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ID: 95b2b 517418

Previously, on Cute "Quest":

You distributed your gifts to the CMC and Brynn!

Dashing through the snow
With a backpack on your back
How were you to know
That the door would fight back?

AB got a dress
All white with some pink trim
Then kissed Cobalt real sweet while Applejack held onto him

Oh, Sweetie Belle
Apple Bloom
And cute Scootaloo

When it comes to choosing one,
Just who will you choose?

Oh, Sweetie Belle
Apple Bloom
And cute Scootaloo

Will you go for one filly
Or try for the big three?

To the tune of Jingle Bells, I couldn't help myself. Sorry.

You gifted Apple Bloom a beautiful dress, made by Rarity, white with pink trim that accentuated her red mane and bow perfectly. You were more than a little surprised when she kissed you on the cheek, making Big Mac rumble a laugh while AJ seemed a bit flustered at her sister's display.

Sweetie, sadly, wasn't home, though after a poor decision and nearly ruining Scootaloo's gift you're kind of glad she wasn't around to see that.

Scootaloo's reaction to you being at her door and the gift you brought was…well, unexpected.
She'd taken the coupon, set it aside, and kissed you square on the lips before she panicked and slammed the door on you.

Girls are weird.

That seems like ages ago now, as the weather turns warm with the end of winter, school resumes, and things get relatively back to normal.

As normal as it can get with two, and a half if Sweetie is to be counted, fillies trying to decide what to do with themselves around you. And vice versa.

Sweetie only became a contender recently.

Once she found out about the other girls' own little gifts to you, she'd been unable to keep her enthusiasm from spilling over into the relationship between the two of you.

One day while modeling for Rarity, as per your agreement, Sweetie snuck over to where you stood. Unable to move lest you draw Rarity's ire, she'd put her hooves around your neck while she thought Rarity wasn't looking and planted a big, wet kiss on your cheek, before giggling and dashing off to her room.

Rarity, the sharp eyed mare, had had to fan herself for a goof half hour to keep herself from crying while making comments about you and Sweetie being just adorable together.

You hadn't had the heart to say otherwise.

But that was a while ago as well.

And today is a new day!

You go through your normal breakfast routine: Eat, wash face, get bag, say goodbye to folks, and walk to school with Brynn.

He'd been more or less himself despite getting the mask back. Perhaps he can be trusted with the thing after all. Or, perhaps Harley just wasn't talking to him as much now.

Hard to say when you can't hear her.

It wasn't until the two of you walked into class and saw all the decorations that you realized something dire, something that made your heart skip a beat and sweat bead your brow.

Today is Hearts and Hooves Day.


File: 1389406765482.png (405.89 KB, 349x456, Clapping Ponies slightly a….png, IO Google TinEye)


File: 1389406836780.png (1.63 MB, 1802x600, 9028478502640.png, IO Google TinEye)

time for best


File: 1389406911646.jpg (141.7 KB, 467x312, 1365565565510.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)




File: 1389406995792.png (152.12 KB, 458x421, Dash hearts and hooves day.PNG, IO Google TinEye)

awww shit, best day


Oh jeez did we forget to bring gifts for H&H?
At least it won't end up taking a whole 'nother session

ID: 95b2b 517426

Don't you patronize me.

Looking around you see a plethora of decorations: Hearts and horseshoe cut outs line the walls and outline the chalkboard, while little shadow cutouts of colts and mares paired off on varying sized hearts of all colors are scattered almost randomly throughout the room, some placed on the desks.

You meander to your seat and thump your bag down beside your desk, staring at what lies on top of the desk proper.

There's no less than five hearts with shadow cutouts lying in a heap on your desk.


>Put in bag for now, examine later
>Check other desks
>Panic about not having gifts on today of all days


bawl eyes out over lack of gift


>five cards
Check the top couple cards, just to see who they're from.




ID: 95b2b 517431



[I swear, you guys.]


1-5 = panic, a little
6-10= examine

Roll #1 8 = 8


Well then get on checkin'
need to see who's 'mirin


cosmo i swer on me mum i'll cut u m8


Bitches can't handle the Big Blue

ID: 95b2b 517435

Curiosity overtakes that weird sinking feeling in your gut about not having gifts, and you pick up the first of the heart shaped things to give it a once over.

The silhouettes on this one are colored.

One blue stallion facing a yellow filly with a red bow taped onto her head, standing close and facing each other, over a red heart.

You swallow hard as you set it aside and pick up the next one.

A blue stallion with a brownish-orange Pegasus standing on his back, on top four red hearts attached to a board or something. Like wheels.
Of course, this is all on top of a red heart backdrop as well.

It's kind of goofy, in a way, but it's still….nice.

You put it off to the side as well.

The third one is completely different, instead of silhouettes it looks like a drawing.

The white unicorn with purple and pink mane dancing with a blue stallion is hard to miss, being in the center of pink lace that form a heart on top of a pink heart background.

You set it on top of the other two set off to the side, realizing you still have two more to check.


>Put them to the side for now/forever
>Give the card things from the CMC a closer look
>See how many Brynn got


see who the other 2 are from
I hope one's from Cheerilee


Check the rest.

Those cards sound cute as fuck.


Knew we'd get at least one from the CMC, the others are what's interesting


no point in stopping with the obvious ones


d'awww those must look adorable!
check the other 2


I don't know how I'll feel if Brynn gives us one with a heart in the background too


It was..uh, from Harley, that's right

ID: 95b2b 517444

You pick up the next one, not really sure what to expect.

This one has writing on it, in big, light blue letters at the top.

"Happy Hearts and Hooves Day!" it reads, each letter painstakingly cut out and glued to line up nicely.

Below it are forward facing pony profiles, both Earth ponies.

One is bright pink, and has a silver line where her mouth would be, and the other is, you guessed it, dark blue.

You wonder who it's from as you set it to the side and pick up the next one.

"You get an 'A' for Adorable!" it reads, and features a dark blue pony with a bright blue ribbon, like what you'd win at a competition, on its chest.

There's no other pony on it. Weird.

You grab your little letter-things and put them in your Daring Do saddlebag for now. Pulling out your normal school supplies, you look around the room again as more ponies start to filter in slowly.

The CMC are nowhere to be seen, yet, but that pink pony that sits next to you is here. She smiles, flashing those braces, and waves before going back to drawing or writing in her notebook.

You look back at Brynn, who seems to be staring at a couple of heart-letters in bewilderment.

>Ask him who they're from

>Look for specific pony [Name pony]
>Open desk and get your pencils out
>Wait for class to start [skippidy doo dah]


All these cards need to be drawn.

