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Previously, on MAQ:

Having fully recovered, you and Leifjka checked out of the hospital. But not before you got a magical injection to help your feathers grow back faster, of course.

Walking into the waiting lobby revealed Sweetie and Spike waiting for you. Sweetie met you with visible relief, nearly toppling you in a hug.

Your party moved to the Library for a private talk, in which you forbade Sweetie from following you or joining you on your planned trip into the Everfree. The argument was brief and tearful, but in the end she accepted your decision.

Spike promised to keep an eye on her, another layer of protection on top of the agents Cherry had already promised.

Afterward, you and Leifjka picked up Cherry from her office. She seemed more than eager to throw on her survival gear and get out of the office.

The three of you met with Vernant and Cobalt, learning more about the situation at large and what to expect.

With a decision to not actively seek out Brynn in mind, your merry band of five prepared to move out toward the forest.

Nobody really knowing what the Green Stallion meant by "the truth", but all very eager to find out.

The time has come to venture forth. With luck, what you find may help guide what your next actions are. Or maybe even tell you how to solve this situation.


we're all gonna die


everyone's gonna die but us and heir jordan


Stop being so optimistic anon.




Ponies never say die!


No. They say game over.


#Current Party: You, Leifjka, Cherry, Cobalt, and Vernant

Your party leaves Cobalt's hotel room behind, heading for the edges of the Everfree.

When the moderate bustle of Ponyville begins to thin, houses becoming more sporadic, and the shopkeepers' voices are no longer within ear shot, Cobalt slows to a stop. Vernant stops just ahead of him, turning to ask what's wrong.

He looks from side to side before shaking his head.

"Are you sure we should go without Brynn?"

The group turns to look at you. Cobalt already made it seem Brynn would be useful, but that the two of them in the same group could complicate things.

Even though you said you wanted to go without Brynn before, Cobalt seems to be seeking a final answer before you actually reach the forest.

>I'm sure. [Go without Brynn]

>Fine. Let's find him. Fast.


I'm happy going without him for now


For now I'm sure we'll manage.


I think we should.
But I'm just one vote.


No time to second guess ourselves. Onwards!


Do we have an idea of where he should be?
I don't want to waste a bunch of time if we're not sure we can find him

I say we go without him


"I'm sure we'll manage without him," you say with finality, turning back to the road out of town. There's no more time to waste.

Vernant shrugs at Cobalt before thumping his cohort in the shoulder supportively.

The party moves on.


Soon the Everfree comes into view, no less ominous and looming than before. Save for the fact that a tiny green sapling that contrasts harshly with the dark, broken woods behind it sits on the edge of the forest. The tree Leafy "saved" isn't far from the path into the woods.

Somehow the sight of it bolsters your spirits.

"So," Vernant says as the group stands on the edge of the forest, "Have any idea where in here this place or thing might be? Or what we're looking for?"

Everyone except Cherry shakes their heads.

"Really?" Cherry asks incredulously, "So we're going to just comb the forest?"

"A little adventuring won't hurt anybody," Vernant says with a wry grin at the pink pony, "You can stand behind me if it'll make you feel better."

Cherry narrows her eyes at Vernant as he laughs.

"So, Puff," Cobalt asks over the laughter, "What's the plan?"

Leifjka wanders over to the sapling while you mull your options in your head. She whispers to the green sprout, giggling and patting it gently with a hoof.

>Comb the forest as a group

>Split up
>[Player idea/choice]


Splitting the party is a terrible idea

buuuut we'll cover way more ground
Let's do it!


Stay together for now.
Ask Leafy where she was "saved" by the green stallion. That should be our fist destination.


We should stick together.


Let's head to where Leafy had the meltdown as a group
We can split up after that it we need to


"Let's stick together for now," you reply before turning to Leafy. "Any idea where in the forest it was that the Green Stallion 'saved' you?" you ask the mare.

She looks up from the sapling and hums softly as she thinks, before answering.

"Well, it might be tough to recognize that place now. I mean it was really long ago. I'd have to ask a lot of trees and hope they talk."

She turns her attention back to the sapling, asking it something and nodding with a small smile before turning back towards you.

"This little guy has long roots, though. He says he can feel something that isn't the earth not too far from here."

A little cryptic, but maybe it'll be useful?

>Let's head to where Leafy had the meltdown

Leafy is presently sitting in the approximate position she was sitting in when she broke down crying and turned a tree into a sapling.
The very sapling she's talking to now, in fact.

"Can he tell us which direction this 'not earth' is?" you ask Leafy.

She nods before whispering more things to the sapling, then smiling broadly and kissing the top of the sapling. She gets up from her seated position and rejoins the group, pointing into toward the left of the forest.

"He said it's that way. I gave him a small boost of energy and he grew some flowers from his roots that should be right next to what he feels. That way we won't have to look too hard."


that's a neat trick


Leafy shrugs before fixing her mane.

"I thought it'd save us some trouble. Hopefully it's what we're looking for."

You smile, thanking her for her ingenuity. The mare blushes and waves her hoof dismissively, insisting it was nothing.

Without further ado, the party heads into the Everfree forest.


