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Art by Cosmo

Previously, on Cute "Quest":

You and Brynn summoned Morata Nalan, the Spirit of Tricks, to Ponyville, in the form of a mask. Brynn, having summoned her, is, as far as you know, the only one capable of swapping places with her so she can wander about the realm of the living.

Thanking you immensely for bringing her, she helped you prank a variety of people throughout Nightmare Night, before you took her to the haunted house in the more active section of Ponyville.

There isn't much time before Nightmare Night is concluded. Though this won't signal the end of your adventures with Harley, it will signal the end of the session (And possibly some other things too)

ID: 0b3ee 501911

"So, what should we do next?" Harley asks you excitedly, "I think we might've just messed up the bobbing for apples, but there's gotta be more stuff than just the haunted house, right?"

The two of you look around. The party seems mostly to be spooky themed fair games, again. The bobbing for apples station looks to be getting a stock of non spider-ified apples, though many seem hesitant to approach it again. The haunted house was good, but it's kind of something you only do once.

You check a clock in the plaza. There's not much time before the end ceremony: dumping candy at the Nightmare Moon statue, like Brynn told you about.

"Hey, they've got singing," Harley suggests, pointing at a stage covered in fog, "That sound good?"

You shudder a bit, remembering the last time you sang up on a stage.

Maybe it's best not to chance something weird happening again.

>What do?


Get up there and sing your heart out!

ID: e00f8 501913

Try it anyways.

ID: 8da02 501914

Find a way to kill time somewhere. There's got to be something else to do, prank, snack, or have fun with.


Would be a poor night if something weird didn't happen. Go ahead

ID: 0b3ee 501916

You swallow nervously. Well, there's not a whole lot else to do, unless you want to prank random people wandering around or go hang out somewhere alone with Harley.

You glance at her as you think it, and see her looking at passerby and waving happily at those who greet her.

Being away from the gathering seems like something she wouldn't want right now anyway.

"Alright," you decide, "Let's…let's sing."

Harley lets out a high pitched squeeing sound of excitement before nearly dragging you bodily with her toward the stage.

The two of you reach the stage and see a sign posted in front of the DJ stand. It reads:

"Those wishing to sing are recommended to sing something thematically appropriate for Nightmare Night. Save the ballads for Hearts and Hooves Day. No matter what you sing, though, get up there and have fun!"

"Don't have to tell me twice," Harley says with a grin before she jolts to a stop, face going blank as she says, "Wait….the only songs I know are, well…..ancient."

She turns, looking down at you pleadingly, "Cobalt, quick, you gotta teach me a song I can sing!"


Well we do know one song and happen to have the script of it…


Is that a good idea?







What's the worst that could happen?


Well it's not exactly thematically appropriate but I'm not sure how many other songs we know word for word

ID: e00f8 501923

"Ancient? Do you know anything about THIS song?"
Tell her about the poet and his muse.
Who knows? Maybe she'll be able to enlighten us on just what the hell it is.


that's a great idea, just ask her about it


Scratch singing, we should go to the statue.
All the best pranks require some prep time, and if this is the last prank we're going to be able to get in before Nightmare Night ends, it'd better be a prank they'll NEVER forget.

ID: 8da02 501926

The monster mash! (its a graveyard smash)


Seconding this one.

ID: 0b3ee 501928

"Well, there's this one song that's been stuck in my head for a while now…"

You tell Harley about the song "The Poet and His Muse," and can't help but tell her about the weird stuff that happened last time you sang it.

"Tell me the lyrics. All of them."

You tell her, and she looks thoughtful, scratching her chin with a hoof as best she can with the outfit in the way.

"That's interesting alright…but I don't think an incantation is much good for entertainment."

A what?

"You could always sing one of these," The DJ says, handing a paper to Harley from behind the stand, "Sorry to butt in, couldn't help but overhear the problem. Just pick a song and I'll get the words up on a prompt built into the stage. All you gotta do is look down at the words…"

Harley thanks him and picks out a song titled "Be-witched," or something, before heading out onto the stage.

