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ID: dcde4 590148

Previously, on MAQ:

Puff, Private Eye of Ponyville, was approached by a familiar mare name Cherry, who bore a case from the Royal Guard Intelligence Agency for Puff should he accept it.

Puff took particular interest in the case when it became apparent that the victim, and primary suspect, was Rarity. Older sister to his special mare Sweetie Belle. One of her mannequins had been stolen, apparently. And the RGIA was pointing the hoof to her, thinking she hid the thing to see if she could collect insurance.

Thinking Rarity wouldn't be one to stoop to fraud for a quick buck, Puff checked out the scene of the crime at Rarity's boutique. Minimal clues were found; A heavy ding in the window sill nearest the mannequin's last known spot in the boutique. An area of grass, shaped like a rectangle, heavily pressed just outside.

But more mysterious was the half torn sheet of paper found in a nearby bush. A message speaking of regret for the theft, but how it was necessary. Necessary for someone the writer knew.

Checking his options, the noble detective set out to ask Rarity's neighbors if they'd seen anything. The only one home was a small filly, named Moonlight, who told him of a strange looking pony with a pole in its back running down the street toward down the night of the theft.

Uncertain of the tale's accuracy, Puff went into town and asked vendors what they'd seen. A pony named Ray told him he saw everything; How an animated mannequin turned into a beautiful, chocolate coated mare before his very eyes, took one of his glow rings, then turned into a tall, lanky blue unicorn with large glasses. The lanky one took off immediately, seemingly confused.

Feeling like it wasn't making sense, and it was getting late, Puff retired to the building that was both office and home to him.

Only to find a glow ring, and an unsettling note addressed to him on his desk.

This case would be anything but a simple case of petty theft, it had seemed.










did we read the note yet?


It told us to not get involved


Let's not get involved
let's just go home, take a nice book and have a quiet evening in doors

for the next month or so until everything blows over

ID: dcde4 590156

You set the note back down with a sigh, even as your other hoof idly plays with the now spent glow ring that was left with the note last night.

You've gone over your evidence notepad a few times, trying to piece all the weird things to the more mundane. It's a stretch no matter how you look at it.

Pulling the other half sheet of paper out, you re-read the original note you found on the scene of the crime, hoping it'll give you some kind of further clue to go off of.

I shouldn't do it, but it has to be done. He doesn't need to know. He'll thank me later. I hope this kind mare will forgive my borrowing, but I need an ally stronger than her. Hopefully, this will work, or everything we did will-



And not be a suave detective and impress Sweetie by solving her sister's problem? Yeah right.
We need to impress the dame


>implying that's an option
They missed with our mare…'s big sister. We won't stand for that.
What about the new note, the one on our desk?
It will be a pain in the ass to track this guy down if he already knows who we are….


Maybe we should try looking around town for that lanky unicorn Ray mentioned.


I like this idea

ID: dcde4 590161

You cycle back to the note left on your desk, holding both up side by side as you read the more….insinuating, of the two.

It's between me and him. If you get involved, I can't guarantee your safety. He's already in a bad spot as it is, and I fear he'll make it worse. I'm the only one who can put an end to this. I ask you to leave it to me, his once-friend.
She must be given back.

It seems someone else involved intends to stop the thief. But from what? Stealing more mannequins? What's this bad spot the thief is in already? Does this new suspect know who you are, or merely where your office is?

There's still too many questions without answers.

You're putting the notes away and thinking about where to go about finding this "lanky blue unicorn" when there's a series of bangs on your door, making you jump slightly at the sudden noise in the otherwise silent office.

The profile through the glass looks familiar, a certain gold-blonde mane moving around impatiently.


>Tell her to come in

>Pack your stuff and head out the office, drag her along with you


Let's see what she wants in the office. I doubt dragging her with us would be the best idea.


Drag her along with you. We've got a lot of ground to cover. We can talk as we walk.


>his once-friend.
man I wonder what happened, we had such a bromance as kids

ID: dcde4 590165

You guys and draws in what to do, I swear.


bring her along


Take her with us. This guy knows where to find us, and wants us to stay out of things.
A bit of healthy paranoia never hurt anyone.


I vote take her along if she wants to come, it will be nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of


Take both notes, as well. We'll want them if we ever have an opportunity to compare handwriting.


Fine take her along, in the end is almost the same thing I guess.



>>590161 vs. >>590156
They don't look the same to me.


Against other text we come across, I mean.

ID: dcde4 590173

You quickly pack your things into your bag and heft it over your shoulder before shutting off your lamp light and drawing the blinds to the one window in the room. Cherry is halfway through another series of knocks when you open the door.

She jumps, taken aback as she lets out a muffled yelp. She opens her mouth to say something angry, but her expression softens as she looks at your face.

"By the Sun, Puff. Did you sleep at all last night?"

You turn around and lock the door to your darkened home and office, stuffing the key in a secure pocket of your bag before motioning for Cherry to walk with you. She hesitates, at first, but ultimately decides something and catches up to you. Miraculously, she holds back her questions and waits for you to say something.

>Give her the run down, from the top

>Tell her you've got a description lead
>Explain the note left on your desk, hence this morning walk


I don't think it's good to tell her everything. Can't we just tell her that Rarity isn't trying to commit fraud for now?


which is weird. I'd assumed they were both written by our lanky unicorn friend.

ID: dcde4 590176

You can, if you like.


what wrong, don't you trust her?


All three, in that order.


one is probably written by Harley


But they both refer to a 'her,' presumably Harley.

Maybe Cobalt wrote one of them?


First one's clearly from the perspective of the thief given it was at the crime scene, and the second one was in response to our looking into the theft, IE by someone else about the thief.


I don't think telling her everything is the best idea, because it'll make us look crazy


I agree with >>590174
give her the summarized version at most


I doubt telling her that magical mannequins is right now our main lead is good. Especially now that she sees we look like crap. She'll probably think we didn't sleep and started hallucinating or something. Let's just keep most of our information secret for now


but it was left with the glow ring, which was last seen in the thief's possession.
unless the lanky unicorn and the thief aren't the same pony.

ID: dcde4 590186

You're torn between telling her everything, and nothing, at the same time.

In the end, you decide to give her the basics of the case as it stands. Kind of.

"I've got enough to say that Rarity isn't trying to commit fraud. It's something else. I have a suspect lead. I'll let you know when I have something more significant."

Cherry's look of concern deepens.

"Puff, I know we don't always see eye to eye but….you seem different. Did something else happen? Is it something with Sweetie? If there's anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to ask me. I know it's a favor I asked but like I said before; Don't get in something over your head. Ask for help if you need it. Okay?"

>Tell her about the note on your desk

>Thank her for the offer, but you're fine. She should stop worrying.


tell her about the note


Tell her.


tell her because she's gonna find out anywyas


>Note asks to not get involved
>lets tell her too
Guys, come on this isn't going to help her


Fuck the note. We're not letting this be.


fuck that, we need someone who can bring the heat


The glow ring was taken by the chocolate mare, who then turned into unicorn and looked confused.
The unicorn probably wasn't aware of what happened when the mannequin was a mare, so the second message defending a male character must have come from the female personality, leaving the first message as being from the lanky unicorn.


