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Previously, on Cute "Quest":

You and Brynn attended the CMC's sleepover at the Sweet Apple Acres Clubhouse. Brynn and Sweetie played checkers while you played cards with Scoots and Apple Bloom. Time flew and it transitioned to Truth or Dare with the group.

Some minor shenanigans ensued, but the most notable had to have been Scootaloo asking you to be her special somepony on the dare to be girly, and Scoots daring Apple Bloom to kiss you. Just on the cheek, but still….

Not only that, but after everyone decided to head to bed, Scoots managed to sneak in a kiss on your cheek as well. Why, exactly, remains a mystery. Though it should suffice to say there's at least one filly who has an honest to goodness crush on you.

Brynn and the others get along well enough at least, and they served as a good distraction from that mask and Harley. For now.

That night has long faded, though. The early autumn cool breezes and changing colors having changed to bare trees and snow some time ago.

It's your favorite time of the year. Not only for the break from school, but because of all the snow on the ground that you get to play in. Wearing scarves and winter coats are kind of nice, too. Sure beats sweltering heat in the summer.

School's been out for the last week, and Hearths Warming Eve is today! You've gotten gifts lined up for family and Brynn, but you haven't picked out anything for the CMC yet.
Counting up your bits you have a solid 100 left. Saving up all year is going to really pay off when you get gifts for each of them.
The happy thought in mind, you bundle up against the cold, grabbing your hat, scarf, coat, and money pouch.

You get the feeling you're forgetting something, and you turn to face your room.

The mask is still there, under your mattress.

You hadn't felt the urge to give it back to Brynn. In fact, it'd felt more right to just hold onto it. Luckily your parents hadn't found it, and still don't know of it's existence or capabilities.

You wonder if you should take it with you today. Brynn might be missing her.

And…maybe you could let Harley out for the day. Tis the season, after all.

>Take Mask with you

>Leave it here for now

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Ah crap it ate my title.

Should be "Cute 'Quest': Hearth's Warming Edition"

That's the theme for tonight, gents.

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Take it with you.


>Saving up all year is going to really pay off when you get gifts for each of them.

yea but who gets the BEST one?


Diamond Tiara, obviously


A lump of coal comes pretty cheap I reckon.




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Silver Spoon

ID: 1cc77 514180

Feeling more in the spirit of the holiday, and succumbing to that "You forgot something" feeling, you head back to your room and remove the mask from underneath the mattress, taking a good look at it as you do so.

Harley isn't too pleased.
The mask has the look of her puffing her cheeks out indignantly. A strange sight given the eyes are always closed.


>Just put the mask in your coat.

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I'm alright with this

ID: bec1a 514182



Apologize to the plank of wood and stuff it inside jacket.

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"Alright," you say gently, "I'm sorry for keeping you under lock for so long."

Feeling there's nothing more to say for the time being, you put the mask in the inside pocket of your coat, not wanting anyone to see it as you walk around town.

You head back downstairs, waving goodbye to your parents who lounge in the living room, your father reading the paper and your mother nuzzled up against him. Ech.

Your father waves back, both parents telling you to be careful before you head out the door and into the frigid world of white.

There's a blanket of snow that's pretty thick, coming up about halfway to your torso. You run toward town, kicking up the white stuff as you try to decide where you're heading.

>Sugarcube Corner

>School grounds
>Wander town


>Harley's been stuffed under the bed for at least a month
Jeez, that's harsh. And I'm surprised Brynn hasn't mentioned her.

ID: bec1a 514196

Come to think of it, did we ever get Harley to tell us more about that song? Or "incantation" as she put it?


Halfway up our torso? Jeez that's a lot. The fillies must have to gallop.
Wander about town and see how other ponies are faring. Might bump into somebody needing help.

ID: 1cc77 514201

He has, but luckily the distraction with the CMC helped keep his mind off it and he's returned more or less to his older self. Maybe slightly more social with the CMC.

Him and Sweetie get along pretty well, but AB and Scoots have taken a liking to him as well. He's smart and resourceful, good things to have in a friend.

Plus, he's been busy with the holiday season too. His folks took him out of town for a while. Camping trip, or something, he said. He only asks about Harley once in a while anymore, and he hasn't asked for her back yet.

Makes you wonder how he felt so reliant on her in the first place if he let her go so easy.

Harley hasn't revealed anything, since you haven't asked her about it.

The last letter you got from Twilight said it was indeed magical, but she had to send the copy to Canterlot to have it checked by a second source.
She's yet to report anything else about it.

ID: bec1a 514206

We should definitely try asking her about it at some point.
Probably once she's a little less mad at us.


Oh nuts, has removing the mask from his care opened up… COMPETITION?

ID: 1cc77 514223

You resolve to check out the library sometime today, but you get the feeling you should wander town first. With snow this deep, some ponies might need help going about. That, and wandering town could give you gift ideas.

Besides, you never know who you'll bump into.

You think this as you round a corner, and plow headlong into a large, orange, hat wearing pony.

"Oof!" you cry as you smack headlong into their chest, staggering them backward but not knocking them over.
Unfortunately for you, they're bigger, so you stop dead in your tracks and drop into the snow.

"What in tarnation?"

"Hello, Miss Applejack," you say slowly, picking yourself up out of the snow and shaking it from your face, doubly clearing your head from the impact. Man, that kinda hurt.

"Well if it isn't little Cobalt!" AJ says happily, giving your knit cap a good rustling with her hoof, "You alright there little partner?"

"Yeah, I think I'm fine," you reply, fixing your hat as AJ chuckles, "Sorry for bumping into you."

"Don't worry about it," AJ says, thumping her chest once, "I'm tougher than I look."

She doesn't look like a pushover anyway, so that's saying something.

"Anyway, what're you doing running around town with this much snow on the ground? Isn't it tiring for a little guy like yourself?"

Surprisingly, other than the smacking into AJ bit, you don't really feel tired from your galloping in the snow. Strange.

"It's not so bad," you say with a smile, enjoying the surprise on AJ's face, "I'm uh…hmm."

Should you tell her you're looking for gift ideas? She could help you pick out something for Apple Bloom, or at least give you ideas….

If you want to get AB a present, anyway.

>Tell her you're shopping for AB

>Doing some errands
>No particular reason

ID: bec1a 514226

Shopping for AB!


Ahhh, of course not tired. Cobalt strong. Tell her we're doing some errands, and she might fish for details.


Shop for AJ, we bumped into each other so our love is fated
kidding, ask about Applebloom


Ask AJ what she's up to today, too.

ID: 1cc77 514236

"Weelll," you begin, rubbing one hoof against your other front leg, "I'm…uh, I'm buying gifts. I was gonna buy one for Apple Bloom, but-"

Your knit cap is pushed down over your eyes as AJ makes a strange, "aww" like sound.

"Buyin' a gift for little Bloom? Well ain't you the sweetest little colt," she leans in close, whispering, "You got a crush on her, little guy?"

Feeling your face turn red you struggle for an answer as she ruffles your hat around your head yet again with a jolly laugh.

"I'm just teasin'! Don't get too worked up, now."

Trying to change the subject, you ask what AJ is out doing.

"Oh, just makin' sure people knew the stand was closed, lookin' around some stores, stopped at Sugarcube Corner to talk with Pinkie for a bit on some party preparations-" she suddenly sucks in her mouth, scrunching her face a bit inward before coughing gently and resetting her face. She blushes lightly, "Pretend I didn't say that last bit."

"Anyway!" she says forcefully, putting a hoof on your shoulder and spinning you so she's hugging you to her side, "What were you thinkin' about getting Apple Bloom? What do you think she'd like?"

>Uh…bows and makeup?

>Stuff to build things with?
>Sweets and maybe a sweater?
>[Other; Player choice]
>I really, really don't know. Please help.


Didn't we already get her a bow?
Power tools sounds silly
Sweaters is what Granny Smith probably got her already

I really don't know

ID: bec1a 514243

Stuff to build things with!

ID: 1cc77 514245

>Didn't we already get her a bow?
You won her a large bow at the festival thing at school this year, yes.

Could always get her a festive one.


a christmas bow and a level
construction ponies always need levels, right?


It'd have to be a strange festive if we'd really want to impress her, but I vote nay on the bow.


I have to leave, sorry guys
Give Scoots some love

ID: 1cc77 514261

"Uh..a level, and stuff to build with? Maybe a bow, but she's got a bunch already, right?" you say without much conviction, setting your hat correct again before looking up at a smiling AJ, "I don't really know."

"It's always the hardest part if you don't ask them, ain't it?" AJ says, sympathetically rubbing your shoulder.

"Alright, well, let's think about it. You're one of her best friends right now. She does like to build stuff, true, but would she like tools and stuff, or would she like something you built? And yes, she has a good number of bows."

"But," she says with a brighter smile, "If you don't have time to do something really personal like that, she loves…" she looks around real quick, before leaning in and whispering, "She actually really wants a dress."

"What?" you say with honest confusion.

Applejack laughs gently before giving a one armed shrug, "I know, it doesn't seem to fit her exactly. But she mentioned it this year. I can't help but feel it's to impress a certain some pony~" she says, squeezing you against her gently.

Oh….oh jeeze….

"But that's all I can tell ya," she says with finality, "I've gotta get back to the farm. Got some last minute work to get done before I can sit down with the family for some games. Take care now, Cobalt."

She gives you a final squeeze against her and winks down at you before letting you go and heading off toward her farm.

#Gift ideas for AB: Dress and/or build something practical for her

Breathing the crisp, cool air deeply until you feel the heat in your cheeks go away, you contemplate what to do.

>Go to Sugarcube Corner

>Go to the Library
>Go to a store with dresses
>Go to a hardware store
>Go to the School grounds
>Go to Sweet Apple Acres
>Go home
>Keep wandering town

ID: bec1a 514264



fuck yeah, she's getting a dress

in fact, everyone should be getting dresses

I bet Brynn would like one too

To the Carousel Boutique!
Or, more likely, a cheap dress store because I bet Rarity's place is 2expensive


A saddlebag toolbelt would be practical but oh man, she really wants a pretty dress? Got to stop at the pretty dress store then don't we. Let's wander around a little longer then head there.


More like go to THE store with dresses!
Maybe you could set up the Cutiemark Dress Models for your harem

ID: bec1a 514271

Maybe she'll give us a discount 'cuz we've got connections.


We should probably have an idea of what we want to buy for each of the ponies instead of individually, so we don't run out of funds.
I like this because it gives us a chance to ask Rarity about what to get for Sweetie as well


Maybe we should ask Harley what to get the silly fillies we're trying to woo. Or just chat to her and get her up to speed, as an apology for leaving her under our bed

ID: 1cc77 514284

"So she wants a dress, huh," you mumble to yourself, thinking of places with dresses, "Where can I get a good dress…."

You think of Sweetie, and of her sister, Rarity, the seamstress.

You smack yourself in the forehead for not thinking of it first. Of course! Rarity has a boutique and specializes in fashionable clothes!

Destination firmly in mind now, you gallop through the snow toward Rarity's Boutique in search for a pretty, filly sized dress.

Never thought you'd be thinking that.

It's a short jaunt to the boutique, and you skid to a halt in front of the door, leaving a big, plowed trough in the snow. Shaking your hooves out you head to the door, knocking gently.

"Please, come on in," a kind voice calls through the door, "I'm a bit preoccupied, so let yourself in and I'll be right with you."

You open the door, heading inside the warm, well lit workplace. You turn and shut the door behind you as Rarity notices you.

"And who could my guest bundle be, I wonder," she says with a smile, setting her fabric working tools down on the desk she works at and raising her red spectacles with a hoof, "Must be quite the tough little pony to be wandering such a dreadful snow fall."

You turn around to face her, removing your hat and scarf. She lets out a little gasp and presses her hooves to her cheeks as she recognizes you.

"Oh! If it isn't the precious Cobalt! I thought I recognized you, even with all those clothes."

She gets up and walks to you, before pulling you into a hug against her, burying your face in her chest. Her coat is smooth and feels nice on your cold face, though the sensation of blood rushing to your cheeks causes a pins and needles feeling as she swoons over you.

"Have you come here to see Sweetie?" she finally asks, holding you out at hoofs length, "I could call her down from upstairs for you."

Sweetie is here!?

Rarity giggles, "I can see you weren't expecting her to be with me. Yes, she's upstairs," she says as she downgrades her voice to a whisper, "I don't think she heard me before, so if you want to surprise her or remain unnoticed, just give the word."

