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ID: 22f29 500363

Previously, on Cute "Quest":

You finished your day at the fair, challenging Sweetie to a water gun race game only to be interrupted by Sweetie blasting Rarity in the face with her water gun.
Despite the setback, you managed to get Rarity that sun hat. And you won a big pink bow, though who knows what exactly you're going to do with it.

Then something peculiar happened.

While singing a song titled The Poet and His Muse with Sweetie Belle, you could've sworn the lyrics you sang weren't what were on the page. But it looked like they were. You could've chalked that one up to nerves if the span of an afternoon hadn't passed by the time you finished the song.

After talking with Sweetie and the others, you were told you sang all afternoon with Sweetie. The two of you put on quite the show, drawing in the occupants of the whole fair and some of the nearby townsfolk.

While you feel a sense of pride at singing with Sweetie so well, you don't remember any of it!

After a celebratory shake with Rarity and the girls, you had a brief conversation with Pinkie before heading off to the library.

Meeting a sleepy Twilight, you told her of your troubles and gave her the lyric sheet and record you acquired at the fair. After a magical glance, she confirmed that there was some form of magic at work, though she would need more time to uncover exactly what's going on with it.

You thanked her before she plodded upstairs to her quarters for the night, then headed home yourself after Spike gave you a transcription of the lyric sheet.

ID: 22f29 500370

A week passed with no word from Twilight. Then two. Then three.

The issue faded to the back of your mind for a whole month, and you started to believe you had imagined it as you spent more time with the CMC and Brynn. Nopony mentioned it, nopony seemed worried. And so, for a time, it was dropped.

Until the night of Nightmare Night.

You were sitting at home, admiring your costume before putting it on, when there was a knock at the door.

Opening the door revealed a skull faced Brynn, who gave you a fright before laughing with delight.

"Haha! Gotcha!" he exclaimed as you regained your wits, and he bounded into your home, literally hopping with excitement.

"So….are you ready?"

You pointed at your costume and he smiled, then shook his head.

"That's nice, but…I meant….y'know," he looked about warily, "The spirit-thing."

A sense of unease suddenly filled your gut as you remembered the anomaly at the fair.

But a promise is a promise, and Brynn was intent to go on with it. Donning your spooktacular costume, the two of you set out for Nightmare Night. A night normally reserved for spooky tales, warm cider, and candy amid the cool fall breeze alight with pumpkin lanterns, the soft cries of joyful terror on the wind.

But this time….could be different.


Question… what's our costume?

Also, should we mention the… uh… gap to Brynn? He might know something about it, even if Twilight hasn't said anything.


>a whole month


ID: 22f29 500373

I was going to let you guys decide on a costume. No capes.

You spoke with Brynn about the time skip not long after taking the lyric sheets to Twilight, and he claimed to have no idea what could have caused it. Or why the song lyrics mentioned some pony with his name.
Nervous suspicion aside, you had no reason to doubt him, and nothing strange has happened since. Maybe he's just as confused as you are.

ID: 22f29 500374

You ate that apple the morning after your time skip shenanigan. It was okay, though a little soft after being in your bags for a week.


>decide on a costume.

Pony equivalent of Freddy Krueger


>no capes

Aw. Why not a blueberry?



ID: e3f84 500381

A plague doctor.


File: 1383357448950.jpg (Spoiler Image, 248.77 KB, 667x1000, 1383351382312.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

So… pic related?



ID: 22f29 500384

"Alright," Brynn says, reaching into a sack slung over his back, "I brought all the necessary materials: A dozen flowers, I got different kinds, uh, I brought like, a dozen hard candies. I hope that counts for food. I got a spooky mask, and we can draw the markings in the ground."

He looks at you with a grin, looking half as nervous as you feel, "So….should we just….go do it? Right now? Or should we wait?"

"Interesting choice of costume, by the way," he says before you can respond, "I didn't know they made Nightmare Moon costumes in that size. Or for stallions."

You punch him in the shoulder and get a laugh out of him.

"Hey, do you know how hard it was to get these wings to stay upright?"

You shift a bit, feeling the band wrapped around your back holding the wings in place move uncomfortably.

"Well, okay," he shrugs, "The helmet is pretty cool, though that horn is real fake looking."

"Yeah yeah," you wave a hoof at him, "Maybe you should've been Nightmare Moon instead."

He just grins like an idiot and waves the comment off.

"Whatever, you're more intimidating than I am. Anyway, back to the topic at hand….should we do it? Summon this spirit?"


>bulky little blue colt cross dressing as nmm

Also are we going to grab some candy before the summing?

ID: e3f84 500386

Aren't we gonna go trick-or-treating first?

ID: 22f29 500387

Brynn shrugs again, "Well, we can, I was just wondering if you wanted to summon the thing first so we can take it along with us and scare ponies while we trick or treat. But if you'd rather wait….I think I can handle that."


Hahaha, oh jeez it actually happened

ID: e3f84 500389

Good point.
Let's do it now.


Yeah, let's go trick-or-treating first.
Not that I'm scared or anything. Not at all. There's no possible way this could go terribly, terribly wrong.


Ask if he worked out the warnings about giving the spirit a body.

Because we need to get a mannequin.


I'll wait then


Lets do it!

ID: 22f29 500396

He pulls the book from his sack and flips through some pages to one with notes of paper clipped to it.

"I think so, but it's hard to say. If the cipher key at the front of the book is correct, and none of them are smudged or anything, then it has only moderate risks and most of them are in regards to the spirit, not us."

You give him a weird look and he sighs, rolling his eyes.

"Here, literally exactly what I think it says: 'A spirit pulled from its realm without tether, anchored within a body or object, shall remain until the destruction of the body or object, or an exorcism made in good faith with the spirit. Be warned; A spirit tethered for too long may lose willingness to collude with the summoner, or may be afflicted with emotions once more. The previously predictable nature will therefore become as unpredictable as the being it poses as.' "


Wait, so if we mess it up, it'll start becoming more and more like a mannequin?
That doesn't sound very unpredictable. The "willingness to collude" but doesn't sound very good at all, though. That is, if "collude" means what I think it does.

ID: 22f29 500398

Brynn just shrugs as he puts the book back in his sack.

"Yeah, see, I don't know. It either means it'll act like what it's inhabiting, or what it's observing, but it doesn't outright say. And that's IF I got it right."

"Anyway. So, did you want to summon it now, or go get some candy first?"

ID: e3f84 500399

Sounds a bit too risky to me.

ID: e3f84 500400

Let's do it now.
Then scare the heck out of some ponies.


Why not? Lets go for it.


Summon it now!

I vote we tether it to something but that is up to ever one else.


I'd rather wait… let's make sure we can get some candy before it wreaks havoc.


Candy, then sneak off for spooky times

ID: 22f29 500405

You swallow nervously before replying.

"Alright. Let's….let's do it."

Brynn nods, his face slowly brightening with a big smile.

"Great! Where should we go to summon it, you think? School? There shouldn't be anypony there."

He smacks himself in the face suddenly.

"Oh! I forgot! We don't have a mannequin, just the mask!"

He groans a bit before putting his hoof down.

"Well….we can either go get one first if you'd like, or just summon the thing into the mask I brought. Thoughts?"

>Name place and whether you want a mannequin or not.


