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The night is cold, dark, and a tad depressing. The blades in your hooves feel heavy with the weight of your mission. But it must be done. Your look over the location, an old mansion, four stories high its walls covered with ivory. Inside awaits a pony, once known as Franklin Stones, now known as Frank the Frozen, who has been making deals with demons to gain power, he has formed a small cult in the area, a cult your king and old friend declared too dangerous to exist.. A cult that is meeting in this abandoned old place.. their exact numbers are uncertain, but killing Frank should be priority.


Breath calmly and secure the helmet over my head.
Close my eyes, spread my wings.
Open them again just a moment later, and slip into the shadows around the mansion.

Roll #1 9 = 9


As fluid as one of your mother's shadow's you slip into the darkness. from here no one can spot you. Approaching closer you can hear quiet humming from inside.


From the silence of my hiding, look down on the source of said noise.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You try to look into a window by find it dirty, covered with residue from some kind of smoke. the humming continues.


Is said window locked?


You try to open the window and find that it was locked, but the lock as since become brittle and easily falls off. Perhaps they did not think anyone would look for them here.


Or perhaps there's a trap linked to the opening window.
Master Thief perception check.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You clear off as much of the dirt and smoke as you can from the window. There is a red line on the inside of the window ledge, seems to be leading to a strange circle, but until you get inside it will be difficult to see.
you could also try going in another way, there is a basement entrance, a front and back door, and numerous windows on all four floors.


I wish I still had my wink pi-
Set the window back in its place and flap silently towards the roof.


Naturally there are two, one smaller one, probably from the kitchen, and one larger one, most likely leading to the intended living room area.




the smell of smoke is strong, as if something were just recently burning here. Taking a moment to observe you can see that nothing is currently rising up these chimneys.


Stealth again. Slide into the black of the bigger chimney.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You drop silently down the chimney, merely a bit of wind to the five robed ponies standing around in the very.. oddly decorated living room. There are various piles of.. bones, ashes, and branches, the floor here is completely stone, and has some runes painted on it. The five ponies seem to be going over some notes together.
"You're sure we needed gryphon claws for that part?"
"Yea I'm sure."


Take a good look at their outfits.
Enable the suit's illusory mechanism.
Disguise into one of them!

Roll #1 3 = 3


the outfits are black robes, with delicate red runes on the trimming. and symbols on the shoulders that seem to represent rank. you manage to make an illusion of a plain black robe.. maybe its close enough?


Maybe I won't have to kill them all.
Step out of the shadows.
"H-hey there friends!"


they look surprised to see you.
"uh.. hey?"
"Are you new?"
"Maybe he fell into some soot."
The one with the largest symbol on his shoulder looks suspicious. "I don't remember you."


"Well, damn…"
Try to look estremely ashamed and scratch the back of my neck.
"I kinda work down there, but got lost…
They told me to go look for the…
Spiders' eyes for the ritual, you know.
Bring them to the chamber."


They seem to nod to each other. "Oh, right, we need a lot of different things for tonight, its special.."
one of them flips a few pages in the notes '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Ah, here it is! Yea, you need a jar full of spiders, the whole spiders, not just the eyes. Easy mistake."
The suspicious pony slowly nods, his gray eyes searching your form. "I'll help you get them.. Wouldn't want Frank to be disappointed."


"Oh yeah. Wouldn't want to ruin his big thing."
Fidget a bit.
"Uh… What's the big thing gonna be like?"


"You don't even know that much? Were you asleep during initiation or something?" grey eyes seems angry with you.
one of the other four puts a hoof onto his shoulder "Hey.. don't be so hard on him.."
to which grey eyes snaps "Why shouldn't I be? We can't have rookies ruining tonight's summoning!"


"N-no! I swear, I will do my best! Work myself to the bone, if needed!"


grey eyes seems satisfied. "Good, then lets go get those spiders, I'll fill you in on the way." he starts to walk down the hall.


Follow him, head dropped low.


the pony sighs once and once you are out of sight nudges you. "Hey, newbie, you can call me Luster."
he takes a turn into a store room, lined to the brim with ingredients, but they aren't in any particular order. There are boxes of bones, horns of different animals, and bugs trapped in jars or glass containers. you can hear a soft hissing as if from a snake.
"Look kid, we're trying to summon a whole horde of demons tonight. This has to be done just right if we are going to get the right ones, the ones we can control.. You do want your own demon don't you?"


"O-oh! Of course!"
Room full of ingredients, uh?
Anything Master Thief can tell me about them?

Roll #1 9 = 9


Luster smirks are you, his grey eyes following you as you check the room.
"That's the spirit. Then don't mess this up, okay?"

You see about a dozen ways to create lethal poisons, a few plants that can cause delusions if prepared properly, while you can't make much out of the bones, you know that most the of living animals here have powerful venom, are are liking being kept here so they can be harvested for the various effects.

Luster hoofs you a jar of spiders. They are mostly dead, but a few twitch with life still.


Watch them with much interest.
Tap on the jar.
"I… I should gather the eyes. The tools. Where are the tools?"


The creatures return your curious gaze, or perhaps you imagined it. the spiders still alive have stripes on their legs. they watch you with their beady eyes, and one launches at you sticking itself to the side of jar when you tap the glass.
Luster rolls his grey eyes at you "You don't have do that. Just dump them into the cauldron and stir for a while." at this point his hood slips down and reveals that he is an older white unicorn. Confirmed not the target: Franklin Stone is an earth pony, and according to the latest report, his skin has become the same color as ice, and his eyes black as night.


Time to leave then.
Back with the jar to the other guys.
After dropping the spiders in, fake some… Urgency, and leave apologizing profusely.


The cauldron bubbles a bit as you add in the spiders. The cultists seems pleased about this and barely notice you leaving.
You could follow the sound of the low chanting, or perhaps just take a look around for another clue?


No need for other clues.
Go to the room with all the materials.
Now, Sabotage the bone components for their spell.
Make powder of them.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You grin the bones quickly and quietly, soon their is nothing left but boxes and boxes of powder, which could be easily blow away by a breeze or rinsed away in water. Even if they could use the bone powder, its almost indistinguishable from normal dust now, and you mixed the different types of bones together to be sure.


Off to stealth again, move upstairs.


you move up the stairs quiet as a mouse. You pass a few rooms with red circles painted on them, a bit of smoke leaking out from the doors. The largest set of doors you have seen yet lies before you. There is a lot chanting coming from this way, as well as a strong burning smell.


Peek inside.
Quick evalutation of the situation.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You see Frozen Frank, his skin pale blue, and his eyes darkened an unnatural black. He is surrounded by 14 cultists, all seem to be as high ranked as Luster was. They are all chanting something. There is a strange smoke rising up from five different flames, placed at the points on a pentagram circle that has been painted on the floor.. it looks like it was painted in blood. The smoke is circling the room instead of leaving like normal smoke.


Is there another exit for this room?


there is not. just the large double doors.


Sabotage it.
Rig it to blow on my call.

Roll #1 8 = 8


the door way is fitted with explosives.


Now, bring my mind back to the chanting.
To the ponies channeling the demonic smoke.
Frank has nowhere to run.
Grasp the swords.
Ready myself for the quickdraw.
Split them.
Slice clean the heads of six of them.
Sentried Hot Irons.


Six of the chanting cultists fall down with deep cuts on their necks, this blood spilling down into the circle. the other 8 stop what they are doing and look directly at you. Frank stares at you his eyes giving you an unnerving feeling.
"You dare interfere?"
The smoke spirals and forms a serpent like dragon, roaring at you.


Take a quick hop back and stand ready.
Appraise the Dragon.
"You got the demon you asked for."
Take no chances and slide towards the next cultist.

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5


Your vast experience with combat tells you that something made of smoke will be hard to hit, hard to actually break, but it likely will not have much durability. It seems like its protecting Frank, perhaps controlled by him.

The cultist dodges you and punches you in the face.

pumpkin: 4 hits 5 wounds

8 cultists: 5/3
smoke-dragon: 45/2
Frozen Frank: 8/8


Keep the rush going, ignore it. He just punched armor, after all.
Hot Irons.
The next 4 cultists in my path.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You cut them as much as you can while dodging a charge by the smoke dragon, by the time you stop moving four of the cultists are flailing around on the ground. Frank seems oddly pleased. "You certainly are as strong a demon."
the other four cultists scream something demonic at you.

pumpkin: 4 hits 5 wounds

4 injured cultists: 0/2
4 cultists: 5/3
smoke-dragon: 45/2
Frozen Frank: 8/8


He has no idea.
Happear behind him.
Backstab, driving both the weapons through his body.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


The dragon tries to charge you again, but you use his smoky nature to your advantage and vanish into your own cloud. Your wings carrying your behind your target, you thrust your blades into his back his icy skin breaking as if it was glass or crystal, black inky blood leaks out as he kneels down gasping for air. "But how.."
The dragon seems enraged and goes directly for you, roll to dodge in addition to your action.

pumpkin: 4 hits 5 wounds

4 injured cultists: 0/2
4 cultists: 5/3
smoke-dragon: 45/2
Frozen Frank: 0/7


Pull out the blades off his body, running the jagged side against his insides.
Then, slide the Icy cutting line of both around his neck.
And quickly jump aside.

Roll #1 7, 8 = 15 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Frank screams as you cut at his insides and attempt to finish off the job by cutting his neck. The dragon tackles you lifting you up into the air and tearing at you in a furious rage, its smoky claws burn like fire. between the blows you can see frank and his cultists trying to regroup.

pumpkin: 0 hits 4 wounds

4 injured cultists: 5/2
4 cultists: 5/3
smoke-dragon: 45/2
Frozen Frank: 0/2


Escape artist.
Cough at the smoke and stand back on the ready.


The dragon looks confused when it finds itself scratching at nothing. The cultists have managed to help frank up but he's still heavily injured, his dark black eyes staring intently at you.. he causally slices the neck of one of the cultists and throws their body into the circle. The body convulses and take on a black aura.

pumpkin: 5/4

3 injured cultists: 5/2
4 cultists: 5/3
smoke-dragon: 45/2
Frozen Frank: 8 /2


No it doesn't.
With a swift, large motion, try to swipe at Frank and the 8 cultists at once.
Hot Irons.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You movements take on a life of their own. Justice is guiding your hooves tonight, and it will not be stopped. You make it look effortless as you vanish behind each one slicing at their stomachs and shoving them over. Finally you approach Frank, the helpless bodies behind you making you even more menacing.. his eyes seems full of terror as you stab your blade into his chest. "No.. this is impossible!" The smoke Dragon flails wildly roaring. roll to dodge the dragon in edition to your action

3 badly injured cultists: 0/1
4 injured cultists: 0/2
smoke-dragon: 45/2
Frozen Frank: 0 /1


Finish Frank with a backstab and no words.
Then, Flutter into the air and dodge the dragon.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7 / Roll #2 1 + 1 = 2


Ruse the failed dodge roll.

Roll #1 8 = 8


His body slumps over. his final words "Im-impossible.."
ringing throu the room. the dark magic fade from the body in the center and the dragon swipes at you in blind fury but it can not take you. its form wavers and fades as Frank's body stops moving completely. The cultists look at you in terror and back toward the door.

3 badly injured cultists: 1/1
4 injured cultists: 2/2
smoke-dragon: gone
Frozen Frank: dead


Oh no.
Not towards the door.
Drop on the opposite end of the room and activate the explosion.


Then, violently swing my sword and bring it an alt close to the ground, cleaning it of blood.


you catch '1d3' + '2d4' -2 in the blast.

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 4, 1 = 5


5 are killed in the explosion. the remaining three stopped in time, and turn around looking pale with fear. Their path is blocked.


Level my blades towards them.
Open my helmet.
Stare them with the one good eye I have left.
"For the North."
Sentried Hot Irons on those three.


their bodies fall over lifeless. they don't even have a chance to lift their hooves.

You are now in a room with 15 dead bodies, and your path out is blocked. You can hear something on the other side of the rubble, sounds like someone is shouting.


No doubt it's the others.
But I don't have to worry about them.
First, the target.
Cut his head off.
Then, use my Master Thief abilities to find a way out.
Without blowing the floor, if possible.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Securing Frank's head, you quickly discover a way out by creating your own window. The cold air beneath metal wings gliding you away. but the shouting dose not stop.

Then you realize the shouting is not coming from here, but from behind your own door. This is the bed and breakfast you purchased last night, down south in the Badlands. A little town called Bramblewood. ironic considering the lack of trees.
"Hey, its past noon! If you plan on staying another night you'll need to pay." The voice shouts at you.


Take a deep breath and step out of this bed.
Don't even answer.
Step inside the armor and put the sword into the sheat under my left wing.
I hate this helmet.
Then, activate the disguise function.
The same common pony I was yesterday will do.

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 3 = 3


This armor might be starting to have kinks after all these years, or maybe you are just too tired. There is small kettle over a magically activated stove, you could make yourself some coffee or tea to help you wake up.

"Hey, are you waking up?!" the voice shouts again before you hear grumbling "I'm giving him 10 more minutes" the hoof steps walk away.


I could never stomach tea.
Time to slip out of it and make some coffee.
Smirk at the memory of that night, even if for just a moment.
And hope the coffee is as effective as it was all those years ago.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You adjust the runes on stove, and the brew the coffee up a bit strong, but that's the way it works best. Nice black coffee, it goes down smooth, you don't even need to use the complimentry sugar or cream keep in the coolers. Magic really has made life easier, enchanting elemental effects to make storing and cooking things a breeze.
Thinking back, you did well that night, stopping a maniac and his cult. Its nice when the purpose is clear isn't it? The law system Equestria has started to set up, its muddled things, some times sheriffs or mayors have the authority, sometimes the princesses do..


Lull in the feeling of a hot coffee for this lone minute.
Then, stand up. Forget putting my stuff on, it's too early in the morning for that.
Fold the exoskeleton and wear it under my saddlebags, strapping it tight to my chest.
The swords will have to sit on my side for now.
And try to turn the shine off as much as possible.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Now, leave the room by the window. Jut a quick hop into the street.
No need to bother the owner again.


You manage to look like a normal pegasus, the streets are a bit crowded, ponies moving about their day, grabbing lunch or doing errands. Day time is the prime time for such things after all. The outfits are a little sparse for your taste, some wearing as little as a vest, but at least they wear something besides bags, which is good.


With how hot it is here I can understand them.
The sun is a good excuse to wear a hat though.
I should head for the main plaza around here.


You go to the plaza, its crowded with the main stores and restaurants being here. a cute mare in a light dress stops you. "Would you like a cool drink sir? You look awfully thirsty." she bumps against you a little as she says this. roll


Master Thief tells me something is very very very wrong.

Roll #1 3 = 3


indeed it does you take a step back and smack her hoof as she reaches for you coins. She smiles at you as if nothing happened "Oh, sorry about that!"


Roll my eyes.
"Some things never change.
Come, give me a tour of the town, will you?"


She looks a little off guard by your statement and nods.
"Sure thing. Over here is the good pub, they serve a really nice taco salad. "
Its a rather nice building with arch way doors and wooden shutters. There are a few ponies going out, and they do seem fond of their hats, tall hats.
"This is were all your regular shops are, you can get some of those magic-pistols if you like, not good for much in my opinion."
There are a couple different shops here, they sell clothing, weapons, or general goods.
"up there is the sheriff's office" she points up to a building on a hill, its made of red-clay bricks and looks a bit sturdier.
"That's it for the good side of town." she waits patiently.


"I give you an offer.
What if you give me the rundown of the bad side of town, and I pay you double?"


she licks her lips at bit and nods with a smile.
"Sounds fair to me," and then adds looking you over " but I'm nopony's body guard, got it?"

She takes you down an alleyway, you feel the shadows themselves move as you follow this upbeat little earth pony thief. she waits patiently for you near a door on a tall building, with a worn down sign slightly resembling a bird.. "This is the Weeping Eagle, all the best mercs get their drinks here, a real rowdy bunch, soon as stab you as look at you. "


"I was a king's bodyguard once, you know?
An emperor's, even."
Nod as I see the inn.
Drop her '1d4+1' coins for the help.
"Keep yourself out of troubles."

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


And then, off to the inn.


she shakes her head at your impossible statement
"Don't worry about me pretty boy. and might want to come up with a better lie."
she vanishes as soon as you give her the coins.
You enter the Weaping Eagle. There are a few rugged looking ponies spending their coin on drinks even at this hour, In particular you see a group of four crowded in the corner playing cards.
None of them seem to match the description of the pony you are looking for.
a unicorn with a scar on his right eye: Agit the Agile. a bandit rumored to be holed up in this desert town


Near the bartender.
"I'm looking for work."


The bartender looks you over and nods
"I might have heard something, depends on what you're up for. "


Shuffle the sheat of my sword around my flank.


"Well, I heard there is a need for a pegasus, one who can fly fast, and isn't afraid to get up close and personal. might be perfect for you." he tabs his chin "I just can't seem to remember the name of the one looking.. its like its on the tip of my tongue.."


Drop him two bits.


he smiles at you "Ah, it was that blue unicorn Othan and her crew, up on the north side of town. Don't let her appearance fool you, she will kill ya if you mess up."


"The North side. I see."
Turn around and buck the counter slightly, trying to make jump those bits back into my bag.

Roll #1 9 = 9


he's a very shrewd guy, he gets to try and take them before you can get them back '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Smirk and leave.
Calmly, without looking back.


you can hear his frustration, you get the feeling he won't want to help you next time.


I won't ask nicely next time.
To the north side of town.


you go up to the north side, past several run-down looking town houses. before you can take another step you are surrounded by 4 ponies, a blue unicorn among them speaks to you, she looks surprisingly young. "What brings you here outsider?"


"I heard there might be a job for a pegasus."
Appraise her.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Well, you heard right, I hope you're up for it." she nods and the other three back off from you. "My name's Othan, and this is my crew. What should we call you, or are you happy with Outsider?"

