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You fly across the nearly empty board walk, finding the Sea Shell Retreat still open, its thematic to the beach, the only ones still here are heavily intoxicated sailors and tourists, the bar tender, a unicorn stallion wearing a silly beach themed uniform, takes one look at you and waves a hoof dismissively "Go home son. All the ladies did long ago."


"I'm not looking for company other than that of a glass."


He sighs and nods. "What can I do ya for then?"


"What's something I won't find anywhere else?"


"We have the lucky twister, brings you more good luck than a wishing fountain. Its made with four types of fruit, and vodka."


Five bottles of that.
And one glass."


He sets down a glass and swirls together the drink for you.
"Bad day?"


"Bad dreams. And I'm stocking up for the future."
Gulp down a first glass.
"Do you have relatives?"


'1d10' for the drink and '1d10' for MT.

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 4 = 4


"Yea, a lot of cousins anyway." He sigh and refills your glass.
You find the drink surprisingly strong, the fruits not doing enough to cut the alcoholic taste. You notice about six other ponies here, they all seem very drunk.


Try to brush the taste away from my mouth by moving it around a bit.
"I ghooot dish sister, lemme tell you, a pain!"


"A sister huh?" he smirks "Did she do something to get on your nerves?"
After a bit more you stop noticing the alcohol's flavor and begin to find the fruit taste pleasant.


Oh boy.
One more glass.
"Sheeesh a whoorld o' worry!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Yea, I'm glad I don't have to worry after anypony like that." he pours you more, you find it entirely pleasant this time, it goes down smooth and makes you feel warm.


Stand up.
Shessh a good zebra, ya know…"
Try to go for the door.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I'm sure she is." you use your wings to help you balance and make it outside.


Back to bed! Fly to the ship!

Roll #1 8 = 8


You fly back to the ship and make your way into bed, the door closing itself behind you.


Fall unconscious for as long as I can.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You sleep soundly and have no further dreams you wake up and the ship is already moving The clock says its a little past ten. roll to see if you are hung over.


I bet I am.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Terribly so. This is the worst you've felt in years. You should probably just roll over and go back to sleep, or at least find a way to shut out that awful clanging sound, are they tap dancing up there?!


Stuff the pillow over my head and see if I've enough willpower to crawl to the deck.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You don't seem to feel like going up there, bunch of kids wouldn't understand what you're going though anyway. But you do smell some coffee, maybe that would be helpful.


I just need a place to puke…
Is there a window here?


yes, a little round one, covered by a curtain, and when you part the curtains to get at the window harsh light fills the room burning your eyes making you recoil.


Stick my head outside and use mom's old trick…

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 8 = 8


You successful open the window close your eyes and puke out the toxic alcohol.


I hate doing this in the morning…
Now, wipe my mouth and close the window, what was that noise?


You mean ponies moving around on the ship?


"Why would they…"
Go on deck.


The two mares are chatting on deck, seems like they are getting along already, but then Morrigan can fake friendly when she feels she needs to.
"Morning uncle."

Hulking is not on deck, but inside the helm area.


How long did I sleep?"


"That depends on when you went to bed." Morrigan comments.
"Long enough." Maddie says and offers you a mug filled with coffee.

just say when you're ready to move on and I'll time skip you to the north


Ready to skip.


After a pleasant and uneventful trip you arrive at a shore covered in ice, the Hellequin switching from simply melting the ice out of the way to springing legs and climbing onto the land as the ice is extremely thick now. Maddie is looking very snug in the blue coat and other winter gear you bought her. Morrigan has changed herself into a fluffy black gryphon.
Hulking, wearing a thick brown coat is scanning the area with a telescope. "I think this is as close as we can get with out the gryphons seeing us." He declares.


"Gryphons? Seriously now?"


File: 1382050828311.png (6.91 KB, 713x520, MapThing.png) ImgOps Google

He rolls his eyes "There is a Gryphon run port Eagle's Rock just a few click north, around this mountain really, No one has said anything good about it, the only one who goes regularly is a tradeship called the Hanging Flagon, and their crew is massive enough that they can look out for themselves."
He shows you the map.


"We can look out for ourselves too, can't we now?"
Look over to the others in confidence.


The two mares nod in return. Maddie a bit enthusiastically. "Of course we can."
Hulking chuckles. "Well, with spirit like that, we might as well give it a try. Be ready for trouble."
he goes back to the helm and adjusts the controls you start moving forward again. with in the hour you are upon the port, It smells like fish, the harbor is pretty much empty, the area is swarming with cat birds of all colors, they seem to swoop and dive toward you as if attempting to scare you. As hulking takes you to an empty dock a flock of six land on deck. "What are you doing this far north Ponies?" they scowl at you.


Step forward, armor hidden under my heavy clothes and snow gear, small smirk on my face, swords on my side.
"Coming back home."
Glow slightly.



Roll #1 8 = 8


Facing the six gyphons you notice that they each have a scarf, colored white, yellow, orange, or red with a different symbol that seems to mark their rank and job. The apparent leader has a red scarf with a symbolic eye on it. At your sides Morrigan appears as a black gryphon, and Madison seems to be eyeing the gryphon's pockets.

You illuminate the area like a dim torch, your blue crystal face wearing a smirk a mile wide. The Gryphons seems taken back. The one on the far left seems troubled.
"A shiny pony, well, there are still a few right?"
"I think so."
"Well, that means he really is a native?"
They whisper between themselves. Eventually the speaker of this group of invasive cat-birds speaks to you.
"You can go, if you pay the migration fee, seeing as you're one of those crystalline ponies its only.. 1000 bits."
Maddie scoffs at this. Morrigan ruffles her feathers.
"Right, for you two.." The gryphon points at Maddie "1500." and then Morrigan "500."


Stare at the one with the pendant.
"How about nothing, sons of Grimalphas?"


"And what do you know of that name?"


"I know she once tried to lead the gryphons into greatness through the very same path that made their nation come to be."
Narrow my eyes.
"And you, too, follow that path, I assume?"


"Perhaps you do know something, but Grimalphas was a fake, she did not possess a true eye."
He returns your gaze with equal vigor.


Walk up to him confidently.
"I know more than you think. Maybe a trade is in order."


The other five gryphons look ready to draw weapons on you. The red scarfed gryphon looks curious. "What do you have in mind?"


"I tell you what I know, you let us through free of charge. Easy, especially in front of a dinner."


He considers this a moment. "The pony wants to eat with us, well.. that's new.. I'll talk to the other eyes and see what they think.." The five gryphons backing him up ruffle their feathers at this but nod.
"don't go anywhere."
They all fly off of your ship and scatter around the port, likely collecting these other eyes.


"You are excused from this dinner.
I doubt it's gonna be something for the weak-stomached."


Maddie nods. "Yea, thanks for that. Who knows what they will try to serve you."
Morrigan grins "Just make sure they don't eat you uncle."


"Speaking of which. Could you turn my insides into something a bit more…


Morrigan looks concerned. "..lets go to your room a moment.." she walks below deck to the room you were using. its a charming little room really, comfortable.


Follow her and raise a brow, waiting for her to speak.


She judges your expression and sighs.
"Look Uncle, this might make you sick, changing someone's insides is more complex than changing the whole thing, your body might not like it. I just wanted to be sure you knew that, before I do it."


"I'd rather not throw up in front of a bunch of gryphons ready to chew my face in, if you get my drift."


"Alright, brace yourself then." The silver pendant bearing the symbol for the united northlands and the underkingdom glows softly and you feel as if your stomach is being turned upside down. roll twice


I bet I'm gonna regret this.

Roll #1 7, 2 = 9


You feel a craving for fish, mice, anything meaty.. and then you feel your stomach recoiling in pain and are forced to vomit all the leafy things you have eaten lately. Morrigan prepared for this and has set a bucket down in front of you. She watches unflinching as you puke. roll once more.


I bet she's seen me puke more than once.

Roll #1 3 = 3


In five hundred years I'm sure she's helped clean you up once or twice at least..
Your body feel awful, as if there is a great, burning weight inside you. You feel hungry and a little sore but a least you are done puking.
Morrigan watches you stoically. "How do you feel?"


Can I bite your butt?"
Cough up a bit.


Coughing doesn't help much.
"Here, take this pain killer." she extends a claw and offers you a vial with some medicine inside.


Gulp it down.
"How did it go..?"

Roll #1 2 = 2


Its bitter and you feel a strong urge to throw it back up.
"It worked. You can eat a whole fish feast with a side of chicken wrapped in bacon."


Shakily bring myself back up.
"I knew I could count on you."
"Anything I should know?"


She smirks at you. "Remember not to eat your veggies."


Kiss her on the forehead.
"Thanks doc."
Leave the room with a world-eating grin.
"I hunger!"


When you return on to the deck you see a group of '3d2' Gryphons waiting at the end of the dock Hellequin is parked at. They all wear scarves with a decorative symbolic eye on it.

Roll #1 1, 2, 2 = 5


red scarves specifically.


"Hello to you too!"


"Greetings Crystal one."
"Your proposal has been accepted, please follow us."
The five of them spread their wings and lead you over the city, build against a cold cliff the buildings look to be quite old. They land in front of a building with a red roof, and step inside.


Where are we in the north? Old Stormheart?


Follow them through the roof and silently have a look around.

Roll #1 4 = 4


No, Stormheart is actually on the other side of the continent. These buildings were build maybe a hundred years after the north vanished, they are fashioned similarly, but gryphons do love tradition.
You follow them inside down a hall way with a few guards in it, it opens up to a long table, the table is set for the six of you, old painting of gryphons line the walls, this room has no windows and two exits and timid looking pair of servants stand waiting with covered trays of food.
"Please take a seat crystal one. "
"Yes, please join us."
The five of them all sit and watch you.


Sit down without a word.
Once I'm settled, look at my hosts.
"It's been a while since I last dined here."


"You've been here before?" one of them asks surprised.
"What is your name?" A particularly bold Gryphon, curiously the only female of the group, asks. "Is your home close by?"


Pumpkin Swansong.
And as for your question, I have no home anymore. Not since the last few hundreads of years."


She nods, the other looks surprised. "Yes, the Crystal Capital. The true home of crystal ponies, but you.. have seen it personally, haven't you Swansong?" you can roll here if you want

the servants begin to serve the various varieties of food, fish fillets, a fine beef stew, and a duck. Normally you should feel repulsed by this selection of food, but instead you feel hungry. You are offered you choice of the meats .


Indeed, I believe so.

Also, go with… Fish.
"Yes. Not the only thing I've been able to see, in my years."

Roll #1 6 = 6


You feel your mind being probed and block the intruder from seeing anything other than the fact you are being truthful. The fish is crispy and fresh, cooked to hold in the light flavor.
"Most interesting.. I am known as Golden Flight," The female states. "These are Godric, Gerald, Goram, and Gaspi."
"Indeed, this is curious." Godric ponders.
The gryphons all sample their meals.




Of Blackmane's bloodline or just an omage?"
Take a bite off mine too.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Yes, I am Godric Blackmane the third, second son of King Gallant and Queen Gene Blackmane. " Godric states clearly, you can sort of see a resemblance, something in the eyes.
You find your food flavorful, its much more difficult to chew than leafy foods but breaks apart easily enough. A few of the gyphons stare at you as you eat.
"Godric was a great king." Golden Flight states.


"Not too shabby of a fighter either."


Godric the third seems particularly unsettled by this statement.
Golden flight smiles. "I assume you did not simply wish to chat about our old kings, Lord Swansong."
The others glance suspiciously at you.


"I remember something from back then."
Keep eating my food.
"About that one eye you worship."
Narrow my eyes at them.

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 8 = 8


The gyphons eat silently while waiting for you to continue. They all seem like capable warriors to you, and its suspicious to you that they did not ask you for your weapons, you mind races at the possibilities of what that means: do they actually use demons? are they strictly melee or do they have casting ability? what would their catalyst be? Why are their only five here?
You calm your senses, and chew slowly looking around at each of them. They are all armed as well. Godric is armed with a large sword, you estimate that he can take 6/6 before going down. Gerald has a sword and a shield, he seems like the type of fighter that looks out for his follow gryphon, he seem to be the most sturdy of the bunch at an estimate of 8/8, Goram has a pair of pistols, he is a smaller guy probably can only take 5/3 before going down. Gaspi has a very well crafted bracelet, you recognize this as a catalyst, and its brand with symbols of nature indicate shamanism, he could take 5/5.
Golden Flight however takes a moment to glace at you concerned. She has a few pieces of jewelry on, you believe that the circlet with an eye on it is the most magical of the bunch and that removing it would upset her. she could last about 5/5 in a fight.

Godric: 6/6
Gerald: 8/8
Gaspi 5/5
Goram 5/3
Golden: 5/5


"How Grimalphas supposedly wielded the fake eye…
But again, we were not around during the first founding, to see what the first eye of Stormheart looked like…"


"No, we were not.." Golden Flight replies quietly.


"I'm curious. What stories are told about it, nowadays."


"The stories of King Stormheart are many, but all agree that he was a prophet, and that he foretold our survival here, a promised land for gryphons.
Our survival when the pony's crystal empire vanished is proof that he was right."


"Makes you wonder if some gryphons wanted a mean to follow in his wake."


"We believe that another will be born with the gift of prophesy, that is why we exist, to be prepared for that one, we watch the gyphons, we watch for the signs, that is why we are the eyes."


"And still you hope, after all this time?"
Look at them with a real expression of surprise.


"We do." Golden Flight says sternly. "Why would we give up our hope?"


Shake my head with a smirk.
"Never did nopony any good. So can I have your word that you don't pursue demonology, right?"
Throw the word away casually, as if it was nothing, and look them in the eyes with the same little smile.
Stare, long and hard.

The flinch in their eyes will tell their bluff!

'1d10' Master Thief to detect lies.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Godric the third nearly climbs over the table in anger, Gaspi and Gerald stop Godric from coming over to you with hushed whispers and a forceful claw, Goram places a claw on his weapon, Golden does not blink or speak, but the other four are clear furious at you.
"How dare you accuse us?"
"You come here to make demands?"
"We should throw you into the ocean!"
"Would the Godric you knew have allowed such a thing?"

You get the feeling they are actually mad at you.


"Godric? No, he wouldn't. He always was a traditionalist.
But Grimalphas, she didn't care.
That's what her fake eye was, after all.
I just had to be sure."
Relax back on the chair.


Their feathers clearly ruffled the four glare at you and eat a bit aggressively.
Golden flight remains perectly calm. "So, you are not here to tell us about a prophet, only to learn about us. That is unfortunate."


"Prophet for the Gryphon race?
I have one. Forever lost in time and space!"
Chuckle a bit.
"A savior is a savior for everyone.
Ponies, griffons, zebras, donkeys… You name it.
Finding one will be hard until you get out of that mindset."


The glaring eyes of the room intensify.
Golden continues to speak with you. "We have spread out, tried to find other places in the north that were suitable for us, Eagle's Rock is on of these places.
Some have traveled south, wishing to integrate with the ponies. Time is slowly changing us Swansong, and the time for a new prophet draws closer. "
At this the other four nod.
"You are part of this too, a warrior pony hundreds of years old, wielding blades which never dulled, will appear in the halls of the gryphons, he will be both crystal and pegasus." She says as if quoting something. "You have such blades do not Lord Swansong?"


"I… Kinda do?
That's an oddly specific prophecy, let me tell you!"


"It is a less popular one, since it involved a pony. It was not believed at the time either, since no ponies were crystal. But it is my job, as an eye, to know every prophesy."


"Do tell."
Smirk and go back to the food.

Roll #1 6 = 6


She closes her eyes and nods.
"It is written: The pony warrior shall be tasked with gathering the keys of magical essence, in order to prevent their use, for their use would mean the end.
He shall be aided by a new prophet, an extension of god.
she opens them again. "Does this sound familiar to you?"


