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ID: a2207 586909

Good evening and welcome to the beginning of Mystery Adventure Quest [Better name pending]!

Things around Ponyville have been a little…off, lately. Personal and office possessions disappearing, a sudden influx of individuals and families moving into town, and a group of ponies with a secret, just to name a few of the odd goings in and about town.
It could be nothing.
But you aren't so sure.

But before we get ahead of ourselves here, the first of a few important questions demands an answer.

Who are you, exactly?

Are you Puff: Energetic Pegasus colt, beige with a brown mane, solver of small time mysteries and performer of small time stunts?

Are you Cobalt: Bulky Earth pony, growing larger than his parents, light blue bodied with a dark blue mane, a pony with a knack for succeeding in the last second, one of two who summoned another into their fold, and suffered the loss of an entire afternoon in the blink of an eye?

Are you Brynn: Once an average unicorn, now grown into a lanky, if charming, one, a bookworm, a thinker, with curiosity unfulfilled, who also summoned a third into his fold of growing friends, who harbors the spirit within as it strains against his growing mind?

Or are you someone new to this tale, with talents and knowledge yet untapped, one who wandered into town and found themselves caught in the middle?

Take time in your choosing, for once your path is set, there's no turning back.

Take the time you need, I'll check in and tally votes in about ten to twenty minutes as my coffee finishes brewing.






One point for Puff.


Pegasus mustard race


I vote Puff but I wouldn't be sad if we went with Cobalt.



Assuming I remember cute quest correctly, anyway


I vote Cobalt.
Gotta have our ghostpony friend.


Voting for Cobalt. I'm tempted to pick Brynn, but the whole thing about "harbors the spirit within" sounds like it would make for a lot of will saves.

ID: a2207 586918

File: 1403996933817.png (79.93 KB, 700x424, Puff_Questionnaire.png, IO Google TinEye)

Also, please only vote once. I feel I shouldn't have to ask but I'm going to anyway. Play fair. It's more interesting that way.


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A new OC filly princess who has to wrangle all these silly colts together and get shit done


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Looks like little Puff got it.


I'd like Cobalt!


b-but muh Harley

ID: 3f4ab 586925



File: 1403997157676.png (27.33 KB, 443x439, cobalt's color scheme.png, IO Google TinEye)

My brothers!

Hey, Aspirant, just in case Cobalt doesn't win, will we still be able to interact with him? I mean, I'm assuming 'cause Brynn is also an option. Are all three are going to be characters in this to some extent?


but Puff and Cobalt don't exist in the same continuity…do they?


I'd say no.


I don't know, that's why I'm asking.


Man I kinda want Brynn, but I also want Puff.
Still gotta go with the cute Pegasus


Can I change my vote to colbalt instead actually?


Puff all the way

ID: a2207 586933

HEY, BETTER IDEA: http://strawpoll.me/2008584

Vote that way. Dunno why I didn't think of it. 5 minutes and I'll consider the voting final.

All three will be involved in what goes on within the arc.

Character knowledge will be about what it was at the end of their respective arcs, but this tale is set some years down the road.

For the purpose of continuity and all that jazz; The quest arc of the character chosen for players will be utilized as the previous context as far as relationships go. So, if you pick Puff, his backstory in Ponyville is the canon one. The other characters will be members coming to town for the first time, but with every major event involved with them being carried over, just having taken place in a different town.

Feel free to ask any further questions. This whole session is about getting everyone on the same page after all.


Can't strawpoll's be rigged.


Strawoll is very easy to trick and cheat man.
Can't you ask one of the mods to like check the IPs?

ID: a2207 586936

I don't think so? I'm not 100% on it, but it's supposed to default check where the people voting are from and make sure they can only vote once.

I mean, post method isn't really any better. This just keeps the thread from being super huge and taking forever to load when it updates.


Inb4 Celestia gets 19 votes again


I could probably just reset my IP and keep voting.


You could do that in the thread too.


but you'd be a fucking asshole if you did


And? In case you haven't noticed there's a lot of fucking assholes in MLPG.

ID: a2207 586942

Well, I'm not really sure how I can prevent cheating the system and keep this going at all.

Just be fair so we can keep things streamlined, please. That's all I can really ask without taking votes and sitting around checking them for stupid amounts of time.


Wasn't there another poll website that was much harder to cheat?


Well yeah. I'm just saying you could.


>somehow we wind up with 16 votes for Celestia


that isn't an excuse to ruin everyone else's fun


I…never said I was going to.


looks like it's Puff after all.


Puff, my winged nigga.




File: 1403998035466.gif (1.99 MB, 400x225, sweating radio operator.gif, IO Google TinEye)

>Puff: 5 votes
>Cobalt: 5 votes


Who's the genius that posted the poll in MLPG?






The voting cutoff was like 5 minutes ago.


And Puff was in the lead then. My winged nigga won

ID: a2207 586957

Alright, alright. I found the site I used last time. I'll use that one, since I can look at IP addresses on it somehow, in future polls.

Which I'm definitely going to do.

Puff wins, 6-5 against Cobalt.

Close one, but thems the breaks.




File: 1403998375282.png (251.76 KB, 994x439, 1396998965179.png, IO Google TinEye)

It is true, pegasi are the master race.

