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You feel terrible, your head pounding, you body.. you can hardly feel your body.. You look around and there are other ponies here, they all seem.. translucent.. the ground is dark, the grass is black, the flowers that grow don't seem correct.
You eventually look up to what the other ponies are staring at, a pale pony with a dark cloak is standing on a hill nearby. His eyes are covered by the hood but he seems to have no issues seeing you.
"Greeting spirits. I am here to guide you, answer any and all questions to the best of my ability, and help you adjust to the after life."
A few of the other ponies nod slowly, a couple cry.


Stand up, still staring at it, and put a hoof on my chest, where the pain came from a moment ago…


Grimace, gulp, and try to stand up.


You feel your chest a bit and find that your outfit has a hole in it, the edges of it frayed and burned.
After focusing a moment you search yourself and find a rolling pin and an apron, well, the apron would cover up that hole.. and then you wouldn't be able to see through yourself.
You find it easier to float than stand, but you stand up and meet the cloaked pony.
"Yes. Tambelon, the other side, underworld, spirit zone.. These are all names that ponies have used for this place."


I'm not gonna wear an apron! How did that even make its way he-
Wait! My pendant! They didn't take my pendant, did they?

Roll #1 6 = 6


Shake my head and tear up.
"I can't… I can't be dead!"


Huh, those aren't yours at all, They zap from you over to the confused earth pony mare asking questions.
You look on the ground next to you and find a pendant the familiar swirls. Opening it up confirms for you that it is yours, your sweet Jenny's smile looking back at you.
"I'm sorry Miss Sweet Rolls." The hooded pony offers you a pale hoof. "I can see that you were not ready to die, but it happens to everypony."
You see your favorite lucky apron and rolling pin appear next to you.


Pet the picture for a mere second…
Wait. Stop zoning out. Look up, what is…


I look at them and fall to my flanks.
Then look up to the pale pony, don't take the hoof.
"Can't I go back? Please? Just… just for a few more years at least? I was… Please?"


"You don't just walk away from a wound like that Sigfried." The pale pony says to you.
The pale pony shakes his head. "I can not do that, only someone on the side of the living can bring you back there."


"But aren't you… don't… can't you, somehow? Please? I'd do anything!"


"I guess…"
Stand up. It's war after all. I had to die one day or the other.

Bite my own tongue, trying to suppdead_lifes the tears, but fall back to my flank a moment later.

Look at the image in the pendant one more time before closing and wearing it.


The youngest of the pony spirits here is crying, a foal no older eight, he is holding a blanket tightly.

The pale pony sighs. "It is beyond my power. You are here unless somepony from the world of the living pulls you out, or you become reborn."
The pale pony just nods to you. "Then you should know that this place is safe." He gestudead_life to the left and right where in the distance you can see pillars with some strange writing on them. "Only spirits like you can enter here, there are older and stronger things in the underworld, while you should be careful, if anything happens you would end up back here."


I… I can't watch this.
Curse this world.
Look at the foal with tears of my own, but after a few moments find the courage to speak again.


Look at him, then at the crying foal.
Is he… alone? No parents around? Nopony?


"Yes, strong spirits that have made themselves formidable, solid, or otherwise more monstrous, they seek to hasten their rebirth by stealing the light of others."
He pauses.
"But it is not all bad, some creatudead_life like it here, and will give some of the light of life to those whom they favor, and eventually the lights of life will fall to you naturally."

The foal seems to absorbed in his own sorrows.
The foal appears to be alone, he has a crack on his head as if he fell from a very high distance.


Take deep breaths and stand up.
Start walking towards the foal.


"Yes, eventually your soul can return to the world of the living, in a new life, without rebrith the underworld would become over run with souls."


Put on my apron, put the pin on my back and walk over to him.
Sit down beside him and pull him a bit closer to my chest.
"There there, sweetie… shhhh…. don't cry…"


Reborn… Maybe I will be able to see her, finally. If I'm quick!
Look at this from a close distance.


The foal hugs you tightly and sobs into your apron.
The pale pony taps you on the shoulder and gestudead_life upwards. "Lights of life rain down, and float to the spirits of the dead. You can either catch it or you can obtain them from those who have it."


Lock eyyes with h-
Right, no eyes. Hood.
"Obtain them?"


Hug him back tightly.
"Shhhh, calm down, don't worry…"
Gulp and look away from him.
"It's… it's okay…"

Do I overhear what they are talking about?


The hooded pony nods back toward you.


"This hardly sounds painless."


You can hear everything.
The foal stops crying and looks up at you. "You're really nice.."


Quickly wipe away my own tears, don't let him see them.
Try to smile at him.
"Thank you. What's your name?"


"Its is not comfortable to have your light stolen, is why you should be careful when exploring the underworld, but some souls like to be here, and will give you a portion of their light for favors and such."
He sees your face filled with smiles and kindness and smiles up at you "I'm Boulder!"


Good, he should smile…
That's the least I can do here…
Cadead_lifes his mane.
"That's a very nice name you have there, Boulder."


"What favors might souls even need?"


Rub my head and groan.
"What's… going on?"
Look at the cloaked pony.
"Is this a dream? This has to be a dream…"


A few of the other spirits here start to drift about, most of them seem to understand the gist of what's going on, that or they don't really care. You can see a few structudead_life here, stone buildings with slopping red roofs, they have thin papers with special symbols on them.

"Thanks! I'm really strong." He replies. boldly.
"Messages, border patrol, or just a conversation, you have to ask them." The pale pony replies carefully making sure his hood doesn't slip backwards.

A pegasus mare sits nearby spacing out, a set of goggles materialized next to her, her wings seem to have been injured and there is a small crack on her skull.
"I'm sorry. But no. This is not a dream."


"I can't… this can't be happening! I only lost control momentarily!"


I'll need to find out some things… Maybe somepony in those houses can answer.
"I can see that! I am impdead_lifesed!"
Stand up as I speak to him.




"It only takes a second." The pale pony says sympathetically.
You trot your way over toward the house the young boy in tow. "Yea, what should I call you?" He asks.
The pale pony simply points past the pillars which line the area. you can see rolling hills, a few walls in the distance, but nothing much moving.


"My name is Sweet Rolls."
Look down at him again… then forward, I can't think too much about it…


I shake my head vigorously.
"I'm not staying here. I'm getting out… somehow."
Hang my goggles around my neck and look around the area.


"If you're not lucky enough to have someone on the living side to call you back, you can start working toward rebirth." The pony replies.
looking around you see tall pillars which guard the area, symbols craved into them, you see stone houses with red slopping roofs decorated with slips of paper containing similar symbols. Beyond the pillars you see rolling hills, a few walls in the distance.
"Be careful if you go beyond the pillars. There are strong things out there."
You take him into the neadead_lifet house, inside you find other spirits moving about, some chatting with each other, some sitting at tables playing cards, and some staring absently as if they aren't fully here.


"Got business left behind? I know I do."
Look there aswell.


Houses? Alright, that's my first goal. Find out how-

I turn around to look at him.
"Who… yes. Of course I do!"


"Are you planning on leaving past the columns?"


Hmm… the ones playing card… they must know a thing or two.
"Come on, I need to ask some questions from those ponies, okay?"
Walk over there.
"Excuse me… we are new here, could you give us a few pieces of advice on what to do? I admit, I am a bit lost at the moment…"


I nod determinedly.
"Whatever it takes to escape this place. I shouldn't even be here."


There are four ponies here playing cards.
"Play a game with us sweet heart." One of the ponies says offering you a chair.
"What do you think you should do?" The other asks you curiously.

The houses have other pony spirits like you wandering about, some staring off, some chatting, a group is playing some kind of card game.


"I'm not in the mood for playing cards now, sorry… And I don't know. Does everypony get housing? Rooms for ourselves?"


A kind of… Game?
Head over there.
"Shouldn't you? Guess death made a mistake then."
Nod for her to follow.


Games? They should be trying to get out!

"Yes it did. I can't have died from a little crash like that!"


Look at the crack on her skull.
"Guess it hit just the right spot."


"We don't really need sleep."
"Or rooms, but If you wanted you could make your own house, or floor just takes time."
You see the mare that was asking questions and the foal that was crying standing near the card table.
maybe they just want to relax




"What are you playing at?"
Is ti dice? Cards? Bullets?


I groan and try to flap my wings.

Roll #1 7 = 7


They are playing cards, each pony is dealt two face down, and then several face up cards are dealt.
"Seven Card Stud. Its a new game." A stallion spirit replies as he examines his cards.
"Right I'm in."
"I fold"
"Stop folding each time!"
The four ponies seem to be from totally different eras.
A pegasus is wearing a blue overcoat with large gold buttons,
a unicorn stallion is wearing a suit with frills on the front and sleeves,
An earth pony is wearing a kind of cat mask and a pin-stripe shirt.
And the last one, a unicorn, is wearing some bronze armor, and matching helmet.
Intedead_lifetingly they seem a little more solid than most of the other spirits here.

