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Previously, on MAQ:

The party continued their exploration of the tomb, focusing on inspecting the treasure room. Closer inspection of the floor and wall revealed a trap door and a loose rock.
Ready for any surprises, Puff and Vernant opened the trap door.
A blast of Dragon's Bane forced them back. Choking on the thick green smoke, Puff let the trapdoor close with a heavy thud as Vernant fell back in similar condition.
The smoke's effect on the two of them proved to be a saving grace. A rapid series of heavy thuds caused the trapdoor to shake violently.
When the door was eventually turned upright again, a myriad of arrows protruded from the sturdy wooden slab.

With Puff and Vernant rendered temporarily incapacitated, Cherry and Leafy descended below in their stead.
Leafy relayed information back to Puff with their mental link, having him direct her to points of interest as he recovered. With the few traps sprung already, the pair of mares proceeded slowly and with caution.
Two halls were found: One that led to a private chamber that contained a pair of books and the skeletal remains of a dragon bearing a necklace sported as a bracelet.
Once rejoined with the pair of mares, Vernant let known his uneasiness about the dragon carcass. To him it was an omen of bad things to come, and the representation of a curse on this place.

Nevertheless, the party forged onward into the other hall. Time had worn the halls of the place to be sure, but when the sturdy stone walls gave way to dirt, they knew something was up.
The ritual site at the end of the path only gave further credence to that notion.

The party's nerves on edge, Puff directed all but Leafy to head back to the upper floor. He desired to see the dragon bones for himself.

And see the rotten remains of her he did. The entire room gave off a feeling of dread, one that only increased as he inspected the ancient locket she held.

His inspection prompted a visit from the Green Stallion, who sat and began to elaborate on his own tale.

And yet, the visit only prompted further questions as their time was cut short and the Green Stallion faded back to the darkness from whence he entered as Cherry called from outside the room to ask what was taking the detective.


Well, I guess we shouldn't keep her waiting any longer.


The trapdoor bangs shut for the final time as Vernant closes it behind you.

The treasure room glows a subtle orange in the dwindling light of the burning candles. You were down there for longer than you thought; The candles are half melted away from what they were when Cherry lit them.

"Half tempted to bury the door back under that pile of stuff," Vernant grumbles, casting his eyes from the trapdoor to the large mound of gold and treasures that he moved earlier.

"Probably not worth the effort," Cherry replies with a sympathetic expression, no doubt understanding Vernant's uneasiness, "We explored it fully so I doubt anything will come crawling out of it."

"….I hope you're right," is all he says.

"So what do we do now, Puff?" Cobalt asks from the doorway, looking out into the stage-room occasionally, "I think there's still an area we haven't checked out. Something about the stage out here gives me a bad feeling, though."

>What do?


Might as well be thorough so we don't have to waste time coming back


A bad feeling, huh? Think we'll get hit with more Dragon's Bane, do you?


better to ask for forgiveness than permission
er that is lets go ahead and see all we can see just in case


"Maybe?" Cobalt replies with a wince, "But…I don't know. Just something about this area is starting to give me the creeps. The air is heavier feeling, if that makes any sense."

"I think we should explore what's left. Make sure we don't leave any stones unturned so we don't have to come back here. Hopefully."

"I agree," Cherry says with a nod.

"Might as well," Vernant agrees.

Leafy and Cobalt don't reply, but both nod in confirmation.

The party leaves the treasure room behind, moving once again into the stage-room. The gate and statues upon the stage loom large ahead, an eerie reminder of the Green Stallion's tale.

"To think that's where they killed her…." Leafy whispers through the mental link.

Vernant and Cobalt move to the simple wooden door far to the right of the room quickly. Cobalt prods the door gently, testing its sturdiness as Vernant stands opposite the door in a ready stance.
The door is plain wood with a single cross-plank in the middle. All the edges are rough and rotten with age, but the door doesn't do more than rattle gently in its frame as Cobalt taps it with his hooves.
It seems small compared to the tunnel opposite it, from which you entered the room initially, and is far, far less ornate than the door to the treasure room.

"Wonder what's behind it," Cherry muses as you rejoin the pair of blue stallions near the door.

"Probably more of the same decrepit furniture and weapons," Vernant answers her rhetorical question.

"Who should take point, Puff?" Cobalt asks, "I haven't done much yet myself. I volunteer for this time."

"You do realize it could be booby trapped, right?" Cherry asks, causing Cobalt to swallow nervously.


He seems serious. Perhaps you should let him?

>Let Cobalt open the door

>[Insert party member here] should instead
>I'll do it


Can't Leafy open it with a plant from a save distance?

Also later can we rub it in Brynn's dumb face that he was wrong and because of him everything is fucked?


Hmm. Do we want to let him go first? We have been sort of jostled about ourselves… but being first on the scene has its own advantages.

Then again, it is a show of trust.


"There aren't any plants close enough to the door that I can sense," Leafy replies apologetically, "Otherwise I would. I know there's a lot of vines around the place, but they can only go so far. Even with my help. I'm sorry, Puff."