ID: a2207 586960

You are Puff, beige Pegasus with a brown mane and tail combo. You and Sweetie had a thing when you were younger, and in school. Rarity took quite the liking to you since you treated Sweetie well and always worked hard. So much so that she took you and Sweetie to a nice dinner after Hearth's Warming Eve activities as a way to welcome you fully into their family.

But did it stay that way?


Opportunity to reset your dating sim scores here, if you care.


We were together for a while, but we broke it off amicably

Can't let ourselves get tied down early on


File: 1403998495782.png (105.49 KB, 548x536, Sweetie Belle 95.png, IO Google TinEye)


File: 1403998509791.png (267.51 KB, 500x478, 1396222093662.png, IO Google TinEye)

Oh man, I don't know what to do here.

I'm a scootalover but I don't know if we should reset our score.



Let Cobalt be with Scoots. They were together in another world.


And not in this world.





I say yes since this won't be a dating sim and it would be good to have her on our good side if we need help with something


>this won't be a dating sim
not with that attitude, anyway

ID: a2207 586972

Yesses have it, 4-2 over No and 1 unsure.

You and Sweetie stayed sweet to each other, even as you grew. One was never far from the other in daily activities, and both always smiling.

These days, she sometimes brings you lunch in a picnic basket, taking you to the park just so you get outside and can lay around with her in the warm afternoon sun.
And other times you're taking her for ice cream after long days in town, both happy to talk about what's going on at work or around town, and maybe catch a movie before parting for the night.

But…what is it you exactly do these days?

Did you enlist in the Royal Guard, like some of your classmates?
What about that Detective idea Miss Cheerilee gave you before?
Or are you still modeling things for Rarity once in a while, just to keep in touch?

Job choice will give one specific advantage based on choice.
Royal Guardsmen, even in training, are more physically fit.
A Detective is trained to piece things together quickly and logically, and has increased problem solving skills.
A model knows how to work with other ponies, and gets bonuses to talking/interacting with them.




be the model

we are the prettiest pegasus


I feel like Detective specialty is the easy route, let's go with the modeling for maximum charisma





we have friends that can talk for us

maximize the minmaxing


I'd say guard but apparently that's not happening with the sudden fetishists flying about, so detective.


>implying I'm not voting model because charisma is overpowered



>Cobalt the Fighter

>Brynn the Wizard
>Puffs the social Rogue


Cobalt is not in this world.



jk detective


Yeah he is. Read >>586933


Oh look at that, must have read right over it.


How long are you planning on having this quest go for?

ID: a2207 586986

Detective wins with 5, over the 3 for Model, and 0 for Guard.

While Sweetie helps Miss Cheerilee with after school activities, you're usually spending your days poking your nose in other ponies business. With their permission, of course.

After you uncovered Apple Bloom being black mailed by Diamond Tiara way back when, ponies have come to you with varying mysteries in need of solving. Some of them are simple; Where's my pet turtle gotten off to? How does Donut Joe make all those donuts by himself? What's the secret ingredient in Miss Cheerilee's specialty salad?
And of course, you've had to tail some ponies a few times and help the local authorities with disappearing items. Usually clothes or outfits, weirdly enough.

Until it reaches a satisfying conclusion. I have no idea how many sessions that will take.


Make it a thousand.


So what is the secret ingredient in Miss Cheerilee's specialty salad?


ohoho my


We got any new jobs?

ID: a2207 586991

Business has been slow these days, though. Most the issues you resolve are mere misunderstandings, or ponies misplacing their own belongings. You still get your bits in the end, but sometimes you wish something bigger would happen. Something….exciting.

Your daydreams are broken with a banging on your office door.

You stop leaning back in your chair, letting the legs of it hit the ground with a thump before calling whoever is knocking to enter.

The door swings open and reveals a pink mare, with golden mane and green eyes that never seem to stop searching the room.

Cherry Carnation, a member of the Royal Guard Intelligence Agency.

"Puff," she says, nodding her head once in acknowledgement before scanning the cluttered top of your desk, "Still as unorganized as ever, I see."


I'm guessing that we are very familiar with this one

would player death also qualify as a series ender?


I don't know who this mare is, but I know I want to see a whole lot more of her


"I find what I need easy enough."
Ask her what the RGIA needs with a small-time detective.


This dame isn't nearly hysterical enough to be needing help yet


we film noir now


Doubt she just stopped by for biscuits and tea.


>not having tea with pretty ponies
you have been doing it wrong for ages

surrender your ponying licence now

ID: a2207 586999

>Character death, game ender?

"It's my kind of organized chaos, Cherry," you say, smirking a bit as she rolls her eyes. You've always enjoyed ignoring her titles. Maybe because it bothers her, just a little. "I haven't seen you in a while. How's the Agency?"

"It's still there and still receiving minimum funding," Cherry says bluntly, raising a hoof and toying with the small desk clock you have on your desk, "But I'm not here for chit-chat. I have something I need you to do for the Agency."

You lean back in your chair.

"Alright, lemme hear it before I agree. You don't call or write, but all the sudden you want me to do something for you."