"Must be another ever living crystal pegasus with neverdulling blades, sorry.
Never heard of the… Fragments."


"Perhaps you simply have not heard of them yet."


"Then what do you know.
Only time can tell."
Raise the head from my dinner and stare back at them, a serious expression on my face.


They stare back at you examining your face.
Golden smiles at you "It is not wise to share too much of your possible destiny with you, but I do hope you will return once you meet the prophet."


"Does she have a pretty tailfeather, at least?"


"You will know the prophet when you meet them. They will speak to you words which only god could know."
A small scroll is passed down the table to you. "This belongs to you now."


Raise a brow and stand from the table, taking the scroll.

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 6 = 6


It is a old scroll, nothing is written on the outside, and it has no apparent devices, just the two round poles that hold the parchment.


"I see."
Pocket the scroll safely and stare at her.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Golden returns your stare, almost unreadable, but you do not believe that she is lying to you outright, perhaps she is leaving out a part of the story, but she is likely doing so because she believes you would not gain from knowing.
"You and your comrades may enter our city Lord Swansong. As for what I have told you.." She pauses "Belief or disbelief rests with you."


"We will not remain long.
There's a long walk ahead of us."
Look back at the table.
"Now, did we interrupt a dinner?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"No, this is why we wanted to speak with you." Golden says simply and motions for another course to be brought around. Some delicately prepared shrimp are presented.
The gryphons all seem more relaxed now, they finish their meals making small remarks about you and the city.
"You can really handle your meats Swansong." Gaspi remarks with surprise.
"Maybe you will have time to show me your blades before you go." Gerald comments with a smirk.
"Were you and King Blackmane close?" Godric asks.
"Its been warm lately. Good for the fish." Goram add gruffly in an attempts to add to the conversation.


Finish my meal and my evening mingle with the gryphons.
"I do hope you have some decent wines, though."


Slight chuckles at that, and you are offered a choice of wines. The meal goes fairly smoothly, with only a hint of racism. When the meals ends Golden Flight addresses you once more.
"If you find yourself in another gyphon city, look for the eyes, they will know to look out for you."
You should probably head back to the ship, unless you had other plans.


No, not really. Time to meet back with my crew.
Stroll down the streets with a peaceful demeanor.


You get a few glares as you pass by, but no one makes any moves on you. Madison, Morrigan, and Hulking are all gathered at the helm chatting.Hulking is investigating the Goblin Sword.
"Yea, I reforged that blade..over nineteen time before I was happy with it." Hulking nods toward the sword on the wall.
"Is that so? And it was made from scraps your father left? How does that even work?"
"Well, that was the easy part." Hulking smiles.

"Welcome back uncle." Morrigan greets you.
Madison nods.
Hulking smiles at you. "So, how were the gryphons?"


"I see you had some fun."
Smile at them before boarding the boat.
"We are cleared to leave."


"Will you be able to make your own way back when you need to, or should I have Hellequin haul me back up here later?" Hulking asks as he returns the goblin blade to Maddie.
"Managed to sweet talk them after all?" Maddie smirks at you.


"Nah, I will find another ride back to your land.
I have a feeling it's gonna be easy."
Smile while looking up, towards the sky.
"I will be in my room."
Go there and examine the scroll.


You leave them to their conversations, and head below to the familiar and comfortable room. You open the scroll, there is an ornate picture of a gate with seven circles on it. You recognize them as symbols for various classes of magic: arcane, fire, ice, lightening, earth, life, and death. Outside of the gate are some simple scrying runes, and a small symbol of an eye.
After a moment of looking at it, the symbol for arcane magic illuminates softly.


You know what they say.
If you gaze long enough unto the abyss…
Stare back.

Roll #1 6 = 6


The glow is steady, the arcane symbol burning a pink color. After about three minutes it blinks at you, rapidly blinks. The whole parchment glows purple and an arrow appears in the center of the gate pointed back at you.


Oh shit son!

Roll #1 9 = 9


You drop the scroll, the purple arrow stays on the paper and continues to face toward you. The blinking continuing at a steady pace.


Try to move along the sides of the room, see if the arrow follows me.


the arrow continues to follow you.


Move nearer and touch the arrow.


The arrow is part of the paper. The color and general pattern of the arrow reminds you of the key you lifted off Agit, the one still in your pocket..


How… Peculiar?
Pick up that key.


You hold up the small purple key, as before it glows with arcane energy, appearing to have purple veins on it. The arrow on the parchment now follows the key instead of you.


"Well now…"
Appraise the key.

Roll #1 2 = 2


You turn it around a few times and can't get much of a picture on how it works aside from it being a key.


Keys open things.
Tap it against the scroll.


The scroll immediately reacts, it glows, the symbol for arcane turns into a steady light and the arrow changes to a black color, points toward the north west, the symbol for death blinking so slowly and dimly that its barely noticeable.


Oh. I see now.
This marks one down, I guess.
And what a nice thing, next one is down the road too.
Time to hide this and sleep now.


You have had a long journey. You tuck both the scroll and the key into hidden pockets in preparation for rest. Perhaps you will have pleasant dreams to motivate you on your journey.
Next time
Find the keys
be the hero


Pleasant dreams? I sure would like those…

Roll #1 2 = 2


And so the morning comes, the sun rising a little later this far north, you can hear the cold wind outside, the land still and dark. You have a fierce stomach ache.


I guess it's time to throw up. A lot. Off to the port side!

Roll #1 2 = 2


You have a dream, of a green pony with cyan eyes, it appears to have wings and a horn and it whispers to you "..will you guard them Northlander?" before fading away.


You go on deck, lean over the railing and stare into the water, you feel woozy and you stomach hurts a lot, but you manage to force yourself to vomit, I wonder if that helped or made things worse.


Made… Things… Different?
Pull myself away from it and slump over to Morrigan's room.


She emerges, as her true self for what seems like the first time in ages, appearing a decade older than you, her brown fur dabbled with black stripes, the long floppy ears reminiscent of a rabbit, her mane long and messy, her legs having black and white stripes, almost as if she were wearing socks, her cutiemark is a black bird flying, those eyes are pure black and as always she wears her silver pendant. "Morning uncle."


"You look better than usual today."


She chuckles. "Yea, I haven't got my wings on yet. You look awful, something you ate?"


Glare at her with a costanza stare.
"Daily reminder gryphons are crazy."


"Was it really that bad? You aren't craving pony or anything are you?"


"Well, maybe not pony. But a Donkra would be okay, no?"
Smirk and show some teeth.


She smiles back at you, "Its a rare creature, a real delicacy."
And then nudges you, making you realize your balance is completely off.


Try not to fall flat on my face?

Roll #1 1 = 1


Nah, not gonna ruse that.


You collapse on the ground and Morrigan look surprised, she leans down in front of you looking you over. "Well, you don't smell like a bar.. Can you stand back up?"


"Sure can try."
Try that fancy hoofwork I do in battle and geeeeeet up.
Escape Artist.


You use your back leg to spring yourself, and get back to your hooves instantly "Good. now maybe you should go back to bed." She starts to guide you back to your room.


"What about setting my insides right once again for starters?"


She gives you a flat stare
"You think you can handle that right now?"


"Maybe? Bah, I will just have to sleep through this…
Any news from your mother?"


"Mother is eager to see you again. She scolded me for transforming your stomach like that. Said it was reckless."


"Tell her she did worse."
"Got a lead on her?"


"She's up at the old manor father had build. I think she's feeling nostalgic, she has a few old journals open.." morrigan nods absently. "She could send some undead to us if you need."


"We should get moving, though."
Now, where are the other two?


"Long as you're okay." she looks at you pondering your state. "If you insist on going today I should try to fix you."
"Your little friend doesn't sleep well, she went up for some air, Strike is probably making coffee, he's not much of a morning pony."


"Time to give him the news then."
Go meet with Strike.


Hulking Strike is sitting in the helm slowing drinking some coffee, strong enough that you smell it far before you ever open the door, he stares up at the sword on his wall and then looks back at you, his green eyes heavy with leftover sleep. "Swansong, Morrigan." He nods at you.


Sit down with him.
Lean forward.
"We will move out tomorrow morning.
Probably near dawn. Thanks for all you've done so far."


"It wasn't hard. We had hardly a cloudy day the whole trip." He smiles at you, stirring his drink. "You know, I'm terrible at goodbyes."


"Would it be any better if I promised to come around again, sooner than the next 30 years this time?"


"You're always welcome back on Hellequin Swawnsong. Don't be afraid to say hello."
He smiles softly at you. and to Morrigan he nods.
"And your relatives too. Just as long as they don't try to stow away."
Morrigan chuckles. "Alright Hulking."
"Oh, and that sword Madison has, its possessed." Hulking adds.


Blink a few times.
"Well now.
Figured out by what?"


"I think the spirit was bound there as punishment for something, its only able to speak to the one who holds the sword, and it was unhappy."


"Well now. Any clue on how to free him?


"I'm a sailor, not a soul-binder Pumpkin. Best I can tell you is to melt down the blade. "


"That sounds smart!"
Off to find Maddie!

Roll #1 4 = 4


You find Maddie sitting on top of a roof looking down at the few gryphons that are moving around this early. She does not speak but nods as you land next to her.


"I hope you are not thinking about work even up here."
Smile softly.


"No. I am thinking about life."


"A bit for your thoughts."


"Seeing how these gryphons live, isolating themselves, attacking anyone who comes near. Its a lot more like home than I'd like to admit."


"Is this the reason you wanted to leave?"


"one of the reasons, yes."


"Things down there are changing now, though."


"Change in Bramblewood? Changing names maybe."


"It might surprise you, once we go back."


"And.. why are we going back?"


"One day we will have to."


She narrows her eyes looking at the gryphon city. "Fine. But where are we going now?"




"What's up there? When are we leaving?"


"Tomorrow at dawn.
And up there, there's home."


"Home huh.." she touches something in her pocket and then shakes her head. "Alright pretty boy, you don't have to tell me."


"What? It's true! I lived here most of my life!"
Chuckle and offer her a ride down.


She smirks at you and shakes her head, "I can get down on my own."


Nod slowly and go back into town.
Now, beefore I leave…
What's here to see?

Roll #1 6 = 6


There is a bar, a few shops, a library, the Eyes of Stormheart building with the red roof and red eye, there is also a small mark on the door frame of one of the houses, a mark that indicates a contact for the equestrian lordblades.


This is gonna help.
Go in there and silently, without a word, look any and all books concerning prophecies.

Roll #1 6 = 6


[Prophesy for Novices]
[Fortunes of the Past]
[Stormheart: the promised land]
[The Northcrown's Fall] written in the northland-ese
[The Destiny of the Twin Blades] -prench


Oh boy.
I like the last one the most.
Check it out.

Roll #1 4 = 4


This is about a pair of brothers, assassins who are as interchangeable as the wind, known as cloak and dagger. They will one day work to save the realm and will sacrifice everything to ensure those capable of succeeding do not fail.


I like them already.
Northcrown's Fall.


This is a very poorly organized book, covered in dust, and it reads as if someone shoved in parts about gryphons to take up space.
and while the gyphons stayed strong, the northcrown in its shining pride, the one he trusted most banishing his city
The pony warrior, with his wings of crystal flying over the land, shall find nothing but death and death's children. For unlike the gryphons they did not take head and flirted openly with darkness.
Flipping the pages you get to a more current place. There is a second title here: The Gate to Tartarus
At the dawn of ages, all demons were sealed away into Tartarus, by the seven great guardians of magic, by each of them sacrificing a piece of themselves to make a key. Should the gate be opened, the land will be flooded with demons and darkness.
The seven keys are magical essence so pure that any mage who makes use of them shall be like a god.


So that's two.
Make it three.
One is the key I hold, another one must be with Kilana and the third one, that's with Aaran.
Nice to know what's waiting for you, at least.


Is it really nice to know such things northlander?


Safer. Let's just say safer.
Quickly glance over the other books before taking a quick stroll through the library itself, observing the patrons.
'1d10' books
'1d10' stroll.

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 9 = 9


You find a similar book, a much older translation, this one describes a scene where you meet with god, or a goddess anyway..
After the pony warrior met with the gryphons and received the scroll of location he convened with the master of the world, as it was so long ago, but she was different than he remembered. Appearing as a green pony with cyan eyes, she offered him–
the pages have been ripped out here.
The gyphons don't really notice you, but they don't seem to be anyone special either.


Whoa whoa whoa whoa.
Fuck this shit. Close the book violently and put it back on the shelf.
Leave the library.
I don't need its meddling, not now.
Back outside.


you get a few odd looks as you charge out of the library. The sun is shining brightly now, the skies clear. Gryphons flying or walking about their business, a pair of large looking gryphons bump against you and you're sure it wasn't an accident, but they didn't steal anything from you.


Get back to the ship and into my room. Lock the door behind me.


You rush past everyone and enter your room on the Hellequin. You are alone now.


Sit down and breathe slowly.
I need to calm down. Get the Master out of my mind.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You clear your mind. Perhaps it was bad wording, and it won't happen. That was an old translation, and damaged at that! You have had your freedom all this time after all. Truth is what you make of it, so what will you make of this?


A royal headache, that's what.
Spend the day doing nothing but meditating.
Don't even go out for dinner, not like I could eat anything.
Await for the next day.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You hear a knock on your door at the diner hour.



"You alive in there uncle?" Morrigan's voice chants throu the door.


"Alive as can be.:


"Want to let me in or..?"


"…Come in."
Remain seated on the ground.


The door unlocks and Morrigan enters, closing and locking it behind her, she remains in her Zonkra form and glances at you. "So, you feeling stronger?"


"My insides stopped curling on themselves, if this is what you are asking."


"Yes, unless there is something else wrong?"


"Just old stuff. Older than you are, even."


She smiles at you. "You and mother will have much to catch up on then it seems."
she sits next to you. "So, lets get you back to normal then."


Groan and turn around.
Brace for it with a wince on my face.


Roll 2d10+4



Roll #1 2, 10 + 4 = 16


You feel the same turning feeling inside of your stomach you felt before but it feels.. right somehow, like everything is being put back into place, you feel healthy and energetic instead of sick, you feel a craving for carrots, lettuce, anything leafy.


Spring up suddenly!


Morrigan grins at you as you use your wings to spring up, you have a slight shine to your wings.
"You feel that good uncle?"


"I could eat the world!"
"What's for dinner?!"
Onto the main room!


She chuckles at you as you go off to the long table there is a decent spread, carrot soup, cabbage cake, a few small square daisy sandwiches, and a choice of either white whine or a dark ale called 'Red Raven' to go with it.
Maddison is chatting with Hulking.
"Yea, Gryphons are not any more skilled in cards than ponies, winning against them is easy, I could show you."
"No Madison, I've played enough games with you to know that your winning is not my winning."
Maddie rolls her eyes. "Fine."


Have a seat.
"Not to mention they'd tear you to shreds if they found out."


"They would never find out." Madison smiles, and then frowns staring at her blue mane getting which falls into her eyes.
Hulking shakes his head at her.


"Oh please.
You wouldn't last two hooves."


Morrigan joins you at the table with a smirk. "Haven't you heard that if you do something enough times you're going to get caught?"
Maddie brushes her mane out of her eyes and replies with a smirk. "I'd be fine, and I would last seven hooves at least."


"Then you are up. Seven hooves. And I will play too.
See if they catch on before that."


Maddison grins at you "Oh, really? What are we waiting for then? The night is young."
Hulking chuckles. "I'll be watching for the flying tail feathers."
Morrigan laughs as well. "This I have got to see."


Nod for the exit with a smirk.
"Let's go then."
Into the cold night I go.