"Can we make a decision today, please?" Vernant says impatiently.

"Let Puff think," Cherry reprimands, "Unless you'd like to just waltz in there yourself?"

"If it means we get out of here faster."



I honestly don't know. It could be very dangerous. The most logical choice would be Vernant or Cherry since they would have the highest chance to survive.


just let Cobalt open it


Fine but if he dies I'm blaming you


"Alright," you say after some thought, catching the attention of the party, "Cobalt wants to show he's part of the team. I say we let him."

"You don't think it's too dangerous for him?" Cherry asks.

"It's just as dangerous for anyone else," Vernant replies, "Besides, he could use the experience. He's not a slouch but he hasn't exactly done much lately."

"No need to down talk him," Leafy says, puffing out her cheeks indignantly.

"Yeah, I'll be fine," Cobalt grins nervously despite his words before stepping up to the door.

"Alright, here we go," he murmurs, pulling the door open as Vernant stands ready behind him.


Roll #1 6 = 6


6 is good right?


It's fine. We're fine.


The door opens with a creak. When nothing further happens, Cobalt takes a step inside.

"There's a room ahead," he calls out, voice fading as he heads further into the tunnel that connects the rooms, "I think it's safe. So far, at least."

"Coming up behind you," Vernant calls back. He turns and nods to the group before stepping into the tunnel himself.

"It's weird," Cobalt calls back, voice even fainter this time, "The room is already lit."

Already lit?

"The light is moving!" He calls back, "I think it's getting closer. Really fast, too!"

"Cobalt, move!" Vernant yells

A pair of grunts echo through the hall moments before a flaming ball of….something rockets from the door. The fireball scorches the air, making a sharp whizzing sound as it flies past your party. Leafy and Cherry jump back in surprise, pushing you out of the way in the process. The fireball flies into the opposing tunnel, the three of you no worse for the wear.

"Cobalt! Vernant!" Leafy gasps.

The three of you run to the tunnel, you leading the way with the flashlight held firmly in your mouth. You find Vernant and Cobalt lying down in the tunnel, Vernant on top…you think, the pair groaning as Cherry helps them up.

"Are you both alright?" Leafy asks nervously.

"My back hurts a bit thanks to this guy," Cobalt says with a light laugh, "But I'm good."

"Damn thing singed my hair," Vernant whines, patting his mane. It seems a tad shorter and a few strands still glow as he pats out the embers.

"Better than having gotten hit by that thing," Leafy laughs before breathing a sigh of relief, "I'm just glad you're both alright."

"Right, right," Cobalt says from the front, "C'mon, lets go find out whats in that room."

No other traps are sprung as the party finds a new room. Cherry lights the smattering of candles and torches in the room, until the darkness is banished with the dull orange glow of low flames.

The room is bigger than the treasure room, stretching to the left and right a good distance before ending in solid, stone walls. Across from the tunnel is another stone wall. Perhaps this is the last room after all.
Inside the room are a number of broken wooden frames and tattered bedding. Most of it toward the left, and some arranged in ways to suggest they were once bunk beds. A pair of desks stand against the far wall, and a few chests lie to the right. The room is almost empty, otherwise.

"Beds, desks, and chests," Cobalt muses, "More living areas, it would seem."

"The number of beds suggest it was temporary lodging, or a barracks of some sort," Cherry murmurs as she prods an old wooden bed frame, "A servants quarters, perhaps?"

"Might get some clues from the chests," Vernant says, pointing toward the trio of them against the wall, "I'll fiddle with them, see if they're locked."

The party spreads out, looking for clues and anything of value.

Cherry and Cobalt checking the beds and area around them, Leafy checking the desks, and Vernant checking the chests.

>What do?


go over to the chests with Vernant


Join Leafy checking the desks.


Might we check the wall?


you want to just stare at a wall?






Roll #1 3 = 3


Woohoo 3
…I 3 good?




I guess we're staring at a wall.
Way to go, Puff!



You plod over to the wall across from the entrance, a bare space between the desks to the left, and the chests to the right. The only thing that lies on the wall is a single lit torch resting within its stand.

You poke, prod, tap, and investigate the squares of stone that make up the wall.

The only thing it accomplishes is annoying Vernant, who barks at you to "Cut it out!" when you tap on a stone for a pensive half minute.

>What do?


attempt to resist the urge of the wall and go check the desks with Leafy


Give a half-hearted push on the torch and then go to the desks


Your half hearted push on the torch and its stand does nothing but rock the torch a little in place.
You sigh in slight disappointment.

You head to your left, standing beside Leafy as she rummages through a desk. She does so slowly, perhaps not wanting to risk damaging the old thing.

"Hi Puff!" she says jovially, turning long enough to give you a bright smile before going back to checking drawers and moving parchment rendered to near dust with age.

"How's the desk searching going?"

She shrugs before opening another drawer.

"Nothing so far. Just dust and some rodents."

