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Previously, on MAQ:

Exposition! Mostly.

Oh and there was the whole "your wings got shattered by magic," thing.

You and Leifjka intervened between the Green Stallion and Brynn's coming battle, Leifjka using her power to summon a massive wall of roots and vines to separate the two.

But the Green Stallion had a few tricks of his own. Summoning a large Minotaur wielding a powerful axe, he set about trying to get through the wall the hard way.
Unsure of what else to do, and holding out for an opportunity to talk both sides down, you were just as surprised as the others when Vernant attacked the Minotaur and drew the beast away from the wall.

Not willing to lose right there, the Green Stallion took control of Leifjka and forced her to open a hole for him to run through. The possession was violent, causing Leifjka to convulse as she was forced to obey.
With her last vestige of strength, she tried to halt the Green Stallion. But her powers were drained, and she swiftly fell face down in the dirt, losing consciousness.

At Vernant's command, you swept into the air and bore down on Brynn, grabbing him and dragging him away from the Green Stallion as Harley intercepted the other realm interloper.

In a sudden turn of events, Harley managed to deceive the Green Stallion. He swung at a magical copy of herself-one of her powerful illusions-and as his hoof flew through her image without damage she promptly kicked him hard enough in the head to knock him out cold.

But your groups celebration was cut short as he rose again.

"The truth…..in…..forest," he managed to spit out between gasps for air and wretched choking noises as a blackness swept through his eyes and soul.

The Harbinger had claimed him as her conduit.

And she was not pleased.

Raising one of his hooves, she called you a traitor. And with no further warning she shattered both your wings in an instant.

The pain was unbearable, and thinking of it now sends a shiver through your body. Had shock not settled in as quickly as it had, had you not fallen to blessed unconsciousness so quickly…..

When you awoke, you found yourself in the hospital in Ponyville. Vernant watching over you.

He woke Harley for you before taking a power doze himself.

Harley answered your many questions as best she could, explaining just how things had come to be as they are.

Unfortunately for you, there's a lot of guesswork going on. Too much for your liking.

When finally she'd given you all the information you desired, she took Brynn and left. Vernant shambled out not long after, and medical staff came to ask a few questions of their own.

In the end, you decided that Sweetie should know you're here, at least. Spike knows as well, though you didn't intend that.

The day ended with you rolling over to see the sleeping Leifjka in the bed beside you, and smiling as she opened her eyes long enough to see you were there with her.


You open your eyes slowly as you wake up from your restful slumber, blinking a few times as you focus on the ceiling. Cautiously, you pull at that which holds you aloft. Ah. Right. Still hooked up to the support equipment here at the hospital.

You turn your head toward a soft giggling sound coming from your left, bringing Leafy into view.

She sits upright in her bed, holding a potted plant in her hooves. As you watch, she whispers something to the plant, making it change colors and grow slightly. She laughs again, a sound quieter than wind rustling leaves.

Your own soft laughter makes her jolt, nearly dropping the potted plant. She scrambles to keep a grip on it and keep dirt from the bed before turning and smiling sheepishly at you.

"Good to see you're awake, Puff."

"Likewise," you say as you grin.

"The nurse was in here not long ago," Leafy says, turning her attention back to the plant, "I can call for her if you want. Unless you'd like to rest some more?"

>Talk to Leifjka

>Have her call the nurse
>I'd like a moment to think
>Other [Player choice]


well what did the nurse want?


Do we even have anything to think or talk about with Leafy?
Because if not let's call the nurse because it's probably Sweetie or Spike being here to visit


Let's keep talking with her


"She was just checking in on us, I think," Leafy replies, "I was awake already and she just asked how I was doing. She's very friendly. You weren't awake but she checked your….contraption, there, to make sure you weren't going to fall."

"And might I say that is the most terrifying and simultaneously silly looking thing I think I've seen since I joined you."


So…how are you feeling?


She looks back up at you with a bright smile.

"Much, much better. I think I've got all my power back, and my head feels clearer now. I feel really good."


test the limits of this contraption we're in and see how we feel


>test the limits of this contraption we're in
Why? That's dumb

Also after most likely breaking something and falling out of bed call the nurse to see how much longer till we can leave here.


well not literally, I just meant move around a bit to see if we're healed at all


You move your hooves around carefully, one at a time, testing both your muscles and the contraption that holds you above the bed.

Your muscles feel very stiff, and you grunt under your breath as you stretch them carefully. The others said you'd been out for several days after all. And boy, does it sure feel like it.

You'll need a good, thorough stretch when you're on your own hooves again. Maybe even a massage.

Very carefully, you flex some of the muscles at the base of your wings, jostling them slightly before attempting to spread them.


Roll #1 8 = 8


don't go and pull a muscle


I'm quite scared to image what would have happened if it was a 1


torn wing


Surprisingly, they're merely stiff. There's virtually no pain as you open your wings, close them again, and repeat a few times.

Of course, your wings aren't going to be much use without feathers. Not to mention they probably look something awful.

"How are you?" Leifjka asks as she watches you move about within your restraints.