She has a few valuable knives and rare coins on her, but you get the impression that she is a powerful caster aside from being stealthy. She has 5 hits and 5 wounds.


"I'm in love with Outsider already."
Give the place a look over.
"What's the job and how much do you pay?"


You go into one of the town houses, its very.. basic, they have a kitchen, a living room, and and upstairs, the wall is lined with maps and drawings, a few old wanted posters, notably of Othan herself going back to when she was a foal. she lays down a road map, with an x on it where the canyon narrows.
"The job is simple, we need a flier to help us cut of a certain group of merchants. Your cut with be 1/5 the profit, which was 200 bits last time. All you have to do is fly over and make them stop.. here" she points to the x. "then we'll come in from behind them. that pass is so narrow they won't have room to fight us properly. "


Look at the maps accuratedly.
Appraise them.
"Sounds doable.
Where will you come from, once I've got them pinned?
And how much blood do you want?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


you believe you have seen the place she means, if not, you have it memorized now.
"Kill someone if you need to, we really just care about the loot, don't get it dirty. And don't blow up the pass, that is a sweet spot we'd hate to lose."
she makes a blue C on the map "We'll be here, waiting for you to stop them. They ought to show up 2 hours before sundown, can you be ready by then?"


"I can be there and back again by then.
How much protection do you expect them to have?"


"We can take out the protection, we did last time, all eight of them, the main reason we need you is because they might have enough fliers to try and escape."


"Is this all of you?"
Motion around.


she shrugs "Yea, this is all that will be going on the job. We're enough."


"Do you have explosives or guns in stock?"


"Yea, we have plenty, but we'd rather not destroy that area, its a great spot to corner ponies."


"I don't plan to.
But more than a flier might become a problem to handle."


"alright, we can provide you with some explosives then." she levitates up a case, and opens it showing you that its full of dynamite.
"we can lend you a gun if you like, got an elemental preference Outsider?"


"I like Ice myself."
Fiddle with one of the sticks of dynamite.

Roll #1 2 = 2


She gives you a gun, its got a bluish tint.
ranged: fires a magical bolt of ice

you fiddle with the dynamite and can't find a way to properly sabotage it, not here at least.
"What's wrong? Never used a stick before Outsider?" a few of her crew laugh, and she smirks boldly.


"Never fiddled with one, no.
I'm more of a box kind of guy."
Smirk and pocket that stick of dynamite and the gun.
"Don't be late tonight."

Master Thief, make sure not to be followed.

Roll #1 5 = 5


There are many shadows to fall into here, no one sees you. Where are you going?


I need a simple magical rune to trigget the explosion of this dynamite from afar.
I should be able to do it alone with some time and quiet.
Let's start heading for the ambush place now.
And bring lunch along.


You pick up some of those taco salads that that mare mentioned to you, and head to the canyon. The rune is simple to make, you remember it well enough, an ancient symbol for fire, old even when you were still young. You can now trigger the explosion whenever you feel ready.


Reach the site where the others would wait in ambush and lie the dynamite down in the place where it'd be most effective and most concealed.
Put together my Master Thief and Sabotage ability to find such spot.
Maybe a flank of the cliff where it'd collapse the ground under their hooves…

Roll #1 9 = 9


Tapping the ground a bit you find the prefect spot. You set the explosive up under a loose bit of ground. you conceal the spot with a couple of rocks. You believe that the ground is weak enough that it will create a pit fall, and thus trap the criminals inside.



After taking time to eat and scout the area out. Pumpkin Swansong sees the group of four criminals approach the canyon pass and head to the formerly stated hiding spot. Othan gives him a slight nod. The merchant's caravan should be here soon.


Curse this harsh weather and the complete lack of clouds.
Lie in wait on top of the canyon, well hidden but ready for action.
By now I'd be wearing the suit and have it projecting an image of suitless me.

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 6 = 6


You masterfully blend in atop the canyon. You can hear the hoof steps and wheels before you see it. There is a group of 6 armed ponies trotting around a cart covered by a tarp. four pegasi, two earth ponies, there are 4 unarmed ponies, two pulling the cart, and two just walking with the group. All of them seem tired, as if they were traveling a long time.


Shouldn't be a problem outflying them.
But for now lie in wait, ready to jump on the closest pegasus as soon as they come near.
What's the status on my 'friends' over to the ambush site?


They are well hidden, you can not see them. but you saw them go inside so you know they are there.
The caravan is close enough for you to make a move now.


No need.
Blow their hiding place. This should be enough.
Then, as everyone is turned away, slip out of my hiding place and calmly flutter right through the caravan, heading towards the explosion.
"Sorry for startling you.
Now, I might require your assistance.
Come with me."


You hear the expected explosion, a loud scream, and some rocks falling. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!"

The Caravan looks shocked by this and only three of the armed ponies come after you.
"What are you talking about? What was that explosion?"


"Bandits, trying to ambush you.
Poor on the background checks for those they hire, I might add.
Make sure nobody escapes, I'd rather not kill them."
Keep moving calmly over there.
Drop the disguise, revealing the armor.


"Oh, thanks then."
They draw their weapons and look a little concerned as you approach the hiding spot.

You head into the mini-cave you see the four bandits have fallen into a hole caused by your explosion, Othan is yelling at her three crew members who are attempting to stack on top of each other so they can climb out.
"You fucking idiots, move faster"


Sigh, shake my head and draw the gun they gave me, aiming it at them.
Also, Appraise said gun.
I've a bad feeling about it.

Master Thief check to keep tabs of the bandits.
"One chance to leave this rock in one piece Othan.
Where is Agit."

Roll #1 4 = 4


Forgot MT roll.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"So it was you, fuck if I'm talking to you about Agit. Outsider."
a bad feeling about a free gun? Why would you have such a thing? You can't see anything obviously wrong with it.. until it starts to glow red and explodes. roll to see if you dropped it in time.


Throw it into the pit as quick as I can!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Your reflexes fast as lighting they barely have time to move away from the blast.. and then something odd happens, the fire from the explosion forms into a coherent shape, like a pegasus made of fire.
"Back off outsider." Othan warns you, her horn glowing slightly.


Motion to the caravan guards to stand back, leave.
"Othan, I know you don't want to kill ponies.
And I'm giving you and your crew a way out of this.
Don't make my hurt you."
Appraise the elemental.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"A way out?" she chuckles to herself "You believe that there is a way out when Agit is involved? No, there isn't a way out."
fire elemental: 8/1 :weakness to ice.


Vanish. In that one moment inbetween breaths, slip quickly behind her back.
Let it all play out, the smooth rolling off of the sword, the silent motion of the air… Everything as it was always intended to be.
But this time, don't go for the kill.
Slice her horn off.
Sentried attack.


In a moment you move past her crew and slip next to her, your blade slicing at her horn while she watches horrified and falls over screaming in pain.
"Aaah, fucking fuck. What the fuck have you done!"
The elemental turns to you and attacks, as do the three ponies. roll you actions please


Bring my icy blades down on the elemental.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


You don't even concern yourself with the three ponies attempting to beat you down inside this pit and just take the hits while you focus on the fire elemental. Your blades shave off extra flames from the elemental, its little more than a smoldering cinder waiting to be snuffed out now.
pumpkin: 2/5
fire elemental: 1/1


Now, one broad motion.
Hit all 4 of my opponents while spinning on myself.
Hot Irons!

Roll #1 3 = 3



Roll #1 4 = 4


The space is simply too tight. You manage to trip over Othan as her crew and the elemental beat on you in a fury.
"This fucking hurts you fucker" Othan screams at you as you trip on her.

pumpkin: 0/4
elemental: 1/1


Escape Artist.
Don't answer.
In five hundread years of fights, that's one habit I haven't lost yet.
Size up my opponents. Appraise.

Roll #1 3 = 3


you can't get a good handle on them, but you are back up a few paces away from them.

pumpkin: 5/4
elemental 1/1


Now, ignore the other ponies again. Instead, fly right into the elemental and strike him with the two swords held together as one.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"Last chance.


You disperse the fire elemental, its flames turning to ashes which gently coat everyone in the pit.
Othan looks bitterly at you "Its alright boys, I'll take the fall for this, its been a long time coming.."
you find this an odd thing for a mare of only 15~ to say.


It's been too damn long since I last walked the streets in their horseshoes.
Maybe I'm becoming detached.
Maybe I should sheate my blades and think, for a moment.
Master Thief.

"There is always a way out."

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


You think back looking at the poster on her wall, she the crimes listed were all thievery, certain objects, increasing in value as she increased in age, you notice her crew has a bit of make up on, as if they are pretending to be somepony else.. she seems.. oddly concerned about them.
"What would you know about it?" she asks looking away from you staring at her broken horn in her hoofs.


"Take my word for it. Tales of my life's story would do no good. Not now."
Remove the helmet.
"If you want to pull you and your friends out of this, I am giving you this one chance.
But don't expect me to be around tomorrow."


She stares at your face for a while and sighs.
"You keep saying that but how?"


He's caused far too much death to be left to his own devices."
Stare into her eyes with a hard look.
"And make no mistakes, he's the one who's been doing this to you."


she looks a bit surprised at your statement.
"Yea, maybe he is but. Who the fuck is gonna stop him?"


"Stopping a pony…
That's not hard.
Moving a mountain is.
Changing the mind of a lovestruck fool.
Caring for a daughter.
This, this is just a matter of strenght. And out there, there will always be someone stronger than you are."


she frowns
"Then.. you are going to go after him?
You know Agit has been hording magical items for years.."
and then sighs her crew finally feeling brave enough to help her back up, one of them chips in.
"Hey, we don't need your false hope outsider."


"What about we share a cold drink first, and then talk about hope again, uh?"


"Um.. what?"
they all say in a shocked unison.


Sigh and start climbing off this hole in the ground.
"We have a common goal. This makes us allies."


The four them slowly start to climb out after you. Othan seems most perplexed, and begins cleaning the bloody spot on her forehead where her horn was,

when you get to the top you see, the caravan has moved on, but a pair of the pegasi from earlier are still waiting for you.


Stare back at them.
Not a word.
Just a look that invites them to leave and forget this ever happened.
Also, appraise them.

Roll #1 5 = 5


they are normal pegasi 5/5 health, weakness to being stabbed.

The pair shrugs and starts to fly off.


"Now, lead the way."
Disguise as my normal self again.

Roll #1 9 = 9


at this Othan and her three lackies look surprised.
as she finishes bandaging her forehead Othan replies "Fine.. this way"
she moves fast and stealthily, heading to the back alleys of Bramblewood. Stopping before each corner, and whispering to her crew who spread out and then return to her before continuing. Eventually you come to a cellar door. she breathes heavily looking at you, and offers you a key.
"You'll need this.."


Nod and catch the key.
Appraise it.
Anything magical about it?

Roll #1 6 = 6


yes in fact. The key has the the symbols for 'disarm', 'light' and 'invisible'
seems like its a special key, and that it can detect and open invisible doors.
"good luck outsider, I'd offer my help, but you made me kind of useless.. we'll be at the Weeping Eagle if you survive."


Stop her before she can leave.
"What about the door this key should open?"


" A lot of the doors inside are invisible, it lets you see em', open most of them, but the best thing about this key. It opens the most important door: the vault door. You should destroy as much of that magical bullshit as you can, then you might have a chance, who knows." she seems eager to get out of here.


Let her leave.
And then, stand silent in wait.
Wait for a pony to come by.
Hidden in the shadows.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You wait for a few hours, night falls and a pair of earth ponies, rush past you, they fiddle with the cellar doors for a moment, and then pop them open. you recognize one of them as the yellow mare from earlier.


Throw a stone a few meters away from the door, to distract them.


one of them closes the door quickly and the yellow one goes to investigate the area.


From my hiding place, disguise as the pony that's just closed the door.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You look exactly like her, red mane, cream coat, and green eyes. The yellow mare probably won't know the difference until you speak.


No time to get her talking.
Drop down hard on her had, knock her out.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


the cream/red mare?


The one I'm disguised as.


you swoop up and then drop down on top the creamy mare she doesn't make any sound as she falls to the ground, her eyes closed.


Drag her behind a corner, quickly hiding her unconscious body.
Do I have any rope to tie her up?

Roll #1 9 = 9


naturally you carry enough rope for this purpose, as you tie her securely behind the corner the yellow mare has made her way back to the door and is looking around suspiciously.


Come back shaking my tail and wiggling a rear leg, as if I'd just taken a piss.
After meeting the other mare's gaze, just smile back sheepishly.


The yellow mare groans and fiddles the door open "stop messing around, we're going to be late"


Cover my mouth with a hoof and widen my eyes in shock.
Take the keys and open the door once again.
We can assume I patted that other mare down while tying her, right?


okay, this time I'll say you did..
you found a small picture of the two mares together, a dagger, small coin sack, her key ring.

Yellow just sighs and walks inside, her blue eyes looking back at you with saddness "I'm not mad at you sis, we just need to drop off the payment tonight or we'll be in trouble."


Gulp down anxiously and nod solemnly.
Then, tap on the bag of coins and let out a quivering sigh.
Nod towards the door.


Yellow leads you inside, its very well lit down here. There is a small maze of hallways, but she navigates them easily. The halls at first seems barren but with your special key, You can see translucent doors placed regularly. The yellow mare stops infront of a real door, and enters.


Follow inside.


The yellow mare is speaking to a large brown stallion, a pile of coins poured out on the ground between them.
"Really, Maddie, is that all you have?"
"Its not easy with so few travelers." the yellow mare says defensively.
"Do better, or maybe.. Lily will have to make up the difference.." the stallion says smirking at you.
"Grutox, you know that she's not a part of this." the yellow mare glares at him.


Glance back at the stallion with an angry expression and throw him the coin bag.


he adds 'your' coins to the pile and nods making a note of it on a slip of paper.
"fine you two are good for this month."

pause here ?


Snort at him and turn around, swinging my tail defiantly.
Leave the room and lose myself into the shadows.

Roll #1 4 = 4


the halls are very well lit, its difficult to hide here. Maddie follows you '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Cough a bit and scratch my throat, letting out a rasping sound.


"Hey, don't let him get to you." she tries to assure you with a pat your shoulder.


Shake my head slowly, hanging it sadly.
Exchange a glance with the yellow mare.



Roll #1 3, 6 = 9


she tries to guide you to the exit. "come on, lets just go home."


Nod and follow her, but walk slowly.
Fall behind.
FInd a shadow.

Roll #1 9 = 9


you manage to ditch Maddie just before the door, where you see can catch the glimpse of a red tail as the door closes.

You are now alone and hidden in the hallway.


Goddamnit that was dumb.
Now, back to the stallion in that room from before.
Was he alone?


You hear the cellar door open again as you race down the hall to the first real door. Cracking open the door shows you that the Brown stallion Grutox appears to be alone.


Step in.
Walk up to Grutox with an angry stare.
Give my best female-voice-similar-to-yellow-mare impression.
"We need to talk."



Roll #1 7 = 7


"Something wrong with your voice sweetheart?" you feel his hoof punch you hard in the stomach.
"or are you Lily's boyfriend or something? She ain't worth the trouble you're going throu."
pumpkin: H/4


Oh, gee.
Escape Artist, keep him busy with some fancy legwork.
"Say, what did I get wrong?"


You escape his towering form, and dance around the room.
he smirks at you "Well, you got the flank right. for sure."


Yeah, I've had enough of this buffoon.
Eject the swords.
Cut him clean.
Sentried autoattack if possible, otherwise '1d10+2' backstab.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


he blinks and loses track of you, his first and possibly last mistake. You slice his hooves away from him and watch as he fall helpless on to the floor.

pumpkin: 5/4

Grutox : H/?


He will bleed out soon enough.
Stand above him, my blade at his throat.
No need to keep him alive. He can't help me and can only be danger.
End his suffering.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


backstab has a cooldown of 1, so I will be taking that as a two to just stab him
he rolls away from you before you can finish him, standing up shakily. "You must really love her, too bad I'm not the one you need to kill."

pumpkin: 5/4

Grutox : 5/?


Time to cheese it.
"I will do anything for my beloved!"
Appraise him.
And stab at him like a kid holding a knife for the first time.
Hurt him, but don't kill him.
Maybe cut off another hoof…

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 2, 8 = 10


You see that he has a bit more toughness than your usual earth pony, like he's dealt with this kind of thing before.
He is thrown off a bit by your first swing and you catch him on the second. "Stupid kids.."

Pumpkin 5/4

Grutux 1/6


"I will make sure she is safe! No matter who I have to face against!"
Keep dancing around him.
But this time, don't be so gentle. He can take it after all.
As soon as I find an opening, feign and backstab.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


He growls at you as you circle him "You're got talent, I'll give you- Aah" he falls down as you slice his side.

Pumpkin 5/4

Grutux 0/5


Stand atop him.
Pretty risky, I know, but a kick in the groin should keep him quiet for a moment.
"Who is that laid hooves on my beloved! Tell me how to find him and I might let you live!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


he seems to be in a lot of pain
"Who has touched her? Probably half of Agit's ponies by now, the other half when he hears you did this."


I wonder if I still know how to do bloodshot eyes at command…
The suit should be able to!
Stop playing around.
Chop one of his legs off.
No way he can stand after doing that.
"Where. Is. He."

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


It seems like it worked. Grutux looks terrified and screams as you take off his leg, looking at the bloody mess and at you as if you were psychotic.
"You want Agit? Fine! he's terrible at picking girls anyway. take my key and go to the 15th door on the left."


Stab him right through the head.
Shouldn't be too hard now.

Roll #1 10 = 10


you dig your dagger into his brown skull and end his life. You feel good.. shiny with the justice you have wrought here.


It's not a dagger anymore! The blades are as long as a pony's leg!
Still lots of work left to do.
Loot his body, first for the keys and then for anything else I might need.
'1d10' Master Thief inspection roll.