Roll #1 4 = 4


Sweet. Let's go.


well this seems promising
I was afraid we were going to be combing for a while


uh oh



It's okay, that was just a roll to check how cute Puffs thought Leafy was for blushing



The world seems much darker once you're inside the Everfree. Despite all the tree tops being barren, or having rotten, brittle black leaves, light seems to have a tough time reaching the ground. Thus it's not surprising that most the ground is cracked and barren, with the stingiest of weeds clawing their way from the earth, accompanied only by the roots of the large trees that dominate the landscape. How the things manage to stand while looking almost rotten to the core is a mystery in itself.

Sounds of animals not tamed by ponies echo from the deeper, darker woods, making Leafy and Cobalt shudder.

The group presses on, in the direction Leifjka pointed initially.

Despite the intimidating landscape, your group suffers no attacks.

Except for the one scare caused by Cobalt tripping over an errant root, screaming bloody murder as he fell. Everyone jumped at that, Vernant included.

Eventually, you come upon a clearing coated in a strange bluish-green grass. It's the only vegetation that looks even remotely healthy you've seen since entering.

"Is this what you were talking about?" you ask Leafy.

She shakes her head. "No. The flowers should be a bright orange."

The group wanders into the field, looking about for orange flowers.


Roll #1 1 = 1


See you guys in the next quest








uhhh this guy >>599339


The group spreads out, looking on the edges of the field for any trace of the flowers.

There's a sudden loud snapping sound, like the breaking of a large twig. Everyone turns toward the source of the sound.

Cobalt backs slowly away from a pair of glowing red eyes with his own eyes shut.

"Guys!" he yelps, "C-Cockatrice!"

"A what?" Leifjka asks, bewildered.

Cherry lets out a curse as your group bands together behind Cobalt. There's no time to explain exactly what a Cockatrice is to Leafy, so Cherry just orders her to not look into the creature's eyes.

The chicken-headed creature steps from behind a tree, eyes a bloody red as it screeches and lashes its dragon tail angrily.

You're going to have to deal with this monster before you continue, lest it hound you and your party the entire time your in the forest.

>What do?








Get Leafy to use some wood growing magic and strangle it or fling it away


Your suffering is only beginning.




We'll see about that.


#Actionable Inventory
- Rope
- Small Airhorn, still unassembled
- Canteen [Can hit something with it, probably]
- Med kit
- Granola bars/Trail rations

You instruct Leafy to try and fling the monster away from the party with her powers. Barring that; Kill the thing.

She looks shaken at the idea of having to kill something with her powers, but nods confirmation.

As a back up, you pull the airhorn from your bag and quickly screw the plastic funnel into the slot of the compressed air canister. Should Leifjka's powers fail, you'll blast the creature with the air horn, hopefully dizzying it enough that one of the others can knock the thing out or away.
With this in mind, you instruct Vernant and Cherry to grab nearby heavy sticks.

Leifjka murmurs, raising a hoof slowly in direction of the cockatrice.

Considering the seriousness of the situation, she prepares to expend more than minor amounts of energy to accomplish the task. [1d10+5]

Roll #1 6 + 5 = 11


go Leafy




on second thought, we probably shouldn't blast the airhorn since attracting attention is probably not a good idea


here we go


The Cockatrice approaches quickly, tiny feet scurrying and flinging up a thin dust as it tries to bear down on Cobalt, eyes wide and glowing menacingly as it attempts to turn him to stone.

Cobalt continues to look away, slowly backing up until he's nearly bumped into Vernant.

Leifjka opens her eyes, pupils glowing a royal purple once more as she flicks her hoof dismissively at the charging beast.

The glade rips apart beneath the cockatrice, ground crumbling away as it screeches in surprise, flapping its dragon wings to try and stay afloat.
The action is of no use, however, as a set of dark, half broken roots rise from the hole in the ground, wrapping themselves around the creature as it flails in a panicked state.
The roots bind the creature so thoroughly you can no longer see any part of it, the roots forming a veritable shell around the thing.
Suddenly the roots begin to spin in a circle, winding up as they twist in a circular motion counterclockwise, until they're just a dark blur and the air whips through the glade.

Just as quickly as the motion begins, it ends. The roots suddenly release the Cockatrice as they swing, flinging the creature skyward and away from the party.

Its screeching fades into oblivion as the form disappears beyond the trees.

Leifjka sighs, and the roots slowly withdraw back into the broken earth. A small hole, surrounded by chunks of hard earth and earth rendered to dust, is the only evidence a fight occurred.


Holy crap.
Nice work Leafy.




wave goodbye


Well, that happened. Now where the hell are those orange flowers?


You jokingly wave goodbye at the Cockatrice as the rest of the group, other than Leafy, stares in awe at the hole in the ground, then at the sky.

"That…..was something," Cherry says, finding her voice after a time.

"Aye. Remind me never to get on her bad side," Vernant says respectfully.

You and Cobalt breathe sighs of relief, both thanking Leifjka for a job well done.

She wipes a mild sweat from her brow, smiling in return before winking at you.
"That's what I'm here for!"

She adds, "Master," playfully through your mental link, threatening to make you blush.

