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ID: 6292d 520556

Previously, on Cute "Quest":

Hearts and Hooves Day!

Going to class revealed plans for a party, and several cute letters stacked on your desk.

Sifting through them, you realized you got letters from Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Silver Spoon(?), Twist, Dawn, and Miss Cheerilee

Confronting Silver Spoon revealed nothing about whether she was really behind it or not. Or perhaps you just missed something.

Twist and Dawn were both happy you liked your cards from each of them, and you're certain you can call the two friends.

Miss Cheerilee gave you one because…well, you're one of her favorite students, right? Maybe she gave one to every pony and you just didn't notice.

That left the CMC.

When confronted, Scootaloo fessed up to putting it on your desk and you asked her something important: Would she spend the rest of Hearts and Hooves Day with you and only you?

Or did she ask you?

At this point, it doesn't matter, as the response was "Yes," and Scoots booked it from the class room, too excited to sit at her desk any longer.

Miss Cheerilee gave you some heart to heart advice when you asked if maybe you were doing the wrong thing or picking the wrong pony.

Talking to Apple Bloom about it may have proved to be a mistake.

Jumping to conclusions, the little yellow filly couldn't contain herself and ran to the restroom of the schoolhouse.
She was still there when you eventually left the schoolhouse.

Sweetie seemed indifferent, or maybe she understood that spending the day with Scoots was in no way the straw to break the pony's back in deciding your special somepony.

With your heart heavy, but in your throat at the idea of spending a day with Scootaloo, you head outside to greet the waiting orange Pegasus filly, not sure what you're going to do today.

But determined to make it a fun day, whether you decide at the end of the day if she's the one or not.


File: 1390010401123.png (159.93 KB, 642x770, Scootaloo smug.png, IO Google TinEye)

I'm ready


i don't know what this is or who you are but i'm perpetually ready


Don't forget Cheerilee went after her to help out.

I still feel bad about this, but right now our focus should be showing Scootaloo a good time. Let's hit it!

It's a Quest, of course! You should probably read the older threads before participating here or you might get confused.


>Or perhaps you just missed something.
I hate it when you say this
now I have to go back and re-comb everything




wait, wrong quest.


>no one ever drew Puff combing Sweetie's mane

ID: 6292d 520582

Heading out of the schoolhouse, saddlebag draped across your back, you head out into the warm, early spring afternoon.

The smell of grass, flowers, and the faint scent of the nearby town float on the gentle breeze that makes the Equestrian flag over the schoolhouse wave gently.

You look around for Scootaloo, and are delighted to see your orange filly friend and her scooter by the road.

Scootaloo has her helmet on as waits for you, one hoof on the scooter and one on the ground as she fidgets. She adjusts the straps on her helmet before tapping the handlebars of her scooter, then finally looks your way.

She bursts into a huge grin and her tiny wings flare a bit as she makes eye contact, before she waves eagerly at you to join her.

Hustling to her side, you return the smile and ask if she's ready.

"The better question is: Are YOU?" she says, poking you in the chest with a hoof as her cheeks turn rosy, "I'm so exc-I mean, it's gonna be great! Just you and me, all afternoon!"

It's hard to contain your excitement as well as your heart beats hard in your chest.

A day with Scootaloo.

Just the two of you.

"So!" Scootaloo says with a gentle cough, knocking you out of your daze, "What are we gonna do first? You got a plan, or do you want me to pick what we do?"

>You can choose!

>Gimme a sec and I'll think of something



I say the lady gets first pick


I'm tempted to say "Sugarcube Corner," but I get the feeling that if Pinkie sees us she's just going to tease us mercilessly the entire time.

…Sugarcube Corner.