Roll #1 7 = 7



You loot: keys, a black journal, a green journal, a pen that conceals a lockpick, a couple knives, and 125 bits

You hear coughing behind you.


What now. Vanish.
Quickly assert the situation, Appraise.
Hold on for what to do before leaving vanish.
I might just have to chop this guy in half too.

Roll #1 6 = 6


its the same two mares you used to get inside here. the looks confused when you disappear again.
"damn he's good." Maddie comments.
"Too good." Lily adds
"you're sure, you don't know him?" Maddie asks.
"No I would have told you if I had someone like that.."
'2d10' they try to disappear from your eyes.

Roll #1 2, 3 = 5


but you keep track of them.


Toss the red mare the keys I looted from her, and a second later come out of the shadows.
"You two should not be here."


"I'm pretty sure you should not be here." Lily retorts as she examines the keys.
Maddie just stares at you, seems like she doesn't recognize you under the mask.


I should still be wearing the disguise.
As her.
Mirror her expression for a moment.
"Respect for your elders, kid."


You are disguised as Lily, but your voice is still the same, she frowns frustrated at this.
"Fine, tell me something Old man, what did Agit do to you?"

Maddie just continues to stare. "you know, this doesn't matter, you have your keys back, we can go."


"He killed many a pony.
Ponies who didn't deserve to die.
I'm here to fix that."
Nod towards the corpse.
"That's step one."
Lose the disguise.
Try to imitate the dead pony.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You quickly morph, much like a changeling, into a copy of the bulky pony you just killed.
"Well, that's impressive." Maddie comments urging her sister away. "Lets go Lily.."
Lily looks concerned "Hey, wait, if you're really doing this, because it does need to be done.. let me heal you, I saw you get hurt."
Maddie nods slowly "Yea, if you want to, sis, but just heal him and we go.."


Stare at her for a second.
Master Thief.
Do I sense any ulterior motive here?

Roll #1 9 = 9


no, seems like she actually wants you to succeed. You get a peak at her inventory and see her slip on a bracelet that you did not notice before, or maybe her sister had it.


Then open the helmet's front plate, without dropping the disguise.
"Go on."
Sit down and let her do.
"Nice bracelet."


"Uh, thanks.." Lily places her hooves on yours and they glow slightly, you feel your body strengthen itself.
"There.. good luck." she smiles at you.

Maddies looks relieved a bit when she finishes. "Yeah, good luck."


"What can you tell me of this guy?"


"he's a dick." Maddie says bluntly.
"he's dangerous, real dangerous." Lily adds "the magical stuff he wears makes him hard to hurt."
"yea, he's a terrible guy, teleports magical shit from his personal arsenal, and he killed our mom, will kill us too if we don't keep working for him, can we move on now?" Maddie says suddenly.


One last thing.
This guy."
Point to the dead one.
"Name and rank inside Agit's operation."


"Also a dick." Maddie says.
"Grutux Darkbit, he's the accountant, collects Agit's cut, records how much you put in both percent and coin." Lily actually answers.
"Yea, he did that. He was pretty much his right-hoof pony, so you ought to be able to get close."


Pull out the books I looted.
Check them quick and see which one is the accounting book.
Hoof it over to them.
"This will either get you killed or keep you safe.
Go to the Weeping Eagle and look for Othan.
Tell her the Outsider sent you and give it to her.
Now, leave."


its the green book. they both look surprised.
"Thanks Outsider.." Lily says and Maddie drags her away, after a moment they fade into the shadows.


Leave and lock the door to this room.
Start casually strolling down the dungeon wearing Grutux's face.
Reach this fathomed 15th door.
Master Thief check.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You come to the 15th door, its translucent and difficult to check, but you take your time and disarm a stun-trap.


Turn the key in the lock and move inside.


Once inside you see that this room is set up like a lounge, long sofas, glass tables, fancy paintings on the walls, there is only one other door. Laying down on one of these long sofas is Agit, you recognize the unicorn right away by his scar on his right eye, his pale bluish skin, yellow eyes and dark blue mane almost making him look demonic. "Ah, Grutux you're early. Someone give you a hard time?" he lazily waves at you.


"That whore, Maddie, and her sister."
Grunt and move closer.
Appraise him.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You get closer by you can't get a good idea of what he has on-his-pony just now.
"Those two sluts? Its been a while since they gave us trouble, do I need to get involved personally, or can you handle it?" Agit sits up as he says this.


Try again.
It's too important to just let it go.
"No, I think I got this. Maybe the red one just needs a good dicking."
Grin and make a bucking motion to punctuate the statement.

Roll #1 7 = 7


he smirks "well, give her an extra round from me when you do."

You see some kind of harness poking out from his outfit, notice a couple of braces with runes on them, likely back up catalysts, a couple vials of some kind of toxin, and he seems to have a single long sword on him right now, but the properties of that weapon, remain hidden from you. He appears to be able to take a quite a few hits: 19/15 : You believe that preventing him from casting may help a little, but he holds himself like a weapons master.


What happears to be his catalyst?
"Right. I will go slap them around a while tomorrow. But I need a drink now. And to drop some coin off."


he has a horn, and two bracers that appear to function as catalyst,

"That bad?" Agit points to a cooler next to one of the sofas. "Help yourself to a drink, I'll take care of stashing the coins." he looks expectantly at you.


Throw him the coinbag with the bits I looted from that guy.
And as I do, Sabotage Agit.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Distracting with money is a good move, you make it so that at a later point, the bracers will fall off. He catches the coins and smiles opening up a small portal and stashing them inside.


"Now, where is the wine?"
Shit, if only I had brought poison!

Roll #1 10 = 10


are you rolling to have poison?


Kinda, yes.


how about instead you steal one of his poisons, master thief is not a magical hat.


Sure, if he has any around.
I was just taking a shot in the dark after all.


he has them on him, I mentioned this when you appraised him..
Agit pulls up a bottle of wine for you, and a set of glasses. "Wine? That's a bit classy for you Grutux.. you feeling okay? Did some-slut say something that's getting to you? I swear, we can just off her, whoever it is."
He has absolutely no idea that snagged a small vial of poison from him while he was going on about this.


Grunt and grumble.
"There is this one slut.
Not like all others, you know?
She's just the best fuck I've ever had.
And then out of the blue she says I'm not classy enough!"
Good thing I have a golem armor with illusory spell to hide things in.
Once I go for the glass… Pour the poison!

Roll #1 6 = 6


you apply the toxin without any sign of doing anything odd at all.
"Come on, you don't need her. How about I call us up some sluts tonight, right now even, We'll enjoy ourselves, forget about that bitch."
he slaps a wheel of cheese on the table.
"Here, wine and cheese, that's classy enough for anypony, and if it ain't just gut em' "


"Fuck, cheese, that bitch doesn't know what she's lost."
Huff a bit and drink from my glass.
"I think she sailed off or something.
Took a caravan."


Agit scoffs "She better have left, far away from my city."
He takes a tentative sip from his glass.
"Bitches should know better."


forgot to roll '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Fuck, it's the one thing they have to do.
Just. Suck. A. Dick!
All they have to do.
And even that is too fucking much for some.
Can you believe she was talking all about feelings and shit?"


seems like its a tasteless toxin, he doesn't notice anything.


Agit frowns "Damn, was she really? I hate it when they get all clingy like that." you could be imagining it but he looks a bit paler. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Good thing we still have real mares.
Try to give a sad chuckle and raise my glass.
"To sluts.
The best gift a stallion could hope for."


he hesitates a moment his yellow eyes darting toward you, he pulls a vial out of his pocket and drinks it quickly. His color starts to return. Seems like he felt the effect at least.
"You think this is a game?" he asks you.


Gulp the glass and raise a brow. Then, throw the glass away, making it crash against a wall.
"Ahw now.
You figured it out. And here I was hoping to do this clean and simple."
Sentried slash to cut off his horn.
Call the crit on the Sabotaged bracers to blow them up.


you move quickly and precisely in an effort to remove his horn but a shield activates, clearly radiating from the harness. The bracers rattle to the floor, and Agit has drawn his sword.
"Hope? Such a foolish thing to cling to."


Also he did take some damage from the explosion.
Agit: 10/12


Separate the two swords.
"Spare me the monologue."
Time to show off.
The first is +1ed, go on until helpless.

Roll #1 9, 8, 8, 1, 7, 7, 5, 3, 3, 1 = 52



Roll #1 9 = 9


You rush in with a fury of blows, Agit collapses under your assault, bleeding heavily, his yellow eyes glaring at you.
"Fuck you and, what did you do to Grutux?"
Agit: 0/6


"What are you talking about old friend.
I am Grutux."
Backstab him.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"but.. then why.. didn't I always treat you right.."
you execute the bastard, running your jagged blade into his heart. Its rather unceremonious, how he is laying there, a look of clear sadness stuck on his face, died thinking that his only real friend betrayed him.


They will make peace in the afterlife.
Pull the blades out and clean them, in the silence of this room.
Loose the diguise, open the frontal panel of my helmet.
Breath in the heavy air of this room, the cold of my blades and the heat of sweat on my forehead.
Then, after sheating my blades once more, uncerimoniously check over the body of this bastard.
'1d10+1' Master Thief.

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6



Roll #1 2, 9, 9, 6 = 26


You manage to pick off the sword and strange glowing key before the harness glows and warps his body away. It leaves behind a pile of dynamite, with a timer that starts to tic at a glance you have. '3d2' turns

Roll #1 2, 1, 2 = 5


That's useful!
Cut off the guy's head and take his shape!
Then, run off, out of the room!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Yelling on top of my lungs, point towards the room I found the boss in, while I'm running away.


you can not obtain his head, because it teleported away with the rest of his body.


Oh well.
Just do the rest of those things.


Your suit transforms your appearance to that of Agit the Agile, who just wasn't Agile enough to get away from true justice. The pale blue skin, the dark mane, and the yellow eyes all perfect. At your shouting several ponies appear from the various doors some more quickly, or willing than others. Most of them fan out and search the building. '1d10'
but 6 stay by your side surrounding you in a circle as you continue to flee. Only one out of these speaks. roll "We are here Agile One."

Roll #1 10 = 10


One of the ponies that spread out almost instantly returns, he whispers to you "Grutux Darkbit has been killed"


Draw Agit's sword.
"Back to my room!
The bastard will pay!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


They nod and scurry back to Agit's room.

3 turns remain.


"You others follow me!"
Appraise them, move for the exit.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You appraise the remaining ponies. They are:
9 rogues: 5/5: wielding a variety of weapons
5 mages: 5/5 typical mages have a weakness to being stabbed
1 cleric: weakness to losing their powers by not believing in gods
none of them are ponies you know, and they all follow you toward the exit.


"Half of you, stay inside. Me and the others will go search around the compound, in case he's found or made another way out."
Take the cleric with me, nodding him to follow.
Leave this place and lock the door behind me.


a few grumble at the idea but most just nod. "Got it."

you have 3 rogues, 1 mage, and 1 cleric following you.
Your group moves outside and once everyone is clear of the cellar door you lock it tight. The night has gone on a long time you note, as the moon is high in the sky now. The rogues spread around you looking for trouble while the two casters stand next to you.


Look up.
It's almost time.
Better deal with this as soon as possible.
Hop from shadow to shadow.
Make sure they can't even let out as much as a whimper.
Sentried Hot Irons.
Slice their heads clean off.


>5th turn
Even if they could have said something, the loud explosion would have covered it up. They lie helplessly on the ground as parts of the building start to fall down around them. Roll to get away unharmed.


I'm like a leaf on the wind.
Watch me as I soar.
One from CE and one from Pegasus Agility

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


You take to the wind and fly, but can't avoid the explosion entirely and are soon grounded, luckily you have been pushed a safe distance away by the force of the air moving away from the explosion, with little more than a scratch and easily shake it off.

You are in one of the many back alleys of Bramblewood, a few eyes peering at you from the dark corners.


Not for long.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You disappear from their gaze and into the shadows,
you can now stealthily move wherever you like.


Back to that compound.
I have work to finish.
Is the door still in one piece?
I'd be going there mostly to kill whoever is still crawling after the explosion, exploring room by room.


The door is somewhat intact, but uselessly ajar. There are dead ponies strewn about the outside of compound.
Inside you can see more dead bodies.
okay. how many of those do you want to play out


I can just roll MT for all rooms if you think it'd speed things up, I'm not really interested in playing it out.


okay, roll to kill '10d6' ponies

Roll #1 2, 2, 6, 4, 1, 3, 2, 3, 2, 3 = 28


In how many rooms?
Lose the disguise and take a fighting shape with my swords.
Sentried Sharpen.


spread out in '2d5' rooms

Roll #1 5, 2 = 7


How big is the first group?


lets say.
8, 2, 4, 5, 3, 3, and then 3


So, I used the first action to sharpen the swords!
Drop down on my enemies, suit shining through the darkness for a brief second before
Hot irons 6 of them!

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


They were already damaged by the you kill them, creating panic in the other 2.
meh we can just say you killed them all if you want, I don't really want to write it out if you're not wanting to play it


Well, JUSTICE will be served.
It's been a long night.
Eventually, head for the vault Othan mentioned.
Time to search it.
'1d10', Master Thief.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Oh, you wanted to go to the vault, the vault that was in the building that blew up, and that you don't actually know where it is?
Well, you find it, after a while of looking, but its bricks have fallen in the way of actually opening it.


Good enough.
Nobody will be able to access it. Not immediatly at least.
Leave, stealth up, and meet back with Othan at the Weeping Eagle.


You arrive at the bar, the Weeping Eagle, its considerably more crowded than earlier, you can overhear whispers about the recent events as you pass various ponies.
"Grutux was killed"
"did you hear the explosion?"
"Do you think Agit is really dead?"
you keep pushing your way past them, and find Othan, Maddie, Lily, and the three stallions in Othan's crew all sitting together sharing drinks. It looks like Lily was unable to fix Othan's horn since Othan is still horn-less.


Sit down at their table, without a words.
Just look at the six of them.


looking normal or in your suit?


I'd never enter the bar looking like that in the first place.
If I have a choice, normal old me.
Otherwise, me without armor.


the six of them slowly look up at you.
Maddie's eyes widen. "Pretty boy? you're the outsider"
Othan smiles "So, you made out alive."


Smirk at Maddie, but quickly turn to Othan.
"Don't worry.
Nobody else did."


They all look impressed.
"Really?" Othan sighs clearly relieved "That's like a fucking miracle."
Maddie nods "Yea, I'd believe it after what Lily and I saw.."
Lily just smiles at you.
one of the stallions speaks up "So.. how about sharing that drink now?"


"I got all night."
Then, stand up.
"But you might want to send somepony over to Agit's old place.
The access to the vault crumbled, so I have been unable to destroy the artifacts.
And my work might not be over yet.
I did kill Agit, but the body disappeared."


Othan seems deeply troubled by this news.
"That fucker.. can't even die properly." she sends one of the stallions away, and he slinks into the night.


"I doubt he will be much, even if he comes back.
I did never reveal my face to him or his ponies.
And they are all dead now."


Othan nods.
"You realize what you've done right?"


Sit down, smirking slightly.
"Started a potential gang war to fill the power vacuum?"


Othan smiles back at you "Well, that." she pauses slightly as she attempts to refill her glass with her hoof, apparently not used to being deprived of her telekinesis. "But whoever takes over can not possibly be as big of a fucker as Agit."

Maddie seems to be holding back a chuckle a Othan's plight, but lily helps steady her.

Othan looks up at your eyes. "more importantly, I think I'm ready to hear about that hope you mentioned.."


"Now that Agit's gone, you can leave the business.
Nopony to shake you down for money, after all.
To force you to steal."


"Well, that does sound fucking nice. Easy even." Othan leans back. "Is it really that easy? Just fucking leave town and forget about all this?"
Maddie: "It seems like it might be."
Stallion "we'd stick with you Othan, we're still your crew, whatever we do."
Stallion 2 "Yea, we got enough skills between us to get by doing somethin'.."
Othan looks over at them a bit watery eyed. "Boys.."


Smile at this.
"Just don't start it all over somewhere else, uh?"


Othan looks between you and her crew with a chuckle and a deep nod "Then its fucking settled, we'll pack up and leave this fucking town." at which the stallions give a hearty cheer and raise their glasses together.
"right after the vault is taken care of." she adds. "So, that no one can fucking use that shit."
Maddie and Lily nod at this sentiment.

Its a pleasant sight, seeing them all so happy. Like a weight has been lifted from their lives. They offer to buy you whatever drinks you want.

This goes on for about an hour, then a few others of Othan's crew report back that they cleared a way to the vault and used the remainder of the explosives to destroy it. A little after this point Maddie slips away.


I guess it's been a proving night for her.
Except not really, she didn't do much.
This is suspicious.
I'd rather not see her go for the vault just to become the next Agit.
Use my social kung-fu to slip away, and then into stealth.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You manage with some effort to pull away from the festivities, and then go outside, easily finding a shadow to hide inside.


Stalk the girl.
Damn feels like I'm a kid again.


You catch up to Maddie, her yellow coat and blue mane surprisingly quiet in the moonlight. You follow her over to remains of agit's hide out, but she isn't the first one here, most of the bodies have been cleared out, and nothing valuable is left sitting out. She sits a moment looking at the wreckage.


Flap down, quietly, and sit at her side.
Drop the illusion from the armor, and open up the front of the helmet, but stay quiet.


She looks at you with mild surprise but continues to stare at the place.
"So.. you did all this.."


"They did it to themselves."


She shakes her head. "Why didn't you kill me as well?"


"You didn't seem like one of them.
Turns out I was right.
Call it intuition."


She look down right angry with you now.
"And what gives you the power to judge that? A king like you said before?"


"Answer me this."
Sigh slowly.
"Do you think they deserved it?"