>Cobalt likes reading ghost stories
>Is a NMM/Luna fanboy

It all makes sense. Maybe we should start a club with Pip.


sorry to be a bother, but can you explain the summoning thing for me? if we summon the spirit to the mask, is the spirit IN the mask (or anything else) or does it get its own body?

ID: e3f84 500408

Just use the mask. The mannequin part sounds like trouble just waiting to happen.
And not the fun kind of trouble.
School sounds like a good place though.


Let's do it by the school swings.

I vote for mannequin.


Why can't I find that picture of Pinkie reenacting the Cuba Pete scene from the Mask with police pony when I really need it?


File: 1383359327298.png (313.36 KB, 900x700, 1363754420815.png, IO Google TinEye)



Mannequin sounds funner
I meen, what if the mask is immobile, it can't scare anything then


yes thank you that is precisely it
Anyway, I'm ok with summoning the thing right now. Where the hell would we get a mannequin anyway? We can't exactly borrow one from Rarity.

ID: 22f29 500414

"As far as I can tell," Brynn says slowly, "I think that if we summon it to the mask, it can control the mask. I don't know if that means it can float around or anything, but it means it can alter how the mask looks at least."


Right. We could get a toy for it to move, just in case.

ID: e3f84 500416

Better a mask than a mannequin.
So long as the mask doesn't possess whoever wears it…


File: 1383359606726.jpg (6.1 KB, 243x208, Wuya.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)


I'd be down for this.

ID: 22f29 500419

First things first.

"Alright," you start, "Let's summon it at the school. But…let's keep it stuck to a mask or something small like a toy. I don't want a full sized ghost mannequin running around when we don't know how it's going to behave."

Brynn thinks for a moment, then nods.

"Sounds like the safer idea, I admit. Pretty sure the school has one of those art posing tiny desk mannequin things we could use if you'd prefer that over the mask. Either way, let's get over there before we decide on that."

The two of you begin walking in the direction of the school, passing trick or treating ponies dressed as all manner of spooky and not so spooky things.

The sound of parties starting up waft across the breeze, the dull thump of the bass to some fitting music the only thing that distinguishes the parties from the frightened ponies going through whatever haunted house was designed this year.

"Don't worry, we'll get to all that," Brynn says with reassurance as you look toward the town, "But we'll have a spooky ace up our sleeve to really scare them!"

You sure hope he's right.


Roll #1 5 = 5

ID: e3f84 500420




>inb4 we cause a situation only the elements of harmony can fix

ID: 22f29 500422

The weather kind of sucks, as far as fall goes. It's a little colder than normal tonight and it makes you shiver a bit, sending your fake wings into a wobbling frenzy until you stay still long enough to settle them.

It's bearable, at least. Just annoying.

Or foreboding.

Sure enough, the closer you get to the school the fewer ponies there are, until you're on the road the school lies on. Then it's just you and Brynn.

"This is perfect!" he says, making an echo that bounces off the barren trees that line the road.

"Alright, so, you want to get into the school and get that mannequin thing, or do you just want to use the mask?" he asks, no doubt excited to get started.

>Get into the school

>Use mask
>I don't think this is such a good idea anymore


Just use the mask


I don't think a tiny mannequin would be as fun as a full size one.

Just use the mask.


ID: e3f84 500426

Use the mask.


>Use mask.
>Put mask on.
>Rest of the quest goes like this.


What a horrible night to have a curse

ID: 22f29 500429

"Let's just use the mask," you decide, trying not to shiver again as a cold wind blows briefly.

"Sure thing!" Brynn says with excitement, opening the sack he's carrying and pulling everything out. He carefully sets the flowers, candy, book, mask, and the sack itself aside before looking over them carefully.

Approving of whatever he was inspecting, he steps back onto the road in front of the schoolhouse and looks about, before finding a stick that he wields with magic.

"Alright," he says, swallowing nervously as he flips the book open, "I've been practicing drawing this thing, so it should be fine…."

He takes a deep breath, then begins to draw.

The circle takes form quickly, seemingly random triangles drawn on the interior with smaller circles adjoining them almost haphazardly. None are in the center, but are instead scattered about the circumference of the circle's interior. Then Brynn draws a vine looking squiggle with leaves up the middle, dividing the circle.

Carefully he puts the stick to the side, and asks for your help in putting the flowers and bits of candy in the circles and triangles.

The mask goes at the top of the circle, outside the drawings, but touching the outermost edge of the enveloping circle.

"There," he says with finality, "The drawing is complete."

"What now?" you ask cautiously.

"Now I have to recite the words in Nalan's entry in the book…"

He raises the book in front of him with his magic, swallowing nervously. He looks at you, awaiting confirmation.



ID: e3f84 500431

Nod to him.


File: 1383361557105.gif (492.76 KB, 500x281, 1377611976292.gif, IO Google TinEye)

Time for some spooky shit


Lets get spooky.


Here goes something.

ID: 22f29 500435


You nod, whispering, "Let's do this."

He nods, turns back to his book, and begins to read aloud.

No sooner does he start than a wind begins to blow. It's gentle, but something about it makes it difficult to hear what Brynn says, and what you do hear doesn't exactly sound like language.


Roll #1 8 = 8


That's good right?!


>dat music



Hold onto our helmet, and make sure our wings don't snap off.

ID: e3f84 500439

File: 1383362106502.png (151.24 KB, 421x500, Scared.png, IO Google TinEye)

>and what you do hear doesn't exactly sound like language

ID: 22f29 500440

The wind picks up, making your false wings tremble fiercely as Brynn struggles to keep the book open.

You look at the circle, half expecting it to be blown away and its contents scattered.

But it's all still there, right where you left it.

You look closer, thinking the circle looks a little smaller than you remember.

You reel back in horror as the entire drawing shifts towards the mask; The candy, flowers, the drawin itself are moving!

The lines flow like water to the mask, the circle slowly disappearing as it contorts into an ellipse full of goods and smaller drawings, before finally the items in question begin to flow under the mask itself.

And disappear.


Roll #1 8 + 5 = 13


Prepare your speech for the summoned prankster soul, something along the lines of "Welcome, TO THE WORLD OF TOMORROW!"
It'll be great


Aw shit.
We can still just blame Twilight if shit goes wrong, the town is used to doing that by now for sure!


Oh man this is awesome.

ID: 22f29 500444

A clap of thunder makes you duck your head as Brynn flinches away from the book, falling on his haunches and scrabbling backwards away from it.

It still floats in the air, though it's now closed.

You look at the sky, noticing that there are no clouds.

Was the noise from the book?

You look back to where the drawing was.

It's completely gone, no sign it was ever there.

Just the mask lying in the middle of the road.

>What do you do?


Poke it!


>Action: Poke


Why, assume there's a spirit here of course!
Let's say hi


Make contact!


Anon this isn't time for Daft Punk!

ID: e3f84 500450


ID: 22f29 500451


You walk forward, cautiously, nearly side stepping towards the mask. Is it alive? Did it work?

You reach out with a hoof and prod the mask, though it takes considerable courage to do so, your hoof trembling as you bop the mask.

Nothing happens.

You take a closer look at the mask; It looks…different? Wasn't it a skeleton mask before? Now it looks like….a pony. More accurately, the soft face of a young mare.

"H-hello?" you say to it.

It lies motionless.

"Did it work!?" Brynn yells from behind you, still sitting on his butt and looking more than a little terrified.


Turn away from the mask and say it must not have.