Fine. But if this comes back later to bite us in the ass it's your fault.

Show her the note but ask to not get involved unless she gets a signal from us. We have backup if needed but it won't be obvious.


If Harley wrote the second note, then who's 'she'?


That's the mystery.


>Mystery Quest

ID: dcde4 590198

You sigh and stop the walk by a park bench, telling her to sit as you pull out the note left on your desk and give it to her to read. You wait impatiently, looking around at the bright sunny day, clear skies, bright green grass, and happy ponies who mingle and frolic about, with a newly suspicious eye. Which one left the note on your desk? Which one wants you out of this case? Which is the thief?

You take a deep breath. Gotta focus on the lead you've got for now.

Cherry gets up, handing the note back to you with a thankful nod.

"I see how it is," she says softly, raising a hoof and putting it on your shoulder reassuringly, "I've gotten a few notes like that in my time in the RGIA. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows, Puff. But," she says with a small smile, "This is a good thing."

"A good thing?"

"Yes. A note like this directed at you means you're already getting close. Rarely does a suspect send a note when you're cold. You've got him nervous, so he's trying to scare you. Don't worry," she pats your shoulder, "The RGIA has your back. You keep working that case. And if you need a place to crash, you know where our office is. And don't hesitate to ask for some backup if you think you've got an ID on this guy."

You make a mental note of where the RGIA office is out here; A small, almost fortress-like building wrought from stone on the edge of town that always flies an Equestria flag.

You feel a little better after Cherry's speech. Maybe she's right.

"So," she says, putting her hoof back on the ground and giving you a rare smile,"Was that all you had for an update?"




Yes. We have a safe place to stay and backup. let's leave it at how it is and go search for the unicorn


More or less. We've got a few leads to follow, but nothing but crazy stories on the actual chain of events.


yeah best not to tell her about the come to life mannequin for now, lets go look for that unicorn / chocolate colored mare

ID: dcde4 590202

You nod, giving her a sheepish "Thanks" for her support.

"Hey, don't worry about it. I've had too many friends go crazy over some case or another already. Let's not have that happen to you, alright?"

The two of you share smiles before you part ways; You head into town to start looking for this unicorn, as she heads toward her office.

The question now is: Where do you start?


>Sugarcube Corner
>Town Market
>Just wander [Random Event]
>Other [Player choice]


Lets go to Sugarcube. Pinkie says she knows everyone in Ponyvile. Asking her would be the biggest help.


I kind of like Sugar Cube Corner, I bet Pinkie would know


Sugarcube corner
>Pinkie Pie knows EVERYBODY, if anyone can give us an ID on our to POI, it's her
>We haven't had breakfast yet
Then on to the Library
>To find out more about what sort of magic we're dealing with, if these reports are to be believed.


>OOC knowledge
Brynn wrote one of the notes. Cobalt wrote the other one, probably the one on our desk.


How'd he get the glowstick, then?


It's possible he bought one of his own.

ID: dcde4 590209

Your stomach growls as you smell the baked goods of the famous Sugarcube Corner; Ponyville's premier bakery that employs the Party Pony Pinkie Pie. A flash of inspiration strikes you: Pinkie knows everypony. Everypony. She could help you find this suspect, even if he's new to town. Especially if he's new to town, now that you think about it.

And a doughnut wouldn't hurt to put a dent in this sudden hunger.

Surprisingly, Sugarcube Corner isn't so busy this morning. You manage to walk in without having to hold the door for anyone or having it held for you, and there's no line. A few ponies straggling about at different tables, reading books or magazines as they sip hot, sugary beverages in easily the best smelling place in Ponyville.

You're still marveling a bit at the lack of crowd when-


You nearly jump out of your skin, wings flaring as you hop in surprise at the voice from behind you.
Turning around, you laugh nervously as a pair of pink hooves suddenly squish you so hard you're worried you'll pop.

"P-Pinkie!" you stammer at the older mare. No matter how often it happens it feels awkward. When you were younger it was fine, but now, having grown up and all that….

"How's my beige buddy? You hardly visit the bakery anymore, and Mrs. Cake keeps asking about when you and Sweetie are gonna-"


She giggles as she loosens her grip on you, holding you out at hoofs length to look you over like she always does.

Her smile fades to a concerned frown.

"You look like a puff without it's filling," she says softly, turning your head to the left and right as though inspecting a faulty toy, "Hmm. Yes, yes. I see. You need Pinkie's Pick-Me-Up right away!" She turns toward the counter, "Pound Cake!"

A young colt, similar to you in colors, hops onto the counter with a grand smile.

"One PMU on the double! In fact, make it a double!"

"I don't think we've ever tried that, Pinkie," Pound Cake says with doubt.

"Does this look like a pony who doesn't need it?" Pinkie says, turning you to face the young lad.

He cringes visibly, "Ooh. Yeah, no. Double Trouble coming up!" and disappears behind the counter again.

"Meanwhile," Pinkie says, lifting you from the floor and carrying you to a table like you weigh nothing, "My little Puff, here, is gonna tell me why he looks like he was partying with Luna for a week. You didn't do that, did you? Because if you did, that's awesome and I demand you tell me about it."

>Tell her

>Don't tell her
>Just say you've been having trouble sleeping
>Tell her why you're here
>Player choice


Actually, I take that back. If he WAS sneaking around, it's possible he could have picked it up when Brynn went "why the hell am I wearing these" and tossed it.
It just seems odd, since Brynn thought he was going to pull it off without Cobalt knowing in that first note.


Tell her it's just a hard case we're working on and ask about the unicorn.


Just tell her you've been up late for work.
And that you'd like her help.
Tell her about the lanky unicorn and see if she knows anything.


Also the mare
Maybe don't mention they're the same person.


It's nothing serious, just a tough time at work. Don't ask her directly about any lanky unicorns, just let drop that you're looking for one.


>"You look like a puff without it's filling,"

oh Pinkie


that too.


Don't forget to mention the cutie mark.


What kind of half-baked detective do you take us for?


what was the cutie mark?


>Half baked
Pinkie already covered that one

A stack of books about 3 high

ID: dcde4 590221

"I'm just caught up on a hard case, is all," you say, trying to imbue as much confidence in your voice as you can muster, "Speaking of, maybe you could help me?"

"Anything for my pony-puff-pal," Pinkie says with a smile, "What can I do?"

"I'm looking for a pony. I think he might be new to town since I've never heard of anyone in town matching this description," you say as you pull out your notepad, flipping to the description you wrote down and reading it aloud for Pinkie, "Tall, lanky unicorn. Blue coat, slicked back mane that didn't seem natural. Wears big glasses. Cutie mark is a stack of books, something around 3 stacked on top of each other."

Pinkie leans on the table as she thinks, shifting around until her chin rests on a hoof and she looks at the ponies in the room.

"Sounds kind of familiar," she says softly, tapping her chin, "But, the one I met that was like that I haven't seen for nearly a month. And his mane was all….poofy."