"Not broken anymore, at least," you say with a wry grin, "I think it's about time to get me down from here."

"I'll call the nurse," she replies, setting the potted plant on the nightstand beside her bed and leaning over to grab a remote from the back of her bed.

"She said to hit one of these…."

Leifjka smacks one of the buttons hard, making a loud clacking noise and nearly jumping out of the bed as the bed adjusts, making it so she's sitting upright even if she's lying back on the now raised half of the bed.

She tries again, hitting a different button, and jumps again as a buzzing sound comes from the hallway very briefly.

"Was that the right one…?"

A small beige pony with a nurse's cap comes into the room, smiling widely as Leifjka puts the controller back on the back of the bed frame.

"Good morning, you two!" the nurse says cheerfully, "I'm glad to see you're both awake! Is there something I can do for you? Maybe turn the radio on, or get you a snack?"


I think I'm ready to be let out of my single-pony prison here


I want a snack. Guys we should get a snack


I agree
let's roll for snack


The nurse smiles at your little joke and nods before heading back out into the hallway.

She returns moments later with a pair of other nurses; A tall one and one that's a tad more squat and chubby.

They take positions on each side of your bed, and one takes a position at the foot of the bed. Slowly, and together, they grab separate ropes and start unfastening them from their held positions. When all the slack is unspooled, they chant together to time the lowering.

"Ready girls? 3….2…..1….."


The three lower you slowly from your elevated position to the bed, the nurse at the foot of the bed instructing you to spread your wings just before you touch the cool bed with your back.

Eventually, you're laid down on the bed, all the ropes and suspended cloths for your limbs removed by the nurses.

"There you are," the beige nurse says warmly, "Now don't try to get up too fast. You've been stuck like that for a few days now. Wouldn't want you to get too excited and pass out now would we?"

"I…could go for a snack, too. If that's alright."

"Of course! What would you prefer; Apples and peanut butter with a juice box, some granola, oats, maybe some hot oats with honey? The cafeteria here doesn't have a very large morning selection I'm afraid, but I can get you something."

"Oooh, ooh, can I get apples with peanut butter?" Leafy asks with excitement, "And an apple juice box, please?"

"Of course, dear," the nurse says, laughing at Leifjka's excitement.

>What get?

"And is there anything else you'd like me to do? I'll go tell your doctor that you're awake, of course. But if you'd like me to place a phone call for you or anything, please, just ask."

>Anything else?


Also should we call Sweetie or maybe Spike to tell her we're okay and coming home to see her soon and ask him to keep an eye on her since shit got serious


I forget, did we already tell Sweetie that we're here?

And let's go for the hot oats, something warm sounds nice


So are we calling someone?


You told the head doctor to tell Sweetie where you were and that you were okay, but that's about it.

"Hot oats, coming right up. I'll just put the honey in a dish on the side in case you want it after all," the nurse says, winking at you before heading out into the hallway to get food for the two of you.

"Told you she's nice," Leifjka says with a smile.

You're about to reply when there's a sudden din from the hallway, the load, borderline roaring voice making you and Leifjka jump.

"And I said I've waited LONG ENOUGH!"

The voice is…feminine?

You and Leifjka look at one another just before the doors to your room fly open, a pair of ponies wearing business looking attire standing in the doorway as a nurse hurries in after them.

You recognize the pink pony with a blonde mane and her large cohort stallion almost immediately.

"Cherry? Walnut?"

Cherry's angry expression softens significantly as you say her name.

"What a relief to see you, Puff," she says with a relieved sigh, "When I heard you were in the hospital I came over as fast as I could."


doesn't look like we need to


"Wait, what? Who told you I was here?"

Cherry smirks as she walks to sit in the chair beside your bed, turning it so she can lean on the bed while facing you.

"I have my sources. Though I'd really appreciate it if next time you think you'll end up in a hospital, you'll tell me what you're doing before you do something that sends you to a morgue instead."

Oh jeeze.

You nod at the uneasy nurse, letting her now it's okay for these two to be here. She seems all too relieved to leave the room and let you deal with the pair of RGIA agents.

Walnut sits in one of the chairs on the edge of the room, watching the door and occasionally turning to check on you and Cherry. His eyes linger on Leafy for a bit as well, before she sticks her tongue out at him. He chuckles at her expression, and goes back to watching the door.

"So, who's the girl?" Cherry asks quietly, eyeing Leifjka suspiciously, "Random roommate or did you two end up here together because of whatever you did?"

>Tell Cherry the truth

>Tell her she doesn't need to know


Make her promise that she keeps it a secret and doesn't get involved unless we ask her too.
If she agrees we tell the truth, if not, she doesn't need to know what's going on


"Depends. Can you keep a secret?"

Cherry just stares at you with a small frown as Walnut snorts from his chair.

"Puff. I work for an agency that does nothing but keep secrets from those who don't need to know. And goes after bad guys, but that's beside the point here."

She reaches out a hoof, placing hers on your own as she smiles.

"You can trust me. I promise."


So…do we ask Walnut to leave the room or do we also tell him?


Let's not make this weird, let him stay



well maybe say something along the lines of "this goes for you too" just so it's clear


Let him stay.