Maddie turns her blue eyes away from you and back to the scene before her.
"I hated them.. I really did."
and then turns her eyes back to you, looking confused but nods.
"I am glad Agit can't harm anyone else. That Lily will be safe."


Look back at her, with my one true face.
"This is your answer.
No kings, no masters.
Just the truth."


She stares back you for a long while, nodding slowly.
"Then can I ask you something?"


Nod quietly.


"When you leave here, can I come with you?"


Remain inmovable.
"And what of your sister? Would you just leave her?"


Maddie shakes her head.
"She'd better off without me. Othan already promised her a place in whatever they decide to do.. but that kind of normal life. I can't reach that. It wouldn't work."


Keep the stare up.
"You would regret it.
And you'd die."


"Yea, well.. I should already be dead, and I'm not going to just sit on my hooves and become a baker or somepony's wife.. I'd be terrible at it."
She frowns at you and turns to walk away.


Stay put where I am and look at her go.
"Then make your peace, we leave tomorrow."


She stops midstep and stares back at you with a nod and a small smile before disappearing.


Fly back to the inn.
I have to talk with Othan."


she's already gone back to her home, you fly in the second story window and see the blue mare packing her things.


Stand on the edge of the window and whistle to all her attention.


"Outsider." she nods to you, "Get in here, its fucking cold at night after all. "


Chuckle and slip inside.
"Have you decided where you will go already?"


"Yea, there is a town being built two days north of here. Gonna buy a building." she smiles to herself as she said something funny. "Yea, gonna set up a legit service, my boys fucking love the idea already, body guards. Protecting ponies instead of stealing from them. Hell, even Lily loved it, wants to be our receptionist since she's good with ponies."


"I've been a bodyguard too, for a while."
Look around this room. Just out of curiosity.
What does it tell me about Othan?

Roll #1 8 = 8


"You're fucking joking right?" she replies to you. "That's too rich."
You get the impression that she didn't actually get to keep much of what she stole, since most of the things are very common quality. You see a small pile of crumpled up paper in the corner, looks like the wanted posters she was previously so proud of. There is a small book about making catalysts, and a sheet with sloppy runes practiced on it. You spot in the corner of the bed a child's toy, a bunny that seems like it has seen a lot of love, next to it is a long knife.. Over all you get the impression that she is trying to leave the bad behind.


"Oh no, that's the truth.
Sure, some would have called me assassin back then, but it mattered little."
Don't comment on the room, she seems to know what's best.


She laughs "Fucking wow. A real assassin body guard. I thought those were only in stories.." she then looks at you "Don't tell me that you were a thief before that too? That would just be too fucking much."


"Hey, we have all been young once, no?"


"Come on, this is getting too fucking cheesy." She grins at you. "Alright, I'm only gonna fucking say this once, so pay attention: Thanks Outsider, for everything."


Nod slowly.
"It's been a pleasure."
Go for the window.


She doesn't stop you. You look outside and see the night time has but a few precious hours left, you could find somewhere warm to rest your head or just stay up.


Fuck no.
I'm an old man.
Drop by the Weeping Eagle and find an empty room to slip inside.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You find an empty room at the weeping eagle, but its a little crappier than what you'd normally like, uncomfortable beds, at least its warm.


I can make do.
Sleep in my armor, and finally try to rest.
With one eye out.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You sleep rather well, you did do the right thing after all. Nobody tries to come into your room either which is surprising, or it would be if you didn't hear the drunken fighting already starting on the streets. trying to fight each other for control over the crime in this area already will keep most of the busy.


That's exactly what I wanted.
Just let them be.
The small fries are not my concern.


When the sun light shines into your room you see a yellow mare with a blue mane in your room staring at you as she eats some bread.


Shuffle on the other side.
"You are not exactly too subtle."


"I wasn't trying to hide from you." she says with a shrug.


"It's impolite to look at others sleep."


She smiles "Couldn't help it pretty boy, you're cute when you sleep."


Sigh and stand up.
"Let's leave.
I've to meet with somebody.


she nods "Tell me your name first."


Stare at her.
Pumpkin Swansong, duke of the Crystal Empire, Royal Spymaster, First of the Northblades.
Watcher of the Throne."


"that's quite the title.. quite the impossible title.." She smiles. "My full name, Madison Ironstalker."


"What's your story, Ironstalker?"
Start gathering my stuff.


"Nothing good." Maddie frowns. "Born to be a thief they say, sheltered Lily as best I could.. did all the worst things so she wouldn't have to." You note that he cutie mark is a half hidden by cloth. "You already know about my mom, but she wasn't actually my mother, just lily's."


"That sounds like a story."


Maddie stares at you her blue eyes distant. "maybe another time, aren't you meeting someone?"


Throw her the Goblin Sword.

Now, let's leave.
I need to meet my contact.
The one that tipped me off about Agit.


She handles it rather naturally. and follows you from the shadows.

You head to an old half-dead orchard to meet with an older stallion, Gusting Tome, he is grey, black mane, one good blue eye, and wears an eye patch, which you know covers up a fake eye used to see past disguises. He has light weight armor on under his clothes. He nods as you approach.


Nod back.
"Dealt with.
Now the town is in chaos but I'm sure you can take care of that."


"Efficient as always, I knew I could count on you. A few street riots won't be an issue, they are divided now."
The stallion looks you over with a sigh "..I don't suppose you'll actually accept payment for this?"


"I will call you when I can actually find any use for money."
Look at Maddy.
"Hey, you got a map?"


"I thought so." Tome smiles.
Maddie hooves you a roll of paper which opens out to a map of the nation in extreme detail.


"Where now?"


"There is some trouble in Durance, near the Horsehoe Bay. A mare by the name of Gretchen has been kidnapping ponies, making them into her slaves. She has some kind of magical shield around her place, can't even get a donkey close to her." he points on the map. "Gretchen is said to be a lot of colors, from those who we are able to recover from her anyway, but everyone she's always a pegasus about 25."


"A lot of colors?
Anything of note through the swamp?"


"There are rumors of witches and monsters. I haven't seen anything solid saying its dangerous."


Take a deep, happy breath.
"Monster hunting.
I love it."
Turn to the Maddy.
"Let's go!"


"Travel well friend." The stallion says as you leave.

Maddie smiles as she follows after you. "The coast, that should be nice this time of year."


"Better than this heat.
I really hate the south."


"Yea, I was never too fond of it, always thirsty." Maddie comments.

As you move into the swamp area a large black bird flies over head and perches itself on a low branch. You instantly recognize the pendant dangling around its neck, containing the symbols for the United Northlands and the Underkingdom in old Northern script. This must be Morrigan, Kilana's daughter.


Well fuck.
"Wait here."
Go ahead. Alone.


Maddie nods and waits behind for you.

The bird waits for you in a clearing up ahead.


Once there, turn to the bird.
"Hey there kid."


The bird shifts into a pure black pegasus before your eyes giving you a smile. "How are you doing uncle? "


I miss you girls. Where have you been?"


"How long has it been now? Time seems so.. strange now.. Mother is where she usually is, you should come up north and visit her. She sent you a note." Morrigan hoofs you a sealed tube with the writing 'do not shake' and a space to fill in the correct answer. "Still paranoid as ever."
"Myself I've been trying doing some spying near the everfree, keeping tabs on the monsters." she looks distracted for a second and then focuses back.
"I see you picked up a friend."


Look over the tube.
"Yes, I doubt she'll last long anyway."

Roll #1 7 = 7


Its a pretty nice enchantment, if you break the seal without putting the required answer the note inside will be destroyed. As usual this one is easy for you. Milkshakes

"You think so? Shame, she's kinda cute. "


"Oh I bet.
But I'm spoken for, I'm afraid."
Slide the parchment out of it and start reading.


Morrigan nods at you "You should take a break once in a while uncle, running from job to job can't be good for a man your age."

Dearest Brother Swansong,
How have you been? I've been doing well, the weather is colder this year again. The other night, it was a full moon, I was walking to check on the puppies, when my hooves were caught in mud. the dogs then tackled me, it was adorable. I think one of them has a flu, poor puppy.
Write back soon, I miss you
your sister Kilana.

burn rune



Look at Morrigan.
"This is a lot of problems all in one single paper."
Activate the burn rune.


Morrigan groans "What isn't she telling me this time?"


"She fears you might be not eating your vegetables right."


Morrigan shakes her head "Uncle please.. I'm a grown mare now."


"You are only five-hundread something.
Let the grown ups talk, uh?
I will come visit your mother soon enough."


"Fine, fine. Do you want to write a reply or do you want me to just tell her you got her note?"


"Tell her the moon was bautiful, and I sure do hope her hooficure hasn't been ruined."


Morrigan smiles "Alright, then. Good luck with your new friend." she jumps into the air and lands on your back gently whispering "Love you uncle." before attempting to take off.


Give her the hug.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


you tackle her mid air and embrace her. She giggles slightly.


Oh well.
Let her go and back on the ground.
Wave at her go.


She leaves transforming into a bird again before she leaves the tree cover.




there is actually no mention of night on this note, my mistake


When we last left The Northlander, He had finished up a job taking care of Agit the Agile, and picked up a yellow mare called Maddie, they headed out immediately to the next job, taking out a witch called Gretchen in Durance.
While traveling through a swamp, he was visited by Morrigan, who gave him a note from Kilana. Here we find our hero yet again, standing alone in this foul smelling swamplands, looking up at Morrigan's black dot as she vanishes into the horizon.


Sigh with a sad smile on my face and shake my head, looking down.
Now, since I have a doubt, Master Thief. Is there anyone spying on me?

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 5 = 5


You look all around you, hearing the shuffling of branches, seeing ripples in the water, smelling the foul damp air. You find nothing but your own shadow.


I must be getting old and crazy.
Off to Maddie, gotta pick her up before moving on.


You go back to where you left her, and she appears to be gone. Only the wind in the tree can be seen here.


Guess I didn't imagine that.
"You can come out now."
But just in case, keep an eye out for tracks.

Roll #1 7 = 7


The yellow mare returns to your side with a grin.


Bonk her on the head.
"What did I tell you about waiting?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Damnit. Ruse!

Roll #1 9 = 9


You trick her into dodging to the right and bonk the grin right off her face. she rubs the spot a couple times.
"Ow, well, I did wait for you, Lord Swansong. "


"How much did you hear?"


"Between you and your niece? The conversation was so boring I nearly fell asleep."


Just smirk and start moving, shaking my head a few times.


She follows you. The trail seems quiet for now.



Roll #1 3 = 3


Keep an eye out.
What race is Maddie?
Hopefully, nothing bad will happen on the road.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Earth pony, yellow fur, blue mane, blue eyes. Cutie Mark: a coin half covered with cloth
Moving on you feel a strange chill come over the air, a few recently fallen trees up ahead, and an odd lack of animals.


Put a hoof over my sword.
Hydra, I'm ready to guess.
"Do you like dancing, Maddie?"
'1d10', try to locate tracks.

Roll #1 6 = 6


She smirks at you "I never could turn down a good dance."
You locate two sets of large hoof tracks, much like that of a boar or bull, except clearly bipedal. The tracks go west.


"Maybe once we are done with the mission."
Nod for Maddie to follow quietly.
Follow the tracks.

Roll #1 9 = 9


She nods and quietly follows you as you lead the way, The tracks lead you to a clearing full of recently downed trees, a few beaten bodies of ponies lie on the ground. There are five hulking figures, their bull horns, and large muscles identifying them as much as their cow-like smell, these minotaurs are standing around in this gorish and unnatural clearing. There is sort of hut like structure behind them, but it looks more like a pile of logs than anything truly functional.


Appraise one of them.

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 5 = 5


You look at them with utter disgust and can't focus on what they are holding or capable of you just barely keep your mind off how many ponies they have eaten in their lives.


Going in blind is not a smart move, no matter how disgusting they are.
Again, appraise.
Move closer to Maddie.
"You stay out of this unless I call you."

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Sure thing." she replies.
They have enormous axes, they look extremely strong, and like most of their species are fairly durable.
Five Minotaurs : 9/7


Also, Minotaurs are well known for their charge attacks.


Sneak behind one of them.
Sabotage his axes in silence, placing an explosive rune on them to trigger at will.

Roll #1 6 = 6


One of the Minotaurs leans on his axe making it steady enough and close enough for you to reach it from the shadows. You hear them laugh and one of them tosses the body of a pony into the air only to slice it in half making the blood splash on himself including his eyes which he has issues clearing out and has to dunk his head into some nearby water. The others laugh at this. Your rune is in place.


Now, from my hidden vantage point behind then, attack.
Slice their legs off.
From all 5 of them.
Sentried Hot Irons.


You make deep cuts on their legs. The disgusting creatures turn toward you and roar raising their axes at you.

#Maddie: 6/6
Pumpkin: 5/5

5 Minotaur: 2/9


Backstab one, right through the skull.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


You move like lighting, making certain to stab the beast where is should hurt, his thick head. You slice off one of his horns and leave a deep cut in his skull.

#Maddie: 6/6
Pumpkin: 5/5

4 Minotaur: 2/9
1 Minotaur: with one horn: 0/8


Now, make the axe I've trapped earlier explode in that minotaur's face.
And again, Hot Irons the 5 of them.

Roll #1 8 = 8


The explosion makes him grunt like a surprised pig and he is covered in burns.
The other four are distracted enough by this that you catch them off guard and force them to the ground. Their blood hardly noticeable among the already gory ground.

#Maddie: 6/6
Pumpkin: 5/5

4 Minotaur: 0/8
1 Minotaur: with one horn and burns: 0/4


One by one, they will fall.
Leap upon the next one, backstab!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


He roars and pushes you away with his massive strength, you remember at this point that a beast is most dangerous when it is wounded and back off before getting too hurt.

Maddie: 6/6
Pumpkin: 3/5

4 Minotaur: 0/8
1 Minotaur: with one horn and burns: 0/4


Finish this.
Hot Irons, all 5 of them!

Roll #1 5 = 5


one of the beasts struggles to his wounded feet in an attempt to ground you.

Maddie: 6/6
Pumpkin: 3/5

3 Minotaur: 0/8
1 minotaur: 6/8
1 Minotaur: with one horn and burns: 0/4


No, he doesn't.
Vanish, Backstab it.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


You rather enjoy the look of surprise on his face as you slice your blades through the thick skin of the creature. He falls over holding the wound as it bleeds heavily.

Maddie: 6/6
Pumpkin: 3/5

3 Minotaur: 0/8
1 minotaur stabbed: 0/6
1 Minotaur: with one horn and burns: 0/4


Let's end this.
Dance of Blades.
Hit just about everyone.

Roll #1 1, 1, 7, 5, 5, 10, 3, 6, 2, 9 = 49


Welp, nevermind.



Roll #1 1 = 1


You start a dashing run across the field, but the Minotaurs move in a surprising way and manage to put you on the ground. Maddie attempts to pull you free but instead can not get around the raging creatures.

#Maddie: 6/6
Pumpkin: 0/4

3 Minotaur: 6/8
1 minotaur stabbed: 3/5
1 Minotaur: with one horn and burns: 0/4


Escape Artist.
Yell at Maddie.
"What did I tell you about hiding?!"


She just glares at you from the shadows as you escape the minotaur's clutches.
Maddie: 6/6
Pumpkin: 5/4

3 Minotaur: 6/8
1 minotaur stabbed: 3/5
1 Minotaur: with one horn and burns: 0/4


Spit on the ground.
Take quick care of them already!
Jump to the downed minotaur and Backstab it!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3



Roll #1 6 = 6


You trick a minotaur in charging toward his three friends which clears a path for you to finish off the burned Minotaur.

#Maddie: 6/6
Pumpkin: 5/4

3 Minotaur: 6/8
1 minotaur stabbed: 3/4
1 Minotaur: with one horn and burns: 0/0


Make a swinging motion with my blade as I turn around.
Four left.
Hot Irons them all!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Your flashy display of your curved blade does nothing but prompt the minotaurs to be on guard, on of them parry's your strike and lands a blow of his own.

A minotaur begins charging at you, roll to dodge.

#Maddie: 6/6
Pumpkin: 4/4

3 Minotaur: 6/8
1 minotaur stabbed: 3/3


Aerial dodge!
Can I attack too?
Counter him with a backstab!

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #3 3 + 2 = 5


Didn't clear the dice field, sorry.


You fly out of the way with natural ease, doing a backflip to show off which makes maddie roll her eyes. but you can't get a good hit in now that they are enraged. On of them slices at you with his axe.

#Maddie: 6/6
Pumpkin: 3/4

3 Minotaur: 6/8
1 minotaur stabbed: 3/3


1 minotaur stabbed: 3/2


I need to finish the stabbed one.
Dual slice him right across the troath!

Roll #1 6, 8 = 14


His neck is thicker than you would expect, but you boldly slash twice at him and he falls down. After a moment his head rolls to the side. adding thick blood to the mess on the ground.

One of the remaining three begins to charge at you, roll to dodge in edition to you action.
Maddie: 6/6
Pumpkin: 3/4

3 Minotaur: 6/8
1 minotaur stabbed: 3/3




Fly upwards!
And then plummet down on the charging minotaur!
'1d10+2' Baclstabbing him!

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8


The minotuar is just barely too fast for you to avoid, but you manage to take advantage of the situation and slice down his arm, he drops his axe and roars as he falls down in pain.

Maddie: 6/6
Pumpkin: 2/4

2 Minotaur: 6/8
1 Minotaur: 0/7 broken arm


Wince under my armor at the hit.
No time to check for broken bones now.
Hot irons the 3 of them.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Seems like they are onto your disappearing act. Using their other senses they are able to dodge and you get smacked by a large fist.

Maddie: 6/6
Pumpkin: 1/4

2 Minotaur: 6/8
1 Minotaur: 0/7 broken arm


As I tumble down, stick my blade into the downed minotaur's head and kill him for good.
Then, recover myself.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7



He blocks with his good arm, but you don't mind cutting that up as well and dig into it.

one of the other two attempts to charge you, please dodge.

