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ID: dace6 590980

Previously, on MAQ:

Feeling like you hadn't slept properly the night before, you started your day by reviewing your evidence. Then, unsure of how much trust you should place in her, you told Cherry you had some leads on the case before heading to Sugarcube Corner.

While there, Pinkie Pie and Pound Cake helped give you a name to the suspect's description: Brynn.

They also told of a large, grumpy, blue Earth pony who was seemingly also looking for Brynn.

After taking the clues, and a pick me up drink and sandwich, you thanked he pair and went to Rarity's boutique for a disguise suitable to going undercover on Inn Row.

After being fitted, reminded that Sweetie wants some time with you, and a few dad jokes later, you went out to scope the hotel room of the blue Earthie.

What you found in the unlocked room was confusing, and more than a tad unnerving.

It was only when you turned to leave and saw a pair of unblinking, beady red eyes in the dark, that you realized just how wrong things were.


first for everyone's gonna die




roll for sanity check




I think we can all agree on the running away like the dickens, but I think we should run and hide, specifically


Wait before we run like the life loving cowards we are, are we close enough to the light switch to flip it? Get at least a glance to what wants to eat our soul?


…actually, that's not a bad idea.

ID: dace6 590988


You flick the light switch as a scream lodges itself firmly in your throat.

Nothing happens.

The lights stay dark.

A soft growl is all it takes to make your legs move on their own.

You slam the door to the hotel room, turning and bolting away from it as fast as your legs can manage. You hurdle the complex's sign on your way out, sending the straw hat of your disguise flying in the wind that's suddenly picked up.

It's so dark out. All the lights are gone. The torches, the mood lighting, the streetlamps; They're all dark!

You barely remember the layout of the buildings, and you smack your legs against a number of low obstacles as you try to make good your escape.

But something is behind you.

You turn to look, then stop halfway.

No, it can't be real. There was nothing there. It was the light from outside hitting something and-

Something lands with a thud just behind you, and a fence made of wood beside you explodes into thousands of splinters with a deafening crunch.

>Player choice







ID: dace6 590992

You leap into the sky, nearly tearing the flower pattern shirt from you before working your wings and bolting through the darkness.

Everything is black, now. The darkness is overwhelming. Enveloping you, desperate to suffocate the small point of light against the nothingness.

You look around, or what constitutes your perception of around, looking for something. Anything!

In the distance stands a white light. A small fortress against a creeping army.

But to your right, even further, is something red. A tent, maybe. Not the fortress, but something else.

A cry like never you've heard before makes you cover your ears, the high pitched scratching sound echoing inside your head.

It came from below.

Where IT stands.

>Player choice


Go for the red thing.
The fortress is too obvious.




I guess it's too dark too look at IT.

Fuck I don't know, go for the red thing. It's more suspicious


The white light! Red is ominous

ID: dace6 590997

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As you struggle to decide where to go, hovering left and right as you pull towards one, then the other, a loud snapping sound comes from below you, making you instinctively climb higher.

You look down as you do so.

>Player Choice






But the monster is red, that means it's the color of evil




Fortresses are horrible. Why go to the place that will certainly fuck us over? You want to get trapped in a huge building, with probably no exits with that thing after you?


and that fortress is bait


the fortress is where the royal guard and cherry pony are

anon please
the red is obviously the evil camp
why don't you just fly straight down the monster's throat

actually, is that an option?
let's dive hard


it could be Cobalt. or Brynn.










scream and panic


no! Calm down, take a deep breath and charge forth in to death


we're gonna fail this dream sequence so hard

ID: dace6 591015


Last one was a mispost, please ignore.

You scream before flying toward the red tent.

It's so damn far away, though.

You fly as fast as your wings will carry you, beating them furiously as the red tent draws closer at an agonizingly slow rate.

That's when the sounds begin.

A heavy thud, like great hoofsteps, followed by a terrible buzzing that grows louder before being cut short.

All manner of smaller noises set in behind this, the most persistent one.

It spurns you almost as much as the red visage that chases you mercilessly.

Every time you look over your shoulder, it's just behind you. Wavering slightly with every mind bogglingly loud thud.

But the red tent draws closer.

Finally, after what seems like hours, the red tent is just below you. Right when you thought you couldn't make it, it seemed to lurch and meet you halfway.

You're out of energy. You spent everything to get here.

You don't drift down slowly. You careen headlong toward the ground, only breaking your fall at the last moment with your final reserves of energy.
Even so, the landing hurts.

You smack the ground, front hooves almost burying themselves in what feels like mud. You bounce with a disgusting lurch in your vision, accompanied by a wet sucking sound as your hooves pull free from the black muck that is the ground.

