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File: 1381025097219.png (79.93 KB, 700x424, Puff_Questionnaire.png, IO Google TinEye)

ID: 4cf5c 491040

Previously, on Cute "Quest":

It ended!

But, due to shortness of time and recent demand, it's come back!

All previous progress cleared!
Character interactions reset!

Character creation optional but encouraged.

[Reminder]This "quest" revolves around characters the CMC's age. Therefore, there will be at best; Hugging, and light kissing.
It's a PG rated quest until it shifts into the Adventure Quest setting.
But I get ahead of myself.

First things first, let's make your character (Since original Puff was kind of bland.)

I'll explain more in the following post(s), one moment.


File: 1381025296674.png (105.17 KB, 500x500, Pinkie excited.png, IO Google TinEye)


File: 1381025684573.gif (216.85 KB, 600x600, 1378391202307.gif, IO Google TinEye)


ID: 4cf5c 491060

Alright, the three big parts of your character are going to be:

What he looks like

Pick one, or suggest one.

>You're a pony who recently moved into Ponyville from another town.

You don't know anyone, so you're starting with a clean slate and the others are interested in who you are/what you do/what your talents are if you have any.

>You've always been here, just been a wallflower till now.

They recognize your face but not your name. You have some established ties within the school/have general knowledge about your classmates/the area, but the others don't find you very interesting right away.


>>You're a pony who recently moved into Ponyville from another town.
This one


Seconded, and I say we go unicorn this time.


>>You're a pony who recently moved into Ponyville from another town.



Either way it sounds like we're going to have to introduce ourselves so may as well go first route

ID: 4cf5c 491070

So it shall be!

Next, talents!


>Select your talent

This is your talent, you have a cutie mark oriented around it (to be discussed later). You know what you're good at specifically and you get a bonus to actions dealing with that skill/talent.

>Blank slate

You have no idea what your talents are. You're heavy set on exploring your possibilities.
[For this option I roll a die against a field of abilities I've divvied up into categories that are only known to me. I write down the area(s) you're good at and when you perform an action in that area, you get an unspecified bonus. That will be your only indicator of where your talents lie, and it can be muddled by dumb luck.]

>The Unstable Double

You have two special talents, but you don't get to pick them, and you get half the normal bonus you would for actions involving either of these areas of specialty unless they're both involved, then you get double the bonus.
[This roll would be like the above choice, but you would see the results since your mark would be based off the abilities. Be warned, odd things happen around those with a mixed mark.]


Blank slate sounds like buckets o' fun, frankly.


Blank Slate


>Be warned, odd things happen around those with a mixed mark.

Sounds fun lets double it!


I'm not so sure about Unstable Double, how would that even work?
Would we get one cutie mark that incorporated both talents somehow?

ID: 92886 491077

Blank slate.


Yeah but it sounds like most of the time we'd only be getting half a bonus

ID: 4cf5c 491080

Yes, your mark would be more complex than others, or perhaps more simple but with a double meaning. It all depends on the combination and what fits on your butt/what Celestia/The powers that be bestow you.


>forgetting to take my name off twice
Wouldn't we also benefit from knowing what our talents are?


Sounds a little too complicated, we don't want this quest to only be about finding our special talent.
Sticking with my earlier answer >>491071

ID: 4cf5c 491086



Oh, you'd know what your talents are since you'd have your cutie mark. Still, you're right in that it'd be quite the distracting thing!

4 to 1 on the marks, a blank flank you are!

Finally, what should he look like?

Mane/Tail Style

>Random colors

Just what it sounds like. Tempt fate and risk being bloodhooves mcgrimdark, or fabulous pink.

>I want to pick my colors

Pick up to four colors, and explain how they go on him

>Default to original Puff colors

He's kinda bland, but he's not obnoxious. Just kinda…there.


I actually want to try and roll the dice again
What could go wrong?


Old puff was cute, but letting the RNG decide is always fun.

Roll dem bones.


random. there's no way this can go wrong.


File: 1381026999002.png (8.98 KB, 350x355, d20.png, IO Google TinEye)



I want to pick the colors, but i don't really know what to go with

ID: 4cf5c 491096


So it shall be!

-Primary Color Table-
1. Black
2. Cadet Blue
3. Coral
4. Crimson
5. Dark Cyan
6. Green/Dark Green
7. Red/Dark Red
8. Blue/Dark Slate Blue
9. Gray
10. Gold/Goldenrod
11. Yellow
12. White
13. Chocolate

>Secondary Color Table the same as Primary

Values adjustable.



1 Reroll available

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 5 = 5

ID: 4cf5c 491098

File: 1381027408828.jpg (90.27 KB, 700x526, ColorChart.JPG, IO exif Google TinEye)

This is the color chart I looked at for colors/name colors. Far right column because I picked at random.

Again, you can adjust the brightness of colors to make them mesh better or be gaudy as hell. It's up to you.


>Dark Green and Dark Cyan
I think it works.


File: 1381027521994.png (14.32 KB, 900x650, myPony.png, IO Google TinEye)

>DarkGreen+Dark Cyan
so something like this?

It's not completely terrible but I say reroll

ID: 4cf5c 491108

Free option to flip the colors if you wish, since blue with green mane might not be so bad either.


If we can't reroll, we should make the green lighter

ID: 4cf5c 491114

So, reroll, or stay Green/Cyan?


I wouldn't mind the colors if we can make like light green and light blue like >>491112 said


Against my better judgment on saying flip the colors. I am going to say let's tempt fate with the dice.


ID: 4cf5c 491121

You can, hence the adjust brightness/values.

It's your character, I don't want you guys to cringe every time you think of this guy doing stuff. Not based on his colors, anyway.

ID: 4cf5c 491122

2 for reroll

1 implied reroll?

Leave the colors

One for custom

Re roll it is, I guess.


Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Cadet Blue body
Dark Cyan mane


blue pony!
I'm okay with this


File: 1381028374237.png (19.31 KB, 830x650, bluepone.png, IO Google TinEye)

Blue pone?


That's actually pretty good, not bad

ID: 92886 491132

I like it!

ID: 4cf5c 491134


At risk of everyone falling asleep, pony is blue.

Da boo dee da boo dee



String bean. People assume you're a nerd or you don't play around physically much. This could be true, or you could be a cardio person. Take your pick.


The sportsman/intimidating. Some ponies will swoon over how you look, while others are too scared to talk to you without you initiating.


Between the above two. Most approachable, but least spectacular.

>Unfortunate Accident

You've got a permanent limp from something that happened even earlier in your childhood. You aren't so hot in physical competitions anymore, but it earns you sympathy points from people you meet, making them more likely to talk to you.

ID: 92886 491135

Oh and also, what should we do about his eyes?
If his mane and coat are both blue, maybe they should be something that stands out? Like gold or red or something?



I want to be able to intimidate pone.

ID: 92886 491138

We'll let our actions and words speak louder than our appearance.

ID: 4cf5c 491139

I totally forgot about eyes. Whoops.

We'll deal with that after determining physical characteristics/what kind of pony you are. My mistake.


I 2nd Bulky, though he's just going to be a colt right so he can't be THAT bulky


trap route unlocked~!

ID: 4cf5c 491145

Remember that kid who was taller than everyone you knew in middle school, hitting his head on the ceiling and stuff but being awesome at basketball?

It's like that. You aren't a mini Arnie or anything, but you're definitely big for a young colt.


Ehhh, I say go average.


we're all blue, might as well go fast

ID: 4cf5c 491150


File: 1381028989336.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.79 KB, 462x597, sonic comic cameo.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

maybe we can meet him ourselves


we're a very decisive group


I'll throw a vote to bulky


I'm keeping the lean vote.


I already voted lean, but I maintain skinny is the best option for going fast and/or being sneaky and therefore the funnest

ID: 4cf5c 491156




Bulky it is!

[Since there was a leaning toward Lean, he'll just be somewhat bulky instead of full on bulk. Half the intimidation, but half the edge over average pony physique]

ID: 4cf5c 491157

Mane and Tail style is going to kind of fall to the wayside for a moment.

What kind of pony are you?



Earth Pony

<Alicorn DLC not available>


So average?


As someone who voted average this works for me.

ID: 4cf5c 491161

Slightly more bulky than average. So…like you've started hitting those protein supplements, but you don't go to the gym as often as the real roid heads, in vague terms.



Earth master race


Mud horse.


probably an earth pony since we're on the large side

ID: 92886 491165


ID: 4cf5c 491167


3 to 1 for Earth Pony.

Mane/Tail styles

The mane-hawk
Bald head, short tail

General ideas, can be refined or altered in game.

ID: 4cf5c 491168

And I need to make a set of rolls, so one moment.



Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 4 = 4


I like the wild manes like Dash's

ID: 92886 491170

Wild mane.


Nother vote for wild, sounds most fun.


I dare not go against the almighty MLPG hivemind so natural


I want to have at least three cute fillies' hooves become entangled in it by the end of the second session

ID: 4cf5c 491174


Alright, so it is.


Unless you want to give him a basic backstory at this point, we're ready to get going now that I've rolled your hidden talent.

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 4 = 4 / Roll #3 7 = 7



What about EYES?

ID: 4cf5c 491177

Ah, right.

1. Red
2. Gold
3. Green
4. Purple
5. Orange
6. Heterochromia, you special snowflake you


Roll #1 1 = 1


but I wanted to be a special snowflake


eh, who needs em


File: 1381030188836.png (22.02 KB, 830x650, WildHair RedEyes.png, IO Google TinEye)

Freckles maybe?

ID: 4cf5c 491181

Alright, so:

You're a slightly bulky, blue coated and blue maned, red eyed, earth pony blank flank who just moved in from out of town to the wonderful area of Ponyville.

But before you start, we gotta know;

What is your name?








Cobalt Bebop
I dunno, just thought it sounded nice


I kind of like Cobalt


Dusk's Dawn.

ID: 4cf5c 491189

You are Cobalt!

Last name to be decided later, when you get your cutie mark. Because tradition, that's why.

Alright, gimme a sec and the first session will get underway.



I second this

ID: 92886 491192

Here we go!
I'm gonna miss Puff…

ID: 4cf5c 491193

"Alright class, we have a new student joining us today," you hear your new teacher tell the class you're joining while you stand in the hallway nervously, "I want you to be nice and help him if he has any difficulties now that he's in Ponyville, understand?"

"Yes, Miss Cheerilee," the class responds, a few voices sounding excited against the monotone backdrop of kids who don't want to be in class.

"Very good. Now then, he'll be joining us shortly…"

Sounds like your cue.

Nervously, you walk into the small class, returning Miss Cheerilee's smile with a slightly awkward one of your own. A few students begin whispering when you walk in, though you can't make out what they're saying.

All eyes are on you as you stand at the front of the class.

[Spaghetti roll]
[First 3 1d10's taken, get a 12 or better to not freeze up.]


File: 1381031631132.png (11.4 KB, 251x369, puff #swag.png, IO Google TinEye)

he will always live in our hearts
I'm still salty that we never got that "Puff brushing Sweetie's mane" pic.




Here we go

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 10 = 10



Roll #1 3 = 3




Roll #1 5 = 5


well at least we didn't completely freeze up
I was afraid we'd start off with a 3 and piss ourselves



Awesome we didn't beef it!


