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After a successful looting, trading in that loot for pure coin and prizes is a pirate's priority. And what better place than a real trading post city. The soaring towers and crisscross streets make it a bit confusing and crowded. But there are plenty of signs everywhere, so soon your own shopping endeavors were successful.
Of course, the down side of a place being so hard to regulate is that its also a bit hard to secure, on the way back to the ship you hear rumbling of a crowd shouting, a sound of gunfire and the sound of gears turning.


Eh, nothing out of the ordinary there… I just hope it isn't coming from the direction of our ship!


Flip flop my ears around.
"Uh oh, what's that?"
Hop towards the nearest goat tower!
I must climb it to see what's going on!


Now, how much does our fortune amount to?


Her floppy ears pick up the sound of the gunshot, and worry immediately washed over her
"Butters, stay close to me!" She said trying to catch up to the goat as much as she could



"You don't need to worry about me!"


Going to the top of the tower you can see a fight has broken out between a pirate ship's own crew. They are actually making a bit of damage to a different tower in their fighting. Its also in the way of your best path to the ship.
By my last count there was a total 1100 'silver' not split up yet


"Butters I need to constantly worry about you! I can't imagine the shenanigans you could cause if no one keeps an eye on you!"


Ah well, too bad for them. I'm not stopping or turning away; I've got to get this stuff dropped off at the ship, so if they're smart they'll stay out of my way.


"You cannot contain the goat!"

Is there popcorn anywhere nearby?


"What in the world?… A fight breaking off right here? Are there no guards around to deal with this kind of thing?!"


"Butters that is not popcorn, that's a shootout!"


Sure, but you might want to fly around their fight so you don't get caught in the middle.
Popcorn, well you could look around, maybe somegoat dropped some.
Leonis catches up to you panting a bit from the effort.
"I'll protect you Princess!"


"Same thing, really!"

Time to search for popcorn!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Well then, I think it's high time we armed our new little fancy vessel with some proper teeth, no?
Set aside 500 of those silvers and set forth towards the docks, where my ship is grounded.
I need to find an armory!


Around? Very well, if you say so…
If I wasn't pressed for time, I'd go straight through


"Ah, there you are Leonis, I was wondering where have you gone off to. Can you believe it? Pirates attacking, right here!"
"… Oh and.. Did you brought our food? "


File: 1432494948804.png (44.79 KB, 1238x627, Techicolor_Fools_sketch.png) ImgOps Google

All you find is this bucket of old bolts.. At least they look clean.
Oh, and Leonis got snacks for you and Dania, some large fluffy cotton candy.
Fair enough..
You reach the ship after a short delay. The Techicolor Fools ship is just as you left it, Andy that moogle is sitting around staring at the sails.
He presents some large fluffy cotton candy sticks with a larger grin.
"I did! Its not as sweet as you are, but I think its close."


"Ooh, thanks! That looks much more tasty than old bolts!"
Start chewing at the edge of the cotton candy!


"Now where would the armory be…"
Stop somepony working at the docks and ask for directions.


She puts a hoof in front of her mouth and giggles before taking a little piece of the cotton candy.
"I bet you just bought this to make a joke about my Wool too, huh?" She poked his side.
"Also, I believe we should be heading back to our ship. The captain must have heard the shooting too, and I'm certain he would have done the logical thing of meeting back up with us there."


"Ah, you are actually pretty close, just stick to this path here, and you're good. They put that close to the ship docks so they don't have move the heavy stuff too far."
The cotton candy is soft and sweet, melting away in your mouth and leaving its strong sugar aftertaste behind.
"Arr, I be glad ye ladies like it." He bites into his own and makes a scrunchy face at how sweet it is.
You get a nice view of the fighting from up here, but only about half the pirates are still fighting, it could be over very soon, before guards could actually get over there anyway.


"Smart fellows!"
Off I go, to the armory!


''Hmn…I wonder what is the reason of all that ruckus…a bar fight I suppose…what you think Leonis?'' she nibbles a bit of the cotton candy


Nibble nibble!
"Or a tragic fight over one's love! A story full of drama and plot turns no one sees coming!"


''Butters have you been reading those sappy novels again?''


"Keeping your eyes and ears around here is much more exciting than those!"


You follow the road and the scent of oil, metal and smoke hits you pretty hard, followed by the sounds of clanking metal and wooden boards being nailed together. There is actually a large space here for ships to land and be repaired or heavily upgraded, as well as let the ponies do more complex work outside.
The center of this is a black tower, but you can tell its not black by intention, but by years of gunpowder being blown onto the thing.
"Hmm I like the version with a fair lady waiting at the end." Leonis decides as the combatants dwindle down to just four who burst out laughing before brawling with their hooves.


"Ooh, maybe this is one where old friends meet and it starts out as a fight but they realize they cannot defeat each other and also that friendship is totally magic and they all have fun afterwards!"


''This situation gets more and more strange at the minute…Nom nom'' She was almost done with her cotton candy. she hums a bit in delight, the sheep had quite the sweet tooth


Stop and ask one of the workers for the quartermaster.


The first group you come upon is working on a catapult.
"Looking for Old Man Striker then, I'll ring him for ya."
"Nope, you gotta stay here and finish those hinges"
"Come on' Mark can do that."
"Nope." A large goat with an almost as large hat replies. "You're supposed to."
"…Ah darn it.." the pony replies and keeps working while the goat moves easily around the yard guiding you into the tower, and shouting. "HEY STRIKER! GET DOWN HERE!"

Whatever it was, it was over just as fast as it began, and the bunch of them are mostly cleared out. You see a pair of goat guards on what can best be described as personal air ships, with propellers instead of balloons. You see one of the pirates dart to the tower under your ship, in a effort to hide.


This pony needs some FREEDOM in his life.
Wait for Striker.


Giggle and finish off the cotton candy, complete with eating the little thing it was on, then hop off towards that tower fast and without a word!


''Ooh, I could use one of those'' She eyes the personal air ships with interest as she hops down and heads to the tower their ship was docked at.
''Come on you two'' she stops for a moment to turn at Butters and Leonis, a bit of cotton candy stuck on the corner of her lips


What a pirate pony, already trying to steal crew members.
You wait only a moment longer and an imposingly large red earth pony makes his way to the base of the tower, with a slight smile behind his grey'd beard.
"This pony here wants to see you."
"Ah, so that's what you were hollaring about. Well, here I am, I'm Iron Striker, been running this part of town for as long as anyone can recall. What can I help you with?"
Leonis carries your stuff with a love struck expression as he chases after you both to the tower. You can hear the soft panting as you approach, and in the window of the tower you spot a diamond dog wearing bandanna.


Can I hop in the tower some way?


Give him a hoof.
"Sudden Chance. My ship just rolled into town."


''YOu there, gentleman.'' She calls for his attention before whispering to Leonis
''Leonis, get your guard up, we do not know if it will attack us…''


You can roll uh, acrobatics, to jump in the window, or roll it twice to climb the side of the tower, or just walk in.


Climb it!

Roll #1 9 + 8 = 17 / Roll #2 6 + 8 = 14


Apply a dice to the second roll too!

Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 1 = 1


He shakes your hoof.
"Nice to meet you Mr. Chance, if its a ship you'd like help with, I'll need to know her name."
With a bleat and a hop you are climbing like you were born to do it. A hoof in this window, a hoof on this stone, and a thrilling rush to your head as you land on top of the tower. No way a dog would out match you! You can easily slide onto the ship or descend from above, or just stand here at the top gloating.
Below you see a few passing goats whistle and hop in place as congratulations for your swift tower climbing.
"What? Me? I was just resting here. I swear." A female voice calls back to you. Ah, yes, Upon closer inspection the diamond dog is a female, with tan fur. It is a bit hard to tell with these two legged creatures thou. Their snouts are all so similar.
Leo has his spear drawn, and a shield up just in case he needs to block.


Just straighten my back to goat.
I mean gloat.
But just for a few seconds.
Hop inside the ship to have a look around first!


"Technicolor Fool.
The Fool for short. I'd like to arm myself, me and my crew hunt monsters, you see.
Specialize in taking them alive. That's why we are gonna need harpoons."


It smells like victory.
Or maybe that's the air of gun powder and snacks.
The ship is intact, Andy the moogle greets you with a wave as you come inside.
"Hmm I see, going after the sky fish. How many harpoons are you thinking?"


''Resting huh?'' She takes a good look at the dog
''Now, I will have to ask you two questons. and I sincerely hope you aswer them truthfully, or I may have to call the guards here. We saw the rumble just a few minutes ago. now aswer me. Where is your captain?'' she speaks calmly, but firmly


"Just two to begin with. The ship itself isn't too big and we are just starting out."


Wave back.
"Hi, not much time to talk!"
Grab a snack then head back, down the tower!


"Two harpoons for The Fools then, would you like hardened iron, mythril tips or to spring for full mythril?"
"Uh, my captain? I'm not sure, I mean he lived I'm sure of that, but he might be at the Lighting Hunter or something."
You grab a few bites of that sweet metallic cereal and race down the steps to see the sheep and the unicorn corning a Diamond dog girl. She's got a bandanna and matching loose clothes on, and a small a pack on her side, but not much else on her.


Hop next to her.
"Hi! I'm a goat! Who are you? Why are you hiding? Will you answer truthfully?"


"What's the difference in price we are talking about here?"


''She will Butters, don't worry…''
She approaches the dog, clearing her throat
''Ahem. This is Buttermilk, and I am Dania. Now, why aren't you there with him then. hmn?'' She says while taking a good look at the dog girl, checking for bruises or maybe even hidden weapons…


Iron is 250 each, tipped with mythril is 310 each, 500 each for full mythril.
"I just got separated, and didn't want to get captured by the guards. That's all. I ain't lying about that. Now uh step off hooved ones!"
She does have a few obvious bruises from the fight, but nothing serious, and hidden weapons wouldn't apparent so you'd have to roll to find it.


"I think Iron will do us fine for a start!"


I bet you can tell me something nice about this dog!
Free hint!


"Alright, that's 500 for two, where did you park her? Or.." He looks outside. "Yea, there's a spot for the Techicolor Fools there, you can just bring her around."
Your free hint is. she's a good sniper/ranged specialist and if you recruit her she'd help out by manning canons and such for you. She also doesn't like her captain much after that fight.


''Calm down, calm down…'' She raises a hoof
''We are not here to harm. come with me, you seem pretty beaten up, you can rest at our ship until the situation is clear and it's safer to leave. we can even help you meet up with your captain again if you want'' She motions to the Technicolor Fools Ship


"With pleasure!"
Time to move my boat and get us some equipment then!


Clear my throat.
"Hey, I know you had some beefs and whatnot with your captain, you got into that fight even though you didn't want to, and you are a sniper anyway not a brawler! Why not join our ship instead! Our captain is the best and he would treat you the best and we'd get to be friends and everything!"
Smile at her like it's completely normal I know all of this!


''Now now Butters, we must respect her loyalty to her captain don't you agree? after all she must hold a lot of respect for him, I mean, it's Captain Lightning Charge we are talking about after all! she must have a deep admiration for him''


Blow a raspberry.
"Sudden Chance best captain!"


''Maybe, but he is not the only great captain there is don't you agree?''


Narrow my eyes and lower my voice.


''Oh my, does someone have a crush for our captain?'' She teases, poking her horn


"Our relationship is purely professional!"


''Sure it is…'' she giggles
''Don't worry Butters I will not tell your secret'' She leans closer and whisper
''As long as you Don't tell mine…''


The dog girl Seems very very taken back at your knowledge of her. She quickly covers it up by overconfidence. "Oh my. Well, I guess it makes sense that you've heard of me. I am the best paw that ship has ever had aiming their cannons and rifles. Ha, and to think they involved me in their little tussle, and Ginger in a nice soft name too, rolls off the tongue."
"Arr!" Leonis can't help himself anymore and cheers along for the praise of captain Chance.

You fly over to the boat, and you hear the chatting of some of your crew in the tower below it.


"No promises!"


Land down with a low flyby.
"Ladies. Hope you are not busy, we need to get the ship moving."


She Boops her nose

''Is that so? Well We will have plenty of time to talk about your amazing feats inside the ship. why you could even show us what you are capable of too…''
''Ah there you are Captain, I was wondering where have you gone off to''


Just giggle.

"Ooh! Ooh! THis diamond dog is just dying to meet you! She wants to join our crew, but she might not know that yet!"


"I'm giving The Fool teeth, that's what!
And also making sure you get your payday."


"I was just telling her about how you were the best captain ever and much better than her last captain!"


"I try!"


There is a tan diamond dog female your crew has cornered here. She has a few bruises from a recent fight but nothing too serious. Her outfit is a loose cloth number, and she wears a bandanna on her head.
"Whoa wait, so you're trying to tell me ya'll are pirates? I guess that means you aren't actually gonna call those goats over.."


Raise a brow.
"Pirates now?
What a dreadful thing to say."


And give both Butts and Dania an annoyed look.


"I'm a goat but I am a pirate too!"


Smile smile smile!


Facehoof, but then shrug it off.
Nothing I can do now.


''I helped…'' was all she said
''No need to worry, I know you and your crew just came by to spend your gold.''

''Whaaaat?'' She flutters her eyes with a grin


She laughs and eases up a bit. "Ya'll are silly hooved creatures, you knew I was a pirate already you didn't have to hide it. Captain Chance.. Captain Charge is a pegasus too, I don't suppose you like to pound stupidly large drums during battle? That's not a pegasus tradition right?"


''I believe not, but why trust me? I'm not a pegasus.'' She shrugs.
''So, will you be coming with us in the ship? guards might jump here at any moment.''


"Oh no, the drums are my resort!"


"No, I just shout one liners instead of orders to inspire fortitude in my crew!"


"..alright alright.." She says with irritation and dusts herself off. "You're a pushy little poof ball."
"Ehem, Dania is a proper lady. Don't be insulting her, ye not be a member yet after all." Leonis says with a glare.

"…I see, but yours can't be that annoying, right?"
"I swear I will go death if I stay with these guys.."
She stares a moment and then giggles into her paw. "Sounds better already."


"I only play annoying music against our enemies!"


"Trust me, it's effective.
So what say ye, did we gain a new crewmember?"


She was about to speak before Leonis does it for her
With a smile she places a hoof on his shoulder
''It is fine Leonis, I was not expecting her to be polite at first with us. after all we just met, besides, I must say I am a tad pushy sometimes am I not?'' She giggles


"Hmm.. A crew that might actually appreciate me does sound a mite nice for a change.. Alright Chance, Ginger is officially on the Job, what's the name of this crew? Something good like the Black Pearl?"
To the goat she shutters and replies.
"Promise ya'll give me a signal so I can plug my ears."

Leonis blushes at your touch, its a bit of a stretch to reach his shoulder properly since you're significantly smaller than him.
"Awh okay, sorry for bein' so harsh with the lass."


"But then you might miss out a fun song!"


"Living in the sudden dread of her killer tunes is part of the pirate life!
Welcome to the Technicolor Fool, Ginger!
Now let's get the ship off the docks, I ordered two harpoons and we have to mount them at the armory!"


''It's fine dear, now come on, that cotton candy was nice but I need something filling. Is it about dinner time already?'' She licks her lips, thinking of delicious foods


"I need my ears more!" She declares with a slightly worried look.
"Harpoons? Aye, I can work those, actually, just about ranged device really." Ginger declares as she strides after you onto the ship.
"We can get whatever like Princess.. but first we ought to move the ship with the captain." Leonis replies in 'smooth' tone.
Ginger rolls her eyes at this.


"Good, then you will be able to tell if we are getting ripped off!"
Let's take her out, captain.


''Of course Leonis, of course. would you like to join me for dinner then, once we are done?''


"I'm not taking your ears away, duh!"


"I'd have to take away your drums if you did little goat." The dog rubs her tan paw on your head affectionately before getting a look around.
"This ship is pretty nice, I'm not a shipwright but It looks like she can handle quite a few upgrades ifin' y- we get the parts for it. "
Your new diamond dog says in conclusion as she watches it float over to the armory section.
"I'd love to uh.. es-cart you somewhere Princess." Leonis replies and nearly drops the ropes he was using with telekinesis..


"You'd put them on your head as ears?"


Whistle over to the armory workers, signaling we are ready.


''Oh, I apologise, I just hope I am not breaking your concentration with my constant bothering'' She smiles and scoots away from him, watching him doing his work


She giggles back holding a spot on her side that had been hurt and sitting down on the deck. "You're okay, ya know that?"
"No.. I like bein' bothered.. I mean, ye not be a bother.."
You see the smiling old smith pony wave back at you and team of pegasus start hauling up your harpoons, guided by the large goat from earlier standing on the back of a gryphon they look really, really sharp.
The goat hops on deck signalling them to just wait a moment and turns to you "So, you just want these one on each side or where?"


"I know! You don't look fine though! Do you need a bandage or something? Ooh, or a healing song!"


''I can bother you during our dinner, but if you mess up because of me the captain will be all over my wool and you know that''


"Ha, I could do this with a blindfold on, not a problem!"
He laughs heartily but his magic is a little weaker and slower while he talks to you.
"A song that heals? I think my ears would be mighty grateful for that." She leans back and sighs.

You both notice the pegasi setting down harpoons on deck and looking at the captain to see where they should be actually mounted at.


"One on each side, by the front of the ship."


''I'm sure you could but really, the sooner you finish in there, the sooner we can eat. and I am sooooo huuuungry…'' She moans out


Clear my throat.
Then start singing a Song of Healing, yes, totally that Song of Healing, a-capella!

Um… medicinal song goat?
Action die, too!

Roll #1 11 + 2 = 13 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5


"Gotcha." The goat nods in confirmation and hops over giving out orders to the ponies about the proper angle and to use more back into it.
With a real team working on it, its relatively quick to install. they are halfway done even.
The unicorn nods. "Of course I won't delay us, don't worry Princess."

Playing on my nostalgia are you little goat?
You pull out a tiny flute an play the notes properly, the diamond dog seems somewhat soothed by the music and sways along with its tune until it completes, she still has bruises but they don't seem to bothering her.
"Hmm this kind of music I could get used too, thanks goat kid."


Reach out to our newest doge.
"What do you think Ginger?
Will they do?"


Bow in front of her with a smile.
"I've got this and many more!"


''you know…you don't have to call me Princess…''


"The Techicolor goat with a musical library? I'll have to think of a nice nnickname for you.."
"Hmm" She jumps up and in a very invasive way hops over the ponies and goat patting the harpoon and touching the springs in the launcher.
"Oh my. These are nice. New. Why I can still smell the forge on this one."
"Of course, we don't sell junk here." The goat with the large hat replies smugly to her.
"..this chain looks amazing too, its iron alright but light enough to travel through the air easily."
"Would you rather I call you.. Fair Lady Dania, Beautiful star, Sweet Angel?"


''Just Dania is perfectly fine you charmer!'' She playfully pushes him




"My name is Buttermilk Sky, or Buttermilk for short, but most people who know me in a far away magical place just call me Butters like that blonde guy from that park that is down south!"


"A park? …" The diamond dog girl fidgets her banana around on her head in a concerned manner before smiling at you. "…you're a sweet little goat ya'll know that? I can tell just from a few minutes with ya'."

Leonis grins a mile wide and rubs the back of his head with a slight chuckle. "Uh, so.. what do you like to eat?"