Yes…turn your back to the innocent mask.


Pick it up.


"Wow! This spooky, and we even know what's going on! Can you imagine the looks on everypony's faces if this works?"

ID: 22f29 500455

Gettin mixed signals here, gents.


act nervous

ID: e3f84 500457

What he said >>500452
Give it an opportunity to spook you. If it does, we'll know it worked.


It's a trickster, of course we gotta turn away from it. So it can't totally trick us.

ID: e3f84 500459

Also if it does, immediately point at it and go "aHA!"
That oughta throw the little gremlin off his game.


Alright sure turn you back on it.


young mare, so her game


>New target acquired to woo.

ID: e3f84 500463

Right. Mare. I knew that.

ID: 22f29 500464

Acting isn't really required, but you do your best to sound chipper. Maybe it'll show itself if you promise it some tricks?

"Yeah, pretty sure!" you say, turning your back to the mask, hoping it falls for the chance to spook you. You wait a good minute before turning back around cautiously, expecting it to be floating or something.

It still lies there in the street.

Maybe it didn't work?

Brynn gets up, finally, and moves to where the book fell shut, opening the book again.

"Hey…Hey, Cobalt!" He yells, sounding panicky, "The…th-the page, with the writing about her….it's gone!"

ID: e3f84 500465

"Gone as in a blank page, or gone as in no page at all?"


Awww shit, I was right, this's some Majora's mask right right 'ere
Screw woo'ing her, we get to become her!…


"W-what do you mean, gone?"


File: 1383363308922.png (4.17 KB, 221x195, only the wonderbolts can k….png, IO Google TinEye)

>trickster spirit
>edited the book to make it seem harmless
>it is in fact extremely malevolent
>attracted the attention of two curious colts
>we've just done something we cannot reverse
Cute Quest is dead.



How kind of you to volunteer, Bryn!


ID: 22f29 500471

"What do you mean?" you call out as Brynn flips pages frantically.

"I mean it's gone! There's a blank page in the back of the book now, where there wasn't one before, but it's not in the right spot of the book! It should be between these two others, but it's at the back instead!"

>Go check it out yourself

>Grab mask
>Let's get out of here!

ID: e3f84 500472

Grab the mask, then check it yourself.



We can't just run away! That's what the snotty nosed brats who dabble in what they shouldn't always do at the start of the episode-… oh


Grab mask.
And start for town!

Large populations of ponies in one area can only do good!


Check it out.
I ain't afraid of no ghosts!


>dressed as nightmare moon
>put on mask
>become nightmare moon

ID: 22f29 500478

Growing tired of not knowing, you grab the mask yourself. You give the front a good once over; Soft looking face of a young mare, the mask has taken on a chestnut hue to its edges, the eyes are closed, face looks like it's at rest, no holes in the mask at all.

You flip it over to look at the back.

The back is completely smooth, like looking inside half a ball.

Something is near the top, where the opposite of the face's forehead would be, and you strain your eyes to get a good look at it.

You nearly drop the mask when you realize it's the drawing that was on the ground, only far, far tinier.

>Put it on

>Flip it back over
>Take it to Brynn


>>Take it to Brynn

ID: e3f84 500480

Flip it back over.
"…You're pretty."
Gotta earn those Ghost Girlfriend points.


Take it to Brynn

What could possibly go wrong.


Tell Brynn you are going to try it on,

PUT IT ON, This can only end well.


Take it to Brynn.
I, uh, think we should probably avoid sticking the ghost-thing on faces in general until we know more about it.
You know not what forces you meddle with




I guess this provides an option to get a gender bent Brynn in our harem if we can convince him to put on Majora's mask

ID: e3f84 500486

>You know not what forces you meddle with
But…ghost girlfriend…


I'd take that route gladly.


It's for the better.
Ghost girlfriends are usually always very spirited.


File: 1383364160943.png (189.44 KB, 368x480, 1363015999619.png, IO Google TinEye)

ID: 22f29 500490

You aren't sure what to do, so you decide to take the mask to Brynn. There's gotta be something in the book about this.

Brynn is still staring at the blank page when you hold the mask out toward him, face first.

He yelps and scoots backwards before realizing you're holding it. Blushing furiously, he leans forward to look at the mask.

"Well….it's pretty, anyway."

You nod your agreement just before Brynn screams and scoots away from you again, this time with a quickness that any sprinter would envy.

"What?" you ask, looking back down at the mask.

It has a slight smile to it now, the edges of the mouth turned just slightly upward. The cheeks seem rosier too.


Ok, ok, somehow the way you described that is freaking me out a little bit.
Maybe if we just put it down and got away from it, yeah? I mean, it's not like it can move on its own, right?
Covering it with something so nobody finds it and leaving it alone forever is sounding like the best option to me right now


"I think it likes us"


"Well hello there."


"Sorry, he's terrible around girls."

ID: e3f84 500495

Turn the mask to face you.
"Nice to meet you. You ready to scare some ponies?"


Big speech time! "Welcome to the WORLD OF TOMORROW!"



Yes, we gotta keep our smooth on.


Baby, we so smooth we should have been named Rolo.

ID: 22f29 500499

"Uh….hi?" you say to it, turning it so it faces you.


"Cobalt," Brynn says softly, motioning with a hoof, "Put it down. Just….put it down."

You give him a questioning look before noticing that he's sweating so hard his painted on skeleton face is running.

You look back to the mask. Doesn't seem to have changed, still giving a warm looking tiny smile.

"I'm….sorry about Brynn" you say, "He's not so good around girls."

"What are you doing?" Brynn hisses.

"Trying to talk to it-er, her," you explain, before looking at the mask again, "Are you ready to scare some ponies?"

"Cobalt!" Brynn says loudly, "You're talking right over her!"

Wait, what?

Brynn has a shocked expression on his paint smeared face as he realizes something.

"You can't hear her…can you?"

ID: e3f84 500500

"Uh…no. What's she saying?"




"N.. No"


Oh, Shoot that's so rude of me, I can't hear her at all.


Maybe she's scared of our nightmare moon costume


>Cobalt not listing to the ladies.

Way to be smooth, bucko, they hate that!

ID: 22f29 500506

"No…" you say as Brynn gets back on his hooves, "What's she saying?"

Brynn walks over and holds out a hoof.

"Give her to me."

You raise an eyebrow, feeling like you don't want to hand the mask over for a moment.

"Just…hand her to me, Cobalt. She's talking to me, but you can't hear her."


Would it be crass to start singing the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. song about them?

ID: e3f84 500508

"First tell me what she's saying. Then I'll hand it over."


Surely he can hear her from where he is


things that talk to only one pony are not good
things that only talk to one pony telepathically are bad
Ask Brynn what she's saying


Hand it over.
Jab that his new girlfriend is kinda pushy.


Tell cobalt to wear the mask



"Sure here, but what is she saying."


if it has a chance of Brynn impulsively putting on the mask and turning into a mare… I'm conflicted


It has a chance of him turning into a mare version of The Mask.
Discord is somewhere laughing his ass off right now.

ID: 22f29 500516

Brynn mumbles something before sighing then saying it louder.

"She wants to talk to you, but she can't because I'm the one who did the summoning. So she has to utilize some pony to do it. And she only wants to talk to you to explain something. That's what she's saying."

>Hand it over

>Question him some more
>Put the mask on yourself

ID: e3f84 500517

Hand it over.