ID: 95b2b 517446

I would've but I donated my tablet to AA since his was busted.

Also I can't art.


lessgo talk wit brynn


Get your pencils out, we're here to learn dammit

No but really, ask Brynn whose his cards are from


File: 1389408605880.png (13.85 KB, 285x320, Pinkie by Aspirant.png, IO Google TinEye)

sure you can


Check to see who he got cards from


Aw man, we don't want to possibly rub in that we're more popular with the fillies


Hey he got some too, maybe one of them is from the cmc
or more likely twilight


Pinkie and Cheerilee
/ss/ DLC when?

And talk to brynn


It's braces filly, "silver line where her mouth would be"


Oh, I didn't catch that.


Talk to fellow playa Brynn about his cards

ID: 95b2b 517459

File: 1389408864766.png (184.4 KB, 1200x1200, TopHatPinkie.png, IO Google TinEye)

I forgot about that one, honestly. That's an old MSpaint scribble by mouse.

Anyway, back to the task at hand.


What was her name again? Dawn?


That's the name I was thinking, so likely

ID: 95b2b 517464

"Hey Brynn," you call out as you get up and wander over to him, making him jump a bit as he vainly tries to hide his cards, "Who gave you their little letters?"

He blushes, or at least you think he does, before he hands both over to you.

"I'm not sure, but I think I got one from Miss Cheerilee. And…well…."

"I don't believe this!" you say with a laugh.

"Our friendship is Magic," One card reads in elegant cursive writing done in glitter, "Have a very special Hearts and Hooves Day, Brynn."

The cutouts are immaculate and detailed. One is clearly Brynn, sitting on a couch across a table full of books from a certain purple unicorn with a bright streak in her mane. Both have little smiles and cups of tea, too.


Brynn just shrugs, "I really don't know what to say."

You just laugh as you hand the cards back to him, and he puts them in his desk quickly.

>Ask about Harley

>Leave the embarrassed colt alone
>Do something else [Player designated]


>>Ask about Harley


Who else is in the classroom again?


Ask about the magic mask mare!


I think we should check inside our desk before class starts. Might just be residual Raisin quest paranoia, but
>Open desk and get your pencils out
has got me wondering if someone might have left a card or something that they didn't want others to see.

ID: 95b2b 517471

Taking a quick look around, you realize the room is nearly full now.

The CMC are here, though for once they don't have their desks pushed together to talk.

They actually sit at their own desks, doing their own things.

Scoot and AB look like they're writing something or another, while Sweetie is humming to herself and swaying back and forth gently.

After a while, Scoots growls and crumples her paper, stuffing it inside her desk before starting again.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are here, as well as Twist and some of the other ponies you never really got to know any better than in passing.

"So, how's Harley?" you whisper as you lean on Brynn's desk a bit, your bulk making it tip slightly.

"She's fine, actually," he says, looking at his saddlebag on the floor with a faint smile before looking back up at you, "She thinks the decorations are cute."

"I meant more long term, Brynn-iac."

Brynn laughs a bit, "Brynniac, huh. I like it. Anyway: Nah, she's been good. Doesn't mess with my dreams too much right now, we have nice conversations, I let her stretch her legs a bit regularly-Oh and she really liked the candy you got her. Seriously, she talks all the time about how she tries not to eat all of them at once-and she seems…content? For now, at least."

That's all good news to you.

>Any other questions for Brynn?

>Head back to your seat. Class is going to start soon.
>Talk to someone else [Pick a pony]


Let's go chit chat with Silver Spoon for the hell of it, and also because it'll make DT all pissy for lack of attention.


And we suddenly bad end.


seconding >>517473 because why the fuck not


return to seat

time to get our learnin' on


Let's head back to our desk


Go to desk


Ask Brynn if there's anyone he's got his eye on.

If this doesn't go through, make mine a vote for heading back to our desk without messing with Silver.

ID: 95b2b 517488

"So…got any hopefuls?" you ask, trying to be vague now that the class is full.


"You know," you say, leaning in, "Any cute mares?"

"Oh!" he says with a slight jolt, cheeks flushing, "Cobalt, you know I'm not good at anything like that. Come on, I didn't even get any cards from anypony except Miss Cheerilee and T-Twilight."

Does he stammer when he's flustered, or just when it's about Twilight?

You give him a devious grin, "So you're saying you wouldn't like to spend the day with a certain librarian who-"

A hoof finds its way into your mouth and shuts you up real quick as Brynn hisses, "Shut up!" at you.

You smile despite him covering your mouth and laugh as he pulls his hoof away.

"Alright, alright. Just say hi to her for me, okay?"

Cheeks still flushed, Brynn nods before waving at you to go back to your desk.

You turn and head back to your seat as Miss Cheerilee calls the class to attention, promptly ending your ability to talk to other ponies for now.

"Hello class!" she says, enthusiastically greeting everyone, "As you no doubt noticed, our class is very decorated for Hearts and Hooves Day!"

The class murmurs varying opinions as Miss Cheerilee continues.

"As you know, we have only a half day today. The afternoon we'll have a little Hearts and Hooves Day party of sorts and you'll be released early, just like every year."

The class cheers at this news, including yourself.

It'll give you the chance to get some gifts or do something, at least.

"So, let's get started with the brief lesson this morning so we can get right to having more fun at lunch!"

And with that, the lesson starts for the day.


>Don't skip, kind of.


don't skip

at all


File: 1389410542919.jpg (32.8 KB, 600x336, 1349485040124.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

put on yer learning caps boys, it's time to get our learn on


to clarify, I'm saying we SHOULD NOT skip


don't skip
let's see if any notes get passed during class

ID: 95b2b 517497

You settle in for the lesson, which looks to be something about what to eat to stay sickness free in the event your special somepony today is sick.

…How practical.

You try to pay attention as best you can, but a lot of it is common sense to you. Drink juice, avoid the hay fries and get some leafy greens instead, make sure to go for a run or something (your special somepony would appreciate it too!) and so on.

The talk gets you thinking about the CMC, and you open your desk to fish out their letters before you realize they're in your saddlebag instead.

When you open your desk you're surprised to find another pair of cards. Ones you hadn't seen before.

>Examine during class

>Save them for later


Subtly check the cards


sneak a peak


eeeeeeeeehh. This lesson sounds really boring, let's just stealth-check 'em.


sneak check




Called it!
Just a quick look, don't want Cheerilee catching us. Though I'm sure she'd cut us a break on a day like this.