File: 1381032083879.png (205.85 KB, 1457x778, 1.png, IO Google TinEye)


suddenly I am SO OK with bulky
oh my gosh we're kinda chubby aren't we


Aw yiss

ID: 4cf5c 491205


You take a deep breath, ready to introduce yourself with gusto, when the first row of students catch your eye.

One has a big red bow in her apple red mane that compliments her yellow coat, and she's smiling politely as she makes eye contact with you.

A white pony with a purple and pink split mane sits beside her, propping her head up with her hooves as she smiles at you as well.

There's an orange one who looks half asleep.

A pony with glasses and braided gray mane is whispering to a pink one with a tiara on her head.

All of them are rather….uh….

You swallow hard and shake your head for a sec, regaining your bearings before others notice you lost them.

"Uh, hi! My name is Cobalt. Pleasure to meet you."

The room is silent for a moment before Miss Cheerilee asks, "So, Cobalt, what's your favorite thing to do. When you're not in class, of course," she giggles a little to herself as you think.

ID: 4cf5c 491206

[Open Question]

This is more to set your base standings with the ponies in class. You can metagame it if you want, but that could bite you in the rear later on.

You can pick something general, like sports, reading, whatever.

No consensus in 5 minutes means I answer for you.


Cobalt loves reading books!


>chubby colt


Cobalt loves to read horror stories


go fast
But really, sports I guess.


Cobalt loves to read horror stories out loud using an old stallion's voice.



>slightly athletic egg head



Maybe Cobalt likes music?


I like it. Maybe he read a book or two on sports and it gave him a passing interest in one.

ID: 4cf5c 491216


"I, uh, like to read…" you say, trying to keep your confidence up, "Horror stories, specifically."

"Horror stories?" Miss Cheerilee asks, "How interesting for a colt your age. Perhaps you can talk to some of our other reading enthusiasts during recess."

You nod. Couldn't hurt, right?

Miss Cheerilee directs you to a seat in the third row, at the end of the class near the door.

A beige pony with brown mane and tail sits in front of you, while to your left is another filly who's pink with light green hair. She smiles when you look at her, revealing a shiny set of braces on her teeth.

The pony behind you is reading a book while making it look like he's reading the math book in front of him. He wears glasses and, like you, is blue coated, though he has a brown mane and green eyes.

There'll be time to talk to them later, for now Miss Cheerilee is beginning her lesson of the day.

[Time skip to recess, one sec.]


Na that's too much like Noteworthy


Unless Cheerilee has something interesting planned, sure timeskip



So? Not like any one pony has a monopoly on a hobby.


Well except for filthy rich



Don't you mean "has a monopoly AS a hobby?"

ID: 4cf5c 491222

First day of class you aren't paying that much attention to the lesson anyway. Most the time you're busy looking around the classroom and figuring out who you'd like to talk to. Or avoid.

Recess comes suddenly with a bell ringing sharply, making you half jump in your seat as it interrupts Miss Cheerilee.

"My, how time sure flies," she muses, "Well, enjoy your recess! I'll be here if you have any questions you'd like answered. Have fun and play nice!"

Most the students bolt out the door, eager to get outside and play.

The bookworm behind you marks his page and gets up, carrying his book in a magic field as he walks toward the door. Somehow, you missed he was a unicorn the first time around.

Three of the girls in the front row are still in the class, talking about something or another. Looks like the yellow one, white one, and the orange one who was half asleep know each other and are pretty good friends.

Everyone else is outside already.

>What do?


Let's go chat with the bookworm.



Let's chat up that colt, or at least see what he's reading.
Maybe it's Goosebumps and we can share our theory about how the evil camera tnat makes ponies dead is haunted by a ghost of a pony that, everytime his photo was taken, he blinked, and he was so upset having no good pictures of himself that when he died that he wanted to make sure nobody had good pictures takem of them ever again


scout around
talk to the bookworm


File: 1381033893693.png (180.93 KB, 1244x688, 2.png, IO Google TinEye)

i draw too slow

ID: 92886 491228

Talk to our potential literature buddy.

ID: 4cf5c 491229

Time to find some common ground first.

You head outside, looking for the bookworm who sits behind you. Maybe he's reading something good and you can talk about it.

You find him sitting in the shade of the schoolhouse, lying on his side and propping his book against one hoof while he reads, flipping pages with his magic.

The other ponies play or talk in their little social circles, meandering the grassy outdoors near the school or playing on the nearby playground.

You wander over to the bookworm. Might as well get down to it.

"So, uh, whatcha reading?"

He jumps a little and the book falls shut as he mumbles a curse and adjusts his glasses with a hoof.

"Scared the daylights out of me, you did," he says when he finally regains himself, "And uh, just a story about some archaeologist in a creepy ruin."

Sounds familiar.

"Daring Doo?"

He shakes his head, "Nah, different. Renne, or something. Probably never heard of it. Dunno if it's a real book or…what. Anyway, what did you need?"


that's adorable
your style works well for this


>Renne, or something
Oh you

Maybe ask him it's good/scary?


>Dunno if it's a real book or…what.

"Sounds interesting. Is it any good?"



Ask about book recommendations! Maybe where the liberty is? And about classmates.

ID: 92886 491234

"I saw you reading and thought…well, I don't really have any friends yet and…I kinda like books too and…I thought maybe we could be friends and…stuff…"


"Well, I'm kinda mew here, and you seem pretty cool. What do ponies do in Ponyville? What's it like here?"




>"what are you a cat?"

ID: 4cf5c 491238

"Is it good?"

He nods, beginning to crack the book back open before shutting it again, perhaps realizing he's having an extended conversation.

"Yes, yes it is. It's just…uh," he looks around, "It's just a little too….possible. Gives me the creeps."

Might have to check that out later.

"Hey, where's the library around here?"

Bookworm shakes his head, "Isn't one here at the school. Just a big one in town. Can't miss it, it's a tree."


"A tree, with windows built in it and stuff. It's the town library and it's run by a pony named Twilight." He looks over at the playground, not really looking at anything, "She's a great librarian. Knows where everything is, knows a lot about…well, everything, she's got ties to the Princess my parents say, and-" he stops, his cheeks reddening, "Sorry, got off on a tangent."

"Anyway, my name is Brynn. Pleasure to meet you."


ask brynn about the other ponies, like the ones you saw in the front row in class while you were introducing yourself.


"Cobalt, but I guess you already know that"

and this sounds like a good idea>>491239

ID: 92886 491241

"Y-You too."
Ask him about the other classmates you haven't met yet.




Also is this alt universe to the last cute quest?


"uhm, d- do you know the name of the pony with braces beside me?"



seems that way
Or it's an alternate universe where everyone is named Brynn

ID: 4cf5c 491245

>ask brynn about the other ponies, like the ones you saw in the front row in class while you were introducing yourself.

"Oh, the CMC?"

You give a blank stare.

"Oh, yeah, uh, 'Cutie Mark Crusaders'. It's what they call themselves, sometimes. Apple Bloom is the one with the bow, Sweetie Belle is the white one, and Scootaloo is the orange one. They're best friends because none of them know what they're good at and they banded together when Diamond Tiara made fun Apple Bloom at a party thing she had. At least I think it was Apple Bloom, that was a while ago and they've just been friends ever since so I kinda forgot."

>Diamond Tiara?

"The pink one with the tiara. She's got a friend called Silver Spoon. Diamond's a mean one, but Silver seems nice. When she's not around Diamond, anyway, which is rare in itself. If I were you, I wouldn't mess with either of them. At least not for now."


ID: 4cf5c 491246

I reveal nothing!

There was a moment where I thought of having Puff go about the actions of previous Quest simultaneously to this one, but then your actions would infringe on that and things would be goofy so I dropped the idea since it seemed like adding false depth and too much work for a silly quest.

I will say I recycled the name Brynn from last time because I didn't want to come up with something else. Laziness, ho!


I guess we should let Brynn read in peace now, don't want to be too much of a bother

ID: 92886 491248

Ask if he wants to trade books sometime.
We've probably got a few he hasn't read yet, and vice versa.


This then let's go mack on dem three fillys.

ID: 4cf5c 491250

He smiles, just a little, "I've read quite a bit, so I don't know about that, but I appreciate the thought. I've got plenty of favorites if you're ever wanting something to read, just ask and I can lend you something or tell you where to find it."

You thank him and leave him to read, deciding to go talk to the CMC now that you know their names.
If you can find them, anyway.

The playground is a bustle with bodies, most sliding down slides or playing tag, while a few sit in swings and some play ball.

Finally you spot the three of them, sitting well off to the side of the playground sitting at a park bench of sorts, some books and paper scattered around as they write and converse.

You wander closer and see that they're….doing homework?


"Are you guys really doing homework during recess?"

ID: 92886 491252

Try not to do anything stupid.


Introduce ourselves, and maybe join them. Should leave more time for after school.


"Um, hey, I'm Cobalt, the new colt. Are you guys a study group or something?"



File: 1381036289606.png (136.16 KB, 588x788, 3.png, IO Google TinEye)

wait, he didn't know what they were called yet..


Draw Brynn the Bookish next

ID: 4cf5c 491258

>"Are you guys really doing homework during recess?"

The three stop and look at you, before Sweetie blushes and nods emphatically, smiling yet again. Does this filly always smile?

"Sure are," Apple Bloom answers more directly before getting back to work, "Gives us more time to do other stuff after school."

Scootaloo is just kind of pushing her pencil back and forth, not really working. She seems kinda….bummed?

Apple Bloom notices you looking at her and shakes her head, "Don't mind Scootaloo, she's upset because she lost a wheel on her scooter coming to school today."

Scotaloo mumbles something about rocks before sighing and flopping her head onto the table.

"I already told ya I'm gonna help ya fix it, now stop being so glum and help finish that reading homework so you've got time to ride your scooter when it's fixed today."

"I guess," Scootaloo says before sitting up and starting in on the homework earnestly, her demeanor brightening a little as she focuses.

"Was there something you wanted, Cobalt?" Sweetie asks, smiling as she sets her pencil down.

"Maybe he wants to join us," Scootaloo says.

"Do homework?"

Scootaloo rolls her eyes, "I meant join the CMC, he's a blank flank like us."

"So he is," Apple Bloom says, looking at your flank briefly, "He could, I guess. He'd be the first boy to have joined…"

"Maybe he just wanted to say hi," Sweetie says, ignoring the other two and thinking out loud.

What a group, these three.

ID: 92886 491259

"Actually, getting my homework out of the way doesn't seem like such a bad idea."
"…Is, is it okay? If I join you, I mean. To do homework."


Let's keep it smooth


"Just came over to see hi, thanks… but…. what is it the Cutie Mark Crusaders DO, exactly? It's like a club, right?"


hows this?


Ha, that's great!
He looks a little miffed we interrupted his reading.


I 2nd both

I love that mane


File: 1381037210486.png (11.11 KB, 181x111, brynn cutiemark.png, IO Google TinEye)

woops, forgot cutiemark

drawing so fast makes me miss things

ID: 92886 491266

I bet he keeps spare pencils and erasers in that hair.


He usually keeps them up there for homework, but this latest book has got a bunch of symbols along the bottom he suspects is a code, so he's been taking notes on that too.

ID: 4cf5c 491268


"Alright, well, go get your books then and come on back. Hurry up though, not much time left before lunch," Apple Bloom says as she starts scooting over on the bench, moving her stuff with her to make room for you.

You hustle back to the classroom, startling Miss Cheerilee as you rummage through your bag for your books.

