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Our heroes have a bit of down time before the big monster hunt tonight. They all have a decent amount a sand-dollars obtained from the reward for bringing down the troublesome Mobster Lobster Crime Ring.
What will they do with their time? Lets find out.

last thread:


Where are we right now?


I believe I'd just returned the clownfish's book and we were chatting.


We'd just finished bargaining a lighter sentence for the young seaponies, right?


I'll take the opportunity to head over to those painter sea ponies from before and see if my suggestion was correct.


under the sea, its afternoon time, I left you in the market area with your cash: if you accepted it.

once you all feel ready we can try the Giant Squid.


Is there someplace I could buy some fish armor?


I'll accept the cash and go looking for something I would look good in once I am back on the boat.

Roll #1 10 = 10


I go swim after and join them!
"Hey! Wait up for me!"


I follow!

"What's the plan kid? Don't tell me you're going to spend it all in once place eh?"
Ruffle his mane


The keep eyed shop keeper looks you over and nods "Well, I'd hardly have believed it if I hadn't heard the rumors about last night. The queen herself going mad like that?"
with a slight shake of his head he adds "You've made some powerful friends Alecrus."
you head off to their stand and see the pair smiling widely.
Spot speaks first "Hello."
Speckles chimes in "Welcome Back."
"Did those paints work out okay?"
Fish armor? the smith has a few things on display.
they will all be fluff unless you choose protection from one specific thing or element. such as
Lightning protection: lightning attacks don't hurt you unless you roll 4 or less

You find a lovely pink sundress that seems like its made of material that would actually be fine on the surface as well, some kind of light cloth, there are shells decorating it, and it comes with a matching necklace.


"Hey there. How are you two love bird-fish-things doing?"


My eyes go wide. I don't even need Arioso to tell me this will look good.
"How much for the sundress?"


I smile.
"I think I'm gonna try to buy some better armor for this weirdo fish body."

I look at my sand dollars and say, "..and I'm gonna try to not break these. This money is weird, too."


I nod.
"And I'll be leaving with them once they swim out of town. But first we've got that squid hunt to do."
I'll float back and forth a moment.
""I'm… kinda worried. We're going to be hunting alongside sharks, and even though we're working on making peace, I'm still a little uneasy. They're nice enough, but… well, habit's a hard thing to shake."


"We're doing great!"
I giggle and do a little flip, ending with a peck on Allegro's cheek.

I gasp.
"That… looks absolutely adorable! Are you gonna buy it Odette?"


"Actually, I've still been to busy to try them out properly. If you don't mind, I'd like to join you today and just observe and point the going-ons."

"I did have one question, though. What did your mother say about that little accessory off hers?"


"Oh, that's [extremely affordable for your money status]. A real bargain actually, I'm thinking of moving soon." The sales pony smiles at you. "It will look really adorable on a gray sea pony like yourself. You have a wonderful eye."
He pulls up a seat for you, "My best customer is leaving? And hunting with Sharks?"
He looks concerned "Alecrus, you're sure about all this?"


"Things are going… swimmingly"
I chuckle

Return the kiss and give a quick nuzzle

"Hmm. That sounds like a good plan actually. I could use some too I think."


"She was thrilled!", "Ecstatic." "We can't thank you enough for your advice."
they both seem happy and then Speckles nudges his cousin who nods.
"But it seems we were wrong about why she liked it. She just was happy to have something from us at all, and didn't even mind about the color."


"It's the adventure I always wanted, you know? And they even have a way to safely explore the surface. Can you imagine? Being able to breathe up there for an extended length of time! Just think of what I could find!"
I'll deflate a little.
"Not that I'm not nervous, because I am. Really nervous. But the group seems to care for its own. I should be fine."


Slightly dejected laugh.

"Well, even before I got here, you two seemed to have put in quite a bit of thought into it. She should be happy to have two children who worry about her so."

"So then, what do you have going on today?"


"You bet!"

"I'll take it. Thanks!"
I hand over my bash.


I giggle from his affection.
"Are you gonna go armor shopping with Cloudcaller, Alle?"

"Oh gosh it's gonna look so adorable on you! C'mon let's see it on!"


"That sounds like a fun plan, Ari. I take it you're in the mood for some shopping of your own?"
I grin


the shop keeper leans back closing his eyes a moment. "Well, you've go to follow your dreams then. Be sure to bring back some good stories when you make your way here again."
"I will have plenty of new stock by then too." He adds with a smile
They laugh a bit as well. "We shouldn't have been so short sighted, but she really does look lovely now. You should see her.. the red-orange color really does accent her perfectly. "

"And we'll be doing the same as always, selling art supplies and such, we have some line art books today, great for coloring practice."
"Thank you, come back if you need to adjust it or anything!"
you obtained a nice sea-dress.


I pout.
"I'm not gonna put it on in front of everyone. Just Arioso so she can show me how to do it, and Cloudcaller if he wants to watch~"

"I will. Thanks again."


I'll nod enthusiastically, and smile.
"If I'm lucky, I'll be able to transfer them to waterpage, so I can help you stock up!"


I blush and grin a bit.

"I r-really should go buy some armor, I think…"


"Well, I just got paid, so lay those on me. I'd like to see what counts as line art practice here."

"Since she was the reason we even met, would it be possible to meet your mother some day? You make her out to be a wonderful person."


I chuckle
"Let's just let the ladies do their thing. Come on, kid."
Make my way to the armor smith


I return his grin.
I swim over and give him a peck on the lips.
"Have fun with your guy-time!"

"Fiiiine. You're gonna have to help me pick some else out in return!"
I lead her to a dressing room.


I follow


"Okay, honey. See you later."
I grin wickedly over my shoulder as I sashay away towards the dressing rooms.

"Okay. So, I've not worn a dress since I was young enough for my mom to dress me. What do I do?"


"Uh… well… you just…"
I do vague gestures with my hooves.
"Just slip it on over you! You can straighten it out afterwards."


I put it on.
1: Right
2: Sideways
3: Sideways
4: Upside down

Roll #1 4 = 4


Right. Well, do I see anything good looking there? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I try to correct you!

Roll #1 4 = 4


I scratch my head.
"This is… sea pony dresses are a lot more confusing than pony dresses."


