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Our unique crew landed near a forest village, only to find it abandoned. However, they did locate the ruins they were looking for, ruins that surely hold treasure, and clues to more treasure.
The old stone archways are covered by vines, the stairs beckoning the party downward, craving on the stone depicting a kind of lizard people with hunched over backs and long robes. Its quite dark a head, particularly with this thick canopy blocking most of the sunlight.


Examine the carvings. Is there some sort of story they're telling?


Any torches around?


"Onwards, shall we not?"
Draw my fencing sword, just one, and hold up a torch in my wing.


Dania tilts her heads and leans closer to the carvings with Doc
''Hmn…Mmmmmmaybeeee…Dragons?Or perhaps some sort of distant relatives?'' She asked to her companions


"We're already here, so why not?"

"Pro'ly just some crazed people. People do all sorts'a weird things when the world starts acting crazy."


"Do you guys know what this place could use?

Some cheerful music!"


''Butter,darling…please now it is not the time,I would love to hear your…um…tunes when we return to the ship but for now it would be best we remained quiet and not make loud noises…''


"Ooooh… I get it!"
Hold up a hoofsie and start moving the other near it.
"I'll just play the world's smallest violin then!"


what on the ground? Not really, but your crew seems to have it covered.
They are carrying a crystal, and the crystal has some kind of protective force field.
"Aye!" Leonis grins and marches forwards with you.
"Ye know a tune lass?" The unicorn inquires.

The steps lead you too a room with a large door, the middle of the room has an old tree's roots surrounding a circular trunk, now hollow and almost stone in appearance, there is a small puddle of water inside of the trunk.


"Plenty of time for that when you are marooned at the center of a dead ruin, don't you think? Focus for now!"
"Most fashinating…"
Approach the Trunk and look into the puddle.


''heh…I must admit that sounds like it.
But what worries me is…what are those lizard creatures?Maybe deities of dragons?''

She looked at her unbelieving for amoment and tried looking for said violin in her hoof,before realizing that there couldn't possibly be such thing.
''well…as long as it is also the world quietest violin as well,I see no problem…''

Dania inspects what she could assume was water with the Captain

''Brave enough to try a sip,Captain?'' She inquired with a small smile


"I am!"
Look annoyed.
"Do you know how much focus this tiny instrument needs?"

"A tune? I know all the tunes!"

Look at my reflection in the puddle!

"I turned down the volume, don't worry!"


"Not that thirsty yet!"


Draw a vial of the water. Anything immediately strike me as abnormal about it?


"This place could'a been a shelter. A source of water, some food from the town, and you could hold off for quite a good bit."

"We'll ask 'em when we meet 'em. RIght now I'm just worried if we run into an original inhabitant."


It appears to be clear water, occasionally a ripple flows through it, apparently from below.
Your reflections stare back at you.
Its exceptionally pure for some water that's in the middle of an old temple.
"Huh, I thought they town was empty?" Leonis says.


Boop the puddle with my nose.
And lick it.
You can only really know something if you taste it.


Her ears perked up
''wait…what if the mosters WERE the original inhabitants?''

She chuckles
''Well maybe our dear scientist can find something about it?''
''Is that correct doctor?have you found anything worth mentioning?''


"Just water, no need to waste time here."
Are there other exits or doors?


"Town was, but in case of robbers or monsters, this place seems more defensible. Some strange thing is burning your town down, this place seems like the best deal to run to."

"And if they aren't here, they won't mind if we part with whatever they left behind."


''That is IF they left anything worth taking at all. But we'll see''


File: 1416593460223.png (3.75 KB, 783x580, helpfulVisual.png) ImgOps Google

The big door yes, after that are some more stairs going down, but that's all you can tell from here.
"Huh.. Well I guess its better than outside, but you really think a bunch of monster people live here?"


Well, adventure awaits!

Hop hop hop, down the stairs!


"What a dreadful topic, why not focus on the riches instead?
Follow the goat, ponies! She's our ticket home anyway!"


''It might be possible,but I must say I have been fearing that possibily less and less as we progressed
This place seems indeed deserted''

''I thought we were supposed to follow the captain?'' She asked raising a brown to him


"The captain's following the goat anyway!"


"Can't take everything with ya'."
"A lesson I learned the hard way."

"Likely in the sense that some crazed ponies think they be monsters."


''Well…Why is SHE our ''ticket home'' then?'' She asked curiously

She stared back at him for a moment
''Sounds like you have a story you could share''


"Don't you know?
She keeps the ship afloat!"




"Goat magic!"


"It ain't much, so how's about I save til after we're out. A little thing to look forward too, eh?"


"Shhhh! If you talk too much about it you will get seven years of bad sky sailing luck!"


''I am not even going to ask further'' She said with a pokerface

She playfully put a hoof in her mouth. ''Oops,pardon me''
She nodded to him ''Sounds perfect for me,yes,I wonder if we have any tea back at the ship…''


File: 1416594083689.png (7.3 KB, 1311x989, helpfulVisual.png) ImgOps Google

Okay, roll for notice.
"Yep. No one to stop us from looting here."

These stairs are a tunnel going down further, and also making a turn to the left.


Noticing's cool!

Roll #1 14 + 6 = 20


She continued examining the walls as they went. Looking for any other markings or odd words on the walls…


"Tea sounds nice right about now. Or some coffee."

Keep walking down the hallway.


Happily unaware yet still aware goat incoming!

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


File: 1416595012938.png (17.6 KB, 2324x1064, helpfulVisual.png) ImgOps Google

You're a little aware, because you hear some stones roll against stones, and some hurrying hoof steps.
Very cool, you see a large stallion in a cloak rush away from your sight further into the ancient ruins.
There is a depiction of a tree with a large crystal beside it.
You can see the markings as well.

In the next room there are some statues of lizard folk, one particularly more imposing than the rest, his claw like limbs holding out their palms. a few more drawings line the walls, a stone table and some stone chests are present. there are is only one other door.


"Looks like they had too much time on their hooves to do all this, but those chests look tempting."


Dania looks around,she was skeptical of those statues but smiled as she saw the chests

''Indeed…those things look menacing…I wonder who…or what could have built those things…''


Motion my crew to stop and gather close to me, whispering.
"There's somepony else here, act natural!"

Keep moving forwards, making sure I don't miss a single corner of the room.


"Oh, allright!"
Start hopping and whistling.

Hey, you.
Yes, you, in front of that shiny weird thingy with the nerdy glasses!
Give me a hint about what's following and or watching and or preying on us, will you? It's for the song I gave you earlier!




"Bad times tend to lead people down bad paths. Hopefully we don't get added to the list of designers."

"Aye aye."

I'm more interested in the markings on the chests, if any. What do they look like?

Notice '1d20+6'

Roll #1 6 + 6 = 12


Leonis nods, looking closely at the table as well.

The chests have some very worn down carvings, emblems that look similar in style to the gate depicted on the treasure map. The lips look like they'd require a dedicated push to open.

but that wasn't a pirate song was it?
hint denied! you can have an action dice instead.

They are lizard like statues, the largest of which is holding out its hands as if to receive something.


"I will keep an eye out, you guys work it out with the chests, okay?"


Every song is a pirate song if a pirate goat plays it!


Hop to the chest then!


She said slowly and carefully opening one of the chests


roll for noticing things?
it will take a bit of teamwork to do, you can do a group roll to try and save time or just take ten?




"Oy, be careful. Seems unwise even to the most craziest horse to leave chests out in the open like this. Check for traps first."

"Now that's a good idea little goat."

Work together.



Roll #1 10 + 6 = 16




Confirm opening chests?

You stare down the pathway, you swear you can hear a stone door closing.



Gotta find out what's inside.


Squint reeeeeal hard…
And head down for the path I heard the sound come from.


File: 1416597689457.png (24.79 KB, 3238x1066, helpfulVisual.png) ImgOps Google

Alright. You move the heavy slabs aside and let them fall to the ground. between each of the chests you find: 6 round shields, a pile of discs of metal, 3 barely glowing orbs, a stone tablet that has some writing and a picture of a tunnel in the middle of mist, the lizardfolk are walking through the tunnel with the crystal they were carrying earlier.
You move forward a little bit and find a wall where the sound should have been.

The ground shakes and the entrance you used gets covered by a stone slab.
Two of the smaller statues eyes flash red and a light flashes the area just in front of them.


Take the discs!
They look pretty!


Turn around at the noise of the falling slab of stone, running back and throwing the torch at the ground to light the battlefield and free my wings and hooves for my swords.
"Rally up crew!"


"Just in time!"

Grab one of the shields!

"Everyone, keep on your talons!"


''Hah,I KNEW this was bount to happen!'' She shouted as she picked up the first shiny treasure she could get with her delicate hoofsies and followed the party along


File: 1416598466823.png (106.98 KB, 1500x926, Fromroll20.png) ImgOps Google

Disc get, they are about half the size of your hoof each.
you can have some discs too then, since they are the easiest to snatch.
Shield get, its a
Shield, metal 1d4 subdual 20 Guard +2 S/1h Hard 3 7W 8 lbs. Ancient 20s

you're the blue square right now.

Roll initiative?


I don't like these statues though…
"Think they are intimidated by music?"


Comfirming disc for get then

She turns to the statues,a bit scared

''well…Maybe you should put away your violin dear…just to be sure''


'1d20+11' for me.
'1d20' for compass.
Up, Up, up-left, up-left, left, left, left.
Stop here.

Roll #1 20 + 11 = 31 / Roll #2 11 = 11


"Hide yourself here amongst the chests, we'll draw their attention."

Sweet. Now to get ready to attack the one to the left. I'll pull out my nunchuks.

"Keep your eyes on the statues. We can take everything once they're down."

Initiative roll '1d20+5'

Roll #1 19 + 5 = 24


iniciative it is then

Roll #1 8 = 8



"Oh, you're right, I can taunt them!"



Roll #1 3 + 4 = 7


File: 1416599426767.png (95.53 KB, 1490x916, Turn_1_go.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1416599454133.png (12.18 KB, 299x590, InitativeRollStatues.png) ImgOps Google

You're first. Go ahead.


Up-left, left.
First off, use my Dual-weapon fighting trick to attack with both weapons at the statue.
'2d10' if hit.
If the enemy is flat footed, use my free attack against it too!

Roll #1 15 + 3 = 18 / Roll #2 2, 10 = 12 / Roll #3 17 + 3 = 20 / Roll #4 10 = 10


all of those hit, I believe you can activate a threat.


Not really, my threat range is 19-20!


File: 1416600078166.png (63.96 KB, 1474x910, Turn_2_go.png) ImgOps Google


The statue makes a loud pinging and clanking sound as you strike it, the eyes flicker with each successfully hit and the lizard like form manages to turn towards you.
You're up!


I'll fly over to the Statue to the left of the goat and keep it from coming at her.

Nunchuks '1d20+4'
If hit, Subdual '1d8'

Roll #1 2 + 4 = 6 / Roll #2 1 = 1


I'm not sure that statue is animated.


I intend to keep it that way. But it did just turn towards you…


No, that's the one I'm currently engaging.


File: 1416600423889.png (122.09 KB, 1630x914, Turn_3_go.png) ImgOps Google

You flick your nun-chucks at the largest statue, pinging its open palms and imposing head. It doesn't react. but if it did, you'd be right here to stop it.
sorry if that wasn't clear, only the two red boxed ones are awake right now
compass time


Battle Planning, Crush Them!
+2 morale bonus to melee and unarmed attack checks.


File: 1416601049932.png (94.18 KB, 1513x933, Turn_4_.png) ImgOps Google


The southern statue moves with a creaking of steel and a whirl of magic, up toward Dania and swishes an axe an her.. It lands a light blow, probably softened by the mess of her fluffy coat.
rolled a 16 to hit, and a 4 for damage
Your turn Maali


She gives a gentle,exagerated lady-like grunt before putting her hoof down
''Why such boldness…I love that~'' She said with a small grin before pulling a dagger from her dress with suprising speed and stabbing the statue,perhaps not the best idea,but she could try!
'1d20+2' Stabby sheep go!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


You stab and clink at the statue, but this place must be getting to your nerves because there just isn't any force behind your moves.
Goat move?


One square down, one square to the right!
The tiles of the floor, of course!

And Taunt the baddie by playing really obnoxious music!
Get it Fixated with Beguiling if it succeeds!

Roll #1 20 = 20


The statue's glaring red eyes fixate you as toot away on your instruments.
I believe you roll 1d6 to determine how long


Blagh! What just happened? Why are there statues coming to life? And what infernal tune is that goat playing?


"Ooooh, you love the sound of that don't you?"
Annoy Annoy Annoy!

Roll #1 6 = 6


File: 1416603051036.png (93.14 KB, 1491x927, Turn_7.png) ImgOps Google

The statue shakes and attempts to cover its ears from you racket.

"Keep it up little goat." Leonis moves over to attack the statue, banging away at its cowering form with his trusty mallet.
The statue engaged with you attempts to strike you but misses as you duck under its slow motions.

"Thar be some stone lizards tryin' to stop us lootin'."
You can move now actually.


I'll move up three spaces to the big one.

Cut it with my Razor! '1d20+2'
If it hits, how much damage would it do? '1d6+1'

Roll #1 14 + 2 = 16 / Roll #2 6 + 1 = 7


Okay. You break a bit of the large statue's 'armor', damaging its integrity a bit. Its magic kind of fizzles and pops but it doesn't move yet.


File: 1416603863084.png (88.65 KB, 1479x909, Turn_8.png) ImgOps Google

your turn


Time to focus on the mofo in front of me.
Zac zac zac.
'1d20+5' double attacks
'1d20+5' single attack afterwards!

Roll #1 5 + 5 = 10 / Roll #2 1, 1 = 2 / Roll #3 3 + 5 = 8 / Roll #4 2 = 2


Maybe you're tired, or the statue is moving faster than before, because its now blocking your attacks.

it'd be your turn Knight.


I'll make sure to attack the active one this time, the one in from of Buttermilk.

Nunchuck '1d20+4'
Hit '1d8' Subdual

Roll #1 12 + 4 = 16 / Roll #2 5 = 5


File: 1416604818554.png (69.19 KB, 1254x784, Turn_9.png) ImgOps Google

You float over to its cowering form, and bang the nun-chucks on its head adding to its distress.
The lizard shaped statue's metal creaks and groans.
compass spins?


Spin spins.
It's too op to use at full power.


The southern statue cannot overcome the distress from the young goat's song, it continues to cradle is head.
your turn
try and join this if possible, if not for this fight for future ones it might help https://app.roll20.net/join/590207/cTQILA


Dania knows one thing
she was stubborn
And no weird magical cave is going to stop her from teaching these statues a lesson
She tried a circular slash at the arms of the nearest statue this time

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


That's probably the worst luck i've seen.. reroll


'1d20+2' if you say so..

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


You still miss.
Your turn?


Try to shoot the eye-thingies of the statue that I annoyed with my deliebaretly obnoxious music with a few darts!

Roll #1 15 + 2 = 17


Success. Your darts poke into small cracks on his form, roll for damage


You mess with the goat, you get the… dart?

Roll #1 2 = 2


A fair hit for a little goat. It cracks a little more where the darts are.

Leonis hits on the statue as well.
It falls to pieces in a groan of sorts.

Your statue makes a desperate thrust to attack you, use your reflex save?


Well depends, did it hit?


he got an 18 so yes



Roll #1 20 + 5 = 25


You move with the speed of the wind away from the swing. The statue gets back into an upright position.
And its your turn.


Rain a furry of blows upon it.
"How ya'll handling it, scurvy scullywags?"
Exactly like before.

Roll #1 6 + 5 = 11 / Roll #2 5, 1 = 6 / Roll #3 16 + 5 = 21 / Roll #4 4 = 4


"Yaarrr!" Leonis cheers at you.

You make a couple of longer cuts on the chest, and the statue's magic leaks away, it collapses onto the ground, lifeless again.



Last time on Sky Pirates: You decided to loot an old temple, The temple didn't agree with that plan and decided to attack you with ancient lizard men statues. You found a room with a large empty altar, the deciptions on the wall showing a basket with a crystal inside of it being placed there.
You caught up to the mysterious pony lurking ahead of your group, which was revealed to a pegasus smuggler by the name of Mortelle "M" Trails, His two friends and earth pony and a unicorn, were further down the hall, the hall which you are now all circled around in. M is currently enjoying a snack provided by our tiny goat, which really helped lighten the mood after you threatened him to get his friends to reveal themselves.


This moment was a fundamental moment in the future as the bedrock of the Treats for World Peace Foundation.

Hop around the mysterious pone.
"Why haven't you solved this puzzle yet?"


"What else did you guys find in this temple?"


She fluffed her wool, standing there and looking pretty. She didn't want to waste her saliva asking questions others were to ask for her.
'1d20' looking pretty.

"Captain… this is simply out of curiosity. But have you considered if we need more members for our crew? More members mean more power…and more power means recognition and respect."

Roll #1 7 = 7


"You said you were smuggling stuff. Where are you taking them?"