ID: 95b2b 517505


You try to make it look like you're rummaging for a pencil or something while you look at the first card.

It's kind of crudely cut out and pasted together, like it was done in a rush.

One side has a…spoon shaped cutout. The other is a rough looking stallion, but with a tiny pink heart glued to its chest.

…Silver Spoon?


Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


Quick, 180 this quest and shoot for silver spoon


Aw shit


File: 1389411358704.jpg (11.48 KB, 350x262, twist.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

I didn't see that coming at all

ID: 95b2b 517511


Miss Cheerilee doesn't seem to notice, so you look at the next one.

There's just two candy canes taped to the heart in a kind-of heart shape.

Who could that one be from? Someone who likes giving out candy? That could be anypony!

You gently put the desk top back down and resume half-listening to the lesson, though you're trying to figure out the identity of the second card giver.

And what to do about Silver Spoon, if that card really is from her.

You'll have to double check the cards later, you think, before Miss Cheerilee launches into the next segment of her lesson: How to ask a pony to be your special somepony.

…Maybe you should take notes on this one.


oh schnapps!


> How to ask a pony to be your special somepony.

I wish they would have taught that at our school


ten bits says it's twist


This won't totally be awkward at all!

Lets hope for no live examples.


5 bits says its the swingset~


>5 fillies lined up at Cobalts desk wearing a red blush and asking him at the same time


Just like my japanese VNs!

ID: 95b2b 517521

#+2 to rolls involving ponies you have higher than "Friend" status with for remainder of session

Thankfully, there were no live examples. It was really along the lines of public speaking prep, only for a one pony audience.

And really, it was more of a pep talk than anything.

Regardless, the lesson is done, and Miss Cheerilee leads a few volunteers to bring out some refreshments and the party games. Pin the heart on the pony, some board games, you know the drill.

It's the perfect opportunity to go talk to some pony, or figure out what else to do.

>Talk to [pick a pony]

>Investigate all the cards again
>Try to sneak out of the class celebration
>Do nothing. Literally.


I don't think we need to investigate the cards anymore, I think we should talk to some one.
I vote go ask Scootaloo what she was writing


Twiddle our nonexistent thumbs
but really, talk to scoots or silver spoon


The last option, end all bodily functions

For real, go say hi to applebloom


Let's talk to Silver! Preferably if we can pull her aside and talk.

ID: 95b2b 517533

Scoots or Silver, make up ye minds


I'll change my Scoots to Silver, we can talk to her later


New voter, scootaloo




New voter for Silver. Romantic illusions aside, what's with the change of heart all of a sudden?




what do you mean


She did slip us a card…


Sure, Silver Spoon
Leave Scootaloo for last since she's (most likely) the one we're going for and will advance the story the most


Last time I remember even talking to her was at the fair. That was before even Nightmare Night.
Exactly, what's up with that?


Yeah, I guess I just want to make peace with the weird tension we've had


Maybe she's been eyeing from afar, watching with, idk, some sort of pained envy?
She is also kind of stuck with ultra bitch most, if not all the time.

ID: 95b2b 517549

"Alright, deep breaths," you tell yourself, breathing deep and settling your nervousness as you look over to where Silver Spoon sits.

Diamond Tiara isn't with her, for some reason.

Now might be your only chance to talk to her alone.

You think about grabbing the card, but…if Diamond were to come back and see the two of you talking, you holding a card…it might be bad for Silver Spoon.

Reluctantly, you leave it behind as you head over to the gray filly.

"Ahem," you cough when you're next to her, getting her attention as she jumps a bit in her seat and looks at you with surprise.

"Cobalt?" she whispers, looking around before narrowing her eyes at you, "What are you doing?"

>You gave me a card right? I wanted to talk about it.

>Should I not be talking to you? Diamond isn't here right now….
>We should talk
>Am I missing something?
>Head back to your desk


>Hastily put together
Oh boy, it's a fake.


>a setup by Diamond Tiara to make a fool of ourselves
oh no, oh no no no


I hope not, I was thinking she just put it together at the last minute

Just tell her you liked the card


She's lookin' to see if the coast is clear from DT.
Ask to talk.

ID: 95b2b 517558

"I liked the card," you say, staying vague and gauging her reaction.

She blinks a couple times, her eyes slowly relaxing until she's just….looking at you.

"What card?"

Oh jeeze.

"The card you put in my desk," you whisper insistently, "The one with a spoon cut out on it! It had to be from you, who else would put a spoon on it?"

Silver Spoon calmly turns away from you and sits at her desk, looking at the ponies pinning hearts on whatever stands in their way while blindfolded.

"I don't know what you're talking about," she replies, voice suddenly deadpan, "You should go check your cards again. I'm certain I never gave you one of mine."

She's…being weird. You think. It's hard to tell since you don't know her all that well but she's acting very…wooden.

She refuses to respond to anything else, and you're worried Diamond will come back and give you both hell, so you slink back to your desk for the time being.

>Reinspect her card

>Go talk to some other pony
>Go play a game to get your mind off things
>Sneak out


I don't really want to waste too much energy on her- oh well we thanked her if it was her card. Good enough.

We should thank AB and Sweetie for the cards too, then Scootaloo


It was worth a shot.
Let's play a game and chill with Brynn, or anyone else.


What about Twist and Dawn?


thank the crusaders for the cards


Twist can go suck a candy cane
Forgot about Dawn though


Forget her. We should thank the CMC and Dawn for their cards, and Twist too for good measure.


Boo. Twist is a nice filly. Thank her too.
I kinda wish we'd gotten the chance to ta;l to her more: from Sugarcube Corner interaction we know Cobalt's got a sweet tooth, I bet he'd love to know more about her candy making talent

ID: 95b2b 517573

You spot Sweetie playing that pin the heart game and head over while she gets blindfolded, walking up to the side so you hopefully don't get pinned while you try to talk to her.

"Hey, Sweetie!" you call from the sidelines as she wobbles dizzily and giggles.

"Cobalt!" she says happily around the heart shaped pin she holds in her teeth, "Hold on!"

She starts wandering toward the proper target, before veering off dizzily in a circle.


Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


Stone Cold Cobalt does it again I think

ID: 95b2b 517577

She stumbles over something on the floor; Loose board, a carpet edge, doesn't matter, the poor filly starts falling sideways.

Right at you!

You were busy chatting with Miss Cheerilee while you wait, so you didn't even have a chance to dodge until Sweetie was nearly on you.

There's a tiny prick of pain as Sweetie thuds into your chest and staggers you, making you yelp softly as tears spring to your eyes.