You'll have to get answers from her later, if she has any.

"Hey kid," the DJ says before flipping a few switches on his board, "You gonna sing?"


like an angel

ID: e00f8 501930

You bet.


Hell yes we are.

ID: 0b3ee 501932

The DJ snorts, "I like the irony in that. Anywho, what're you going to sing?"

He hands you the list this time, though some of the song choices are crossed out for "Technical problems."

None of them really stick out. They're all just kinda generic spooky songs. "Put a Spell on you," "Witchcraft," and so on. Good songs, sure, but nothing really grabbing.

Then again, what's the alternative?



Time to turn the swag on.


Sing freebird.

ID: 8da02 501935

sounds like a Hex Girls song!


I feel like I'm missing something obvious we should do here, but whatever just pick some song




If we can, let's do it

ID: 0b3ee 501939

"Is it okay if I go sing with her?" you ask the DJ, pointing out at Harley who currently is singing and dancing to the song she picked.

"Sure, just wait until the song ends. I'll queue one up for the two of you."

While you wait for your cue to get up on stage with Harley, you watch her from the side of the stage. Dancing, singing, taking off her hat to toss back her mane once in a while. She's alright at singing, as far as you can tell, but the real appeal is her energy. She's just so…alive.

You nearly laugh at your own joke just as the song ends. Grabbing your mic you head out onto the stage as Harley starts back off it. When she sees you she stops, then heads back onto the stage when you motion for her to go back out.

She bows again to the crowd of costumed ponies who cheer for her.

The next song starts up, a tune called "Witchy Spirit."

You don't know it, but the prompt gives you all the words. You're more than a little surprised that it's a song about a mare who might or might not be a spirit/witch. Life has a funny sense of humor.

At the end the crowd cheers for you and Harley, though you suspect it's more for Harley.

"Thank you!" she says into the mic, bowing as she takes off her witch hat with a smile, "You're all too kind! But I wouldn't be here without my little cohort, Cobalt!" She motions to you with her hat and the crowd cheers the two of you off stage when she finally leaves the limelight.

"Good stuff out there you two," the DJ says, collecting the microphones from you, "Hope to see you all around the Hearth's Warming Eve blockbuster!"

Harley nods energetically before the two of you leave the stage area, Harley still getting the occasional cheer from someone who saw her perform. At this rate she's going to be pretty popular in town.

ID: e00f8 501940

"You really put a spell on them."
"Speaking of which, what was that about an incantation?"


hope we don't get too many questions about our relation to her…
Anyway, do we have any time left or is the fair about to rap up?


We're gonna have to come up with a cover story for her later if she's sticking around. Not in the least because Pinkie's gonna interrogate us when she hears we know someone knew in town that she doesn't.

ID: 0b3ee 501943


"Well," she says, stretching her hooves a bit, "That was fun! Tiring, I think, but fun!"

You're about to ask about the incantation when the clock chimes, the crowd of ponies still in the plaza gasping as a carriage flies overhead, heading to the edge of the nearby woods.

"It's time!" one of the ponies yells, causing the herd to charge in the direction of the woods, bags of candy and goods in tow as they race for what must be the statue.

Harley laughs a bit, "Wow, they really take this whole thing seriously, don't they?"

You shrug. It's your first year in Ponyville, so you aren't 100% on what the big deal is. Brynn tried to tell you but…you might not've been paying attention. Kind of.

"Regardless," she says, "That seems like where the fun is at now. How about we check it out?"

You nod, and the two of you trail the running crowd, unsure what's waiting for you exactly.

ID: 0b3ee 501944

The two of you finally catch up to the crowd, but you don't see a statue anywhere. There's a pedestal for one, but it's empty, a big pile of candy at the base of it.

The ponies are standing in a crowd just off to the side, surrounding something or some pony else.

You stand up on your hind hooves to get a better view.

In the center of the crowd, so far as you can tell, is a large, dark pony with absolutely huge wings. She wears a helmet, like yours, but with a very real horn poking out of the hole in it….

You gasp a little, lowering back to all fours.

It's Nightmare Moon! She's here!