"We do have a bigger ship…"
Look, with a thinking expression, at the smugglers.


"Indeed. But the question is. Are you willing to share the spoils? I am positively certain that they would not enjoy the idea of working for free…" she whispered to him.


The unicorn shrugs, while the earth pony looks over at the altar steps behind you.
"A few really nice vases and some old gold, There is also a crystal, about 25 feet tall, laying in one of the ruined parts further in. Not worth anything thou had a piece of it analyzed, and too big to carry anyway."
You look pretty as always, but fluffing up dust into the air made you cough a bit.
"After those lizard statues came to life on us the first time we decided not to touch anything goatling." The unicorn replies. "And aside from that I don't think that solving it would get us more guns or ships." M adds in.
The three of them smirked at you.
"A little cooperative work?"
"Well I've never met a real pirate myself, it might be interesting."
"We did lose our ship, so we're kind of stuck here until another smuggler comes by on this route.."
M crunches on his snack as his answers "Just to the west, to Millardville, The town with the big mill off the river, helps process metals or something for Spiritos."


Keep hopping around.
"Where is your spirit of adventure? What if it opens up the super secret treasure room?"


"A town that is taking in smuggled goods will probably have plenty of opportunities for us."


"Spiritos? What a pretty sounding name…Care to tell us more about it?" She inquired
"Stuck in here you say? You poor ponies…I am sure our captain would be happy allowing you aboard our ship"


>always forget the name


You bounce around the tiny hallway and the three ponies, they all reply to you.
"Adventure? Are you under the impression we're a bunch of pioneers or explorers? We are more like…"
"Yea.. we appreciate a consistent pay."
"One that doesn't involve teeth or trap doors."
"And their beer isn't bad either!" The earth pony laughed and nudged you
"Oh yea, you don't know about Spiritos? Its the city of mages. They have their high towers, and they believe the river is good for their magic, so they settled as close as possible to it. Real pretty town.." The unicorn tells you, "..I'd love to show you around if you're going that way." Leonis frowns deeply at him.


"Sounds like a plan! Let's load our ship up with your wares and get moving."


"But how will you find the empty room and discover that the real treasure was your friendship all along?"
Stop and pout at them.
Give them the sad goat eyes.


"Looks like we keep adding to the crew."

Look towards the smugglers.

"Is this all you have over here?"


She smirked at his reaction. It was rather cute.
"I would…love that, darling." She said with a soft giggle, offering him a smile.

"Butter, darling… That does not sounds like the kind of treasure worth facing a dungeon full of traps and monsters…"


"Looks like you need just such an adventure if you're saying that!"


She rolledher eyes. "Maybe I do Butter…Maybe I Do."


"I'll remind you the next time we have a nearly lethal adventure!"


"Remind me of how we only survived because we stayed together and then have a long speech about the magic of friendship? " Dania trtried to hold back her snickering


"…" They look surprised and then chuckle softly. "Oh, we know that sticking together is the only way to survive, if that's what you're getting at."
"Oh, yea, we had most of it on the ship.. which we lost. But Hey, guns and bullets never go out of style at least." The unicorn says
"Uh, wait how much of cut are they gonna take?" M replies with a ruffle of his feathers.
The earth pony just pats him on the back whispers something, which you can try to hear if you want.
Leonis scrunches his tan snout. Then the unicorn smuggler offers you a clean cloth to wipe off some of the temple dust with with a charming smile. "Anywhere in the world for a sweet doe like you."



Point at the smugglers.
"See? They get it!"


"Wait, you have more guns? Where?"

Notice '1d20+6'

Roll #1 20 + 6 = 26


>Andy pls, this isn't crossdressing Maali!

She gave him a sultry smile, Taking it with a hoof, genuinely glad to have something to clean herself. "Oh, just what I needed." She saI'd with a small chuckle.
"Why you are being way too kind to someone you just met. My I am almost starting to get suspicious of you having…Second intentions…"


Try and overhear that.

Roll #1 2 + 6 = 8


There are several crates in the room with the altar, those have guns and bullets packed inside of them. You do notice a crystal pendant that fell down to the corner and was overlooked before because of the dust.. Must have been revealed when your goat started jumping around? How fortunate.
"Oh but you're the ones being kind to us Miss."
You get a lot of the dust of your fluffy fur and dress this way.
You couldn't quite catch it, but you see the pegasus Mortelle sigh and settle down his wings.
Mortelle, then smiles up at your cuteness "Of course, so where'd you anchor down at?"


No reason to leave valuables like that lying around. I'll go retrieve it.

"I hope you don't mind if we use some of these. Might have been useful in the fight, and it's always good to keep a little product like this on us."

Any particularly shiny guns?


"Let's not stand around wasting even more time crew!
We still have this old temple to crack open!"


"Somewhere close! But my hoofsies feel like there's more to be had here!"

Giggle and point at him.
"He gets it!"


She sighs, satysfied for being a clean sheep again. "Hmnn…yes you have a good point…Now do tell me more about you and your friends. I mean, handsome traders like you must certainly have quite the adventures to share, even if you are not quite adventurers yourself…which is a pity."
She said before taking a glance at Leonis. It was rather mean but she could not help but be amused by his reaction.

"Yes yes I do not want to catch even more dust. So let us get going."


You snatch the crystal pendant up and pocket it.
"You want to be smugglers as well as pirates now?" The unicorn snickers.
You could have a nice pistol if you want.

"Yarr!" Leonis seems excited about that idea and pushes past the others to stand next to you.
"Well feel free to look around, if you don't mind we'll stay in this general area.."
At this point Leonis is pretending not to notice, but he did push the unicorn a bit as he walked by.
"Why I'd certainly love to tell you about them.." the unicorn glances to the rest of your group which appears to ready to keep exploring!

Continue down the hall?


Hop skip jump down the hall!


I'll take a pistol.

"Hey, you don't get anywhere in life if you don't take advantage of everything that comes your way."


Down the hall!


"You can tell me all about it on the ship dear." She said as she walked ahead to walk besides Leonis. "Is there something upsetting you Leonis? "

"Truer words have never been spoken "


The three ponies reline on the altar steps and watch you leave.
The hall is long and dimly lit, inclining slowly. It curves to the right slightly and opens up to a room with more light pouring in from somewhere deeper in the temple. The moss on the walls is thicker, covering up most of the decorations on the wall. There are benches of bronze, half broken vases, A couple scraps of armor, made to fit over something shaped like the statues before. two paths from this room exist, on to the west and one to the east.
The West path curiously leads up again, while the East path descends yet still.


"Let's go upwards. All the treasure in the world won't do us any good if we get locked down there."


"Seconded, let us find an exit first." She said following him


Nibble on the moss to see what kind of decorations they are before following the groof


Clear the moss off the walls to study the decorations.


File: 1420234162028.png (Spoiler Image, 11.87 KB, 1319x486, CirclurIndentionsOnFloor.png) ImgOps Google

You two head upwards. The incline of the steps is rather sharp, You end up in a room with a strange sort of empty statue, like a fountain bottom that was broken off, and now looks like a sort of heavy stone basket with a crystal stuck looming over the top of it, the crystal is dimly glowing green.
There is picture of a short rabbit like creature, a tall thin creature with robes, and one of the lizard like creatures holding up a basket filled with water.
There are symbols of fire, earth, air and water on the wall here, and a few stones sunken into the floor making four circles in the ground here. Visual aid for you.
With a bit of team work, and a tasty treat for Buttermilk, you remove most of the moss and get a nice look at the decoration.
You see a team of lizard people talking to a rabbit like person in a long robe. There are monsters surrounding them.. The next panel looks like a gate with a crystal on top. Next there are other strange creatures, almost diamond dog like in appearance, they are shown with one of the strange baskets.


"Freaky. These guys really went all out with their streetart."
Let's head up with the others.


Lick my lips.
"So, should we look out for rabbit-persons or crystal-gates? I feel there was a hint in there somewhere!"


"Looks like they had to put the stuff in there for that crystal to do something. Reckon we should try it, or bide our time and find an exit first?"


She pondered.
"Hmn…it would be wise to find an exit first…Unleeeeeess the way to the exit is solving this! It certainly looks like a puzzle to me…So let us look for an exit. If not, we return. How about it?"


"I like the sound of that. Here, I found this crystal earlier, we can use it and a bit of dirt in the Earth bucket if it comes to it."

Any other exits or doors?


"Let's check this out first, what could ever possibly go wrong?"
How down and head for the crystal!


"Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I supposed."


She takes it and looks at it.
"Rather pretty…I like it."
She scanned her surroundings for anything interesting they might have missed
'1d20' look around

Roll #1 18 = 18


Shake from hoof to ears.
"My goat sense just tingled!"


File: 1420235718305.png (Spoiler Image, 4.82 KB, 621x487, Curve.png) ImgOps Google

Sure your free hint is on steam goat
Not apparent ones from the room with the slots no.
Are you wanting pick to up the basket like statue?
I guess so, its light and pulsates softly
You move down deeper into the temple, the light grows brighter as you descend, There is a door to your left on the way down.It kinda curves like this. The drawings continue, the people holding the basket appear to be gathering water from a shining tree.

You observe the same wall as the others, taking note that the basket on the pictures is similar to the statue you found in the nearby room.


Hop beside the captain.
"The crystals can be filled with elements and then it will ward of baddies! Don't ask me how I know this, just trust me!"


"…How do you know this?"
Okay, take the door on the left.


"Oh, She told me!And that's always true! The crystals can also be keys!"
"You trust me, don't you captain?"


"I don't know, do I?"
Ask that more to myself than to her, with a slightly worried voice.


She shares this knowledge with her companions as she followed along.
"Hmn…I never had much patience for silly puzzles and the like. And it makes me wonder who made these drawings on the walls…and why…"
"The wonderful goat senses save the day. Does a higher being tells you what you needed to know? Ehehehe." She joked


"Lighter than I expected." I'll put it back down.

"Honestly, whoever built this place seems to have put a lot into security. An obtuse key system like this seems like an obvious thing."

Keep heading down with the others, might as well find a source of water.


File: 1420236125737.jpg (75.58 KB, 429x663, Statue.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



"I'll bet you my next bowl of Metallia cereal on it!"

Nod cheerily.
"Yes, actually!"

"Waaaaaaaay too much I think!"


You creep down the hall, going into door on the left. There are a few fallen stones covered with moss, that make it uncomfortable to look around, but there is an unopened chest back here, the walls are smooth and bare, You can hear a soft humming sound, like a small bug.


Hum along!


File: 1421179263998.png (7.96 KB, 621x487, rockyroom.png) ImgOps Google

You have traveled down into an old temple.
You have met with a stranded group of smugglers.
And now you plan to loot the places they were too cowardly to go.
Before you is a room filled with moss covered rocks, the light from below you shining through the doorway, shimmers on a chest to the side of this room.
Your newly acquired basket is softly shining with a green light.


Nibble on some of the moss, again.
You can never have enough moss.


I'll pretend I didn't do that!


"Ach, a right interesting conundrum we've found here, aye? A chest what looks real invitin', yet is sure ta be trapped…"
Investigate the chest for any signs of traps. '1d20'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Loot, my mates!"
Off to the chest!


I'll put some of those rocks into the basket.

"Wonder what's causing it to glow like this?"


"Don't be sticking your hooves into strange things so eagerly."


Are you pretending not to eat tasty moss? Roll a bluff check.
You hoover over toward the chest, its inscribed with similar marking to the walls, indicating its age is comparable to the temple. It has a lock made of iron.
You also hoover over to the chest, its shimmering hinges and iron lock.

You pick up several of the smaller moss covered rocks, the shining is coming from the crystal on top of your tear drop shaped basket.


*admiring its shimmering hinges and iron lock.
Stupid captcha


"Let us get to pickin', shall we?"

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


Just pretending!

Roll #1 16 + 6 = 22


"Guess these aren't it, so don't just rush the chest like that and break whatever we need."


"Lemme have a crack at it…"
Pick the lock. '1d20+4' Predestigation, right?

Roll #1 16 + 4 = 20


Captain Chance tries the lock first, and then the good doctor with a dart of his grey bat hooves and pops the lock in a moment.
The chest contains some golden neckalaces, braces with small jewels in them, a pile of coins and small colorful orbs.. and the bottom another spiral basket, this one with a red crystal.
No one will ever know. You look as if you're just whistling and examining the rocks instead, but still get to eat as much as you want. Its very satisfying, a flavor like sweet corn and with the texture of old paper.
"Breaking stuff? That's something I can do." Leonis smiles and leans against a larger boulder sized rock.


Finish up eating and hop to the chest.
"Oooh, these must be the magicky orbs!"


"Not like that! In a place like this, it'll probably come alive and yell at us."

"Another one, are we just supposed to gather them up?"


Wear a dozen of them like a true pirate would!


"Gems? Well normally I would be worried and advise everyone to be careful buuuuuuuuuuuut…"
She rushed to wear them around her neck and hooves, laughing and enjoying her vanity


"Are you two related to a Magpie? Don't act like children just 'cause you found something shiny like that. Save it until we get out."


"What are you on about little goat?" Leonis said as he picked out a piece of loot for his own.
"Aye, I won't break anything more than it already is then."

At least they are light, even if a little bulky.

It feels cold and heavy, but makes you feel like a king among ponies.
Not to be outdone you decorate yourself with golden sparkling jewels as well, it almost reminds you of home..
"It suits you Princess" Leonis says with a grin.


"At least you didn't try to show me you could, Leonis."


Examine the orb from veeeeeeeeeeery close.
"Uh, I'm not sure what I'm talking about, but these might be the keys! Or the basket thing… or both! It's like a puzzle but ages 14 and upwards!"


"It's glowing and it wasn't doing all that much before, so I'll just accept the word soup you're spilling."

"So with this, we're halfway through opening up something, right?"


"Well excuuuuse me for enjoying our first loot!"
Stash it away.


"My sources -" Cough cough "- say that these colorful little thingies can be used as keys and not only that, but to keep baddies away, but you must know the right colors!"


"Okay, just who are your sources?"
Raise a brow and cross my hooves, looking expectedly at her.


Make some motions about shutting my mouth tight and crossing over my heart.
"Mh mhhmt mhmhmhmhm hmhm hmhmmh!"


"I'll buy you a drink when we get out, to celebrate a succesful job. How's about that to make up for it?"

"So, we put red crystals in the red basket he just found, like that?"

"I don't really think she has sources. Probably just spouting the first thing that comes to the little goats head. Just be glad it usually seems to be spot on."


"Let's wait on that drink until we find out more about this place, all right?"

Did we check the whole room?
Give it another pass.

Roll #1 19 + 6 = 25


"Uh-uh! That's solving the puzzle!"


The smile on her face was gone for a moment before she nodded and feigned a smile to him. "Oh you think so?" She picked up a few matching accessories and struck a pose to hhim " How's this then Leonis my dear?" She winked and in the outside but worry was creeping her inside. She glanced at the other stallion that was hitting on her before to see his reaction as well…

"Oh please I had a rather stressing day. I deserve this"
"Lying is not polite little Buttermilk, especially to your crew. What would your parents think of such attitude?"


Smile at you cheerily.
"Oh, I wouldn't know, they probably aren't thinking of anything anymore!"
Shake my head.
"And I'm not lying! It's just a secret!"


"Don't bug the kid too much. Probably couldn't explain it all that well even if she tried."

"Anyways, let's test it out and put in some of those gems in the baskets and see what happens."


"Or your brains would melt from the sheer amount of 'woaaaaaaaaaaaaaah' it would give you!"
Giggle and hop around the groof


she was about to retort butthen it hit her.
she looked at Butter like If she was a magician doing tricks, studying her beforelooking away.
"Pardon me" she muttered
"I suppose so…" she replied with not much interest on the jewelry anymore


Wave a hoof.
"Psch, don't worry, I did lie about eating all the cereal!"
Completely oblivious!


"I'm not a hen, you know?" I say with a sigh.

Pat the Goat's head.

"Seems we're almost done here. Let's focus on finding a gateway out."


"I do, my little knighty! I know lots!"


File: 1421184776301.jpg (31.64 KB, 570x380, materia.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"Yarr, Arrid ya scurry bird, I be havin the strength of ten mountain lions! That's why they be willing to follow me into battle naturally. I could even wrestle an eagle and have it fly about if I ever met one." Leonis laughs heartily.

"Oh, those shiny trinkets. Look like big marbles to me."

There are orbs of varying color, they have a swirling center, like a magical essence is trapped with-in. They look kind of frail thou, probably if they are magical, they don't have much more use left in them.
pic related.

"Well at least its a better way to carry things, but I think a bag might be more effective for carrying all of it." Leonis suggests.

"Yea, I'm with the captain, why can't we enjoy our first success."

You roll away some of the rocks, there is a sort of stone cart here that looks intact. it would hold four of the baskets, plus most of the loot, or a crate of the guns from before.
The walls are only lightly decorated with symbols of the sun and fire.
While the goat hopes around you, you set some of the orbs inside of the basket, they happily glow, and although they ought to fall out by logical sense, they stay safely inside of there. The crystal's color remains the same for now.


