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ID: 00a1c 591923

Previously, on Mystery Adventure Quest:

Not much, to be honest.

Fleeing from a suddenly dark and spooky apartment, it seemed the darkness itself was closing in on you as something malevolent gave chase with thunderous steps and a haunting visage.

When you took flight, searching for places to go, you spotted two choices: A white fortress, or a red tent.

After struggling with yourself over what each could mean, you picked the red tent and blazed toward it as fast as you could.

Eventually, you crashed, feet from the entrance to the meager shelter. With the blackness of the world finally finding its way into your vision, a glowing green pegasi stepped from the tent, speaking vaguely as you lost consciousness.

And woke up in a small home on the edge of Ponyville.

Greeted by a blue pony who introduced himself as Cobalt, you scarfed down a provided breakfast of oat pancakes once you figured he wasn't planning anything malicious.

The two of you shared words, with Cobalt shedding some light on what's going on with this case.

In the end, the two of you decided to work together. At least for now.

Wondering just how much you could trust Cobalt, and how much of the dream of being chased the night before was real based on Cobalt's account, you finally left the humble home of Cobalt, determined to stop this Brynn and keep Rarity's name clear.

And maybe hoping you hadn't dragged yourself into something dangerous, truth be told.


Good timing, just finished getting caught up on last week's quest.

I'm ready


We got this. I mean, it's not like we chose white, after all.


Coffee ready.
Let's do this


time to save the day


Technically didn't we already clear Rarity's name?

ID: 00a1c 591940

Stepping from the small cabin on the edge of town you note the time of late morning, the sun approaching it's noon position.

The day is surprisingly pleasant, considering the potentially bad things that tonight could bring.

You ponder about what to do next. Cherry could use an update, if you trust her enough to share what's happened. That and if she saw you flying around the other night like Cobalt describes, she might be looking for you.
Then there's the matter of Sweetie and Rarity, though they're secondary concerns right now…..right?

Considering this ritual supposedly won't take place until nightfall, you have a surprising amount of time to get whatever you need to get done finished and out of the way before any confrontation.

So, Puff, what will you do?

ID: 00a1c 591941

Also if I take an unusually long time to type something then my dinner probably showed up and I'm taking a sec to get it handled. Just a heads up.


Look we have some guards.
I'm also pretty displeased with how much ease that nigger can get into Rarity's house.
Can we go to Cheery and ask her to dispatch two guards to watch over Sweetie and Rarity from a distance?


>Sweetie and Rarity
>ever secondary concerns
We're in this mess for them. They are our primary concern and our reason to be, no matter what hocus-pocus this Cobalt fellow's spooked at. THAT is our secondary concern.
sounds like a good idea, and then we can ask Cobalt if there's anything we can do about this ritual ourselves. If he has a plan, we need to know about the details and how we can help.


I don't think he has a plan, he said so last quest.
We might consider asking Twilight if she knows anything about stopping rituals


Twilight isn't in town(THANKS ASPIRANT).

We could ask Cobalt if he knows some places where we can send guards to report any strange activities. But that would mean giving Cherry a shitload of info and I'm not really okay with that.


oh that's right
Well I think asking her to have a couple of guards at Rarity's is a good idea for now

ID: 00a1c 591949

Spike said Twilight was away, yesterday, and will presumably be so for the next week.
That said, perhaps Spike could relay a message and get a response, or he may have some resources himself.

I didn't whisk her away, anon. Stoppit.

You recall Cobalt saying that disrupting whatever summoning diagram Brynn plans to use would be the best way to stop the ritual. As for a larger plan, maybe you should clear that up with him before you stray too far from his house.


yeah clear it up with him
let's get an exact plan together so we don't screw this up


We need to disrupt him, eh?
Well, I don't know just how serious this situation is, but as a PI we probably ought to at least have some cupcakes for personal defense stashed away somewhere… one of those to the face could really distract a guy from completing a summoning. Maybe see Pinkie if we don't have any.