ID: 6292d 520591

Coin flip


6-10=Sugarcube Corner

Roll #1 8 = 8


always have a plan. even if its a loose one, nobody respects a dude that shows up to a government recognized mwah mwah holiday without Consideration Given

what's some age-appropriate fun. there a fair in town? that'd be a good out. squealing like a nascar tire around the gravitron or barfing off the side of the zipper at 100kph is good fun


The fair came and went, actually. We won prizes and competed against Scootaloo a bit.
You should read these >>520583


time for sugar fueled filly fun


i appreciate the offer but i prefer in media res

ID: 6292d 520599

"How about Sugarcube Corner first," you suggest, thinking quickly of a plan to entertain Scoots today, "I hear they've got some kind of specials going on or something."

You think you heard that anyway. If you're lucky it's true.

Scootaloo nods with that big smile of hers, "Sure thing! There's just one problem."

"What's that?" you reply, arching an eyebrow and shifting your saddlebag.

"You can't beat me there!" she says, sticking her tongue out and pushing off with her leg to get her scooter going.

She's a good five feet away when you realize she just challenged you to a race. Or to keep up with her. Or something.

"Hey!" you shout, taking off after her as she laughs and starts to speed up.

>Race that filly! [Dice rolls]

>Just try to keep up [Automatic]



Race that filly

Doubt we're very fast though


File: 1390012512237.gif (314.65 KB, 160x214, tumblr_inline_mva4uzZxZ21r….gif, IO Google TinEye)



Roll #1 2 = 2



Of course we're gonna race!


what kind of clown wouldn't

ID: 6292d 520610

"I'll get you, Scootaloo!" you shout, unable to keep the smile off your face as you start working up speed to catch her.

She's at least kind enough to let you catch up to her coasting speed before challenging you proper.

"First one there doesn't pay! Take off at the end of the treeline!"

You nod as the two of you give each other a staredown, before Scootaloo ducks her head and focuses forward, little tongue sticking out the corner of her mouth as she flaps her tiny wings and gets ready.

You look forward, narrowing your eyes as you think.

She's gonna be faster if she really gets going on that scooter of hers. You'll have to take the lead early if you want to stand a chance!

That, and you're a big pony for a colt. You've got strength, not really speed.

Gotta try anyway, no turning back now!

The treeline comes to an end all to quickly, and Scootaloo cheers as she pushes off again and starts gaining momentum, laughing as she does so.

The race is on!

First 3 rolls of 1d10 will be taken at intervals, compared to Scoots score, and the winner will gain/lose distance with the competitor.

There may or may not be hazards. Stay vigilant, and good luck!

First set of rolls is go! (You always roll first, Scoots always rolls 2nd)



les go

Roll #1 7 = 7


move that fat colt butt


Roll #1 1 = 1


Gotta go fast

Roll #1 9 = 9


ruh roh

ID: 6292d 520616

>Nat 1


Roll #1 10, 9, 8 - 2 = 25



we got rekt


>10, 9, 8
Dang Scoots.

ID: 6292d 520620

You trip over a rock halfway into your first big gallop and stumble, nearly losing your footing as Scootaloo takes off ahead of you.

She's fast!

At this rate you'll really be eating that dust.

Better pick it up, and quick!

#Round 2





Roll #1 5 = 5




Roll #1 8 = 8



Roll #1 6 = 6


now's the part where we proceed to trip over a rock, roll down a defile, and land face-first in an improbably-placed but nonetheless spectacularly sharp patch of cactus and the date devolves into us blubbering while the cmc pick spines out of body

ID: 6292d 520627



Roll #1 3, 4, 6 - 1 = 12


We already cried once, I'm glad only Rarity saw


haha eat shit scootaloo

ID: 6292d 520632

Somehow, you regain your footing and power through. You're pumped for this race, and win or lose, Scoot's gonna know you gave it your all!

The look on her face as you draw even with her again is priceless, eyes big and round while her jaw drops slightly.

She nearly hits a rock due to it, but hops over it at the last second in an impressive display of dexterity with her scooter.

But the race isn't over yet!

You're just now hitting the edge of town, the cozy homes and shops coming into view rapidly.

Luckily it doesn't look like too many ponies are milling about, less things to run into.