"Is everything alright, Cobalt?" she asks cautiously.

"Yeah, I'm fine!" you respond before clamping your book in your teeth and taking off back outside before she can ask more questions.

You race back and plop the book down on the table, rustling some papers before sitting next to Apple Bloom and figuring out what everyone is working on.

Pretty soon they've got you doing some of the reading assignment since Scootaloo fell behind.

Not a problem for you since you like to read, though the subject material is a bit…boring.

You decide to ask what the CMC are all about as you take a short break.

"Mostly just figuring out what we're good at," Apple Bloom replies, "Y'know, since we're all blank flanks. We don't want to just wait for it to happen, we want to know as soon as we can!"

"That, and we get to wear these really cute capes," Sweetie Belle chimes in.

ID: 92886 491269

"I wanna figure out what I'm good at too…"
"…Wait, capes?"


"those capes sound cool, can I see them after school?"


"Capes? I love capes! Where do I sign up!"


File: 1381038106458.png (152.26 KB, 970x580, brynn1.png, IO Google TinEye)

fix edit, added mark and tail
alright, gonna stop drawing tonight


thanks Dotty you're a good guy

ID: 4cf5c 491274


"Yeah! Capes!" Sweetie exclaims.

Before you can ask about anything further, the bell for lunch rings and the CMC start packing up their homework.

"Thanks for helping us finish that," Apple Bloom says with a smile, "Feel free to ask for our help anytime. Oh, and if you want to see what the CMC is all about, then you can join us after class tomorrow. I'd show ya today, but I've gotta help my sis around the farm this afternoon. That's why I needed the homework done so I don't have to worry about it."

"I thought you said you were gonna fix my scooter!"

"I will, Scootaloo, you just gotta come down to the farm where my brother's tools are at."

Scootaloo sighs before putting her book bag on her back and walking toward the school.

"She'll snap out of it, don't worry," Apple Bloom reassures Sweetie.

"Anyway, was nice of you to help, Cobalt. I owe ya one!"

You follow them inside and put your books away, pull out your sack lunch, and eat at your desk like the other students. Doesn't seem like the ones you talked to today are ready to be eating alongside you quite yet, or maybe they're just a little preoccupied.

The rest of class goes similarly to the morning; Not much other than class itself goes on. No news is good news, as they say.

The end of class bell rings and it's time to head home. Or into town. The CMC head out, Sweetie and Apple Bloom waving to you as they head out, and you wave back politely.

Brynn stays after a little bit, no doubt caught up in his book.

[Today's post school shenanigans will be short, as this is the first and mostly introductory session and it's getting late over here.]

>Where would you like to go?

Thanks dot!


Goodnight dot
may a chorus of butter-colored pony sing you to your rest

ID: 92886 491276

See what that grey bespectacled filly is doing.


Where are we living?


Explore town a bit, maybe checkout the library?


To the Library! Just look for trees, it shouldn't be too hard. How many buildings here have leaves?

ID: 4cf5c 491280

Cobalt lives in a small house on the edge of Ponyville with his parents. Perhaps he walked past the library this morning without knowing what it was, or he was too tired to care.

The grey pony with glasses doesn't seem to be in the classroom any longer, and you don't recall seeing her leave. Must have left with the crowd of ponies that left almost right away while you were still getting your bag together.

Maybe you'll catch her tomorrow. Though Brynn did say to leave her be….

You decide to look around for the library, and wave goodbye to Miss Cheerilee as you set out from the schoolhouse.

You wander Ponyville in the afternoon light, asking for directions once or twice from ponies working shops or sweeping walks.

Eventually you find the large tree-building that is the library.

You knock on the door, not sure if you're supposed to just walk in or not.

The door flies open and a purple unicorn yells right into your face, eyes shut, "I SWEAR IF YOU KNOCK ON MY DOOR WITH MY OWL AND SAY "WHO'S THERE' ONE MORE TIME PINKIE, I'LL-"

She stops as she opens her eyes and sees you, before her cheeks go from purple to near pink and she stammers to say something while your hearing attempts to normalize.

"I-I'm, oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, I didn't-that is, I didn't mean to-"

>What do


"…knock knock?"


I laughed

he should probably laugh to break the tension
then ask if we can see the library

ID: 92886 491283

"I-Is this the library…?"


My what an awfully loud library

ID: 4cf5c 491285

You laugh nervously, "k-knock, knock?"

Suddenly she's in your face, "Did Pinkie send you?"

"N-no, no."

"Oh, good," she sighs, before getting a little uptight again, "I mean, not good, that I yelled at you, but, good that she didn't send you. Sorry, sorry for yelling at you like that. It's been…" she sighs, "It's been a long day. But I'm sorry, what did you need?"

"I, uh, was looking for the library."

She immediately brightens, "Oh, well this is it! Ponyville Library run by yours truly, Twilight Sparkle!"

She beckons you indoors, though you're hesitant to follow, and she apologizes yet again as you walk inside.

"If you haven't met Pinkie yet, you will one of these days. And you'll understand why I was yelling just now. Maybe."

"Anyway, this is the library and is also my home here in Ponyville! If you ever need a book, just drop by and make a request! I can usually find it right away, but if it takes longer than that I can have it ready to you for the next day. Just bring them back in the condition they're given to you in, and bring them back once you're finished or within two weeks, and we'll get along just fine."

The inside of the library is quite large, with rows and rows of bookshelves on the outer walls. It smells of tea, musty paper, and wood. There are plenty of windows and a lot of rather comfy looking reading places scattered about the multiple floors.

"The second floor is mostly my sleeping quarters," Twilight says when she sees you looking upstairs, "Mine and Spike's anyway. There are books up there but mostly my personal stash of favorites."


"Oh, if you don't know me then you probably haven't met Spike either. My apologies," she says, bowing her head slightly, "Let me go get him so you know who he is, should he be here and I'm not around to answer the door."

With that, she heads upstairs to retrieve her co-worker.

Moments later she comes back downstairs, "Spike's on his way down with some tea now, so if you like you can have a seat and join me."

ID: 92886 491286

Ask her if she has that book you saw Brynn reading earlier today. The spooky one about archaeologists and ruins.



"Some tea would be nice, Thank you"

Ask about the 2spooky book selection, and maybe about the one Brynn was reading earlier.

ID: 4cf5c 491289


>"Tea would be nice, thanks."

>Ask her if she has that book you saw Brynn reading earlier today. The spooky one about archaeologists and ruins.

Twilight furrows her brow in though as you hear footsteps on the stairs, "Archaeologist and ruins….the one that wasn't a Daring Doo novel? Ah, yes, the untitled one featuring a young mare known as 'Renne' exploring a set of underground ruins with her companion. I've heard of it but never read it myself. I heard it's a delightfully unnerving story."

That may be the first time you've ever heard the phrase "delightfully unnerving."

"Sorry about the wait," a tired sounding voice says from behind Twilight, "Just woke up from a nap, didn't know Twilight had company."

What rounds around the seat Twilight sits on is a small, purpple, lizard like thing that's walking on two legs and…talking.

Twilight laughs, no doubt at your reaction to Spike.

"He's a little odd, isn't he?" She says with a laugh.Spike just rolls his eyes, shrugging, "Guess he's never seen a dragon before. I remember when Fluttershy looked at me like that," He smiles. "Man, those were the days."

"Oh please," Twilight says as pours tea for the three of you with her magic, "You act like things are SO much more difficult for you now. Besides, that wasn't that long ago."

"Yeah, well, now she knows that dragons don't just live off of ice cream and naps. I liked it better when that's what she thought."

You and Twilight share a laugh. Twilight levitates your cup of tea to you before sipping her own.

It's times like these you wish you had magic.

The two of you have a pleasant conversation about what kind of creepy tales she has stored away in the library, and before the afternoon wanes away she puts a list of recommendations in your saddlebag for you.

You thank her for everything, noting that the sun is beginning to set, and you should probably get home before your parents start to worry. Twilight and Spike see you out, waving as you head back home for the day.

During the walk home, you think about your conversation with Twilight, and decide you understand why Brynn seems to have a thing for her.

[End of Day 1]

Sorry to cut it so short, but I'm pooped and I don't want to subject you to my tired writing so quickly.


>It's times like these you wish you had magic.

nice first session, thanks Aspirant

ID: 92886 491291

Thanks for the session!

ID: 4cf5c 491292

File: 1381041085318.gif (154.48 KB, 640x480, 1379235694985.gif, IO Google TinEye)


Yeah I'm definitely starting earlier next time.
And working on my writing more before hand.

Such a short thread.

It'll get better as we go along, I promise. Beginning is always the roughest part.

Thanks for sticking with me.

ID: 92886 491293

Next Saturday, then?


Well we are off to a good start I think. Thanks for running!

ID: 4cf5c 491295

Barring anything coming up in my military life, I'll plan for next Saturday again.

I feel like I'm forgetting something so that's tentative. I'll keep you posted.

And thank you for playing! For being gone for so long and whatnot I wasn't sure I'd get any takers when the suggestion picked up steam.


Starting a new job tomorrow that has the possibility of eating up my weekend nights. I will try and get to as many sessions as I can.

Now that the intro is done maybe we can pull more people in.

ID: 4cf5c 491297

I appreciate the thought, sir. I'd run on a weeknight but that's just not possible with my current activities/occupation.

And I hope so. Even if not, as long as I've got even two people who want to run through it, I'll do it.

Have a nice night everyone!

ID: 7609b 493752

Previously, on Cute "Quest":

Cobalt, the intrepid protagonist, went to school in Ponyville for the first time since having arrived in town.
The slightly chubby stallion introduced himself to the class and began the road to friendship with Brynn, the unicorn bookworm of the class, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders: Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo.

They invited him to hang out with them after class the next day. Plans prevented them from doing anything immediate.

After doing some schoolwork during recess (Neeeerd) and mindlessly working through the rest of the school day he went to the local Library at Brynn's recommendation.

There he met Twilight, the friendly librarian unicorn [Yes we're using pre alicorn Twilight for simplicity's sake] who invited him inside for tea after mistaking him for some pony named Pinkie.
Sipping tea and talking about books, he also met Spike the dragon. Unfortunately his time was short and darkness was falling, so he had to head home for the night after getting a recommendation list from Twilight, who invited him to come by any time.

The first day ends with Cobalt showing his more bookish tendencies.


Roll #1 4 = 4


File: 1381624454212.jpg (94.57 KB, 379x214, 1347775912074.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

>we're using pre alicorn Twilight

and what were you rolling for again?

ID: 7609b 493760


Cobalt wakes up feeling pretty average. No bonus to any rolls, but no negatives either.

It's a little early for school by the time you're finished eating breakfast, a wholesome meal of pancakes and syrup, so you find yourself with some time to kill.

School bag on your back you head out for the day, debating where in Ponyville you can go before class. You're still not wholly familiar with this new town. Better fix that real quick. Besides; Adventure!

>What do?


we should stop and get an apple for mrs. cheerilee


Explore! I'm sure there are some ponies going around, better ask for some interesting landmarks and such.


>Better fix that real quick.
Lets explore the town!

Maybe find the market?

ID: 92886 493767

File: 1381624717332.png (625.85 KB, 2525x1885, AiP_Sugarcubecorner.png, IO Google TinEye)

Check out that one building that looks like a gingerbread house.


yeah, maybe AJ has her apple stand set up there

ID: 7609b 493773

I doubt you need a list of locations, but some suggestions because why not.