"It's nothing too serious," she says with a slight grin, "Long story short: We've had a huge influx of ponies hoping to set up residence in town this week. Nothing too weird, except for how many of them there are. Like an entire village up and moved just because they could." She stops fidgeting with your stuff and whips her mane back to keep it from her eyes. "But there's been a series of petty thefts recently. One victim is a pony you're already familiar with."

That's got your interest up. You lean forward as Cherry pulls some paper and a photo from a small bag on her back, setting them on your desk, atop your other clipped papers. You recognize the unicorn in the photo as Cherry says her name.

"One 'Miss Rarity.'"


When did the thefts start? Any witness statements?


They chose the wrong mare to mess with
Of course we're gonna accept


Oh hell no.
We should make it a priority to get to her personally as soon as possible, she'll probably be hysterical and we should be there for her. But for the moment, we need as much information as we can in case this is personal. Accept.


Any other information on the ponies? Where they claimed to be from or what section of town they're moving to

ID: a2207 587004

"The most recent theft was last night. The victim doesn't know exactly when her mannequin went missing, but one of her many seemed to disappear after dinner and has yet to walk itself back."

You look up at Cherry.

"How did this get all the way up to you all at the RGIA?"

Cherry sighs, "We've been having a slow week, and yet we're overtaxed for the number of people in the office, and one or two in the office think she might be lying. Maybe she's storing it somewhere and claiming it was stolen to get an insurance write off. Who knows, really. That's why I'm here to ask you. Since you know her, you could figure out if she's scamming the system or if she's being genuine. And maybe get a lead on where the thing went."

"So you're saying you have no witness reports?" you ask, a bit incredulously.

"I've talked with a few who think they saw a thin looking unicorn around the boutique yesterday, but the time frames to the disappearance don't match up. That, and her sister, Sweetie Belle, is a rather skinny mare, so they might've mistaken her shadow for some other pony. Either way, I want you to figure out what's going on with this and report back. If it's something significant and she didn't just misplace it, the RGIA will take the case back off your hands and pay you for your troubles. If you solve it yourself, we'll pay you anyway. Just try not to get into anything over your head if it does turn out she's pulling insurance fraud."

You tell her you'll take the case, taking the photo of Rarity and the pair of papers, copies of interviews with witnesses, and put them in the travel bag that hangs from your chair.

"Anything else?" Cherry asks, taking a step back toward the door, "If not then I need to head back."


Did you find hoofprints at any of the crime-scenes?


Looks like were heading over to the boutique
I don't see Rarity as someone trying to commit insurance fraud


Well clearly Rarity isn't lying. She isn't a mare that would need money.
We need to go speak with her


this is clearly a conflict of interest
I feel like we should disclose our relationship with Sweetie if we're going to be taking this case


That'll be all. Let's go over the witness interviews first, then we can do some interviews of our own.
don't forget your fedora on the way out


what he said

ID: a2207 587011

"You know it hasn't rained in weeks, Puff. Or is that your idea of a joke?"

"I already know you and Rarity's sister have a thing going on. It's been, what, seven years almost since we all went to school together, but I still remember that much."

"And you don't think it's a conflict of interests issue?" you ask, somewhat surprised.

"I think you knowing them is a benefit, in this case. If she IS committing fraud, maybe you can talk her out of it. If she isn't, then they'll give you info they won't give a 'callous officer of the Crown', like myself."

"Someone actually called you that?" you scoff, unable to picture someone speaking to Cherry like that.

"Yes. Right before Walnut did his thing and taught the offender some manners."

Ah, Walnut. Cherry's exceptionally large partner of investigation. He was one you didn't want to anger, and it's known he's more than a little partial for Cherry.
You shiver slightly as you imagine that huge stallion "correcting" some rude delinquent.

Cherry laughs a little at your reaction.

"Don't worry, it wasn't that bad. Can't rough them up too bad or we get in trouble. Still, I think he won't make the same mistake twice."

Cherry nods and leaves ahead of you, silent save for saying "Goodbye," as the door shuts behind her.

You grab your travel bag, ensuring you have spare paper, a clipboard, some writing utensils, and your magnifying glass in it before putting it across your back. You grab your fedora, a small, respectable looking thing made by Rarity herself, a light brown with a single dark band going around it. Enough to stand out and serve as a reminder of what you do, but blends in with your overall appearance at a distance.

Stuff situated properly, you head out to the boutique to get some answers.


>we're not part of a buddy cop routine like Cherry and Walnut
damn, missed opportunities



we need to make some friends we can work with


Maybe we'll gather party-members along our journey.


But we can't be a hard boiled detective with other ponies getting in our way
Unless it's like a Watson who's there to make simple remarks and fill in for the reader

ID: a2207 587017

You arrive at the boutique just a little after noon. It looks the same as you last saw it a few days ago, when Sweetie had you over for dinner with her and Rarity.

You knock on the door, not wanting to barge into the place despite it's nearly a second home to you.


The familiar voice behind the door makes you smile, and you greet Rarity with it when the door swings open.

"Puff!" she says happily, reaching her hooves out and giving you a firm, if brief, hug, "What a surprise! Not an unpleasant one, of course, but I didn't-" she stops as she sees you wearing your fedora, "Oh! You're here on business, then! Well then; How can I help you? Do you need some refreshments, or is it something else?"