You look down as Sweetie pulls the blindfold off and looks up at you, her cheeks flushing as she smiles bashfully.

"I-I'm sorry Cobalt!" she mutters as she looks down at the heart shaped pin now firmly stuck in your chest, "Here, lemme get that!"

You wince slightly as she pulls it out with her magic, tossing it to the side as she apologizes again and starts to fuss over you.

"You aren't hurt, are you? Are you bleeding? No?"

"I'm…fine," you say with minimal strain, the prickly pain in your chest fading as the tears in your eyes slowly get suppressed.

Sweetie throws her hooves around you in a big hug, "Oh, good! I wouldn't want to hurt my big blue-, uh. Cobalt!"

She nuzzles your chest affectionately while your cheeks flush and heart starts beating quick.

You look around and see most the class is staring at the two of you.

Scoots and Apple Bloom included.

Oh man.

>Push Sweetie away

>Pat her head and thank her
>Grab her hoof and take her somewhere more private
>Just…stand there. Nothing will make this any easier.


oh jeez oh man oh jeez


File: 1389414979382.gif (824.04 KB, 250x209, Cheerilee Twist.gif, IO Google TinEye)


She's your good friend, grab her head and tell her thanks


File: 1389415010935.jpg (906.79 KB, 1208x1060, critical.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)



File: 1389415032884.png (351.77 KB, 700x990, 1382854550819.png, IO Google TinEye)


>>Pat her head and thank her
Might as well not make this any more awkward.




Haha ouch!
Cobalts made of tougher stuff. Cobalt stronk!
chest nuzzled by sweetie belle is the cure all for all pain
pat her fluffy head and thank her

ID: 95b2b 517589

You gently pat her on the head with a nervous smile, thanking her for caring and telling her it's alright.

She smiles happily and gives you a gentle squeeze before letting you go.

"What a cute pair," you hear Miss Cheerilee say softly, "Oh to be that age again."

You look around to see if anyone else heard that, but can't tell as most the ponies go back to doing whatever they were doing before.

Except for Scoots and Apple Bloom.

Scoots, who has a pencil in her mouth, makes a weird, weird sound as she bites the pencil in half and glares daggers at Sweetie, who has her back turned and seems oblivious.

Apple Bloom starts writing in her notepad feverishly.

Scootaloo's reaction worries you way more than Apple Bloom's.

Maybe you should ease things over?

>Go talk to Scootaloo

>Go talk to AB
>Let's play a game instead
>Ask Miss Cheerilee for advice


Go talk to Scoots, ask her what she was writing earlier


Let's talk to Scootaloo, being the cause of ruining their friendship seems terrible


File: 1389415396945.jpg (68.44 KB, 900x451, 1371439529309.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

Uh oh. We're not going to be straining their friendship are we?


Talk to Scootaloo first.
>Haha, what a crazy random happenstance accident that was, right? Man, so unexpected and unrelated to anything I could have forseen.


That's kind of inevitable I think
Best we can hope for is damage control


break down and cry


Let's leave the two be for now, and yknow what, let's talk to cheerilee!


Actually, you know what, this seems wise. I bet Ms. Cheerilee knows a lot about relationships. She's so pretty and nice, I bet she's had this problem loads of times before, right?

Seriously, though, changing my answer from >>517594 to "talk to Ms. Cheerilee."

ID: 95b2b 517603


1-5 = Scoots
6-10 = Cheerilee


Roll #1 1 = 1


This is actually a good idea. Roll with it.




I like this idea-


wait! re roll! red card!

ID: 95b2b 517610

In light of recent posts, I'll default to talking to Miss Cheerilee


Everyone seems to want to talk to Cheerilee about it first, so I change my scoots answer to that if that's okay

ID: 95b2b 517620

"Miss Cheerilee?" you say as you approach the purple teacher who sits at her desk, "Can I ask for some advice?"

"Of course, Cobalt!" Miss Cheerilee says happily, pulling a small stool up beside her and patting the top of it.

You hop on top of it as she hands you a juice box and a heart shaped cookie, a big smile on her face.

"What can I help you with today?"

Setting the snacks on her desk for now, you fumble with your words for a bit before taking a deep breath and just launching into how things got the way they are.

You talk softly, so other students won't hear, and Miss Cheerilee turns, leaning in as she listens intently to your story of getting to know the CMC, spending time with them, and eventually starting to feel things for them.

And how you think they might be feeling things for you, and it's clearly straining their friendship if Scootaloo's reaction to Sweetie hugging you was anything to go by.

When you're done, you feel a lot better. It's good to get that stuff off your chest.

Miss Cheerilee leans back in her seat and thinks, humming to herself as she taps her chin with a hoof.

"That's quite the pickle," she murmurs, before smiling and putting a hoof on your shoulder reassuringly, "Well, let me tell you a story of my own and we'll see if that helps."

"When I was a little filly in school, a long time ago, on a Hearts and Hooves Day like this, I had a crush on a certain stallion not entirely unlike you. Big guy, didn't talk much, but had a good heart."

"Now ,I wasn't the only mare who had their eyes on him. I think every girl who met him wanted to get to know him more and had a bit of a thing for him."

"My friends and I did what it seems the Cutie Mark Crusaders are doing in regards to you; We all went for him. And…in the end, only one of us was lucky enough to spend Hearts and Hooves Day with the stallion."

She takes a deep breath that turns into a soft sigh, patting your shoulder, "But, when it was all said and done, we were still friends. Even though we got fiercely competitive with each other, when he picked one, and we settled down, we realized it didn't change who we were and how much we meant to each other."

"So, try not to worry too much about it. I'm sure they'll figure out the same thing no matter what happens. But if you think you can help ease them into that, go ahead and try. Just be careful. Us mares can sure be something when we're in love."

She pats your shoulder and gives you a wink, before handing you your juice box again.

"Take a breather, eat a cookie, and think it over before you do anything. And if you need some pony to talk to, I'm here for you."

You nod at Miss Cheerilee, returning the knowing smile she gives you with a heartfelt one of your own.

"Thank you, Miss Cheerilee."

>Ask what happened with the stallion
#Hot for Teacher DLC not found

You drink your juice box and eat a cookie while Miss Cheerilee gets up and talks to some students who ask for her to play a game with them.

You finish as Miss Cheerilee sits down and starts playing a board game.

>Talk to Scootaloo

>Talk to Apple Bloom


>#Hot for Teacher DLC not found

Bullshit, I bought the season pass!

Anyways talk to Scoots. It's best if we tackle this directly.