Your wings move, and you float up a bit, but you feel as if you don't need your wings for floating, as if they just make it easier.


Grimace, but make sure Boulder can't see it.

"You… you have more of this light, don't you?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Look at the table with an extranged espdead_lifesion.
"I know this game…
We played it the time, in the barracks."



I frown.
"I don't know it at all."


"It's a poker variant. Points can be created by matching cards in your hoof with those on the table.
Fast paced, no chance to change cards."


Look him over for a moment.
"… where are you from? Your name sounds… foreign?"


I didn't say my name.


You hide your distaste extremely well. Boulder happy pets his blanket while you talk.
"Well, bits don't mean anything here sweetheart." The unicorn in the armor says with a bit of snark in his tone.
"You want in?" The Pegasus asks.
"Its easy sweet heart, just match up the cards like your friend there says."
no, but the reaper did


I blame it on dying just about now.
"I'm afraid I'm short stacked on currency…"


the other guy did
"Oh. I'm just Equestrian."

"Cardgames were never my forte."


Give him a slightly annoyed look.
"I know that. I don't suppose you'd know where somepony could start collecting this currency, would you?"


Blink a few times.
"So am I. True descendant of the queens of old…
Citizen and soldier of New Equestria."


"New Equestria? What?"


Wave a hoof around.
"A lot of tales that got me killed, I guess.
Pay it no mind."


"Wait… are you from my future?"


Shrug and show her the bullet wound.
"Do you have weapons like these yet?"


Motion with my head towards the colt.


Cock my head.
"I'm not exactly a weapons expert, but that looks like a-"

Glance at the colt.
"…. Right. Sorry."


Nod silently and hide the wound again.


The earth pony with mask smiles "Fdead_lifeh of the boat huh? I've been dying for some new faces to play with, I'll pay your ante for a round if you care to try your luck."
"Otherwise you could try asking Miss Gretchen, probably the oldest one here, she sometimes has work." The pegasus adds.
"Suit yourself miss."
"All in"
"Damn it."
"You're too easy to read Arthur."


Turn to her with an even look, waiting for her to finish the sentence.


"That seems like a better idea. Where can I find her?"


"Miss Gretchen? Where can we find her?"



"One free round? You are too generous mein freund."
Sit down with them.
Nod silently.


"Just float on upstairs, she's the one wearing a robe made of flowers."
They smile and deal you in. '8d12' Roll 2d12 for your luck.
"So.. what's your name?"

Roll #1 6, 4, 1, 9, 2, 8, 11, 11 = 52


"I see… come on, Boulder."
Let's try and look for her.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Nod and float my way upstairs.

"I don't think we've introduced and it looks like we have the same goals so… My name Clear Sky. Weather ca- Former captain of the Tall Tale weather team area."


"Sweet Rolls. I wa-"
Glance at the colt.
"I am a baker of a small town."


I bite on my lip as I watch the colt for a moment.
"… Your son? I'm sorry."


"Sigfried Trotk. From Cloupperdam, in Germaney."
Look around the table.
"How comes you all talk Germane anyway?"

Roll #1 7, 2 = 9


Shake my head.
"No, no he's not."


"… Ah. I see."
Straighten up and float on.


You float up the stairs and see an earth pony mare covered in what looks like woven flowers. She greets you warmly as you enter, "Hello spirits." Her voice is warm and real feeling, she seems to have a certain tone, a glow to her.
Her room is filled with a truly random assortment of things, from fancy glasses and lamps to primitive looking weapons. There is a small cat spirit here. boulder runs over to it and begins to play with it, dangling some yarn from a nearby basket in front of the creature.
'4d12' The next set of cards is dealt face up.
"We don't speak Germane, you simply hear it. Perks of being dead I suppose, no language barrier."
"Arthur Dragonking, Monster hunter of the mighty unicorn clan." The unicorn in the armor introduces himself.
"Yunic Letterborne, Prench artistocrat." The unicorn in the frilly suit says.
"Dashing Flight, from the northern border." The pegasus with the blue overcoat says
"Minx Deluxe." The masked earth pony says.

Roll #1 9, 2, 1, 8 = 20


Smile at him slightly, then turn somberly to the mare.
"Hello… We are new, and a bit lost. They said you might be able to give us some guidance."


"We were told to come to you for some pointers on how to… leave."


"Eh. Prench."
"I stay."


'3d12' a third round is dealt.
The unicorn shakes his head at you.
Deluxe smirks "Bold move."
"I'm folding" Dashing says.
She nods understandingly. "I can offer you a bit of a head start, my deepest wish is to add to my collection here, but you don't look like you have anything you can part with.. What kind of skills do you have dears?"

Roll #1 1, 7, 11 = 19


"I used to make really good sweetrolls, and they said my baking was generally tasty."


"Weather control and aerobatics … I practiced some martial arts as well."
Do I still have my badge?


You do! Its a very nice shining badge too, just like the say it was new.
"Ah, no good, I can't keep that once you leave. But if you're fast. Maybe you can catch a certain bug for me? A giant moth, its wings shimming like a sunset."
"A sweet roll? I have heard of this, but never seen one, what is it made from?"


*just like the way it was when it was new


I smirk.
"Can do, ma'am. In a jar?"


"Water, milk, eggs, butter, flour, sugar and other such things, nothing too complicated."


She pulls out a bird cage large enough to bit Boulder in.
"This should fit the bug, or you can use a rope."
"I can get most of those things, but eggs are a problem. Only creatudead_life past the pillars can produce eggs."


Well, they are not rising…


"Oh, I see… and past the pillars is too dangerous, isn't it?"


Pick up the cage and inspect it.
"That's a large cage. But I'll take care of it, you'll have that bug in no time!"


One last round of up cards '3d12'
"What are you going to do Sigfried?" Aurthur asks.

"Its is dangerous, that's why I stay here, with my pretty things."
"Its a large bug, fast too." She smiles. The cage is golden-looking and the latch opens easily for a pony, but a less intelligent creature would be stuck.

Roll #1 7, 1, 3 = 11


"I see… baking was my real talent, sorry. I was good at playing nurse for minor injuries but… I don't think that applies much here."


Look between the two of them.
"How dangerous exactly? I could try and nab some eggs while chasing down that bug…"


"Well, first of all, leave the colums. Find a way to quickly be reborn. And see if she's still there for me…"
Look at my cards.
I could do this.
But there are 3 aces on the field. And I don't really have any money to raise to begin with.


Arthur grunts in agreement. "Battling your way out, honorable, that's what my brothers did, I still go out and hunt but its not as easy without them."
Yunic frowns "Barbarians everywhere!"
Deluxe smiles. "I like you kid, I think you'll be going places."
'2d12' roll for your last card and then give me the total.
"Oh, the small birds aren't too far out, you can find some nesting to the west. The moth sometimes shows up there, you might get lucky. Remember he's the one with those darling sunset wings!"

Roll #1 4, 3 = 7


"I'm not sure I want to move out there, I just arrived and… is there maybe a safer job to do?"


"I can do it for you, if you want."


"You would?"


Glance over at the colt, then nod.
"What kind of egg would be best? I doubt there's chickens here…"


"There is a pony called Diamond Cut who has something I want, a pretty orb. I just know that my deadead_lifet meowster would love to play with it. Convince him to give it to me, and I'll give you a little light to work with.."
Gretchen smiles slightly at you both. "Making friends already? It is safer in groups at least."


"I will try my best."

"Anything you can find. The closer it is to a chicken, the best."


"I'll try to be quick. … I'll need some place to safely store them in though. A bag maybe."


"I'm used to barbarians."

Roll #1 5, 1 = 6


"I only have my apron and rolling pin, sorry."


She gives you a basket. "Here you go dear."
"Good luck then."
"Goodness.." Yunic replies.
The two left in reveal their hands, an ace and a nine for Deluxe giving him a total of 17
and Yunic has a two and an eight for a total of 21


# brief pause


Salute her and take off. Beyond the pillars… on a search for eggs and bugs!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Where can I find him?"


You get an eerie chill as you pass the pillars the hills look intimidating, you can hear sounds of creatudead_life moving around, You see some tracks of a large cat, cats eat birds right? Maybe..
"The next house over, and be cautious he's an awfully selfish man."


Follow the tracks, maybe it'll lead me to a nest!

Roll #1 3 = 3


I nod.
"I'll keep that in mind."

Walk over to Boulder, and crouch down to his eye level.
"Stay here with the nice lady and play with the cat while I do something real quick, okay?"


"Well, herren, I must bid my goodbyes now. Would not want to be robbed of my underpants at the first table I find."
Stand up with a smile and go after the two madead_life with a foal.


