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You find yourselves in Montello, the city of freedom, or the city of thieves. Where every sky pirate winds up when they want to escape the heat. Its a rather disorderly place, they don't have a true leader like most cities, their buildings are kind of scattered along the cliffs of fallen hope. The city is always bustling, ponies trading stolen goods, or ship parts, drowning themselves in rum in celebration of some heist and even pirates looking for a new crew or captain to team up with. The center of this mess would be the tavern The Rusty Wrench, its tavern master, Darrel the Darkbeard, some say the salty earth pony is the closest thing these bunch have to a leader, to which Darrel just says "Keep your scuffs outside" and "pay yer tab or I'll throw you to the cliffs". Its just as lively as ever in the Rusty Wrench, and with the storm clouds on the horizon, you'd be best off inside of something that's at least tied down.


If I'm here there has to be a reason! Look brightly upon the patrons of the tavern, standing tall and smiling by the entrance of the Rusty Wrench!


"Goll'arned squalls, messin' wit' my research," I grumble to myself as I glare at the storm clouds.
Hopefully there's something worth my time in this tavern. Ooh! Maybe I can try out the effects of some things I've been brewing… unsuspecting subjects are the best subjects!


"Hey! Keep those cards where we can see 'em! No tricks tonight or I'll tie you down to face the storm with not but the fur coat you came outta yu'r momma with."

Let's keep playing some cards with the rest of the patrons here.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Yus the one with cards up yer sleeves If I recall correct."
"You idiot, you can't recall yer own name 'key-rect' "
They laugh and play their cards for this round as well.
There are all sorts of ponies here, a few playing cards in the corner, one Bat pony is walking in right near you. Surely there must be something great awaiting you. There are a few open seats at the bar if you just want to over look everyone for a while.
There is a bold looking pegasus in the door as you walk in, he's kind of staring at the crowd and grinning like an idiot, or a man with a plan on his mind. There are a lot of different ponies here, a card game in the corner, many groups talking and laughing, a few open seats at the bar if you want to just observe for a moment.


Float up enough for everyone to see me.

"Listen up you scallywags, I, the great Captain Chance, need a crew!
Ye be tough enough to be up to the challenge?!

Draw my sword and make a fencing motion into the air.

Roll #1 10 + 7 = 17


Take a seat at the bar, looking for a chance to-
-or just turn to face the shouting idiot with the fancy swordmoves.
"Depends on what yer fixin' ther sail inter."


"Sheesh, I can't even say what you boys name is right now. I might just have to fold here until my headmeat decides to start working again. And lookie over there, maybe just what the good Doc ordered."

"So 'Captain', I'd be willing to toss in my lot with with anyone right now. What are you offering that many and all the other good boys and girls here shouldn't just head to the docks to test our luck there?"


"I got no ship, but I've a route."
Grin at him.
"The one thing no other pirate in all the blue skies could not offer you!
A sure route to treasure, fame, and fortune!"


You show off how good you are with your sword.A swish here, a slash there. A few look over at you, but most seem only mildly impressed.
"Oh another 'captain'?"
"I hope this one has a ship"
"yea remember the last guy that didn't have one, that was a riot."
"Hey, that riot took my ship!"
"Not your ship anymore mate"
You got the attention of two at least.


that's the two players btw, just because I'm not giving you an npc right now


Bah, ignore them and head for the griffon.


"You've at least have any preparations started for such a journey, at least?"


"Sure, errybody an' their grandam's got a route. What ye need's a ship afore ye go askin' fer crew."


"Of course I do, can't you see it in my eyes?"
Smirk as I move closer, and sweep his (her?) talon in a vigorous shake.
"A ship's the easy part.
Wanna bet?"


"…Ye know what? Fine, I'll see if ye can live up to yer talk. If'n ye can get a ship, I'll join yer crew. If not, I get to test stuff on ye as long as I like, ye ken?"



"I can probably see a tinge of the drink, is what. Unfortunately for the rest of us, that puts you in contention for being a top contender for most sober possible Captain and least likely to try and drive us into these here cliffs."

"Still, I need to pass the time before looking for a roof over my head and maybe a little craziness can help."

"So 'Captain', what's your first order of business?"


"Join my crew right now and it's a deal."
Grin at him and reach for his hoof as well.


Jump back with confidence, floating in the air.
"Well my friend, first of all, we get a ship!"


Shake his hoof.
"Yer a bold'un, I'll give ye that."


"An' how do you figure we start that endeavour? Not like someone's just handing out deeds to ships. And if they were, I wouldn't trust 'em."


"Ye see, me hearties, there be a storm a-brewing!"
It's that time. Quickly pull out the compass and look at it for the next step of my journey.
For a place where there be ships.


"I'm aiming to keep my feathers dry, if you will…"


Well, your compass points to the west, you guess that it means somewhere outside, where a ship is probably tied down, which is a little strange, since most of the ships were tied down over by the posts to the east.


"No guts no glory!"
Quickly clamp the compass shut and tuck it back inside my clothes.

Rush for the door, disappearing behind it.
A moment later, pop back in, looking at my newfound "crew".
"You comin'?"


"Eh, I don't mind seeing where this lunacy leads me. Pro'lly more fun than just renting a room."

Head off with Sudden.


"Well, finally someun interesting!"
Follow my new captain outside.


You head outside, the steep cliffs and threatening clouds chased most of the others inside already, but a few still linger out here. Over to the west you see a bridge, and on the other side a ship, the ship seems to have a formal flag on it instead of the usual black sail, the silvery image of a tower on a bold green flag.




Do I recognize the flag or type of ship this is?


Recognize the flag.

Roll #1 1 + 5 = 6


"That's not something you see erry other day. What's a ship like that doin' here?"


"Being our new ride, of course!"


roll a knowledge check to learn more.
You charge across the bridge and-
You don't know shit about that flag captain.


Is it manned?

Roll #1 12 + 1 = 13


"Hope ye know what yer doin', Lad!"

Roll #1 15 + 4 = 19


"Not knowing is part of the adventure!"


You don't see anyone here. In fact it looks a little roughed up, and smallish, 'well loved' I think they call this. You step over a few pieces of wood from barrels as you climb on.
This ship is from far far north, or at least the flag is. The city of Cobbelle, famous for its towers built by stubborn goat clans. Its now home to a variety of races like any other big city, but goats still consider it their homeland.


"Alright, time to make her float! And before the storm hits us!"
Make her airworthy!
Retract the anchors!"
Check the sails!"


And after all that, dash in front of the helm, rolling on the helmswheel with vigour and passion, a mad glee in my eyes.


"On it."


"Aye aye, sir! The trash-munchers'll be scratchin their wool after this, burr aye!"
Get retracting!

Roll #1 8 + 4 = 12


Rolling for ability.

Roll #1 13 = 13


With a little teamwork getting this thing into the air is easy. Its just a matter of getting the steam engine running again, the hot air flowing into the balloon making a a sound like a whistle. The adjusting the sails to expect the wind resistance. The wheel feels nice in your hooves, a bit well worn, but in a good way.
You could check below deck for what supplies are left.


"Let's see what these fellas were cartin!"
Head belowdecks to inspect the supplies.


Take the helm in majestic glee!
Good job crew!
To the first of a thousand adventures!
Now, your names!"
"Check for rum, we earned it!"


"I'll keep an eye on the engine, I don't want it failing on us."

"It's Secret, Arrid Secret, Cap'n."


Most of the good stuff has already looted, several empty barrels, a few chests with some things like blankets, a couple half empty lanterns, a fishing rod, a sleeping goat.. wait a sleeping goat? Looks like she's hugging a crate of something.


Nod at the name as I lean over the wheel.
"The engine's all yours, Secret."


"For now. We'll need someone who actually knows how to keep it working. Me, I just know which levers to pull, but I couldn't say what they do exactly."


Grin a wide, Cheshire grin. TEST SUBJECT!
What's in the crate she's hugging?
Notice '1d20+6'

Roll #1 1 + 6 = 7


You think its some kind of box of metal, since the side reads "metallia"


Wake up with a yawn and hug the crate tighter.
"Do what you must, I have already won!"


"Winging it will take you further than you think!"
Grin and spread a wing as if to encourage him.

"What's taking that guy so long…"


"Well then, I've got some things te try…"
pull out my doctor's kit and needles.
"Let's see what happens!"
Medicine for Random drug effects '1d20+10'

Roll #1 8 + 10 = 18


"Got us a ship, so I can't say no to that right now."

"Go check to see he hasn't hurt 'imself, I've got this up here for now."


"Hey! What's that?"


"Ship's your for the next ten minutes, treat her well."
Grin and leave him to the helm.
And then down I go.
"Fluffy guy?
Drinking off all the booze?"


"That's what I want to ken! Now hold still!"


I suppose Buttermilk get to dodge that.


I'll try to be a slippery goat and avoid getting roofie-juiced

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


"What the…"


Unfortunately a goat who just woke up is not very fast to react. You get injected with something.
but it doesn't seem to do anything.
You injected her with water.


"HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, da look on yer face… hahahahahaha!"


"Owie…. that was mean!
How would you feel if I started poking you, mister?"


"Dinnae worry, stowaway, we ain't using ye fer tests. Jest gonna throw ye overboard."
"We'se gotta stowaway, captain!"


Seems like the bat pony was just playing a prank on this stowaway goat


Poke out my tongue.
"Well, you can't throw me overboard because then the whoooooooole ship will go down without me!"

Roll #1 3 + 8 = 11


"Well I can see that!"
Draw my sword on the goat!
"You are prisoner of the great Captain Chance!
What's your name, and what are you doing on my vessel?{


Wave at you.
"Hi! My name is Buttermilk Sky and I was just eating cereal!"
Tilt my head.
"Your vessel?"


"Yes! We claimed it through rightful rite of piracy!"


Give her a flat look.
"ah yes, I can see that."


Waaait a minute that miiiiight be a lie…
Sense motive.

Roll #1 3 + 5 = 8


Nod with a goofy grin.

Well I'm sorry but the Metallia is all gone!"


It's obvious that's the truth!
These goat ships use lots of crazy magic!
It might be powered by the cheers of this forsaken child!"
"The what?"

Sheathe my blade, she's no threat!


"This guy gets it!"
Point at the crate.
"The Metallia! Only the mooooooooost tasty cereal in the whole world!"


"…Well all right then."


Pirates need a complete, crunchy breakfast!
What else's left of the foodstock?"


Stick out my tongue at you again.

"Uhhh… I only focused on the goodie!"


"Well now I can't throw you off the ship, but I can't have a stowaway lying around doing nothing but keeping the ship afloat!
This is a heck of a problem. Unless…"

Draw my sword and point it at her!


"Didn't look like there was much left from what I could see."
What are those storm clouds like?
Notice '1d20+6'

Roll #1 4 + 6 = 10


"We'll have to stop down comes the first port then!"


My eyes widen and I start hopping around you.
I've wanted to be one ever since you pointed a sword a sword at me and asked me 'Will you be a pirate, Buttermilk' and I was like GASP! And then I said 'Yes I want to be a pirate!"


You have a lot of crackers, a few spices, A couple wheels of cheese. You'd be okay for maybe a week if you were careful.
The storm clouds are closing in from the north, you're currently drifting south. You spot some lightning in the distance.


Welcome to the crew, Buttermilk!
Now show us the ship!"


"Here, you can find crates! Barrels, even! It's a hold because it holds a lot of secrets!"
Start bouncing around, then stop.
"I didn't really move out of it yet, but I'm sure the rest is just as exciting!"


"Good thing we came along, or you'd still be stuck in here!"
But yeah, those clouds are worrying me as well.
"We should look for a map."
Does my study in exploration allow me to better remember roughly where the closest port is?


It'll take a while for the storm to overtake us, then.
Continue exploring the ship!
ride: Flying Vehicles '1d20+4'

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8


Smart idea Doc.
Explore the ship.

Roll #1 8 + 8 = 16


"I had everything I could ask for!"


The closest main city would be Spiritios, A classic citadel type city, a favorite of magi, because of its closeness to mana river, which they say helps them with their magic stuff. Could be they just like the fresh water.
But there is surely a closer port. Perhaps to the south.
You understand how to make the ship do hard turns using the two fin like sails on the side, this requires the crew to help, to do slower or more small turns uses the paddles on the hull of the ship this is controlled by the steering wheel. you know to make it descend faster, or ascend more by controlling the amount of steam going into the balloon.
You also know how to control the ship, and find that its size is kind of small, there is one room for storing things, one room for sleeping in, one kitchen, and an engine room. There is also a place for prisoners, it looks a little unkept over all. A few old basic weapons are left behind, they might sell for a few silver, or be back up weapons if someone forgot theirs.


I haven't been to the kitchen yet, goodness me!
Size up the situation in there!
Is it a good or a bad kitchen?

Roll #1 17 = 17


To the south, I like the sound of that.
Claim the best bunk for myself under the right of captain-ity!
"You can cook, right?"


"Only if you can eat it!"


"But goats can eat anything!"


Its a cramped kitchen, that's for sure! This is where all the spices and the wheels of cheese are. There are some dusty pots and pans, a collection of plates and forks and spoons. Only a couple knives. The shelves don't like to stay closed. You do notice some sugar and flour, amazingly no ants or mold, just a little dust and dirt. You see a can of nails, and a a can of cans, and some rope that looks like it was chewed on, while you couldn't consider that food it might be useful.


"Aye, a solid lass she be. What's yer name, darlin'?"


Blink a few times and shrug.
"You meaaaaaaan you can't?"

I wish I could chew on rope.
Blow off the dust from the pots and pans and strike a few of them together.
"At least the kitchen is still in good shape!"


"Maybe it's best if somepony else does the cooking…"


You claim the fluffiest bunk, the one with minimal chew marks on the side. Its also the one with the highest view.


Well you probably could, I mean, somegoat already was chewing on it before!


Back to the helm!
Time to follow the winds!


"Awww, if you say so! I can totally mix the flour and the water and the sugar, and it turns into cake or something!"

Don't chew it, just give it a small taste.
Just a small nibble.


"Okay, try on-"
Stop her and snatch the rope before she can bite it!
"Not food!"


You didn't notice a name on the side. So it must be up to your captain.
Its a very well aged rope. It taste a bit like salty water.
You overlook the area ahead, this is the Great Wolf Plains, its wide and flat, grass being blown by the wind as you fly over. A pack of the famous great wolves runs along the ground tracking something.
You are just close enough to the sea to notice the waves picking up as the storm chases you. Then you do notice a building, a round and smooth building like a boulder, but it has a door as lights as well.


"No, it's rope, silly!"
You can keep it, I already got a taste! Icky salty taste.
"When will we start pirating?"


"…We might be just about to!"
"Everypony to his stations!"
Steer us towards the building!


"'Ey, Captain! Lass needs a name, don't she?"
Pat the ship's side proudly.


Stand around, confused.


"Indeed she does.
Tell me Doc, what do you like most in life?"
"See that?"
Point on ahead.
"That's where we start pirating!"


Squint to look at what you're pointing at.


You come closer and find there are close to a Dozen small round houses, and one Large round building. They are made of bricks and wooden logs, the area is all lit up with lights on poles so you can see your way around. The wind is rattling your sails a bit, as if they ship were complaining about having to work. You see a pair of ponies staring up at the skies.


"We might have to settle down here, I think. Get the occasion to recruit some more, too."

Let's head for their dock, towards the ponies.


"Trying new things!"
Reduce the amount of steam going to the balloon to start descending.


"Can I come with you?
Just don't leave without me or you'll crash, remember?"