The stripy sea-pony smiles at the suggestion "That would be something to look forward to. Maybe you could even retire off the profits from selling the books? I'd cut you a fair deal after all."
He passes you over a small tome, the cover is like a runic symbol of water, the pages are smooth and thin, made from woven seaweed. Attached to the side is a pen full of squid ink.
"This.. Is deserving of being filled with an adventure, If you're serious about recording it, this is the best I have for you."
His expression and demeanor seem youthful for the first time since you've met him. He sounds almost hopeful. and he adds with a cheery voice.
"Promise to fill that for me, and I'll give it to you for a steep discount, only 12 sand dollars."
They show you several books full of line work, they depict various sites under the sea, sea monsters, caverns, the crystal city, the soldiers, one or two very.. in-accurate representations of the surface are mixed in as well.
"Well, I suppose Speckles can introduce you, only takes one of us to watch the shop."
I'm not sure how you both managed it, but neither of you can figure out how to put the dress on properly and fumble awkwardly.


I look around for the right shop, too

Roll #1 7 = 7


You wing up standing in line at the armor smith, looks like a few shark ponies and sea ponies are here to gear up for the squid-hunt!
When you finally arrive up front the smith's display has been picked over and he is fumbling about somewhere in his stocks
"Just a moment lads and lasses."


Rolling to not be too upset.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"That would be kind of you. It also gives me a little time to think…"

How far is our ship, and do I have any similar books I could offer them?


I'll chuckle a little.
"At that price, it's practically a steal. I'll write in it often, and record all I can. I might even need to get more while out and about."


"H- here! I have an idea!"
I duck outside to see how the dresses sit on the mannequins outside, then duck back in to try and fix Odette's dress!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Looks like we weren't the only ones in need of some armor…"

Well, surely there's something still around right? '1d10'
If not I guess we'll wait and see if there's stock in the back

Roll #1 2 = 2


I look in the mirror.
I hug you.
"Should I get something to wear in my mane?"


"Hm… a hair pin would look super cute!"


you are at the right shop. the burly looking sea-pony smith hauls out a new rack of weapons and armor to display.
"Its been a busy day Lad, but I've still got plenty of energy left, what can I do ya for?"
You hardly have time to be upset as Arioso takes some cues from the mannequins and fixes your outfit, looking at yourself in the mirror.. you look adorable, the dress sets just right on you!
Speckles comes around from behind the counter to stand next to you.

You know that Anya keeps a decent library, but not the exact contents of it. and the ship is about an hour's swim away.
he nods a bit.
"Just be careful out there, its much harder to sell a tragedy.."


"What kind?"

I smile at my reflection and do a twirl.


I'll nod seriously.
"It'll be harder to bring back, too. Don't know how long I'll be gone, but here's hoping you're still open for business when I get back."


"Maybe a seashell?"
I go out looking for a nice hairpiece to go along with her dress.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Maybe even just showing them a few things would pique their interest later.

"After you, m' lady."

Offer them a smile.


"Me and my young friend here are looking for some armor. Something not too heavy, please. And uh… maybe something to protect this?"
I wave my tail fin at him


I help her look.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I nod vigorously in agreement.


He chuckles a bit "I'll be here, I was born for this work after all. And as you know I'm plenty patient, so just worry about keeping yourself safe."
You look around and see that nearly every stand sells such hair shells, all sizes, colors and shapes.
You find the choices a bit over whelming and can't really tell what a good deal it as the prices all vary widely, in a pattern you can't really understand at first glance. You manage to locate one that's the same pink as her dress after a bit of looking, its got a single pearl on the end as decoration and uses a comb to set in your mane.
You both head to the residential district, the atmosphere here is different, calmer and more relaxed than the market area, She leads you to a house with yellow spots on it, a garden full of sea plants, and goes to open the door.
"Well.. here we go."
"Alright, a fin size is rather personal, let me measure you lads." he pulls out a bit of sting and measures your tail fin.
"Anything specific you are looking for or just a basic set?"


"What do you think about this, Odette?"
I show her the hairpiece.


I'll nod, exchange the coins for the book, and bid goodbye to the book seller.
"Until we meet again, then!"
And then it's off to my study, to prepare for the Hunt.


"What can I buy with these?"
I dump my sand dollars on the counter.


Give myself a once over before we go, then head in and say hello.


"I love it."

"How much? Do you have any silvery ones that would go with my eyes?"


Pull back my tail fin as soon as he lets go of it and give it an embarrassed stare.
"U-Uh… do you have something padded? Or maybe made of a lightweight scale? I don't imagine metal floats well down here and I have no idea what else would be used for armor…"


he looks impressed and nods
"That's more than enough to cover an enchanted piece, can lessen the effects of a particular kind of magic, you just gotta decide which one you want protection from. Electricity is a popular choice, but there is also heat, cold, dark or light magic."
"Certainly we have fine scale mail I'll just fix up one that is your size.." he turns around and gets to work.
"Oh its 5 sand dollars, and I do have a few other colors." she shows you some blue, silver, white and green ones that are very similar. "Anything you like?"
Speckles swims inside "Hey mom, I've got someone that wants to meet you.."
You finally get a good look at the mother, she is mostly white, with large green spots, blue eyes, and a blue mane. she is wearing a puffy yellow dress and holding a orange red fan. She smiles at you from behind it. "Oh hello dear, Please come inside! are you one of those brave sharks that's going to help us out with the Squid?"

the inside of their home is very sweet, the smell of food in the air, paintings on the walls, a comfy looking couch, and a shell stairs going down. Nearly every inch of the home is decorated in some way.. you also see a few family paintings.


You return to your study to prepare, anything specific you grab?


"I've already helped take a bite out of the local crime group, a Squid will be done in no time."

Look at the paintings. "Are those yours?"


"Oooh, protection from dark magic sounds cool. Like a real hero!"


"Hmmmm. All of them."


"Ooh! Could I get a blue one?"


"Giant Squids: a Hunter's Guide."
Also some provisions, mostly seaweed cakes, and a dagger. Can't rely on that teeny net for a giant squid.


Put my fin down and look at him
"Scale sounds fine. Though magic protection sounds nice… How about some light magic protection? Never seen it used before so I imagine it's quite a powerful thing."


The smith holds his dark blue sides and lets out a hardy laugh "Alright, one hero's set of armor coming right up."
he hammers a bit to adjust it to your size and then presents you with a set of armor that has a bit of a white and blue scale pattern to it.
"This'll do ya lad." he claims about 5/8 of your sand dollars
Dark Magic Resistance: you take one less damage from necromatic attacks.
The sales pony looks a little over whelmed and bags up the hair pieces chosen "Are you preparing for a big event?"
"Aye, light magic can be a terrible thing to face, but actually that's a bit less popular of a protection, its mostly useful if you are worried about an enemy with powerful believes. Well, since the sharks are on our side, we don't have much use for that now."
Good thinking. would you like to read or go find the others?