Maddie: 6/6
Pumpkin: 1/4

2 Minotaur: 6/8
1 Minotaur: 0/4 broken arm


'1d10+1' in the air I go!
Use this opportunity to Sharpen my blade!

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8 / Roll #2 3 = 3


lucky for you minotaurs don't fly. but they can throw things, like dead bodies. which one of them does while you are attempting to sharpen your blade. You fall to the ground under the weight of the dead pony.
Maddie: 6/6
Pumpkin: 0/3

2 Minotaur: 6/8
1 Minotaur: 0/4 broken arm


No time to get woozy.
Escape Artist, get the fuck up.
Can I take another action to speed this up?
As I do, now, finally, do sharpen my blades, one against the other.

Roll #1 1 = 1


You get up from under the dead body only to be met with and Axe cutting at your armor, you feel an uncomfortable crunch in your chest. Maddie looks anxiously at you.
Maddie: 6/6
Pumpkin: 0/2

2 Minotaur: 6/8
1 Minotaur: 0/4 broken arm


Get up.
Repairing Ironweave is hard enough as it is!

Roll #1 2 = 2


The minotaur does not let up long enough, its eyes full of rage as it cuts you again. '1d10'

Maddie: 6/6
Pumpkin: 01

2 Minotaur: 6/8
1 Minotaur: 0/4 broken arm

Roll #1 4 = 4


This is the time I might actually need some help.
Try to get up one last time?

Roll #1 7 = 7


You manage to get up at last, rolling away from the bull-creature's swinging axe. Maddie seems to be urging you to leave, pointing out that a path that takes the tree tops over the water.

Maddie: 6/6
Pumpkin: 5/1

2 Minotaur: 6/8
1 Minotaur: 0/4 broken arm


I will leave.
After THIS!
Backstab the one downed minotaur in the head, kill him.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4



Roll #1 7 = 7


the minotaur tries to swing its good arm at you but you feel a tugging as Maddie moves you out of the way, pulling you up into the trees.


Okay, hide up and bring her out of here!

Roll #1 9 = 9


She rolls her eyes at you as you move into stealth.
"fine I'll let you die then."


"That… Usually doesn't happen!"
Lets get some distance.


You move a quietly and a bit slower than usual, you feel a little dampness on your fur.
"Did you know you're bleeding?"


Sigh and stop.
"Better patch it up. They might be after our trail."
Start undoing the armor.


She watches the area around while you undo your armor. You can see the problem right away, its a cut on your side, not very deep, and not as painful as the rib that you sure is broken.


Patch myself up with some of my supplies.
Should know something about first aid after traveling all this time alone.

Roll #1 8 = 8


I'm sure you knew something about this even before you started traveling alone, you clean and bandage the area properly, not much you can do about your rib but wait.
"I don't think they followed us." Maddie informs you.


"I want to recover those bodies.
See who they belonged to and what were they doing in the swamp."


She blinks "Uh, okay. I can go try to get them."


"Not alone you are not.
I will distract them while you get the bodies, sounds good?"


she shakes her head. "Well, you're the spy master, but I don't like it, you are still hurt."


"So are they."
Let's make it back, in hiding.


You arrive back at the minotaur hut, the area smells of fresh blood and sweat. The three beasts are walking around in a circle looking for something.

Maddie: 6/6
Pumpkin: 5/2

2 Minotaur: 6/8
1 Minotaur: 2/4 broken arm


Okay. What does the area look like? Any way I can easily sneak behind and get the bodies?

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 8 = 8


there is a small swampy area to the north, a hut that is essential a pile of broken logs, much like something a beaver would assemble but the size for minotaurs, there are two minotaur bodies on the ground, and '2d2' whole pony bodies among some cut up remains. The circle the minotaurs are pacing in has a clear pattern and you can time it right to recover bodies.

Roll #1 2, 1 = 3


Very well.
Move behind the hut first thing.
Sabotage it in a way that will make it crumble upon the minotaurs.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"What are you doing?" Maddie asks as you tap the side of the hut trying to find a weak spot. Its surprisingly solid for something that looks so.. primative.


Okay, I guess the only thing to do is walk in with the timing.
Follow the pattern I've discovered.

Roll #1 6 = 6


you can do so automatically. Would you like to recover all three pony bodies?



you do so, they are: 1 uni, 2 pegasus, 3 earth: 1 male, 2 female

Roll #1 3, 1, 2 = 6 / Roll #2 2, 1, 1 = 4


a female earth pony, a male unicorn, and a male pegasus.


"Poor fuckers…"
Inspect their bodies.
See if they have diaries, notes, anything useful on them.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Most of their notes were covered in blood or water, but their outfits are still recognizable. They are the same ones used by the Equestrian Monster Hunters. Of course they could have just stole these from someone, who knows.


Poor kids.
What of the minotaurs?


they didn't see you, since you didn't come out of stealth.


"Let's leave."
These minotaurs will live another day.
Especially since I can't take on them like this.


"Alright." Maddie follows your lead on the direction to go.


Travel the rest of the way out of the swamps.

Roll #1 2 = 2


you make it about a mile before you start to falter and are forced to stop and catch your breath. This area looks safe enough at least, the ground is solid, the trees cover you, and smell is not as bad here. Maddie stands next to you. "You gonna be okay?"


"It'd not be the first time I died anyway."


She does not look comforted at all by this.
"Come on pretty boy.. you're not dead yet."


Smile back.
"I'm not too scared.
There should be a doc in town…"
Disguise as a normal pony.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Oh well.
Into town we go!


You head into the town of Durance, its a much nicer looking place than Bramblewood was, but that's not saying all too much. The town has brick homes, with triangle roofs covered in shingles. There doctor is easy enough to find, seems like its a larger home converted into a small clinic. There is a Zebra stallion inside who looks surprised to see you and maddie walk in. "What happened?"


"Run into a few monsters in the swamps.
Nothing major…"


He nods "Alright, come this way and let me have a look." he guides you to a bed and gestures toward it.


SIgh and lie down.


he examines your wounds and looks concerned. You feel sharp pain as he touches your chest "yea, that's definitely broken." he offers you a vial of medicine. "Take this, and get some rest."


"Point me to an inn."


He nods. "that'd be up on hoofland street, the Moonlight Retreat."


Slip out of bed.
"See you soon doc."
Slip him a few coins and go for the inn.


He smiles at you and you arrive at the inn, its mid afternoon and the air smells like warm food, some kind of fresh bread. The Inn itself is a brick building with a nice sign shaped a bit like a moon. Inside there is an area on the first floor for eating, behind the counter an older stallion greets you. "Good afternoon travelers, would you like a room or a meal?"


"Make that two.
And some folklore, we are travelers."


He pulls out a key for each of you.
"The second and third room are all yours, as for folk lore, This town was once a home to unicorn nobles, a bit of a vacation area back in its time. They say its lucky because of its proximity to Horseshoe Bay, I don't know about that but it does keep travelers coming at least. There are some rumors about a witch that came from the swamps, they say she can make you do anything. It seems more likely that ponies are just blaming their problems on others to me."


Next time on Northlander
Pumpkin getting himself killed


Tsk. Another mind mage.
"A witch? Just like that, out of nowhere?"


The stallion shrugs. "Just the last.. two, three years now? Believe it or not some ponies find that stuff interesting. I think its just a bunch of hearsay, rumors made up to cover the truth. Kind of like unfaithful stallions that say they were seduced by a demoness. Nothing you should have to worry about."
Out of the corner of your eye you see Maddie reading something from behind the counter before putting it back. The inn keeper fails to notice.
"If you have any questions about Durance feel free to ask. Other than that we can fix you something to eat when you're ready. My wife makes a fine cabbage stew."
via the window you can see the day light hours are waning.


Smile at him.
"It's been a long day, there's nothing I wish more than a hot meal right now."


He nods. "Would you like to eat at a table or should I bring it to your room?"


Tap on the counter.
"Here will be good, thanks."


He shows you to the dining area, there are a few ponies eating here already, seems like the cabbage stew is actually really popular, the smell is comforting. Maddie sits across from you. After a moment you are presented with bowls of steaming hot cabbage stew, a basket of fresh bread rolls and your choice of drinks, Maddie seems to have chosen water.


Raise a brow at her display.
"Something you aren't telling me?"


She shrugs and munches on one of the bread rolls from the basket. "No. Just don't eat much."


"I'm not gonna make you pay for it, if this worries you."
Take a few spoonfulls of the stew.


"good to know." she comments as sips on water.
The stew is rich and flavorful, it goes down warm and smooth, coating your insides with a pleasant warm feeling.


What's on this girl's mind…
Problems with the soup?

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 9 = 9


there is no issue with the soup, its perfect, the leaves of cabbage are tender, the broth is rich with flavor, just a hint of pumpkin spice. The issue is only with Maddie, perhaps she simply can't stomach a lot of food since she never really had much food to eat.


That'd be a first. Interesting girl.
Finish the soup in silence.
"So. What do you plan on doing now?"


She raises a brow at you "Keep you from dying?"


Stare into her eyes for a moment.
"Then you need to know a few rules.
Number one, no killing innocents. As in, anyone who hasn't ever killed before.
Number two, no killing kids. Anything below twelve is a no go.
Number three, the target comes before everything else.
This includes you and me."


She nods. "Got it."


"Lets go upstairs."
Take our leave and head for the rooms. Take my time, make it a normal thing.
Be sure to greet the bartender and let him know I'm heading upstairs.
Then, take both me and Maddie to my room.


The bartender wishes you a good night, and that you take it easy on your injury.
Your room is very nice for the price you paid, plush pillows that feel as natural as a cloud, there is a full bath, stocked with towels and soaps. The window is covered with thick curtains, which would allow you to sleep in. Maddie calmly watches as you close the door behind you.


"What's your weapon of choice?"


She pulls out a pair of sharp daggers and shows them to you, they are surprisingly well made, a gentle curve to the blade, the center has a bit of an inlaid line used to hold poison, nothing has been applied there now. The hilts look like the end of a fan, but seem to provide a good grip.
"I can also use swords and bows." she informs you.


"Nice craftsponyship.
What else can you do?"


She smiles slightly at that.
"Hitting weak points, escaping from traps, you already have seen me move quietly."
She fans out a deck of cards, pretending to shuffle them and pulls out an ace from the middle of the deck, after this she gives you back your coin purse.
"and that," she smirks.


Smirk at the little show.
"You might just not get killed after all."


"Of course I won't." she nudges you a bit. "I'm too pretty to die."


Roll my eyes.
"I used to say the same and look where it brought me.
Now go get some sleep. Tomorrow we will be probing the waters, probably gonna act tomorrow night."


"Alright." she leaves you in peace and goes to her room, the one next to yours.


Now, do I remember her eating anything at the celebration party we held at the Weeping Eagle?

Roll #1 3 = 3


Looks like you were not paying attention to her eating habits at the party.


Too bad. Time to go downstairs then.
Has the crowd died down?


It is late now, there are about 5 ponies here: a drunken unicorn stallion in the corner, who seems close to passing out; A pegasus mare who is flirting with a a pair of earth pony stallions; and a cloaked pony drinking alone at a table.
The bartender smiles warmly at you. "Need a drink traveler?"


Cloacked figure drinking alone? OH BOY!
Master Thief.
And '1d10' appraise.
Approach the bartender.
"Let's say I do.
And I need some help, too."

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 3 = 3


The figure is leaning forward, appearing to support their weight with their front hooves, as if depressed, but its clear after a moment that this is an act and the figure could spring into action at a moment's notice. You gather that the figure is a pony, stallion, but can't get a handle on what he might be carrying. For now, he just seems like he is taking a break.

The bartender, a green unicorn stallion, "Feeling lost in Durance?" he gestures to the small drink menu lying on the counter. "What's your drink?"


"Wine. On the house's discretion."
Sit down.
"I might need some info on a more… Mundane matter.
See, my friend, upstairs, she's got a bad stomacache.
Anything you can do for her? Some light soup, some hay…"


He pours you a glass of wine.
"Yea, something can be sent up for her. Maybe some carrot broth and a dandelion sandwich?"
He stares at you for a moment. and leans in a hushed tone.
"she's not.. expecting is she?"


Raise a brow.
"My friend, would I have taken two separate rooms for me and her if that was the case?"


He shrugs. "I try not to judge. But you look about the right age to be a new father at least."


Smile warmly and look down at the glass of wine, gulping it in one go.
"One day, maybe."


He nods and refills your glass once you set yours down.
"Its a pleasure I never had, wife and I tried for years without success."


"Ever thought about adoption? I was a foundling myself."


"Were you? Perhaps I should look into one day soon, before we get too old."


"Love is the only thing that matters."
Shuffle close and whisper.
"What's up with that all-smiles guy over there?"


"That one? They call him Kack, He's gotten pretty regular, stopped by about seven months ago with another stallion, a pegasus, best of friends those two. Apparently they had some kind of fight later that week, that one came back alone refused to mention where his friend was, just that it was his fault. Feel bad for the guy really, he just seems lost without his friend. "


Nod slowly.
"Losing a friend hits us all pretty bad."
Look the bartender over.
"So. I should bring my friend the food.
A pleasure talking with you."


He seems like a nice guy, a pure kind of innocent. He goes to the back and brings out a tray with some hay, a sandwich and a carrot soup.
"Let me know if she gets worse, I can have a doctor come by."


Nod slowly and take the tray with my mouth, balancing it carefully before stepping upstairs.
Knock on her door.


Maddie opens the door, her blue eyes widen in surprise when she sees you with food.


Look back at her and talk through the grip.
"Hai shaw yhawnt heten…"


she takes the tray from you and sets it on a small desk in her room. "Midnight snacks?"


"More like your dinner."


She smirks at you "Trying to fatten me up or something?" she examines the food cautiously.


"I like my mares with a little meat on their bones."


"Oh, really?" She takes a little taste of each things on her tray.


"They are less likely to pass out during a fight."
Smirk at her.


"Its not that easy to make me faint." She chuckles a bit.


Smile back.
"You will have the occasion to show me that.
Is anything on here… Appealing to your tastes?"
Motion at the plate.


"Yea, it seems fine."
she eats a bit more to demonstrate this.
"The sandwich is the best part, dandelions are nice."


Look at her eat for a few minutes, a little smile on my face.
Then, stand up.
"I will let you sleep."


You watch her eat about half her food. She seems to get more confident in her bites the more you watch.
"Night, pretty boy." she says.


Back to my room.
Time to sleeeeeeeep.
Take it easy and reast all night long.

Roll #1 5 = 5


The morning comes soon enough. You can smell pancakes from downstairs. Your room is just as you left it before, and you had no significant dreams, just sleep.


Put on the suit and take my time to morph it into my old self, without the shine.
Leave the helmet open, gotta eat my breakfast somehow.
'1d10' or just take ten.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You stand in front of the mirror and remember perfectly how you should look. Seeing yourself like this, it makes you feel proud, you have come a long way. You can feel your self-pride radiating, and while its not visible, you know you are shining with joy.


Trot put of my room whistling a cheerful tune and knock at Maddie's door.


She does not answer the door, instead she taps you on the shoulder.
She is wearing a cute dress, floral print, her mane tied up in a bun.


Roll my eyes.
"You kids never get tired of this trick."
Nod her to follow, and move downstairs.
Take a look around the inn's main hall as I enter.
'1d10+1' Master Thief.
Then, seat and order some breakfast.

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


you observe all the entry ways, the windows, and pretty much everything there is to see. You have a mental map in your mind of this whole inn, both floors.


File: 1381180912651.png (31.6 KB, 732x626, MainFloorMoonLightRetreat.png) ImgOps Google


"This town…
I like it.
So, where do you think we should start from?"


File: 1381181079342.png (50.07 KB, 688x920, 2ndFloorMoonLightRetreat.png) ImgOps Google


Your pancakes and juice arrive shortly Maddie is slowly eating as well. you have another +1

"Well, we just have to find somepony that has seen her right?"


And maybe solve a murder mistery or two."
Is the cloacked pony from yesterday around?

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


Surprisingly he is still here, he is just finishing breakfast with the same sad expression on his face. Looks like he is actually about ready to leave.


Whisper to Maddie.
"Follow him. Don't get caught.
Report back on where he lives.


She watches him get up and leave out of the corner of her eyes.
"on it" she sneaks away quickly and quietly, you aren't sure what direction she went, but are confident she won't be seen.
You have your tasty pancakes in front of you, maddie's are about half eaten. There inn itself is fairly busy right now, guests just waking up and all hungry.


Switch plates.
Look for somepony that seems down on his luck…

Roll #1 1 = 1


I bet I used the wrong eye again!

Roll #1 2 = 2


You look around the room and begin to flash back to your past. To an inn much like this one that you could not save. So many good ponies died.. maybe if you had gotten there sooner.. You sigh depressed. -1


There are many things I haven't been able to save…
Finish Maddie's plate and stand up.
Time to leave. In the streets, listen in to passerby's conversations.
Try getting some leads on this "witch".

Roll #1 2 - 1 = 1



Roll #1 4 = 4


You head onto the street listen in on the conversations, but they are loud, annoying, jumbled. You bump into a pegasus mare, her fur pink and her mane white, she has a mint candy as her cutie mark.
"And who are you?" She asks curiously.


Master Thief her out.
"A traveler.
I think I might be lost."

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Lost? Well maybe I can help you find your way.. You can call me Mint," she giggles and tries to lead you away. You don't notice anything odd about her at all. Just a pretty mare.


Who am I to refuse a pretty mare.


"You really think?
And what do you have in mind to show me?"


"I will show you the best view in the whole city come on." She picks up the pace to nearly a run and helps you get airborne. You both sail over the town, the brick buildings shrinking below you, the wind feeling cool and natural from the nearby water. She takes you to the top of a light house.
"Here. Now you will be able to just see what y u were looking for." she waits for your reaction.