You steer the ship downwards, the ponies come into clearer view, they are looking at you strangely. One has a spear, and the other has a sword and shield They are standing around near a harpoon.
You only see a couple other air ships. One huge, beast of a ship, an iron hull, its broad flags have an anvil inside of a mountain on them, crew crawling all over it. two medium sized ships, both seems pretty well manned.


"Howdy folks!"
Wave at them with a grin.


Jump up and down while waving.


Can I see a place to tie us down to?


"Well, you are a long way from home." They say and nod when they see the goat. "toss a line down, we'd best get your ship secure before the storm picks up." They gesture over to post that looks very much like a big nail hammered into the ground. A good place to tie down a ship.


"Home is where your heart is! And it's inside of me so I'm always home!"
Chortle at myself
I can't wait!
Hop off to the ground!


"Could you throw us a rope up?
Our only rope got chewed on by the goat!"


They laugh heartily and tie a rope to post before tossing you the other end. "Typical goats."
pause for now since we're down to two


"Onwards to land!"
Let's fasten my ship tight and thanks for running.


When last we left off, our pirates had docked their ship in a small town on the plains, the houses all round like boulders, everypony hurried inside cept for the few guards of course.
There are three other air ships here, one large metal covered monster of a ship, using propellers instead of a traditional balloon, and two merchant vessels which appear suitably manned. You could go into the general store "Wolf Supplies", the tavern or "Great Lodge", or the bakery "Wolf's Best Bread". All of them appear still open, and on the main street.


"Decisions, decisions…"

I take out a coin and start tossing it into the air.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Well, how could I turn down the suggestion for a good meal."

I'll let the others know before I step off otwards the bakery.


"Let's get our hides out of the storm for the moment, uh?"
From one inn to the other, let's hit the Great Lodge.


"Oooooh! Fancy places!"

Follow the cap'n.


"Ah'll go wit' ye. We need ta stock larder, since da can-munchers didnae leave a wit o' edibles about."
Follow him to the bakery to see if we can stock up en masse.


Your coin lands on tails, which is the picture of a sword and cannon, heads is a picture of a crown on a mountain.
You both head into the bakery, the sweet scent of freshly baked goods fills your senses with warmth and joy. There is a zebra stallion behind the counter who greets you with a smile and a wave. "HelloHello Welcome to Wolf's Best, Best Bread on the Prairie! Can I offer you a sample? Would you like to have a seat for a while?"
You both go into the Lodge, you hear upbeat singing from the stage, there are ponies, gryphon, zebra, and even diamond dog all singing along and drinking. You spot an open table near the bar, you'd be able to call attention to yourselves easily here, or a table more in the back where you could not be bothered most of the night.


Start singing along!

Roll #1 18 + 8 = 26


"I'll take a seat after we look over your pans. Now then, cannon, I take something creamy for me, mountain, something with sugar on top."

"Oh, I don't be knowing if you have any preserved bread? We might be off some after the weather calms itself."

Roll #1 2 = 2


That kid's goat talent.
I'll use the occasion to serve myself off an unsuspecting patron's drink.

Roll #1 10 + 4 = 14


"Evenin', boyo! Ah take it yer Wolf?"
Look around at what he's got in stock.


You jump on to a table and bleat belt out the notes, with perfect harmony, ponies start to whistle and cheer and clap along to the rhythm. "Go Goat Girl" you hear over the roar of the crowd. Even the band seems impressed and calls you up to take a bow!
You take a drink from a particularly distracted table of earth pony stallions, and over hear some of their chatter. "Yea! Look at the goat gal go!" "That's a nanny you nit," "More like she could use a Nanny, looks at those horns, she's barely older than a filly!" "She surely doesn't sound like fhilley." "You'd best not be hung over tomorrow, I know how you get air sick!"
"HA, No, Wolf is just the name of this town. The Great Wolf Lodge. Bein' as it was jus the lodge at first, and there are wolves all around this place."
He has breads, pastries, honey covered buns, tiny cakes with letters on them, cup cakes, all things you'd expect to see from a bakery.
"As far as persevered breads, the Air Light and Bird Bran might be what you're after. They are specifically made to survive long periods on airships. Air Light is a white bread, with a softer texture, Bird Bran is a dark bread, with a bit of a crunch."


Hop up on the stage while giggling.
Wave at the people.


Sit amidst them, totally pretending I've got nothing to do with the missing drink.
"Great performance, wasn't it?
How often do you even get to see something like this, with all the time you spend at sky?"


"How much for one of 'em buns. My sweet beak is acting up and I'm sure the kid will like a few."

Haggle '1d20+6'

Roll #1 3 + 6 = 9


"How much fer da Air 'ight?"
No mango themes, I suppose. Probably for the best.


The crowd cheers and waves back, a few cries for more rise up, and a few others turn back to their drinks and conversations.
"Yea, its nice to get our hooves on the ground. Earth ponies are most at home in the dirt. That's what muh pa always said. And he was right." the orangish stallion says and sets down his drink between him and the blue stallion.
"You might enjoy it more if you relaxed a bit." the blue stallion replies and drinks from the same cup that orange one just put down. "Not everypony is out to get you."
"Hey, I bet you spend a lot of time in the skies, you look like the type anyway." The white furred stallion says looking kind of smug as he sees his friends drink dilemma.
Mango bread? What is that? Sounds like a french thing. And this ain't no frenchy town.
"Air Light, I can sell you a loaf for 3 silver. or [a week's worth] for a gold, if you're looking to stock up."
"Ah! That'd be a silver for two." The zebra stallion smiles. "How old is the kid?"


"Thanks for the song!"
Say that to the band, then hop off the stage and sit back next to the cap'n!
Wave at the ponies he's talking to!


"Have me all figured out already, mister…"


"My stomach and in a moment, the kid'll thank you."

Hand over the silver.

"I'll go peek at Bird Bran's prices if you want to come with. No need to spend silver so soon."


I'm not sure how it would work either!
…Maybe that could be my next project…
If I remember correctly, I've got 60 Silver on hand? Or did I forget to subtract the price of my items from my total starting cash?


He's talking to some earth ponies, the orange one looks really really drunk.
"Hey is the goat girl!" "NANNY" "I told you already she's not an old goat! See."
They offer you a seat.
"Mister One Way, because-"
"Because he can only fall one way" The blue one chimes in making the orange one laugh hardily.
"4 silver for a loaf, or [slightly less than a week's worth] for a gold"
Its slightly more, but dark bread is known to last a little longer too.
You have enough for bread. bread is cheap.


All right then!
"A week's worth a' Air'ight, If'n ye don't mind! And one Sweetroll, if ye please."
What? I've got a sweet tooth.


Oh wow, no homo!
"Guess that wasn't the way off your ship, or you wouldn't be here now!
Which one of those docked out there is yours?"


Sit down and shake my head.
"I'm not old! Do you see any wrinkles here?"
Point at my face.


"Tempting, especially since we don't know where that Cap'ain of ours will take us. Say, you wouldn't have a little of the old stuff you can add on, just to have it taken off your sheets? Unsold product is lost profit anyways, but we can help you with that."

Haggle, let's try to see if we can start adding a little more to our haul. '1d20+6'

Roll #1 17 + 6 = 23


"Sure. I'll pack a crate of it, and here's the sweet roll now."
He slides you a sweet roll and writes down the amount of bread.
"Well Its true that I had a cancellation earlier this week, and so few ponies want sourdoe around here, I could toss that on." The zebra rubs his chin and nods. "Just a couple silver more, to cover the box."
"Ah, we work on the vessel Carol Cruise, but the captain is over there"
"We can call em' over for ya."
"No way, I don't wanna call the capt' outta a game."
"You're pretty smart still huh."
You see who they mean, a red earth pony wearing a largish hat and coat, locked in a poker game with three others.
"Not a one!" "You're a cute kid. Want a drink?" "Idiot, she's too young to drink."
"How'd you learn to sing like that?"


"Has that game been going on for long now?"


"If I never drank I'd die of thirst! I don't want that, silly!"
"I just opened my mouth and the notes came out and then I could sing!"


"I like it, and hunger is the best spice anyway. I'll check in with the Cap'n first. Just met him and I don't need to find out he's allergic to it."


"Ten minutes." The orange one says and tries to grab the drink, but the blue one is currently drinking it. He looks confused and tries to find his original drink.
"More than that, but It looks like Quincy is done." You see a large billy goat get up and leave. "So they might wrap it up soon."
"Well I can hold onto the order until you're ready to pick it up."


The whole table laughs at that. "Hey let me try." the blue stallion tries to copy the band.

Roll #1 10 = 10


he does surprisingly okay, for a half drunken stallion.


Pay for it and thank him, then head on over to the Inn to meet up with the rest of the crew.


Try to eye the table where they are playing. How rich is their plate?

Roll #1 17 + 5 = 22


"Not bad at all! Maybe you're actually a singer you just don't know it yet!"


"Thanks. If he wants to travel far, he'll agree with this."

Head off where the other two went.

"Hmm, you two seem to be getting along."

"Oy, I might have scored us some supplies on a discount, but I just need to find out your take on it."

Start explaining the bread deal we ran into.

"And you, you like honey?"


"Honey is really sweet!"


"I don't know if they ruined yer appetite, but I picked one of these up for you."

Pass Butters one of the Buns.

"Try not to eat it one gulp and enjoy the taste."


"Yay! Thank you!"
Give you a quick hug, then
Try not to eat it in one gulp

Roll #1 18 - 2 = 16


You head into the Great Wolf Lodge, the band is playing upbeat drinking music a few patrons are attempting to sing along, but most are occupied at their tables with their own conversations and drinks. You notice the captain and the kid at a table with three earth pony stallions.
"You really think so? Dang, maybe there is a chance! If someone as talented as you thinks so!"
The white stallion just shakes his head.
Also your friends just walked in.
They are playing with decently large sums of money, most of that is going to the brown unicorn, but the red earth pony does look determined to win, the pink maned pegasus looks like she wants to fold and cut her losses.


"Not so tight, heh. Next thing you know, I'll pass out from this choke hold you call a hug."


Your crew-gryphon also walked up to you going on about bread and getting a load of slightly stale sour doe bread for cheap.


"Well stop being so nice if you want to get hugs!"

"Just remember to practice a lot!"


"Oy, the table!"
Trot up and give them all a grin.
"'Ow ye lot holdin' up so far?"


Reply, as if entranced, absent mindedly.
"Sure old pal, sounds good…"
Say, patting the griffon on the shoulder and stalking mentally the brown unicorn.


"Nah, life's more fun when you live dangerously like I do,"

"I managed to talk the tradeszebra into cutting us a deal on a cancelled order, just gotta remember to stop by for it, since I'm still curious about where you'll be leading us."


"Haven't failed you yet, have I?"


"Then be prepared, I might hug you at any given moment!"


"That's cause I just met ya! You haven't had a chance to yet."

Smile back.

"Just be careful, can't have me passing out each and every time you do so."


Like a gryphon or a dire wolf, your eyes are locked on your target, the brown unicorn and his growing pile of coin. Meanwhile your drink is refilled.
The blue one chuckles and then looks at the orange one, who is glaring at him. "Ey! did you steal my drink?" "You probably drank it all." "HEY I NEED ANOTHER DRINK" He calls to the bar maid, who promptly remedies the problem and refills the captain's cup too.


"Remember the boat!
And hey, enjoy a drink!
I think we have the night cut out for us."
Give the compass a quick look.
Is this what I'm here for? What this town holds for us? Just a tiny stack of gambled money?


"Sho' thing. You looking to join this game, or do you mind if I step in?"


"You like to live dangerously!"

Look at them with bright, big, cute goat eyes.
"Can I get a drink like a biiiiiiig cup of orange juice please?"

Roll #1 8 + 6 = 14


Your compass points several directions, to the wall where there are a few bounties posted, to the table of gambled money, to the well armored fellows over by the side, to the general store across the street, and to the band on the stage.. if you had to guess, your compass was telling you there are lots of ways to make profit in a town, or the thing could just be spinning on itself like a broken compass.


"You've been the only one without a drink the whole timez, how rude o' me."
One of the barmaids sees your plea and smirks, the orange stallion nods and hands a coin to the lady who then brings you an orange juice.


"Yay! Thanks!"
Drink it all then lick my lips!
"Tasty! So, did you know I'm actually crew of a ship! Because I totally am!"


"Rweally? What kinda ship?"


Throw my hoofsies in the air.
"The best one!"


Shake my head.
"No, go on, have fun. Get them to drop some more money on that."


Damn broken compass.
Lean in close to her.
"Hey. See that guy in armor over there?"


Look at whoever he's looking at.
"Huh? Why?"


"He needs cheering up, I bet!"


"Well, you'll know where to find me."

I'll wait to see this round end before jumping in. Nothing's more fun than taking a chance.


Its a well armored stallion, standing over by the wall. He looks kind of grumpy.


Clap my hooves.
"Ooooooh! Uh, I mean….
"Oooooooh! I can do that!"


"This is a secret pirate mission though!
Don't tell him anypony sends you, and try to find out who he is!


And I'm now gonna walk over to the bounties wall.


Do a tiny salute, then hop over to the armored pony!
Stand next to him.
Put on my best grumpy, angry pirate face.


If anyone needs me, assume I've fallen asleep at the table.


Into the game? Well there is an open seat. The Pine maned pegasus tentatively puts a few more coins into the pot, the red earth pony looks stressed out as he tosses a few more in as well, the brown unicorn doesn't give anything away.. and he wins this round as well.
You trot over to the bounties and see that there is a problem with a 'wolf mystic' or 'werewolf' depending on which writer you want to believe at, the bounty on this would be enough to buy you a small canon. There is a list of standing rewards for proof of any monster killed, valued by monster, there's a bounty straight from Law Forge for a purple and blue crystal pony, named 'Grey Beacon' looks like a tough guy, he's got a scar on his right hoof, is wanted for piracy, theft, murder.
The stallion looks down at you with a curious expression. "Hello Kid."


Hope you had some fun.


"Alright, new game. Deal me in if you don't mind a little more coin in the pot."

Toss in several coins and rolling Prestidigitation to make sure I can keep a Poker Face. '1d20+4'

Roll #1 10 + 4 = 14


Oh boy, looks like a great addition to the crew!
Turn quickly around, is the game still going on?


I did, and hopefully I'll continue to once I finish this sheet.


"I was sent by the boss. Don't tell anyone, but I'm undercover. Tell me everything about the thing."
And an action die.

Roll #1 13 + 8 = 21


You have to actually roll the action die. 1d4.



Roll #1 2 = 2


You keep a decent poker face.
"Alright, I guess we've exchanged a bird for a bird." the brown stallion says.
"Yea, maybe the odds will change with you here." the pink maned pegasus says.
The red stallion grumbles. "Fine."
Your feathered crewmate is joining in. Might prolong it for a while.
The stallion raises his eye brow at you. '1d20+5'

Roll #1 6 + 5 = 11


"Hahaha, let's all enjoy a little game for now. Nothing to get to worked up about."

Let's try to Bluff our way to victory. If they all fold, I win by default, so let's see if I can throw out some false tells. '1d20+4'

Roll #1 8 + 4 = 12


Then I will take my leave and head for the ship those sailors came from.


"Hmm You move fast. I mean really. I didn't expect anyone to notice until we headed back to lawforge.. But yea. I was planning to mutiny in a couple days, got a few of the crew who feel a bit under appreciated. All the trading we do, for the 'royal crown' ha, we could do better. Course some of them want to give the captain another shot, being its such an impressive vessel."


Nod like I'm a totally serious super secret agent.
"Who are the ponies who are up for it?"


