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ID: 7361b 593845

Previously, on MAQ:

The night of the ritual arrived!

After settling on a plan of roles between yourself and Cobalt, the two of you set off to foil Brynn's intended ritual.

Seeing through an enchantment over the site of the ritual was only the first step, but you passed it with ease. A detective cannot be so easily fooled by mere tricks, after all.

With the ritual area in sight, you and Cobalt sprung into action! Cobalt took on the role of distracting Brynn and his mare-friend Harley, while you set out to destroy as much of the ritual diagram as possible.

You were successful. Somewhat. A minor setback with the mannequin being far heavier than it had any right to be ate some of your time, but after destroying a few dirt lines and taking/tossing objects from intended circles, you did what you could.

Cobalt was only partially successful. He distracted both Harley and Brynn simultaneously after splitting into two again, though he suffered minor injuries in the scuffle with Harley.

Unfortunately for the two of you, Brynn had already successfully started the ritual. Your actions merely changed the intended target, and after a quick reference check he stated the new one to be summoned would be Leifjka Neferat, Heir to the Forest.

With a bright green light shining from the ground, spiraling into the mannequin and through the back of it like a twisting spire, Brynn stated one had to be bound with the spirit being summoned. To leave her unbound could wreak havoc should she not be properly transitioned. Or, something like that.

Without a moment to spare, you dove into the light, shouting at Cobalt for him to tell Sweetie you love her before the world went dark.

You awoke in a familiar home. After some initial confusion, you ran into a pony that seemed to be you. That is, until he transformed into a bright green stallion who shone like an emerald.

It was this stallion that explained some minor things about the plane you were now on, but more importantly, it was he who told you of the Contract.

A document signed by yourself and the spirit you are to be tethered to, one Leifjka, that dictates the use of her powers in your realm, among other things.

And here is where we find our young Puff tonight; Sitting in a chair across from Leifjka, pondering the details of the contract as the shining green stallion looks on with helpful advice, and wondering just how important the details of the Contract are.


check inventory


Okay guys we really need to see what we do with this contract, most importantly how long will we be with our spirit friend



ID: 7361b 593852

Your saddlebag doesn't appear to be with you. It's the first time you've really noticed, and you feel a little…..naked, without it or your hat.

#Usable Inventory
- An ink quill that lies on the table in front of you. One sits across from Leifjka as well.
- The Contract. It lies on the table between you and Leifjka.


Okay so we need to decide 5 things
Her new name
How easy can we communicate telepathically
How much of her powers can she use without telling us first
How long she'll be with us

And I think if we were in a relationship or something.

So how do we do this?




Name ideas
Leafy green
Rat Slut
Heir Jordan
that fucking green magic bitch
Lil' hulky

open two-way telepathy, because everything easier that was


a duration of one week, with a renewable extension period if both parties agree

any objections?

ID: 7361b 593858

If you guys need some assistance in coming up with stuff or any of that, please say so. This isn't to stump you, this is to set the table for your future interactions with Leifjka, and what adventures you may find yourselves in. Though the second is really determined already so I wouldn't worry about that.


Gonna go with Leafy Green since it's the least dumb
Agree with the rest except unlimited power. To use her powers she needs to consult us or at least tell us.
Only exception are when we are in danger and whatever powers she'll use wont injure someone unless absolutely necessary.


oh come on
it's like you don't trust her at all
how is she going to have any fun if her hands are tied all the time


She going to have fun. I just don't want to end up explaining to someone why the pony that scared us in now tied by vines that appeared out of nowhere.

ID: 7361b 593865

Tick Tock, gentlemen. I'll give you 15 more minutes, but after that I'm just grabbing the latest idea and we're rolling. I don't want you guys stuck here all night on this.


>it's like you don't trust her at all
Not him, but it's not like we have a reason to.


so what's our goal for her?

what are we even trying to accomplish?

how is a forest spirit going to help use investigate whatever the hell is going on with all the new neighbors?


Okay so
Leafy Green

Two way telepathy

Must consult us to use her powers unless imminent danger and no one gets seriously hurt

One week with possible extension if both parties agree

Do we all agree?


Sounds good to me


Her powers might come in handy.
It's not like we have any other choice. We jumped in the bright light.