#Round 3

Keep it up!


there sure are a lot of rocks


Roll #1 6 = 6




Roll #1 8 = 8



Gotta go fast

Roll #1 9 = 9

ID: 6292d 520638



Roll #1 6, 10, 7 + 1 = 24


Pony fucking dammit


File: 1390014010043.gif (283.1 KB, 450x338, tumblr_mxf6eiUKcP1sxudx7o1….gif, IO Google TinEye)


File: 1390014076069.gif (1.76 MB, 508x379, 1383465468016.gif, IO Google TinEye)



ID: 6292d 520644

You keep speeding up after your rocky start, going faster than you can remember in recent memory.

Hooves thundering across the ground and your nostrils flaring, you race against Scootaloo's increasing speed, neck and neck for what seems like an eternity, before she slowly starts to pull ahead.

"YEAH!" she cheers as the two of you enter your final leg of the race, Sugarcube Corner now in sight as you race through the outskirts of town and into the central plaza, sending nearby ponies spinning. Clothes wave in the after breeze of your passing, hats falling off or being caught before they can follow in the wake of your mad race.

#Final Round
Winning this one wins it all since you're so close!

Will you surge ahead, or are you tiring out?




Roll #1 7 = 7


I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna roll a 10 for Cobalt


Roll #1 10 = 10


Tiring out? We kick tiredness in the face with our ENERGY LEGS!


Roll #1 9 = 9

ID: 6292d 520649

>Natural 10


Roll #1 5, 5, 1 + 2 = 13


Damn, did she eat it?



Hope she don't take it too bad.


>Nat one at top scooter speed
..Can we use that nat 10 to catch her?


Well done son.


I was very happy with myself for that one


>Scoots hits a crack in the road and falls off the scooter
>Cobalt dives and catches her in his hooves
>flocks of birds spring out of the ground as Scootaloo weeps in appreciation
>Somewhere, Cadence, the princess of love, sheds a single happy tear
that would be so cash


>Snaps her neck and dies.
>Applebloom option is back.


hell yeah



Stop trying to ruin our pure Scootalove


File: 1390014694945.png (281.89 KB, 934x910, 1357495337486.png, IO Google TinEye)

No one can get in the way of true love, anonymous.

ID: 6292d 520664

You yell as you charge forward, hooves moving in a blur as you feel your entire body pushing for victory!

The sound distracts Scootaloo, who nearly falls from her scooter and has to slow down while you roar past her.

"WHAT!?" she yells as you pass, and you can't help but turn and stick your tongue out at the little filly.

>Scootaloo's Natural 1

Scootaloo tries to speed back up, but has to swerve out of the way of a fallen potted plant, setting her further back, until you're a good ten feet and growing ahead of her.

>Cobalt's Natural 10

In fact, it suddenly feels easier to run. The strain and push of the race seem like nothing, and you almost feel weightless. Like a cloud drifting lazily through the sky, what you once thought was fast now seems…slow.

It's…weird. But nice.

You coast to a stop in front of Sugarcube Corner, stopping abruptly in a blue tinted haze that feels more like a wayward raft bumping a shore.

You turn and see Scootaloo slowly approaching, cheeks puffed out as she walks the scooter the rest of the distance.

She knows she's lost, and she's taking her time getting to you, her movements kind of slow looking and almost delayed.

You blink a few times until the blue haze fades and things seem to move normally again.

…What was up with that?

Scootaloo still has her cheeks puffed out as she approaches you, before sighing and bemoaning loudly her terrible luck.

"If that plant hadn't been there! And that rock! I totally would've smoked you!"

>Rub the win in her face

>"Yeah, that was some poor luck."
>Offer to buy her a treat anyway
>[Player choice]


Rub it in her face, then kiss her on the cheek


oh shit you guys

we just did really awesome at a thing and experienced something potentially supernatural

check our flank


>The fat Flash.


>fat little colt
>speed runner

I hope not


>>Offer to buy her a treat anyway




aw shit we got supernatural powers


We need to find some way to wrangle it so we wind up sharing one of those Super Pinkie Special Milkshakes she bet us for back at the fair.