Deluxe smirks and collects the little orbs of light from the table.
"That was a good hoof Sigfried, come back and play again sometime." Deluxe says
"Yea, someone has to give Delly here a run for his money!" Dashing remarks
"If you fight as boldly as you play I'm looking forward to hearing tales of your battle." Arthur says.
Yunic sort of grumbles. "Why can't we get anyone sophisticated.."
You follow the feline tracks, and keep getting that eerie feeling, like something is watching you. You locate a hill that has been carved into creating a cave..
Boulder looks at you and nods while petting the purring cat "Okay. I will but.. You'll hurry back right?"


This place isn't nice at all…
Any nests that I can spot?

Roll #1 9 = 9


Nod at them and leave.
So, the madead_life went to talk with… That one mare they told them to look for!


"I will. Don't worry, I will."
Pat his shoulder and go to the next house. Find this guy.


You turn around quickly and see a tiger spirit, looking closer at the dug-out hill you can spot a few more tiger spirits inside, two of them are cubs and one of them is full grown. You can spot a turkey spirit in the cave being batted at by the the two cubs.

2 full grown tiger spirits
2 tiger cub spirits
1 turkey spirit.

You go upstairs and mid way you see the mare who was comforting the foal before.. that earth pony Sweet Rolls.
You go down the stairs and midway bump into that unicorn stallion from before, the one with the bullet wound..


"Oh.. sorry, I was lost in thought…"


A turkey? I don't need that… I need eggs. Move on then. Keep an eye out.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"It's alright. I was looking for you. Have you seen the pegasus?"


I nod.
"Yes, I did. She went past the pillars, to find eggs, and something else. Why?"


"I thought she'd wait, given the dangers we have been made wary of…
Suppose you are not joining us, given the kid you carry?"


"I would just hinder her or you if I went past the pillars. I'm trying to do another small favor while I wait for her to return with the eggs."


"Very well. Then, I suppose looking for her is in order. Which direction did she take, do you know as much?"


You move on and eventually find the trail of a large bird, following it you find the nesting site is more like a bunch of holes in the dirt, the eggs are plenty big, as are the birds, they have big puffy feathers, and long necks, A few of them bury their heads in the dirt when you come by.

7 ostriches: nesting an egg each.


Shaky my head.


"It's no shame. I will take my leave, then."
Bow slightly.
Leave the house and head for the pillars.


"Take care."

Sigh sadly, then head over to the next house now.


Ostriches? Those eggs are huge!
I doubt they'll be happy though. Let's land near one of those nesting ostriches and slowly approach it

Roll #1 2 = 2


You can see the tracks of a pony that recently walked toward the west pillars, perhaps that's her? >>503390
The ostrich pecks at you when you get close!


Back away.
"Calm down now… I just need your egg… you can make another one right?"


You go the next house, the only one here is an old looking stallion is sitting on a sofa carefully counting some jewels.
"Who is it?!" he barks toward you. "This is not an open house, this is only for me!"


Time to patiently follow them.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Bow my head.
"Excuse me, I don't want to bother you, Mr. Diamond Cut, but… I need something. Your help."


[soft clucking] You back away and the ostrich and see it peck a few times at the ground, seems like its hungry.
You follow them, getting an eerie feeling when you leave the safety of the pillars, you see a hill that has been dug out by some kind of clawed animal.. The tracks briefly stop here before moving on, you feel like you're being watched..
"My help.. of course you'd want that.. but help is not free, what is it you need?"


Look around. Can I see it.
"I heard you have a pretty orb in your possession… and of course, it's not for free."


Cast off the feeling. I'm a spirit with nothing to lose.
Keep following the tracks.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Hungry… I don't really have anything on me to distract it with. What do ostriches even eat? Aaaagh…
Look around, any eggs that aren't being covered?

Roll #1 5 = 5


"An orb.. you mean my crystal eye ball that was claimed from the crystal dragon spirit?"
He holds it up for you and you can see that it is indeed a very pretty orb, a perfectly round crystal with a smaller blue crystal rolling around inside.
You see the mare up ahead near some large birds with fluffy feathers and long necks.
You could try to take an egg from one of the ostriches that is burying its head in the dirt.


That's… not a bad idea! I'll give it a try. What's the worst that could happen, right?

Roll #1 10 = 10


Walk up to her calmly.
"Gnädige Frau? I've been looking for you. Feared you had met a bad end, out here on your own."


I nod.
"Yes, I think that is it."




Stop in place and shut up, staring at her.


You quietly sneak over, and reach under the frightened bird, rolling the egg away from it and onto your back.
The bird doesn't seem to have noticed.
Diamond Cuts rolls over the orb in his hooves.
"And let me guess.. that crazy cat lady wants it?"


I frown.
"Do you have anything against her?"


Sorry bird, but we need this…
Now slowly back away and put the egg into my bag. Get out of here.

Motion him to come along.


Slowly move towards her.
Silently. Very. Very. Silently.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"She has wanted this eye for a long time.." the stallion explains.
"And for what! Her stupid cat?!" He scowls. "Its an insulting idea!"
You start to head back, gong near that craved out hill you hear a low roar..


Slowly turn around and look back.


Give him the bag with the egg in it.
"Keep this safe for me please. I still have work to do!"


"Work? What's that growl coming from?"


"If I may ask, what do you use it for?"


"Tiger spirits. Best not to disturb them!"
Look up.
"You wouldn't happen to have spotted a big flying bug on your way here, would you?"


"Not on my way here, no."
Can my Hawkeye and Supreme Survival spot it?

Roll #1 7 = 7


You see a tiger spirit behind you, it growls baring its teeth at you and looks ready to pounce.
Nearby is another tiger spirit looking just as upset with you.
2 angry tiger spirits.

He huffs. "I use it.. that doesn't matter! its mine! and its too valuable to be a cat-toy!"
You spot the two angry tigers, and the two tiger cubs inside the craved out cave beating up a turkey.


"Isn't your time more valuable? She can bother you for all eternity, or you could just give it to her and spare yourself the headache. She will be happy, her cat will be happy, and you won't be bothered about it. You can have this nice house all for yourself."


Lower my voice and stand still.
"Cubs. In the cave. Steer clear of them and they won't attack us."


"… Oh. They're here."

"Let's just… slowly back away now."
Start backing away from the tigers. Maybe we can avoid a fight here…

Roll #1 4 = 4


Yeeeeah… Take her and lead her away through a path that takes us as far from the kids as possible.

Roll #1 1 = 1


The two tigers seem to have other plans and launch toward you with their claws drawn. Roll to dodge and roll your actions.

2 tigers: 3/3

Diamond ponders. "I don't think so. But.. I do hate leaving my house.. Somepony stole a pink diamond from me, part of a set it is! I need it back! if you get it back.. I'll give you the Crystal Eye.. How does that sound?"


[1d10] Dodge!
[1d10+2] Use my arcane arms to give one of the tigers a lightning punch

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 10 + 2 = 12


And shove the tiger jumping on the mare aside with my TK!

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 7 = 7


"Reasonable. Do you have any leads on it?"


He holds up a black feather. "The thief left this. must have been a pegasus.."
You punch the tiger away with lightning fists and feel it tear into you but before it can do any real harm you feel it being pushed away from you..
So focused on protecting the mare you forget about your own tiger and fall helpless as you see her being freed from the creature's grasp.

One tiger: 0/2
one tiger: 3/3

Clear sky: 3/5
Sigfried: 0/4




"Damned be… The night…"
Try to stand up.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Tumble on the tiger that is attacking Siegfried!

Roll #1 3 = 3


The roaring tiger attacking you makes it difficult to focus but luckily it turns its attention to helping up its mate instead of attacking you.
You roll toward the tigers and get a back full of claws for you efforts.

tiger one: 3/2
tiger two: 3/3

Clear sky: 1/5
Sigfried: 0/4


Just help him up instead then…

Roll #1 9 = 9


Cough a bit.
Pick up a pebble and throw it at one of the tigers, Marksman shot!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


You lift Sigfried off the ground, and he throws a rock at the tigers who growl in dead_lifeponse. The cubs look curiously from the cave.

tiger one: 3/2
tiger two: 2/3

Clear sky: 1/5
Sigfried: 8/4


"This might be our chance. Run!"
Make a break for it.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Straight away!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


You make a mad dash away from the tigers and toward the pillars, when you reach them you feel comfortable, safe. The houses with their slips of paper on the side, the reddish roofs and stone walls seem welcoming compared to the harsh hills.


Catch my breath.
"What… Were those things…"


"Tigers! Now go get that egg to safety while I hunt down this bug…"

Fly up and scan the horizon for that bug she mentioned, with the sunset wings!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"You seem quite at ease with all this…"


I nod.
"That's something to start from at least.
I'll do my best to find your diamond."

Okay, I'll have to keep an open eye on things..
"I'll be back as soon as I can."
Leave his house.
Let's go back to where the ponies played cards.


"I'm just… trying not to think about it all. Keeping my eyes on the prize."


"Let's get those eggs then. Together.
I, too, am aiming for the prize."


Point at the bag he's holding.
"There's your egg. Be careful not to shatter it."