Well shit, hand it over.


Hand it over.

Genderbending soon




This is what you get for not getting the mannequin.


>Put the mask on yourself

But hand it over.


Brynn is now our mannequin.


Hand it over.


It also has a chance of it reaching through his eyeballs and liquifying his goddamn brain.

We don't know a damned thing about this mask/spirit, and if Brynn's not being reasonable as a result of it that's not good. We have to keep it away from him.

Still… this last thing sounds a little more reasonable….


Full-on mare possession time
Hot balls
"If you say so"
Sweet tits


This is going to make going to town so awkward…


>Put it on.
>The scene were they put on the Mask but nothing happens goes down.
>Brynn and the spirit both facehoof.

ID: 22f29 500529

You hand the mask to Brynn, who takes it almost reverently, turning the face towards him and mumbling.

Eventually, he nods, swallowing hard before looking at you.

"If she does anything other than talk to you, or if I'm gone too long, take it off."

Before you can respond he puts the mask on.

Brynn disappears, only a soft indent in the grass where his hooves where.


ID: 22f29 500531

>Hooves where.

I'm taking a 10 minute break for coffee. Can't be making slip ups this early.

Use the cans gents, we'll be back in a moment.


stand there awkwardly for about 5 seconds
Then start panicking


Don't panic!

ID: e3f84 500534

Oh god.
"Brynn? BRYNN?! Where are you?! Are you invisible?! Are you still here?! Talk words at me, man!"


File: 1383365704266.jpg (31.81 KB, 331x380, 1361495292479.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)


>cliffhanger post
>10 minute break





Search the board! He/she/it can't have gone far!


Roll for sanity check




Then you know what to do…
No not that
Yes, that


>Starts getting the scuba gear and a tazer.




Roll #1 6 = 6


The indents give me hope for it just being invisibility.

ID: 22f29 500545


You take a step toward where he was as another flash lights up the otherwise darkening night, this time coming from behind you, in the road.

You turn around quickly, feeling your fake wings wobble against you and you briefly wonder why you're still wearing this thing.

In the road is a brown mare wearing a blue mask with glasses.

A mask that looks like Brynn.

"Well then," the mare says, lowering the mask to reveal the face of the mask Brynn was holding, only this time it has a warm smile and is entirely chestnut in color, "I suppose you deserve an explanation, my Lord."


we retain 6/10s of our sanity, good job


Is Brynn going to be okay?


"Hit me with it"


She hath been fooled by our regal stance and flippity floppity wings, quick, act natural!


Oh yeah, we ghost girlfriend now.

ID: e3f84 500551

"W-What did you do to my-…wait, 'my Lord'?"
I think I could get used to that.


Nightmare moon is no mere Lord!


We should've used that toy instead of the mask!


Remember guys, Brynn is hanging around in spooky form, let's not get creepy. Also I think only one of them can exist at a time, so if we want Ghost waifu we need to sac Brynn, and that's not something a bro does.


O-or we can just kill him.


>A mask that looks like Brynn.

Brynn faced mare… unf?

ID: 22f29 500557

"Where's Brynn?" you ask before registering what she called you.

"He's perfectly alright. Just vacationing in my paradise as we swap places for a bit," she says before whipping her dark blue mane a bit with a giggle, "Oh it's been so long since I could do that."

"What do you mean?"

This is all just…confusing.

"I can only tell you what the Harbinger told me the day he admitted his own folly, Lord. That when one pulls my card, so to speak, we enter a bond of sorts. I can talk to him at any time, and he to me, though communication with others is limited to physical forms."

She nuzzles the mask she holds affectionately, "Well I think the same of you, dear. Thank you."

ID: e3f84 500558

"…What's he saying? Is he okay?"


>Is he okay

>Asking dumb things.

Getting close to sa.jpg levels.


It looks like Brynn's gettin' it on, hot damn, lucky bastard

ID: e3f84 500561

Our friend just got zapped to some ethereal realm. I think concern for his well-being is a pretty reasonable reaction.


>brynn gets the ghost gf

Anyway we should get down to business, time to run amuck in ponyville


it sounds like brynn is fine, but one can't be too sure. as about him and what does she want


She already explained it in the second line.


Yea but can we really expect an honest answer if he's NOT okay?


>giving Brynn the mask
>giving Saffron al the armor pieces

ID: e3f84 500567

…Fair point.


"Okay, so…"
"Wanna mess with the town a little?"


Brynn sorta implied to just talk to her, but hell, when have colts been the best listeners?


Fuck listening.
We have a mission.


Are she and Brynn able to swap in and out?

ID: 22f29 500572

She smiles deviously before looking back to you, "Oh, he's alright, don't worry. It's against my code to be anything more than…playful."

She takes a deep breath of the cool night air and smiles broadly, "And on the most special night of the year? I owe the two of you more than I can say!"

She stifles a giggle, "Ah, forgive me, I'm getting too excited. Anyway; I just wanted to thank you personally for okaying your wizard's desire to bond with me. After being told the rules it seemed a dreadful time before it happened…" she looks thoughtful for a moment, "I guess he's my first. And on a special night like this. That's going to be tough to top for anyone else who tries."

She suddenly laughs before caressing the mask a little, "Oh I'm only teasing you, dear Brynn. Don't get so flustered."


Oh man, a pretty mare messing with the pasta bowl.
Poor Brynn


Laugh at Brynns expense! But theoretically laugh with him.
"It's been a long time? Who's this Harbinger?"

ID: e3f84 500575

>I guess he's my first
WOAH there!

So…how 'bout playing some pranks?


Harbinger's the Grim Reaper equivalent. He was mentioned in Brynn's earlier description of her when he was saying how she'd tricked him into not claiming her.


To pull up the exact line
>"Morata Nalan, or the Spirit of Tricks, is a relatively friendly spirit that revels in the chance to surprise and scare ponies. Lore has it that Nalan was the name of a pony who once tricked an entire town into believing it was winter in the middle of spring. Though no details remain as to how the pony did it, the legend says that when the Harbinger itself came to visit her at the end of a long and tricky life, she tricked the Harbinger into making her a spirit rather than taking her to the other plane. She slumbers until called upon, and after enjoying a few good scares, disappears back to wherever it slumbers between ritualistic summonings."


"Alright…do you mind if I talk to my friend some? Personally?"

"We got a long night of pranking to do and I think We need to prep him."


Oh my~

Well then, playful prank time?

ID: 22f29 500580

She smiles at the question.

"In a way. As I understand it, both parties have to be willing to swap out. So if I'd said no, nothing would've happened. Eventually the bond would've canceled." She smiles, "But like hay I was going to pass up an opportunity to stretch my legs! And have them!"

"I kind of figured that was enough. And Brynn told me what you wanted, though he left out you were dressed so….funnily."

She laughs and winks at you, "Just playing, Lord. I think you look right spooky."

She laughs as she puts the Brynn mask on and disappears, a flash of light behind you signaling Brynn's return.

You turn around and sure enough, there's Brynn, looking shocked as he lowers the mask.

He blinks, then turns to you.

"So….uh…..she's something, isn't she?"


"I think she likes you."

ID: e3f84 500582

She sure is.
You ready to do some scaring?


Hey Brynn, she's really cute and


Having a bit of fun there Brynn *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*


So what can she do as a mask? Do we have to switch her out for her powers to work?