"Yeah. Curly and wild. Kind of like a bush taped to a pony's head. He seemed sweet; Asking for directions to the library, buying a shake for himself and a nice mare friend he had. Didn't seem like any trouble at all. Pound Cake was here too, I think. Hey, Pound Cake!" Pinkie yells at the counter. Pound Cake pops his head out from the kitchen work window, "You remember that blue toothpick with the mare from about a month ago?"

Pound Cake thinks a bit before nodding, replying, "Yeah, why?"

"What'd you think of him?"

"Not much. The mare, though….." he fades out as he mumbles something.

"What was that?"

"I said, she was pretty nice to me! Didn't question why I was making their stuff like some other ponies do, and gave me a kiss on the head. She was really, really pretty, too."

"Pfft. Colts," Pinkie says with a smile, waving Pound Cake to resume his work before turning back to you, "Does that help?"


Ask about the mare. Then take the food and go to the Library and ask about the Unicorn.
Also thank Pinkie and Pound Cake


"So you don't think he was from around here?"

at least we got a lead to head to the library


Can they give us a physical description of the mare?


did he give his name?


>Didn't question why I was making their stuff like some other ponies do
If it's something he's sensitive about, we probably shouldn't pry, but that seems odd. Why would anyone question why he's working there?

ID: dcde4 590227

"Well he was asking where stuff was, so I figure he's either a very forgetful pony or he's new. I guessed new and gave him the new pony special discount."

Pinkie suddenly breaks into song.

"How do you spell Fun? It's not with F or U or N! Instead it's with five simple letters: B-R-Y-N-N!"

Pinkie stops, kind of just staring off into space for a moment before she smiles and says, "Yeah, Brynn."

"How do you remember that kind of stuff?" Pound Cake asks from behind the counter.

"Songs do wonders for memory! You should try it!"

#Suspect Name: Brynn

"What about the mare? What'd she look like?"

"The one I saw was brown, like coffee with just a hint of cream, with an even darker mane. So…like coffee or toffee ice cream with chocolate syrup for a mane and tail." Pound Cake says as he approaches the table with a tray bearing a drink and a sandwich on his back.

"Why is it you describe everything in food?" you idly ask.

"He's a growing colt. All they do is eat." Pinkie says with a laugh.

"I work in a bakery, too. Doesn't help much." Pound Cake says with a shrug.

"You said someone asked why you were working here?"

"Yeah, kind of. I don't think he was trying to be rude, but he sounded angry." Pound Cake replies.


"Some big blue Earth pony with a messy mane. He ordered something from Pinkie, but then started asking why I was working instead of playing with other ponies my size and age. He wasn't too rude, but he seemed on edge or something."


another newcomer to town? did you get his name too?


Ask Pinkie about the blue Earth Pony.


also don't forget to ask for the mare's name too.

ID: dcde4 590231

"Oh. That guy." Pinkie says with a frown, "He was a jerk. Just wanted a coffee and was all 'I don't have time to talk to yapping pink ponies,' he says. 'I'm looking for someone important,' he says. Well, I didn't help him at all since he wouldn't even say hello to a single other pony in the place. Not like Puff, here," Pinkie says with a smile as she reaches out, briefly removing your hat so she can pat you on the head, "Such a gentlepony."

"Uh, thanks, Pinkie."

"Oh, I think he left something when he was here!" Pound Cake says with a jump, "He was looking for someone so he told me to keep a note with where he was staying in town at if I saw anything suspicious. Lemme see if I can find it."

Pound Cake bolts to the counter, hurdling over the top of it and rummaging through things with a fervor that you didn't think the small guy had in him.


Roll #1 6 = 6


6 is good right?




Note or no note the next destination should be the Library. We need to see what Brynn was up too.

If we get the address we'll have something to do after asking Twilight. If not we'll just have to see what we do with the info Twilight gives us.

ID: dcde4 590235

"Found it!" Pound Cake calls, jumping over the counter with the note in his mouth and weaving his way through tables and chairs back to you.

You take the note from him with a thanks, noting a few coffee rings and some smeared lettering.

Still, you think you make out an address.

"Huh. That's on Inn Row."

#Location: Inn Row
Inn Row; An entire street of temporary lodging and convenient shopping, opened within the last few years to accommodate travelers as Ponyville grew in size and tourism began to pick up. Partially due to Sweet Apple Acres, and partially due to the amount of ridiculous things that seem to happen around town. All kinds go to and from the town fairly regularly, whether on their way to somewhere else or staying in a comparatively quieter town for a while. Inn Row offers affordable, comfortable, and convenient housing for traveling folk who don't intend to take up permanent residence in Ponyville.


Let's head for the library first.
And if that stallion happens to stop by, it'd be nice if they could not mention that we read his note.


What >>590236 said
Ask Pinkie and Pound to not tell anyone about us snooping around. Also if they see any of the two stallions or the mare there try to get us or keep a close eye on them.

ID: dcde4 590238

You eat your sandwich and drink some coffee, enjoying the slow building feeling of winding back up to speed that you get. Even if you go a little over thanks to all the sugar Pinkie puts in her special coffee.

"Hey, uh; If anyone asks, don't tell them I'm looking for these ponies."

"Pinkie promise!" Pinkie says, with Pound Cake rapidly following suit.

You smile at the two informants. Friends, rather. More than just the RGIA have your back, and it would do good to remember that if this case gets any weirder.

With final thank yous and goodbyes, you finally head out into Ponyville. Once more ready to crack this case.

>Select your destination






Do we have the guy's address? Maybe we should swing by there, at least get a feel for the place in case we need to stake it out later.

ID: dcde4 590242

Yes, you do.


If he spots someone snooping around his place he'll go on high alert. Better to save it for later and maintain the element of surprise.

ID: dcde4 590244

Checking out the library seems like a good start.

You arrive at the library without any issue and find yourself smiling a bit as you approach Twilight's home and place of work. Something about it is just relaxing. Maybe it's the whole 'built into a tree' thing.

Spike, the assistant caretaker of the Library, answers your knocks. He smiles as he greets you like an old friend, despite the fact you now have to look up at him to make eye contact.

"Hello, Spike," you say with a grin, "Hard to believe you're the same dragon who was shorter than me not that many years ago."

"Growth spurt. What else can I say?" he replies, his voice having taken on a more booming bass quality. Sometimes you wonder if he's whispering.

"Maybe it was all that ice cream. Super charged you," you joke.

His rolling laugh drowns yours out as he steps back and beckons you inside, shutting the door behind you.

"I'm sorry to say that Twilight is away at this time," Spike says apologetically, "She's doing research in Canterlot. Something about 'possible foreign magic qualities and intrigues'. Or something."

You scoff, "You might have gotten bigger but your listening sure didn't get any better."

Jokes aside, he's grown much smarter and more focused in the last few years. Vocabulary expanding, a higher interest in more advanced topics, and a more gentile temperament have taken the bluntness of youth from him as he shifts into a young adult. Or just an advanced teenager. It's hard to tell with dragons.