The four of you arrive at a bar, there is a long table set up with some gryphons playing cards on the east side. Hulking and Morrigan find seats nearby and order a few drinks to help them blend in. Madison approaches the table and smiles sweetly. "Got room for two more boys?"
"Ponies want to play with us? Ha!"
"What's the matter, you aren't scared are you?"
"No, not of ponies."
"Good then deal us in." She says sitting down.
The luck at the table goes noticeably sour when you both join.
"Hey, what's going on dealer? These hooves are unplayable!"
The gryphon dealing clearly has his feather's ruffled by this. "You think you can do better pony."
She smirks "I know I could."
Now with Madison at the helm everyone enjoys a round of great luck, the gryphons get a bit excited and confident, and their luck seems to be better and better, until suddenly when they place a larger bet, their luck changes. They look down cast by the turn around and but leave with enough of what they came with they don't suspect anything. You came out pretty well in this game as well, maddie dealing you enough well timed aces that you made more than you spent without raising suspicion. The game lasts 12 rounds and after it is over Madison walks to you a smug smirk on her face, the other two rejoining you as well "So? Did you have fun pretty boy?"
Morrigan chuckles. "You are as good as you claimed girl."
Hulking remains silent trying to cover up a grin.


After a joyous evening out. You return to the ship for a night's rest. Hulking gives you a scroll with a copy of the symbol on all his father's work, just in case you should see it. Its a stylized anvil, with a sword and a rose crossed in background, all surrounded by stylized flames.
When you wake it is still dark, Hulking lies asleep in bed, Madison is awake and on deck next to Morrigan, who has taken on the form of a black gryphon for this trip. The air is cold, and the moon is just barely visible in the sky, The sun should rise soon.


Sigh as we get back to the boat.
"I guess I owe you one now."
Look at both of them. "Good to see you are both on time…"


"Just waiting on you." Morrigan tells you in Norse and grins, ..is that the same thing you said to her all those years ago? When you were going to take her to Valerianna? That kid..
Maddison nods. "I don't want to stay here any longer than I have to."


Shake my head softly with a smile.
"En marché!"


And so you marched into the snowy terrain together, the sunlight peaking over the mountains. Once you leave the port behind you don't see much out here, a few tracks of animals here and there, an occasional cave. Where will you go first?


First, we meet Kilana.


You head over to the northern part of wintergrasp, the forests here still grow strong, particularly with nopony living out here to cut them anymore, well one pony. You approach an old mansion, more of a small castle, a couple of crows fly past you staring down you note these are undead, as they pass you and fly into an open window. The garden here is well kept, having a variety of winter-hardy vegetables and fruits. You may approach the large door, which you have a key for, you go in the open window.


"Do you have a problem with corpses, Maddie?"


"Corpses…" Maddison looks a little confused. "Why should I be bothered by corpses?"


"No reason…"
Nod to Morrigan.
Let's move in.


You go in the large door, a nice hall is laid before you, at the end is a set of large steps a pair of skeletal ponies wielding great swords, they eye you curiously, and greet Morrigan instantly.
Welcome Home Princess.
Morrigan rolls her eyes at this. "I return safely, as always." Maddison looks uneasy.
You can hear movement upstairs.


Turn to the undead.
"Where is she?"


She is expecting you.
One of them turns to go up stairs.
Please come this way.
He leads you past about a dozen similar guards. Until you reach the study. A large undead with three dog-like heads, dragon-like teeth and claws, It has spikes and horns on it and a long tail, coiled around a zebra. You recognize the zebra as Kilana, she is at a table, covered with books and papers, strange symbols written on them. A few extra chairs are laid out. She smiles up at you Morrigan coming to her side and embracing her. "Mom!"
Kilana smiles as she hugs her daughter. "Oh, its good to see you again. Now why are you naked, didn't you pack any clothes?"
"Mother please, not in front of the new girl"
Madison stands very close to you.


"Hey there Codar."
Smile at the big guy. Then, slowly, look up to Kila with a smile, but no words.


Greetings Master Swansong. We are pleased you made it here alive.
Kilana slowly lets go of Morrigan and meets your eyes. "Pumpkin, and your new friend.. Madison? Is that right?"
Maddie slowly nods. "Yes."
"Well Madison, you have been traveling a while haven't you, are you hungry?"
"..not really."


"I am, though."
Smile while I hug that old zebra, hug her tight like we are 14 again.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You are a professional hug-giver you can take ten, Kilana embraces you tightly as if she never wants to let you go. It feels warm and comforting.


"Missed you."
Let her go.


"You too" She whispers back.
Kilana looks at Madison who is clearly uneasy and then declares.
"So, Maddison, you need a tour, Morrigan why don't you give her one, show here around the garden, that will get her appetite up. But first stop but your old room and pick up some clothes, at least a scarf, its cold outside."
"By the time you are done, we'll have lunch ready." Kilana smiles and waits for them to leave.
Which Madison does a bit more quickly than Morrigan who lingers long enough to spare a glance to Kilana who glares darting her eyes to the shadow that kid is trying to leave behind and then back to Morrigan.


Roll my eyes once the room is clear.
Anyway, good to see you aren't quite dead yet. Did you say something about being tracked?"


"Yes. They have stopped by every entrance to the underkingdom, traveling across the land. Each time they cast a spell that tracks dark magic in the area. A few of my undead were found and destroyed. I haven't found a good way to block their spell, but I know its range is about 20 miles. " She twitches slightly at the memory. "Its a very good spell."


"Any idea who they might be?"


"I obtained one of their books." She slides a small book to you. "It says they are Childern of Tartarus, and that their mission is to collect artifacts of power so they can summon demons." The book seems current, written no more than a year ago.


Suppress a laughter.
"Ponies like these never end.
Speaking of artifacts of power…"
Take out the scroll.
"Check this out.
There's even an old prophecy that goes with it and all that."


She looks over your scroll and narrows her eyes at it. "I feel like I've seen this gate before.." after a moment the symbol for arcane lights up purple, the symbol for death begins to blink and the black arrow points to the right. Kilana looks surprised. "Well then.."


"It's been doing this for a while.
Turns out there's a bunch of key on the loose. Plenty of magical power and stuff.
Guess where the one for death is pointing."


"Oh, really?"
She stands up and walks around the desk to confirm, the arrow does not follow her, and continues to point northwest, the blinking of the symbol is fairly strong.
"Maybe this is what those Childern of Tartarus are after, if they don't have it already."
Kilana picks up your scroll turning it a few times. "It must have been enchanted long ago, there is no way those simple runes on the front could track like this.."


"Great, then I might have a lead on two tracks at once."
Take the scroll back.
"I will go look for this 'key'. If the baddies come around again, just poke me while I'm around."


She smiles at you a bit relieved. "I'll keep working on a way to counter their spell. I'm not the best inventor, but somewhere there must be a way."
As you take the scroll back she asks curious "..,what will you do with these keys once you find them?"


Open the door?"


"…The door to?"




"..The prophesy didn't say?"


"Something about power. It's always power."


Kilana sighs. "Of course. But what good does power do us?"
She looks distant. "But if these are really all that strong, its better that you keep them out of the hooves of crazy ponies."
and then looks back to you. "Be careful out there bro."


"I don't know about you, but I still have a family to un-freeze."
Smirk and turn to leave. Time to follow the arrow.


You follow the arrow outside and through the snow. You see a few tents up ahead a couple ponies are wandering near here, they all wear similar coats, gray with black runes as decoration. Madison catches up to you, seems like she is learning how not to be left behind. Morrigan is not here, not even a shadow, Kilana probably made her stay.


Hide from them.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You slip into the shadows, stalking behind piles of snow and the tents themselves. Madison stays close to you. There are a few ponies going back and forth between the tents as patrols. There is one tent in the center that is particularly well patrolled. You can overhear their conversations as they pass you. "So, the exploration team found nothing again?"
"Just another undead blip, a stray perhaps."
"I dunno, this all seems kind of odd doesn't it? What are we even looking for?"


Appraise them.
And keep listening.

Roll #1 9 = 9


They seem capable fighters, each having a blade and a gun. The don't carry themselves like casters, but they have each a catalyst, a sort of summoning rune cast in iron, and you can see some armor shining under their coats. You lurk nearby and listen to the pair as the move around.
"Been up here how long, and we just keep seeing undead? Are we even sure this is a good lead?"
"Be quiet Idiot, someone could hear you."
"Come on, no one is out here, the undead have only shown themselves at night, its the middle of the day!"
"You don't know that."
"Fine, but at least tell me we don't have to help do that spell again. Its such a waste of time"
"No. That's Mike's job this time."

2 Pony Guards: 8/5


Slide nearby the one who's talking too much.
Sabotage his catalyst. The summoning rune.

Roll #1 7 = 7


you slip an explosive piece of paper on the chatty guard's catalyst without him noticing.
"Poor guy, we should go seem him after they finish."
"You do that. I plan on seeing Miss Dennie after I'm done here, I have this bottle of wine saved for the occasion."


Let's see to end this quickly.
Blow up the catalyst right now, and with a quick, automated move of my sheat Backstab the other pony from the shadows.


You blow the chatty guard's catalyst, his coat catches fire and he falls to the ground he rolls a few times in the snow an attempt to put himself out. He is pretty loud about this. "Help!" he shouts.
This is sufficent distraction to let you catch the other on off-guard, your blade meeting his armor you pin him to the ground with a thud. "This would happen on my shift" he groans at as he looks up at you.

1 Pony Guard: on fire 0/5
1 Pony Guard: pinned/5


Pull the swords out, and before even looking at him again cross slice him over the throat!

Roll #1 8, 4 = 12


You make it a clean cut, this one moves no longer.
The other one has managed to put himself out and attempts to flee you.


Happear right in front of him, blade pointed at his face.


He steps back slowly staring at you "…"


Bah. Why am I even bothering.
"One chance to leave on your own legs.
Why are you looking for the key?"

Master Thief, keep him under control.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"We aren't looking for the key.. but something to help us use the key."
He keeps his eyes on your blade, feeling around to his own weapon. You doubt he will actually draw it, he's pretty cowardly for a guard.


"You are pretty well read for a guard."


"..you're pretty friendly for an assassin."


"Don't stray off course.
Who is your lot. How many of you are there?"
Try to tell if he's being truthful.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"We're explorers, researchers, We are no more than a dozen." he's really really bad at lying, that isn't close to the truth.


Hinge the blade closer.
Cut his cheek, slowly, and harden my stare.


His lip quivers when you do this, you can practically hear his heart beat quicken. "Okay.. Well.. at this camp.. there are twenty four, but most of them are setting up the scrying spell.."


"How long until it's ready?"


"I don't know."


"Take me to the camp."


"I really shouldn't do that.. I mean you can go yourself right? They are just over that hill.. not even a mile."


Coup de gracé him.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


You slice his neck the coward's blood running down your blade, as his body falls limply to the ground.
The blood pooling in the snow, a grim red spot in the pure white.
You can see the hill he was talking about from here.


Pat him down for anything useful, like documents.
And then disguise as him.

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 4 = 4


You find a copy of the guard's schedule. It lists names and times ponies are suppose to be on duty. The location column is filled with symbols that mean nothing to you, at least you can tell who was supposed to work with who by matching up these symbols. Otherwise there isn't anything of value here.


Time to start marching.
"You coming, Mad?"


Madison trots next to you. "I'm here. I was looking inside of those tents. Creepy stuff." She shows you another copy of the book kilana already showed you.


"Does it have any annotation?"


"Yea, actually. It has a lot of references to something called the 'object of ultimate control'. supposed to unlock a key."


"We got that already. Should be a scroll, right?"


Maddie shrugs "No description for it, but its says that its something that allows control over death, and will let the key become usable without overtaking the user."


"You keep reading that, okay?"
Time to make a brisk pace for their camp!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Alright." She follows you stealthily, and you soon spot the smoke rising from a fire, there are a five ponies gathered here eating lunch, beyond that there is a massive rune being etched into the ground by 14 ponies, most of them unicorns, all of them extremely focused on getting this right. One guard over looks the area his eyes looks sharp, unnaturally so, like a cat's. that leaves only two cultists here unaccounted for.


First things first.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You duck into the snow silently and watch closely.
The guard twitches as you approach but his strange eyes glance right over you, you are very very well hidden.


Walk right past him.
Approach the rune on the ground.


The rune is 18 feet wide, and getting wider as the various ponies making it continue their progress. Its actually made up of several intricate symbols, meaning things such as "death" "locate" "seek" "show" "bring here"


Appraise it. Can I understand its working well enough to modify it without destroying it?

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


..well, "seek" is rune-wise close to "frog" but with all these ponies so focused on working on it, do you think they will not check?


Let's do something more refined.
Use this big rune combination as a jumping point. A jumping point for a frog explosion.
Replace that one rune. Sabotage.

Roll #1 2 = 2


You have a tough time changing the lines without drawing attention, you draw the extra lines lightly but you aren't sure that you were successful enough.


Damn mages.
Still, what are the guys here up to? Might just wait until they activate the rune.


The guard with the cat like eyes paces around the area, he walks literally right by you, and then turns back and stares for a whole minute before moving on.
After a few hours they finish the massive rune and look to be getting into position to activate the thing. A pony at each other point, 16 total.
three guards fan out and watch the area around the casters. The cat eye'd guard nods. "Alright we can go ahead."
counting the two you killed two are still missing


No good.
Appraise all the guards.
Sneak by the cat-eyed guard and sabotage his weapon.

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 4 = 4


Three are similarly equipped to the ones you met earlier. 8/5 health. They each have a long sword, a small gun, and a summoning rune catalyst.
The cat eye'd guard has something about him that give you the impression he's a lot more reflexive, but if you could get him down he would probably die like anyone else. 20/3, he carries a knife, a summoning rune catalyst, and a sort of whip like blade weapon that you can't figure out how to mess up.


Just mess up the catalyst he's wearing.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You trigger the steel-cast rune to break on your command.
The Cultist begin to activate the rune, the casters all glowing and chanting together, the dark glowing aura of death extending to the massive rune circle, A map begins to form above the rune.


It's time to strike. Jump out of hiding and slice the four guards while they don't know where I am yet.


You knock the three ordinary guards nearly to their knees in one swift motion, but cat-eyes jumps back with only a scratch.

"So you were there. You shall not interrupt."
The casting cultists don't seem to even notice to focused on their ritual.
3 Guards 2/5
cat eyes: 14/3


Ignore his comment and spray some snow into his eyes, making distance.
Sharpen my swords.
And on top of that, activate the explosive in the cat-eyed guard's catalyst!

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Yeah, ruse that.

Roll #1 1 = 1


He truly is fast. Cat-eyes sets upon you in an instant, tripping you by lashing his whip-blade toward you, luckily he is too distracted by his necklace exploding to do any further damage to you.

3 Guards 2/5
cat eyes: 8/3


Luck I guess.
Now, take the occasion to finish the job. Can't fight with a dull blade.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Perhaps your luck is not that good. one of the the other guards shoots at you, the blow slides off you armor.

pumpkin: 3/5

3 Guards 2/5
cat eyes: 8/3


Backstab one of the guards.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


You throw down a smoke pellet and appear behind one of the guards, you swiftly slice at him bringing him to the ground, you can feel his hoof breaking under you.

And with dust in throat I crave
Only knowledge will I save
To the game you stay a slave


1 guard broken hoof: 0/4
2 Guards 2/5
cat eyes: 8/3

Cat eyes glares lashing his sword-whip towards toward you, the other two guards looks ready to attack you as well, if you ever give them the chance.