We only went faster because the inertia of our collective fat slingshotted us forward.

ID: 6292d 520677

You check your flank, having to move your saddlebag out of the way.

You see…..nothing.

You feel mildly crestfallen. You were almost sure that weird sensation meant you were good at running.

Apparently not.

You're pondering what it could be when a hoof smacks you in the shoulder.

"Ow!" you respond, despite the fact it didn't really hurt. In fact you feel surprisingly good for having run all the way from the schoolhouse to Sugarcube Corner.

"I didn't know you could run like that!" Scootaloo says happily, despite still looking a little miffed, "Jeeze! Trying to work me over there or what?"

You assure her you were just as surprised.

"Oh, so that's why you were checking your flank. Any luck?"

You shake your head.

Scootaloo puts a hoof on your shoulder sympathetically, though she has to reach up a little to do so.

"Don't worry about it, you'll figure it out," she smiles at you as she puts her hoof back down, "We all will."

You smile down at the filly just before she pokes you in the chest, making you rock back on your hooves a bit.

"Alright, you won fair and square, buster. Let's get inside and you can pick what you want."

Not feeling up to arguing with her quite yet, the two of you head inside the sweet shop side by side.

The inside of the store is surprisingly busy, a short line of ponies in pairs leading to the counter from just inside the door, and most the tables in the shop are taken by ponies who sit across from each other, sharing shakes, slices of cake or pie, hard candies, or just nuzzling noses across the table as they wait for their treats.


Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


oh boy whats this roll


>tfw no qt mark
>Scootaloo puts a hoof on your shoulder sympathetically, though she has to reach up a little to do so.

We should totally get another one of those Super Pinkie 'shakes like >>520674 said!

ID: 6292d 520682

You get a firm smack in the shoulder from Scootaloo as she turns to stare at you, cheeks flushing, though she has a betraying smile starting across her features.

"Did you mean for us to be here, with all these couples?" she asks softly, "I mean, I don't mind, but…it might be embarrassing if any pony recognizes us and you're not….I mean…."

She looks like she's struggling with her words and she keeps eyeballing the customers in the shop.

>Insist that now is fine

>Are you uncomfortable?
>What's the problem?
>Yeah, it's a little busy. Let's come back later.
>[Player choice]


Now is fine…
I'm terrible with words for this


Heh, what's wrong, Scootaloo? Scared?
Seriously, what's the big deal? I thought you liked this place. If you don't we can go somewhere else, it's no big deal.


I don't even know why we went to Sugarcube corner in the first place.


Where else did you want to go?
We could still suggest going there if you've got a good diea


Insist that now is fine.


It's fine. Though it is kinda busy: you want to get our shakes and go drink 'em somewhere else?



This sounds good.

ID: 6292d 520693

"I do!" she insists, puffing her cheeks out a bit before looking out over the crowd again, "But look at 'em! They're all sappy adults!"

"And I bet they'd stare," she mumbles just loud enough for you to hear.

"Are you chicken?" you tease, nudging the smaller filly gently as she thumps her entire side into you to stagger you in retaliation.

"NO!" she says loudly, making some of the customers in front of the two of you look back at her in surprise, "I just….if you're fine with it I can be fine with it."

"Hey, relax," you say softly, "We can get some shakes and take them somewhere else. Okay?"

"Really?" she says, eyeing you suspiciously, "I'm all for it, but you're just gonna let it go like that?"

You nod.

"Yeah. Today is about spending time with you, not making you uncomfortable."


Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


I hope that means she took that last comment well


>"Yeah. Today is about spending time with you, not making you uncomfortable."

ID: 6292d 520699

Scootaloo moves to your side and, standing on her hind legs, puts her front legs around your neck in a hug while resting her head against your neck gently.

"You are the best," she says softly, "But the shakes are on me. You won fair and square."

Feeling your cheeks heat up as more eyes turn to stare at you and Scootaloo, you mumble that that's fine.

Scootaloo hangs on for a moment longer, before finally letting go and standing on all fours beside you again. Her cheeks are a little red still, but she smiles up at you happily.