There are only three other ships here. One iron monster, and two similar trading ships, the Carol Cruise is a trading ship, with a more traditional easy to manage air balloon, Its on the end as well.


He glances around slightly.
"Teal Skies, Raven Feather, Jokely, Ink Brush.. and myself of course, we'd be the main ones."


Damn, that iron monster looks so sexy…
One day, when I will have the crew for it! Baby steps!
Let's see if anyone is on board the Carol Cruise.

Roll #1 13 + 5 = 18


There is a gryphon and an earth pony, they have their coats on and are staring up at the storm clouds. Looks like everyone else is inside.


"So… the cap'n… what'shisname, I always forget… what do you plan to do with the poor soul?"


Ways I can fly in from below deck, avoiding their inquiring glares?

Roll #1 13 + 5 = 18


"Captain Ruby Hoof, and we'd defeat him and set down outside of a town, we'll be long long gone by the time he can report it, and into Law Forge to register for a new shipment before anyone can catch up."
You could sneak in where the canons are, or from the port side. Or you try something sneakier to distract them.


How goes the rest of the card game?


"I can see why you'd do that… that ship is a real beauty, isn't she?"


In where the cannons are. I can fly after all!


Oh sorry. I thought I replied.

The Red stallion folds right away, the mine manes pegasus plays, and the unicorn plays.

Roll #1 14, 5 = 19


You're actually taking the lead from the brown stallion.


They've been here a bit longer than I have and seem to know how to play off each other. Let's see if I can take advantage of this and Notice any of their tells while keeping them talking. '1d20+5'

"So, what keeps all you fine folk here? Or are y'all like me and just passing through?"

Roll #1 13 + 5 = 18


You go inside, there is gunpowder, a stack of canon balls, a door to the south, some stairs up and down.

"Huh, you're a bit luckier than me this time" The brown unicorn comments and actually keeps raising you.
"Yea, we'll see how long that lasts." The pegasus retorts.

"Well I'm here most nights." The brown stallion smiles. "You wouldn't guess it, but I actually live around here."
"I'm just passing through. I heard he was a good game, so I decided to play." The pegasus says.
"Just hoping to win big before I go off to another boring trade. But with a cutie mark in navigation, I don't have much choice besides sailing the skies." The red earth pony replies.
"She sure is.. a stallion would feel like a king with a ship like that.. All metal, those mechanical propellers.. No danger from birds poppping your balloon"



Roll #1 9, 4, 18 = 31


Sit up with a snort.
"Whah-huh? Ah've got two tickets tah the gun show…"


Check the door, of course!


Nod, then shake my head.
"Hey… wouldn't that mean some of the crew might try and fight for their cap'n though? Anyone we need to watch out for?"


"As for me, just another sailor latching on to the first captain that was hiring."
"So you work 'round these parts?" I ask to the Brownie.
"You already know where you're going, or just waiting for the storm winds to bring you a new crew?" I ask as I turn to the Red pony.


You notice that the pegasus ruffles her feathers a bit when she's losing, and smiles bigger with her ears perked up when she's got a good hoof, The Unicorn doesn't give away much at all, but the Red earth pony gives away plenty, no wonder he's losing.
Your gryphon friend is over playing cards, he's actually up it seems. The Captain isn't here, and the goat is talking to some well armored strong guy.
Behind the door you see several crates of supplies. Its a little dark thou.
"It does mean that. We'd have to be alert, looking for Mint, Hollow Front, Gerald Goldenwing, and the Howler, that crazy diamond dog."
"Yea, over at the general store." Brown replies.
"We're headed toward the south, to a new port that's opened up down there, Poneton. Hoping for some more exciting trades." Red replies.


Damnit. I don't have a torch or anything similar!
Look around for one.

Roll #1 18 + 5 = 23


All's well, it seems. Time to eat my sweetroll!

After that, I might head over to the General store, see if they have any ingredients I need for potions.


"Dang… you sure none of them would ever side with us?"


"And you my fellow flyer? You come around often?"

I'll try to see if I can Perceive anything coming off of the Unicorn while we're talking. He has to give something off. '1d20+5'

Roll #1 12 + 5 = 17


You stumble around in the dark and find a shining spy glass next to an old lantern.
There's always that chance. The sweet roll melts slightly in your mouth, the sugar seeping around, it kind of reminds you of the time you drank honeydew beer.
"No way, they are direhard loyalists who even believe in that prince's dream of a united land. and that's why we aren't making money! They are too busy dreaming."
"Oh, I go a little bit of here, a little bit of there. I'm really a bounty hunter myself. You're not wanted for anything are you?" She smirks.

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


You do notice a subtle twitch of his back hooves when he has a bad hand.


Tuck the spyglass away and light the lantern. Now I can check the crates!


"What's the payload anyhow?"


"Not yet. Though if this crew of mine gets their ambitions even half filled, just know that you can tell people you played cards against Arrid Secret, Gryphon Extraordinaire!"

Apply a little more Bluff and try to throw them off and take the coins with me. '1d20+4'

Roll #1 18 + 4 = 22


Good. Now, off to the Store! I need to do some shopping!
Specifically, I need ingredients for a Confidence Potion, a Wilding Oil, and an Acid Vial. Not necessarily enough to finish them, but a start would be nice.


you should roll 4 loot, 4 coin counting your bonus.

And the rest of you will wait a moment as I pause for lunch.


First four for loot, last four for coin.

Roll #1 14, 7, 4, 9, 17, 18, 16, 16 = 101




"The usual stuff, ores moving back and forth. We have a prisioner actually believe it or not. A pirate!" He whispers excitedly. "Leonis the Lion Caller, a unicorn who claims to be able to master any wild life."
"You can call me Petunia, I like that name." The pink maned mare smiles.
"Captain Crackle." The red stallion replies, "The Carol Cruise is my lady, a fine little vessel she is."
"Dust Bowl, I'm just the guy that restocks the shelves, that old man wouldn't give me a more important job until I quit gambling. And I'm just too good at gambling to quit!" Brown laughs.

You're doing so well that Petunia folds and shakes her head and pockets the small pile of coin she's got left. "I'm out, this game is too manly for me."
Dust Bowl narrows his eyes on you, roll notice. "You've got a bit of skill there. How long you been playing?"
Crackle looks pretty annoyed. "I think I need another drink."
Okay, You go into the store there is an old stallion here rubbing the counter with some polish. The walls are lined with things like chains and ropes, and and shelves with various supplies.
You find 30 silver, a painting of the Lady Belleflower Opaleye holding the baby Ronan, a fairly popular piece since Belleflower is a lovely mare, A crate full of furs, a very fancy looking book about alchemy, and some sheet music.


I will need help smuggling this off here! How much of it can I carry?


Start chortling at the thought, then make a serious face.
"Uh, just to keep up my cover. They can't think I'm having a serious conversation with you."


Go through the supplies and grab whatever I need for potions and poisons that doesn't go over my price range.

Wait… Chains and ropes?


"It's not so much experience as just having given up winning. When you lose big things, small things don't matter as much, Dust Bowl."

"Sorry to see you go Petunia, but what brought a Bounty Hunter like you out here? Are there that many dangerous fellas walking around?"

Roll #1 19 + 5 = 24


each of those things is about 25 pounds, you light load is 70 pounds.
you hear hoof steps on the stairs.
"Sounds like you've had a hard life." You notice Dust Bowl trying to cheat, he has a card in his sleeve!

"You never know where a scumbag will be hiding, a small town like this might be just the place to lay low for a while." Petunia says leaning back and drinking a bit.
You get some things to help you get started, including beakers and a few potted plants.

You know, to tie down stuff on your air ship, really this place has a bit of everything. even a few weapons behind the counter.
He nods. "Of course. I wouldn't dare expose you."


>book and sheet music is 25 pounds each
And here I was worried about the crate of furs!

But blow out the lamp for now and draw, ready to defend myself!


Also, sneak roll to hide in the dark.

Roll #1 16 + 4 = 20


Prod his armored chest a few times.
"So, when I get some premium pay for ya' for all this help, what name should I write on the bill?"


Wait, yea, those are much lighter. only 1/10th of a pound for the music, the book is 5 pounds, the crate of fur is 25 pounds and the painting is 4 pounds but a little awkward to carry. You can carry it, but probably not past the crew!


"Same as everyone, it's just I know I didn't take it so well. When you see everything you work for disappear in front of you, I just wasn't the same after that. Still,…"

Yawn, smile at him and start rubbing my limbs to show him I see the card.

"I know the value of coin, I can still balance a book, I just don't focus all of my time and skills on it."


Yes, the size is gonna be a problem. I'm just pocketing sheets and book for now, let's wait and see what happens with those steps.


Perfect! We needed them to throw us a line when we docked since the goat ate ours. Let's see her try to eat solid chain!
How much for a good length of chain?


"Greyjoy, Captain greyjoy!" He laughs heartily.
You hear the gryphon and pony outside of the door chatting. "Its already freezing out."
"yea, I hope this storm passes soon."
"Why'd we stay behind again?"
"Somepony had to, I mean we do have to watch the stuff."
10 silver.
He frowns a bit and decides not to cheat. "Yea, tough break.. but that's the world we live in. I wonder if that Ronan character can really live up to his promise of freedom from monsters."
Crackle breaks even this round. "Well, not much you can do up keep on sailing. I'm lucky enough to have a few contacts in Spiritos to fall back on, but I don't have much family either."


Peek out. Can I attempt to slip past them and onto the deck?


Laugh along.
Laugh along for real!
He has no idea what's coming for him!


"What do you plan on moving around with your ship, Captain? Pardon the question, but since I still don't know the future destination of my own vessel, I think gathering a little knowledge for myself is my best option."

"I don't think this world will ever be free of 'em. We can drive them off, make some spots safer, but it feels like this is the long haul we'll have to plan around. I'm a Gryphon anyways, it's not like I was going to be on land often enough anyway to miss it too much."

I've already got their tells, can I force them to fold and see how much I can win off 'em?


"I wouldnae suppose ye've got any hemp rope laying aboot, would ye?"


File: 1412378301607.png (95.94 KB, 791x1024, Chance Grid.png) ImgOps Google

You tricky little goat.
this is a grid representation.
"We have that, fine quality hemp rope." Its 6silver



This should be good whenever the goat starts getting too rowdy. Maybe even teach her not to eat everything she sees.


You can come out with 13 silver right now.


"Now, I'm a very busy person, so I will leave you to your thing! Make sure to remember the thing at the place about the you know what that was asked of you by that one pony!"

While he's processing that, hop skip and jump away, out of the inn!


Well, that's a no then. And I can't even kill them or their pals will know it. What about a good old distraction?
It's still dark, no?
Let's throw something to the other side of the cargo hold, beyond them.
Does that count as bluff or throw ranged attack?


"You know trade goods, a few furs, a bit of wine provided the crew didn't drink it all." He laughs a bit. "whatever I think would fetch a price really."


your area is dark, and you remain concealed.
I will say its a ranged attack.
You go outside, its pouring down rain and your fur gets wet.
Of course, as such it can have adverse effects on young goats if she eats enough.


"Anyone up for a second round, or should we have Dust Bowl here buy a round with his winnings? For everyone being a good sport?"

"Good to know. A city is always going to be in need of bits and pieces like that."


And if I manage it, slip out quietly!

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


I wish I had an umbrella-ella eh eh
Start singing in the rain!
And find that big iron ship, it should be easy peasy!


After that, go set up the chain on the ship to tie us to shore.
'1d20+4' Ride check, I believe?
Obviously, that's why it has to be a doctor in charge of making sure she doesn't get too much! And oh, look, I happen to be a doctor, among other things!

Roll #1 11 + 4 = 15


"I could go for a drink." Crackle says.
"Eh; Fine. I've won enough for tonight I guess. You didn't do bad yourself Arrid."
You barely toss it out the door, more of dropping it, "Great somepony probably didn't secure the crates properly." The pony groans.
"Or its just something the rain knocked loose." The gryphon suggests.
Its the Large metal one with those propeller engines. The lights inside are on. You going to go right up to it? You notice the Bat pony doctor going toward the ship.
You can just take 10 on that unless its a stressful situation, but you think it might be reduntant to use the chain and the rope that they already tied your ship down with.
You see buttermilk hopping around freely in the rain.

Thunder cracks loudly above your heads.


Rush quickly past them and dive out of the side of the ship, flying away!


Head straight for the ship!
Wave at Batsy to follow me!


"Heh, I still got. I could drive harder before, but I guess a drink is well enough for now. After, I gotta find that Captain and crew of mine and make sure we're loaded."

Let's go find the ship, maybe the others are there.


You go outside into the rain and get your feathers soaking wet. You notice your crew going past your ship over to the huge metal one.
A pony yells at you from on deck "Yo, What are you doing down there!"

Roll #1 17, 12 = 29


The gryphon pursues you outside.


Don't need to tie us down, just attach the chain so we can tie ourselves down later.

Still, you're right. I'll take 10 on that.


I need the captain!"


Oh boy.
Here we go. Time for DIVERSIVE MANOEUVRES!
'1d20+8' and for good measure, an action die too.

Roll #1 10 + 8 = 18



Roll #1 3 = 3


They toss you a rope ladder to help you climb up.
"Get up here and tell us what you want with our captain."
Oh! I see.
Done. You have a chain attached to the ship now.
You have the crazy idea to fly in and around the storm clouds. The Gryphon tries to keep up but slams into one getting zapped and falling down.
You can get away without him seeing now.


Arch around a cloud and back again away from the rest of them. I need to ditch this stuff somewhere where it can't be traced to me. Look for an unused nook in a rooftop, an empty jar on the streets, or even a pidgeonhouse if I have to!

Roll #1 9 + 5 = 14


Stand up and cackle triumphantly as thunder rumbles and lightning flashes, wings spread in triumph. Storms just make me feel so… unhinged…

Anyway, I should probably get belowdecks before the bread gets ruined by the rain.


Climb up!
And give the rope ladder a little nibble.


I'll rush towards the others. "What are they up to?" I ask myself, wondering why I'm so worried.


It tastes like wet wood, which is kinda like a cracker, but with more splinters, probably because of all this rain!
When you get up there you see three ponies staring at you. "So, what's the word little goat."
You stash the bread below decks, into the storage area. It looks a little fuller with those crates there.
Well the goat is climbing on board the big ship, and the bat pony went into your ship. You could follow up the rope ladder if you want.
You see a vacant house not too far from the docking area. That would probably work.


Stash my loot somewhere relatively hidden for now, then go back to the inn, looking for the rest of my crew.


Shake my head.
I'm only speaking to the captain and him only!"


I'll follow the Goat. Who knows what's going on in that head of hers that she thinks that metal ship is our base.


Well, now that that's taken care of… let's go out and see if the rest of the crew is up to something interesting.


You stash it in the empty closet. That should be okay.
"Really now?"
"I don't like it, she could be an assassin or something."
"Maybe we should tell the captain and let him decide."
You hear her demanding to see the captain and the earth ponies deciding to go fetch him.
"Both of you stay here. I'll be back with word from the captain." one of them leaves.


"Wait, what's going on?"

"What are you doing over here, this isn't our ship, you know?"


Tilt my head.
"Who would hire a little goat girl as an assassin?"
Shake my head.
"C'mooon, this is important!"


"I've got a super duper secret thing to tell the captain!"


So, back to the inn…
Wonder if the poker game is over yet.


"Oh, and what is this 'super duper' secret? Can you tell me before they ask me to take you back?"


"What's got yer knickers in sech a twist, lass? Yer fidgeting like a jumped-up jackalope in June."


Lean reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally close to your ear so only you can hear.
"It's an M and a U and a T and an I and an N and then a Y!"