Cheerilee quest when

Okay Talk to AB, save Scootaloo for last


what a nice heart to heart
lets talk to Scoot now, if AB is still busy writing away.


Let's talk to Scootaloo.
I mean, she ate that pencil. She ate somebody's pencil! That can't be normal.


>Hot for Teacher DLC not found

Anywho, we may want to smooth things out with Applebloom since by the end of this Scootaloo won't care about this one infraction considering she's probably with us

ID: 95b2b 517631

Feeling better after talking to Miss Cheerilee, you head over to where Scootaloo sits and writes with a new pencil.

She seems to have calmed down a little, at least. That's good.

You pull up an empty desk beside her, which makes her jump a bit as she realizes you're right there.
She smiles nervously as she rips the page out of her notepad and stuffs it into her desk before slamming the top and leaning on it with a hoof, her smile growing wider as you sit closer to her.

"H-hey there, Cobalt!" she says shakily, "H-how're you doing? Fun stuff here today, huh?"

>Is that why you aren't participating?

>What're you writing?
>Are you okay? You seemed awful mad at Sweetie a little bit ago.


First two options are kind of too nosy. Ask if she's okay, and if pencils are usually part of her diet


I like Anon's spoilered line.


I want to just tell her that Sweetie stumbling into us was just an accident, but all this scribbling stuff is starting to bug me. What's she writing? Why was Apple Bloom writing earlier? It's like we're surrounded by reporters, or spys, or something.


last one

ID: 95b2b 517646

"Hey, Scootaloo," you say with a smile, "Are you okay? You don't normally eat pencils, yeah?"

"I thought I could use more…uh…carbon, in my diet. Or something," she says with a wince, before slightly deflating, "So you saw that, huh. Great. Now I guess you wouldn't want to spend the day with me."

She turns and smacks her head into the desk, once, saying, "I'm so stupid!"

"It was an accident," you start, "Sweetie just-Wait, what did you say?"

Scootaloo stiffens, stammering as she looks at you like she's been struck dumb.

"I-I-I..just thought, m-maybe…"

>Tell her you'd love to spend time with just her today

>Ask her to hold that thought and go talk to another pony
>Politely decline her accidental offer
>Counter offer! Hang out with ME all day!


Tell her that you'd love to hang out today, but you should still thank the other ponies for their cards first


Hell yeah


Tell her to hold that thought and go talk to another pone


this, it would be rude otherwise

ID: 95b2b 517658

"I'd love to hang out, just the two of us!" you reply, heart beating quickly in your chest as you smile eagerly, "Let's do it after I thank the others for the cards they gave me and stuff first, okay?"

"You're serious?!" Scootaloo says happily, almost yelling as she grabs you in a hug that shames Sweetie's with its intensity, "You won't regret it, I promise!"

"As if I ever would," you mumble into her ear, as you give her a quick hug of your own. Her happy laugh warms everything in you before she lets go and stuffs her notepad in her desk.

"I'll wait for you outside," she says before jumping out of her desk and grabbing her saddlebag as she takes off, almost literally, from the classroom.

"What the hay got into her?" Apple Bloom asks you from a couple desks over, "Her scooter getting stolen or something?"

You laugh for a moment with Apple Bloom, before walking over to sit beside her.

"Hey, Apple Bloom," you start, "Thanks for the card. It was really sweet of you."

The little yellow filly's cheeks go rosy as she smiles widely at you.

"Shucks, not nearly as sweet as what you got me for Hearths Warming! It's the least I could do," she swallows hard, "And…I'd like to do more. Just me and you, if that's okay."



>Let her down softly, tell her you've got plans. Maybe some other time?

>Tell her you'll be hanging out with Scootaloo today.
>Say you'll meet her at the clubhouse tonight. Maybe you can see her after being with Scoots.


Let's meet her at the clubhouse tonite.
Just us.


File: 1389418897445.jpg (76.91 KB, 500x546, clobbah dat dere kirbeh.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)


this is not ok

at all

should we get it over with, or risk a 3 way end?



oh god why do I have the crawling suspicion this is actually the worst choice


Just let her down here, we can't really guarantee that we'll make it to the clubhouse

3 way end is worst choice, too much conflict to resolve and not enough cute filly



I vote let her down softly. It's the tricky option, but probably the safer one.


Softly. No clubhouse, doubledating's a bad idea, unless we outright want to tell them both.


Tell her you're hanging out with scoots, clubhouse seems bad


This sucks, but yeah it's best to let her down now.

But on Hearts and Hooves Day? That must be awful.
She really liked that dress too, and the Apples enjoyed cobalt


Oops, already got plans. Sorry, but what can ya do you know oh well gotta go


That's the worst thing, we spent so much time with AB, her family, talking to them, and that beautiful dress. really wouldve wanted to go for AB instead


We could try and talk ourselves out of Scoot's date can't we?



That would be even more cold blooded than letting AB down here


We're not MARRIED to her, it's just hanging out for the day.
We already said yes to her
But that's not set in stone.


Basically what >>517676 said. Sure, it's a possibility, but it would be pretty scummy.


We let out emotions get the best of us!

Ab clearly is the best choice!

This can only end one way and you know it.

Though, we could always not let her down now, tell her we'd be with Scoots for the day, see how that goes and maybe keep that option open?

Yeah I figured.

ID: 95b2b 517684

There's no easy way to go about this.

With Miss Cheerilee's advice in the back of your head, you try to keep your voice even as you speak with Apple Bloom.

You might be turning her down, but darn if you don't wish you could take her up on her offer.

"Actually, Apple Bloom, I've got plans for today already. Sorry. I'd like to, but-"


Apple Bloom sinks into her chair a bit, a sad, understanding smile on that soft face of hers, "That's why Scootaloo was so happy, innit?"

"I…guess I should've seen it comin'. You and her get along real great. I guess I just got…caught up, thinkin'…well. That don't matter now, does it?"

"Apple Bloom, I-"

"No, that's alright. I get it. Spending Hearts and Hooves Day with your special…special…." Apple Bloom's voice rises as she struggles to contain her emotions, "Special somepony."

She sniffles, a tear rolling down her cheek and falling onto her notepad with a dull thwap.

"I'm sorry, I need to go."

Before you can stop her, try to explain some more, that it's just for today, she gets up and runs from the classroom.

You look at Miss Cheerilee, who looks at the door AB just ran out of then back to you. You shake your head sadly and stare at the desk you sit at while Miss Cheerilee gets up and follows your ribbon wearing friend.

If only there was a way to make them all happy, you sigh to yourself. It's not like you don't like each of them.