The line moves forward slowly and the two of you move with it, standing side by side, Scootaloo occasionally leaning up against your side for a moment before swaying away from you when she realizes what she's doing.

Feeling her warm body against your side is nice, you have to admit….

Before you know it, the two of you are at the counter, and a familiar pink pony with a frizzed out mane smiles wide as she looks from you to Scoots and back again.

"Well, well, well," she says cheerfully, "Scootaloo and Cobalt! Or I guess you could say, 'Scootablue!'"

You and Scoots both groan audibly at the terrible pun while Pinkie giggles wildly, before wiping a tear from her eye and leaning on the counter.

"So, what are the two of you doing here on Hearts and Hooves Day? Wait! Don't tell me! You're here because you…," she pauses, leaning her head between the two of you as she stretches out over the counter, "Are special someponies!"

She whispers the last bit fiercely, before giggling again while Scootaloo blushes and stammers a response.

You feel largely the same, but Pinkie cuts off any responses and hops in place behind the counter.

"Doesn't matter if I'm right or not about that! I know for sure that the two of you are here for some sweet eats! We've got a two for one special on everything, and the couple's sized shakes that you split are half off on this special day!"

"So, what'll it be?" she asks eagerly, looking at you expectantly before Scootaloo coughs and gets Pinkie's attention.

"Actually, I'm treating him this time," she says in a whisper.

Pinkie blinks a few times, before grabbing Scootaloo up in a hug, looking like she's happily squeezing the life from the orange Pegasus.

"Isn't that just super! You go, Scootaloo!"

"Pinkie! Please!" Scootaloo chokes out as her face goes red.

"Whoops!" Pinkie says with a nervous smile as she sets Scootaloo down, "Sorry about that! I get so excited on Hearts and Hooves Day about cute couples I just can't contain myself sometimes!"

"Not that I can usually," she whispers to you with a wink, "But today especially."

"So then!" she says loudly, "For the cute couple or not-couple; What'll it be?"

>Ask about the super special shake she made you before

>Scootaloo's preference
>The Hearts and Hooves Day special [two shakes]
>The H&H Day special [one giant shake with two straws]


Scootaloo's preference? She's paying after all.


>standing side by side



>>The H&H Day special [one giant shake with two straws]


I dunno I don't want to be all bloated

Scoot's choice I say


how much dosh does scoots have even

i don't wanna break her bank, especially if that's her food budget for the week


Yeah, I think Scootaloo's choice. The H&H special is a nice move, but specifically asking for it is maybe pushing too hard at this point.


>Ask about the super special shake she made you before
Is that the "Welcome to ponyville" one? Is that the same as the "Super Pinkie Special Milkshake"?

We should get a couple of those, so we can try Scootaloo's flavour

Given we're now taking it on the road, I think it'd be best to get separate shakes: Carrying one big one might be a bit awkward, and we can't sip it on the way, then.

Make sure we mention to Pinkie that it's takeaway, don't wanna steal one of their glasses or something.

ID: 6292d 520710

"How many bits do you have?" you ask Scootaloo.

And promptly get another thump in the leg.

That's starting to hurt.

"Don't worry about it!" she says forcefully, "Just say what you want or I'm picking!"

Pinkie giggles as she watches the two of you, head resting on her hooves as she leans on the counter.

"Now now, don't fight."

"We aren't fighting, I just want him to pick something instead of worrying about me!"

>Is that the "Welcome to ponyville" one? Is that the same as the "Super Pinkie Special Milkshake"?


well it sounds like she wants us to pick, so the H&H day special since we gotta carry em


You guys should probably specify which special you mean


Get the two shake special, I say. Yeah, sharing one would be cute as hell but have fun carrying it.


I guess H&H in two glasses. One glass is probably a little mushy for Scoots at this point.



>The Hearts and Hooves Day special [two shakes]

ID: 6292d 520721

"Let's try the special, in two to-go cups," you say, getting a nod from Scootaloo and Pinkie as you finally pick.