>Don't tell her I'm here, please

>It's okay if she knows I'm here
>I'd like to see her


Letting sweetie know we're here buying a pretty dress for one of her best friends might make her feel off. Or not. Sometimes she doesn't put two and two together quite fast.
Better off she doesn't know.


keep it on the down low
tell her we're picking up a dress for Applebloom and wondering if Sweetiebelle would like one too


Don't tell her we're here definitely, and ask what kind of little dresses we can get for AB as well as what sweetie might like

That scene put a big stupid smile on my face

ID: bec1a 514294

Maybe we should put off telling her we're here until AFTER we've had a discussion with Rarity about that dress.
And also what kind of gift Sweetie would like.


Surprises open up opportunity~ tilde tilde
We could go solid snake all up in the boutique and snoop her room


Wonder if we could get something for Harley too.
Maybe get Pinkie to whip up something Harley-themed for her to eat? Sugarcube Corner makes delicious stuff and she doesn't get much chance to experience such bodily pleasures as eating, given the lack of body.


for sure, we just have to make it a surprise
We'll have to way until we have a chance to pass the mask off before we get her a treat

ID: 1cc77 514312

"Don't tell her I'm here," you ask softly, "I'm here to find out what Sweetie might want for Hearth's Warming, and-"

You find yourself squished against Rarity's bosom once again, though this time she's stifling her cooing to a minimum. It's almost comical the high pitched whine she makes through her scrunched face as she hugs you close.

"You are just the sweetest little colt I've ever met!" she says when she finally lets you go, "You are an incredibly generous little one, aren't you? Wanting to get Sweetie a gift!"

She ruffles your mane while you blush, before you finally finish your sentence.

"And, I'd like to get a dress for Apple Bloom."

Rarity stops rubbing your mane, looking at you quizzically.

"A dress for Apple Bloom?" she muses, looking up as she thinks, lips puckered in a strange thoughtful pose, "She doesn't strike me as the dress type…"

"Applejack told me she was saying she wanted one this year," you explain, before having to explain having run into Applejack in town just moments earlier.

"I see," Rarity says with understanding, "So you'd like to get gifts for all your little friends. Very noble for such a little one."

Her eyes soften again as she goes back to ruffling your mane, sighing, "You're going to grow into a fine stallion if you keep that attitude about you."

Blushing more intensely than ever, you thank her for the compliment and bow your head a bit, unsure what to say as Rarity turns around and pulls some small dresses off varying racks of clothes with her magic.

"Now then," she says quietly, "What kind would you care to get for the young apple? I have a variety of colors and styles. Perhaps a frilly red one, that matches her mane? Or a brightly colored sun dress for the summer? Or maybe something that goes with the holiday theme, yes? Cool colors to wear in the winter? A ball gown? Something more simple, that she can wear frequently? Oh, the possibilities are endless, really."

They sure sound like it.

>Ask her opinion

>Pick one at random
>Pick from that list up there
>Tell her you want to get Sweetie a dress too, so it should be one that can thematically go with Sweetie's
>Oh jeeze, uh, maybe something else?


Something simple that isn't season dependent, but still fitting.
And wearable immediately.


Something tastefully simple for Applebloom
Something frilly and lacy for Sweetie
Something saucy and revealing for Scootaloo

Something incredibly pretty for Silver Spoon


strapless, black, with a plunging neckline

ID: bec1a 514325

Ask her opinion.


Wait… we can't get them all the same thing.


it's pretty dresses
all ponies love pretty dresses


>You find yourself squished against Rarity's bosom once again
Oh jeez


Don't worry, that's not where her gazongas are

ID: 1cc77 514337

"Simple, season independent, and wearable immediately," Rarity repeats, "Hmm, I believe I have one like that. Let me see…" she re-racks all the other dresses and begins searching for whatever she's imagining, leaving you to watch for the time being.

"Do you think that's the right choice?" you ask nervously. You don't want to get Apple Bloom something she won't like, let alone wear.

"Well, it suits her characteristics," Rarity says as she continues her search, "And I'm sure she'd like that. If you mean frills versus no frills, I'm afraid I couldn't say. Some of my customers who don't typically wear dresses end up loving very extravagant ones, but I believe that's for the situations in which they put on airs."

"Ah!" she says excitedly, pulling a dress from the line, "Yes, this is the one I was thinking of."

She walks it over to you to see.

"It's….blue," you say simply.

"Yes," Rarity says, "The color might be a tad odd on a pony with Apple Bloom's colors, but I can change that for you no problem. I would like you to decide if it's the right material and style, or if you envision Apple Bloom in something else."

You try to imagine Apple Bloom wearing the blue dress. It's simple, with no frills, though the shoulders are a slightly brighter shade and puffed out a bit. If Apple Bloom were wearing this, it'd fall across her back and halfway to the ground, easily. The front looks like it wouldn't be low enough to trip her.

Touching the material you find it to be surprisingly soft, almost silken.

"It's made from some very durable, luxuriant thread," Rarity coos softly, "So it's incredibly durable and comfortable. It'll hold up to a significant amount of cleaning and weather abuse before ever needing repairs."

That sounds…fantastic.

"And, like I said, I can make it a more Apple Bloom friendly color if you pick this one."

It seems too good an opportunity to pass up, so you ask for the price.

"Well," Rarity says with a sad smile, "Normally this dress would sell for around 100 bits-"

Your jaw drops, and Rarity giggles a little before patting the top of your head gently with a hoof.

"But," she says as you lift your lower jaw from the ground, "Since you're being such a sweetheart and I know it's going to a good pony, I'll sell it to you for 40 bits instead. I still have to recoup the fabric cost, you see. The color change will be included, and it'll be ready by tonight."


>No deal
>Is there some other way I can pay for it [No it's not lewd you gits]
>Get a different dress

ID: bec1a 514339

See if there's another way you can pay for it.


Sounds perfect
Are there any favors we can do to save some cash?
We need to earn enough for three dresses



File: 1388199478786.jpg (13.68 KB, 394x276, oversaturationbloom.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

Make it orange to match her eyes
that's how these things work, right?


>[No it's not lewd you gits]
You're no fun


How much cash dolla do we have?


We got all up in her bosom like twice. Rarity's just givin' it away.


Well, that's kinda how Rarity hugs anything smaller than her. Spike gets bosom action too


100 bits
so of course this means we have to play favorites

ID: 1cc77 514354

"Is there some other way I can pay for it?" you ask, which makes Rarity's face flush for a second before she giggles madly.

"Oh, dear, do you….of course you wouldn't. Never mind. Ahem," she tries to regain her composure, bringing a fan to her and fanning her face, "Oh my. Ahem, anyway. I can think of a few deals we could work out."

"The first option would be to have you model some little colt clothes for me for a time. Nothing special, just show me my work being worn so I can make some decisions about fitting and styles. Usually I have to use a mannequin, but having a living, moving pony in the outfits is so much better suited for seeing how it'll look in motion, as I'm sure you could deduce."

"Two; You could join Sweetie and myself for Hearth's Warming Eve with our parents. I know, it sounds strange, but hear me out. She's energetic and playful like all young foals are, but I am not suited for extensive roughhousing. If you keep her preoccupied long enough for me to catch up with my parents and eat a solid meal without her trying to tickle me, I'll consider it paid off in full. Plus, you'll get to meet the family and spend time with Sweetie."

"Or lastly; You could be my errand boy for a week. You'll deliver light packages, mostly clothes, to ponies here in Ponyville. It'll give me more time to work on projects without having to rely on the public mailing system or taking it myself."

"Now, dear, I know that's a lot to take in at once. Think it over. Go walk around and think if you must, I'm not going anywhere. Just be back by three in the afternoon, sharp, with your decision, and I can have it ready for tonight."

[You have 100 bits.]

[No Filly foolin', even in reverse]

>Option 1

>Option 2
>Option 3
>Gimme a sec to think about it [Don't leave]
>I'll think about it [Leave the shop]
>I'll just pay bits


Well we need to get dresses for Applebloom, Sweetiebelle and Scootaloo and Brynn or maybe something else, so I don't think we can blow half our budget buying Applebloom's gift, ask for an alternative method of payment


We're totally going to model for Rarity and it's going to be fabulous.


That'll cover three dresses and a suit for Brynn, right?
Maybe a little something for ourselves too?

ID: bec1a 514360

Model work!


Given the current dress is 100 bits and she's cutting us a deal, I think five items of clothing might be pushing it.
And we've already got something for Brynn, from the OP post.


Strut our bulky stuff
"Aren't I a bit bigger than the average colt as far as modelling goes?"


Good point
Maybe just stick to modelling and see how many dresses we can get with that and our cash


That's true. The added height and bulk will make Cobalt look strapping in those fancy outifts.

ID: 1cc77 514370

You swallow hard as you settle on a decision.

"I'll do the model service," you say softly, eliciting a sharp squeal from Rarity, who dances in place.

"Yes! Just what I was hoping for! Oh you have no idea how much help that will be!"

"Rarity? Are you okay down there?"

Sweetie calls from upstairs, and you can feel your heart beat quicken even as Rarity's face scrunches. She mouths "I'm sorry," at you, before calling upstairs, "N-Nothing Sweetie! Just….excited about my work!"

"Do you need my help?" Sweetie says excitedly, "I'll be right down!"

Oh crud.

Rarity bolts over to you, grabbing your scarf and hat with her magic and bundling you up quicker than you could ever manage alone before gently pushing you toward the door that's already opening.

"I'm sorry about this," Rarity says quick and firm, "Come back by three and I'll have the dress ready. We can discuss the terms of your modeling another time. For now, just go do whatever else you had planned for today."

She gently pushes you out into the snow, and you turn around as she leans her head out the door to whisper one final thing.

"And if you're getting something for Sweetie: She likes coloring books, music, sweets, she needs a new brush, but she likes spending time with her friends more than anything as I'm sure you've noticed."

She can't resist ruffling your knit cap against your mane one final time before winking and shutting the door.

#Gift ideas for Sweetie: Sweets, coloring books, a brush, music sheets?, and time with her friends.

You turn your back on the boutique, thinking of what to do next.

Unfortunately, this means you're only going to get the one dress if Rarity didn't somehow read your mind and intentions. You'll have to come up with other gifts for whoever else.

On the plus side, Rarity seems to really like you and cut you a pretty sweet deal on the dress for Apple Bloom.

The more pressing concern is: Where next?


>Sugarcube Corner
>Sweet Apple Acres
>Wander town
>School grounds


Sweetie's got a sweet tooth, why not ask a Pank pone


Sweet Apple Acres has sweet in the name, maybe there's candied apples over there soon. Let's wander about town some more before choosing next locale.


I like sugar cube corner
And that idea about a Harley themed cake for Brynn

ID: bec1a 514375

Sugarcube Corner

ID: 1cc77 514384

Sweetie likes sweets, and you have the idea of getting Brynn a Harley themed cake. Might as well hit two birds with one stone, so to speak.

So you head to Sugarcube Corner, running through the snow once more until the big, sugary looking building is in full view.

There aren't many ponies around outside it, and who can blame them? It's Hearth's Warming Eve, and there's a lot of snow to navigate. Most are probably staying indoors and keeping warm on their day off if they aren't finishing work like Applejack or running for last minute gifts like you.

The door to Sugarcube Corner opens easily, and the bell at the top of the door chimes your entry.

"Welcome to Sugarcube Corner!" a familiar voice cheers as you take your scarf and hat off, "Cobalt! My little blue buddy!"

Pinkie waves from the counter, a great big smile on her happy face, "How are you on this wonderfully snowy day?"

You're about to tell her when she cuts you off, suddenly right beside you with a steaming cup of something on a silver tray, held in front of you.

How does she do that?

"More importantly, how about a cup of cocoa? I just finished making my super extra double peppermint chocolate fudge cocoa that just melts the cold right out of you!"

She dances over to a nearby table, spinning with a big grin as she hums something and sets the tray on the table, hopping in an empty seat and patting the chair next to her while beaming at you.

You walk over to the table and sit in the chair she pats gently, and she takes your scarf, hat, and coat, draping them over the chair to her left as you sit on her right.

"There we go," she says cheerfully, "Nothing like warming up with some delicious hot chocolate! So! What are you doing wandering around town with all that snow around? Do you just like the snow? Because I'd understand that. I love to play in the stuff when I'm not working. And sometimes while I'm working. Mr. Cake wasn't so appreciative the last time I hit him with a snowball in the kitchen though, so I'm not allowed outside during work hours today!"

You kind of blink at Pinkie as she smiles back at you, moving to lean on the table a bit.

"Anyway, like I said: Whatcha doin' out there? Important stuff, right? Saving the world or impressing your friends, all kinds of good stuff I'm sure!"