"You were the one who claimed this, though."


"It's for the chubby mare. Give it to her."


You fly up, well, more float up, and look at the skies, they are strange, the clouds seem to be made of magic instead of water. You spot a few moths flying south of your location.
"Yes.. I'll be waiting here." Diamond Cuts replies as you leave.
The four stallions are still playing cards, the masked pony seems to be winning right now.
"Hello little lady, did you come back to play?"


Can I catch up with them and get close?

Roll #1 1 = 1


…What race and color are they?
"I'm still not much of a gambler."


"Fine. But don't go too far. Those things might still be near."


A pegasus is wearing a blue overcoat with large gold buttons,
a unicorn stallion is wearing a suit with frills on the front and sleeves,
An earth pony is wearing a kind of cat mask and a pin-stripe shirt.
And the last one, a unicorn, is wearing some bronze armor, and matching helmet.

"No? Well, what can I do for you then fair lady?" The unicorn in the frilly outfit says.


You try to catch up to them and just kind of.. float in place..


Take a deep breath… then sigh… I'm really not cut out for this.
"I'm looking for a pegasus with black feathers."


I'm a great flier though! I should be able to do this!

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Go back to the settlement and find the other mare, the one I'm supposed to give the egg to.


"A black feathered pegasus.. Perhaps Selena? Yes, she hangs out near the east pillar, had a bad break up with that black and orange earth pony Cobblepot a while back.."
Of course you can! It just took a moment to get used to the air here! So much heavier than the real air, or maybe you are just lighter? Either way you are soon upon the flock of moths, the largest of them has wings that mimic a glorious sunset.
You find the mare talking to the four stallions playing poker.
"Ah, have you returned from a hunt already Sigfried?" Arthur calls out to you.


"This is the egg frau Sky found. She said to put it on account of the other mare following us."


That's the moneymaker.
Open up the cage and chase down the bug. Try to catch it!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Ah, I see… Always near that east pillar then?"
I know where I-

I turn my head.
"You got the eggs?"


"One of them. We are delivering it on your account."


"Could you take them to Miss Gretchen please? I still need to do something first."


"Ah, very well then. With the size of that egg I imagine it was a chore to retrieve."
"She likes it over there, because stray cat spirits come by every so often."
You charge at it full force, it swirls and dodges, but you manage to keep pace, it is leading you past some tall rocks, roll once more.


Keep up!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Bow down slightly.
"Now, if you will excuse me, I have to assist freu Sky with the dead_lifet."

Make my way back.

Roll #1 9 = 9


What's up with all the cats?
"I see. Thank you."

Nod at all the ponies, then… let's find this east pillar.

Roll #1 4 = 4


The moth is clever and fast, but you have been flying all your life. You easily maneuver the rocky area, and use it to your advantage to cut off the bug and trick it into flying right into your open cage!
With a triumphant flip you close the cage tight. [Got: 1 sunset-winged moth]
Back to the ostriches?
Selena likes cats
You move to the eastern pillar, full of markings that you were told keep you safe, and see a black pegasus with a yellow mane and blue eyes staring off into space.



"Sorry fella, but this mare wants a ticket out of here fast."
Fly back to the house!


"Excuse me? Miss Selena?"


"She's still looking for more eggs. I must go help her."


You head past the tigers and back to the seven ostriches with their fluffy feathers and long necks. One of them has left his/her empty nest, and is looking around pecking at the ground.


How many eggs are missing from before?


The moth doesn't answer you, flapping its wings slowly from with in the cage.
You speed back to Gretchen's room with the Bug in tow. You see the mare, the little colt, and the cat all waiting here.
"Oh, there you are, and there is the little guy! So pretty.. don't you agree meowster?"
The cat purrs in dead_lifeponse, but this may be from Boulder petting it.
Just the one you saw Sky grab earlier.
There are six other eggs here, all being nested by the large and timid birds.
"Yes dear?" The pegasus says with a smile


Sneak up to one and snatch an egg!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Walk a bit closer.
"Look, I'm just going to get straight to the point… I don't suppose you know anything about a pink diamond?"


Set the cage down on the ground and smile.
"All in a day's work!"


You sneak over to one of the timid birds and roll an egg out from under it, the weight of the egg will make it a little more difficult to get by unnoticed from the tigers.
"I do know a thing or two about diamonds. But you need to be more specific, was it part of a set perhaps?"
"Indeed, and a day's pay is deserved for this!" she floats over an orb of light to you, you feel it hit you and something inside your feels alive, real, and in a way full.


I smile and rub my chest.
"Thanks ma'am! If you need anything more, be sure to let me know."


I've trekked through the snows of half Euponia, this is nothing.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Yes, it is part of a set."


"Come back any time dear. Perhaps your friend will have those sweet rolls next time you are here." Gretchen smiles sweetly to you, her woven flower robe waving slightly as she moves to pick up the cage and admire her new pet.
The tigers see you approaching, and react defensively, circling around you preparing to pounce.
Selena sighs. "Kid, you're in over your head. That diamond is long gone."


I frown.
"Don't call me a kid. And why, where did it go?"


Now where did that Siegfried stallion go… back for more of those eggs? Look for him!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Be good kittens…"
Slip away, I know where the cubs are, steer clear!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"It was a bad deal, love gone sour, the diamond you seek is probably long traded away by now, out of my claws." She flicks her hoof and small fake claws pop out.
You go back toward the ostriches and see him fleeing the tigers.
You speed away from the tigers as they pounce toward you, and spot Clear Sky on the path in front of you.


Ooookay, let's just cover his retreat.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Wave at her.
"Make haste mylady! Tigers behind!"


"Who has it then… Cobblepot?"


"Well maybe..Maybe he'd tell you.. How about this: You go talk to old Cobblepot, and I'll stalk behind you, just in case things get.. hairy."
You both hastily retreat from the tigers back to the safety of the pillars.


I look a bit concerned.
"…okay, I guess. Where do you think he is?"
What am I getting myself into…


"Ah! Dummes Huhn! We got it now!"
Smile enthusiastically at Sky.


"Two large ostrich eggs should be enough, right?"
I grin.
"I already returned the moth to that lady and received some life back!"


"Gut! Now we can return this and be done with it!"

To the lady!


"Probably in that ice mansion, little drama king he is, gonna be alone because he's so special.."
She rolls her eyes.
"I'll show you the way." She leads you past a hill and you see a large building with blue ice-like tiles as the roof and as some of the wall. A few bird spirits flock nearby here, dead_lifeting on the bird feeders in the lawn.
You go back to Gretchen's room, she is wearing her unusual woven flower robe, and cooing over her new moth. "Yes.. you are so pretty, yes you are!" Her cat and the colt called boulder are napping in the corner on top of a pile of yarn and pillows, the yarn partly wrapped around them.


'Uh… excuse me, but where did that other mare go?'


"I don't know. I haven't seen her since she went to find out about that wonderful pretty orb! She was going to get it for me and meowster, what a darling spirit she is.."


"He built this for himself?"
Walk towards the building, and looking at the bird spirits.
I wonder if they are dead birds, or just spirits wanting to be birds… maybe the first, everything dies after all…everypony dies…


"Pwetty… Orb?"
Raise a brow.


Look at the sleeping colt, then back at her.
"We'll… track her down then."


"He had a little help from old friend.. but that friend isn't here anymore."
Selena sneaks into the shadows and soon you can't see her, she whispers. "I'm gonna be right here, just do your thing."
"I sent her to Diamond Cuts, that awful, selfish stallion who lives next door. "


I nod.
Take a deep breath… This is just mental, I'm sure I'll wake up any moment now, this is like a nightmare!
Enter the building.
Knock first though, of course.


"Diamond Cuts? I'll go check."
Find our chubby cook mare.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Follow her and look for the chubby mare.
Supreme Survival.


The house is much like the other houses, stone walls, paper with protective symbols on the outside, and red singles on the roof, you don't see any signs of the mare here.
You looks around carefully and see a set of hoof prints leading to and then away from this door, looks like she went back to the first house.
Your knock echos through the building you hear hoof steps and a cranky "Yes, Yes, I'm coming!"
A chubby earth pony with an orange mane wearing a black and white suit and carrying an umbrella answers the door.
"And who are you? The filly scouts here to sell cookies?"


Some attitude he's got.
"It's about something else entirely. May I come in?"


Nudge Sky and enter the house.
"Freur Rolls? Are you here?"


He grumbles slightly. "I suppose, I suppose. The great Cobblepot family does entertain guests, usually more fashionable guests.. but guests are guests.."


Enter then.
"Sounds like the great Cobblepot family would be intedead_lifeted in jewelry."


You take sky, and follow the trail back to the first house and find the four stallions are still playing their game. Trying to convince another spirit to join in.
"Come on, why not? We can even play a different game."
"Jewelry, statues, great works of art.. nothing is too good for the Cobblepots!" He shows you around a little, the grandiose stairs, the statues on display made of ice or craved stone, they look like replicas of great works of art, there are paintings on the walls, and a few shells and pelts of creatudead_life.