"Sounds good to me," Scoots says as she puts a small coin bag on the counter.

"Alrighty!" Pinkie says happily, ignoring the coin purse, "Two halves to a whole Heart-shake coming right up!"

Quick as a flash she disappears into the kitchen, then suddenly is back out with two already sealed and strawed travel cups for the two of you.

She takes Scootaloo's coin purse and opens the cash register drawer, before quickly handing the bag back. She moved so quick while you were grabbing the shakes you aren't even sure she took anything from the bag at all.

"Have a nice day and come again!" Pinkie says jovially as you hand a shake to Scoots, the two of you looking at each other with smiles before turning and heading for the door together.

"What a cute little pair," you think you hear Pinkie say as you hold the door for Scootaloo, the two of you heading back outside to her scooter.

"So, where to?" Scootaloo asks, taking a sip of her shake. Her eyes widen and she smacks her lips as she looks at the container.

"Blueberries and….oranges?"

You take a sip of your own drink, the taste of two very different fruits coming through with dark chocolate and a hint of vanilla.

It's…something. Super sweet, and not bad, but…unexpected.

Kind of like….

You shake your head as you get the sappy thoughts from your mind. There'll be time for that later.

>What do?

>Let's just walk somewhere

>[Player chosen destination]


To the park?




Lets go to the farm.
We may run into Applebloom and rub it in her face.


File: 1390018987391.png (373.28 KB, 549x632, AJ not amused on the bed n….PNG, IO Google TinEye)

anon I worry about you


Yeah, you can go pound sand.


Yeah, the one they kept trying to set up Cheerilee and Big Mac in.


ID: 6292d 520731

"Let's head to the park," you suggest, sipping on your strange but addictive drink.

Scootaloo smiles after lazily putting her helmet on, grabs her scooter's handlebars with a hoof, and walks it beside her as the two of you head toward the park.

You put the shakes in your saddlebag, one to each large pocket, tops sticking out, while you and Scoots walk beside each other to the park.

You take your time, since for once you aren't in a rush.

The two of you arrive at the park some time later, having taken the long way to the park so you could hopefully avoid the Hearts and Hooves Day couples crowd that you suspect is there.

Luckily, when you enter through the gates of the park, most the couples from earlier seem to be leaving, picnics and blankets packed up and being taken away as they move on with their own plans for tonight.

The sun is getting close to setting. Time seems to have flown while you and Scootaloo walked together in mostly silence. Not that it was bad. Scootaloo seemed content, as far as you could tell.

You wander through the park as the sun casts orange rays across the trees, small hills, and paved walkway of the park.

"Hey, let's go over there," Scootaloo says, pointing a hoof at a small hill to the right of the path.

Scootaloo leads you to the top of the hill, before gently lying her scooter on the ground and taking her helmet off, shaking her mane out before putting the helmet on the scooter and sitting on her haunches.

You pull out the shakes, hand Scootaloo hers, then take your saddlebags off as you sit beside her.

It feels good to have the weight off of you.

For a while you and Scootaloo sip on your special shakes in silence, watching the sun slowly cross the final legs of the sky, until it's touching the tops of the trees on the horizon, and the orange rays turn to a pleasing pink and red that make the tree tops seem on fire.

"I like coming out here and watching the sun set, sometimes," Scootaloo says between sips of her shake, "Lets me think in peace. Clear my head a little, you know?"

You nod as you finish your shake, the tell tale noise of straw no longer being in liquid informing you you're done.

You set the cup aside, and Scootaloo does the same as she makes the same kind of noise.

She sighs happily.

"I've been out here a lot lately," she says suddenly, turning to look at you before looking down and away bashfully, "I've…had a lot on my mind, lately."

>Just listen

>Pry for more info
>"Me too."


>>Just listen

Somtimes it's best to not say anything.




ID: 6292d 520743


You sit quietly and listen, trying not to stare at Scootaloo.

It's kind of hard not to.

She glances up at you, then fidgets as she looks out at the sunset.