>Help her search the last few desks

>Go check on someone else


`Help her.
Then go help Vernant with Leafy


looks like this room might be a bust
help her finish checking the desks


Hmm, can't imagine there's much with all the years gone by, but maybe look for any kind of markings on the floor, like something's been moved?


You open the desk next to you and start searching for anything useful. Helping Leafy will make things go faster, after all.


Roll #1 4 = 4


uh… is that good?


Might be another trap. Let's hope it's not another fireball


time to panic


You and Leafy search the remaining desks and check the floor for any markings that could indicate something was moved. Anything out of the unusual as well.

Unfortunately, all that surfaces is a small chain that survived the weathering of time. You found it behind the second desk you searched. The wall bore no signs of anchoring, so it had to have come from somewhere else. It has no clasps on either end. Perhaps they broke off?

It's not very heavy, nor robust. It's long enough to be a necklace, if a little thicker than what you'd expect for any jewelry. Perhaps it wasn't made for that purpose?

You stow the chain in your bag, still wondering what it goes to.

Leafy sighs from beside you. The desks didn't have anything else useful in them, unfortunately. Her brief disappointment is quickly replaced with her usual enthusiasm as she asks who the two of you should help.

>Go help Vernant

>Check with Cobalt and Cherry






just you watch
the beds will be the key to everything


You and Leafy head over to Vernant, who growls lightly as he struggles with one of the chests.

"How's it going over here?" you ask.

"Not so good," Vernant replies gruffly, "None of the chests looked like they had locks, but none of them want to open. Stuck, welded, magically sealed….who knows. Having trouble trying to force 'em."

"What should we do?" Leafy asks, turning to you.

>Force the chests open

>Search the rest of the room
>Leave the chests
>Other ideas




Search the rest of the room. Maybe there's a trick to opening the chests we haven't found yet.


You attempt to force one of the chests open yourself, rearing a hoof back and kicking it with all your might!


Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


Does Leafy have any ideas? I mean she can't fix everything for us, but possible magic involvement seems like it could be her field. Maybe she could…



The chest rocks slightly, but refuses to open.

Leafy shrugs.

"Well, the chests are made of wood and lined with metal. I could try to do something to the wood, but its been dead for so long it'd probably take a great deal of effort. And I'm not so sure I could open all three like that. Maybe two, but that depends how hard it is to manipulate the dead wood. I've not tried that before, so…."

"Wait, you can control dead plant things?" Vernant cocks an eyebrow in Leafy's direction.

"Maybe? For a short time? I dunno."

"What if you had a vine and tried to pick the locks, if it really is a lock and not a magic seal?"

"I could try that. But I've never picked a lock before either…."

Vernant sighs.

>Manipulate wood in chests

>Vine lockpicking idea
>Lets search the room first


may as well see if she can react with the wood


Inspect chests. We should be able to rule out welded or rusted shut by sight at least, and it could give us an idea.


Just search the room first. If we don't find anything else we can come back to the chests.


How are those beds?


You lean in close and check the chest in front of you.

The edges are lined with metal, and sport a healthy amount of rust from age. It doesn't seem like it's welded or rusted shut, however, as you can still see the two separate lips of the chest lid and body.

Its either magic or a standard key lock. If it was a standard key lock, you could probably break the lock with enough force. Maybe more than one pony can bring to bear on his own, though.

"How's the bed searching going?" you call to the other end of the room.

"Found an old metal spring or something," Cobalt says, "Though it's shaped kinda weird."

"I found one too," Cherry chimes in, "corkscrew-like in shape and kind of small. Not really sure what it was for. Maybe holding the frames together, at one point?"

"Leafy, can you figure out if you can get the wood to react to your powers without actually wrecking the chests yet?"

"Sure, I think."

Leafy closes her eyes and focuses on the chest in front of her, no doubt reaching out with her powers to see if she can manipulate the chest.

"Give me a moment," she says softly.

>What do?






Keep those springs handy.


You tell the others to hold onto the springs as they resume their searching. There's not much ground left to cover in here, however, and they'll be finished soon.

The last problem just seems to be the chests.

And Vernant continues to have trouble.

"Blasted things," he huffs, turning and preparing his legs to buck the nearest chest.

"Puff," Leafy whispers, small smile crossing her face as she opens her eyes, "I think I can do it. I can probably open one of them by making the wood work for me. Should I try?"

Vernant's kick attempt: [1d10+2]

>Have Leafy try to open one with her powers


Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Well, all we can do is sit and wait on Leafy for the chests, unless we want to help Cherry and Vernant out.


Er, Cherry and Colbalt.
Vernant doesn't look like he needs help now.

Leafy should try if Vernant's effort didn't do anything.


why is vernant so much more swole


A loud CRACK echoes in the room, making everyone jump, as Vernant kicks the nearest chest. He jumps forward with the force of his kick, subsequently dancing in place as he hisses between his teeth.

"Dammit, dammit, dammit," he curses, "Numb legs, numb legs."

The chest he kicked bears a large crack across the wood just above the lips of the chest. With some effort, some of the broken wood can be pulled away, and you can at least get a look into the chest.