>Tell her why you're out before she talks you to death

>Sip your cocoa and let her ramble a bit, maybe she'll calm down
>[Player choice of other action]


Pinkie's got Cabin Corner Fever!


>Getting Brynn a Harley themed cake
When I suggested it, I meant more getting it or some other nice food item for Harley; we've got a gift for Brynn (whatever it is) and perhaps it'll help make up for shoving her under a mattress.

ID: bec1a 514393

Tell her why we're out.

ID: 1cc77 514394

[Oh, well then that'll be different]

[Oh you]


I'd be happy to let her ramble for a bit. The cocoa's delicious and the company's nice. Just make sure we don't spend too long, we've still got a few gifts to pick up.


She DID ask a question, we should attempt to awnser, but let her ramble if she wants to guess or something

ID: 1cc77 514403

You take a sip of your cocoa, finding the peppermint chocolate smell to be only a fraction of how sweet the beverage actually is. You think you can feel yourself having a sugar rush just from the first hot sip as Pinkie starts to guess why you're out.

"Ooh! Saving the world was a good one, but if you had to do that you'd have more stuff with you. Partying! Wait, no, same problem. Playing in the snow! But by yourself? Naaah. You're a nice colt, you've got plenty of friends. Like me! Aha!' she says triumphantly ,"That's it! I'm your friend! And you came to visit me, because you knew I can't go outside!"

You're lucky you've set down your drink as she hugs you in the most crushing hug you've encountered to date, being pressed into her squishy body as she giggles.

"Aw you're just the best! Taking time out of your day to come visit little ol' me!"

You think you feel your back pop just before she lets go, still giggling to herself, but now looking at you with a slightly softer expression.

It gets your heart going a little, though you can't explain it.

You're about to correct her when you think that might not be the best idea.

>Just go with it

>Be honest, tell her that's just a pleasant bonus


Say it's for both, we knew what we were getting into with pinkie

ID: bec1a 514411

Go with it.
Ask her if she can help you with something while you're here.
And explain about the presents.


Actually, I didn't know you were stuck indoors today until I got here, but I did want to say "Hi" while I was out gift shopping.
Speaking of which…

ID: 1cc77 514414

"Of course I came to visit you," you say as smoothly as you can manage, "Why wouldn't I want to see my pink friend?"

Pinkie giggles, though for once she doesn't say anything else. She just kicks her legs gently under the table and puts her head in her hooves. At least now she's smiling with her eyes closed instead of staring at you all weird like.

"Also," you say, prompting Pinkie to open her eyes, "I was going to ask for your help with something."

"Lay it on me!" Pinkie says energetically.

You tell her your tale of wishing to buy gifts for some of your other friends, and that Rarity said Sweetie really enjoys sweets.

"You bet she does!" Pinkie says as she dances over to the counter, grabbing a somewhat familiar looking notepad before hopping back to her seat and flipping through a few pages.

"I've got it here that her favorite iiiiiiiis…..Cherry Chocolate Truffles and Cookie Dough Ice Cream! Either together or separate, she likes both of those a lot."

You thank Pinkie for the information, and she just waves a hoof at you, "Hey, that's what friends are for, right? So, did you wanna get her something? I bet, otherwise you wouldn't ask! It's too cold for a milkshake, or ice cream unless you've warmed up in front of a fire first, so maybe just the sweets? Or a cake? We can make all kinds here, you know."

You mention you have another predicament of sorts, and Pinkie tilts her head before leaning in again.

"See," you try to explain, "I have a friend who's…been gone for a really long time, okay? And I want to get her something special. Like a cake. But I…uh…don't know her favorite flavor or anything. What are some favorite flavors of most ponies?"

Pinkie launches into a list of all kinds of flavors for cakes, describing each one to mouth watering perfection. The thoughts make you sip on your hot chocolate, trying hard to avoid making yourself hungry already.

"But it'd be way easier if you could ask them. Are they in town?"

"In a way," you say nervously, eyeing your coat for a moment.

Wait. Can't Harley affect the world from her mask?

Trying to come up with a plan, you think of what to do to get the inquisitive Pinkie away enough that you can…talk to the mask, or something.

>Tell her you'll take some fresh Chocolate Cherry Truffles

>Order a cake in a flavor Sweetie will like
>[Player choice of distraction here]


Ask her for a pair of her special smoothies! We didn't know she was trapped inside, but now that we're here, we're ready for slightly less spine-popping action

ID: bec1a 514417

Ask her what kind of gift she thinks Silver Spoon would like.

ID: 1cc77 514418

"Hey, what kind of gift do you think Silver Spoon would like?" you ask, suddenly thinking of the little grey pony.

"Silver Spoon?" Pinkie asks with an eyebrow raised questioningly, "Well, she's one of those ponies who has everything they could need, in terms of stuff."

Well dang.

"I think the best thing you could give her is another friend!" Pinkie says happily, "All ponies could use more friends, but I get the feeling Silver especially needs some more," she gently nudges you with one of her front legs, "If you know what I mean."

How very Pinkie.

But she might be right.


Is there a music store we can visit? Truffles and a music/song book would make a good gift that'd match up with the dress, I think.


2gifts for sweetie? Let's not play favorites

ID: 1cc77 514421

"Yep!" Pinkie replies, pointing out one of the windows, "There's a small music store run by an old guy about one block that way and three buildings to your right. He might not be open though with all the snow out. Might've just stayed home instead."



mushrooms aren't quite the same as a dress, if we wanna get her something, we can't have it be less awesome than Applebloom's gift!

ID: 1cc77 514423

File: 1388204698645.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.38 KB, 300x225, choco-cherry-truffles.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

[It's something more like this, though these are homemade ones]


I'm not trying to, I'd just consider a nice dress to be equal to a snack and songbook, or just the songbook if it's a nice/big one: the truffles alone aren't anything too special since we know she already gets them herself - otherwise how would Pinkie know they were her favourite?


I think it's the chocolate truffles not the mushroom type


Hey Pinkie, we're sorry you're stuck inside, you were totally high up on our visit list, and are my waifu, so don't sweat it, I'm sure you'll be in our endgame harem!


I think we should get Sweetie the truffles and maybe a music book, just giving her a couplea chocolates isn't quite equivalent to having a fancy dress practically commissioned.
On second thought, why get Sweetie the truffles if she'll be expecting them? Why not some other, similar snack that Pinkie thinks she might like, to surprise her with? Food for thought


We'll maybe that's a bad idea then

Who else do we have on our list for gifts

ID: 1cc77 514429

"Anyway, what's it gonna be, Cobalt?" Pinkie asks, tapping the table with a hoof to get your attention. Seems you were daydreaming a bit.

Pinkie giggles as you snap back to reality, "Or you could keep me company all day if you can't make up your mind," she says playfully.

#Decision time
>Truffles please
>Cake please
>On second thought, I don't need anything
>Gimme candy alternatives to have her try

#Current "To get gifts for" of the CMC list includes: Sweetie and Scootaloo

#Optional gift recipients: Silver Spoon, Diamond Tiara, Twist, Dawn, Harley, Any Mane 6 character you know in game

[Note that you do not have sufficient funds to buy gifts for every pony, but if you're resourceful with your hooves you might be able to get most of them things by making some stuff yourself.

Food for thought.]

ID: 1cc77 514430

File: 1388205317978.png (Spoiler Image, 433.1 KB, 812x562, 1365920438855.png, IO Google TinEye)

I've noticed a considerable drop in input.

If you guys are too tired to continue we can do the rest of this some other time. Don't be shy to say it.


Truffles sound fine


My vote's for truffle time and then give that music store a look-see. It couldn't hurt anyway, just a bit of weather won't hurt a freakin' tank-pony like us!
I think we're just being a bit indecisive again. I fear what happens when we have to start considering what on Earth to get for Scootaloo… who should we even ask?


I'm just trying to play from a mobile and it's hard and slow

ID: bec1a 514434

Truffles. Why not?


Scootaloo gets a coupon for another kiss


>inb4 truffles are out-the-ass expensive and we have to take on some more orders for Pink Pone


meant chores or jobs


I sort of like the idea, but I think going for something we know she likes would be the best.
Rarity mentioned colouring books; the book itself seems a little small, but ifthe music shop falls through, maybe we could pick up some nice colouring tools.


One of those mega boxes of 164 crayons with sharpener included?


Yeah, I'm still good to go, just dithering a bit.

ID: 1cc77 514441

"Alright, let's get the truffles then," you tell Pinkie, who smiles brightly as she gets up from the table.

"Coming right up!" she says as she literally bounces to the kitchen to fetch your order.

You hear the sound of bowls and other kitchen ware being moved around. Seems she has to make them on the spot.

Meaning she'll be gone for a bit.

She left her special notepad on the table again, but you kind of want to ask Harley what flavor of cake she'd like. Without telling her it's a cake, of course. But…how to communicate with her? Just talk at the mask, like Brynn did before?

Is it even worth doing?

>Retrieve mask and talk to Harley

>Check out that notepad again instead
>Just wait patiently for Pinkie to fix the sweets

Alright, I was just concerned. Thought I was putting you guys to sleep.


File: 1388205848571.gif (456.85 KB, 390x293, get radical.gif, IO Google TinEye)

>with the sharpener included in the box
oh hell yes
that shit was the coolest


Can she manipulate objects whilst still a mask? Maybe we could grab a pencil and get her to write her response

Or write out a bunch of letters and hold a seance!


Check out that notepad, man


Yeah talk to Harley
What could go wrong?


Leave the notepad.


File: 1388206067443.jpg (25.23 KB, 140x111, smiling pixel man.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

>What could go wrong?
famous last words, my friend

ID: bec1a 514448

Talk to Harley.

ID: 1cc77 514449

She did before….didn't she?

It's been a while now so it's getting harder to remember.

Like, what happened on Nightmare Night again? It's coming in a little fuzzy….

Then again, that was months ago. Not too surprising you'd forget with all the drama and playing around you've done in the meantime.


You shake your head as you retrieve the mask from your coat, noting the expression on the mask is now far more…pleasant? The gentle smile on the mask helps ease your strange thoughts, and you find yourself talking to it quite naturally, though in hushed tones so Pinkie doesn't hear.

"Harley," you whisper gently, leaning closer to the mask, "What kind of things do you like? Food things….like cake. Do you like cake? Cookies? Anything like that?"


Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

ID: bec1a 514450

>natural 10


Oh duh, we pranked Pinkie and Twilight before Brynn let her out to play for the evening. Should have remembered that.

ID: 1cc77 514452

>Critical Success, Natural 10

"You bet!" a voice behind you says emphatically, making you whip around in surprise.

"Hey, ease up Cobalt, it's just me," Harley says, sitting in the chair you vacated to grab the mask, "Been a while since we talked or saw each other. How've you been?"

She doesn't seem upset at not having talked to you for a while, at least.

"Good," you find yourself replying, sitting in the seat next to her, opposite where Pinkie sat, "I, uh, wanted to know if you-"

"Like cake or cookies or sweets," Harley finishes, smiling slyly, "I'm a spirit, not deaf," she jokes.

You chuckle with her as she eyes what little is left of your hot chocolate.

"Yeah, of course I like those things. Though what you have is probably pretty different from what I had when I wasn't bound to anything. Why?"

You have to resist the urge to just tell her you're getting her a cake, instead swallowing nervously and replying, "No reason. Just curious. Thought I'd see how you were and the thought just came to mind."

She smiles, "I'm sure."


>[What do you want to talk to Harley about?]

>Alternatively, tell her that was all and ask her to go back
>Wait, how are you even here right now?

Roll #1 3 - 5 = -2


>negative number

How fucked are we?

ID: 1cc77 514454

Don't worry about it, when it becomes relevant you will know


File: 1388206790205.jpg (33.35 KB, 450x304, you only had to listen.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

>Roll #1 3 - 5 = -2
>mfw we didn't just read the notebook


Obviously we drop our spaghetti, and Harley makes us look silly infront of pinkie for hiding her under our bed for a week


>How are you even here
>What was with the trouble Brynn was having with you earlier, anyway?
>Was Hearth's Warming a thing when you were around?

My guess with the number is that it's chipping away at that 12 and she'll fade once it's done.

ID: 1cc77 514458

"How are you even here?" you ask her, not certain how she's managed to get out of her bond with the mask and Brynn. There's gotta be a catch.

"Well that's easy," she says, reaching for your hot chocolate, "I'm really not."

Her hoof passes through the mug, her hoof popping out on the other side without disturbing anything.

Other than your head and stomach at the sight, anyway. It's just too surreal.

Harley giggles, a sound that feels like it echoes in your head.

"I'm sure that raises a bunch of other questions on your end, doesn't it?"