Sounds alright to me


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also, no psycho magic freakouts allowed


shouldn't we ask her if she has any objections

ID: 7361b 593874


"Alright," you say, finally deciding on the terms in your head, "I'll nickname you Leafy Green. Two way telepathy is fine, we can work out restrictions later. You'll have to consult us about power use unless you or I, or both, are in imminent danger AND you have to promise not to seriously hurt anyone. The contract will last for…one week, with an extension if we both agree to it."

You nod before looking at the green stallion to your right, perhaps looking for confirmation of choosing correctly.

He makes a humming sound as he puts a hoof to his chin.

"Interesting terms," he says with a hint of amusement, "What say you, Leifjka?"

You look across the table at Leifjka, who looks both a little confused and….disappointed?

"Well, I suppose Leafy sounds somewhat like Leifjka. Thoughts and powers are fine. But…why one week? Doesn't that seem like a very short time? How will I learn of what happened to my home, or how to assist you?"

>Be firm about the one week

>Well, maybe a bit longer is fine.


Like we said one week,but can be longer.

We promise we'll keep her long enough so she can find her answers.

And if she want a different name we're open to suggestions


This is OUR head we're talking about, Leafy. But… I mean, I guess if she just wants to see what happened to her home and help us out. How's three weeks or a month maybe?
God dammit. I can't just disappoint a mare like that.


The first week is just a trial period
if you behave we'll see about keeping you around long term

ID: 7361b 593878

"Well, Leafy sounds kind of cute. And it's close enough to my name I won't get confused. So I'm okay with that as a nickname. You're the only one who'll call me that, right?" She smiles, briefly, before the smile fades a bit, and she looks down at the ground as she idly plays with her hooves, "And I understand that maybe you don't want me around, and that's why you're choosing such a short time. I just want to know what happened to my home, and help you with whatever you want. After I do that, I'll feel I've fulfilled something, and be happy to leave. But if you insist on the one week, I will abide by it."

"Huh," the green stallion grunts, "And here I thought you'd be insistent on a longer time frame from the start." He turns to look at you, a broad smile appearing on his chiseled face, "My, My, little Puff. You've thrown a good number of things off course already, haven't you? I'll have to get my bearings set again after you've gone back if I hope to keep track of what goes on down there."

He laughs gently as he stands, motioning to the contract between you and Leifjka.

"Just sign that and you'll be good to go. It's a bit of a sudden exit, so prepare yourself."

Leifjka nods to the green stallion, then turns and bows to you. When she rises, she picks up the quill on her side of the desk and spins the contract to face her. She signs her name in long, graceful strokes. When she's finished, she turns the contract back to you, revealing her penmanship, and awaiting your confirmation."

>Edit the contract to have more time

>Sign the contract as-is (1 week time slot)


Oh for the love of…I swear to god Aspirant if anything goes wrong it's your fault.

I say we put one month on the contract



give her an extra month if she manages to seduce Sweetie into sweet mare on colt on mare action


Change it to one month.
Damn conscience.


So, "trial period" won't work? We can't extend it as we go?
A month it is.

ID: 7361b 593883

You can, but she's concerned about it. What if you don't like her? Both of you have to agree to have an extension happen, and if she can't convince you or vice versa….


lets make it two weeks
one week to help us, one week to investigate her village
I'm sure the two will tie together somehow anyway


>What if you don't like her
Dammit, this mare is entirely too likeable
let's make it two weeks


guys, if we show weakness now she'll know she can walk all over us

stick with the one week and extend the contract when it comes time to renew


>What if you don't like her?
Oh god you're going to torment us. Oh god it's gonna be the wraps mare all over again

ID: 7361b 593888


You take the contract from the table between you and Leifjka, eyeing it over one more time. You look over the top of it at Leifjka, who sits anxiously, eyes pinned on you save for when she has to push her mane from her eyes.

Sighing, you strike out the "one" from "one week" and replace it with "two", tagging a small "s" onto "week" to make it more correct.

"Such compassion," the green stallion says softly, bowing slightly toward the two of you.

The action makes Leifjka look from him to you rapidly, before a bright smile stretches across her face. Before you can act further, she leaps from the chair, nearly knocking the table over as she leaps it. She thuds into you, rocking the chair onto its back legs for a stomach lurching second, before it settles back on all fours. Leifjka, now Leafy, hugs you fiercely, small head beneath your chin as she nuzzles you affectionately out of excitement while whispering, "Thank you!"

The movement makes it difficult to sign the contract, doubly so since your heart is suddenly beating so quickly with this lithe mare in your lap. But sign it you do.