"Be careful with these marbl-orbs! They are as useful as they are pretty!"


Whistle, calling everyone's attention.
"Found the thing to take this stuff out of here and through the jungle!"


Tilt my head.
"Ooooh? What is it?"


Show off the cart.


"From my past life, you don't head to the bar until the ink is dry. Or in our case, until we're in the sky, away from this place."


"Beats carrying it."

Hoist the basket I have and put it on there.

"A Knight?"

I put my talons to my beak in thought.

"Might have been better off if I did that before, but you play with the cards you're dealt."


"That will do, cap'n!
That will do!"

"Don't worry, you'll always be a knight to me!"


Leonis nods approvingly, not-so-subtly checking you out. "Simply divine, Princess." He replied with a huge grin.


Whistle to the pretty loveboy.
"Hey! Carry this, would you?"


"Aye aye Captin!" Leonis helped move the rocks away the cart so it had a path to get to the treasure chest and the door, attaching a rope to cart and standing by to pull it along for you.
Basket secured inside of the cart.
"I'll be reeeeaaaaal gentle with your marbles then little goat."


"Well you usually fit the trope of a knight. In several ways. But then again I still do not know much about you, so we can both be wrong.

she gave her a slightly worried look. "Would you like to have a talk after we get back in the ship Butter? "

she winced a bit as he said princess but tried to keep her smile, giggling like a school filly "oh Leonis you are flattering me, stop! Ehehe." She placed the gems back with the others but kept a little collar


"You break it you buy it!"


"I could be, if I wanted to. But it's so stuffy having to be quiet and follow all that etiquette stuff. And as crazy as you've all been, you're honestly the best business partners I've had."


That got a smile out of the Sheep. "Thank you Arrid. It has been quite a pleasure to work with you as well~"


"Indeed, we deliver!
Now let us not waste yet more time, there's more of this place to explore!
We should keep going down!"


"Lead the way, Cap'n."


Down we go!


"I will when ye stop with yer girly blushing." The unicorn smirked smugly back at you.
"Aye, a small crew but ye be well off." He secured the rope to the cart and himself. "Lucky even."
"ha, have ye been talking to the merchant lately little goat?"

You press onwards, down the curved path, its tunnel opening up to a round room, a giant crystal, nearly the size of your first ship, glowing brightly in the center, surely the source of the internal light of this temple. There are two side doors, and a gate at the back way. The wall depicts a stone giant, next to what look like diamond dogs. In the drawing they appear to fighting with a team rabbitfolk archers.


Hop to the crystal, what color is it?


"Fair enough darling…"

As she set her eyes on the huge crystal she had to rub her eyes and look again.
" holy father of the mountains…" she muttered. "Well I doubt we could put THAT on the ship." She comments head towards the door on the right. Opening it to see what's beyond it.


My jaw will drop to the floor!
"We must carry that out of here!"


"How? Ins't it waaaaaaaaay too big?"


"We will think of something! Maybe lots of explosive!"


I'll let my beak head towards the floor in awe.

"How much y'all reckon we could get for that!?"


Its huge, blue tinted but mostly see through, and appears to the coming out the floor, reaching the ceiling.
Leonis whistles as well.


"As long as it comes out in one piece."

"We WILL figure something out!"


"Hold your horses!"
Try the blue marbl-orb in the basket!


"Let's not get too distracted though! Arrid, Doc, with me. Butters, Fluffball, Leonis, take the other path."

And I will head for the left side tunnel.


"As much as I would love to swim in the riches we could fetch ffrom that… I really think we should take it. One because it justmight be an essential part of this place, so we get it off and the ceiling might collapse on us. And the ship might not be able to fly with that think on it…"

"I would appreciate it if you don't call me fluffball. It is immature and rather obnoxious."


Ready as ever, Cap'n."


"Too late, I already forgot your other name!"


You set the green crystal basket, with the marbles in it, by the large crystal. The basket's crystal shines brighter, and a few of the orbs resonate, their tiny cracks sealing themselves. There is not noticeable change in the large crystal.

You boldly charge ahead to the left side, there are some old clubs and axes lying around. A chain attached to the wall, the bricks seems particularly square in this room, there is a small statue of a lizard person with an axe and a rabbit person with a bow, spaced as if standing in an absent doorway.


"Shoot! I was hoping for something more bombasic, but at least I got the basics down!"


"Seems like someone else already beat us to this room before."


She does a scrunchy face.
"Why I should…ugh…nevermind…Leonis, with me"

"Come little one, the captain Flankface gave us an order."


Be veeeery careful about my next step.
Slowly, slowly, slowly, put my hoof down as if trying to move forwards, all the while staring the statues down in the eyes…
"And if I'm remembering right, this is the part where the statues take life…"


"Shh…. I'm trying to figure this out…"
Walk after the sheep though, deep in thought


"Putting that wonderful mind of yours to work?" She smiled and rustled the fur on her head
"Well whatis it? I might be able to help, two heads are better than one"


"I think we need more colorful baskets!"


"They don't seem to be guarding anything, like the other ones."


"And yet, somepony left his coat here."


"I dunno mateys, something seems off."
notice check perhaps?
"Aye, just as the captain said." He goes along with you. This room is mostly stairs, which annoys Leonis who is still hauling the loot, his butt repeatedly bumped by the cart. At the bottom of the stairs you see a statue of a bipedal cat, with an antenee that ends in a ball, and bat like like wings. Its holding a small staff with a blue crystal on the top.



"Delightful! But where shall we find them little Butter?"


"Probably in this temple somewhere!"


"Hopefully we're just imagining things."

Notice '1d20+6'

Roll #1 14 + 6 = 20


"Where would be the fun in that…"

Roll #1 16 + 6 = 22


The rabbit like archer statue is regally standing posed with her bow aimed at you, Her long slender carved with armor on them. He eyes have a green resonating light inside of them.
The lizard, statue craved with detailed heave armor and a real sword in his claw like hand, inside his eyes have an intense red glow to them.
Their pose seems very stationary, as if they were resting.
The space between them on the wall is totally smooth, and the rest of the wall is very symmetrically bricked..

The block with the chain attached to it, seems free of moss, and the chain has a handle.

"Mates- Ladies? What say ye to hauling this statue with the rest of the loot?" Leonis questions while staring at the the bipedal cat statue with the staff.


She went to measure how bit the statue was
''Hhhmn…It IS rather cute I must admit…Wonder what sort of creature this is…''


''well…Do you think you can carry it Leonis? I wouldn't dream of having to carry it myself, this wretched temple is making my hooves hurt from so much walking and all these stairs…'' She said pouting


What is the statue made of?
>Her long slender carved with armor on them
Her long slender what?

Also, look carefully at the wall. This thing might have some kind of trap…


"Say, what kinda statues be these…I've yet ta see beasts like this…"
Investigate the statues for any writing or identifying marks. '1d20+7'

Roll #1 19 + 7 = 26


"Think something happens if we yank the chain?"


"Check out the wall. It don't make sense to change from smooth to brick like this for no reason."

Tap on the wall, see if I can notice if they're false.

Notice '1d20+6'

Roll #1 5 + 6 = 11


Its roughly the same size as the baskets.
"I'd just be haulin' it with the rest of the loot."
He flexed a bit and then approached the statue in an attempt to wrestle it.
confirm you want to allow this?

Her, uh body.

The statues are made of a sturdy metal.

The wall does appear to be some kind of fake, there are a few marking on the ground in front of it as if it slid away from there many many times before.
They have similar symbols to the ones you've been seeing around the temple, they are mythological creatures from the civilization of Ivalice, no one has ever seen one alive. The rabbit is called a viera, and the lizard is called a bangaa, names translated from ancient tomes.
These particular ones have the same kind of symbol.
And then butters was in the left room with the captain.


"…uh, guys?"
Look around, what just happened?


"'Old up a sec, mate. Dinnae want ta set something nasty off, after all… These two have the same symbol. Does that one have it too?"


Wut. How did she get here?




Give him a nod
''Very well, I am sure it might have some value for us in some sort of market…''
''Now Butters I need to to listen I…Butters?…B-Buttermilk?'' She looked around for the little goat
''Leonis have you seen Buttermilk? I can't find her''



I thought she wanted to be there since she was commenting you about the chain.


Let's see if the wall slides. I start pushing it.


Right. Can I have a quick sketch of the room's layout?


File: 1421444329951.png (63.39 KB, 1533x539, roomOverView.png) ImgOps Google

"Seems like she went the other way?"

Leonis muscles it up, using all his strength to attempt to dislodge the statue.
Strength roll?


Alright. A cap's oughta do what a cap oughta do.
Go pull the chain.


Strength shove. '1d20+2'

"Heave ho!"

Roll #1 17 + 2 = 19


She didn't had time to pretend to be amazed by his muscular features
She had to find that goat
''Oh shoot oh shoot. If Butters die out there Captain will blame me for it. He's gonna kick me out of the ship! Or worse, Throw me in the ocean!
Manual Labor…'' She cringed at the thought before she ran back from where they came from
''Butters?! Buuuteeeeeers!'' she called out for the little weird goat
'1d20' loud screaming!

Roll #1 17 = 17


File: 1421445308843.png (38.85 KB, 1036x582, roomOverView2.png) ImgOps Google

Okay. With an impressive shove the gyrphon started to move the wall, the statues began to shutter an shake. But the pegasus captain yanked hard on the chain and the statues became still once more, the wall moves much easier for our gryphon now and revealing a secondary room, with a shimmering basket much like the others. Its crystal is a tannish brown color.

You can hear the sheep shouting for butters.

You run up the stairs to the room with the large crystal, your shouts echoing around the temple. Surely sure can hear you.


"Well now, that was exciting.
Butters, go calm that hysteric ball of fluff and bring her here."
Another one of the keys…
Let's pick it up.


"Eh? Where'd the fluffball run off to?"
Shrug and examine the basket for symbols.
"These blokes were quite the craftscreatures…"


She ran towards the other room, maybe the captain knows where she is? Oh or maybe she is with them!''
''BUtters! where are you?!'' she continued calling out for the kid goat


"Nothing was ever easy and obvious with these guys, huh?"

"We could get a pretty penny just by selling some of these."


"But something tells me there's more to it…"


There are so symbols, it looks much like a teardrop with a crystal on top of it.


Despite its solid appearance, its a very lightweight material and easy to carry.

In fact she is in the room where the captain went to. Safe and sound.

You have three baskets with gems now.


"Yes, yes, but what're they fer?" Doc mused, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.
"Archeology ain't as dried-up as it sounds, eh?"


"Yeah, this place seems to be more than just some shelter people ran to in case of monsters and stuff. I wouldn't mind diggin' deeper after we find an exit."

"Oi oi, don't yell so loud. She's right 'ere."

"I just wish it didn't want to kill me whenever we ran into one."


She sighed. She even considered scolding the little goat for running off without warning, but brushed those thoughts away, she would probally cheer her up with a song, and right now she wanted to bask in her own grumpyness…
She approached the others
''Oh hello Doctor, I thought we you ended up lost somewhere in the temple? I can not say I'm not happy to see you again, your brain will be very useful for us'' She tapped his head

''Yes yes I apologise, she just suddenly disapeared and I came running after her… Wouldn't want to have her stumbling around one of those wretched statues now…''


File: 1421446492372.png (36.88 KB, 484x687, where to.png) ImgOps Google

You are all crowded together, aside from leonis who got left behind, in the small room, there is a southern door that leads deeper again. Or you can go back the way you came.


I dozed off, probably too much moss…

Uh, I'm here again!
Where the others at?


''You really scared me you litte rascal…'' She said standing in front of the goat ''Why didn't you warned me that you were leaving? I was worried!''



"How about we switch then. Leonis, with Butters, and I will go back and check out the other room while you join the Doc and the Cap'n?"



"Mebbe the fact yer robbin' them blind has somethin' ta do with it?" Doc asks teasingly, giving Arrid a smirk.
"So, where to now, boss?"
"A've been right with ye all the whole time," he deadpans, shooting Dania a surly look.


"Sorry, it happens sometimes! I didn't go far!"

Did I hear another basket? Because I'll toooootally collect that!


"They shouldn't leave valuables were people like us can take 'em, you know? That's just asking for a write off."


And then down we go.


''Hmn…yes that sounds good for now. although I do prefer when we all stick together…It's…A sheep instinct…I just get a tad worried and scared…'' She said looking away from Arrid

''Oh, then I might just have not seen you, you can sometimes be so quiet for an intelectual'' She smirked back at him

''Well…Just don't do it again without warning me…I really don't appreciate running in this dirty, dusty floor like that…''


Touch the floof that is the sheep.
"I will always be in your heart!"


She scrunched
''And stop being so…So…uh…'' She stammered with a lack of a proper word to describe the sheep without hurting her


"Just in case anything happens, all our eggs aren't in one basket."

"Let's go back to where you were then. Maybe we can get out faster and get under the sun."


"I'm a goat, silly, not a sheep!"
Tee-hee, that will confuse her and make her not think bad things about me!

"B-But the baskets! I gotta' get them all!"


And indeed the sheep was left in a state of deep confusion by the antics of the goat, who managed to out-cute her.
''Ugh…I need a shower…''

''Ah, very smart, who had this idea?''


Cough up, calling everypony to attention.
"Might I know what you bunch of scoundrels think you are doing?"


"You can have them when we're done here. Just don't disappear on us."

"Eh, those new guys are still back there. We'll trust 'em not to try and run off."


"But we need them down heeeeeeereeeeeeeeeee!"

"Confusing the others, captain!
Also, looking for colorful baskets! If you find any, I want to know about it!"


''Socializing Captain. And what are YOU doing?'' She asked feighing innocence with a smile

''Very well…''


"Why is the whole lot of you standing there, discussing about things like an exit, when we know just where that is?
All we are here to do now is feast on the riches of this place, lads!
Let us get deeper!"


''Aaaaaw…Do we reaaaally have to captain?…My hooves hurt and I am so tired…We don't even know what time it is… Heavens it must probally be night outside!''


"Yay! More baskets!
Lead the way!"
Hop next to him!


"We're just waiting on you and the Doc. Place like this seems to suit him."


File: 1421448524915.png (41.26 KB, 798x778, slot.png) ImgOps Google

Leonis is panting slightly as he finally catches up to you, still lugging .
" 'm 'ere capt', got the pretty statue for the princess too."
Indeed the bipedal cat statue holding the staff is inside of the cart of loot.
"…those aren't stairs are they? ..shit.."

You decided not to split up after all. And instead descended down the stairs.
The room has blocks, and one slot for a block so slide into. The blocks are decorated with a water droplet, an axe, a golden cup, and an arrow.


"Are you a quitter, fluffball?"
"What do you know, we ended up in the big room of secrets…"
Those symbols must have a correspondance on the only thing we found so far. The baskets.


''No captain I just do not enjoy extended periods without baths and food…Oh well I will try to get used to it…''
>speaking of which, how hungry are we?

''Ah very good Leonis, very good indeed.'' her pretty pink eyes gleamed as she saw the statue
''Aw…Come on I am sure you can put those strong muscles to work, a valiant stallion like you must certainly have gone through much worse trials of strenght hmnn?'' She rubbed his shoulder in an attempt to motivate him


I could be totally a really clever goat again, if only I could get a teeeny tiny bit of a hint about those decorations!


"Aye, a puzzle… now where be the pieces?"


You hint is that these blocks move.


Hop to them and see how to move them around! Rotate? Switch?


"Maybe these pieces?"

I'll pick up the Water block. Does it do anything on its own?


Pick the water block and put it into the slot.


Dania simply sat back and waited, she never had the mind for puzzles.
But she knew that she tottaly knew what to do!


"Looks like we need a piece that fits the hole. Thing is, which piece?"


Leonis sighs softly, definitely appreciating your shoulder massage after hauling all the loot up and down stairs.
"Its hardly a problem for somepony as strong as me."

push them or pick them up.
Together you place the water block into the slot, the black descends into the floor, the room rumbles, and then a basket with a bright blue gem ascends in its place.
You know have four baskets.




You are at the bottom of the old temple.
Collected in a cart pulled by your crew mate, Leonis a Unicorn, is a nice pile of treasure, four baskets with glowing crystals, and a statue of a bipedal mouse like creature, with a puff ball on its head.
Would you like to head up?


I think with these baskets we could totally do something like open a secret passageway back up at the thing!"


Describe the room, please.
"That's thinking like a pirate, Butters!"


"Quite a bit o' loot we got 'ere, eh? Naoh, Ah wunder aboot this statue…"
Examine the statue of a bipedal mouse.


"And if that doesn't work, I'm sure we can fetch a pretty bit for them.somewhere."


"It must work!
The voices said so!"