>What else will you ask her?

Roll #1 7 - 4 = 3


Well, we need to apologize to the lady first!
"I'm sorry I forgot you under my bed, it's just Brynn has been really fixated on you for the last while, and it was drawing a lot of attention, I think magic's changed a bit since you were around. Can you pretend to be surprised when I get you a present?"

ID: 1cc77 514460

"I'm sorry I forgot about you under my bed," you start, earning a glare from Harley.

"Yeah. That was mean. You go to all that trouble of bringing me over, and then you just leave me under a bed for a week. Worst part is I couldn't even communicate with you through your dreams or anything since I'm bound to Brynn for now. How inconvenient."

She sticks her tongue out at you and scrunches her nose.

"Look, I'm sorry," you say again, "Brynn was talking to you all the time, out loud, and was freaking our teacher out. And he was acting really screwy when I took you from him."

Harley stops making a face, sighing and suddenly looking a little sad.

"I warned him," she says gently, "But he wanted to know so much so fast. He's just too curious for his own good…."


Roll #1 3 - 7 = -4

ID: 1cc77 514461

Horizontal white lines start to run through Harley, jittering left and right, distorting her and making your eyes hurt as you look at her.

"Welp, looks like it's wearing off," she says sadly, shooting you a forlorn look, "It was nice talking to you like this, but I don't think I'll be able to do it again for a while. You'll have to get Brynn to do it the right way if you want to know what happens when-"

With an audible pop she disappears completely. No smoke, no distortion, no anything. She's just gone.

You look down at the mask in your hooves to see the face looking sad, mouth curved down as a single tear falls from one eye.

That doesn't bode anything good.

You've no sooner put the mask away than Pinkie comes from the kitchen holding a large, golden box with a red ribbon wrapped around it, ending in a nice, frilly bow on the top.

"There you go!" Pinkie says, setting it on the table in front of you, "Hey, did you move seats?"

You start mouthing a response when she just giggles, "I do that sometimes too when I'm restless. Don't worry about it! Anyway, the total for the truffles is 10 bits!"

Surprisingly cheap, all things considered.

You hand over the bits, taking the box, before realizing you have no good way to carry this.

"You could always leave it here and pick it up if you want, or I can deliver it somewhere for 5 bits after work," Pinkie says happily, taking her notepad back to the counter as you mull it over.

>Hire delivery service

>Pick it up later
>Take it with you anyway, just ask for a bag.


Let's pick it up later!

ID: 1cc77 514463

Also, due to time and new episode in 7 hours, I will call the scenario to a temporary close in about 1-2 hours. I want people to at least get some sleep. We can continue on another night, whether it's early in the upcoming week or Friday night of next week.

Just a heads up, unless you'd like to call it now.


I think delivery, we can't be tying all our time up! We already have to pick up a dress later


Probably pick it up later, we'll have a lot of other things to carry.


It's 10 hours to new horse

ID: 1cc77 514467

Is it? I thought it was at 7 on EST

Well then, I revise that to ending in 3ish hours if we don't finish. Which at this pace, we won't.


Yeah, but he's accounting for a night's sleep in there for the people in timezones where it's evening.

ID: 1cc77 514469

"I'll just pick it up later," you reply.

Pinkie shrugs with a smile, "Alright then! Just pick it up before five, or it's at risk of being eaten~."

>Is there anything else you'd like to order or do in Sugarcube Corner?


We can swing by here on the way back to Rarity's, get them to bag the box of truffles then get Rarity to bag the dress. I'm sure we can manage two bags on the way home.

ID: 1cc77 514471

Actually, I revise that again.

We can probably finish the errands bit tonight, and get some setup for the next portion out of the way.

But likely you won't get the gift giving part tonight due to time constraints.


An assorted box of chocolates!


I can't really think of anything but maybe just a small bag of candies just in case?


Harley said that she didn't really know what our food'd be like: I say we ask Pinkie if she can do up an assortment box.
Whispered in her ear, of course

ID: 1cc77 514475

"Can I get an assorted box or bag of chocolates or candies?"

"Sure thing! You want both in there? Wrapped chocolates and some other candies, I mean."

You just nod, not really sure whether it matters or not as Pinkie rings up the small bag.

"2 bits!"

You fork over the bits and have her set the bag with the box of Truffles for pick up later.

She waves as you exit, telling you to come back soon. Today, if possible. She gets lonely without customers.

You head back out into the snow, all bundled up again.

Maybe that music store is open?

>Music store

>Apple Acres
>School grounds


music store sounds neat


Chat with Harley a bit
she was being a bit mysterious


Check out the music store real fast, the day is young and we have deep coffers still!
I mean, we've spent, what, like 17 bits total of 100?


That would be a one-sided conversation: she drained her ability to converse without Brynn as an intermediary in that conversation right now.

12 bits, since we didn't spring for shipping on the sweets.
Seconding the music store

Guys, what are we going to do for Scootaloo?


Can't she converse if we put the mask on?


I *think* that she's tied to Brynn and it would only work properly with him, and I'm not game to try it without her prior confirmation that it's safe.
>Worst part is I couldn't even communicate with you through your dreams or anything since I'm bound to Brynn for now.

ID: 1cc77 514482

>"It was nice talking to you like this, but I don't think I'll be able to do it again for a while. You'll have to get Brynn to do it the right way if you want to know what happens when-"

The comment echoes in your head as you think about talking to Harley again.

Shaking it off, you head for the music store Pinkie mentioned.

Rounding the corner and reading signs on the street, you find the small shop. It's somebody's home, really, just a house with a shop sign that reads "The Maestro's Music Parlor."

There's a light on inside, though it's kind of faint. Candles?

You press your face against the window to see inside, and spot a rather old looking Stallion with balding mane sitting at a desk, scribbling something with a large quill.

You back up and check for any signs saying it's open, and are relieved to find a small flip sign flipped to display "Open."

Heading inside, you're assaulted with the smell of musty paper, a stove fire, and aging ink. Brynn would probably enjoy it.

"Welcome," the old Stallion wheezes, "What can I help you with today, youngin'?"

>I'm looking for singing music sheets, preferably a book of them or something.

>I'd like to browse a bit.
>What's that you're writing?


Oh god, it's incantation time.


Yeah ask him for help with finding it

ID: 1cc77 514485

It reminds you of those temples in the movies where a bunch of cultists try to summon things from other dimensions or something.

You have a sudden flashback to Brynn and you summoning Harley into the mask, the drawing quivering and rolling into the mask with the flowers and candy, all of it disappearing and-

You snap out of it with a head shake as the old stallion gives you a weird look.

"Uh, yeah," you say as calmly as you can manage, "I'm looking for music sheets. For singing. Preferably a book or folder of them. Maybe duet pieces too?"

Would Sweetie like that? Duets?

"Ah, I see," he says, rising noisily from his seat and walking over to a shelf behind the desk.

"What kind of music?"


"I said, what kind of music?" he repeats, looking through a series of books and portfolios, "Classic, opera, popular, older populars, singalongs…..pick somethin'."

>What kind of music do you want to get Sweetie?




Just on the off chance I'm not buying for myself, could you give me a rundown on what the differences are?


make sure to give him your best colt-y smile


Sing a longs sound fun

ID: 1cc77 514490

"Sir, I'm not buying these for myself, I'm buying them for a friend-" you start, before he cuts you off with the wave of a hoof.

"Son, these aren't dirty mags. I don't need your face saving."

You blush, but continue, "No, I'm getting them for a friend of mine. She likes to sing. What are the differences between these, so I know what I'm buying."

"Ah, well then, that's different I guess," he says, "Sorry for the comment. Happens when you're old like me."

He coughs a wheezing cough before explaining.

"Alright. Singalongs are just that. Group music. Easy lyrics. Good for parties if you can't karaoke.

Classic is kind of like old popular. Just older. Old like me, old. Old popular was popular twenty years ago or so. Popular is what's currently popular with the youngin's.

Opera is, well, opera. Usually in a dialect. Lots of sustained notes. Difficult.

Duets like you asked are usually popular or old popular variants. Fun stuff. Used to sing some of it with my wife before I got so old I couldn't hold a note without nearly coughing up a lung."

"So, pick your proverbial poison."

>What's it gonna be?


Popular duets, Although Sweetie'd probably like a few classical tracks too though

ID: bec1a 514492

Get her some Classic.


Y'know, we did have fun singing with Sweetie at the fair, and Rarity said the best gift would be one that involved her friends: I'm thinking the duets book would be the one to go for.


can we get both duets and sing a long?


Yeah, a mix of duets and sing-a-longs seems like the best way to do things.

ID: 1cc77 514496

"Can I get popular duets and a small assortment of classic?"

"Sure, sure," the stallion says, reaching up and pulling down a trio of folders, one empty to give you, presumably.

"Alright" he says, once he's finished putting papers inside a folder, "Your ears perked at singalongs, so I included a few of those as well. See if your friend likes 'em."

He could see your ears through your cap?

He holds out the folder, hitting a button on a cash register behind the desk as you grab it.

"Alright, total is 13 bits for about 30 songs. You can copy them without any issues, just be careful with the originals. If you get ink on it and can't read it, and if I don't have the original, then you'll be hard pressed to replace 'em."

He copies all these by hoof? Er, mouth?

You hand the bits over without any hassle, taking the portfolio of papers and putting them in your inside pocket alongside the mask. Luckily, it fits.

"I hope you and your friend like them," the old stallion says with a small, toothy smile, "Some of those were things I sang with my wife in our hay day. I hope they bring you and your friend closer too."

#You have 75 bits left

You ask him for the time and he tells you it's noon. You have only a little time left before you have to pick up AB's gift from Rarity.

>Where would you like to go next?

ID: bec1a 514497



Hmmn. We're getting Brynn something, right? We should go to the library and ask about what kind of books he's been checking out recently.


Waaaait wait, we need to ask the weathered old music sage if he knows about incantations!


>School's been out for the last week, and Hearths Warming Eve is today! You've gotten gifts lined up for family and Brynn, but you haven't picked out anything for the CMC yet.

Only gift we're still wanting for is for Scootaloo, who I'm kind of stuck on.
I'm totally down for visiting the library just to wish Twilight a happy Hearthswarming, though.


Oh yeah!
This first. "What do you know about musical magic, or, um, magical music? I'm getting these for a unicorn friend who likes singing."


None of the locations scream "go here for info about Scootaloo", so the library seems like a reasonable place to start.

But first, this >>514501

ID: 1cc77 514503

It ate my post, one sec, retyping

ID: 1cc77 514504

"Sir," you start, getting his attention again as he settles down behind his desk, "Have you ever heard of magic songs? Songs that…well, change things by being sung?"

He blinks a few times before setting his quill back down, giving you a hard stare.

"Like what, son?"

Hesitantly, you tell him about the song that ate an afternoon. You don't remember all the words, but you hum the tune that seems to come easily, and his eyes widen.

"That song sounds familiar, but I don't recall anything special about it."


"As for magic songs; I hear they exist. But they're kept under lock and key by very important people in very secret places. Who knows what the songs are even like, or what they do. They're just myths, really."


I left a copy with the towns librarian if you think you can help her find out what the deal is.


Grill him for info. Does he remember the name of the song? The composer? When it was written, amd if there was anything funny about it back then?

And who's to say magic songs aren't real? What sort of pony would keep the existence of such magic from the public? He must know SOMETHING about them!

I mean, we all thought Nightmare Moon was a myth at first too, right?


This guy sounds useless, just get the song and bail

ID: 1cc77 514508

"I'll look into that," he says with a nod, "Once the snow lightens up and I can get my old bones to the Library, I'll see if I can help with…whatever you've got going on, I guess," he smiles that toothy grin, "Not like I've got anything better to do around here, bein' as old as I am."

He shakes his head, "I thought I heard the song once, maybe at a concert in my youth. Come to think of it, that might be it. Boy, did that day seem to just disappear."

You shudder at his words, but if he notices he doesn't say.

"Met my wife that night. She thought the day went quick too. Bah, I'm getting off track. I'll head to the library and ask Miss Sparkle about your little song thing."

You thank the old codger and leave, letting him get back to his work.

>Where to?


We still need to get Scootaloo something
Maybe something sporty? With a sentimental note attached


Tsk tsk, we can do better than that! Especially for somepony who wants to be our special somepony. Although how can we top a wonderbolts outfit?


We'll need to think Scoots over carefully. That kiss on the cheek is a big deal and I think we should be shooting for her route

ID: 1cc77 514512

You think of Scootaloo, and of the night she kissed you at the clubhouse. You blush immediately, your mind an array of questions. Most notably: Why did she kiss me? How do I pay her back? What can I get her as a gift? D-does she like me that much? Or did she do it because Apple Bloom did?