As soon as you've lifted quill from paper, both the Contract and the quill disappear.

"Thank you!" the green stallion says with a wide grin, "And look how happy you've made the dear. A Win-Win if I've ever seen one." He bows to the two of you once more before turning and heading to the door. "Now, you two have fun for the two weeks you have together. When the time is up, you'll have a small window to negotiate another Contract. Just between the two of you. If you miss it, though, she comes back. Simple enough."

He opens the door, stepping out before poking his head back in and smiling again.

"The Harbinger thanks you for using his services."

When he shuts the door, the world goes black once again.


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>Leifjka, now Leafy, hugs you fiercely, small head beneath your chin as she nuzzles you affectionately


Well, that happened.

ID: 7361b 593891

I was typing. Sorry.



You shake your head from side to side slowly. It feels like you just got hit by a truck.


You groan as you open your eyes. You have to shield them with a hoof against the bright lights. Or is that the sun?

"Puff. Hey, Puff!"

You open your eyes completely and sit up, rolling over to a standing position as you take in your surroundings.

It's definitely day time, and you're outside. But…where?

"Oh, good. You're awake. I was worried!"

You turn and see an almost mint-green pony with a violet-red mane…..

"Leafy?" you ask, aloud. So it wasn't a dream.

You're suddenly struck with the memory of walking into the green light coming from the ground. You remember the contract, and the green stallion, but some of the details are fuzzy….

You look around again, trying to figure out where you are. There are lines in the ground, somewhat, though they're overrun with grass. There are no ponies in sight, save for Leafy. And yet….

>Player action


First, the classic:
>check inventory.

Look at the lines that we can see and compare them to what we can remember of the lines from Brynn's ritual. I'm betting we're in same summoning circle where we walked into the green light. I mean, that would make sense, right?

ID: 7361b 593893

You are relieved to find yourself with your saddlebag, though the contents are shifted around a tad. There's a brief moment of panic as you try to find your hat, but Leafy hands it to you with a smile.

- Med bag of saddlebag, complete with bandages of all sizes, splints, and medical tape
- Airhorn, unused
- Short length of rope
- Small canteen filled with water
- Small box of matches
- Snack bar


blast the airhorn
lets see if there's anyone nearby


>Leafy is like Cobalt's thing and can be real with us at the same time
Sweetie is going to kill us. I can already smell the drama


we have to bring her along to lunch tomorrow
if they hit it off we're gold


Perception check?

ID: 7361b 593898

Whoops I missed the second half of that. Gettin' tired. Sorry.

You look around at some of the lines on the ground. The grass growing over it is annoying, and you have to tear up several patches to get better looks at the lines. Still, they just seem like mounds of dirt here and there more than anything.

"What are you looking for, Puff?"

You stop in place at the voice in your head. Soft and sweet, like somepony whispering in your ear.

Turning, you find Leafy walking over to join you, a small smile on her pretty face even as she cocks her head to the side as she mentally asks again what you're looking for.

You start to explain in words the diagram used for summoning her to this plane. When you think about what it looked like from afar, you feel something akin to a gentle tug in your head.

"Oh! Okay, I understand now."

Blinking a few times, you look at the ground and begin to rub the side of your head with a hoof. That felt….weird.

Shaking it off, you resume your attempt at identifying the area.

"Allow me to help with that!"


Roll #1 6 + 5 = 11

ID: 7361b 593899

You turn just in time to see Leafy wave a hoof from left to right, with no more effort behind it than if she was turning the page in a book.

An awful ripping sound echoes in the field as thousands upon thousands of blades of grass suddenly uproot themselves and are flung far and away from where you stand.

You cough as dust and pollen settle, immediately questioning what happened in choked breaths.

"I merely returned the field to how you saw it. As best as I could, anyway."

As the dust settles you see that she's right: The field is almost as it was the night you tried to stop the ritual. The lines are broken in a good number of places, more than you wrecked initially as well. A single item glistens in the daylight sun near the center of the diagram.

It's a pole. The one from the mannequin.

>Player action


Examine Pole


So we ARE where we were… and we were out long enough for grass to grow back…
aw fuck.
Dude I don't know if we're gonna make that lunch

We need to get to town NOW and let everybody know we're still alive.

ID: 7361b 593902

You walk over to the pole in the ground. It's half buried in dirt.

Digging it up a bit, you reveal the base that it was attached to. The pole, since you saw it previously, has since been removed from the base of the mannequin stand, and both nearly buried where they were lying.