From here, stare down into the streets.
Use my mechanical eye to spy at every small nook and cranny, every road, every window.
Master Thief.
And Appraise this lovely pegasus lady with a pink fur I'm sure wasn't pink just last night.

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 5 = 5



Roll #1 5 = 5


You look down and try to scan the area, but the sunlight reflects into your eyes blinding you temporarily. The mare giggles at you. "Hey, how about I show you something even better, you're a traveler right? So, you must want to see all the best things."
You get the feeling that this is worth checking out.


Never say no.
I got all the time in the world.
Brush my eyes and slowly recover, groaning.
"Urgh.. Sure, show me."


You follow her through the sky, her pink body leading you north west, away from the city. You land at a nice looking wooden house, it appears to have been recently expanded, the garden is well kept, there are crystals dangling from the roof, and various other places. Very mesmerizing crystals. "This is paradise." she declares. "Please take your time and look around. I'm quite proud of how it turned out."
There are a couple other ponies here, of various race and gender, all look stunning and they all seem happy, blissfully so. Mint sticks by your side smiling at you.


Next time:
Pumpkin in Paradise.


The cool breeze feels wonderful on your wings, you spot a spring in the back yard, there is an inviting circular gazebo here with benches, room enough for eight ponies to relax, you can see a few crystals have been wrapped around the poles here, giving the gazebo a nice reflective sparkle. A tan unicorn is tending a carrot patch, which seems to match her cutie mark of a gardening spade and a carrot. The house itself looks hoof-made, it has the natural feeling of being made of all wooden logs, yet is as complex and beautiful as if a talented builder had designed it. Three stories, a large deck decorated with comfortable looking chairs and some tables. Crystals decorate the railing like wind chimes.


This is…
Breathtaking, I'd say.
But it looks just too good to be true…
Master Thief.

Look around with a baffled expression.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Mint gazes at you with a cheerful, satisfied look, her pink wings, and white mane blowing gently in the breeze. "Yes, Its really perfect."
How could there be anything wrong? This place is peaceful, everyone so happy. They are all relaxing, why shouldn't you?


Who built it?
Why? How?"


"We built it. Our own paradise, a place where we could be happy. I started this when I saw how unhappy ponies were, unable to truly be at peace."
She gestures to the house.
"Before Hammer came this was much smaller, he is such a talented builder."
She then points to the lovely gardens, bursting with flowers and hard to grow plants.
"Daisy did most of this. Carrot Root, and Cabbage Tuft did a complete overhaul on the vegetable garden.. and you should see what Velvet Plush has done with the interior.."


"Amazing, really."
Let's start touring the place!
"Who runs it?"


Mint giggles at you "Well, me naturally. I did start it"
She guides you inside, the interior is just as breathtaking as the exterior. Each room having its own theme, its own feeling. There is a vibrant romantic room, seats meant for two to share, small cakes on the end table, a pleasant mix of red and pink.
Next to this is a room full of tea pots, as decoration, with the furnishings themed like teaware: tea cup seats, tea cup print table clothes.
Mint takes you past about six of these themed rooms and then stops at a winter themed room. The walls have been painted to look like its snowing, there are white throw blankets and table clothes, patterned to look like snow flakes, little figures of snow ponies decorate this room. She offers you a seat at a table. "This I think will be your favorite room."


Widen my eyes suddenly and stare at it.


Roll #1 6 = 6


Mint just smiles "It was written all over you face."
This is highly suspicious, how could she have known? You suddenly remember that you were supposed to be looking for a pegasus mare. You look at the room again inside each snowflake on the wall is a crystal, clever hiding place really. Staring at mint you feel like something is wrong with her, like she's too perfect. "Something wrong?" she asks you sweetly. "Maybe you'd like some wine?"


Answer her instantly without a second of hesitation.
"Yes, I will have my favorite…"
Move a hoof over the grip of my blade.


The smile never leaves her face as she pulls a bottle off of a rack. "Of course. Please, relax.." she pours you a glass of a red wine and waits for you to try it.


Actually, go near one of the snowflakes and Sabotage the crystal inside it, stealthily.

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 8 = 8


You approach the wall and stare at the crystal, you pretend to be lost in memories as you touch it and stealthily place a small explosive behind it. Mint looks worried. "Is something on your mind?"


Sigh and approach her, taking the glass in my hooves and looking at it.
"Mage wine, isn't it?"


The color and spell are correct for mage wine.
"Yes, one of the best." she smiles at you. "Now please, just sit down, you have been traveling a long time haven't you? Aren't you tired?"




I would really, really love to sit down… But.
Look down at her.
"Why kidnap ponies like this?"


She looks surprised. "Kidnap? What are you talking about? No one is here unwillingly.. We all made this paradise together.. We are all happy here, don't you deserve to be happy, to be at peace? It can be easy, if you just let yourself have it.."


I'm too old to get mixed up in mindtricks again!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Tentatively ruse?

Roll #1 3 = 3


But she's right, no one is unhappy here, everything is peaceful. You could just.. stay a moment.. what could that hurt?


Knowing full well she is the one I've been sent to kill?
Is my will really this weak?
'1d10' to snap out of it.
Slide beside her on the couch, getting close.
"It'd take a lot to make me stay…"

Roll #1 7 = 7


No, of course it isn't, you flash back to your family, trapped, time locked in the crystal empire. To Kilana, her constant searching for a way to help them, her endless waiting, guarding the lands for when the time finally comes for them to return.. didn't she need your help as well? You can't stop here. Not now.
"What is it you desire?" Mint slides a wing behind your back.



"Rest. I've been drifting away for so long…"
Turn to her, and close the gap between our faces, locking eyes with her.
Appraise. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


All you can tell is that these are not her real eyes, they are very pretty cyan eyes, which compliment her pink fur, and white mane. She pulls you in close, covering you with her soft wings, guiding your head to her shoulder. "I know you have.. don't worry, it is all fine now. You can rest."


Use my weight to lie her down on her back on the couch.
"Will you keep me company, this one time?"


"Of course.." she lets you lay her down and looks up at you with a seductive grin. "This is our paradise after all.."


Impose myself over her, using my full weight to pin her down in what would seem to be a passionate series of kisses to the neck.
But as I go down, as the moments slow to nothing, once she lies helpless and entirely open in my hooves…
Sentried backstab.
Stick a small, simple dagger into her throat.


You draw your weapon faster than she can blink she never even saw it coming. The dagger sticking out of her neck, and her breathing stilled the illusion fades. Her real fur, mane and feathers are a pale white, and her eyes are green insect like, she has tiny fangs in her mouth. Outside, and echoing in the house you can hear screams of pain, as if all the ponies here were suddenly in great agony.


My face will grow in disgust as she turns into her real self.
"Your kind… Hunting me since five hundread years…"
Shove the dagger deeper, and leave it there as I stand up.
Go for the door.
Close the helmet's faceplate.
Drop the disguise.
I don't want to explain the panicked ponies here why I can change my outside shape.


Her blood gently dribbles down onto the couch, looking around again you can see some of the objects in the room were fake as well. The wine was regular wine, and a recent brew at that likely grown here.

Going outside you can see the poor saps in distress, some of them laying down curled up and crying, some of them hugging each other, some just staring at the crystals as if hoping to go back.. a few look up at you with confusion and distrust. The tan unicorn with the carrot and spade cutie mark approaches you with anger and distrust, tears on her cheeks. "Who are you?"


Turn my head towards him, speaking through the metallic sound of my helmet.
"I'm truth, here to pierce the lies you had been cast into."


The pony looks disgusted at you.
"What did you do to her?!"
His horn lights up and the ground below you shivers, shakes and moves to grab you.


Sidestep and tap on his horn.

Roll #1 3 = 3


For a bunch of dirt it moves surprisingly fast, your hooves are quickly surrounded by soil which hardens after a moment.
The tan pony comes closer to you, tears in his eyes. "What have you done?!"


Remain perfectly calm.
"Look for yourself. She's in the room behind me."


He glares at you, and goes inside.


Escape Artist out of the bonds of dirt and follow him.


You free yourself and follow him back inside, he is staring in shock at the body. "But.."
He gently touches one of her wings, and leans into their soft white feathers sobbing softly.


Appraise him.
Stand by the door, silent.

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 1 = 1


You can practically feel his sadness, no wait, you actually can feel his sadness, even if only a fraction, you feel pain at losing the happiness that she was trying to give you.
He slowly looks up at you. "Leave." he demands.


Do so.
Turn around, and point my attention towards those who need it.
Is there anything left for me to fix, in here, anyway?

Roll #1 8 = 8


Fix? You could destroy all those crystals, but it might be more effective to just blow up the whole house rather than try and do so individually.

The ponies are clearly distraught, but you don't think there is much you can do for them, maybe you can send a mind mage in to help them readjust to real life.


There is one thing left to do.
I need the body of that pegasus… Changeling… Thing.
She was unlike anything I've ever seen before.

And I will need ways to bring everyone down and such…

This is not my job. More of a problem for my contact, at this point. There is nothing left for me to do here.

Time to walk back into the 'north' room.


When you return there are seven ponies here, they are all holding hooves in a circle around her body, most of them crying. The tan unicorn with the carrot cutiemark glares at you as you approach, his horn lighting up and you feel him trying to lift you and throw you out of the room.


I don't have time for this.
Blow up the crystal I trapped earlier and once the explosion clears, utter a single sentence.



Roll #1 5 = 5


The crystal explodes into a rainbow of colors, it falls down almost like snow. The explosion however leaves a charred hole in the wall,
Instantly five of the ponies leave in panic. The two who remain are the same unicorn and an earth pony with a roll of fabric for a cutie mark.
"No, you get out."
"This is our home! Our paradise.. Why are you doing this to us?!" the mare shouts at you.


"Because I can."
Utter these words with the utmost calm.
Appraise both.
"Make no mistake. I am evil. The kind of evil who has no problems killing a mare as she gives herself to me.
You have no chance to take me on in combat. Leave me to my devices and I shall leave you alive."

Roll #1 7, 3 = 10


The unicorn, he is clearly a shaman, he has 7/7 health.
The mare, well she could be anything really, but mostly she's just upset and screaming obscene things at you.
The unicorn breathes heavily and carries the mare away with a magical aura.
"I hope you can live with what you have done." he says glaring as he levitates the mare into the next room with him, leaving you alone with this pale white-pegasus-changeling.


Don't even look at them.
I know the answer to that question already.
Take the changeling and tie her body to mine, flying away, remaining above the clouds, until I leave town altogether.
Find the meeting point. There should be someone of them.


You fly outside of town, to an old abandoned mill surrounded by trees and vines a small symbol painted on the stone indicating that its safe, there you find Gust Tome the grey bodied, black maned earth pony stallion. His eye patch is lifted when you arrive, his fake eye piercing right through you.


Land in front of him.
"Your witch.
I thought well to bring her body here."


"..A changeling, well I suspected as much, with the different colors.. " he lifts up her wing and nods. "This explains why she was always a pegasus at least.. but not exactly how she came to be."


"The reason I brought the body back.
Keep in mind, there's a bunch of brainwashed fools living in a house above the clouds.
They tend to be violent, but are scared easily.
Don't kill them."


he nods. "Thanks, I'll let you know when we figure her out."
"I've got a specialist on stand by for the victims. We'll help them."
he pauses sitting down, and cautiously asking. "Did you see him? Did he talk to you?"


Raise a brow questioningly.


Tome shakes his head. "One of mine, after he failed this job he quit, but he didn't leave town. seven months and he still won't talk to me."


"Let me guess his name.


"That's the name he was using. Then you did see him?"


"I sent that sweetheart you saw last time after his tail.
I hope the two are having fun."


He smiles "I'll see soon enough. Great job out there friend."


Nod slowly.
"I trust you know how to find me, in case of any further need?"


"I'll find a way. I always do."


Shake my head with a sad smile and go back into town.
Check the inn first of all, let's see if Maddie is back already.


Its a bit later than you expected nearly night fall, Maddie is sitting inside of your room looking very worried.


Of my room?
What a little pest.
Close the door behind me and look at her without a word.


your little pest now.
"Pumpkin, you're back."


"Did you have any doubt?"


"No, of course not." She grins at you. "This was a witch, not a minotaur after all."


I will give her a deadpan expression.
"Five. Five minotaurs.
And guess what, this was not a witch."


She returns your expression.
"So, you really went in alone then. What was she?"


"Changeling. Or the next closest thing.
Anyway, it's dealt with."
Start taking the suit off.


She raises her brow at that. "Really?"
then she passes it off with a shrug. "Still need to know where that guy is?"


Nod absently.


"He has a place down on pine street, house number 435, he didn't see me following, I swear, but he starting.. talking at me, kind of creeped me out honestly."


"I expected as much.
And what did he say?"


"Mostly, he talked about his partner, said he was a pegasus like you."
She looks a bit sad.
"Among other things, He said to be careful, that she'd make us become monsters if we let her, and that I should watch out for you.."


"I'm still here, aren't I?"


Maddie sighs. "Yeah, you're here. So.. what do we do now?"


"Can you lead me to Kack?"


She nods. "Yea, no problem." She leads you outside, to the road, the blue evening sky lit by a half moon, the air cool and damp. She creeps along the walkways quietly as a cat and soon you arrive at 435 Pine street. Pine street itself is a residential area, full of small houses. Kack's place seems completely normal, you see throu the window that there is a light on in the first floor. Maddie just nods toward the house. "In there"


Fly up to the window of the first floor, in hiding.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You fly up to the window and peer inside, Its a fairly normal living room area, there is a book shelf, a desk, a table and a sofa. You can spot a brown and orange unicorn stallion reading a book on the sofa, he glances toward you but says nothing and continues to read.


Oh well.
Open the window uncerimoniously and move inside.
"It's all over now."


He nods solemnly. "Thanks for letting me know."


"You deserved as much.
It's always though losing a partner."


Kack shakes his head. "Its like I've lost a piece of myself." he set his book to the side.


"I won't tell you it will be easier, in time.
It isn't for me."


He sighs, his sad eyes looking your over.
"How do you keep going?
Keep doing the job?"


"I'd like to say it's something noble.
Like knowing the world will be better for this, or along those lines…
But no.
I do it because it's the only think I know how to do."


Kack nods. "Its a strange fate isn't it? To be perfect weapons..
..I don't think my heart would be in it anymore..
Not after what happened."


"Find a new life.
A new meaning. Go back to Dusting Tome, tell him that.
Tell him I told you to quit."


He raises an eye brow at you.
"And who precisely should I say told me this?"


"Oh say whatever.
I'm the only one in town anyway, he will understand."


Kack slowly forms a smile. "Is that so? I'll go find him tomorrow then.. was there anything else you wanted ask me?"


"Live with no regrets Kack.
Life is too short to have any."
Turn to leave.


"…If we ever meet again, call me Rapid Breaker."


Look back for a second.
"If we ever."
Jump down and turn to Maddie.
"We are done here."


She looks concerned. "Alright. Where to?"


"Get some rest.
I need it too."


Maddie turns and goes off back toward the Inn.


Go after her and spend the night.
But wake up early. Very early.
Let's say 5 in the morning.
'1d10' for sleep.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You sleep well, and have pleasant dreams about going home and seeing your two wives again. during your dream you hear a voice, a whisper. "someday, you will see them. I promise."

You wake up early, far before sunrise. The world is still and quiet, the time of day when dew drops are still clinging to the grass.


That whisper was the second most creepy thing tonight.
Off to Maddies room, from the windows!


You poke into her room and see that your yellow earth pony friend is sleeping with a stallion in her bed, her blue mane is a bit messy.
She stirs when you open the window, her blue eyes opening slowly. She crawls out of bed.


"Time to leave.
We must reach Horseshoe bay within the day."


"Alright." she smooths out her mane the best she can, grabbing her bag and nodding. "Ready."


Raise a brow.
"No goodbies?"


"What would be the point?" She shrugs. "He probably won't remember me anyway."


Shake my head silently and turn around, leaving.
Back to the main room, approach the bartender and ask for some breakfast.
Carrot pancakes sounds good enough…

"Fastest road to horseshoe bay?"


Maddie meets you downstairs.
The innkeeper is setting up the tables when you come in. "Sure, I'll bring some right out for you, and you probably want the north east road, leads almost directly there."


"Much oblidged."
Look at Maddie.
"You should eat something."


"Uh.. right.. I'll have carrot muffins.. and orange juice." She replies.
The inn keeper nods and leaves you for a moment, before bringing back your food.


Smile briefly to her as soon as the innkeeper leaves, like a father would to a daughter he's proud of.
But go serious once again as he comes in.
Just finish my breakfast and hit the road.


Maddie manages to finish her food, althou it is a very light breakfast, she seems to struggle with it as if it were a feast. You finish your breakfast before the sun comes up and march toward the north east. The air feels relatively cold, compared to the places you've been recently.


That's what wings are for.
Ruffle my feathers and use them to cover my sides.
How is Maddie doing? Can't imagine she has slept much.


Hmm warm snug wings.
Maddie seems fine, smiling at you, and full of energy at least. She even managed to make her mane behave again. She only shivers for a moment before covering herself in a traveling cloak.. which she didn't have before this morning.


Guess the staliion left her a gift.
"Decided what you will do once we reach town?"


"Not really. Got any suggestions?"


"Do you know how to sail?"


She smirks at you. "You know I grew up next to the desert right?"


"A sea of sand, still works."
Keep walking, in silence.
"We should buy you a new dress."


She chuckles a bit and then tilts her head.
"Hm, didn't know you were one for giving gifts."


"Only for those with a pretty face."

Keep walking all the way to the Horseshoe Bay.