You crawl. Pushing and straining toward the tent that's now within hooves reach.

The sounds stop.

"You're either very foolish, or very brave, young Pegasus."

You can feel your vision fading. You're exhausted.

"To choose what seems a meager shelter over an impenetrable defense. Based on what? Color? Design? Preference? Did you really choose at all?"

You roll onto your back to keep the muck from covering your face. Your eyelids are heavy. So heavy.

Rest now, then. A long, terrible road awaits you if you're earnest. The reward? That's for you to decide.

As your eyelids fall on weary eyes, you catch the glimpse of a figure robed in green standing above you. A pony, not unlike yourself. Very much like yourself, in fact.

"Endure. Endure as the other two cannot."

Everything drifts away as you fall into slumber. Terror still an eye blink away.

ID: dace6 591016

Ah crap I fucked up the post again. Dammit. Sorry guys.


Remember that time Aspirant beefed it twice

ID: dace6 591018

You wake up with a start, brow covered in sweat.

Looking about the darkened room, you notice two important things.

1) Your clothes and belongings are not on you.
2) This isn't your bed. Or any of the beds at Rarity's.

>Player choice


Investigate surroundings


Look around.


retrieve ar-
er, look around. Start with under the bed.
Couldn't hurt, right?


Have a look around.


open the window
where the hell are we and what time is it

ID: dace6 591024

You check under the bed, but there's only darkness and some lint.

The walls are wooden, as is the floor, with a quality that says it's well kept for but far from new. A dresser with a mirror above it seems to have some things on it. One looks suspiciously like your saddlebag. Didn't you leave that with Rarity?

A set of slippers are beside the bed. Green and somewhat soft looking.

A large wooden cabinet rests against the far wall, a ponies length from the door which is shut.

A window is just beyond the foot of your bed, though minimal light comes in between the green curtains.

You get up, feeling ache ridden. You suddenly remember the thing in the darkness chasing you, and are sorely glad you're merely sore.

Pulling the blinds aside, you look out the window.

The sun is just rising, the sky a pleasant shade of orange as the sun breaks the horizon.

There are a great number of trees to the left of your position, and to the right are more buildings. You must be on the edge of town.

A clock ticks from somewhere, though you didn't see it in this room.

>Player choice


Check the contents of the saddlebags.


Pilfer the fuck out of the room


Okay so first
Shit we're running out of time
Secondly if that is our saddle bag and we aren't with Rarity or Sweetie right now then we need to investigate this place right now, and be prepared to get to them if there's any hint of danger.
That being said search everything in the room


>some lint
Confirmed for not Rarity's house at least.
Check the saddlebags, if they're ours or not. How high up is the window? It might be a good time to get the fuck out of dodge. Whatever the hell situation we're in, we appreciate the hospitality, but we have a job to do.

ID: dace6 591029

You seem to be on the ground floor. Escaping through the window is viable, if necessary.

You open the saddlebags and spot your things. The letters, your detective badge….everything you had the day before.

Opening the large wooden cabinet reveals your hat and shirt on hangers.

So it really was a dream.

You breathe a sigh of relief.

Still, none of this tells you where you are. Merely where you aren't.

>Player choice


See what's behind the door.


Find out where you are. Exit the room, look around.


Get our things and head outside
The door preferably, not the window


ID: dace6 591034

Pick whatever music you like, I'm just tossing out what I'm listening to when I write that I think pseudo fits

Gathering your belongings, you open the only sensible exit in the room.

The door opens to a short hallway, with a door on both the left and right halfway down the hallway.

At the end, the hallway empties out into what looks like a kitchen and living area combination.

Dishes on the table are set for two.

You take a deep breath and smell oat pancakes being made. A dry, almost cinnamon smell. The cook must've mixed some other things into the batter.

Looks like through the kitchen is the only way out of the home. You think you see a screen door in the back left corner from where you stand.


Face the music. Whoever found us doesn't mean us harm.
Whoever it is, knows about us, knows we left our shit at Rarity, convinced Rarity to give him/her our stuff, or stole them, and took care of us. Also food is good



let's take a seat at the table


But do it with a suave face, ready for anything. We need to keep our PI reputation intact.

Also it's probably Chery


Well she/they are going to have some explainin' to do

ID: dace6 591039

You walk out into the kitchen, taking up one of the seats with wares in front of it at the table as you lay eyes on your host.

"Good morning, Puff," says the blue Earth pony through gritted teeth, before setting the spatula down and turning to smile at you, "Or do you prefer 'Detective?'"

>Player choice


"Puff is fine. Sorry for breaking into your place."