Still unsure if your decision was the right one, you get up from the desk and contemplate what to do next, heart heavy.

>Go outside and meet up with Scootaloo

>Find Sweetie
>Go check on AB
>Find Brynn


File: 1389419866916.png (60.87 KB, 1002x1417, 1355817107769.png, IO Google TinEye)

Let her down softly.

Here comes the worst part, heartbroken fillies.


File: 1389419940566.png (311.63 KB, 455x600, 1363372304361.png, IO Google TinEye)

Oh no, Sweetie's going to be the worst.



>Go check on AB
Hey, c'mon, I just said we were spending the day together! Who cares about a stupid holiday like today's, anyway, right?
but first, we have to check whatever's on the notepad


Checking on AB seems like a bad idea, she needs some space for now. And we're going to be hanging out with Scootaloo in a bit anyway.

Can we check in on Dawn? She gave us a card too, right? It would be right to thank her, at least.


File: 1389420044826.jpg (79.69 KB, 845x845, applebloom sad shadingd.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

She left what she was writing.
What was it?


Leave AB the hell alone, she'll want to be left alone for a while.
Might as well find Sweetie.


File: 1389420063113.png (18.42 KB, 860x300, CMC sad color.png, IO Google TinEye)

Sweetie's turn!

>SadQuest tm


Yeah let's talk to the pink filly to lighten us up a bit (hopefully) before dropping Sweetie too


Yeah, I vote for talking with someone else for a bit before we head to Sweetie. I don't think she'll be as bad as AB, but we could still use a palette cleanser before we face her.


File: 1389420226614.png (53.49 KB, 130x181, [severe pain].png, IO Google TinEye)

oh god

oh god damnit


I am seriously starting to regret going Scoots now.
That kiss was the death of us.


File: 1389420260376.png (104.5 KB, 395x302, 1388712124292.png, IO Google TinEye)

>Hey Cobalt! Y-yeah, I know we don't talk a lot, but you're kind of cute so… w-wanna hang out? I mean, with me? …Today?


File: 1389420279908.png (359.66 KB, 1024x1144, 1363635038588.png, IO Google TinEye)

I regret nothing.

Scoots deserves some love. Made a little pegasus filly very happy.


N-no, s-shut up


Maybe Pinkie? I imagine she'd have a LOT of cards to make, so she might have a slightly rushed look to it.


and applebloom never wore her pretty dress again…


But Ab was even more happy with her cute dress.


File: 1389420422599.png (482.54 KB, 1994x865, 1351326369328.png, IO Google TinEye)

>all it'll do now is bring up painful memories
We'll just have to remain the best of friends with the other two. It can still have a happy ending.


I'm sad that we saddened the Bloom, but I still don't regret going with Scoots.


File: 1389420470174.png (38.98 KB, 163x185, 1382236389057.png, IO Google TinEye)

>"W-what? Oh, sorry, am I talking too much? I'm sorry, I do that sometimes when I'm nervo-notthatI'mnervousrightnoworanything!"
>"Um, so… y'know… what do ya say?"


If timeskip quest happens, regardless of what happens in between Cobalt better stay best friends with Sweetiebelle, or I'm gonna be miffed.

ID: 95b2b 517708


Slowly, you reach over and grab the notepad AB was scribbling on, taking a slow look at what she was writing.

Turns out, she was drawing.

A series picture with many wavy, scribbled lines rests on the paper.

One has a stallion, big and strong looking, carrying a large bag, standing before a small filly with a bow.

The next shows a box floating between the two, smiles all around as the filly with the bow accepts it, opening it gently in the next picture.

Inside is a dress. The drawing of the dress is detailed, sharp, impressive, and instantly recognizable.

It's the dress you got her.

The next lines show the filly wearing the dress, and hugging the strong looking colt with the bag.

In the final picture, the colt wears a fancy suit, he and the filly standing side by side, a big heart drawn around the two as they smile together.

The dress takes up the center of the paper, larger than all the other scribbles.

And now bears Apple Bloom's single tear.


I was sold on Scoots after the slumber party. I support our choice, even if AB has made it really hard.


File: 1389420682258.png (311.93 KB, 1176x735, 1335925924397.png, IO Google TinEye)


File: 1389420753903.png (134.57 KB, 325x325, 1367795929885.png, IO Google TinEye)

Not fair



File: 1389420794757.png (210.94 KB, 569x464, applebloom laying.png, IO Google TinEye)

…..yup, that series of choices sure did happen.


File: 1389420813285.png (192.45 KB, 336x549, saddest applescrunch.png, IO Google TinEye)

hey, no
hey this is not good
I'm having second thoughts about this you guys what do we do




File: 1389420888551.gif (929.16 KB, 135x180, 44C04CY.gif, IO Google TinEye)

Fuck this I'm out

I'm so out

I'm not fucking kidding


File: 1389420899073.jpg (1.91 MB, 3222x4500, 1377668430838.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

Proceed as planned. It'll hurt, but we have to be sure to give Scoots a good time.


File: 1389420929243.png (58.06 KB, 322x261, holy shit this tea dude.png, IO Google TinEye)

we have to fix this




Salvage it… she left before we could really say anything but we made plans with scoot during the DAY
we could just hang out with scoot, and see applebloom
and not completely crush her feelings after all that


We brought this on ourselves. Went a little too over-the-top with our gift. >>517717 is right, we should focus on making Scootaloo happy.






I don't know, man. It's just I can't even remember why we went with Scootaloo at this point


we just said 'plans' and then she ran away crying


But that's all we did tell her

>"Actually, Apple Bloom, I've got plans for today already. Sorry. I'd like to, but-"

>Before you can stop her, try to explain some more, that it's just for today, she gets up and runs from the classroom.


>Before you can stop her, try to explain some more, that it's just for today, she gets up and runs from the classroom.


A kiss

A fucking kiss

Man, maybe going for Silver Spoon or Twist would've been a better idea.

Shit, I skimmed that. WE TILL HAVE A CHANCE.

ID: 95b2b 517733


Setting the notepad down on AB's desk softly, you slowly get up from the desk and try to shake the worst of it.

It doesn't really help.

You look around for that pink pony…what's her name. Dawn?

A brief scan of the room shows she was playing the board game with Miss Cheerilee.

Walking over, you muster a smile as you make sure you've got the right filly.

"Dawn?" you ask questioningly.

"Yeah, that's me!" she says happily, turning her head and smiling a very shiny smile as her braces reflect the light, "Hey there Cobalt!"