"Hey, do you know that pony?" Harley asks, pointing toward Nightmare Moon, "Because I think she's in trouble."

You get up on your hind legs again and see the head of a smaller figure near Nightmare Moon. It's kind of hard to see who or what exactly it is, but you recognize one thing about it: It's wearing a bow.

Apple Bloom?


Get in there and rescue her!


Get closer to see/hear what's going on

ID: e00f8 501947

…Did that statue come to life?
Save AB!


No shadowy forces are going to take OUR friends to the moon!

ID: 0b3ee 501949

You can't hear what's being said, but it looks like Nightmare Moon is starting to circle Apple Bloom. Did she do something wrong? Is she okay?

"I take it she's a friend of yours?" Harley asks.

You nod, "I've got to make sure she's okay."

You start trying to work your way through the crowd, growing frustrated as ponies only belatedly realize there's another trying to move forward. A few start giving you trouble, telling you to be patient and ignoring your attempts to reason with them.


Roll #1 3 + 5 = 8

ID: 0b3ee 501950

You think you hear whispering from behind you, but you can't make out what it is. Regardless, your objective lies in the center of this hopelessly large crowd of ponies.

>What do?


does that mean Harley's helping us?


keep pushing through


Slow down and think for a moment. If there was danger why is everypony just standing around.


They're obviously crippled with fear

ID: 0b3ee 501955

You stop to think. If Apple Bloom is in danger, why is nobody helping? Maybe she's not in danger after all….

Then again, there's a giant, powerful looking pony confronting Apple Bloom. Probably. They might be terrified!

Or maybe she's in trouble and they think she should be punished, too?

It's a bit much to think about without any context. You just…feel like you should get a better look at least.

But there's so many ponies in the way and they won't move. It's so…annoying. If only you could get them to all get out of your way.


Roll #1 2 + 5 = 7


earth pony not so stronk today

ID: e00f8 501957

Maybe crawl between their legs?
Or are we too fat for that?


If only we were a unicorn or a pegasus
or useful

ID: 8da02 501959

Use your bulky frame to shove them out of the way! Shoulder SHOVE

ID: 0b3ee 501960

Suddenly there's a hoof on your shoulder, making you turn abruptly.

Harley stands beside you, hoof on your shoulder in a gesture of comfort.

"Do you want me to help?"

>Ask her to boost you on her shoulders or something

>Have her use her magic
>What does Brynn think?
>Just stand where you are. You'll never reach them.


Come on Cobalt get it together
>What does Brynn think?


Have her launch us over, accost the creature, save Applebloom!


I like the shoulder boost idea




Haley's been haing lots of fun, but we should check on Bryne, we don't want him to miss out on Nightmare night!



ID: 0b3ee 501967

You ask her to relay Brynn's thoughts.

"He says that the big one, Nightmare Moon I think he called her, is Princess Luna. Apparently she takes this form on Nightmare Night to scare ponies."

She acts like she's had a revelation then smiles, "Oh, so she's who you were dressed up as tonight! I was a bit lost on that, I admit…"

"Throw me!"

Harley does a double take. "Excuse me?"

"Throw me!" you repeat, "I need to save Apple Bloom!"

Harley frowns, "I think Brynn is saying she's not in any real danger, Cobalt."

>But what if she is?

>Doesn't matter; I need to be there pronto!
>You're right, but I still want to be there
>I guess you're right. I can watch from here.


Well now do we feel like being sensible or adventurous on nightmare night?
I say just throw him

ID: e00f8 501969

Yeah…but I've always wanted to fly.


We are a colt of action
and waiting in line is for chumps


>Doesn't matter; I need to be there pronto!

The landing is going to hurt.


We aren't the brightest colt in the world. Throw!

ID: 0b3ee 501973


Harley sighs, but smiles afterward.

"Well, I do owe the two of you everything. Brynn says it's not a great idea, but let's have some fun with it I guess."

