ME WITH MY OWN MOTHER'S SYMBOL!!"



Roll #1 9 = 9


"It was Gabrielle's? I would have never guessed. I know she sided with Buiwong in the end, but I never saw her control ponies minds with such a spell. How would she think if she saw you abuse it like that?"

"It's what he deser—"
Pryce says until he's rammed by Shei, tumbling across the ground as his sword falls to the ground with his focus broken.
"Cheap little… You lost, at least take it with dignity."
He spits as he attempts to stand.
>Recover [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3


Shei shakes off Renee's grip, hitting Pryce again while he's down.

>Pryce 0/2

The gray-pink mist conglomerates back into Renee's form, losing all gray hue in favor of Renee's pink, as she re-forms entirely in front of Pryce. Her body forms a circular barrier around him, its surface coating in ice.

You both hear a sound like breaking glass and an incredibly fast rush of hooves, followed by the shocked and worried gasps of Ecclesian bystanders.

"Nāozhǒng!" Ichimonji's furious voice growls. Shei is jabbed in the side with the butt of her sword, knocking him off his hooves. A heavy weight descends on him as his front arm is twisted behind his back, his face forced to the side.

"Huǒyǎn xiéshén, the both of you! I cannot believe– bloody hunters! Losing your minds in our home after we invited you in! Behavior like that attracts demons of the vilest echelons. You'll behave or share a tomb!"


"Mother? When did that happen."

Pryce grunts as Shei rams his ribs, horn glowing as he goes to lash back until Renee's surrounds him.
"Renee stay out of this! Flow tried to do that same thing, let me finish this if he won't surrender!"
Pryce shouts in anger as he goes to stand (or straighten up at least if Renee formed a small ice dome)
>Recover [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


Shei-Sher snarls and struggles against Ichimonji, digging his face into the muddy grass and chewing it in hysteria. Shei feels a deep sense of anger, shame, and unsatisfaction.

He digs a hoof into a puddle and summons the water to gather around him and freeze him in a case of ice. In attempt to force himself into a more peaceful state.

>I dream of Alchemy+2


Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


A coil of bitterly cold icy water seals around your front hooves. "Pryce, so help me gods, I'm not quite sure how I can do these, but I think I picked them up in Circadia, and I'm pretty sure I can break your arms if you don't knock it off!" Renee says, voice warbling just slightly.

As you freeze yourself, you hear the drawing of a sword. A sharp prick touches the back of your neck.


"Useless goo, what you waiting for? MOVE!" she shouts at Renee.

You feel yourself being quickly dragged away from the vicinity, still within Renee's ice-dome.


Shei stops immediately once Ichimonji's blade touches his neck. Shei-sher can feel his heart pumping faster and more violently. Striking against his ribcage at a machinegun momentum. He feels hazy and the warmth from his pumping blood turns into a numbness.

Shei's cheek is pressed against the dirt, his right eye looks back at Ichimonji with a startling desperation, like he is pleading for her to let him freeze himself.


Pryce struggles at the ice freezing around his hooves, horn starting to glow to burn his way out. Until he hears the shakiness from Renee's voice. His horn dims and silences. His eyes shut and let lets out a breath.

He looks over at Shei as he's dragged away inside Renee.
"I got my payback."
He turns away, looking to the moving ground underneath.


"Oh I know that look quite well." Ichimonji slowly mutters, her voice losing intensity but her grip remaining rock-solid. "But it attracts demons. Have the decency to do it where nobody will find your corpse. Out in the swamps maybe. We can't have demons coming around here, or around Zha Arlakane. When your ship's done, go. You'll get a map and that's it."

Eventually Renee stops moving. A brief whimper and heavy panting surrounds you. The pinkness of the ice-dome obscures any view you'd have of the outside.

"I… don't suppose this may very well be the… end to us traveling as a whole for… quite some time, will it?"



For the conclusion of another, briefer side-RP involving a merchant. Post sheet.



Last time, Flow approached the figure in the dark alley, whom he recognized faintly as Mfaniyabiashara, the zebra merchant hanging around the abandoned city of Circadia.

This time the figure seemed strange, however. Where before he was a normal-sized zebra, ordinary in appearance, this time he was much larger, coated in a deep red robe that outlined a voluminous figure, with all but his white-circled snout obscured.

An unseen shapeless appendage flicks a coin up and down, the same coin that caught your attention earlier.

"Looking's free, but the rest will cost you." he says dully after a long pause.


Trapper recoils in fear of Mfaniyabiashara's new appearance, and hides behind Flow.
>>"E-er, boss, I got a real bad feeling about this."

Flow ignores Trapper and moves forwards to greet Mfaniya.
"Hello sir, I believe we last met in Circadia."
He looks at his red robe.
"You certainly look much bigger, Mfaniyabiashara."


"These old duds? Mmm. I hardly notice the changes these days. Ought to buy myself a new form, now that you mention it. Came by for a new look, but stayed for the change in the air. Something funny in the air. A great change, sudden. Imperfect. Hu hu hu hu."

As you approach, it become almost harder to see him, the darkness bending around him to obscure his shape. The appendage appears insect-like up close, the appendage of some kind of crawling vermin.


Flow now starts to get a little cautious as he approaches Mfanya. The darkness that warps around himself is more than suspicious to Flow.

"A new form? Great change?" Flow chuckles, "I think it'd be better if I didn't ask."