>What do?


Well pull the wood obviously.
Mentally prepare for a fireball to the face too


get a candle handy


Leafy can hold off a bit while we get a glimpse at what we're trying to get to.


Maybe the spring-looking things unlock the chests?


Nice idea, but we've got to find a keyhole, or something that functions as one, first.


You grab a torch from the wall and hold it over Vernant as he begins to pry the now broken wood from the front of the chest. He occasionally gives it another smack to loosen the frame some more.

Leafy wanders over and watches with interest.

"Finally got it, I think," Vernant says, sweat rolling down his face from his efforts. "Lemme just…."

He sticks a hoof inside the chest, until he sighs and pulls it back out.

"No inside latch or anything like that. Guess I keep peeling this crap away."

"How about we look inside, first?" you suggest.

Vernant moves aside, letting the light get inside as you two try to peer in.

You spot something twinkling near the back of the chest, but can't quite make out what it is or how big it is.

"Well at least it's not empty."

Vernant picks up the chest, turning it over with a grunt and lightly shaking the thing.

Something falls out, clattering gently on the floor.

Picking it up, you inspect the item.

It's a….hoof guard? Hoof band?

The metallic band shines dully in the light, age having tarnished the metal slightly, but the protection of the chest seemingly keeping the worst of weathering at bay. The edges are curved outward, as though to catch or ward away objects striking at it. It's large enough that if you put it on, it'd cover either the top or bottom half of one of your hooves. On the sides and back of the band are a trio of different colored gems, embedded within the metal. They rise out of the band slightly, small spheres of color against the metallic silver band itself.

"Aaaah, I've seen its like before," Vernant says with a wry grin as he wipes his brow, "Ponies in my time wore those as part of their armor. If you could call such sparse coverage armor, anyway. Always thought they were meant for fighting other ponies and not my kind."

>What do with the band?


Put it on. What could go wrong?


a chain with no visible means of fastening
some corkscrew spring things
and now a hoof band with gems



Are these gems like the ones in the doors?




Well, if that's one in one chest… can Leafy try and get the other one open first after all?


If the gems are similar to the ones in the doors, they differ only in size. The ones in the doors are about as large as your hoof, these are minuscule in comparison. You'd probably need a magnifying glass to inspect them further.

The three colors are: Red, Green, and Yellow.

You look the band over, noting it's all metal. Might be a tad uncomfortable as it is.

But…why not.

You blow through the armband a couple times to knock off any inside dust.

Cautiously, you put the armband on as Vernant and Leafy watch.

It slides on fairly easily, being slightly larger than your forehooves are thick. In this way, you have to wear it closer to your shoulder than the end of your hoof. Otherwise it risks falling off. You adjust it a few times to keep the gems from poking your chest or armpit. When it's situated properly it feels….natural. It's lighter than you thought.

"Hey uh, Puff," Vernant says slowly, "What's it mean if the gems change colors, you think?"


"Yeah, uh….the red one turned green."

You look down, noting that the two gems you can see are both green now.

>Take it off

>Leave it


Maybe if we put on the other one all the gems will turn green?


Leave it on and see what happens.
I mean the ponies from long ago used them right? What could go wrong?


So green, green, yellow… we're almost ready to go?


green is good, leave it on


File: 1414284146851.png (21.24 KB, 196x391, TheStrangeBand.png) ImgOps Google

You decide to leave the bracer of sorts on. It doesn't seem to be doing anything, right now. Perhaps there's more to it? A complete set?

Perhaps the other pieces, if there are any, are in the chests?

>What do?


See if Leafy can manipulate the wood to get another one of those chests open.
There's gotta be an easier way to do this. We're missing something super obvious.


Leafy seemed confident about making the wood work for her.
This is going to go badly for us, I just know it.


anything else from the beds


We don't have access to any door mechanisms or anything we could stick them in to let us break them open easier, do we?
>If it was a standard key lock, you could probably break the lock with enough force. Maybe more than one pony can bring to bear on his own, though.
We could get something big and have a few of us work together to crack the others.


drop a bed on it!
but then we risk crushing whatever's inside


Cobalt and Cherry wander over, shaking their heads at your question.

"Just the two odd metal pieces," Cherry reports, holding them out for you to look at or take.

>What do?

"Leafy, try to open that next one with your powers, please."

She nods before turning to face the second chest.

"It'll take me a moment to focus enough. I'll warn you when I'm about to try."

#You have a little time before Leafy tries to rip open a chest, in case you wish to try anything else first.

>What do?


Sit back and enjoy the show


Okay, we've found a chain, two pieces of metal, and this band.

And a splintered chest, I guess.

Fiddle with the peices, maybe?


Take a closer look at the odd metal pieces.


We could undo the hinges, and then try prying it open from that side: if the locking mechanism is located on the front, that'd mean we'd be getting leverage from the lid.


The two metal pieces are of different shapes. One looks much like a corckscrew, complete with handle at the end. The difference in it form a real corkscrew is scale. This thing is far smaller.