She ponders for a moment, looking at other members of the crowd before her eyes settle on a rather huge looking stallion. He's almost disproportionate with muscles that only accentuate his Frankenpone's Monster costume. You wonder if the bolts in his neck are real bolts actually in his neck as he gets a glazed look in his eyes and wanders over.

Straight to you.

"Uh…" you stammer, Harley starting to giggle as the massive stallion picks you up with a single hoof, raising you with his hoof on your stomach as he takes a thrower's pose.

"Harley?" you ask, panic seeping into your voice unintentionally.

"What?" she says with a giggle, "You thought I could throw you or something? Cobalt, sweetie, my magic can't do that and I'm not nearly big enough to throw a strapping young colt like yourself. So I…persuaded, this gentlecolt into thinking you're a football and your friend is the receiver."

You swallow hard as the beefy stallion pulls arm back to throw.

"Happy flight and safe landings!" Harley says with a wave.

There's a rush of wind and the world blurs as you're rapidly thrown, screaming, at the center of the crowd.


Roll #1 1 = 1


w-what have I missed?




not much just read the thread smart guy


Worth it

ID: 0b3ee 501978

Unfortunately for you, his targeting is a little off, and you find yourself rapidly falling toward Nightmare Moon herself.


Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

ID: e00f8 501979

>hit AB or hit NMM
ruh roh




Oh boy this is going to be good

ID: e00f8 501982



Rip Cobalt


I think we're about to get impaled

RIP in rippin pieces, Cobalt


>Cobalt is impaled on Luna's horn
>Luna is shocked and transforms back
>Ponyville panics, blames Luna
>sent back to the moon

ID: 0b3ee 501986

She had her back turned, was monologuing, chewing some candy, AB wasn't paying attention, and every pony in the crowd was looking at her and not the pony screaming across the sky without real wings.

You hit Nightmare Moon and you hit her hard, the two of you tumbling into a rapidly scattering crowd of ponies on the far side of the small clearing that had AB and her in it.


You're busy trying to untangle yourself from one another, and you're pretty sure Nightmare Moon is saying something, but you can't really understand what it is. All you know is you suddenly don't want to be where you are presently.

Roll #1 6 + 5 = 11


She's dazed, now's our chance
Grab Apple Bloom and run


we, uh, saved the day!


Surely this will negatively impact the chances of adding Luna to our harem.


But we Made a good impression

ID: e00f8 501991

"Fear not fair maiden! I have come to rescue you!"


Nah, we got this
She's got a thing for cute colts

All we need is a dialogue roll and she'll be all over us


Say it groggily, as we just slammed into nightmare moon headfirst

ID: 0b3ee 501995


You're busy getting up on your two hooves, looking down at the wreckage of your costume, when the crowd gasps in unison.

You're on your hooves, and across from you is a dreadfully angry looking Nightmare Moon.

"WHO DARES TO-" she begins to bellow, before a sudden flash blinds you.

The crowd gasps again, this time one or two ponies screaming in terror as the bright spots fade from your vision, your sight returning to see Nightmare Moon looking shocked and….scared? Is that right?

"Who…..who are you?" she asks quietly, taking a step back.

Perhaps you shouldn't answer that, considering you just body tackled a Princess.

But even so, why is she so scared of you?

You turn around to check on Apple Bloom, and see her inching backwards from you as well.

Something…..something feels….off, about all this.

That collision sure didn't help, leaving you feeling a bit groggy.

>Grab Apple Bloom and run

>Just run
>Talk to Luna
>Talk to AB


Do you even into anime? Crashing into someone is the BEST way to add them to your harem.


Aww shiet we just got double pranked didn't we?

ID: 8da02 501998

Sling Applebloom around over sturdy shoulders and bail. BAIL


Talk to Luna, and try to use her reaction to gauge what's going on.


Harley decided to repair our costume for us, I'm guessing


I've got a bad feeling about this…
She's looking at US scared?
Grab Applebloom, stand our ground, and say we are not going to allow any harm to come to this filly!


Dat music


ID: e00f8 502006

Roll with it!
"Your worst nightmare."