"You know how it is. I wouldn't be invited to such a discussion anyway. Want something to drink? I just made a nice green tea. Very basic, but aromatic."


Accept the tea. Try to see what he knows about Brynn and the mare.


"Sure, thanks."
Explain why you're here.


How long has Twilight been away for?

ID: dcde4 590248

"Yes, please."

Spike stands on the tips of his toes, reaching up above the bookshelf and grabbing a tea set with its big pot still steaming.

"A few days," Spike says as he pours tea into a cup clenched delicately between a thumb and forefinger, "Turns out it's a yearly thing, but she'd been too busy or too engrossed in some other research or problem to attend previously. I think this year is the first in a while she hasn't had a crisis on her hooves that prevented her from going."

You take a seat in one of the comfortable guest chairs in a small circle as Spike hands you your tea cup and saucer.

"See, I'm looking for a pony," you begin.

"Well you have a dragon. Either you're very confused or I can offer you some assistance."

"Very funny."

"I try."

"Well keep trying. Anyway. A blue unicorn, lanky, wears glasses, has a cutie mark of three books stacked up on each other, came in here for something. I want to know what he was looking for."

Spike frowns for a moment, setting his tea cup down and pondering.

"Do you know how long ago this was?" he asks.

"A month. Maybe earlier, depending on Pinkie's memory."

Spike smiles at that. "Well, she may act crazy sometimes, but she remembers more than you'd think. Let me see if he borrowed a book."

Spike gets up, walking upright and impressive, as he retrieves the lending logs from the more sparsely populated administrative shelf and pages through them before making a clicking noise with his tongue and grabbing a large pair of spectacles from the same shelf, putting them on carefully.

"You wear glasses now?" you ask, somewhat startled.

"More like miniature binoculars. It's difficult to read some of the smaller text now that I've grown larger. Can't put the book closer without getting cross eyed, so Twilight had these crafted for me."

"She's thoughtful like that."

Spike smiles as he runs a finger down the page.

"Hmm……What was his name?"

"Brynn. B-R-Y-N-N."

"Did you just sing that?"

"Pinkie's rubbing off on me."

"Well it paid off. I have a book loaned and returned from a Mr. Brynn."

"Yeah, what was it?"

"'The Moon and It's Cycles: A guide to Lunar movements, myths, and facts.'"


Take the book. Also ask if a blue Earth Pony was snooping around


Has the book been returned yet?


Disregard that, I can't into reading comprehension.
Take a look at dat book.


>I think this year is the first in a while she hasn't had a crisis on her hooves that prevented her from going.
Ha! Let's hope that's not some kind of omen, and that this doesn't turn into some kind of crisis.
>The Moon and It's Cycles
This doesn't bode well… check when it was published. Maybe I'm way too paranoid, but we should rule out anything about Nightmare Moon if we can. But I mean, what other moon-related events have happened recently?

We should definitely check out that book ourselves, though. See for ourselves what's in there.

ID: dcde4 590253

"Could I take the book?"

"I could loan it to you, of course," Spike says, wandering to yet another unmarked section and retrieving a purple book with gold embossed lettering on the cover, "I have a hunch you would prefer to keep your loan off the records?"


That'd be preferable, yes.


If Twilight won't find out and get us both in trouble yes please.


Why would checking out a book get us in trouble with Twilght?


Checking out a book? No problems
Checking out a books without being recorded? Yeah…


This is for a case. I'm sure she'll understand.


It's better if she doesn't find out at least till we solve this. It's not a problem now since she's away but let's try to keep it a secret

ID: dcde4 590260

"If that's alright. Wouldn't want Twilight getting angry about books being loaned under the table."

Spike chuckles at that. A deep rumbling like the start of a distant storm.

"If I tell her it's you, she'll understand. Wouldn't want to let any adversary our beloved detective encounters to have a trail to follow. Just bring the book back unscathed and it'll be just fine."

"I'll do my best."

"You'd better! Last time a book came back messed up she made the pony re-pen the damaged pages and help rebind the new pages into the book. It took some time and Twilight wouldn't put the pages in until the lettering matched the rest of the book. It was very time consuming and tedious, I assure you."

>Take a look at the book now

>Put it in your bag and save it for later
>Player questions/action


We might get her help on the topic later but probably better to get as few other ponies involved as possible for now



He'd still notice that the book was missing if he tried to come back for it. The fact that it wasn't written down would only make him even more paranoid.


If he already returned it he's probably done with it


If Spike doesn't know anything else about it I guess we should head to that address that Pinkie gave us


…He has a point.
Take a quick look at the book. Search for any missing pages, any bookmarks, anything. If we find something let's read it in the library.


Take a look now.


Direct Spike to tell us if he comes back, and also if he's looking for the book to tell him that it just got some moisture in between the pages and that it's being repaired, or something.
Let's read the book here.

ID: dcde4 590268

You open the book and begin leafing through the pages, not really reading anything. You're looking for any damage to the book, stray markings, etc…

Spike lies down gently, massive body curling into a comfortable position so he can look over your shoulder as he occasionally sips tea.


Roll #1 1 + 4 = 5




Looks like we just completely zoned out


File: 1405213736175.png (122.21 KB, 341x302, sleepless Applejack.png, IO Google TinEye)

To be expected, I guess.
Pic related is kind of us right now, sleep-wise, not counting Pinkie's Pick-Me-Up and the tea.


we should be perked up from what Pinkie put in that shake at least

ID: dcde4 590273

Nothing seems amiss.

"You skipped an entire chapter," Spike says idly from behind you.

"Well it's hard to flip pages with hooves. And the subject material is pretty dry, even with pictures."

"You also seem a bit tired. Well, it's not my position to tell you what to do. I was merely trying to assist you."

The tone of his voice says he thinks you should check again, but doesn't want to boss you around.

>Check again [-2 to roll bonus for repetition]

>Leave it alone for now and check again later [Won't lose any roll bonus]
>Have spike check [Spike makes a separate check on his own]


Check again. Please.


Let's take with us for now.


Check again
we got this


Guys I think after the library we should go visit Sweetie. Hear me out why.

Look it's clear that multiple ponies are involved in this. Someone knows about us. And someone else has the power of shapeshifting. We can't trust anyone. For all we know this morning we weren't visited by Cherry. For all we know we just informed the shapeshifting mannequin that we are involved in this shit and that someone else is involved too.

I'm saying to visit Sweetie because she is close to us. And we aren't a nobody. Ponies in town probably knows us and probably know about Sweetie's relation ship with us.

I also say that at the end of the day we sleep at the RGIA office and say hello to Cherry. That way we'll know if we've been tricked, since if she'll be surprised, well we fucked up.

Call me paranoid but we seriously are in a situation that necessitates to be careful


Check again, we can't just skip over stuff like that. We're a detective, dammit, we've got to be thorough!

ID: dcde4 590279

You sigh as you find the chapter you missed and leaf through it, doing your best to keep the pages individual and checking for anything amiss.


Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


sounds legit


I don't think it's the power of shapeshifting, The chocolate colored mare changing into Brynn was just them switching places between her realm and this world.


That's more like it.


>And someone else has the power of shapeshifting.
Hey, we don't know that. We have the evidence of a handful of eyewitnesses at best that somebody "changed" shape, and it was only once. It could have simply been a disguise. Being a little wary isn't a bad idea, but let's not hear buzzing and think Changelings, dig?

On the other hand, visiting Sweetie DOES sound like a good idea. At the very least, we ought to fill her in on the situation so far. She deserves to know, it is her family involved here after all.


And the Mannequin?
Ray saw the mannequin transform into the mare. And then the mare vanished just like that and was replaced by Brynn.
There's also Moonlight who saw the mannequin leave on it's own.

Look we're already secretive somewhat. We aren't going and telling everyone we meet about the case but I say we are very careful with everything. Especially Sweetie.


But if we've really got someone like that on our tail, won't that run the risk of LEADING them to Sweetie?

Hell, all the marketpony said was that Chocomare "dissapeared" and that there was Lankocorn in her place: could be she can turn invisible, and he just failed to notice the other guy: he'd been so smitten with the mare he was unable to stop her stealing from him: seems reasonable he'd be a bit blinkered.

Yes, but we don't know that

ID: dcde4 590286

You're leafing through pages when Spike suddenly tells you to stop.

"Go back to that page with the chart of the lunar cycle."

You do as he asks, looking at the page. Nothing seems out of place, though. Merely a chart of what days have full moons, what days have half, waning, waxing, and so on. There's a lovely picture of the moon on a cold winter night as viewed from a field with a small circle of rocks, but nothing that really sticks out.

"May I borrow the book for a moment?" Spike asks. You hand it off to him without question, and he eyes the page carefully with his spectacles.

"I hadn't noticed when I quality checked it, but there seems to be an imprint on this page."


"That is, someone put a piece of paper straight on the book and wrote something. It makes an impression on the pages beneath it, especially if the pony pushes the pencil too hard."

"I don't see anything."

"Well, my spectacles enhance the page quite significantly. It probably isn't noticeable by average pony standards. Good thing Twilight had these made for me, I can ease the page back to normal sometime."

"What's the imprint of?" you ask.

"Well, it seems he traced the column of the nights of full moons. One of them is circled."

"What night?"

"Hmm……it would seem the date is tomorrow night."

Tomorrow night?

Spike hands the book back to you, then hands you a sheet of paper with tomorrow night's date written on it that says "Full Moon."

"A note, to remind you should you need it."

"Thank you, Spike."

"My pleasure. Is there anything else I can assist you with?"


>Yes, but we don't know that
I wasn't sure
I guess I won't rule it out, but if we want to go see Sweetie lets wait until we follow up on our current leads


What risk? Everybody can find out about Sweetie. Like I said we aren't a stranger and if someone found out we are involved in this and knows where our office is he most likely knows about Sweetie too.


I guess whatever is going down is happening tomorrow night, tell Spike to keep an eye out for anything odd then.
I think that's it for now, lets check out Inn Row.


Oh boy, a time limit.
Do we HAVE any leads at the moment beyond Mr. Grumpypants the rival detective?
We've got a description of our two targets and a name for one of them, and that's about it. I'm not sure where we'd head to follow up on those.

I suppose you're right. I'd been thinking they knew of our office by following us, but now I realize that doesn't make any sense if they beat us back there with time to leave a message. Guess they do know of us already, so checking in with our Belle might be worthwhile.


I say we go to Rarity's place. Check for Sweetie. If she's not let's still take an outfit from Rarity. Inn Row is a lodging for tourists right? We know someone is following us and probably knows how we look.

Get an outfit from Rarity and pretend to be a tourist to not look suspicious


I forgot to say it, but I think this is Cobalt

ID: dcde4 590293

He circled tomorrow night on his own copy of the chart, but what significance does it hold?

You sigh as you put the book in your saddlebag and get up from your seat.

Spike cocks his head quizzically as you wander toward the door. "Something the matter, Puff?"

You contemplate telling him more, but decide to keep it to yourself. You merely tell him "This case, Spike. It's just confusing. And now I have a time limit, if my gut is right. I don't like it."

"'Let me embrace, thee, sour adversity, for the wise say it is the wisest course.'"

You stare blankly at Spike for a bit before he shrugs.

"It means to embrace your struggles because embracing them is less stressful than denying them."

"I imagine that was supposed to be supportive."

"Well if you don't appreciate quotes as such then I'll just say something like 'Go get 'em, champ.'"


thank him and offer a hoof bump before heading home to catch some shuteye


"better than trying to hug your problems away, thanks Spike"


I like this idea. She can give us a Hawaiian shirt like her dad wears, and we can fence the place without looking too suspicious.

ID: dcde4 590297

Spike smiles, "That's the spirit."

The two of you share a fond farewell as you head out into Ponyville once more, troubled thoughts eased a bit.

>Where do you want to go?

Getting near the time limit for this session, just a heads up.
Also tell me if you'd like less character interaction and more clue focused dialogue. I understand not everyone cares for that kind of stuff but it makes it more fun to write.


Head to Inn Row.


I think it's at a good balance right now

It looks like people want to go visit Sweetie to pick up a pseudo disguise


Sounds like we'd all but decided to go check in with Sweetie back at Carousel (unless we'd know she'd be somewhere else, like yesterday when she was helping Cheerilee) before scoping out the blue meanie.


The character interaction is fine. Don't sweat it.


Nope, it's good.


Don't sweat it man. Everything is fine.
I say to go to Rarity and check for Sweetie while getting a disguise.

ID: dcde4 590304

Well I also hope it's enjoyable to some degree, but it's mostly headcanon so I'd understand it people felt it was imposing. Glad to hear it's not.

ID: dcde4 590305

Well, if this pony knows where you live, then maybe he knows what you look like. Then again you do stand out pretty easily with that fedora and saddlebag. Perhaps checking in with Rarity for a change of clothes would help. And Sweetie might be there too, which would be nice.

With that in mind, you decide to head to Rarity's boutique once more.


Roll #1 4 = 4




Well fuck…



well this is worrying


Think positive guys. At least it isn't a 1. This probably means Sweetie isn't home but at least we'll get the costumes

ID: dcde4 590311

You arrive at the boutique and are about to knock on the door when it opens. You and Rarity share a moment of shock, both jumping slightly before Rarity begins to giggle as she realizes it's you.

"Oh, Puff. You certainly startled me. What can I do for you?"

You explain how you'd like a simple swap of clothes. Just something to borrow and make you look more tourist like so you can check out Inn Row without sticking out too bad.

Rarity beckons you inside and finds you a set of very flowery, not color coordinated clothing.

"I imagine if you want to blend in and not be bothered you don't want to bee overly coordinated or regal looking. If you look more disorganized and, dare I say a little silly, most looking for patrons will be friendly but dismissive toward you. If they can get your money and approval, that's fine, but if not it won't look bad."

She dons a straw hat and a pair of sunglasses to go with your red with white floral pattern shirt that covers your wings and a pair of faded, robin's egg blue shorts.