"I'll tell you too but I really got to speak to the captain of this ship!"


Yea, the players are scattered about drinking in their own groups, the pink maned pegasus is over at the bar, the brown unicorn is smiling and talking to a few others, he is kind of waving the cards about like he wants to play more, the red stallion is back with his crew.. none of your crew are actually in here.
After a few minutes a burly looking crystal pony with red eyes and an orange coat greets you. "Welcome aboard, I am Captain Ruby Hoof. I heard you needed to see me? Perhaps you could come out of the rain?"
He gestures for you to follow after determining you're not a threat.


"Hey bartender, saw where the kid goat went?"


"Okie dokie lokie! But I wanna' talk to just you!"
Hop closer to shake his hoof.


"She went outside in a hurry. As if she'd lost something."


Time to turn around and look for tracks the way I came, then!

Roll #1 14 + 5 = 19


"You sure?"


Squint like a lion within a dream within a dream.
"Darn sure."


"I'll have to see this, but run to me and I'll fly you off if it gets bad."


Nod, but then smile.
"I can take care of myself!"


Poke her on the head.

"I don't intend to let you prove me wrong. Trouble starts, we're taking off."


"Mind lettin' me in on yer secret conversation?"


You charge back outside and look around from the ship, you spot two of them, the goat and the gryphon, being escorted inside the metal ship.
"Right, lets get you warmed up." He leads the three of you inside and turns on some lamps and it doe get a little warmer, a relief to your soaked bodies. "Here, have a towel." He pulls a couple of towels down and hands them to you, you spot a few rings on his hooves. "I hope you realize not to try anything dumb just because there's more of you here. I'm a capable fighter, and I don't want to hurt a guest."


Also make that all three, since Mc Gullican joined them


Trot up there. "What your bunch up to, now?"



"You'll see!"

Jump in front of him, shake the water off without the towel, then lean close to him.
"You're in big, biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig trouble!"


"Ship troubles. Big ones."

"We wouldn't have introduced ourselves like this and met you on your ship if we did want trouble. I'm Arrid Secret."


"That's what I want te know!"
"…Ah see…"
"…Care te ellaborate, lass?"


"Not a very friendly way to talk to another captain, is it?"


You fly on to the deck and are immediately surrounded, the captain pokes his head out "Another one? fine send him in too."
You see your captain land on deck.
"Well. I'd be a fool not to hear out what you have to say, but I've seen better threats so I hope you're not trying to threaten me."


"Yes-uh. I don't want any trouble while a kid is around. What if something big, like a chair or ladder, falls on you?"


Stroll as if I owned the place and rejoin my crew.
"I'm not sure the kid knows nasty words yet."


"Ah wouldnae be too sure, Captain…"
Glance at Butters thoughtfully.
"Then she eats her way out, o' course!"


He doesn't seem impressed. But the cabin itself is pretty impressive, its got two closets, a nice looking bed, a sofa and table, a separate table for the map.

"And is this all of you?" the red and orange crystal pony closes the door behind you.


"I think so, if these merry folks didn't recruit anyone else on their way here…"
Start strolling around the room, letting out a whistle.


"I was just about to!"

Point at my own captain.
"See! He is my captain! He is a very good captain and he told me to find out more about a pony! That pony turned out to be a pony called Greyjoy, and he is planning something baaaaaaaad! He wants to mute your iny with a mutiny! His main peeps are Raven Feather, Ink Brush… uh, Joker or something and Teal Skies!
The only really loyal ponies you can trust are Howler, Gerald, Minty and Hollow Front! The baddies wanted to beat you up and put you out in no pony's land where who knows what would happen to you!"
Motion like crazy as I talk while jumping all around.


…Let's pretend I knew all about that.
She must read minds or something.


Ruby Hoof looks completely shocked "Whaaaaaat! That can't be. Greyjoy isn't nearly as ambitious as that!"
And then leans into your face, his eyes making an examining expression "You sure about that kid?"


Nod and lean even closer.
"Uhuh! He thought I was a spy! He's working for someone, but if I asked who I'd have blown my cover!"


Your faces touching now.
"Really now?"
And then he backs off and smiles. "When was this supposed to happen?"


Snicker a bit, but then serious up.
"Couple days! Something about… uh, Lawforge?"


"Well. I know Teal Skies pretty well, I'll bring Gerald and go ask him about this I'm sure. But I believe you. Uh, how can I can thank you for this warning?"


"Did you suspect something like this to be happening?"


"Its always a risk when you have a wide crew or a nice ship. And I happen to have both."


"Sheesh, how'd you deal with it for so long?"


"Um… Oooh, hold on!"
Whisper whisper

"He wants to thank us and the guy who I talked with said they had a prisoner pirate who can talk to animals and everything!"
Snicker at the thought.
"We are pirates too, right? What do you think?"


Nod slowly.
And then turn around with a dashing smile.
"Say, you might have something we could use.
It'd be a very small price to pay, after such a big news…
We'd like to be the ones who bring your prisoner to Law Forge."
And action die. '1d4'

Roll #1 6 + 7 = 13 / Roll #2 2 = 2


"Its just a matter of finesse. Handling each pony individually, while making them feel part of the crew."
"Oh, you must mean Leonis, He's pretty dangerous are you sure about that?" The captain sighs. "Well I suppose you want his bounty? Is that right? Its a fair enough trade I suppose. We'll go down to the cells together then."


A prisoner? This could be interesting…
Don't have to worry about ethics when dealing with prisoners, after all!


Remember the Ginevra convention!




"Explain to me why we're taking' one of theirs again?"


You were being lead by Captain Ruby Hoof to the the prisoner Leonis the Lion Caller, a unicorn pirate. You pass by the crew, who all at least glance at you, The burly crystal pony stops at the cell and nods to the guard who hoofs over the key. He stops short of opening it. "Hey, what's this extra prisoner? When did she get here?"
"Just an hour ago sir, she was seen with Leonis, so we thought it'd be best to hold her until.. You mean Ink didn't tell you right away?"
He groans and turns to your group. "Just a moment while I sort this out."
You can see a pale blue sheep in a green and blue dress, she has blue eyes and is sitting on the bench. Laying on the floor is a yellow unicorn with a tan mane, he is flicking a pebble at the wall over and over, his golden eyes fixating on the captain, who doesn't address him but instead the sheep. "So, what's your name miss?"

You were so rudely taken in here by those pirate hunters, they didn't even stop to listen to you. But at least the company is pretty good, and you're already getting attention from a orange and red crystal pony, and a few others following him, a bat pony, a young looking goat, a pegasus pony, and a gryphon.
"So, What's your name miss?" The Red and orange crystal pony says, holding the key in his hoof.


Wave at the unicorn and lean with my back against a wall, waiting for the other captain to be finished.


Hop up and down excitedly!


She looked at him with a neutral stare.
''Dania…Lady Dania'' She spoke without much excitement as she took a moment to take in the details of her surroundings
''But how about you kind sir?what is your name?'' She asked raising an eyebrown and looking at him up and down


Wait, a sheep? Aren't they rather reclusive or something? I don't seem to see many of them…
Knowledge check on prevalence of sheep in the area '1d20+4'

Roll #1 20 + 4 = 24


The unicorn raises his head and looks over at you, "Hey."
Hop hop hop, you're like a little goat balloon.
"Well Lady Dania, I'm Ruby Hoof, Captain of this vessel."
You notice his concern for you, he wears a jacket, and a wide brimmed hat, which is slightly wet from the rain. The cell is decent enough, it has a bed and a tiny bookshelf even. The bench you're on is metal, Leonis let you have that because of you being a lady.
"Is it true that you were with pirates?"
They are very reclusive, living only in the mountains far north and rarely going far away from the homeland.. which begs the question how one got down here at all. You happen to have heard that their prince is missing, perhaps she is looking for him, or simply very very lost.


"Ye be a long way from hearth an' home, lass. Did ye lose yer way?"
"Well ain't ye the little bundle'a energy. What's the occasion?"


"Every day is an occasion!"

But baloons deflate or pop!


''Well…The ''truth'' is that I was near the pirates when you found me
''But I was certainly not working for them,and not working with them either.'' She spoke regally and in a reserved tone
She glanced to the party for a second before looking back to Ruby
''Now what I wanted to know is why you captured me and threw me in this cell without even giving me a chance to explain myself. That is not a very good manner to treat a lady you know?'' Ending her sentence with a ''humph'' and raising her chin lightly.
She turned to the party again as Doc called her

''Yes…And no…I was taking care of my own business until these brutes took me. Simply unbelieavable!'' She said raising her chin again,looking annoyed


Cock an eyebrow at your snooty behavior towards the ponies currently keeping you prisoner.
"Not da brightest lamp, are ye…"
Still, this is curious. Time to investigate!
"So, yer business wouldnae happen ta involve yer missin' prince, would it? Or did ye jest take a wrong turn at the mountains?"


They do!
The captain rubs his chin. "Well when it sounds like somepony got a little too aggressive. You have my apologizes."
"Anyway, Leonis, you've got a new handler, these ponies are gonna take you the rest of the way to Law Forge." He motioned for the unicorn the stand up and unlocked the door roughly pushing him out and away from you, toward the pegasus. Ruby Hoof then offered you a hoof to help you out. Leonis looks longfully back at you.
The unicorn is being thrust in your general direction. But he's not really paying attention to you.


Are you saying I'm going to pop or deflate?


Whistle, calling his attention up.
"No funny business until we get you all the way to your execution, alright?"


For a brief moment,Doc could see her pupils shift and widen a bit
''I do not know what you are talking about. I have not received news of my kingdom in many months…'' She spoke calmly,looking away from him
''I did not take a wrong turn.'' She started,sounding a bit upset by that
''What?are you implying I could not wander alone without taking care of myself throught this vast world?
I am simply a lady,looking for a life of adventures,if that is what you are wondering'' She spoke pushing a small bit of wool away from her face.

She looked at the captain,her angry expression softening a bit.
''hm…Very well,since you are truly sorry for what you did…I suppose I could forgive you…''
She gladly took Ruby's hoof,but did not got up yet,and took a few seconds to look back at Leonis.
''Yes?'' She asked him,blinking gracefully a few times


"Well, we've plenty of adventurin' ta do…"
"What de ye think, Capt'n?"


"Hearing of the prince's disappearance isn't even bothering you?"
"This ball of fluff is just asking for troubles!"


No, of course not. You're not just full of hot air after all.
His golden eyes gaze over you, "Hmm I guess that's how it is."
You are now in the hall with the others, Ruby hoof looks concerned again. "You're traveling all alone? I'm sorry that's not really safe for a lady like yourself, hordes of monsters, scum like that pirate, I would be amiss to see you alone."
Leonis just smiles dumbly back. "Yes."


Give him a smirk.
"Aye… but it's trouble we're after, aye? Might be interesting ta see what sorta trouble she brings."


Nod slowly.
"We're gonna need a bigger ship soon."


"Mayhap we can see 'er where she want's ta go?"


She nodded.
''A group of misfit adventurers I see.'' She spoke analizying everyone in the party
A soft chuckle and a small smile
''well…That sounds interesting…''

''now that I know of it…Mmnhyes…It is a shame,he was such a handsome and graceful prince…I wonder what would have made him disapear…'' She wondered looking at the hoof for a moment,smiling to herself

''Hm…I may be a lady,but I know how to take care of myself…'' She spoke looking away from him
''Still…Thank you for your worry…Looks like at least some of you are rather decent…'' She spoke with a smile,blinking her eyes quickly and rather adorably
Then she glanced back at leonis.
''Is there anything…you need from me sir?'' She asked him, her light blue eyes locked into his


"Hey now, who you calling misfits? And don't fraternise with prisoners!"


"Well that would certainly put my mind at ease. If she's agreeable to that of course."
"Of course, of course still.." He rubs his chin a bit.
Leonis shakes his head. "Wait are you going with us? That's be.. great" he has a stupid smile again.
Ruby hoof chuckles a bit. "Well if you want to go with them, you'd probably be safer. Of course its up to you, you're a free lady after all."


''Oh…I apologise…
Maybe inapt would be a better term for you?'' She spoke bitterly
''Because so far I only see a child,a gryphon,a doctor,and you…''

She glances at leonis,then to Ruby
''Of course,I would love to'' She spoke a bit happier
''Sounds like…an adventure''


"I'm also a goat!"


"And I see a lost ball of fluff with nowhere to go, looking for a ride off this rock.
Seems here like you are the misfit."


''yes…yes…That much I saw,darling…'' She spoke making an odd movement with her front hoof

She smiled at that. A big smile actually.
''huhuhu…Well I cannot belie you at that…I am a misfit myself''
She leaned a bit closer. ''So,would you kindly accept me in your crew of misfits?''


Tilt my head.
"You did? Ooooo! How did you know? Are you a wizard?"


Pretend to actually think about it for a few instants… Before booping her nose.
"Guess we need a ship's girl."


"Weell then, it's settled! Welcome to da crew, lass!"
Eye her wool thoughtfully, then look out at the storm.
"Though, getting ye back te our ship might be a mite… uncomfortable for ye."


You determine it is still raining. But at least the thunder has stopped.


"Let's get you both to the ship, shall we?"
Take him apart for a moment.
"I've got a quick job for you once we leave this place."


"I like da sound o' that. What ye be needin' from me?"


She could not help but chuckle
''No child…I just saw your pretty horns,so similar to mine,and assumed that'' She said leaning down to pat her head

She leaned back a bit at the boop
''Um…Alright…'' She said a bit weirded out
''Well how about instead of ''Girl'' I become the ship's um…Secret service provider?'' Sounds better does it not?''

She raised an eyebrown as she saw him eyeing her
''hm…Why is that?'' She asked lifting a tiny hoof.
Her white wool looked rather well cared,shining in the light,and perfectly brushed and fluffed as well
She looked like a blue cotton candy ball in a dress

''yes…let us go
I cannot wait to know more about you all~'' She spoke with a brief,cute giggle


"But you're not a goat, silly!"


"Recover something I stashed away."
Ship boy is a term for the guy who scrubs the decks and stuff.
"Why, you any good with that?"


"Wool an' water dinnae mix well."
Gesture to the rain outside.
"Sure thing. What exactly did ye stash away?"


"An empty cabinet in this one abandoned house down the road."


''Yes darling,I am a sheep,not a goat.
…I a way…You could say we are like ''cousins'' yes?'' she spoke smiling to herself at the silly thought

nice thing to know
''Yes,rather good actually'' She said closing her eyes an putting a hoof on her chest in a proud pose.
''I spend many months in my childhood learning all about assasination,infiltration,Deceiving…
And seducing the hearts of poor fools,huhuhu…''

She looks at it
''I will be fine,a good scrubbing will make my perfect wool perfect again'' She spoke melancholically
And then sighed.
''Why did I not brought an umbrella…''


You depart back to ship, Captain ruby gives you some rubber-ish jackets to help with the rain, and its decently effective, only your hooves and noses get a little damp. The ship is cozy to put it nicely, but it is warm and dry at least.


I should make a goat tower out of pillows in the bunks


Now that the crew's back, off to that abandoned building to retrieve the stash!


She smiled at the nice gesture.
''Hmmn,just what I needed,thank you'' She spoke wearing the jacket
Once inside she took a deep breath to take the ship's scent
''Ah…Smells just like I imagine it would…Lovely…'' she spoke looking for a place to rest her tired hooves properly,that prison cell was rather uncomfortable


Do a sneak check to go there unnoticed


Let's hope the storm gives me some cover…

Roll #1 14 = 14


Now let's get everyone belowdeck.