>The RGIA gave me the case about your missing mannequin

>Let's talk about it inside


Let's talk inside.
The walls have ears.


wait, that came out wrong.


She's a friend. We can talk normally with her, inside of course.

ID: a2207 587021


Let's have a drink inside.

ID: a2207 587023

The two of you head inside, Rarity bringing out some iced tea for you despite your insistence you don't need anything. You're glad she did, you decide as you take the first sip. You hadn't realized how parched you were before.

"Yes, it's true! One of my mannequins has gone missing," Rarity says after you ask, a perplexed look on her elegant face as she ponders, "The strangest part is that it didn't even have any clothes on it! No jewelry, outfits, raw materials….nothing! Just the mannequin!"

"Any idea who might've taken it?"

"Not at all," Rarity says with a slight groan, "Not so much as a hiccup when dealing with my clients as of late. And there's nobody in town who I'd suspect of stealing from me. I mean, really, if they'd just asked I would've loaned it to them for a while. It's not like I don't have dozens of the things just sitting about."

>Take a look around the boutique

>Try to ask about the potential for insurance fraud. Delicately.
>Leave the boutique.


Ask if we can have a look around.




Shhh, we're not supposed to know about her yet


Ask if Sweetie was around last night
Ask of Rarity's been locking her doors


When was the last time she saw it, and when did she notice that it was missing?


Ask if we can investigate, nothing else we could do.
If she stays with us try to find out what she'll do now, or what would happen if the mannequin isn't found.


Take a look around the crimescene while questioning her.
When did she notice it missing? Is there anything else missing or out of place lately, either from you or Sweetie?

ID: a2207 587031

"Sweetie is always around, dear. Much to our parents chagrin, she's taken up residence here on a more permanent basis. Due to you, no doubt."

Your cheeks redden a bit. Even after years of hearing it from her, you still get a little flustered when Rarity talks about you and Sweetie like that.

"And yes, I lock the boutique doors before bed every night. Anytime Sweetie has snuck out, and I know she has so don't play coy with me, she uses one of the windows. If somepony tried to come in that way, and didn't know the place, they'd trip over a dozen odd things and give themselves away. So I don't think that happened either. I could be wrong, of course."

"Did Sweetie sneak out last night?"

"You tell me," Rarity says with a smirk.

If she did, she didn't come visit you.

"I saw it last night, before dinner. I had seen several clients and window shoppers that afternoon, all of whom were very pleasant, but after cleaning up and going back to work on some projects, I noticed one was missing from its usual place in my blank slate area. I've searched high and low, but have yet to find it. I reported it last night as well."

Rarity smiles at your question.

"Of course, my little detective! You know the boutique inside and out about as well as I do by now, so I'm sure if I missed something you'll pick up on it. Feel free to move things around if need be, just let me know when you do so I don't think the furniture's come alive or anything."

The two of you share a laugh before you get up from your seats at the kitchen table, heading into the living room/work space and heading to the mannequin's last known location.

Rarity stands beside the empty area, waving a hoof at it like a showgirl.

"It was right here. I've looked for any kind of tracks from the culprit, but I haven't found any clues. Perhaps you'll have better luck."


Check the surrounding area. If someone snuck in there may be hair laying around.


Also check all the windows.

ID: a2207 587034

You kneel beside the empty area of Rarity's workshop, looking around it for scuff marks, hairs, anything out of place.

After not finding anything for a few minutes, you remember your magnifying glass, and use it to enhance your vision of the area, also checking the nearby window and window sill for clues.


Roll #1 5 + 4 = 9


thank god for dat detective modifier


Well the detective background sure is helpful


We're going to fail with the dames though


File: 1404004459967.gif (1.66 MB, 734x720, Sweetie Belle 119.gif, IO Google TinEye)

We've got the only dame we're ever gonna need right here.

ID: a2207 587039

You find your first clue at the window.

A dent in the woodwork that makes up the sill along the bottom of the window. Large enough to be noticeable from up close, but you'd have missed it from anywhere else in the room.

"Has the windowsill always been damaged?" you ask Rarity.

"Damaged?" she says, curiosity getting the better of her and making her approach the window sill to see it firsthand. "Oh, goodness! Nothing of that sort. Anytime I've checked the window sill I've had to buff out a few shallow scratches, or fill them with paint or some such. But nothing like this."

You notice the dent is rounded, most likely caused by something blunt.


File: 1404004486229.jpg (86.45 KB, 900x788, 1337473319029.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)


Check the lock.

ID: a2207 587042

You inspect the window's lock; a simple set of metal bolt locks set at the base, and one about a quarter of the way up from the bottom. There are no locks past the halfway mark, for the top half is immobile.

None seem tampered with or damaged.

If a pony came through these, they were either already unlocked, or the perpetrator had a way to open them without damaging them.


Take a peek outside.



No offense Rarity.
Or Sweetie.


Check likely paths between the mannequin's storage location and that window for any other clues.
Also the ground outside the window when we head outside.

Ask whether it would have been locked when the mannequin went missing, and if so whether she's relocked it since (assuming it's currently locked)

ID: a2207 587046


The mannequin would've been right beside the window, making for a relatively easy grab. But one would have to be exceptionally strong to pick the mannequin up unassisted, even if it banged the window sill on the way out.