"Truly you are a beach bum without a beach," she says affectionately. "If that's all you need right now then I'm happy to have helped. Just try not to be too loud when you're heading out, Sweetie is napping upstairs. Seems she's tuckered out from a particularly hard day of being a teaching assistant for little ones." Rarity sighs with a small smile, "But, she's happy. Though I do say she'd be happier if you spent some time with her tomorrow night or the night after. They say there's a full moon tomorrow night. Quite romantic if you're outdoors, a bottle of chardonnay between the two of you on a warm evening. Hint, Hint."


>She dons a straw hat and a pair of sunglasses to go with your red with white floral pattern shirt
Aww yeah we Dad style now


tell her we're just to busy with this case and ask her to aplogize to Sweetie, maybe next time


We'd best hope this case doesn't have us running around tomorrow night… [spoiled]oh who am I kidding? Of course it will.




>Sweetie is sleeping.
Damn it. We can't wake her up.
Knowing our luck we'll probably end up bumping into Sweetie tomorrow night.

Thank Rarity but before we go we need to make sure we can blend in. Test a Dad joke on her.


I second the Dad joke


Tell her that you probably won't be able to make it. There's time-pressure involved in this case. Thank her for her time and head out.

Time to check out Inn Row.


Tell her you'd love to go with Sweetie but there's a big case you need to solve and can't. Promise that you'll make it up to Sweetie after all of this is over.

ID: dcde4 590320


"Rain check on tomorrow night," you say with thinly veiled sadness, "Can't say much but this case might have me busy."

Rarity nods, "I understand. And I'm sure Sweetie will too. Just do something nice for her and spend some time with her when you can. Not to say she could grow distant, but she's head over hooves for you you know. Has been for a long time. Remember sharing a scarf with her when we went to dinner? She still talks about it once in a while." Rarity sighs, "She's such a sweetheart. I want you to keep that going. Understand?"

You nod, earning a smile and hug from Rarity.

"Good. Now then, I think your disguise is sufficient. Anything else I can help you with?"

"What's the difference between a piano, a tuna, and a pot of glue?"

Rarity raises an eyebrow quizzically as she slowly asks, "I don't know. What?"

"You can tuna piano, but you can't piano a tuna."

She sighs, before blinking a few times and asking, "What about the pot of glue?"

"I knew you'd get stuck there."

Rarity groans and begins to push you toward the door, "You've been talking with my father again, haven't you?"


File: 1405217470294.jpg (345.49 KB, 2420x1643, Scootaloo and Pinkie laugh….jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)


Later Rarity.


Worth it.

ID: dcde4 590324

"If you challenge him to a joke off, please do invite me. I wish to capture such cringing from my mother on film."

You chuckle as she gently pushes you out the door.

"Thanks for the help, Rarity."

"No worries, dear. You can always count on me."

She waves before shutting the door gently.

Feeling particularly not yourself, you turn and head for Inn Row.

ID: dcde4 590325

By the time you arrive at Inn Row, the sun is beginning to set.

Which turns out to be quite convenient, actually. With the sun's rays waning in the distance and the sky turning orange, a decent amount of hoof traffic takes place. New arrivals seek lodging for the night, those with lodging wander about as they look for the next great thing to do. Romantic pairs of foreigners mingle with parents, weary from dealing with their children all day, stores close shop only to open small gift kiosks with increased prices, and ponies offering samples of foods from local eateries and chains made up just for this area line the street. It's a strangely organized chaos.

You double check the address given to you, noting that it's one of the middle ground lodging areas. Nothing fancy, but not too shabby either. They give you your own room, bed, bath, and patio, and only have a few rooms per two story building. All of which are designed to resemble log cabins. There's a spa attachment to the main building, as well as a pool, though you haven't time for any of that.

Still, it's easy to find the building and room number listed on the page.

The question is whether to wait around and scope the place out, or try and confront anyone who's there. Or in the case that no pony is there, search the room. Difficult without a key, unless you feel like trying your lock picking skills.

Decisions, decisions.

>What do?


Knock. See if anyone's there.
We don't even know how this guy is involved. We shouldn't be breaking into his place. That's just going to make our first meeting all kinds of awkward.


Is there an innkeeper or tenant around that we can talk to?


>"'The Moon and It's Cycles: A guide to Lunar movements, myths, and facts.'"
There's an old tale wrought with mystery, of Brynn the scholar and his muse
And a magic book which gave a life to the words the scholar used
Now the muse she was his happiness, and he wrote about her grace
And told her of the splendors from crossing to this place
Until in the darkness of one night, the moon still high above
He tore a page from his book and brought to this plane his love


Agreed. Let's talk to the guy who runs this place before we do anything rash, although it's a bit unlikely he'll remember our guy. He probably has a lot of people coming in and out.



What'll we ask him? Unlike Pinkie and Spike who we're friendly with, he's not going to be so willing to risk violating his customer's privacy

ID: dcde4 590332

You take a deep breath and try to relax. He might've been a jerk to Pinkie, but he's not a criminal. Probably. You're just trying to figure out how he's involved in this whole mess. Letting your bias get to you won't help anyone.

With your attitude reset, you ponder your options.

The only one who could grant you temporary access that isn't the shape of a hammer or pick would be whoever is running the front desk. They have spare keys for every room, in case of emergency. Maybe if you explain your situation they'd be willing to help.

Might be best to make sure the occupant isn't there first, though.


what's this from now

ID: dcde4 590334

Cute Quest 2. It's very meta knowledge, so it's alright not having known it beforehand.


Go on. Give it a good knock.


I guess we could carefully check the windows to see if anyone is home


I was thinking this as well. Do we have a badge?
Actually, >>590332 we're right. This guy is only a suspect at the moment. He's had opportunities to get at us if he had to: he was in our office, for heaven's sakes. Not to go overboard, here, but what if we just tracked down and interviewed the guy? We should find out what he's doing first, though, but we ARE on a time limit now.
I like this idea. We're a pegasus: let's stretch our wings a little bit, come nightfall. We shouldn't be seen peeking in windows.


File: 1405218725638.gif (121.93 KB, 286x200, wing[1].gif, IO Google TinEye)

>We're a pegasus

oh yeah


The second Cute Quest that Brynn, Harley and Cobatt are from.
In an extended singing contest between Cobalt and Sweetie they sang from a dusty old songsheet, and that perversion of the song was all Cobalt could remember of the evening.


Oh, and are you OK with me bringing up meta knowledge stuff like that in spoiler tags, Aspirant?


Is he even a suspect? The only thing he's guilty of is being a bit of a jerk to Pinkie. The lanky unicorn is our guy, not this earth pony.


We don't know the lanky unicorn did anything either, though, so this guy could also be a suspect. At the very least, he's a pony of interest.

ID: dcde4 590343

You head to the designated building as you figure out which room in the building is his.

Room 113.

Meaning he's on the first floor, third room.

Looking at the layout of the building from the outside, you determine that means he's in one of the end rooms. Though which one is the first and which is the third you can't tell without getting closer than you are.