"I guess you could say that."
I giggle and take my hairpiece out of the bag and wear it.
"Do you think I should get a dress too Odette?"


I'll head to the meeting spot, and read while I wait. Let's see what tactics and facts I can glean from this book. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Is this your family?"


"Right. I'll take heat protection then. Better safe than burnt to a crisp."


"No, but I don't think I'll be coming back here in a long time."



I immediately wriggle into it.


"Well aren't you looking dashing! You'll have Odette swooning for sure."
I nudge him and wriggle an eyebrow


you read the discliamer:
[Sea-Publishers is not responsible for any injuries incurred while facing giant squids..]
and look at a very scary drawing of a giant squid.
"Oh, yes, that's a bit of an old picture." she points to the large painting, there are over a dozen ponies in the painting all spotted. "That one was 6 years ago, why my Soeckles was just a little sea-foal at the time, and there is Sentinel, his wife Spency and their son Spot.. " she looks a little distant when she mentions them.
"Oh, you know Spency was such a good mother really did everything to protect my brother Sentinel.. " she smiles again as if nothing had been said
"Would you like some cake dear?"
he brings you a set with what look like sea dragon scales on it, they are a dark yellow-orange instead of the usual blue. "Here ya go."
you pay for it with 5/8 of your earnings from the lobster job.
heat protection: take one less damage from heat based attacked
you feel heroic.
"Oh.. you moving away because of the sharks? I don't blame you, some of the others are too."


"Heheheh yeah!"


"Um, yes, that would be great."


Well… that's less than encouraging, but maybe there's something useful! Don't judge a book by its preface!
'1d10' to find tactics or weaknesses.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"It's not them. In fact, i like the sharks."



I slip mine on and fasten it, then carefully fumble with the tail fin armor.
"This is incredibly awkward to put on.."

"Heh. Well we're all set armor-wise. Anything else we need to pick up? Maybe… a few books to keep your studies going on our travels?"


"Yes! You'd look great!"


I look at you, shocked.
"I ain't no nerd!"


She brings over some tiny little cakes, they are the color of shrimp. "Please, make yourself at home… Mr. Shark?
You may call me Mrs. Sands."
Among all the usual common knowledge facts, you discover that they can only squirt ink at regular intervals, so if you all dodged this ink blast you would have a much easier time fighting it.

Spirit swims over to you, looking a little worried "Hello Alecrus."
you are now wearing a blue shell, decorated with a pearl and stuck into your mane with a comb.
" First time in a full suit eh', you'll get used to it." the smithy laughs a bit

indeed you manage to get used to it, its padded enough to not scrape against your skin.


"Do you wanna come with me to go find one?"


"Oh.. you do?" The sales pony looks surprised. "well, maybe if they prove faithful."


"Yup. They are good people."

"Do I?"
Dress looking time!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Give him a stern look.
"It's good for you kid! Dummies don't live survive too long out in the real world you know!"

Give an awkward smile while admiring my now protected fin


"Mrs. Sands, you can just go ahead and use Rhodan, or D'Perro if that's fine with you."


"I had encountered your daughters when they were discussing what to get you as a gift. They really were thinking hard about it, you should know."


"Ugh. Okay."

I mope a bit.


Dress finding time!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Hey there. What's the matter?""


"There there. It's not all bad. Maybe Odette can help tutor you!"
Look for a book shop! '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


My ears perk up a bit at that.


"Just a little worried, the area that squid is camped up in.."
you find a flowing dress, its colors vary from white to purple, and its pattern is similar to a dolphin. The material is soft and silky. You notice a couple of the same style in different colors. It seems like this shape would be nice, if a bit poofy on the flank.
there is only one good book shop. With a sharp eyed store keeper. with clown fish like patterns tending it.
"Welcome Welcome, how can I help you?"


I'll cock my head curiously.
"What about it?"


Poofy is lovely! I find one in a nice shade of… purple! Purple would go lovely as a compliment to my mane and coat!
I immediately try it on.
"How do I look Odette?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


spot was a male
"Oh, you mean Spot and Speckles? They are such dears, take after their grandma Specter for certain. They way they can paint like they do. They made a lot of these other works you see hanging up. I am just so proud of them."
"Tell me have you met a Lady Catherine? She's a close friend of my niece."


"Ah, hello! We're looking for some educational books. Now let's see… math sounds good. Oh, and language, world history, geology, as well as any science you can think of. That sounds like a good start."


"And something about Griffins."


"Actually, I believe I did. She was at the party where we helped convince the native sharks to work together with everyone, correct?"


you put it on upside down.
"Alecrus, you know.. years ago there was a split between the shark pony clans, some wanted to change form the old ways.. Lex and Leon were still young leaders, and couldn't stop them from leaving, but they did work out a territory arrangement.. and this squid is where that territory used to be.. Now. I'm not worried about them still being there, no, they have long since been added back to our clan or moved on.. but.."
he sighs.
"There was a sea-speaker who left, and she was even an egg-born like me. I never heard what happened to her."


I tilt my head but say nothing


"You think she might still be there? I mean, if you can talk to crabs, maybe she could speak with squids? Depending on how long it's been there, it might have been a lot smaller years ago."


"It's upside down."
I snicker.


She nods approvingly "Yes, that's right. Its just horrible what happened to that poor child, having her mother turn like that.. and Daniel has yet to declare a choice from among the princesses, its quite the trouble really.. "
he picks out a few school books showing them to Allegro "would these be about the right level?"
laughs when Cloudcaller mentions Gryphons. "Well, I do have a fairy tale book about gryphons."


I blush.
"R- Right."
Fix it!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Sorry to ask, but you mentioned her mother 'turned'?"


"You look good!"


"Well everyone has heard about it by now. The queen tried to kill Daniel! The rumors are that she went mad off of shark blood."
"I don't know if she'd be there with it, such a wild beast, doesn't sound like its actually being controlled.. but its not completely unheard of for a sea-speaker to become trapped by a beast, particularly if the monster is lonely.."
There much better.


"I think these will do."
Pay him! How much do I have left?


you have about 1/4 of your sea money left.


I'll tap my book.
"Well, if she is there, and the squid's keeping her because it's lonely… well, you might be able to work out a deal with it to leave. And arrange visits so it doesn't get lonely? Maybe convince it to not eat seaponies or sharks, and have it live under the city?"
I'll pause for a second.
"Wait, no, that last bit's stupid. The living under the city part."