Even if they were buried, how long has it been since that happened if grass was growing across all the lines?


Let's head back to town

Ask her how long it would have taken for the grass to grow like that, or if it was a side-effect of the spell itself


Better head into town and see if we've been declared legally dead yet.


>The last thing we said was for Cobalt to tell Sweetie that we're sorry and that we love her
Oh god no…We need to get to Sweetie as soon as we can

ID: 7361b 593906

"Leafy," you say, sudden panic rising in your chest, "How long would it take for grass out here to start covering mounds of dirt like this?"

"A few days, at least," she says happily, "To see such woods thriving pleases me greatly. I can only hope my home is of similar, if not grander, stature."

A few days.

Oh jeeze.

"What are the chances it's a side effect of you coming here?" you ask.

To that, she merely shrugs, a soft, "I don't know," reaching your ears.

Well, only one way to find out.

"We're heading into town," you tell Leafy as you find your bearings, "I need to know how long it's been since I went into the portal."

"Is there something urgent you must attend?" she asks, walking to take a place beside you. You notice as she stands beside you that you overestimated her size when the two of you were sitting on the chairs across from each other. She's actually a good head shorter than you, and probably only 2/3 your width, save for her hips back which seem to be as large and full as any grown mare's.

You shake your head to clear it of such thoughts, before replying.

"Yes. Sweetie and I had a lunch date I promised to go to."


>Explain now

>Explain later


explain now
full disclosure

we're also going to tell sweetie everything when we find her


We could explain now and avoid a lot of problems.
Or we could choose to explain later and bask in the glorious fire that will erupt later.

Man this is a hard decision…

ID: 7361b 593909

"She's my special somepony," you say quickly, "Has been since we were both young foals going to school together."

"Special somepony?" Leafy asks, "So she's your mate?"

#Spaghetti Roll

First 3 rolls of 1d10 taken. No modifiers.
Less than 20 = spaghetti
Less than 10 = breadsticks included
Not really but you get what I mean. Good luck!


"Yup, and you could be too if she likes you"


Roll #1 7 = 7


This is the first time I want us to fail the roll

I wish I could slap you

Roll #1 3 = 3

ID: 7361b 593912

Oh god my sides!


She is the love of our life.
are you for real right now

Roll #1 1 = 1


File: 1407635129026.gif (6.7 KB, 93x100, critical fail.gif, IO Google TinEye)



I wished for this.
I regret nothing


>rolling poorly like cowards


At least we got 11

Or does the 1 drag us down?


You can't have a threesome with your headghost and your marewife, Anon


not if you're rolling elevens


It was inevitable. We should have expected this. The last time we needed to roll the results were too good.

ID: 7361b 593921

Natural 1

You mouth words that never come as you stare at Leafy and feel the blood rush to your face. When your voice finally catches up, your words suddenly fail you.

"No, well, Yes, but we've never-I mean…just…..uh……I wouldn't mind m-……but…ah…her sister…."

"You're special someponies with her sister, too?"

"NO!" you shout, suddenly unable to control yourself, "Nononono, not like that! It's not like that!"

Leafy snorts, biting her lip as she tries not to laugh but failing miserably as you continue to ramble about how you like Sweetie, not Rarity, and oh goodness why would you think that. The poor mare begins to laugh uncontrollably as you struggle to regain your composure. Flowers seem to pop from the ground at random as she continues to laugh, though you don't notice until the field is spotted by an incredible amount of the sudden blue and purple intruders as Leafy's laughter begins to die down.

When the two of you have regained your composure, Leafy smiles brightly at you.

"Well, if this mare matters so much to you, let us go see her!"

She doesn't seem upset by the fact you're committed to Sweetie. If anything she seems….happy.

Perhaps it's a good sign.


Pick some flowers to give to sweetie
Get Leafy to grow us a nice bouquet


Breathe deep, Puff, at least we didn't think that… >>593910 thing we were thinking about saying.
And let's haul ass back to Ponyville already.
Making sure Sweetie Belle knows we're alive > getting Sweetie some pretty flowers. PRIORITIES, man!


Man if Cobalt told her anything she'd be devastated, we need to get a bouquet for her, especially since we missed the date too


pick them on the way
it'll take like a minute
Making sure Sweetiebelle is happy to see us is important too

ID: 7361b 593926

You grab some of the flowers and put them in your saddlebag carefully as Leafy watches with amusement.

