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In the town of Tuskani, it was a terrible day. People were depmgsed and it was certainly that another one of those monsters was the cause. It was of course 'unexplained' according to the news, but thanks to the strange lion plush that started following her, Xylia knew better.
She took off in her shorts and t-shirt with the rainbow edges and the huge number '01' in rainbow on the back, toward the mall where depmgsed people were gathering in high numbers.


"Gotta find the source. Where is it hiding this time!? Can't they ever hide in plain sight?"


"You're getting much faster at finding them Xylia, It takes most girls a long while to hone their instincts." The stuffed lion companion comments from your shoulder.
You arrive at the mall, and move past a few mopey people. The whole area feel dark, it smells like heavy water, and even the stomg seem gloomy. At the center of the mall where the carousel is you see a total lack of anyone, and the air feels its thickest here. There is something in particular wrong with the unicorns available to ride, as if they were covered in a permanent shade.
The lion on your shoulder stands on your head and makes a motion with his arms, a portal into the darkness appears and he falls down in front of you declaring. "There, now you can get at it!"


"It's time for the game to begin!"

Summon my Baseball Bat and head towards the everlasting darkness.


You descend into the darkness and appear in what looks like a twisted fair grounds. There are images of carts and cotton candy on the strangely curving ground, the air smells like water, and your ears are assaulted by a neighing sound.
You slowly realize that this nightmare is a circle itself allowing you and the youma to move from one end to another fluidly.


"At least some of these guys have good ideas about their playing field."

I'll turn to the Little Lion.

"Is it a rule that these places seem to feel more alive than the outside, or is it stealing the color too?"


"Nightmamg have different rules than the real world." He explains calmly.
"Its all unique to the youma themselves. And it all vanishes when the youma is destroyed. This particular ones seems to be stealing joy."


"Let's me take it down and steal it back. There was a cool arcade in that mall! It's the only one with a working Dance Gunner game, no way am I going to let that place close so easily."


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"That's good remember your motivation!"
The neighing sound gets a little louder and you see the shadow of a unicorn, it looks just like one from the carousel, but much larger, and totally black with orange sparks coming off its horn.

You can roll initiative now


Was it just a d20?

"Sorry, but there are lots of little brats that need their rides. You don't get to quit until they're quiet."

Initiative '1d20'

Roll #1 2 = 2


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2d6+physeverything is pretty much a d6you move first anyway I had a pretty bad roll

The unicorn huffs at you and sends orange sparks menacingly in your direction.


"Don't get your hooves all dirty, kids need to ride you."

Physical attack, let's bait it out and see what it does. '1d6'

Roll #1 4 = 4


melee attack is +2
You hit the unicorn with your bat, its sparks negate part of the blow but it looks pretty mad.
It charges as its attack, taking advantage of its round room to get actually gallop away from you and wind up at your side, mostly the orange static gets you 5 damage


"I'll put a super heavy saddle on you if you keep that up!"

If it needs to run to charge its attack, I only need to interrupt it!

"Ever been to a batting cage? Ever been on the receiving end?!"

Hit baseballs at its legs. '1d6+2'

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


It whinnies and braes its hooves into the air, prancing back a step and making a small and translucent looking copy of itself, as if the copy were made of glass.


"Not bad, though I really should go to practice more if I didn't even hit you." I sigh, I really shouldn't be cutting as much as I do.

Charge at them and prepare to use some magic to stop the charges. I'll use some of the colors from the fairgrounds to make rainbow colored hurdles for the horse to avoid.

This would be Heart Magice, 2d6+7, correct?


sounds okay


Heart Magic '2d6+7'

"Let's see if you have the heart of a champion!"

Roll #1 3, 5 + 7 = 15


You make hurdles of rainbow fence and hay appear out of the ground, the unicorns get delayed by having to jump over them and the real one even trips. The fake one is still coming after you this turn, for a dead on charge attack!
would you like to make a defense challenge?


Yeah, I'm not going to get trampled by some overgrown fair attraction


I'm still in a positive mood from knocking down the original, so Heart should work, right?

Heart Challenge '2d6+7'

Roll #1 6, 6 + 7 = 19


Oh nice, you easily sidestep the fake unicorn, and sparkling rainbows that look like a batting cage defuse any damage you would have taken from the orange sparks.
The fake unicorn is temporarily stunned by your bright rainbowy defensive. Feel free to take your action.


"It's time for the real thing! Batter up!"

Melee attack, swing right at the horn! '1d6+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


You smash your bat into the horn and a ripple of shattering runs through it as it crumbles like a slice of glass.
The real unicorn looks angered by this and finally makes its way around you hurdles to try an attack, it only grazes you for one damage.


"Hey, you win some, you lose some! Don't be a poor sport about it!"

Baseball Barrage. '1d6+2'

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


You throw a ball up and hit it reppeatedly as it magically replicates and barrages the unicorn with baseballs.
A few of the balls get blocked by the static aura, but you still land a good amount of hits. The unicorn looks staggered and attempts to hit you with a magical beam from its horn.. It hits your foot which is enough to really sting and kind of piss you off. 4 damage.


"If you don't calm down, I'm going to nail you and your horse shoes to the floor!"

