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It was already noon by the time the royal tutor had finished talking, and you ate you lunch as quickly as possible, leaving you a short window of two hours before your scheduled sword lessons.
It was not a lot, but enough to make it to one of your contacts in the city, you could go to Lord Hammer Wool: the expert of transportation and technology, you met him at the ball last year and he extended an invitation for you to come see his latest ship and his famed blade collection. There is Lady Bleatintime, she's more of an entertainer who earned her title via favors and deals and inheritance, though her family does own a portion of the farmable lands which keeps her relevant enough. Lord Mammoth is a sheep with some buffalo in his blood, a bastard who was legitimized when his father was ill and the Lady was passed away long ago, he was regarded with contempt, but the common sheep flocked to him and became his willing spies. There is little that Lord Mammoth isn't aware of now.
Of course, you have to decide right away which of these you'll be visiting so you can decide what tactic to use on your guards, allowing them to escort you close and then giving them the slip is a standard option, but you might want something with more finesse.


With his tummy full, the Prince had to think a moment to think on his available choices. Lord Hammer Wool was rather friendly with him in the last ball… Why not? Novelus loved airships and had a slight interest in blades, it might be a good experience


A wonderful choice, after all you'd been invited to visit, nothing unusual about that, at least not to the outside eye.
Will you simply ask to be escorted there, or request to go to the hattery just south of his estate, or perhaps just take one of your body guards with you and leave out where you're going?


His memory falters where he needed to go, and he didn't want to bother with trying to find it
Being escorted would be lazy but then again, he won't be able to enjoy this comfort anymore, so he'll ask to be escorted there


Promptly a carriage is arranged for you, a strong pair of goats ready to wheel you to your destination. One of the attendants offers you a hoof up. "I must remind your highness that he has a sword lessons at 2 after, and Queen Bania would be most displeased if he made the instructor wait. again."


"Yes, yes I am aware, do not worry, This will be but as short visit "He speaks in his usual regal tone as he enters the carriage
"Swiftly now, if you may"


"Very well. I will expect your highness to return promptly." He gives a stern nod to the two rams and one of the personal guards, Steward Ramsford, sits across from you in the carriage, as per your father's orders someone is supposed to stay with you to keep you safe. Still, Steward is one of the more easygoing guards, and your destination isn't dangerous.
Your carriage smells like liliacs and the seats are almost as comfortable as what you're used to in dinning hall, but no as good as your bedroom's study chair, now that is worthy of a prince. But you hardly have time to think of that as you hear the shouts of the crowd outside, Steward peaking out the window and shaking his head. "Its nothing to worry about, they are worked up about the trade laws again."


I believe I have not been doing my homework lately my friend… Care to tell me what was changed in the laws that got our people so worked up like that?" he relaxes in his seat as much as he cold. Being the vain prince that he was, he open his hoof held mirror to make sure he was spotless, no food bits between his teeth or a but of wool out of place


Steward sighed and leaned forward to speak with you, the way that large sheep often do to speak to smaller ones so they are speaking on a similar level of height. "Nothing has changed, and that's the problem. Sheep are tired of the isolationist policy that lets us trade with only the goats of Cobbelle, and only every two months. They believe that we have enough numbers and technology to do more and go farther, but your parents disagree."


He leans on his hoof
"My parents know what they are doing, I know that. If the people do not trust the king anymore, perhaps I should tell my father about this. Maybe he'll organize an event to speak his mind to our Kingdom…" he sighs


"Hmm, and what would you say to assure them? After all with your wedding announcement, it won't be too long until its your duty to make such appearances.."


He groans "Don't remind me… I am really not comfortable with all this… Wedding thing… I have not even gotten to know her yet."


"Ah, but your parents know what they are doing right?" Your body guard says with a smug grin as you feel the carriage stop and the scent of a proper garden waft into the carriage.


"Right right. We talk about this at another time. We have arrived" he waits for Steward to open the door for him before he steps out, taking in the sights and a deep breath


Steward hops down before you, enjoying his small victory as long as he can, while offering you a hoof down.
The first thing you see is the stony path leading up the the estate of Hammer Wool. There are railings of iron, with patterns of airships and hammers, which are then covered with an elegant vine. In the yard there is some hedge art in many interesting shapes. It feels rather warm up here, and in the distance behind the main estate, you spot the fin of an air ship, probably the latest prized model.


The Prince tried to contain his excitement, but couldn't help but let a little smile slip as he rushes towards the path as fast, but still as elegant as he could "Come on Steward!"

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