The room is well lit, despite being deeper then the large crystal. Its a rectangular area, with four blocks, and one has been moved into a slot at the end of the room. The walls are decorated with lightly glowing water droplet runes. There are stairs up where you came from.
It could be a cat perhaps, It is a gray sculpture, with large ears with tiny points on the end, and a round over all shape, it has bat wings, a ball attached to its head by some kind of antenee, and in its paw-like hands it holds a small staff, that is topped with a blue crystal. Interestingly the staff appears to be metal.
"Aye, the Princess has a good eye for these things doesn't she?"
"Ye feelin' alright little goat?" Leonis comments


Shake my head.
I'm waaaaaaaaaaay too excited about these baskets!"


The unicorn replies, always eager to make a bit of coin.


"Aye, a mystery to be solved some other time, perhap."
All right, let's start hauling loot back up to the ship.


"So one blocked per basket? Put them on and see what happens?"


The blocks are all the same?


"Either that or the big glowy thingy where we tried one basket that didn't work but maybe because we didn't have all of them yet!"


"Figures. Probably a little fail safe to make sure people didn't just bring one andsee where the vault is."


She puts a hoof on her cheek and smiles. "aw, thank you darling,it is no lie however, that I do have quite the eye for treasure, we can sell this for a good price, and maybe I can even help in getting a REALLY good price"
She turns to Doc
"oh Doctor, I am glad you liked it, it is quite fascinating is it not? Perhaps a mystical, ancient being, with powers of a deity and unfathomable wisdom?" She chuckles

"are you saying there is even MORE?"

>hey thanks a lot for telling me the game started


Its the same room that you just got the water chalice from.
The blocks each have a design carved into them, a water droplet, an arrow, an axe, and a jeweled cup. The water block has been moved into a square hole in the room.
There are stairs going back up to the large crystal's room.


"Exactly what I was thinking!"



"There has to be a rhyme to the way these blocks are shaped!"
Fit each into a fissure, randomanlly.
Count the fissures from my left to my right, 1 through 4, and assign to them the blocks in the same order you just enumbered them in.
Place the water block into slot number '1d4', then arrow in the one '1d3' slots to the right, and axe in the '1d2'st/nd free slot. Then jeweled into the free one.

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 3 = 3 / Roll #3 1 = 1


"Keep your eyes open while the Cap'n tries his luck."


She looks at him go.
"I see you have this figured out already my dear Captain? I have to admit this place has been giving me quite the headache… I… I apologize for not being as helpful as I could be during this." She looks to the wall, trying to keep her expression neutral.

"ugh… Very well then… If we are leaving this place, we will only leave with our bags full and with a ship filled to the brim with gold… Sounds good!" She pats her dirty wool a bit to get the dust off
"but I seriously do not want to return to this place again… "


"Oh no, I'm just going by Chance!"


It takes a moment for her to laugh heartily, even snorting once and putting a hoof on her mouth to compose herself.
"hehe… Have… Have I haha… Told you how much I despise puns? " She says With a smirk
" they are my only weakness "


"Oh I'd never Pun-ish you like that!"


Create a ba-dum-tss sound with my drums for that!


She loses it again and has to cover her mouth to muffle her laughing… She squints her eyes and looks away from him
"ohohhahaha oh no no please that one was so bad! "


"I thought it was puntastic!"


"And said with proper punctuation!"


"Baaa, we've probably spent more time making puns than figuring this thing out. Maybe you lot should join a comedy troupe, I'm sure you could bleat the competition."


"Even if we can't win, at least we've goat to try!"


File: 1423864481775.png (64.9 KB, 1072x883, SlimeAppeared.png) ImgOps Google

You pick up and put the water block in place. And swap around the other three blocks around so that they look like this.

The floor shifts and tumbles and the water block vanishes into the floor, a block of Slime appears in its place, wobbling and flopping around as if possessed.

"Aye, if not we can say it was. Nopony will no the difference."

"Aye, this cart be heavy enough- Uhh what be that?"
He stares at the Slime cube that emerged.


Investigate the four blocks and the holes they go into for clues about which goes where. '1d20+7'
"Le's see here… how do ye fit tegether…"

Roll #1 7 + 7 = 14


Charge at the slime and stab it without even thinking!
[1d20+3] for a double slice after I've moved two squares right.
Also, initiative.
And in case of success with the attack, damage.

Roll #1 16 + 3 = 19 / Roll #2 3 + 11 = 14 / Roll #3 9, 3 = 12


That's pretty sudden!
"Hey, I was going to ask if I could have a taste first!"


"PFFFFTHAAAAAHAHAHA! Oh sweet father please! No more! N-nohahahehe no more!" She lays on her side and clutches her stomach as Butters and the Captain's antics left her a laughing mess

"oh please no… I wouldn't be able to handle these two every day. Now I agree we should get back o-"

"oh my lord Butter please " She wipes a tear that just barely stained her perfect makeup. " my face is hurting and my sides can't take no more… "

" Ohoho, how perfect, now we found a slime… Ehe… Another thing I thought only existed in books… " She said trying to stop laughing as she drew her dagger, a smile still lingers on her face

" oh my! Captain come on now, it is just a harmless slime, as long as it does not tries to eat us, we should wait and see what it will do… Who knows, maybe it might be another key to this puzzle? "


You guess that putting a different block in the center would have a different effect.
But you already got the shiny crystal cup. It might not be worth the risk.
Considering the captain just spawned some kind of monster by messing with them further!

Init please

"Stupid magical hooey."

Give init if you please to fight the cube.


Initiative '1d20+5'

"What kind of security system involves slime? Who thought of this idea?"

Roll #1 2 + 5 = 7


You charge forward and start hacking at the green slime cube and it wobbles and makes a kind of echo of pain.
It doesn't get too hurt though. Must be all that bounce giving it extra durability.
take initiative too.


I condemn violence against possible food!

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13


Initiative '1d20+1'
"It's nah security, it's a dispensah! Each block in tha center gives ye somethin' different!"

Roll #1 15 + 1 = 16


Hey, I can fence it into a corner if I really don't try!
For the moment, let me roll init for the compass, too.

Roll #1 20 = 20


She cringes a bit at the thought of getting her dress all gooey but she couldn't get so serious at the moment.

Roll #1 9 = 9


'1d20' habit

Roll #1 8 = 8


compass, chance, McGulligan, Butters, Dania, Secret, Slime, Leonis.
Looks like the compass is the top.
Go ahead.


All out attack command. +2 to all attacks.
Compass is done!
Then I'm gonna go ahead and tri-stab it!
Stab 1 and 2
Stab 3

Roll #1 6 + 5 = 11 / Roll #2 10, 6 = 16 / Roll #3 8 + 5 = 13 / Roll #4 1 = 1


Your compass spins fierecely spins.
You slice off a chunk of slime stuff on to the ground by cutting the corner of the cube.
It splatters onto the ground.


you can go, remember the +2 buff to attacks.


"A'ight, let's dissect this beastie!"
Scalpel attack! '1d20+1' damage of '1d6+1'

Roll #1 15 + 1 = 16 / Roll #2 1 + 1 = 2


>forgot the +2 despite being reminded
UGH, I hate when RL divides my attention and makes me forget stuff.


You just barely managed to hit it, and it seems to warble back and forth making an odd screeching sound that makes it jiggle even more.
Goat turn.


For this turn I'll just blow a dart at it with a cute 'Ptoo' sound!
'1d20+5' because of the +2
And an action die too!

And damage if it hits

Roll #1 10 + 5 = 15 / Roll #2 2 = 2 / Roll #3 4 = 4


You manage to look adorable and also hit the slime with a dart.
The thing is wobbling around an awful lot. It seems like it might try to bounce somewhere soon.

What would you like to do?
+2 to attacks, from the compass by the way.


She was hesitant about striking it directly, but she still ran up to close up the distance, then, closing her eyes as she got close, she sliced the thing up with a vertical slash.

Roll #1 17 + 4 = 21


'1d5' how nice

Roll #1 5 = 5


In a very precise way you slice and stab the cube. Making a bit of a dent in the creature, and managing not to get more than a drop or two of slime on your dust covered dress either.
The slime is now flopping about in place frantically, as if it would attempt to move, and has a chunk taken out, and a slice in the top of it.
What will you do?
+2 to attack


Step in close with my Move Action and give it a good whack to break it down.

Nunchuck '1d20+6'
Hit '1d8' Subdual

Roll #1 14 + 6 = 20 / Roll #2 6 = 6


You move close and then flip your nun-chucks over the cube. It staggers and wobbles harder, making a 'thunk' sound.
It tries to move as a last attempt at doing anything. And then it falls into a pile of goo at your collective hooves.
Leonis sets down the large rock he was starting to levitate. "YARrr! Did it leave any loot?"


"I'll check!"
Taste the goop!


The remains of the slime lays in a puddle on the old stone floor.



"Weel, want ta see what else we git?"


"I'd tell you to be careful if you didn't already have your mouth full of it."

"Whatta ya think Doc? Was this any valuable to us?"


"I dunno Doc. Do you think it spits out treasure or somethin'?" Leonis says with a dumb grin on his face while he leans against the stairs up.

The stairs are perfectly intact.

You lick it, and it tastes.. like baking soda and limes, not too terrible, but you wouldn't want to live off it.


"Oh I'm all for it, go on ahead!"



"All righ', Let's try the arrer block next!"


"Ready when you are, Doc!"


You push the arrow block into the sunken in slot.
A statue of a feminine rabbit creature, craved with armor, an old silk tabbard tied to it, It holds a bow made of crystals. The statue is about half pony size.


"…Try putting one of our crystal bowls into the basket."


Go ahead and collect the slime, then examine the bow.
"Ooh, lookit this beauty… what's yer name, sweetheart?~"
Does the bow look usable?


"Oooh, fancy!"


Leonis levitates the red crystal'd basket over to you. "Do what with it Captain?"

You collect a good sample of slime goo, it looks like it would be a good ingredient for alchemy indeed.

You could use it, if you pry it away from the statue.
Leonis looks amused by the small statue. "It be a wee rabbit lass."


"Can we take this one too? Can we, can we?"


Go ahead and untie the tabbard from the statue, then pry the bow away from it.
"Don't worry lass, I'll take care of ye…"


"I wouldn't mind. Something small like this might make a cute little trophy."


"getting infatuated over inanimate objects Doctor? My my, it looks like you could use a real lady" She snickers as she admired the bow

"it is indeed quite the statue… I am growing more curious about these odd creatures… "

" yes I agree, we deserve a reminder of our epic plundering that we did today "


"And we could totally dress it up!"


"Aye, its not a big deal. Just set her on the pile unless ye want to carry her."
You easily obtain the piece of cloth and fold it up for easier slipping into you pocket.
Roll Str to pry off the bow.


"Ladies please, it's just a statue!"
Is the crystal basket anything like those we found so far?


'1d20+1' And add an action dice '1d4'

Roll #1 17 + 1 = 18 / Roll #2 4 = 4


"A pretty statue!
You can keep my share of gold if I can have the statue and the baskets!"


"I wouldn't mind taking the rest of the place for plunder in the mean time."

"If you don't disappear on us again, let's head into a market and buy it some."

"I'll place it there once the Doc is done. Probably safer with the rest of the stuff."


"We're all gonna walk out ta here with the treasures." I sigh. "So don't go out promising your stuff for any interesting bauble, got it?"


"hmn… I must disagree with you on this Butters… We should leave it like that. Preserve it's natural beauty, just how we found it…" She pats Butter's head and smiles
"however, we could dress YOU up once we find a port where we can spend our shares of the loot, how about it? "

" it is quite the statue Captain, why I say it could be the start of an epic collection of prizes to show the incredible achievements of the legendary Captain Sudden Chance, don't you agree? "


"All the scarves and socks we find!"

"My share of the loot, except the statue! Or I can give… uh, pink candles too!"

"B-But the statue would be funnier…"


"First smart thing I hear come out of your mouth, fluffball!"


You wiggle and wedge it and pull it free without too much struggle.
You are a very strong predator after all.
Yes. Its exactly the same. You have four alike baskets with different colors imbued into them.


Time to switch them up! Remind me the basket's colours?


Grin widely as I equip the tabbard and the bow.
"Ah, this be a beaut indeed! Ah cannae wait to she what she does!"
"Ah, stuff it, ye pile o' bedding, this be a work of art! Ye gotta appreciate the craftsmanship, the beauty, the care such rarities require!"


Red, Orange, Blue, and Green.



Green goes in first.


"oh fine fine, as long as you be very careful not to break it… "

" Why thank you Captain…I think… "

" hmn yep… Completely in love with a statue. Oh Doctor you are such a charmingly odd one"


File: 1428703568080.jpg (147.59 KB, 431x650, Ff9_artemicion (1).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Its the light of the evening sun that shines through the roof the old broken temple. You've gathered here to recount your loot, sip on the water by the old tree stump near the entrance. The smugglers are still skeptical about the origins of your new Moogle friend, it coming to life after being hit from a beam from a golem core is something you just had to see. The thing is almost as fluffy as the sheep, and has serious memory issues. Its clinging to an old story about the water of life being gathered from trees into the chalices, his name for the fancy stone baskets, to repel monsters. The core itself can sell for a large amount, and if you have trouble finding a buyer the smugglers have offered their services in finding somepony.


How fluffy?


"Oh, yer a mystery ta be sure… Ye got a name, boyo?"
Pet the floofy moogle.


She chuckles
"I think he might just get a tad uncomfortable with you two touching it all over like that.. "


"A goat touch is never uncomfortable!"


"And how can you back up that argument little Butters?"



Quite fluffy to pet, but under that it still has a stony or bony feel under that, as if he were a very very firm plush toy.
He's an off purple color with stripes, and the red bobble on his head floats up and down as you pet him.
"Usually the Caravan would nickname their moogle, Kupo. But I'd like a name which starts with an A."


Blurt out "Abigail! Or Abby for short!"


"Kuupo, yea you should share the pets with her, she looks pet-able kupo." The moogle says in vague protest.


"Nonsense! Ah'm jest trying ta find out more aboot him!"
"A, eh? 'Ow's about Andelialum? Or jest Andy fer short."
Examine his leathery wings.
"Ah must say, Ah've never heard of a beastie such as yerself. Ye any kin te bats o' some sort?"


>Scrunchy face
"S-stop that… "

" ah yes, I like the sound of that… "




"A name you all agree on, Kupo."
It flinches when you grab its wings, they feel something between stone and leather. "A moogle is not a bat, kupo! We don't even use those to fly."


Tilt my head.
"Why do you have them then?"


Arc an eyebrow as it flinches.
"Ah dinnae hurt ye, did ah?"
Try gently rubbing the base of it's wings.
"So, ye don't use yer wings ta fly? Interesting…"


"You're making me uncomfortable!" She tries to dodge the boop

"Fascinating… Then how do you manage to fly like that? Magic? "

Roll #1 1 = 1


If I were a GM, I'd use a dice on that for some critical boopage!


It paws at its fluffy bobble. "This. Its Kuuupo.. I don't remember how, but I use this."
The goat hoof defies reality and stretches impossibly far to boop your nose. And then its back exactly where it was before as if she'd never moved.


"Tha's cool… mebbe I'd be able ta make something like that, given time…"
Speaking of which, I should look through our loot, just to recap everything we found. I grabbed a small crystal bow from a statue, right?


"You want to fly like a moogle does kupo?"
That's right, you pocketed a small bunny statue and took its small sized bow.
You flick its string back as if to draw it and a blue energy arrow appears.


Stick out my tongue and giggle!

What about the baskets?


"Nah, I've got me wings, but if it'd work fer the captain, it'd make keeping 'im from falling to his doom a lot easier. Depending on how big ah can make it, mebbe it could even work fer our ship…"

I look at the bow, then at Andy, then at the bow, then back to Andy… IDEA!

"Say, Ye think ye'd be able ta use this here bow?"


Yes, you have the four baskets, which "andy" started calling chalices.

Coin: 350
Unique trophy: golem core

chest of (Any): contains 120 silver worth of small gold coins

metal working focus
cosmetics/perfumes (2lbs)

4 blessing oils
1 oil of resist cold

The floating puff ball lines up near the bow. It would be a good fit, perhaps a tad large even, for the stripy moogle. "Kuupo. I don't really remember how to fight."
I forgot to remind that it has a staff with a crystal on top.


Can I take them?


Take them where?
You're just wanting to stash them on the ship right?


Well, yes… but not letting the others sell them!
I could like… drink juice out of it!


"W-wha!? " the Sheep slowly backs away from the law defying goat

" Oh yes Doctor, have you taken a look at the Core we plundered? I imagine we could sell it.. Or maybe if you used that unmatched knowledge of yours… Maaaaaybe we could have ourselves a functional, friendly Golem…"


Wink at you.


Oh, I think the captain said that you're not selling them anymore.
But you can drink out of them sure.

"Kupo, building your own golem sounds fun."



She hides behind the doctor.
"W-what are you?"


Examine the Golem core. Is there any possibility of me being able to use it?
"Ah dinnae know, lass… I've never seen the like before."
I give a wide, fanged grin.
"Ah'd certainly enjoy the challenge, though…"


I will!

Flash a grin.
"I'm the thing, baby!"
"Also, Buttermilk Sky, the goat!"