"That goes for you too, Walnut," you say, looking over the top of Cherry long enough to make eye contact with the large stallion.

"Yeah, yeah," he says, waving a hoof at you before turning to watch the door again.

"Alright. Fine," you say, "Here's what happened."

You start from the beginning, back at having accepted a case from Cherry and running through the gamut of events through now, including the time traveling shenanigans and how that probably means you'll sound even crazier since you're talking about things that didn't really happen in this timeline and so on. You leave out the weird nightmare part, since you haven't really told anyone about that yet and it's pretty out there.

Cherry pays rapt attention, not asking any questions while you tell your tale. Though she gives you an incredulous look during the whole time travel details and such. Even Walnut ends up turning around and staring at you with a cocked eyebrow as you try to explain what's going on and who Leifjka is.

That's one of the biggest kickers for them, and how you prove what your saying is true. When Walnut scoffs at Leifjka controlling plants, she pulls the potted plant from the nightstand and tells it to grow and change colors again. Cherry and Walnut's eyes go wide when it does what she asks, and Cherry ends up slouching back into her seat as she tries to understand.

As she's pondering, the nurse comes back with snacks for you and Leifjka. Leafy squees happily as she gets her tray of apple slices and peanut butter, licking her lips before digging in.

You eat your hot oats in silence as Walnut and Cherry mull over the information, until finally, after the nurse has left again, Cherry simply says:

"That's incredible."

She looks at Walnut, who nods once, and she turns back to you as you finish your oats.

"Puff, if what you're saying is true, and I have no real reason to doubt you especially after Leafy's demonstration, then we HAVE to do something."

"I'm coming with you."


She better have the same amount of experience as we do Aspirant, otherwise we're restarting this entire quest.

Still a new party member…I'm not to optimistic about this but it can be a good thing later.

Can we ask her to station an undercover guard or two with Sweetie?


>Leafy squees happily as she gets her tray of apple slices and peanut butter

Well I feel like Cherry has been wanting to join up with us the whole time, and right now we might be able to use the help being all physically torn up.


>She better have the same amount of experience as we do Aspirant, otherwise we're restarting this entire quest.
I'm uncertain what you mean here.

You sigh. You don't suppose there's any way to telling her she can't join you. And even if you do she'll probably just follow you around or something.

So in the end you agree that she can go with you.

But only if she does you a favor.

She cocks an eyebrow as you ask her to have some agents posted to keep an eye on/take care of Sweetie Belle.

"You want my agents to bodyguard your girlfriend? Why?"

You explain you're concerned that someone might try to go after her because of what you're doing and so on, trying to make her see why you're worried.

She relents, in the end.

"I'll have a couple of my lesser known agents watch over her."


How many folk have we got here, it seems kinda ded. Not that the quest is at a super exciting point, and on a different day, so I can't say I didn't expect it.

Just wondering if it's worth continuing tonight or if I shouldn't bother struggling with this migraine.


he's joking saying that we're picking up a new member half way through, she had better not be a level 1.


Oh. Well now I feel silly.


Look man if you aren't that well we can just stop and do it next week at the usual time

And I meant she has the same XP because I ain't playing a game where the party members have uneven XP and no way to selectively battle enemies in a way where we can even everyone.



if you're not feeling too hot we could always just pick this back up later, I don't mind


If you've got a headache then don't force yourself


No, I'll be fine. We can continue. I just wasn't certain anyone else was thinking it was worthwhile right now or something.

I just don't want to disappoint you guys is all.


So what's the plan here? What are we doing once we're out?


Na, your quests are always fun
This one is a bit more of a thinker so I'm not always quick to just respond with anything if someone else's reply made sense


Well we sent for Sweetie so she's probably our next visitor.
After that get out of here and then?
We'll see about that when we get there but I think the best course of action would be to go to Cobalt


I'd like to look around in the forest again but I don't know where exactly


Kiss Sweetie belle


but won't Leafy get jealous


Anon we've been already trough this. She's okay with it.


"Right, well, I'll let you get back on your hooves and figure out what the next step is," Cherry says with a grin before rising from her seat, "I'll be in my office until you're ready. Still have work to do, after all."

She motions to Walnut and holds the door open for him, letting him leave first.

"Just remember to come get me, alright? I don't want to have to tail you," she says with a wink as she leaves.

The beige nurse comes in a moment later with a grin and takes the snack trays, now deprived of their load, from you and Leifjka.

"The doctor will be in in just a moment," she says happily, "And I'm pleased to say you have visitors waiting for you in the lobby."

"Visitors?" you ask.

"Yes! Spike and Sweetie Belle are both in the lobby at this time. I believe the doctor was talking to them, so they may just wait for you in the waiting area since I believe your discharge is imminent."

Well, that's some good news. You think.

With her message delivered and the empty trays in tow, the nurse leaves. Effectively swapping places with the unicorn doctor who enters.

"Good morning, Puff," he says with a slight grin, "I'm glad to see you awake and feeling better."

The two of you talk for a short while about your condition, how to not agitate your still damaged wings, and the conversation turns to the matter of your feathers.