The pegasi from the shipyard have finished their work installing the new harpoons and gone off somewhere else. The large goat is about to leave on his gryphon companion's back, but is hoovering nearby. "If you need anything adjusted, or want else just stop by and ask, we always remember a ship."

In the distance you hear the crackling of canon fire, and something like a roar of a dragon. There is a faint air of smoke on the wind.


"Yeah, there's four little boys and they keep getting into whacky shenanigans! They also use bad words I'm not allowed to use!"
Tee-hee, she doesn't have a banana on her head!
"Thanks! You are a nice dog too!"


''Oh pretty much anything that is well prepared you know? but what I really like is chocolate, hmnn have you ever had those bonbons filled with a pint of cider?'' She licks her lips just thinking of it


Silly goat, put your name on


s-shut up goat.
She's shaking her head at you and looking off in the distance with a shutter. "Sounds like they discovered the Lightning Hunters.. guess them guards aren't incompetent after all."

The golden unicorn nods along with your statements. "Yarr, that sounds a mite tasty, but I ain't nev'r tasted such a thing meself."


''Oh, we should absolutely buy a box of it and share, but we'll have to make sure Butters won't go anywhere near them''
She turns to the Dog
''Are you not sad for your crew?''


The tan diamond dog, Ginger kind of shrugs as she leans back.
"Way I reckon, that's the pirate life, making a ruckus, gettin' chased out of ports, even brawlin' in the streets drunk before the end of lunch. They're happy with their choices, and heck, they'll probably get away just fine.."


''Hmn…I read stories that said bad pirates who get caught are hanged…'' She ponders
''Maaaaaybe the stories were just exagerating''


"Oh? Who are those?"


"Only happens if you're fool enough to get caught." She winks at you.
Leonis frowns a bit. "Or just unlucky."
"Oh, that's the name of my old crew. Captain Lightning Charge, and the Mighty Lightning Hunters." Then she does a silly looking pose that resembles a thunderbolt. "WE BRING THE THUNDER!"

You hear a few more rounds of cannon fire and a vague sound of drums in the background.


''Ah no need to get sad Leonis, come on, now that this is done we should have our lunch together, Butters can take care of Ginger while we leave''


"Well, it sounds to me like that storm is clearing up! And by that I mean the guards are whooping their butts!"


"Aye Aye!" He replies cheerfully and lowers a rope supported plank down for you to walk on and holds a hoof out for you to hold. "After you Miss Dania."
"What makes ya'll say its like that? Cain't see a blasted thing from way over here." She squints in the direction of the sounds.


"My goat senses are tingling! I could check it out though!"


''Always such a gentlecolt'' She nods and holds his hoof, walking down the plank''
''Butters, take care okay?''


"I never do!"
Put on a convincing disguise as a beggar boy! I have my actor's props for it too!
And have an action die!

Roll #1 10 + 9 = 19 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6


And another, since that exploded!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"So that wasn't a dragon just now?"


Ginger nods a bit.
"I'd best be stayin' here, cain't be too sure if they'll recognize me and call me out."
"As the lady says, keep ye wits about ye Butters." Leonis chips in with a cheerful nod.

You are soon trotting away into the noisy crowded city in search of something suitable for someone of your class to eat. It has been so long since you had a proper meal, these food stands and candy treats won't do for your figure!
The search is rather grueling and you pass by so many of these low class stands that you begin to believe the rumors about goats eating anything!
But at last you see a tower well decorated with awnings, places to park personal air-ships, and simply full of balconies with private seats. There is even a butler goat at the door.
For a girl goat, you make a convincing little boy. This ragged hat and coat, complete with a little pan for collecting coins, and wiping a little bit of oil from the engine on your fur really helps sell it.

Ginger laughs. "That's what Captain Charge would have wanted you to think. Its just a special horn.. unless the guards got serious since the last time we got away from here.."

The moogle has come to your side and is shivering ever so slightly.


I've got to take a string instrument with me though! My one worldly possession!
"I'm going to be back after scouting! Bye!"
Instead of hopping, walk beggarishly towards where the things are happening!


"Too bad we didn't get a chance to say goodby-"
Turn in surprise at the moogle.
"What's up now?"


''Ah there's a nice place Leonis.'' She walks along with him to the goat ''Excuse me, we would like a table for two''


Sure, you bring one instrument with you.
No one notices you for a while as you move through the confusing net of streets. As you stop to let a herd of buffalo pass you by you hear them chatting.
"Did you hear that this' place's guard's captain brought in 4 new bounties?"
"Yea, I'm sure glad I told my contact to use this place."
"You mean that cook Darrik?"
"Nono I mean the trader, Gilded Lily."
"Ooh, I heard she's from the northside of Lawforge."
They drop a couple of small coins into your pan on the way by.

Ginger frowns at that. "Goodbyes are terrible, and anyway, they don't usually back track fer crew that dun went astray…"
The moogle whispers to you. "I came to make sure you were alright, kupo, I heard loud sounds."

The butler goat bows to you, he even smells cleaner than most of the city. "Of course, do you have a reservation Maim?"


Tip my hat at them and mutter a thanks!
Hmmm… we better not start trouble here, that guy or gal sounds serious! Keep going to where the battle was!


"Speaking of crew which took and went awol…"
Shift my gaze through the incredibly silent deck.
"Where are those two chatterboxes?"


''A reservation? For Mua? no I believe I do not, sir'' she glances and whispers
''Play along with me here''


"Honestly, I bet its my crew causing that rabble."

Sigh, and start heading towards the noise.


The sounds get louder and louder the more you travel into the city, AHA! Above you are two mighty ships, twice the size the Techicolor Foolz and these have a metal coating on them. The Lighting Hunters is easy to spot, their ship painted with a thunderstorm and their ship rocking with the sound of drums. The guards' ship is plain in comparison bearing only the name 'Zero Hopper' and the greenish goat tower emblem.

A small crowd has gathered here to watch and they almost overshadow you, but there is one Nanny goat with a fan that glances at you, and chats to another goat nearby.

Ginger snickers. "Two of your crew are on a little private lunch, the lady of the pair wearing a very expensive looking get up. Butters said she was following her goat sense and would be okay alone."
Leonis Stands tall and puts on his most 'proper' speech. "Ay- I mean, Yes. We don't have one. But we be.. in need of a fine dining table."
The goat hums to himself and checks a list behind the door. "Ah, we have a nice balcony seating, on the third level, available for lunch, are you interested Sir and Maim?"
Its growing fainter by the moment as you work your way through the crowds. It might be hard to get there in time…


"I will have to start looking for another beast expert soon, won't I?"
Pick the compass up. Where is it pointing me?


That's what I have wings for. Take to sky and follow the scent of smoke.


The gunshots sound like thunder, don't they?
Put my little pan in front of me.
Time to blend in as I watch how the battle goes.
Start strumming the guitar.

♫"Riders on the storm…
Into this house we're born…
Into this world we're thrown…
Like a dog without a bone,
An actor out on loan,
Riders on the storm…


She raises an eyebrow
''Only on the…third level?'' She looks up at the tower, measuring it with a long hum
''I thought there would be a better seat for a fine lady and the impecable gentlecolt…But if you think this is as much as we deserve, very well…I will remember to report this back to the captain and his men about how our proud people stand in such a low raking by your standards'' She lifts her snout and slowly walks inside ''Come Leonis my dear'' she pulls him closer, walking at a gracefully slow pace





"Another?" Ginger frowns but the Moogle Makes an energetic gesture and perks up at the idea.
The compass says you can track: a thief guild, a smith recruit, or surprise side quest
Of course, this gets you above the ground bound members of the crowd and eases your traveling, you spot the two ships battling it out, both metal plated and twice the size of your own vessel, one has paint decorated like a thunderstorm on the side, and one has a simple green stripe and green tower, the emblem goat cities.
They thunder storm vessel is slowly making headway out of the city.

A few members of the crowd sing along to your tune, getting the words totally wrong, and clopping their hooves at the wrong times. The Lady goat has inched closer to you in the crowd to the point where she and her servants are nearly on top of you. She is giggling and waving her fan over her snout. You can see now she's a little bit older.
The butler goat sighs, and pulls over a waitress goat, they whisper a bit and he turns back to you. "There is a place on the fifth floor that will be opening up in just a moment, if that would be more acceptable for the lady."
The interior is just as classy as you expected, crystal chandeliers shimmering and spreading soft light into the velvet carpeted' room, the decorations are classy vases, high quality wood siding, and tables. A few floating trays allow the wait staff to take on lager order alone. There is a bar on the inner circle where you see well dressed customers sipping on drinks.


Sweet sidequest surprise.


The compass is leading you north, toward the gold and silver tower.


''Aah, much better…Yes this will do quite nicely don't you agree Leonis?'' She turns to the stallion with a smile as they waited for the table to free up


Motion at her with a smile, and then at the pan, but focus on the air battle above!


"Say Ginger, want to go on an adventure?"
Smirk at her, lifting my eyes from the compass and putting it away.


"Not us! Not my problem!"

Dive and try to find some cover before I get shot out of the sky!


She rolls a coin in her hoof and leans down close to you smiling kindly. "Aren't you hungry dear? Do you want something to eat?"
The wait is pleasant, the scent of perfumes and a clean room, the fresh salad and toasts wafting a relaxing aroma, gentle music plays from somewhere and everywhere at once. "As long as its good enough for you my Princess." The lovestruck unicorn replies.
After a short wait one of the goat staff attends to you, a smallish female goat this time, she looks to be about 30 and is confident and cheerful to you both. "Sir, Maim, your table awaits you, if you would please follow me.. I'm Nancy and I'll be serving you today."

The tan diamond dog smiles at you and tightens her bandanna, replying with a calm. "Aye! been a while since I had a proper adventure that weren't firing at a flying squid."

You land on a tower nearby and duck behind its strong stone walls, quickly discovering its actually half full of eager young goats trying to watch the battle.


Nod absent mindedly.
"All donations are appreciated!"


"This happen often? I'm used to seeing people, you know, worry and run."


"Do tell me about flying squids though. Are they any good with onions?"
Off we go!


''Good afternoon Nancy, I am Dania and this gentlecolt is Leonis'' She does a small bow before following the tiny goat


The lady goat picks up your hoof in hers. "Come then, lets get you something.. Something with a bit of 'crunch' " and she tries to urge you along with her.. It looks like the thunder storm patterned ship is managing to outrun the goat guards' ship. The sound of their drums are growing a bit more distant. You can see some pegasi kicking the air in frustration above the goat ship.
"Buuut the action!"
"We're safe up here!"
"Yea, we're not too close!"
"Its impossible not to look at something like this!"
"It is a little scary thou.."
"Don't be a wimp!"
"Onions are okay, but I like them over rice and wrapped in spinach leaves." She replies as you go through the city toward the shimmering tower. Andy the Moogle hesitantly stays back with the loot stash while you go.
The ground shakes a little under you when you get closer and most of the crowds are inside. A faint scent of water is on the air here. Ginger looks concerned. "..There isn't supposed to a lake or anything over here.."


I guess they managed to get away… and hey, some food is nice!
Collect my pan!
"That's awfully nice of you!"


"This happen often? Raids ornsomesuch?"


"Maybe it rained heavily?"
Look around for the source.


"If there is anything I can do to make your visit with us more comfortable don't hesitate to ask!"
Following the goat lady up the stairs to the fifth floor, you notice that there are many curtains that 'seclude' each of the balcony areas she peels back the curtain for you to step inside to a heavy wooden table with a silky table cloth, the table set with a decorative cloud sculpture of a cat sitting as the center piece. Leonis seems overwhelmed at first, but with a slight cough from the waitress he pulls out one of the chairs for you to sit at.

roll 3d4 for how much coin you collected. She's taking you to the nearest nice place to get food, which is a stand with a variety of quality foods, smoked veggies, carrot sticks and cheese, a wide variety of icecreams with 'extra crunchy cones'.
"Oh, I just can't stand to see a young kid suffer. Do you have a favorite food? Perhaps something you had a home? Oh, look they have icecream." Her attendants are keeping close as well.
"Hmm its happens once it a while."
"Happens all over the world."
"A lot more interesting than monsters"
"Monsters are really awful, this is just a good clean ship fight, don't hurt much."
"And someone might get caught!"
They laugh a bit and look disappointed when they thundercloud painted ship seems to be getting out of sight.

There is a shrimpy looking earth pony running around looking in each door way and speaking to everyone inside. There are some guards lazily walking around, and a bit of water is pooling up around the base of a tower with runic flags decorating it.


"I wasn't suffering, I was singing!"
Lick my lips.
"All foods all my favourites! I don't wanna' hurt the feelings of other foods by saying one of them is better than the other!"


"Is it something genetic that attracts you all to danger?"

"As long as they didn't pilfer our ship, it's fine. Time to head back."


I'm not sure I understand what the tower looks like.
"That fella sure looks like he's in a hurry."


She giggles a classy kind of held back giggle. "You are adorable. Sir, we'll have the sampler platter, with a nice vanilla scoop on a crunchy cone for dessert."
"Coming right up Miss."
The goat behind the counter passes on the order and soon there is steam rising from behind the stand and another goat grilling while one slices and pours various things.. and finally the original goat from the counter scoops out a vanilla icecream and asks you. "And what topping would you like on that lad?"

"Pfft this isn't dangerous! Its just a ship, long as the cannons don't fall on you its fiiine." one of the goats says with a cocky tone.
The way back is smooth enough, there is a ragged looking goat kid getting some lunch bought for him by a nanny goat. On a cloud just under you is a ragged looking chocolate colored bat pony mare. She appears to be trying to sleep.
This quarter has towers made or marbled stone, they shimmer aren't built too high. The one with water leaking around its base is similar, but uses a reddish colored brick and has dark purple flags with bright green and orange 'runic' writing on them. The center of this quater has a very tall and thick tower made with sliver and golden material, but it seems to not have a door. The quarter here is relatively small actually, having less than 15 buildings in total, the runtish earth pony stallion has already covered the area and comes over to you out of breath. "Ah, Um, Hello. Can you tell me if you've seen someone, a goat. A goat with a very very fancy scarf, he's got white fur and orange spots and-" he stops talking out of breathe.


Oh, wait, that's me! I'm a boy now! Well, dressed like one!
Tee-hee, this is really weird, but fun, I can see why the sheep likes doing it so much!
"Um… All of them? I can't decide!"


"Not really, no. Wouldn't forget about it mister…"
Give him a look over.


"Geeze, why can't Butters be that well behaved? She'd have eaten the whole thing and my talons before I finished getting to her."

As for the Bat Pony,
"You're not really going to get any shut eye up here, you know?"

I try not to giggle at bothering her.


She gracefully sat down at one and looked at the sheep, not even bothering with a menu
''I would like a simple cucumber and tomato salad along with a vegetable soup for us to share, does that sounds good Leonis?'' She leans on her hoof with a smile.


I could just pinch those cheeky cheeks of yours little goat.
The goat running the stand laughs and puts some of everything on the cone before handing it to you and giving the tray of goodies to one the lady's attendants.
"Short Scroll sir, and its very important that I find him.. Clarence is the only one who can get my stubborn boss to listen to reason.."

the bat mare opens a yellow cat eye at you and groans. "Can't you see its noon! I'm exhausted."


Dig in immediately!
It has been at least like an… hour since I last ate!


"Got troubles with your superiors? Such a classic in the civilized world!
Is that why your tower is… Leaking?"


"Ah, a night shift worker? Well I'll warn you that this isn't the best kind of spot in a city. Find a sturdy tree branch. It'll be quieter."


You gobble it up like a starving little goat, its creamy and smooth and sweet and crunchy. It settles in your belly and makes you want to bleat with delight.
"Oh, please try some of the other things while we walk, we simply must get you out of this sun and into a proper bath.."
One of the attendants lowers the platter to your level so you can easily see it. There are a variety of steamed, grilled and fresh veggies. Cheese, Ranch, Peanut Butter, and Sour cream for dips, a small personal salad, a pile of toast: at least three different colors of bread! and butters and jams for you to use on them. The group is urging you on somewhere else in the city, maybe to get more free goodies!
The stallion nods with a heavy sigh. "That's the long and short of it. You sure are a lot smarter than you look. No offense of course."
She grumbles. "The goats are always practicing their climbing on those. I figured up here, at least they can't jump on me." With a stretch she sniffs the air. "Got any fruits? You smell a little citrus-y.."




I'm going to miss that remark entirely and just focus on eating for now!


Leonis nods eagerly.
"Hmm yea, soup is great. And some bread too."
"Bread is complimentary sir."
He chuckles a bit "Ahaha, then I want that compliment bread. And a salad for me too."
"And what would you like to drink?"

You keep moving after the tray of goodies, past buildings and goats and ponies. The scent of the air gets cleaner, there is more plant life around, and a few well kept green patches of grass. Your group stop briefly at a gate, which is opened after a short delay in which the old nanny seems irritated. An earth pony with a suit and tie approaches the group.
"I'm so sorry for the delay Madam, it was completely my fault."
"Its fine, tell my husband that we have a special guest." She nods towards you before stepping forward. Looking up you see a lush hilly yard, trees with apples in them, and the center of the whole enclosure, a very tall stone mansion, its so clean looking its as if it had never been climbed.


She had to hold back a snort-giggle
''Coconut water with a hint of lemon for me, please'' She slightly leans on the table ''Oh and please no alcohol''


Tilt my head as I look around.
"Where are we? It looks like a nice place!"


The waitress goat, Nancy, nods and looks to Leonis.
"Uh, a lemonade.." He says looking over the choices quickly.
"Of course, I'll have those for you right away. Please enjoy your stay."
The view from up here does lift your spirits, and the sight of the orange unicorn sitting awkwardly in his seat and smiling at you is lightening as well.

"This is my estate dear, you need to get cleaned up right away.. You poor adorable thing, what's you name?" She dotes on you and leans down to see your face better.


"Cleaned up? Why?
And uh, it's…" Think quick…


She could feel a cool breeze over her wool. that was a nice moment to relax
''You know Leonis…This most certainly makes up for all that time we had to spend on those horrid ruins…'' The sheep sighs, closing her eyes


"Well, flapjack. You can't very well meet Lord Suri if you're not dressed, it simply won't do. He's such a traditional stallion."

"Ye handled the ruins most boldly, Dania." He comments eagerly and sighs onto the wind. A staff member sneakily sets your glasses and a plate of warm sliced bread down, complete with a little plate for the butter, and two little plates for each of you to use. You hardly even saw them and from Leonis's blink of surprise he didn't see them at all.
"You were really brave carrying the golem core away back then."


"Who's Lord Suri? And I'm dressed!…sort of… I also have a hat!"


she waves a hoof dismissively ''Oh please Leonis most of what I did aside from that was complain and scratch the golems with a knife. and honestly, even Butters could have done what I did without a trouble…'' She lifts her cup and takes a small sip, looking at it while waiting for leonis reply


The goat lady giggles and waves her fan in her face. "Why, he's my husband we've been married for so long now.. I'm Lady Suri, Lady Vennia Suri the 4th, but you can just call me Miss V." She stand properly with an excited sparkle in her eyes. "You are just prefect! I can't imagine he won't like you, but to be sure we should bath you and get you into a proper shirt and coat.."
Without waiting for you to object or agree she nods and trots toward the manor. "Come along Flapjack."

"Uh.. that makes ye all the more brave, bein' not as strong as the captain' and all.. ye didn't act scared of anything."
The drink is kind of sour and milky, as expected from coconut water, but the scent gives you a refreshing feeling as you drink.