With the right tools, and a lot of time, it can be used. Its a fully intact magical powersource made to last forever and very rare. It takes energy from the surrounding environment and gathers it into self to be used later.


"Well… You sure seems enthusiastic about it.. Oh what wouldn't I give for a golem of my own…" She starts at the orb with a smile

She sighs
"You are… The oddest oddball of all the goats I knew…"
"Well, still want to go buy dresses when we find a town to spend our spoils? "


"Of course!
All kinds of dresses! And disguises too!
Wouldn't I look great as a beggar goat?"


"Hmnn… Young… Innocent look in your eyes…" She approaches and ruffles her goat head
"And cunning… I'd say we should try, I am certain you would be perfect… Now, do you think I could disguise myself as a preacher from a church, or perhaps a singer? Hmn?"


"You'd have to be able to sing if you want to look like a singer!"


"Oh… I forgot that small detail… Eerm.. At the ship, we see about this at the ship and practice our disguises, yes? "


The light of the evening falls on your group as they stand at the temple's entrance, gently reflecting off the pool of water with the hollow tree stump inside of it. Letting the hour go to night all together would mean giving the lurking beasts the advantage, and less visibility to move around in general. The temple itself is perfectly safe, if a bit light of loot after your visit, the scent of treasure outweighing the scent of dust and gunpowder. The forest lake might yet hold secrets, or merely a quick bath, your new pony friends are certainly eager to leave, and your treasure map didn't seem to lead 'here' exactly. The nearest large city is Spiritos, still yet on the other side of the great river 'Mana Stream'.
Where shall ye roam to now?


The captain surely knows!


"Say, Moogle, do you see any of those Mana Trees around?"


I'll leave it up to the others. The temptations of treasure and danger are too closely mixed for me.


"Ah, 'tis a fine night ta roam, boyos!"
The heck with these pansy day-dwellers, the night is my time!
I fly up and do a lap around the temple, looking around a bit, but mostly just enjoying the cool evening air beneath my wings.


The sheep was left humming as she watched the darkening sky, a hymn from her homeland most likely, as she waits for the captain's orders, a tad satisfyed from finally getting out of that temple
''I swear I think I might have developed a bit of claustrophobia myself from our stay…''

''Well if you see any rustling in the trees nearby, make sure to give us a warning, Doctor!'' she shouted at him from below as he flew off


"We should have us a race someday."


"Ah, it's nah fun ta beat somepony what's got no chance, Capt'n!"
Doc laughs as he does a loop.


"Honestly, you are all pretty strange. But I guess that makes me just as weird hanging out with you all."


"If you two are so eager to test your wings we can leave you behind and see if you manage to chase the ship down."


"There you go Cap'n. Just wanting a little exercise after being trapped underground for so long. And don't tell me you don't want to taste the fresh air either."


Snicker at that.


"Fresh air tastes better while on the bridge of a ship, Arrid."


"Oi! Who ye calling strange, Mister half-breed?" Doc calls out lightly, chuckling as he circles the party.
"Hah! Ye'd be dead in tha water afore the hour's out without the crew ta sail 'er, Capt'n!"


Finally feeling awake, you soar up above the trees, the temple was mostly sunken into the ground. Pulling anything that doesn't fit out of the door would be very challenging since you'd have to make your own sky-light to do so.
You spot a flock of red and pink venom-sparrows, which are small flying creatures, they have four fuzzy legs, a shrill cry, and a long needle like beak. They are known for being the inspiration for needles in medicine, as they are not poisonous themselves merely holding toxic berries and herbs in their cheeks to use when they need to fend of a large beast.

The stoney-moogle-companion to your 'caravan' looks around and shakes its head sadly as if its tiny heart were breaking at the news. "Not here kupo."

Leonis and the three smugglers laugh at your apparent joke, probably attempting to be nice to get your favor.
The fresh air does feel good on your dust covered fluff, you never did get your bath, of course its a little late now.


"So you came to a decision?"

"Please, a Gryphon is a combination of two beautiful things, not just any half-breed."


''that much is true. what is a captain without his crew?''

She briefly glances at them, putting on a nice smile as she approaches them slowly with a little strut in her step
''And how are you gentlemen doing? not too tired from a day of exploring and pludering, hmn?''


"Goats are a combination of bleating, eating and jumping!"


''Not to mention a seemingly endless sense of enthusiasm and ramdomness, in your case''


"Decision indeed. We need to secure our loot back to the ship and make camp for the night."


Ah-hah! Start quietly circling them, waiting for a good opportunity. Poison always comes in handy, after all!


"That's a special ingredient!"


"Understood Cap'n."

"Maybe you should hold back on that ingredient. Gives everyone else a little too much trouble."


"I wonder whether or not it's that cereal she always eats…"
Anyway, ready to move back.


''As much adorable as it can be, indeed it might get us in a bad situation. some pirates might even try to take advantage of the fact we have a child on board and working. could you imagine what would some ponies think?''


"I wish I could! That would be like me asking you to have less of a beak and more of a muzzle!"

Shake my head.
"Those are just for my teeth!"
Clank clank my teeth together for emphasis.

"I would teach them a lesson!"


"Ponies less brave then me and you might faint before the energy of this goat!"
"Get those teeth working and help us drag this stuff to the ship."


she snickes, patting the little goat head
''I'm certain you would, now try to keep it down, if you start being too loud, it might call the attention of whatever beasts lurk in this place…''

''Hah! For once I must agree, Captain, she is a quite unique adition to our crew''


"Okie dokie!"

Nod and silently mouth something.
"[Blank]Allright! I will be as silent as I can be!"


"Come on, let's put that energy to doing some work, kid."


That was supposed to be blank!


She tilts her head, raising an eyebrown
''That…that is a tad better, now come, I will be watching as you work on the loot''


"Hey now, you gotta pull your weight as well, no slacking!"


You follow the birds as they soar over the thick trees, they are circling one group of trees as if they want to nest.
Make a kind of check related to what you're trying to do.

You trot outside into the evening air. The thick trees giving way to the path of broken stone steps that you took down here. You lead the way back to the vessel, your unicorn hauling most of the loot for you much to his despair about "ugh.. stairs."
However its a relatively short trot to where you parked your modest vessel, you haven't bothered changing the flag so it still bears the flag of Law Forge.

"Yarrr, I mean, yes. I live for looting my princess." Leo replies to you.
The smugglers collectively chuckle. "Who knew that there was so much treasure."
"And a guardian. I'm glad we didn't mess with it"
"Yea, I just can't wait to get back into a real town. Minty Tin probably thinks we were captured or worse."


''Oh excuse me? You couldn't possibly be serious to let a lady such as mua to do that sort of hoofwork.'' She raises an eyebrown at him


"Here, I'll help bring stuff aboard once we're there."

"We might want to find a few more flags so we can pass quietly. Odds are they might be looking for this one soon."


"I'm gonna leave you here if you don't help."
"I bet our 'lady' here is great at sewing."


''I am definetly not, captain. and ugh…fair enough I suppose…'' she groans as she walks over to the loot and helps carrying the smallest things first, ignoring his emphasis on the word Lady


"'Ere you go, while you got your hooves free."

Hoist a large case right on 'er.

"Gotta take 'em in deep."


Survival Check to see if I can catch some for their poison.

Roll #1 18 + 8 = 26


''Oh w-wai-Oof..'' she tries to keep a hold on the crate

Roll #1 8 = 8


"You can do it, I believe in you!"
Use Encourage in case she collapses and needs a saving roll!


"Put a little more back onto it."

Assist '1d20'

Roll #1 13 = 13


Its not bad work really, leon and the three smugglers ponies pull their weight to load up the loot and three crates of guns and ammo. The moogle even lifts a piece or two for you.

The group snickers at that, the sound echoing into a louder form in this clearing where your ship is anchored down.

And then the sound erupts into full laughter as the small blue fluff struggled to stay standing and topples forward a bit barely managing to right herself with the child goat's kind words leading her on, and the wise gryphon coaching her in the ways of hoof work, yikes.

You can try simply catching them in a bag, you're pretty sure that's how pouchers catch live ones to sell, unless you just want to shoot one, which would startle the others. You could lure one out with a bit of bait, but that might attract a large group. You also know that their poison is just a mixture of natural plants around and not something they create. These creatures are about the size of your hoof total.


There was a bright blush in her cheeks as she barely holds it, she huffs and sets it down, in a small fit as she angrily stomps her way towards the laughing group, tapping her hoof as she silently stares them down with that mean glare
'1d20' intimidating sheep?

Roll #1 6 = 6


Yes, I'll try catching them in a bag. Live specimens to study would be wonderful!
'1d20+8' Survival

Roll #1 15 + 8 = 23


Surely you have a bonus to that


"See, wasn't that hard now, was it?"

Give the angry Sheep a big smile.


She flares her nostrils angrily ''You shouldn't have put that much weight into me!''
>I suppose the bonus for it is charisma? if so that's a +3


The bonus is wisdom.
Clear my throat, calling everyone to attention.

"Okay bunch of misfits, I think it's time we leave, isn't it?"


>then it's a +1
''Yes, please'' She rubs her poor arms


Hop in place.
"Yup! We need other adventures to seek and other loot to loot and other creatures to meet and other fights to fight and other talks to talk and other eats to eat and other drinks to drink and other things to stuff!"


Its an.. nevermind.
In that case its still not very intimidating, but who would really be scared of a princess that just dropped a crate on herself.

You manage to catch three of the little red guys in one swoop, they are making a fuss inside of the bag, better close it quick and hold onto it!


"We still have a map to chase after!"


"Think of it as strength training while me and the boys have a giggle. Come on, just think about the future, what if we come across a pile of treasure and those dainty hooves of yours can barely carry any of it?"


She lets out an exageratedly long groan

''then I'll simply ask YOU to carry it, make a good use of those big meaty claws of yours while I cheer you on. I never had to carry anything that heavy back then, so I am not entirely used to it, that's all…''


"Hah! Gotcha, mah pretties!"
Close the bag and tie it shut!

Roll #1 11 + 8 = 19


"Haha, of course. But in the meantime, we'll be sure to add a little more meat and muscle to those legs."


there was that blush over her makeup again. ''Excuse you, it is not polite to stare at a lady's legs''


"Heh, let's get everything finished before the Cap'n has us thrown overboard."


Keeping all three of the birds inside is no easy feat, and one of the unlucky feathered creatures escapes just as you're tightening the bag. The two inside actually quiet down and perch on your hoof from inside the bag.

"Aye captin' " Leonis says with a grin.
To which your moogle adds "Kuupo" as it floats around the ship looking a bit lost.
Your three passengers flex a bit. "We used to have a ship too, we can help get her off the ground if you need."


"Perfect. Let's get ready to float her up now, I don't want some monster to sneak up on us in the night."

Now, where did I put that map?


"Let's fly! We can have songs once we are up in the air!"


''Yes, yes, let us do that. sooner we are finished, sooner we can have a break for tea…''


Eh, two out of three's still good!
"Ah, ye ain't so bad, are ye, darlin's? Dinnae fret, ah'll take good care o'ye."
I fly back to the group with my catch.


File: 1430598913937.png (4.77 MB, 3264x1840, Map2.png) ImgOps Google

perhaps this map. in which you are the orangish dot


I meant the treasure map. I wanted to try and figure out where we are in relation to it.


File: 1430599360842.png (3.91 MB, 1909x1841, TreasureMap01.png) ImgOps Google

Their 'legs' grip onto you tightly and you hear a soft kind of cooing sound. The other birds don't seem to care about chasing you and you sail back to the group on the stolen merchant vessel easily. Everyone seems on board and they are starting to lift off the ground.

You trot into the hull and pull out the little treasure map, like many such maps its meant for the writer to remember where their treasure is.

Its somewhere a bit closer to the river you imagine by the depiction of the river. And this monster on the parchment is kind of like the one these ponies wrote about having trouble with.. but those do have a large territory.


The sheep approaches and looks at the map from behind the Captain
''So, my dear captain, how are things with deciphring the map?''


Hop around on the deck, around the smuggler ponies.
"So, when do we take off properly? Can I sing now?"


"Well that depends. Are you any good with cartography?"


"You're a pirate lass. You don't need to be takin' any order from us." The earth pony smuggler laughs at you question, and the pegasus smuggler ruffles your fur with a hoof.


The loot secure. You feel the ship float up as the sun starts to sink, the young goat is hopping around like she's gotten into the sugar again.


Shake my head.
"I mean I don't want to draw a horrible pony and goat and sheep and gryphon eating monster on us…. But okay!
What kind of song do you want?"


"Well, let's liven up the mood. You wouldn't know any age appropriate songs, would you little goat?"


she shakes her head
''Not in the least, no…but what worries me is that odd creature in the map…''

''how about something fun and adventurous, like yourslf?''


Leonis nods laying back on deck. "If anything happens to fly up to us, we have the four cannons. Sing us a lullaby kid."


"Haha! Time ta go, boyos!"
Land on deck and head inside with my catch. I'll need to make them a cage to live in… where would I find materials for that?


Clear my throat and get my banjo ready.
Start playing a fast, mischievous tone.
"Gather round friends and I'll show you what I made
Something in my bag that'll surprise you all
It's a secret, don't push, I'm not ready
Something to dazzle your eyes, oh

Something to blow your mind away
Something that I found today!"

Grab one of the magic materia balls from the loot, and start juggling it all the while still playing my instrument.
"The first little ball is red and green
Oh, it's pretty, yes, I know what you mean
I call it substance, do dio dio do
And what it will do I just don't know

But the trees may whisper and the hills may grow
While it's changing…
And an action die too!

Roll #1 15 + 9 = 24 / Roll #2 1 + 2 = 3


You want to just build a cage? You can probably stick them into a small crate, those are simple enough to assemble, and a wooden ship like this has scraps lying around for small repairs, or you could mod an empty barrel into one. Perhaps you'll get lucky and one is actually on the ship that's the right size, why not take a look?


"Those are just monsters, there's so many of them around anyway."


She idly bobs her head a few times, a small smile in her face
''Now this is nice,yes… you have a wonderful singing voice Butters…''

''well if the map is showing that particular monster, I imagine that particular monster is particularly dangerous, don't you think?''


"Or that particular monster is a frame of reference for where the treasure is."


The sound of your voice carries through the vessel like a sweet yet country comfort.
The added effect of the fading sunlight glimmering off the gem-like ball of sparkling mystery mesmerizes all on the deck. Leonis grins and closes his eyes, the smuggler trio humms along to its tune.


''Ooor, a reference for where our deaths await for us!…Honestly Captain, you should try to approach situations like these more carefully…'' She gives him a worried look


Peek outside my cabin, past the sheep, just to look at the goat sing.


Search the ship for a birdcage!
'1d20+10' search check

Roll #1 4 + 10 = 14


Not done yet!
Grab another materia ball and start juggling it with the other!

"The next little ball is silver and black
See, it chase the first one forward and back
I call it space, do dio dio do
What it will do, I just don't know

But it seems to make a difference just to have it so
While it's changing!"

Quickly grab another and juggle it with the rest.

"The next little ball is too hot to hold
I have to keep tossing it and I hope it gets cold
I call it power, do dio dio dio
What it will do, I just don't know

But it seems to make the whole thingummywhojemyflippery
Rattle and go while it's changing!"


And then suddenly stop, and whistle at him.
"Hey Doc.
You any good with a map?"


She couldn't help but giggle a bit at the lyrics
''Silly goat…'' She mutters to herself as she watches Butters go


"Aye, Ah've some ken fer cartographying!"
Head on over with my birdsack.


"Can you identify the area of this map?"
Show him the treasure map


You notice he has a bag perched on his arm, with two vague lumps inside of it.
Well, its not really a bird cage, but the cage from a rat-trap, it has a door and they can't get out, and you can stick a scrap of wood inside to let them perch on it for comfort.
Perhaps you can buy something prettier in town.

Leonis seems concerned about you juggling so many things, but something about your song makes him feel happy.
Its nice to have a bard around isn't it?


It really is.
"Say, what are you up to?"
Raise a brow as I see him carry stuff around.


Keep juggling them with a giggle.

"The first and only juggler, I must be the best
I love to see the rings spin, never at rest
Up in the air and back to me
What it will do, I just can't see

Something to blow your mind away!"

Slowly start collecting the balls instead of juggling them, and slow down the tone of the banjo as I finish the song with a bow.


It'll do for now. I put the mouth of the bag in the cage door and gently shake the birds into their new home.
"Lemme have a look-see…"
Investigate check '1d20+8'
"Ye see these darlings?" Pat the cage with two birds inside it. "Caught 'em out in the woods. These fellas inspired tha syringe, an' they've got poison what'll curl yer hooves. Right lucky ah found them, ah am."

Roll #1 15 + 8 = 23


Studying a map is a survival check.


Stare at the birds.
"…Good find. But just to be sure, keep them under locks."


Modifier's the same, either way.


Se claps her hooves and whistles ''Bravo! Absolutely fantastic work Butters!'' She says, sounding much more excited than she usually is


"Ah'll try, Capt'n. Though if'n they do get out, jest stuff 'em in a bag an' they'll calm right down. 'sides, first thing I'll work on is antidotes fer 'em."