"Now you won't be able to fly without regrowing your feathers," he begins, "And you have a couple of options here. Thanks to your status in the town and some of the ponies you work for, we can administer a magically infused serum into you. A veritable cocktail of magically enhanced nutrients and accelerators, it would have your feathers completely regrown in as little as two days. The downside: It's not natural by any means. Such rapid growth could have small side effects, and those who've opted for it before have expressed that the regrowth process is a tad uncomfortable when sped up. Not to the point of pain, but many expressed a pensive, annoyed feeling for the pair of days. One or two suffered feather discoloration as well."

"Option two is simple: Leave it to nature. You'll regrow your feathers naturally, over time, but would likely take multiple weeks. It wont' be as uncomfortable, but it'll take longer."

"The choice is yours, really. If you want the injection, let me know, and we can do it before discharging you. Otherwise, you're all but ready to be let loose into the wild again."

He grins at his joke as he awaits your decision.

>Magic Injection

>I'd rather not, thanks.


>Multiple weeks
I'm afraid we really don't have a choice here. A small discomfort can't be that bad right?


Well we're the only pegasus in our merry group of adventurers so that talent is sure to come in handy
I say we go for the magic injection
hey maybe we'll get a cool flame streak from the discoloration

also we should prepare our body for the incoming Sweetie hug assault


Let's do it.


>hey maybe we'll get a cool flame streak from the discoloration
Dash please leave






File: 1411344885523.png (232.57 KB, 447x449, grumpy Lyra.png) ImgOps Google


Fuck it. Let's do it.


"Very well then," the doctor replies to your answer, moving to the control on Leifjka's bed and pressing a few buttons rapidly.

Moments later a pair of nurses walk in, one carrying a tray with a single syringe on it, the other walking to your side and having you roll onto your front.

"This will sting for a moment," the doctor says reassuringly, "But after what you went through I doubt it'll be more than a tiny bother."

He pulls a dividing curtain up between your bed and Leifjka's before continuing.

There's a tiny pin prick, a mild stinging sensation followed by a slow build up of pressure, until he removes the syringe and it's done.

"There. Should take effect within the hour, and you should have your feathers fully regrown in a couple of days. Any discoloration that occurs should be apparent within the day. We can fix that later, should it occur and you wish to change it back to normal."


Roll #1 5 = 5


5 is good. 5 is middle. No bad effects right?


would have been funny to roll a 1 here



With the procedure over, the nurses leave the room, taking the spent syringe with them as the doctor removes the divider curtain.

"And with that, I believe you're good to collect your belongings and depart as soon as you're ready. Please take care and try to avoid shattering both your wings like that again, if you'd be so kind. Oh and check in with the front desk before you leave. It just saves us trouble at guessing when the room is empty today. Thank you, have a pleasant day, and take care!"

You and Leifjka thank the doctor as he leaves the room, leaving the two of you to get up and collect your belongings when you're ready to go.

>Is there anything you'd like to do before leaving?


can't think of anything else do it, let's go


I don't think so… We don't need anything do we?

Time to face the storm I guess.


bend Leafy over the cot and-
uh, I mean let's go check in with the front desk


I'm watching you anon


"I thought you didn't want any of that?" Leifjka asks through the mental link, her voice echoing slightly.

You turn and look at her in surprise, noting she's stretched out over her bed, front hooves cradling the potted plant as she smells the budding flower. Her hind hooves barely touch the ground, and her fully taut form stretches her curved flank in a VERY appealing manner, her wide hips moving side to side ever so subtly.

Shaking your head you turn away to go collect your things. That magic infusion must've boosted how hard you were pushing thoughts out. Or….something.

Leifjka giggles as she puts the potted plant back on the nightstand and follows you out of the hospital room.

The two of you get to the front desk and check out, thanking the nurse at the counter for their pleasant attitude and all the help. Turning around, you spot Spike taking up four chairs as he sits pensively. He waves slowly at you, which prompts a smaller figure on his other side to poke her head out from behind his large form.
Sweetie jumps from her chair after spotting you and dashes the short distance separating the two of you. She nearly bowls you over as she crashes into you, hooves spread wide to hug you and her face nuzzling your neck. You can feel tears matting your fur slightly as she whispers thanks that you're alright.
You return the hug as Spike rises and stands behind Sweetie with a relieved smile. He nods to you and carefully picks up your saddlebag in one of his large, clawed hands, holding it as you and Sweetie hold each other.

Leifjka stands behind you, staring open mouthed at Spike. Apparently she's never seen a dragon before.

>What do


>"I thought you didn't want any of that?"


HEY! That was supposed to be a joke!


"Er…Leafy, this is Spike. Spike, Leafy."


You briefly introduce Leafy to Spike, still not letting go of Sweetie in the process.

"Hello," Spike rumbles, holding out his free hand toward Leafy and bowing his head.

"Th-the pleasure is mine," Leifjka replies, placing her hoof in his large hand.

Spike shakes her hoof gently and smiles as he raises his head. Leifjka doesn't look any less nervous when he lets go of her hoof.