"Mmhm mmhm" I nod and pay him for the book.


Spirit smiles at you "Well, perhaps there is hope then. I'd be happy if she was alive even.. I wonder if she ever had a pup.."



"Come back again next time you need a high quality book. " he wave as you leave.


test bump


Our heroes having taken care of their remaining business have gathered at the meeting place, a large flat rock outside of the city. Spirit Fang, the druidic shark pony is hoovering here near the twin leaders, large white sharks Lex and Leon, Ebony the darling bat-pony given fins is holding the map, three sea pony guards wielding their electric spears and wearing the finest scale armor it has a crystal shell on the front, and Blood Fin, the massive shark pony, is here holding an even more massive hammer, the hammer is decorated with a serpent on the side. They seem to be trying to get to know each other with little success.

Spirit waves at your group. "I believe you wanted to go in first?"
Lex and Leon seem equally happy to see you, and Blood Fin pats one of the sea pony guards on the back in response to some joke he was telling. Ebony smiles up scanning your group quickly.




"Just how far can we expect to go?"


Resist a slight urge to swim around with my water wings.

"Please remind me, exactly where are we headed? "


"After the squid? Where is it right now?"


"Of course. Where is this thing at?"


I try to look heroic.

Roll #1 6 = 6




I'll look over the group. Maybe float near Ebony.
"So, is everyone ready? Or are we waiting on more?"


"After the squid, its somewhere in those long tunnels by the trade route, that's where all the attacks are."
"Depends on how hungry the fellow is." Blood fin says with a laugh.
"He's right about that, its been about a week since anyone has gone this way, it should be fairly eager to come after you." Spirit comments.
"In the caves just south of here, next to the trade road.."
Ebony seems to smile more and meets your eyes.
"That depends on who you want with you." Lex says.
"A few more sharks and sea ponies will come behind as back up if we are gone more than two hours." Leon says.
"Blood Fin does not want to miss out on the action, but you asked were granted first run at the beast. Blood Fin will stay close by in case Heroes change their mind." He says with a toothy grin.
You look very heroic, this seems to inspire confidence in the sea ponies. "Surely they will succeed." One of them comments.



"Wait, it's been feeding on people who wander in? How long has it been at that?"


"I'm sure we can take it."
I swim off in the direction of the squid caves.


"Of course we'll win… we're awesome!"

I follow Odette~


"Well let's go then before it gets to attacking someone else!"


"A few months, but before the peace treaty we were too busy fighting each other to go after it and just told every-fin to swim clear." Leon replies.


"Our priority is to pacify the squid. We have much to thank you for anyway in being willing to cooperate with the sea ponies. It isn't ours, nor yours alone. Let's work together, shall we? "

Hold out a hoof. T-they like being friendly, right?


I nod.

"Hey, wait for us!"


"Well, we could always hit it from both ends. Only so many tentacles a squid can have, right? But I'll thank Blood Fin for his consideration."
Ooops, looks like they're leaving without me.
"Well, here we go! Off to hunt a giant squid, or tame it. Or just talk to it. Not necessarily in that order!"
And I'll swim after the others.


"A people eater…"

Smile and put my pawfin up with Noxx's.


"If it hasn't eaten for a week, then it should be pretty easy to pacify."
I head out after the others towards the cave.


"Oh, no. If it hasn't eaten in a week, it'll be starving! That'll make it fight even harder, and not even wait until we're dead to start eating us! Isn't this exciting?"


"There's a technique some of the greatest monster slayers use like that! They let the monster eat them, then attack from inside! I heard some of the best meat can be found by carving from inside, too! "


I'll scrunch.
"Well, I'd prefer to stay uneaten. After all, what if it chews its food?"


"Squids have those beaky things. It probably tears its food apart!"


"I… don't think I want to be eaten by a giant squid."


"We'll use that as a backup plan, maybe, possibly."


"Squid don't have teeth! I think… Anyway, that's why only the best Monster Hunters can do it. "

"But think of the most succulent meat you get access to!"


File: 1386212906502.jpg (85.25 KB, 1408x1056, cave.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

They are your allies now. Lex and Leon each shake your hoof in turn. "Good luck out there. We will come in after a couple hours to check on you."
Blood Fin shake a lot harder in his eagerness. "Bring back a leg for me!"
"You'll have the first stab at the beast, and we'll be behind you soon."
You all head towards the cave systems, its large openings are ominous, and filled with small fish, you can feel a slight current from inside, and there are some bones and broken objects on the ground here.


I nod.
"I think they can even break through turtle shells."
"If we're lucky, we won't be! Maybe Spirit can talk to it, and his ladyfriend can convince it to swim somewhere else."


"Those bones aren't… pony bones, are they?…"
I shiver and try to peer deeper inside.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Wave hello to the fish and continue inside.


Anything useful I can tell about the bones on the floor? Where they were hit from or something? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Investigate the broken objects! '1d10'
Maybe something Spirit's ladyfriend might have owned is tucked in there.

Roll #1 3 = 3


What are those other objects that are broken? I'll inspect those.


"Yeah, I would like to try some of your cuisine… "

Draw sword and sideblade as I enter the cave.

"Might be scavengerams about. Hopefully the squid is resting…"


Seeing the bones and broken stuff around the cave, I attempt to summon a crystal squid before we meet the big squid.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I grip my knifes tightly.


I look around for signs of danger.

Roll #1 8 = 8


It just looks like a lot of random objects to you, some shells, a few scraps of cloth, a part of a wheel, hard to make anything out of this.
Spirit nods "I can try to talk to it.."
You have a bit of trouble focusing. Must be this current.

You all hear a low rumble from inside the caves. A few rocks fall and you spot something wiggling toward your group. It appears to be a long tentacle with section cups on the bottom, the diamond shape of the limb seems about the right size to grab a seapony.


"There's one of its tentacles!"
I dive at it to cut it off! Cheap Shot!


"That's the one."
Stealth up, and swim to wherever the tentacle is coming from.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Summon Doppelganger and hand him his weapons. [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


"There it is!"
Haste everyone. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


The Moon's grace usually gives me +2, whoops


Straight at it! Cheap shot it with my hammer '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Looks like the talk-to-it plan is out the window.

I stab the tentacle.
Cheap Shot.


I attempt to cast Transfix on it, to at least stop it from moving closer. [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


I shoot the tentacle with a sleep arrow.