"What about diamonds…"
Uh, this is weird… Clear my throat.
"Y-You know that those are what really move the imagination of a mare."
I'm definitely not good at this…


"Did you see a mare pass by here recently?"


You hear a soft sigh and a whisper in your ear
"Girl, Cobblepot is an easy mark, just compliment his stuff, say he looks handsome in the suit, he'll be in your paw like a kitten on a saucer of milk."
"Diamonds, a mare's best friend. I know that all too well… No. I won't be showing any diamonds today sweetheart."
"Well.. there was a very pretty mare, wearing a flight suit and goggles, she has been by here are least three times, I think she's sticking around.." The pegasus with the blue overcoat says winking at you. "I didn't catch her name thou, do you happen to know it?"
The unicorn in the bronze armor smirks, the unicorn in the frilly suit looks intedead_lifeted, and the earth pony in the cat-like mask grins a bit.


I frown.
"I'm not sticking around. I'd rather die. … Again."


This isn't unnerving me at all! '1d10'
Clear my throat.
"Surely a gentlecolt like you could show some, after you show me everything else? It's not everyday a mare gets so lucky!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Smooth betreiber…"


The pegasus sighs. and motions to himself "Dashing Flight, always happy to help a brave and pretty lady, I guess you're looking for that slightly chubby mare, the earth pony?"
Dashing looks a little disappointed.
"Well.. maybe.. It has been a while since I've given a proper tour.." He leads you up the stairs to a large statue of a stout earth pony in a suit, "This is my personal favorite. Handsome isn't he?"
"hey, you're doing great." The whisper says again.


"Ja, ja we are!"


Lie through closed teeth.
"The most handsome statue I ever saw."
If I could taste words these would taste like baked bads…


I nod.
"That's the one."


"She was looking for Selena, that black pegasus mare that was involved with that fat earth pony. We told her Selena usually hangs out near the east pillar, and she went right over there."
Cobblepot grins and leads you to a room with a long sofa, the wall is covered with paintings of similar stallions. "Well, now, I don't think I caught your name sweetheart."


"Danken, mein herr.
We will be going."
Off to the East Pillar!


"Nice paintings… And Sweet Rolls. My name is Sweet Rolls."


"Thanks. Name's Clear Sky, by the way."


"Good luck."
You head to the east pillar, and see a few stray cat spirits wandering in and out of the border with out much care for it. One of the cats has a collar with a small jewel on it.
"Well Sweet Rolls, You said you liked diamonds right?" He pulls out a box and carefully opens it, you see a wonderful diamond necklace. "This belonged to my dear mother." He says dramatically. "Bless her heart, she always wanted it to go a good, kind hearted mare if I should meet one."
The curiously the diamonds are different colors.


"Hey kleine thing!
Come here!"
Becon the cat.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Lots of cats… I'm not used to seeing them. Cats can't fly after all."


Does it have a pink diamond as well?
"Did she? She must have a very kind mother. And a good one too, raising a stallion such as yourself…"
Not much longer…


"Cats are nice. They keep good company and never ask for much."


The cat with the collar comes closer to you, rubbing against your hooves a little. "Meow?"
There are about a dozen cats here, seems like they are traveling as a group.
"..Yes, Where are my manners, sharing something like that now! We've only just met, let me get us some wine and the evening might be salvaged." He leaves to necklace on the table, it has a pink, yellow, and blue diamond on it.


Inspect the collar.
"Hey there pretty…"
And pet him.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"They're pretty cute…"


So…did he leave the room? I could just grab it and take it now?


The collar reads Selena's little gem, "Tint" paws off.
You can try, he has turned his back on you and is fiddling with a wine bottle.


"Selena. The mare we are supposed to find."
Turn to the kitten.
"Know where Selena is, kitty?"


I can't make a run for it…
Put it around my neck.
"H-How do I look?"


"meoow.." the cat licks your hoof and then paws at the ground where you see some tracks of a mare leading toward a hill.
Cobblepot spins around with a full wine glass for each of you. "Like an angel!" He decladead_life as he sets down your glass next to you.


"Danke, little one."
Pet him on the head and head towards those tracks.


Look at the glass.
"I'll give it a few minutes, I heard they need some air to taste better."


Follow suit!


"I've got all the time in the world Sweet Rolls."
He gently lifts the necklace and looks into your eyes.
"You know I'd almost say that necklace was made for the way they reflect your in your eyes."
You follow the tracks past a hill and you see a large building with blue ice-like tiles as the roof and as some of the wall. A few bird spirits flock nearby here, dead_lifeting on the bird feeders in the lawn. The tracks continue up to the door.


I smile at the bird and walk up to the door to knock on it.


Pull my head slightly backwards.
"Is it? I really like the pink one… It's been my favourite color since I was a filly."


Wait for answer, standing on attention.


He regards you suspiciously "Yes.. I knew a mare who also liked that one, The gem has a name, its called the Pink Panther."
A knock from down stairs is heard. "Oh, more guests? I'll be right back, do help yourself to the wine.," He leaves the room.
"Hey, you holding up okay? We can get you out a window." the whisper says.
"Yes. Yes." You hear hoof steps and the door opens to reveal a large earth pony stallion, wearing a black and white suit, his mane is orange and he carries an umbrella.
"Can I help you?"


Bow down.
"Mylady Selena we assume?
We are looking for a friend of ours."
Take a short instant of silence.
"The chubby mare."


I nod.
"Let's leave. I only need the pink one though. I'm not a thief."
Get the Pink Panther off of the necklace, and leave the dead_lifet!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Jab him in the side with an elbow.
"That's a stallion!"


Blink once or twice.
"Germane madead_life are better built than him!"


Selena appears and shakes her head at you. "We'll sort it out once we get you and that necklace out of here. Come on." She takes your hoof and urges you along to a balcony.
"Excuse me. I am a proud Cobblepot, and I am not a mare. I am certainly not Selena, how do you know her anyway?"


Blush and coff a bit, visibly embarassed.
"Sorry, really, unexplainable mistake."


Follow her.
"I'm not a pegasus, you are aware of that, right?"


The black pegasus gives you a cat-like smile "No, but you're a spirit with a little effort, you can land with the grace of a real feline." The way down looks far from here.. and those birds suddenly don't look so friendly..
"..I see.. I need to go check on something. Don't go anywhere!" Cobble pot rushes away from the door closing it but not locking it.


"Don't worry, we've got all the time in the world!"


"Oh sweet goodess…. so I just jump or what?"
Start pacing around in place on the balcony.


"That was most unusual of me."


you can hear hoof steps on the stairs.
"Pretty much, Its a little harder for earth ponies, but you just focus on the feeling of falling, and you'll be able to see where you can slow it down. " Selena peaks back into the room while you pace. "Besides that I can swoop down and catch you."
roll a perception check.


"Can't you just carry me down or something?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Maybe this place is getting to you. Don't let that happen! This is all just a minor detour on the road to greatness."

Can I peer through the keyhole? [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Greatness? I'd be fine with going home…"
Look up at the sky.


"That's fine too. That's where all this greatness lies! Hardiness and determination will see us through, just like in flight school."


You can't see very well in this darkness, Selena says something to you but you can't hear her over this loud cawing.. She seems to be urging you forward and stands next to you her wings extended and lowered, you can probably climb on.
You peak inside in time to see the tail of the proper pony wave quickly around the corner at the top of some fancy ice-railed stairs, you also notice the birds suddenly take flight and move to the back of the mansion.


You see the birds suddenly take flight and move to the back of the mansion.


This is getting too creepy and spooky for me!
Push her and get on her back!
Let's go!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Curious and curiouser.
Circle around the mansion.


Take flight and circle around the mansion!

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


You climb on quickly and hold as tight as you can while the black pegasus jumps off the ledge, looking back you can see throu the dark cloud of feathers, the plump stallion cobblepot shaking his umbrella at you, and you feel yourself being.. pinched? Poked with something over and over, and the cawing is so loud. Whatever this is seems to be effecting Selena as well and she is struggling to make a smooth decline.
You walk around back and see the birds surrounding what looks to be a black pegasus carrying an earth pony mare that looks a lot like sweet rolls, The stallion Cobblepot is standing up on a balcony shouting something at them. You see Clear skies sail in just next to them, but above the birds.
You see the birds attacking a black pegasus mare, who is carrying Sweet Rolls on her back. The Stallion you just met is on the balcony shouting "Selena! You cat-napped my date and my jewels! I won't forgive you for this!"

sweet rolls: 3/5


"What is he doing?!"
Brace myself for a crash landing!

Roll #1 7 = 7



Roll #1 6 = 6


"Everypony, halt!"
Stop everyone in place with a TK burst!