"Hey," you reply, trying to pep up as you talk to the happy filly, "Thanks for the card! It really surprised me."

She giggles, a pleasant sound all things considered, "Hey, it's the least I could do, right? You seem like a nice colt and everyone can use a little love on Hearts and Hooves Day, right?"


"Something the matter?" she asks, raising an eyebrow, "You seem out of it."

"Just a little. I'll be fine."

"Alright, if you're sure. Just take it easy, okay?"

"Of course. Thanks again, Dawn."

"Least I could do, Cobalt. Have a nice day!"

You leave Dawn to her board game and mull about, trying to decide what to do next.

Dawn kind of raised your spirits, but it's still hard to feel happy right now.

Life is hard.

>What do





Remember the slumber party? Things got real with Scoots then. I know it hurts, but we have to make a decision.

And like people said, it's not a done deal with Scootaloo, either. I'm not so big on this "technically all we said was we were hanging out with Scoots" thing (that's wishy-washy as fuck), but it's true that things could still shake out differently.




Go after Applebloom! Pronto! Hustle!


Well ain't she a little qt.





My answer: take stock of surroundings. Maybe check out our cards again? Figure out if there's anything else we should be doing at school before it's time to leave.


What are you even planning to say to her


Apple Bloom probably needs some space right now, just check out that mystery card again


They aren't thinking this through. We need to give her some damn time, for fuck sakes.


>A kiss
>A fucking kiss
but if that's the only reason, Apple Bloom kissed us first, even if it was only on the cheek
oh god we fucked up, I fucked up too
I should have listened ;_;
I think we should at least explain to Apple Bloom that it's just for today, we can't leave her like she was.


I'm throwing a vote against chasing Applebloom until someone can convince me with a good plan of action


Agreed. Leave her be.


Yeah, some half-hearted explanation that we may or may not contradict later that day doesn't seem like a great plan


Then see her later afterwards I guess. We already told Scoot we'd hang with her today

ID: 95b2b 517756

File: 1389421573713.png (152.26 KB, 970x580, 1381038106458.png, IO Google TinEye)

Alright, alright.

Everyone relax.

Take a deep breath, and relax.

5 minute cool down while I grab a drink.

When I come back, I'll take a "What Do" vote and we'll go from there.

Fair warning, I'm calling this session in 2 hours or so. Whatever happens before then will set the scenario for next time/the end depending on what happens.

Hash it out and let me know in 5.


Dammit. You assholes better end this on a high note.


The thing is that there's really only one possible way spending a day with Scoots on H&HD unless we actively try to mess up. but then again, AB did a massive leap to conclusion there, putting us in an awkward position.

I'll go with >>51775 for now. Depending on how the day goes, that option could still be there.

but there's also Sweetie to think about.


Applebloom did it under pressure from her friends, Scootaloo did it of her own volition. Plus she was dropping hints earlier with the "will you be my special somepony" act.

Don't count this as a vote (I'm >>517744), but again, I don't think talking to AB right now is the right choice. That's just digging us deeper. For now, give her space and some time to cool off, and maybe try to patch things up when we've had a little more time to figure things out ourselves.


So should we go talk to Sweetie now?


I don't know about that even. Sweetie is pretty sensitive. She might even openly cry right in front of us.


File: 1389421938464.png (65.97 KB, 500x500, gendo pink.png, IO Google TinEye)

Everybody, we need a plan.
We have one filly running away in tears. Another filly, VERY happy, don't know where she is. Third filly's probably playing with butterflies or some shit.
After reviewing the last couple minutes, I realized that Cheerilee is apparently already en route to console Apple Bloom. As much as I hate to say it, at least she isn't alone for this.
Talking to Sweetie seems like a good next step. She doesn't seem as invested in us as the other two were, I think we can trust her with the whole truth.


We'll certainly have to think of a way to handle it with more tact, and more to the point so there isn't huge conclusion jumps


Eat one of the peppermint sticks for a sugar boost to raise our spirits.
Plus we can then compliment Twist on it when we thank her.



She would be a bit more understanding if we told her straight up, so might as well.


If we do want to correct AB on that leap of logic and say we're not THAT solid yet now rather than waiting a day or two, then the best way to do it would be to leave a note at her desk: she does need to be left alone for a bit I think.


But we are. We scootabutt now.


Okay, but we should lead Sweetie Belle to a private area first.
We don't want her breaking down in front of everyone


Not fully committed though.


A note is a good idea, letting her know that we'll see her later (in private) would be nice.


I third the note idea and second the "tell Sweetie in private" idea.

ID: 95b2b 517775

Alright, I'm back.

We good? We ready?

If it makes things easier, I can cut off the session after you've set up things with other ponies.

We'll leave the day with Scoots to its own session, that way you have time to mull everything over.

And then afterward/during that session you can decide which way you're goin' yet.

Sound good?
I don't want to crush everything into tonight's session if I don't have to.


This seems risky when we haven't even met up with Scootaloo yet. It could end up spoiling both routes for us.

I suppose. Let's be tactful, though, no reason to go shooting her down before she even makes a move. We should stick to the Scootaguns, but no reason to force it down every other filly's throat.

And I still think taking stock of our remaining tasks at school is a good idea.


Give AB some space for now, go break the news to Sweetie.


there is a new episode tomoro

ID: 95b2b 517779

Yeah. That too.

Alright, so we'll deal with up to meeting with Scoots tonight and call it, then deal with all the ramifications next week.

So tell me what you're doing now.



thanks a lot cosmo


I think we've decided to leave a note for Apple Bloom on her desk and then go talk to Sweetie in private


quit blaming me for tings :V



Next will will be all about scoots and making her a very happy filly.


Works with me
Or we can just avoid Sweetie alltogether and hope nothing bad happens

ID: 95b2b 517785


Hey now, everyone should get some shuteye before new pony. Including me.
Plus, tired writing is bad writing.




No note for Apple Bloom for now. Talk to Sweetie, just to thank her for the card. If she starts making moves, let her down gently.


This sounds better. but we should be straight forward with her if she starts going that way.


Fuck this flipflopping. No note, Scoots all the way.

ID: 95b2b 517791

Yes or no on the note.

1 minute to answer.


But we are special someponies!
Now I forget why we're writing this, AB is kinda right


I thought we were though.




i guess no note, either way really


No to note.

ID: 95b2b 517798

Alright, no note. I deleted the note post so refresh if you'd rather not be confused.


As an addendum; shit, I guess the only way to play it is to friendzone Applebloom
Yadda yadda we don't want to tarnish our friendship and can still hang out


Applejack is going to kill us



No, Applejack would kill us for not giving it to Applebloom straight and playing with her feelings.