ID: 0b3ee 502008

You rush over to Apple Bloom to ask if she's alright, but she just shuts her eyes and screams, covering her head as you pick her up. It seems easier, for some reason. Maybe it's because you feel panicky on top of the slight grogginess. Weird.

Regardless, you turn around and tell Nightmare Moon that no harm will come to Apple Bloom!

"We will not let you have her!" she replies, standing her ground and aiming her horn at you, "You will not steal one of our subjects for whatever nefarious purpose you endeavor to complete!"

She's not really in character if she's trying to be Nightmare Moon….

A bolt of energy sizzles as it breezes past you, hitting the ground behind you with a strange thudding sound.

Nightmare Moon's horn smokes menacingly.


wait what
look at our self

ID: e00f8 502011

…Harley, what the hell did you do to us?


>inventory check: ourself

ID: 8da02 502013

Cobalt ain't no fraidy cat pushover. Dart out of there with AB and then strike back!


I'm guessing we're also Nightmare Moon, Say something you silly colt! Maybe "Ahhhh! Nightmare Moon's trying to kill me!" or "This was a terrible idea!"


let's put Applebloom down and explain we're not really sure what 'nefarious' means, it's kind of a big word and we're only a colt.


>reread the post before last

Tell her we are willing to negotiate.


> It seems easier, for some reason.
Huh. Maybe it's not all just illusion


I have a feeling it might be Harley that teleported in, and maybe Luna wasn't aiming for us


Doubt it.
>We pick up Applebloom
>It seems easier for some reason
>Luna says she will not let us have her for our nefarious purposes

It's clearly us that everyone's afraid of.


stay cool


Fair enough, just trying to work out the "sudden flash"

ID: 0b3ee 502026

You really, really don't want to stay here. On top of that, you've got a bad feeling about what you must look like if Princess Luna just fired a warning shot at you.

Not willing to stick around to find out from her, you dart off as fast as your legs can take you, running away from Nightmare Moon through a crowd rapidly scattering out of your way, and into the woods, Apple Bloom screaming the whole time.

A minute passes and you hear some pony behind you. Dreading to look back you see Harley, who yells for you to slow down.

Still not sure if Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna is chasing you, the two of you dart off to the side as you catch your breath.

Apple Bloom, to her credit, stops screaming long enough to get angry.

"Who the hay do you think you are, stealing me like that!? And who is this if it ain't Nightmare Moon!?"

"Wait, what?" you stammer, "I'm Nightmare Moon?"

Harley begins to laugh, unable to control herself, tears welling in the corners of her eyes.

"This ain't funny, Miss!" Apple Bloom says angrily.

"Harley, what's going on?"

She snorts a hearty laugh before waving a hoof at a tree next to you, making it reflective like a mirror. Or at least it seems that way.

You look into the mirror and nearly scream.

You're Nightmare Moon! But, a stallion! You're huge and have wings and…and….

"What did you do!?"

"Oh relax, Cobalt, I just-"


Apple Bloom struggles from your grip, finally falling on her butt as she squirms away from you.

"There's no way that's Cobalt!"

Harley grins as she waves her hoof, and your eyes are filled with bright spots again. You shake your head, trying to clear your vision as Apple Bloom stands slack jawed in front of you.

She starts stammering something when Nightmare Moon, the real one, bursts from foliage behind Harley, scaring all three of you nearly to death as she stomps between you and Apple Bloom.

"Where did the impostor go?" she says, head swiveling from left to right, "And why did he drop thee here?"

>Lie, tell her he went some direction away from you

>Try to explain what just happened
>Stay silent


I took that as Harley having put an illusion on us and the bright light being it going up, but the increased strength kind of concerns me.
>Cobalt's a werepony


I think it might actually behoove us to stay silent

ID: e00f8 502030

Best just come clean.


free shrugs


Harley you are amazing.

Try to explain what just happened


Try to explain

>"Hi, I'm, uh…a big fan"


Uh, that was.. me.
My friend loves Nightmare Night and after I crashed into you and everyone got everyone's attention she saw the chance to scare everyone by casting an illusion on me.
Oh, and, uh, sorry about crashing into you.