The other metal piece is a straight beam that hooks at a ninety degree angle about 3/4 the way down, forming a bit of a square hook.

They're both made of metal similar to the bracer. Or at least that's what you'd guess, at first glance.


>Is there anything you wish to do before Leafy attempts to force a chest open?


>"What if you had a vine and tried to pick the locks, if it really is a lock and not a magic seal?"

>"None of the chests looked like they had locks"

Hang on, did Cherry just not look before saying that, or did she see something we didn't?


Whoops, it looks like Vernant is saying both those things. Not intended. Cherry was supposed to posit the idea about vines. My mistake. Tired.

Cherry points to the chest on the far right, closest to the door you entered the room from.

"That one, near the bottom of the side facing the door, looks like it has a hole for something. I thought it might be a key-hole."

You inspect the chest, looking where she says. Sure enough there's a small hole in a metal square in the middle of the bottom edge of the chest.

Looking at the others, you see similar holes.


>What do?


well… how about the metal objects we found? do they fit? might as well work with the tools we have


Huh, somehow I thought that was Cherry anyway

Welp. Stick the long end of the L-piece in there and give it a twist with our magical hoofgrip.


You push the long end of the L shaped metal piece into the end of the chest on the far right. It slides in relatively easily.

The chest pops open after you twist the bar back and forth a few times, springing whatever locking mechanism was placed inside the chest.

Vernant sighs heavily.

"Are you kidding me…."

Whether it was intended or not, this metal piece has opened one of the chests.

You look inside and find a necklace. It's made of silver metal, and houses a large, flat, diamond shaped gem in the center. The gem is yellow, presently.

>What do?


Sorry we didn't listen.


Question, for how long have we been down here?


Put it on


Hmm, wonder if this chain goes with the necklace?


I wonder if we wear it if the gems will change color


You put the necklace on, letting the thin chain fall around your shoulders as the gem lies gently on your chest.

Looking down, you see the gem of the necklace change colors. It turns green.

"Hey, one of the gems on your bracer is red now," Vernant says, pointing at it.

"What does it mean, I wonder." Cherry muses, scratching her chin.

"What does it do?" Cobalt asks, "Is it like a mood ring or….what?"

"I'm not sure there's any way to know right now," Cherry replies, "Unless it's in one of those books we grabbed. But if they're all in a different language, then…"

"Then they're of no help," Vernant finishes. "Still, I hope it's nothing bad."

"When does green really signify anything bad?" Cobalt scoffs.

"What about the Green Stallion?" Vernant posits.

"Puff," Leafy says, eyes still closed, "I'm ready. Give the word and I'll try to open this one."

>What do?


Let er rip


activate it


are we becoming a green stallion?


"Alright, do it. Just try not to wreck whatever's inside, okay?"

Leafy nods.

You and the others take a few steps back, giving Leafy space to work. And hopefully standing outside the range of anything that might happen.

With everything set, Leafy opens her eyes and reaches out with her powers.


Roll #1 3 + 5 = 8


that's… good?


The chest begins to shake, subtly at first, but rising in turbulence rapidly, until it's nearly bouncing on the floor.

"Come…..on……" Leafy groans, eyes narrowing and sweat beading on her brow.


Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


Should we take cover?


You got this… you got this…


Leafy sighs, letting the chest fall back to the floor with a thud.

Sweat coats her face as she turns to face the party.

"I'll have to use more effort than I thought. It….may weaken me if it requires too much. I think. I'm almost certain I can do it, it's just a question of how much power I have to wield at once."

"Should I continue, Puff?"

#Leafy runs the risk of wiping out her reserve energy. If she continues, she may not be able to use her powers for some time. Proceed with caution.

>What do?


Well what other dangers are there? I mean this is the last room, the Green Stallion doesn't hate us now and after this we are going to town to rest.
I say do it


The chain and corkscrew are probably the keys to the two other chests: if it's going to take too much out of her, I say we take another look for a key mechanism on this one before we get her to go all out: I mainly let us go ahead with letting her try because we wanted to know how her manipulating dead matter wood work.


Not a bad idea. Can we kludge this thing with out tools?


Well, all these chests had holes, right?
What's the one on this one like?


You tell Leafy to take a break, and wander to the side of the chest to look at the hole in the side.

It looks like a hole similar to the other chest you opened.

Upon trying the L shaped key, you find it stops at the entrance. It isn't the right shape. The dim lighting in the room does no favors in identifying the right shape required, so you try the corkscrew one instead.

This one fits, though it takes some time to wind the key in far enough that it pops the chest open.

The party gathers around as you pull the only thing from the chest: A metal hoop of sorts, wrought into an ellipse, with a short chain hanging from one end of it. Halfway down the chain, one of the links is replaced with a gem holder. The chain continues on the other side, and just kind of…ends.

The gem inside the holder is red.

"What is it?" Vernant asks, a frustrated, puzzled look on his face.

"Probably not a necklace," Cherry replies, "Too small."

"Would it fit on a leg?" Leafy asks after regaining her breath.