Roll #1 7 = 7


You brace yourself and find a moment to knock a few of the birds away from you, some of them glow with lightining which sounds about as loud as crackling thunder to you.. when you feel the touch of magic slowing you down.
"Looks like we have company." Selena says to you, you can finally hear her now that the birds aren't so close. You land safely but the birds are still after you, and Selena looks as if she's ready to take off again.

You punch the birds away from the two madead_life, the lightning making them back off and scatter a bit, a few of the smaller ones fall down.
You slow the fall of the black pegasus and the earth pony, as well as the birds, but fall short of reaching Clear skies or the balcony.

The black pegasus and the earth pony both make it safely to the ground, but the bird swarm is still after them. Cobblepot opens up his umbrella and begins to descend himself.


Throw a rock at the swarm of birds.
Marksman Shot.
"Shoo! Fort!"

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"I don't know about you but I want to leave these birds behind as fast as I can!"

Run for it!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Out! Get away!"
Tumble one of the birds.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"Couldn't agree more." Selena says as she hurries away in a slightly different direction than you doing some loops to distract the birds.
You throw a rock directly into the middle of the swarming birds breaking them up further and knocking a few down, they look a lot less swarm-like now.
You knock down two of the smaller birds.

Cobblepot lands and closes his umbrella.


Back to that settlement or whatever that was!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Fly after them!
"Where is Selena?"


"We are waiting for an explanation, verbrecher.
Why hurt our friend?"
Toss up and catch over and over again another rock, in a menacing way.


"She was right here just a moment ago!"


You can not out run clear skies, but start heading back to the houses as fast as you can manage. Which is a brisk walk right now.
At least the birds stop following you once you get over the hill.
"Your friend stole from me." Cobblepot says indignantly.


"What happened?"


"I find that hard to believe."
Stare him down.
"But if it is so, attacking a stute is no way to go about it."


Take a breather, but keep moving.
"I sort of took something from him, but it wasn't his in the first place!"


I scrunch.
"What did you take!?"


"The diamond that was stolen from the jewelcrafter!"


You can see the houses now. A black pegasus appears next to both of you before you get too close to them, she is smiling. "So, you managed to give feather brain the slip. Purrfect."
He stadead_life you down in return coming closer and tapping the umbrella on the ground. "I don't have time for this, I have to go catch a jewel thief."


"We can both go after her.
But tell me, what use are jewels to those who are dead?"


"I'm not very proud about all this…"


"Right. I heard mentions of that. It's for those cats, right?"

"… You must be Selena. What's going on here!?"


"No, the orb is for the cat, the diamond is for the orb."


He walks toward the direction that sweet rolls and clear sky headed off in.
"The same use as when they had before. A show of wealth, and power. And the ladies love them. As you can tell by the fact that she stole them"
She puts a wing over you guiding you to the left a bit, toward a shadowier part of the settlement, with more bushes and places to hide. "Nah, you did great. We got away clean, that's the important part."
"Just retrieving a little trinket that had been borrowed too long." She smiles.


"Calm down, they can't just disappear, I know them.
We will track them down."


"… You lost me."

"So this belongs to you and you just reclaimed it? Are you sure about that?"


Look around…
Why is she leading me here…
"Yes, now I'm just going to give the pink diamond to it's owner then give back the dead_lifet."


"But you don't know Selena, she's tricky to track down if you she doesn't want to be found." You pass the hill and can see the settlement.
"Of course I'm sure." She says as she slips behind a bush. "Even a kitten knows its own toys."
You see plenty of places to duck into to hide, and Selena points out a small trap door behind the bush. "Well, the real owner of that necklace is me, so I'll just pop the pink one out like so.." she removes the pink diamond and holds it out to you. "and take the necklace, unless you want another one? You did help a lot." The other two diamonds are blue and yellow.


"If you say so… this place sure looks shady though."


Shake my head.
"No, I'm not a burglar, I just wanted to get that pony what was his."


"You two seem old aquatances.
A past liebe?"


"Just stay here a moment hide behind something, I think I hear someone coming."
To you she appears to vanish.
you can make a stealth check to hide in the bushes
"Right, then its time for me to split, hide here until the coast is clear." She ducks down into the trap door with the necklace.
you can also make a stealth check to hide in the bushes or you can follow her into the trap door


"Ah, she is a wildfire that Selena, we were birds of a feather, flying together for a while, but when the rope was short and the cards were down she left with the loot." He sighs as you continue walking, you can see the houses now, perhaps your friends are nearby?


I'd rather not, I'm afraid I made a big enough mess as it is by nosing around where I shouldn't…
"Let's go."
Let's get back to the jewelcrafter.
Try not to shake too much.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Perhaps. Keep an eye out for them.
"I see. Is this her way to get back at you?"


Follow her.
"Are you okay? You look a little pale."


Give her a look.
"That's not really the right word to use here is it…"


"… Right."
I snicker
"Still, you look upset!"


"I never did anything like this before! I had a calm life!"


I shrug.
"Neither have I, but I've got other things to be concerned about at the moment."


"Or maybe her way to get my attention." the stallion looks around not seeing her and sighs. You spot your mare friend rushing toward one of the houses.
You shake and hurry as fast as you can to Diamond Cuts' house, if you were shaking any more you'd drop the diamond!


"Don't we all down here…"

Just go there quick!


The both of you enter the house quickly there are various jewels on the fool and an older looking unicorn counting them who grumpily greets you with a "Hello? Who is it? More New Comers? Go next door I am busy, and expecting someone.."


"I'm sure whatever happens she could never have gone far. Let's split up search zones."
Point in the opposite part of the village as the houses.
"You take that part of town."


"Alright." He leaves you and wanders off looking for the pegasus mare. You can now pursue your friend un-followed


Off I go.


Point at Sweet Rolls.
"She's the one you want."

Where did Sigfried go? Hover in the air and see if I can spot him.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Put the pink diamond down on his table.
"Here it is. This is your's, right?"


The went inside a house, you spot Clear Sky looking in your direction, past her you can see Sweet Rolls talking to somepony.
You see him right outside the door.
Diamond Cuts' eyes light up. "Yes! that is the one. The Pink Panther, The wonder of the southern mines. I am so glad to see it returned!" he takes the diamond into his hooves and begins to polish it carefully before he levitates up the curious crystal eye-ball with the colorful 'iris' that moves on its surface. "Here you are Miss. Your reward."


Trot hastily over and motion her to land.
"What on Equestria are you doing, communing with diebe!"


Extend a hoof, but look down at the ground.
"Thank you."


Land in front of him.
"What? What's a diebe?"


"Is something the matter?" He asks curiously. "That crystal eye is certainly a fair trade for the effort, Its quite rare.."


"Damn what's the meaning…
Thief! Communing with thieves!"


"Thieves? Sweet Rolls and that Selena told me they were just reclaiming something that was stolen from them!"


"That was not what the stallion said! And according to him, he and this Selena are even birds of a feather!"


Shake my head.
"No, it was what I asked for after all. Goodbye."
Leave his house.


Your two friends are outside.


Speak faintly.


Look at her with a disappointed stare.
"Where is the other stute?"


"Excuse you?"


"The mare! Selena! Do you know who you just helped?"


"… What?"


"Now you see what rushing into things leads to!"


"Technically, she helped me."


"So I made friends with a thief?"


"Wait wait wait… how do we know he was speaking the truth?"


Stomp with a forehoof.
"I'm not a thief!"


"We don't. This is the reason I didn't tell him where you where hiding in the first place.
Sent him to the other side of town, ze fool!"
"But you took that gem!"


"So who is the thief then? I'm so confused!"


"They both are, I wouldn't be surprised if the gem was of neither one of them!"


"It belonged to the pony in this house!"


"How can you know?"


"So… we did a good thing then, right?"


"It was part of his collection!"


"The good thing would have been not getting mixed up in this at all. Now that pony is on your backs!"


"Well, all the more reason to hurry up and get out of this place then, right?"


Shake my head and mutter to myself, in an ironic tone.
"Mein Fuhrer, why did you forsake me…"
Start walking back into town.

"You two know he will come looking for you, right?"


"Yeah! Which means we'll have to hide, run or fight him off."


"Where do you think we are, a lawless world? If we started a fight in town the ponies there would surely come after us, and maybe even throw us out of the pillars!"


"Or we will just confront him about what he did! He was in the wrong!"
Deliver the orb!


Facehoof again.
"So was the other mare! And probably the pony with the collection too!"


"He's a thief! He's the one who will get chased out if anyone! Don't worry so much. Relax."


I'm done trying to convince these madead_life.
Just accompany them.


"Yes! We weren't thieves! If anything we were cops!"


Sigh and keep a dead_lifeigned tone.
"Rechts, rechts."




You follow Sweet Rolls back into the main home and upstairs to where Miss Gretchen is, her room full of various shining objects, the foal and spirit cat are trying to untangle themselves from a pile of yard. Gretchen herself is fawning over a colorful moth in an ornante golden cage. "Oh, look at that, three ponies here to see me. What can do for you dearies?"