What >>591950 said
Let's try to make a list of possible locations for the ritual and a plan before going detective in town

ID: 00a1c 591953

You turn back around and head back to the cabin. You're about to enter when you hear something through the screen door. Sounds like a pair of voices.


>Sneak a peek
>Barge in
>Player choice of action


Listen for now.


listen, and if we don't recognize the voices see if we can peek in without being noticed.


yeah just listen for now

ID: 00a1c 591957

Strange….you didn't see anyone else in the house. Maybe they were just in another room. Either way, you decide maybe listening in couldn't hurt.

You press your ear to the door gently, concentrating to tune out the background noise of the outdoors and what little activity goes on here on the edge of town.

One voice sounds like Cobalt's, to be expected.

The other one is….almost the same? Rougher sounding, but in the same range. You'd think he was talking to himself if the voices didn't overlap as they argued.

"…..telling you, can't trust 'im."

"He's the only other one whose seen any of this that we know of. And he read the first stanza. He'll be keyed in for a month, at least."

"I don't like it. He could mess things up. And if he gets hurt, what'll you do then? Explain to his friends and family things that you don't even understand?"

Both voices fall quiet for a while, no doubt both thinking.

>Keep listening



Keep listening
If nothing more gets said knock



should we risk peeking through the window?


What for? We're safe for now, and we already know that he's two guys in one head, seeing that won't give any new info to Puff


keep hidden, knocking is just asking for trouble


Well we're going to want to eventually talk to Cobalt, knocking would just let him know we're here and we can play it off like we just got here.

ID: 00a1c 591963

Eventually, they start talking again.

"So, you think he found the logs?"

"Is that what you call those scribbles?"

"You know those are important! It's the only thing we know happens when I black out."

"Still not sure why that is, are we."

"I still think it's part of the last summoning we interrupted. You know. How you happened."

"And here I am, making the best of my meager existence on this plane. You could do me a favor and let me really be free, you know."

"So you could hide yourself in the world, watching it come down because of Brynn when you know I need your help to stop it?"

"Please, you exaggerate."

"How do you know that?"

"Have any of your dreams been about the world ending? I mean, really?"


"Then why-"

A pair of hooves slam a table.

"Don't dismiss my intuition!"

A minute of silence passes, before the gruff one finally says, "Alright, alright. Sorry, Cobalt."

"It's fine, Vernant."

"Ugh, you just HAVE to keep calling me that."


should we be familiar with that name?


We should peek in there. I'm not convinced our blue friend isn't talking to himself. I'm halfway tempted to just outright bust the door down.


yes peek, I need to know


As Puff no
As Cute Quest 2 players I have no idea but Aspirant said we don't need that as everything will be explained for us and by extension Puff eventually.

I think peaking is risky but let's do this. We will need to confront him eventually.

ID: 00a1c 591968

You try to peek through the screen door, but the glass of the wooden door on the other side of it is misted and hard to see through.

So you sneak around to the side of the house, where you saw a window into the kitchen before.

Standing on your hind legs, you brace yourself against the house as you stand slowly upright. Luckily, the curtains are pulled wide and the blinds are up, so you can see quite clearly into the kitchen.

And at the two Cobalts sitting across from each other at the kitchen table, one eating a stack of pancakes similar to the ones you just had.

You blink a few times, then rub your eyes, before looking again. Yet the image doesn't change.

There sits Cobalt, in a chair at the end of the table closest to you, wearing a cooking apron. And at the other sits Cobalt, eating pancakes, though that one seems to be very tired. Even from here you can see the bags under his eyes and lines in his face that make him seem weary.
Though, perhaps it's the lighting that makes him look tired. Because you swear that as he eats, the lines seem to fade gradually. Like an artist slowly erasing a stray line from a drawing.

Staring at him seems to unsettle you, and you find the urge to flee rising.