She's like The Mask.
She needs a body to work properly.


What powers? She's an advisor for pranking.
I guess she has the powers of being an adult pony, does that count?

ID: 22f29 500588

"W-well, you'd be happy too if someone set you free after who knows how long….right?"

He laughs nervously before looking the mask over once more.

You hadn't noticed, but the face is a full smile now, pushed up cheeks that are slightly red and everything, though the eyes remain closed.

"Oh, hey, there's some holes in it now," he says, using magic to pull the bag he brought to him, "I think I've….yeah, I brought it!"

He pulls out a long length of string and, utilizing his magic, threads the string through two holes on each side of the mask, putting a band on it.

Carefully he puts the band over his neck, letting the mask hang at chest level.

"There! Now if we need her, I can put the mask on pretty quick."

"She says she has some…pull, that lets her perform tricks. She hasn't said more than that to me."

Huh. Well then.

"So….how about we go get some candy," Brynn says tiredly, "I feel like I need a sugar boost."


Guys, please
I think she's a bit old for Brynn


Puh-lease, we're going for a Ponyville Harem, age isn't an obstacle for us, no reason it should hamper Brynn!


Lets go!
Keep your ears open and let us know if she has any bright ideas!

That's what you said about Twilight Sparkle
Kids gotta hook up with someone, right?


Alright, let's blow this popsicle stand and scope out some opportunities around town.




What was it like when you were in the mask?

ID: e3f84 500595

Let's do it!


Good question, we can ask that on our way back to town for… >>500593
Yea, that!

ID: 22f29 500597

Feeling like that's a solid idea, the two of you head back into town quick as you can manage, scoping out places to trick or treat.

"You mean I was a mask?" Brynn responds, the two of you making small talk as you walk through thin crowds of other ponies going door to door, "Was it cool looking?"

"Well it looked like you," you respond, trying not to talk too loud.

"Huh. Okay," he says, shaking his head a little, "Well, it was like a house, where I went. It was nice. Some books on a shelf, a fireplace, nice furniture that was pretty comfy…." he trails off before looking suddenly sad.

"It was just….incredibly lonely. Like…you know how you can feel alone, but know there are other ponies out there, right? It was like that, but without knowing if there was some pony out there beyond the walls or not. Being completely alone….." he shudders as you reach Sugarcube Corner, the hot spot of Ponyville tonight.

"I wonder what it felt like for her…" he mumbles before the door to Sugarcube Corner flies open, a horde of small ponies running out the door with cries of terror, but smiles on their faces.

Pinkie must be up to something, assuming she's inside.


awww yeah
we're gonna need ghostpony's help if we're gonna counter-scare Pinkie


Ohoho, Let's pit prankster against prankster.
I have a feeling the element of laughter might win though.


>You trick Death and he will make your afterlife a living hell.

>She tricked him into making her a spirit and he put her in a place where she could not prank anyone.

Death is an asshole.


Pinkie likes to be scared on Halloween silly


There was some mention of sleep
Maybe she was in a coma until the ritual?


Yeah, but we can't be bringing weaksauce pranks
that's not gonna scare anypony


>He made a nice room for her.
>Puts her in a coma.

Mega asshole.

ID: e3f84 500605

Alright, let's do this.


I feel sad now

Maybe there is a way to fully free her, after we have some fun of course.


I doubt that's gonna happen unless we lay her to rest

she's been dead a long time, you know


Yea it's not like magic's a thing, or there are immortal goddesses ruling the country or anything


And it's not like we are playing with forces we don't understand or anything.

ID: e3f84 500610

We shouldn't play god.

ID: 22f29 500611

[You could always bring it up with her later. Maybe. Probably.]

"What's Nalan say about pranking Pinkie?" you ask Brynn, and he grimaces for a moment.

"She doesn't want to be called that," he says quickly, "She says it doesn't fit with how things are now."

"How does she know how things are now?"

"I told her, kind of," Brynn says sheepishly, "Anyway, uh, help me think of a name for her? I was thinking something joke related."

ID: e3f84 500612



>Naming something.

My weakness!


well, she's a very tricky pony
but she's also a ghost
how about ghostlyTrickster!?


>Brynn kinda brought her up to speed.
Heh, cute, she was kinda acting like Luna for a while.


Too blatantly ghosty.


so I guess you would object to a name like "Haunter" as well?


Hussie pls



Come on man, you are almost as bad as me, and I just use shit I have on my desk!


alright alright

how about Whispy Willow?


I'd ask Pinkie, but that'd just be tossing back Aspirant's way, and he's already being so nice doing this quest for us.
She's from before cutiemarks! AHHHH!
Frightly Prana?


File: 1383369754952.jpg (23.45 KB, 281x211, MillsLane.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

I'll allow it.




Can we work the chestnut colour into it somehow?




ID: e3f84 500627

I like that one.

ID: 22f29 500628

"Eh," he says, "She says she'll pass on that one. How about…ah, crap, I can't think of anything."

"Well, she likes to play tricks on ponies. She seems friendly. She's pretty," he blushes and smiles a bit before continuing, "Uh.."

He looks like he's thinking for a moment before he smiles, "She likes Harley Wisp, but says to call her Harley for short."

That settled, you restate your question.

"How does Harley suggest we go about pranking Pinkie?"

He consults with Harley a moment, at which point you ask for him to start relaying what she's saying or something.

"Sorry," he says, "She says she can animate an object for us, she just needs line of sight on it."

"The mask's line of sight, or does she have to be here?"

"…I dunno, she says she's never tried."

Well that's super.

Regardless, the two of you head into the dark interior of Sugarcube Corner, not knowing what waits inside.


Actually, yeah, I guess just "Willow" does sound nice.

ID: e3f84 500630

Don't fail your bravery rolls.



File: 1383370239685.jpg (10.04 KB, 320x180, revupyourharley.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

Brynn going to rev up his Harley?

ID: 22f29 500633

You wander into the dark room, making it a few steps before the door slams shut behind you, making the two of you jump.

"Who dares to enter my lair?" a voice with heavy drawl calls out.

"W-we do…?" Brynn says nervously, the two of you standing in the near darkness that is the Sugarcube Corner's lobby. There's a faint light coming from somewhere to the left, helping to outline the counter, but not really anything else.

"Well then, 'we', how about some CANDY!"

A pony suddenly drops from the ceiling onto the floor in front of you with a thud, making you and Brynn cry out, nearly leaping out of your skin the shadowy figure rises from the floor.

They throw back the cape with a snarl, revealing: Pinkie, big bowl of candy in her hooves as she smiles at the two of you with false, pointy teeth.

"Well hey there Cobalt, Brynn! Glad you two could make it!" she says as your heart rate settles a bit, "How's Nightmare Night treating two of my best little buddies?"

>Signal Brynn to try and animate a chair or something

>Just talk with Pinkie, save the scare for later



ID: e3f84 500635

Talk with Pinkie. Lure her into a false sense of security.


This, and signal Brynn.


Somehow I don't see how levitation is so spooky in a world with magic. Gonna need to be creative with it

ID: 22f29 500638

"It's going alright," you tell Pinkie, while trying to signal Brynn to do something creative.

"Glad to hear it! Though alright doesn't sound great! Have a couple extra pieces," Pinkie offers, putting some extra candy in your bags before taking a loot at Brynn, "Hey Brynn, that's a neat looking mask you got there. Where'd you get it? I haven't seen one like that at the spook store."