You travel until late afternoon, the journey made lighter by company. A large stone gate stands before you, the phrase 'Horseshoe Bay: The luckiest port.' written on the top. The whole city seems to be walled in, the gate is currently open. A blue unicorn pony guard lazily looks you over, his armor has the symbol of the sun on it.


Approach him.
"Good day to you, guard."


In a bored practiced tone he replies. "Good day traveler. Welcome to Horseshoe Bay, the best sea-port this side Celetia's Sun, may her light bless your journey here. Do you require assistance?"


Look back at him with a slight smile.
"Do you?"


He smiles back.
"Do you know any good jokes?"


"How many pegasi does it take to clear the sky?
Depends on what they had for lunch!"


He chuckles.
"Not bad."


Glance back at Maddie with a smirk and then at the guard once more.
"Any good store for heavy clothes?"


Maddie is standing back quietly, seems like she isn't keep on talking to the guard, probably an old habit.
The unicorn guard whispers to you. "There is a good place up on 2nd street, fair prices, The Second Stitch.


Pat him on the shoulder with a smile and go after the shop.
But while we are going there, talk to Maddie.
"Go to the docks, look up the ships' schedules.
Just copy them. All of them."


Her eyes light up a bit when you say this and she nods. "Can do."
soon enough she slides into the crowd and you lose track of her.
Up ahead you find the Second Stitch, their window holds a simple sign and allows you to peer inside to see a variety of clothes suited for various weather conditions.


Cheerfully enter the shop.


A pair of pegasi greet you back, they look to be siblings a male and a female. "Welcome to the Second Stitch, what can we do for you today?" The male speaks first in a cheerful tone.


"What's the heaviest coat you have?
It's for a lovely mare. Earth pony."


The stallion flies over to the coat rack selecting a couple of very fluffy coats. "Would one of these work?" He shows them to you, there is a blue one with wolf's fur as a lining, a white coat that seems to be purely fur, and a dark brown coat likely bear pelt. their sizes are made for an adult earth pony and should fit her fine.


"The first two."
"Planning a visit home. North."


"Oh, that sounds nice." The stallion places the two you chose on the counter while the mare rings up your total.
"I like the blue one myself." the mare comments and then smiles sweetly. "Is that all we can do for you today?"


"Have them on hold here, will you? I will send a boy to pick them up."


They nod "sure, we close at 9pm, if you're later than that you'll have to wait until morning."


Or just come in myself.
Nod slowly.

Leave, and fly up.
Let's look for Maddie.


You fly over the city, the crowded streets make it difficult to pick out one lone mare, you perch yourself discretely on a roof and watch like a hawk until you see her, her blue mane and yellow fur visible under her traveling cloak.


Swoop down.
"All done?"


She smiles at you. "Check your pocket."


"Oh my!"
Did she spend all my money on booze and hookers?

Roll #1 2 = 2


No, but she did put a scroll in your pocket. Looks like its the schedule you asked for!


How could I ever think ill of her.
"Looks like I won't have to get rid of you after all."
Smirk and start reading.
What's the first ship leaving for the northmost port in all of equestria?

Roll #1 1 = 1


She grins at you "As if you could get rid of me."
You blink looking at this writing, for a moment you can't read it, you feel dizzy, translating the words back and forth instantly but understanding none of the meaning.
"Hey." Maddie waves a hoof in front of your face "Hey, wake up."

Oh, right, this is how you read this. There is a ship sailing tonight headed for a port up in Snow Border, doesn't seem like any of them are actually going all the way up north today.


"Slight change of plans.
Have you ever been a pirate?"


"…yarr?" She replies tentatively.


"Good enough."
To the guard's station!


Maddie disappears before you reach the guard station. "What are we doing here?"
she whispers at you from the shadows.

The guard station is a stone building, there are several guards inside, all have that same sun emblazoned armor. One of the guards greets you. "Good Day Citizen. Is there some trouble I can help you with?"


Cough a bit.
Slip into the right accent…
"Ah've seen pirates! 'aight here outside 'a bay! Waiting for me ship!"


Three of the guards exchange looks and nod, they get up to follow you. "Alright show us."


Good. Then there are pirates in these waters after all!
"O' can ah shoo you, they be all out in da watters!"
Turn around and start mumbling about crazy guardsponies stealin' me wee men, rambling to myself and never turning back.

I hadn't really thought this out through. Going to an inn and asking would have been much more efficient and less silly.


They give you an odd look. "Excuse me sir, what is the name of your ship?"

I have no idea what you are doing


"Ze mighty rock!

I was looking for info about pirates in the area, to assault them and use their ship to reach the north.
My first line of thought was to ask the guards straight, but that would be silly.
Then I thought, let's pretend I am a sailor to get info, but had the genial idea to make it "comical" and pretend to be a crazy scotsman. Just because.
When really the smartest thing to do would have been asking in any inn near the docks.


They laugh. "Did Sentry put you up to this?"
"Revenge for putting him on gate duty, no doubt."
"Sweet Sunshine, that Sentry, what will we do with him?"


Keep grumbling.
"Bah, ya know nothing!
It comes, I tell you!"
Turn around and leave the guard station.


And disappear behind a corner.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You slip behind a corner, Maddie slips next to you. "So, what was that about?"


"A few things.
First, to see if there are pirates around.
Seems so, given how mundane my accusation sounded to them.
Second, to see if they are bribing the guards.
Seems not, given how willing they were to help.


She nods a bit impressed.
"Huh, who knew that sun-dogs could actually be helpful."


Slip out of the shadows with a new disguise on.
"That's not very nice to say."

Roll #1 2 = 2


roll again
"Sorry, are you friends with one or something?"


"I've lots of friends. Tend not to judge them by what their job is.
If anyone ever had done the same with me, I'd have been left alone for most of my life."

Roll #1 9 = 9


You change into a pony right in front of you at first and then decide against stealing his image and manage to disguise as a common pony, tan body body, green eyes and brown mane.
Maddie rolls her eyes a bit. "Alright, I'm sorry. It won't happen again."


"Eh, it was just a joke anyway.
You know, for the longest time when I was young, I hated all the equestrians."


She smiles cheerfully.
"Well, I'm not too fond of the place really. Too many bad memories. Too many zealots."

Next time
We sail away


"That's a sight that never goes away…"
Sigh with a smile on my face.
Into an inn we go!


You head into the Inn, a small but upbeat place. There is a band playing on a small stage, looks like their theme is songs about love and vacation, the drum line is slow and steady, the guitar makes the whole thing very pleasant to listen to. There are about a dozen ponies here right now. Behind the counter the bar tender, a white unicorn mare with a two-tone pink mane greets you. "Well, come on' in! Ya'll are in time for happy hour!"
the time is 5 o clock.


Look curiously around with a smile and find a seat.


"Yess sir! All liquids are half price, and ya'll get either a bottomless appetizer basket with your order! either potato wedges or carrot nachos. Both come with cheese."
She hooves you a short menu with an impressive variety of foods, seems like they try to please travelers from all over. Most of the dishes have carrots or potatoes included.

Taking a look around you see a red earth pony stallion, looks to be about 30, with a green mane, green eyes, a familiar hammer cutie mark and a smile that you will never forget.. this must be Hulking Strike.
The last time you saw him he was just a foal, a poor kid in a bad situation. That was a cold winter in the blue mountains. Almost as cold as the heart goat you had decided to take care of. Ramzel the Everstrong her called himself. Well, he wouldn't be calling himself that for long. The trail has lead you near to the top of the mountain, to a mine. ..now did you come disguised as something or just sneak in?


An unimportant pony.
An everyday sight.

Roll #1 1 = 1


not gonna ruse that?


No fun in always rusing.


You copy the most ordinary pony you can spot, a unicorn pony with a crystal scepter, red eyes, grey mane and pale blue skin.


Youngsters and their fads…
How many ponies around?

Roll #1 1 = 1


Oh gee. My eyes must hurt.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Your eyes really do hurt, must have been all that heavy drinking last night when you were gathering information from that stallion… Two-Shot McBluff.. He certainly could do more than two shots! but after enough drinks his bluff didn't work so well.

There are ponies constantly walking in and out of the mine, occasionally bringing a cart with them. They seem afraid of you, and move in teams of three.. some of these ponies seem young..


More to these bastards' account.
Guess the one I turned into wasn't such a nopony after all.
Go find a dark nook in this corridor [1d10] and blend with the shadows.

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 4 = 4


You walk past the cowering ponies and slip into a dark corner, after a moment you know that no one can see you. The mine smells like chalk, metal, and stagnate water, you can hear slight dripping from a stalactite. Your eyes quickly adjust to the darkness, you can feel free to navigate further in now.



Move on towards the deepest reaches of the cave.
Master Thief, try to get a sense on where the goat might be.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You know this goat has been forging armor to make himself strong, you follow the clink of metal from with in the cave, traveling past ponies in chains mining at the walls, past the guards that are encouraging the miners, the gentlest with harsh words, the worst with fierce beatings.. but they can be dealt with later. Here in the deepest parts you can see a locked gate blocking you path, the heat down here feels as if there is a large forge, or small volcano, the clinking of metal is loud, and there is occasional laughter.


Open the armor's helmet to fend off some heat.
And sabotage the lock.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Opening the face plate lets you feel a little cooler, the lock is made by a master smith, the metal smoothed out and difficult to interfere with.


Very well.
Then I should find another way around.
Look for holes in the walls.
Mines usually have air vents…

Roll #1 2 = 2


There are vents here, but you feel like you should just try again to pick the lock, difficult doesn't mean impossible after all.


Worst case scenario, I could just blow it up with a series of runes.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You could, an explosion might get the attention of whoever is back there as well. You do have a few sticky sheets of paper that you can write the runes on..


Give that lock one last try.
If it doesn't work, blow this shit up.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You hear a satisfying click as the tumbles fall into place and gate pops open. The laughter and continued clinking of metal lets you know that no one else heard this.


Move deeper inside, hidden.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Moving silently you approach the source of the heat, a large forge, taking lava from the core of this mountain, to your surprise there is a boy here hammering at some kind of hoof-armor, no more than 11, he is nearly covered in charcoal dust but what you can see of him is red fur, and green eyes. Nearby you see a goat in heavy looking armor, there are spikes visible on the side on shoulder. He has three ponies nearby, all unicorns with large crystal staffs. There are discarded weapons and armor on the ground here.


Oh boy!
Move around, reach the discarded weapons and rig the whole thing to blow and throw sharpenels in every direction on command.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You set explosive charges on the weapons, the Goat starts yelling toward the colt. "Hey, hurry up with those. I don't have all day to wait! ..and if I get impatient.. you know what will happen."
The colt's green eyes widen and he works faster.


Slip near the colt.
"Don't move a muscle. Keep doing whatever you are doing.
When I tell you, jump behind the forge.


The colt doesn't say anything but taps once on the table to let you know he heard you. His eyes seem to relax.


Hide behind the forge myself and Sharpen my blades.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You run you blades along each other sharpening them for the upcoming kill. +1 to you weapons.


As soon as the kid jumps, trigger the explosion.
Also, Vanish and Sentried Hot Irons as soon as it's over.


The colt ducks behind the forge and loud explosions sound in the room as the various weapons explode flying everywhere '1d10'
two part

Roll #1 1 = 1


The flying bits of metal make their way into the enemy, the unicorns and goat assaulted by the scraps they scream, and before they can react your long curved blades run into their sides leaving deep gashes. The Goat's armor now has a long cut, oil leaking out of it. and he turns to you and does something between a cough and a laugh.
"You shouldn't have come here."


"You brought it upon yourself."
Stab deep, Backstab!

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


You rush at him, your seudo-metal suit feeling hot but slick and making you seem like a shadow before the goat can move you are already under him and slice past his armor into his stomach and leg before emerging on the on the other side. The goat falls down helpless. The Unicorns look shocked.

Ramzel the Everstrong: helpless
3 unicorns: ???


Poor fucks.
Appraise them all.
And dance around the room, strafing at the three of them.
Hot Irons.

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 1 + 1 = 2



Roll #1 6 = 6


The unicorns each fire a blast of elemental magic at you, one fire, one ice, and one lightining, you then take another pass at them, the jagged edge of your blades hitting them each in turn, and keeping Ramzel down.
"WHAT!" Ramzel shouts at you. "My armor is invincible!"

Ramzel the Everstrong: helpless
3 mage unicorns: ???


But my style is impetous.
Jump at Ramzel, backstab.
Go for a finish!

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


You go to finish him but the barrage of elemental magic is too much for you to dodge, you feel cold, hot, and shocked all at once, you can feel your armor giving under the stress of the elements and you are force to the ground.
Ramzel laughs "Good job! I might not have to punish you now!"

Pumpkin: 0/4

Ramzel the Everstrong: helpless
3 mage unicorns: ???


Oh no.
Jump up, Escape Artist!
Regain my hoofing.


You spring to your hooves, wiping the smile off the crazy old goat. The unicorns look ready to blast you again.


No they won't.
Vanish, Hot irons all three of them.
Also, appraise them.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8 / Roll #2 7 = 7


You throw a smoke pellet down and vanish away from their attacks, sneaking from behind you slice all three in mere moment, by the time the smoke clears all three are helpless and bleeding. They are pretty clearly elemental specialists, reliant too heavily on their casting their actual bodies are weak.
"Lord Ramzel.. " one of them calls out
The goat cackles insanely.

Pumpkin: 5/4

Ramzel the Everstrong: helpless
3 mage unicorns: helpless/2


All down.
Much better than I had hoped.
Pirouette through the air and stab the goat!
Also, appraise it.

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9 / Roll #2 9 = 9


You stab him in the chest and he bleeds just like any other goat, The armor seems to mean nothing before your blades of justice, the laughing stops along with his breathing. The stubborn fool's armor glows dimly, a blue color, and then you hear a click from behind the forge and it stops glowing.

Now that the goat is dead, you see that he was capable of doing heavy damage with detachable spikes, extra limbs, and explosives, he had some kind of trigger attached to his heart beat, but it isn't going off.


I will dissect his body later on.
For now, turn to the unicorns.
Still bleeding out or are they a threat?

Roll #1 6 = 6


they are laying helpless on the ground, only one remains alive, and he is bleeding heavily enough that he soon won't be alive.


Put him out of his misery.
Death by bleeding is a terrible thing.

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


He gasps as your blade pierces his heart, stilling his body completely. The room is quiet now, the scraps of metal covered with black dust from the explosion, the four bodies on the floor. The charcoal covered colt cautiously peering at you from behind the forge, his green eyes following you curiously.


Open the faceplate.
"It's safe to come out now."


The colt approaches you wiping himself off as best he can with a dirty rag.


Look down at him.
Is he hurt?

Roll #1 8 = 8


He has a few cuts that look like they sting, a few scars here and there. Nothing that looks like its life threatening or from this particular encounter. You get a look at his cutie mark now that he's a little less dirty, a hammer.
"…Uh, your armor, I can fix that.." he points to the tear your armor suffered earlier.


"It's a really old armor.
What's your name?"


"I'm Hulking Strike." He says calmly. "Who are you?"


"Pumpkin Swansong."
Look around at the bodies.
"We should get out of here."


The foal nods. "Alright Mr. Swansong." He lets you pick him up. and you can now carry him out of here, into the open cold air.


On the way out dispatch the last remaining guards and free the slaves.
Then, once we are outside, put the kid down.
"You must be really special if someone like him needed you for his armors."


"My father was the greatest smith in the land. Iron runs in my blood as much as it does his." The kid says without hesitation. "I wish he could see how good I am.."


Look at him for a socond, then pick him up again.
"He'd be proud to have such a skilled and brave son.
I know I would."
Start ascending the mountain.


You pick the foal up, taking him all the way to the top of the mountain his eyes widen and his green mane flows back and when you stop you can see an excited smile on the boy's face. "Wow! Its.. beautiful.. "


"It's a whole world out there…
Where to now? Can you see your village?"
Can I, for that matters?

Roll #1 1 = 1


M-merely pretending to be blind!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"A whole world.. I want to see more.. I want to see it all!" He announces loudly.
You can see just about everything from here, the view is breath taking to be sure,the way the snow and trees look and how it slowly gets more green the further down you look. There are several villages nearby. The foal points to the east. "Down there. ..but I don't know if Miss Berry is still there, its been 2 years.."


"…Hold on."
And down we go, off to that village.


You go to the village, taking the child's directions you arrive at a cobblestone house, Hulking hops off you squeezing you tightly in a hug. "Thank you Mr. Swansong." he hugs you smiling hopefully.


"Wait. I'm coming in aswell."


The big green eyes of his look surprised and nod, he takes your hoof guiding your inside opening the door. Inside you find a normal house, living room, kitchen, a pair of doors that lead to bed rooms. The colt lets go of your hoof and checks each room, until you hear a very surprised yelp. "Hulking?! You're home?" you see the colt embracing a mare with a dark purple coat and pink mane, her mark is a bunch of berries. "Child.. what happened to you?"
"…" Hulking Strike doesn't answer and just hugs her not letting go.


Good. Time for me to leave.
At the door, leave some money for the kid.
Most likely what the goat had on himself.

And silently, leave.


You blink and you are back in the bar with Maddie, the yellow earth pony with the blue eyes and blue mane, she has ordered a drink some kind of fruity thing, she has a basket of potato wedges that just got placed in front of her. The white unicorn mare, with the pink mane tending is smiling sweetly at you, "And what can I get for you sweet heart?"


Break out of my stupor.
"-What she had…"
And stand up, moving forward to greet the red pony.


"Comin' right up."
In the background the band is playing a song upbeat but slow.

The red stallion is finishing his plate of food. He doesn't recognize you in your plain-joe, brown maned tan furred and green eyed pony disguise.


"You have iron in your veins, just like your father."


he looks shocked and drops his fork on to his plate, in voice just barely above a choked whisper he says "..Swansong?"
next time
Old connections.


"Long time no see, kid. You've grown."


He chuckles a bit.
"Twenty years now isn't it? I thought I'd never see you again.."