"He's a big softie," you assure her, "Spends his time working in a library."

She just nods.

She'll have to spend some more time with Spike if you want them to get along. Then again, that might not be so important.

>What do?


Guess this is the part where we either tell Sweetie what's going on or make up a good excuse.


Completely up to you guys.


Also if you guys are like, super bored, I can just roll up the non-questing stuff into a really stupid short breakdown while you figure out whether to head innawoods or not.

Up to you. I know it's pretty darn slow right now and mostly going through a mish mash of headcanons and consequences.


I think we should tell her the truth. Then make it absolutely clear that she CANNOT come with us.


You all mull it over.
I'm gonna make some coffee real quick.

10 minute grace period to hash it out, otherwise I'll just run with the overall suggested action when I'm back.


Look I say we should talk with her in private, not here, maybe home and tell her the truth.

Or better yet let's go to the Library, tell them both the truth and then pull Spike aside, tell him that Sweetie will have some guards and also ask him to keep an eye on her for us.


We going to have time for that?


Man it won't take more than an hour or so. Let's try not to say in public that the entire town is in danger.


We can get as private as we like, the harbinger will still be watching so long as we have that contract.


This isn't about the contract, this is about not starting mass panic in Ponyville because someone hears us talking.

It's also kind of a big think for Sweetie and Spike to process so it's better if they can lie down without drawing attention to them


I'd prefer if we kept things moving


Anon let's not hurry. We still need to talk with Cobalt, get cherry and then see where the fuck are we going in the woods.


Alright, I'm back with some coffee.

Current action looks like head to library with crew, explain to Sweetie/Spike the situation, then go from there.



I vote for doing this


that works


"Spike," you say, getting the dragon's attention, "I need to talk with you and Sweetie. Privately. Can we use the Library? Is Twilight there?"

Spike shakes his head.

"Twilight is away in Canterlot, though she'll be returning tomorrow thanks to a magical shockwave. The Library is empty for now, so is ideal for a private meeting place. Come."

Spike turns, leading the way out of the hospital as he ducks and squeezes through the comparatively small doors ahead of the rest of you.

Sweetie lets go of you, but not before giving you a firm kiss. You don't want it to end, but there's work to be done and things to be explained. The romance can wait just a while longer, you tell yourself.

The four of you make your way to the Library, Spike holding the door open and entering last, ensuring the door is locked behind you all before going about starting a fresh pot of tea to share.

You, Sweetie, and Leafy settle into the chairs in the corner of the library in an area more suited to be Twilight's study on this floor. You can tell Sweetie is bursting with questions, but she manages to keep them to herself as she waits for you to explain.

After Spike hands out mugs full of hot, delicious smelling tea, and takes up a spot behind the chairs of Leifjka and Sweetie, you begin.

The story goes the same as how you explained it to Cherry and Walnut, including the time shenanigans. You skim over the nightmares part once again, careful about who you share that with. Both Spike and Sweetie manage to keep their questions and skepticism in check while they listen, until you've finished completely.
You leave out the part of agents watching over Sweetie in the future. You'll tell Spike that when you can get him alone.

When the story is all said and done, Sweetie turns to Leifjka and asks her if it's true. Can she really control plants?

Leifjka nods, sipping on her tea.

"I'm more than a little skeptical of that claim, let alone the time travel," Spike says in a low rumble, "Twilight managed to do a simple time travel spell once. Managed to freak herself out half to death in the process, too," he says with a faint smile, "And later learned how to extend the time differential, but the paradox possibilities and consequences were too great theoretically, and she swore never to again. I digress. I find it hard to believe that some other pony, seemingly older than even Starswirl himself, knows how to control time and space in such an incredible manner."

Leifjka looks at one of the many wooden walls of the library, whispers, and a branch promptly sprouts, slowly growing at half-chair height until it reaches a spot next to her. She commands it to grow a firm tray, and the branch expands until she has a new place to set her mug of tea.

Spike and Sweetie stare, wide eyed and open mouthed.

"I…suppose I'm more inclined to believe you now," Spike says bashfully, scratching the back of his neck, "So. What should we do?"

"Under no circumstances will Sweetie be allowed to join me," you say firmly, laying down the first ground rule.


"No!" you say with a sudden harshness, "I won't put you in danger like that! I refuse!" Your tone softening, you say softly, "I won't lose you because I let you tag along."
[cont'd, slightly]



"Listen to yourself!" Sweetie says pleadingly, "If it's so dangerous, why should I sit here and let you go!? Why not the Royal Guards or any pony else? Why you, my special somepony?" She's on the verge of tears, "I can't bear the thought of losing you either, Puff. I…I love you. And you know that."


"I love you too, Sweetie. But I helped open this can of worms, and now I've gotta help shut it again."


I like this



"I love you too, Sweetie. But I helped open this can of worms, and now I've gotta help shut it again."

"But you didn't! It's that Brynn and Cobalt pair you were talking about. Let them fix it, please!"

"It's not that simple," you say, trying to explain, "I made a contract with Leifjka. I'm involved. I can't just walk away from it and pretend it didn't happen. I have to fix this."