>School (Who knows what goes on before class)
>Explore town

Since you only really know where two spots are definitively, if you want the others you have to explore the town.

ID: 7609b 493774

Oh, shit, posts weren't loading till I posted. Hold up while I read decisions.


I'll jump on the "explore town" train.

ID: 7609b 493776


Deciding that you'd like to get an apple for Miss Cheerilee you head into town, asking one or two ponies where you might be able to get one.

"You must be new in town," an older stallion muses, ruffling his mustache with a hearty chuckle, "There's a stand downtown, near Sugarcube Corner, got plenty of apples for sale. Nice mare by the name of Applejack runs it, though her younger sister might be trying to help out with the morning shift again."

When given a quizzical look about Sugarcube Corner he sighs, before pointing to your right, "Head that way about 3 blocks. There's a big, pink and….chocolate covered building. On second thought, it's more like a gingerbread house. Anyway; That building is Sugarcube Corner. Kinda misleading for a building in the center of a small clearing to be frank. It's right around there."

You thank the gentleman and head that way, not sure what to expect.

[contd, one moment]

ID: 7609b 493784

Yeah it's not loading posts until I post something, gonna restart my browser after this post and hope that fixes it.

Sure enough you reach the place.

Sugarcube Corner lies in the center of a small plaza, surrounded by small stands and little window shops run from houses that form the circle of the plaza. The early morning rays glisten off the….icing of the roof. That guy wasn't kidding, it really looks like a gingerbread house until you see the pink walls on the first floor! Even then, you start to wonder if it tastes how it looks.

"It doesn't!" a chipper voice calls from behind you, making you nearly jump out of your skin.

There's a high pitched giggle as you turn around and see a bright pink pony with an incredibly curly pink mane and tail. So curly it could be considered bushy instead. She's got a smile that goes near from ear to ear as she greets you.

"Hiya there kiddo! My name's Pinkie Pie!"

So this is the pony Twilight was dreading yesterday.


introduce self


Introduce ourselves!

clear your cache


I wonder if we should mention mention Twilight being ticked off at her the other day

ID: 92886 493794

Brace yourself for the incoming "new-pony-in-town" fervor.


Ahh, dang, I could've done a few drawings for this session but Im cooking food atm


I was having trouble as well until I manually refreshed the thread

Introduce ourselves and tell her we're looking for Applejack

ID: 7609b 493800

It's okay I fixed it.

"Uh, hi, Pinkie Pie, my name is Cobalt."

Pinkie continues to smile, though she starts…bouncing.

"Well nice to meet you Mr. Cobalt! Say, are you new in town?"

It doesn't cross your mind to tell her otherwise, so you just nod.

Pinkie's bouncing increases.

"I knew it! Anypony, but especially little fillies, always look at Sugarcube Corner like that the first time they see it. And no, I can't read minds. I just remember thinking if it tasted like chocolate when I first saw it," she leans in real close, whispering, "It really, really doesn't."

Quick as a flash she's back to bouncing, hopping in a circle and beginning to hum something.

Is she-?

"My name is Pinkie Pie!"

She is.

"And I am here to say; I'm gonna make you smile~ and I will brighten up your day!"


Several minutes of singing with random ponies on the street and carrying you around on a cart later, you're back where the two of you met. Your head is still spinning from the indescribable…shenanigans that just occurred. Who knew wanting to buy an apple would lead to this?

ID: 7609b 493801



>not the welcoming song from AFID


ID: 92886 493803

"Well that was…interesting."
"You wouldn't happen to know where I can buy an apple around here, would you…?"


I sure hope none of the ponies from school saw that




We better be smiling

ID: 7609b 493810


"So, uh, where can I buy an apple?"

"Oh, right over there!" Pinkie says, putting a hoof around your shoulders and spinning you in the direction she's now pointing with her other hoof.

Pointing right at Apple Bloom, standing behind a kiosk and trying her best to not look bored as she leans against a wooden stand with several baskets of apples on it.
She looks kinda cute in that apple red apron….

You shake your head; So that's who the stallion was talking about earlier. Almost forgot with the whole random song and dance thing.
Not that it wasn't enjoyable just…unexpected.

"Thank you Miss Pinkie Pie!" you say thankfully as she lets you go.

She chuckles, calling out, "Just call me Pinkie! And come by Sugarcube Corner after school for your customary welcome to town song and shake!"



Well we better make our way over to that apple cart.


Walk up to Apple Bloom, introduce yourself, and ask her how much apples cost


She knows who we are from school the other day already but yeah, apples


I'm tired, shush

Yeah, apples.

ID: 7609b 493823

You walk over to the apple cart that Apple Bloom seems to be "working" after waving back to Pinkie.

She doesn't see you approach until you're almost at the counter, and she quickly dusts off her apron and looks much more attentive. She smiles when you reach the counter as she recognizes you.

"Cobalt! Well good morning! Surprised to see you around here so early. Can I interest you in a fresh apple or two?"

You smile back, saying you'd like one. You begin looking at the bushels of apples, trying to discern which one you want.

"Don't take any of those," Apple Bloom cautions, looking around for a moment before whispering, "I got the best ones under the stand. Gimme a sec."

She ducks under the stand and comes up with two bright, spotless apples, handing one to you before taking a bite out of the other one.

"Go ahead, they're pretty good if I say so myself."

>Eat apple

>Save it for Miss Cheerilee
>Ask for another
>How much do I owe you?
>What're you doing here, anyway?

[You may combine actions that don't straight up contradict each other, or suggest another action.]
[I'll mark actions that require a roll and say what kind they require when they appear]

ID: 92886 493824

…Another song…?
Anyways, let's go say hi to Apple Bloom!

ID: 92886 493826

Take a bite. Be sure to tell her it's delicious.
And ask if you can buy another for Ms. Cheerilee.


Ask how much, pay, eat, "What are you doing here?", ask for another 2 for the road because they taste so good


This, also check the time we don't want to be tardy to school.

ID: 7609b 493831

"How much do I owe you?" you ask Apple Bloom, wanting to get that out of the way before eating.

"First one's on me," she says with a wink before taking another bite of her own apple, "Besides, I owe ya for your help during recess yesterday."

You thank her and take a bite of the apple she gave you. It's juicy and very, very flavorful. Thin skin so there's no excess chewing and just….plain old good.

"Wow," you find yourself saying.

Apple Bloom giggles, "Told ya! My family does all the apple harvesting for Ponyville, and a little extra, so I know my way around our product."

"How much for two more?" you ask.

Apple Bloom giggles before ducking down and getting two more, coming up with a paper bag as well and dropping both in there while you watch.

"Well, I can't just let you have three for free I guess. Two bits should be more than okay though."

You rummage through your bag for some of your weekly allowance. Two bits is more than fair, and you hand them over without qualm before putting the bag in your saddlebag, trying to keep them from being squished by your homework books.

"Much obliged," AB says with a tip of an imaginary hat, "As my sis would say."

"By the way, what're you doing here?" you ask, "I didn't expect to see anyone from school around town so early."

AB just laughs, "You don't know me too well yet, and I might not look it, but I help around my family farm a lot." She looks down at the desk a little forlorn, tossing her half eaten apple straight up and catching it with the same hoof while she ponders, "Sometimes it means running the apple stand in the morning before school, that way my sis gets to sleep in a little. Or just do some other kind of work, like she usually does."


"and what does your sister do exactly?"

ID: 92886 493834

"You wanna walk to school with me when your sister gets here to take over?"


That'll work, but also check the clock in case we need to hurry


I second this


Maybe we can walk to school together.

Oh ask her if she has met any interesting or strange ponies while working the early shift at the stand.

ID: 7609b 493842

"What does your sister do, exactly?"

Apple Bloom snorts, still tossing that apple, "Darn near everything farm related, just depends on the day and the need. I'm proud of her, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I wish she'd take a break and let me help more."

While you're trying to think of what to say you look around for a clock. Apple Bloom notices you looking around and ends up pointing to a clock hanging from an overhang of one of the nearby buildings.

"It's only 6:30, Cobalt, school doesn't start till 7. Only takes five minutes to walk there from here."

You blush, making Apple Bloom smile.

Your face reddens a little more as you ask, "You wanna walk to school together?"


Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

ID: 92886 493843

>natural 10


Flawless victory


Looks like an early victory

ID: 7609b 493846

Her smile brightens, "Well sure! Walking with a friend sure beats walking alone."

>Apple Bloom status: Friend

"Applejack, that's my sister, should be here in about ten minutes. Once she takes over the stand we can get going."

>Is there anything else you'd like to say or ask of Apple Bloom before heading to class?


Maybe how about the other fillies on class?

ID: 7609b 493851

"What about 'em? And who do you mean?"

>Sweetie Belle

>Silver Spoon
>Diamond Tiara
>Other [Specific Question]

ID: 7609b 493853

[Note you have limited time to ask things due to your timeline.]



Give us the quick lowdown on DT and SS


Ask about Brynn!


[is there a set amount of time each question takes?]

Her friends, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo


Brynn mentioned Diamond Tiara earlier, what's up with her?


[great, now I have to catch up while it's in progress, I knew I should have read it all last night]

ID: 92886 493859

How about the fillies that Brynn told us to watch out for?
Diamond Something-or-other and What'sherface.


Anything but DT, that's just going to put her in a bad mood.

ID: 7609b 493863

Apple Bloom raises an eyebrow, "I guess you're new in town so you wouldn't know, but let me tell you those two are nothing but trouble. Diamond especially. I don't want to say too much about her or I'll get all worked up probably. Just know she's trouble with a capital T."

That seems like all she has to say on the matter.

"I don't know what to make of that one other than he likes books and seems to like being well enough off on his own. I can respect that."

She smiles as you ask about her friends.
"Sweetie Belle is one of the kindest, most caring ponies you'll find around. Even if sometimes she gets a little nosy she always means well. She can be kind of a clutz sometimes though-" her cheeks flush for a moment, "Don't tell her I said that, okay?"

"As for Scoots, she's a little hot headed sometimes. Like yesterday. She gets real strung up whenever she has problems with her scooter. She loves that thing to bits. She's a little tough but she'll do anything for her friends. I would know; She's helped carry me through more problems than I can count. Sweetie too. We're a tight knit bunch."

She looks back at you quickly, "But that doesn't mean we can't make room for more!"


Roll #1 1 = 1


we got a great roll, it'll be worth it

ID: 92886 493867



i feel a blush coming up

ID: 7609b 493872

"Well, well, well, who ya gone and made friends with now, Apple Bloom?"

A rich voice similar to Apple Bloom's, at least as far as the accent is concerned, comes from behind you, and you move to the side as you look at the newcomer.

An orange coated pony wearing a cowboy hat and carrying a reed of wheat in her mouth smiles as she walks up beside you. She's clearly an adult, being a good couple heads taller than you despite your own stature. Her mane and tail have a single red band each that keep them bunched up nicely. Standing beside her you can smell the heavy scent of hard work and hay soaked in the sun coming from her. You notice her cutie mark; Three apples.

You weren't quite finished blushing from Apple Bloom's comment, but you feel your face burning up from staring at this downright pretty mare. You look away, at Apple Bloom, who smiles and takes off the apron she had on.

"Hey there sis! He's a new pony from out of town in my class now, his name's Cobalt! Cobalt, this is my sister Applejack."