#Sanity Check
First 3 rolls of 1d10 taken. Any 1's means immediate failure, more than a single 1 worsens the failure degree. Any 10's make you auto-pass, with multiple 10's making you steel yourself against further weird things.
10's and 1's cancel each other out.

Good luck!



Roll #1 5 = 5


>wearing a cooking apron


Roll #1 2 = 2


fuck me that was close


I'm okay! And you're okay!


Roll #1 6 = 6


Clearly, Puff didn't find the apron as adorable as you did. Or maybe he found it even more adorable, unsettlingly so.

ID: 00a1c 591974

You take a few deep breaths and lower yourself to a normal standing posture as you calm yourself down.

But considering what you've already experienced, it's surprisingly easy to regain your composure.

You aren't sure who this "Vernant" guy is, or why he looks like Cobalt. Just another layer to this already crazy case.

>What do?


Maybe we should just come back later, I don't want Cobalt being suspicious of us since he's already cautious about just meeting and trusting us


Okay how about we go to cherry to make a small update and make sure Sweetie and Rares are safe and then return to make a better plan for tonight?


Uh, fuck that. We don't owe him anything but a stack of pancakes. We're not his henchman. We have our own interests here, and our interests are to leave no stone unturned. We're an INVESTIGATOR. It's what we do.

Stand up, look at both of them, and knock on the window. If Cobalt is on our side, we need an explanation.


Well he was nice enough to feed us and let us crash their for the night, but you do have a point

ID: 00a1c 591979

Is there a consensus on action?


Look man, they are our only allies right now. Let's not risk it for now.


I'll vote for knocking on the window and waving, that sounds fun


I agree


I vote fo going to Cherry

Well at least it will be hilarious…


We've never met Cobalt's friendly little doppleganger. With a secret like that, that makes you think EITHER of them is our ally? A stack of pancakes and our stuff back?
Let's knock and wave. Although, if it's an option, kicking in the door sounds good too. Dramatic.

ID: 00a1c 591985

Both knocking and waving or kicking open the door are options.

Which would you prefer?

Keep in mind they may send different messages to the recipients.


Knock at the window
At least face the music with a smile

This won't end well


Haha, yeah, that might not seem so friendly. Knock and wave, but let's do it with an eyebrow quirked up. Can't lose our edge.


be friendly at least

ID: 00a1c 591989


You flap your wings and hover outside the window before knocking on it gently with a hoof. The Cobalt on the far end of the table stops chewing his food, merely staring at you grumpily while the other one turns around with a look of surprise.

You raise your front hooves in a way that you hope conveys something like, "What the heck, man?"

The Cobalt with an apron on waves at you before motioning to come in through the door. The other merely goes back to eating his pancakes.


Well… that was anticlimactic.
Saunter in through the door like we already know what he's about to say. Conceal the fact that we have NO IDEA what he's about to say.


this guy gets it


Go with this.
It's already mindfucking enough, lets not make it obvious.

ID: 00a1c 591993

You walk in the door held open by Apron-Cobalt, sitting in a chair between the two seats the others had occupied, doing your best to make it look like you aren't the most confused pony in the room.

Somehow you were expecting a more…dramatic reaction from the two, though. Instead, the one is still eating, and the other seems almost cheerful. Which would be unnerving itself if there weren't two of the same pony sitting in the room right now.

"Well, I wanted to avoid this until later. But it seems your detective instincts have led to you discovering one of my secrets," the cheerful Cobalt says, "Vernant was being a grump this morning so I didn't want you to meet since, well, first impressions and all. But, here you are. So say hello to Vernant over there."

"Charmed," the eating pony says, speaking around a mouthful of pancake.


ask if we can join for some pancakes

can't save the world on an empty stomach

ID: 00a1c 591995

This is the same day as the previous part, you already ate. The exact same kind of pancakes, to be precise.


well I feel silly


Hey, Vernant.
So, Cobalt. Tell me about yourself.


Not that guy but more pancakes are always better.

Anyway I honestly don't know what to do now. I guess talk about the ritual more, and ask if we can make a plan.