Trot along.
"Nice to meet you, Missus V! Thanks for calling me perfect, but perfect for what?"


She was okay with sour, but this drink needed a lot of more sugar.
She looked around at the table to see if they had any sugar. if not, she would call Nancy to provide some
She giggles at his comments on her bravery
''Brave you say?…No I don't think so Leonis…there are much scarier things than facing a dungeon with monsters…'' Her smile fades away into a more neutral expression as she places a hand on the knife, catching a glimpse of her own reflection on it before cutting up a slice of the bread


She hums pleasantly as the servants open the door for you both revealing the plush carpet of the manor, and the scent of polish hitting your nose, after that a light scent of flowers and lemons. At your question she gives you a concerned expression. "..Flapjack do you have any family?"

There is a bowl of sugar cubes with a small spoon in it for scooping out, your drink will be sweeter as a candy bar after a few of these melt away into your glass.
"Aye.. yet we didn't see some of the truly terrifying beasts. The things of legend like the cat sith, deadly fast, cat like reflexes, a body like a diamond dog but skinnier and with a tail of a lizard. Ruthless to anyone who crosses its path. Those who've looked into the eyes of one and survive say they can never sleep properly again."


she barely heard what he said when she got lost in her own little sugar world. putting three sugar cubes on her cup before looking around
''Oh is that so? have you ever saw one? I'm certain you could wrestle one down to the ground if you tried'' SHe smiles. and once she made sure no one was looking, she popped a sugar cube in her mouth and giggled…then put three more in her cup…this sheep really loved sweets…


Giggle at first and start rubbing the plush carpet, then stop.
"Uh… well, I used to…"


The carpet is kind of bouncy yet soft and lets your hoof sink in just a bit before springing back up just as it was before. Missus V nods and pats your back and gently guides you down the hall, past doors and the movement of servants from place to place. "I see.. Well there's no need to worry while you're here."
"I haven't seen one, but the stories even give me chills. They say its so fast that even a trained assassin can't handle it."
Soon your salads and soups arrive, the scent of the vegetable soup with the tomato base overpowering the light fragrance of the leaves and dressing. Your waitress Nancy in a polite tone asks. "Is there anything else I can get for you right now?"
Leonis is practically drooling and stabs his salad immediately.


Wave a hoof.
"Oh, I stopped worrying a long time ago. It's still a bit sad though!"


''Oh, do be a dear and prepare the dessert in advantage? I would like a chocolate mousse'' She says before taking a spoon and silently sipping on the soup. after blowing on it of course!''


"You're a brave child Flapjack, do you like.. airships?" She guesses at a thing you might like as she approaches a door.
She gives you a smile before leaving again. "Ah, I like that one as well, I'll bring it around when you're ready for it."
The soup is thick and creamy, its veggies stirring around happily and soaking in the rich flavor of the seasoning that was used, but are still firm enough to bite and give you a pleasant texture.
The bread would be nice to dip inside of this, you think, but a bit uncouth to do.. and then you see leonis dipping a slice of bread into his soup and eagerly eating it, he looks really happy with the meal.


Start hopping high, full of hype.
"Ooh! Ooh! I love airships! Especially big ones and colorful ones and ones that go 'Zoom!' and ones that go 'Boom!' but I wouldn't be on those!"


''hmmnnnnnn'' She hums in bliss at this divine soup. it felt so good in her mouth that she couldn't help but beam at the taste.
she sees Leonis being uncouth and can't help but gigglesnort at that


At this the servant earth pony that was following you chuckles along with his Lady's giggle.
The door is opened and you see a room with a bed, the sheets are air-ship print, the walls have various creatures painted on them in colorful style, the floor has toys, toys of airships, a toy train set, a box of blocks, a set of pose-able toy goats, sheep, and ponies with little armor suits on, they have different tiny weapons they can hold. There is a closet, and a desk with some adventure books on a little shelf.


I'll just go ahead and faint now from squee.


Leonis looks a bit confused as your giggle and wipes the corners of his mouth with his napkin, smiling up at you with a wide grin.
"This is a nice change of pace from the ship having somepony make you a meal.. Last time I had the Doc help me out with something, and it tasted a little weird.. bat pony sensibilities I suppose."


''Oh the doctor is an odd fellow too honestly…I am still a tad bitter at what he did to my poor wool'' She frowns a bit, touching her hoof ''And the captain didn't even help stop him…''she grumbles before looking up at him again
''ah and here I go, complaining again'' She takes another spoon of the soup. ''Forgive me Leonis…I can be a blabbermouth sometimes…''


You feel strong hooves catch you as you faint, and the vague doting tone of the Lady goat.
A few moments later you wake up in that magical room of wonders and see the butler pony kneeling next to you. "Feeling okay Flapjack?"

"nono, it weren't fair doin' that kind of thing to a Princess. If I was there I'd have tackled him down like a wild bear." The unicorn declares as he sips on his drink that was refilled quietly by Nancy.


she gasps ''oh my, and would you berate the Doctor for his bad intentions and his naughty behavior for me?'' she asks, melodramatically


Shoot out of his hooeves and dive face first into the toybox! Then just get on my back and start rolling and spasming amongst all the toys!


"Aye aye Princess!" the stallion replied with an energetic tone and a jolly grin. "I'll be giving 'im a tought time for ye."

The toys poke and press into your sides and the butler pony smiles just slightly at your joyous mess, before returning to a state of an unreadable expression.
"I see you find the room acceptable. Lets get you into a bath and some proper clothes. Lord Suri is not a patient stallion."


''Daawww…'' She smiles and blushes slightly
''You're trying to spoil me aren't you Leonis?'' She takes a few more spoons of the soup. almost half way done with it


Hop to my hooves.
"But I don't wanna' bath! I want to play!"


"..If that be what ye want to call, then aye." He said as he finished his salad and soup, much earlier than you due to taking such large bites, almost as if he learned to eat from lions.
About then your dessert arrives, a sweet fluffy chocolate dish with the appearance of a cloud a strawberry on top, and chocolate sauce drizzled on top.


"Please don't make me carry you there young lad." The butler pony replies tapping his hoof at you and sizing you up against some of the nicer outfits from the closet.


"Please don't make me hop on the shelves and furniture to get away!"


there was a sparkle in her eyes as she slowly picked up the dessert spoon and slowly, veeeeery slowly, cut off a piece of the mousse and brought it to her lips, the second it touched her tastebuds, she lets out a gutural moan, her eyes rolliong back a bit as she places a hoof on her blushing cheeks. ''OoooOoooh M-mercy…''
She then looks at Leonis ''Have you not ordered dessert for yourself Leonis?''


"I've handled escorting Miss Muffins to the bath countless times. I'm sure a goat your size won't be an issue." The pony pulls off his hoof gloves and sets them aside.

Its like eating a piece of cloud, a piece of rich, sugar filled, chocolate cloud. The orange-yellow cheeks of the unicorn are turning orange red at your reaction, and he looks a bit confused at the suggestion.

"Dessert? I could eat more. But.. I don't really know what to order.. a sliced cake?"


"It is on!"
Acrobatics my way up to the highest shelf!

Roll #1 10 + 8 = 18


Action die too!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6



Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6



Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


She licks her lip as an idea pops into her mind.
''HMnn…How about…'' She pickes up the spoon, taking another piece of the divine mousse and turns it to face him
''We share?''


You hop off the bed, using the coils to boost you all the way up to the top of the book shelf and the butler pony is left behind on the ground with a scowl of determination. He moves the chair over and uses it to help himself get up higher. "You're going to get your ears scrubbed exceptionally hard, young Flapjack." He threatens you.

He scoots a bit closer to you, the chair scraping against the floor, and the table giggling as he awkwardly fumbles and tries to cover for it by looking more imposing leaning his shoulder back and tensing his muscles. "Aye.. lets share."


"I will flop my ears at you, mister butler!"
Bleat at him threateningly from my perch!


Slowly and surely he can actually get up here, but its going to take a few more minutes, in which you can gloat at the struggling earth pony as he slips a few times and the scent of cologne drifts up to you.
"You're going to get a nice, warm, bath.. willing or not Lad."


She puts it to his mouth. a tug of selfishness bothered her mind for a moment but she blocked it out as she spoonfed the golden and brown unicorn, leaning a bit on the table as well


"How about a deal? I play with my toys and you save some time! We both win!"


The golden pony slides into a heavenly moan as the bite enters his mouth and get tastes it. The tense muscles relax and he gets a fiery happy look in his eyes and a smile and he carefully grabs the strawberry from the treat and holds it up to your mouth. "Then this part must be for you."

"No deal kid. Now cooperate and make it easier on yourself." He's finally getting a hoof-hold on the top of the shelf and trying to grab you.


Time to make a hasty escape to another high shelf!

Roll #1 1 + 8 = 9


she smiles and leans into the delicious fruit ''If you insist…'' She opens her mouth and takes all of it in her mouth, but only bites half of it as her lips slowly slide off the remaining half
''But you will get half as well'' She licks her lips again. this food was just too grand


The only other place that was high was the desk, and it was literally right behind him, in a daring leap you try to soar over his head but he grabs your waist and you both land on the floor.
"Had enough fun?"

"Oh.. I see.. sharing."
The blush on your mutual cheeks increases as he slowly eats the other half of the juicy and sweet red fruit. The chocolate dessert's flavor complimenting it very nicely.


"There is no such thing as enough fun!"
Wiggle wiggle!


She decides to spend a bit of the time playfully sharing the dessert with him until they both finished it together. once done, she sighed and sat back down on her chair. ''mmmnn…Enjoyed your meal, Leonis?…''


He struggles to hold onto you and tries to drag you into the hall.
"Come on. I'll bring you a nice rubber duck to play with."

"I did. It was a very tasty meal." Leonis smiles at you and keeps his chair in place next to yours staring at you with relaxed and happy eyes.
After a peaceful time of this you are give the bill and walk back toward the ship together..



"I demand at least two!"


test bump


And so, the excited crew of the Techicolor Fools spent their day shopping, visiting the various towers that were each like their own individual world, navigating the crowded streets and clouds. They arrived back at their ship in the evening, at some point procuring a set of paints to use on their ship. But the smallest member of their crew was nowhere to be found, the little goat buttermilk skies, and all her best musical instruments were left behind.

You've been playing chase with the butler for hours now, but he managed to get you cleanish, and into a blue and frilly sailing outfit. He sighs adjusting his tux back into place and looks at his watch.
"I must leave you for a moment to attend to supper arrangements, please do keep yourself together young flapjack."


She's called the Technicolor Fool, you kid!

"This is darn strange."


"I shan't keep any promises!"
Do they have any instruments around here?

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"And just as I brought her some toys. I was half-exoecting her to be all over the bag already."


"That our little bard is nowhere to be found in the ship? Yes I doubt she is simply playing hide and seek, perhaps she got lost somewhere in the city… I'll ask our moogle friend if he saw Butters around… "


"We'd have seen her around for certain, she's not one to quietly brood in a corner!"

Let's go bother the moogle.


Doc remains focused on cleaning his medical tools, carefully disinfecting and polishing them to prevent rust.
"Eh, lass'll take care o' herself. Like as not ta come bargin' in with 'alf the guard on 'er arse."
He looks up and rubs his chin.
"Perhaps we'd best prepare fer that, just in case."


"I figure as much. But like Doc says, we'd vest get ready if she has a wagon train of police on her tail."

"It's late enough, no harm in checking in with 'er either.*


"Doc, Butters hoping around alone is a danger, both for herself and others, that little Goat will cause all sorts of mischief whenever she goes!"
Well, fine, we'll do that in a hurry, and then go look for her. Should we spread out through the city and return to the boat in an hour or search together?"


You trot out awkwardly from your room, the plush carpet bouncing your steps a bit, among the paintings and statues lining the hallway you spot a violin on a stand. There is even a bow to play it with next to it.

Perhaps I have become the fool instead.
The stripped moogle is below deck gently tapping on the strange orbs your gathered, as if lost in a memory.

The tan dog girl you brought on board lays back against the side of the deck scratching her neck. "I don't know, is she even wanted? She's just a kid, so they'd probably let her off with a warning."
The loinesce unicorn Leonis just stares dumbly at the situation.
The dwindling sunlight triggers something bright in the distance, and close by, floating lights above the biggest towers emerge and shimmer like early stars.


Expect it from up close!


"She's a strange one alright, but she seems to pick up on things we miss. Hidden doors, tucked away keys, I daresay she could find the salad in a butcher's shop."


"She is still a child alone in the city, and besides… " I point at the setting sun
"It's getting dark and I want to get this issue done with so I don't stress over it during sleep…" Could you both stay at the ship and keep it safe while we leave?"


"Several of us have wings, we can take to the skies and keep a look out for her."


Doc glares at the dog girl silently for a few moments, his slitted eyes gleaming in the fading light.
"Where in blue blazes did ye find 'er, an' when were ye goin' ta tell me aboot it?"


"Ah yes, I forgot for a moment some of you are blessed with flight, such a enviable pleasure, Honestly.." I say, gently brushing Arrid's wing feathers with a hoof
"Oh, she's a new friend and I newest member of the crew"


"Well, uhm, just ask next time and I wouldn't mind taking you for a lift."


"Fan-bloody-tastic," Doc grumbles as he starts quickly putting his tools away. "Expectin' me tah know an' be set up on account o' my magic clarence-o-voyage… Yer all lucky I've got the right supplies, else ye'd all be in for scratchy sleepin'…"


Its well polished, and the wood is a rich red color, not common brown wood like the drumset you used in Saddletown, or light wood like the ship.
"It does sound important, and flying is a good way to start, maybe she just got stuck on top of a tower, happens to kids all the time in this town." Ginger replies.
"I'll keep watch for you, don't worry." Leonis says with a grin and taps the ship's railing.
Ginger looks worriedly at your bag of medical supplies "Tools? I'm not sick. "


Reverently lift it off with the bow and have a feel for what it's like holding it!


"Ooh, I will remember this then, Arrid~" I clop my hoofsies together in glee
"Yes yes, whatever would be of us without our precious Doc?" I say sarcastically
"What is the purpose of those tools by the way?"
"Thank you, we will return briefly, I hope…"
Now off to searching!


"Oh, no problem. Let's just hope we find Butters alone without troubles."


"Yet," Doc huffs as he put the last of his tools back and slaps the bag shut, "an' it's mah job ta keep it that way."
Looking at the rest of the crew, he sighs and flaps his leathery wings a few times.
"S'pose I out tah help search, seeing as Ah actually see in th' dark…"
He turns back and glares at Ginger pointedly.
"…but Ah'll be back fer ye. O' that, ye can be sure."
"Cuttin' out infections, removin' bullets, combing yer fur, and brushin' yer teeth," he snorts. "No' necessarily in that order."


"You know, your plans are valiant and all but…"
Whip the compass out.
"I say we ask lady luck."
Smirk at my crew.

Oh compass, compass, where shall ye point me?


Its a lot lighter than you expected from its size, which is just a little large for a goat your age, but holding it feels.. majestic, its smooth polished wood, its well tended strings, its chin placement area feels cool and welcoming, and the bow looks to be recently waxed, the wood of it easy to grip with a hoof tip.

Ginger's fur stands up on edge. "I don't need an exam, I'm gonna be over by the bow looking out for her in case she comes. I can see very well, even at night."
The compass spins and spins and decides on a western direction. The floating lights above the towers shimmering more predominantly as the sky darkens into twinkling night.


"Well now, looks like our little songster found something in the rich part of town…"
Smirk a pleased smirk as I drop the compass and slowly walk towards the lights.


Lick my lips and let out a sigh.
Hold back my first urge to play something upbeat and happy and fast and full of rythm.
I must properly get to know this beauty before I can bring myself to play such songs on it! First, I must prove to this instrument that I am as capable and as it requires one to play it!

Gently place the bow on the strings and slowly start making the magic of music with a slow, sad and respectful piece.
Impress the violin!
Action die too!

Roll #1 7 + 9 = 16 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6


"I was already beginning to suspect. Hopefully those are just lights and not fires."


And another!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


''You and I both know that is highly unlikely, my feathered friend''
She snickers ''Maybe I could ask you to brush mine when I am feeling lazy, and brush my wool as well, oh it is so much more comforting when someone else does it for you''
Silently follow along


"What he's not saying, Dania, is that all's done with the same tool."


I freeze for a moment
''O-ohoho come on now Captain, what do you know about medicine?''


"Yeah, but even I'm allowed to hope a little."


"Enough that I don't bother with it!"


"Ye should listen to yer captain, lass. He's got the right idea."
He gives the sheep a wide grin that displays his very pointy fangs.
"Hmn… ye will need an exam too, won't ye? Thanks fer remindin' me, lass."


''Ah psh, you are just trying to make me uneasy''


I shiver a little
''You know what, nevermind the brushing idea…and the combing too…''


"You could use with a good brushing of yer teeth, to kiss boys better!
Har har har!"


''Hmnph…Oh if only you were not my captain, Captain…''


File: 1440186745842.png (198.84 KB, 389x369, Lights.png) ImgOps Google

The sound of your music fills the room, the violin sings to your soul, resonating loudly and echoing down into each room.
You hear hooves in the distance, but don't bother to look at them, the violin needs your attention, you hear a voice start to speak "Flap-" and then it stops short gasping at your harmony with the song.

It looks like this. Distinctly magical lights.
The streets are empty merchants and shoppers now, only those going home, or those tired souls that are simply returning to work another shift still wander here. The soft lights illuminating the stones, showing higher quality ones as you go on, a bit of marble mixed in, a few pillars of marble even. An occasional beggar on a corner looks at your group, confused about why you are following a compass perhaps.
There are gated off plots of land now, usually centering a tower with its own personal spark of light, colored any shade of the rainbow. Goat guards are wandering around wearing different armor than the city's own guards, and they seem a lot less worried about anything.


Approach one of the guards and politely clear my throat
''Excuse me sir, did you happen to see a small goat, this tall, brown and spotted, red hat and big smile on her face hoping around somewhere?''


That. Fucking. Idiot.


"You know, the place looks even bigger now. Feels like the tower stretch off into the night."


"I'm off duty. I don't have time to look for some brat."
"I think you just described every goat maim' "
"What's the kid's name?"


Don't even open my eyes, just finish it as it is meant to be!


I sigh and wave a hoof dismissively ''Nevermind…I was hoping you would be of some help but I am certain there is a crime happening in some corner that requires your full attention, good luck to you and have a good night''


"Let's move along and keep trying out Chance's hunch. They've usually been spot on."


''I don't usually trust a mere tool, but it is not of my right to question the Captain now is it?''


"We've little more to go on that knowledge of Butters tendency to cause chaos. We can spread out from there."


"When your 'mere tools' bring us ship, loot, hidden temples, new friends and supplies like my compass did, you will get to question it!
And what kind of dense wood do you have in your noggings, talking to guards about our butters?"
Knock her on the head.


''Ouch, hey now, have some manners, it is better to ask than to blindly go around looking for her I thought, but very well, if you trust your compass so much, let us go to where it leads us''


They laugh.
"Don't be silly No one would be dumb enough to rob this area."
"Yea, we're not city guards anyway, so its not our job."
"Well. I mean, if we saw it we'd still stop it from happening."
They keep moving on from you.
It really is a nice big city, trading is a bigger deal than you imagined in this world. But then again, this isn't even a capital.
The compass is pointing towards the gate melded with Suri on the top. The stone fence is too high to see over, and there is a bell on the side of the gate.