And oh jeeze, Apple Bloom.

You shake your head clear. There'll be time for that later.

You think hard about what you can get Scootaloo. The immediate thought is something sporty. Helmet? Ball? Scooter accessory? Fan gear? Replacement parts?

Aaah! The choices!

Okay, first thing first: You gotta head to a general store, or a sports store.

You think you recall seeing a sports store around the time you smacked into Applejack this morning. Hustling to that general area, you take a look around, spotting another home store with some sports equipment in the window.

The sign says open, thankfully, and this one is run by a young mare with a cutie mark of assorted sports equipment.

"Hey there little guy!" she says excitedly, "What can I do for you?"

"What do you get someone who rides a scooter and already has a helmet?" you ask eagerly, aware of your ticking down time.

"A scooter?" she says thoughtfully, "Hmm…protective gear for your legs? Goggles? Hoof grips for the handles? Spare parts?"

She gasps, "Or better yet, customize the scooter's looks!"


"Yeah! If you have a friend with a scooter, and it's just a boring old color or the paint's faded or something, you could get a custom design or logo on it! That'd spice things up!"

That's…not a terrible idea. But that's not something you can deliver today, unless it's a coupon or a redeemable ticket.

Still, it's not a bad idea.

>Let's go with that

>Protective gear
>Spare parts
>Maybe she'd like something else


I wouldn't mind getting her a coupon for a custom paint job or something like that but I want to get her something special too


I still think CMC Dress Models is best end


>Let's Go With That
Cute "Quest", episode 5: Pimp My Ride

Besides, spare parts? Safety gear? Those are like, the OPPOSITE of romantic.


>>514515 (Me)
Ooh! Idea! P.S.! Scoots has a wagon, right?
Read my lips, fellow questers: spinning rims.


How about we give her this and then tell her that there's a part 2 to her present but she has to meet with us later for it?


I'm with >>514513. If we can find some way to gift this in time, it could be really cool, but we also want something special. Like, special-somepony special. It would probably have to be something additional, since making the custom job too romantic would just be embarrassing for Scoots.

ID: 1cc77 514519

It's true, the custom decal thing would be pretty sweet.

But it's not really that personal, is it?

But what could you get or make for her that conveys that special relationship you're hoping for?

A dress, like the one for AB?
Sweets, or music, like for Sweetie?

Getting more than one the same thing is kinda lame, but Scootaloo would look pretty nice in a dress…..If she ever wore the thing.

Man…buying gifts is hard.

"I'll take a ticket for a custom decal job on a scooter," you tell the mare at the counter, and she nods.

"Alright. That's…50 bits to cover any kind of design, with colors. Is that alright?"

Jeeze that's steep. But it covers anything at least.

>Get the ticket, cough up the bits



>not wanting to get scoots a pink helmet that says "I love cobalt" on it


hack and cough'm up, we have a dress to pick up and then a Pink Pone to cheer up


That's fine, we still have plenty of bits


This has potential.


We're a persuasive pony, if I recall correctly.
Haggle. Maybe drop a hint or two that true love is on the line, here, in case this mare is the romantic type.

ID: 1cc77 514525

[Haggle initiated]
[True love on the line modifier = +2 overall]

First 3 rolls of 1d10 taken, need a 15 or better to drop that price by a little bit.

If you're lucky and she's the romantic type, you'll get a bigger deal. Or a better place to order from.




Hahaha, oh shit I can't believe that worked
let's do this [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


Fuck me, forgot my brackets.

Roll #1 4 = 4




Roll #1 7 = 7


Shooka shooka

Roll #1 10 = 10

ID: 1cc77 514531

>Total, plus modifier, is 18

Checking clerk susceptibility

Roll #1 8 = 8


rhuh rhoh


>>514532 (me)
wait, susceptibility, that meens high is good right?


ID: 1cc77 514535

>8, fairly susceptible
>18 is a successful roll

You plead that the gift is for your special somepony, and that you're just a young colt without a lot of bits. Even a 10% break would help you immensely.

She gives you a straight staredown for a moment, before her eyes light up and she lets loose a soft "Awwww."

"I wish my special somepony had gotten something like this for me when I was your age," she says as she rings you up, "Then again, I didn't have my cutie mark back then. So they'd have had to guess or really been meant to be my special somepony."

"Alright, that'll be 35 bits," she says with a wink, "I'll cut you a deal this time so you can really make her Hearth's Warming a good one, okay?"

You thank her sincerely as you hand over the bits and get a bright blue ticket in return.

"Good for any one custom design of any type and color," it reads, with no expiration listed.

That's awesome! She'll be able to use it whenever she wants then!

Putting it in your inner pocket with the music folder, you thank the mare once more before asking her the time.

She looks at a watch and says it's two thirty!

Oh man, you gotta jet!

Dashing from the sports goods store, you run to the boutique, knocking on the door gently before showing yourself in.

"There you are!" Rarity calls softly, motioning for you to come inside, "I've gotten it all squared away except for the color change. I thought I'd let you pick since it's your gift to give, after all. Just tell me what color you'd like, and I'll zap it right here for you."

She knows a color change spell? Awesome!

>What color should the dress be?


Dress horse knows better about colors than we do, I vote we leave it to her descretion.

ID: 1cc77 514537

"Well, if you really want it to pop, then blue is actually not a terrible choice. Though I would make it lighter than it currently is, otherwise it's just too much."

"Alternatively, if it's white with some pink trim, that works very well with Apple Bloom's colored coat. Maybe even a majestic purple."

>White with pink trim

>Lighter blue
>Majestic purple


I like white with pink trim.


White with pink. Apple Bloom wouldn't want something that's overly ostentatious.


What are you? a dictionary?
… but you're right, white with pink


I say blue with some light orange frill to match her eyes

ID: bec1a 514542

white with pink trim


File: 1388216853217.png (555.2 KB, 1280x983, 506880__safe_solo_apple+bl….png, IO Google TinEye)

Blue could be nice.
Can't find a pic that'd give an idea for white and pink, but from what I'm imagining it might be nice too.
Purple'd be a bit too much, I think.

I'm down for either blue or white.

ID: 1cc77 514544


"Alright, dear, I'll be right back with that dress," Rarity says, absconding into another room while you wait.

"Cobalt!" a tiny voice yells from behind you, and before you can turn around completely Sweetie is upon you, squeezing you in a hug from the side.

"What're you doing here?" she asks happily, a smile that looks to break her face beaming at you, "Did Rarity call you over?"

Oh no.

A light zapping sound can be heard from the room Rarity went off to, and the door flies open with both you and Sweetie watching.

Rarity exits, carrying a hanger with a large plastic cover on it, covering whatever article of clothing is on the hanger.

"Oh! Sweetie! Did you say hello to Cobalt?" she says with brevity, quickly eyeing the situation.

"Yeah! I was just asking why he was here," Sweetie says innocently.

You lock eyes with Rarity, and she turns to Sweetie with a big smile of her own.

"Well, Sweetie, Cobalt was going to deliver this dress for me today. Isn't that right Cobalt?"

You nod emphatically, starting to sweat under your winter gear.

"Oh! That's pretty nice of you," Sweetie says with that grin of hers, "Did you need any help?"

"No, no no, Sweetie," Rarity says quickly, gently pulling her sister away from you as she magically hands you what you're certain is the dress, "I need you here so we can get ready to visit mother and father."

"Oh, yeah," Sweetie says, mildly crestfallen.

"Well, Cobalt, it was nice of you to volunteer to deliver this for me," Rarity says as she waves a hoof in your direction, "I'll be sure to reward you later. Now scoot along! Our client is waiting!"

Taking her cue, you grab the hanger with your teeth and head outside, careful not to drag it in the snow.

You wind your way to SugarCube Corner, taking your time in an effort to preserve the dress from getting wet.

When you enter, Pinkie waves from the counter, not even batting an eyelash at what you're carrying.

"Getting that gift gathering done, huh?" she says as you walk the dress hanger to a table and lie it on top.

"Yeah," you sigh, heading for the counter where your sweets lie.

"Why so glum, chum?" Pinkie asks, mild concern written on her pink features.

"Just…I hope they'll like what I got them," you admit with another sigh, "I don't know if it's good enough, or conveys what I want it to, but….I gotta do something for them. They're my friends."

Some of them maybe even more than that, you think to yourself.

Pinkie reaches out and pats you on the head, softly rubbing your mane.

"Every pony worries about that when they get gifts," she says soothingly, "You just gotta trust that they'll like what you get them for the thought behind it, and not the gift itself if it isn't quite their thing."

Suddenly she perks up, and you find yourself being lifted into the air by your armpits, if you can call them that.

"But they're going to love those gifts and appreciate you for the thoughtful friend you are!" she says as she spins you around briefly, before setting you back down on the other side of the counter, "Because you put a lot of thought and effort into what you got. And that always shines through."

"Now let me see you smile," she says, beaming one of her own at you.

You can't help but smile back at the pleasant horse, feeling some of your anxiety fade away.

"Thanks, Pinkie," you say as she hands you a bag with your candies in it.

"Don't mention it!" she says, repeating, "That's what friends are for, right?"

ID: bec1a 514545



Aw now we got to return the favor!


Hug the ponk

ID: 1cc77 514548

You give Pinkie a big hug over the counter, her leaning down and nuzzling cheeks with you softly as you squeeze her hard.

"Careful! You'll pop me!" she giggles before the two of you let go. She's such a nice mare.

You gather your things and head for the door.

"Thanks again Pinkie. I owe you one," you say through gritted teeth holding a hanger as you head out into the cold again.

She just smiles and waves.

Finally, you head home to wrap the gifts.

It's a long, tiring walk, but you manage it. The day's efforts finally crash down on you when you head through the door, and it's with a hearty growl that your gut tells you you skipped lunch.

A huge dinner that makes even your father stare later, you take the gifts to your room with a couple boxes, some wrapping paper, and to/from tags.

The dress is boxed and wrapped, labeled, and set aside, followed quickly by the music portfolio. The sweets get wrapped separately.

You can't really wrap Scootaloo's ticket, so you just hold onto it for now, keeping it somewhere safe.

You slide the mask back under your mattress before wrapping the other assorted candies.

Your eyelids grow heavy even as you finish wrapping it, and you climb into bed as soon as you're done.

Your mind is a rush of what to do about AB and Scootaloo as you close your eyes.

Do you pick one, or the other? Is there even a choice to be made? What if it's a misunderstanding?

You think back to the kisses, the reaction out of AB. How Scoots did it without being dared, completely on her own.

No. It's not a misunderstanding.

But the hard choice remains.

You roll over, getting comfy as you think about Scootaloo. You only got her the one thing, and you feel compelled to get her something special. Something deep down just says it's the right thing to do.

You're still debating what exactly you can do that's special to her when you fall fast asleep.

Tomorrow is the big holiday, and after spending time with your own family, you'll have a chance to deliver your gifts.

But which one gets a special gift? And what will it be?

Tune in next time on Cute "Quest" to find out!

Goodnight, Questers! I hope this session was enjoyable. It's currently 3am here and I need to bed pretty bad, and I'm sure you guys need to as well.

We can finish either early this upcoming week, or next Friday.

Again, thank you, and have a nice night/morning


Thanks for the session as always. Sleep well!


Next Friday sounds great for me, great session


File: 1388218635169.png (203.68 KB, 522x838, 1355386053754.png, IO Google TinEye)

Thanks for questing.



I can do whenever, 'sall good. Thanks for another fun session. All aboard the Scoots train

ID: 1cc77 514553

Thank you for participating, as always.

I hope the feels are good and it remains enjoyable as we head into what are potentially the final legs of the Cute "Quest" section.

ID: 1392d 516571

Previously, on Cute "Quest":

You went Hearth's Warming Eve shopping!

Feeling the need to get stuff for some of your best pony pals, you went out into the snow coated town to purchase gifts.

Bumping into Applejack, you got the idea of getting a dress for Apple Bloom.
Visiting Rarity for said dress resulted in learning what Sweetie wanted: Sweets, singing music, and time with her friends.
Finally, while browsing town, you grabbed a coupon from the local sporting goods store for Scootaloo. Good for one decal on any wheeled device, you walked out confident that she'd put it to good use.

There were other, smaller, shenanigans, but the core of yesterday was that you got a lot of shopping for the others done.

Brynn's gift, a selection of books that Twilight recommended for him, and knew he hadn't read yet, lie with the others; Wrapped and in a neat pile of boxes at the foot of your bed.