So, we have to disrupt the diagram, right?
Can we just bring in a bucket of water and dump it on the ritual floor?


Or if there's pieces layed out for the ritual we can destroy them/ move them


We don't know anything about the ritual we're disrupting.


fair enough

ID: 00a1c 592003

"So..Hi, Vernant," you say, the awkwardness of the situation keeping the air tense, "And uh, Cobalt."

"You didn't come back just to say hello, did you?" Vernant asks speculatively.

"No, I was going to ask Cobalt what the plan for disrupting Brynn's ritual was, specifically. And if he knows where it's going to take place."

"Ah. Well, at least you're kind of smart."

"Vernant, be nice," Cobalt says calmly before turning back to you, "Alright. We're certain the ritual is going to take place in a field not far from here. Brynn needs flat, even ground for the ritual. That and Vernant thinks-"


"Fine, 'knows', that he needs moonbeams to strike the sigils for this particular summon. Something about her being associated with the moon, or tides, or something."

Vernant sighs as he sets down his silverware, placing his head in his hooves.

"I'm bound to an idiot."

"Hey, you know when we're split like this you're the side with all the hard information."

"And you are a blabbermouth," Vernant says hotly, "uri eter as ōgustek ,aw eraweraW!"

There's a loud crash and a blinding light that makes you cover your eyes.

When you can see properly again, there's one and only one Cobalt sitting in the chair across from you.


File: 1406420136387.png (131.75 KB, 891x595, Pinkie_Pie Sad Angry Jerk ….png, IO Google TinEye)

Fine, be like this, don't even say goodbye. Pinkie was right he is a jerk.

Anyway at least now we know about the field. We could make some guards patrol the surrounding area and report to us any strange activity but I think we should ask Cobalt if he agrees with this.


File: 1406420197557.png (13.74 KB, 1116x203, maori.png, IO Google TinEye)


What about the actual plan for disrupting Brynn's ritual though? All we got from that was where it was going to take place in.


so, about that plan…


File: 1406420291825.jpg (19.08 KB, 500x367, carlos.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

So, uh, seriously. What's with the double? I wouldn't be so surprised, but you're not even a unicorn. What's the deal?


looks spooky


I… do not know why that image is there


heh I read your post a few times trying to find a joke

ID: 00a1c 592012

"The plan for disrupting it can be just about anything," Cobalt says calmly, as though nothing out of the ordinary just happened, "But I think primarily he's going to try to summon this one the same way he did Harley: Namely drawing sigils in the ground, including some sort of food or candy offering, and the mannequin is how the spirit will break free from where its stored. Destroy or remove the mannequin, offerings, or sigils, and the ritual should be disrupted enough that Brynn can't, or won't, continue. If he does, then I don't think even he knows what'll happen."

"I have some connections with the RGIA," you reply, "I could see about placing guards near the field or-"

"No." Cobalt says flatly, before his expression softens, "Please, don't. The field is the best place for him to do the ritual, but not the only one. If we take the best spot away from him, he might use any of the dozens of smaller, less suitable but still usable areas around town. I'd rather we know where he's going to go so we can plan around that instead of having a last second pony-hunt for him and possibly miss our chance. Does that make sense?"


Good thinking. So should we just meet back here at sunset and head there together?

ID: 00a1c 592014

"My thoughts exactly," Cobalt says with a grin, "Just be here at sunset so we can stake out the field. Wouldn't want Brynn changing his time frame and we're late."


Well now that's settled what now?

We can't go in town investigating since we could fuck up and Brynn might find out.
We also need to go see Cherry and I really want to make sure Sweetie and Rarity are safe. No guards patrolling but I still say we should guard them.

Also if we could we should go to Rarity and Sweetie and try to convince them to stay in the Boutique this night. Let's not risk anything, especially running into them tonight.