Vernant and Cherry stow the large twigs across the back of Cherry's survival bag for easy access. Just in case any more encounters occur.

"Right. So let's not head the way that thing just got thrown," Vernant says as you look about the glade again. "Which way now, boss?"

"Any clues from the plants, Leafy?"

She shakes her head. "These ones don't like talking to me. Too corrupted. My gut says that way," she replies, pointing further into the woods, opposite the path your group used to enter the glade.

>Go with Leifjka's gut feeling

>Pick a different direction
>Split up


I don't like going even deeper but we need to get to the bottom of this


Go with her gut.
This blue grass isn't poison joke, right…?


I really hope they would be smart enough to recognize if it were
if there's one person we can rely on to direct us in the forest it's Leafy so let's go with her gut


"Wait, is this poison joke?" you ask, suddenly panicking about your choice of fighting ground.

"No." Cherry replies flatly, raising an inquisitive eye at you, "Have you never seen Poison Joke? Or gone through the RGIA field training?"

You shake your head.

"Remind me to get you that training sometime," she says with a small grin, "This is just grass. Poison joke is completely blue and actually looks like a flower. Whole fields of the stuff grow in random spots in the Everfree. But this is just weird looking grass as far as I can tell. Doesn't seem to do anything."

Fears assuaged for now, you rally the group and follow Leafy's gut feeling further into the forest.

The scenery hardly changes as you leave the blue-green field behind you. Sinister trees and weeds plague the land as far as the eye can see.

Until the group finds another field.

There's no easing into this field. One second you're all wandering through a broken treeline, the next you're all half blind in a sunny field of green grass.

"Ah jeeze!" Cherry yells, covering her eyes, "Did we walk out the Everfree by accident?"

"We had to have," Cobalt says, rubbing his eyes blearily, "I mean look at-"

"No." Vernant says solidly, shielding his eyes against the sunlight, "Look beyond the far edge of the field."

The group looks, following his gaze as eyes adjust to the light.

He's right. The far side of the field has the same rotten, broken looking trees and ground as what you just left behind. But then what is this place?

"Puff, look!" Leafy yells, pointing excitedly at a row of orange flowers.

A row of flowers that sit beside a strange stone.

"Is that a fallen column?" Cherry asks in bewilderment.

It's tough to tell from here. Whatever the rock is, it's very wide and overrun with ivy. The angle is bad and you can't make out much about the rock or what is near it from here. And yet you're incredibly uncomfortable feeling. Like your entire hide itches. Something about it is telling you to leave, but you can't put your hoof on exactly what.

>What do?


Let's investigate!


Can Leafy try to communicate with those flowers and see if there's any danger around?


get a little closer and use our detective skills to see if anything looks dangerous


We're standing in the middle of a summoning circle, aren't we?

Well…guess we'd better check out that rock.


File: 1411861988035.png (62.44 KB, 795x217, RoughLookingThing.png) ImgOps Google

Have a really fast doodle of what I kind of want to convey. Ignore the crap shading.

Leifjka can't communicate with the plants from here, so asks the grass instead. She confirms there's nothing moving ahead, barring the gentle swaying of grass and flowers.

The group gets closer, and you take a good look at the nearly overgrown rock.

It's ancient looking, coated with ivy and with deep embedded cracks that run through it in no apparent pattern. Time has done a number on it, but it still rests here. You look beyond it, and notice the area immediately behind it seems dug out, with a similar rock over the top of the mined out area. If anything, it looks like the entrance to a cavern of some sort.
As you get closer, you notice the ground behind the rock is also rock instead of earth. It would appear that there were steps carved from the rock, or made and placed here, that lead down into something.

You look around, hoping to spot any kind of traps. But it's just a green field with this…cavern kind of thing, in the middle of it.

"Well, I guess we found SOMETHING, anyway," Vernant says. Clearly he unappreciative of potentially lost history.

"Looks like ruins of some kind," Cherry states, looking over the side of the rock into the rough stairway of sorts beyond, "Can't tell how far down it goes from here."

"Only one real way to find out," Vernant suggests.

>What do?


We're gonna need a light.


Find out.

Some sort of tomb?


too bad we don't have a unicorn to just levitate a ball of light down there

how steep is the entrance?


I say we split

Cherry and Leafy stay outside and Cobalt, Vernant and we go inside.

That way if somethign goes wrong we can communicate with Leafy and tell Cherry to go get backup and a rescue team.


surely one of our compatriots brought a lamp


did anyone think to bring a lantern or something…?


I don't think so, we aren't the brightest bunch


Well it's nice to see that SB passed the torch to someone when it comes to jokes.


"Kinda dark in there to be exploring," you reply to Vernant, "And I don't have a torch or anything."

"Always be prepared," Cherry says with a grin, taking off her saddlebag and rummaging through it before producing a flashlight, "And who needs a torch?"

You smile sheepishly, though Cherry does end up confirming she has flint, tinder, and matches should they be needed as well.

"So what do you think it is?" you ask the group, all five of you looking at the rocks, "A tomb or something?"

"Could be," Vernant muses, "Though I say we'd have to go down the steps to see a door of any variety. Surely if it's a tomb it has a closed front."

"Same thoughts here," Cobalt replies.