Roll #1 1 + 4 = 5


You summon your doppel and he seems excited as you paw him over the blades. "Just tell me who to attack!"
Doppel: 5/2
You energetically shout and move the water around, but it doesn't seem to work like it did in your formula.. this is a lot harder in practice.
You vanish into the shadows and swim further into the cave, getting a full look at the beast. It has one large eye on each side of its ..face? The area behind the beak and tentacles anyway, there are ten tentacles, two large long ones, and eight smaller ones which are still comparatively large to you. You see a ribbon tied to one its tentacles near the top. Suddenly it wriggles and roars as if in pain, and then it darts out into the direction of the group.
Together you flatten the tentacle against a wall. A roar of pain echos from the caves and there is a rush of current.
You are too taken off guard by the sudden change in current to do anything.

Everyone rolls.


>forgetting me
o- oh


Oh dear. '1d10'
Now, try and get homing magic up. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6



I try to aim for its head with another sleep arrow.

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 6 + 4 = 10


Argh! Too slow!


Roll #1 3 = 3


You helped tackle the tentacle with a cheap shot then. Roll to see if the current bangs you against a wall making that tentacle helpless was the trigger for it coming out like this.


"Keep the tentacles away, Doppel!"

Magic Bolt one with lightning to try and slow it down. '1d10'

Roll #1 7, 8 = 15 / Roll #2 3 = 3


Ooooh dear
Dodge that shit!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Oh hey and remember I've got that Supreme Survivor thing


Brace myself '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Let's try to summon another crystal minion, either a squid or eel or something like that. [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8


I start dancing around.
"Come on, everyone! Fight!"

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5


File: 1386216125754.jpg (232.44 KB, 1600x974, Giant Squid3.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

You three are swept away by the current as the Giant squid rushes past you. Taking a few hits as your bump against rocks and rubble.
You fire a bolt of magic into the water and it hoovers above waiting for your command.
You aim for what you believe is the head, and land a sleep shot near its eyes. The beast seems sluggish now, and its tentacles, droop slightly.
Your Doppel runs in and starts to slash attempting to keep the tentacles away from you.
You swim clear of any hazards while keeping up with the group.
Your words are a little standard, they seem to notice the thought but aren't inspired.

Cloudcaller: 5/5
Noxx: 2/5
Alecrus: 4/5
Rhodan: 2/5
Doppel: 5/2
Arioso: 3/5
Allegro: 5/5
Khazard: 5/5
Crystal Eel: 10/2
Oddette: 5/5


I'll swim around and stab it.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


"Doppel, keep at it!" '2d10'

I'll join in on this attack. I need to get my body warmed up too. '2d10'

Roll #1 9, 6 = 15 / Roll #2 3, 7 = 10


Swim back against the current and strike at the squid!
"You're not gonna beat us you nasty squid!"


Your horn lights up and you focus to summon a clear crystal eel, it swims back and forth around you awaiting your command.



Roll #1 5 = 5


Oh geez.
"If anyone can talk to it, now would be your chance!"
I'll float over and Heal Noxx. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


I try to find a better vantage point

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Quick, before it makes a meal out of one of us!"
Inspire '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Spirit nods in response to you and shouts out to it in a voice like a dolphin. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9



Alright, regain focus. Aim for one of those huge eyes…


Roll #1 2 = 2


I swim over towards the squid and try Transfix again to calm it [1d10]
And the eel goes on the defensive to block any of its tentacles if it tries to attack me [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 6 = 6


Drawing your knife again you swim back and forth stabbing one of its smaller tentacles.
Doppel smiles running in and cutting at the smaller tentacles. "Yes I can feel it! The strength."
But you can not feel it as strongly, you slice along side your minion but one of the tentacles smacks you, you feel kind of weak.
The squid does not seem to take kindly to your taunt and one of the smaller tentacles smacks you sluggishly.
You swim around to where Nox is near they eyes and cast a heal spell on her.
You find a nice spot to camp out at the cave entrance.
Your encouragement makes an apparent difference, every-pony seems to be moving faster now.
You try to stab its eye and, unsurprisingly it sees your blade coming and rolls away before you and hit it. Its tentacles are too sluggish to reach up and hit you right now.
Your eel defends you ramming into a tentacles as it reaches for you. Together with Spirit's call your transfix seems to be making a difference. Its less rampaging and more defensive now.
16/30 to tame

The squid seems to be wearing down, some of its tentacles have stopped moving. half health

Cloudcaller: 5/5
Noxx: 5/5
Alecrus: 4/5
Rhodan: 1/5
Doppel: 5/2
Arioso: 2/5
Allegro: 5/5
Khazard: 5/5
Crystal Eel: 10/2
Oddette: 5/5


I try to inspire my friends with another dance.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


+1 to rolls


I try to swim away and find a place to get a better Vantage Point from!

Roll #1 9 = 9


I try to aim for the eye and put the squid out of its misery with a marksman shot.

Roll #1 5 + 5 = 10


Rush up to the giant squid and TACKLE IT
Suppress '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


I'll try to haste everyone again. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


"Doppel, don't stop!" '2d10'

I'll step back and examine myself. Did it poison me or something? '1d10'

Roll #1 7, 9 = 16 / Roll #2 6 = 6


Try to Backstab again! Try to take off a tentacle!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Seeing that it's slowing its thrashing, I continue Tranfix [1d10]
And my eel continues protecting just in case [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 1 = 1


You swim circles around the squid and make the job seem easy by showing how slow he is. Everyone feels incredibly inspired.
+2 to rolls
You swim up to the top of the cave where cloudcaller is camping out.
You shoot it directly in the eye, its eyes close and it thrashes about in pain.
You tackle the beast nearly taking off one of the longer tentacles and helping to pin it against the wall.
You don't waste any time and slice off one of the longer tentacles.
You cast your spell to move the currents around you but.. something goes wrong, you feel them swirl around you faster and faster until you can't move.. its as if you created a whirl pool around yourself..
The remaining long tentacle reaches out to strike you but your eel takes the hit for you, part of its body shattering.
However with your efforts combined with spirit's continued support.. The beast seems calm, perhaps being near death is also helping this effect, but you are certain it won't attack now.
Doppel attacks the Squid with all he's got the beast writhling in pain as it is held down by allegro.