[roll to introduce yourself, first 3 1d10 rolls taken]


We got this, we smooth.

Roll #1 5 = 5



Roll #1 3 = 3

ID: 92886 493876

Here goes nothing…

Roll #1 10 = 10


h-hey Applejack

Roll #1 3 = 3

ID: 92886 493878




Roll #1 4 = 4

ID: 7609b 493881

>Max 30; Average 15
>Result: 18; Above average

You swallow your nervousness, mostly, and turn to introduce yourself.

"H-hello, Miss Applejack," you say politely.

Applejack laughs and holds a hoof out, "Well hello Mr. Cobalt. It's a pleasure to meet you."

You cautiously put your hoof out and shake hooves with Applejack, noting the toughness of her hoof.

"You don't have to call me 'Miss' though, I prefer Applejack or AJ. You'll only hear Mr or Miss out of me if someone's in trouble," she winks at Apple Bloom with a chuckle.


The chuckle turns to a hearty laugh as Apple Bloom tosses the service apron at her sister, AJ catching it nicely and putting it on without taking her hat off.

"Right, right. Well, you two best get off to school. Don't want you to be late."

AB pulls a bag from under the stand and puts it on, before the two of you head off for class, stopping once to wave back at AJ.

As you leave the Sugarcube Corner plaza you hear AJ begin calling out to random ponies nearby, trying to sell her goods.

ID: 92886 493883

Okay, so we're walking to school with a cute girl…
…Shit, what do we talk about?!



ID: 7609b 493885

The two of you talk while you walk to school, Apple Bloom having seen your meeting with Pinkie Pie. Not that there was anyway she could've not seen that spectacle, you're sure.

She laughs when you seem embarrassed, "Don't worry about that, Pinkie does that to everyone. She'll make up a reason to sing and dance and make you laugh if she's gotta. Besides, ain't nothing the other ponies around here haven't been through."

[You've got time for exactly 1 dialogue, or you can walk in peace and quiet with AB. Your choice.]


shit uh
ask about her…bow?


"So, what do you and your friends do for fun around here?"

ID: 92886 493889

Ask her what kind of books she likes to read.


This lets see if there is some common ground.

ID: 7609b 493893

You ask about her bow. Maybe it means something to her?

"My bow? I just think it looks cute. Got used to wearing it and never really thought about it after that."


[Brevity of previous question allows for other dialogue]

"So what do you do for fun around here?"

"All kinds of stuff, though Ponyville is somewhat what you make of it."

She looks up while she thinks, "We've done exploring, wood working, newspaper club, painting, frolicking, skating, playing instruments…."

She keeps listing things her and the CMC have done, all the way to school. By the time you reach it you aren't sure there's a thing around town she hasn't done yet.

"But yeah, it's all about what you get out and do. Excitements not gonna just run into you around here!"

No sooner are the words out of your mouth than somepony smacks right into your hefty side, nearly knocking you into Apple Bloom. Thankfully, since you're "big boned" you stay upright while the poor filly who smacked into you falls on her rear and appears rather dizzy.

"Well, usually."

The two of you look at the poor sap who ran into you. It's none other than Sweetie Belle.


We shall bond over our Earth Pony Pride


Death to the inferior ones!

ID: 92886 493896

"You alright there?"
Offer your hoof to help her up.


Help her up and make sure she is OK.

ID: 7609b 493899

"Sweetie Belle! That ain't no way to treat Cobalt!" Apple Bloom says, a little too loudly. She covers her mouth as some of the nearby students give her a funny look.

"Are you okay?" you ask, holding out a hoof to help her up. She takes it, gratefully, putting her slightly smaller hoof onto yours as you help heft her back to her feet.

"Yeah, I'll be alright, thanks," she says with a bashful smile, "Thought I'd be late for class and stopped paying attention where I was running I guess. Sorry!"

"Well at least you didn't put a hole in poor Cobalt with that horn of yours," Apple Bloom says teasingly, "Wouldn't be too kind to try and pop the new guy."

You all share a laugh before heading into the school.

"Scootaloo should be here already," Sweetie says as you enter the building, "She passed me riding her scooter on the way here."

Sure enough Scootaloo is inside the classroom, pulling her books from her bag behind her desk. She waves at the three of you as you walk in. AB and Sweetie wave back, but you suddenly feel like maybe you shouldn't.

>Wave back


ID: 92886 493900

Give her a nod of affirmation instead.


Don't be an asshole, even if it is Scootaloo.


Do it anyway
It's not awkward I promise


[Wow, way to make me remember EVERY awkward moment ever…]



Do it, wave back.

ID: 7609b 493908

You cautiously wave back. Scootaloo betrays no reaction if she thought it was inappropriate. A good sign?

The other two say they'll talk to you later and head to their seats, leaving you to head to yours. You walk past Brynn, who seems buried in that same book he had yesterday. He must really be enjoying it since he doesn't even nod at you.

Miss Cheerilee enters the class not much later, setting her own bag under her desk before addressing the class.

"Good morning students!"

The class echoes back it's own good morning.

"I hope your homework wasn't too difficult yesterday. I know we've been covering some new material this week and it might be frustrating at first, but I promise you'll get better at it real quick if you just put forth your best effort. That said, we will be lightening the homework load closer to the end of the week, since Friday we have one of our annual school events coming up!"

The class begins to murmur. Apparently this is new information to all of them.

"Yes, yes, I know it's a little last minute. We had some….difficulties appropriating the required funds so quickly after the last event didn't go over so well, though nopony is to blame for the sudden resurgance of parasprites and we should look to the future. That said, this Friday's event is a simple Fun Fair!"

The class erupts with cheers, and you find yourself smiling as well. A fun fair?

"Yes, yes," Miss Cheerilee says, smiling brightly once the class calms down again, "There will be a fun fair this Friday. There will be no class, though the fair will be held between the school grounds and Ponyville proper. Your parents are welcome to come along, and we encourage them to make baked goods for the scheduled lunch period. There's an admission fee of 5 bits per child, 10 per adult, to help fund future events. Quite reasonable, I think."

"That aside, let's get started on the lessons for today."

ID: 92886 493912

Did we forget to set the apple on Cheerilee's desk?


If we didn't lets wait till everyone leaves for recess before giving it to her.

ID: 7609b 493916

You were so caught up in your time with the CMC you forgot to set the apple on Miss Cheerilee's desk!

You smack a hoof to your face. Great, now the only chance to give it to her is during recess or lunch, and it'll have to be to her face. You think you can feel your cheeks heating up already.

Oh man…

[Time skip class time?]

ID: 92886 493917

Sure, go for it.


Probably, unless you wanted to add something. We must make a good impression and not screw around on the second day of class



Aspirant teach us math.




ID: 7609b 493922

[If I have something important planned for class, I'll advise you not to skip or get right to it. But most times it's going to be just like how it really is; focused on the lesson with minimal interruptions and kinda boring.]

[Well you see when 2+2=x-3/4, pony will pony pony.]

Class trudges along, but finally the recess bell rings. The class clears mostly out, Brynn being one of the last out again, until after you turn down a raised-eyebrow-invite to go outside by Apple Bloom, it's just you and Miss Cheerilee in the class.

Miss Cheerilee is stacking papers on her desk, probably to grade them, and hasn't acknowledged you yet.

>Put apple on her desk fast as possible and get out of there

>Give her apple, then say something [Roll for something]
>[Spaghetti potential] Wait until she sees you before doing anything


>>Give her apple, then say something [Roll for something]

ID: 92886 493924

Give her the apple.
"I g-got this for you."


>Give her apple, then say something [Roll for something]

This, like I said before we smooth.

ID: 7609b 493926

I almost forgot something.


Roll #1 3 = 3


Numbah two!


Seize the initiative, hand it to her


Give her the apple, CALMLY explaining that you meant to give it to her in the morning before running into Sweetie Belle

ID: 92886 493931

File: 1381633388827.png (151.24 KB, 421x500, Scared.png, IO Google TinEye)

Uh oh.

ID: 7609b 493933

Working up your courage you take the bag with you to her desk, standing to the side of it so you can speak with her without a desk between you.

She turns in her seat, smiling at you.

"Well hello Cobalt! What are you doing here instead of outside for recess?"

You reach into your bag and hand her one of the apples, quietly relieved it wasn't smashed when Sweetie Belle ran into you this morning.

>What do you say?

[Roll; First 3 rolls of 1d10, need a 15 to speak clearly and concisely. Below an 8 treads spaghetti territory, anything above 15 gives you more sincerity/you're interpreted better.]



Lets do this!

Roll #1 6 = 6




Roll #1 10 = 10

ID: 92886 493936

"I got this for you, but I forgot to give it to you before class."

Roll #1 8 = 8




Aww yea, like silk.

ID: 92886 493940


>Give teacher an apple.
>End up fucking her in front of class.

This is why we needed critical victory rolls.



24 is good but.
>perfect 30 needed to unlock hot for teacher mode


No, 30 would have been
>Cheerilee has a thing for smart colts mode

ID: 7609b 493946


"I got this for you, but uh, I forgot to put it on your desk this morning."

You manage to maintain eye contact and even smile at Miss Cheerilee as you talk to her, your cheeks only reddening slightly as you hold the apple out for her to take.

Miss Cheerilee's smile brightens, "Not only is that absolutely precious, but I forgot part of my lunch today and this will do nicely to replace what I forgot! I owe you one, Cobalt!"

With that, she takes the apple, placing it on her desk, then leans over and kisses you on top of the head.

"Now head on outside and play with the friends I know you've already made, you little sweetheart you."

[Spaghetti roll!]
[First 5 rolls of 1d10, if you get under a 15 you are majorly affected by whatever just happened. You'll get nervous and face a negative modifier on the rest of your rolls for a brief period of time while you settle. Get a 40+ to gain a bonus modifier for said brief period of time. Anything in between begets a more neutralized response and no bonuses. Good luck!]



Roll #1 2 = 2




Roll #1 8 = 8


oh jeeze

Roll #1 10 = 10




Smoothest colt

Roll #1 3 = 3




Roll #1 10 = 10


oh boy

Roll #1 6 = 6

ID: 7609b 493956

>Neutralized, but more on the positive end

Your cheeks are absolutely on fire, but you smile despite the nervous flutter that kiss left in your heart.

You put your bag with the remaining apple in your saddlebag before taking off out of the classroom.

You're all smiles as you head outside and the day seems positively brighter suddenly.

You look around the play grounds, noting Brynn is in his reading spot, the CMC are playing tag instead of doing homework this time around, a fair number of ponies are playing on the playground area again, and the grey pony with the braided mane, Silver Spoon?, is by herself on one of the benches near the play ground.

>What do

ID: 92886 493957

Go say hi to the grey pony.
She looks lonely.


Go to best filly, of course.

Where is Twist anyways?


Go see what the lonely grey pony is doing.


[man, this is a tough choice, I can see reasons to go to any of them…]

Say hello to the grey filly

ID: 7609b 493962

[You know no pony by that name, but if she's anywhere she's not standing out too much. So she's probably on the playground section with slides and swings and being obscured.]


This is going to end badly but…
Go talk to the grey filly.


Must be lonely over there, go give SS some company.

ID: 7609b 493968

You're feeling a little more charming than normal after that last encounter, so you decide to take the risk to go talk to this Silver Spoon pony.