"You do that."


"Thank you, thank you! I live to amuse!"


The deck comes to life with the sound of hooves clapping for you as you bow.
"Ye be one talented lady." Leonis comments with a grin.
The smugglers nod in agreement, and you feel the shimmer of luck from your coin, or perhaps it was just that dork's way of saying you did a good job and these ponies will remember it fondly.
The two creatures take some urging to get inside of the cage, but soon you have a pair of bright red birds, with four spider like legs instead of the normal claws, and long needle like beaks. They squawk at you in high pitched tones.

As for the map, you suppose you'd want to find this archway first.. Its got the marks of another ruin like the one just came from, but an arch would usually be on a road, so this should be above ground. The land marks are the main focus on this map, you're certain its near the river, and holding the parchment up to the light there is a faded compass mark with tallies on it, indicating that its inland two days travel from the sea, which is about the latitude you're already at, so going west should lead you to the approximate correct spot.


She smiles and goes to give Butters a hug. ''You should sing more when we are on board you hear?'' She says before letting go of the little goat


That coin is going to stick around! Maybe I can get it to shine after every song!


Squeeze back at the hug.
"You like songs, don't you?"


Trot up and reach them, putting a hoof on her shoulder.
"You did well."


''I do love a good song to warm up the heart…and after the long day we had, that was really what I was needing…''


Squawk right back at them!
"Ah see… First we gots ta find this archway here…"
[one conveyance of directions later]
"…So headin' west ought ta do th' trick."

Roll #1 15 = 15


"I can sing all kinds of songs later if you want!"

Grin widely with a 'Squee' sound.


You feel awake enough, mr. Batpony?"
Smirk at him as a plan cooks in my mind.
"Yep. Now go get some rest."

Turn to everypony else.
"This stands for you all. I want minimum crew here to keep this baby afloat, go get some sleep."


You use your sonic bat screech on the birds and their feathers fluff up like puff balls, their tail feathers fanning out to actually poke outside of the cage, and their cheeks swelling up while their heads bob up and down as if to threaten to poke you.


''that would be lovely, but tomorrow, alright?''

''oh those are the best orders you gave all day captain, I will do it with pleasure…'' the tired sheep sighs


"Are ye daft, lad? Ah'm a batty, night's our time!"
Laugh at their reaction.
"Aw, yer cute when yer flustered."


Hop around the cap'n.
"I'm going to take some snacks into bed and leave crumbs everywhere!"

"Okie dokie!"


"Then be my eyes, Doc.
Take position ahead and lead me. The two of us are gonna steer this beauty in the night."
Lean onto Buttermilk and whisper her to leave crumbles all over Dania's bed, too.


Do a little salute.
"It would be an honor, cap'n!"


"Aye aye, capt'n! It's a beauty of a night fer sailin' the skies!"


What a messy goat. But at least you have you own bed to do that in. Even if it does share space with dania's room.
"Aye aye." Leonis yawns and drags his bed near the loot, as if he were afraid of somepony running off with it.
They seem less amused, but when you back away they calm down with soft chirping noises.


Captains orders, I must leave crumbs all over her bed too!


That would be a sneak check to do while she's in the bed and not wake her.


Or I can just do it blatantly obviously!


You can I suppose.
There is a bard goat eating snacks on your bed.


And then the two you slowly drift the vessel into the night skies…



Once in the room, she lays in her bed, "Now it's time for a nice power nap.. Good night Butters, don't stay up too late you hear me?" She says laying down and turning her back to Butters, unaware of the goat schemes


While the others are resting, me and the Doc will be leading the ship east…


"Butters… What are you doing… "


"…Yer headed the wrong way, Capt'n!"


Chomp on the bed of Dania loudly.



Cap's sleepy.
"W-est of course!"


"In… My bed? Butters why?"


"It tastes better in this part of the ship tonight because of the drafts and the invisible string waves!"


truly a trust exercise between bat pony and pegasus pony emerges as the captain braves staying awake for the sake of seeking the next treasure.


She groans
"I don't… Even… Ugh… Just, share some with me then.. I'm starting to get famished myself…"




Pass on some of the food.
"I'm not sure if it is safe for non goat consumption!"


"Up! Up, ye daft clop-hopper! Me granny flies straighter than ye, an' she's in tha' belfries!"


"What are you talking about? Is this some sort of super snack?" She chuckles dismissively as she bites down one


"Nope! That's Metallia cereal!"


"Come back and complain once you've been awake for the last twenty hours, you lazy bat!"


Just as the goat says that, the Sheep had already bitten down. She lets out a gasp of pain as she grasps her cheek
"Gah! How in the bloody hell do you eat this!?"


"Ah'm up all day fer ye day-dwellers, ye ungrateful git! Me dream-rythmns are all shot ta tatters 'cos of ye- UP! FER THE LOVE O'LAUDREY, PULL UP AFORE YE SPLINTER US!"


"You chew on it, silly!"
Keep casually eating it!


Up it be!
"You could warn me a tad earlier!"


She kept rubbing her cheek
"Still… Just… Ouch…" She groans a bit as she lays down
"Buttermilk, you are the most random goat I have ever met… Please don't change" She chuckles
"I never had a sister before, but I feel that you are fitting that role perfectly…"


Tilt my head.
"But you are a sheep and I am a goat! Our sisterhood can never be!"


"What ye think ah been doin', serenadin' ye with a song 'bout ye makin' me heart all a-flutter!? Ah swear on me mum, how could ye miss that massive thing? Even a sun-sipper cannae have eyesight that poor- Yer drifting, boyo! Turn a hair ta Port! Love o'Lucifer, ye've got ta keep 'er straight!"


"Pssh, bloodlines, Race, it doesn't matter. Can't I consider you a sister in my heart? You have all the characteristics of one. You're fun, cute, and just mildly obnoxious at times, and can honestly drive me crazy with your nonsensical antics"


Throw a boot at him.
"Shut up and listen to the find for a second.
It's picking up."


Put a hoof up.
"Beg your pardon, everything I do make sense in some way or in some dimension or plane of reality!"


Hover and watch with a deadpan expression as the boot sails past a good half-mast length off my side.
"…Ye havin' a giggle mate? Or are yer eyes really that bad?"


that just gets a smile from the sheep as she closes her eyes
''I'm certain it does butters…'' She hums as she gets comfortable in bed, laying her head down again before yawning


Sorry. Forgot to roll for it. Ranged Hurled against your AC.

Roll #1 16 + 1 = 17


"Well, time for me to go! My work here is done! Goodnight!"
Stand up on top of the sheep with a light step and hop off to my own bed!


She mumbles something as she slowly drifts into sleep, something about being too sleepy to be angry at Butters
the little goat will be in for it in the morning!


Pretty sure you would suffer penalties since it's night out…

Roll #1 11 = 11


"And bring that boot back, I still need it."
After which, back to helming the ship.


Pop out of seemingly nowhere.


"Aye, I'll give it to ye all right!"
Throw the boot back at him.

Roll #1 1 - 1 = 0


"Hey kiddo. Shouldn't you be asleep?"
If only I could activate that crit!
"Try not to throw it overboard!"


"Oh, I have already slept! For, like, days!"
Start hopping around, full of energy.


"Maybe I should invite Butters over to teach ye some manners?"


Squint hard. "How do you do that?"
"Too late for that, she invited herself!"

We should do the nighttime faff later, and get on with the meeting right now, you all okay with it?


As we are having breakfast with eggs, hay bacon and soy milk like the real pirate champions do…

Clear my voice with an important tone.

"Crew, we need to have a serious discussion here. I'm calling a meeting!"


"Yeah, yeah, ye blind auld caterwauler…"
Just drop the boot on the ship somewhere; the captain can find it later if he needs it so badly.
"Aye, we need to discuss where ta find a navigator!"


Fine with that!

Chew loudly.


"Anything worrying ya' Cap'n."

"Come on now, I expect you and the Sheep to at least show some manners around here."


"Yes indeed Mister McGulligan. And this is why I'm appointing you Navigator Prime Of Excellency!
Which amongst other things involves leading the way at night where all the rest of us would be blind as an overtly woolen sheep."
[Cringe Externally]
"Indeed, Arrid. There is a grave mistake we have been making all this time.
One which might be bringing horrible luck to all of us!"
Dramatic pause for tension…
"We have not decided upon a name for our ship!"


Show you my tongue with some half-chewed food still on it.

Gasp loudly.


"Well, it is common superstition that all ships need a name. Whatta ya got in mind?"


I stick my tongue out too!


I stick my tongue out even more!


"Bleh, you win this time!"


"That's disgusting on too many levels."
"I don't think DO WE PANI?! is a good name…"
"I wanna hear your suggestions first."


"Aye, and ye'll be expecting me potions ta be done on time too…
'Ow aboot we name 'er the "Scrangy Mutt?""


"Do you want every othe ship in port to laugh at us, with a name like that?
Who'd fear a 'Scrangy Mutt'?"


"'Ow about the Blue Feather if you're fishing for names?"


She was politely eating with refined grace of a lady even in this revelation
"our ship does not have a name? Hmn… I don't suppose we could name it something intimidating like "The vermillion demon on the sea of blood?" She snickers at her joking


"I always win!"
Stop giggling.

Wave my hoof.
"Oooh, ooh, how about Sky Piercer Goat!"


"Just sayin', it's accurate, considerin' our crew…"


"Doctor there is not a SINGLE diamond dog among us. We do not even have a dog as the ship's pet."


"C'mon now, this scrangy crew of ours pulled through some real challenges so far!"
"What about things which are not such a mouthful to start with?"
Bite on another toast.
"That's one. Kinda generic, but could work."


What about, ooh, this one is good, it's great!
We should call it The Boop!"


"What does that even mean?
And it sounds a whole lot like the Boob!"


"Heh,glad to hear it. Maybe we could buy some paint to make it a little harder to track too."


"Well, would make us memorable wouldn't it? Pshaw Alright… Jokes aside, how about…"The Dawn Star" She motions with her hooves with a twinkle in her eyes


"I think we should focus more on what this ship is telling us, guys!
What we are and what we are doing here!
Think about it! A bunch of pirates of every race, sailing the skies looking for adventure first and treasures later…
There has to be a word to describe us!"


"A boop is this!"
Reach over the table and boop the captain on the nose!


"The flying Zoo?" She snickers


"A zoo is the closest thing I can think of. Or maybe something like Technicolor Terror?"


"th' Ship O' Fools?"


Her snickering turns into a slightly louder giggle
"Great minds think alike I suppose"


"I like this idea!"


"Now we are getting closer!
Zoo Terror?
Technicolor Fools?"


"Are you actually seriously liking this idea?" her giggling stops as she looks at the Captain, unbelieving


"Hell yes!
Zoo Terror sounds fearsome, and Technicolor Fool dangerous! We should put them to a vote!"


"Ah vote Technicolor Fool!"


"I'm with Doc. Technicolor Fool seems less inviting to upstart pirates and keeps us humble."


"Technizoolor Fools!"


She gives him a look of 'The hell man' "Well, who am I to question a Captain's order." But what not, the Technicolor Zoo?"


"That's gotta be my vote, too."
"Sorry ladies, guess it's three versus too. We should get to repainting the side of this beauty, from now on she shall be known as the Technicolor Fool!"


"I'm totally going to paint zoo under it."


Captain death glare.


Brave goat glare.


"Aye! A fittin' name, and one what is nae too obvious if'n we want ta go incognito."
"By th' way, Ah'm goin' ta need yer wool fer some new pillows fer the captain 'n crew."


"Fair enough, but I am not doing any panting, if only one drop of paint falls on my Wool it will take ages for it to wash off. Oh and that reminds me"

She bonks the goat lightly on her head with a spoon. "I had to spend almost an hour to get the crumbs out of my this morning!"


"When you're done staring lovingly at each other, help me take a count of everything. We'll see if we can even afford paint for this bucket."


"What?! What?! No! No no no no no no no no and seventy thousand more nos. You are not, and I repeat. Are NOT laying a hoof in my Wool!" She huffs


"Oh poor us, we only have a dungeon's worth of treasures with us!"
"See, Doc is gonna fix that wool problem for you, so you can help us paint!"


Smile at you like that was a good thing!

"I was glaring! GLARING!"


"Why not use Arrid's feathers?! H-he has hundreds of them!"

"And stop being adorable! That was a bad thing! Bad Butters, bad!"


Doc just gives Dania a bored look as he pulls out a pair of shears.
*Snip Snip*
"Jest hold still. Dinnae want ta prick ye accidentally, after all."


"Nope, nope. Breakfast is over. Farewell" She gets up from the table and shuffles to the door


"Orders are orders!"

"But sharing is caring!"


"OH no ye don't!"
Grab that sheep before she escapes!


"Butters, go back to being adorable."


Lean closer to Dania with a grin.
"You know, I might order Doc to stop…
If somesheep would help us paint the vessel!"


Salute and let out a tiny bleat then do a backflip.


"I use 'em to fly. You just look fluffy and soft with yours. Good pillow material if I say so myself."

"We got the same problem I use ta'. We've got supply, now we gotta look for buyers. And ones that won't try to follow us and get themselves a 4 talon discount."


"orders? What orders?! And I Said no! My Wool is worth more than pillow stuffing!"

"noooo! Release me foul sailor! You'll ruin my dress!" She says pulling away


She gives him th most menacing glare that tells doc she would love to violently eviscerate him

"My Wool is so well care it might be worth more than bronze at markets! I will not let my pride be used for something so defiling!"


Grapple the unruly sheep down!
"Quit yer bellyachin'! It'll grow back!"
'1d20+1' grapple

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


"Please consider the offer. I'm not gonna be here all day!"
"Oh well, if you want to be wool-less so hard, I will go back to my breakfast."
Back to my breakfast I go indeed.
"It's loot we acquired in relative honesty, there will be little trouble selling it in a real port."


>Should I roll against it?
"Doctor I swear, if you wish to bear child one day, release me!"

"Never! "


"Yeah, but I just need to know how much we have to offer."

"And Cap'n, don't try and blow it all on a map some shady buffalo offers you. We need supplies and a genuine mechanic to look it over."


What's your AC? that's what I had to roll against.
"Ye cannot stop yer destiny! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"
*Snip Snip~*
'1d20+8' Survival(?) check

Roll #1 2 + 8 = 10


"Oi! Ah'm all the mechanic yew sorry lot need!"


>Oh nevermind

"I'll paint I'll paaaaaaaiiiiint!"


"Awwww, but your wool would have made such cuddly pillows!"


"Butters please help! This is a fate worse than death!"


"Then think of it as me asking for a second opinion. And likely a first one too."


"Too late fer that! Now quit yer squirming or I'll end up nickin' ye!"
'1d20+8' hold still, shwineholnt

Roll #1 13 + 8 = 21


"Oy! Exactly 'ow have Ah given ye reason ta distrust me?! Ah'm the one what's keepin' this rig runnin'!"


"Don't be such a baby! If I had wool I'd donate it too!"


"Just color me worried. Not fond of loosely acquired vessels, if you catch my drift."


She shook herself out of him
"No Please Doctor I'll do anything but spare me!"
She was too busy fighting off the doc to respond immediately
'1d20+3' I think it should be a strength check?

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


"Ah'll patch 'er up in no time, ye'll see."
Too late. Your struggling means it's a patchy and uneven job, but your wool is sheared.


Once his work is done, she looks down at herself and runs off to her room, bawling in tears


"That idiot sheep.
I will make her paint the ship anyway."


"I'll try and make her cry less!"
Hop after Dania!


She could find her on her bed crying her heart out, hugging the pillow


Hop on to the bed, right beside her.
"Awww, come on, it was just a bit of wool!"
Pat her head.
"You're still pretty!"


''No I'm horrible! I'll never forgive them for this, wuaah, wuaah…'' She keeps crying, damping the poor pillow in the process


Gently lift the chin of the sheep with a hoof.
"Dania, you are a pirate now! Remember that!"
Throw my hooves up in the air.
"How is that not the coolest thing ever?"


''But I didn't want to loose my perfect trimmed wool…'' She looks back at Butters as her chin is lifted, oh god she looked horrible with all her makeup ruined by the tears
''And now it will take forever for it to grow back too…'' She sniffled


"What if it turns out short wool is the new fashion? What if they will see you and say 'woaaaaah that sheep is radical' and it will BECOME the new fashion!"


''I…*sniffle I doubt it…Sheeps are not even popular aside from the kingdom…My mother always told me… A Sheep's pride is in the wool, as a Prince, you must keep yourself endearing for the crowds…'' She says sniffling again


Tilt my head.
"Why would your mom call you a prince?"


Her eyes widen as she opens her mouth
''Ah…That is…I meant princess!''


"I know what you saiiiiiiid, and you were too distressed for that to be a mistake!"
Start hopping around you on the bed.


''B-butters I meant Princess I swear! Princess!''She stutters but there was no lying, hey, now with her makeup ruined she could see there was something wrong there


Keep giggling.
"I know lots of things, Dania, Lots of Things!!!"
Stop in front of you and boop you.
"You can't hide things from me! You said Prince and you meant it! Tell me why!"