Behind you, the cultist's spell is beginning to send off dark sparks, slowly extending a dome-like dark aura. Out of the 16 cultists you note that 6 have stopped casting, and look terribly confused, and spaced out, these 6 are all the non-unicorns, and they are missing their catalysts.
10 unicorn casters: deep in focus, casting
6 non-unicorn casters: spacing out, not casting


Quickly end this.
Slash at the four guards, Hot Irons!

Roll #1 2 = 2



Roll #1 2 = 2


you find yourself dodging away from the two normal guards attacks giving cat-eyes just enough time to catch you with his whip-blade, you fall over into the snow.

pumpkin: 0/4

1 guard broken hoof: 0/4
2 Guards 2/5
cat eyes: 8/3

A dark spark lands near you.


10 unicorn casters: deep in focus, casting
6 non-unicorn casters: spacing out, not casting

Roll #1 10 = 10


Do I have to wait for the result of that 10?


not this time


Escape Artist! Get up!
Is Maddie anywhere near?


pumpkin: 5/4

1 guard broken hoof: 0/4
2 Guards 2/5
cat eyes: 8/3

Why yes, she is lurking near the casters. One of Whom just fell down to the ground.
how else did all those catalysts just vanish.
Caster Forecast: 9 casting, 6 not casting, 1 unconscious?.


What a lovely girl.
Brace my swords again and stare the cat-eyed guard in the eyes.
Rush towards him and…

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


You move fast, deadly fast, cat-eyes does not have time to blink before the swiftness of your blades of justice are upon him. Your slice catches his left eye as you bring my down.
Another cultist falls down but the spell is still moving.
Caster Forecast: 8 casting, 6 not casting, 2 unconscious?.

pumpkin: 5/4

1 guard broken hoof: 0/4
2 Guards 2/5
cat eyes: 0/3 injured left eye.


Finish it with two cross-swipes on the back of his neck.

Roll #1 8, 9 = 17



You go for the kill, swiftly and end his struggling. The blood flowing slowly from the wounds on his neck.
The other guards are still between you and the rest of the cultists. The sparks are flying more rapidly from the spell now, and the map seems to be more complete. Another caster falls down, but this does not end the spell.
Caster Forecast: 7 casting, 6 not casting, 3 unconscious?.

pumpkin: 5/4

1 guard broken hoof: 0/4
2 Guards 2/5
cat eyes: 0/3 injured left eye.


Jump on top of the injured guard. Backstab.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


You feel the urgency of your mission calling you into swift action, you leap into the air using your wings to help you, and swoop down landing on the fallen guard with your blades first, ending his life. You feel burning justice inside of you.
+1 for crystal emotions

pumpkin: 5/4

2 Guards 2/5

1 guard broken hoof: 0/4
cat eyes: 0/3 injured left eye.

Dark sparks continue to fly from the spell as it creates a map above your heads.
Caster Forecast: 7 casting, 6 not casting, 3 unconscious


They shall not see me coming. From behind their back, slash at both of them.
Hot Irons.

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2



Roll #1 6 = 6


You trick them into charging toward you and then lift off to quickly land behind them and force them down with your blades. The both lie helpless before your hooves.

pumpkin: 5/4

2 Guards 0/4

Another caster falls down.
Caster Forecast: 6 casting, 6 not casting, 4 unconscious


Sharpen my blades and point them at the casters.
"Stop the spell. Now."

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


The ones casting do not turn to look at you, nor do they stop, seems like they can't actually hear you.
The out of the six that are lacking their catalysts one is aware enough to respond, a pegasus stallion, in a distant helpless tone he answers "Once we start casting it, its impossible for us to stop casting it.."
The two guards get back up while you are talking about this, and your blades are no sharper than they were this morning.

pumpkin: 5/4

2 Guards 5/4

Caster Forecast: 6 casting, 6 not casting, 4 unconscious


Good luck with that then.
"Keep going kid."
Turn to the newcomers, stare them right in the eyes.
Glare the glare of death to them.

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #2 10 = 10




Madison replies by downing another caster for you. But these two guards are the same ones you were fighting, you just didn't kill them yet, you should probably get on that, since they aren't really scared of your glare.
The spell finally begins to slow down, but is it in time?

pumpkin: 5/4

2 Guards 5/4

Caster Forecast: 5 casting, 6 not casting, 5 unconscious


Poor guys.
Vanish. Backstab one of them.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


You appear behind him and take him down, you slice his leg clean off, and continue to feel justice flowing inside of you. +1 crystal emotions

pumpkin: 5/4

1 guard: 0/2 missing a leg
1 Guards 5/4

The spell has begun to point out sources of dark magic in the area.

Caster Forecast: 4 casting, 6 not casting, 6 unconscious


Slice and dice.
Bring a quick end to this, Hot Irons both.

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Oh boy.
Guess this isn't another battle, right? No ruse?

Roll #1 10 = 10


No sir, this is the same battle.
You raise you blades to finish the injured guard but the other guard shoots you to get you off of his friend, he's a decent shot it turns out, you fall helpless. You note that another caster is down, but the spell has progressed far enough that it has located a large source of dark energy. The catalyst-less casters stare up at it in amazement. The air smells heavy with magic, as if something else is going to happen.

pumpkin: 0/3

1 guard: 0/2 missing a leg
1 Guards 5/4
Caster Forecast: 3 casting, 6 not casting, 7 unconscious


Now, escape artist to get up!
Keep going Maddie…



Roll #1 8, 8 = 16


You get up swiftly, But can she stop it in time? You see her take down two at once. Only one is still casting a sort of magical ball forms above the circle, almost painfully slow, and the last unicorn still casting trembles his color fading away.

pumpkin: 5/3

1 guard: 0/2 missing a leg
1 Guards 5/4
Caster Forecast: 1 casting, 6 not casting, 9 unconscious


Not a problem.
Keep going, again. Jump on top of the downed pony.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


You use your wing power to boost yourself aloft and slam your blades down into the helpless pony finishing him off.
Maddison attacks the last unicorn caster, his body completely pale by the time she does this. The spell stops, the sparks and dark aura seizing suddenly. An odd black piece of paper falls to the ground from where the sphere was.

1 guard: 0/2 missing a leg
1 Guards 5/4
Caster Forecast: 0 casting, 6 not casting, 9 unconscious, 1 dead.


Glance at the piece of paper and Appraise it as soon as I see it fall!
Then, Vanish, and happear right behind the other guard, cleaving his four legs!
Hot Irons!

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 9 = 9


It has a single line of white writing on it, it looks as if it was stopped half-way throu.

The last guard attempts to shoot at you but with a swift movement you are already behind him, cutting off his legs, to his credit he manages not to scream, he is clearly in a lot of pain thou.
1 Guards 0/2 leg-less
Caster Forecast: 0 casting, 6 not casting, 9 unconscious, 1 dead.


Put him out of his misery with a backstab.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


You finish him off with a swift stab, he departs from this world now.

Madison stands nearby you. The six catalyst-less mages stay still, only the same pegasus stallion that answers you before seems to be fully aware and looking at you, the other 5 are spacing out or staring at the runes.


Point a blade towards him.
"Don't move."
Turn to Madison.
"Pick up that piece of paper."


He complies with your order, while Madison touches the paper she shivers when she does this '1d10'.

Roll #1 4 = 4


and then seeing color start to drain from her hoof she drops it.


Raise a brow at that.
"Go back."
Stare at the caster.
"Start talking."


Madison give you an odd look and leaves you alone.

The stallion doesn't looks scared, just sad.
"What do you want to know?" he asks.


"Your story. Researchers."


"That's a tad vague. Could you be more specific? Unless you just meant me."


Shake my head slowly.
"How did you learn about it."


"The key right? Its an old legend. Ten years ago our organization got a tip that it was real from a demon, took us five years to hunt the thing down."
He looks even sadder. "Only to find out we can't use it."


"See what happens to make deals with deamonkind.
Turn it over. Now."


"I don't have it."




"…where are we now?"


"Knee-deep in snow."


He kind of shrugs. "Was that all?..Are you going to kill me now?"


"I told you. I need to know where the key is. Who has it?"


"That would be the boss, Torrac, an old goat, I don't know where he is right now, but he'd have come back for that." The stallion points at the black paper.


Look at the paper, then at him.
"You know I can't let you go, right?"


He nods.
"Its fine. I don't have anywhere I'd go. Using that spell.. it takes part of you, you are less yourself each time your cast it.. I don't remember if I had any family, or why I joined this place. Somewhere, I think I was wrong."


Sheathe the sword.
"Is it the same for them?"


He nods.


"Then leave.
You are not the ponies I came for. No use in killing you.
Make something of what's left inside you."


"Thanks. I'll try to remember that."
he turns and nudges the five spacing out mages "Hey, help me pick the others up, we're moving out."
They nod absently, or reply with a short "okay" and carry or drag the ones still alive away.
Pretty soon they are all but gone. looks like they are headed south.


I would be too.
It's fucking cold in here.
Now, take my time and appraise the piece of black paper.

Roll #1 3 = 3


The paper has part of the map that was displayed above, and part of a sentence It reads "The location of the control-"
The snow around the paper is melted and the exposed ground is devoid of life and color, unnaturally so. Clearly its trying to complete its writing by absorbing life energy but can't get anywhere.


Only one thing to do. Touch it. Very, very briefly.
After all I've millennia to spare.


you touch the paper, it glows softly and you feel sick as if your very essence is being drained, after a moment it is enough, the map is complete, the writing says "the location of the control artifacts.eighty one dark energies nearby location."
The map leads back to Kilana's mansion.
Were you to touch it again the black paper would not harm you.


Just like old times.

Pick up the piece of paper, almost disgusted, and pocket it.
Fly back to Kilana.
Before getting the key, I will have to gather these.


After getting directions from some undead who are a bit wary of you, you find that Kilana is locked up in the basement. You can hear soft music coming throu the door, but will either have to get her to open it or unlock it.


Knock on her door.


"…" you see her green eye peek throu a small hole in the door. "yes?"


"I have something."


You hear locks unlocking and chains jingling the door pops open and kilana steps back a distance. "Come in"


"A gift from your friends."
Show her the paper.


She narrows her eyes at the paper as if it did something horrible. "I see. I'm glad you recovered this." then adds with particular scorn. "I felt them. "


next time
sooth music and rattled nerves


"Most of them won't be a problem anymore."


She shakes her head and then smiles softly at you. "What would I do without you Pumpkin?"


"Keep in here with your pretty bones?"
"Make any sense of that paper?"


Her green eyes seem serious and sad as she looks over the paper again.
"This paper is made of dark magic.. it feels like souls.. Who would even attempt this.."


Give her a costanza look.


"…Oh, come on… Well, maybe, once, but not now."


"Right. Guess what? It eats at their soul, at their memories. They are gone now."


Kilana looks annoyed. "Right. What do we do now? If they went that far to find me, they will try again."


"First, I'm gonna gather the control items they are looking for. This should stall them for time.
And then go meet their leader."
Pull out the other paper.
"I've an arrow pointing straight at his heart."


"Why do you want to bring the thing they want to them? That doesn't seem like a good idea."


"Am I going to?"
Raise a brow.


"..I'm pretty sure they want the sycthe and crown. There is a magical orb I have that allows control of stronger dark energies, I used it once about a hundred years ago to try a strong spell.." She looks sad "It didn't help.. but the orb is not part of a set, and the vernacular is specifically objects.."


"Well, time for me to go knock on their leader's door.
Did you see Maddie?"


"I did not. Is she okay?"


"She touched the paper. My fault really. Sapped the life straight out of her."


Kilana frowns "Find her, bring her back here. I'll take what's in this paper and give it her."


"I'm sure there are a few centuries in there by now."
Leave, let's…
Find my stalker?

Roll #1 6 = 6


You look around for her tracks, it takes you a while since she leaves very little trail, but eventually you discover her sitting inside a small cave.
Her yellow coat is terribly pale, and she is shivering holding her coat tightly around her.


Sit right beside her.
"Something you ate?"


She smiles at you scooting closer. "H-hey, I'm fine just.. cold."


Shake my head softly, hugging her on the side.
"You were great out there. Really saved my back."


You bring your wing around her back and pull her in close, you can feel her shaking. "Ha, that? It was n-nothing. You did all the hard stuff."


"I counted. You stopped at least twice as many bad guys as I did!"
Goddamnit. Move closer, share some warmth with her.


She grins "Heh' someone had to get things done while you were showing off." There she seems to stop shaking at least, but she still looks weaker than she should, she wasn't even hit once in that whole fight.


"Do you feel strong enough to walk?"


"Yea, I can walk, where are we going?"


"Back to my friend. You two really didn't hit it off, uh?"


"She seems nice enough. She didn't take my soul or anything yet at least." Maddison attempts to stand '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


and manages to get up with some effort.


"Nah, I think she even has a gift for you."
Start walking back to Kilana.
"And remind me. Next time I tell you to do something…
Just send me to hell."


"…I'll be okay, it takes more than a little piece of paper to kill me." she tries to assure you while you walk back to kilana's place. Its warm inside.


"It took one to kill me the first time! Go figure! An explosive map!"
Let her down slowly on a couch or someplace warm.


"Explosive map, well that's not very nice."
You get her to lie down on a sofa near a warm fire, there is a blanket nearby if you wish to cover her with it.


Oh yeah, do that.
"My school was a strange one."
Smile, and go call for Kilana.


Kilana follows you back to Madison, who looks very warm under the blanket.
"Madison, I see you are alive."
"Yea, I'm fine."
Kilana shakes her head and turns her eyes onto madison intently, as if staring directly at her soul, and then smiles. "Yea, just hold still then."
"…" Maddie nervously smiles as kilana places her right hoof on madison.
Kilana grasps the paper in her left hoof, the runic tattoo lighting up, and with a flash of dark flames the maps slowly start to fade, a few blue streaks come off it and traveling away, but most of it changes into pure white energy which Kilana moves to madison, whose fur returns to its normal pleasant yellow, her blue eyes widened in surprise.
"Oh, wow.."
Kilana smiles, putting her hooves back on the floor, the paper completely gone and looks between the two of you. "There."


Smile at Maddie.
"Good going kid."


Madison sits up and looks at you with a smirk. "Well, I'm not dying anymore, you don't have to sweet talk me pretty boy."


"Alright, then, since you are not dying, what about hitting the road right now?"
Match her smirk with one on my own.


"Sure thing." She stands up energetically.
"Yea, have fun then, rest here as long as you want." Kilana gives you a small hug and then then starts to walk away.


Roll my eyes and hug back.
"We are coming back for dinner."


You and maddison leave swiftly and quietly. Where will you go?


Follow the arrow on the piece of paper.


You follow the arrow for an hour, you arrive at a very basic building, outside are a few guards, moving in groups of three. They all have the same winter coats, grey with black runes as decoration. They are almost exclusively pegasi.


Hide and Appraise them.

Roll #1 9, 9 = 18


You duck around the corner and find a suitable shadow to hide in. There are nine guards, moving in three groups of three. Each group is similarly capable with a 5/1 cleric, 5/3 necro/warrior, and a 8/1 undead warrior.


Pay them little mind and move closer to the mansion.


You move closer and after a bit of patience are able to get to the doors and windows. Its pretty far from a mansion, only two levels, but it probably has a basement.


You able to get in via: window A, B, C, or D. Door A: main door
or around back: Door B, Window E and F.


Windows C, D, and F are second floor windows.


I guess…


You stealthily glide up the second story window, and pop it open quietly. Inside you can see an open chest full of coats, armor and robes. There is a locked chest next to it. A round rug is thrown onto the floor. The building seems kind of new. The support beams are showing.


Locked chest not locked for too long!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Using your expert skills you pop open the lock and look inside. At a surface glance, there are some of those summoning rune-catalysts here, a few scrolls, and a few books with demonic runes scrawled over them.


Well now. Appraise the items in here in general, anything outright dangerous at the touch?