"Still too small, I think," Cherry says, "Perhaps it's for a mane or tail?"

>What do?


alright, first check if the chain goes with THIS chain

maybe not….


You try to connect the two chains, but since neither have clasps, it's a futile attempt.

Perhaps they aren't intended to work together.


was this the last chest?


You look around for any more chests, but alas, the three that are now open are the only ones in the room.


Yeah, there were only three: We L-pieced one, corkscrewed another, and Vernant-ed the third.


does the end of the chain look like it was broken off from something?


Hmm. Gah, we've got all these clues together, but I feel like I'm overlooking something. Maybe we need to wear this last piece… maybe as a headpiece?

It seems like a smooth chain with no clasps.


You look at the chain attached to the hoop.

The end of it appears smooth and unbroken. If something was broken off, it was on a separate link. As far as you can tell, though, it's as it should be. Which is odd considering how it looks. Was it intentionally left like this? Was it still being made?

Who knows.


yeah I have no idea what it's for
I guess it could be for the tail as like a metal tailwrap, we could try that too


So a small metal ellipse hoop… I guess we could thread our tail into it. We sure are cavalier with our mysterious color changing gems that were locked up in a foreboding dungeon, though.

Do we want to try this just yet?


hey if they were bad they wouldn't be in a locked treasure chest


>Oval hoop of metal with a chain, with red gem halfway down it when not worn
>"Necklace" with yellow gem on it, which turns red when worn with bracelet
>Bracelet with Red, Yellow and Green gems, that changes to Green, Yellow and Green when worn
Is the thing on our leg still GYG now that we've got the necklace on?


"Necklace" turned green, one of the bracer gems turned red.


Ask the others what they think about this right now. I bet Vernant just wants to get the hell out of here now.


Oh, whoops.


You put the hoop on your head, with the chain doing down your neck a bit. It's rather uncomfortable, the hoop being too small to do more than rest on your head or be very annoyingly tight on the tip top of your head.
It doesn't seem right.

"Gem is still red," Vernant says, "So's the one on the chain."

So it isn't right.

"Uh….looks like green, green, red," Vernant says. "And the necklace gem is green."

"So it's probably a tail hoop," Cherry says, "Though I don't get why there's just a chain hanging off. Feels like that'd be annoying, smacking your rear if it's close to the base of your tail or just hanging slash dragging on the floor."

"That, and you wearing a tail hoop…." she grins widely, barely able to stifle the laughter the mental image is causing her. "I'd have to get a picture."

"Can we hurry up and decide what to do so we can LEAVE?" Vernant asks. "I wanna know what it does too, but this place is cursed, remember?"

>Put the tail hoop on

>Let's head back to town before we do anything


Try it on real quick, if it doesn't turn green then let's head back
We've been down here a while now


Maybe we could learn more first. Or we could oblige Ms. Cherry right now.


>Final decision: Put it on or no?


do it
wear the gems
we will be the prettiest puff


yeah do it


Let's do it now, just in case the gear is used to activate something here. Sorry Vernant, but the more we can find out now the less likely it is we'll ever have to come back.


I guess impulse wins the day. Let's hope we don't regret this TOO badly.




All I can say is that it's probably good that Leafy has a little reserve power left.



Sighing, you ask Cherry for her assistance.

"Wait, seriously?" she asks, grin growing wider, "I mean yeah, sure, if you want. But I totally get to take a picture of this back at the office."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Come on."

Cherry helps you put the tail hoop on. The feeling of the relatively cool metal sliding along your tail sends a shiver up your spine.

"How close to your….uh, backside, do you want it?"

Before you can reply, the hoop moves rapidly across your tail until it's only a few inches from your butt. Cherry yelps and backs away, eyes wide.

"That wasn't me! It did it on its own, I swear!"

"The other gem is green now," Vernant's voice has a nervous edge to it, "I think they're all green. On all of them."

The room is quiet save for the flickering of torch flames as the party waits pensively for something to happen.

Minutes pass, and nothing does.

"…Maybe it doesn't do anything?" Leafy asks.

"It moved on its own. It does something, we just don't know what." Cherry says.

"Well, whatever. Let's get out of here," Vernant says, pointing at the tunnel. "Come on, let's go."

You sigh and move to take the necklace off. You get it about halfway up your neck before it stops, suddenly tugging back downward until it rests on your shoulders again.
The heck?

"I uh….can't take it off," you tell the party, "I think there might be magic keeping these attached now."

"Well that's just great," Vernant says, putting a hoof across his face, "And we don't know what they do. Well, either way, we should leave. We can figure it out later."

The party agrees, though Cherry still laughs a bit when she looks at you.

"You want to take lead again, Puff?" Vernant asks, "I mean, we're leaving, but you're the leader more or less. What's it gonna be?"

>Lead the party on the way out

>Gimme a sec, I think we missed something
>[Insert pony here] can take point


Take point.


Welp. That's just great.
We have cursed ourselves fully now.


Relax dude, we've done this before. It'll be fine.