You approach with a smile, though you don't really get one in return. A curious glance, perhaps, but nothing concrete.

You get within speaking distance and yep, she's definitely looking at you now. One eyebrow raised to form the question: "What do you want?"

>Introduce self

>Tell her you thought she looked lonely, so you came to talk [Roll required]
>Ask where the pink pony she's normally with is
>Strike up other conversation [possible roll depending on choice of topic]


File: 1381634591870.jpg (125.88 KB, 1200x850, Sad Silver Spoon.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

what could go wrong?

ID: 92886 493971

Second option.


Should we go with the roll on lonely pone?

ID: 92886 493973

Also tell her you like her braids.


If we tell her she looked lonely it might come off a little strong, maybe just say hey and ask her where the pink on is


coming on too hard there, mate


sa.jpg incoming

ID: 7609b 493977

1-1 on the decision here with one guy wavering on what to pick.

You've got 5 minutes to say something or she's gonna get creeped out and move.

Tick tock, gentlemen.


introduce self


Well start by introducing ourselves

THEN we live on the edge and roll for lonely pone.




Yes, safety first.
Then we can crash and burn later.

ID: 92886 493982

Came to talk! Looked lonely! Name's Cobalt!


Way to be smooth, bro…

ID: 7609b 493984

"Hi! My name's-"

"Cobalt," she replies, adjusting her glasses with a hoof, "Yes, it's only been a day since you introduced yourself to the class, no need to repeat it."

She smiles ever so slightly at your somewhat shocked expression.

"Not everyone forgets faces so quickly. Now, why are you talking to me?" she asks, resuming her more…hardened expression.

>Where's your friend?

>You looked lonely, so I thought I'd talk to you…[Roll required]


First one, we can branch off a conversation from it, somehow.


>>Where's your friend?

ID: 92886 493987

Second one.
Risk great failure to achieve great rewards!


First one might make her upset, but so could the second one…

Second one


alright, 2nd one


>You looked lonely, so I thought I'd talk to you…[Roll required]


ID: 7609b 493993

Alright, second option it is!

[Mildly awkward moment]
[Roll: First 3 1d10 taken; 10 or lower means mumbling and choking on your words, 25+ means you convey exactly what you mean to without sounding strange. Bonus for natural 10's, deficits for natural 1's. Good luck!]




Roll #1 5 = 5


H-Here I go!


Roll #1 3 = 3

ID: 92886 493997

Here goes nothing!

Roll #1 7 = 7


ID: 92886 493999

Could be better, but still alright!

ID: 7609b 494001

[The law of averages wins this round]

"Well, ah, you looked lonely. So I thought I'd just….see how you were?"


Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2



Maybe we'll impress her by…not being…




ID: 92886 494004

File: 1381635585608.gif (282.12 KB, 500x300, aaaaaaaaa 3.gif, IO Google TinEye)


is that a SS spaghetti roll?


We just made a powerful enemy.


File: 1381635628064.gif (913.35 KB, 500x375, 64ny6Ef.gif, IO Google TinEye)



Please let it be SS dropping the pasta.

ID: 7609b 494010

She furrows her brow, "Why do I need a blank flank who just moved into town to check up on me? Hint: I don't." She folds her front legs together across her body and looks away from you.

Maybe it's the lighting but you think her cheeks are turning red.

>Should you keep talking to her anyway?

>Or should you just drop it and try again some other time?




Yes, this could be REALLY good
She isn't used to being approached this way


Keep going.
You big boned fool keep going!




Do we have any apples left?

ID: 92886 494015

>Maybe it's the lighting but you think her cheeks are turning red.
"I just thought it'd be nice to talk to someone new."


>her cheeks are turning red.
Keep talking!

ID: 7609b 494017

Your remaining apple is in your bag in the classroom.


>Giving her an apple.
Nigga you crazy?


Go in for the kill, she could use more friends to talk with (see: us).


keep going

[no please, I have plans for that apple ;-;]


hey i was just curious


Gotta save that ammo for kisses on the head.


There's more to life than kisses on the head




Like on the cheek?


Lets not get crazy, Anon.



Take it to

ID: 92886 494030

Oh dare I say…
A quick peck on the lips?!

ID: 92886 494031

OR dare I say.




Even /d/ would blush.


That's just down right salacious

ID: 7609b 494036

"W-well I just thought maybe you'd like someone to talk to. And I'm trying to make new friends, so-"

Silver Spoon looks at you, cheeks definitely flushed now that you get a good look at them. For a moment she looks down, unfolding her hooves, then looks back at you with a scowl.

"Didn't anypony tell you that Diamond Tiara and I aren't friends with blank flanks? Not most, anyway…," she shakes her head for a moment, "Unless you're willing to be one of us, and I mean talk like us, do what we do, and don't care about any other ponies, she'd never agree to it."

She then faintly whispers, "I appreciate the thought, but she'll be back any minute and if she sees us talking….let's just not have that happen, okay. Just…go away."

You're about to contest when she hisses, "Now!"

Galvanized, you leave, heading away from the bench she sits alone on.

On your way through the playground you see the pink pony, Diamond Tiara, walking toward the bench from the school house. The two of you walk past one another, but she doesn't even acknowledge your presence.

Any attempts to befriend Silver Spoon or her friend are going to be difficult indeed.

There's still some time left in recess.

>Go talk to Brynn

>Go talk to the CMC, who are now huddled in a group instead of playing tag
>Playground, I need some thinking time on the swings
>Go back inside to the classroom early for lunch


>Playground, I need some thinking time on the swings

ID: 92886 494038

Thinking time on the swings.
Poor Silver Spoon…


She's a prisoner to her only friend.

Secret friendship go!


Well, guess we could see what the CMC are up to.

ID: 7609b 494042

You head to the playground, feeling a lot is on your mind suddenly. Your buzz from Miss Cheerilee's affection is a pleasant memory, but you can't feel too happy at the moment.

Luckily, a swing is open. You hop on and give yourself a few kicks to get going, then sort of coast, swinging your hind legs back and forth while you ponder.

It's a little hard to do since the red maned pony with giant purple glasses on the swing next to you keeps cheering when she goes up.


>Blankflanks can't be friends with DT or SS.
We fucked up gentlemen.
We could have had that dual cutiemark shit and snagged them both.




It feels like we would have had to burn the CMC to get to them, or at least take some time to soften them up.


Aww, poor SS

>*ttwists into story*


clearly we have to earn our mark, and quick


Can you even earn a cutie mark for smooth dice rolls?


she's clearly being annoying, so we should leave and go find brynn


"Hey, can you maybe keep it down a little? I'm a little bummed out"

ID: 7609b 494055

Eventually your head clears. Perhaps you shouldn't worry about Silver Spoon so much so quickly.

Sure enough, some time on the swings makes you feel a little better, and you're laughing with your goofy swing buddy until the lunch bell rings.

You head inside with nary a word to anyone else to go eat your lunch.

[cont'd, one sec, phone]


If played right the CMC could be very useful in setting SS free from her DT prison.



ID: 7609b 494061

You notice the apple is gone when you walk in for lunch, Miss Cheerilee having already eaten, most likely.

She smiles at you when you enter and you smile back before going back to your seat and pulling your sack lunch out.

You're about to bite into your rye and hay sandwich when someone bumps your arm.

You look and see a stick prodding your arm, being held by Apple Bloom a couple seats over.

You raise an eyebrow and she mouths, "Are you okay? What happened?"

>Move yourself and your lunch over to her

>Mouth you'll tell her later
>Just shake your head and go back to eating your sandwich


I miss being a pegasus at this moment. Puff was swing master


>>Move yourself and your lunch over to her

we may have missed a chance with best filly on the swings, but we're not missing anything with this.


>Mouth you'll tell her later


Move over.

ID: 92886 494068

Sit with her.


[OH, it's lunch time NOW]

Yeah, move over


Move over but lets talk about what happened after school. We don't need anyone overhearing right now.

Maybe fun fair as a subject to talk about.

ID: 7609b 494071


You put your lunch back in its bag and move to an empty desk next to Apple Bloom before pulling the contents of your lunch back out.

Apple Bloom sips on a juicebox while you eat your sandwich, waiting until you're done to talk.

"So…I saw ya talking with Silver out there. H-how'd that go?"

>Tell her

>Be vague
>Tell her it's not important
>Talk about something else


>>Be vague



I think we need to tell her just not right now.


"She just looked lonely is all, she was actually kind of nice"


[MAN I didn't think this would be so tough]

Um… Be vague


Tell her.
She will probably be surprised.


She seems okay



[I don't think that's such a good idea, I can see it leading to a big problem if Apple Bloom doesn't understand what we mean]


alright I retract >>494074

ID: 92886 494084

Be vague.
Tell her we'll give her the details later, when we're away from potential evesdroppers.


Obfuscate! and then change the subject.


This, lets talk about the fun fair.


Yep, I vote vagueness.


Be vague, tell her we will explain later after school?

ID: 7609b 494090


"Well," you start, causing Apple Bloom to lean in closer, "I don't think it went well. I'll tell you more about it after class, I don't want to go into details here."

Apple Bloom nods, "I gotcha."

"So uh, how about that fun fair?" you say, trying to get off the topic for now.

"Oh yeah! I'm real excited! I hope maybe I can get my sis to come out, if she's ahead of her work anyway. Sweetie's the most excited I think, she's nearly beside herself about it. The last one had dunk tanks, lots of carnival foods, karaoke, a mirror maze, a haunted maze, a haunted mirror maze…it was a lot of fun!"

"Do you think you'll get your folks to come along, Cobalt?"


>I don't know but I'd like them to
>I'd rather spend it with you and the CMC
>I'd rather spend it with just you [Extreme Roll]

ID: 92886 494091

As tempting as that Extreme Roll is…
>I don't know but I'd like them to


Kinda have to bring your folks to the fair…
But it would be fun to hang around with my friends there (CMC)


[I guess I'll put a name on. Why have I never quested before? this is really fun]

>I don't know but I'd like them to


Pff that extreme roll is so tempting just by how it's phrased

Ask who's going with the other CMC


>>I'd rather spend it with you and the CMC
Gotta keep them S.Links balanced yo.

You missed a big chance at twist earlier.


>big chance
>All we did was fucking swing.


Just by a few seconds, but I think there'll be more opportunities


Yea, but I'd rather spend time with you and the CMC.

ID: 7609b 494103

"I don't know, but I'd like them to. I'll have to see if they've got time."

Apple Bloom nods sympathetically.

"But if they don't come, and your sis doesn't come, I wouldn't mind spending the day with you and the others."

Apple Bloom smiles, "My thoughts exactly!"

"Well, honestly, most events it's the three of us who do stuff together. My sis and Rarity are usually busy," she looks at you for a moment, "Rarity is Sweetie Belle's sister, if you didn't know her name. But yeah, if those two don't show up it's usually the three of us. If they do show up, Scootaloo tags along with one of the groups. Once she helped out with the haunted maze/house/thing all night instead of wandering around. She said it was the most fun she's had at one of these things."

"Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked. Finish up your lunch and we'll talk after school."

Lunch ends and you head back to your seat, ready for the blitz of afternoon information.


ehh folks are boring, tell her you'd rather go with them


We could've established some communication with her, and increase our chances.

ID: 92886 494106



We did…
Through random childish giggles and cheers!


Aspirant teach us history.


I tried man
It'll happen


Should be left at this and we can own the swings and slide.