Roll #1 2 = 2


You can't be sure, but its not obviously draining the life out of everything around it, so probably safe, maybe.


Well, then pick up one of the scrolls and look it over.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You pick up a scroll and turn it over in your hooves. It has a red seal on it that means reads "prudence"


You pick up a scroll and turn it over in your hooves. It has a red seal on it that reads "prudence"


It's calling to me!
Open it, for the might of all that is holy and totally fine to do on the field of such a sensible operation!


Written in prench you find the scroll barely legible.

Dear northern correspondents
We are unable to send aid as we have encountered a minor mishap with Lilith's summoning. We require more of that norse-weed, when you get a chance. Please be aware that another sign of the chosen guardian has appeared, the blue phoenix. Take caution and remember that Tartarus will reward all her childern.
Southern Branch


I need to go to the bottom of this.
More to investigate.
I guess I will have to take the leader out alive after all.
Where is the arrow pointing now?


The arrow is spinning in circles.


How many more stores does this mansion have?


File: 1383256737138.png (6.02 KB, 713x520, DemonologistHouse.png) ImgOps Google

interior view thing.


Alright. Slowly open the door and peek outside.

Roll #1 9 = 9


File: 1383257826119.png (8.2 KB, 713x520, DemonologistHouse.png) ImgOps Google

You open the door, carefully avoiding the trip wire and peak, It opens up to the hallway, you see stairs going down, a door to the left, and a pair of doors on the other side of the stairs.


Am I still hidden? If so, go for the door on the left. First door on the left.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You are still hidden, you unlock the door, disarming another trip-wire and can hear voices on the inside as soon as you pop the door open enough to look. an earth pony stallion, a male diamond dog and a female donkey are chatting inside, sitting on a sofa.


Appraise the lots of them.

Roll #1 2 = 2


You try to appraise them, but beyond the fact that they are apparently friends you can't feel them out.
"So, we should get another shipment of goods this week." the jenny says cheerfuly.
"Ah, then we should make even more progress." The earth pony says with a greedy tone.
"Speaking of progress, the scrying team is late reporting back. Should I go see to them?" The Diamond dog says.
"I think we're needed here." The Jenny says.


Slip inside.
I need a closer look at them.
What's the room like anyway?


you carefully slip inside closing the door behind you. roll
The room has a couch, a book shelf, a table, a window (window F), and a few decorative skulls and such on the wall.


I'm silent as a shadow.

Roll #1 2 = 2


You might be, but that doesn't stop you from stepping on on odd piece of paper.


Well. Fuck.
Time to think fast.
Sentry-Sharpen my blades.
Is there a chandeliere here?


Your blades are sharpened. There is not a candeliere, but instead the room has lights attached to the wall, the shelves are pretty sturdy you would be able to perch on top of them.

The diamond dog seems a bit tense and draws a blade for no apparent reason. The jenny looks around cautiously.
"Did you say something about diner tonight?" She asks.
"Ah, yes. We'll have that wine from Almond-valley, stubborn mules to negotiate with that lot but damn if they don't have the best goods. And Hopefully we'll have something to celebrate too." The earth pony says excitedly.


I'm still hidden? What luck.
'1d10' to appraise them now that I'm closer and
'1d10' to sabotage the dog's weapon.

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 8 = 8


>9 to stealth
yes, you are still hidden, but at least the Jenny and the Diamond Dog they seem alert. They both move around the room and the diamond dog quickly discovers the paper you stepped on earlier. "Hmm.." while he is distracted looking at this parchment you attached a small explosive to his blade.
"Guys come on, you already checked this room." The earth pony groans. "Can't we just relax."
"No." The diamond dog says flatly.


your current guess on the appraisal
Jenny: melee 5/5
Diamond Dog: melee 5/5
Earth pony: caster 6/4


Then, from the shadows, take on them. Backstab the sitting Earth Pony.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


You quickly pull the earth pony off his seat and onto the ground, slicing him with your blades, he gasps as you do this.

the Diamond dog and Jenny turn toward you.
"Drop the weapon pony." The Jenny cautions.
The diamond dog says nothing but seems ready to strike you.

Jenny: melee 5/5
Diamond Dog: melee 5/5
Earth pony: caster 0/3


Slice the pony down.
'2d10' +2 to each.

Roll #1 10, 1 = 11



Roll #1 10 = 10


With practiced swiftness you take you swords and run the jagged edges on the helpless earth pony's body, you strike all of his vital organ, and then to be sure you slice his neck as well. His body goes limp and blood seeps onto the floor.
You feel kind of proud of your skill, this ability to deliver justice. +1 crystal emotions

The Jenny and Diamond Dog seem impressed even.

Jenny: melee 5/5
Diamond Dog: melee 5/5
Earth pony: caster 0/3


Vanish. Backstab the Jenny from above.

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8


You wait patiently for them to come to you and then poof you throw a smoke pellet down and jump above the Jenny forcing your blades down on her as you land. She falls to the ground but gets away from you quickly.

Jenny: melee 5/4
Diamond Dog: melee 5/5


Raise a brow from under my helmet.
Hot Irons, slash both.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"as are you" The jenny replies.
and indeed you are impressive, your blades clash against theirs your years of practice and skill making you the victory in this and you land good hits on both of them

Pumpkin: 5/5

Jenny: melee 2/4
Diamond Dog: melee 2/5


"Let's play a game. An hit for an answer."
Jump at her. Backstab!
"Busy after this?"

Roll #1 8 + 4 = 12


Wait. Just +3


She can't parry fast enough to stop you with the momentum you gained by jumping and force her to the ground.
"The dead are rarely busy friend."
She replies quietly in an old equestrian accent.

Jenny: melee 0/2
Diamond Dog: melee 2/5


"Dead. Such a big word."
Hot Irons Both. Try not to kill the Jenny.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


You leave a cut on the jenny's chest, purposely missing her vital organs, she closes her eyes.

The diamond dog glares at you as you move at him next and force past his attempts to block making him fall to the ground.

Jenny: melee: KO 0/1
Diamond Dog: melee 0/4


Same for the dog. Jump on him, backstab but just put him helpless.

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13


You jump on him as if to kill him but instead strike him with the hilt of your blade knocking him out with a quiet thud.
Jenny: melee: KO 0/1
Diamond Dog: KO /4


Time to get some answers.
But first, clean my blade. And pat down both the jenny and the dog.
Also, place an explosive rune on the jenny's forehead. I know her tricks, rope would do nothing.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You find their weapons, a few poisons and antidotes for those poisons, a bit of money, each has a copy of that book We are the Children of Tartarus, the Jenny's copy looks basically untouched, and the dog's copy is in prench. They don't have anything identifying on them.
You carefully stick an explosive rune on the Jenny's forehead.


Interesting. Very interesting.
Slap her around, wake her up.
"Good morning sunshine. I'd advise against shouting. My ears are sensible and so are runes."


She opens her eyes slowly, and stares silently at you after glancing at her head the best she can.


Take a few steps back, sit down, and pull out her copy of the tartarus book.
"Not doing your night readings, are you?"


"Its a very dry book."



"Yea." she carefully sits up. "A lot of nonsense really."


"Strange place to run around, the far north, with even stranger company for somejenny who doesn't believe this…"
Dangle the book in front of her.


She gives you a flat stare. "No stranger than a single pony skilled enough to take down an army, keeping you alive."


"Army? You are overestimating yourself. There's naught but three of you in this room, and I've seen kids hold a steadier sword.


She smiles a bit but forces it away. "Or perhaps you under estimate yourself."


"Stroking my ego won't get you out of troubles.
Where is the goat?"


"..he is only one head of a mighty hydra."


"I take care of a problem at a time."


"Then we are on the same side."


"You seem awnfully calm about this."


She keeps a straight face. "…"


Master Thief to read her slightest winches.
"Which side would this be?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Ruse it?

Roll #1 7 = 7


She has a face made of stone, nothing to been seen here.
"The side that solves problems." she nods toward the book.
"But he is not on that side, he is only on his own side."
Instead of focusing on her face alone you look at her ears, her hooves, even her tail, watching for even a twitch, she seems at ease, but is breathing a little heavily thanks to the damage from that battle. You will notice if this changes.


"You assume much by thinking me your friend."

Roll #1 10 = 10


"If I am wrong you will kill me. Even if I am right you will probably kill me. Lose-lose, I'd rather die believing that you actually want to stop him rather than have him replaced by someone who favors you."


"No, replacing is not what I want.
But you were talking about an hydra…"

Roll #1 2 = 2


"The hydra is this Children of Tartarus, they have many roots across the land. Many casters, all seeking power, not caring what gets in their way."
She pauses briefly "You know that right now, there is no necromancer strong enough to wield the key, not how they want anyway, they can't use it to pull demons out, but.. it can amply a caster's power, ten-fold or more, just by being held."


"If only I had picked up magic in grade school…"


She keeps up that emotionless stare.
"Yes, if you knew a spell, a nercomancy spell specifically."


"They seek power. But to what end?"


"To have enough to take over Equestria for a start. Force ponies to become hosts for demons, or just enslaving them the ideas are different once they take over, but none of them pleasant.."


"How boring. Being a king is a terrible job."
Go for the door.
"I will lock the door behind me. What of the dog?"


She nods and replies "I will kill the dog, he would only track you later… the goat is down stairs locked behind a combination door, 913"


"I will kill him myself.
Try not to bleed out until I'm back."
Finish the dog.


You stab the dog in the heart, he draw his last breath sharply.
The jenny stills makes no expression.


"Try not to bleed out before I come back."
Close the door shut behind me and once again, hide.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You leave the room and close the door behind you. Being familiar with this area you find it easy enough to hide. You can hear some moment downstairs.


File: 1383323462645.png (10.29 KB, 713x520, DemonologistHouse.png) ImgOps Google


Peek behind the next door.

Roll #1 8 = 8


which door?


Literally the next one along the same wall the door I just left was located.


You open the door it is dark inside, unnaturally dark, the air is still and stale in here as if it has not been disturbed, by the living at least.


…Appraise the dark of the room.

Roll #1 9 = 9


This darkness is a magical sort of darkness, created by dark magic. It masks the sound and sight of whatever is kept inside here, some of this darkness leaks out as you keep the door open, eventually it would dissipate if you kept doing this.


…I should come back to this room later.
Leave it ajar and move towards the next room.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Not gonna ruse.


The door to the dark room pulls itself closed when you walk away.

The last room on this floor is locked from the inside, you can hear mumbling inside.


Damn. Fine, peek inside from the keyhole.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You look into the key hole and surprisingly get a good look at what's going on. There are five cultists sitting in a circle and writing on pieces of paper, copying from a book. Seems like they are practicing those runes needed to make the scrying spell. Overseeing them is a grey unicorn with purple eyes and black bat wings that look like something from an abomination. The magelings practicing looks really frail, you can probably take them out all at once. The one over seeing them seems tough enough to make up for this.
Behind them is a spiral staircase made of black marble.
1 dark caster: 5/8
5 apprentice mages: 5/1


Kick in the door.
Momma's home.
Poff into the middle of the fry and slash at the six of them.
Hot Irons from Stealth, sentried.


With a swift kick you break down the door and dash into the center of the circle blades draw, the stunned magelings have barely a chance to see you much less move and slice them each in turn, when you are finished all five of them lie dead a single cut on their neck, and the unicorn just barely managed to block you with his out-of place bat wings.

1 dark caster: 3/8


"Knock knock."
Push with strenght against him.

Roll #1 7, 7, 3, 9, 3, 4, 4, 10, 6, 2 = 55


"A demon? No no, he doesn't have that certain touch.. That glimmer of joy when he kills" The unicorn forms claws on his hooves and motions for you to come. and so you do using practiced speed you slash against him and he does in turn, you get the first blows in, but his newly formed claws return the favor and draw your blood. He falls to the ground first, but you follow a moment after.

Pumpkin: 0/4

1 dark caster: 0/6


Jump up with my fancy hoofwork.
Escape Artist.


You leap to your hooves in the blink of an eye.
"Hm.. maybe the legs can be useful.."

Pumpkin: 5/4

1 dark caster: 0/6


Shake my head slightly.
Jump on top of him.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"Lust for battle.. Perhaps a demon after all then."
You throw down a smoke pellet and jump behind him stabbing your blade into his heart. He goes limp and his claws shrink back into his hooves.


Lust for battle…
Maybe. A bit.
Step away from the body and clean my blades, sheating them.

Stare at him for a few moments.
Glance back at the initiates that lay dead on the ground.

Stand up and pat down the dark caster.

Roll #1 4 = 4


The bodies to not stir or move, the initiates look like young adults, all five are unicorns.
On the dark caster you find; a well worn copy of We are the Childern of Tartarus, a few pages are bookmarked and some things underlined; A journal with names and tally marks next to the names, looks like some kind of progress tracker for the initiates, a couple of the names have a star next to them which is annotated at the bottom as Shows Potential, Introduce to Torrac ; a couple of vials of blood, and a small ceremonial dagger.
…is his heart still beating?


Jump back and quickdraw my swords, having them brush against each other to sharpen themselves!

Roll #1 4 = 4


You jump back in time to watch his body transform, his hooves fully changing into black claws, his eyes completely black, and his bat-wings gaining spikey ends. the caster rises up staring at you as you sharpen your blades.


"Not a one trick pony after all."
Appraise him.

Roll #1 7 = 7


The caster stretches flexing his new muscles and joints.
He is still here, do his blades hunger? I think they do. the caster replies in a dark tone.
Its clear that he gained a great deal of strength by undergoing this process, and that whatever demon he is holding inside him does not wish him to die.

Possessed Caster: 12/9


Crack my neck in kind.
He won't see me coming, demon or pony.

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


Using another smoke pellet you dash behind him and stab him under his wing, his blood runs thickly down his side and he turns to face you again.

Pumpkin: 5/4

Possessed Caster: 8/9


Good. Then he will get a faceful of BLADES OF JUSTICE!
Slash him twice with both of my weapons!
'2d10'+2 each.

Roll #1 7, 3 = 10


He blocks too high and then foolishly attempts to stop you with his wings, you slice through them leaving the leathery parts a horrible mess, as the caster flails away from this he cuts you with a spike.
I see, such greedy blades, taking all the blood for themselves..
Pumpkin: 4/4

Possessed Caster: 4/9


"What's that, your fetish?"
Grin and slide towards him, rushing forth with my blades united for a stab at his heart!

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


You trick him into dodging too soon and plunge your blade into his dark twisted heart. He falls to the ground, dark energy swirling around the wound where you blades are still lodged in.
YEs..finish it then. Feed your lust demon.
Pumpkin: 4/4

Possessed Caster: 0/7


Look at him a bit grossed out and… Stop.
Slice his legs clean off with a Hot Irons move!

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


You pull your blades free and slice off the two right legs.
he is not satisfied with us. See how he takes his time.

Pumpkin: 4/4

Possessed Caster: 0/4


"You are weak, demon. Answer me and I will give you a swift death."


He is very strong, asking questions, should we answer?
We shall see what he asks.


"The key. What is he using it for, right now?"


He wants to know about the key.
We know much about keys, ponies like keys, keys are pretty.
Goats too, Torrac is the one he means? Must be.
Torrac is weak of the mind, will be easy to take over.


Finish the demon off. Backstab.

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


You finish the demon off slicing its head off and cutting out its heart to be sure.
Its sickening blackness making you feel a bit uneasy but after a moment of observing you determine he is actually dead.


Enough with the games. What else is left in this room?
Quick inspection.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Objects in this room:
dead unicorn initiates: X5
possessed caster body: X1
Black Marble steps.
papers with poorly draw runes on them X100
a few steel catalysts on the floor, in the shape of summoning runes.
A window: closed and the curtain drawn
books X'8d3'

Roll #1 1, 1, 1, 3, 1, 1, 3, 3 = 14


Steps leading up or down? And is the door I came in from the only one?