"You're going to show her you care," she says with unveiled happiness.

"Well, yeah," you reply, having finally found your senses again, "She's my special somepony."

"I hope one day that I too can have a special somepony. One who cares, like you."

The comment makes your ears burn a bit, but it makes you smile. If this pony who just met you can tell how much you care….

"Right, that's enough I think," you say as you shut your saddlebag, "Let's get to town."

Leafy nods as the two of you set off in the direction you're pretty sure town is in.


You find your way to town without any issue. If anything the day seems perfect. The sun is out, but it's not too hot. A cool cross breeze blows. Ponies play and go about their business all throughout the town as Leafy looks about in wonder. You can tell from her expression that she's holding back a lot of questions. Audibly, at least. Your brain is abuzz with a hundred simple questions that you're pretty sure you know the answers to. You have to briefly remind her to calm down. You'll show her around and explain more after she's met Sweetie.

As you walk through town you look out for any posters with your face on them, or any kind of reference to what day it is. There's nothing of the sort, oddly enough. Perhaps nobody in town is looking for you quite yet. Maybe they didn't notice your absence. Or maybe it's the same day that you left on.

You and Leafy reach the boutique. You knock on the door, waiting for a response as Leafy smiles at you.

The door opens, a surprised looking Rarity greeting the two of you.

"Well hello, Puff! What a pleasant surprise! And you brought a friend. Quite a young one at that. Is she someone you knew from school?"

"Uh, no, not quite," you say bashfully, "But, uh, I was wondering if Sweetie was here?"

Rarity waves a hoof at you, "Oh, Puff. You know she's working at the school today! She won't have a day off until next Monday!"

"Next Monday?" you ask, "But she told me she could meet me for lunch today."

Rarity frowns slightly.

"I assure you she works today. I have her schedule on the fridge. Please, come in and I'll show you."

You and Leafy enter the boutique, Leafy standing and staring in open mouthed wonder at the workspace around her as you follow Rarity to the kitchen to look over Sweetie's schedule.

"Here you are," Rarity says, pointing at the calendar and pointing at today's date, and then next Monday. Next Monday is marked "Ask Puff to lunch" in big red letters and circled several times.

"As I said; She's free next Monday. Though you could catch her after work later this week, or a whole day later this week if Miss Cheerilee has enough chaperons for the field trip she's been planning."

….Something about this is oddly familiar.


File: 1407637227042.png (125.17 KB, 376x389, whoa man.png, IO Google TinEye)



Dammit Aspirant…Time travel?

Oh god, okay guys first order of business see if our past self exist or if we are our past self


no, we gotta find our buddies and see if we can't stop the ritual before it gets set up


No. We're not fucking with events till we see the exact type of time travel. I don't want a goddamn time paradox.

Let's see if we are existing at the same time with our past self or not. Then we go to Cobalt


I feel like "meeting ourself" is not exactly the best option. In some time-travel situations, that itself can be fucky.
No, let's go to Cobalt first. In a way, HE got us into this mess in the first place, so…


>I don't want a time paradox
>let's go interact with our past self!

the worst thing we could do is be same in the same place as the same time
if we go find Cobalt he might be able to explain what's going on


I'm not saying we should interact with our past self, jsut to see if it exists.

Look he either exists or we just had our memories sent back in time and we are our past self if you understand what I mean.

If our past self exists we'll need to be very goddamn careful, if not we're safe


And do you seriously think just trying to check up on him couldn't go foul very quickly? We should be very goddamn careful anyways, specifically by not putting ourselves in a situation where we annihilate ourselves or something.

ID: 7361b 593935

You reel a bit as you realize it's the Monday before you got the case that lead to this whole debacle. But if you're in the past, then the ritual hasn't happened yet. But if that's true, then how is Leafy here? How was the ritual in the field?

"Puff, dear, are you alright? You're beginning to look a tad pale."

"I….I'm fine," you say, trying to give her a convincing smile, "Just, uh….just remembered something I have to go do."

You turn and stride from the kitchen quickly just as Leafy's voice enters your head again.

"Puff, he's talking to me."

"Who?" you ask mentally.

"The green stallion," she replies, "He says, 'Sorry for the mix up. I missed. Side effects may include changing of events, slight disorientation, and a cosmic sense of imbalance.'"

>What do


annihilating ourselves would be pretty bad, but I'm more concerned about what happens if a pony sees both of us at the same time

let's get out of town

I saw we either go find Colbalt or let Leafs check out the forest


Oh gee thank you a lot.