Wave a hoof around.
"Nevermind. You right."
Uh… What did I gather for her, again?


Pdead_lifeent the orb for her.
"I've got what you wanted."


eggs, you and clear skies both gathered eggs.
She seems delighted. "Oh, how wonderful! I just know Meowster is going to love this, such a precious creature.." She plucks the cat out of the yarn and sets it down next to the Crystal Eyeball, the cat's fur stands up and it arches it back and circles around the orb occasionally batting at it and making the iris move causing the cat to jump back before approaching it again.
"Oh, look at it playing already!" The flower covered mare holds out a ball of light to you. "And this is for you."


Good thing we delivered them already.


I reach out for it, then pause, and bite my lip.
"Don't… don't give it to me…"
Look at Boulder.
"He needs it more."


"If you're certain dear.." she trots over to the foal helping him untangle and pdead_lifesing the orb of light into his chest.
"Whoa! I feel big and strong!" Boulder says cheerfully and bounces over to you with a huge. "It feels all warm and happy like carrot soup!"


*with a huge grin


Smile down at him and pat his head.
"You are big and strong. Maybe I can make carrot soup sometime if we find everything I need for it. Would you like that?"


"Yea! I love carrots! They are the best vegetable ever!" he hugs your leg, he feels a little more real and warm than before.


"Uh… I hate to interrupt but… there's still some cooking to be done."


I nod.
Turn to Miss Gretchen.
"Where can we bake?"

Gulp a bit, and look away while he does that.
Come on, be strong, don't get sentimental or tear up or anything.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"There is an oven down stairs. You just need to light it and you should be able to bake just about anything you want." She continues to watch her kitten mesmerized.
You stay strong and stoic in a way that the lad doesn't notice. "If you're going to bake can I go out and play? I bet there is something fun to do in yard!"


"I don't have any matches on me, I'm afraid…"
Then to Boulder.
"Don't you want to help me? I will need a strong colt to help me with the dough!"


I will look from mare to mare.
"We will need a place to stay for the night.
The four of us."


"I'm sure there is someplace where we can retreat to, even if it's not much."


She gives you an odd look. "Are you feeling fatigue dearies? How odd."
"Last time I looked there were some in the same room, but you could see if anyone knows any magic to help get you started, a spark or a flame perhaps.."
Boulder smiles up at you with a nod. "Yea, I can do that! I'll clobber that dough!"


Do I even feel tired?


No. Not at all. In fact since passing the pillars your wounds have even healed from your encounter with the tigers.


"This is all so strange…"


"Thank you."
Brush his mane with a hoof.
"That's the spirit! Let's go then."

Let's go down and look for some matches.

Roll #1 4 = 4


She nods. "If you get tired out in the wilds you'll feel fine if you stay a moment behind the pillars. But if you want to make a home like this, you can ask the diggers for help."
She motions toward the north side.
You take Boulder downstairs and locate the kitchen area, there are a few spirits wandering aimlessly around here, but you locate a match box, it only has.. two matches left..


"Only two matches, we'll have to be careful to get it right!"
Let's look for pans and such as well!


After a bit of searching, and shooing away some rat-spirits, you find everything you need, oddly the mouse spirits didn't leave any dirt on the dishes, so you don't have to clean them.
"I'm not supposed to use matches." Boulder says innocently.


Nod as I prepare the equipment.
What about the ingredients, are they all here too?
"Playing with fire is very dangerous, colts and fillies shouldn't do it. I'm just afraid I won't be able to light up the oven!"


"But I want to someday. I'm almost big enough!"
You look in the cabinet, there is flower, sugar, whole wheat sticks, a vegatable oil, vanilla extract.. all the parts that can be grown are here, combined with your eggs that should do the trick.. Now you just have to get each stage right, first is mixing.. will you mix the dry ingredients and wet ones separately?


"Of course you are!"
Turn away before he can see a frown…

And I need to scald the milk first, then stir it in sugar, salt and butter…
Theere is milk, right?


Yea, there is a bottle here.
Roll for mixing. +2 from your baking talent.


Stir it!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Oh, that butter is chunky, its sticking to the sugar and getting all lobbed together, better try to break it up! "Come on Miss Sweet, you can do it!" Boulder cheers you on.


Smile at his enthusianism.
Break it up and stir properly!
"The sooner this part is done the sooner you can show me how strong you are!"

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Just put a little more muscle in, pretty soon its looking like actual dough and puffing up in the bowl.
"Can I eat it yet?" he asks curiously bouncing up next to you to see over your shoulders.


"Oh, if you'd eat it raw you would get a tummy ache!"
Sprinkle flour over a board, put the dough on it, then give Boulder the rolling pin.
"Boulder, would you be a dear and start working on this for me with your strong hoofsies?"

In the meantime, butter the inside of a mixing bowl.


"Aw okay.. I just can't wait for it to get done."
He hops up to the counter sort of half floating half standing on a chair and rolls the dough out for you, he is enthusiastic but doesn't really know about holding back, hopefully he gets it even enough for you '1d10-1'
Watching him closely you butter the inside of the bowl for smooth removal of ingredients.

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9


Boulder somehow does it perfectly, the smoothness and evenness of a professional! Truly impdead_lifesive considering it appears wholly accidental


I give him a hug.
"What a great work, Boulder, that seems perfect! I should ask for your help more when I'm making these!"
Ruffle his mane a bit, then take the dough and then butter all of it's sides before putting it in the bowl…
Hmm, let's cover it with a wet towel, that always works.
"Now we will have to wait for it to rise though!"


I smile at them both as they work.


The diggers.
"I will ask."
Bow down.
"Thanks, mylady."


"Of course deary. Come back any time."
"Really?!" He beams with pride as you ruffle him and then checks his flank seeing it still blank he frowns.
With the dough covered you are confident it will rise with in 1-3 hours posts
"Hey, Miss flier! how did you get your Cutie Mark?"


Leave the house and locate these… Diggers.


Strike the air with my forehooves.
"I always liked martial arts as a filly, so my parents signed me up for a course. Turns out I didn't just like it, I was good at it too! Good enough to warrant a cutie mark of my own at least!"


"I am sure you will get your mark too, eventually. You are so talented, how could you not?"


"Yea! Maybe I can be a baker like you!"
He seems excited at the idea.
"Whoa, that's really neat. I wish I could fly!" you note that he is hoovering above the ground now despite being an earth pony.
you go north of the settlement, and see an area lit by different color torches. There is a tiny stone building in the middle of these torches with a wooden door, and a switch to the right of the door. You can hear a fire from inside.


"Maybe you can help me bake more and we will see if that works."
Smile at him


"Maybe! "
You feel like you should heat up the oven soon.


I chuckle.
"I don't know, but it seems like you can already."


Well, try to use one of the two matches to get the oven ready!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Give her a look.
And lower my voice.
"Remember, he doesn't know! He mustn't!"


Ah, a buzzer.
Ring it.


"… Oh. Don't worry, I got this!"


He glances down confused and floats about a bit. "Huh. I guess wishing really works sometimes!"
You open up the oven to where the wood is, strike the match and quickly toss it in.. it seems like it worked! The fire roars warmly.
You flip the switch and a red light flickers on in the room and then is turned off shortly. An earth pony stallion with ruffled red hair, dark eyes, and a plain gray outfit answers the door. there is some coal dust on him, or perhaps ashes. "Greetings can I help you with something?"


Nod and speak in a low tone.
"Yes, I've been told to seek out 'the diggers' if I ever were to build a house."


While it warms up, start rolling the dough into little roll shapes.
Once I've done a few, show it to Boulder.
"Want to help? Just pinch off some of the dough, and shape them like this!"


I smile and pick him up from the ground, rising in the air further and further.
"All pony races have their own special thing, don't forget that."


"Oh, come in then. I am Tanner, also called the Guide by the other two diggers." He lets you inside when you step inside there is a switch on the floor and stepping off this switch closes the door behind you. There are a few chests against the wall. three beds, lights on the wall near the ceiling, a red light with a switch next to it. a room to the right where you can hear fire roaring, and a room to the left where you can see 3 beds.
"So how much do you know about crafting?"


Boulder laughs a bit as you lift him up "I'll try to remember! And this is really fun."
After a moment of letting him enjoy his short flight you convince him to come help again, more sure of himself he carefully follows your instructions. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


And the first one he tries to make crumbles in his hooves. "Oh no.." luckily at this stage you can just pick it up again and roll it..


"Don't worry, can't be perfect every try!"
Try and show him how I do it!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"I know how to make a brewery. That's about it."


After a bit of practice he seems be able to do it, they are a bit lumpier than yours, but that just gives them character! he can fold into rolls at a quality of 4/10
"Well, the first thing you need is materials, here's a pick axe and a shovel and an axe." she hands them to you. "You'll want to mine for ore or stone that you want to use, or cut down trees. The diggers are down in the hole just now but they can teach you refined methods of mining if you get on their good side."
He begins a long explanation of how to craft various things, needing to make planks for a table, needing to have sticks and coal for torches..