Sweetie gets up from her chair, tears in her eyes and shaking visibly as she stares at you, fighting back whimpers. Just when you think she's about to leave, she instead launches herself at you, throwing herself into your arms so hard she rocks the chair backward. It comes back down with a thud that seemingly signals the start of her tears as she begins to sob into your chest.

Taken aback, you're unsure what to do at first. You end up doing the only thing you can do: You put your hooves around her and hold her tight as she cries, stroking her mane, trying to whisper that things will be okay, and looking from her to Leifjka and Spike.

Leifjka looks like she's about to cry, too, her eyes getting all misty as she looks at you and Sweetie. Spike casually reaches over and taps her shoulder with a claw, making her jump. He motions for her to follow, and leads her outside the library to give you and Sweetie some time alone.

Sweetie continues to sob, small, almost incomprehensible, questions being cried into your chest as she vents her fears.

>What do?


Tell her that everything's okay. We'll be okay. It's a promise.
But she also needs to promise she'll stay safe and not do anything foolish.


Resist the urge to cry yourself.
Tear up a little anyways.


kiss her



quiet you


Her emotions are infectious, and you find your own eyes tearing up a bit. You shake it off as you tell her everything will be fine and you'll be okay. You won't do anything reckless or stupid so you can come back in one piece. And she should promise she'll stay here and stay safe.

"O-of c-c-course," she says, fighting through the sobs as she looks up at you, eyes and nose running.

You smile at her, not really sure what else is left to be said.

Sweetie levitates a tissue from somewhere, wiping her eyes and nose until she looks more or less like she did before, barring the occasional sniffle.

You lean down and give her a kiss, feeling her soft lips against yours and the rapidly becoming familiar taste of the lip gloss she wears. She relaxes a bit, melting into your hold on her as one kiss becomes many.

Minutes pass until she finally breaks the chain of affection, lowering her head and laying it on your chest again.

And just in time. Spike pokes his head in through the front door, checking the scene before him. You nod, giving a silent "come on in" in the process.

Leifjka and Spike re-enter the library and take up their previous spots as you hold Sweetie, occasionally stroking her mane as she leans on you.

>What do?


Pull Spike on the side and ask him to make sure Sweetie won't do anything that would put her in danger. And tell him about the undercover agents, we don't want to end up a huge misunderstanding and an angry dragon.

After that to Cobalt.


that sounds good, I like the idea of asking Spike to kind of look out for her
but don't pull him aside too conspicuously, wait until it's time to go


what he said >>598435


The opportunity to pull Spike aside arises from Leifjka pulling Sweetie to the restroom to help her clean up.

"Can't have you wandering town looking like you just cried," she says softly as she leads Sweetie Belle away.

Sweetie smiles appreciatively as they disappear into the restroom, shutting the door behind them.

You turn to Spike and have him slink a little closer, so you don't have to speak too loudly.

Explaining that you already had Cherry assign a pair of agents to watch over Sweetie from the shadows, you request that he keep an eye on her as well.

"Do you really think anyone is going to go after her?" he asks in as soft a tone and volume as he can manage.

"It's more to make sure she doesn't chase after me, I think," you reply, "Though I'm worried about someone or something going for her if I….if I mess up."

Spike nods in understanding, and promises he'll keep an eye out over her.

"And Puff," he whispers, eyeing you with a small grin, "If you feel I can be of assistance elsewhere in the future. Please, don't hesitate to ask."

You thank him for his offer. Having a dragon on your side could prove to turn many a tide in your favor if the need arises.

"I suppose that brings me to my next question," Spike says in a louder tone as the girls exit the restroom, smiling at each other as they walk back to their seats, "Should I tell Twilight about this predicament when she arrives, or would you prefer to tell her yourself? Or do you think it best she not know?"



"You should tell her. You'll probably see her before I do and the sooner she can hear about all this the better."


Why would we tell the embodiment of magic that is also a princess what's going on?

Let Spike tell her. Also one more thing. Tell Spike that we'll go in the Everfree. Just in case something happens they'll know where to send the search party.


>Having a dragon on your side could prove to turn many a tide in your favor if the need arises.
How big is Spike now anyways?


"She likes hearing these things from the sources firsthand, I assure you. Even after all this time she's often rather…un-Princess like, I suppose," he says with a grin. "But I will relay what's going on, should you not be around to do it yourself."

"Thank you, Spike. Oh and, this little foray will be into the Everfree. So if I don't come back in a day or so…."

"Don't talk like that," Sweetie says firmly, "You'll come back."

"I understand," Spike simply replies.

"Good," you say with a sigh, "Good."

There isn't much left to say. You, Leifjka, and Sweetie depart not long after that, leaving Spike to his work in the library as you and Leifjka walk Sweetie to the school yard.

"Miss Cheerilee understood it was an emergency," Sweetie replies when asked how she got out of work this morning.

At the school yard the three of you say your fond farewells for now, you and Sweetie trading one final kiss as school children no doubt watch from the school house windows.

She heads into work with a smile that covers any traces of doubts or fears.