The beast seems to have calmed completely, as well as being quite beaten up. One of its eyes seriously wounded, one of the long tentacles sliced off, and a few of the smaller ones also hacked away. The creature is on its last limb of life, but its anger is gone. It glances down at the ribbon tied to its remaining long tentacle and gives a soft moan of pain.


Squid: 1hp: "tame"

Cloudcaller: 5/5
Noxx: 5/5
Alecrus: 0/4 -frozen in time
Rhodan: 1/5
Doppel: 5/2
Arioso: 2/5
Allegro: 5/5
Khazard: 5/5
Crystal Eel: 0/1
Oddette: 5/5


"Whoa, hey, I think we got it beat. Cool it, everyone."


Oh. Oh no. And I'm stuck in this thing! Stupid magic!


"Hey, calm down down."

Try to hold the sea pony. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5



"Maybe we can move it somewhere else and heal it."


I dismiss the crystal eel, having helped enough for now.
I look over at the ribbon. "Wonder how that got on there."
Anything noticeable about it? [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3


Hold my weapons drawn, but refrain from attacking more.

"Can anyone recognise the ribbon?"


I dive down and-

What's up with the ribbon? I go swim over and examine it.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Guh… don't make sounds like that… Now I feel bad.."
Keep a hold on it but loosen my grip a little.

"Yeah. We can't assume it isn't still dangerous, but… I don't wanna do any more damage to it."


I check out the ribbon.


Turn to him
"What happened to you!?"


the swirling waters should release you soon.. you hope.
You attempt to get close the very shiny sea pony but are pushed back by the water swirling around him.
You swim up to the ribbon tied to the tentacle and examine it, it appears to be quite old and tattered as if its something it has had its whole life, its tied in a bow.
"I think I might know.. " Spirit says with a frown as he pets the creature.
he appears to have caused a whirl pool around himself.


"Of course a wounded creature is still dangerous." Spirit says.


"Doppel, help me with this one, okay. No knives, just try to hold him when the water stops moving."


Hrmph. Going to have to figure out a way to deal with this eventually.


"Was it a pet?"


"What can you tell us, Spirit?"


Raise an eyebrow at Spirit's frown
"Mind sharing?"


"Of course, No knives for master's friend, only paws." He puts the weapons away and stands near Alecrus.
You can feel the spell ending itself. The water starting to calm around you. soon you think to yourself. and then you are freed from its grasp as the whirling waters completely stop.
"I knew a seaspeaker many years ago, who would tie a ribbon like this on monsters she knew personally, I.. If its acting like this.. I have to go look in the caves.." He starts to swim off into the caves.


"A seaspeaker? Hm- Wait! Where are you going?"
I go chase after him.


"Doppel, I can wait for Alecrus. Go with the others in case they need you."

"That, and I want to see how far you can go by yourself."


"So someone else tamed the squid then?"
I say as I follow after him.


I'll shake my head.
"Stupid thing… gonna have to- wait where's he going? Hey wait up!"
Start swimming after Spirit.
"Thanks for the concern, but it looks like the effect only lasted as long as it normally would! Thank goodness for that!"


"We'll cover the back in case anything tries to sneak up on us then."


I follow.


I watch as they leave then eye the squid

"…Don't you try anything, got it?"
Let go of it completely at watch what it does


I follow, too.


I'll grimace a little.
"Hey, you don't think Spirit's ladyfriend happened to… you know…"


"Yes. and Yes. Probably.. It must have gotten too big for her to keep controlled alone.. I just hope she is okay.."
The cave gets darker here you but is sufficently wide. Spirit looks around nervously at the tunnels the road splits here.
Doppel nods to you with a smile as he swims away "I will make you proud master."
You let go of the squid and it just lies there a moment seemingly too wounded too do much besides keep breathing or perhaps it could swim away with some effort, but with so many of its tentacles wounded it certainly wouldn't be very fast.




Do I remember if Spirit named his ladyfriend? It might help if we had a name to go by.
"So… which way do we go?"


"Don't get too excited!" I'll yell back at Doppel.


"Don't go alone!"

Swim in after her.


Stay there with it. I'd feel kind of bad just leaving it alone when it's wounded


"You're staying with the squid, Alle?"


its just left or right, your shark friend swims to the right.
Her name is Naomi Current. I don't remember if I said it before.
He nods back toward you.
You follow the group that is moving inside.
Well, it did kind of eat ponies, it deserved it.


Don't think you had. I'll follow Spirit.
"Naomi! Can you hear us? Say something if you can!"


I'll cover the back and make sure nothing shows up behind us. And to keep an eye on Doppel.


So it did. Mind changed

Shake my head
"I'm coming!"
follow her


I'll follow Spirit, but wait for Allegro to catch up first.


Are we at a fork with spirit now? Either way, keep near her if I can.


You hear a voice reply to you in a thick accent. "Hallo?"
you two catch up to each other quickly and swim very closely together.
You travel behind the others, the doppel keeps pace with Spirit.
You stay with the group.

Up ahead on the ground you see a shark pony, she has tannish color, her head is a bit like a hammer head with the eyes on the side. Spirit swims up to her and holds her hoof. "Naomi Sajnálom a cápa .. Meg tudná mondani, mi történt?"
"Voltam olyan bolond, hogy menjen el egyedül."
She then shakes her head and attempts to speak to all of you. "So.. you killed her then? The squid? I'm sorry it was my fault for having her so close to a sea road.."


"So…what now?"


I'll shake my head.
"We almost did, but it… she's still alive!"


"We stayed ourselves before we struck the last blow. The squid should be fine with healing, if you are concerned."


"Mmmhm mmhm what they said."


What's the rest of this room look like?


"Not quite… she's still floating around back there."


"Yeah you should send a fish doctor or something."


"She's hurt, but I think she'll live…"


"She's alive, but you need to reign her in."


The she-shark pony smiles. "Ah, then I'll go to her.. And Spirit.. I have to introduce you to someone." With a little effort and help from Spirit, Naomi gets back up. She seems a little bruised.
Its like the inside of a cave, a bit of it has been made more homely, there are a few sea cushions, a painting of Naomi with a small shark pony, and a few scattered personal items like combs and mirrors.


"Are you okay? You're not hurt or anything, are you?"


"So, what's it like living with a giant, pony-eating squid?"


Take a closer look at the picture. Does the Shark Pony look like someone we've met?


"You are hurt. Was there an incident? "


I lean over to Allegro.
"I feel really awful about hurting the squid now…"


turn to her
"I know love, but it did attack innocent ponies. We left it alive at least."