"Now, first things first…"

Undo Leonis' shackles.

"Welcome to our pirate crew, boy."


It smells like adventure! Or maybe rusty metal.
You could go into the bedroom, which is a lot of bunkers all together, a few have been chewed on. There is a small area fit for eating, with a table and benches.
It does help some, just to be cautious you move carefully behind the clouds before diving down into the chimney. This house is full of dust and cobwebs, a few of the doors are stuck open, only one area even looks a little disturbed, the living room area.
Leonis smirks. "Ha, you managed to bluff them? What a scheme. I like you already."


You could do that, but how sturdy would it be?


Search the Living Room for the cabinet he stashed the loot in.

Roll #1 13 + 8 = 21


"Couldn't leave a fellow pirate in troubled skies!
The place is tiny, but we plan on expanding!"


Sitting down,she looks at the place
Now you are part of crew Novelus…hehe…Looks like things are finally looking up for you
''Well…I suppose I should get to know my crew members!'' She said sounding excited and jumping off from her seat elegantly
She walks over to Sudden

''Well Sir,I do not know if you heard me but my name is Dania,it is certainly a pleasure to be among your crew'' She said humbly
''Now,care to tell me a bit about the ship,the crew,and about yourself as well?'' she asked politely


You see it! its a tall cabinet with no lock. There is an alchemy book, a pouch of coins, and some sheet music.


An alchemy book? Sweet!
Grab everything from the locker, then head on back to the ship.


"Why, of course!"
Draw my sword and flail it wildly in the air.
"I'm captain Sudden Chance, soon to be the greatest pirate the skies have ever seen!"


She looked at he sword,smiling at his movements
''Impressive,and the greatest of them all?that sounds like a dream you had since youth I assume?'' She asked smiling to him


Leonis kind of spaces out when Dania moves over but comes to life again when he hears your goal.
"Oh, the greatest pirate? So that means you've already got a plan? Maybe some kind of treasure map? I'm pretty much the best beast tamer in the world."


I goat to try making it the best pillowtower ever

Roll #1 17 = 17


"Uh… Yeah, sure, that thing!"
Sheathe the sword.
"Sure I have a plan, but we need money first! And a bigger ship, and a bigger crew!"


''Beast tamer?huhu,not that is something I never saw before…'' She turned to him,looking fascinated
''Please,do tell me more about it…''

''hmn…Money you say?I do not have much,these dresses are expensive you know?even for a lady like myself
But I would be glad to help with finances with the little I have.
Now,how do you plan to get the money,a better ship and more crew?''


"There is one answer for all three questions!


''Oh boy,am I excited'' She said not sounding excited at all,but still laughing a bit at his exclamation
''What is the plan then,captain?''


"For tonight, we wait out the storm.
Tomorrow, we drive into battle!"


You make a tower the nearly reaches the ceiling!
Its fluffy and very unstable, but you can carefully stand on it.
"I'll have you know that I can make any wild creature listen to me. Its my gift." He says boastfully. "Once I got a whole pack of lions under my command, nopony dared make a move on me that day. I made such a good haul.. if only I still had even a gem of that treasure.."
"Right, Right, all that comes first naturally."

Sleep to day?


Yeah, I'm good.


"We're gonna make it back, and more!"


Stand up on it victoriously and sleep!


''Oooooh,who will we battle against?don't tell me you already are mortal enemy with someone?''

She listened,genuinely entranced.
''Goodness,that is an amazing talent… any wild creature,no exceptions?'' She leaned to hear him better,eagerly taking all the details with a smile in her face


"Nah, but I'm sure we will get there!"


''Oh,then what is it?we will look around for a cargo ship filled to the brim with precious ore and then strike?'' She said wondering as in her mind she fantasized the cenario


"I see you understand the concept of piracy now!"


Once I get back, can I Research the Alchemy book?


''Oh yes,certainly
I cannot contain my excitement at the thought of the vast riches we will gather as we soar throught the skies!Blundering,assaulting and adventuring!''


"Hope you can fence then!
Did you say you were good at gathering informations?"


''yes,and also'' She startes,pulling a dagger from a fold in her dress
''I can silence any who gets in our way as well'' She said smiling as she played with the blade in her hooves
''And another talent of mine would be deceiving,and I could use my exotic charms to help convincing more crew to join us,how about it hmmn?''


"Now, you sound hella dangerous!
If I were a suspicious pony I'd say you are here to spy on us!"


"Of course! And even if they didn't listen at first I'd just knock em' around until they do. Did I ever tell you about the one time I wrestled a bear?"
You can, its thick and etched with spooky runes and written like it belonged to someone even crazier than you. It allows you to spend a round researching a brew so you get a circumstance bonus (right now a +1) to the next roll related to it this session, so you can recover a regent for it or to brew it better or something along those lines
The goat has stolen all the pillows for her tower and looks to be sleeping comfortably.


Time to sleep at the bottom of the tower then.


''I believe you did not…But you can tell me that later…'' She said smiling
''Right now…I desire my beauty sleep…''

''heh…I do not blame you…It is also considered bad luck to have a lady on board as well''




And so a new day for piracy begins.
You have a crew of six, crates full of bread, and even a bit of loot.
What more could you need?
The birds are chirping and the sun is peaking through a crack in the side of the ship, a new adventure must be around the corner.
pause or keep going?


''Well,do not fret,I promise you I will help more than what i could possibly ruin here. But for now,I desire you all good night. Especially for you captain,rest well'' She said booping his nose the same way he did earlier and then retiring to sleep


I gotta go anyways


Right then, let the research begin!

Roll #1 19 + 6 = 25


Guess we pause since it's just me and cheesy?


We have bread but do we have beards?
I'm not sure who's available still


Its not something you have to roll for, its to help you succeed on alchemy related checks when you have a specific potion in mind and help explain how you know this stuff off hand.


"First thing first, a good merchant always takes stock of his ware, or in this case, the ship."

How is everything working with our pilfered vessel?


Its dawn already, you ought to get moving before someone can notice you stole all that stuff.


A captain's always the first man to wake!
And then he gets to kick awake everyone else.

"Get up sunshines, we have a great day of work ahead!"


Well, let's get the ship ready to sail then!


"I'm awake and it's too early to yell that loud."

"Of course, this must mean you have an idea where to go if you're so eager?"


Its a functional but slightly slow vessel, you could improve its speed by replacing a few of these patched sails, there are a couple places where the boards don't completely connect, and the paint is a bet worn down. The goat emblem is recognizable but very weathered. The balloon is solid, and the steam boiler is functional. You could replace it with something more efficient eventually.


"Good news is the ship is ready, but it could use a little love and a lot of labor to be in top shape."


The goat and sheep are sleeping harder than logs in the collapsed pillow fort.
Leonis yawns and shakes off some dust and fur before following you.
One bat pony ready to go.

The winds are moving west, but it doesn't mean you have to go that way.


"Of course I am! We are gonna assault our first ship today!"
"Let's not get her under any enemy fire then!
We will do this real sneaky like!"
Off to the deck!
Have the other ships left already?


"Well, never a dull moment with you around. Ready."


Yes, Captain Ruby's ship is gone, and the other merchant ship is gone. Leaving only the one you robbed here.


"Ready when ye are! Wind's to de west, and blowin' strong!"


Just how big was the other merchant ship?
Smaller or bigger than the one I robbed?
"Can you see the other ships at the horizon?"
Hoof him the telescope.


only slightly bigger.


Alright, look for the other ships.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You look into the spying glass, and its all just so bright, so bright, why does this pirating have to take place in the morning! You see something kinda to the south west, but its blurry and might be a cloud instead of a ship.


Yawning elegantly. The form of the lady sheep coming from the door to her room appeared. She had a dreamingly pleasant smile on her face and was humming a tune to herself.

''Hmmn…Good morning captain…What acts of piracy are we going to perform today?''


"Ugh… can't see shite, sir. Bloody bright-ass mornings…"


"Card game I had the other day mentioned a few possible towns we might be able to pass to and see what we can score."


"I'm leaning on sky piracy. The pirate kind!"
"Don't worry, you are still our best bet for when the night comes!
Arrid, try it instead!"



"Toss it over!"

'1d20+5' Notice

Roll #1 1 + 5 = 6


''Good,good…'' She spoke with a yawn,still leaning on the little sleep she still had in her.
She resumed her humming as she watched the captain go.

''The best kind.yes…'' With that she made a mental check of her belongings and the dagger she hid on her dress. All was in order. She smiled to herself,muttering ''excelent'' as she eagerly waited for the day of adventures ahead of them


You discover the lens is cloudy from the rain, and decided to wipe it off.

Roll #1 20 + 5 = 25


That done, you now you perfectly. it is in fact the same shape as the merchant ship that was here last night, headed south west.


"take better care of your scope, but I found something we can go after."


"Hey, I just got it yesterday!
So what is it?"


"A merchant ship, a fine target as any. Take a look."

Pass it back to Chance.


Our friends from last night!
Time to chase them then, before this other lot realizes we stole from them."
Grin at him, saying that in a low, almost whispering voice.

"Take us out of here, ye scurvy balls of yarn!"


"Aye aye, sir!"
Untie us and cast ourselves loose!

Roll #1 14 + 4 = 18


''Excuse me.'' She said with a twinge of annoyance
''Could you use…Another term please?I do not enjoy having my species described as such.'' She said.
''Also I do want to see it myself as well,could someone be so kind as to pass it to me?''


Stare at her as if I was actually thinking this over really hard…
"Hey doc, what you say we only call our new friend ball of yarn from now on?"


"Ah like it! Git to it, Ball a' Yarn!"


"Understood Captain!"


Roll #1 15 + 4 = 19


Leonis replies with a sharp "Aye aye captain!" and gets to work with the others.
You swoop down and untie the rope and chain bringing them back on board.

Its a little slow since only two people helped, but you are up in the air and flying to the southwest after that merchant vessel.


She looks at him increduously. And then huffs,closing her eyes and raising her head proudly
''Why I never,ugh,So rude…'' She replied,feling offended
Annoyed she went to get to find something productive to do
What is there to do by the way?I'm lost


>only two helped
Of course I'm gonna do my part!
'1d20+8', let's catch up to them!

Roll #1 20 + 8 = 28


Well Okay, now that all of you are helping, you managed to get up to speed. The sails are aimed properly, the super heated steam air is making your balloon rise quickly, you catch a southwestern air current by chance and start gaining on the target.


Tell you what, I want to activate that as a critical threat!
Spending one action dice.



The feeling of the hot air and the wind in her wool made her lips form a tiny smile
''well…Looks like we have our target acquired…What would you want me to do once we attack Captain?''


"Alright listen up!
We slip in either unseen or as friendlies, get to their captain and take him hostage, using him as leverage to take their ship!"

"Got it everyone?"


"Pretty simple plan. I like it."


Shrugging she spoke
''Sounds good enough for me,let us go then'' She prepared her dagger,making sure it was spotless


You steer the ship over to a line of clouds, and with the small size of your ship you could probably hide behind it all the way up to the merchant ship.
Which will be in one more turn at this pace.


"Get the ropes ready!"


"On it!"


Roll #1 1 + 5 = 6


''Yes sir''

Roll #1 5 = 5


File: 1412970326995.png (100.96 KB, 791x1024, DeckGrid.png) ImgOps Google

get those dice checked.

You pull up close to the merchant ship, its flags full and whole, its hull spotless, well aside from the spot that's being scrubbed at this moment, there are about six crew members on deck, only three of them look like they can fight, indicated by the red xs.


"Rope set…
Buttermilk, the boat is yours until we are back!"

Whistle loudly, rounding up the whole crew.


And with that, swoop down onto the ship's deck, drawing my sword and engaging the stallion in I8 from I9.


Roll #1 18 + 4 = 22


I'll help the Captain take the same one down.

"Surrender and we'll go easy on ya!"


Roll #1 20 + 2 = 22


Taking a deep breath,Dania felt the tingles coursing her body and the butterflies in her stomach.
She was so nervous,yet so excited. It felt almost unreal that this was happening.
''Just like in your books,Novelus…'' She whispered only to herself as she followed the captain,not shouting,but rather focusing on the spot to land.
She then jumped from the rope and to fall right on top on the stallion at H5,looking like the most isolated one.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"What the hell?!" You take him by surprise and both land hits. roll for your damage.
try again maali.

rolling for their initiative/order

Roll #1 15, 4, 11 = 30 / Roll #2 15 = 15


>wrong roll,sorry


Roll #1 14 + 2 = 16


"Time ta get bluttered!"
Fly over and engage!
Rolling initiative. '1d20+1'

Roll #1 14 + 1 = 15



And let's roll initiative.

Roll #1 10 + 4 = 14 / Roll #2 19 + 9 = 28


Initiative '1d20+4'

"Stay down!" '1d8'

Roll #1 19 + 4 = 23 / Roll #2 8 = 8


Since you decided to pick on the guy with a mop, you also land a hit, and the poor guy tries to run over to his armed friends, but you can probably stop him if you're fast.
roll that initiative


'1d20' Iniciative
She ran to catch up to him,holding him down and pressing her dagger to his throat

Roll #1 2 = 2


If I need to pick a target, I'll go for the guy at E3.
Time to make some incisions!
"De healin' isnae as satifyin' as de bleedin!"

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


File: 1412972322591.png (106.02 KB, 791x1024, DeckGrid.png) ImgOps Google

In effective team work you do enough damage to the man in I8 that stops moving.
"Okay. I give up.."

Looks like the order is, Chance, Arrid, Doc, E3, D4, the unarmed crew, Dania, Leonis.

Chance is the star, Arrid the blue circle, doc the black circle, Dania the pink heart, and Leonis the orange triangle.


right your surprise round attack.
He blocks with a shield.


Fly over to e4.
Flank him with me!"
It means move to e2 before attacking.

Now, slash at the stallion in e3 with both my sabres!
'2d20+3' I butchered my roll last time.

Roll #1 4, 13 + 3 = 20


Head over to D3 and attack the Sailor on D4 with my nunchucks.

"Give it up, horsie!" '1d20+2'

Roll #1 14 + 2 = 16


She obeyed,running as fast as her tiny hooves carried her,and careful to not step on her dress
She ran straight to the on at E4 and aimed her dagger for her attack
'1d20' running
'1d20+2' normal attack

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 2 + 2 = 4


Shouldn't you wait on Andy for the turn order to be solved?


Darn. Duck under the shield and cut down his leg!

Roll #1 18 + 2 = 20


and this has
Bleed, Excrutiating, Finesse, Saurian Craftsmanship, Superior Materials, Keen 4


I thought it was already posted. I'm after you.


The pony blocks at first, but you hit with the second slash. Roll for damage.
You also hit him over the head, roll for damage.
I'm not sure why you are rolling twice.


You hit as well, you can roll for damage after the other two go through to see what's left.


I thought she'd resolve every action one at a time.
"Surrender, fool!"

And actually, that was only half an action.
I've another half.
Which will be… Intimidate!

Roll #1 2 + 4 = 6 / Roll #2 10 + 5 = 15


"Stay quiet and this raid will end quickly!"

'1d8' Subdual

Roll #1 4 = 4


I thought it was one for each action,sorry
'1d20' for attacking the guy then

Roll #1 9 = 9


Ideally it will get resolved one at time so you don't have overkill, but I can manage this way
You slice him and whisper your threatening words like a real pirate captain, he screams. "AAaaah Pirates!" But doesn't run away or drop his weapon.
You hit his head a few times and he flinches a bit.
roll for your damage now


Right, I will wait for the order to be re-established because I'm utterly lost as to who should act now.