When you finish the piece the lady goat, and an elderly male goat are standing there watching you in excitement and awe, the butler earth pony is standing back with an approving look.


Glance between them.
"Um… hello?"


Lean very close and glare daggers at her!
"Not so much when we are here to rob ponies, is it?"
Then off I go.
"The sheeps I put up with…"
"This seems to be our stop boys."


Stare back with a cold gaze
''Aye aye…Captain''


"Honestly, both of youbwill probably be causing more of a ruckus than Butters. Anyways, looks like we're here. I can get our Sheep over the fence if you can see the goat."


''Ah, the captain is just being himself, I learned to not bother, why do you think Butters admire him so much? You can see it in his face that he is just as chaotic as she is''
''And gently, please''


"Let's sneak in, I don't want to ruin whatever work Butters did!"


The elder stallion is wearing a suit and adjusts his monocle at you. "Good evening Lad. I'm Lord Suri. I see that Clod has helped you get situated, and you even have a few talents."
"Isn't he just the perfect kid dear?" Miss V, the lady you came here with says with a doting tone.

I'll need some stealth check for sneaking, and a roll you feel would work for getting the sheep over the fence with you.


Bow to them.
"My name is Flapjack, sir, I am totally a small boy who is also a street urchin no more!"


Riiiiight, sneaking…

"Hey Arrid, how good are you at this whole…
Not-catching-anyone's-eye thing?"


He nods to you. "Well Flapjack. I'm pleased you have found your way around our humble home. Where did you learn to play?"
The nanny goat and the butler await your respond quietly.


Arrid's dead?
Okay, I guess we oughta do this another way.
Whistle her to attention.
"Change of plan. We ring the doorbell."


"I've learned everything about music from the horrible monster mare who sings!"


''Hmn? Very well then, will we try to put on a little lie? Maaaybe that we are a couple on a little date around the city?'' I bat my eyes a little, leaning against Sudden's shoulder


We are down to just three.
I guess I can stop and pick up sunday or the next time more of you are free.
The lady giggles and the lord shakes his head.
"Just like a lad. If you're done playing put the violin back, we can discuss your.. monster over the meal waiting on us."


Slowly push her away, slightly grossed out.
"And why would they even let us in after that!
No, we need some convincing reason! Like…"
Look at Dania with a grin.
"Being representatives from the sheep kingdom!"


Put it down for now.
"Can I play more after we eat? Please? It's a really nice violin!"


''Aw, an idea disapointingly more plasible than mine, But say, why would you be a representative if you are not a sheep?''


"Why it's obvious, I'm your butler!"


''Ooh, this idea sounds slightly more interesting out of the sudden then, very well, follow in after me, I sincerely do hope you know how to act the part'' I say with my nose held high, strutting ahead in a posh way and gently knocking on the door


"Remember our goal!"
Whisper last.
"We need to find butters, and not arise suspicions!"


''Very well, first let us get in and know what is this building about, I'll try to come up with something on the spot, and you follow my lead'' whisper back


"Hmm of course. Do you know many songs Flapjack?" Lord Suri says as he starts to walk to the dining area.
"I could have song books brought up for the boy Sir." the butler, aparently called Clod, says.
"Oh, Clod. I totally forgot about my appearance thursday. Did you?"
"Taken care of, I have Miss Prose finishing you a new dress, and you have an appointment to get it fitted on your calander, and I picked out a selection of greeting cards for you to review after dinner.."
She hums pleased in reply. "What would I do without you."


So I guess…
Kinda puff out my collar to look more butler-y?

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


"I know all the songs! Even if I don't, I always just ask a very personal friend of mine who'd tell me which song it is!"


''No no that's not how you do it, here let me show you, first you must fix the posture, raise the neck a little, eyes half lidded, show no emotion, clear your throath…'' I carry on giving advices and correcting the captain to make him look like a proper butler!

Roll #1 14 + 3 = 17


You kind of know what one looks like, but the ruffly collar isn't possible with this kind of shirt, so you just wind up unbuttoning it a bit.

Having much more experience with help, you shape him up to at least look like a proper butler, and you cover up the bauble in his mane when you fix it to a more formal style.
Its passable at least.

"Oh, a friend musician?" The stallion says with a tone that you can't tell if he's interested or not.
You can smell the food before you see it, the longest table you've seen in ages, all set for three places, and covered dishes on the table while a maid ponies quietly lurk by.


Start sniffing the air and quickly hop down at the table.
"No time to elaborate! Food now!"


''muuuch better, oh Captain, what would you do without me?'' pass my hood trhought his mane one last time before heading inside


Mutter under my breath, tring not to break the new look.
"…probably storm the place…"


They both look rather surprised at your response. The stallion looking a bit offended but he sits down at the head of the table. The Lady sits at his side, letting the butler pony slide their chairs in for them. One of the maids slides your chair in as well and looks twice at you, as if deciding whether or not you need a booster seat, you can just barely reach everything on the table.
"Tonight we have a tomato and onion soup, the prench bread, a selection of spreads: peach, orange, grape, a spinach and brocoli salad with shredded wheat and steams on the side for the Lady, A cornmeal dish as requested by the Lord…" He describes the foods as he reveals them, the steam rising up from the meals and the Lord and Lady carefully deciding which of selections they want to have first, which seems to be almost all of them.
Are you trying to open the gate?


Knocking on it rather


I'll just assume you mean to ring the bell.
The bell chimes and the sound carries unnaturally far for such a dainty and small bell.
A goat in a an off green uniform, with a sword at his side comes over to the gate he seems curious but retains a polite manner.
"Good evening, who might you be?"


Get all the foods and eat!


Oh there was a bell
''Good evening sir, Oh we are merely representatives of the sheep kingdom, here blessing your city with our presence for this night, so you should consider yourself lucky'' Walk in past him ''Hmn…And what sort of Place might this be? I was lured in by instinct, I just KNOW there is something peculiar about this place that makes it stand out in the city and I just had to come see, Silver Plate, come in now, don't be shy, come come'' I call to Arrid to join my side as I waltz inside


As I follow inside, stop to nod at the goat.
"It is quite the honor to be hosts for the Sheep Ambassador, Lady Cashmire!"


The maids actually struggle to keep up with your appetite, setting down dish after dish for you to eat, and wiping away the mess you make in between meals.
The old couple is staring at you a bit, but makes polite meaningless conversation about their day.
The stallion does let you inside the yard, but seems skeptical about your rationality. "Maim, I'm sure you're aware that this is the estate of Lord Suri, a very fine and unique piece of architechure built by Hans Foster 140 years ago, but you can't just barge into the place unannounced.."
Would you like to add some kind of.. intimidate or bluff to this?


Allright, no need to be greedy!
Wipe my mouth on some nearby tablecloth!
"That was great! More music now?"


I'm sure the very special ambassador would have a great bluff roll if he had a sheet.
As it stands, I have about the same bonus.
Only, I'm sure he's not untrained in it.


I'll just ignore the untrained thing for today since someone doesn't have a sheet.
The maid at your side looks like she might faint. Miss V seems pale with worry, and the lord is giving you a disappointed look. "Lad, don't you know any manners?"



Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


Smile proudly.
"No, actually! You just picked me up from the streets this afternoon, remember? I can try and act fancy if you want!"


''Lord Suri hmnn? Why I wonder where have I heard of that name before…'' I ponder putting my hoof in my mouth, chuckling sweetly
''Why Silver Plate darling have you heard what he said? we cannot come in unnanounced? My my that seems like he did not hear you…Well that is dismaying, so allow me to make sure he properly understands'' I ignore the stallion for a moment as I talk to Arrid before finally turning to the stallion
''Dearie, let me introduce myself, I am Lady Cashmere, daughter of Baron Amifio N. Clause III himself, and appointed as the official Ambassador by King Lininas himself'' I strike a little royal pose
''Now that we are aquaintanced, I should let you know, that I did not like the tone in your voice mister, saying I'm 'Barging' in and 'Unnanounced', no no that does not makes me feel as welcome as I believe I should be…''
Shake my head dismissively
''I believe you are aware of what happens if I am not feeling quite comfortable and welcome. You see, I was considering returning to my humble abode this lovely evening and write a letter back to the kind himself telling him about how marvelous this city is…But it would be quite a pity if this lovely trip today was ruined, why I could turn that letter of praising into a message telling Lininas himself about all my discontent with this particular place, and I am not sure of what the kind himself might do if he heard such disapointing news…Why he might even be so upset to cut the supply of wool that is imported from our kingdom to this place…And I saw how many clothing shops you have around this place, Oh ho ho believe me I did, and I'm certain no one would want to lose such a precious part of the market…''
''Now, I believe we are understood, yes?Will there be any more complaints about me trying to feel comfortable, hmmn?~''
'1d20+3' sure and an intimidate or bluff

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


"We'll have to have someone tutor you in how to behave. For now.. its fine." He sighs clearly still irritated and sharing a glance with his wife who picks up the clue.
"Oh. Lets go to the sitting room, we can listen to Flapjack play and you can catch up on the paper."
"Hmmph very well then. Clod, bring the violin to the sitting room please."
"Right away sir." The butler bows and suddenly seems gone.
You hear a distant but strong ring, but neither of them pay it more than a moment's head. Their dishes all cleared away from them, they stand up daintily.
The goat hops in alarm, and nods a bit. "Right.. Forgive me Lady ..Cashmere, I didn't realize.. ehem. I'll escort you inside then." He guides you down the main path, past the plum tree and to the door, where a stallion in a plain tux greets you, and not Chance or the guard who look anxious.
"Good evening Maim."
"Uh.. this is.. a sheep ambassador. and she insists on.."
"Hmm is that so.. well a sheep is quite a rare thing, would you like to come inside my Lady?"


''Certainly, thank you sir… You may call me Lady Cashmere, and this is Silver Plate, my butler. Now please, lead the way''


Hop off from the seat and head to wherever this sitting room is!


Exchange a big grin with their butler.
If this was another time and another place, I'd tell him to park the car inside the garden.
For now, just follow inside and keep an eye out!

Roll #1 15 + 7 = 22


You hop after the couple and arrive at the sitting room, there are shelves lined with books, books with tasty paper, and the chairs look so comfortable and nice, not a stain or scratch on their refined material. Lord Suri has a seat and as a maid offers you the violin from earlier.

Behind your group is a the sound of a group of three approaching the butler and.. Dania and a pegasus that looks almost like Chance..

The soft carpet, the warm, clean air, the quality of wood used.. its not home, but its pretty nice, just what you'd expect of a noble.
He just makes eye contact with you, a judging kind of look without revealing what he judged.

This place. It smells like money. They have fluffy carpet that bounces like new, polished wood flooring and siding, golden framed painting, the door nobs look antique or at least custom made. The butler nods to a goat guard who happened to be inside, and he starts to shadow you subtly.
You're led down past many doors and down the hall. Eventually you wind up at a room with book shelves and chairs and a soft fireplace. Appearing to have just sat down there is an older earth pony stallion, with a monocle and a nanny goat wearing a nice dress. With them is a young goat boy who is dressed in a fine sailor suit. A maid is offering the lad a violin.


Wait a moment, that kid…


Wave at the newcomers, but say nothing!
Instead, break out a tune on the violin!

Roll #1 3 + 9 = 12


And an AD too!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6



Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


I sigh
''Hmn, rather pleasant place this is indeed…'' I comment
''Perhaps that letter to the king will be arranged after all, yes…''


Yes, that kid.. he's playing the violin like a natural musician, but seems awkward about his clothes.
With an audience and this awkward tight outfit its a little harder than you'd expect, but this violin and you have history. Whole Minutes of history even. That's plenty. You get the beauty to squeak out a peaceful song fitting of the mood.
The stallion stands up and looks expectantly to his butler.
"Ah this is Lady Cashmere, she's an ambassador from the sheep kingdom, and wanted to meet you sir." and then he turns to you. "This is Lord Suri and Lady Suri."
The stallion does a half bow to you, "Welcome to our home Lady Cashmere, Its quite late, did you only just arrive here?"


Keep supplying the ambience music!
Try not to giggle at the sheep friend of mine!

Roll #1 17 - 1 = 16


''It is a pleasure to meet you both, and indeed it is, me and my butler were simply passing through and I set my eyes in such a marvelous place, and I must say it is even nicer on the inside, ooh it feels like I am at home even'' I say with a smile
''Ooh, and who is that precious little goat there? A young servant? An apreetice performer? Or could it be that you adopted him?''


Can I sense motive through the disguise?

Roll #1 13 + 7 = 20


You are very good secret keeper. And this a secret game of the sheep prince. You won't ruin it for him.
The nanny goat blushes. "Oh Its not formal yet, but I am very fond of the boy, he's a real treasure even just meeting him."
Meanwhile her stallion sighs "Please have a seat, we can discuss your trip, or the house. Its quite far from those northern mountains."
Its a very very clever disguise, but you've known buttermilk, and your compass is pointing here.. and that patch of fur coloring is the same..


Give her a knowing smile.

Okay I oughta ask. How many guards around?


''Ah indeed it is, I cannot help but get homesick sometimes, so being here honestly helped soothe that little pain in my heart'' I take a seat
''I don't suppose I could bother you for a cup of tea now could I? All this walking left my throat rather dry''


There are two in the hallway..

"Hmm I was thinking of taking some cake for dessert, would you like a slice?"
The chair is very nice to sit in, its firm yet comfortable.


Exchange a look with Arrid before turning to them, relaxing a little and licking my lips
''I would indeed love a slice''


Smirk back!
And keep playing!
The captain is here for me!


With a flick of his hoof a maid goat runs off and comes back with a tray of tea and tiny cake plates, she hooves you each a cake slice and a tea cup. There is a sugar bowl on the tray and the maid asks you quietly for how many cubes you'd like.
Meanwhile the kid goat's music is neverendingly steady and peaceful. reflecting the mood of the books and dainty dishes being served.


Yes, yes, lull them all in a state of false security!


''eight…No…ten cubes please…'' I say with a smile, appreciating the music
How odd, this goat is as energetic as Butters in music


"I take my tea smooth, no sugar, thanks."
Turn to admire the kid's music as I sit, immediately asking the lady here something.
"Quite adept. Where did he learn?"


Smile just a bit more as I hear that while playing!

Silly sheep, she doesn't know!


So innocent and clueless.
The maid plops sugar cube after sugar cube into the tea and even stirs it for you.
The sugar stops disolving at 9 cubes, leaving you with a cube left in the bottom.
The Nanny smiles. "Oh, he seems secretive about that, but I only just picked him up today, I can't expect the boy to spill all this secrets at once."


"Picked him up, you say?"
Sip from the tea making lots of noises.


Just the way I like it~
Take a long seep and let out a sigh of relief
''Ooh yes that is some very nice tea thank you'' I proceed to very gracefully eat the cake as well
''Silver! Oh goodness please forgive him, it seems that he forgot his good manners today''


Start sneaking in some more sinister, foreboding tunes in my violin play!
Long, high elongated pitches interspaced with tiny scribbles on the lower strings!


My ears perk up, let's try to recover from this…
"Why yes, terribly sorry, had a bad case of… Flungehornite to the Papulla!"

Roll #1 19 + 3 = 22


The earth pony seems visibly irritated.
"Please make sure our guests have napkins."
"Now. Lady Cashmere. Did you travel here without a proper escort?"


"Oh.. that's.." He stops talking puzzled and his wife picks up for him.
"OH! I'm so sorry Is it serious?"


''O-oh dear…What is the name of this song you're playing my dear boy?''
''Oh yes, very serious, the medical bills to deal with that are quite high''
''Oh Silver is a good enough escort, he is, I have nothing to worry about when he is with me
''Could I please have some more of this delicious cake?''


"At times, I cannot control my papulla properly, and then it shoots all over the carpet.
But it's sealed right now, right behind the aorta and the goodwill.
Requires lots of top quality beer to keep it under control!"


"It is called Prelude or Intro to the Outlast of the Whistleblower, M'lady!"
Giggle a bit as I say that!


''Errm…I see…'' I remember that giggle from somewhere…how odd


"Is he now.." The stallion sips on his tea.
"Oh, do you have any suitors my dear? A young sheep like you must be quite popular." The Nanny asks energetically.

The maid gives you another slice. "I'm glad you like it, its a simple white cake, with cream frosting."

The both shutter at the idea of some horrible disease. Unsure how to respond to that.


Stop playing.
"Hey, can I get some cake too?"


''Ohohoho, I did have quite a few, my dear, I must admit…'' I take a sip from the extremely sugary tea
''It isn't easy being so desired like I am'' I snicker
''Aw, that is dismaying, I was enjoying you play, my boy..''


"Of course." The Lord gestures to maid goat "Get the lad a cake."
And almost instantly you have a sugary cake and a glass of milk.
"That was a very good tune lad, I think you could be great with a little training."
"Oh? I do love a good tale of romance, any of them particularly interesting?" The lady goat leans closer over her tea.


''ohohoho no no please, unfortunately none of them ever got so far as to truly romance me…'' I sigh and look at the fire
''I have not found…the right one…Not yet…So that is why I became a Ambassador, traveling around the world and finding love away from home'' I sigh
''Aaah, it is so nice to dream…''


"But cake!"

Dig in!
"Is it not good enough as it is?"


''Oh fine fine, enjoy yourself, you deserved it''
I chuckle silently ''Ehehe…Butt cake''


And the reunited, but disguised crew, ate cake with their generous old hosts.


Its a quiet evening in the luxurious home of the Suri's. Lady Suri, an elderly nanny goat, seems to have taken in a young boy goat who is very proficient at musical instruments. Lord Suri, an elderly earth pony reacts indifferently about the whole thing, but that might be his reaction to everything from what you've seen. The soft hum of the young goat's music still sings in your ears, and the sweet vanilla cake compliments the tea very well.
However the cake is nearly gone, and the fine rosewood clock in the room is sounding 9 o clock, the time when guests would be asked to leave or invited to stay, and you distinctly feel like you're going to be asked the former.


Time to start playing the Jaws theme!

The slooooooooooooooow version!


Keep sipping on my cup filled with 90% sugar and 10% tea, pretending to be unaware of the time, simply waiting…


I'll try to keep the cover by just enjoying some tea and biscuits, if any.


"Ahem. There is one reason the ambassador wanted to see you, lady Suri.
It's a reason best discussed behind…"
Look back at the guard-covered entrance.
"Closed doors."


Of course there is, even a chocolate covered one.
"Oh? A sensitive matter between ladies? Would you like to retreat to my private chambers Lady Cashmere?" The goat lady asks, ignoring the slow tension of them music.
The butler pony narrows his eyes at the fake butler with suspicion.


I am just an innocent goat boy, playing totally omnious music for no reason whatsoever!


"It's something we all have to discuss.
Believe me, it's more of a matter of state than anything."


Well then don't mind me getting a few while the ladies do their thing.


''Like Silver said, it is not a matter so secretive that it cannot be shared among all of us, I am fine if we discuss it here, now Silver''


"Most certanly."
Take her last words as a hint and move towards the entrance, trying to close the doors.


File: 1440786600913.png (52.44 KB, 789x534, 1.png) ImgOps Google

Totally innocent tea party..
Nothing ominous going on..
The guards look over to their lord for guidance and he sighs. "I'll call you if you're needed." They back off from the door, and only the butler remains as with them stubbornly refusing the leave.
"I trust this is private enough for you, Lady Cashmere?" The lord asks with an even tone.