Except for Scootaloo's gift. Being a coupon, you kept it in the inside pocket of your jacket. Wrapping it seemed silly, and, for some reason, you really wanted to see her reaction when you handed it to her in person.

But that was yesterday.

Today is the day to give those gifts, and maybe receive some yourself!

With a yawn, you wake up to the splendor of Hearth's Warming Day. A day of celebrating unity, friends, family, and good feelings in general.

After a special holiday breakfast of pancakes with loads of sweet, sweet syrup, you spend the better half of the day with your parents. They got you some toys; A ball, a model train, and a magnifying glass.
You also got a few clothes, mostly a nice jacket and some sweaters.

Hugs and kisses all around, you wrestled playfully with your father and enjoyed cocoa and tickles from your mother.

You love your folks and all they do for you.

"Make sure you're back for dinner," your father says, helping you get your jacket on and giving you a nice sized backpack that your gifts for the others are packed into, "Your grandparents are coming over and a few cousins as well. It's a family night, tonight, so don't be late."

You nod as your mother kisses you on the head and puts your hat on for you.

"Be safe out there," she chides gently, "I don't want you getting sick, being generous to your friends or not."

"Yes, mom," you respond, smiling softly as she holds the door open for you.

"Knock 'em dead, kid," your dad whispers in your ear before gently slugging your shoulder.

Old colt knows more than he lets on.

Heading out into the brisk afternoon, you have but one decision to make right now:

Who's house do you go to first?


I'd say Applebloom first.


Appleblooms place sounds like a good idea.
I think it'd be cool if we catch Scoot about town, we can give her the decal and accompany her to the store for getting a sweet decal.


*give her the coupon


Ready for Cute

ID: 1392d 516576

Applebloom's place is the farthest from your home, so it makes sense to go there first. Less time crunching that way, right?

You pass through the snow blanketed town with only a little extra difficulty, mostly due to the backpack full of goodies you carry.

The air is cool and crisp, though there's no wind. Your breath puffs out little clouds of steam as you hop around town.

The place seems deserted, though clearly it's just because the ponies of the town are staying indoors.

You feel like the only pony around as your hoofsteps make the snow crunch softly, sounding the long walk to Sweet Apple Acres.

Soon enough the farmhouse comes into view, beyond the wooden fence that goes alongside the road. Snow is everywhere, decorating the fence and roof with its gentle white touch. It's pretty enough to be on a postcard as the sun shines through a thin layer of clouds, dazzling the eyes as the snow reflects its rays.

With a smile, you bound your way to the front door.

You think you can hear voices beyond the door.

Happy ones, filled with mirth and laughter.

>Knock on the door

>Check the clubhouse first, on second thought
>Announce "Delivery!" and impersonate a delivery horse, for kicks.


Let's be a delivery horse!


Let's just check the clubhouse first. Interrupting a family moment doesn't sound like the coolest thing.


Why not? The apples are pretty friendly


I kinda doubt they'd be in the clubhouse, and that might be a big walk for nothing


I dunno, sure they are friendly but
he -did- put the option there. I'm sure there's someone (or something) there.


Delivery horse!


i still vote for knocking>>516576


>Announce "Delivery!" and impersonate a delivery horse, for kicks.


I feel it
changing >>516577 to "check out the clubhouse"

ID: 1392d 516586

[3-2, delivery horse/don't check clubhouse right now]
You clear your throat before firmly knocking on the door.

"Delivery!" you shout in the deepest voice you can manage without hurting your throat.

"I got it, I got it!" a chipper voice calls, and you hear a flurry of hoofsteps before you hear some pony whine, "Heeeeeey!" rather loudly.

"Now who in Equestria would deliver somethin' on Hearths Warming Day," Applejack says, yanking the door open as she talks, "I have half a mind to-"

She stops as she sees you beaming out from under your hat and coat, before her anger fades and is replaced by a hearty laugh. She has to work hard to stifle it, and clears her throat before talking to you.

"Excuse me, delivery colt," she says with a big smile, "I didn't realize you came bearing such precious cargo."

"Not a problem," you say in your fake voice, unable to keep from smiling as AJ plays along, "I have a delivery for a miss…Apple Bloom?"

"Oh, oh that's me!" a voice, no doubt Apple Bloom, calls out from inside, before her voice takes on a confused tone, "Who would send me something today?"

"Well how about you come on in and deliver it to her yourself?" AJ whispers to you with a wink, "I bet she'd be beside herself happy if you did!"

>Head inside and give AB her present

>"I'd like to, but I have to make my rounds, ma'am." [Politely decline]
>Hand package to AJ and tell her you wish you could but you've got other places to be.


Get on in there!


You head inside and give that filly a present right now


Give it to her in person


So she is inside.
Head in and give her the gift!


It's a special delivery that must be made in person, let's go!

ID: 1392d 516592

AJ stands aside and holds the door open wide for you to bound inside, kicking snow off your hooves at the door and walking into the warm, cozy home.

The place smells of spiced apples, cocoa, and the gentle warmth only a fireplace can bring to a home.

"Well, who is it from?" Apple Bloom asks from the side of the room, "And darnit Big Mac lemme see!"

You turn and see Big Mac sitting behind little Apple Bloom, covering her eyes with his hooves. Your eyes meet his and he smiles as he silently winks at you.

A rather old looking green mare with white mane and tail sleeps in a rocking chair on the other side of the room. How she can sleep with the racket AB and AJ just made is beyond you, but you try your best not to be too loud as you walk over to where AB sits.

Pulling the bag from your back, you sift through it until you get to the box with the dress in it.

"Just the one gift," you say in your mock voice, though keeping the act up is tougher when you look at Big Mac dwarfing his sister and covering her eyes like that, "From a friend."

Apple Bloom gasps, reaching blindly with her hooves, "Can I have it? Please? I bet it's from Sweetie, she just can't help herself around the holidays."

Applejack laughs, "Apple Bloom, you opened your gift from Sweetie already, remember? She sent you that glittery bow and some candy?"

"Oh," AB says, hooves dropping for a moment as she focuses her thoughts. Or appears to do so, it's hard to tell with Big Mac covering her eyes, "Well. I don't really know then. Maybe from Cobalt?"

>"Bingo! Happy Hearth's Warming, Apple Bloom!" [Drop charade]

>Push gift into her hooves and signal Big Mac to let her see.
>"There's no name, but here you go." Push into her hooves while staying in character.


I think we've been in character for long enough, let her know you have a gift for her


Drop the act





Put the gift in her hooves!

ID: 1392d 516598

"Bingo!" you say cheerily, pushing the gift into her hooves as Big Mac pulls his hooves from a shocked Apple Bloom's eyes, "You win! Happy Hearths Warming!"

Apple Bloom smiles, speechless, eyes watering as her gaze shifts from you to the present and back again, before she throws the box to the side and leaps out of Big Mac's range, throwing her hooves around you in an incredible hug that threatens to crack your back.

"Cobalt!" she says almost breathlessly, "I just…what are….Thank you!"

You can feel her warmth through your coat as you return the hug, smiling happily with her in your arms.

This is the feeling you love, holiday or not.

Eventually, Big Mac coughs and AJ softly chides the two of you and tells you to break it up, though she can't keep the smile from her face either.

"Go on, Bloom," she says with a hoof wave, "Open the gift your little blue buddy went through all the trouble to get you."

Apple Bloom wipes her eyes and nods, eagerly turning to her boxed present.

"And as for you," AJ says as you feel a heavy hoof come down and rest on your shoulder, "I'd be honored if you stay here with us for a while. Warm yourself up with some cocoa, maybe have some pie, meet Granny when she wakes up," she looks at the old mare in the rocker, "If she wakes up before dinner, anyway."

Her and Apple Bloom share a giggle while Big Mac just smiles.

"Come on now, take your coat off and stay a while," she encourages, "I'm sure Apple Bloom would love it too."

Before you can answer Apple Bloom lets out a squeal.

Everyone but the sleeping Granny turns and looks at Apple Bloom, who holds up the white dress with pink trim you got her. Rarity really did some great work, even including little apple blossoms worked into the white fabric in pink along the trim.

Big Mac lets out a low whistle, before muttering in an incredibly deep tone, "Well ain't that pretty."

AJ just stands there, slackjawed for a second, before her gentle hoof on the shoulder turns into her gripping you to her by your neck, like she's going to give you a noogie.

"It's…..beautiful!" Apple Bloom says softly, eyes sparkling as she turns around, showing it off to AJ, "Look, sis! Isn't it great?"

AJ's mouth finally shuts and she smiles wider than ever, "Darn right it is! How about you go try it on!"

Apple Bloom nods eagerly, heading into a separate room to change before AJ calls out, "Not in the kitchen, Bloom, you'll get somethin' on it!"

"You're right!" she says, screeching back out from the kitchen and heading up a set of stairs, "I'll be right back down! Don't go anywhere!"

No worries, you think to yourself, as the death grip on your neck lessens a little, AJ mumbling sorry as you take a deep breath to keep your face from turning purple.

"Really outdid yourself," she finally says, smiling down at you, "That didn't cost you an arm or a leg, did it? Or worse, make you work for Rarity?"


ID: 1392d 516599

You try to laugh, but her hold on you makes it sound more like a gurgle. AJ loosens her hold a little more with another apology just as a voice calls down the stairs.

"Alright, h-here I come!"

All three pairs of eyes turn up to the top of the stairs as Apple Bloom starts walking down the stairs, wearing her new dress.

It fits her perfectly, the straps on the shoulders thin enough to be quite appealing, but thick enough they aren't just strings holding the bulk of the dress up.

When she gets to the bottom of the stairs, blushing and taking her sweet time the whole way, she gently twirls in place in a surprising show of dexterity.

Big Mac applauds with a grin, large hooves clapping together as you and AJ stare slack jawed at AB.

"Well," she says finally, happiness just seeping into her voice, "How do I look?"

"Like a perfect harvest in the spring after a long winter," AJ murmurs, a smile gradually spreading across her features as she squishes you to her side, "Ain't that right, Cobalt?"

>Better than amazing!

>Really good!
>[Speechless] (Can be used if you don't wish to compliment her)


Better than amazing, she looks downright beautiful.


Really good!
I don't want her to get the wrong idea or anything…




What are we a japony exchange student?




man those first two comments are practically the same
tell her she's beautiful

ID: 1392d 516606

[This isn't the big question, but it could impact the difficulty of that choice. So if you wish to play it safe, feel free to do that, but understand this isn't a "Pick that she's beautiful = APPLE BLOOM WINNER" thing.]

[True enough. I was avoiding using that word due to the above, but if you'd prefer that we can go with that.]


Your right…


Really cute, for real

ID: 1392d 516609

It's difficult to decide on any one adjective for her, but eventually you settle on saying she's beautiful.

Apple Bloom's blush deepens until her cheeks are the shade of Big Mac, though she smiles with a sincerity that makes your heart melt.

"How do you feel in it?" AJ asks, diverting the conversation a bit, "Good?"

"Great!" Apple Bloom says, twirling again before walking over to you and AJ, "Can I have Cobalt back, sis?"

AJ looks down at you with a slightly shocked expression before scrunching her nose and letting you go, "My bad! Didn't mean to be hogging him," she says with a chuckle.

Before you can prepare yourself, AB hugs you again with such ferocity you're afraid your head is gonna pop.

"Thank you," she whispers in your ear, "I don't know how to thank you enough for coming, let alone getting me such a super gift!"

There's a moment as her grip lessens for a second, then it returns as she whispers:

"But maybe this'll be a start."

She moves quickly, planting her lips on your cheek before you can process what she just said.

Those soft, warm lips press against your cheek for the second time since you met the girl, though this one carries so much more weight behind it than the first.

It doesn't linger, sadly. It's a quick, honest little kiss that makes her cheeks flush again as she squeezes you once more and darts away, heading up the stairs to change out of her dress.

You're lost in your mind for a moment, processing what just happened, when suddenly there's laughter.

But it's not AJ. This time, it's Big Mac.

He lets out a hearty, deep laugh that rolls like distant thunder as AJ moves to your side and puts her hoof on your shoulder again.

"If you thought she was a hoof-full before, I think you might've just roped yourself in deeper, partner," she says softly.

When you look up at her expecting….actually, you aren't sure what to expect. But what you get is a soft expression full of kindness from AJ.

"I hope you meant what you said when you said she was beautiful," she says with a smile, "She doesn't get that often. Between that, the gift, and you being her friend like you have been…well, I think you might have earned more than her trust today."

She pats you on the shoulder as Big Mac gets up of his haunches and heads for the kitchen.

"So! How about that pie and cocoa, little blue romeo? Think you can stay a while?"