"The window's been locked for weeks now," Rarity says when you ask, "I locked them for the last rainfall and haven't opened that particular one up since. Mostly because the weather hasn't been too hot, so I haven't felt the need to cool off the workshop."

You're beginning to think a unicorn was involved, recalling the description Cherry gave you from a witness report.

You open the window and look outside.

In the immediate area is a small tree, whose trunk you can see straight ahead. The branches are high above, and wouldn't make any real sense to use in going through a window on the ground.
Some of the grass is pressed flat, in a large rectangular shape, as though something heavy was resting there for a while. It's in the shadow of the tree, and likely can't be seen from the road.


The mannequin has a rectangular base, right?


We Neighsona now


Yeah I'm thinking a unicorn used his magic to unlock the window and grab the mannequin, but we still don't know what the motive was hmmm


Looks like someone needed to give themselves a boost.


>The window's been locked for weeks now
Meaning she hasn't checked it lately? Someone could have unlocked it beforehand


Maybe it wasn't opened by the thief. Like >>587051 said Rarity probably didn't check it.
Also since Sweetie basically lives there she could have unlocked the window one day without Rarity knowing

ID: a2207 587053

"Yes," Rarity answers, pointing at one of her other mannequins, "Most of my mannequins are in poses above the ground; In case I need to put shoes on to match them with the outfit or something of the sort. There's a large, rather heavy, rectangular base for the pole that holds the mannequins upright."

"I…suppose you're right. But I didn't notice any clients go to that side of the workplace, even, during their time here. I guess I'm still set aback that someone would steal from me…."

You reassure Rarity that you'll figure out who did it and why, helping to ease some of her inner doubts.

There doesn't seem to be any other clues inside the boutique, after you search a little harder around the window and mannequin's previous resting area.


Check that depression outside.


Is Sweetie here right now?
I'd like to talk to her too

ID: a2207 587056

You gather your things, thanking Rarity for the tea in a quick goodbye, before heading outside to check the depression in the grass.

There's not much to it; It's just a rectangle of squished grass. The rectangle is oriented with it's long side parallel to the window, meaning the mannequin was pointing toward the street or toward the back of the boutique before it was hefted off again.

The immediate question is, how did the perpetrator transport it?
And where could it be now?

>Investigate toward the street

>Investigate the back of the boutique

ID: a2207 587057

Sweetie is presently assisting summer classes with Miss Cheerilee, and is at the school.


Investigate towards the street.


Would the mannequin survive a fall from that height?


It's a ground floor window


is it? I thought by tree branches it was on the second floor


>In the immediate area is a small tree, whose trunk you can see straight ahead. The branches are high above, and wouldn't make any real sense to use in going through a window on the ground.


Scratch that, reading comprehension. "window on the ground"

ID: a2207 587064

You ponder the thought for a moment. If the mannequin got snagged on the window sill, and fell forward, but the perpetrator caught it and set it on its base, would it be damaged at all?

It's hard to guess at. Mannequins are fairly sturdy,and falling from a height of less than five feet wouldn't destroy the thing, certainly. But could a piece of it have fallen off from the bump with the window sill?

You head toward the street, checking the ground the entire way there.


And the street is merely a dirt road, traveled on to the point you wouldn't be able to tell if something was disturbed in it or not. Especially not with the amount of random litter on either side of the road. Cores of apples, banana peels, one or two torn sheets of paper, a golf ball, some other thing half buried in the sand that kind of looks like the bottom of a can…..


You check the other side of the road for any more grass depressions, but come up empty hooved. Whoever was taking it away must've gotten a better hold on it or found a way to transport it without disturbing the grass.

>What do?


Check the back of the boutique I suppose.


Check the back of the boutique.
Check the area outside the window for clues in case there's something we couldn't see from the window due to angle/whatever, if we haven't already.

ID: a2207 587067

You head to the back of the boutique, looking for any clues.

After minutes of searching, you let out a sigh of exasperation: Nothing. No clues or disturbances. Just the locked back door, and some hedges that grow on either side of the back of the boutique for ornamentation.

There's gotta be something, though.

>Search more thoroughly (Player roll)

>Double check the road
>Go interview one of the witnesses already interviewed by the RGIA
>Player choice


Can we visit the school and speak to Sweetie there?


Player roll
If that fails let's check on Sweetie


Search more thoroughly.

ID: a2207 587071

If more of the players decide to do so, yes. Nothing stopping you from doing so.


lets see if we find something after checking one last time first


Damnit man, check again!
Scuffs on the outside windowsill perhaps during transport

ID: a2207 587074

You really think you're missing something, so you start to check the hedges and surrounding area more thoroughly, reaching into the hedges, shaking them, etc…

#Player Roll

Unknown difficulty: Looking for stuff that might not even be there, or relevant, but looking because it's important to you.

First 5 player rolls taken. Nat 10's give bonuses/degrees of success/more things found, regardless of what they are.

No target, just need numbers to find things. Good luck!


No reason not to do a search roll.

Do we know who the witnesses are?
Also, do we know the time window for the theft?
If not, make sure we ask Rarity what the time would have been when she saw it "just before dinner" and when she noticed it was missing afterwards.