>Remeet with Green Stallion
>He asks us why we're dressed as a temple maiden


>"It makes me feel pretty, okay?!"


go out past the stage
none of this seems familiar does it leafy?


let's lead and get the hell out of here


Did we ever check out the stage itself?


…good point
let's annoy vernant some more


"I'll take point again," you reply, to which Vernant nods.

"Suitable of a leader to be at the front," he says with a small grin, "Very well. Lets get out of here."

The party leaves the room the same way they came, going down the tunnel the fireball came through as they head back into the stage-room.

You realize, as you enter the stage-room, that you never checked out the stage or the pony statue guards upon it. Or the gate at the back of it, for that matter.

Turning to look at it, something sticks out to you now: The gate appears to be glowing. A green aura, almost mist like in appearance, flows from the gate and coils on the stage around the statues.

It definitely wasn't doing that before.

>Check out the stage

>Maaaaybe we should just leave


Uhh… guys, do you see this?


"….You guys see that, right?" you ask the party, doing your best to keep the nervousness in your head off your tone of voice.

"See what?" is the first response from Cobalt.

"The stage. Is there something different about it to you?"

"Uh…..nope," he responds, shaking his head.

"Me either," Cherry says, eyebrow raised in curiosity.

One by one they all say no, assuring you they don't see anything odd.

>What do?


everything is supergreen tonight


tell them that it looks like it's glowing green to you, something to do with the armor pieces no doubt


Oooookay. I think another trip is going to have to be in order, but maybe we should rest up a little first and not blunder from one supernatural encounter to the next on our lonesome.

(What do you guys say?)




Does touching any of the gems have any effect?
Or trying to pull them off now?


I don't really want to rest in a spooky place like this, but we should definitely check out the gate carefully
don't want to get sucked into some weird green dimension


Well, by rest I meant, like, leave and come back.

Though of course that assumes we'll have the freedom to do so.


You explain how it looks, drawing skeptical looks from everyone in the party barring Leafy.

"Show me," she says through the mental link.

You push mentally on the image of the stage in your vision, pushing hard until you hear Leafy hum as she thinks.

"Strange," she says, "I wonder why we can't see it?"

"It's the gems and stuff," you say aloud, drawing the attention of the group again, "I think it's making, or letting, me see stuff."

"That doesn't sound good," Cobalt replies flatly.

You tap the gem on the necklace, to no effect.
When you attempt to remove it again, it stubbornly refuses like it did before.

"Still can't take them off," you murmur.


>Check out stage


Okay, the gate's glowing green for me. Can you lot maybe come with me to check it out, just in case?


It doesn't sound good to me either, but this could be important.


man, i wish we had decoded those runes and stuff
i bet we could learn something about whats going on


I know, i wish we had brought Brynn now, oh well
convince the group to check out the gate, this seems important


Check out the stage.


I'm kind of worried we might not be able to leave.


we might have been able to decipher it ourselves
the clues are probably there


"I need to check out the stage," you tell the group.

Cherry and Cobalt kind of sigh, no doubt tired of the exploring and wishing they could leave. Cherry shows a resolve afterward though that says she's with you. Cobalt does as well, but it's weaker. He must be pretty tired.

Vernant, on the other hand, is pissed.

"We need to LEAVE, Puff," he insists, "We can always come back, right?"

"Do you really want to come back? You already said the place was cursed," you rebutt.

He growls incoherently for a minute, before finally looking you in the eyes.

"Fine. Check it out. But afterward, I'm leaving whether you are or not. Got it?"

"Of course," you reply, "It'll just take a minute."

"Be careful, Puff," Leafy says, looking worried, "I'll be right here if you need me."

You stride forward, onto the stage, the green mist creeping around your hooves as you do your best to inspect the gate. Strangely enough, the mist has no temperature difference to it. It barely registers as even being there if you aren't looking at it.
The statues remain immobile as you pass them and move toward the gate. Not everything has gone sideways here, at least. Statues are still statues.
So you approach the gate that looms from stage to high ceiling. The glow intensifies as you draw closer, but nothing else seems to change.
When it's within hoof reach, you inspect the gate itself.

It's made of metal, but bears no tarnishing. It's as though it's avoided aging with time somehow. It gives off no heat, or any coolness, with the glow. It just….is. There's something about it that seems to draw you closer, but you can't quite put a mental hoof on it.

>Touch the gate

>Touch the statues
>Done inspecting




poke statue


Touch the gate.


Well, at least it doesn't appear actively malicious.

Maybe touch one of the gems to the gate?


touch the gate

get ready to run


The statues aren't hollow or anything, right?


i bet the green stallion is laughing at us


You cautiously reach out and touch the gate.

The metal is….room temperature. It's smooth, polished to a sheen, and slightly reflective. A faint sound draws you to place your ear against the gate, straining to listen.

"You bear a gift not meant for you."

You recoil from the feminine voice, but as she continues speaking you realize it no longer matters if your ear is pressed to the gate or not.

"It grants you a power you don't know how to wield."