"Only twenty?"
Grin and sit down with him.
"You are far from home."


The red stallion smiles softly at you. "Yea, there's a whole world out there, I intend to see it all."


Smile back.
"Glad to see I could show you some good, that night."


He nods a bit. "I've got my own boat, actually. Something I have been working on for a while now."


"Some would call that freedom.
A boat, a craft you know, and the world at your hooves.
Have you been here long now?"


"Freedom, huh?
Well, I've not been here terribly long, a week now. I've grown to love the sea, something about roaming those open waters is.. cleansing. I've been sailing for the past 5 years. "


"Must have seen almost every port in Equestria now."


"Yea, just about anyway." He smiles at the thought.
"Yanhoover's my favorite so far. They have the best pretzels."
"You know, you should see my ship, I call her Hellequin."


"I should, yes.
Did I tell you why I'm here yet?"


"Retiring perhaps?" he guesses.


"C'mon I feel barely over twenty, plenty of road ahead of me.
No, I'm looking for a ride home."


He looks confused at your statement but smiles anyway.
"Well, how could I possibly turn you away Pumpkin, you took me home before. Just where are headed?"


Scrape my chin.
"A bit north. A fair bit north, actually."


"farther than Manehatten?"


Nod slowly.


Hulking finishes his food looking at you . "..Well, I did just stock up on supplies.. How far do you need to go?"


Look at him with a serious face.
"What's the northmost port in the world?"


"Ah, that would be Eagle's Rock. All snow and catbirds."


Shrudder at the idea.
"Somewhere around there, yes."


Hulking looks concerned. "Well, that's an odd place to call home…"
The he smiles "You know, I've never actually been up there.. sounds like an adventure. A good chance to put Hellequin to test."


"Hey, if it's too much you don't have to feel oblidged.
I can always take on a bunch of pirates and borrow one of their ships.
Got myself some help, too."
Nod towards Maddie.


He chuckles at the idea.
"Pirates? Mr. Swansong, please, Its not as if I am actually expected anywhere. I don't have anybody I'd be keeping waiting. Besides, any ship they have wouldn't be as reliable as Hellequin, I've been modifying her in my spare time, she's really unique. "


"Who am I to refuse free help.
Just tell me when you are ready to leave."


"How about dawn tomorrow?"


Nod slowly.
"I will take care of a few things in town in the meanwhile."
Stand up.
"See you here this evening."


Hulking simply nods as you leave.


"Looks like we were lucky, Maddie.
Now, let's stock up."


Maddie smiles at you. "Lucky huh? What makes you say that?"


"Got a free ride through half the nation, sounds like luck to me."
Off to the streets!
First of all, always keep an eye out for danger.
Master Thief.
And make my way back to the shop where I bought the coats.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Maddie just looks shocked and follows you. "…what.. where are we going?"
You watch closely, the evening time bringing out the worst ponies, but you are you easily able to avoid them. The shop is pretty much empty only the pegasus stallion from before is here. He greets you warmly. "Good evening."


"You mean where are we going."
Greet the pegasus.
"Good day!
Turns out I will need your third piece too!"


"Alright then." He brings the bear-skin coat over to the pile "Perhaps you would like some scarves or hoof-warmers as well?"


Look at Maddie.
"Would you?"


"…If its cool enough for those then.. yes, please."


Maddie looks at the thick coats with an odd expression. "Well, if its as cold as all that I will probably need it."


Nod to the pegasus.
"And another set, too."


He adds in scarves, hoof warmers, and hats up with coats. "Would you like a bag Sir?"


Roll my eyes.
They had valets for this shit, back in my days!
Nod silently and pick everything up.
Time to head back to the inn.


back in your day you got clothes from the royal tailors.
You go back to the same inn, its not too late in the evening so things are still fairly busy. Hulking Strike is nearby if you wish to approach him.


"I got you something, Strike. You might need it."
Hoof him the warm clothes.


He accepts it and nods. "Thanks, one can not be too prepared."


"Say, we have a whole night free.
What's to see in this town?"


Maddie looks a little bored.
Strike smiles "Well, what do you like to do? There are all the usual entertainments, this place specifically puts on a shoreside show, a kind of good luck display for travelers. Its pretty interesting if you've never seen it."


Chuckle amused at Maddie's reaction.
"Maybe you should stop stalking me for a night.
I won't run off to adventure without you, I swear."


"I don't believe you." Maddie says impishly and then grins at you.
Strike smirks at this.


"You mares…"
Stand up.
"Make way Strike. I want to see as much as I can."


Maddie rolls her eyes and follows you.
"I'll be at the Hellequin." Strike informs you. "Dock 16, you won't be able to miss her."



"Must be an impressive ship, you sound proud."


The red stallion smiles at you as he gets up to leave. "I think every sailor loves their ship."


"Hey, as long as you like her."
Follow him around.


He goes past the board-walk, a line of shops that are open late and sell various souvenirs, foods, and beach supplies, these is another Inn here, called the Sea Shell Retreat. There is something called "shell fish racing" being advertised to start soon, ice cream is being peddled to you every 2nd block. Eventually he turns down a wooden bridge build over the sand, that leads to the beach. There is a large crowd gathered up ahead watching the skies. The smell of their foods, the fresh cool ocean air, carrying a bit of salt. Your hooves sink into the soft sand slightly as the wooden bridge ends. "Looks like it hasn't started yet." Strike comments toward the crowd.
"Now this seems like it could be fun.." Maddie say happily and dashes off to crowd before disappearing into it.


Keep an eye on the crowd.
Master Thief.
"Good, we got rid of her."

Roll #1 8 = 8


No one in the crowd seems to be a real threat, they have various lavels of money, some have weapons, and well there is Maddie, but she's mostly a threat to that poor stallion she's convinced to sit with her.

Strike chuckles "Mares."


"I just hope she's not gonna get herself killed."
Shake my head.
"You have someone in your life already?
I remember having your age…
My wife, second kid…"


"Never really looked to be honest. The sea is my only mistress."
he tilts he head at you.
"..You must be a lot older than you look?"


"A bit.
Had my share of adventures already…"
Look outwards into the port. How are the preparations coming along?


"You must have quite a lot of stories to tell then.."
You can spot a team of six wearing the same light blue uniform with colorful stars in the shape of horseshoes on it, 3 pegasi 2 unicorns and a griffon.
They get in place and the four fliers take off over the crowd, their outfits lighting up and changing colors as they go throu practiced formations. Behind them bursts of color pop in the air, forming a detailed scene of an ship sailing on the waves, dolphins jumping out the water next to it. The crowd oohs and awes at this.


Clop my hooves slowly with a smile.


Strike smirks at you while keeping an eye on the skies. "Told ya it was worth seeing at least once."

The scene moves forward, under the water, the griffon changing direction from the others an image of a dolphin with a horseshoe on his head behind him, the three pegasi have a kracken's image behind them and a fast paced battle plays out, the dolphin winning after a fierce struggle. Then the dolphin image is seen jumping emerging next to the ship, this is followed by a few loops and circle before the scene ends.
The show ends with a horseshoe shaped formation and several bursts of color that spell out Good Luckand then fade, leaving the sky empty and black except for the stars. The crowd explodes into cheering.


"This place is really a little wonder."
"Got to see more! I don't want to leave it behind just like that!"


Strike smiles "Its a nice city, yea. Anything in particular you want to see?"
The crowd seems to break apart now that the show is over.


"Where the babes at?"


He chuckles "Up that way, the Sea shell retreat attracts all the ones that don't want to or can't make it far from the beach."


"Oh? Is swimming a thing here?"


he nods and motions to the side of the beach away from the docks. "That side is for swimming. "


"So it's just like fishing!"


"I doubt the fish see it that way." He smiles at you.
"Well, I'm going to go rest up a bit on my ship, come when you're done exploring, Dock 16.." he starts to walk away.


Next time
Beach Ponies.


"I was trying to hook you up!"


"I don't need a mare to tie me down Swansong." Hulking laughs "And besides, Hellequin might get jealous."


Follow after him rolling my eyes.
"You might just find somepony who doesn't mind seeing the world."


"You think so?" Hulking leads you through the docks, the scent of wood, metal, booze, and polish, mixed with salty sea air, the cool night breeze, the moonlight reflecting off the water, and the sheer variety of ships.. All coming together to provide an interesting memory.. There is just about everything from small river boats, to large cargo ships. Eventually you come to the dock labeled 16, at the end of the dock is a relatively small ship, Its painted white with blue accents, Hellequin written is fancy blue writing. On the side are three folded up tabs clearly mechanical or golem in nature, the shop has a few .
Hulking Strike approaches the ship with a smile, he flips a small switch and lets down a set of stairs for you both. “Well, here she is.”


Whistle in surprise.
"That's quite the boat…"


He seems pleased by your reaction. "Well, are you going to come aboard or just stare at her?"


"Oh, I could stare all night!"
Step inside.


You walk up and inside the ship, there are six doors, Hulking shows you them, they are three rooms fit staying in, one of these clearly occupied by Hulking himself, and one half full of boxes, but there is space in the storage area for these, Hulking assures you he can have it moved in no time. Hulking briefly shows you the engine room, full of all the magi-tech engineering that will keep the ship moving. He then leads you up the stairs and into the Helm, there is a wheel, and a control panel as expected. It has a nice view of where the ship is headed. There is also a very well made long sword on the wall. Hulking stares at this a moment and then turns back to you. "So, any questions?"


Appraise the sword.
"Just one.
Is this your hoofwork?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Linked wrong.


This sword is genuinely impressive, the metal is close to flawless, the curve is perfect, the edge is sharp. This sword could likely cut a fruit so perfectly that you could set the fruit back together and no one would be able to see the cut.
"Yes, its for my father, should I ever locate him." Hulking looks mildly angry when he says this.


"This sounds like a noble endeavor.
So that's what got you moving, deep down."


"Noble? I don't know about that. " Hulking pauses staring at you as if considering whether or not to continue.
"Depending on what the man has to say for himself that blade may go into his heart."


Give him a deep look.
"That's something you might regret.
I'm speaking from experience…"


Hulking shakes his head. "I'll have to find him first, and that's proven no easy task. I see new pieces with his mark on them, but the trail is long gone cold. Its as if he doesn't want to be found."


"He still works the iron?"


"Yes, somewhere.. Or someone who is very good clone.. I doubt you know but I have to ask, have you seen a traveling smith, large orange fur, brown mane, green eyes, goes by the name Roasting Forge?"


"Not on this side of the world, no."


Hulking sighs, and nods at you. "Thought as much."


"Equestria is a large place.
Maybe one day."


"Perhaps.." He trails off a bit and then shakes it off and smiles.
"Did you get enough to eat Swansong?"


"Yes, but I wouldn't mind a drink."


Hulking's ear flicks back and he looks to the left. "Sure, what do you drink?"




He smiles and pulls up a seat for you, he pulls out a pair of glasses fills them with ice and pours a nice smelling whiskey into them. "I don't suppose you're a stallion for cards or board games?"


"I've had time to appreciate almost everything in my life.
Deal the cards."


"So, you say." He comments assumed. "Just how long is that?"
he deals the cards for you both. his beat his luck '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"A few years.
Did I tell you what I did, as kid?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


even points this round, how unusual.
"You haven't said much about yourself Swansong, I'd be interested in hearing it."
he deals out the next round '1d10' his luck.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I was born to unknown mather, unknown father.
Smile was my first given name. Pumpkin Smile."

Roll #1 8 = 8


Your hand is just barely better.
"Pumpkin Smile, that's a nice name."
he contemplates you as he drinks. "So, you ever find out about your parents?"


oh and another round of cards '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I do call them my parents. But they did not give birth to me, no.
And I, too, wanted to kill my father for the longest time."

Roll #1 2 = 2


you got a really terrible hand that time. New hand.

"Often, there is more to family then blood.."
He shakes he head and drinks.
"But in my case I knew my blood family, at least I had some memories from when I was young, a few pictures. I was told stories of how great my father was, but I am not sure how much of that was truth, and how much was ponies lying to make me feel better."

Roll #1 4 = 4


"My adoptive mother told me stories of the stallion I called a father.
He was the most feared assassin in the world and nopony even knew it.
And he had been ordered to kill me and my friends. And I had been ordered to kill his whole world."

Roll #1 3 = 3


Both terrible hands but Hulking comes out on top.
His eyes grow a little wide at this and he tentatively deals out a new round.
"Really? That sounds like a dangerous situation."

Roll #1 8 = 8


Dismissively look over my hand.
"You are having a great luck at cards tonight."

Roll #1 9 = 9


Hulking smiles, you just barely beat him.
"Lucky in cards unlucky in love, isn't that how it goes? You finally got another hand on me."

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Well, now I don't know if I should win or lose, going by that logic!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


using your experience and instincts you've picked up on a few of Hulking's tells, you can now roll with a +1 against him.
He chuckles. "Well, you have that yellow mare following you, that's something lucky already isn't it?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Oh please.
I'm married. Not gonna fall for the first pretty face that wants to play hero."
I hope he doesn't mind.

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Considering the terrible hand he just gave you he doesn't even notice.
He snickers at that. "Then why are you bringing her home with you?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


I hope the trip will convince her to leave before she gets herself killed."
And also roll to see if we are being spied.

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 1 = 1


You both have terrible hands, unplayable even. Hulking shuffles the deck for a while before dealing again.

While he does this you feel suspicious your eyes dart to every shadow, you look out at the sea as if it intended to report back on your location, the birds flying by make you uneasy, and you generally feel restless.

"You don't think just telling her to leave would work?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Stand up and suddenly grow cold.
Move by the sword, pick it up and throw it to Hulking, withou a word.
Look around. Master Thief.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Hulking sighs and holds the weapon in his hooves. You look around, checking all the exists the windows and spotting all the good places to place explosives to completely disable the ship. You see a single zonkey-shaped shadow peering at you from the window, the ocean is moving as normal, and the birds are most likely just birds, but you could kill them to be sure.


Narrow my eyes.
Throw a pebble in the direction of the shadow.

Roll #1 4 = 4


The shadow disappears, seems like it wasn't attached to anything.


"Goddamnit girl, come out already. You had me scared!"


Hulking doesn't say anything as a pure black pegasus emerges from the shadows. "Scared? I thought you were supposed to be the scary one." she smirks at you.


Bonk her on the back of the head.
"Then act scared!"

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 3 = 3


she dodges your clumsily thrown hit. "How much have you been drinking?"

Hulking coughs a bit "Another friend?"


"I have been drinking since I was ten!"
Groan and turn to Hulking.
"My niece."


Morrigan rolls her eyes. "I know that uncle, I meant tonight."

"Oh, I suppose she was hoping to follow you back north?" He chuckles. "I guess you really are a family of assassins, I didn't notice her at all."


"She must have been one of the birds…"
Rub my forehead.
"So? Are you seriously following me around to get a ride back home?"


"Well, I didn't want to fly back up there, no. Particularly since I had to leave Kit on duty. Are really you going to send me back? When you're letting that new girl come?"

Hulking shakes his head "This looks like a family matter, but for what its worth I don't mind an extra passenger, long as I know how many of you there are." he turns to leave you two alone after replacing his sword.


"Too bad! There are not enough rooms! All booked!"


She smiles "Please, I don't take up any space at all, as much as mouse really."


Turn around and go after Hulking.
"When is the earliest we can sail?"


Hulking is on deck looking up at the sky and smoking a pipe. "Dawn Mr. Swansong. I intend to get a few hours rest before we sail."


"Sleep the sleep of the justs, Hulking Strike. I will make sure all of our 'passangers' are ready by tomorrow."
And then, back to Morrigan.


He nods to you, and continues smoking until his pipe is finished.

Morrigan is where you left her, she looks sheepishly at you. "So.. uh, your eyes are as sharp as ever uncle."


Shake my head.
"You aren't keeping an eye on me, are you?"


"Only when I can spare it." She grins at you.
"I haven't been listening to you if that's what your worried about. To busy checking in on mother, she seems distracted lately, more so than usual."


"Talking with her right now?"


"Its a bit one-sided but yes, I was."


"Tell her I'm coming."
Go into town.
Let's look for that small tornado of a girl.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You find her relaxing on the beach she has a small pile of coins near by and is counting them, next to her is a small table with only her deck of cards on it. She waves at you, you can see a small cut on her cheek, "Hey there pretty boy."


"Hey there pretty girl."
Move towards her walking unsteadily on the sand.
"Rough night?"


"good night I'd say." She smiles. and puts away her coins and cards with sufficient speed. "What about you?"


"Terrible, terrible night."
Nod towards her face.
"Is that a gift from some not too happy customer?"


She shrugs "Some ponies don't like the game, they get unhappy. I handled it."


"Come, we are leaving. Gotta be ready to sail tomorrow morning."


She nods and follows you quietly.


Back to the ship.
Good moment to sleep.


Everyone else seems to be in agreement, Hulking is already in his room, persuably asleep, Morrigan and Maddie share the second room which was cleared out earlier. The night is fairly quiet, and the bed is soft enough that you should be able to sleep well.


Ah, yes.
"Don't fight for the cover, uh?"
And then, to sleep.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Its not the first time i've shared a bed with a mare." Maddie replies.
"Sleep well uncle" Morrigan says with a giggle.

however, far from sleeping well, your dream takes a dark turn. You see Kilana before you, her blood running dark black, her eyes full of blood lust and dark energy, her voice truly demonic. Behind her cultists are laughing, as if they have succeeded in something truly evil. You spring awake and find it has not been even an hour.


Stare wide eyed at the empty room in front of me.
I need a breath of fresh air.
Go on deck.


You go on deck and find the clouds are blocking your view of the sky, but the air is nice and fresh out here. It looks like a few fish are swimming around here.


Maybe something warm will get me in the mood to sleep.
Flutter over the pier, into the first tavern I can find open at this ungodly hour.


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