Both sets of rooms have dark windows, though. So either the occupants are sleeping or not there. Or really like being in a room without the lights on.

>Go knock on the door of 113

>Go to the front desk of the main building and see about an escort into the room
>Player choice

I can't particularly stop you guys from doing that, though much of it was going to be explained based on player actions anyways. So it's kind of whatever to me. Takes from new players learning that info firsthand from in game sources if it went that way, but it is what it is.


I doubt he's sleeping this early but I think we should knock to be sure


Knock on the door, just in case. If he doesn't answer we can try the front desk.


Knock. It's not like we have any other option

ID: dcde4 590347

Please, you always have options. I just don't hand all of them to you because I hate that.

You knock, somewhat loudly. You feel nervous despite the fact that nopony is home and-

The door swings open.

You take a step back in surprise, half expecting something to jump out at you.

Minutes pass, and nothing does. The room is merely unlocked. And dark. But unoccupied.

You think.

>Go in

>Maaaaaybe I shouldn't


Steel ourselves for inspiring speech on how our job is to get to the bottom of things to protect the ponies of Ponyville, and how that includes this guy's friend, whoever he is. Prepare to flash P.I. badge and/or cutie mark and remark on how it symbolizes your responsibility to this town.




Go in. Slowly.
Call out and see if anyone answers back.


Or… not.
I vote we don't go in. Close the door, find somewhere outside where we'll be able to see the door but somebody at the door won't be able to see us.

I'm feeling like a stakeout.


What are we chicken?
but we should probably try to find a light switch, darkness is scary


oh yeah, the lights. that too.


Guys, this guy already doesn't want us involved, and he's made that known. I don't think home/room invasion is going to endear us to him.


Well maybe next time he should lock his door.
Also maybe next time his friend shouldn't steal from Rarara or anyone close to our dame.


technically he didn't say "don't get involved" just said it would be dangerous


nevermind I'm stupid he said to leave it to him


Hey, the door opened. Something wanted us inside.


God dammit, Anon, you're a loose cannon! You're going to jeopardize this whole investigation!
But seriously, you kind of are. We shouldn't just barge in like this, not to mention the questionable legality of it.
The room is unoccupied, and unlocked. That to me sounds like a potential trap more than anything else. Waltzing right in there like this could compromise all the subtlety we've so far prioritized.


Shit. You've got a point.
Maybe we should speak to the front desk first…


I kind of like being a bit of loose canon when adventure presents itself

ID: dcde4 590362

You call out a weak "Is anypony here?"

No response.

Slowly, you enter the room and flick on the lights.

The room lights up immediately, soft white lights dispelling the shadows and any potential ponies hiding in it.

The room is empty of ponies, though it has your average hotel furnishings. A soft looking bed framed in a stained brown wood frame; a small desk with accompanying chair, though this desk is far from tidy. Papers are strewn everywhere, some of which are covered in drawings, and others words. Some are printed, some are clippings from papers, but many are written in a scrawling, nearly illegible writing.

There's a bathroom, too, and you check to make sure it isn't occupied. It isn't.

>Search the room

>Leaving seems like a good idea
>Player choice


We got the RGIA to back us up. We got nothing to fear. Shit is happening, we need to find out what the hell and we don't have that much time.

Also again she messed with our dame and her sister. We are honor bound to get to the bottom of this.


Leave. Hurry before he sees you.
And for god's sake remember to turn off the lights!


definitely check out the papers


Search the room. If this guy knows something we need to find out. The clock is ticking.

What's the worst that could happen? He returning? Fine open a window to have a emergency escape plan. Even so there's nothing he can do to us. He'll knock us out at worst and then we'll at least have a chance to talk to him even if we lose a couple of hours.


This is probably not the best plan of action, but while we're here, we should check out the writing on one of the papers on the ground, and compare it to the earlier pony's handwriting with the scrawly handwriting. We may have at least one of our note-writers. But we have to be careful to not move ANYTHING.
Our guy is going to be coming back for those papers. We should be there when he does.
>He'll knock us out at worst
Hope you're willing to bet our life on the graces of a stranger who doesn't want us involved….


this is sooo illegal


He can't kill us. Let's be serious for a moment. He ain't got the guts or the blood in him to do it.

Can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. We're private detectives. Just get in the spirit of film noir movies man


Hey we don't know he doesn't have the guts to do that, even Pinkie thought he was a jerk.


We'll have to risk it then. We can't back of now. We're too deep in this. Again just open the window and be prepared for anything just in case if we're so worried.


That's crazy-talk. A detective with street-smarts is not going to underestimate anybody, ESPECIALLY somebody we don't know anything about. Oh, and usually in noir, getting yourself in over your head gets you killed. We're not playing the hero, we're here for the truth.


And what do you propose? This is the only lead we have now. We're also under a time limit. We can't just dilly dally until he returns? And when he returns what do we do? He doesn't want us involved so there's no chance for sharing information with us.
It's either we search trough his things now when he's out or wait till tomorrow night when it'll be too late


I already said what we should do. Give his things a quick once-over, ideally check his handwriting and compare it with our notes, and then scram so we can stake the place out and hopefully not get caught in the act.


If we find anything good in the notes sure but if not we have to continue searching


Oh, yeah? The notes are all over the place. You think he's not going to notice somebody riffled through his stuff?
It's a shame we left our saddlebags at Rarity's, or we could have dropped off our business card too. He could give us a ring!


well if they're scattered randomly all over his desk maybe he won't notice

ID: dcde4 590378

File: 1405221137797.png (Spoiler Image, 396.43 KB, 2500x2100, ScribbledDrawing1.png, IO Google TinEye)


You immediately move to the desk, looking over the contents of the first few on the surface of the small pile.

One is a picture that…honestly doesn't seem to make any sense. It's like a clock, but with shapes where certain numbers should be, the clock isn't even complete, the longer hand just shoots off into space and it makes your head hurt when you look at it for too long. >>590148

There's one that looks like a poem of some sort. It only takes up about a third of the page, while the rest is blank. It reads:

There's an old tale wrought with mystery, of Brynn the scholar and his muse
And a magic book which gave a life to the words the scholar used
Now the muse she was his happiness, and he wrote about her grace
And told her of the splendors from crossing to this place
Until in the darkness of one night, the moon still high above
He tore a page from his book and brought to this plane his love

Another page has a lunar chart like the one from the book, with mad scribbling of notes and certain dates crossed out.

The last one stands out even more. Some kind of drawing and notes on a black page.


>putting an object we haven't discovered yet in the header

I love it


I am mildly scared now for reasons I do not fully understand

ID: dcde4 590381

Yeah yeah, sarcasm. I get it.


No I'm serious that was cool

ID: dcde4 590383

Oh. Well color me surprised then.


This…does not bode well.


The whole page is black? So the notes are written in a white colored ink or something?
And do any of the notes mention anything about Brynn?


>Morata Nalan
Can we look at the crossed out dates?
Also finem let's get out of here now. Go back to the library and ask Spike about this, worst case scenario ask if we can spend the night there to search any info on this.