>I would love to

>I have to deliver my other gifts, still. I'm sorry.


Shit, we gotta find an escape plan from the Apple house if we want to get the rest of the gifts out.


stay long enough for the cocoa, not the pie, there's other gifts to deliver


Can we get that coco to go? Got more packages to deliver!


Well shit, now I'll feel a little guilty if we don't end up with AB after that comment from AJ.

But we should get going, other gifts to give out.


I think now would be a good time to skedaddle.
Though we should see Applebloom before we go, don't want to make it seem like we ran off after that, but also shouldn't promise that we'll be here again later either.


We know where Sweetie, Brynn and Scootaloo live, right?


Of course, in ponyville


Tell her that you still have to deliver more presents, but would really appreciate having something to warm you up while you're out.

>tfw now I'll feel really bad if we don't stay with applebloom but don't really want to pick her

ID: 1392d 516618

"I…would love to, but…I have other gifts I have to give out today," you say, heart and brain battling as you try to figure out what you're doing exactly, "I can stay for some cocoa, but not the pie. I've got dinner with my family tonight too, so I'm on a tight schedule."

AJ rubs your hat into your head a bit with a smile, "Busy little fella aren't ya? Spreading joy to all your little friends?"

You half nod, smiling back, and AJ smiles down at you with a nod.

"You're a good colt, Cobalt. Lemme get you that cocoa. Just hang tight."

With that, she heads into the kitchen to fetch you a hot drink just as AB starts back down the stairs.

She looks around the living room as you tell her AJ and Mac are in the kitchen.

"Oh, good," she says, rubbing a hoof nervously against a leg, "Look, I'm…I'm sorry if I got carried away. I was, and am, so happy I just…"

You assure her it's fine, though you don't make any other comments on the matter.
Best not to say anything when your own mind still isn't settled.

"Alright!" AJ says as she comes back into the living room, "Here's a pipin' hot chocolate for the little blue gift bearer!"

She hands you a mug with steaming hot cocoa inside, topped with whipped cream, before having you take a seat on a couch opposite Granny.

Apple Bloom sits on the couch with you, smiling as she sits within hoofs reach.

AJ sits on the other side of Apple Bloom as Big Mac comes back into the room with an entire apple pie wedged in his teeth.

"Mac, I swear if you make a mess in here-" AJ threatens, stopping Mac in his tracks, "At least get a tray or something!"

Big Mac holds his head and pie high as he turns back around and heads into the kitchen while Apple Bloom giggles.

"I hope you'll forgive Big Mac. Sometimes his stomach bosses his head around. Happens to ponies his size, I'm sure you understand."

You spend a short while sipping cocoa and feeling Apple Bloom nudge closer to you, AJ watching the two of you carefully while making idle chit chat.

Finally, you're done, and you hand the mug off to AJ when she offers to take it, before hopping down and shrugging your bag back onto your back. It's one present lighter, but there's still three more to give out.

"Thanks for the cocoa, Apple family," you say as Apple Bloom walks you to the door, "I won't be back today, but I appreciate everything. And I'm glad you like your gift, Apple Bloom."

"Not just like; I love it," she says encouragingly with a smile, "I'll have to make it up to you somehow."

You wave a hoof, not sure how you feel about that as you assure her she doesn't have to.

"Alright, Bloom, leave the colt be for now. He's got his errands to run."

"Bye, Cobalt," she says, hugging you once more, "Come back soon, okay?"

"Yeah, come on back whenever you want little guy," AJ says happily, "We take care of our own."

Flattered beyond belief, you head outside into the snow, waving back at Apple Bloom as she watches you leave from the doorway.

Putting it behind you for now, you exit the farm area and get back on the road.

>Where to next?


Peek into the club house


Let's go see Brynn real quick like


Given we had her yesterday, we must still be in custody of Haley.
Did we bring her with us?


>You spend a short while sipping cocoa and feeling Apple Bloom nudge closer to you

that's adorable

ID: 1392d 516623

As you set out for Brynn's place, you check your inside coat pocket.

Sure enough, Haley's mask is there, right next to the coupon for Scootaloo.

Trying to put the mental image of Scootaloo and Apple Bloom away, you set out for Brynn's place at a reasonable pace.

The wind stays idle for now, and the going is a little easier with the hot beverage in your system and light, pleasant thoughts on your mind.

You pass through the town again, though this time you spot a few wandering ponies of varying sizes. None that are as small as you, so no fillies, but some young adults and smaller mares are around town. Either visiting relatives and family, or looking to spend time with friends, no doubt.

You find Brynn's home nestled in a small row of buildings a few blocks from the library.

>Keep playing delivery colt

>Knock normally
>Slide his gift through the mail slot in the door

ID: a1c0a 516624

Keep playing delivery colt.


>Keep playing delivery colt


>slide his gift through the mail slot
how cold

I don't feel like playing the same trick twice though, I vote just knock


Knock normally.


Play it straight


Delivery colt is fun, let's do that again. He might recognize the voice better tho

ID: 1392d 516630


Tie breaker roll off.

Announce what option you want, then roll 1d10.

I take first roll from both options. Higher value is picked.

Good luck!


Delivery Colt!


Knock really hard


Roll #1 6 = 6

ID: a1c0a 516633

Delivery colt.

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 4 = 4


Just normally

Roll #1 6 = 6



ID: a1c0a 516637

ID: 1392d 516638

Knocking hard on the door, you wait patiently as you hear hooves scuffling around in the home.

Eventually, the door opens.

"Cobalt!" a shocked Brynn says with happiness, a big smile lighting up his glasses-less face, "What're you doing here?"

A royal blue mare with yellow mane comes up behind him, opening the door wider and smiling down at you as the sunlight reflects off her glasses.

"Now now Brynn, aren't you going to invite your friend inside from the cold?"

"Right, right," he says sheepishly before he and the mare move out of the way, "Please, come in, Cobalt."

You walk inside the small home, taking in the warm smell of cinnamon and pie as the mare moves to another room.

"If you'd like something to eat, dear, just say so," she calls out, "I wouldn't want Brynn's friend to go hungry in our home."

You thank her for her hospitality before Brynn rubs his messy mane with a hoof.

"Yeah, that's my mom. Always trying to feed ponies."

He laughs to himself a bit before leading you into a living room adjoined to the entrance hallway.

"So, what are you doing here on Hearths Warming Day?" he asks curiously, hopping up on a rather worn looking couch, "And please, sit wherever you like."

You hop up on the couch with him, setting the bag between the two of you as you sift through it for his gift.

You pull out the wrapped stack of books, tied together with some ribbon, and hand them over to your friend.

"Happy Hearths Warming, Brynn!" you say happily as his eyes light up.

"Wow! Cobalt!" he says, undoing the ribbon and paper with bright eyed eagerness, "Oh man!" he gasps, "Tales of Pony Myth volume two! And Quantum Magic Particle Analysis Theory! And, oh wow, how did you…"

He looks at you with a smile that you'll remember for years.

"Magic Incantations of Old and New, Their Effects, and Potential Everyday Uses?! Signed by Twilight Sparkle, no less?"

He drops the books and reaches over the bag, grabbing you in a rather uncharacteristic hug, "You are the best! Seriously!"

You hug your friend back, listening to him laugh softly as he pats your back before letting you go and cracking open the book you got signed by Twilight.

"Twilight and I talked about this for days, but I never got to read the book! And…you got one from her personal collection. Oh! There's a note!"

He starts reading the inside of the cover, before smiling brighter than ever. Are those tears in his eyes?

He laughs before shutting the book cover, "Twilight always knows what to say to make me want to just learn everything," he mutters before wiping his eyes.

He looks at you happily, "I couldn't ask for better friends than you and her. And the CMC. Thank you, Cobalt. For being my friend, introducing me to others, and just….everything."

"That's what friends are for," you say with a smile, putting a hoof on his shoulder.

There's something else, though…

>Give him Harley

>Keep Harley


File: 1388811228617.jpg (44.25 KB, 341x402, the mask (4).jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

Keep Harley. That mask isn't necessarily a bad influence, but it is influencing him badly.


return the mask


File: 1388811404600.png (197.32 KB, 516x598, Smug Twilight.PNG, IO Google TinEye)

>Signed by Twilight Sparkle
I hope she actually wrote that and didn't just sign it because she's a smug princess

Give him back Harley, but tell him not to lose track of reality like last time.

I think he's mature enough to be careful with her


Keep it.


Hand her back over.


Give her back, and give our gift to Haley.
Would it kill the mood too bad to get him to relay the answer to our last question from yesterday?

ID: 1392d 516645

Upon inquiring about the book with Twilight's signature, Brynn says she didn't write the book.

"She helped the author with some theory and a few applied spells, though, so she's credited for about half the book's content. Which at first I thought was strange, since the first time I brought it up a while back she'd been really hush hush about it. But I guess it's because she was working on the book?"

He shrugs, "I'll have to ask her next time I see her."

"Well, here's one more gift for you," you say as you pull out Harley/her mask, "Just…be careful, this time. I don't want you losing track of yourself like before."

Brynn looks at the mask, then at you, then at the mask, and slowly, gently, takes her off your hooves.

"I promise," he says quietly, almost reverently, "I'll be fine this time. It was just…a lot to take in at once, you know?"

He smiles, tears in his eyes again, though these ones he can't seem to stop.

"I…I missed you too," he whispers down at the mask.

You look, and see the mask smiling, with dark streaks in the wood that run down the mare's face.

Like tears.

Finally wiping his eyes and nodding gently, he sets the mask aside, next to his new stack of books.

You hand over the bag of candy for Harley, telling Brynn to let her out so she can snack on them some time. Not now, but some other time.

"Thank you, again, Cobalt," he says once more as he takes the bag of candy, "You've been a far better friend to me than I've been to you. But that'll change. I promise."

You tell him not to worry about it as you hop off the couch and grab your bag.

You hate to be leaving so quickly, but maybe it's best you give him and Harley some time together. Besides, you've got two more gifts to deliver.

"Heading out so soon?" Brynn's mother asks as you step into the hallway again.

You nod, and she smiles down at you before rubbing your hat into your mane a bit. What is it with adults doing that?

"Thank you for being such a friend to my little one," she says softly, "He doesn't make friends very easily, it seems. Ever since his father….well, I'll just say it's been a while since he's been open with others. So thank you, for what you do for him."

With that, she gives you a kiss on the head, making you blush, before saying you're welcome in their home anytime.

Brynn and his mother wave as you leave the house and decide where you should go next.


Cobalt has very scruffable hair. We should go see Sweetie now, unless we bump into scoot on the way there.

ID: 1392d 516647

Only two more gifts to go, but if you guys are tired/want to sleep before new episode, just say the word and we can stretch it to next week for your comfort levels.

Would also give you more time to decide on final pony to go with when that does come up eventually.


I'm down to finish the gift giving tonight so long as you're game




If you are upto it I am

ID: 1392d 516651

I think I can manage.

If I feel I cop out on the feels a bit then I'll come back and re-do them. Because I hate doing things sub par if I can help it.


I'm good to keep going.
Going to Sweetie's, that is!



ID: 1392d 516654

Trekking through the snow, one pony with a plan;
Through the town you go, over the icy land!

You arrive at the boutique, unable to contain the happy feeling floating through you from giving gifts and making things right.

The lights are on and you hear Rarity's voice through the boutique door, though you can't hear anything intelligible and it sounds like she's the only one talking.

>Knock on the door

>Peek in the window




"Delivery!" would be cute with Rarity, go for it


or just knock, that works too


Break down the door with a mighty kick!


no door breaking


oh god no please, I was only kidding
I hate it when this happens, I'll just change my answer to "delivery!"

ID: 1392d 516661


Too late! Roll off!
Same as before!

If "break door," wins, Cobalt tries to kick the door open!



Roll #1 3 = 3



Roll #1 9 = 9


Oh god!


File: 1388813552945.png (14.44 KB, 188x225, what have you done.png, IO Google TinEye)


ID: 1392d 516666

File: 1388813562561.gif (2.57 MB, 480x272, 1388033590702.gif, IO Google TinEye)

Welp, okay then




you did say "try", satan

ID: 1392d 516669

Bored with the posing of being a delivery colt or just plain old knocking, you decide to give the door a mighty kick to announce your presence. Maybe even kick the door open so you can make a dynamic entry!

Turning around you lift your legs and kick back with all your strength!

Totally forgetting about the bag on your back and the somewhat restrictive jacket on you.

There's a loud ripping sound as you kick the door, and suddenly your back is a lot colder as you kick the door solidly.

The door, however, doesn't budge.