'1d6+1' Lethal +(1/2 in Stress damage)

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


The one who should be acting is Cheesy.


The stallion is now a little wobbly on his hooves after being smacked around so much.

Roll #1 15 + 2 = 17


does a 17 hit you?


Hell yeah.
I've 14 AC.


Okay, the stallion strikes you with a short sword.
For 3 damage.
next D3 moves over and tries to attack the doc. '1d20+2'

Roll #1 16 + 2 = 18


and if that's the same AC as my sheet, its a hit.

Roll #1 4 = 4


The unarmed crew members flee below deck.


now its your turn.
you ever find your bonus?


The bonus for attacks is +2 if I didn't forget anything
Quickly,she slashed horizontally at the stallion that was at D4


okay, you hit him, roll for damage.


'1d20' sweet damages

Roll #1 11 = 11


File: 1412975001455.png (104.56 KB, 791x1024, DeckGrid.png) ImgOps Google

What really? You roll a d20 for that?



Roll #1 1 = 1


Okay, you cut his side a little before he can pull back from your stab.
Leonis uses a sort of club to knock the guy in E3 the rest of the way out.

Then we are back to Chance.


Unleash a flurry of attacks on the guy in e4!

Roll #1 5, 10 + 3 = 18


She curses a bit from the bad slash,swearing in her mind to do better next time


you hit with both, roll your damage.


Oh. My.
'2d10+4' each!

Roll #1 4, 1 + 4 = 9


the stallion staggers back trying to recover his ground.
your turn.


sorry it should be your turn, then cheese


I'll keep attacking the guy on D4.

"Come on, didn't they teach you to just give up and let the pencil pushers deal with the rest?"

Attack '1d20+2'

Roll #1 18 + 2 = 20


If this is a hit, rolling for damage. Subdual Nunchuk '1d8'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Yep, that's a hit.


With a few fast motions of your nunchucks the stallion can't react in time and collapses on deck next to his friend.

combat complete.


Quickly point my sword at the other ponies on deck!
"You! Where is the captain?"

Roll #1 18 + 5 = 23


Let's get the resisters nice and tied up, then set them down where they won't cause any trouble.


A diamond dog marches on deck, he has a red hat and coat, and he shout back at you.
"You Scrappy Pups are the ones causing so much trouble? Well. If you want the captain. That's me."
He draws a pistol in one paw and a sword in the other.
At his side is an earth pony glaring at you all.
you do that, all in a pile on deck now.



When Last we left off our motley band of pirates had boarded a merchant vessel and demanded to see the captain. The captain has answered that call, and now stands before you, aiming a gun and a blade at your team, a strong earth pony at his side.

Roll #1 14, 15 = 29


iniciative roll

Roll #1 20 = 20



Roll #1 7 = 7



Roll #1 7 + 10 = 17


Time to show Initiative!



Now if only I could type. '1d20+4'

Roll #1 16 + 4 = 20


File: 1413569536420.png (4.89 MB, 3616x1744, ShipGridCaptainFightSetUp.png) ImgOps Google

Well, looks like dania (pink heart), secret( red dot), chance( the blue star), the enemy first mate (black diamond), the enemy captain(black star), then the doc (black cross).


Dania glanced at both of them,analyzing their features with attention as she slowly moved to her right and without a word,grabbed a rope tied to the sails of the ship ship and then her dagger with another hoof.
She blew them a kiss as she cut the rope and rose up to the mast

Roll #1 19 = 19


I assume that's an athletics check, you pass, which space are you moving to?


Planning on getting behind them.
At K3
(it's higher ground,right?)


File: 1413570954081.png (4.88 MB, 3616x1744, ShipGridCaptainFightSetUp.png) ImgOps Google

I suppose you swinging over can be consider that way.
K3, that's ten feet out of your reach, but I guess you did pass the check, so I can put you at L3.


File: 1413571057739.png (4.87 MB, 3616x1744, ShipGridCaptainFightSetUp.png) ImgOps Google

wait sorry. You're at L3, so that's not near anyone.


The lady sheep grabs onto a rope and swings across the deck landing gracefully behind the enemy.

Your move Knight.


I'm too big to be sneaky, so a straight forward attack is my best option against the Captain. Move to O4, Atack roll '1d20+3'

Roll #1 20 + 3 = 23


Pop into existence to initate

Roll #1 19 = 19


Rolling Nunchuks, Subdual damage '1d8'

Roll #1 7 = 7


You dash forward and hit the captain dog with your nunchuks, he shakes his head a bit and growls at you.
"Dirty Pirate scum. I'll take you on!"
That 19, I'll put you after Sylt.
Captain, your turn.


Quickly step up to the enemy captain, O4, and try a double slash with my two weapons!

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


"Oiy, Patience lad! Line it oop, then give 'em burr aye!"
Wise Councel, spend an Action Die to boost his roll! '1d4'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I didn't see the square was used. Put me in N3.
Also, does that mean I've got flanking?


File: 1413572384730.png (4.85 MB, 3616x1744, ShipGridCaptainNowWithButt….png) ImgOps Google

>site in charge of posting the map


Guess it's an 11 then.


Also, I'm out of actions.


The large diamond dog moves surprisely swiftly and dodges your blades.
your turn goat.


I forgot. Gotta roll initiative for my compass!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Now that I'm magically here!
"Hi! Wanna' hear the most annoying sound in the word?"
Take out my tiny trumpet and blow into it! PWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Intimidate the goon on N5!

Roll #1 4 + 6 = 10


your compass spins as fast as possible and winds up dead last!
The earth pony looks a little startled, but that might be because you came out of nowhere!


Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6



Roll #1 13 = 13


Both of the enemies try to attack your ninja gryphon but he's just too fast!

Now, Cheese.


Also. No one moved, so the map is the same as here


"Oy, ye dumb fishpeddlers! Dinnae think ye can prance aboot like braw hoofthumpers after hidin' behind yer laddies!"
Enter Rage Stance. '1d20'

Roll #1 18 = 18


File: 1413573648108.png (4.89 MB, 3616x1744, Map.png) ImgOps Google

Well, if I don't have to roll to Rage, then make that an attack on the Diamond guy.


Okay, roll to hit with you additional bonus from the stance.

You bellow with a fierce roar and dash forwards, seeming almost like a demon of myth.


1) You have to roll to attack, not to rage
2) Entering a stance is half an action, moving another half, attacking is half an action too. You can't take more than 2 half actions.


Well, shit, guess it's next guy's turn then.


oh, I thought the feat made it a free action, my mistake too.


The feat makes it possible to rage in the first place.


Your turn again


Swift as a dove,she jumped from the stairs in the higher ground and dove for the earthpony,knife at ready as a determined look on her face.
'1d20' will the attack hit

Roll #1 8 = 8


Compass time!

The compass enacts the Crush Them! battle plan for a +4 bonus to attack rolls!

"Don't let them catch a breath!"


You have a +1 to that attack MINIMUM from your class ability, + your Attribute Score bonus to the relative (str or dex) bonus + eventual 1 for the forte of the weapon you are wielding if you have it + 4 from the battle plan below.


(oh sorry)
does it add up to that 8 or nah?


>14 from flanking and the compass
The earth pony can't move fast enough and your dagger sinks into his fur. Damage roll please.
to speed things up you can roll for damage without knowing if its a hit or not


Of course it adds to that 8. And also the flanking.
Learn your numbers.


(got it)

Roll #1 2 = 2


He seems okay, guess you didn't hit anything vital.
sylt go


"Heh, I just hope you make it fun in the meantime!"

Attack Roll '1d20'
If Succesful, Damage roll with Subdual '1d8'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 8 = 8


Oh, I misread the order again, you're correct!
You hit the diamond dog again, going right through his blocking paws.
"You'll never have this ship!" He coughs a bit and seems somehow slower.


"We don't want it. Everything on it will be enough!"
Double slice the faget captain!
1 forte + 4 dex + 4 morale + 2 flanking - 2 dual weapon attack.

Roll #1 10 + 9 = 19 / Roll #2 7 + 4 = 11


Wait, used only one of my two attacks for that roll.
Then, second action.
A single attack.

Roll #1 5 + 4 = 9 / Roll #2 19 + 9 = 28 / Roll #3 1 + 4 = 5


Ooooh! Activate the crit for that, spend 2 action dice!



In an artistic dance of metal, your two blades move right past his attempts to parry with his own blade. He collapses on the deck dead. The Earth pony immediately drops his weapons and puts his hooves up.
[combat complete]


Grin, pulling the blades away and pointing at the stallion.
"Smart game, fella."

"The ship is ours now!"


"I hope he'll get better!"


"…" All he does is nod.


"Keep quiet sailor and you might make it out."

"Uhm, he'll be fine."


"Scoot over there, will you?"
Point at the mast, and wiggle my blade as if to invite everypony on deck to move towards it.

"Fetch me some rope, we need to tie'm."


"Heheheh… Got two tickets to the sword show… Ah'm going with YOUR tickets! heheheh…"
Lay down on the deck and yawn.
"'m tired. Nap time."


"Allright then!"


"Don't slack off! There's a vessel to loot!"


''Ooh,kinky~'' She said with a chuckle as she looked around for some spare rope somewhere


Leonis comes over and slaps you on the back. "Arr! Ye be as strong as you are clever captain."

the earth pony goes and sits in the corner.
Leonis also hooves you some rope.
This being up in the daytime is for the bird ponies




Regard him with a suspicious eye.
"Where have you been all this time?"
And begin tying knots around them.


"It's not like we have to worry about being somewhere on time. Take some time and sample their wares!"

Let's see what kind of alcohol they had on them.


"I was just hanging back and seeing how your crew operates. I must say, I'm impressed. Its a small but well coordinated bunch" Your unicorn friend smiles.
Soon enough the earth pony is tied up snugly.
They had 3 barrels of booze here, and a crate of assorted bottles of booze, there is a label on each, looks like they are shipments for a place called 'Slime Dome'.

You also notice a chest of loot.


Dania's eyes glint at the chest,she slowly approaches it
''Oooh…now that is something i want to open…''


"This guy was certainly loaded."

"Help yourself, yarn ball."


"Next time don't pussy out like that, uh?"
Smirk at him, and as soon as the crew is tied up, walk over to the loot chest!
"You think you can crack it open?"


Jump on top of Dania and open the chest.
"Too slow!"


He smirks back "Aye aye captain."
You find a stash of 200 silver, a weathered map, a golden watch, a sharp looking sword with a soft grip, a sort of saddle that's made to help you carry large loads or multiple bulky things on your back, 7 healing potions, and an eye ball in a jar.


"Would you look at that now…"
Pick up the golden watch and inspect it.


Get the jar and mash my eye against it.
"Oooh, hello! Are you a talking eyeball?"


Grab the map and unfurl it.

"Hello missy, care if I take a look at what you're hiding?"


"Don't wear her down too much."


Its a collectible from the fallen kingdom of Ivalance, it has a desgin of a strange fluffy creature with a ball on the end of its antenna. To the right buyer it would be worth a lot.
You open the map, and.. It shows an x, a large bird shaped rock, a river, and a some kind of wolf with whiskers. Its titled "treasure of the plains"
The eye floats around and seems to be staring at you! It looks like the eye of a cat, but huge!


"Lookee here, maybe we'll be the ones worn down. Looks like the Captain and crew had a few surprises of there own."


Now that's a worthy prize!
"Hope you know what this means, Arrid."
Poke him on the side with an elbow, smiling furiously as my eyes shimmer while I look at the map.


Move the jar around, see if the eye follows me!


"Can't say I'm fond of just going wherever the winds take us, but it's been fun enough so far."


Okay, nap's over. Time to check out the loot.
examine the eye.
"What ye got there, lass?"


It does not. The eye is about the size of your hoof, the monster this eye came from must have been huge! Or maybe it just had huge eyes.
It looks like a large cat eye.


"But now we got a map!"




Hold on a second! I can squeeze in a Free Hint this session! Where did this eye come from and why did they keep it?


The eye is a from a monster known as the cat dragon, they can grow to be the size of a small house, and generally live in jungle areas. They have the ability to see great distances, and even through cloaking magic, so their eyes are valued for study. This particular eye was traded to them in exchange for more mundane supplies.


Last time our pirates of the skies boarded and captured a merchant ship.
They found a treasure map, hopeful that it would lead them to riches, they have a gleam in their eye and coin in the pockets.
The ship is a medium sized vessel, with four cannons, two on each side. The sails are long, the air balloon is heated with a proper flame, and should be a lot smoother to handle. The rutters are a little small for a vessel this size, but that's an easy enough fix. More relevantly, there are more rooms on this ship than your old one, at least five more doors.


I should gather the crew around.

"We must decide what to do with the prisoners!"


"This Be a braw lass, she is. Ah say she's a keeper."


"Shoo them off, duh!"


"Look at the map while I go check out the rest."

Those saddle bags, was anything in them?


"We could give them our old ship, but then we can't sell it for money to improve this one!"


"You might have an idea there."

"Might this be an opportune moment to switch ships?"


"Why would we want to improve it? We'll just steal a better and bigger one when we outgrow this one anyway!"


"If you left anything there, time to go pick it up."
"We might just need the money!"


"Well, there is that. Should we just tie 'em up and keep 'em for now? I ain't to keen on dropping off people without wings on the surface."


Take out a paper with 'Buttermilk' written on it with a pink crayon, and shake it a few times until 70 pieces of silver fall into my hooves.
"Well, that's not a problem! We can use this to bribe people and buy supplies in the next town, but only for that because the book is sort of silly!"


"That won't happen!
Smile sheepishly.
"So are we clear, let's tie their hooves up and throw them into the bunks of our old ride, lock them up and get running."
Oh you.
"That's gonna be good for buying us entrance to a port or two."


"Captain has a point, even a dinky ship like that one is worth good money." Leonis comments.
Lifestyle cashed in you cheeky goat.


"That seems to be the way we get everything these days…"
"Sounds good ta me!"


"Got problems with pirating, pirate?"
Raise a brow at him.


"And what if there isn't a better one to steal?"


"That would be just cruel!"

"Aside from raiding and stealing ships you mean!"

"And boxes upon boxes of Metallia!"

Actually it's Gifts and Favors!


Snicker again.
"Oh that can be arranged! There are always better ones to steal!"


"Nah, jest that stealing everything usually draws too much attention. We got ta be smart about it, ye know?"


"But attention is exactly what will make us the greatest, most famous pirates the sky has ever seen!"


Nod and start hopping around.
"Uhu! If we are better known it also means people might just surrender at our mere sight!"

Strike a pose!


"We'll work on that after we get a ship that can stand on its own. Jumping from ship to ship like this won't get us much."

"And that people will come after us in bigger numbers. It's a two way street, little one."


"Arrr. I'll get that started captain." Leonis levitates over a plank to connect the two ships and starts to drag over prisoners.
The unicorn chuckles at you.
You make an adorable goat pose.


The adorablest!

"By the time that happens we'll be able to handle them!"


"Nice to see somepony's ready to work!"
Also, let's move everything of ours over to this ship.
"We just improved our cannon count by four hundred per cent, seems a good pace to me!
But you are right, next town we hit things will go reeeeal quiet."


"Sneaky sneaky?"


"Sneaky enough!"


"I'll be more comfortable with that once we get a ship meant for combat."

"We'll be needing plenty of supplies, not just for the ship, but for us too."


"Don't worry, she will probalby wait for that to happen too!"

"I can totally blend in with crowds! OOH! OOH! Or distract them with music!"


Well its just the crates of bread and a hoof full of loot over there. not too hard.


Pat her on the head, ruffling it.
"Let's not put the ship ahead of the balloon, shall we?"
Then, it's time to take command!