It does have a certain something about it that reminds you of Spirit..
"Its not bad." She winches a bit "The important thing is that you managed to stop her from hurting anyshark else."
She shakes her head "Not as horrible as you'd imagine."

Naomi makes her way back to the squid which seems happy to see her, she starts to tend to its wounds wrapping seaweed.


"Hang on, I've got a spell that'll help you feel better."
Heal, '1d10+1'

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


"Hey, sorry to interrupt, but is this you Spirit?"


I look at the others.
"Well, I think the squid is taken care of. What now?"


I shrug.


You heal up the worst of the wounds on the creature, It floats up a bit. "A healing spell. Nagyon Jo!"
"No.. That one is too young." Spirit says a bit concerned.
Naomi blushes, and whispers something to him, and then he blushes as well. "Oh!"
"You have your journey to continue right? You said you weren't from here."


"Please ward your animal better. It has caused suffering. "


Cock my head to the side, "Hmm?"


I look back and forth between them.
"Do you have a foal?"


"Well… do we have anything else that needs doing? We took care of the bandits, took care of the squid that was harming the seaponies…"
I furrow my brow in concentration.


"Probably closer to a guppy, though depending on how long ago… might be a decent-sized shark by now."
I'll grin at Spirit and nudge him a little.
"Just a friend, huh? You seadog, you."


I chuckle
"What an exciting vacation so far!"


"I will take her farther away, I'm sorry things go out of fin."
Spirit seems a little dazed by the news "A pup of my own.. But why didn't you ever come to me.."
"I left the clan, I couldn't come back.."
"You can come back now, Naomi.. Once you find a good place for your friend.. and what's his name? What does he like to do?"
"Feny Note. He's just as talented as you. And I'll introduce you tonight"
Spirit blushes even harder "Ha, I had not Idea really."


I'm going to try to suppress a laugh. Poor guy just had this dropped on him.


"Well, this is a really eventful trip! We set out to find the giant squid, and we come back with a mate for Spirit, and a pup to boot!"


"I didn't know dogs could live underwater.

"Mom wouldn't let me have a dog because they really can't live on clouds, either."


I'll blink at him a moment, and then snicker.
"Don't you know that baby sharks are called pups?"


They sneak a kiss when they believe you aren't looking.


Smile at this development.



I swim over to him and pat him on the back.
"Nice going, man."

I groan.


"Ehehehe. I'll be heading outside, if you need the quiet time."


"Oh, neat. Why's that? Do they bark and eat newspapers, too?"


"About as much as all babies do I imagine."


"What's a dog?" Spirit asks.


I giggle.
"I think they just might."

"I… don't think they do, Cloudcaller."


Keep snickering, I'll shake my head.
"You surface-dwellers are a weird bunch. What even is a newspaper?"


"Cloudcaller, please, you're embarrassing us."


"It's like a land-based shark."

"Hmmmm… Well my bro-"

"o-oh, r-right."

I blush and shut my trap.


"Thank you."


"You have a brother? I didn't know that!"


He grins at you. "Today has been a good day."
"Oh. I see."
"hehe, I think we can handle relocation of the Squid," Spirit says smiling and swimming close to Naomi. "You have other things to do I'm sure."


I smile and nod silently, lips firmly closed.


"Of course he has a brother. He didn't tell you?"


"If you need any heavy lifting, though, just let us know."


"Where to now? "


I'll nod.
"Like telling the rest of the party about your ladyfriend!"
I'll snap to attention.
"Oh, horseshoe crabs, we should probably give them the all-clear, before they get impatient and come swimming in here!"
I'll swim out towards them.
"Come on, hurry up!"


You swim back to the group on the rocks. The seem generally happy with the result, well, Blood Fin is a bit disappointed that he couldn't use his hammer.
"All the fun is over." he comments.
"Thank you for taking care of this menace." Leon and Lex say together. "We are glad you are all unharmed."
The sea guards seem relieved that they didn't have to get hurt. "Well done heroes."

They both swim away with the squid into the distance.


I follow after, shouting back.
"It was nice meeting you! Please keep your squidfriend under control!"


"Hey, look on the bright side! This means we can have another party!"


"Come visit us on the surface!"


"Are we going back up to the surface now?"


"Thanks for all your help. And don't worry, we'll come to see you off at your boat." Spirit calls back.
Ebony shakes back to life and twitches her fuzzy bat ears. "Yes, we can't forget about our mission. If we're done here we should go back."


"Uh, right…. the mission…"


I wave good bye to them as they swim away.

"You're welcome. It wasn't all that hard, really."

"I hope so."


I scratch my head and try to remember what the mission was '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Um, did anyone buy some maps from the locals since we don't know out own way around here anyways?"


"Mission? Well, I guess I'll have to skip out on the parties, then… Ah, I haven't even packed any surface clothing! What does a seapony wear on land?"


You remember wanting to explore the world and find the real luna! Something about representing your island.


"Oh, right! That mission!"


"A fishbowl perhaps?" Ebony jests.


"Right. I'm ready when everyone else is."


Of course.

Bid farewell to the undersea dwellers.

"May the moon bring upon you tides of fortune. I must seek her out."


I take that completely seriously.
"What's a fishbowl? A bowl made of fish? But how would they survive outside of the sea?"
I'll rub my chin.
"Maybe with the right spell… but that still wouldn't help me breathe up there…"


"Wait a second, didn't we promise to help some dragons?"


"We've got plenty of material for that, don't worry. But, I was wondering, how would we store any food we bought here and took with us?"


"Oh, yeah. The island and stuff. What happened to that?"


"Did we promise to help them, or were we gonna investigate them? I forget now…"


"What island?"


She snickers "No, don't worry. You will be able to breath just fine."
"I might be easier to help them once we have our land hooves back."


"There was like this island and some sort of dictator serpent. Yeah. Hey you were there, too!"


I'll smile a little.
"If you say so. I should still pack a few things, though."
"No I wasn't! I don't know anything about any dragons… aside from what's in books. Most of what we have around here would be classified as 'serpents' anyway."


"Don't forget the eggs we have on the ship. My paws are still sore from that dig."


"I'm drawing a bit of a blank here too.."


"Eh, it was a while ago. I'm sure the serpents have overthrown the despotic regime under which they toiled for so long and gone back to being happy fish-lizards and stuff."



"Bingo, that was it!"


#Ready to move on?



"Let's get back to the ship and plan things from there with the rest of the crew."




"One step at a time. Let's plan our next move once we resurface. "


Let's go!