Steps leading down.
and yes the door you cam in is the only one.


Back through that door.
Kick in the door filled with darkness, only to take a backflip and hold up my swords.
Sentry Sharpen.
"Come out!"


File: 1383333606087.png (12.8 KB, 713x520, DemonologistHouse.png) ImgOps Google

like this?



You burst open the door, letting light pour inside the room, the darkness recedes recoiling like smoke.
You sharpen your long curved blades in the direction of the inky black room, your suit slick and dark, your mask hiding your face.
After a moment you hear a simple reply from inside "No"


"Last chance."
Keep on my toes. I don't want to be taken by surprise.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Too bright"
The darkness start to clear enough that you can see a pair of red eyes sharing at you.


Try to define its shape. Appraise.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You believe it is some form of pony, and a tentative and pale hoof reaching into the light briefly in an attempt to close the door again confirms this. It doesn't look big but it can probably dodge, and definitely doesn't like the light.

??? pony: 28/3


Jump to the side of the door.
Slice down the hinges of it! Make it fall off!

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


Your blades can strike through masterwork armor like butter, what are a couple of mere hinges going to? They break and the door falls down with a thud. The pony-figure screeches at this and you can hear its hooves staggers backwards. you can't help but smirk to yourself.
+1 crystal emotion


"Nowhere to hide now."
Jump back to get a full view of the creature before darting ahead for a stab!

Roll #1 3 + 4 = 7


You do a sideways flip to get in front of the doorway, you see it clearly, a pony its eyes red, its skin a pale indistinguishable color, it has large fangs, and parts of its skin appear to stripped, you rush toward it getting a hit in and it hisses at you covering itself in the remaining shadows backing into a corner of the room as far from the light of the door as it can get.


Pumpkin: 5/ 4
??? pony: 26/3


Not gonna let him.
Vanish, the darkness is my friend too.
Stab him from above!

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


You flip forward to come from above and land a glancing blow as the pony moves away from you.
"go away"

Pumpkin: 5/ 4
??? pony: 24/3


Was it only 2 hits and not a crit because of the darkness he is in?
"I'm sick of this place and you demons!"


Also, again, backstab!

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


*You surprise the pony enough with your last attack that his shadows move away.
Now that you can see your target you can not miss. The panicked pony takes a small hit, and is forced to step into the light which also seems to hurt him.

new health
Pumpkin: 5/ 4
??? pony: 18/3


Stop for a moment my relentless attacking and back away.
"What are you?"


"I am Damion " The pony flinches as he tries again to get away from the light.

Pumpkin: 5/ 4
??? pony: 17/3


He is not attacking…
"But what are you?
Why are you in here?"


"What do you mean?
I am here because it is dark
The pale pony twitches again.

Pumpkin: 5/ 4
Damion: 16/3


"…How old are you?"


"I remember a war, gryphons and gryphons fighting,
they made a lot of noise, too bright.
Uh.. that would be at least a hundred years ago.

Pumpkin: 5/4
Damion: 15/3


Sheate my swords and sit down.
"How did you come here, Damion?"


"In this room? I walked. When the moon was empty, and saw this room, it looked dark, safe, the ponies did not bring light like you."
He squints his eyes in pain.

Pumpkin: 5/4
Damion: 14/3


Look around for the light sources.
"The room of a demonologist? Really?"

Roll #1 7 = 7


the light is coming from the hallway, a few standard magi-light torches on the wall.
"They let me stay and did not chase me away like the gryphons. They kept the door closed, secret. "

Pumpkin: 5/4
Damion: 13/3


"I will leave you be. Remove the light from here. And if I can, find you a better place to be."
Start backing down slowly. One by one, pick up the magi torches.


"Good. I would like someplace dark."
you remove the torches and soon the hall around the room becomes very dark. Glancing back you think you can make out a smile.


This place is a madhouse I swear.
Now, hide.
And move down the stairs, the set I found in the room with the casters.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You move down the black marble steps and find that they move you to a short hallway which ends in a ramp. You step on a switch and the tiles above you move, revealing an opening with a large door with a combination lock on it. The light from the window behind you shines dimly.


File: 1383357064848.png (16.35 KB, 713x520, DemonologistHouse.png) ImgOps Google


This should be the door the jenny talked about.
Appraise it.

Roll #1 9 = 9


The door is tall and wide, decorated with golden symbols. The lock it built into the door itself, it requires three numbers, you simply have to spin the dials to the right numbers and press the button, then the door will open.



You hear a satisfying click and rumble with in the door and it begins to retract. You get a nice look at the room as the smell of burning herbs assaults your nose.
There are six stone pillars, in front of each is a bowl resting on a stand, black and purple fire rising and giving the whole room a dark glow to it.
The floor has a long rug on it, leading to the top of steps, where you see an old goat staring toward you. He is brown in color, his hairs grey in some areas, his eyes an unnatural yellow color. He wears a long black robe, his curled horns have a few small skulls and crystals dangling from them, he has a long staff with a black crystal on top, and around his neck hangs a slightly glowing black scarab amulet.
"What do you want?" The goat snaps toward you.


Slowly walk towards him, and draw my swords.
Don't answer yet.
'1d10' to Master Thief around and find any potential structural weaknesses.

Roll #1 10 = 10


The goats points his staff toward you. "You can not hope to win. Stop now and I'll promise your body will stay whole, as opposed to split up for various uses."
You look around the room you can see just the place, that right row of pillars is weak, if you were to cause an explosion to the middle one.. it would cause the room to fall in on itself what a terrible oversight!


Stare back at him with cold, glacial eyes.
Vanish from his sight.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You toss a smoke pellet on the ground in front of you and move to the shadows.


Now, Sabotage the pillar.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Hiding won't help you." The goat scoffs.
You lose focus for a moment, thinking back to some distant memory.


Not. The. Time.
Place that rune and ignore the goat.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Actually, appraise the goat.

Roll #1 5 = 5


+1 from CE.


You quickly mark the pillar with a large explosive rune.
Then you take your time and look the goat over, this Torrac, that caused so much trouble. He is brown, with touches of grey, unnaturally yellow eyes. He is decidedly a necromancer, he has that certain air about him, that air of death. But, to be able to summon demons, you know he has studied a lot, he likely knows some other forms of magic, a bit of arcane. He seem kind of tough for an old goat, you also note that the flames are occasionally flickering sending a purple spark toward the goat which he seem to absorb.

Torrac: 15/10


Very well. Time to kick this off from the shadows.
Sentried Hot Irons. Slash to tiny pieces the six braziers.


You take your sword and utterly destroy the delicate braziers briefly noting how nicely sculpted they were, such detail on the skulls.. the hot coals spills to the floor.
"..What are you doing?! You can't just come in here and break all my stuff! I'm never going to let you die"


Take a moment to stare at him.
"It's a curse I already bear."
'1d10+1' to sharpen my weapons.

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2



Roll #1 9 = 9


"Let me fix that for you then." He says with a snarl and casts a a dark ball of energy in your direction, you flip backwards and sharpen your blades against each other midair, when you land they shine like the day when they were first forged.


"Not just yet."
Vanish. Backstab him.

Roll #1 5 + 4 = 9


You toss another smoke pellet down, Torrac squints looking around for you and you stab into side dragging the two blades as one to cause a large wound, thick black blood runs from the wound.
"You have a strong hoof, but that won't save you."

Pumpkin: 5/ 4
Torrac: 10/10


Rub that one blade in, jusst to distract him, and bring the other up in a crescent motion to slice at his chest.
'2d10'+2 each.

Roll #1 10, 7 = 17


He winces in pain as you turn the blade inside him, and then gasps collapsing onto the floor as your blade lifts through his chest, his eyes seem tired. You feel like you are capable of great justice, +1

Pumpkin: 5/ 4
Torrac: 0/10


Backstab to land the killing blow.
"Rest in peace."

Roll #1 6 + 4 = 10


And you end it with a single thrust to the heart, the goat's eyes still staring at your blade as it enters him.
The thick black blood pooling around him, the ashes on the floor seeming to want to go to him but are unable.


For good measure, sever the head.

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


With a clean stroke you slice off his head. The well decorated horns jingling as it falls to the ground.


Take the head with me. I'm done with this place.
Walk out of the room and once upstairs, detonate the rune.


File: 1383615791505.png (20.87 KB, 713x520, DemonologistHouse02.png) ImgOps Google

You head upstairs collapsing the room with a loud rumble. The room you came in at also collapses.
Madison appears next to you silently. She has a cultist robe on, and there is blood splattered on it.


Is she the real Madison?
Appraise her.
"How was the resistance?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


You looks closely at her, you can spot a silver locket in her pocket, and you see the fan like-hilt of her blades. She seems to have taken a few hits.
She smirks "Nothing too bad, there were some ponies held down there, they are free now."


"Good work. Now come with me."
Back to the room where I left the jenny.



Roll #1 3, 8 = 11


You the dead bodies of the earth pony and dog here. The window is open.


Calmly move to the window and MT for a trail.
She was badly wounded, must have left something behind.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You see a spot of blood on the ground, a little piece of torn cloth a ways east into the snow, and in an indentation as if somepony fell.


Curse to myself.
"C'mon, we have to catch up on her."
Fly out of the window and try to follow the trail.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Shouldn't be hard right?" Madison remarks as she climbs down to follow.
You fly eastward looking carefully and see nothing but snow for a long time. roll again



Roll #1 10 = 10


You decide to listen carefully, she can't have gotten that far from you.. and you hear a fast heart beat nearby, just behind a pile of snow.


Keep hovering around here, start talking to the air in front of me.
"I never liked hunting, when I was young.
Never had time for it, really. Had to train. To watch over an emperor first and an empire later.
Not my kind of thing.
But still, this is my home. And there is no way you can hide from me in my. Home."
As I say the last few words, turn around with an expression of rage and hatred looking at the snow pile, and open the faceplate.


Madison stares at you.
you hear snow crunching softly from behind the pile of snow and the jenny slowly comes out her ears bent back. you can see she bandaged her wounds and there is a bandage on her forehead.
"Why did you come after me.."


"I remember telling you to wait."


She looks surprised "…and you seriously thought I would? What if you had been killed?"


Stare at her flatly.
Slowly land.
"Keep walking, we are going back to your camp."
I did gather the key from this guy, right?


That depends, what do you think the key was
The jenny narrows her eyes at you. "Though the sun may set, hope does not fade. For its eyes can see even in darkness."


Grunt and look at the side.
"For once in a lifetime even the impossible can come true.
Now stop being such a cliché spy and start walking."
The black crystal atop the staff or the black scarab amulet around his neck?


She looks impressed and then scoffs. "Fine. Lets go then." She continues heading east.
Madison follows curiously. "So.. you two seem close."
yes, one of these.


"Never met her before."


"Huh, I guess its because you're so handsome, the ladies just line up for you." Madison says teasingly.

You keep walking east for a couple of miles and the jenny turns up a mountain tapping a few times on wall until she locates a stone that sinks in. The wall recedes into the mountain and soon appears as if it was never there in the first place.
The jenny walks forwards and motion activated magical floating light appear as she does.
You feel the wind move behind you in an unnatural way.


Follow steadily.


"Its home, for now." The door closes behind you, the jenny turns down a hall and approaches a door, you feel uneasy.


'1d10' MT check to see what's wrong.
Slow down my gait.

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 3 = 3


Nothing is wrong, this place is totally secure from outsiders, and there isn't anypony walking around here but you, madison, and the jenny.
The jenny open the door and greets a tan unicorn behind a large desk, there are a few chairs set on this side of the office, there is a book shelf and some paintings.
"Wisest brother, I bring an old cousin with me."
"Yes, I can see that, now tell me anything urgent and then get yourself to a nurse girl."


Guess I can really relax then!
Move near this 'wisest brother' and put the goat's head on his desk.


The unicorn shakes his head at you. "Do you know how far your gift has taken us back?"

The Jenny says "The package we sent Lilith was a success, but her forces may be suspicious, their last contact indicated hesitation to help. The rest can wait."
"I'll speak to you later then."
The jenny leaves you are now alone with the unicorn and maddie.


"You misunderstand.
I did not do it to help, I did it because of my own reasons.
This group is mine to hunt now."


"Oh, really?"
The unicorn folds his hooves and looks you over.


"Two down. I don't see you do any better."


"Killing is more your domain isn't it Swansong?"


Stare at him, not even flincing.
"Hold habits die hard."


"Habit is a poor excuse for action. I'd like to think you had more reason than reflexively killing demonologists."
The stallion stares at you a moment and sighs as he levitates a tray from above his bookshelf, a cloth from his desk drawer, and moves the necromancer's head on to the tray, its black blood dripping slightly, the unicorn then carefully wipes the black blood off his desk as he speaks.
"But, that might be asking too much from a 535 year old killer."
It is at this moment you notice how otherwise neat his desk is, a pair of empty baskets on the right, five quills perfectly evenly spaced next to three different colors of ink well, a few neatly stacked stamps.. a small floating ball for decoration is the only wasted space, and it sits on the left side of the desk balancing out the number of objects.


Appraise the ball from here.
"If there even was a reason, it'd be above your paygrade."

Roll #1 4 = 4


It looks like its just decoration, the little pad its hoovering on seems to be the cause of its levitated state.
With a sharp inhale the unicorn turns his eyes to you "Well, perhaps you would like to stop wasting your precious time and enlighten me as to what brings the mighty Northblade here?"


"I felt homesick."


Say this while still scrutinizing his desk, paying him little mind.


You watch as he sets the now stained cloth onto the tray and with a quiet thud levitates the tray with the head and cloth onto the floor. He also adjusts the quills again as if making sure they are actually perfectly spaced.
"And the reason you are here, in my office?"


"I kind of made a mess of your pal. Wanted to see her make it past the night."
Look towards him now.
"And I need to know all you know about this cult."


"So, this is your way of apologizing? And demanding information?"
He is giving you a flat stare now.


Look naively at him.


He shakes his head "Have a seat then, perhaps it is time we talked." he moves a chair closer to you.
and looks toward madison.
"Miss Ironstalker right? Your sister Lily is doing fine if you were wondering."
Madison glares at him."don't talk to me about lily."
"Fine, I'll just give you fair warning, this pony you've decided to follow, he's dangerous. If you want to survive, I would suggest finding a safer option."
"No thanks." Madison continues glaring at him and takes a seat.


Let out a resigned sigh and sit down.


"I should introduce myself, I am Crisp Evergrasp" He says distantly and pulls out a folder, flipping through it with magic.
"If half the things we have on your are accurate, there is not talking you out of this hunt. "
He glances at you.
"You know, your crusading around the nation, its caused me quite the head ache. But, Tome, he insists that you're doing the best things, I swear you must have to record for most face time with that stallion."
He sets a picture down on the table with an image of a gate with symbols for each class of magic on it.


Raise a brow at the picture.
"You seem to be on the right track already."


"Do you know where it is?"


"The gates or the keys?"


"The gate."




He sets the file down on the desk.
"Then, what is your plan? Hunt down the keys?"


"Killing their whole organization in the meanwhile."


He gives you a flat stare and unfolds a map with locations marked all over the continent.


Have I ever been to any of those locations?

Roll #1 1 = 1


You blink a few times and feel dizzy, the writing looks strange foreign, the marked locations.. over 200.. seems to outnumber the places a single pony could hope to visit in a reasonable time.
"That's only the ones we have confirmed locations for, and, they would relocate as soon as they figured out they were being hunted."
he continues in an even tone.
"What we have done instead is position ponies in places of power in their organization, inhibiting them, and attempting to locate the gate, and how precisely it can be accessed. if we can prevent them from accessing that gate we win.
Of course, securing the keys is a viable option, if a bit risky to gather them in one place. I thought it better to leave them scattered."