Most the group agrees that going down the steps seems to be the fastest way to figure out if this is what you're looking for, or a dead end.

The stairs are relatively flat, though they have a few dips and cracks in them where weathering has done the most damage. The steps are large enough to rest a pair of hooves on comfortably and without touching the edge, but are built to keep those traversing them moving by not being so large as to let you place all four hooves on them at a time.

The stairs seem to be fairly short, all things considered. No more than twenty steps, if you're counting correctly and the darkness isn't hiding more.


fuck yeah, Tomb Raiders
let's go Spelunking




If we do I still say we do what I said here >>599375. Better safe than sorry


Too bad we don't have any glowsticks

Works for me
I'm a bit hesitant to split up, but I guess it won't be that bad since we have link


that's a good idea
if there's a cave in or something it would be bad if we were all trapped


yeah, let's do that too


"Alright. I say we go in," you tell the team, earning a surprised look from Cobalt but reassured nods from all the others.

"Right. Who goes in, then?" Vernant asks, barely able to contain the excited edge in his tone.

"Cherry and Leafy stay outside. Keep overwatch and stay here in case something happens. If something goes wrong in the cavern, then they can go get help. Vernant and Cobalt come with me as the descending team. Any objections?"

"I want to come with you," Leafy says through the mental link, the slight echo to her voice sounding mildly resentful, "But…if you think it's best I stay here, I'll do as you ask. If something goes wrong, tell me right away so I can try to help you."

"Of course," you reply, pushing on the thought to ensure she receives it.

The slight nod she gives confirms her intention to do as asked.

Cherry pouts.

"What, you think because I'm a mare I can't handle a little dungeon diving?"

You roll your eyes.

Vernant smiles broadly, "Alright! Let's do this!"

Cobalt sighs and nods, toughening his demeanor a bit.

"Well that's settled then," you say with finality. "Vernant, Cobalt, let's go."

>Who leads?


we're running this show I say we lead


I am so fucking scared about doing that but we really don't have a choice.

Let's try to be slow and vigilant. For once I wish we had Brynn here. He'd be the perfect leader here. And meat shield.


You take the flashlight from Cherry, turning it on and holding it in your mouth as you lead the way down the old steps.

#Party: You, Cobalt, Vernant. Leifjka and Cherry temporarily unavailable

The party collectively ducks as you descend below the lip of the cavern entrance, trying not to hit your heads on the rough stone.

The air cools dramatically in the darkness, each step down feeling colder than the last, until by the time you reach the bottom you can faintly see your breath with each exhale.

The narrow beam of the flashlight is the only light source in your party, and cuts through the darkness sharply, but making the darkness around it seem all the deeper.

Luckily, the cavern opens up a bit once you've reached the bottom of the steps. It flattens into a platform of sorts, all made from the same rough rock rendered smooth by hard work or magic. The three of you stand comfortably as you proceed into a tunnel wide enough for a pony and a half, giving you ample breathing room from the walls on either side.
The sides of the tunnel entrance are carved with a foreign language of some kind, completely separate from anything you've ever seen. Sharply angled characters mixed with small hieroglyphic symbols tell a story you can't read. The only sense you can make of any of it lies near the end of the tunnel. You're about to walk into the next chamber, which appears to be quite expansive, when a picture on the right captures your attention.

It's a strange picture, to be sure. A gate of some sort lies on the far left, and to the immediate right of it stands a dragon and a pony. They stand side by side, though the dragon dwarfs the pony completely with its size the gate behind them is larger still. The two face away from the portal, standing in defiance against a good number of other ponies who brandish spears, in addition to one unicorn in the back whose horn is depicted as glowing.

Cobalt and Vernant can't make any meaning of the writing on the walls either, though they are also intrigued by the drawing you spot at the end.

The three of you enter the more expansive chamber at the end of the tunnel, a room so large the three of you can stand side by side and still have much room on either end of your merry band.
Before you is a great door Picture upon request, circular in nature and hewn from a massive boulder. A series of crests and words are across the boulder, and it possesses a series of slots and….button-like rocks that protrude from the center of the boulder.

A pair of braziers stand on either side of the boulder-door. If you light them then the room would be easier to take in all at once, instead of relying on your constantly swiveling the flashlight.




>Picture upon request
that would be cool of you don't mind


I mean
what could go wrong?


We're gonna need a picture of those crests and words, too, I'd say.


We'd better see if we can translate some of this-
Oh wait…


We don't know if it's the same language Brynn translated


I guess now we'll never know, will we?


did anyone bring a notebook and a pen? we should really be taking notes on all this.


Oh yes, because this ruins will just fucking poof out of existence forever. Same with Brynn. Just like that they'll be in two different dimensions and Brynn will never interact with this ruins


We wouldn't need to go back for him if you stubborn fuckers had just swallowed your pride and invites him in the first place.


I thought about that earlier: I figured Cobalt'd would have brought that since he's all about the creepy drawing, but I forgot to check before we left.
…I suddenly realise we don't have a detective's notebook and this is something we seriously need to correct at some point.


Invited, even.