Honesty, after all.


No, leave it to Cheerilee


Yeah, that's pretty rotten.
AJ even told us the dress is what she alwaays wanted.
Literally the rightest possible present to get her, and then call her beautiful while she wore it…


I'm pretty sure the whole dress thing could be seen as a bit of leading her on.



Prepare for bad end.


Nice Cart end?



Yeah, we went a little far with that. Better to play it straight now and stick to Scoots than to keep waffling.


>worrying about AJ
Guys, imagine if Sweetie Belle takes this too hard.
We'll habe Applejack AND Rarity looking to tan our hides and stain our dresses, respectively.


animu, man.


Man, what vindictive adults, attacking children like that.


I'm actually not that worried about SB since she could be a lot more understanding if we told her frankly about it. She's cry, sure, but not go off like AB did.



sweetie literally cried over the clubhouse being taken over by the bullies
this might devastate her worse than Applebloom


I have to agree. She also seems a lot less attatched to the idea of being with us romantically than the other two.

I'm sure that ridiculous accident from earlier was just that: an accident.

Also, by any chance have we received treatment for that puncture wound? Just in case this quest decides to get hardcore or something.


yeah but that's different.

this is about friendship and shit, and she's a lot better with that.


>cobalt gets an infection and dies of complications in the hospital
bad end…?


In our defense, we were asked how she looked, and to say she looked anything but beautiful would have been a lie.


Yeah, Sweetie might cry, but her wound isn't going to be as deep as AB's.


>Cute Quest ending: Death, as a result of being stabbed in the chest with a heart by Sweetie Belle


Oh, before we leave, make sure we stash those two cards from our desk into our backpack.


The plan right now is

Don't leave a note to AB

Thank SB for her card and let her down if she decides to bring that up. But we have to be straight foward with her.

Thank Dawn for the card as well.

End session by going to Scoots




We already thanked Dawn, but the rest flies with me


Also we already thanked Dawn

ID: 95b2b 517826

The only pony left to talk to of the CMC is Sweetie Belle, who stands alone at the snack table, munching on some heart shaped cookies.

Walking over slowly, you get her attention, and tell her you'd like to speak with her privately.

..Not that there's any real good place for that in the school.

In the end, you settle for talking at the far end of the snack bar, away from the ponies playing games and any still sitting at their desks.

"What did you want to talk about, Cobalt?"

"I just wanted to say thank you for the Hearts and Hooves Day card," you say honestly, "It was really sweet and I liked the drawing you made. And the lace was a nice touch."

Sweetie giggles, "I was hoping you'd like it! Wasn't sure if the lace was too much, but I thought it was cute."

"Heh. Yeah, it was."

"So! Are you doing anything for today?"


"Yes, actually," you start, though this time you immediately jump on the defensive, "But it's just prior plans I had already, it's nothing against you, please don't be upset!"

Sweetie Belle scratches her mane with a hoof, "Why would I be upset if you already had plans?"

"Because maybe you'd think I had a special somepony and I don't know maybe that'd make you sad? Would it?"

Sweetie looks thoughtful, before she shakes her head softly, making her mane bounce as she smiles at you and says, "Not really. You're a good colt, so you deserve a special somepony. If you're happy, I'm happy!"

Does that mean she wasn't interested, or she's just that thoughtful?

"Th-thanks? I think?"

Sweetie giggles and gives you a hug, which you cautiously return, briefly, before she lets you go.

"We'll always be friends, Cobalt. Always!"

She smiles wholeheartedly at you, and you find it hard not to return that smile.

"Thanks, Sweetie."

Sweetie just trots off to play more games, not an ounce of sadness or worry on her.

Maybe she really wasn't interested in you like that. Maybe she just thought you were a great friend.

Or maybe she's just hiding it better for now.

Either way, you're thankful she didn't cry in front of you at least. Your heart has had enough for one day.

You find Twist and thank her for the card as well, noting the signature candy canes that she has for her cutie mark and piecing it together. She just winks and tells you "Happy Hearts and Hooves Day!" with that lisp of hers.

She's a nice pony, if a little different.

You look the cards you received over one final time, noting nothing strange on any of them. Silver acted really weird, so you triple check hers.

But, if there was something special about it, you fail to notice it. Maybe it's because you're distracted by the thought of AB being sad, or Scootaloo waiting for you outside.

Crap, how long has she been waiting anyway.

Stuffing all the cards into your saddlebag, you grab your things and rush out the schoolhouse.

You stop when you see Miss Cheerilee, standing outside the bathroom door, but she waves you on with a sad, knowing smile. She'll console AB for now.

Your chest feels fine. You might have a tiny bruise or something the next day, hard to tell, but you'll be fine.

You think.

You'll have to figure out what to do about AB later. Give her some time to cool off.

For now, you've got a little orange Pegasus just dying to spend the day with you. One who you shot down a different mare for.

Will she be your special somepony?
Will you reconcile with Apple Bloom?
Is Sweetie really so indifferent?

#Find out next time, on Cute "Quest"


Totally forgot.

This too. Thank her and eat one of the canes. We can leave the other one to scoots.


Thanks again aspy. It's been fun.


welp, not like it matters now

ID: 95b2b 517830

I hope so.

Sorry for cutting the session short an hour. I had no idea we were going to go on in certain spots like we did.

Poor planning on my part.

Sorry to wrench your hearts.

Feedback in /qt/ thread much appreciated.

Have a nice night everyone.


File: 1389424399421.jpg (86.45 KB, 900x788, 1337473319029.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

And like always Sweetie is an absolute…sweetie.


huh, guess I shouldn't have worried so hard about Sweetie. We did kinda avoid her this quest and didn't even give her gifts in person, so it's a logical conclusion

Thanks again for the session, I hope next weeks is great


File: 1389424473177.png (60.99 KB, 945x1063, 1235965.png, IO Google TinEye)

She's still the best filly even if we're going with Scoots.

Thanks Aspirant. It was something. Looking forward to next week.


Thanks for questing. I think this makes a good stopping point for the night. Debates to be expected, but it really adds some flavor to the quest.

ID: 95b2b 517835

Yeah, I'm glad to promote some inner conflict for decisions.

I'm just debating whether I inadvertently lead you guys into a trap at the end here or if you guys boxed yourselves into one through choices.

It's kinda both.

Dunno. I just don't want to anger anybody with the result if I can help it.

Ugh. I'm gonna go to bed before I start beating myself up over this again.


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