"I-I… It was probably the voice in your head saying that Butters, now go along, I-I need to redo my makeup" She slowly backs away from Butters in the bed


Hop closer to close the distance.
"Oh, you want me to ask the voice? I could do that, but then you would be super-duper-mega-given awaaaaay!"


''N-no I…B-butters I don't…AUGH'' She huffs in a slightly more masculine tone?
''Bloody hell Butters!'' Says Dania, speaking in a voice that sounded similar, but still a tad different, perhaps that was the Sheep's actual normal voice?


Boop you on the nose with a giggle.
"Ah-ah-aaaaah, just because a goat outsmarted you doesn't mean you get to swear!"


''I swear as I please, for I am the prince. there I said it, happy now you nosey goat?'' He huffs And crosses his arms, turning in the the bed to face away from Butters


Stay silent for a few long seconds…

Before erupting in loud laughter!
Throw myself on my back on the bed with my legs kicking.
"Teeheee! Say it again, say it again!"


''S-say what again? Prince? Nosey goat?''


"Prince! Heheh, and refer yourself to he when you do things!"


''What is the problem with that?! The prince-ern… I take pride in my title as Prince Novelus, son of King Lininas and heir to the throne…Even though the last part is…well…beying avoided we could say…''


Hop up to my hoofsies.
"Woaaaaaaaaaaaaah! But then why are you pretending to be a pirate lady sheep?"
Tilt my head.


He sighs and rubs off his face of the smeared makeup
''It is… A complicated matter Butters, not something for a child to bother with…''


"You are a child too and you are bothered with it!"


''I am not a child! I have lived for 19 years already! I am an adult Butters!'' he scoffs and glares at the goat


"Oh, you are that old? The make-up totally made you look younger!"
Giggle again.
"That's still not an adult though! You're still a…."
Hold that for a second
Take a deep breath
Let a big smile spread on my face
Break out in a fit of laughter again.


The prince didn't seem so pleased with the comment, but instead of coming up with a snarky remark he just grabbed the pillow and gently shoved it on Butters
''See? this is why I can't trust you with this…You don't seem like the kind of goat that knows how to take things seriously…''


"That's not true! I can be a very serious goat!"
Flip the pillow up on my head as a hat.


''Really now? I'd like to see you prove that''


"Oooh! I want to! How?"


''Well how about setting down, stop with all the bouncy hoppy goat thing for a minute so I can tell you why I am doing this?''


Shake the pillow off and sit down on my butt like a proper little goat girl and nod attentively.


He sighs and stares at the wall
''Alright…where to start where to start…Do you know how is the life of a prince Butters?it is wonderful, honestly.
I was raised and spoiled all of my life…servants did all I asked and I was properly educated in all sorts of things by the best professionals in languages, proper education, and all the things a prince should know. Clueless I was at that time…I was being prepared to become a king one day, and I was not aware…in my 14th birthday my father started telling me about how one day I would rule over the kingdom… In the beggining it was something wonderful to think about, I imagined myself ruling over all the citizens of Zha Arlakane, the kingdom in the mountains…My home.'' He pauses for a moment
''But as I grew and the more my father told me about being a king and the more I leaned from watching as My father went on his daily duties as I king, I started to realize just how much it meant, the amount of responsibility it took to be a king. Can you imagine it Butters? Hundreds of thousands of lives depending on you? People that you need to guide and take care of to prosper and preserve a good life for all? their lives in my hooves, every small decision I would take could change the living of anyone…'' His pupils slowly shrinking in concentration as his expression was getting more and more disturbed as he went on…


Nod attentively with wonder and awe in my eyes.
"Is that when you became a lady?"


He groans
''No Butters…Well…kind of..I mean not yet…in a way of speaking…''
He coughs
''I…Was not ready…my father told me in my latest birthday how I was soon going to be crowned and become the king…I had a bribe from a royal family from anther kingdom…I could see the coronation approaching…and days before it, in the last night I saw my mother and my father, I plotted in my bed on the plan that I would execute in the next morning…I ran away from the kingdom early in the morning, hiding my way along the streets, and taking the disguise of a lady as I refused to face my responsibility…''


Tilt my head.
"Why did you decide to become a pirate lady though? How is that any better?Oooh, because of the lack of responsibility?"


"Yes Butters… I didn't want to be a king… I wanted… I wanted to be like the heroes in the books… My mother read to me as a child…" he lowers his head, blushing with a trembling smile "I… I know it might sound rather pathetic and silly but it was a childhood dream of mine…"


Reach out with a hoof and pat the head of the silly sheep.
"That is a great goal! We are all adventurers here! So your dream is already true! And our adventures will only get even more adventury!"


He stood still to let Butters pat him. A bit of a smile forming on the corner of his lips.
"Why is it so difficult to be gloomy around you?…" he asks, still looking at the clouds passing in the window of the ship


"Well DUH, why would you want to be gloomy?"


"Cry, my little prince, Cry your tears away… Let it all out… And once the tears are no more, nothing will cloud your eyes, and you will see the beauty on this world again" he quotes as he closes his eyes
"My mother told me that once… I never forgot the lessons she taught me, she was the only one was not teaching me how to be a king… And today, I realize nothing was more important than what she taught me"
Tears pool in the corner of his bright pink eyes
"by the mountains, I miss her so much already…"


Pout a bit.
"Aawwww, that's so sad… it reminds me of a song, actually…"


He let the tears run down his cheeks


Nod, talking slower than usual.
"It would fit right in here, I think."


"Well… I don't suppose you would be willing to sing for just a prince?"


"Of course I would!"
Clear my throat.
Take out my tiny banjo, and start playing a slow tune.
Close my eyes before I start singing after the intro of the song.

"I don't know what I was thinking, leaving my house behind
Now I wander lost and on the high winds I ride."

Change the tune, speeding up considerably.

"Is this revenge I'm seeking?
Or seeking someone to avenge me?
Stuck in my own past
I just wanted to be happy.
Maybe I should just chase anyone who tries to stop it
It won't be long before they'd become a puppet."

Speed up even more, to an almost cheerful tone and start singing louder, shaking my head to the beat.

"It's been so long
Since the last I've seen them
Lost to this monster, the mare
the terrible songster.

Since they've been gone
I've been singing this stupid song
So I could ponder
The sanity of their daughter.

Stop singing and finish with a long, definitely cheerful and upbeat outro.


He didn't reply or look up at her, just kept his head low, staring at the bed both were sitting on, silently listening to everything
He trembled a bit near the end, shivers were running through his body
And once the song finally ended, Novelus stared back at Butters with the most honestly sad expression she saw on the sheep's face. No words came from him but He sure looked like he could use a hug


Put down the instrument at a safe distance, open my eyes, then open my hooves as an invitation for a hug.


It took the Sheep a few seconds to hug the goat fiercely.
"Thank you B-Butters." he mutters, his voice cracking a bit


"Shh… it's okay! You're okay! You're with friends now!"


''Please don't…Don't tell them…Speaking of which…''


"Of course, silly! It's our little secret!"


Novelus smiles and gives her another good squeeze
''you're a good goat Butters…But now I need to put my makeup back, if they see me like this, hugging you in bed I…They might misunderstand this badly…''


Tilt my head.
"Huh? They might? Why?"


''Well…I will explain once you're older, alright?''


"Oh. Ooooooh."


''Erm…well…'' He pulls out of the hug and pats her head
''now that you understand you know why we must not mention this, and that you didn't see me crying'' He wipes his tears


"Well, duh, but we won't share beds or have sleepover parties anytime soon either!"


''Hah, that is a relief. do you think I like you making a mess in my bed with these unedible snacks you eat? no sir, you get your bed. and Sleepover parties are much better with everyone, agreed? why imagine how funny the captain would look in a pijama'' He muses as he crawls out of the bed, picks his bag and sits back in the bed again, searching for something inside the bag


"Pink fluffy PJs! Gotta get a set for the cap'n! Or everyone on board!"


''And for you too, speaking of clothing, are you still up to having a day of shopping to spend our spoils once we reach a city?''


"Of course!"
"You like girly clothing, don't you?"


A little blush
''Well it is not that I like it…It is part of my disguise after all''
''…It is sort of comfortable though…''


Just start chucklesnorting even louder.


He gently boops her
''There is no shame in dressing like the opposite gender!''


"I do want to try out dressing like a boy now!"


''Wait what? As a boy?! Why that now?''


"I want a sack hat and pants and an overall and those stretchy thingies they clip to pants!"


''Butters Dear that is not…Come on now, if you do that, they will suspect even more of my disguise, you saw how the captain is already so suspicious of me''


"Just for a day?"


''I…'' He was clearly crumbling under the power of the goat pout
''ugh…Fine…one day, but you should find a good excuse to do this understand?''




Now if you excuse me, I must become a lady again, remember to call me just Dania, alright?'' He says as he picks up a lipstick and carefully pass it over his lips
he sure had a lot of cosmetics in that bag


"Okie-dokie-lokie, Dania! Get that make-up on right!"
This calls for qt goat giggles!


trap prince sheep giggles join in as well. the room was slightly filled with laughther as the prince became a lady again.
''Alright, with that out of the way, time to head back?''


"If they ask, just tell them I cheered you right up!"


''And you did, yes, after all who can resist Buttermilk's Sky famous songs?''
he giggles as he made his way to the door


"No one at all!"



After 5 days of floating in the peaceful sky, your three friends from the old ruins told you that their desired destination, a the town of Ramsville, was just ahead. You have been able to see its soaring towers for a while now, a city founded by and favored by goats, but its location and disorderly arrangement make it a lovely place to sneak things in and out, and a nearly impossible place to regulate. There are ships moving in and out of the sky space above it, tents on the ground near the towers, small towers specifically made to dock large ships onto, and several signs you can't make out just yet. What you didn't expect was the scent of food, warm fresh food, made with spices, particularly good for Arrid, who hasn't had fresh meat in a while and was starting to eye up the sparrows when no one was looking.


Five days is a lot of time for a lot of songs!


But weren't we heading for the map's location?


She leaned in the deck of the ship, watching as they approached the city with a big smile on her face.
"Our first time landing to spend our gold and trade treasures like real pirates… This will be a day to remember, mates"


Toss my coins into the air as I try to keep my stomach from rumbling too much.

Any available docks for us?

"You already know what you're going to be looking for?"


Its on your way. You're not being put out by this stop at all.



"Get ready to make port, crew!"


"No clue. Most likely some essentials, maybe a new dagger… After the fight with those statues my Blade feels duller than what I would like.
A new dress would be very welcome too, as well as a world map and some books to pass the time, and hopefully find useful information.
Shopping aside, maybe look for a way to get ourselves easy money."

"This is as ready as I can get Captain." She motions to her regrown Wool, it was shorter than what it used to be


"I'm sure they won't care about what you are wearing, fluffball."



"Surprisingly senseful actions. I'd have taken you as someone who'd have spent all their money on make up. But you're right, it might be a good idea to get a fresh set of clothes at every port."


"Shopping is important!"


"Aye, aye captain."
Sailing a little lower you find an empty tower just for docking, its made of stone and decorated with orange ribbons to stand out among the others from the sky. There are strong iron loops on the top, and a an unfoldable ladder to help you climb down.




Any nearby shops and butchers?

"Don't run too far off!"

Follow her from the sky.




"and I couldn't care less for what they think of my attire. I simply pretend I do so they come to me like drooling mutts, eager to do me little favors.
This is why looking good is important"

"I did not accept joining this crew to be a money spending burden. If we want to survive and make name for ourselves, we really ought to be careful with our expenses. After all, richer pirates are more famous, meaning that eventually all ports and cities will know of the Technicolor fools"

"very important! Now come Butters, first I would love myself a good meal in land." She licks her lips

Dania carefully climbed down the stairs, dusting her dress, adjusting it, popping a small mirror to make sure she was… Yep,absolutely gorgeous as always.
"I'm ready boys"


Lead her in. Gently.


"Well then I'm not keeping you down. Of course, I could get you there faster."

"Even now you manage to surprise me."

"I'll drop the little goat on you momentarily, but keep an eye out for tiny dresses."


"Where's the challenge and jumps and hops in that?"


Its a small hop, so you don't have to roll for it, but its a hop onto a TOWER, its so high up, you must be the best goat to be on top of such a tower.
Nearby there are several small shops and carts of food. One diamond dog running such a tent is shout about how great his food is. "Come get your fill, bread, meat, salad too! All with the Paws-sentation of a princess. Right here at Danny's Dine-Delight's"
With most of the crew helping you its easy to dock here, a simple series of knots anchors you to the tower and she floats in place.
Leonis follows you making sure you don't fall or something silly like that while you're posing.
"I'll carry your bags Princess."


"I merely offered. And I want to see what you can do."



Stand on the tips of my hooves and bleat once I'm on top and just stare out of my head.
It is a special place, a special state of mind to be on top of such a tower.


She giggles
"I know I'm amazing Arrid, thank you for the reminder.
And certainly, Butters will be a great company"

"Oh thank you Leonis, that would be grand. Say, are you planning on buying something yourself? You deserve to spend a part of our loot as much as anyone else, after all, you did such a great job back then."

"Butters, be careful! That is dangerous for a little Goat!"


"A goat who falls from a tower deserves it!"


"A goat that falls from this high can get badly hurt and even break a leg! Then you can say bye bye to hopping and dancing! And even worse, no more adventuring!"


"A goat must conquer all the towers! No matter the dangers!"


"I'll be waiting if anything happens. Dania, go ahead and look what's available. I'll make sure Butters gets down safely."


Then head over to our three guests.
"Guess this is where we part ways."


"I can take care of myself!"


"I don't mind waiting for her to finish her silly antics, that troublemaking goat"


"I dunno, I could use a new polish for my spear.. Maybe a nice outfit to escort Princesses around with." The unicorn says with a smile.
"Aye, that's the spirit of adventure little goat!" Leonis says and adds a cheerful "Yarr" to your bleat.
Now that you're safely docked with the ladder locked in place, the smuggler's pegasus member flies off into the city and the two more ground-bound members prepare to haul off their crates, they stop to chat with you thou.
"Seems a shame doesn't it? You're a good captain Chance. Anything we can help you with while you're in city?"


"Then you won't mind me watching, right?"

"Honestly, having hooves must do something to all of you. But it'll keep me company at least."


"Well, if any of your friends would be willing to part with some of their riches for the prizes we found in that dungeon, you'd only need to let us know."


"I don't suppose you're wanting to trade in that glowing core?" The earth pony says with a chuckle knowing its probably worth a whole warehouse of stock.


Hop back down once I had my fun time in the sun.
"I can't help it! Towers are just meant to be climbed!"

"It's more fun to do it!"


"For the whole treasury of all the kings, maybe!"


"Maybe next time."


She gently pushes him
"oh you flatter me, Leonis." She giggles
"Perhaps you could help me pick a new dress too, hmnn?~"

"it is not only the hooves my friend"
Once Butters hops down she raises an eyebrow at the goat
"the goat instincts were calling I assume?"


"Climbing things is irresistable!"


"Well, now that you had your fill, shall we? Leonis offered to carry our things as well"


"Great! Off to the shops! Ooh, maybe we can buy new instruments too!"


"Now that it's settled. I'll be off for myself."

"What's your hardiest meat dish I can get with a few bits? It's been too long since I've had any."




"You be a good boy out there Arrid!" She waves and turns back to Butters
"If that is where you want to start from, then of course. Let us find some, maybe you could teach me how to play in the future. We could be a duet" She giggles at the thought as she heads off to find music shops


Shake my head.
"No, we must save the best for the last! Clothes shopping first!"


"Okay okay, clothing first, instruments last. Now make sure to NOT leave my side. You can easily get lost in this city… "


"That's fun! It's like an egg hunt, but you have to find the ship!"


"If you want to come along I we can introduce you to some of the others, see what they have lying around, Zon is always here at least."
"Cept' when he's in Spiritos."
"Sure, but he can't stay in there too long, you know how orderly that place his, Zon's a lover of chaos."
"Well sure.."
"Its still a wonder how a zebra manages to blend in so well."
"Anyway, you can actually trade treasure like that legally, since the Ivanlancians are all gone its not stealing."
The moogle who has become very attached to you as the leader frowns and runs its paws over its ears. "kuuupo?"
"Well.. except for that one I suppose."

The tan cheeks of the unicorn blush at your suggestion. "Why.. that.. I'd be mighty happy ta.."
The streets are busy with ponies and goats, buffalo and zebra, chatting and shopping. There are towers and small buildings, and tents, and ponies with wares on blankets trying to peddle their goods, and a couple of snack carts with steam pouring from the side.
You notice one tower with a sign "The Lofty Lace: Frills for Mares and Fillies"

The diamond dog with the apron looks you over and nods. "Well that won't do. Today I have chicken wrapped in bacon, monster rib-delight, or the 'big bad kabob' for just 4 bits each."


Point at it!
"That's our first stop!"