Alright, question time: Do you all wish to continue tonight, or should we stop here so that the next session is focused on gearing up/going into the forest and it's not muddled kind of oddly.

Also if you're tired since it's been 4ish hours we can stop for now. Sorry tonight's been so rough so far.


I take talking to Cobalt is part of the gearing up part.

Anyway I can go on ,I need to stay awake for a long while.
It's up to you and the others.


If he's not still baby dragon sized I'd peg him at the first transitional stage but who knows, it's definitely Aspirant's call.


I'm getting a little tired, calling it would be okay with me
but I'd still keep going


Oh, sorry, almost missed that.

I've got him at roughly 7' tall standing on his hind legs, definitely filled out a bit. Small set f curved horns on his head and such.


I'm good to keep going


Alright we can clear a bit more before calling it

Having dropped Sweetie off at the school house, what do you plan to do before heading out into the woods?

>Go to Cobalt's hotel room

>Go to your office
>Go to the RGIA building


Cobalt's hotel


Should we take Cherry with us to Cobalt? I mean if we're having a big discussion with him and she's coming with us she'll have to hear this


If she's our partner officially now then that might be for the best, tired of having to explain all the parts of the story to everyone


Feeling like it'd be better to bring her along for the explanation bit of things, you swing by the RGIA building and stop by her office to pick her up.

For the first time in ages, she looks energetic and excited when you walk in. The bags under her eyes are nearly gone, and she smiles brightly when you enter.

"Hey there, Puff. Is it time?"

"Sure is," you say with a nod.

"Fantastic!" she replies happily, getting up from her desk and grabbing a small black saddlebag from behind her. She opens a desk drawer and grabs a badge, putting it in the front pocket of her vest. Wait….vest?

You look her over again, closer this time. She's wearing some kind of field vest and a white shirt underneath it, both of which clash pretty badly against her pink body and blonde mane.

"What?" she asks, "Standard issue field gear."

Shrugging it off, the three of you walk past Walnut at the front desk on the way out.

"Walnut. You're NCOIC until I'm back, y'hear? Don't let me get any news of harassment or anything like that, or I'll knock you back to training. Get me?" Cherry says authoritatively as you pass.

"Roger, Ma'am," he says with a wide grin, "Bring back a souvenir, will ya?"

"One that's wearing cuffs, right?" she shoots back.

The two chuckle before the stallion salutes lazily as you all exit.

#Cherry is now part of your party!

The trip to Cobalt's hotel on Inn Row goes quickly, the three of you wasting no time.

Vernant guards the door as normal, and his half smile is frozen when he spots Cherry.

"Who's the new one?" he asks gruffly.

"The name's Cherry," Cherry replies as the three of you get to the top of the steps, "And don't take that tone with me unless you want to sample the ground."

Vernant raises his eyebrows in surprise at her aggressive response, his smile fully blooming.

"Well alright then. You're vouching for her, right Puff?"

You nod.

"Good enough for me. I think you proved yourself already. Anyway, Cobalt's inside. No visions this time, I was just letting him take a nap. I think he's up though, maybe reviewing his notes. Come on in."

Vernant holds the door open, letting your party inside, before shutting the door and locking it behind everyone.

The inside of the apartment is sparce, save for a desk crowded with papers that Cobalt presently sits at. It's the same apartment you were in before, when you had the nightmare…thing, but without any of the creepy writing. For now.

Cobalt turns in his seat, nodding to you and Leifjka while shooting a quizzical look at Cherry.

You introduce her to the group, explaining she's now part of the team.

"I brought her here with me since I have some questions, and I don't want to have to explain them to her again later."

"That and I might have some questions of my own," Cherry says from beside you, "But Puff is in charge of this investigation so I'll follow his lead."

"Investigation, huh?" Cobalt asks, slight grin on his face, "Well if that's what you want to call it. Sure. Well, what did you want to know?"

>What ask?


First and foremost, everything about the visions.
Then his opinion about what happened in the field.
Then finally if he is joining us in the forest and…if, in his opinion, we should take Brynn with us.


File: 1411353873469.png (549.73 KB, 472x626, Officer pony 2.PNG) ImgOps Google

I like a mare in uniform

Ask him if he knew what the Green Stallion meant by Truth in the Forest


"What do you even mean 'everything about the visions'? They happen. It's a thing as a result of being touched by the taint of the Harbinger, as far as I know. You'll have to ask more pointed questions than that."

>Then his opinion about what happened in the field.

"I was here, reeling from sickness after a vision. The vision was one of the Green Stallion emerging from thin air. Basically what happened to all of you at the field, if what Vernant says is correct."

"Only difference is I saw the same bloody jaws and burning eyes crawling through a hole in the field. I'd show you the picture but I seem to have buried it somewhere in this pile. You can see it if you like when I remember where the heck I put it."

>Then finally if he is joining us in the forest and…if, in his opinion, we should take Brynn with us.

"I can, and will, join you if you wish. Vernant of course will accompany me. But if you're going to take Brynn…..I don't know. He and I butt heads on things now, as you know. I'd be willing to put it aside to find this 'truth' the Green Stallion spoke of, but I don't know if Brynn would be so willing."