Man, I can't wait till we get to kiss those swings!


You mean kiss ON the swings
And end up falling off mid kiss


No, Anon.
I am totally going to go steady with the swing set.


You mean go steady ON the…

Oh forget it

ID: 7609b 494118

[In the year 2012 of our Princess Celestia, pony made advanced breakthroughs in ponying efficiently, putting an end to excess ponying.
Unfortunately, in 2013, demands for ponying rose to levels unheard of, and the new methods were discarded until a time of more prohibited displays was warranted. That time has not yet come to pass.]

Time flies and the end of class bell rings, most the ponies shuffling out as soon as they get their bags packed.

Apple Bloom saunters over while you're packing your bags, waiting on you with a smile.

Sweetie stands behind her, talking with Scootaloo about something or another. Whatever they're talking about it requires excessive waving of the hooves, apparently.

Brynn turns in his seat after packing his books away, then promptly turns back around when he sees the small crowd.

>Have the CMC wait for you outside

>Head out with the CMC
>Tell them you changed your mind, you'd rather be alone for now


That's right…
And no swinging on my girlfriend!




Chat with Brynn


head out with the CMC, time to hang out at their club house


Head out with CMC



Have them wait while you have a quick chat with our bro Brynn


[call it a lack of questing experience, but I guess we're stuck with Apple Bloom now]

Ask them to wait, talk to Brynn

ID: 92886 494128

Ask them to wait for you.
Let's see how Brynn's doing.


No such thing as stuck yet, we're just winning friend points in the early stages.

ID: 92886 494130

We're not stuck. She's just the only one we've befriended so far.
The quest is young, Nony. Anything can happen.


>Small crowd.
Oh man, he is so pathetic.


This is only the 2nd session, we are building friendships right now.


Like I said, lack of experience.

ID: 7609b 494136

[You aren't, you just achieved the status of friend with her first, so more options tied to her have opened. Secondly, she's the leader of the CMC more or less, so she naturally puts herself in situations of interaction just as much as you do.]

You ask the CMC to wait for you outside, not telling them it's to talk with Brynn. Apple Bloom nods and leads the others out, all of them waving to Miss Cheerilee as they leave.

You tap Brynn on the shoulder and ask him what's up.

He looks around, "Oh! I thought since you were with them I'd just talk to you tomorrow or something. Very kind of you, though I can't say it's anything important I wanted to talk about."

"Mostly just if you went to the library yesterday and met Twilight, what you thought of her, how things are going…you know, standard stuff."


I'm a little surprised he'a so invested in how we're doing.
Invite him to come along with the CMC and talk about it on the way.

ID: 92886 494139

Someone's got a crush~
Tell him about how she mistook you for Pinkie. I bet he'll get a laugh out of that.


Do you have a crush on Twilight, brynn?


Tell him she seems nice, had a pleasant conversion over some tea. Even got a list of recommendations.


You know, I kind of got that impression too, but maybe we should avoid bringing it up. We've got no real evidence.


Brynn, she has a dragon!


How the heck did I mess that up



Light ribbing in passing at best but yeah we should just get on with it. Maybe ask about what he's doing for the fair.


Fill him in on what's been happening, maybe just the short and skinny version, tell him about who you've gotten to know, and ask him about "that filly with the glasses"

ID: 7609b 494151

"How things are going with me or Twilight?" You ask with a smile, enjoying seeing him blush a bit, "I'm just kidding. I went, she seems nice, though the first thing she said to me was something about being Pinkie Pie or being sent by her and she nearly made me go deaf. But yeah, other than that she's pretty nice."

Brynn smiles, "You got caught in the middle of a prank by Pinkie? Oh jeeze, that must've been something."

"Spike? Yeah, he's a baby dragon or something. I freaked out when I first saw him, let me tell you. He's pretty cool once you don't think he's going to burn you to a crisp and eat you."

"You seem pretty fond of Twilight, eh Brynn?"

He full out blushes this time, "Hey, shut up! She's just really nice and we have some common ground okay? Even makes tea the way I like too," he mumbles.

The two of you talk for a bit, how you're getting along (you leave out the bit with SS) and that you're going to talk with the CMC. Maybe spend the afternoon with the trio. You invite him along but he shakes his head.

"I'm uh, I'm no good in situations like that. Maybe someday, but for now I'll just enjoy my books and keep to myself. Besides, I don't want to be a downer."

Despite your encouragement he's pretty bent on not tagging along for the time being. Maybe later he'll come out of his shell, as it were.

For now it looks like you've got a date with the CMC. Not uh, literally, of course.

With that you head out of the classroom, waving to Miss Cheerilee who waves back with a smile.


hope for twist…dwindling…

ID: 92886 494154

Catch up with your buddies.


second session bro
we'll get our chance


And you'll keep it that way if you know what's good for you.


Meet up with the CMC, remember you are the silk.

ID: 7609b 494158

You meet up with the CMC outside, prepared to talk about what happened with SS.

The suggestion arises, mostly from Sweetie, that they take you to the CMC clubhouse to talk about it.

"Are you sure about that?" Scootaloo asks, "I mean, he can come, I guess, I don't have a problem with it, but is that really necessary?"

"I think he'll like it!" Sweetie proclaims, all smiles, "Besides, that way he'll know where it is and can go there to meet us if he needs to in the future!"

"That's not a bad idea," Apple Bloom replies, "What d'ya think, Cobalt?"

>Talk about SS with them right here, forgo trip to clubhouse [Frees up afternoon slot]

>Talk about SS at the clubhouse [Lose afternoon but CMC Clubhouse and Sweet Apple Acres added to places you know]
>On second thought, let's not talk about it


>>Talk about SS at the clubhouse [Lose afternoon but CMC Clubhouse and Sweet Apple Acres added to places you know]
I guess this?


Guess I was just hoping for "that filly with the glasses" to get played with for the possible confusion


Head to the club house and talk, we get to see it and have a bit more privacy.

ID: 92886 494162

Talk at the clubhouse.


Club house!


Huh, should we tell all 3 about SS?
Maybe get friend status for all 3 first, or just tell Apple Bloom


Nigga, we gossiping!


let's talk here and now, Scoots seems to be uncomfortable about going to the clubhouse and we're a busy colt


>Scoots seems to be uncomfortable about going to the clubhouse

Probably because we aren't an official crusader yet.


Speaking of that, I just realized that the "induction speech" only mentions females.

Sexist CMC?


Maybe seeing us with SS they're afraid of us going Babs Seed 2: Electric Boogaloo
That is if this is the correct timeframe

ID: 7609b 494170

You decide to head to the clubhouse and talk about things. Can't hurt.

The four of you head out, Apple Bloom leading the way with Sweetie and Scootaloo on either side of you.

A though strikes you, "Scootaloo, where's your scooter?"

Scootaloo rolls her eyes before smiling, "If I was on my scooter, how would I be here to talk to you?"

Is she saying she ditched her scooter at school for the chance to talk to you? Or is this her way of covering up that she forgot it on the way out?

Regardless, Apple Bloom seems content being at the front to give you an opportunity to talk to the others. She'll probably chime in while you walk as well.

>Talk to Sweetie

>Talk to Scootaloo
>Talk to Apple Bloom
>Open questions for all three [Your choice]

ID: 92886 494171

Talk to Sweetie.
We've met Applejack, but we don't know anything about Sweetie's sister besides her name.


Talk to Scootaloo.
Ask why she was hesitant about going to the clubhouse.




Scootaloo doesn't seem that fond of us yet.
Try talking to her


Talk to scoots!

ID: 7609b 494176


What do you want to talk to Scootaloo about?


>Her role in the CMC
>Why did you think going to the clubhouse was a bad idea?
>What do you think of me? [Roll]


We're friends with Apple Bloom, and Sweetie appears to already be pretty warm to us. Let's see if we can get on Scoot's good side.


She's a blunt pony, we can be blunt.


She looks like a pretty sporty pony. Does she do any sporty things, like sports?


Roll in the CMC and why she was hesitated about the clubhouse.

The scooter could be a touchy thing if it is still broken. So leave that be for now.

ID: 92886 494181

Go for the roll!


"what do you think of me?"


This is literally the first time we've talked to this filly, what on earth could she possibly have to say?
Don't you think that's a little forward?

ID: 92886 494184

Yeah, but there's a roll!
And rolling is fun!


Hes a tripfag on a quest.
Hes being retarded on purpose.

ID: 7609b 494186

"So why did you think going to the clubhouse was a bad idea, Scootaloo?"

You aren't trying to be provocative, you're naturally curious.

"I didn't think it was a bad idea, I was just asking if they were sure, okay? Besides, we usually let ponies we're helping in. I don't know if we're helping you find your talent or not, because Apple Bloom hasn't said anything like that. I mean, I wouldn't mind, I just don't know what's going on, okay?"

She sighs, "I'm sorry, that sounded really…mean. Can we start over? Hi, I'm Scootaloo. I like to ride my scooter and do things with my friends, Sweetie and Apple Bloom, I'm usually a happy pony but I'm having a rough week so far. Not because you moved here, it's something else. Don't ask about it, please, I'll be fine before you know it."

She brightens a little at the shift of topic, "I like riding my scooter a lot. It's not really a sport, but I think it's fun. My dream is to be like Rainbow Dash; Fastest Pegasus in the land!"

>Who's Rainbow Dash?

>I'm sorry we got off on the wrong hoof. Friends?


RD first.


hey don't sweat it scoots, i was just curious


Rainbow Dash?




Wait, fastest pegasus? Just how fast we talking?

ID: 92886 494192

First one.






Second one
We don't know how she'd take to someone who didn't know about her idol


File: 1381641780638.png (235.06 KB, 563x525, 1355975382504.png, IO Google TinEye)

She…she did? Why?


Overexaggerating but Scoots was totally forgotten and alone during the end.

ID: 7609b 494198

[She didn't die, what are you on about, anon. She just sang sad songs by herself near a campfire then got over it and went to a Hearth's Warming Eve party. Sheesh.]

"Who's Rainbow Dash?"

"YOU DON'T KNOW WHO RAINBOW DASH IS!?" Scoots yells, her face suddenly close to yours.

She backs up just as quickly, trying to regain her composure as she clears her throat with a cough before talking in a more moderate tone.

"You don't know who Rainbow Dash is? Seriously?"

You nod.

"She's only the fastest Pegasus ever! She can fly so fast she makes a Sonic Rainboom!" She looks at you expectantly. You look back at her rather blankly. "You don't know what that is either! Great!" She sighs, "Alright, look. She goes so fast, she makes a big exploding sound, then trails a rainbow wherever she flies. She has to go SO FAST for that to happen, and literally no other pony has ever done it. Ever. She's the definition of awesome and is my hero."


She didn't. But one of the possible endings for the first one was cuddling with scoots in the treehouse.



I guess she took it pretty well

"WOW, She sounds AWESOME"

ID: 7609b 494201

[Of course. She was kinda sad, but some things there's nothing worth being bitter over. Besides, all of them wanted Puff to be happy.]


She DOES sound pretty awesome. Maybe we will get to meet her one day.


I meant that towards this

ID: 92886 494204


ID: 7609b 494205

[Oh. Whoops.]

ID: 7609b 494206

"She sounds pretty awesome."

"I just told you how awesome she is, of course you think so. I don't know anyone who thinks Dash isn't awesome."