Yeah lets go see Cherry




Maybe he just has a twin

ID: 00a1c 592019

With the plan now settled in detail, Cobalt shows you out. The two of you part ways on friendly terms, all things considered.

You wander back into town, deciding on the way that you need to see Cherry before you see Sweetie and Rarity.

It doesn't take long to get to the small scale castle-like building that waves several Equestria banners, as well as a smaller banner that denotes the RGIA: A single eye between a moon and sun.

The sound of busy ponies doing office work assaults your ears as soon as you enter the building looking for Cherry.


Suddenly you're tackled from the side, knocked completely off your hooves and onto your side, though for some reason you land softly.

The reason is revealed when you turn and see your assaulter: Sweetie Belle.


This won't go well.
Get up, smile, maybe hug her and ask what's up.


hey it's always a good time for Sweetie Belle


Sweetie belle is genrally good news


>no explanation for the magical twin
at least we're getting a hug from Sweetie Belle, that's pretty nice


I guess we already know how he happened from when we were peeking >>591963


I don't know what you're getting out of that, but I'm seeing more questions than answers, there.


Just that they tried to interupt a ritual and he got split into 2 ponies. But yeah, we could ask him about the specifics of it when we meet back up with him.

ID: 00a1c 592027

Sweetie squeezes you hard, nuzzling your side affectionately as she says something about being worried and how much she's missed you. It's nice, if a bit embarrassing.

You can only squirm in her grip as nearby office workers scoff and pretend not to be watching.

"Alright Sweetie, let Puff up before he gets uncomfortable."

You look over to see Rarity and Cherry standing together, Rarity smiling at her sister's affection. Cherry, on the other hand, looks surprisingly….neutral.

Sweetie reluctantly lets you up, but not before giving you a quick peck on the cheek.

You get to your hooves, dusting yourself and your saddlebag off as Sweetie beams at you.

You almost forgot how tall she's gotten, only half a head shorter than you even after your growth spurt. Her mane falls down to her shoulders, still ending in those big curls she's always had.

"So, Puff," Cherry says, snapping you out of your thoughts, as her and Rarity join you and Sweetie, the group forming a little circle in the lobby of the RGIA building, "Seems I wasn't the only one who couldn't find you this morning."

Seems not.


"You were looking for me?


Aw…Man why the fuck did you even asked us if we wanted ot erase the relationship with Sweetie.

So ask Cherie what exactly is going on.

ID: 00a1c 592030

"I was." Cherry says rather pointedly, her eyes narrowing only slightly, "It's not often a detective goes flying around town at breakneck speed late at night. That, and I was hoping you'd give me an update on that case you were working. One presently trumps the other, so I'll say it flatly: Are you alright?"

"Yeah, Puff," Sweetie says softly, bumping your side with hers in a playful manner, "Rarity says she saw you flying really fast and looking scared. We were worried too, so we went to your place to try and talk to you. When you weren't there, we asked around town."

"We just happened to bump into Agent Floret in the market while she was asking the same questions. Quite fortunate, really," Rarity says with a smile, "But I think we're all wondering what happened and if you're quite alright now? I dare say you don't look any worse for the wear."


Look we appreciate the concern but right now it isn't needed.
Also asked Rarity and Sweetie if they can let you have a private discussion with Cherry


I like this, and say it kindly
We don't want to let Cherry know all the details or she might screw things up later


The problem is how do we get some protection for Rarity and Sweetie without making Cherry suspicious about the case.
I mean yeah we can say that we can handle it and give her a small update but if we ask for the guards she'll want to know more.


She's going to naturally be suspicious when we say don't worry about it anyways. We can just tell her it's only a precaution since her place was broken into already.

ID: 00a1c 592035

"I'm fine, I'm fine," you reassure the ladies, unable to resist side-bumping Sweetie back reassuringly, "Just uh….got a little spooked during my investigation. Which I'd like to speak with Cherry about in her office, if that's possible."

"Of course," Cheery says, visibly lightening up as she motions to a nearby office, "Rarity and Sweetie may wait out here if they wish to speak with you afterward."