I've got to grab my luggage, and then I'll meet them under the ship. So I'll fast-forward to that.


All clear



You all prepare yourselves, and swim toward the surface. the wooden sphere looks like home to most of you.. You see a Unicorn with a Purple mane staring down at you "Oh, you're all here, early even! This is great now just swim up here one at a time."
"I'll go first.." Ebony says eagerly The light of magic surrounds Ebony, slowly lifting her and transforming her in a bright light, her tail fin back into hooves, her longer thin grey fins being changed back to wings. She stands on the deck of the boat, a Bat pony once more.
Nearby you see many of your sea friends here to wish you a final farewell. Prince Daniel, Lex and Leon the white shark ponies, twin leaders of the sharks, A couple of the pony guards, a few sea mares, among them the three princesses you met at first, Spirit is here with Naomi, and there is a shark-pony about half size running about them.


"Fare all you well. One day, when I have found my goddess and a home, I will return."


I wave goodbye and do a little fish somersault.


I say goodbye to each of them then try to leap up on to the deck.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Wave happily at them with my tail fin


Pose a little with Doppel, then recall him and get back on the ship.

"Sorry, I don't know what will happen if we do this while you're outside."


I try to catch her and leap as well.
'1d10' (I think supreme survivor probably helps here, yes?)

Roll #1 3 = 3


Wave happily at them with my fins!
"It's been fun!"


I'll stare wide-eyed at Ebony.
"Wooooow… It's like one of those flying fish that swim by every so often!"


"Good bye!"
"Good luck!"
man, leaping is like hard. You get a few feet out of the water before the magical light catches you as well, you can feel yourself changing and by the time you land on deck you have hooves and your wings again.
You both pose for everyone and they clap a bit "I won't die will I?" he says worriedly as his form begins to fade. You are lifted up by gentle magic and your transformation while a bit more in depth, changing your head back to a dog's head and your feet reemerging while your fins vanish, is not any slower and you seem to be finished about the same time as the others.
You do a decent sommersault and then feel magic surround you as well, you see the pretty colors glowing and changing and find yourself with hooves and wings again by the time the light fades, must be because you're so awesome.
Your leap was fine, but there was not need to catch her, since she was not in danger.
They wave back. "Good luck up there, and beware of nets I hear they are abundant on the surface."
"Yes I can fly!"


"Oh yay I can't even wait to see this."
Practically vibrating in the water as I wait for my turn to go up, I'll try to contain my excitement. Fairly badly.


So are we all back to normal now?


Wiggle my toes. "I missed you."

Get close to where the transformations are taking place, in case the transformation scares Alecrus.


I shake myself off then fly a few laps around the ship.


Let the magic change me back if it hasn't already


I stretch my wings and take off with Odette.
"Oh, wow! I almost forgot what this feels like!"


"It fells great, doesn't it?"


"Hahaha yeah!"

"C'mon, Allegro. I'll race you!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


I try to catch Cloudcaller before he crashes into the ocean or the mast.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Sure kid!"
Ruffle his hair as I "race" him '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


You don't have to wait to long. You feel yourself being lifted up Ebony smiles encouragingly at you, the brightness of the light soon blocks her out, you find yourself on the ship, the light is bright and the air is dry.. do you even know what its like to be dry? You horn seem to be the same as ever, multiple hues of blue, and you see a rainbow colored bit of hair fall into your eyes.

You can be automatically back to normal yes. It was just your last time to do fishy stuff.


"I see you two are eager to get back to 'certain' activities."
I giggle.


You are both disoriented as you fly straight up into a cloud and then clonk your heads against each other.
You causally do a few laps around the pair.


I shake my head.

"Nah. That will come after the island."
I rub my head and grin sideways at Cloudcaller.
"Or maybe before if it looks really dangerous."


"Oh, wow, what is this? It feels kinda stringy! It's all fibrous and stuff!"
I'll look down, between my front legs.
"And look! I've got four legs! How cool is that? And… wait, is that?"
I'll swish my tail back and forth a bit.
"It is! How weird that my tail looks like that now! This is awesome!"
Try to walk forward while looking between my front legs.

Roll #1 6 - 5 = 1


I join Allegro up in the sky and fly beside him, leaning in for a quick mid-air nuzzle.

I giggle again.


"Careful, it took us a bit to get used to being under the sea, so feel free to get used to the limbs."


You can't walk forward with your head between your legs. That's not how legs work at all. You feel yourself falling forward and then tumble forward landing on your back.


I roll my eyes around comically.

"H-eheh sorrry~"

"O-oh g-gosh…"


Fly down and help him up '1d10'

"Easy there! One step at a time!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


I laugh and ruffle your mane.

I land next to you.
"Hows it feel being a land pony now?"


"This is so cool!"
Kick the legs a bit in the air, get a figure on how they work.
"The surface is so neat! And is that all the sky? It's huge! And so blue!"
"Are you kidding? I can't even… wait, no, you're right, need to learn to walk before I can, uh… what's the word for it?"
I'll puzzle a bit.
"To be honest? Dry. It's so weird not being surrounded by water. There's no pressure at all! Or buoyancy, for that matter."


>"The surface is so neat! And is that all the sky? It's huge! And so blue!"
"Mmmhm mmhm I used to live there."


"Run. Practice enough, and maybe you'll be able to do one of these."

Handstand '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"You'll grow used to it. Come be part of our world."


"The sky is pretty great. It sucks you're stuck on land though."


"The sky is really great! Especially the clouds!"


You kick them around a bit Ebony steps close to you cautiously. "Need a hoof up?"

"I am not sure I met you before. I'm Anya, I'm the official magical researcher." The purple maned unicorn says sweetly while resting a moment and gazing at the scene.



"You lived there? How? There's nothing up there!"
Snicker a little.
"I think I got that trick down already, though."
"I've just got so much to learn!"
Smiling, I'll accept her hoof up.
"This is going to be so much fun. And it's nice to meet you, Anya. You're a magical researcher?"


"On the clouds! Pegasi villages are special like that."


"What are clouds?"


"Oh, you'll see 'em eventually. They're like balls of water that float in the air."


"Balls of water? Like, little pieces of the sea floating in the sky? How do they do that?"


"Uh…. I didn't pay enough attention in science class to tell you. Something about the sun making the water so hot it leaps up into the air or something."


"Those white things in the air. They're made of water vapor."


"Fascinating. I need to write this down."
And I'll whip out my water notebook, and start jotting this down.
"Clowds: made of heated water and float in the sky."

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