"A-about you," she says nervously, fidgeting again, "I just…You remember the sleepover? When I asked you to be my special somepony?"

Pretty hard to forget that.

"Well..I was joking, then. I think. It's hard to tell anymore," she mumbles, "But…but I think, after all the stuff you've done for me, all the times we've hung out together and had fun, and the way I feel when…when I look at you, or think about you and me…" she trails off, looking into the distance with a small smile on her face.

She turns slowly, looking into your eyes before moving towards you, crossing the short distance between you slowly as she scoots over on her haunches still.

She doesn't stop until she's right next to you, her head at your neck level as she sits up straight and looks up at you, eyes wide and shimmering in the light of the sunset.

"But I think I mean it this time," she says, swallowing nervously and taking a deep breath, before saying with as much confidence as she can muster:

"Cobalt. Will you be my special somepony? Even if it's just for the rest of today?"


>Dodge question [not likely]


Anyone that doesn't say yes is a loser and gay.


"that's the sappiest thing I've ever hear you say"

of course


File: 1390021170533.png (16.71 KB, 640x773, 1385753292083.png, IO Google TinEye)

imagining this with Ab instead gives me too many feels


Apple Bloom just isn't special somepony material


Oh jeez that's really sweet.
say "Yeah ok whatever," gotta look cool

naw but seriously, just say yes


Yes and yes again.


File: 1390021552235.png (55.51 KB, 200x200, Apple_Bloom_is_sad_S2E15.png, IO Google TinEye)

She may not be best pony, but she's our little pony now

ID: 6292d 520754

"That is the sappiest thing I think I've ever heard you say," you reply with a slowly growing grin.

Scootaloo smiles bashfully, gently smacking your leg again, "I'm being serious!"

"I know, I know," you say, rubbing your leg. Man it's getting sore.

"So…?" Scootaloo says hopefully, leaning closer to you.

"Yes," you finally say, smiling down at Scootaloo as you say it, "I'll be your special somepony. At least for today."

Scootaloo's smile grows and she puts her arms around you again, this time holding you tight, squeezing you firmly as she nuzzles her head against your shoulder.

"I'm sorry!" she says with a giggle, "I just…I can't tell you how happy I am!"

You move her back a bit so you can return the hug, putting your arms around her and holding her just as tightly as she holds you.

When you look down at her you can see tears in the corners of her eyes as she smiles up at you.

>Ruffle her mane

>Squeeze her extra hard
>Kiss her [Locks in Scootaloo ending]


File: 1390021732438.png (136.97 KB, 538x561, 1354726811354.png, IO Google TinEye)



Squeeze extra hard


File: 1390021858830.png (1.63 MB, 1802x600, 9028478502640.png, IO Google TinEye)

Go full Scoots.




I vote for the kiss




Full Scoots ahead.


Squeeze. We already full Scoots, but doesn't feel like the right moment for a kiss to me.


dude, you're on top of a hill watching a sunset on valentine's day


I'm at my computer, you autist.


you know what i mean



girls, girls please


Shut up and kiss me, faggot!

ID: 6292d 520769


You think back to meeting Scootaloo, the melancholic looking pony in class who seemed bored with everything around her.

You remember talking to her a lot during recess, then going to the fair with her, Sweetie, and Rarity.

The spirit of competition the two of you share even through today helped fuel your friendship as you grew closer.

You squeeze her closer to you as she gently nuzzles her head against your chest. You rest your head on top of hers for a moment, smiling as you find yourself laughing softly at the memory of throwing balls at pins to try and win her a gift.

Her own sense of competition made her kiss you on the cheek after she dared Apple Bloom to do the same.

Your heart pangs guiltily for a moment at the thought of Apple Bloom. She'd been right after all.

But, if Miss Cheerilee was right, then maybe she'd get over it in time. Her and Scootaloo were good friends. Surely she wouldn't let you get in the way of that.

You nuzzle your head against Scootaloo's as you think, trying to navigate your mind to the feeling you had during the sleepover, or from sitting on the hill just now, watching the sunset with Scootaloo.