"Alright ye scurvy scallywags, we be movin!"
Oh man I'm totally the best at piracy.
"Everyone to your posts! Get us moving!"
"Unbind the last of the prisoner and then fly back to us."


"Aye aye!"


"You're right! We should buy balloons! Pink ones and blue ones especially!"
Keep hopping around, since I still don't know my post


Leonis smiles at you and pulls on the ropes to help adjust the sails.
You free the prisoners and leave them on the old ship, the earth pony that was first mate stands on deck and watches your ship move away.
Maybe you can just wander around and let these ponies take care of it, since that worked last time!


Luck Charm Goat Mode Activate!


"Alright, we need to move. And scrub the name off this ship, it's gonna be wanted by tomorrow!"


"Watch the engine, she was fidgety!" I yell at him as I fly back.


Take the chain I bought last time and bring it over to our new ship!


One shiny chain for you.
That would probably require a flier!
You can't see the old ship anymore.
A lucky goat indeed.

On deck there is a chest you overlooked with parachutes inside, now you can move around safer.


We are 3 out of 5 fliers! And I can get to it as well!
And we have ropes!


Make sure to take one! I'd hate to become a goat shaped pancake by accident!


Safety first of course.
Of course. You discover probably the best thing about this ship, more sleeping space. Two rooms for the crew, and one for the captain. There is a larger dining area attached to the kitchen, which is fully stocked with a variety of food, including some of that metallia cereal that goat kid likes.


"At least we won't worry about spending coin at an inn."

"Try to keep knicknacks out of that one, okay?"


I will have to check one thing…
The captain's quarters!


"Now if we learn how to hunt, three out of five are fed!"


"Don't worry, I'm not stupid, I'm silly!"

Giggle and head to the kitchen since I've heard someone mention my name!


"I'm more than willing to pay for some safe meat. Who knows what's running through their systems?"


"Fair enough.
We have plenty of food anyway, right now."


Its got a bed, a large table for planning routes, some notes piled up here, they look like requests and orders, a small map that only shows the route from spiritos to law forge. A couple of pins are stuck in it.
There is a case for you to display your best loot, but its empty, and a closet with a coat in it.


Looks like we might have a route…
Not Law Forge, for sure.
Check the notes.


roll for luck!



Roll #1 13 = 13




You shuffle through the papers, one of them says 'before you cross the river find the ruins, they should contain a clue'
another is a news paper clipping about a flock of aggressive monster birds in the plains.
Its a fully stocked kitchen, so much food! An not a single rope either. And Metallia! The bestest goat food ever.


Guess I'm gonna fill my new loot stand with something very soon indeed.
Where am I in relation to the rivers?


Dive onto one of the boxes of the sweet sweet cereal!


File: 1413662271074.jpg (762 KB, 3264x1840, Your Current Map.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

You're about three days of flying from the main river.


You grab the cereal and try to dive in, but only your mouth will fit! At least that's the part that eats cereal. It tastes crunchy and sweet and a bit ironish. Great for building your teeth's strength.


Then we DO have a course.
Guess that's where we will go next.




File: 1415996654197.png (3.91 MB, 1909x1841, TreasureMap01.png) ImgOps Google

You set your new sky vessel toward the large river, known as the Mana Stream, seeking some forgotten ruins. Its been three days of clear weather.
Up ahead of you is a forest and a small lake, there are a few houses you could stop here to see if anyone knows about old ruins and get some fresh water. certain unmentioned crew members could use a bath anyway.


We landed somewhere far enough from the town, right?

"Remember where we parked, guys."


No interuptions! My healing potions are almost done!


You tied down the air ship onto a sturdy tree. You could barely see the houses so you're pretty sure anyone living out there can't have seen you.

Leonis's horn glows as he secures a canteen to belt. "Aye aye captain."

Alright Doc. You watch over your chemistry set carefully, glad of the break for steady footing, no risk of spillage.. everything going to plan.


She Blows a bit of her fluff out of her eyes
''Absolutely,now I would LOVE to take a dip on that lake…You know in the palace I just had massive pools…
And I never felt how it is to bathe in a real lake''
She says longily staring at it
''Perhaps one of you gentlemen would care to join me?'' she asks with a haunty chuckle


Five drops here, a pinch of grain there… Turn up the burner and watch for the potion to start bubbling.
"That's it… Come on, lovely…"


It changes to a pleasant purple color, boiling slowly.
Its pretty lucky that you nabbed this ship, or you'd be working on this in that kitchen.
The tan unicorn offers you a hoof to hold. "Aye, a fine lady like you shouldn't be wandering the woods alone. I've heard tales of fierce beasts, even bigger than lions, with eight legs that breath lightning.."


''My,my,such a gentlecolt'' She fluttered her eyes to him,offering a warm smile and allowed him to hold her hoof.
But then something hit Novelus in the back of the had
You can't Bathe with him you idiot he'll know!
She feightened a cough and drew back her hoof. ''Um,thinking well,I actually would love even more if we first um…tried visiting those lovely houses over there,how does that sounds dear?'' She said giving him an apologetic smile


"Wait a minute there, back up for me.
A palace?"


She halted for a moment
''Yes…Yes a palace…I used to live wit the king,who was a very close friend of mine… he allowed me to live among his family in his palace that is all'' She said calmly


Share a look with Leon and the doc, starting to get closer in on the sheep.
"Any reason you lied to us then, when the matter of the runaway prince came along, miss Dania?"


"Of course. Stay close." And he gives your hoof a firm grip, in an attempt to make you stay closer to him or perhaps to feel safe.
"…Did you really lie to us Dania?" Leonis looks over with a frown.

The forest is a bit thicker here, forcing you all to walk closely, and blocking out a bit of light.


She stays unmoving.
''I have no idea of what are you talking about…Captain'' She said calmly,with just a small touch of anger at him
''No Leonis,I did not,Our captain is just making brash assumptions based on a simple coincidence''


"If you lived in the palace how come the news of the runaway prince didn't faze you at all?
You said you never even knew him!"
"I'm onto your game~"


'2d20' rolls dice behind screen

Roll #1 3, 12 = 15


''There are more than just one single Sheep kingdom captain,the news of the prince did not fazed many of my kingdom because we were rivals.
…In fact that is actually good news for my king. I higly doubt you have ever studied anything about the kingdoms in the mountains, so no…
you are positively not in my game,now please stop with those senseless accusations''
She calmly said,with a huff


Leonis frowns. "So.. wait.. your kingdom has two royal families? …that must mean.. you're a princess!"


I'm gonna have to sense motive that.

Roll #1 8 + 6 = 14


She sighed and shook her head
''No,no no Leonis.
Pay attention.
There are more than one royal family
but only one family in the kingdom
And there are more than just one kingdom.
you understand now?'' She asked clearly sounding annoyed

Do I have to counter roll or something like that?


roll a bluff


Yes. Roll bluff.


Leonis scratches his head and looks up at the trees and then back at you and then at Chance.
"You catch any of that captain?" he asks clearly lost.


"I think she's a liar. A bad one at that.
But whatever she's hiding can wait."



''And I think you are just too stubborn captain
why won't you admit you were simply wrong?
Or are you just uncomfortable with a lady being on the ship?~'' She said with a smug grin
'1d20+3' bluff

Roll #1 20 + 3 = 23


"Whoa now, let's not say things we cannot take back!
I've got no problems with ladies!"


''Oh you really do not?'' She leaned closer to him
''Maybe you are just afraid I might bring bad luck?
Or did you gotraumatized because of a mean mare that rejected you when you were little?…
Or…Do you just swing the other way?'' She said with a huge,malicious grin


"H-hey now!"
Jump back and into a defensive stance, blushing heavily!
"Let's just keep moving already! We have things to discover!"


Leonis nods and keeps moving, the houses are just ahead.. and they are all covered in moss, some of the boards are missing, you hear animals scurrying around, birds chirping, and an odd rustling like wind in the leaves.


She smiled,huffing
''just as I expected.
Afraid of a lady~huhuhahaha'' She laughs dauntily putting a hoof dramatically in front of her muzzle
''Very well Captain,let us carry on with our discoveries,since you are so eager to abandon the subject now that I got you cornered…''
She continued walking on,going to visit the first house she found

Dania moved to the door of one and slowly knocked


Give her a killer glare.
"Don't push your luck, ball of yarn."
Looks like this is a ghost town."
Let's move further in.


''Would not dream of it my beloved captain~'' She gives him a smile and a wink

''Lets not go yet,I want to see if there is anything or anypony in these houses''


You knock on the door and is falls over, a poof of dust and dirt clouds the air around you making you cough.
You push farther in, there are some abandoned crates, bags, and weapons on the ground, along with skeletons of what appears to be a wolf pack.


She closed her eyes
''Coff coff…ugh…I must agree…this is indeed a ghost town…'' She said as she moved along with the others
''So,think there is anything worth looting?'' She asks them as she eyed all of the stuff without much interest


"We know what got them, at least…"
Share a look with Leon.
"Let's check the houses ourselves, shall we?"


''Well one thing for sure,they might have nothing more valuable than what we found here'' She said walking along
''But it would not hurt to try I suppose''


Roll notice?

"Arr, thar must be! When ponies started moving to the safe zones they left anything that wasn't their own four hooves behind"
Leonis stated cheerfully.
"Aye! Thar be be a plan." He grins and marches over to a house.


''Well…Maybe we could use those doors as a plank for somepony to walk in huh?'' She said gently touching Leonis on the shoulder while letting out a delighted chuckle at her own joke



Roll #1 10 + 6 = 16


He pretends to laugh at your joke and moves into the dark house.
IF you are going inside please roll to notice!
You spot a chest, rugged and iron tacted.
It shimmers in the sunlight that peaks through the wooden roof.
The area is oddly clear of dust.. and the side of the chest has a symbol of a skull on the side.


She calmly heded inside
if they took all that was valuable,then Dania wondered what could they have left?

Roll #1 11 = 11


"Call me a fool, but that looks outright juicy…"
Go by the chest. Is it locked?


You spot a chest, rugged and iron tacted.
It shimmers in the sunlight that peaks through the wooden roof.
Otherwise it seems like an abandoned house, a few old dusty shelves and a table.
"Aye captain." Leonis whispers, as if afraid to disrupt the scene. You draw closer, it seems like a simple latch is all that's between you and sweet loot. Open it?


Let's check for traps…

Roll #1 12 + 6 = 18


You look closer, the chest is.. moving? Quivering with as much excitement as you are, you even spot wood shaped like a closed eyelid on the lid of the chest.
This is not a real chest.


'1d20' rolling notice because I was told to

Roll #1 17 = 17


Jump back!
Draw my sword!
Stab at it!
'1d20+3' for dual attacks in my first half action, and '1d20+3' for a last stab in my second half action!

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11 / Roll #2 15 + 3 = 18


Also, rolling for damage already.
'3d10', first 2 for the first attack last one for the second attack.

Roll #1 8, 4, 10 = 22



She jumped back in suprise
''A mimic?where?!''
there was just a bit of excitement in her voice
His mind went back to the times of his childhood
her mother reading adventure books to him and describing a mimic.
the concept fascinated him. A moster disguised as a chest,feeding of unwary adventures and alluring his prey with greed

But her thoughts immediately snapped back as she drew her dagger and got into battle position


You notice your captain attacking the chest!
The chest abandons its ruse and shows you its jaws, roaring and giving you a good target of its tongue.
The mimic manages to defend against the first of your attacks and thinking you finished exposes itself in time for the second attack.
It rolls a 14 to smack you with its over sized tongue for 5 damage.


Ouch! No surprise round?
No initiative rolls?
'1d20+11' initiative for me.
'1d20' initiative for the compass.

Roll #1 15 + 11 = 26 / Roll #2 1 = 1


"Leon, Dania, don't just stand there!
Come and fight!"


Also, my AC is 15.


wasting no time Dania immediately attacked the thing lips quievering a bit
She was going to kill a mimic!Oh such amazing feeling of adventure!

she then quickly jumped besides Sudden
''no need to tell me twice''

'1d20+2' iniciative roll right?

Roll #1 16 + 2 = 18


Then it missed, and you took no damage at all. ~
Also it counter attacked.
good job, you're after leon. so that'd be now. compass is after you.

Leonis leaps into action and bashes the chest with a mallet. It bounces off the top, but seems to stun the eye a little.


Dania had a doubt of strinking the eye or the tongue.
Shrugging mentally she opted for the eye,following up quickly after Leonis she jumped directly in front of the chest.
then quickly sidesteped to confound it and spun her whole body gracefully as she slashed the eye with a quick crescent motion

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Your blade pings off the metallic lining of the chest, dealing no damage at all.
compass time, then you again.


Enact the Crush Them! battle plan for a +2 morale bonus to melee and unarmed attack rolls.
Then attack the chest again with the same combo as before, using that bonus and the flanking advantage.
'1d20+7' double attack.
'1d20+7' single.

Roll #1 17 + 7 = 24 / Roll #2 4 + 7 = 11 / Roll #3 5, 3 = 8 / Roll #4 8 = 8


"I finished sorting some of the stuff in the ship. You wouldn't believe how it really was, I'm actually disappointed that…"

"Scratch that."

Initiative Count. '1d20+5'

Roll #1 20 + 5 = 25


You catch the mimic off guard with a little luck from your compass. It staggers its tongue fails around making it hard to hit the second time.

Leonis outright misses due to the flailing.

And I guess you can slip in now and attack if you're ready.


"Next time, be more careful!"

Rolling to Hit with Nunchukcs '1d20+4'
Damage if hit '1d8'

Roll #1 1 + 4 = 5 / Roll #2 3 = 3


"Well I don't see you hitting it either."
He comments as your nunchucks fall short.

The mimic tries desperately to tackle one of you, but kind of hops in place instead.

You sense the mimic is weak, you should finish it off.


Dania squited her eyes,focusing on the target:the eye
this time though,instead of slashing,she plunged her blade on the thing,grunting as the blade pierced the eye

Roll #1 14 + 2 = 16


roll for damage too please. That's a hit btw



Roll #1 1 = 1


Compass does nothing other than keep its +2 for the whole party up.

I hack and slash, but in a more precise way.
If this thing's tongue is its weapon, then I will try and disarm it!
And then a normal attack.

Roll #1 2 + 9 = 11 / Roll #2 20 + 9 = 29 / Roll #3 9 = 9


Activate the threat on the 20!
Spend one action dice to hit the wounds directly!


You stab its eye, but this thing is just so weird.. you can't figure out how to really damage it well.
You try taking off the tongue, but the mimic retracts into its self before you can, you deal a good amount of damage to the creature which makes a sort of echoing whimper and coughs up a pile of golden coins before it stops moving. Got 30 coin each.


"Ah! Take that, you deambulating proof adventurers need to double check their loot pinatas!"

Pull the slender blade out of the monster's mouth and clean it up.

"Now, what you say we finish combing this place up?"


"Just watch your hoof. I'd like all of us to leave this place with the same number of limbs they entered with. There might be more of those around."


She looks at the thing a bit weirded out
''Okay I didn't knew that mimics literally vomited gold…It's kind of really disturbing…''

''well as long as we do not run into anything else that tries to kill us…
Actually scratch that,let us find more things that are trying to kill us,I need a good exercising''


"What about we focus on the map, and if things try to kill us we just don't let them?"


''sounds like a plan'' She said cleaning her dagger
''stupid chest thing''
''Alright I don't like Mimics anymore


"But then where would the fun be if there isn't a little surprise though. Just watch your tail feathers is all I'm asking. A crew like this only comes along once in a lifetime and I intend to keep it going for a while."