"Oh, it sounds appetizing. An order of the kabob then."


"Well, if I ever need your services I will let you know. Have a nice stay, my friends."
See them off the ship. I need to find a guard.


"hmn… Indeed it is… Want me to come along with you and then have a little snack With Leonis afterwards?"

"Leonis, could you be a dear and please fetch us some snacks while me and Butters get ourselves some new clothing?"


"Help yourself, but you might want to look away from my plate."


"Just look for the triple coin insignia, that's the mark of us united smugglers."
A pirate looking for a guard? how bold.
But you see the smugglers on their way and they soon vanish into the mess of crowds and roads.

A guard isn't hard to recognize, particularly for an outlaw, you spot a goat eating some lettuce in a very formal looking uniform. He seems bored.

"Of course my princess!" he eager says and walks off to the snack booths to see what might be 'suitable' for you.
"Coming right up then." The diamond dog turns and grabs some cuts of meat chopping them and skewering them on a stick, he coats them in a kind of sauce, throws them on a grill with hot coals and smokey wood on it and hums as he turns and watches it. Its done surprisingly quick and the long stick full of juicy looking and sweet smelling meat is presented to you.
The tower smells like floral perfume, and even just looking at the entrance you see a few cute accessorizes, ribbons, and racks of colorful clothes.


"How many clothes do you think you can wear at the same time?"


Is anyone staying on the ship?
"Hello there. Would you happen to know where I could find a merchant of a certain affluence?"


"Oh my, what a lovely place…"
"Butters… Try to not go over budget, remember that we are not stinking rich yet!"


"Oh, I have some coin here and there! And people I know too!"


Lick my beak and dig in.

"Anything to drink it down?"


She raises an eyebrow
"You.. Know? Who is it? A Friend? "


"Oh, not this guy in specific! Just people!"


"Ah, quite sociable now aren't we? Very well, I'll trust you with the bill then. But do try to save up, it's the wisest to do"


Doc isn't here so he's on the ship, you should probably have the moggle stay since it stands out a bit. Otherwise you don't have any other crew left.

"I see, you're probably after Sander, 'the merchant of sands', he's in town this week and everygoat is hopping about it. He's over by tower Blue, just follow the signs."
The further in your go the more overwhelming the place looks, racks of clothes organized by size and style, stairs going up to another floor, and small shelves here and there with small goods like candles or perfumes.
A goat lady in a simple dress comes over to you. "Hello my dears, how can I can help you today?"

"For that I'd say a juice blend is best, helps with the salty sweet flavor, and fights off scurry." He offers you a glass of juice. The meat is the perfect texture, tears off easily, falls apart in your beak, and gives you just enough to chew on, the tangy sauce leaves a pleasant after-taste in your mouth.


"Hi! We want to look pretty!"


Perfect idea, leave the moogle there.
Instead, bring some of the jewelry and loot I got in a small sealed chest as a sample for the guy.
Also, do you have a list of how much of said loot we have that needs converting?


"Yes we did, now I would like something… Hmn… Butters what color do you think would good for me?"


"I'll take it. It's just what I need after being in the air so long."

"Oh, and you know any shops that carry clothes for Pegasi and Gryphons?"




"Butters no, only one color okay? Pick your favorite"


"All the colors are my favourite!"


The Sheep scrunches a bit

"Something light blue please…"


The goat eagerly guides you to the 'small body' section where most everything will fit you.
"Oh, certainly! The bottom floor has our most mainstream styles, the second floor has special occasion pieces, and there are accessories everywhere. Where you looking for something for travel or dancing?"

"Specifically for fliers? I think 'Flighted Fashions' is a good one, I've seen well dressed pegasi come from there at least. Its just north of here. Their sign is up high above their tower, so flying might be the best way to find it."

She flips through the rack and shows you a light blue dress, with lace on the edges, its plain compared to the palace, but its material shimmers and the cut should compliment you. "Something like this?"

You glide off to the blue tower, its easy to spot and there is a thick crowd here being loud and rumbling, making it difficult to pick out anything specific being said. You see a large sign for "Special Visiting Merchants: Featuring Legendary Merchant Sanders" pointing you toward one of the larger rentable towers, you can go in from the top or the bottom, the top has less of a line, being mostly goats or fliers than can go in that way.


"Travel dancing!"


"Sounds like a good place to start."

Pay my share and head on up there to check out their fashions.


"Traveling, but this will suit me perfectly." She says With a smile
"How much for it?"


"Its only 23 bits miss. And its easy to clean too, any mess you get on it, even paint, just washes right off."
"Ooh I see, I have a nice thing for you little goat." She picks up a tie-dye pattern dancing-outfit inspired by desert flowers, with little bells on the ends, the shape is pleated for flexibility and strength, but a bit puffy for better cling when your move quickly. The tag is for 12 bits.

It totals to 5 bits.

sorry for the pause before you could look


You sail above the crowded city, actually having to dodge a few towers and pegasi flying carts of goods or chariots. There is even a goat using a small air-boat, but instead of a balloon he has a whirling blades on top, and has steam coming out of a pipe in the back.
You eventually see the sign 'Flighted Fashions: Get them before they float away' with a picture of clothes flying away into the sky. There is a cloud-walk entrance below the sign, the edges of the cloud sculpted to look like 'machine parts' the sky side door is made of thick glass and you can see the vague shape of ponies and gryphons moving inside. There is a door on the ground floor of the half-cloud tower too, for better accessibility, but its a bit plainer with a much smaller version of the sign above the door.


Let's check out the Gryphon's section. I should be looking for something with bright colors and accessories.


Trotting inside, its organized fairly well actually. The scarf section is before the gryphon section, since its an article all fliers can share, in the gryphon section itself you find a variety of clothes, from cheap shirts, colorful flight-suits meant to be used without tearing when flying full speed, formal attire available in solid colors with clean brass, silver, or golden buttons and chains. There are goggles scattered around the store, many have tinted glass of some shade, and their price increases the better the frame quality is.


Let's head straight to the big section, I have some coin burning a hole in my pocket and I'd like to look good.

Let's look for something formal looking, where I'll look good going out in the town.



In the large-male-gryphon section, there are formal suits that smell like chestnuts from the polish used on the buttons.
You could opt for a solid color, such as blue, black, red, yellow, tan.. or go for a striped pattern, there is one modeled after zebra stripes but its orange and blue: how crazy!
You guess that most of these will look good on you, since you're a fairly fit bird still.


They wouldn't happen to have a vest and shirt combo in that crazy color scheme, would they? Let's check out the suit, some tend to come with them anyways.


The suits do come with a shirt. The orange and blue suit has with it: light orange shirt with thin blue stripes and a watch pocket, a bow tie with blue and orange swirls, the suit's buttons are large golden buttons, a cloth loop at the waist area to anchor a watch chain, inner and outer pockets and there is a golden tiger-shaped pin on the suit's left outer pocket.


"They went all out when they made this one." I think to myself. Let's see the price point on it. Seems crazy enough for me that I'm interested.


You would certainly make a bold statement with something like this.
Its '28 silver'


How much do I have after our little adventure?


100 on hand by looking at your sheet and adding raw coin for you.


"I'll lose it some other way. At least I'll walk out with this clothing on my back, I think to myself."

It comes with enough that I'm satisfied here. Now, for something else important. Let's find a Doll Shop.


A blusish gryphon hen waves you on when you leave. You go out the lower level door to get to the street level, there are so many tents and towers crowding around its a little hard to move around without landing yourself in front of a merchant peddling watching, or gears, or 'real monster eggs'.. but you shove through and find an almost house-like building, if you had to put a claw on this building, its a house modeled after a castle. There are colorful ribbons on the outside, and in the window are dolls and train set pieces.


"A toy castle you can live in, how curious." I say to myself.

Just how many accessories do they have? I'll look around while looking for the owner.


The shelves are filled with toys, candy, little ribbons and outfits for the toys. There is the sound of cheerful music in the background and behind the counter you see an older earth pony stallion with a lens attached to a metal headband, working on the details of a worn down looking toy ship. He glaces up at you in surprise.
"Oh, I didn't see you come in! Welcome welcome, and my is that a new outfit? It reminds me of something.. but what.." he ponders scratching his chin.


"Sorry, first time I've been here, so I can't help much there."

"Anyways, an important friend of mine came into a statue about yay-high." I'll give him some proportions with my talons. "I was wondering if you had any clothes or accessories that might fit, or any decent cloth for it at least."


"Oh, I'm sure we have something that will fit." The old pony circles around guiding you through the maze of colorful items. "Tell me a bit more about what you're looking for, male outfits or female ones, is this an equine statue or another race.. that kind of thing."


"I can't even recall what it was, but it stood on its hind legs like a Diamond Dog, but more rigid."

Try to stand up and imitate it. Acrobatics '1d20+5'

"Knowing the Goat, she'll probably settle on the outfit, so I'd like some little toys and accesories that would go with it. Give her something to distract herself with."

Roll #1 13 + 5 = 18


The stallion laughs a jolly laugh, at your imitation, "Ah, a sort of fantasy creature then. If she's upright then the diamond dog doll clothes should be fine. We have a 4-purchase special discount on those, so any four you want for just '6 silver'." He shows you a miniature rack of doll clothes, they are mostly dresses, sailor outfits, uniforms, and tiny jackets. "As for toys, there are some little things meant for dolls to hold, or the whole store of fun things for a young goat to play with. How old is the kid?"


"To be honest, I don't know. Let's just say she was a package deal too."

I'll take the deal if he's got some combinations.

A doctor or nurse set. Maybe a toy version of a doctor equipment for Butters.
A pretty, poofy princess outfit with scepter.
Some military outfit, a proper commander type
And a peddler outfit. Maybe a little bag to store all the other accessories so she can put them away in one place.


"Oh, well I'm sure she'll love it anyway."
Those doll options all are here. A doctor kit the size for butters to play with would be a few more 'silver' say 7. There are two toy cases on a shelf nearby, one shaped like one of the tall towers in the city: a tiny banner that says 'princess' on it attached to the top, and one shaped like a sparkling blue heart. these are 3 'silver' each


Doll Clothes would be 6 Silver
Doctor Kit would be 7 Silver
Princess case for 3 Silver.

Just to round it out, I'll ask if he has any spare or scrap clothes that didn't quite make it. I'm sure it'll be worth it for both of us.

Haggle '1d20+7'

Roll #1 3 + 7 = 10


He's definitely heard that line before, but there was one goat kid in here earlier that nibbled on a few items and they had to be repaired, by subbing a couple of the patched items in you get 3 silver off, so its 13 total.



Thank him for his time, bundle it up, and head back into the market.


You had to push past a huge crowd to just get into this tower.
Guard ponies at the entrance make you leave your bullets at the door, labeling it with your name for you to pick up later. Once inside you make your way past the crowded tower floors, full of things to sell or trade for, to large round stone counter. A tall orangish stallion with a cutie mark of a trading ship greets you. His outfit certainly reflects how well off his business is, its a red silk shirt. "Welcome! I'm sure you're excited to do some trading lad, don't be shy."


"Sure am! Me and my crew just came back from a most fortuitous expedition, I say!"


He leans over the counter with interest.
"Really now? You know they say every item tells a story, what's yours?"


"Big fights, dark hallways and lost ruins, only the best kind!"
Show him the lot.


Well, time to explore the market I suppose! Just need to remember not to blow all my coin on novelty items.


He pulls out a magnifying lens and looks over your samples of gold and gem.
"Incredible, this type of coin is.. Decidedly Ivlancian. Did you say this was from ruins?"

Its a bustling and bright town for certain. The goats the live here seem not to care about building anything but towers, the whole place is towers and tents and chaos. Some of the towers have colorful paint or bricks, and there are signs everywhere on the winding streets.
Goats, ponies, buffalo, and diamond dogs alike bustle about, merchants trying to get attention, above your head you spot a couple small flat ships, made for 3-4 passengers at most, with gliders mounted on top and steam pouring from the back.


"You heard correctly. And I'm willing to part from it…
For the right price!"


Let's window shop for a bit. Some new clothes might be nice… A birdcage too… Maybe some puzzles to keep my mind sharp…


He chuckles and picks up one of the pieces from the bottom assuring that you aren't pulling a trick by putting real on top and fake piled below.
"Everything has a price lad, you'd do well to remember that. How much of this are you looking to part with?"

You pass a crystal pony on the street wearing a ragged looking hood, she has several different small animals in cages on a cart behind her, pet accessories and food sacks laid on a carpet in front of her which she is also sitting on, and you can see some nice quality empty cages too.
There are signs for 'a Flighted Fashions' and a 'Wonder Emporium' that are probably for clothes and toys respectively, or you can just wander around and run into someone to trade with for those.


Flighted fashions first; if I'm a pirate now, I should look the part!


Anything which stands out among the lot, which I might want to keep as a prize?


Approaching from the ground then? You come upon the correct tower, it has a cloud walk way up top, which really draws the eyes, but you miss most of the from down here. There is a sign above the door that says 'Flighted Fashions: get them before they float away' with a simplistic drawing of wings on the edge of the sign. The door is glass and you can see many pegasi and gryphon moving around inside browsing the racks and happily chatting.

Most of the special loot such as balms was claimed by various members of the crew, so this is all gold and jewels, but you can roll to see if there is a particularly nice piece of bling in there.


Sure. What roll?


Well, I'll go in and browse a bit! Try to find something that won't restrict my movement, but can withstand multiple spills without staining.


lucky (just a d20), investigate, search, or notice.

On the first floor its mostly gifts and accessories, meant for earth bound races to access to get something nice as gift for their flying friends. The second floor has a lot more clothes, the main casual wear is puffy collared undershirts with plain overcoats that have loose fits, or plain shirts that can be used as undershirts and adjustable with straps and leather string. For guys the formal wear is mostly suits, the big-button look is very popular and each suit appears to have custom buttons with small engraving on them.
For a nice medium between that, there are some high quality tops that look to be made of a good strong cloth. Of course there are flight-suits, made for pilots of air ships or those who constantly have to fly, most of these are one or two pieces to prevent flying off of clothes parts, and they have embroidery instead of buttons and pins


Ooh, flight suits sound promising… let's see if I can find a durable type, built to last rather than for speed.


Eh, I got +7 in most of those so let's roll notice.

Roll #1 14 + 7 = 21


You notice a particularly shiny necklace, the beads are colorful gems, and square shaped coins, its string a is actually a little weak, but that means you could break it off and rearrange the pieces onto parts of your clothes or into two strands to put in your mane or hat(I think you have a hat anyway), the coins themselves have artistic swirls on them.

Easily, and in a variety of colors from muted grey, to solids reds and blues and nearly neon orange.. bright pink and yellow floral, embroidery meant to mimic other clothes like formal suits. There are a couple special ones that are meant to mimic clouds or mist and are slightly enchanted to appear to 'move'.


"Everything, but this."
Take the necklace and wear it immediately, as if it was always meant to be around my neck.
I'm gonna be as tacky as tacky can be!


Solid red to hide the stains, with a collar to keep splashes from getting me, and some colorful embroidery patterns!


This one has a few 'sticky' pockets, which are small, but things don't fall out as long the enchantment lasts, and embroidery of gears and vials. Its 12 silver, you can add a 'sticky belt' for 3 silver (half off the 6 it usually is).
Nearby there is a rack of goggles in various shades of color, the prices range for single bit pieces of borderline trash, or solid gold framed for more than the outfit costs.. the reasonable quality ones are 8 silver
He nods and puts his game face on, the eyes of a stallion that has faced down kings and queens and sold them hundreds of vases.. At least a few of the rumors you overheard were like this, but they seem surprising kind and energetic.
"Alright then, this little box here is worth around 110 coin, but my Ivlancian stock is a little low, so lets say 150."


Sense motive.
"Yours for 1500 coins."

Roll #1 7 + 7 = 14


Ad Boost.

Roll #1 4, 3 = 7


And rolling the exploded one.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Perfect! The Outfit and belt are exactly what I need! Now for goggles, something with sturdy frames and some tinted lens to help me deal with being out in the sun all the time…


You suspect he's trying to impress you with charms so you'll trade favorably, but not outright lying, the small chest you picked to bring is worth a little less than this much in weight of gold and gems… but can be worth a lot more for being somewhat rare.

"You're a bold pony, I like that. Well it is Ivlancian, what do you say to 340?"

Easily done, There is a blue-jay patterned gryphon that checks you out, she seems a little bored but has a cheerful voice.


Pay and get dressed in my new swag!


"I'd say anything short of eight hundred coins would be piracy, my good fella!
We got through so many devious beasts to get our hooves on this!
Machines which were alive! Rabbit monsters! Devious traps!"


New clothes always feel good, and this one feels particularly nice and smooth.
A few looks come your way as well, most of them smiling or admiring the outfit.
new clothes/accessories gives a passive 'appearance' bonus

He sighs and shakes his head at you. "You're asking quite a lot for just a little product Lad, usually these kinds of places have much more interesting things stocked in them as well.. The best I can do is 750, and that's an amazing deal for you, just because I like your guts."



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