Okay Cobalt is our best bet since he can keep calm and not fuck everything. Let's go to him and tell him what's going on. Also we cold ask him to scout the town for us to see if our past self exists.


Cobalt is in town, I'm pretty sure, so that's not exactly the same thing. But yeah, I think we should go see him.
Ask Leafy to ask Greeny if he can put us back at a more appropriate time, or if we're stuck in this time, anything we should know about our temporal situation. I mean, it would probably look pretty bad on him if moments after (before?) signing a contract, his client was wiped from the face of the universe

ID: 7361b 593939

You ask her to ask for some more details about this time travel thing. What are the risks, and so on?

She continues to relay for the green stallion.

"To put it simply; You are you. The one and only. The Harbinger's power is such that he can displace your being, with your compliance, without issue. There aren't two of you wandering about. That said, events may change from ripples in the stream. The ripples are unpredictable in detail, but predictable in vagueness. For example, you received a case. You will still receive one on the same day. Details may vary."

"And no, I can't move you again. Sorry. On the plus side, since you signed the Contract here in our plane, as we typically require, it's not affected by your movement! You're welcome!"


So we cannot fuck up the contract. There are 0 risks right now
Okay we need to go get the case right? Or we could prevent the everything from happening if we're here when Brynn comes.


File: 1407638482648.jpg (35.22 KB, 361x361, really.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

>You're welcome!
Yeah. Thanks.
Well, I guess at this time last time we were at our office, weren't we? I guess we ought to go back there, don't want to miss the assignment.
Maybe this time we'll be a little more subtle when it comes to scoping out that hotel room, eh guys?


fuck no
we just have to react better

ID: 7361b 593943

"Zero risks isn't exactly right, but you won't be able to mess anything up from day to day activities. So don't worry about it! Anyway, my time for talking is up. Have fun you two!"


"Yes, Leafy?"

"What should we do?"

A good question.

>What do


Look I say we try to redo everything we did the first time but better. And actually stop the ritual this time.

Or we could do this
Go take the case from Cherry, find the evidence to clear Rarity's name, then go directly to Cobalt and explain everything.


Should we go looking for Cobalt? If anyone has even a tiny chance of believing our story, it's him.
Well, him or Brynn, but who knows where that guy is?



Also, spend a bit of time seeing what we can learn about the lost village in the forest


I feel like we ought to go back to our office. Might be fun showing Leafy around, at the least, and we ought to be there when Cherry shows up. Considering we should be there anyways, I guess this means we're late to work. Better than presumed late, I guess.
I don't think even Cobalt would believe our story. I mean, maybe it's worth a shot, but….
>knock knock, we're somebody you haven't met yet, but about a week or so I met you a week from now, and I agree to help you stop some kind of ritual, but in the process of said ritual-foiling I fuck it up, wind up bound to a treehugger spirit pony, and sent back in time, so I'm here now. What's up, got any pancakes?
Actually, on second thought, we totally should. At the very least, it'll be hilarious.


Look the fact we know so much should be enough to convince him. Or at the very least get us some pancakes


Well we kind of made a contract with an ethereal being just like he did. If we can prove it somehow, he might be more willing to listen to what we say.

ID: 7361b 593950

File: 1407639672590.png (Spoiler Image, 182.31 KB, 2500x2100, WWM.png, IO Google TinEye)

You decide to take a more proactive approach to things this time. Saying goodbye to Rarity, you and Leafy head back out into town. Some ponies gawk at the lass by your side, especially some of the younger colts, but overall it's easy going through town toward your office and home. Best be there when Cherry drops off the case this week.

Leafy marvels that you have your own home. Something about how only the really important members of her village were able to live and work alone, in homes separate from their parents or grandparents. Clearly you're a big deal.

You try not to let the flattering words go to your head as you open the door and allow Leafy to enter first. She happily darts from one end of the room to the other, checking out all the papers, knick knacks, and things she's never seen before. Full of questions more than breath, she's all smiles and wonder.

"Ooh, what's that mean?" she asks, finally pointing to your work desk.

You follow her hoof to a lone paper on your desk.

Walking over, you pick up the note and read the single sentence with an image below it.

Somehow, he knew.

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You'll be figuring things out again starting in Chapter 2. Sorry I'm cutting it so short but I am whooped and I'm falling asleep at my keyboard.

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