He draws out his longsword and presents it to Mfanyabiashara.

"While I am here to buy some new equipment, I'd first like to ask if you could appraise this sword for me. I still wonder if it really is just a mundane sword."


Another appendage, humanoid in shape and ending in a hand with three splayed fingers, roughly takes the sword from you. Mfaniya cradles the sword closely as another appendage places on his nose a circular set of glasses, with flat, brilliant jewels for lenses. He holds the sword close, whispering to it, then turning it over, taking it out of its scabbard, holding it to his ear. He sniffs the flat then touches it with the tip of his tongue.

"Blegh!" he retches. "A well-made but empty Sutra of Pearl. I remember having one of these when dueling Tsukiji and Mangkor. Not as nice as this sinful thing. You'll want a strong soul fused with this thing first. As it is now, it's no better than a stick."


Flow raises an eyebrow, not only at Mfaniya's description, but the amount of appendages and the methods he uses to appraise the sword.

"A Sutra of Pearl? I don't believe I've heard the name before. What does it do, and what's this about fusing a soul to it?"


"It's a conniving promise made steel. Sutras are peddled by masters in their warm and bright monasteries, as they chant funny words and comb sandy gardens into nothing. Lies, every one."

"Fusing a soul to it is like adding evidence to a thesis. The stronger the soul, the more shrewd and convincing your argument. Gathering evidence is as simple as hitting something with it until it stops moving. The Sutra will do the rest."

One of the appendages, thin and segmented and covered in some kind of carapace, curls into an upside-down question mark you recognize faintly as a very very old gesture for money. "Give ya twenty chengs for it."


Flow looks at the longsword, and back to Mfaniya.
"I dunno, something like this could prove useful later on. maybe something a bit higher?"

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 8 = 8


"Forty and not a wink higher." he says, not looking at you but instead turning the sword over and over, examining each inch through his hood.


Flow nods to Mfaniya, "It's a deal."

Now he looks through Mfaniya's inventory, and peers at the Kukuru Claws.
"What're those? I've seen claw weapons before, but nothing like that."


The bizarre appendages slip the sword into the robe like a tongue devouring food, and you see his outline grow in size slightly. Your coin purse feels heavier now. As you open it to check, you see fifty more coins, shiny and new, at the top.

"Looking to lose your money that quick? These are the marks of a dead old nightmare that these ponies leave fruit under their houses to appease. Never seen except in its aftermath, I'm afraid. A vampire by the name of Kukuru, or Quecaro, on your preference of spelling. Sixty bright faces for these bones."


Flow inspects the claws closer before he turns to look at Mfaniya.

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 5 = 5


He lets out an airy, monotone chuckle. "Hu hu hu hu hu. No."


Flow shrugs.
"It was worth a shot."
He rummages through his coat to find his bag o' coins to count out sixty. As he continues looking through Mfaniya's inventory.

His eyes are drawn to the Switch-Cane.
"Didn't know you sold merchandise to the elderly, Mfaniya."


The coins disappear from your hoof, and in their place manifests a set of hairy, bony hands, hollowed-out to use like gloves. They have six fingers and end in long vicious claws. Mfaniya's size decreases slightly. His snout loses some of its lines and wrinkles, appearing a tiny bit more youthful.

"Yyyyyyesssss, it's something I might have found useful when I was your age," he answers. I'll go easy on your jelly: 152."




Flow fits his hooves inside, and starts filling in the holes with his goo.

"A hundred and fifty-two for a simple cane? Surely you must be pulling my hind leg, Mfaniya."


"High prices denote quality works," he answers curtly.


"I'm certain that a hundred and fifty-two for a cane is much too high, unless there was something else about it that makes it unique," he replies.


"I can hardly demonstrate its handiness without attracting an audience that would chase me out for my… business, but I assure you, a bad colt like this carries the price tag for being two weapons in one: a blessed cane for beating demons and unruly foals, and a blessed chain for roping in demons and unruly foals. And for said unruly foals to swing about like monkeys and break all your furniture."


"Hmm. So a cane that can rope in enemies via a hidden chain. Eh, I can jump if I need to get closer to enemies."

He picks out a bundle of lacerating throwing knives and snapdragons.
"Hmm…perhaps Vice could make something out of these…"
He also picks out the scarf. As a gift for Renee.
"How much for these?"


"Altogether, mundane things for mundane prices. Thirty-two… bits, you call them?"


Flow looks at all the mundanities he picked out.
"Sure ye can't go lower?"

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 10 = 10


"Very well. Twenty-one altogether, but only because you asked so nicely."


He nods and counts out twenty-one bits for Mfaniya.


"Veeeeeeryyyy good," he says as the coins vanish, replaced with the ordered items, tied up in a sackcloth bag. "I tire. I'm sure we'll cross paths again, perhaps not in such recognizable faces. Seek me where conflict gathers."

The shadows grow around him, deeper and darker, until they fade from a heavy darkness to the normal shade of an unlit alleyway. He is gone. Only indents of very large hooves remain in the grass where he stood.


Flow nods and slings the sack over his shoulder.
"Yes, I'll see you soon, Mfaniyabiashara."
He heads to the barracks.

"What an interesting character, eh Trapper?"
>>"E's a fookin loony mate!"
"An interesting loony, to say the least." Flow smiles.

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