Surely our gracious host would let us know his name, since he clearly knows ours?


ask him about the ominous sinister clock


"Didn't expect someone who could upset Pinkie be so hospitable mister…"

ID: dace6 591044

The smile widens, "Yes, well, how rude of me. I'm Cobalt. Parents weren't exactly imaginative in my naming, sorry to say."

"Ah! But I let you in."

His smile falters, a puzzled look replacing it before he turns and focuses on making pancakes again.

"So you don't know what it means either…." he says between flipping hotcakes.



What happened? How did we get here?


We're afraid that's not the only thing we don't know the meaning of. Could you explain… well, everything?
>Parents weren't exactly imaginative in my naming


"Pink mare, works at the bakery, proves that your parent's weren't the only one lacking imagination."

Ask how we got here and how he got our stuff.

ID: dace6 591048

"Can't say I remember her. She must've seen the other half. He can be….more than a little rude."

"Don't think I'm complaining about my name, though. It's simple, easy to remember, and descriptive of my appearance. Can't ask for much more, unless I wanted to be 'Star Streak' or 'Blue Balloon' or some equally ridiculous sounding thing."

"As for how you ended up here, well, not much to say about that," Cobalt says flatly, "You streaked across the evening sky like you'd escaped Tartarus's gate itself. Blindly flying toward my hideout. I was still on the way when you passed by, falling as though your wings had given out. I took you in when I found you passed out on my doorstep."

Cobalt turns a knob on the stove off, stacking hotcakes on a plate and bringing it over to the table. He sets it down across from you before sitting to your left and motioning for you to take when you're ready.

"Though if I recall correctly, I did leave you a letter saying to not get involved. So color me surprised when you crash on my stoop."


Ask how he got our stuff, seeing how a friend was looking after them.


"Sorry. But I'm a detective: sticking my nose in things is part of the job."


Elaborate on "other half"


Who's this "other half"?


Ignore what he said about the letter. Ask him to elaborate on "the other half."

ID: dace6 591054

He shrugs before putting a hotcake on his plate, then abruptly smacking his head.

"Forgot the syrup," he mumbles, getting up and rummaging through a nearby cupboard above the stove before coming back with a container of the sticky sweet stuff.

"Just didn't want you to lose your nose, if you catch my meaning."

"One of the two I'm looking for dropped them off. Basically let me know that they knew you were here. Though I'm pretty sure most in town know that. Which, unfortunately, means they knew I was here and where I was. Brynn's too smart for his own good."

Cobalt takes a bite of his syrup coated pancake before motioning toward the stack.

"They're gonna get cold if you don't eat your share."

>Player choice


We can ask more questions when the food's gone.


Could that guy stop breaking in Rarity's boutique?

Eat. We can share information with him after breakfast.


You're going to need to elaborate on who it is you're looking for and if you're hiding from them. We have contacts with the guards and we can get you under protection if you need it, but we need to know what you know.

ID: dace6 591058

"Nah, wasn't Brynn. It was Harley that dropped your things off," Cobalt says between chews, "Not that that's much better."

You decide to save the questions for after getting some grub. Your stomach growls as you later a hotcake in syrup and take a heaping bite from the thing to quiet your gut.

Between the two of you, the stack of pancakes disappears rapidly. You hadn't realized you were so hungry, and something about eating eases all the aches in your wings and body.

Finally, all the plates are clean, and the jar of syrup almost empty. Cobalt muffles a belch with a hoof before sighing and patting his stomach.

"Not as good as what mom used to make, but still pretty good."

He waves off your spiel.

"If your authorities are anything like the ones in my town, they won't believe what's going on either. And it would take too much time. I have to stop them tonight. I know you know that much."


Ask him about the room. The notes.
About Morata Nalan


Stop them from what? What is Brynn planning?


Stop what, exactly? What's his stake in this?

ID: dace6 591062

Cobalt sighs, rubbing the sides of his head with his hooves.

"I'm not going to tell you everything, alright? I've got my own secrets, just like you've got yours. I will say that my stake in this is Brynn. He thinks he's freeing them. The ones like Harley. Don't call her Morata Nalan unless you want to see her freak out. He thinks that he can get them all out, somehow. He's trying to put them in mannequins, like the book says, so he can have them move on their own and stuff. He thinks that if he gets all of them out, he can perform some ritual thing and free them all from the Harbinger." Cobalt sighs again, putting his hooves down as he seemingly deflates a little, "And frankly, I don't think it'll work. He's playing with dangerous stuff. Stuff we only barely comprehend. I don't want to lose him, even if we had a bit of a falling out when…."

He looks up at you before straightening in his seat again.

"Nevermind all that. What you need to know is this: Tonight he plans to cast a ritual, and I need to stop him. So I can convince him to put Harley back and save himself from all the madness he's putting himself through. And I don't recommend you be there."