If no one has anything talk with Leafy and make her ask Cherry. I would fin it impossible for her to not have a notebook


A unicorn probably would have been helpful too
too late now, just makedo with who we have


I wouldn't count something of the sort out, Anon. It'd be a classic move to set up a trap that'd seal up the ruins if we fuck up this puzzle. Or just to have things start collapsing at some point. Or maybe something doesn't want us digging up whatever's here.
In short, there's plenty that could go wrong. Until it does though, we'll do what we can.


File: 1411865747284.png (61.91 KB, 533x449, DoorInQuestionRough.png) ImgOps Google

Well it kinda looks like crap but I hope you get the idea.

The boulder that serves as a door is rough around the edges by any standard; Parts of it seem chipped away. Perhaps due to weathering or some form of magic that the Everfree imbued upon it. Hard to say.

The top of the door has most of the writing, though some are on the buttons that run vertically through the center. There are two horizontal slots on either side of these buttons, though what they're for you can't tell.

At the bottom is an image of a flower. Or at least thats what you think it is. On either side of it are indents made for hooves.

Cobalt has a notebook and pen with him, though its rather dark and hard for him to take notes. He's trying, though.

You tell Leifjka through the mental link that you could use the flint, tinder, and match set that Cherry brought.

A short hike up and back down the stairs later, you have the materials necessary to light the braziers on either side of the boulder door, and promptly do so.

It takes a few attempts, since you haven't had to do something like this in quite some time, but eventually you get the two braziers lit. The room is flooded with a dull yellow light, allowing you to turn the flashlight off for now.

You hope the braziers are long lasting or magically enchanted, otherwise it'll go dark again relatively soon.

The lighting reveals that the walls of this chamber are smooth, except for the boulder door. Quite the contrast to the hallway leading to here.

>What do?


does it look like the boulder door is made from the same rock as the rest of the room?
maybe it was put there to seal something in


That last symbol. It's the weird clock thing.


Okay can we describe the runes we see to Leafy? Maybe she'll know something.

Either way get her down here. That flower is might suspicious


There's a lot of arrows in those symbols. Is it telling us to move something?


>Hoove indent symbols either side of flower and crossed arrows
Indicating who should move it?


The boulder appears to be the same type of rock as the rest of the room. You're no geologist so you aren't sure what kind of rock it is, but they seem to be the same. Even so, the boulder-door looks like it was placed here, not just carved from a wall.

It's definitely there to keep something in, or keep something out. Why else would such a heavy object be used as a door?

You confer with Vernant, who merely shrugs his shoulders.
"How would I know? I'm a Griffon, not a pony."

You ask Cobalt, and he scratches his head a bit.
"Either that or the arrows are part of the symbols that make up the language used in this cavern. If that's the case, then they aren't conveying directions, they're used as words, letters, or some form of instruction that could be completely different from what an arrow would indicate."

"So you have no idea?"

"If I had to guess, I'd put money that they aren't indicating directions."

>What do?


You try to convey the runes through the mental link, but when Leafy says she doesn't understand what you mean, you debate just having her come down into the cavern with you.

Doing so would leave Cherry up top alone, unless she came down too.

>What do?


Bring them both down. I don't think we're in any immediate danger.


This is gonna take awhile.


You instruct Leafy to bring Cherry with her. She needs to see this door and give her thoughts on it.

It doesn't take long for them to make their way down the steps, even in the dark.

They gasp as they traverse the tunnel, murmuring thoughts of what they could mean as they enter the chamber with your small party.

#Leifjka and Cherry have rejoined the party!

You point at the boulder-door, specifically the flower looking symbol at the bottom, and ask Leafy what she thinks.

She walks forward, stopping just in front of the boulder-door and inhaling sharply.

"I recognize this symbol," she conveys through the mental link, even as she lowers her head to look at the carving closely, "It's a flower I saw only a few times in my home."

"What is it?" you ask.

"My town called it….how would you say it…'Dragon's Bane'. Dragons supposedly don't like it to the point of avoiding it. I wonder if that's the intended meaning here, though."


There was a dragon on the wall too…
Could the Harbinger be a dragon?


Can she sense any plant life in the room or behind the door?


"I can't tell beyond the boulder; It's too thick. The roof is thinner than the boulder is, surprisingly, and there's roots in the earth between the ceiling and the grass above. I can tell you some roots run further beyond the boulder, but I lose feeling of them after a short distance. Either they stop or I just can't sense them through so much distance and material."



It's a strange picture, to be sure. A gate of some sort lies on the far left, and to the immediate right of it stands a dragon and a pony. They stand side by side, though the dragon dwarfs the pony completely with its size the gate behind them is larger still. The two face away from the portal, standing in defiance against a good number of other ponies who brandish spears, in addition to one unicorn in the back whose horn is depicted as glowing.

I dunno, the pony isn't depicted as a unicorn so it seems hard to think he's Greencoat, and I don't think there'd be anyone else the Harbinger would be depicted as standing beside.

Whereas the unicorn in charge of a large group sounds more like our summoner buddy. Maybe sealed in here is a duo that fought back against them, and he's wanting us to meet them now since things have gone beyond his control?