Your hooves feeling a little sore, you turn to face the door before anyone inside has time to open it.

Maybe it would be best to leave and come back later, after that….

>Run away!

>Stay and face the music


>>Stay and face the music
Deal with it!


Wait for the door to open!

ID: 1392d 516672

Time to face the consequences of your actions.

The door opens slowly to reveal a startled looking Rarity.

"C-Cobalt? Good heavens, was that you?"

You slowly nod before staring at the ground. Why exactly you thought that was a good idea is any pony's guess. Best fess up to it at least.

After a brief conversation and sincere apologies, Rarity gives you a thorough look over while you sniffle.

"Well, you don't seem to be hurt at least," she says softly, "Though I'm afraid your coat has a dreadful tear in it."


[cont'd, based on roll]

Roll #1 6 - 2 = 4

ID: 1392d 516673

"Cobalt, did you drop something? There's something blue in the snow near your hooves."

Oh no.

You take a step back and look down, feeling your heart in your throat as your fears are confirmed.

Oh no no no no no!

Lying in the snow, half buried, lies a small, blue ticket.

Scootaloo's gift.

[Composure Roll]
[First 3 1d10 rolls taken, with a -5 overall modifier for emotional attachment/investment. Score under a 15 and you're gonna be kneeling in the snow. Get better than 15 and your response will be lessened. Natural 10's help.]

[Good luck]



Roll #1 6 - 5 = 1



Roll #1 1 - 5 = -4

ID: 1392d 516676


Not -5 per roll, -5 to the end result.


this rolling thing is weird and mathematical


oh man oh man oh man, I'm sure it was just the jacket that ripped, I'm sure it'll be ok….


Roll #1 7 = 7


I'm sure it'll be fine


Roll #1 5 = 5

ID: 1392d 516680


DM Roll for stuff:

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Fuck you man.

ID: 1392d 516682


The tears are welling in your eyes as you fall back on your haunches, staring at the ticket lying in the snow. There's no more cold from the snow, no feeling of soreness in your hooves; It's just you, and the ticket lying in the snow.

Even as the first tears begin to run down your cheeks, you move your hooves forward, scooping the ticket and snow as you feel your nose begin to quiver.

You dust the snow off the ticket with shaking hooves.

"Good for any one custom design," the ticket reads in warped lettering, the bright blue ticket now a navy blue on the right half, the letters there almost illegible.

You rest back on your hooves, and only dimly hear Rarity asking if you're alright.

"No", you think as the tears begin to fall more rapidly, "I'm not."

You clench your eyes shut and cry. Sniffling as your nose begins to run and tears stream down your blue cheeks, matting fur in the cold air as Rarity quickly crosses the short distance and wraps her hooves around you in a hug as she sits in the snow with you.

"Shhh," she whispers, rocking you gently, "Cobalt, Cobalt, it'll be okay. Come on inside now, dear. We can salvage it, just…come inside."

Crying into her shoulder you feel an overwhelming sadness. Not embarrassment, not shame, just…sadness.

This was the only gift you had for Scootaloo, and…maybe you've ruined it.

"Please, darling," Rarity whispers, "Come inside, where it's warm. Let's get you in a warm blanket with a drink and I'll see about drying your ticket. It'll be okay. I promise."

Eventually, the tears subside, and Rarity takes you inside.

Good to her word, she gets you a warm blanket and some hot chocolate, though you can't bring yourself to drink it. Your mind is too filled with self loathing and regret, and you just stare at the mug in your hooves sadly as Rarity takes a hair dryer to the ticket meant for Scootaloo.

You lose track of time, sitting there. But after a while, Rarity sets the hair dryer and ticket down and walks over, sitting in front of you and moving the mug of hot chocolate away before gently putting your head in her hooves.

"Cobalt, listen to me. I've dried the ticket, and I think it's still legible. It'll be okay, dear."

"Really?" you ask weakly, still feeling like crap.

"Yes. Really," she says with a sad smile, "And I think I can fix the hole in your jacket so you aren't freezing out there. So give me a smile."

You look into Rarity's eyes as she gives you that sad smile, and, after struggling internally, you force a sad smile of your own.

"It's a start," Rarity says with relief, hugging your head to her shoulder for a moment, "I hope this unfortunate even will keep you from doing anything brash like that in the future. Though I'm just glad you neither hurt yourself or my door."

"And don't worry; Sweetie isn't here right now. She's with my parents at their place, where I was going to go for dinner tonight."

"If it'll make you feel better, I'd be happy to bring you along if you like."




went from cute to cringe worthy



Dinner with Sweeties family sounds rad. Accept!


>Sweetie isn't even there
oh my god
we are so dumb
why did we go to the boutique in the first place
It's a good thing Rarity is such a best pony

Hmmn, if we went there for dinner we wouldn't be able to give the gift to Scootaloo, so I think that's going to have to be a no-go.
We should ask Rarity for directions to Sweetie's house, drop off her present, and then go drop off Scootaloo's gift.

And, maybe this time we should put it in an envelope or something.


Nah, we've gotta turn it down; we've got family over for Hearthswarming, remember?


Decline, but ask if she can give Sweeties gift to her for us, explain why with the ticket.


You aren't allowed to post anymore.


Agh, good point. Nix it,
This sounds better actually.

ID: 1392d 516690

Remembering your plans for tonight with your own family, you politely decline Rarity's invitation, explaining why.

"I see," she says with a gentle smile, "That's good. I'd hate for any pony to be alone on a day like today."

"And, may I ask, what is the significance of the ticket?"

You briefly explain that it's a gift for Scootaloo, and Rarity nods her approval.

"I almost forgot about her little scooter," she says wistfully, "Well, that should be quite the gift for her then. I can understand why you were so upset."

She gives you a sad smile, "And it was thoroughly heart wrenching to see you so upset about a gift for a friend, I assure you. Are you certain you're alright? Do you need another hot drink? Maybe just some time to sit for a while?"

You think sitting and drinking that hot chocolate finally might be nice.

So Rarity leaves you to recover while she fixes your jacket.

By the time she's finished, you've stopped all your sniffling and dried your eyes. After working out the matted coat patches on your face, Rarity gives your jacket back to you.

It looks almost as good as new, only a small seam where she sewed it back shut evidence there was ever a problem at all.

"And I fixed the pocket for you as well, though I took the liberty of putting the ticket in an envelope for you this time. Hopefully there will be no further incidents."

You assure her there won't be as you put the jacket back on and find the envelope in the inside pocket already.

You hand the gifts for Sweetie to Rarity, emptying your backpack as you explain the gifts are for Sweetie and ask her to give them to her.

"Not a problem," she says with a smile, setting the gifts aside and giving you another hug while rubbing your head softly, "Take a deep breath."

You do as your told, settling yourself and returning the hug Rarity is giving you. You thank her profusely for fixing your jacket, for not getting mad, and for just being who she is.

"Don't worry about it," she says softly before holding you at hooves length, a brighter smile and compassion marking her beautiful features, "We were all young, once. And Sweetie makes mistakes like this once in a while. Learn from those mistakes, make yourself a better pony, and move on. That's all anypony can ask of you, and that's all you should ask of yourself."

Hugging you once more, she adds with a hint of playful tone in her voice, "And don't worry; I won't tell Sweetie about any of this. Just that you gave me gifts to give her."

"Thank you," you say with as much sincerity as you have.

"Not a problem, dear," she whispers softly, "Not a problem."

Finally letting go, she walks you to the door.

"Now, if you want to go give that gift to Scootaloo before dark, you'd better hurry!"

She's right, you spent a lot more time here than you intended with that little incident.

Walking out into the snow you thank Rarity one final time before she waves you off with a smile.

Backpack empty and only one gift left, you race towards Scootaloo's home.

Hoping that she's there, that she likes your gift, and that your gift is redeemable after all that.

ID: 1392d 516691

You arrive at Scootaloo's home as dusk begins to fall. Dinner with your family will be soon, so you're in a bit of a rush.

But…you don't want to rush this too much, on the other hoof.

Shaking your head clear and taking deep breaths as you stand before the doorway to Scootaloo's house, you try to steady yourself mentally.

Not in the mood to potentially mess anything up, and not feeling chipper enough to pretend anymore, you just knock on the door normally.

"Coming!" a familiar voice calls out, "Wow, you guys got back fast," Scootaloo says as she opens the door, "Must've been easy with-Cobalt?!"

You smile meekly at Scootaloo, who wears a scarf despite being indoors, and stares at you with her wings flared and jaw dropped in surprise.

"Cobalt! What're you doing here!?"

>Give her the envelope. "To give you this."

>Ask to go inside.
>"Happy Hearths Warming to you too."


Rarity DLC when


Give the envelope.



"To give you this."


Third one, though friendly-like

ID: 1392d 516696

>Cougar Colt DLC not found
>Try again later
Someday I might write Straight shota, but not in Cute "Quest"


seconding this


I'm just pulling your leg
ask to go inside


Let's go inside, blowing her off doesn't feel right.

ID: 1392d 516701

Sure you are.
Suuuure you are.


"To give you this," you reply bluntly, handing the envelope containing the ticket inside to her.

She stares at it, looking very confused, before looking back up at you. Almost in a state of disbelief.

"Is there something on my face?" you joke, half hoping there's no evidence of the dried tears or anything gross like that.

"N-no, no," she says, snapping out of it, "I'm just…surprised, as I'm sure you can tell."

"Just a little," you say with a smile, making Scootaloo smile bashfully in return.

"Haha, yeah. Just a little…"

>"And, to give you this." [Return the kiss she gave you before.]

>"Can I come in?"
>"Well it was good seeing you! Enjoy your present!"




oh man, treading on thin ice


Get kissy revenge.


Fuck it
Kiss her


Giver her a peck on the cheek


Well, yeah, but I also came to give this back…
(insert smooch)


>Scootaloo confirmed for no family.


>Wow, you guys got back fast
They're just out doing something



ID: 1392d 516711


"And," you say as you work up your courage, "To give you this."

"Huh?" Scootaloo manages, before you lean in and kiss her on the cheek.

You hold the kiss for a little while, eyes shut, lips pressed firm against her soft cheek. Even as your heart races in your chest, you feel this was the right thing to do.

Or at least, what you really wanted to do.

You pull back and cautiously open your eyes.

Scootaloo stands there, cheeks flushed, mouth hanging open, very much dumbstruck. Her wings are still flared and she holds the envelope to her chest with both hooves as she stares at you.

"Too much?" you ask.

Scootaloo turns slowly, setting the envelope somewhere near the door, then steps toward you, throws her hooves around your neck, and kisses you right on the lips.

Time seems to stop as her soft lips press against yours.

You're about to return the hug and press the kiss back against her a bit, when she breaks it off, a gentle smack sounding like an echo in the otherwise silent winter air.

She nuzzles her head against your neck once, before she suddenly seizes up and lets you go, stepping back almost immediately.

She struggles to find words for a moment, mouth open and cheeks red as an apple, before she manages to say:

"Th-thank you for the gift! And…and everything! My parents will be back any minute, I gotta go!"

You're halfway through saying goodbye when she shuts the door.

…Maybe you messed up?

Somehow, it doesn't feel like it.

As you turn to head home, you think you hear a faint squeeing sound from behind the door of Scootaloo's house.

Back at home, your family and some extended family await. You tell them about delivering the resents, leaving out the mishap at Rarity's, and you get good thumps on the back for being so generous this year.

After a night of great food and family merriment, you go to bed feeling a lot better.

The days events recount in your head, and two ponies stay on your mind as you drift to sleep.

Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo.

End of Hearths Warming Session




File: 1388818624264.png (213.56 KB, 900x611, 1357247120992.png, IO Google TinEye)



Thanks for questing adorable fillies again, asp.


>No DT or SS.
>No gift for the swings.

ID: 1392d 516716

And that wraps up tonight's session, me thinks.

I apologize if it wasn't suitably feely. I started getting tired at the end and my descriptions fell off as a result.

I'll re-write sections if you prefer.

As for now, I need to be done writing at least.

If you have any questions, please post them in the /qt/ thread and I'll answer as quick as I can.

Thanks for putting up with me, I hope you had fun, that the music was suitable, and that you had fun.



ID: 1392d 516718

The best gift you could get the swings is your pleasant posterior in them.


I think the only problem here is that Apple Bloom may be getting the wrong ideas. We need to make sure she doesn't get burned somehow, assuming we're going for Scootaloo.

Er… isn't there a /qt/ thread for this, actually?

ID: 1392d 516720



Feel free to discuss, question, and so on in the above thread.


a little slow tonight until the end but i guess we had to give those gifts out one way or another.
it was fun

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