What, you want me to just sit around in my office while Equestria's at risk?


no, he wants us to interrupt a magic ritual

ID: dace6 591065

He shrugs, again.

"Is that better or worse than possibly ending up stuck in a mask or mannequin?"


Sometimes you gotta risk it


You're taking the same risk. And if you fail, who's going to be there to pick up the torch?

ID: dace6 591068

"True enough I suppose. So does that mean you want to work together, or…..what?"


As long as you're telling the truth, we have the same goals here. You still haven't told us the whole picture.


Can we trust you? Both of you? If yes we're a team.
This is big, bigger than me. You know a lot about this, more that I could find out in a day.


We may as well. Both of us want to find Brynn.

ID: dace6 591072

"Well, I didn't leave you on my doorstep. I trust you enough to have half explained most things already. And believe me, it's bigger than everyone involved so far. We're dealing with powers and things we only kind of understand."

"But you're right when you say we both want to find Brynn. For your case, and because I need to stop him. And how about this; If you help me stop the ritual-thing he's trying to perform tonight, I'll explain how things got to be like this. Deal?"



Seems like we don't have much of a choice, it's his way or the high way, and the high way won't get this solved.


What do you intend to do?

ID: dace6 591076


"Good!" Cobalt smiles widely, "As for what I plan to do: I'm not sure yet."

You nearly slam your head into the table.

"Hey, hey, don't be like that. It's just….do you know how to stop a magic ritual off the top of your head? No? Yeah, that's my problem. If it's anything like how we summoned Harley though, we can probably just mess up his diagram and try to…uh, detain him before he can get it set up again. Oh, hey, one question, detective: Did you read any parts of a song mentioning Brynn while you were in the hotel room?"


Yeah, actually. Something about tearing a page from a book.


A bit of it, sure. Does he know what it means?

ID: dace6 591079

"So you did. I was pretty sure, with the whole flying like crazy thing. There's something about that song, poem, whatever that affects those who read it. The first time I read it, a whole afternoon passed by without me being aware. Like, I was moving around and singing and stuff, but I wasn't aware I was doing any of it. So it was like blinking and suddenly it's been five hours. Weird stuff, right? Well, ever since then I've had moments like that. I'll black out for a few hours, sometimes a whole day, and wake up later. I've woken up to having done some weird stuff. Drawings, poems, writing….."

He blinks a few times before shaking his head, "Sorry, trailed off there. I don't know how many have read bits of that song, but it seems to affect ponies differently. Based on what, I don't know yet. Brynn is probably piecing all that stuff together while he works to 'save' Harley. If we're lucky we can get him to explain some of it tonight."

Cobalt rises from the table, pushing his chair in, "Well, if you want to talk about what you saw or experienced, I'm all ears. But if you'd rather take a walk and clear your head a bit or something, I understand. Like I said, we each have our own secrets."


>do you know how to stop a magic ritual off the top of your head?
It's damned inconvenient Twilight's out of town, huh


we need to go find our girlfriend

he can come with us if he wants to plan on the way


He didn't happen to say anything when he found us on his porch, did he?

ID: dace6 591083

"Who, me?" Cobalt asks in confusion, "No, not really. Some mumbling about how you found my place, but nothing else really."

>What do?


Tell him about that red-eyed thing you saw.


I think it's pretty safe to say that was a a result of the song. He doesn't need to know about that.


I think he should. There's no guarantee that this thing is confined to just haunting us.

ID: dace6 591087

So, uh, I'm thinking about cutting tonight's session short based on what happened. There isn't a super huge amount of things between where you are now and a potential intervention, but it's still enough that it'll take it over my time limit. And since I'm already feeling kind of beat, I'm thinking of cutting tonights short, then we just do the whole big conflict bit next week.
If you all are okay with that, that is.

Sorry, I'm just getting beat for some reason and I don't want to half ass the important stuff.



That's alright if you want to call it, felt like participation was petering off a bit anyway.



ID: dace6 591090

Yeah. Another problem. I dunno, maybe it's just me. Feeling a bit off.

Yeah, gonna call it for tonight. Between participation, my own misgivings, and getting tired as crap, I don't want to ruin it more than I may have already.

We'll resume next week.

Sorry. I know I suck.


I'm cool, I've been enjoying it anyway. Same time next week?


cool with me, I think we're at a slow bit anyway
I think that chase took a lot of energy
Naw, you don't suck. See you next week!

ID: dace6 591093

Yep, same time same place. I'll try not to do all the stuff I did today next week, so I'm ready to go.


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Hey, hey, you don't suck!

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