It's the thought that counts!
And he could say he helped make those!
"Good! Now let's put in the oven!"
In the oven it goes!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


the guide is a he.
Boulder smiles at you as you slide them into the top of the oven, about in the center, the should cook nice and evenly there.
"When can we eat them?!" He asks curiously.



"And all of this… Is just out there for the taking?"
Look baffled at them.


"It grows back, The problem is ..the best stuff grows outside the pillars.. We use the torches to see and to keep most spirits away when we go out there, but its not always enough."


"It's about a good twenty minutes until they are ready, but you'll want to let them sit for twenty more so they will be tastier and won't burn your tongue!"


"I'm not afraid of venturing past the pillars."


"Are you a hunter as well as a brew master? Do you have a weapon? If not you can craft one."
"That sounds like an really long time! What do I do until then?" Boulder looks bored.


"I… I fear I lack a weapon. It was taken from me the moment I died, I guess."


Sit down beside him.
"Hmmm… do you like riddles?"


"Where did Sigfried go?"


I look at her.
"I thought he was with you."


"What kind of weapon do you want to use? An axe would be nice for powerful slow attacks, a sword for faster strikes, bow and arrow are simple to craft and reliable ranged weapons, and a gun would be more powerful, but is a tad trickier to craft and is reliability depends on your skill."
"Hmm I like stories! Are riddles like stories?" He asks somewhat intedead_lifeted.
huh, good question, he never came to the kitchen at all..


"They are. I could tell you stories too. What kind of stories do you like?"


I sigh.
"I'll go look for him. Stay safe you two, okay?"
Head outside and take to the skies to look for him!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Let's say I'm good with a gun."


"You stay safe too."


"I like stories about fast things, like airplanes and boats and trains!" He says excitedly. "Or the Wonderbolts! those are really good stories."
"Alright, to craft on of those, you'll need four iron bars, a diamond, a stick and a piece of glass."
he shows you the pattern to make the gun with.
"To fire it you'll need bullets, which are made of iron, and gunpowder."
"You can also make it out of steel or a harder metal if you find one. Weapons made of better metal pack a bigger punch."


You float outside and are unsure which direction he went, he is not apparently outside.


"That sounds… Expensive."


Hmmm… anyone around who might have seen him?

Roll #1 3 = 3


I'm not sure I can get any more pale than I am.
Try to keep my composure after hearing that last one…
"I-I'm not sure I know a lot of stories about them.."

Roll #1 1 = 1


There are a few wandering pony spirits out here, and there are some farmers tending wheat and corn nearby.
"The diamond is the hardest part of it, have to mine deep for those. If you're going down in the mines you'll want a compass so you can find your way back easier." He offers you a compass.
You become paler than a bleached sheet and feel like crying.
"Oh, my moma used to read me a story about a little train that climbed up a mountain! She said it meant you can do anything if you try."


Approach one of the farmers.
"Hey! Did you see a unicorn stallion pass by here recently?"


Take it with an absent nod.
"What of the bow, then?"


"Yes… I-I…could you watch the oven for a minute? I have to do… something really quickly. We can continue after that."
Stand up and run outside.
Behind the building.

Roll #1 3 = 3


An older looking earth pony, with what looks like saw marks on his skin replies "Indeed I did missy. I saw a fancy unicorn running up to the digger's place. Just a few moments ago." he points north where you see a house lined with torches.
"Much easier, you just need wood and string, and then you can reinforce with metal it to upgrade it. Arrows are easy enough too you can even use common stone and wood for them."
He shows you the pattern for the bow, upgrading the bow, and the arrows.


"Making wood seems like the best option then."


Boulder looks a bit confused as you leave but nods. You go behind the building, here you find a black cat with a jewel hanging from its neck.


Speed off towards there!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Ignore it.
Just sit down against the fall and break down crying.
Maybe it will make me feel better…

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Yep, just chop down a tree with that axe I gave you earlier. watch out for spiders, they have silk string but jump around a lot and can take you by surprise if you're not careful." Tanner smiles, seems like he really loves to give helpful advice.
its less of a a spring and more of a walk, but you go up there the small building has various colored torches, seems to be made of stone bricks and has a switch next to the wooden door. You can hear the sound of a fire from the inside as well as muffled speaking.
You break down and start to cry, loudly like a wailing cry, the slight echo make you confirm this is real which doesn't comfort you, you can't help but think of everything you've lost, everything you left behind. The cat spirit meows like a high pitched a howl along side you, as if its mourning with you.


"I… See. Then I will be off."
Go for the door, but stop short and pull out the compass.
"I won't be needing this, I guess."
Leave it on the table and leave.


Knock on the door.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Okay, cry a bit more then try to stop… I need to go back…

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Come back if you need more advice." Tanner says with a wave.
You step on the wooden switch in front of the door and it opens.. to reveal Clear Sky standing there with her hoof about to knock.
Before you can knock the door flies open and you see Sigfried standing there. An earth pony stallion with ruffled red hair, dark eyes, and a plain gray outfit is inside the house, he gives you a friendly wave.
You manage to bring yourself to a slow sniffle the cat spirit rubbing against your legs in an attempt to comfort you. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Oh. Found you!"


Take a step back.
"Mein Freur."
Bow slightly.


but the fact that you can partly see throu it, only reminds you that nothing here is alive ruining the effect.


"I wasn't sure where you went, so I looked for you! Need help with something?"


Okay, I think I have some more time to weep then…
Push it away.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I was about to head out, find parts to… Build.
Things work differently from home, over here."


"No kidding! What do you need?"


"Wood. And strings. To make a bow, since my rifle has been lost."


"Oh. Can I help?"


"I would love you to."
"You might need some tools for the occasion."
Nod back at the inside of the house.


You try to push the cat away and manage to get it off you but not before it manages to lick your hoof slightly. The black cat tilts its head at you and lays down a few feet away staring as you pull yourself together, you realize you need to hurry or the bread will be burned.


"Gotcha. An axe might be handy here."
Look inside for one!


Stare at the cat for a few moments.
"Sorry about that…"

Wipe my eyes and run back inside.


You walk inside once you step off the wooden switch on the floor the door closes behind you, the earth pony stallion with ruffled red hair, dark eyes, and a plain gray outfit waves at you again. "Hello, can I help you with something?"
The cat meows at you in reply and licks its own paws. When you go back inside boulder is floating around the oven trying to peak inside.


"I'd like an axe please, to chop some wood with Sigfried."


"Sorry about that… I think it's enough, let's turn it off before we burn the rolls, okay?"
Turn off the oven and open it.


"Certainly. When chopping trees you will collect saplings from the leaves, these can be replanted and will grow into new trees given time." He informs you as he hooves you a plain axe.


"Gotcha. Simple enough, thanks!"
Take the axe and go after Siegfried.


Time to leave for the pillars.
"What are you looking to build, freur Sky?"


"Don't you need wood?"


"To make wood, then."
Give a little flip to my axe and keep walking.


You pull open the oven and look at the rolls, They are perfectly golden brown, any later and they would be burnt!
"It smells really good!" he says excitedly.
You head further north making your way toward the pillars, you can spot some trees already, the ones inside the pillars don't look very tall, and are spread out in an orderly way as if they are younger, and intentionally planted. Outside the pillars the trees are tall and thickly gathered as if they naturally grew.


I won't be scared of walking a few steps out of the pillars. Head for those.


Force a smile.
"We will see how they taste after they cooled down a bit!"
Find a rag so I can take it out of the oven without burning myself.




You put on an oven mitt and pull out the tray with the buns on it.
Whoa, they sure are warm!
The now familiar feeling of leaving the safety of the pillars comes over you with an uneasy chill, the fodead_lifet here is somewhat dark, and you think you can hear things moving around you, the trail winds back and forth, you can start chopping on a random tree or select one carefully, some of them seem climbable as well.


Look for a few pebbles and pocket them.
"Be on your toes, mylady."
Then go for the neadead_lifet tree.


Put it on the table.
"They really look good. I don't think I could have done it without your help, Boulder!"


"Toes? Uh… sure."




You pick up a few random stones from the ground, about 12~, and then start to chop on a tree. you think you hear something moving nearby '2d4'
"Really?! I did help a lot didn't I!" he seems proud of himself and eyes the particularly lumpy ones.
Diamond dogs and Gryphon have toes probably

Roll #1 1, 1 = 2


Keep an eye out.


Pat his head.
"You did. I bet it will taste even better knowing you contributed."


You get it about half-way chopped and see a pair of skittering spiders up in the tree tops.
"I want to try it now!" He decladead_life with a huge grin.


"Geddown from there!"
Throw one of the rocks at them.
Marksman Shot.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


sorry for disappearing, on the tablet now

"Hey! Get out of here!"

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


its okay, Its a little late for you all anyway we can pick up again another time.

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