"Sorry, Cobalt, Scoots gets a little carried away when she talks about Dash," Apple Bloom says apologetically.

"What? I'm just telling him how it is," she sticks her tongue out playfully, "Besides, if he's going to hang out with us he's gotta get used to it, right?"

"That means she thinks you're a friend, Cobalt," Apple Bloom says with a laugh.

"I think he could've figured that out himself," Scootaloo replies.

>Scootaloo status: Friend


well that was easy, just had to listen to her blabber on about Dash


hell yeah



Speaking of, I think Sweetie Belle could use some talking to.

ID: 7609b 494210

[Sometimes that's all it takes. Especially with kids. I like thing. You like thing? We friends now.]

ID: 92886 494211

And now, we befriend the little marshmallow.


>Anon has now learned how to be friend with girls.
>Listen to them talk about shit you don't care about!
>*De dededede do dedeee~

ID: 7609b 494213

You turn to speak with Sweetie Belle to find her already smiling.

"We're already friends! You helped me do my homework during recess. Ponies don't do that if they don't want to be friends."

>Sweetie status: You were already friends, you just didn't know

"So whatcha wanna talk about?"


[that filly with the glasses…]

Silver Spoon

ID: 92886 494215

Ask about Rarity.
We haven't met her yet.


What does she like to do? I think we know the least about her at this point



Is that SWEETIE saying that?
It looks like Apple Bloom's accent


[this reminds me of the hiimdasisy P4 comic where they eat stake and the SLink levels up]


>What does she like to do?
If she mentions cooking, I swear to god we are dead if we go with her…


How very blunt.

Lets find out some of her interests!


Yeah, I think just what she likes to do. We don't actually know that much about her yet.

ID: 7609b 494222

[Yes, it's Sweetie. Running those two together is fairly common, at least to me.]


"What do you like to do, Sweetie Belle?"

She ponders with a gentle hum for a moment before replying, "Playing with Scootaloo and Apple Bloom, helping my sister, Rarity, eating sweets, going to Sugarcube Corner, and singing. I also try to be helpful, because that's just kind of what I do."

"Who's Rarity?"

"My older sister! She's a great fashion designer, one of the most known in Ponyville and fairly well known in Canterlot. She's also got really, really pretty hair. I wonder if someday my mane will be like that…," She snaps from her thoughts, "Oh! I should introduce you to her some time! Maybe if she comes to the fair you can meet her. Or maybe you can stop by her boutique after school one day."

You say you wouldn't mind that, though neither of you bring up more concrete plans. It'll happen someday, probably.

The four of you arrive at the tree house, you not really having noticed how far you'd gone while talking with the girls.

The tree house sure is something. A nice, pink boarded house with ramp leading up the front, all built around a tree. It's a little girly, with hearts on the window shutters and a heart cutout for the door, but it looks sturdy and well crafted.

ID: 7609b 494223

>Compliment the craftsmanship
>Question going into the girly fort
>Let's just go inside already


ask who build it


go inside! We've got adventure to plan!


This, beat me to it



What a fine looking tree house.


Man, I'm getting really tired.

How much longer is this session? I don't want to miss out but I need sleep.


tell them it looks well built place but no reason to sit outside

ID: 92886 494230

First one.



ID: 7609b 494232

[It'll be ending relatively soon as I also am getting tired and don't want to dip whatever quality I have here by typing while tired.]


At least Aspirant doesn't go on until like 7 in the morning like LK did, those were rough


First one, but we have a story to tell, so lets get inside.


Alright, first one briefly, but get inside

ID: 7609b 494236

[I can't really do that anymore, though some of my old "quests" used to go on for quite a while at once.]

"That's a pretty nice tree house," you say to the group, "Who built it?"

Apple Bloom bashfully kicks the ground a bit, "Well, Applejack originally did, but we uh, fixed it up to what it looks like now."

"What's this 'we,' stuff? It was pretty much you, Apple Bloom," Scootaloo says, walking up and nudging her in the side playfully.

"I…I guess."

"Well I think it's pretty great," you say, encouraging Apple Bloom, "How about we head inside, if that's okay with you three."

"Sure thing!" Sweetie says, hopping her way up the ramp and holding the door for everyone as you head inside.


Now lets just hope Big Mac didn't just see a random colt going into a treehouse with his little sister and her 2 friends

ID: 7609b 494238

The four of you spread out to different areas of the clubhouse. It's kinda reasonably sized, and each of you find a comfy spot to sit or lie down before continuing.

"Alright," Apple Bloom says, motioning to Sweetie and Scootaloo, "We all saw you talking with Silver Spoon at recess and, well, we were wondering how that went. And why, but that's not as important. "

"We just want to make sure you aren't getting mixed up in something you aren't aware of," Scootaloo says while Sweetie just nods affirmation.

>Tell them, plainly, what happened

>Be a little vague about it
>Maybe it's not important

ID: 92886 494239

Give them the whole scoop.


No reason to lie this early in your friendship, it's not like anything happened, you were just trying to be friendly.
And she actually wasn't that bad.


Lay it on them straight, but try to get them to promise not to change how they act around SS


Yeah, better to be straight-up about it here, we don't really have a reason to hide anything.


Tell them.



We don't want to raise suspicion and screw up the delicate nature of the situation.


Yeah, we are kinda giving them ammo here.

Although we may be post Babs and they know about petty revenge not working.

ID: 7609b 494246

You decide to spill all the beans. No sense holding back.

After your tale they sit in thought for a bit before Apple Bloom says something.

"See, we have a bit of a, uh, history, with Diamond and Silver."

"Not a good one," Scootaloo chimes.

"One like when I tried to cook Rarity breakfast; all toasted and gross," Sweetie replies, getting some odd looks.

"But, she at least warned you about Diamond's attitude toward blank flanks. Sounds to me like maybe you struck a chord with her a bit. Maybe."

"Hard telling since we don't know much about her ourselves, other than she seems to be Diamond's lackey."

"Did you really just use the word 'lackey,' Scoots?"

"Yes, yes I did. That's what I go to school for."

Sweetie giggles while you ask them what to do.

"Honestly," Sweetie replies, "I don't know. But you should be careful. One wrong move and she'll hate you like she seems to hate us."

"We're always careful when dealing with those two, but if they see you hanging out with us then you probably won't get very far with Silver. Definitely not with Diamond," Apple Bloom says, shaking her head sadly.

"I mean, you'd pick us over them, right?" Scootaloo asks.

>Of course!

>I'm thinking about it [Jokingly]
>I'm thinking about it [Serious]
>I want to try and be friends with all of you…




>>I'm thinking about it [Jokingly]
no sense in trying to make this whole thing serious
and it give us a chance to keep that door open for us


Trying neutrality always gets me bad ends in VNs…
I don't know, CMC route seems a little predictable but I have no idea how DT/SS would fare.



Jokingly thinking about it.

ID: 92886 494251

Last one.
But add that if push comes to shove you're not going to turn into another bully just to get closer to DT and her friend.



I think we should go for a CMC harem end.


Can't we all just be friend's or at least give it a shot?


that's bonus dlc


>I'm thinking about it [Jokingly]

I'm not really feeling like trying to push things too far with SS, and neutrality doesn't seem like the right choice. This keeps us in good with the crusaders, but doesn't shut of SS completely, so we can maybe help her out here and there if the opportunity arises.



SHOOT this is hard

>I want to try and be friends with all of you…



Jokingly is good


Maybe we could make them all close friends in the end?


Best End:
CMC friends with DT&SS



Oh Anon…
It's funny that you still think about that delusion.


Best End:
CMC friends with DT&SS
Cobalt Engaged with Swing set


rolling to evict nonymous from the quest


Roll #1 5 = 5


>Cobalt Engaged with Swing set
Best end.

ID: 7609b 494265

"I'm thinking about it," you say with a sly smile, starting to laugh just as Scootaloo reaches over and punches you in the shoulder.

"You wouldn't!"

"That'd be so mean," Sweetie says, looking worried for the first time.

"He's joking, Sweetie, don't think about it," Apple Bloom chides, "Though it was a bit of a poor joke," she says, sticking her tongue out in your direction before falling to a fit of giggles herself.

"More seriously; Is there any real reason we can't all be friends?" You ponder.

"Honestly, it's Diamond Tiara," Apple Bloom says, the others nodding their agreement, "She's so stubborn in her ways and just plain old rude. If she changed her ways, we could probably be friends."

"Better chance of Rainbow Dash losing her wings and being slow as a turtle," Scootaloo says.

"Or Rarity's hair falling out," Sweetie says.

"Oh gross, she'd be all bald and stuff," Scootaloo laughs.

The topic settled for now, the rest of the evening passes by in a flurry of laughter and tag within the tree house, until Apple Bloom notes the time and you, Sweetie, and Scootaloo head along your separate ways for the night.

Scootaloo heads back to the school to pick up her scooter from wherever she stashed it, but Sweetie walks with you for a bit. She doesn't say much, just hums to herself as you walk along until you have to part your own ways.

The two of you wave to each other and you head home for the night, only remembering when you get home that Pinkie told you to drop by Sugarcube Corner after school.

You shrug to yourself. It can wait. Probably.

[End of the second day]


So is that all for tonight?

ID: 7609b 494267

Yeah I'm gonna call it here since it's getting late.

I'll leave it to you guys whether we literally go day by day from here on or if you'd like to skip to important events/keep the event rate high.


> Pinkie told you to drop by Sugarcube Corner after school.



>We neglected pinkie.

Oh thank god we didn't swear to show up.


Pinkie aint shit, we ride with our homies


Day by Day is probably a good place to start with skipping if we all want to


We just got to tell pank we where busy making new friends the next time we see her. If anyone would understand it would be her.


I'd be fine with day by day. It'll flesh everything out more in the end and feel more satisfying.

Thanks for cute questing with us again, Aspirant.


Thanks for this, I'm really enjoying it

Day by day seems pretty good.

ID: 92886 494275

I'm fine with day by day.

ID: 7609b 494276

Sounds good, I just want to keep interest levels up. Nothing like dragging on through monotony to drag a quest down.

Anyway, thanks for joining me gents. If you ever have questions feel free to ask and I'll do my best to explain without giving stuff away if I can.

Glad you're enjoying it! I'm having fun writing it. Only wish I could art some stuff for ya.


Dotkwa sounds like he's on board for some more of that and he's really fast so it should be great

ID: 92886 494278

Thanks for the sesion, Aspirant!
Silver Spoon route is ago!

ID: 7609b 494279

That'd be real kind of him if he does that.

No problem!
Don't mess up, or Cobalt's gonna be all alone during Private Eye Quest. Bwahahaha~


It's really a clever ruse to stop the children quarreling to get with Cheerilee


Thanks for running, it was fun! Also don't worry about making new threads per session. It's better presentation for the archive.

>apple still in saddle bag

Good thing they have a bit of a shelf life

ID: 7609b 494282

So you mean make new thread per session?
Can do. Wasn't sure how courteous that would be since it wasn't a 1k response behemoth like back in Luna "Quest".

Good to know and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!

And who knows, maybe that apple is good luck.

ID: 92886 494283

>or Cobalt's gonna be all alone during Private Eye Quest


But if he's alone for mystery quest then we can hit on all the new hot mystery fillies


We have to have some doll back home and a tragic backstory to follow.

ID: 92886 494286

Does the doll let us travel through time?
Then what good is it?!


My body is ready.

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