Roll #1 5 = 5


Well here goes nothing.

Roll #1 2 = 2


lez do this

Roll #1 4 = 4


File: 1404007068095.png (82.13 KB, 572x923, 56186__safe_pinkie+pie_cro….png, IO Google TinEye)

Searchin' for clues, just a searchin' for clues
Singin' the searchin' clues song~


Oh just fuck me with a cactus.


Dagnabbit I forgot to actually search

Roll #1 8 = 8


Well THIS is off to a great start…

Roll #1 10 = 10




Roll #1 2 = 2




Still barely above half


Well Aspirant said we don't really have a target so maybe even that is enough to find something small

ID: a2207 587087


#29/50, one natural 10

You grunt as you take your frustration out on the hedge nearest the window, shaking the daylights out of it as you search for something, ANYTHING.

And are rewarded with a torn slip of paper that falls from the hedge and gently drifts away from you in the wind.

You chase it down in a hurry, stamping it into the ground before picking it up and trying to smooth the new creases out of it as you read the neat writing.

I shouldn't do it, but it has to be done. He doesn't need to know. He'll thank me later. I hope this kind mare will forgive my borrowing, but I need an ally stronger than her. Hopefully, this will work, or everything we did will-

The tear in the bottom of the page leaves the sentence hanging ominously.


Okay, this just got a lot bigger than some petty theft.


Convenient, this'll do nicely. Let's see if we can get all of the other witnesses to write down something, like their name and address, and compare the two.




Well, that rules out it being anyone close to her.
And it's evidence we can use against the insurance fraud line the RGIA were considering.

Anything on the paper that could help us identify the source? It being lined, or having some ringbinder holes in it or anything?

>He doesn't need to know
Damnit Brynn, you said we were in this together, remember?

ID: a2207 587092

You pull out the interviews given to you by Cherry. They have names and addresses of two individuals; Rarity's neighbors. One lives across the street, the other lives in a small, single story house about fifty yards down the road.

The paper is lined, but regular sized. Likely from an average sized notebook if you had to guess. No holes in the side, which means the page would have a corrugated edge for easy tearing, if it weren't in such poor shape.

Why exactly is it ripped into thirds, as far as you can tell, anyway? What happened?
And who is this referring to?

At least this'll debunk the RGIA's fraud hypothesis.

But you can't help feeling this is something a lot bigger than petty theft. A whole lot bigger.

You shake your head as you put all your papers in your bag. You're probably blowing it out of proportion. Better get back to the task at hand.

>Search for more strips of paper

>Do something else


Couldn't hurt to check for more paper. Gotta be thorough.


Do a quick search for more bits of paper. If nothing lets go with >>587089 and visit the neighbors

ID: a2207 587095

You check around the hedges some more, shaking each one as hard as the one you found the paper in, but to no avail. There's nothing left in this area. Unless something is out by the road now, you should probably move on.


Let's interview the neighbor across the street.


Let's go find Sweetie and see what's going down at school


I like the neighbor idea

ID: a2207 587099

You cross the street, careful not to step in the pile of litter, and pull out the interview associated with the address.

Summer Cloud, is the name.

…You briefly wonder if it's a nickname.

You put the paper back in your bag, heading up to the front door of the two story house. It looks rather cozy, with a well decorated porch and door of someone really into horticulture.

The knock on the door goes unanswered.

You knock again, calling out the name listed on the paper.

Suddenly, the door opens. Slowly, at first, and you don't notice anyone at the door.
Until you look down, that is.

Standing before you is a small, light purple filly, with a starkly silver mane.

You pull out the interviewee paper as the two of you have a silent stare down, then quickly check the paper for a description of the mare who gave the testimony.

Definitely not the same.

So this must be her daughter? Or sister?


Well let's be smooth. Ask if her sister is home


well ask if her mommy is home but I have a feeling not



anon please

ID: a2207 587103

"Is Summer Cloud home?" you ask the filly.

She silently shakes her head.

Not a talker, apparently.

>Question her. Filly-level questioning, anyway.

>Try again later.


do it
question the filly


May as well be thorough, ask her if she's seen any strange ponies around the neighborhood


Interrogate the filly


Question the filly. try to find where Summer Cloud is

ID: a2207 587108

You briefly wonder how to best approach questioning the filly, before deciding it's best to just ask her if she's seen anything strange.

She looks from left to right, quickly. A sudden contrast to the slowness of opening the door and her head shaking.

When she's done, she looks at you and nods rapidly.

"What did you see?" you ask, a strange twisting feeling developing in your gut.

She leans in, motioning for you to do the same. You do, eager to hear what she has to say.

"A hairless pony," she whispers, "With a pole in its back. Running down the road."


hah well I guess we figured out how it was moved


which way did it go?
can you draw me a picture?


By itself? Was there anything odd about it?


That's exactly what I'm looking for. Did you see where it went?

Did you see anyone else around when it went past?

ID: a2207 587113

"By itself?"

She nods.

"Was there anything else weird about it?"

She pauses, then whispers, "It was running funny. Maybe because of the pole in its back. But the legs weren't bending right. It was scary."

She shakes her head, "It was by itself. Maybe it was scared, too."

"Which way did it go?" you ask.