You gently push Scootaloo away enough to look down into her eyes again, a superb feeling of happiness flooding your very core as she smiles up at you, eyes twinkling.

Leaning in as your heart beats wildly in your chest, you close your eyes as your lips find hers.

Scootaloo moves her hooves up to around your neck, draping them over you as best she can as you press your lips firmly against hers.

When the kiss ends, an eternity from when it started, Scootaloo nuzzles her head against your neck again before sighing happily and leaning against you.

You just hold her tight, resting your head on hers, feeling that all is right in this single moment. Not even caring that the sun has set, and that darkness is beginning to creep across the land.

Because you have your special somepony to keep you warm.

And things will never be the same.

Not full ending, but a sample of a more appropriate one that will be written to conclude Cute "Quest".

Scootaday is technically over, and this is a natural break point for the session. I think I'll call this short scenario here for the time being, then type a longer, more loose string tying ending for your reading pleasure in the near future.



That was really cute, I teared up a little

And that sounds good to me, should get to bed soon anyways with the new ep tomorrow


hella cute, but I'm still salty. And what >>520770 said too.


File: 1390023206192.png (604.27 KB, 1248x988, scootanon hug.png, IO Google TinEye)

That was great, Aspirant. Thanks for running, it was fun and I learned a lot. At least, not to try and kick Rarity's door down when I get to Equestria.

Although… what was with that blue haze from when we were running fast earlier?

And I'm ready for that adventure part 2 if you are!

ID: 6292d 520773

A clue to your special talent, in a manner I spoke of back when I started the "quest".

I'll be more than happy to run the Mystery/Adventure Quest, though I'll first type up a proper ending (and the alternate endings) for Cute "Quest" and take a small hiatus from questing to make sure all my backed up fic requests are done before going onto that.

It'll focus way more on Harley and the supernatural stuff surrounding her/Equestria, if that's something people are up for.

It's a ways off, though.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed my ramblings and had fun playing along tonight.

I'll write up some endings for your reading entertainment and hopefully to make the AB party a little less salty.


File: 1390023511792.png (4.41 KB, 303x243, 1328319351123.png, IO Google TinEye)

That's where the page thing will play out too right? In any case, looking forward to it!


>It'll focus way more on Harley and the supernatural stuff surrounding her/Equestria, if that's something people are up for.
Ooh, that'll be good: that's been bugging the hell out of me the entire quest, but after the first few sessions we never had any time with just the boys to sort out any of the nonsense that was going on there.

ID: 6292d 520776

Yes, I put those elements here to help make the carry-over more obvious and natural versus just throwing it in between the quests.

I could've run it during this, probably, but then I would've been falsely leading people on with the initial premise that was a redo of a thing from a year ago.


>A clue to your special talent, in a manner I spoke of back when I started the "quest".
I KNEW IT, that's why I asked to check our flank!
Weird that we didn't actually get our mark, though…. Hmnn. Man, we should have spent more time on that, would have been cool.
I'm kinda scared of that mask to be honest, I was avoiding it before. But I'm looking forward to getting to the bottom of that weird night of karaoke….


>Almost every competition we've had we've won with a sudden decisive final roll
>Aspirant said in the first quest that we'd get a hidden bonus to our rolls when they involved our qt mark
>Our special talent is coming through at the last minute and Pineapple's been rigging the rolls behind the scenes to make it happen

You don't get your qt mark until you realise what your special talent is. We were kinda clueless as to what was going on there, and our only idea then was that our special talent was running, which obviously wasn't the case.

ID: 6292d 520779

If we carry over to Mystery/Adventure Quest I may allow you to pick from a limited pool of marks/talents related to what I rolled.

Otherwise, you can be a blank flank.

When you do discover your talent, you'll get to pick a surname. Should be fun when that happens.

I will remind everyone that the Mystery/Adventure Quest will be far more serious in nature and tone. It won't be blues clues.
I'll be gunning for something darker.

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