Free shrugs and stay quiet. Let Harley do the talking maybe? Or Applebloom. She'll probably just blurt it out anyways.

ID: 0b3ee 502050

"I…uh…" you stammer, swallowing nervously as Nightmare Moon's face stops searching to instead focus on you.

She leans in closer, inspecting your costume, "A noble attempt at replicating our likeness, but not the one we seek. Thou art smaller, as well."

"Well, you see, Princess, that's….that's…." you swallow again. This is rough.

You're about to start again when Apple Bloom puts a hoof over your mouth.

"He uh, disappeared, Princess," she says with over emphasized relief, "Just stopped out here and poof! He was gone! My friend and his….friend, showed up right after he disappeared. I think maybe it was a trick or somethin'."

You can't let her cover up for you, and you butt in to explain everything, though you don't say it was Harley who cast the illusion and do your best to keep her out of it. For now.

Eventually, Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna sighs, then sits on the ground in front of you and Apple Bloom.

"Tell us the truth, then. Did thou perform this stunt with malicious intent?"

"NO!" you yell, before blushing and toning it down a bit, "No! No no no, I just thought Apple Bloom was in trouble and….things got out of hand."

She nods, "Concern for ones friends is a good thing. Though you needn't have been truly concerned, we merely act in such a way for Nightmare Night. We would never harm our subjects…"

You can't help but notice Harley is conspicuously absent as Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna talks to you and Apple Bloom for some time about Nightmare Night and appropriate pranks and causing a panic like that.

"The next time you wish to impersonate us, you should warn us. And the town."

You bow your head and apologize, but eventually she has you raise your head and smiles in your direction.

"We do not hold it against thee, since thou didn't know the extent of what would happen. Besides, imitation is the highest form of flattery, or so our sister says."

With that she lets the two of you off the hook, and everyone returns to the crowd of ponies back at the statue and explains it was an elaborate joke gone a little wrong.

"So, in light of this, we decree Nightmare Night to be concluded, so that all may have a more pleasant evening and not fear any more surprises," Luna announces after changing back into her more regal form, "Though it must be said: These fillies did a marvelous job in scaring us all, they would be more careful about it in the future."

The town applauds the decision, before Luna adds:

"And compliment whoever replaced the statue I impersonated so quickly. We, or I, wouldn't have expected it to be back so quickly."

With that, the night is concluded, the crowd scatters, and you, Apple Bloom, and the statue, are soon all that remain in the clearing.

You turn to explain to Apple Bloom, but she just puts a hoof up, stopping you.

"Look, I trust y'all, and I'm darn beat from that much scarin' in one night. You can tell me at school sometime or somethin'. For now, I'm goin' home."

With that, she picks up the sheet that was her costume and throws it across her back, plodding home on her own.

You wonder where Harley got to before the statue itself giggles, nearly giving you a heart attack again as it changes to Harley herself, who hops down from the pedestal with a grin.

"What a night! I don't think I'll ever be able to top that kind of scare!"

>Scold Harley for her trick

>Praise Harley for her trick
>Let's just…go home. We'll deal with this later.


holy huge post batman

ID: 0b3ee 502053

Yeah I pretty much ran out the character limit on that one. Just…didn't feel like breaking it up for whatever reason.


Scold Harley, then praise her.


Good show, Wispy!


She's right, we managed to scare the town in basically one go


>Praise Harley for her trick


That was EVIL!
You got us pretty good


That was pretty great, but if we're gonna be a player in a prank warn us next time, I'm sure it would have been even better if we'd known what was going on and could have played the part from the start, and not terrified poor AB.


She got us and the town pretty good, that deserves respect.


Also, anybody else feeling like we kinda owe Apple Bloom a walk home? I'm sure we can catch up with her, even if she doesn't feel like talking.

ID: e00f8 502064

I guess they don't call you a trickster spirit for nothing.


Yeah, I agree. I felt pretty bad about leaving her plodding back by herself.

ID: 0b3ee 502070

"I feel like I should be mad for you tricking everyone and me like that," you start, getting close to Harley by the statue pedestal, "But dangit that was AWESOME!"