"Honestly, between the two of us, I think it'd be better to take him. He's the one who's translated that old book mostly on his own. He's smart and could probably translate things you find if they're written in that same old language. If not that, he's still darn smart and can help you out in a tight situation."

"Shoot, here I am talking him up and not myself."

>Ask him if he knew what the Green Stallion meant by Truth in the Forest
"That's a good question. I don't think anybody knows what the Green Stallion meant by that. But he said it right before the Harbinger took control of him. And the Harbinger didn't mention it at all. Maybe it's a cry for help. Or a trap. Unless he gave you more details on where to even look, you might be combing that forest for a while trying to find whatever he's talking about."


Vernant said he once peeked in your head during a vision and saw a bunch of ponies, some griffons and even a minotaur fighting something. Can you give more details about it? Especially how the ponies looked like?


I think he's right about taking Brynn instead of him. Besides, Cobalt might be a burden on the group if he starts having a vision like that.


"Not really. Most the vision was dark and distorted from something, skewing colors. I know I saw an emerald green pony lying on the ground, seemingly wounded at the least. There were pink and blue ponies, a brown Minotaur, and a grey diamond dog if I remember correctly. And even then it was distorted feeling, like I said. Though that could be from what has to be the Harbinger emerging in the back of the vision."

"It's hard exactly to say if any of the ponies on the ground were any ponies we know or have met, or if it was you or me, because of how small they were in comparison to the Harbinger."

"It makes me fear what would happen if that vision comes true. We have to do everything we can to keep that from happening."


Do you know where we can find Brynn?


Were there any other visions that stood out?


Cobalt shudders slightly at the question.

"I've seen myself die too many times to count by now. Each one scares me in the same way that it steels me for what I must do."

"But other than that, I've seen strange and sometimes mesmerizing things. Not all the visions are portents of doom. I've seen catacombs beneath the earth, temples behind waterfalls or in the sky, even visions of the past from time to time."

"The strangest, but nicest one of all, is one I can't explain. I sit at a table across from Brynn, both of us school children once again. We aren't alone, however. All around us, at this large, seemingly massive table, are ponies, Griffons, Minotaurs, Diamond Dogs, and even a couple of Dragons. We all sit in a circle, eating lunch, smiling, laughing, joking, sitting outside at this large table in the middle of a field on a pleasantly warm and easy day."

"I can't explain it, but it puts me at ease when I think about it."

"I know Harley wanders the edge of town in disguise. If you hang around the edge of town closest to the forest, she'll notice. That's all I know. Probably for the best."


Look I strongly oppose getting Brynn to come with us.
For one we're already a big group. It's us, Leafy, Cherry, Cobalt and Vernant
Secondly I just want to get to see the "truth" without him around.

But, if you guys want to take him, we need to put some conditions. The most important one is that we're in charge and he is going to do everything we say. Also he isn't allowed to wonder from the group. He and Harley will always stay in sight.


These visions sounds pretty nasty, at least he has a nice one or two
Well I was just thinking about it, and here's the thing: we don't even know what we're looking for in that forest so more ponies might be for the best. We could split into groups and cover more ground looking for anything suspicious.


>What do?



I still don't agree with taking him. Mainly because I am afraid that he could change the evidence we find if it contradicts what he's thinking.

If we take him with us though we'll first go to the place from where Leafy was "saved" by the stallion. If there's nothing there we'll split in two groups, one lead by us and the other by Leafy since we still have the telepathic link. We'll also gonna separate Brynn and Harley. They refuse they go back to town.


I'm not dying to take him with us, so we can leave Brynn out for now. And that sounds like a good plan on where to go first in the forest.


So to the forest?


if now is a good time for everyone, sure


To the Forest then


"Sure thing," Cobalt says, getting up from his seat, "Just let me stack these papers a little bit and I'll be good to go."

"Ready whenever you are," Vernant says confidently.

#Cobalt and Vernant have joined your party!

After Cobalt gets his hotel room in order and they've locked the door behind them, Vernant and Cobalt join in your growing band of ponies.

Together, you all set off for the Everfree. Hoping to find the truth that the Green Stallion spoke of.

I think I'm gonna call it here. I'm feeling off and it's been 5.5 hours or so and we're at a good breaking point from what I've got planned for the forest.

Thanks for joining me tonight guys. Sorry it was dull and I was all over the place earlier.

It'll be better next week. Promise.


It was still fun, I feel good having gotten our shit in order after practically getting killed last time

night man


it was fun.
And it wasn't dull. It was important to set all thing in order and make sure that Sweetie is safe.

I just hope we'll keep our promise

Anyway thanks Aspirant. It was fun


Great. So we didn't bring the guy who could have been the most help. This flagrant distrust is going to bite you all in the ass someday.



Well gee Anon sorry for not bringing the faggot that started all this bullshit on pure speculation. Speculation which even he isn't sure it's correct


When are you going to let that shit go? If you spend the whole quest refusing his help because you refuse to believe anything he says or does then you're going to get us fucking killed.


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