"Are you gonna help it?" she asks suddenly, "Summer didn't believe me. Said I had a nightmare. But if it heads into town, and ponies think it's scary, maybe it won't get help."

"So it headed toward town?"

She nods, pointing a hoof down the road, toward town, "It was starting to get dark out, so I didn't see it go far. But it was heading toward the market; The same way Summer and I go when we need food."

"Thank you….uh…"

"My name is Moonlight."

"Well, thank you, Moonlight. I'm Puff."

"Will you help that pony?"

"Yes," you say softly, "I just need to find it first."

"I hope you find it, then," she says, simply.


thank her for her time, we should probably be on our way

what a nice pony


Can we leave some sort of calling card for her and Summer in case they see anything else?
Can't hurt to advertise, either


Thank her for her time. Let's interview the other neighbors before we check out the market.
Also what he said: >>587115


I wonder if it's safe to say those DIRTY CONNIVING UNICORNS are up to it. Still have one more neighbor though.

ID: a2207 587118

You take out your small notepad and write your name and your office address on it. Tearing the page and handing it to her, you tell her to send Summer or come see you if she sees this pony again.

She just nods as she takes the paper.

"And, thanks for your time, Moonlight. I'm really glad you could help me out."

She nods again, a small smile stretching her young face as you stand up straight and leave as you hear the door softly shut behind you.

There's still another neighbor to interview, or you can head into town and ask around.


May as well ask the other neighbor while we're here


Let's talk with the other neighbor, tough I doubt we'll get something better than what Moonlight told us.

ID: a2207 587121

You head down the road, in the opposite direction of town, to the single story flat of the other witness.

Unfortunately, no matter how many times you knock on the door and ask politely, Cloud Streak doesn't answer.

Must not be home.


Well pass trough the market and ask some questions while going to see what Sweetie's been doing?

Or should we tell Rarity something?


Well let's head into town
See if we can track which way it went exactly as we head there


Guess we're heading to the marketplace then. Maybe we'll run into her.


Head into town on the route the thing took then, keeping our eyes open.
There won't be much by way of clues on this well-travelled road, but if it was spooked maybe it'll have done some damage when it left the road.

>Main thing that has been stolen is clothes

Maybe it's clothing itself? Maybe as a mannequin it has an inherent desire for clothes?

Assuming Puffs knows Twilight (I haven't read Puffs quest, just Cobalt: where can I catch up?) we should swing by her place when we're done or wind up in the area and ask her what sort of animation spell we might be dealing with.

ID: a2207 587126

You head back into town, noting the daylight is starting to wane. Sunset isn't far off, and your stomach growls as dinner time is approaching.

You head through the slowly closing marketplace. Most vendors are packing up for the day, ready to head home with what remains of their supplies and whatever bits they raked in during the day. One or two sell candles and other goods that might be useful at night, though they seem ready to pack up in a moments notice as well.

You ask one of the nearby vendors if they saw anything strange last night.

"Boy, weird doesn't even describe it," an older stallion says from behind the counter of a glow stick covered cart. "And I've seen some weird things in my time."

"Describe it to me, please, Mr….?"


"Alright, Mr. Ray," you take out your notepad and pencil, "Can you describe what you saw?"

"You won't believe me. Nobody does."

"Try me, please."

"Alright. I saw a mannequin turn into a beautiful young mare. Right here before my eyes."

You stop writing almost immediately.

"A mannequin?"


"Did it have a pole in its back?"

"It was pretty dark by that point, I couldn't tell. Probably?"

"Okay. And, it turned into a young mare, you said?"

"A beautiful one. Like, one second it was a mannequin, the next it was this chocolate coated mare, with luxurious dark mane that flowed like water down to her shoulders. Almost exotic, like."

"And what did she do, Mr. Ray?"

"Took a few of my glow sticks while I was dumbstruck. Not that I mind, the things are ten for a bit or something, and she took maybe five. Put them around her neck like a necklace and gave me a smile that nearly melted my heart, I tell ya."

"Uh huh. And which way did she go?"

"That's the other thing. After she smiled at me, she disappeared. No smoke or nothin, just straight up vanished."

You nearly throw down your notepad in exasperation.

"Now now there, boy," Ray chides, "I didn't say the other part. It'll confuse you even more."

"What other part?"

"The part where she disappeared, but a blue unicorn with big ol' glasses stood in her place, wearin' the same glow stick necklace."

The original cute quest is available here in the archive, under the Aspirant tab. Puff didn't develop relationships with hardly any of the main 6 in the original Cute Quest, but since he's a detective in town now, and fairly well known, assume that they've at least heard of him.


Perfect, a transforming mannequin.
Well at least we know what to look for. Let's ask the other ponies there if they've seen the blue unicorn.


Was it a mare or a stallion unicorn?


Happen to see the cutiemark of either of the two? That'll narrow it down significantly


Was Brynn blue?


This, plus get as detailed descriptions of the two of them as we can.
Are we able to do decent police-style identification sketches?

ID: a2207 587132

"Twas a colt, about your age if I had to guess. Tall, skinny, with almost comically large glasses. Mane was slicked back, but long and curly at the ends. Didn't seem natural."

You jot everything into your notepad, but wonder how accurate this testimony really is.