This is a joke that shouldn't be acted upon unless other players decide it is actually a good idea


If you guys need a push or something lemme know. I will say that the door is solvable/openable with what you have. It's a bit of a puzzle for you to make things a little tougher is all.


I think we should try to open the door
There haven't been any warnings against it, that we can see anyways


That symbol above the buttons looks like an hourglass. We may have a limited amount of time to trigger the opening mechanism once we've disturbed the door.


makes sense
what do you think those 2 rectangles on the side are for?


We're probably supposed to put something in them, but I've no clue what.


The top button, is that two arrows, or an arrow and a line with a circle on the end?


Two arrows.


Alternatively, maybe something will come out once we've started?


do the buttons rotate?
and can we inspect them closer to see if we can't get any clues


Ok then. The first line at the top is composed of nothing we've ever seen before, but the second line is all symbols we can work with.

It's middle button, flower image with hoofmarks either side, top button with hoofmarks either side, Cobalt's doomsday clock.
Any ideas?


You walk up closer and inspect the button looking rocks within the boulder.

The designs are as you see them from afar, just bigger the closer you stand.

You blow some air on the buttons to clear any dust, just in case. No new symbols appear.

Based on the amount of space around the buttons, you suspect you can press them into the boulder. Like actual buttons.

You cautiously attempt to rotate the bottom button, but it refuses to spin.


The second row at the top
It's exactly what's on the door.
Sunrise, hoof plant, hoof hoof, top simbol hoof.
It's a fucking code. We need to push them in the right order or something

What the hell is with the first row though?


I think we should try and push them in that order and see if anything happens

I'm trying to figure out why there's only a single hoof print and then 2 in the sequence though


Can the sun symbol be rotated in any way?


But the flower isn't a button. And it looks like we have to push the hoofmarks on the second and third buttons.


None of the buttons can be rotated.


is that an "r" below the sun looking symbol on the panel up top?


>Sunrise, hoof
Push sunrise button
>Flower, two hooves
Two people start pushing using the hoof indents either side of the flower
>Crossed arrows
Push crossed arrow button

Does that sound right?


Yeah that fits
Lets do this


Seems about right.


It was probably my stylus dragging. It's supposed to be a line. Sorry.


Please confirm choice of action, and which pony (or ponies) will carry the action out.


how about vernant and cobalt do it


Cherry can push the buttons. We and Cobalt can push the hoof indents.


that works too, it doesn't really matter to me who does what


Sounds good. And Vernant can deal with the horrible things that start coming out of the slots once we get our hooves trapped in the indents.


I swear to god I feel like it's something very obvious but I just can't figure out what.
I'm way to tired for this…

The first row and the doom clock at the end just don't fit.


File: 1411869275171.png (182.31 KB, 2500x2100, 1405203246640.png) ImgOps Google

Here's the doom clock again, just in case it's relevant.

Top row, third symbol. Is that a square at the end of one of the lines, or just a deformed triangle?

If so, then the symbols are all made up of varying lines ending in one of the three symbols from the clock, whatever that means.



"Alright, I think I've got it," you announce, startling Cobalt from his thoughts and making Leafy jump slightly.

"Cherry, I want you to push the buttons I tell you to push when I say to push them. Cobalt, you and I will push on the hoof indents when I tell you. Vernant and Leafy will watch our backs and tell us if anything weird happens when we start pushing buttons. Everyone clear? Any questions?"

For once, there are no questions. Cherry and Cobalt move toward the boulder as Leafy and Vernant take up positions of observation closer to the tunnel entrance.

You join Cobalt and Cherry at the boulder, moving Cherry to the center to hit the buttons with you to her left and Cobalt to her right.

"Alright, here we go. And do it quick, there might be a timer."

The two nod and turn to the large boulder, readying themselves for your orders.

"Cherry, push the button that looks like a sun."

Cherry hops up and baps the button with a loud smack. The button gives, slightly, before a loud grinding sound echoes in the chamber as it slides further back, settling into its alcove groove.

"Now, Cobalt! Push the indents!"

You and Cobalt shove hard on the hoof indents, nearly falling against the boulder when the inside of the hoofprints suddenly give way, collapsing further down into the boulder like switches.

"The crossed arrows, the ones pointing up, hit that one!"

Cherry has to really jump to reach it, but a loud smack and a grinding sound signal she successfully pressed it.

"Back away from the door!" you yell, leading the retreat from the door as the grinding sound continues. It's nearly deafening, a constant rock on rock grind more suitable for a quarry than a door. Suddenly the grinding stops, and the sound of a latch giving echoes once.

The room goes quiet.

A minute passes, and Cobalt begins to walk forward to inspect the boulder when the door does something strange.

From the two horizontal vents on either side of the buttons blasts great plumes of bright green smoke. It's thin and wisp-like. Leafy gasps from behind you.

All of you back away from the smoke, save for Leafy and Vernant who are already at the back of the room.

"What is it?" you ask, nerves beginning to fray. Is it poison? Harmless smoke? What?

"It's Dragon's Bane!" Leafy yells over the sound of smoke being jettisoned, "The door is spewing powdered Dragon's Bane!"

"Will it hurt us?"

"No, it shouldn't," Leafy says with obvious relief, "I was just surprised. I can sense the plant in the smoke. They must not have ground it up completely."