"Scattered but still in their hooves.
I don't like it."


"That is not a true assumption. The only other key they hold is the key of storms."


"Good thing you told me this before I kept going. Would hate to butcher up some young promise."


He does not seem amused.
"Yes, I'm sure you would hate that."


"What of the ones here north?"


"Want to clean house do you? Take three days off and all my hooves in the north will be out of your way."


"Three days."
Make a mental copy of the section of the map that concerns the north.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You burn the northern half of the map into your mind. It won't be forgotten soon.
"Now if that's all. Please leave the Scarab here."




"I think your striped friend would be better off if you did."


"If what you worry about is me handing it over to her, you are mistaken."


"And how can I be sure of this?"


Stand up, and leave the room. Calmly.


You walk calmly out of the room Madison follows you. The door closes firmly behind you. The hall way seems a little more lively than when you came in, ponies and a few gryphons moving about their business.


Stop one of them.
"The infermery?"


The pony you stop raises a brow and replies "Two lefts, and the second door on the right."


"Much oblidged."
Follow his directions and once there look for the jenny.


You can feel eyes on you as you move into the room. It feels very clean, sterile, the air is pure or full of the scent of medicine. A few doctors and nurses move about doing their job. You pass by a few beds with curtains drawn around them, a waiting room with sofas, and few more doors, and then spot the jenny you are looking for. She is laying down in bed staring angrily at her pillow.


"Trying out your killer gaze?"


She smirks at you. "Is it working?"


"Well, the pillow isn't moving anymore…"


She chuckles at that and then stops mid laugh, her eyes squinting in pain.


Appraise her, how bad is it?
"Your boss doesn't seem to like me much."
Sit by her bed, chuckling.

Roll #1 2 = 2


She'll live, you think. With a smirk she replies.
"Well, you did touch his desk. He hates that."


"I'm sure he's also a tiny bit mad for me slicing you up."


"You think so?" She looks up at the ceiling.


"I know I would be if you had been one of my ponies."


"Nah, it was really my fault. I should have.." she trails off not sure how to finish that sentence.


"Oh, this I want to hear.
You should…?"
Recline back on the chair.


her face scrunches in a cute way and she looks at you.


Okay, try to read her face.
"Oh c'mon, I can't read your mind!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Uhh… Ruse?

Roll #1 8 = 8


Now that she stopped hiding her emotions, which is very off putting to you, her face says she is frustrated, but you suspect her of faking her emotions and look at her carefully, listening to her calm breathes and fast heart beat. Nervous?
"I should have told you earlier. Somehow. Done something different, been faster."


Okay… This could mean two things.
Let's try one.

Lean closer, speaking softly.
"Hey. I'm not gonna hurt you. Not now, and I won't hurt anyone in here."


"..I believe you."


Move back.
"Then, you won't mind if I crash here for a few days, right?
Your commander told me to wait before going back to work…"


"That's not up to me, but didn't you say this place was your home? ..that means you have a house here.."


"If you guys don't want me around it's okay!"


She gives you a small grin but doesn't say anything.


Shake my head, slightly disappointed.
"Fine, I will go then. Guess this is a goodbye then."
Stand up.


"Wait.." she looks a little confused.
"why would you want to stay here? Wouldn't you rather be with ponies you know?"


Look around for a second, then sigh.
"I'm a rogue. Have been all my life. This is what I know."


She seems genuinely concerned now, "you're serious then?"




She stares up at the ceiling again.
"Well, I guess I could use the company.
But, once again, its not my call."


Move towards the door, and turn around to look at her.
"By the way, I still don't know your name."


"I don't know yours either."


"Swansong. Pumpkin Swansong."


"Jasmine Jewels."


Nod in acknowledgement, and leave the infermery.
Back to the boss.
"So, how do you like this place Maddie?"


Madison looks stoic. "Its fine. Lots of room." and with a smirk adds "Lots of living ponies."


"It's not my fault all my friends are dead!"
Feing a wounded voice, but chuckle shortly afterwards.
Time to knock.


Madison smiles at you nudging your side. before you can knock the door opens with a glow of magic, Crisp Evergrasp sits behind his desk his hooves folded on top of each other, and his horn lit with a slight magic aura. He stares flatly at you.


"So, while I wait for these three days to go by, I thought I'd sit here. Nothing against it I hope?"


He continues to stare flatly at you and speaks calmly and evenly.
"Of course, we always welcome our allies as guests."
He picks up a key from his draw with telekinesis and launches it toward you. "Sleep well."



Roll #1 7 = 7


You catch it mid-air, it has a small metal tag on it which reads 45.


"Much oblidged."
Smirk and leave.
So. Where this 45 at?


after 44 and before 46


Click clank.
Open the door.
Get on the floor.


You turn the lock and open the door, inside is about everything you could need, two beds, a small kitchen with a mini fridge, a bathroom, a few night stands a table with a few popular entertainment novels. The room looks very nice over all the wall paper is a tasteful checkered pattern, Maddie slides onto the fluffier looking bed. "Dibs!" she calls.


Yeah okay, where are the listening devices?
Slowly walk in.
"They sure like to treat themselves good…"

Roll #1 7 = 7


"This bed is so soft! I didn't even know beds came in this level of softness!" Madison lays down enjoying the soft bed.
Listening devices, why would there be listening devices.. oh, you mean the one on the ceiling behind the light, or the one in that crack between the fridge.. or maybe the one behind the sink? You find a total of eight.


Point them at Madison.
"You should have seen the one I had back home. Big enough for a few ponies to fit comfy all at once."


She nods slowly as you show her each device.
"Well, if you push these two together, it would be like one really big bed."


"What a nice idea. Maybe you can try it with your very special somepony when you come back here."


She frowns. "What do you mean when?"


"I'm sure you will find love one day."
Chuckle at her.


Maddie sighs and squeezes one of the pillows.
"I'd need to find a home first."


"We won't be out here in the frozen wastes forever."


"Well, snow isn't so bad. Its like cold sand."


"You sure this is the life you want?"


"Well, aside from almost dying, its been fine so far."


Sit down on a bed with a sad smirk, staring at the ground.
"Yeah… Sorry for that."


You sit on the other bed and maddie smiles at you, her blue eyes bright with hope "its a good thing I have sharp reflexes."


Nod softly.
"Now, we should probably rest…"
But instead stand up and start Sabotaging the listening devices.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You carefully break all eight of the devices by moving the crystals slightly crooked and striking throu the small runes, they will receive nothing but silence now.


"Good, we are alone now."
Turn to Maddie with a serious stare.
"Your opinion on them?"


"I don't like being threatened." She says flatly.


"I guess it's just natural. After all, I did give them no choice whatsoever.
Maybe it'd be good for you not to stay here…"


Maddison fiddles with her locket staring at the picture.
She looks up slowly at you pitifully confused.
"How did we get here? In the snow?"


"…Who am I?"


"You're Pumpkin Swansong, some kind of lord from a lost empire and.. you killed Agit.."


And who is Agit?"


"…someone I didn't like.."


"And who are you?"


Her heart beats faster and she stares at the picture again.
"I'm not sure.."


"…Come here."
Open my hooves and hug her.
"You are Madison Ironstalker, a strong, great mare who's helped me so very very much.
A flower of the desert."


She embraces you tightly and you feel single tear fall from her eyes onto your shoulder.


"Once this is over I'm gonna make you a surprise.
Anything you want. Any one wish."


"That's a dangerous offer." She says with a smirk.


"I'm counting on you not remembering about this…"
Smile and brush her mane a bit before letting her go.


She chuckles slightly, and smiles as you touch her soft blue mane.
"For now. I'd like to stay close to you. So.. Just don't ask me to leave yet.. "


Guess it's time to call it a night then. Keep comforting her. Platonically.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Totally platonic comforting. You watch as she falls asleep in your hooves she looks peaceful. after about an hour, you are pretty sure you could leave her like this.


Place her to bed and start worrying about myself.
For istance, slip out of the armor and wash myself up.
I need a bath…

Roll #1 5 = 5


You take care of yourself, washing off the demon blood before it has a chance to really set in, a warm bath feels nice, if a bit stinging because of the scratches from that pony with the demonic claws. You certainly saw a lot of interesting things today.


Was that really just today?
Time to sleep. With one eye open.

Roll #1 2 = 2


You sleep terribly and spot a vaguely donkey shaped shadow next to your bed, staring at you.


Slowly open my eyes and stare at it.


"Mother wants to know where you are and why you didn't come back."


"Still alive, can't you see?"


"What should I tell her?"


"Amongst equestrians. I've suspended my hunt for the moment…"


Morrigan sighs "Alright, want me to watch your door for you or anything? You seem uneasy uncle."


"Report back t-"
Wait. Stand up.
"Wait here."
Draw the map of the north I've memorized before.
"Check these places. They should be demonologists' hideouts.
Maybe ask your mother to put a few dead birds outside…"


You draw the map and the shadow's eyes scan it nodding in understanding before picking it up.
"I can do that."


"One more thing…"
Nod towards Madison.
"She's having problems. Loss of memory. She couldn't remember who she was, for a second…
It can only be caused by that scroll."


"What do you know about the spell that caused that scroll?"


"Some kind of location spell to track dark items in the area. But there is someone who might know more. The ponies who casted it, they are still alive.
And they too, lost parts of themselves."


The shadow nods "Alright, which direction did they go?"


Point them on the map.
"Leaving the north I suppose."


"If they know a way to fix this, I will know it soon." Morrigan assures you.
"Is there anything else uncle?"


Shake my head.
"Just tell your mother not to worry."
Smile and go back to bed.


She shadow shakes its head at you as it starts to leave.
"We both know mother will worry no matter what I say."


"That's why we are such good friend. We think just the same."
Now, sleep.

Roll #1 6 = 6


The beds are high quality, fluffy, clean, warm, they smell vaguely of mints.
You have a pleasant dream about going home, drinking mage wine with your old friends again, Bearing is reading a story to Fall Harvest..
When you wake up you feel refreshed, calm and alert. There aren't any windows but the clock next to your bed says its 8:30


"I never want to wake up…"
Groan and slip out of bet.
How's Maddie?


File: 1383834441112.png (7.44 KB, 460x517, QuickBedRoomMap.png) ImgOps Google

She's still sound asleep, she shakes occasionally, and is gripping one of the pillows tightly.


…Go make some coffee.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You find what you need easily, its a very nice ponlubian blend, and with in a few moments the fresh scent of brewed coffee fills your room.
Its pretty good without even adding anything.


I like mine with double sugar though.
And after that, go look for the boss.
What was his name again?
Crispy something?
Absent mindedly walk through the corridors.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Well, the sugar does improve the flavor quite a bit.
Crisp Evergrasp, was the name.
You wander the halls, they are all identical aside from certain hall ends that have a color or number, and door letters and numbers. A few ponies and gryphons pass you some eyeing you suspiciously.
You do remember where Crisp's office is, and when you arrive the door is open, Crisp is sitting down at his very orderly desk drinking coffee of his own, his eyes are baggy.
"Morning" Crisp greets you.


"I see you didn't get much sleep last night."


"Its not the first time."


"It will hardly be the last.
Is the field clear now?"


"No, I'll inform you when it is. But something did come up that might interest you."
He closes the door behind you.
"They have a dragon." he states evenly.


Match his stare.
"Alive or dead?"


"Alive. For now. With all the stuff they injected into the beast I doubt it will stay alive."


"Good thing I came along. Point it on the map."


He shows you its location, its located where Hardflank used to be.




"…something you wish to share with the class Swansong?"


"It's old Hardflank. The sheer number of holy items that can be found there is matched only by Canterlot palace.
And it takes little to convert a holy item into an unholy one."


"I see.."
"Would you like to have some back up?"


"And get them killed? I'd rather have some info on the place I'm dropping into."


"Here." he sets a file on the table.
"This is for you. Don't mistake this as a kindness, Its merely efficiency. It has information about the dragon, its location, and the location and nature of the other dangerous targets in the north."


Oh wow, does this kid really…
Pick that stuff up and give it a glance through.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You flip through and its as he said, all the information you require is there. The place the dragon is located is near some old ruins, they have it chained down and plan to make it into a perfect demon host. Its noted that their watch doesn't go very far wast because of a very steep drop.


What kind of drop? A cliff on the glacier?


A fissure in the land caused by an earthquake, its climbable with some effort, and high enough that you would not want to fall.


"I had a different idea…
How wide is it? Point it on the map."
And try to remember if the Roads went down there…

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Its about 31 meters at the widest."
Maybe, possible, if whatever caused the fissure didn't collapse the tunnels, maybe Kilana knows.


"Is the dragon too far from it?"


"It shouldn't be."


"Good. I will be back."
Leave the room with the info and go back to the 45.


As you leave Crisp's office you hear the door lock behind you, and the zap of a teleportation spell.
When you open the door to your room you see that Maddie is still asleep.


Uh. Strange.
Well, make some new coffee, and this time set it down right beside her.


You pour a cup of coffee for her, prepping it with sugar and set it down next to her.
She slowly stirs blinking her eyes until they focus.
"Oh, hey there pretty boy.."


"Good morning toy hero.
Slept well?"


She looks confused at first and then smirks.
"Like a doll."
She inspects the coffee, finding nothing wrong with it she takes a sip.


"Good to see you liked the fluffy bed. Now it's time to earn it for another day."
Start dressing in the armor.


She nods as you get ready and stretches a bit, before downing the coffee and getting herself ready, she does her hair in a neat bun as usual.
Soon you are both ready to go. "So, who are we killing?"


"A few dozen cultists."
Start walking.
"And a dragon. With or without demon."


"Dragon huh?"
She follows after you.


Time to go back to Kilana.
After making sure I'm not followed or anything has been planted on either one of us.

Roll #1 2 = 2


You don't notice anything off at all, maybe he's just giving you space.



Roll #1 2 = 2


Yeah sure, and I'm the princess of love.
Anyway, off to Kila.


When you arrive back at Kilana's mansion the undead are hidden but she is sitting eating some brunch with Morriagn, tomato soup with a side of broccoli.
Kilana looks clearly relieved to see you. "Welcome back Pumpkin."


"Having family dinner, Kila?"


"Well, now that the rest of the family is here I can." She smiles and offers you a bowl.


Sit down and have a pleasant, normal dinner.


And so you do, the by-now familiar table of maple wood, the soup perfectly spiced, warm and filling, the broccoli a nice meaty touch to meal.
Madison actually eats two servings and chats with Morrigan about flowers.
When you finish the meal Kilana moves the dishes herself instead of asking for an undead to help. You could follow her into the kitchen.


Oh I sure will.
"So. That was… Nice."


"Yes, well, you all deserve nice things, that's what family does." She adds in a hushed tone "I heard about Madison.. how much does she remember?"


Lower my voice aswell.
"Vaseline facts. I haven't probed much…"


Kilana sighs. "I'm sorry I couldn't fix this properly for you the first time, her soul is better than new but living like that must be…" She shakes her head "Morrigan tracked down the mages, and they are trying something later tonight to fix themselves, the ones who want to be repaired anyway, if it works, we can use it on her."


"Keep an eye out on them.
If they regain too much of themselves they might even think again about their allegiance in this."
Pull out the map.
"Now, onto more pressing matters.
See this crack?
Do the roads pass by it?"


She stares at it with her green eyes, "yes, there was a collapse a few years back, but its since been cleared. The tunnel surfaces here."
she points a little south of where the dragon would be.
"Hidden in one of the valleys."


"I need explosives there. Loads of explosives.
Enough to make the cliff collapse and bury whatever is above it."


"How soon do you need them placed?"