Slowly walk up to the butler and…
"Private as private can be.
Now, if you will, Butters…"

Draw my sword and point it at the pony's throat.

"Something dramatic, would you?
None make a sound!"


"Does it count as making an entrance if it takes so long?"

Change to a more serious demeanor and draw my own weapon.


Drop the act and kick myself out of the silly blue outfit with a giggle.
"Aye-aye, cap'n!"
Dramatic music time!
Use Encouragement!


"I'm sure it will leave a mark all the same!"


''Indeed. Silver, if you may…'' I wave my hoof dismissively as I set the teacup down
And after seeing him drop the disguise, I get up as well, slowly drawing a knife hidden among the folds of my dress
''Quite private indeed, now if you would please avoid screaming or shouting, it would spare us quite a lot of work, and in turn, spare your lives''


File: 1440787787599.png (59.45 KB, 984x582, 2.png) ImgOps Google

Somehow, drawing weapons on an old nanny and telling her not to shout doesn't work, because she screams in fright before you can even finish. The butler pony circles around slowly so he's next to the lady and the lord pony just looks annoyed.
"What do you mean causing a scene in my home like this? Do you know how many ponies saw you come in here?"
The hoof steps of the goats outside can be heard as they rush toward the door from their side.


"They never saw me coming in here!"


"And I'll take care of making sure they don't barge in too."

I'll block the doors by pushing a book shelf in their way.


Do you know how much we care?
Now show us to the safe!"

Turn to my crew.
"Be ready for the coming bunch, boys!"

Let's roll tactics to try and give my crew directions for an ambush.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Boost it with one my bonus d4!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Your ability to give directions in a place you're unfamiliar with is average. And these guards know about everywhere to hide.
"F-flapjack, why?" The lady goat says with a terrified sob.
Str to see if you can do that before they can get in the door.

"So you're just a bunch of crooks." The old pony shakes his head and slowly gets up from his chair.


"I was Buttermilk Sky all along!
And I'll be keeping this violin, it speaks to my soul!"


Strength '1d20+2'

"Hopefully we can stall them a bit."

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"The best quality crooks!
But hey, wouldn't have happened if you hadn't taken our goat in!
Beware of strangers!"


''So much for not causing a scene, pity…''
''Crooks? Now I feel quite offended sir, we are but a humble crew getting our living from less humble folks like yourselves''
''Now that was a surprise, you managed to fool even me!''


"You of all should be able to tell!"
Stick out my tongue and wink.

"It was all a ruse!"


File: 1440789211173.png (72.85 KB, 1008x582, 3.png) ImgOps Google

These books have real leather binding, and there are so many, you'll never move it in a million rounds.
Its already too late, the guards are bursting inside the room.
"Don't be silly, you needn't side with these ruffians, you can still live with us.." Lady Suri says still dismayed.
"A crew? So, you're pirates then." The lord surmises.
"Funny, I haven't seen any posters of these equines Sir." The butler says staring Chance in the eye with almost a spiteful sneer.

Initiative unless you have another plan to make them back off.


A good old Intimidate.
Using the lords as leverage!
"Stand back and nogoat gets hurt!"

Roll #1 17 + 8 = 25


"And what, get told when playtime is? Not burp at the table? Not wear my silly hat?


Initiative in case they try anything. '1d20+6'

"Let's keep our cool and everyone walks out here in one piece."

Roll #1 3 + 6 = 9


Raise my dagger at the guards, then slowly draw it back. and start applying a nice dose of poison on it, of course it's simply a knockout poison, but they don't know about that now do they?
''There are many more of us outside just waiting for a sign, I'd recomend ordering your guards to drop their weapons unless you want to turn this situation into a full raid…''
'1d20+5' bluff

Roll #1 15 + 5 = 20


File: 1440790447697.png (66.4 KB, 984x544, 4.png) ImgOps Google

The mood in the room is extremely tense, the lady faints, the butler looks ready to pounce on you, and then one of the guards backs off, and the others look up at Lord Suri, who frowns and makes a gesture with his hoof, breaking the brief silence. "I'll go with you pirates, guards you stay with Lady Suri, and bring her an aspirin, she can't take this stress."
"But sir!" The butler pony protests.
"Clod, tend to Vennia." The old pony orders and grudgingly the butler pony bows his head and the other guards move to make a hole for you.


"Now, now, that'd be too easy!
Arrid, Doc, Butters, you keep the lady company.
The rest of us will be going with the lord."


"Aye aye, Cap'n."


The means Chance, Lord Suri and Dania will be the only ones leaving the room.


''As you say captain''




You move as a careful trio, letting the Lord lead you around the halls, to the upper floor, past the rug with the tower embroidery, to a door that's by all rights the same as the others, finely cared for wood, a doornob of crystal.. Inside is a writing desk crowded with papers and ink bottles, scenic paintings on the wall, and a closet door. The stallion approaches the closet door and reveals a numericly locked wall behind it, shining steel in the soft magical candles that float in the room.
One of the guards rushed off, presumably to get the aspirin or more help.
The butler is patting the goat lady on the back with a defeated expression.


Follow the others!
Also, pssst!

Tell me the number for the lock, pretty please?


"Quite the place.
Now, if you will, the lock."
Smile, prodding the lord with the tip of my blade.


''Marvelous…Now I hope you do not hold any ill feelings towards us, we will just take the valuables and take our leave, I'm certain someone living in a luxury like yours would not be bothered by loosing a small portion of your riches, hmn?''


What a disobeying goat you are.
You follow along with the captain and the sheep and see the captain threatening the fancy pony into the combination anyway, so the mysterious voice gives you no combination and a cookie appears in your hoof instead.
The earth pony grumbles and slowly works the lock. Clicking in the numbers one by one.. 6.. 3.. 9..
"All this trouble because V wanted a brat. Son. Don't ever get married. Its nothing but trouble." 9… 6…and the last one is stuck for a moment h has to jiggle it back and forth a bit.. 3..
The door pops open, revealing a cache of coins, a few larger golden artifacts, a small box, and a collection of rings, and a dull blue crystal the size of butters in the back.


Aww, allright then!
Start munching on the cookie, and hop back to the Lady goat in that case!
It's totally not because I just really really need to move after all that standing still!


"Oh, who's got time for mares when you are off to the adventure!"
My eyes will go cha-ching.
"You see that, butters?"


"I see many things! MANY THINGS!"





"I'm not bothered by much of anything anymore sheep. Its a shame you inherited black wool."
Lord Suri back off from the safe now that the captain is distracted.
Good goat.
You do get a hint thou. You should go toward the entertainment district on your way out of here.
That'd be toward the northside of town.
The goat lady is suckling a cup of tea with shakey hooves, her butler is eyeing your crew with an evil look.
"Oh, Flapjack. You won't change your mind about this awful thing will you?"


But I'm going back.

Okie dokie! Thanks!

"I'm still Buttermilk! And I have made up my mind long before we even met, when we were talking about the idea."


"Keep an eye on him, okay?"

Coin. How much is it? How much can I carry?


''Oooooh, by the mountain, that is quite the small fortune you possess, pity we'll have to take it…If you don't mind me asking, how have you gotten your hooves on this precious blue crystal?''
''Hmnph, I'm in a good mood, so I will not slice off your tongue since you behaved so well thus far''
''I don't suppose I should knock him to sleep before we take our leave?'' I whisper


roll me a 3d100
"How could we have been talking about the idea before we even met? That's ridiculous Butterscotch."

"Oh. I broke into a place and stole it. That's how all things are obtained." The stallion rolls his eyes at you and leans against the wall.


Shake my head.


"Buttermilk! And not with you, my imaginary friends!"


Its just past 9pm, this goat town has a few too many ponies for your taste. The smokey air of the bar clouds most of your vision of them, but as your goat bar tender refills your glass, an earth pony stallion sits next to you, slapping a stony hoof of coins onto the table. "I need something strong, and hard. And a side of hay fries."


I pull out one of my throwing knifes and hurl it quickly at the wall right besides his face
''You are starting to test the little patience I have left for you, my Lord…I do not want to repeat again…''
'1d20+3' intimidate

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


She frowns and blinks at you "So.. You're actually a girl?"
"Do you want to be friends now? Is that how you imagine this going?" He catches the dagger before it hits his wall. "Just take what you can carry and leave."


Is this for me?




Wasn't it obvious?"


I raise a hoof to my mouth ''Oh my, color me impressed, sir, I will even allow you to keep the knife, take it as a remenbrance of this encounter''
Let's see if I can take that crystal


Nod to the bargoat as he refills me drink. Simply take it and take a sip. I don't show any sign of acknowledgement to the pony next to me. But I'm acutely aware of him invading my personal space.
My hairs go tense and my thoughts slowly drift to the spear I have tied to my back.
….this close the spear provides no proper tactical advantage. This could be bad.


She has the butler powder her face.
"Oh. I see dear."
"Such a small girl like you really wants to be a pirate?"
"I'd rather have your name. Or the name of your crew." He replies with an annoyed tone.
You can lift the crystal, but can't carry anything else with it.

The pony doesn't acknowledge you, as the goat fetches him his order.
Instead lighting up a pipe decorated with odd runes on it.
"Hey, you know how long that sand merchant is going to be in town? I really want to look at his wares, but the line was outrageous. They say he has special artifacts and I don't want to miss out.."


"No." I say bluntly.


Sorry, I hadn't seen the reply!

Roll #1 27, 49, 17 = 93


"I already am a pirate! We have an airship and a crew and everything! I provide the music!"


Good enough for me
''Why, you know my name already, I am Ambassador Cashmere, and this is Silver Plate, hah!''
''Shall we take our leave captain? I want this thing appraised and then sold for double it's weight in gold…oof…It's quite the burden…''


"Not so fast, little one! I want a good look around!"




"Right. Fluffy one.
Annoying one."


293 coins
Finally the pony makes eye contact with you, looking up to do so while he stirs a drink in a hoof, and somehow seems an inch closer to you.
"You alright there puppy? Come from a long ways away?"
"…" She is staring at you intently, her grey fur standing up in a mix of anger and fear.


Start giggling and hopping around her.
"And if anygoat stands in my way, I will make sure they will never forget it!"


"Your real names." He doesn't look very amused. "The pirate ones."


''Hmnnnnot telliiiing~''


Put my drink down and slowly move my head and look at him from under my cap.
"You are quite the talker…" I grumble.


Well if you insist…"
Bow to the 'lord', even taking my hat off. Only to fill it with all of his gold coins.
"My name is Captain Godunkyourself!"


Lady Vennia sighs and sips her tea.
"You could have been such a good kid.."
The earth pony goes over to his desk and gets a blank piece of paper, tapping on the ink bottles.
"Hmmhm hmm."
"You're quite the loner." The earth pony says eating his hay fries in an obnoxious manner.
"Where are all your friends? I thought dogs traveled in packs."


"I am a very good kid!"


''Is that a letter for the sky marines that you are planning on writing?'' I walk up behind him


I'm back in the tunnels. The tunnels were always the most dangerous. My comrade Axton was beside me. Just another patrol…until he stepped on that mine….the blood…
"….they're gone. Now why don't you do the same and join your herd."
Drink up my complete glass.


Anyway. Let's rob him blind and poke him out, back to his wife.


"Oh no, you certainly aren't." She replies in the same tone as if it was praise.
"I'm making a note of the things you took." He replies calmly.
There is a moment of silence between you and this pony.
He blinks at you and downs his own drink to fill the void. His eyes narrow at you, and wait for the bar keep to refill both your glasses..
And he 'accidentally' spills his new drink on you.
Buttermilk seems to be gloating about the victory by jumping around the poor old lady. The butler is giving you a death glare.


Boop her nose.
"Well, you are a very bad nanny then!"


"Oh shut it you.
Now. We will be taking off.
And as we, I mean all of us AND your dear lord right here. We will ship it back to you in one piece once we leave harbor!"


"Perhaps you will do that after you come back, for now, you are coming with us… "



Hop over and whisper!
"We should get out of hear towards the north side of town, the entertainment district!"


"Smart goat."


That motherfucking commie hippie mule.
I think while looking at the spill he made.
Does there happen to be a bottle nearby?


"You're not taking My Lady anywhere." The butler and the remaining guards are very protective over the goat lady, huddled around her.
"Don't hurt him.." The lady looks terrified of the captain.
You can reach one from here, with your superior dog paws.


Stand up, grab a bottle and smash it on his head. '1d20' + AD '1d4'

Should I roll for dmg?

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 1 = 1


That squee noise!


Draw my blade and brandish it around menacingly!
And AD it too.
"Hey now.
I'm taking him, not her. And he will be back before the night is over…
If you are all smart about this!"

Roll #1 9 + 8 = 17 / Roll #2 2 = 2


The pony's head is too hard and the bottle tinks off of him harmlessly, so now damage roll needed.
His face gets red with anger and he throws a drunken punch at you. "Stupid Mutt." But luckily you were prepared for that and move back before he can hit.


"Listen to him, he is not bluffing!"
But I am!

Roll #1 6 + 11 = 17


You know, I'm better with my paws anyway!
Stomp on his head with a good fist '1d20'

Roll #1 7 = 7


That should have been +5


But I am not!


Just play along, we are fooling and confusing them!


It's surely working on me!


"Well, if he behaves, we won't hurt him, so you don't have to worry, we are but pirates, not murderers"


Bluffing or not, the guards seem uneasy to take any step away from the lady, struggling with their desire to protect their Lord.. They stay still a moment too long and you have this chance to leave.
You hit the short equine on the head and he dizzily backs up. He goes for another punch and suddenly three large horned goats surround you.




Roll #1 15 = 15


We leggin' it m8s!
Run run run! Through the entertainment district!




More goats come from the crowd that's quickly forming, a pony shouts "HEY YOU LEAVE SHOEHORN ALONE!" and tries to tackle you but is blocked by a goat.
You feel their soft hooves on you and swing wildly, the lights and the smoke in your eyes messing up your aim..
And then you feel yourself moving, they're trying to take you somewhere! You hear them explaining to you above the roar of the crowded room.
"Stop struggling."
"We're going to put you into a cell until you calm down."
You run toward the town with the pony on your back, the sheep lugging a crystal on hers, a hat full of gold coins, and the wind in your manes.
The bright lights and crowded streets of the buzzing entertainment district quickly making your pursuers lose you, or so you hope. Still you will probably get odd looks carrying this old man around.


They finally got me.
I knew I shouldn't have let them within fist distance…


I'm not even sure how we are pulling this off!
But laugh.
Laugh my heart out!

"We are kings of the world!"



"Captain, do keep in mind that this Lord is also a retired member of the Sky Marines, he belonged to q very high rank as well" I huff as we run
I can't help but let out a sheep bleat as well


And on we run!


The cool air comes rushing at you, and the darkness of the night sky, mixed with the energetic lights attached to the bottom of the signs and on the street fill your senses.
"We can't do that." Replies the pony- no wait this is a goat, and uniform is green..
You do see an odd group of equines running in the street nearby, a green pegasus carrying an old earth pony on his back, shouting at a blue and black sheep, a bleating goat kid, followed by a bat pony and a gryphon, the gryphon wearing the tackiest shirt you've ever seen, blue and orange tiger stripes? Really?.
"what the.." "Is that.." "Lord Suri?"
And then all but one of the goats loses interest in you and runs after them.
You pass by a group of goat guards trying to subdue a diamond dog, and immediately a group of them start to chase you.


And here I thought we could lose ourselves in the crowd!
You know, just making the old guy walk slowly with a blade hidden behind him!
Oh weeeeeell.






Hmmm, I should get out of here, but those guys looked interesting…
Follow them.


Adrenaline fuels your hooves, your fliers help by creating a tail wind to slow the goats, who are already in armor.
The docking towards are far enough, something will probably happen, or you can duck into a different road to try and lose them.
Roll luck or perception.
They did provide a distraction for you.. The group of them seem pretty coordinated in their escape attempt.. running toward the parked airships.. well there are a few things on the route there that could get in their way too.. maybe they are smugglers!


Maybe I can stowaway on board. I should get out of this town.


One has a +7 to it, the other has a +nothing!
I will just roll both!

Roll #1 18 + 7 = 25 / Roll #2 1 = 1


Luckiest goat!

Roll #1 9, 8 = 17


Goat is also pretty dumb though

Roll #1 12 = 12


'1d20' lucky

Roll #1 20 = 20


They are so caught up in.. whatever this is, they'll probably never notice.
goat please, that's too many dice.
57 for you three.

You see a team of buffalo about to cross the street, they are hauling a large cart of metals, and a mirror. They don't pay your group any attention, too concerned about moving their cargo.
You are able to collectively get past this group and leave the guards behind unable to get past the pack of buffalo movers.


Follow them then for now.


Let's hope Leon and the new girl are not dozing off!
We need to leave docks quick!


"Just like in the movies!"


"Just like in the books!"
Run to the ship!


As you approach your ship you spot the diamond dog girl, Ginger, waving at you, and the side 'fins' moving indicate that Leonis is probably working on getting you up in the air.
The tower seems too long as your pumped up bodies tell you to move faster.
But you are able to get on board safely. The wood of the ship creaking under your weight.
They all scurry up a tower and onto a ship. Its a modest vessel, something that you'd use for taking goods from town to town to trade, but its size should make it swift enough to get away from large threats, and the harpoons look new.


Grab my rope and tie it to the ship. So I can climb in. If it's leaving quickly, at least I'll be with them. Tie the rope around my waist too.


Quick now, rush to the ship's side, the one facing the pier, Lord whatshisname on my back!

Shout at our pursuers
"Hey you!
Think fast!"
And after making sure they are down there, kick the old goat off, like a stage diving rockstar, into the crowd!

Then, collapse on my back, laughing my ass off.

"What the hell is a movie anyway!"


"It's a story you can watch! Which reminds me…"

Quickly get to my tiny little banjo to start playing an upbeat song that fits the mood! Sing too!
"Found myself on the run again,
but my bicycle crashed into a barbed wire fence
I could’ve sworn you were following me,
in a run away Poniet Ballooner
I saw your face in the rear-view mirror,
I turn around and you're not there
Now I'm trapped in a goat tower and I'm tied to the top,
And I'm trying to make it out before the bomb goes off!

I think I know, it's like I've seen it all before
And I think I know
So please keep quiet don’t spoil the ending!"

Time to go hard on the drums for the chorus!

"I'm stuck !stuck! in a story now,
Feels like I'm stuck in a story!
I'm stuck !stuck! in a story now,
Feels like I'm stuck in a story!"

Oh, Oh oh oh…
Oh, Oh oh oh…


"Don't ask me! Now where off to, Captain?"


"First off, fast and far away!"


The poor old pony falls onto the waiting goats, who catch him before trying to climb the tower after you, but you're already flying away.
Just as you fasten the rope to yourself, you find your body floating away.. the ship is taking off with you attached like some kind of dog-shaped anchor swaying in the night skies.


With a lucky breeze you escape the towering city of Piza, you see red alarm lights in the distance over the towers, but you're too far out and too small to catch now.


Time to climb up and find some hole to climb into.


My ear twitches on deck and I stop my song.
"Captain! Our new friend is here on the ship!"


Climb climb.
Crawl up on board.


Stop what I'm doing and turn around.
I'm a dark brown dog with some grey patches near my face.
I have a huge spear on my back and several javeling.
I'm wearing a military cap and partial armor around my chest.
"Huh? Who said that?"