With the mysterious smoke revealed to be harmless, your party relaxes as the green smoke washes over them. It's surprisingly refreshing, and fills your nostrils with a soothing after-rain smell.

The door stops spewing smoke only when the room is chalk full of the stuff. With that complete, the door suddenly rolls to the left side with a great grinding sound. It thuds into place with a pathway behind it revealed.

A pathway no bigger than the tunnel entrance you traversed to reach this chamber.

Some confusion about symbols not used, but familiar, lingers in your head as you decide what to do next.

>What do?


Use the flashlight. Cna we see how long the tunnel is?


continue on, have Leafy and Cherry wait back outside


Charge headlong in to darkness

I think we should keep Cherry with us
Maybe leave Cobolt behind this time?


Aw yes, we are the best at puzzles.
So this place was definitely built against the dragon-and-pony duo, then, if they've got a dragonsbane trap to stop dragons getting in.

Torch on, let's head in.

I dunno, we've already had to call them in once: I can see the sense in keeping someone outside to get help if needed but it feels like we'll likely just be calling them in again later.


I still think it would be best to leave at least 1 person outside in case something happens though


You turn the flashlight back on and point it down the newly revealed hallway.

It goes on for less than half the distance the entrance did before opening up to another chamber. It's hard to tell the size of that chamber from in here, but you can't see the chambers back wall from here so it's relatively long.

Please decide the state of your party before continuing.

10 minute break to hash it out so I can make some coffee.


Leave someone out. If you are right that there must be anti pony traps


>1 person
I think a pair of ponies is safest


Leave Cobalt to watch the entrance. Let the ladies have their turn adventuring.


we shoul keep leafy outside. SShe is the only one with whom we can communicate clearly if something happens


I'm happy with this


Cobalt and Vernant can communicate amongst each other too, can't they?


Brynn convinced them to break the contract remember?


Aw shit. I forgot about that…


so Leafy then?


I still think she should stay with us. If we find more symbols in the next chamber that we don't understand, we'll just end up having to call her back down again.


Well then if that happens then we'll call her back down again
I think it's better to play it say and be a little inconvenienced


Right. Decision on party splitting/not splitting?


Alright alright. But she's gonna be miffed.


play it safe*

I vote for leaving leafy outside


Split. Just in case.


she'll be fine
she always listens to her master~


I vote to leave Leafy and someone else out
Well she has a big ass anyway. A bit of exercise won't hurt



She's gonna hear both of you numbskulls!


so, do you want Cobalt to stay outside with her?


She has wide hips, anon. It's genetics.
And fine. Though you really ought to vent that lewd thinking some time, or you might just act on it.

So Leafy/Cobalt hang back? Yay or Nay?




And all my lewd thought are okay in my head Aspirant. And anyways Puff can only have Sweetie related lewd thought



If I could draw lewd I'd be all over teasing you guys.

You instruct Leafy and Cobalt to resurface and hang back, once again acting as a security detail in case a cave-in or injury happens.

Cobalt nods, moving toward the tunnel entrance to head back to the surface.

Leafy puffs her cheeks, pouting a bit at you through the mental link for good measure, but ultimately goes with it. You're in charge and she's your partner, after all.

#Party is now You, Cherry, and Vernant. Leifjka and Cobalt temporarily unavailable.

With the other two resurfaced, you now have your party to move forward with.

Once more you take point, flashlight in mouth, as you lead the way down the second tunnel.


Roll #1 6 = 6


6 is good…right?


You're halfway down the short tunnel when the stone beneath you gives way, slightly. A resounding click and grinding of stone echo briefly as you and your party freeze in place.

Surprisingly, nothing else happens.

"I feel like you just got real lucky," Vernant says softly.

The three of you continue down the hallway and into the adjoining chamber without any further issue.

The adjoining chamber is massive, to put it shortly.

To the immediate left is a long table, with a small smattering of antiquated wooden chairs. The table has only one thing on it: A book. It lies in the smack center of the table. Something about the book is….strange.

Straight ahead is a plain wooden door. Next to it is a bookcase, a small number of papers scattered on the shelves and floor around it. All those pages are dirty, crumpled, and worn by time.

To the left of the door is a massive stage, made of the same rock as the room but polished to a sheen. The front is studded with the occasional gemstone. On each end of the stage are large statues of oversized guards in strange armor, wielding spears. They face outward, toward the audience, as if guarding what lies behind them.
Behind them is an incredibly large gate, seemingly made of metal. It reaches from the bottom of the stage to the top of an arched ceiling that stretches some twenty feet tall. Only the area over the stage is arched. Strangely, the surface of the arched ceiling isn't smooth. It's rough, but reflective, like imperfect glass.

Across from the stage lies a pair of weapon racks, with many spears lined upon the weapon slots. They seem to be rotting with age, however.

Some chairs lie discarded in that area as well, but toward the back, between the weapon racks, you think you spy the edge of another door. Hard to see from here.

>What do?


Check the book


yeah check that book


Take a look at the book.



You walk to the table, leaning over to check the book before touching it. It becomes rapidly apparent why it seems so weird: It appears to be in newly printed condition!