Cheery walks to her office as Rarity pats you on the shoulder.

"You're a busy fellow so I'll just head back to the boutique. If you need anything, anything at all, just stop by. Remember who all is in your corner for you when things get tough."

You smile and thank Rarity for her support.

Sweetie hangs back, letting Rarity walk outside before she gives you another firm hug, this time from the front as she wraps her front hooves around your neck and leans against you.

Silently, she kisses your cheek again before giving you a final squeeze and letting go.

"I'm free all day tomorrow; The summer class is going on a field trip and they didn't need me as an escort since so many parents volunteered. I know you're busy, just have lunch with me if you can. Okay?"

You nod. You can't make any promises, but you'd like to.

Having hugged you enough and feeling reassured, Sweetie joins Rarity outside as they head to the boutique together.


>lunch date with Sweetie
aww yeah


Well clearly you wont let us stop the ceremony but end of the world or not we're gonna spend the next day with Sweetie


go talk with Cheery

ID: 00a1c 592039


You walk into Cherry's office, shutting the door behind you as Cherry motions to a seat opposite her chair behind the desk. She takes a seat as you set your saddlebag on another empty chair beside you.

"So, Puff," Cherry says softly, "Are you really doing alright?"


"I feel like I'm going crazy. But that's neither here nor there."


Tell her you really are fine, you're just really close to cracking this case but any outside interferences could blow it, no offense


Could be better but yes.

Tell her to not worry, we have this under control. No need to worry or to get involved.

ID: 00a1c 592043

"Things could be better,but I'm doing alright. I've got things under control. No need to worry about me."

"Well you can say not to worry all you like, Puff," Cherry replies, her voice gaining volume gradually, "But when I see the pony I've entrusted a case with flying across the sky at night like he's being chased by chaos itself, I think I have every right to worry!"

She takes a deep breath, settling back into her seat before closing her eyes and rubbing her face with a hoof. It's only then you notice how tired she looks.

"I'm sorry," she says evenly, "I don't mean to snap at you. Would you like some coffee? I feel like I need another cup."


Coffee's good.

Tell her that was just something unexpected. We know that it doesn't look right but please trust us on this. We can handle it


think we should ask her if she saw anything other than us that night? like following us


>"I'm not crazy or anything, but did you see a monsterous shadow chasing us throughout town?"

No, I don't think that would go over well
if she HAD seen something she would have mentioned it


Not her.
We'll go at the boutique after and ask Rarity. We need to keep Cherry out of this

ID: 00a1c 592048

Cherry pours some coffee from a pot you didn't notice on her desk into a plain white mug before pushing it to your side of the desk. She pours a cup of her own into a black mug embellished with the RGIA logo and some writing you can't read on the side.

You take a sip of your coffee before realizing there's no cream or sugar in it. Or any on the desk for that matter. The taste is harsh and bitter, even if the scent is surprisingly sweet.

Kind of like Cherry today.

"I know it looked bad, and I'm sorry for worrying you, but I've got it under control. Just trust me."

Cherry sets her mug down on the desk, hard, splashing a small amount of coffee onto some papers as she glares across the desk at you.

"Just trust you? Just. Trust. You? Puff, if I didn't trust you, I wouldn't have given you the case. I wouldn't have said, 'Hey can you do me a favor and if you get in over your head just ask me for help?'. You and I wouldn't be talking right now if I didn't trust you, you'd be sitting in a debriefing cell with Walnut. But I do trust you, Puff. More than you seem to realize. That's why I haven't been asking you all the questions I ask any single other pony. Because I know I can trust you. This is the first time you've ever done anything that's made me question it at all."

Cherry gets up from her seat, pacing on her side of the desk.

"I'm torn, Puff. I want to trust you, I do. I know you aren't telling me everything. And in our profession that's a necessity sometimes. So don't get me wrong, I get that. But what am I supposed to tell my bosses about my most trusted field agent bolting from the sky, running like he's got a demon on his tail?"