The two of you share a laugh, Harley pulling you close to her in a big hug as you giggle about the look on everyone's faces.

"I was kind of worried when she shot an energy bolt at you," Harley admits, rubbing your mane with a hoof, "Wouldn't want something to happen to you…."

Your cheeks flush.

"Well, yeah, next time how about you tell me you're gonna do that? That way I can go along with it or something and not just stand there…"

"Haha! Deal!" she says, the two of you shaking hooves on it, "I probably won't be able to do something like that for a while though. I think I burned a lot of energy casting that illusion."

As if to emphasize the point, she yawns loudly, stretching a hoof out as she does so.

"I think it's about time for Brynn to take over," she says with a smile, "And I'm sorry for taking his Nightmare Night away like that. I'll make it up to him when he goes to sleep."

Before you can ask what she means she puts on the Brynn mask, and Brynn appears on the opposite side of you, looking kind of worn out himself.

Not that you don't want to walk home with Brynn, but you feel bad for AB. You feel like you owe her for what happened, but you can't see her on the road anymore when you and Brynn finally leave the woods.

You'll have to make it up to her some other time.

You walk the tired looking Brynn home for the night, the two of you recapping what happened a bit and how it looked from his perspective.

"Aw man, you should've seen it," he says as you reach his place, "She cast that illusion on you and it was straight out of a movie. Giant wings unfolding, ominous smoke, that armor….I don't blame them for being terrified."

You can't bring yourself to press him for more info as he walks up to his house and pokes the door open.

"I feel like I need to sleep for a day and a half," he mumbles, waving lazily back at you, "Thanks, Cobalt. I'll see you at school."

You wave back, feeling pretty tired yourself now.

The walk back home is quiet, not many ponies out after the festivities ended. Life will resume as normal tomorrow, but it's on pause for the night at least.

As you enter your home and flop on the couch after retrieving a cold cup of cider, you briefly wonder how school is going to go now that Brynn has that mask.

Chugging the cold apple beverage and throwing a blanket over yourself, you decide you can't bring yourself to care for the brief moment you remain conscious.

All you know is it'll be different.

End of session. Sorry to call it but I'm just….not feeling starting up another day tonight. Sorry guys. Sorry sorry sorry.


>"I'll make it up to him when he goes to sleep."

See you next round!

ID: 0b3ee 502074

That wasn't supposed to be unf material. Stop that.


No need to be sorry, perfect note to end on!

That was pretty intense!


ah, no problem dude, it's fine. It's a natural stopping point.
Frankly, most of the time I'm asleep by the end of these sessions anyway.

>Your cheeks flush.

This is looking more and more like Ghost Waifu Quest.
Wonder what she's talking about "making it up to him" when he goes to sleep, though….


it's far too late to stop


Thanks for tonight Aspirant
First time I've been happy over a critical failure


Oh, well, okay. Goodnight Aspirant.


File: 1383976744004.png (173.68 KB, 640x360, 1374350487493.png, IO Google TinEye)

That illusion sounds fucking awesome.

ID: 0b3ee 502081

>This is looking more and more like Ghost Waifu Quest.

That's up to you guys! She's just hyped to be around again and has you and Brynn to thank for it!

I'll lurk the /qt/ thread a bit if you want to talk about anything.



That was great, you wrote Luna really well.
and no problem cya next time


Every time you say this at the end I always forget what I wanted to ask
oh well


I hope that tiredness on Brynn is just from a big day and casting spells, and not something more worrying. Thanks for the session!
Not even sure why you're saying sorry there: I'd figured it'd be stopping about here.

I… Kinda had the same thought, though I knew that wouldn't be what you meant.

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Thanks for the session!

ID: 0b3ee 502090

I apologize because usually it goes longer and I dunno if you thought it was meh or what.

My feelings are a bit skewed at the moment, so I can't really empathize very well at this point. Perhaps why I feel the session was wooden from my point of view.

But if you guys had fun then it was more than good enough!

Thanks! I worry about my characterizations. Glad to hear it was good.

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