Still resting on my back, looking at the underside of the balloon while taking long, ragged breathes, I slowly begin to turn.
"What new frie-"
And as soon as my eyes see the dog, I jump back to my hooves!
"Ah! You were late! The old pon is not on this ship anymore!"
Smirk in victory at him!


Hop in front of you!
"Tee-hee, hello, it is I, Buttermilk!"

"He is a friend, silly!"


"Butters, please! He's a soldier from town!"


"Listen, I know it better than you do, okay?"


Grab one of my javelins.
Look around confused.
"What? What old pony?"
Look around.

"What?!? Me? I'm not from that town! How dare you compare me to one of those skinny inbred equalist twinkle-toed Hosensheissers!"


Now my face is just confusion.
"You sure swear a lot more than them!"


"Didn't you pay attention!"

"Don't you trust me?"


"But he's got weapons pointing at us!
And he-"
Look at the doge.
"-has got no name yet!"


Look nervous at the goat jumping around.

"and you are pointing your firearm at me!"


"And my sword, but this is my ship!"


"You should have!"


"Hmmph. You're making my head hurt."

"….fine, but if I put my javelin away you won't shoot me like a dog?"


Think about it a bit, half undecided if I should shoot right now…
Then put away my gun.
"Here. I just have my sword out. Now. Put that down."


"Just put the weapons down and we can be besties!"


Put my javelin away.
"…you own this boat?"


"Now we do!"


"They don't call me captain for no reason!
Chance. Captain Chance.
Who are you, stranger?"


I come back to the deck, now wearing a red dress that went down to my hooves, a few lines of golden linen sewn in the corners and a little Cape
"Whew… I was in desperate need of changing dresses, all that running made me quite swea-"
"Who… Is… That?"




Stand in attention.
"Captain Chance, I am Sergeant Argo. 5th Shrivos Battalion. I apologize for coming aboard unbidden and apologize."


"Buttermilk Sky!"


"Butters… Are you behind this? I know you like friends, but we cannot let everyone in this ship…"
"Well.. At least you have manners , so you already have my liking." I extend a hoof to you
"Lady Dania, A pleasure"


Put away my sword too and sit down, then!
"What brings you here then, Sergent Stowaway?"
Smirk at the old dog.


Look suspicious at the hoof.
Slowly extend my own paw and plant a kiss on your hoof.
"Pleasure's mine, Dame."

"Good to meet you."

"Captain, I was about to be put in jail by a group of those Wichsers when you fleeing caused them to drop me and allow me to escape. I needed to flee town quick and your ship was the fastest way."


"Well then. You are now a wanted criminal too!"


"Hmmmph, I suppose so…even if it was merely for starting a fight. Not the first time I did that and that other shweinhund deserved it!"


"And you are running with all the wrong crowds!"
Motion at the whole lot of us.
"Because we are pirates!"


"And we do what we want!"


"Pirates…you don't look like pirates?" Look at Buttermilk.


"You don't look like a pirate!"


"No you are right.
Pirates look like us though."


"Hmm, well I am indebted to you for helping me out of this little mess. So I offer my aid, until that debt is repaid."


"Ohoho, a gentlecolt, eer, dog, how pleasant. Now, why Is it that you were going to be arrested?"


"Some dirty anarchist sheisskopf wanted a fight and he got one."


"A fighter! I like it!"


"And not one to shy away!
Welcome on board of the Multicolor Fool!"


"If he wasn't so close, I'd have rammed this right up his butt!"
Point to my spear!


"Scary! So how good are you at impromptu musical numbers?"


"Whoa, keep it clean here, pal!"


"….improptu what?"
Scratch my head.


"Dancing and singing and grabbing loot along!"


"..I can sing some military songs, I guess."


"Great! Goat!
Give us a marching tune!"


"Under the double eagle polka version!"

Start playing just that with my many instruments!


Too late now to pull a military song out of my ass. Pretend I did.


Will do.
Finally collapse on deck, exhausted, still high on adrenaline from the recent heist and the double dose of singing.


"Aah I see, a brawler, yet another… Well, you are welcome to stay with us but one question… How do you feel about random musical numbers?"
I sigh
"Well, I suppose I don't have to explain… Enjoy your stay, darling"
I take a seat and start whistling along to the music


"That calls for a celebration then!"
Uncork one of my bottles of Doge Vodka and take a swig.


And then we celebrated!
But I'm getting tired and need to focus for D


The sun hangs low on the horizon, you ship coasting westward at an easy pace now that you've left the trading town of Piza Towers behind.
Joyful music still ringing in your ears and your happy bellies still full of mead. The time to socialize and mingle is ideal, and you intend to full take advantage of that.
The ship itself has a number of rooms below, two crew bunk rooms, a captain's lodging, a dining hall, a sizable kitchen, a storage area that could be broken up into three decent rooms if you wanted, the matience area of course.
Milling around near the mast is a lady diamond dog with tanish fur and green eyes, she wears a bandanna and a vest: A golden furred unicorn is sitting at the table staring at crumbs of his meal and the quarter filled cup of booze: A cat-like creature with a pair of bat wings is floating around below deck.


Oh my.
A female DD?
Check my breath…hmmm only mild booze.
Time to approach her "smoothly"!
"Hello there, pretty!"



Let's see what's up with the Unicorn.

"So what's on your mind?"


That's a lot of phonies I don't know about!


She smiles at you, you actually don't have to look down to meet her eyes which is nice for a change.
"Hey there, you seem right at home on a ship, been part of a crew before?"
You slide next to him in the dining hall and Leonis sighs, "Its that sheep.. She's so pretty and soft and.." He drinks another sip of his mug. "Bah, we had a good day didn't we Arrid?"
Nuhuh you know about all of them.


"I was part of a regiment before. A bit the same thing I imagine!"


"Pretty good I'd say, but it seems you have your eyes on a different prize. Why don't you go out and seize it like we did?"

Get myself a cup full of drink too.


"This bunch actually seems more orderly than my last. And the music is better. My last ship they just banged on drums as loud as possible!" She laughs heartily and nudges your shoulder.
"Hmm.. how can ye tell if a lass be wantin' that? We had a.. a date, I am pretty sure it be a date.. She seemed mighty happy too. But she's a princess.. So not like a normal bar wrench.."
You select one of the beer barrels and fill up a mug, its smooth enough going down and makes you feel warm inside.




"Don't matter where she's from, fam. What matters is that she's here and now. If she was in her castle, high in the sky, surrounded by guards, yeah, you wouldn't have a chance. A chick would have a better chance of winning a Championship flight race than you would."

"But hear me out, she isn't in her castle. She's just a door or two away. And as a Pirate, you have a duty, nay, a RIGHT to take what you can get, if you're understanding me?"


Derp, you are right, I do!
So, go find Andy the Moogle!


I grin.
"Well, it's nice to see a fellow doge here.
What do you do here? Cook the meat?"


You played a nice bunch of songs for the crew's victory party.
And there is still Metallia to munch on for a cute goat!
The unicorn grunts and grins at you. "Ye might be onto somethin' thar. A sweet sheep girl like her, I can't be passing this up. I'll just ask her.." He stands up woozily and makes a pose with his hoof out.
The little thing is wandering the halls below deck, humming to itself an old tune that you can almost recognize, something from a lullaby perhaps.
"Ranged specialist. But I haven't really done anythin' yet, just joined up yesterday. Oh, and I can cook a decent gumbo out of leftovers and monster guts too. Ponies don't always think of stocking extra meat, so you gotta hunt for it and make due with whatever's around."


Scratch my head.
"Wait, you're a soldier too?"


Oooh, and what about those toys?


"Far be it from me to offer too much advice, but drink a lot of water first. Girls don't tale kindly to being asked out by drunkards."


The door to belowdecks nearby flies open with a crash, revealing a shadowy figure with bat wings and glowing eyes.
"There ye be, missy. I've been getting ready fer ye…"
He slowly stalks forward into the light, revealing a batpony clad only in a pair of tinted goggles, carrying several buckets of water, a coat-brush, and something bearing a strong chemical scent.
"So ye've brought a friend, eh? Nah' a problem; Ah've made extra, just in case…" His lips split into a wide, fanged grin as he sets all but one of the buckets down. "Naow hold steady, an' it'll be over and done…"


Take a step backwards and let my hands slide to my spear.
"What's this?!?"


"Hmm.. Well, a pirate, guess that's sort of a solider.. you ever hear about 'The Lightning Hunters' and their captain 'Lightning Charge' or their 'Thundering Vessel'?"
If I recall there is a toy doctor set, a doll house shaped like a castle, a doll size nurse outfit, and pilot uniform
He shuffles over to the water skins and fumbles one unsteadily "Right.. you be a smart lad Arrid.."
The diamond dog girl is surprised and puts her paws up as if to catch the bat pony.
"Whoa. Doc. Uh. I don't need a bath. I'm clean. Really."







Roll #1 17 + 5 = 22



Help him stay steady when drinking.

"You want me to help you get to the sheepie?"


"Tha's what they all say! Then the whole crew's itchin' an' scratchin' an' there's noh' a safe bed tah be found! THEY'LL BE NO FLEAS OR LICE ON MAH SHIP!!!"
He brandishes the brush and foul-smelling soap threateningly.
"Ye'd best remove yer scarf and vest, else it'll take weeks tah get the smell'oh this stuff outta them!"


Point my huge fucking spear at you.
You'd need to go deep in range of that if you wanna clean me.


Fly in under his spear and dump the bucket of water over his head. '1d20+1'

Roll #1 18 + 1 = 19


"…Its one of the larger pirate vessels.. Thou its only active in the south east, Capt. didn't want to risk flying fast Lawforge.."
the poor bunny statue is covered in the mismatched outfits and stuffed inside of the castle where you examine her with the toy medical kit!
what are you rolling for?? You know about her ship already and wanted to talk to the moogle??
"Aye.. mite be best to wait until morn' she ain't gonna sail away on us!" He suddenly laughs on your shoulder.
"No! I don't want a bath!" She is reaching for a rope to swing to the other side of the ship.


Reflex Save '1d20+3'

Roll #1 19 + 3 = 22


I bet she looks amazing!
Play with her some more then go and see what the others are up to!


Dodged that!
"No way you'll get me. Shivrosians are way too quick. You thought you had me in the trenches didn't you?!? Like my friends! But now you'll pay!"

Poke '1d20'

Roll #1 14 = 14


Looks like you dodged the water bucket.
the dog girl gets splashed with the stuff since she was next to you.
"Ugh. This is my only vest"
The two dogs and the doctor are playing some kind of game with water on deck. The doc seems to be winning!



Jump in the middle of all this.
"Hi! Are we doing a beach episode on deck now? I didn't bring my swimming suit!"


"Then a few more drinks will do! For today and tomorrow!"

Let's get a load of drinking done tonight!



Back away.
I'm in a tight spot.
The Hircurian Legions are here to reinforce him;


"Yer makin' it worse fer yerself! I'll be keepin' ye healthy, whether ye like it or no!"
"I warned ye! Nah quit squirmin'!"
Since she's soaked, I'll start scrubbing her down first, lathering the soap into her fur.
"Ah'm de-licin' the strays we picked up!"


"You don't have to worry about the Doc, all he does he does it for us!"

"They aren't strays! Not like there's anything wrong with being stray, or not being stray, I won't judge!"


the soaked diamond dog girl squirms and flails around trying to escape the smelly soaps that were cooked up in the alchemy lab of the doctor, or perhaps bought this way. "I'm not Aah I don't have grr fleas!"
Meanwhile Argo takes the chance to step back out of range.


To recognize the lullaby!


"Never hurts to be sure!"


"This one we got from a raggedy crew o' slobbards what'd cared fer hygeine as much as fer laws, layin' about in unwashed beds'n such, and I've no notion where the other's even been! I'll no have them draggin' pests aboard to freeload on our flesh!"
Go ahead and strip off her vest and scarf and put them to the side so they don't get contaminated by the soap.
"Ah take no chances, miss fussy-fur!" Make sure to get behind her ears and around her neck.


"But rolling around in dirt is fun!"


Medicine check just to make sure I'm getting this soap worked in to where it needs to go. '1d20+15'
"It's no' dirt that worries me, it's the bitin' little buggers that nestle in deep and make it itch like the dickens!"

Roll #1 6 + 15 = 21


"Unless ye like the scent of this soap, Ah'd suggest removing what yer wearin'!"


"Have you ever considered the possibility of such biting bugs that haunt you in your every waking moment might not be actual blood sucking insects but rather some inner demon of the psychological kind which manifests in the form of a parasite when in fact is just some form of repressed trauma that you experienced in the past?"
All that with one breath!


Oh! You remember the song perfectly actually. You've heard it at many bars before, passed down from times so long no one is sure how long. Its a song about traveling on secret roads. Link related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Q6ygqCwTIo
Washing a diamond dog is just like washing a mutt, you get all the important parts and everything else falls into place.
She's coughing and sputtering as you rinse her off, trying to paw away the suds and chunks of dirt and fur that fall away from her.


I missed this sorry
You clink drinks and sit back down.
"Did I ever tell you about the time I rode on a sky-fish? Its true eeys swear et, we were surrounded by the lawforgians and couldn't get a break ship throu the lines, but a sky fish, well they be wiley beasts, they twist and turn and spin in ways that only a talented sniper can see.."


"I'd like to hear how you got the Lawforgians on our keester to begin with. That seems like quite a tale!"


"Wha's that, Butters? I cannae focus with this pooch squirmin' to an' fro!"
"Hah! 'Ah dinnae need a bath,' my arse! Ye'll be thankin' me when yer fur's not so itchy as it used tah be."
His gaze turns to Argo.
"Now fer the second one… Stop wavin' that sticker around; it's no' impressing me. Naow hold STILL!"
Dog Drenching, take two! '1d20+1'

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


Giggle and smile.
"Oh nothing!"


Interrupt the moogle then.
"That lullaby is older than I though."


"Aye, that was a tale. We were gunning for a transport vessel, one that was set to deliver gold: solid gold: And it was only guarded by a bunch of rookies. That's what we heard. So we took after em', fought off the lawforgians recruits.. but then another vessel showed up as soon as we were on board the transport. It was a monster of a ship, covered all over with metal, and lined to the edge with canons.
We knew we were outgunned, and had to bail before we even' got a glimpse o' the loot."
"Oh, but they weren't about to let that happen, and soon we had lawforge vessels chasing us, at least.. hic.. seven."
He'll most likely reflex save against that. Ginger is sitting down with a pout and soaked fur clinging to her. Her toned muscles are much more obvious like this too.
"I hope you're satisfied. I won't be able to smell anything for weeks now."


"You won't smell for weeks either!"


"Nah, ye'll recover in about three days, ah believe. Oh, an' let me know if ye start sheddin'; there's a chance this stuff'll make yer winter coat come in early."
I'll have to just tackle him and hold him down while I soak him then. '1d20+1'

Roll #1 12 + 1 = 13


"You're enjoying this far too much little goat." She smirks and splashes you with droplets off her fur.
The euros all seem to have deded off. Gonna call it pause here. sorry


"Tee-hee, I enjoy everything!"


A night filled with joy and ruckus is fondly remembered by the future you. That is the you of today.
Today you have been sailing in the open skies for four days. You could say things have calmed down, but a wise pirate knows that the calm is the most dangerous time, it always comes before the biggest storm.
In the distance you hear a roar, a blast of canons and a screeching cry of some fierce beast. You see the shape of a ship, and the shape of many bathawks swarming it. Bathawks are much like they sound, fierce predators with claws, beaks, fur, and wide bat-like wings. They are extremely aggressive, but mostly a nuisance.


"Cor blimey! Scallywags, waddaya see?"
Shout in an hammy tone with too large a smile on my face


"Danger ahead, cap'n!"


This is looking hairy!


"Danger, adventure, they mean the same!


"Yep, I meant let's go towards it!"


"Yarr!" Leonis cheers and helps steer the ship in the right direction.
Ginger is chewing on something and sitting around at the bow of the ship. "Hmmhm I see it Captin'."

You move in closer, the ship has a rose colored balloon, its hull is made of wood, with sturdy metal bracers at the joints. Its not any bigger than your own ship, but does seem to have taken a bit of damage and been patched before. Looking through the spyglass you can just spot the crew of the ship, they are a combination of crystal ponies, unicorns, and.. sheep?




"Wait, you fools! We need only let them wear each other off!"
Let's take it wide and slow, approaching from the side opposite to the bathawks' attack.


Look intently.
These guys are gonna get speared.


"Ooooor we can save them so we can capture them properly!"


Flip a coin."


The crew is quite distracted, shooting and slicing at the annoying beasts and with the steam engine off you can glide over with barely a creak..
But there is still a chance they'll notice your creeping vessel. Roll for luck. (d20)


"By the crown… I never thought I would see a swarm of those so closely.."
"Are we not going to help? I see, why waste our energy needlessly when those bats can wear out a potential enemy for us?"


Lucky Doge '1d20'

Roll #1 17 = 17


Lucky captain!

Roll #1 13 = 13


'1d20' how could I miss that

Roll #1 1 = 1


Ad's it.

Roll #1 2 = 2



Roll #1 16 = 16


Your luck is nearly off the scales!
just nearly. clouds happen to be in the right place, a crystal pony turns away from you at the right time..
You get well within boarding distance unseen this time.


Turn to Argo and the other DD girl.
"Now, if you'd be so kind to do the honors…"
Motion with a swirl at the harpoons.


I want to play omnious music but it would give us away!


"….what's that?"


"You know. The harpoons! Spear them!"


And next time you will get to those harpoons.


Okay. So anyone with ranged capabilities can do the harpoons, 1d20+whatever bonus you have to hit, and 1d8+1 for damage (applied to ship's hull), pulling a ship back is 40 feet a round for something 'light'.
cannons will require siege proficiency, might push that job onto Leon and Ginger. Otherwise you should declare which area of the ship you want to strike with them, which may have other affects on the battle with bigger ships.

You are about 70 feet from the rose balloon'd ship full of unicorns, crystal ponies and sheep. They are busy fighting with a swarm of Bathawks and haven't seen you yet. But soon you'll.


Does a blowgun count for a ranged harpooning?


Man the harpoons! '1d20+7'
"This is like Wurm huntin'!"
Dmg '1d8+1'

Roll #1 14 + 7 = 21 / Roll #2 3 + 1 = 4


Let's maneuver to the side opposite of the one the Bathawks are assaulting from!
'1d20+7' ride!
Compass spins, for Fire at Will! and a +2 to everyone's ranged attacks!

Roll #1 8 + 7 = 15


There are already someonne manning the harpoons, Captain is at the wheeel…
And as much as I could… ranged attack with a flimsy dagger wouldn't do much to harm a ship right?
I sort of awkwardly stand in place waiting as the events unfold, thinking about the possible actions I can take while not being helpful at all!


What areas of the ship can I target? I want to make this shot count.


File: 1443806902284.png (899.12 KB, 1236x926, 01.png) ImgOps Google

You could try to hit some of the crew, but a dart will pretty much never hurt a ship.
Unless you're asking if you can use that bonus to make an attack with the harpoon, which you can.
You hit it, and put a dent into the back, but the ship's movement prevents it from catching, luckily with nothing attached, reeling back is instant, so you can try again right away.
You circle around, and are now 50 feet away from the other ship. You could glide over if you wanted I think, but they look pretty well armed.
What a cute dainty lady you make.
front, back, side and balloon. You're more likely to break the ropes and pipe connected to the balloon than the thing itself, its pretty durable like your own.