"Well, uh," he begins to explain, as you wait for something to happen.


Roll #1 10 + 5 = 15


critical spookage
let's see it!



Something certainly happened.


Ho-boy, Pank about to get Spank't

ID: e3f84 500643


Poor Pinkie's going to jump so hard she'll leave her skeleton behind.

ID: 22f29 500645

All of a sudden the orange bowl Pinkie holds brightens a hue, and as you look at it, forms a face akin to a Jack-o-lantern, and winks at you.

Pinkie is mid sentence when the bowl spins around, and making a dreadful noise, vomits the candy out at her, smacking her in the face with the candy that was inside the bowl.

Pinkie stands in shock for a moment, the only sound the stifled laughter coming from Brynn and yourself mixed with the sound of plastic wrapped goodies hitting the floor.

Pinkie stops and looks at the bowl, horror spreading across her face as it says:


Pinkie screams, dropping the bowl and jumping straight into the air, dashing off to hide behind the counter.

The bowl hops after her a few steps before stopping and returning to normal, except for the face that now seems to be a permanent feature of the bowl.


I hope we don't have to explain any of this, ever


pffft HAHA

>vomits the candy out at her


Grab some candy and bail
that was great but we probably shouldn't stick around


Hoof-bump Brynn and start laughing
that was great success


It's nightmare night, Pinkie'll dig it


Be sure to call out and wish Pinkie a happy Nightmare Night as we go so she knows everything's safe and we just got her good.

ID: e3f84 500652

Nice work, Harley.

ID: 22f29 500653

You and Brynn sneak a couple more pieces of candy from the pile before Pinkie pokes her head out from behind the counter as the two of you make a break for it.

"Happy Nightmare Night, Pinkie!" you yell as the two of you bail.

"What kind of pony would spray candy at me without unwrapping it first," Pinkie mumbles to herself.

It takes minutes for her to regain her composure and go pick up the candy, putting it in a different bowl.

By this time, of course, you and Brynn are long gone, panting for breath some several blocks away, laughing crazily.

"Good one Harley," you say to the mask, and Brynn smiles down at it as well.

The face on it is sticking it's tongue out between lips, holding onto the playful smile that it had before but adding a little something extra.

"Hey there Cobalt!" a voice calls out, making you and Brynn look up.

A pony wearing a bedsheet ghost costume with a pink bow on the back runs up to greet you, laughing slightly as it says, "Boo!"


Fall on the ground and scream in terror.


Hi! Applebloom?


Feign a terrified heart attack

ID: e3f84 500657

Apple Bloom! How's your Nightmare Night going?

ID: 22f29 500658

You put your hooves to your face in mock terror before falling to the ground, careful not to mess up your fake wings as Brynn laughs with you and the bedsheet wearing ghost pony.

You get up, patting yourself off as the ghost pony raises her bedsheet, revealing none other than Apple Bloom.

"Wasn't sure I'd run into y'all tonight, but glad I did. How's the candy gathering?"

"Just fine," you reply, showing your bag off, "Just got done with Sugarcube Corner."

"Yeah, scared Pinkie good, too," Brynn says with a laugh, to which Apple Bloom seems surprised.

"The two of you scared Pinkie? Really scared her? Must've been something good," she says with an appreciative whistle before continuing, "Well, if y'all want to, they're doing bobbin' for apples and such on the other end of town. That's where I'm headed. Gonna have a little fun that doesn't involve goin' door to door before we stack candy at the statue."

>Join up with Apple Bloom

>We'll meet you there
>We might go, not sure yet


>>We'll meet you there


>We'll meet you there

We gotta get our trickster on along the way.

ID: e3f84 500661

Meet her there.
We gotta scare some more folks.


Statue of who?


We should take Harley apple bobbing later.
Say she's a visiting relative or something


Nightmare Moon, silly. Don'tcha remember the episode?


Yea but Cobalt's new in town


Well he knows Nightmare Moon, I mean he is dressed as her.


Fair point.
May cause Harley to ask what's up.


Ah, fair point I suppose. Nightmare Night's an Equestria wide thing, but I could see the statue thing being a strictly Ponyville tradition: it'd be a bit weird having multiple statues about the larger cities.

ID: 22f29 500669

"We'll meet you there," you tell Apple Bloom, "I want to scare some more folks before we get there."

She nods, "That kinda thing isn't for me. At least not right now. I'll see you at the party then!"

Apple Bloom puts her bed sheet back on properly and scampers off toward the other end of town, where the faint sound of a heavy bass comes from. Must have a live band or something.

"So, who did you have in mind?" Brynn asks, "I assume you had a target in mind, anyway. Not every pony needs to be tricked after all."

He sighs but smiles, "Though Harley disagrees."


I like Harley's thinking.

Lets go spook Twily


Rarity or Twilight
because reasons


It's open season in Ponyville! I'm sure anypony we prank can take it, it's Nightmare Night after all. Just no throwing eggs at garage's.


To the library!


Library timee~
I'm sure all those books are just organized perfectly….

ID: e3f84 500675

Sure. Let's give Twilight a scare.


It's not like Brynn likes her or anything… B-baka


Well if Brynn wants to be a nark…

ID: 22f29 500678

"How about…Twilight," you suggest with a grin.

"T-Twilight?" Brynn asks with a note of confusion, "Are you sure? I mean…"

"Yeah I'm sure," you confirm, taking a step toward him, "She's a nice pony but she deserves to get in on the Nightmare Night scares, right?"

"I…guess," Brynn agrees.

The two of you walk to the library, noting that the light outside is on, welcoming trick or treating ponies. A good sign. Perhaps she'll take the prank well.

"Are you sure we can't settle for spooking Spike or something?" Brynn asks as you knock on the door, "I feel like Twilight would be a bit busy for-"

The door swings open and a large dragon head pops out, startling you and Brynn as you take a step back from the growling thing. It's all green with funky eyes that don't look in the same direction, and makes you laugh more than it frightens you past the initial startle.

"Well hello there boys!" a familiar voice calls out from inside, the mouth opening to show Twilight's face, a little sweaty but all smiles, "Happy Nightmare Night!"

ID: e3f84 500679

"You too!"
Alright, same drill as before. Lure her in with some chit-chat, then spook her when she least expects it.


Great costume Twilight! But you'd better watch out, I hear books are a dragon's natural predator


It's going to be cute seeing how brynn reacts to twilight


Solid plan

ID: 22f29 500683

The two of you wish her a happy Nightmare Night as well, taking a bit of candy from her when she passes it to you.

"I heard books are a dragons natural predator," you joke with Twilight, signalling Brynn as subtly as you can to get Harley to mess with Twilight.

"Well you'd sure think so the way Spike avoids reading," Twilight says with a giggle, prompting an incredulous sounding voice from inside, "Oh relax, Spike, it's just a joke."


Roll #1 5 + 5 = 10







These modifiers almost seem cheating, but hey the spooks must go on


Here we go.

ID: e3f84 500688

Well we DO have a trickster spirit helping us.


we got a 15 where it mattered
nopony's going to be savvyer than pinkie
that's like dividing by zero

ID: 22f29 500690

Nothing seems to happen at first, Twilight turning to Brynn to ask him how his night is going.

He stammers a bit as he responds, but the two get on a conversation about local legends of Nightmare Night or some such.