She huffs one final time before sighing again and sitting heavily in her seat, mumbling something.


I don't know what to tell them but you'll find something.

I appreciate the trust and I promise I will tell you everything after the case is over. And if it gets too much I will come for help, I won't try to charge in all alone. Pinkie Promise


Pinkie promises are not to be given lightly


Too much is subjective
And we won't charge alone. We have Cobalt.

ID: 00a1c 592052

Cherry rubs her face again before staring at you over the top of her hoof as she rests her chin on it.

"I wonder how that Sweetie Belle can stay so incredibly infatuated with you."

You balk at the statement, nearly spitting out the mouthful of bitter coffee you were sipping on. A reaction which earns a surprisingly girly and charming giggle from Cherry.

She sighs again before sipping her own coffee, ignoring the small amount dripping down the side of the mug from her outburst. When she's finished, she waves you off with a hoof, as though dismissing you.

"You've got that look that says you've got better things to do than talk in circles while not really telling me anything. I'll be here if you need me. Now get out of here before I decide to take the case back from you instead."

ID: 00a1c 592053

We've been questing for almost 4 hours. While the conclusion of part 1 draws near, please let me know if you guys are getting tired. It's getting kind of late here in the US East Coast, and since some of you are Euro I can only imagine what hour it is there.

If you'd prefer the big dice rolling parts be concentrated to next week, I would understand completely.

I'll leave it to those of you still here/talking.


We should figure out a way we can signal for help when we inevitably end up over our heads

I'm fine to keep going


I can go on. No problem.

First I say we should go to Rarity. She'll realize someone stole our stuff and probably get worried. We should also ask her what she saw when we were flying like madmen and ask her and Sweetie to stay home this night.


You won't regret this!


ID: 00a1c 592057

"You better be joking with that 'Much', Puff!" Cherry yells at you from her office as you leave.

Despite the fact she got upset, you find yourself smiling as you exit the RGIA building.

>Time skip

>Player choice of activity


I'd rather we at least go ask Rarity what she saw when we were flying like that but if everyone else wants to skip to tonight I won't mind.


I'm good for another hour or so.

Not a bad step in between.


we should stop by Rarity's place first, but we can't miss lunch with Sweetie


Nigga that's tomorrow. Let's just hope we'll get a bit of sleep after failing to interrupt the ritual to make it and not break the young mare's heart and put Rarity on our bad side.

ID: 00a1c 592062

You head for Rarity's boutique. There's a certain something that's been nagging at you since you woke up.

Rarity seems surprised to see you when she opens the door to your knocking. She invites you in as she always does, and this time Sweetie is on the living room couch when you enter. She pats the couch cushion next to her, inviting you to sit as she smiles widely.


Like we have a choice.
Still we don't have much time so jsut ask Rarity what she saw


Business time. We need some answers.

ID: 00a1c 592065

You sit beside Sweetie, who promptly leans against you in a warm snuggle as she sighs happily with her head on your shoulder.

Rarity takes up a place at one of her work stations nearby, revving up a sewing machine as you figure out how to cage your question.

"Hey, Rarity?" you ask between bouts of sewing noises and humming from the seamstress.

"Yes, Puff?" Rarity replies, curiosity in her sing-song tone.

"So….uh…..last night. You saw me flying?"

"I imagine half the town did," she laughs, "Ponies here are rather…lackadaisical, typically. You were flying faster than most Rainbow Dash fans. Which is saying something, I think."

"Oh. Good."

"Why do you ask?"

"Well uh…..did you see anything chasing me?"

The sewing noises stop. You look over the top of the couch at Rarity, who is staring at the wall thoughtfully, before she turns and looks in your direction.

"Not that I recall, darling. I was wondering if that was the case, considering your speed. You aren't on the run now, are you?"

"Oh no, no no no," you say with a nervous laugh, "Nothing like that."