It's running in a circle, I'll charge the other way to meet it. Fury Magic, going for a harsh hit to the horn. '2d6+4'

Roll #1 2, 3 + 4 = 9


You pretend the red and white stripes of the floor are a racing track and take off at the speed of light, leaving rainbows as a flaming trail behind you. You kick the horn in a vaulting leap and the black unicorn cracks, its lightning sparking and digging large orange lines into the floor. Soon the whole area is covered in them, and the unicorn itself whinnies and explodes into orange sparks which bounce harmlessly around, the floor crumbles.
You find yourself back in the mall next to the carousal, which looks fine, bright colored unicorns lining its floor for kids to ride on. The portal is totally gone, and soft happy music plays from the speakers.
The small lion appears next to you as usual and pmgents a black crystal to you. "Here, it just had one seed."
You feel oddly emotional after the whole thing.. it made you think of your friends Emiri and Uma and what they must be doing now..


"At least it didn't take too long. Come on, I should check on my friends before they start to worry. Maybe I'll tell them I came to get a limited edition CD or something."

I'll make sure my magical outfit and everything else is gone and just walk out.


"Intemgting.." The lion toy ponders and attaches itself to your belt without even asking. Talk about rude. But at least you know where he is now. You still have plenty of time before diner, who do you want to see first?


Emiri first. I have to make sure she's alright, since she was coughing a little more this morning than normal.


You find Emiri in the library studying up for the next big math test. Her hair is a bit of a mess as if she'd be scratching her head while studying and messed it up. She greets you with an energetic wave and a sniffle. "Xylia! You decided to come study too? I saved you a seat just in case." Actually the whole table is empty right now aside from her books and notes.


"Oh yeah, sure. I'd rather not get another parent meeting with Mr. Tanaka. Pass a book, and let me get close. Today was a bit off for me."

"But enough about me, you feeling okay?"


"Yea, just a little tired." She sniffles and passes you a book open to the lesson page, its about fractions again! "I've gotten a little behind on homework too from that sick day I took last week."


"Ugh, I was actually going to ask you to help me with it. It's like I'm reading runes when I look at this stuff. But! I did take some notes, or at least copied them off of Uma. Come on, at least one of us will learn this stuff, right?"


She giggles at your energy.
"Yea! With notes and the book we're sure to figure it out. I did the homework questions too and was about check over them if you want to help."


"You know what, that sounds like a great idea."

Lean in close and start trying to understand these new runes.


Its not all that hard once you look logically at it, plus seeing a few problems written out really helped.
"Ooh, so you do this one like this.. and.." Emiri scribbles down a few more answers.
Before you know it you've done all the questions and library is close to closing.
"Wow, thanks for helping Xylia, I'd have been lost without those notes you copied down!"


"You gotta admit that copying works some times. You wanna stay together, or should I walk you home? You've been rubbing your nose often."


"Huh, Oh.. I'm alright you probably have other things to do anyway." She sniffles again and holds back a cough. There is a noodle place on the way back to the houses which isn't too expensive.


"Let's get you something warm before you wrap yourself up for the night. Come on, my treat."


"Hey, didn't you treat last time?" Your friend snickers which ends in a cough. "Well. If you really want to I'll let you Xylia-chan" As she walks with you into the evening air of the outside.


"What are friends for?"

I smile as we leave, hoping things stay like this for a long time and that I didn't forget my book bag again.


Not this time it seems! You head over to the noodle place, which has some kind of name that's a pun with fox and rice, the owner greets you warmly. "Hello girls, back late from studying again?"
"Yea, we have a test soon." Erimi replies wit a sniffle.
The menu is all different kinds of 'ramen' and new ones every month too. This month the new ramen is a spicy pork ramen. Of course there are the old recipes, the chicken, the veggie mix, the salmon, and the spicy beef are all solid choices.


"I'll take the special. It might come around only once in a lifetime! What'll you get Emiri?"


"Hmm, the veggie ramen, with an egg please." Erimi smiles and relaxes into a seat at the bar.
"Ah, coming right up up girls." the old man smiles at you both and then goes about fixing the meals, and a glass of water for each of you showed up next to your seats when you weren't looking. Its hard to get used to how efficient these places are.


"I'll tell you right now you didn't miss much while you were out. Actually went to practice this time, and her fan club is getting bigger. I don't know how Uma doesn't walk around with a mace to keep them away."


"Really? Its a good thing she doesn't run for class pmgident then, or the whole school would start being her fan club!" She laughs and sniffles a bit more.
About then your noodles are set before you, filling the air with hot sweet smelling steam.


"Here, watch your nose." Pass her some napkins.

"I don't know how she finds the time to be in everything like she is. If she did become pmgident, it would only be because she has a robot double, or is secretly an alien or something like that. Anyways, I can't rag on her too much. They're still boys, and they still like sports. It feels nice when they cheer us on. You should come see us!"


She accepts them and blows her nose once or twice before digging into the noodles with her chopsticks.
"That reminds me, I saw some pictumg of your team in the school paper, it looked really cool but the pictumg were so blurry I couldn't tell who was who.. maybe you should talk to them about it."


"What, we all lined up for it! They told us it was perfect and stuff. Lame, now we have to fix it so there's a cool picture of me when I join the big leagues! Bleh, let's talk about something else. How is your club stuff going?"


"Ahaha, I guess they had a problem with development or something. And well, I joined the literature club, but no one really wants to talk about fantasy books aside from those sparkly vampire ones which are totally lame.."


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