Looking around, you don't notice anything different from before you touched the gate. The statues are still sitting there, the mist still coils around everything…..

It's only when you turn back to the gate that you see the shape in the mist.

Beyond the gate.

"But without your interference, the Hall will forever be sealed."

The shape is huge, and growing. Some large form rising in the mist, reaching closer to the ceiling as it takes full shape. A massive thing that sits on large limbs, with a body bigger than a tree trunk, and a large, angular head at the end of a slender neck.

"I grant you the power you need to defeat him. The power to bring both to where they truly belong."

The glow from the gate intensifies, the brightness threatening to blind you if you keep looking.
The necklace and bracer seem to react to the glowing light, suddenly feeling hot on your coat. You can feel the tail hoop heat up similarly on your tail. Trying to remove them is once again futile, they cling to your coat more fiercely than ever now. And still the temperature increases! You're certain they're burning you now.

Grunting, you keep trying to remove the equipment, but can't. The heat reaches a new, intense height. Searing pain rips through your shoulder and chest, while your tail feels like it's on fire. You look down at the necklace, and nearly wretch at the sight.

The necklace is embedded in your chest, slowly burying itself into you.

Screaming you look at the bracer, and see it too has begun to weave itself with your flesh.

You panic, dropping to the floor, desperately clawing at the equipment searing your skin.

But there's no respite.

Squirming away from the gate, you look to your party. Why aren't they helping? Why are they just standing there? Why won't anyone DO SOMETHING?!

They all stand locked in place with unblinking eyes, their eyes nothing but white voids. Their expressions seem tense instead of frightened; Horribly unfitting to the extreme pain wracking your body.

No longer able to move and all sensations succumbing to the incredible agony coursing through your very veins now, you can only cry as you turn your gaze back to the gate.

The draconic form in the mist leans against the gate, lacking any expression. No remorse, no pity, just a faceless mist figure.

"Open the Hall again, Puff," it whispers.

You can fight the pain no longer, and shut your eyes.



what the actual fuck


guys im scared


You wake with a start, sweat coursing down your face as you look around the dark room while patting your body reflexively.

The equipment is gone.

You swallow hard. Is it…..

Looking about the dark room you realize where you are: At home. Your home. Your bed on the upper floor of your office.

It…was a dream?

Hopping out of bed, you head down the darkened stairs. Walking into the kitchen you spot Leafy sleeping in a pillow fort not unlike the one Sweetie made for you before.

Swallowing hard, you realize you're parched. A glass of water would be super right now.

Deciding you'll grab a drink before waking Leafy up and asking what the hell happened, you walk over to your glasses cabinet and open the door.

Reaching up to grab a glass, you slip on part of the pillow fort's blankets that stretch over near the sink, and smack a glass from the cabinet right out into thin air.

You gasp as it begins to fall, and instinctively reach out to grab it.

It suddenly stops in mid air, before you've even touched it. It hovers without motion. Looking around you notice you can't hear Leafy's light snoring, or the usual sound of the wind and night critters that sit outside your walls. Everything is silent and unmoving.

Cautiously, you reach out and grab the glass, sighing with relief as you place it on the counter.

And just like that, all the sounds come back. Leafy's snoring, the crickets outside, the light pit pat of water leaking from your faucet into the sink.

What….the hell?

#End of Chapter 2

#End of present session


oh god
oh god
what did we do
what did we dooooooooo


Okay I'm spooked
how did he grab the glass with a hoof?





Alright, thanks for joining me tonight guys. Hope it was fun. Went through a bit of a rough patch partway through but I hope it was entertaining in the end.

Again, if you have questions for characters in your party (Leafy, presently) you can ask them in the /qt/ thread. As well as ask other things, if you like.

Have a nice night and thanks for participating. See you next week!


Did we just freeze time?


this was a good one. I'm sufficiently scared


>Sufficiently scared

Guess I'll have to try harder.

I kid.
Or do I?



Oh god I have to know
We went through a rough patch? It seemed incredible to me, I'm loving all these flavor descriptions and crazy things happening, and the party members all have just enough character to themselves in the writing- I think you're doing fabulously. I just feel kind of dumb plodding along.

Thank you a lot for the great night!


Oh, no. The rough patch was on my end. Attitude wise. You may have noticed I slowed down rather badly at one point, and I was literally sitting here with my face on my desk wondering if I should even continue.

Emotions are weird.

I apologize if it adversely affected the session for you all.


Oh and thank you for the compliment! I am trying to keep the characters individualized in their reactions, but I know sometimes it all just blends together. Hopefully more distinct differences will become apparent in future sessions.

And I think you all are doing just fine. Just fine.


Sorry, I didn't realize!
Thank you even more then, I hope you're okay! Anything I can do to help?


Unfortunately, no. It's a problem with me and my perception on other things. I'm the only one who can really do anything about it and I need to just stop thinking about it.
Thanks for the concern, though.


Okay then. You're one of my favorite people and I wish the best for you.

Thanks again, have a good night!


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