"Before the dragon on top is filled with a demon.
I will go in right now and disturb the casters on top."


"Alright, I'll send my fastest fliers then." Kilana nods.


"Great. I will be there."
Back to the dining room.
"Let's go Maddie. Work to do."


Madison hops to your side.
"Right, lets go! "


Time to make way for the dragon's lair! Which ways can I approach from?


File: 1383860650858.png (23.3 KB, 646x864, DragonHuntMap01.png) ImgOps Google

You crack open your handy intel-file and see that indicates there is a set of watch towers, on the north and south side, the east side has only ground patrols, and the west side is where the gorge is.


I… have an idea.
"Kilana, what's left of old Ironfoe?"


"Not a lot, what are you looking for?"


"Old golem wings."


"Oh, I see. Wait here."
She leaves for a moment and comes back with a pair of golem wings.
"Will these do?"


Shake my heads with a smirk.
"You keep around the whatever…"


She pouts "Aw, come on, I'm old, I get nostalgic. "


Hug her.
"You don't look a day over one hundread."
"Hey Maddie, got a gift for you!"


Kilana smiles as you hug her and rush off.
Madison looks at the wings in your hooves. "..What is it?"


"Golem wings.
I'm taking you flying!"


She looks surprised. "How does that even work?"


"We were smart, once. Tried many things, seemed like the world was our."
Smile a bit.
"Let's go, try them on."


She carefully straps them on and walks outside with you.
"So.. if this doesn't work.. you'll catch me right?"


"If you ask nicely…"


She smiles at you and then looks up.
"So.. to the sky?"


"One step at a time, kid."
Offer her my hoof.


She takes your hoof confidently.


Flap a few centimeters from the ground.


You slowly lift her off the ground, she keeps her eyes glued onto the ground.


"Okay, try flapping once or twice…"


"Alright…" she tries to figure this out.
'1d10' believe you can fly

Roll #1 10 = 10


She moves the wings up and down a few times and with-in seconds she is actually lifting you up. She stops at about a foot off the ground "Whoa.. Its really working!"


"You look like a natural."
"Now, keep the pace!"
Race her to the lair.


roll 1d10+4 for yourself

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 7 + 4 = 11


You beat her there by about twice the speed.
"Hey, that's not fair!"
She says catching up to you with a grin. You are hidden in a valley a bit south of the lair.


Slow down and move to the ground.
"Come here. We need to discuss the attack plan."


Madison moves down too you.
You can spot the patrols moves between the towers. The ruins of a dome-like building surround a newly build structure.


Take out the map.
"See the gap in there?
We are descending it to bypass all their defenses and reach the dragon.
Which is the reason we took the wings."


"Okay. What do you need me to do?"


"Show me your moves, kid."


She smiles "If you say so old man."




Time to walk to the bottom of the fissure then.


You carefully climb down to the bottom of the fissure, near the top the rocks are slippery and coated with a layer of snow and ice, but as you continue down, you find the ice is only present on some of the rocks. The light is dimmer down here, the sunlight but a thin column running along the ground, and the sky seems a world away.


Look skywards with a smirk.
"We are climbing now. Ready?"


Madison looks up as well.
"You mean flying right?"


Nod slowly.
"It's what you call gaining altitude."
Spread my wings and fly!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Pumpkin plz, that's not how wings work.


Maybe I got it wrong at first!

Roll #1 3 = 3


You carefully ascend toward the top of the fissure, the air pressure here is strong enough that you and maddie both struggle with it. You stop near the top and rest tentatively on a ledge. You can smell smoke on the wind.


Make the best of this resting time.
"Once we are on top…
Try and hide…
Get closer to the dragon as possible…
Identify the casters…
Kill them…"


Maddie nods, some kind of recognition in her eyes at seeing you speak like this. "Got it."
The wisps of smoke on the wind irritating your eyes a little. You hear nothing but silence for the moment.


Close the helmet.
From now on, I'm the mask. Once more.
Fly up and dive down into the snow. Stealth.

Roll #1 10 = 10


The mask quickly climbs the rest of the distance, sneaking into the snow, quick, quiet, a rabbit hopping by glances towards where the mask just was seeing nothing it calmly hops along.
The path ahead of you seems clear, the guards really don't like going near the edge, and instead stick very close to the building on this side, the ruins surrounding the building also would provide decent cover.


Head in for the ruins.


Sneaking across the snow you get to the ruins of an old building, time having taken its toll on these things, from here you get a better look at the structure that was built on the inside of the area, its a stone building, only one floor. there is smoke coming from the window and chimney.
There are five guards together on this side. If you get a little closer you could hear what they are saying.


Appraise them and get closer.

Roll #1 2 = 2


You get a little closer, you can't make out how capable they are, but you at least you can hear them now.
"Yea, I'm pretty sure those chains are gonna hold, at least until they put the demon it in."
"Man, why does a dragon get a demon? How is that fair?"
"What about any of this is fair, and you can't even cast so why would you get one?"
A few of them laugh.


No good. I need to get a feel of how strong they are…
Circle them silently.

Roll #1 7 = 7


That was to appraise again.


"After this, I'm going to ask to go south, somewhere with a beach. I miss the sand."
"I bet you miss that hot little mare, what was her name? Heart break?"
"Too soon man."

The first one: A blue and green earth pony stallion with the air of shamanism and a the arm of a blade master, he seems to be comfortable as if being actively nourished.. perhaps if you pushed him on to somewhere unnatural he'd lose that connection 6/9
The second: He seems like a perfectly ordinary knight, red earth pony stallion, reliant on his gear, he's pretty weighted down, and likely knows how to protect his comrades. 11/6
the third: a white unicorn, he seems like the type to be able to summon things with magic such as, weapons or creatures. 5/5
the fourth: this earth pony stallion is carrying two pistols, an axe, and a summoning rune catalyst. A mixed fighter then. You note that he has a recent burn on his right side. 6/4
The fifth: a dark colored unicorn stallion with sharp eyes, he carries a pistol and a dark gem. Necromancy then, he looks to be kind of out of shape. 4/4


Approach the bulky knight and place an explosive rune on his weapons.

Roll #1 2 = 2


When you sneak over behind the knight, he decides to change positions moving toward the other side of the group. There is awkward silence before you hear a roar from inside the structure. Then the five turn to look toward the building exchanging glances.


No can do then, slide past them and head for that structure.


You sneak past them and get closer to the stone structure, the smell of smoke is stronger here, and you can see it billowing from an open window and the chimney. The door is locked by a chain.


But there is an open window.
And I have wings.
Slip inside by there.


you want to go in the smoking window?


I'm Pumpkin Swansong, master of stealth.

Roll #1 5 = 5


But you are not pumpkin, you are just a mask. and the mask lands quietly in a smoky room, where he can't make anything out except for a low growling sound and some chanting.


The chanting. I must stop it.
Slide around the wall, closer and closer to it.
Stare at the source.

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 1 = 1


You stop and stare trying to make out anything and feel a scaly tail slam into you. You are slammed into a wall. You hear a whistle from your right side.
ignore this roll '1d10'

Pumpkin helpless/4

Roll #1 1 = 1


Escape Artist!
And Appraise anything I can see!

Roll #1 2 = 2


You still can't make much out, but you note the chanting is getting lower, less voices in the mix. You think you can hear something being said, but the roar of the beast suffering makes it impossible, at least you know where he is.

Pumpkin: 5/4


Okay. Sprint towards it, then.
The safest place is the eye of the storm.
Rolling to dodge any upcoming attacks.
And to Appraise whatever I see.

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4 / Roll #2 10 = 10


You dash toward the dragon, its thrashing claws and tail swiping you on the way, you use your wings to land on top of it.. wait.. you have wings! you use them to thin out this smoke. That's much better.
The dragon you are on top of is red scaled, some of the scales on the back of its neck are missing, and you can see a scar where something was placed into the creature. Its claws are cowered in some kind of black ooze. The thick chains keeping it this room seem to be sturdy still, even like this it would still take a good effort to bring it down. 55/20
You see 7 dead mages, and 6 still attempting to cast some dark magic. You note that the room's floor has a massive rune circle painted on it.

dragon: 55/20
6 mages: 5/3


Pumpkin: 3/4


…Jump down. Yes, down on the mages.
From the shadows if I'm not hidden use Vanish trike at the six of them.
Hot Irons.
Do I still have Sentry?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Because if I don't, try to call Ruse.

Roll #1 6 = 6


you have sentry, but were not hidden, they just think the spell is more important than you.
You make cuts on all the mages still casting. You see madison stabbing one of them making him fall down. The six of them look terrified, but mostly of the dragon which has fire forming in his mouth. roll to dodge in edition to your actions.

dragon: 55/20
5 mages: 2/3
1 mage 0/2


No addition.
I'm just gonna fly right up and get the heck out of here.
"Dragon! Listen to me! I'm here to free you!"

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


After he burns the mages, the dragon looks up at you squinting his eyes, smoke coming out of is nostrils.
"Then do so quickly." he speaks with a gruff tone, his voice large and in pain.
Maddie kills one of the mages in the background.

dragon: 55/20
5 mages: 0/2


Fly down and slice the five remaining mages up.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You kill them quickly, stabbing each in the heart once.
The dragon seems pleased at this. Madison brushes some ashes off of herself and looks at you.


Point a sword at the dragon.
"The cut on your back.
How far did they go into the ceremony?"
'1d10' MT to detect lies.

Roll #1 2 = 2


The dragon looks down at you with your blade drawn, and blows a bit of smoke toward you.
"They put their foul things into me. I am not familiar with this ritual, but it burns, like acid."
Why would he be lying, and what kind of tells does a dragon even have?


I need to make a dragon pal after this.
"Hold very still."
Fly to his back and inspect the wound.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You aren't sure what's going on but the wound is hot to the touch, it looks as if it was stitched together quickly.


Fine. No choice then.
"This will hurt. A lot."
Slice it open.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I am already in pain pony."
He stand relatively still while you slice the wound open, red blood flows from it and you can spot something like a leaf bundle inside the wound.


Okay. This might be dangerous. For both of us.
Appraise it.
If it doesn't seem dangerous to the touch, tear it away!

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 3 = 3


It definitely looks dangerous. It got some kind of black ooze leaking out, and smells like a concoction used to summon demons. Most disturbingly the strange bundle looks like its breathing.


Fine then.
Sharpen my weapons and STAB AT IT!
Can I take 6 on sharpen?

Roll #1 9 = 9


You stab the bundle of leaves and hear a soft hissing more black fluid leaks out and after a moment a small creature jumps out of the wound and onto the back of the dragon, it looks like some kind of monkey made of black ooze.


Making leverage with the two swords, hurl the bundle of leaves out of the wound!
Appraise said lil shit.

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 7 = 7


The dragon watches the leaves fall to the ground black ooze leaking onto the ground and then looks back toward you.

the creature, a small monkey shaped demon. It watches you closely in return. It has 16/8, and you believe that its gooey nature will make it harder it hit, probably DC 7.


Sharpen my blades. I will need all I've got for this, especially since I'm already wounded.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Your blades are sharpened, ready to kill.
Madison nods to you and quickly gets the locks on the chains removed. The dragon pushes past her as soon as it is freed taking down a wall to get outside.

The little demon rushes toward you.


Wait for it… Wait for it… Wait for it…
Vanish as he's about to leap upon me and slice his back.

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4



Roll #1 10 = 10


You trick the little shit into jumping and it spreads its oozy body as if to swallow you, and at the last second you roll away behind him.
Slicing him with you blades and watching as his black ooze form splatters onto the ground and begins to reform. You feel a deep satisfaction at seeing the troublesome thing so helpless and weak. +1

Pumpkin: 3/4

demon: 0/7


ignore these rolls

Roll #1 5, 7, 9, 2, 5, 10, 2, 1, 1 = 42 / Roll #2 9 = 9


Now slice it twice with my blades!
'2d10'+2 each.

Roll #1 9, 9 = 18


You look down on the pathetic creature, its squirming form, and tear it to shreds with your blades. Its ooze quivers on last time before falling completely flat, a useless pile of vile matter now.


Clean my blades with a swift motion and sheate them.
Fly down to Madison.
The bundle of leaves is still around?
"Are you okay?"


Maddie blinks and then nods. "Yea, I'm fine." She has a few cuts, but nothing too bad.
The leaf bundle is still there.


"This place will soon blow up. You better go back to base now.
Go to the Equestrians. And hide the wings somewhere before reaching them."
Anything I can burn the bundle with? Or just even safely carry it.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Understood." Madison disappears.
As for the leaves, well, if you want to burn them you could ask the dragon, who is outside, getting revenge on the remaining cultists.
If you want to carry it, you could wrap it in one of the cultists robes.


Do the second. I'm not nearly knowledgeable enough to destroy something like this on my own.
And then reach the dragon.


You find the dragon engaged in battle with what seems to be the last two cultists, the red earth pony knight, and a pony with two pistols drawn firing icy blasts at the dragon. These are two of the guards you passed before. They all seem to have taken a few hits.

dragon: 45/20
Knight: 11/3
Ranged: 6/2


Backstab the pistolero without a word.

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9



Roll #1 10, 5, 1 = 16


The knight charges with fury and leaves a deep cut on the dragon's claw.
The earth pony with pistols falls down before he can get a shot off and the dragon slashes him to finish him off personally.

dragon: 40/20
Knight: 11/3


One tiny knight against a dragon.
There's no need for me to be here.
But since I'm such a nice guy, cut down the knight.
'2d10'+2 from CE.

Roll #1 4, 2 = 6



Roll #1 10, 9 = 19


You cut the knight from behind while he is fighting, and actually managing to hold his own against the dragon, parrying and dodging around while looking for another opening.


dragon: 39/20
Knight: 5/3


Goodnight sweet prince.
Drive my blades through his body.
'1d10+3' Backstab.

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


With a powerful thrust you push your blade into the knight's back. You feel your light shining at your prefect form, such a wonderful fluid motion the stallion falling to the ground, and you remove your blade allowing the dragon to satisfy his lust for revenge by crushing the pony under his claw.

After this the dragon settles down and looks at you curiously.
"Hello pony."


Nod at him.
"We should move. The cliff is about to come down."


The dragon nods and starts to walk north.


Fly alongside him.
"How long have you been chained down in there?"


"Too long pony."


"How's the cut?"


"Better now that you removed that." he points a scaly claw at the bundle you carry.


"I've a friend, she's good with this kind of thing. Allow her to check you up."


"Is that an offer, or an order pony?" He replies.


Keep staring ahead.
"I'd hate it if I had to hunt down a demon inside a dragon's body a few years from now."


"Nor do I wish to share my form with a demon. But I just met you, and you understand that I do not want to be near any ponies more than I have to.."


"It's just one little mare. What can she do to a big boy like you?"


The dragon looks at you, and then looks forward continuing to walk.
"Given time and tools, a single pony can build an empire" The dragon quotes in norse
"Where is this friend of yours?"


Smirk and grunt.
"But let it be said, he had a little help from his friends."
"I will have to call her.
Do you mind undead?"


The dragon smiles at you. "When you are a dragon, a pony is a pony even if that pony is undead, or Underqueen."


"Maybe we can have dinner, after this is over."
Let's go to Kilana.


You go back to talk to Kilana, inside her mansion you see the undead are once again roaming the halls. You find her resting on a pillow, in the living room Codar protectively circled around her.
"Oh, you're back already?" She smiles at you appearing friendly, but her eyes search you intently.




"I am. And guess what, managed to save a dragon. Can I keep him mommy?"


Kilana smiles back and then shakes her hoof at you mocking a stern voice.
"A dragon is a big responsibility, you have to take good care of it, I don't want to see any scales on my floor."
She is eyeing the bundle you are carrying closely.

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