Search '1d20+6'

Roll #1 1 + 6 = 7


Leonis laughs heartily and Slaps sudden chance and arrid secret on the back.
"Hey, as long as we stick together its no problem."

You can continue to check around, there are abandoned crates and sacks, a few old weapons, the large city hall building which probably has any records, its one of the few intact buildings besides this one.


"Good to see your heart finally swayed, Arrid."
Smile at him.
Check my compass.


Dania attention was drawn to the records
maybe she could find some papers about something?
'1d20' search

''Daww aren't you just the sweetest Arrid?Don't worry I am not leaving you all so soon~''

Roll #1 13 = 13


It points you toward city hall.
You open up a sack, and rotten potatoes fall out of it, at the very bottom of the potatoes is a small crate with a gun inside. The bullets and powder are elsewhere.


Whistle my crew to attention.
"We have a route!"

Off to city hall!


Back on the ship, there is a flash of light and loud "Pomf!" from the Doctor's room, followed by clouds of strange-colored smoke leaking out from the window and under the door as his manaical laugher echoes through the ship.
Streching, he gives a huge yawn before flopping back onto his bed, soon sawing logs like a champ.


You also head to city hall then. The moss and vines have grown over the door and it takes some effort to pry it open.
You see a stack of letters, all the same letter, on the front desk.


"Just chalk it up to you all growing on me, like a fungus."

"You're allright, Yarnie. A little eccentric, but it'll be fun to hang around."

"Might have been a few smugglers around here. No one else would leave something in here unless they were extra worried."

"Aye Aye."


There is also a room with a filing cabinet, or you can search the desk itself.


"Hiding weapons in vegetables.. that's kind of brilliant." Leonis muses.


she picked up a few random ones and started reading


I'll go over the desk. Usually fancy stuff is right beneath the owner's hoof!

Roll #1 7 + 6 = 13


"I'll check out the filing cabinet. Let's see if my knowledge of accounts hasn't dulled too much."

Investigate '1d20+4'

Roll #1 14 + 4 = 18


The letter talks about unbearable difficulty with the local wildlife..
"Our town's struggles against the wolf packs were going well however, now we've seen the panther dragon, and a lion with a face of stone. We have determined this area is no longer safe. Please mark it as dangerous on your map and leave. We all regret this, since the lake was so rich in fish, but as it is now, we can not settle here.
Mayor Bovia"
Inside of the desk you find a quill with a soft aura, a small map indicating the local land marks: its marked as "interesting sites: potential for tourists" in the corner.
There is something about some ruins south of here..
You discover an order from Spiritos to attempt to settle this area to provide food and a vacation area to the city, there is a record of a series of payments spanning 5 years.


Oooh, read carefully!


Her eyebrowns furrowed as she read that
''Uh…Captain..I think you might want to take a read at this…And we probally should leave really soon too…''


Look into what they brought over. I'm sure they might have had to leave some good things behind.


"What is it, yarny?"


She handed the papers to him
''See for yourself…''


Cringe as I read it, but put up a brave face and a mocking smirk for my crew.
"C'mon, a few monsters aren't gonna stop us, are they?"


''Captain,with all due respect…
but are you completely out of your mind?we are only in four here,not even all those ponies could hold those things for long,and Doc is on the ship and Butter is…Wait,where is butters?'' She said looking around


There is a small note describing them:
>Ivalancian ruins, very old, appears to still have valuables. Interesting architecture.
>peaceful lake: the river splits off to a gentle stream, which allows our lake to form here, fruitful for fish, slow boat rides, less pure than the river itself but drinkable.
>forest cave: we believe the monsters may be nesting inside, explorers have notices a glow sometimes at night coming from with in.
They were given metals and such for building and weapons to fight with. Resources such as food and seeds for them to attempt to grow.. there is a slight error on these accounting sheets, they are taking in more money than they should be.
"Arr!" Leonis cheers you on in response. "Nothing will be keeping us from treasure."


"We might be four, but we are an okay bunch. AND!
Read here!
It says there are still shinies in the ruins!"


"Knew I could count on you, Leonis!"


Search around the other files. Let's see if we can find where it's been going. Search '1d20+6'

"Play close attention. There was a lot put into this town, and there might be a lot left for us to take."

Roll #1 11 + 6 = 17


She let out an exagerated sigh
''If I die I swear I am going to have my spirit scare you until you die as well''


"Not leaving crew behind, so I'll most likely be dead as well!"
Laugh aloud.
Let's keep searching."

Other structures left?


Also, take the strange quill with me.


"But you're so fluffy. I'd just try to hug your ghost instead."


''Psh…You are way too cute sometimes…'' She commented,allowing herself a smile as she followed a long

''Hmn,I wish I could say the same…''


What a killjoy you are, mr edgy mcedge


"I'll do my best captain."
"Ah, Miss Dania.. Princess Dania? I'll be makin' sure ye be safe." He winks at you.
"So they'll be no need fer to haunt anypony else"
At the papers?
There is very little indication of where the money came from, and it says it goes to paying for fences and trading fees, or improvements to the structures, but the structures are basic and there was no fence at all. there is a note that says "The LawHooves are onto us." in rushed writing. You realize this is what the law forge's enforcers are often called, since they are mainly earth ponies.
There is one, but It will have to wait.

see you all tomorrow.


''what?'' She said with a giggle
''I must admit though that it is admirable how dedicated you are to your crew…So you'll get some points for that'' She said with a wink

''Thank you darling,I know I can always count on you''


File: 1416078120993.jpg (416.81 KB, 873x490, abandoned_hut_by_novtilus-….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The party has landed near an abandoned settlement. Having already investigated two of the intact buildings, they defeated a mimic, and gathered clues from the town hall. There is one building left unchecked, its a medium sized house, the windows are broken, or outright missing. The door was chained shut, but has since fallen apart enough that you can just push it aside.


Dania waited in front of the door
''Are any you going to open the door to the lady?'' She asked impatient


Let's move in from one of the missing windows.


Bounce inside.
"Oooh! Ooh! Maybe there's instruments inside!"


Wake up with a snort, rubbing the sleep from my eyes as I stretch.
"Fecking long-haul days, make meh wanna sleep da night away…"
Scoop up my finished healing potions and head topside.
"Now, If'n I remember correctly, they was headed… over thar."
Start flying towards where the party was headed.


"…Sure thing princess." Leonis said as he removed the half rotten door, revealing the inside of the house. You friends are on the sofa, There is also a table with an oil lamp, a long table for coffee or such, a hallway which leads to stairs to the attic, or the other rooms.
You come in near a sofa, covered in dust, but still probably one of the nicer things you've seen so far. There is a table with an oil lamp, a long table for coffee or such, a hallway which leads to stairs to the attic, or the other rooms.
You follow Chance inside and bounce softly onto the sofa, its extremely soft. There is a table with an oil lamp, a long table for coffee or such, a hallway which leads to stairs to the attic, or the other rooms.
You dania and Leonis in the middle of the village you wanted to go to, but.. the buildings are covered in moss, most of them look unenterable, and this one that they are outside of is one of the three intact places.


They said I am not allowed to drink coffee because the results would be disastrous!

"We should keep this sofa!"


"I'll check the attic."


Dania looked at the stairs with a bit of curiosity
''Leonis dear could you please join me upstairs? She said ponting to the attic
''usually there are rare things found in attics…Or mosters…Or maybe both…''


"If we come back."


"Can't we carry it?"


Hmn… examine the moss. Maybe I'm familiar with the species.
'1d20+7' Investigate: Identify check

Roll #1 6 + 7 = 13


"Told you, only if we come back here once are done with the ruins!"


"Weeeeeeeell, we should come back for the sofa then! Duh!"


Roll my eyes and go upstairs.


Yes, its a common species of forest moss, it grows rather quickly, taking over a location in only two years provided there aren't any disturbances.
Its soft, but not really great for eating, I believe a diamond dog doctor once said it has the nutritional equivalent of crackers. You may be able to distill it for growth properties, but its also common enough that you can find it in almost any forest.
The three of you head up to the attic, dust covers everything, hiding the color of it. Barrels, crates, and piles of things line the walls, Its worth noting that the crates and the barrels are the same kind of wood that the small gun was in, and which is a white wood, while the scattered crates outside are a darker wood.


"I'll take that as a yes!"
Look between the sofa cushions

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


DAnia raised an eyebrown
''white wood…I know there was something particualr interesting about it…'' She commented before looting up what she could find in the crates

Roll #1 6 = 6


Bah. Should have known it'd be nothing special. Head inside to rejoin the party.
"Oi! Whut ye lot up ta?"


"What's so interesting about white wood?"


''Well you have to admit it is quite fascinating. And I believe that gun we found also was of the same color correct?There is a pattern here
The ponies that resided here used white wood
now from which tree did they gathered it from?
Does it has to do with why they were attacked?
How much more valuable it is than normal wood?''
''Those are things to think about everytime you see something different Captain,you never know where your curiosity may lead you''


You dive a hoof into cushions, and pull out a single coin.. wait this is a fake coin, but it might be a nice guitar pick, it has a lucky clover printed on it.
"Hmm. I dunno, isn't wood wood?" Leonis says as he digs through a pile of old clothes, paying attention to anything 'dressy' looking.
Dania gets a face full of dust for trying to open the crate, and then hay falls onto the floor at her hooves.
You see the young goat digging through a sofa, an oil lamp, a coffee table, and hallway leading to stairs upstairs the attic and the other rooms of the house.


She groans audibly,both from Leonis comment and from the dust and the hay.
''Just hay'' She mutters as she takes a hankerchief from a layer in her dress and cleans herself.
''Well it seems this used to be their food storage captain,unless anypony is hungry for old,spoiled food,I recomend we leave,there is nothing for us here''


Nibble it, is it real-fake or fake-fake?


"Yeah, wood's wood!
So guys, ready to leave?"


She sighs stretching
''Yes,I desire a bath. and aside from that mimic,this whole thing has been a waste of time
Unless the information we found proves to be useful in the future…''
She heads out


"Whut ye doin' there, lass?"
Head on upstairs in search of the rest of the party.


"Stop being such a prissy princess!
We still have some ancient ruins to explore!"


"A lucky clover coin!"


"I mean, I'm not doing a coin because that would be weird, but I found one!"


"Good on ye. Hope it works for ye."


"You don't believe in that?"


Its made of metal, but kind of bendy like those toy springs you probably played with before.
Leonis shrugs adding a terribly out of date collar to his outfit before following you.
You run into the bat pony, Doc McGullican on the way down.
They are walking down towards you, Leonis had added some kind of poofy collar to his outfit, and Dania is covered in dust and hay.


She groaned
''Very well,MAYBE this will not be such a waste to of time. better?''


''Ah there you two are Doctor,Butter'' She nods to them both,a bit of hay fell from her floof into the floor


Look at Leon.
"Where does that comes from?"
"Keep that attitude up and I'm leaving you on land."


She sighed
''Very well,I will be quiet.''
She grumbled something else,but it was hard to understand what it was…


"Ah've not seen enough quid one way or t'other ta decide whether it's so or no."
"Frilled yerself up, ah see. Ye find anything intrestin'?"
"Weehl, dontcha look a right mess now, dear."


The bad news is that's it not chocolate.
The good news is it makes me giggle.
So giggle!
"I'm going to name you Lucky Coin™!"

Shake my head.
"You've got to believeeeeeeeeeee!"


''Indeed Doctor,I need to bathe so badly…Oh and I am so hungry too
But in a sense that feels fantastic. YOu know? It has been so long since I have felt like this,the dirt,the fatigue,the hunger,and the uncovering of ancient buildings and documents'' She spoke with a content sigh
''This is indeed an adventure~''


"Ah see. Find anything interesting, by chance?"


The coin shimmers in response as if it liked that name! Or maybe it was just the light.
Leo stands a little taller to show it off. "Just up there is was, in the clothes these guys left behind."

Outside you feel the wind moving around your group, a cloud passes over the sky above making everything shady and cool, nothing but broken houses and leftover crates from when ponies long ago moved on.

The ruins are to the south, and the lake is just to the west, the cave is to the north.


Who can tell?
Not a goat.

Hop around, is there any fun knick-knack lying around?


''All the things I found are in my face and Wool…And a bit in my dress as well''

''So…The ruins and then the caves and then I can bathe pleaaaase?''


"Let's get going, shall we?"


"Though, that reminds me: where be the natives? Ah didnae expect a ghost town."


Dania followed around,quietly approaching the captain
''So Captain…What made you want to start life in pirating?''

''You and me both Doctor…We found documents and we found out that the natives have fleed,there were monsters causing mayhem and they could not hold them back anymore it seems…And that is what worries me…''


"The fact it's awesome?"


"Worries ye? This is great!"
Doc flashes a huge grin that shows his fangs.
"Ah could use some fresh stock, and whadda ye know, we find us some brae beasties ta dissect!"
"Where to, Capt'n? Ah assume the houses were a bust…"


''Well I admit it indeed is…But…I expected a more…deep aswer…''

Dania smiled at his enthusiasm,even though she didn't share it much
And he could catch a glisten in her eyes as she stared at his fangs for a moment


"Mostly, yes. We got this though."
Throw him the strange quill.
"Tsk. That's silly."


"Huh… Lemme see if ah recognize this…"
'1d20+7' Identify check

Roll #1 6 + 7 = 13


You find a toy top in the rubble, it should be a nice way to pass the time on the ship.
"Hmm picked up and left this jungle. Probably somethin' about the monsters, least we haven't found any pony bodies."
"Oh, Dania noticed something about the wood, said it was different than normal, white. But It didn't seem to have any use right now."

To the south then, you make your way through the thick forest, following the captain's heading to make it to the ruins.
some of the trees have been cut along the way, in an effort to make a path, their stumps left behind. There are large stone buildings that you can see through the trees, but they never peak over top of the trees, meaning they were practically invisible to anyone flying over, long stone steps lead the way down, fallen pillars and vine covered arches lay before you, the whole structure of the place based on going down.


What kind?


"Let's hope we don't find any diamond dogs here!"


"Fascinating architecture here…" Doc remarks, craning his neck to look at the canopy. "These gits kenned their work, burr aye."


A spinning kind, its wooden, and round, with a crystal engraved in the top. There is some faded paint on it, it used to be blue.


''Why is that?The descriptions said monsters…And even though most Diamond dogs are not…well the most handsome kind,they are sentient enough to reason like any other pony…''

''yes indeed…I always dreamed of finding ancient civilizations and hidden structures like thse…and who knows,if we are lucky we might find a treasure,like a crystal pony skull or the fossils of a diamond jackal''


"Yeah, tell that when they try to put you to work in their mines!"


''Humnp…you almost make it sound like you were subject to that yourself captain''


"Oh yes, for many, many years!"


She stopped for a moment ''Oh…My apologies I…Did not expected that to be true…''
''Was it rough?'' she said a twinge of sympathy in her voice


I was forced to shove rocks back and forth, forth and back!
And you know what we had for dinner?
Rock soup!
Forty years!
Forty years a slave!"


''Forty years?…'' She took a good look at him,checking him out up and down.
''How…old are you again captain?''


Grin at her.


She huffs
''I am serious captain,How old are you?''


"I'm seventeen you dumb ball of yarn. None of that diamond dog crap was true!"
Swat her on the head with the sheat of my rapier.


''ow…Why…Humpgh…And I believed in you for a moment…Well you DO look much older than you actually caim to be…'' She said raising an eyebrown at him.
''And yet I am part of the crew with a captain that is not even mature yet…'' She said with a sigh


"And we already conquered our second ship!
Ain't life strange, eh Yarny?"

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