If nothing I guess we'll just have to confront the guy.


I'm trying to think of things to take from this but I'm drawing a blank, and it's spooking me out. Seriously, that drawing, eugh.

That arrow, right beneath where it says MORATA JALAN or something. That looks like the same symbol on the clock, doesn't it? It has to mean something.


I think that's "mercy."


oh woops nevermind the picture is right there

ID: dcde4 590390

Sifting some of the pages around, you see frantic notes of incomplete sentences and stand alone words scattered amongst a great number of pages.

A secret hidden from those who don't seek it

Love blinds



Her ruination will be his

I have to stop him. No matter the cost. If he takes from the Harbinger, thinks he can outsmart what it is…

Something about this all is very, very not right.


We need to get out of here. We seriously need to get out of here. We've got a lot of new leads, now let's GO.


Yeah that's creeping me out. I guess we won't finish this very soon…


I'm with >>590391
lets bail


Agreed. Fuck this place. We need to get out of here now.


oh, and
don't forget the lights.


We need to make sure the papers are as close to looking like they were before we came as possible, and then leave and stake the place out.

Whoever is staying here is seemingly not ok in the head, and apparently is involved in all of this. We need to at least get a glimpse of them firsthand, so we know who we're dealing with here.


push our luck and search for any last things

or evil looking trinkets


Anon, as much as I love being a loose canon and wanting to reach the bottom of this we need to get out of here now.

Let's go to the library, try to research what we found. If this fails we'll just ask for a guard from Cherry and confront this guy.
This shit, right now is too much for us.


I ran MORATA JALAN through and anagram solver and no bites. I guess it's just a mystery for now.


>Let's go to the library, try to research what we found.
That's not a good idea. Or do you happen to remember the Dewey Decimal Code for "batshit insane"?
It looks like it could also be MORATA JNALAN, but there are all those things hanging off of it as well that could mean something. Let's not forget about those.


we really need to track one of these guys down and talk to them. there's going to be a limit to how much of this we can unravel on our own.


Then what? All of these means nothing. Unless we confront this insane guy we have nothing else? We could ask Cherry but I doubt that that will help.

I honestly believe that we should confront him tough. Maybe we can wait in the reception for him.


It's Morata Nalan.


Oh alright let me try agai-
>Top Result: A Anal Matron


Like I said, those squiggly bits could be significant, and there's one that looks kind of like a J right in front.





Yeah I know. That's the first thing I saw too…

But no searching the name with google links to Cute Quest 2…

ID: dcde4 590409

File: 1405222736395.png (Spoiler Image, 143.87 KB, 2500x2100, LookingBack.png, IO Google TinEye)

You turn and start to leave, making for the door as your mind tries to process what you've read. It doesn't make any sense, but you've got a terrible, terrible feeling about all of this. Fearing discovery, you suddenly turn back around and try to place the papers back where they were when you found them. When things look appropriately right, or not right, you turn to leave again.

You're sweating, now, terror in the back of your mind but still held in check for the time being. Nobody was home, just the ramblings of a mad pony.

You turn out the lights, step outside, and turn around to shut the door.

And distinctly wish you hadn't.

End Chapter 1 Part 1


oh I guess I'll leave it be then


File: 1405222813162.jpg (24.29 KB, 533x395, Satoko.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)


whoa that gave me goosebumps
great session man


Ha joke's on you I already didn't sleep.

Yeah we're fucked, seriously tough it was fun but now…damn man we have to confront this guy. We know nothing, at least our character doesn't.

Or go to the fucking library and search the name and find out info about it. But that's just delaying the inevitable


File: 1405222850007.png (248.03 KB, 500x384, NOT READY.png, IO Google TinEye)



We must arm ourselves with knowledge.


And backup from Cherry


And it'd be best if we don't see Sweetie until this is over.


We need to get to Sweetie. This guy is a madman. And he knows about us. And he will suspect us first if he sees something wrong with the room.
She is in danger and we all know it.

Or at least ask Cherry to send a guard or two to protect her, from a distance.

ID: dcde4 590419

Thank you. I wish I was a better artist for the spooky stuff, but hey, them's the breaks.

If anyone has any questions I can answer them in the MLPG thread, through tumblr, or we can open a quest talks thread on the qt board here if you like. It's just that in the past nobody really used the thread so it kinda never served it's purpose.

Thank you for participating, everyone. I know it's a bit of a cliffhanger for part one, but the next session (Next Saturday, same time if nothing comes up) will answer some of the questions raised if you play it a certain way.


He doesn't know she's connected to us. And that's how it should stay.


a happy ending is possible right?


apparently so is death


Hey, man, sometimes less is more. You nailed this.
Seriously, I'm spooked out of my socks right now as it is.

And cliffhangers are best hangers, anyway.


As I said earlier he knows we are involved and he knows where we live.
Ponyville is a small town and when you have both Pinkie and Rarity knowing about your relationship you bet your ass most of Ponyville knows.

If we don't interact with her fine, but at the very least ask Cherry to guard her


agreed, I thought the pictures were great

ID: dcde4 590426

Very much so! I would hope that's what you're striving for.

It's not Raisin Quest, I won't throw death at you every 5 posts. But there will be certain circumstances where, if not handled properly, it could be a game over. I will do my best to have you guys prepared, but in the end it's a mix of your actions and fate.


We don't know what this guy knows. Guards would not be a bad idea. Actually, maybe not even guards- send Spike. NOBODY tangles with a dragon, and we could spin it to Sweetie like Spike's feeling lonely or something, so Sweetie should go spend some time with him. That way, she would be safe, and she wouldn't be scared. We should keep this from her.

Heaven knows she's a simple enough gal to fall for it. Uh, kind enough, too. But that's why we love her, really.


If I'm not too late, were those papers from a notebook like the one we found, or just loose pages?

ID: dcde4 590429

A mixed bunch. Some were lined, others weren't. Some were also black with white ink.

Didn't seem like the writer cared what kind of paper it was or where it came from. Merely that he had it.


In the past the quests have mostly been waifu quests though so the only thing to discuss has been when the thing'll take place, whereas this time we've got a mystery to solve, gang. Might be more worthwhile.

ID: dcde4 590431

True. I'll start one up on the /qt/ board. I'll try to answer non revealing questions whenever I check it. I won't butt into player conversations and musings though, so feel free to talk about scenarios or nitpick or what have you.

It'll be up in a few minutes.


Thanks. Drat, there goes the theory I was nursing that they were the rest of Brynn's notes, stolen in a struggle on the night of the animation that caused the one page we found to be left behind.


When's the next session?

ID: dcde4 590434

Next Saturday (the 19?) at the same time, if all goes to plan. I might have to do some volunteer work that day which might push the time back. I'll keep you updated, but the plan is to stick to a stable time for convenience of everyone.

Also, the /qt/ thread is up: http://mlpg.co/qt/res/457956.html

Feel free to utilize it, everyone.

Not that you can't talk here, but after multiple sessions it might get hard to keep referring to these threads.

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