Transforming mannequins?

"Did you see his cutie mark?"

"I did, matter of fact," Ray says happily, "Since he took off running in a confused state."

"What was it?"

"A small stack of books. I'd say no more than three high."

You don't know anyone off the top of your head who fits the description. Strange, since cutie marks are unique.

Still, it's useful information, and you're sure to write it all down.

But the day is completely spent, the sun having gone down during your interview with Ray. Your stomach growls audibly, and you feel a slight weariness in the corners of your eyes that tells you it's time to hang the hat up for the day.

You head back to your office, which is the bottom floor of a small home. A home whose upper floor is your true place of residence. Wouldn't do to have a detective living with his parents, you'd decided some time ago.

You enter your office, hanging your hat on the coat rack by the door as you flip the lights on. You're nearly halfway up the steps when you realize something that wasn't there before is on your desk.

You slowly walk over, feeling a chill down your spine as you recognize a series of glow sticks connected in the shape of a circle.

Underneath it is a note.

It's between me and him. If you get involved, I can't guarantee your safety. He's already in a bad spot as it is, and I fear he'll make it worse. I'm the only one who can put an end to this. I ask you to leave it to me, his once-friend.
She must be given back.

You set the note back down with shaking hooves, suddenly unsure if this case is worth pursuing after all.



ID: a2207 587134

I can do a short Q&A if I lost any of you during that. Also the ending is abrupt because I don't want to tread too far into the sequence of things that'll take you to more or we'll never get out of here.

Thank you all for joining me, I promise it ramps up the further we go along, so bear with me.

Like I said, if you have any questions, I'll do my best to address them real quick.


Bollocks, he knows we're on to him. There goes my plan to have the royal guard apprehend him for questioning


I think everything makes sense so far


When's the next session?

ID: a2207 587138

Good! I think.

Either I'm being clear or I'm giving too much away.


Two weeks, same time frame. I don't want to disturb anyone's 4th of July plans and I think I'm getting abducted that weekend by some coworkers.


Just clear, I know what happened but not sure what it means yet

ID: a2207 587140

Okay, then I'm doing it right I think. Good, good. Don't want to reveal anything too quick.


It's fine, in this case we as the audience know a bit TOO much since the characters are ones we know but are not supposed to know.

ID: a2207 587142

Yeah, a little. One reason I considered opening it up to /mlp/ like SA did with Celestia Quest. Not sure if that'd make it easier to run, or harder. Or if it'd be any more satisfying than it already (hopefully) will be.


I don't.
Mind sticking back a sec to explain to me what you think went down? I'll throw another post at you in a minute.


Drat, can't find the Cobalt Quest archive easily to look up Harley's description.

>Brynn breaks into Carousel Boutique

>Somehow moves a very heavy mannequin outside
>Animates it somehow
>Somehow loses 1/3 of a page out of a journal (Some sort of struggle?)
>I need an ally stronger than her (Stronger than Rarity? Stronger than Harley? Stronger than someone else? Why does he need a strong ally? Why can't he enlist Cobalt, when burly is pretty much precisely his schtick?)
>Mannequin (Now fused with Brynn?) goes running off down the road (Where did the base stand go?)
>Heads to market stall, turns into sexy chocolate mare in plain sight (Was that Harley? If not, has he picked up another spirit?)
>Steals glowsticks (Just because?) and then transforms again in plain sight (Whatever happened to keeping the spirit thing under wraps?)
>Somehow got wind of our enquiries (Saw us, I guess?) and left a message on our desk.
>Message has glowsticks so must be from Brynn/Harley/Other Spirit/Mannequin: Talks from a perspective that implies Brynn is not aware, claims to be his once-friend (Has to be Harley, unless he's somehow absorbed Cobalt into his legion-esque mind too) (Why only once-friend? Has he gotten into bad terms with her?)
>She must be given back (Who? If this is Harley, she must be talking about someone else -the other spirit? Given back to who/where?)(Maybe Cobalt about Harley? Note has to have come from the mannequin body though.)

These questions aren't aimed at your FAQ of course, Aspirant, I know this is stuff we'll work out as we go. Thanks for the session looking forward to digging up the answers in the future sessions.


now that you've established the prologue, you should do a write up and have the next thread run in /mlp/


Sorry I went out and didn't see this reply in time but if you're still here, yeah that's pretty much what I think happened. Haven't thought on the why things are going on but I definitely have some questions.
And just to nit pick, I don't think it was Brynn fused with the mannequin. He was probably just in the other realm that Harley is in when they switch places.


Kind of, but if he's swapping places with chocolate spirit (Can you remember Harley's design?) who is swapping/overtaking the mannequin and the mannequin dissapears when he takes back over, the mannequin is effectively in the other realm/in his head now, too.


Or alternatively the mannequin is still in the physical world, but now it's being possessed by Brynn somehow giving the appearance of a swap. After all, the previous swaps were just Harley possessing his body.

…Has Brynn become a spirit? That'd be one way to get past a locked window.
I suppose he still would have needed to magically relock it from the outside, though, which means incorporeality wouldn't really be a benefit with that.


In any case it's a pretty interesting start. I hope that whatever is causing Brynn to do this is something big.

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