Keep it steady like this and come in from below, making sure to stay under their guns!

"C'mon lads, do you want to live forever?"

Roll #1 7 + 7 = 14


Whoooa now, AD that.

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 5 + 5 = 10


Reminder you all have +2 to ranged attacks.


Aim for the front, so we can tie our ship to theirs!

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


The cutest and daintiest
But still, standing around isn't doing much to my beauty, nor giving off a good impression to my comrades…I mean mateys!
Let's see how good we are at hitting someone standing 50 feet away in a moving ship with a knife fling while also standing in a moving ship! Just to give them a little display of my ~incredible~ skills
'1d6' damage

Roll #1 6 + 6 = 12 / Roll #2 6 = 6


Let's AD that

Roll #1 2 = 2


Oh and the target is the pegasus pony closest to the left of their ship


Trying again! '1d20+7' '1d8+1'

Roll #1 9 + 7 = 16 / Roll #2 7 + 1 = 8


Boosting roll to hit with AD '1d4'

Roll #1 3 = 3


You're lucky that its a bit closer now, you are able to make a combined dent into the side, next hit will surely puncture it..
Its a difficult throw, a little too difficult, you miss the target.
Also its a crystal pony.
You keep the ship at a steady level, the winds on your side for the moment. But the bats are dying off and won't last too long as a distraction.
You use the weakened spot and finally pierce the hull with a loud creak of wood. You can now reel in the ship at a 40 foot per round pace. Its still 50 feet away.


"Leon! You take the helm! Keep us under their guns!"
Turn around and shout to the crew!
"Reel her in boys!"


Wait you had an AD.

You gracefully send a dagger over the clouds and into the crystal pony's shoulder, he gasps and looks back, seeing your ship below theirs and points at it with his other hoof.



Roll #1 8 + 5 = 13


Prepare for boarding!
I could fly over and start combat, but I'd rather wait for the rest of them first.


To reel it in!
Though I'm fully willing to roll again in here if you'd rather have that.


Oh yes, he is a crystal pony indeed…
Let's hope that dagger is a good enough warning for them to know what is about to come, and while we wait…Throw another one at the closest unicorn! I can at least wear them out a bit before the real fight breaks loose and while they are busy…

Roll #1 15 + 6 = 21 / Roll #2 3 = 3


File: 1443810362030.png (663.59 KB, 712x850, 02.png) ImgOps Google

"Aye Aye Captain!" The unicorn sits at the wheel and keeps it steady.
Thanks to Agro's strong reeling skills the ship is just a hop and skip away. A mere ten feet.
That's a pretty mean hit to the pony's side, he screams at you in frustration and now everyone is more aware of you, thou they still have a couple large Bathawks on board to deal with, a portion of the crew is ready for you.


I'm gonna reel it closer.


'1d20+4' Str mod for reeling

Roll #1 10 + 4 = 14


Goathop over! Acrobatics!
AD for good measure!

Roll #1 13 + 9 = 22 / Roll #2 2 + 2 = 4


Spin2win changes the bonus to +2 melee and unarmed attack check bonus.
I move forth in a single flap of my wings, 40ft to the right, then assaulting the blue stallion there!
Also, initiative.

Roll #1 12 + 4 = 16 / Roll #2 14 + 12 = 26


Smile smugly at that
''Good Day Gentlecolts!'' I shout heroically as I hop to their ship to get in range of battle, drawing my rapier if I manage to land

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Fly over and Intimidate the two unicorns and the sheep bunched up against the side.
>Menacing Threat: can Threaten 3 targets at once. I roll once, they each roll to resist.
>Glint of Madness: Inflict 1d10 Stress damage when Threatening target.
Threaten '1d20+3' '1d10' Stress Damage

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Oh, that's rolled as an Intimidate check. Make that +13.


You pull it in even closer, your hulls rubbing against each other, so you can simply walk to the other ship.
"NEVER YOU FLYING RAT SCUM!" one of the crystal ponies shouts back at you.
Its close, but you do make it over gap.
"Its a pirate sheep!"
"The traitorous flock."
"get her!"
You both sail over perfectly, landing gracefully on the other deck.
The unicorns are intimidated, and shakes a little in their leather boots, the sheep growls at you. "I didn't come all this way to lose to a flying rat like you."

I'd like Init from all of you please…



Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


Laugh heartily.
"Come here, I like gems!"
Draw my spear and enter.

Init '1d20+9'

Roll #1 13 + 9 = 22


Time for… FOLLOWERS!
What do I roll for that?


Ignore their comments, as much as I have so many witty things to reply, I rather let my blade speak for me
draw my rapier and get ready to fight

Roll #1 5 + 6 = 11


You got my Init on the previous post!
Switch into Work the Line stance!
Then, threaten the guy who looks in charge.
"Surrender now and not a curl of wool will be shed!"
'1d4' stress

Roll #1 10 + 7 = 17 / Roll #2 4 = 4


Tell you what, use an AD on that roll.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Ah, but I'm no' a rat, Fluffles, I'm a Bloodsuckah!"
I fly up and give them a grin that flashes my fangs at them, my eyes reflecting the light in an unsettling gleam.
"An' there's Haggish on the menu tahnight!!!"
I'm going to make these three make a mess on their deck by the time I'm done with them.
Threaten '1d20+13' '1d10'

Roll #1 17 + 13 = 30 / Roll #2 8 = 8


>Best of the Best: Once per scene when you or a teammate who can see or hear you makes a skill check, they can use the highest modifier for that skill among you.
Turn that +7 into a +11.


Ahwwww yeeeeeeeah!


Oh sorry, my Initiative is '1d20+7'
And for the Followers

Roll #1 2 + 7 = 9 / Roll #2 18, 7, 5, 3, 1 = 34


File: 1443813657684.png (848.71 KB, 944x918, 04.png) ImgOps Google

map and pause-a-roni


The sheep and crystal ponies with their fresh cuts and scrapes from the battle and adrenaline coursing through their bodies look at you. A flicker of uncertainty plays across their faces. And right at the moment that one of them starts to shake a sheep with a rose colored fluffy hat and a well fitted short dress appears on deck with them.
"Don't be cowards. We've beaten scum like this before and we'll do it again." The crew cheers at her and looks more determined to fight you, and the sheep lady disappears back below deck without waiting for a reply. one dice spent


Which one's that sheep? I want to make a beeline for her but can't see her!
"We shall have it your way!"
Spend my full round attacking this sheep in front of me!

Roll #1 9 + 7 = 16 / Roll #2 4 + 4 = 8 / Roll #3 19 + 7 = 26 / Roll #4 4 + 4 = 8


Activate the threat!
1 of my bonus AD!


She isn't on the map because she isn't on deck, she showed up and inspired the crew and ran below deck. Do you want to go for the door to below deck? That's north of you.

The sheep in front of you tries to block with this polearm, but your unorthodox style throw him off and you manage to land both hits, his armor and fluff somewhat dampening the blow, but not enough to prevent injury blood staining his wool as he gasps.


"I'm coming for you, Gem Pony!"

But before I do, I must remove the blue pony next to me.

Grab my spear and spear the blue pon next to me.

'1d20+11' (+9 +2(he's flanked)) to hit.

'1d8+5' for dmg.

And again!

Roll #1 11 + 11 = 22 / Roll #2 4 + 5 = 9 / Roll #3 10 + 11 = 21 / Roll #4 6 + 5 = 11


File: 1445111640645.png (1.33 MB, 874x850, 05.png) ImgOps Google

"Bring it on dog! I might have a bone around here for you to chew on." The gem pony retorts back to you, once again bringing attention to you above the other pirates.
The unicorn isn't as well armored as some of his friends, and your spear runs through him with ease, his axe dropping to the ground with his body.

Knight's go.


"Can't you just give up an make this easy on all of us?" I mockingly ask the sheep as I get in front of him.

'1d20+5' To Hit
'1d8' for damage

Roll #1 12 + 5 = 17 / Roll #2 1 = 1


One more attack, then end of turn.

'1d20+5' To Hit
'1d8' for damage

Roll #1 11 + 5 = 16 / Roll #2 7 = 7


One more attack, then end of turn.

'1d20+5' To Hit
'1d8' for damage

Roll #1 15 + 5 = 20 / Roll #2 4 = 4


File: 1445112973542.png (903.49 KB, 1150x948, 06.png) ImgOps Google

We'll have to get you some modifiers on your damage somehow.
The sheep's fluff takes most of the hit, barely leaving a scratch on on the guy.
"The bathawks are tougher than you. For such a big guy you are soft." The sheep huffs at you.


''Are you prepared for this, darling?'' I ask the unicorn before me, waving my rapier at him with a smug expression.
Without giving him time to reply, I take a quick step foward, striking with two swift jabs of my rapier on his side and shoulder
>Rapier. Bleed, finesse, Superior, armor piercing
'1d20+3' to hit
'1d8+2' damage

'1d20+3 to hit again
'1d8+2' damage again

Roll #1 16 + 3 = 19 / Roll #2 8 + 2 = 10 / Roll #3 5 + 2 = 7


'1d20' messed up that second roll to hit, sorry

Roll #1 6 = 6


Well a nine doesn't hit.
Your thin slashing strike hits his shoulder first and then he staggers a bit and causes you to miss, clinking off his crystal body, he struggles to hold his small shield steady now that his joint is injured, but is still interested in your new diamond dog friend more than you.


Buttermilk Time!
I'm going to taunt the pony in front of me!
Meanwhile, the tiny goat band that appeared out of nowhere rushes to J11 and makes a Feint move to distract the pony!

Roll #1 15 + 8 = 23 / Roll #2 20 + 4 = 24


I'll crit their move with an AD!
And if my taunt works, I'm going to fixate the pony with me!

Roll #1 4 = 4


File: 1445115172104.png (1.32 MB, 892x912, 07.png) ImgOps Google

It works pretty well actually. The unicorn in front of you shouts at you "I AM GOING TO GET YOU YOU STUPID LITTLE GOAT!" his horn lighting up and his eyes turning into a glare.
The merry band of goats toots their trumpets right in the face of the crystal pony engaged in the bathawk and it screams "AAah What the. I can't believe you let goats on here. Almost as bad as rats, cept' rats won't eat your ship's hull."

Sylt again now.


Since the whole round's done for, I will just assume Compass comes up too.
Enact the +2 to melee attacks battle plan.
"Hey! Don't insult my goats!"
'1d20+7' to attack the sheep before me. Twice!
and then the crystal pony. Can't give them any rest!

Roll #1 8 + 7 = 15 / Roll #2 9 + 4 = 13 / Roll #3 18 + 7 = 25 / Roll #4 7 + 4 = 11 / Roll #5 6 + 7 = 13 / Roll #6 7 + 4 = 11


File: 1445117027920.png (1.05 MB, 1068x962, 08.png) ImgOps Google

It and all the NPCs do as well..
The northmost bathawk there dies with a shriek, and the southernmost one is forced to land by a weighted rope. One sheep with a spear comes to attack Dania, hitting her for 4 damage, the orange wool'd sheep has a rifle and takes a shot at the captain, but misses. The crystal pony distracted by the goat band misses in his fury. The middle bathawk flies up and draws in a deep breath.
The unicorn and crystal pony both rush for Argo. "Dirty dog. Coming on our boat." The crystal pony says and tries to attack him, failing, the unicorn however does land a hit for 6 damage. The unicorn fixated on butters doesn't do anything but keep shouting at her "You're a bad kid you know? I'm going to put you into time out below deck."
The sheep and crystal pony engaged with the captain do their best to exchange blows with him, landing a mere 8 damage between the two of them. The sheep takes the full force of the pegasus pony's attack and dies rapidly unnerving the crystal pony beside him.


"Hmmmph, two on one?!? You wooddwelling ponies don't know when to quit! Taste my spear!"
Hit the blue pony twice
'1d20+9' '1d8+5'
'1d20+9' '1d8+5'

"You're next crystal pony! You and me, mano and hoofo!" Let out a deep laugh.

Roll #1 8 + 9 = 17 / Roll #2 1 + 5 = 6 / Roll #3 2 + 9 = 11 / Roll #4 4 + 5 = 9


Boost the DMG of my first attack with an AD '1d4'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Your second attack missed so its a good thing you didn't try to boost that.
This pony saw your spear moves before earlier and was more prepared, taking the damage shuts him up for the moment as he grits his teeth in the pain of the wound, he's still hurt from earlier too, even another light hit would take him down at this point.
The crystal pony's eyes are glaring at you. "You got any kind of bounty? I bet you have one. You seem like the type."

Knight now


"Not as soft as that coat of yours is going to be when I have the Doc fleece ya!"

Attack 1
'1d20+5' To Hit
'1d8' for damage

Attack 2
'1d20+5' To Hit
'1d8' for damage

Thresher Spin in effect.

Roll #1 9 + 5 = 14 / Roll #2 5 = 5 / Roll #3 20 + 5 = 25 / Roll #4 2 = 2


File: 1445119167303.png (1.07 MB, 1104x954, 09.png) ImgOps Google

The sheep gets hit multiple times by your flailing nunchucks. His horns don't help prevent the damage enough and he falls down onto the deck in a poof of unconscious sheep.

Now maali can go.


Glaring at the sheep before her, she sighs
''I apologize for this, I have no joy in harming one of my kind…'' I threat him with my rapier before Striking his neck and right shoulder, hopefully to kill him quickly and mostly painlessly
'1d20+5' to hit the neck
'1d8+2' damage

'1d20+5' again

Roll #1 2 + 5 = 7 / Roll #2 7 + 2 = 9 / Roll #3 11 + 5 = 16 / Roll #4 8 + 2 = 10


File: 1445119865048.png (1.05 MB, 1078x958, 10.png) ImgOps Google

The sheep is not about to back down, so you have no choice.
Almost like a proper assassin, you quickly deal lethal damage to the sheep his body lifelessly hitting the deck before your hooves.


The gout troupe moves to I7 to repeat the trick they did last time!
I Threaten the pony I taunted with some stress damage!
"Tee-hee, outsmarted by a little goat while your crew falls like leaves from a tree!"

Roll #1 1 + 4 = 5 / Roll #2 5 + 8 = 13


Boost the threaten!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


File: 1445121029213.png (1.06 MB, 1074x966, 11.png) ImgOps Google

The goat troupe is stopped by the crystal pony's presence, and can only move up this far, their sounds too far away from the pony to have a real effect. Your pony however is completely fustrated by your remarks and can't react properly to the little bouncing goat in front of him. "JUST STOP!"
The crystal pony shimmers with confidence as she lands a blow onto Agro, an amazing 10 damage. The pony next to her misses. The rifle wielding sheep is cowering in fear and can't move, the crystal pony next to the captain is also stricken with sudden fear and can not move.

The bathawk in the middle opens its beak, its fur shaking, and claws scraping at the air as it screeches loudly disrupting everyone around it and causing the ponies next to it shake in fear.
everyone please roll a will save now


I'm way too willful for this shit!

Roll #1 11 + 4 = 15



Roll #1 11 + 1 = 12


Come on, withstand it! '1d20+3'

Roll #1 19 + 3 = 22



Roll #1 19 + 5 = 24


I AM WILLFULL '1d20+5'

Roll #1 10 + 5 = 15


AD '1d4'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Give him a victory fanfare like in the troops!
Encouragement to boost it with +1!


You feel the cries of the monster echo in your head, you force yourself to snap out of it, just barely..
You feel the sound enter your ears, your wool gets static, your hooves shake, your breath quickens, a very sense of fear takes over your mind and you can't move (roll again on your turn)
That little squeaking bird bat means nothing to you, you can bleat louder and meaner than that even.
This birdhawk's attempt to scare you simply doesn't work, its actually better than when that gryphon girl back in the Restful Roost tries to sing to you. Now that was scary.
The sensitivity of a dog's ears make you vunerable to such a move, but you know well how to counter it, and that little goat is cheering you on. You stay steady and keep your head in battle.

sylt can move as normal now.


I knew attacking during a bathawks assault was a great idea!
Focus on the crystal pony beside me and finish him off!

Roll #1 10 + 7 = 17 / Roll #2 5 + 4 = 9 / Roll #3 15 + 7 = 22 / Roll #4 5 + 4 = 9 / Roll #5 7 + 7 = 14 / Roll #6 2 + 4 = 6


File: 1445123494824.png (986.47 KB, 1048x888, 12.png) ImgOps Google

He can't actually defend against your assault like this, and is cut down immediately by your rapid attacks.

Sion go.


Unleash the mighty spear! Right into blue pony!
'1d20+9' 1d8+5'

Waiting for results of this before my next half action.

Roll #1 20 + 9 = 29


AD to crit it!
Dmg '1d8+5' but he prolly is dead

Roll #1 3 + 5 = 8


As for my next half action, if he's dead,

"You have a bone for me, pony? I will get it from you!"
Sheath my spear and hold up my fists, I will take this guy with my bare hands!
"Mano a hoofo, pony, or are you chicken!"

That's a half action! Next pls.


File: 1445123740601.png (981.38 KB, 1040x890, 13.png) ImgOps Google

He is indeed dead, unable to handle anymore damage after such a hard time fighting.


The crystal pony look surprised at you, and huffs. "You're a stupid mutt too huh?"
…Knight now.


I'll fly towards F9 to protect our little musician.

"Maybe you should pick on someone closer to your size, matey."

Attack 1
'1d20+5' To Hit
'1d8' for damage

Thresher Spin

Roll #1 8 + 5 = 13 / Roll #2 5 = 5


AD just to make sure I hit. '1d4'

Roll #1 3 = 3


File: 1445124555234.png (1018.93 KB, 1071x895, 14.png) ImgOps Google

"I'm not yer mate!" He says suddenly broken from the fixation on the goat kid. Your nunchucks hit over the head several times making him flinch a little.

Maali next, and he has to willsave.


easy peasy

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


You can't shake the feeling of fear from a real predator, this is just too much, you never should have left the castle.
You flee to the edge of this ship. You are now frightened and must keep attempting resolve to resume normal actions.
Next up Nopony.


File: 1445125169568.png (1021.49 KB, 1074x894, 15.png) ImgOps Google


THe troupe steps up one slot and Feints!
I Distract the pony so the others can take care of him!

Roll #1 2 + 4 = 6 / Roll #2 17 + 11 = 28


"Excuse her, she's a new hire."


They move up, but their feint is ignored by the frightened pony.
The pony is so scared he runs to the other side of the ship near Dania.
The rifle sheep regains his resolve and makes pings the captain's shoulder for 6 damage.
The unicorn focuses on the bathawk, launching a net at the creature and struggling to stab it with a spear.
Both bathawks are now weighed down by nets.
The Crystal pony on the right is following the goat troupe closely clearly bothered by them. "Hey. Don't you walk away from me!"
The crystal pony facing off with Agro tries to punch him, but is apparently awful at punching or just tired and misses him.
The crytal pony on the right replies. "Yea, well control your goats! Or don't bother us while we're fighting bathawks!!"
go ahead.


"So how 'bout surrendering now, you are pretty darn well outnumbered and we could help ya finish the bathawks!"

Roll #1 10 + 8 = 18


With AD, why not.