"What in the world," you murmur, looking up to Cherry who shares a surprised look with you.

You look about and yell at Vernant in time to keep him from touching one of the guard statues.

"Alright, alright," he says, backing off from the statue, "Just never seen your weird guard statues before. Reminds me of home a bit."

He joins you at the table, looking at the book like you and Cherry are.

"So….do we take it?"

>Take the book

>Open it
>Leave it alone for now


Open it carefully


Take a look
Inside a book

Also check for traps first and that this isn't some Indiana Jones pressure plate nonsense.


Open it.


good thinking


You quickly check under the table for any traps. Fortunately, it seems to be an ordinary table. If old.

"Wait a moment," Cherry says, rummaging through her saddle bag, "I've got something here to check for hostile magic."

"You've what?" Vernant says, looking surprised for the first time in a while, "You have something like that?"

"Hey, an agent has her tricks," Cherry says with a grin, producing a small glass vial filled with a light blue powder. She pours some out on the table next to the book, then softly blows the powder onto the book before you can stop her.

A semi-transparent dome forms around the book, glowing an eerie green as the blue slowly invades the bubble, dissolving the green until only a golden-yellow aura remains.

"Yella means you're okay, fella," she says with a grin, "Any magic on it is passive and non-threatening. At least by our standards now."

You thank her as you reach for the book and slowly turn the cover back.

The first page has a single line in a foreign language. Hopefully the title of the book.

You flip through several pages, noting diagrams, a few drawings, but mostly more of that strange language you haven't seen before.

It doesn't look instructional. More like….a memoir, or history book of some sort. You're basing such a claim entirely on the progression of pictures as you flip through more of the book.

You have to get this to someone who can cross reference it, or if possible, read this language.

>What do?


>You have to get this to someone who can cross reference it, or if possible, read this language.

Very subtle Aspirant. Take it


take the book
I want to go check out that possible door near the weapons rack next


Stow the book and go see about that door between the weapon racks.


Imagine I just raspberried you. Now proceed.

You take the book, having to pull it away from the table with a slight tug due to some of the passive magic around it.

#Gained one Mysterious Book

Carefully the three of you make your way to the obscured door between the weapon racks in the back of the room.

The door is surprisingly ornate. It's still made of wood, but it's heavier looking than the other door, and has a pair of gems embedded near the top. The gems form arrows in a pair of symbols.


Also we'll probably be calling it within an hour, since we just cleared the 5 hour mark and I don't want to keep you up all night.


Check for magic traps before we try to open it.


Do the gems ring any bells in particular enchantments?


"This stint is gonna run me out of this stuff," Cherry grumbles, uncorking her vial of powder and blowing a small amount at the top of the door.

The powder falls from the top of the door down to the handle without disturbing anything, and merely falls to the floor.

"Nothing," Cherry says, disappointed.

"Guess they're just precious gems," Cherry says after the result of her magic disabling powder. "Could always take them, if we had the tools."

"Why not a spear as a memento instead?" Vernant asks, prodding one of the racked spears with a hoof.

"Stop that," you command, "I don't want any more traps sprung."

"You're right. We should have you do that, considering your recent luck," he replies with a smirk.

>What do?


Try opening the door.


Open sesame. What's the worst that could happen?


What could possibly go wrong?


To your surprise, there's no handle on the door.

So you put a hoof against it and push, gently. You feel it move backwards a bit, unhindered. Pushing harder, you find the door catches on something. It doesn't feel like a lock, more like the door is jammed.

You grunt as you put your shoulder into it, then stop, back up, and slam against the door with your side. The door budges, but only slightly.

"Jeeze, man," Vernant says, "If you need help just say so."

The two of you stand shoulder to shoulder and charge the door together, throwing your bodies into it and bashing the door open. It's heavy enough that you both don't careen into it, which turns out to be a good thing as you get a light shining into the room.

Huge piles of coins and gems shine back at you in the light.

"What the heck?" Vernant gasps, "Is that treasure!?"

You turn the light to the side and spot a small desk half swallowed by piles of treasure of unknown value.

But it's not the treasure that draws your attention as you scan the room. It's when you aim the flashlight at the back wall that you notice something odd in the reflected light. You have to squint to make it out, but when you do you nearly drop your flashlight.

Engraved into the back wall is a picture of great detail. A pony nuzzles a large dragon affectionately, and in turn is held in a single, massive hand. The two are surrounded by piles of treasure, no doubt the stuff held within the room. But it's not the dragon or the treasure that surprises you.

It's the fact that the pony in the picture is none other than the Green Stallion.

#To be continued….

I want you guys to get some half decent sleep, so I figure 5.5 hours of questing is good enough, yeah?


oh jeez
oh man

this cliffhanger
yeah that's pretty good for me, thanks for running so long! it's a lot of fun as always!


I fucking knew it! The Harbinger is a dragon!


Thanks for the session, Aspirant.


Not a problem, man.

Thanks for participating everyone. Now go get that sleep, those of you night owls staying awake.





Do we take some of the treasure? Redeyes is mad enough at us already anyway for helping out Brynn.
We've still got that stage to check out next session, too.
Yeah, that's good. Thanks for the session!


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