"Good. I would hate to have Sweetie's….sweetie become a fugitive. But if there's something you think you need to tell us, now would probably be a good time."

>Tell them about the weird thing that chased you

>Tell them about your dream/hallucination/whatever the heck it was
>No need to worry them, don't tell them.
>Player choice.


I don't know.
I say we don't say anything to them either for now. Just ask them to not leave the boutique tonight and then timeskip to evening.

Also I say we should promise Sweetie we'll pick her up for lunch at 13:00. She deserves at least this.


I say we tell them about it
With Twilight out of town we need to talk to someone who knows about magic, and even if Rarity isn't an expert she might be able to tell us something useful


Eh, I don't know. It's not something easy to confirm, and pulling them in could get them wrapped up in something we couldn't help them with


Spike would be a safer bet and I don't want to get them involved in this. Or make them worry too much.


So what the hell are we gonna do?


Tell them about your dream.


fuck, I don't know
let's grab some torch-making materials, an air horn or two and something to make a mess of the floor with

after we do >>592071 it's time to charge headlong in to the darkness


Fine. Tell Rarity but not Sweetie. We're not gonna ruin her free day by making her worried sick.

ID: 00a1c 592074

"No," you say after a time, "It's nothing."

"If you're sure."

"I'm certain of it," you say, smiling as you squeeze Sweetie to you. It's been a long while since you've been able to do that. Or just sit around and watch television.

So, for the first time in what seems like forever, that's what you do. You spend some quality time on the couch with Sweetie, watching a comedy show and sharing in laughter with your favorite pony, while her endearing older sister works and laughs along with you.

And for a while, things are normal. The case is gone from your mind, replaced only with this, two ponies who have treated you like family for years. Well, one of the two treats you like family. The other treats you like something even better: Her special somepony.

When the sun begins to set and the deal you made with Cobalt refreshes itself in your mind as golden rays of sunlight stream in through the boutique's windows, you feel the weight of the case press down on you again. It's with more than a little regret you untangle yourself from Sweetie on the couch, getting up despite her slight whine for you to hold her a bit more.
She can be selfish too, sometimes.

But the two see you off with smiles and hugs, as well as some procured supplies, even after you tell them to try and stay indoors tonight.

Maybe it's for the best that they didn't ask any questions and you didn't tell them about your…..whatever that was.

They wave and watch you go until you wander from their sight.

Maybe still a little worried about what you're hiding.


I hate keeping all these secrets.
Let's get this thing done so we can give everyone the explanation they deserve.


I hate it too man. At least we spent some time with Sweetie, the least we could do.

so let's do this shit. It's time we got to the bottom of this.

ID: 00a1c 592077

Final warning about how long he event may or may not take due to typing and all that other stuff. Since there's only like, three of you, and one stated he was dropping off shortly, the option to cut the finale of Part 1 to next week is still on the table.

Up to you guys, just saying.


personally I just arrived so I'm fine with trucking on


It's kinda late and while I can stay awake I think it's better we left this for next time. It's a good point to stop.
I'm down with whatever the rest say

ID: 00a1c 592080

Right, I think we'll put the ritual stuff off until next week since 1/3rd my questers are dropping off due to tiredness.

It'll also allow me to focus on more detail oriented writing without worry of people falling asleep during it. Hah.

Sorry for it not being super eventful this session, but story has to happen somewhere right?


We spent time with Sweetie. I'm more than pleased.


File: 1406429422695.gif (152.46 KB, 250x235, 1386874491645.gif, IO Google TinEye)

Oh, well, that's alright.
I was happy with tonight's progress, and man next time is gonna get really mysterious, I can tell!

Thanks for hosting, Aspirant! You do a swell job!

ID: 00a1c 592083

Thanks for the compliments!

Next time should be more action with some of the puzzle pieces falling together. Or at the very least, some more exposition on to what's going down/history between characters.

Thanks for participating everyone, and for your patience with me.

Have a great night and I'll see you next weekend!

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