Suddenly Spike yells, running out from behind Twilight and nearly knocking you over in the process.

"Spike! What the-" Twilight yells in surprise, turning in time to see a horde of flying books flapping their way at her.

She barely ducks in time, the books flapping rapidly past her and chasing after Spike a bit before stopping and just falling to the ground outside.

Spike shrugs at Twilight, who does a double take back into the library, then out at the books on the ground.

"How did…." she looks down at the two of you, but more at Brynn, "Brynn, I didn't even see you use your magic. How'd you do that, I was talking to you the whole time!"

"Twilight," Spike says as he catches his breath, "I think the library is haunted. Brynn didn't do it, the books just started flapping at me and chasing me around the house."

"That's ridiculous, Spike. Someone had to be using magic."

"Wasn't me, I promise!" Brynn says desperately, "I-I would never….to you…I mean.."

Quickly you point behind Twilight, yelling, "Look out!"

Twilight ducks reactively, the dragon head of her costume closing as she does so, giving you ample cover to grab Brynn and run while Spike picks up the no longer possessed books that were chasing him.

ID: e3f84 500691

Well, guess he got his wish. We ended up just scaring Spike.
Looks like his marefriend didn't want to hurt his feelings~


Don't forget to shout Happy Nightmare night


Man, Cobalt is one smooth criminal.

ID: 22f29 500694

You console yourself with the fact you wished her a happy spook night before having to run. Hopefully she won't assume it was you.

You ask Brynn why Harley chose Spike, and he shrugs before saying, "She says he was the easier target and she just wasn't feeling like she was when she pranked Pinkie. Not sure why."

Uh huh.

A clock rings off in the distance, and you double check the time. There's not much time left before Nightmare Night is wrapped up with the candy dumping, as Brynn and the others told you their tradition was during the weeks leading up to tonight.

"Should we head to that party?" Brynn suggests.


>Lets just hang out

Also if you guys are getting tired and want to call it at any point, let me know.


Yeah let's head to the party.

ID: e3f84 500696


Party? More like Pranking Gallery!


I say head to the party, but see if Brynn'd like to let Haley take over for a bit: must be ages since she's been to one.



Maybe we could swap back to flesh and blood Harley for a while to.


We need to get Wispy a costume if she's gonna be taking control

ID: 22f29 500701

"Hey Brynn."


"I say we head to the party, but…you're not much for crowds, right?"

Brynn shrugs, "Yeah, true enough."

"How about you let Harley take over? She hasn't been out and walking in ages according to her, and you don't like crowds, so…"

"I see where you're going with this," Brynn says with a wry smile, "I'll do it. Would be nice for Harley."

He raises the mask to his face and disappears, just like before, and Harley appears not ten paces to the left of where he was standing.

She lowers the Brynn mask that now hangs around her neck on a string, much like how hers was on Brynn.

She beams a bright smile, then dashes up and hugs you, pushing your face into her chest.

"Well, Brynn already knows how happy this makes me, but I want to make sure it's abundantly clear to you too," she says, ruffling your mane a bit before letting you go and trying to straighten a fake wing she knocked out of place, "Sorry about that. Anyway; Thank you!"

You feel slightly embarrassed.

ID: e3f84 500702

"Y-You too."
"For helping us with all this spooking, I mean. I can't remember the last time I had this much fun."


Maybe we should get her a costume and join the party!


File: 1383375348639.png (154.28 KB, 884x904, shadowbolt_magician.png, IO Google TinEye)

She can still do magic, right?
I know the perfect costume for her!


Oh shit, that is perfect!

ID: 22f29 500706

You nudge your fake helmet back into place while thanking her for her help tonight.

"It's been a lot of fun."

"Well it's not over yet!" she says with a laugh, "Let's get to that party and have some laughs!"

"Ah," you say, realizing something, "You don't have a costume."

"Oh, easy enough," she says.

She spins around once, a flash of light striking out from her again.

When you get the stars out of your eyes, you see she's wearing a pointed witch hat with a large bill and a tight fitting black and purple spandex costume, mirroring the wonderbolts costume Scoots won at the fair. Only bigger since she's, y'know, a mare and not a filly.

"How's that look? Is the hat too much? Should I style my mane?"

ID: e3f84 500707



Trade the hat for some goggles


The hat is a nice touch!


"I like it, Harley."

ID: 22f29 500711

"You sure it's not too tacky?" she asks, spinning around a bit, making you shield your eyes before she giggles, "I'll warn you next time, I just want you to tell me how I look."

She spins around slowly, flicking her tail as she does so, clearly excited to be dressed up for a party.

"Excellent," she says with a wink, "So, how about that party huh?"

You nod, and the two of you walk to the party together, Harley letting you lead the way.

When you get there she takes in a deep breath before smiling radiantly.

"Oh wow! So much to do! Bobbing for apples, singing, dancing, haunted maze….Oh I'm too excited, I can't pick!"

[Do you guys want to call it here, or are you willing to keep going. I know it's late for you guys and I don't want to run you into the ground.]

ID: e3f84 500712

I'm good. It's Friday night.
What about you? It must be getting late for you too.


I wouldn't mind extending it again

ID: 22f29 500714

I'm nocturnal now thanks to my job, so I'll be up for a while. But I don't want to wreck any of you guys or take too long and everybody passes out at their computer.


Haunted maze! Haunted maze!

I'm fine to keep going if you are


It's 3 AM here and I have to leave at 5AM for a funeral so may as well stay up.

ID: 22f29 500717

Alright, we'll do the haunted maze and then I'll call it so people can get sleep/go where they need to be.

Sorry to hear about a funeral, Pineapple


Hunted Maze HO!

Yea things happen, the quest has been good escapism last week for the flu and this week for this.

Back to anon


Gotta get our spooks on!
horror ahoy!

ID: 22f29 500720

"Yeah, the haunted maze!" Harley cheers, grabbing you by the hoof and dragging you with her toward it, "I want to see what passes for scary nowadays!"

She doesn't let go of your hoof until the two of you are in line, and even then she only lets go because some ponies give her a weird look.

"So," Harley says as the line starts to move forward inch by inch, "Brynn's telling me you're quite the generous colt."

She smiles, "I think I'm obliged to agree, for the time being."

Turning to you she asks, "So. Got a girl yet?"

You'd have sprayed a drink all over the guy in front of you had you been drinking.

She just laughs, "I'll take that as an 'I'm considering it,' then. Don't worry about it too much, it'll work itself out. I'd say you'd at least have me," she says with a wink, sticking her tongue out, "But Brynn and I are bound for the forseeable future. Y'know, until my inhabiting the mask takes its toll and we have to part or jump items. But that won't be for years, so no worries."

You're about to ask what she means when you notice you two are next in line, a pony dressed like a bumblebee removing the rope from the entrance and motioning you two in.

"Alright, let's go!" Harley says, dashing inside with you hot behind her.

ID: e3f84 500721

>But that won't be for years
What on earth did we do?
…Oh well. No harm no foul.

Haunted maze time!


So much for only Nightmare Night?


by that I mean around >>500721


I really like where this is heading.

And I really like Harley.


Don't lose track of her, run faster!


Oh yea keep up!

ID: e3f84 500727

Judging by what she just said, we'll probably get to see her a lot in the future.
Maybe she can be our ghost sidekick in that detective quest Aspirant's planning.