Roll #1 1 = 1


File: 1445126240328.png (1009.97 KB, 1070x892, 16.png) ImgOps Google

map dropped


File: 1445126810589.png (1004.38 KB, 1068x888, 17.png) ImgOps Google

They stare back at you exhausted, The sheep lowers his gun, the unicorn looking back at you with the spear floating above the bathawk They sigh and nod "Alright.. I give up.."
The crystal pony with agro is just ignoring you in favor of trying to punch the dog.
The other two are completely fixated on their goats. "What? Are you serious right now?"
"I'm kind of busy here. Gotta keep this prankster in check."
Those with the 'white flag' gave up. The guy on the edge by Dania is still too scared to do anything.


"None of you ponies move! I got this one!"
Start hitting each hit accompanied with a ding.

'1d20+8' '1d3+4'
'1d20+8' '1d3+4'

Just to be clear, I don't wanna kill him, just beat him unconcious.

Roll #1 9 + 8 = 17 / Roll #2 3 + 4 = 7 / Roll #3 2 + 8 = 10 / Roll #4 2 + 4 = 6


"You take care of that one.
CREW! Let's take care of the beasts!"


Your first punch lands with surprising force, but makes the pony aware enough to dodge the second one.

Knight next.


dialogue was lost
"Ey, you dumb mutt, I'll get you for that."


Spit on the ground.


"Kinda busy!"

"And yer not me buddy either, but I just want ya ta shut up!"

Enter Whirling Serpent Stance.

Attack with Nunchuks '1d20+7'
Damage '1d8+2'

Roll #1 11 + 7 = 18 / Roll #2 8 + 2 = 10


I still have some AD, so let's see if we can knock him out. '1d4' Action Dice

Roll #1 1 = 1


File: 1445127990824.png (888.4 KB, 736x990, 18.png) ImgOps Google

Perhaps in a rush to end this fight, or just to show off, you hit the unicorn while he's distracted again by the goat girl and keep hitting him, he tries to block you, but fails miserably, your last swish hitting particularly hard and he falls down onto the floor.
Also the sheep lady in the hat from earlier pokes her head out of the cabin and is stunned by the sight she sees. "Oh dear.."


I ain't scare
I ain't scare of no things

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


Action die pls '1d4'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Well.. it is a lot less scary now that its under a net.. You assure yourself and can now take your normal turn!


Yeah take that stupid bat
I take both my turns to run from my current position to I8,near that crystal pony


File: 1445128650910.png (873.42 KB, 738x968, 19.png) ImgOps Google


Wave at the sheep lady.
Could you reinforce the idea in the remaining crew that they better surrender to the best-pirates-ever?"
Trying diplomacy, just like the captain did!

Roll #1 2 + 11 = 13


"Pirates? Well why didn't you say so. I'll just come surrender right away, like a helpless maiden." She rolls her eyes at you.


Roll my eyes back.
"Not that kind of pirates, dummy, those don't have kids with them!"


Well. Actually. Nopony was the last one in the turn order.
So I'll just stop here.


File: 1445714690342.png (1.14 MB, 618x874, 20.png) ImgOps Google

The new dog girl Ginger appears on the side of the ship, pushing away the cowering pony there, aiming a gun at the fancy looking sheep. "Should I shoot her Captain?" She calls over to Chance.
The crystal pony following the goat band, snaps out of his apparent trance. "…I'm sorry Velvet." and shivers seeing he's surrounded, and next to a bathawk, even though its under a net, its still a little bit scary.
The pony sparring with Agro continues to ignore the situation around him and gets a solid hit on, of 4 damage. "Ha! Take that you mutt. Not as tough as you think!" The pony does look a little bit dizzy from being knocked around thou.
The two Bathawks here struggle and the ponies keep trying to attack them, but the southern most bathawk gets a grip with its talons and beak, breaking the net and its leathery wings flapping frantically.


"Keep her trained!"
Rush forth, seven to the left and one to the left and down diagonally, striking the bathawk positioned north!

Roll #1 19 + 9 = 28 / Roll #2 7 + 4 = 11 / Roll #3 8 + 9 = 17 / Roll #4 3 + 4 = 7


Do activate the critical!


File: 1445716971294.png (811.04 KB, 615x973, 21.png) ImgOps Google

"Aye aye!" Ginger replies and keeps her eyes on the sheep..
You focus on taking out the Beast, how much health could it possibly have after taking so many stabs and bullets from earlier, besides the fact its still in a net means its an easy target, you aim for a wound on its chest, forcing it open and cutting deeply, the beast shrieks and struggles under the net thrashing and clawing at you, but just another inch and it falls silent on the deck.


'1d20+8' '1d3+4'
'1d20+8' '1d3+4'

Keep going!
"Who you calling a mutt, mule?"

Roll #1 17 + 8 = 25 / Roll #2 3 + 4 = 7 / Roll #3 18 + 8 = 26 / Roll #4 2 + 4 = 6


Boost dmg of the second dmg roll '1d4'

Roll #1 3 = 3


File: 1445717515037.png (817.24 KB, 612x978, 22.png) ImgOps Google

"You.." the pony tries to come up with another insult, his attempts to think of one, or block failing as your paws connect to his head and chest, hard. The crystal pony falls limply to the wooden deck, you swear you can see the stars swirling in his eyes.


Fly towards K14 to take on all these sailors.

"You should consider surrendering now while you can!" I offer to the Crystal Pony and sheep.

Use Nunchuks on Sheep
Attack '1d20+7'
Damage '1d8+2'

Roll #1 2 + 7 = 9 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6


Have a gleeful, evil laugh.
"They already did!"


"Tsk, no fun!"

Fly to F4 instead, and see if the Cap'n is willing to go down quietly.

"You've already lost your crew, no need to lose anything else."


File: 1445718868800.png (784.24 KB, 685x873, 23.png) ImgOps Google

At the captain's gloating the gryphon redirects himself barreling to land across from the sheep who is staring with anger at your group.
"You have balls, for a bunch of sneak attacking low life pirates that is."


''Sneak Attacking? Why such a hateful way to put it dear, I would call it…'Opportunists' hmn? Now if you excuse me'' She walks past the crystal pony and stands besides the Captain to finish off the last Bathawk, Feeling a bit motivated with the thought of impressing her captain with her combat skills as she strikes it switfly
'1d8+3' I realized I should have been putting +3 to damage rolls instead of +2 sorry for that

Roll #1 17 + 5 = 22 / Roll #2 7 + 3 = 10


File: 1445720410158.png (715.33 KB, 604x876, 24.png) ImgOps Google

Eagerness sometimes can actually lead to greatness, this bathawk seems a little roughed up, but it was in the back behind its flock, so it has more fight left in it. Your slicing attack does tear its left wing a bit, it will have difficulty flying away now.


I'll just run to G9!


File: 1445721265271.png (575.47 KB, 558x788, 25.png) ImgOps Google

The remaining bathawk moves more to the center and puffs himself up full of air, he struggles a bit because of his injuries, and the unicorn and sheep crewmen step after him aggressively, the sheep apparently being out of bullets resorts to his sword to do some damage.
The Lady sheep sighs and steps slightly closer to maybe engage in combat, or maybe size up your level a bit better.


Round rolls over, sylt now.


Move to I-16, and cut the last bat-thing down!
"I'd really hoped you'd just fly off!"

Roll #1 5 + 7 = 12 / Roll #2 3 + 4 = 7 / Roll #3 19 + 7 = 26 / Roll #4 6 + 4 = 10


And indeed, activate the crit!


File: 1445722175396.png (676.05 KB, 592x840, 26.png) ImgOps Google

A puffed out fluffy chest is a perfect target for you, and you set your blades on it without hesitation.
The feathered head and beak of the creature letting out one weak dying screech, which barely phases your hardened will.

All enemies defeated. Combat officially over.
The sheep in her hat look at the sight and shakes her head. "I let this happen. Losing to pirates. This shame.. I don't doubt that those of you who live will leave after this."
"No.. Velvet.. We won't leave you." The conscious gunner sheep replies quickly "We can recover from this even if they take the ship."


Lift my spear in the air.
"Now all in a line and present your booty!"


Clear my throat.
Leave the oaths of loyalty for a moment after you show us to the treasury?"


"Just act in line and there won't be anymore trouble."

Let's go get some rope to tie up the rest.


"Shuddup, you only won because we had to fight off those monsters.." one of the unicorns replies grumily and sits near his friends as they all gather just south of your group. Arrid taking time to tie each of the live ones up.
The Captain sheep goes below deck and drags a chest back up. "Here, its the most valuable stuff we have. Be so polite as to count it on your ship would you?"


"I didn't mean that kind of booty!"


"But what if it's like used socks and you're just trying to get us to leave?"

Hey, hey, Missy, tell me, do they have something reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal valuable on their ship they are hiding? Free hint!


Give the dissenting unicorn a real mean look.

Roll #1 20 + 7 = 27


"Just keep quiet."

Let's look around the ship for any other valuables that might have been squirreled away, like bracelets or rings.


…Tell you what, I will pour 2 AD into that.


The sheep just gives you a flat stare.
"Nooo I want to you stay for tea and cookies." She rolls her eyes at you. "I didn't try to cheat you. Really."
There is a special set of potions in her room that would be rather useful.
The poor guy curls up into a ball with his hooves over his head, his horn sparking tiny dull sparks of magic in fear. "Ah! I'm sorry. Please don't hurt us! I didn't mean to insult you Mr. Pirate Captain."
The others look away from the sight, as if intimidated and shamed by proxy.
You can find a few loose coins on deck, and one or two rings from their pockets but finding something well hidden would need a roll.


Turn to their captain.
"You won't mind showing me your room then, right?
I need to refurbish my own."
Snap a hoof, motioning my crew.
"Take all the guns, even the ones nailed down. And take all their weapons too."


"Tea sounds nice, but I'll take your special potions instead!"


''The most valuable you say?…I highly doubt it, miss Prim Velvet. Certainly the famous bounty hunter from Zha and her crew must have something more in their ship…''
''Captain, Arrid, be sure to look for criminals that she might have aprehended in this ship. Velvet is a well known bounty hunter from my home, and if we are in luck, we might have caught her and the crew about to deliver some bandits to law…Which makes me wonder if we could take those criminals to our ship, and take the reward for their capture ourselves…''


Wait a few seconds.
Then point to the gem pony!
"I want that!"


Search the cabinets and all the corners. '1d20+6'

"Double dipping on the job, Sheep. I like the way you think."

Roll #1 7 + 6 = 13


"Wait, a bounty hunter you say?"
"The armor he's carrying?"


"Yes, what else?"


"How's that even gonna fit you?"


"It's a trophy! I earned it by beating him with my bare paws!"


''Just some information I thought could be useful of course'' Giggle


"Better safe than sorry. I'd rather not have one of them pop out and try to make a break for it through my face."


"We should take her hostage and ask for a ransom!"
"Impressive stuff by the way. You are pretty good."


"Information is the most valuable currency! I don't say that with a light heart!"


"I like that plan!"


"I learned this in the north!"


Give you the Sign with my paws as you say that


Imitate that with my wings!

Roll #1 2 + 5 = 7


That was prestidigitation, by the way.


''Good thing I remembered to share this!''
''Hmmn…Daring, but she is very well known and precious in Zha…We could get a very high price and a some good attention for this…this plan might backfire horribly captain, are you certain? I mean we already have their gold and can loot their ship to our heart's content, perhaps it would be best if we left her and what few crew she has left to operate their ship and tell them of our crew instead…''
''Ah, wise words Butters'' Pet you between the horns


Giggle out of control!




"Tell you what. We leave this up to chance.
Head we do it, tails we don't."
Flip a coin.
H - 1
T - 2

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Awww, how boooring!"


Catch the coin with a hoof, covering it up before anyone can see it, and spin around after a glance, letting the pressed silver roll over the deck.
"Fate says we don't do it!"


''Erm…Something funny?''
Sigh in relief
''Well, Lady Luck has spoken, Captain…Let us take what we have and depart''


Get that loot!


"At least help me make sure everyone on this ship is accounted for."



"Fate is silly!"


"Three of you, tie them up.
Rest on pillaging duty!"


The pony armor in question is medium partial plate, decorated with blue and yellow paint, and a single gem in the center.
The sheep captain scowls at you all the whole time leading you to her room. Its furnished with a plush couch, a white oak desk, and matching white oak cabinets. There are some clothes laying out on her bed, and random papers on her floor. Perhaps jostled from the ride over. She opens up a drawer and hoofs over a case of tiny potions. "I don't know how you knew about this.. But here."
You lift up a loose floor board in the barracks area, and hiding there is a sack of coins [3d8] silver, and a marble that glows dimly, an image of stars inside of it.

Roll #1 3, 5, 4 = 12


Take the potions.
"Useful! But I'm even more interested in that…"
Eye the couch with glee.


"Heh, I knew it. Everyone always has a hidden stash."

I'll pick up the marble, then go about making sure everyone is tied up.

"Aye Cap'n!"


''You read my mind, Arrid'' I nod
''Maybe next time Butters~''
''Now, about the bounty, if you please. I know you could use that money to hire more crew, but I'm afraid we will be taking that from your hooves as well'' Smile smugly


Take it with me!
I'll use it as drinking cup!


"Oh, I know a lot of things! Things you'd never know a goat can know!"
Take the potions!


Clear my throat and glare at her as she isn't following orders.


"Let her!"


''Oh, I got a bit caught up captain, but honestly now, My knotting skills are certainly going to leave much to be desired compared to Arrid Or Argo. I'll be more useful here I'm sure''


Searching around you see that only the crew was here, and the cell they have on board is empty, thou well kept. It was cleaned out this very morning from the looks of it.
You do see one small bathawk is trapped inside of a barrel, your doctor or 'animal expert' might be able to make use of it.
Are you also taking her canons? That would be difficult, they are bolted down and very heavy.
"Whatever.. I never liked that color anyway." She huffs and looks away from you.
The captives look up helplessly at you, and the unicorn that was scared so badly by your captain a moment ago speaks to you. "Hey.. So.. You just wanted our stuff.. I um.. I have this crystal, that's pretty special.. you'd leave us if you had something like that right?"
"I knew there was a reason I didn't hire goats on.."
"Its in the chest I gave you already, or do you just want to humiliate me even more you race traitor? I bet you were banished from the kingdom for being promiscuous with the Prince. A secret scandal of your own?"


"Oh fine. Here, there are a bunch of dresses, try them on!"
"A most kind sheep."
Smile and mock a little bow.


[armor get]


"Oh, I'm not like any other goat! I'm sure you'd love me once you get to know me, but we'd have to take you hostage for that!"


"Better that thing be the victim of the Doc's experiments than us."
Take it along.


"Depends on the baubble, but I do take kindly towards deals. If it's a good one, I'll see to your care."


Point at the captured ponies.
"See, this is what happens when you mess with Lutgardian pirates!"
OOC note: Lutgardis was one of the groups his fort used to fight!


''Ohohohoho, you flatter me by implying I would have any chance with that gorgeous hunk of a prince Darling.'' I put a hoof to my cheek and snicker
''Of course. Once I am back at my own room in our ship, Captain…''


"Oh, please. I bet you wanted to run away together or something cheesy like that."
"He probably left so we couldn't find out that he slept with a such a barbaric sheep like you."
"Oh, spare me your theatrics." She appears to be doing her best to ignore you.
They're all too terrified to try and correct you even if they were familiar enough with your homeland.
A few of them nod at you. "Yes.. of course. You Lutgardians are the best.."
"Alright.. don't laugh.. I put it with the buckets and mops, in the box of 'extra soap' since I'm the always the one who refills it.."


"Damn right! And because you are such nice ponies, we won't even kill you!"


Chuckle and step for the couch.
"Come on fluffball, help me move it."


"Awww, you are so tsun-tsun! Deep down you love being captured, I bet!"


"Oi, Cap'n. What do you want'a do with the rest of the captives?"


''Ooh, Sounds to me like you had a crush on him hmmn? I bet you got motivated to become a bounty hunter to gain his attention, didn't you?''
''Hmmn…But Captain I am so tired from fighting valiantly at your side…Certainly you would not want me to strain my poor arms with such a chore, would you?~'' Wink wink


I'm done lootan


"Leave'm tied up, we're not taking the ship."


Look totally unfettered.
"Get lifting."


Groan and roll my eyes
''Very well…''


"U-uh thankyou Sir.."
The captives reply shakily.
Str roll to take it up by yourself, auto pass if anyone helps you.
"You're too young too have such thoughts.." She comments.
"You, you are a bad influence on that kid."


"Good enough for me."

I'll take the Crystal then, no matter what it is.

"You got yourself a deal. Cap'n was kind enough to spare the rest of you, and you get to keep your ship. We might be Pirates, but we're honest pirates. Remember that."


"Are you literally going to take everything nailed down too?"

Complain while I help him.


''Psh, I doubt I could have any influence on her even if I tried…''
Now to help the Captain take the couch, being very careful to not chip my hooves


"Well, not captured like that, which I don't know what it's like, but it seems naughty! Can I keep you? We'll be best friends!"


"She isn't something you can keep in a bottle, you know."


''Butters, What did I told you about making friends with the ships we raid?…'' Pat my hoof on the ground with a unpleased look


I got these strong hooves helpin' here.
Pile the dresses up on top of it and leave.
Then we should do the whole 'stealing their cannons' part.


"Come on, I will feed her and take care of her and everything!"


You were given such clear instructions you find it immediately, you can also grab some of their soap if you want, is actually good quality floral scented stuff.
The crystal itself is sort of like the ones you found in the ruins, swirls of energy moving inside of it, though instead of round its a triangle, and each side is a different tint of orange.
The unicorn seems assured and sighs in relief.
With you two assisting the captain you easily bring the sofa to the Techicolor, it being the most colorful thing on the ship at the moment since you didn't paint anything yet.
Also you see Leonis and Ginger working on prying up one of the canons together.
She looks a mixture of horrified and disgusted at the idea.
"Friends with pirates?! Why would I ever I agree to that?"


"Butters she's a bounty hunter, her kind hates our kind by nature!"


"Unless you can make her teeny tiny to make sure nothing happens with her, the Cap'n is gonna keep saying no."

Leave nothing left un-looted. I'm sure the Sheep will love this.

I'll go and help them loot the cannons.


"Look at it like a friendship with a kid goat then!"

"That's… jobist! There are good pirates! I am not a jobist, one of my best friends is a pirate too! Some of them just suffer from poverty and lack of education!"


"Maybe one of her potions does that!"


I sigh and shake my head
''Butters, no…'' I give you a serious, worried look and shake my head ''No'' I whisper
now that this is done, I'll wait for the next order


"Let's not use it on someone who doesn't want to play with you then. Think of it that way."


"Yes, yes!"

"Oh, she'll grow to like it! In fact, she already likes it!"


Prim Velvet is silently twitching, probably imagining how terrible and shameful it would be to be captured because of the whim of some goat child.
You are now officially helping pull up canons. Its not easy work, these bolts are partly rusted in place.

that everything for now?


"Hey who's this pirate best friend I know nothing about?!"
Grump at the lil' goat.


"Butters, just help us make sure we don't forget a screw or two from these cannons."

I'm good for now.


"He is called Sudden Chance!"

"I'll try!"


[scrunching intensifies]
"We are not sheepnapping a bounty hunter, no matter how cute you act!"


Puppy eyes.

Roll #1 2 + 11 = 13


AD it!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3



Roll #1 18 + 6 = 24



"What if I make her come willingly?"


"No. Niet. Non. Nada!
She isn't coming along and that's the end of it!"


And so despite the whining of butters you did not sheepnap a bounty hunter.



Pout all day afterwards!


I will bribe you back to a smiling goat with some metallika.


All forgiven!

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