ID: 22f29 500728

The haunted house/maze is inside a build to order mansion this year, the hallways dimly lit at best or outright pitch black at worst. The walls appear molded and worn down, wall paper gone and holes in the walls with questionable looking fluids here and there. The floors aren't much better, but at least they aren't sticky.

"Now this is spooky," Harley whispers, leaning close to you as you wander through the hallways, "But it's kind of dull-"

A mummy wrapped in toilet paper falls out of the wall near her with a groan and she screams, knocking you into the wall as she tries to get away from it. A minute passes and she finally laughs, letting you out from the wall as she shakes her head.

"Oh, oh dear. Sorry about that, Cobalt."

You try to play it off like you weren't scared, which is easy since she was so frightened. Seems she knows her pranks, but isn't immune to them herself.

"If you could hear Brynn laughing at me right now," she says with a giggle as the two of you continue.

You get to a room that's lit with eerie green lights, a table behind some caution ropes covered in blood and viscera of different shapes and consistencies.

"Ugh, now that's just gross," she says, grabbing your hoof and hurrying past it, "Sorry, but I don't have the stomach for that." She suddenly laughs, "Didn't think I'd get to say that again!"


Hehe, maybe she'll end up scooby-dooing into our hooves?
The only downside to this, is Brynn's along for the ride, making any potential romancing a bit awkward.

ID: 22f29 500730

The two of you wander a number of halls on the first floor, Harley appreciating the amount of effort put into scaring other ponies.

"Back before I was, well, y'know, my town didn't put much into these kind of celebrations. The food harvests, yeah. Scaring each other, even if it was to ward off spirits? Not so much." she touches some of the fake spider webs in the corner of a room containing the spider's mock victims, all wrapped in the stuff and made to look like they're moving, "Seriously, that's a lot of work."

You aren't sure what to think of it. Seems about the same as it was back in your old town. But seeing her appreciate it gives you a feeling of appreciation as well, strangely enough.

Eventually the two of you reach the second floor, where it's less spooky and more so you can look out over the party going on and get a picture taken. The two of you stand on the balcony, looking down over the other ponies gathered around the bobbing for apples pool that lies on the back side of the haunted house.

"Hey, wanna mess with those ones?" she asks, a sly smile creasing her covered face.

>You bet!

>Doesn't doing that tire you?

ID: e3f84 500731

Let's do it!


Go for it! It's her jam.





You know what more fun than bobbing for apples?
bobbing for spiders

ID: 22f29 500736

You nod, leaning up against the rail and peering over like she is as she points a hoof at the pool of water.


Roll #1 9 + 5 = 14

ID: e3f84 500737

We are on FIRE tonight!


Dis gunna be good


spooksville, population: everyone


… Is Harley a Mud-pone? Unihorn? Flappy-feather?

ID: 22f29 500741

"Ooh, that's just devious," she says with a note of appreciation.


She lets out a grunt and her mane flares a bit, nearly sending her hat off her head as a wake ripples through the pool of water holding the apples.

Well, they were apples before, anyway.

The ponies surrounding the pool scream in terror and start backing or running away as the apples start crawling over the edge of the tub while Harley laughs raucously before squishing you to her side, once again messing up your mane and fake wings.

"I love Nightmare Night! Get to mess with people and nobody says a thing!"

You can't help but feel happy when you're squished up against her like this, feeling her laugh as she hugs you with appreciation. It's a nice feeling.

You didn't notice before, but she looks like your standard, run of the mill, Earth pony. Other than the costume and how she looks as an individual, you mean. How'd she do that if she doesn't have a horn to cast magic from?

Without an immediate answer, you shrug, filing the question away for later. She said she'll be here for years, right? Plenty of time.

As her laughter subsides, Harley lets you go, fixing your wings and helmet again with a mumbled "Sorry," though the smile never leaves her face and you can see twinkling in her beautiful green eyes.

"Alright, what say we get our picture taken?"

You nod as she hits a bell on the railing, and a tired looking pony dressed up as the Frankenpone monster wanders onto the balcony with a camera.

"Say 'Scream,'" he says as he raises the camera.

Harley puts a hoof around your shoulders, careful not to mess up your outfit this time.




ID: e3f84 500743



Bare your fangs! you included fangs in this costume right? You can't weenie out on the fangs man

ID: 22f29 500745

You smile, saying "Scream!" with Harley as the stallion snaps a photo, handing the immediate photo to you before wandering back inside.

"Ooh, ooh, lemme see," Harley says with a grin as the two of you wait for it to finish developing.

It finishes, and you hold the picture out for her to see.

It's a picture of you with your arm around Brynn, in his own costume, smiling in a way that doesn't look like him.

"….Huh." Harley says, "Welp, guess you can't have it all, eh?"

ID: e3f84 500746

Good thing we didn't kiss her on the cheek.


So I'm guessing everyone else sees her as Brynn?


Magic's WIERD


Oh, nice.

That would have been fantastic.

ID: e3f84 500750

This is tangential, but do you think Harley might know anything about that weird self-altering song that made us black out?

Just a thought.


If we get time to ask it couldn't hurt. It sounds like she's going to be around for a while


Maybe, she's using a magic we know nothing about, it can't hurt to ask her how she does it, and about the song


She'd certainly want to know, given it concerns her host.
>It's The Harbinger trying to lure her into becoming truly alive again, so he can claim her properly this time.


>She needs our help pulling the greatest prank of all time so she can save herself again

ID: 22f29 500755

"Wait, does that mean everyone sees you as Brynn?" you ask.

Harley shrugs, "I don't think so, but the Harbinger told me all that stuff ages ago, so I don't remember all of the stuff he said. Then again, these pictures you got might work different. I don't know, this is my first time, remember?"


"Hey, either way," she says, leaning in close, "I'm having a blast tonight. And it's all thanks to you and your pal Brynn."

You can't decide if you want to stop her or not as she leans in and gives you a kiss on the cheek, soft but firm lips pressing against you as she lets out a gentle hum of affection before breaking it off with a gentle smack.

She giggles as you blush through your costume, "That was from me, not Brynn, just so we're clear."

You feel kind of bad for Brynn, but she just smiles and, in a tone that makes it sound like she read your mind, says, "Don't worry about Brynn. I'll make it up to him, too."

For a moment you wonder as to how, but eventually you let it slip. Things are confusing enough as it is without delving into that whole tangled mess.

The two of you head down the exiting set of stairs from the haunted house, heading back out into the party grounds while a million questions float through your head. For now, you'll enjoy her company and just roll with it.

There will be time for questions later.

Gonna call it for tonight here since everything beyond this point goes off on its own a bit. Thanks for joining me tonight, we can extend this one and get back on track Monday if you wish, or Friday/Saturday next week if I've done my mental scheduling correctly.

I'll be in the /qt/ thread if you want to throw questions at me that aren't direct expositions


Thanks for the session, it was fun!
Those dates should all be fine for me.


Thanks asp, it was fun.


I can do monday, but if the majority want Friday/Saturday, I'm fine with waiting.


Well on our way to the Waifu bank

ID: e3f84 500760

Thanks for the session!
I'm fine with Monday.

ID: 22f29 501497

Just returned from the DFAC, one moment as I get warmed up again.

ID: 22f29 501502



Waiting until Friday then?

ID: 22f29 501517

Yeah, after it was made clear that a number of people couldn't participate tonight I decided we'll just go ahead on Friday.


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