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>Your dinner with Emperor Halberd turns into a discussion of how to handle Tiamat and her relationship with Glaurumat
>Halberd is not opposed to resurrecting Glaurumat for assistance but would prefer that to be a last resort
>He fully intends to continue with the forging over the next couple of days and then release Tiamat when they are ready
>Luna wants nothing more than the whole ordeal to be done with and she tells you as much telepathically
>As for the Tiamat and Glaurumat, Halberd can only assume that they loved each other enough at some point to create the dragon race, but their conflict and conquest was just a grander scale version of a bad relationship
>Halberd does have a plan to at least get into contact with Glaurumat without actually awakening him, however
>"There's a spell that allows you to enter a pony's mind and converse with their thoughts as well as various aspects of themselves," Halberd explains, raising a towering goblet from off the table. "My scholars wish to do the same with Glaurumat's mind. They believe it would be fairly safe given the volume of harmony contained within it, but they also don't know what to expect."
>Dinner ends shortly after the discussion and you stay behind to speak further with Halberd
>Curious about Halberd's calmness towards the situation, you ask him how he can feel that way
>"Once the chains have been forged," Halberd says as he reads over the scrolls. "Tiamat will have to make a choice: stay in Tartarus and fight until we inevitably chain her back in her cell, or break out and fight where we'll definitely have some sort of trap waiting for her the moment she comes out."
>Halberd is more curious about what you plan to do after Tiamat's defeat, believing you have great potential for kingship
>You voice your wish to explore and travel the world and Halberd offers whatever he can provide
>You assume there to be a catch, but Halberd only teases you a bit before you turn in for the night


>In the Canterlot castle within your dreams, you attempt to meet with Luna, only to find yourself running through endless corridors while Luna carries on a conversation with an unknown intruder
>In an attempt to contact Luna, you make yourself known and are dragged out to meet Nightmare Moon
>There in the courtyard stands Luna before a giant birdcage. In the center of the cage is Nightmare Moon, a tall, dark alicorn with armor similar to Luna's and a matching cutie mark.
>The following conversation reveals that while Nightmare Moon is present within Luna's dreams, she has no real power beyond being able to manifest herself in the way she is now
>The cage she is confined in has been there since she arrived and only you or Luna can release her; Luna as the governing body and you as the stars who "aid her escape"
>Nightmare Moon seems confident that one or both of you will release her at some point, but still wishes to strike a deal with you by offering her assistance in defeating Tiamat in return for a bit of freedom
>Nightmare Moon will take over Luna's body should the situation call for it, and return to her cage when she is no longer needed
>This has already happened once before back at Starswirl's manor when she felt your life was being threatened
>She assures you that she has no desire to take over Luna's body and seeks for a way to have a body of her own
>In any case, her longing to rule over Equestria in eternal night has been overruled by her desire for you
>Nightmare Moon claims to not have given up on dominating Equestria, and that you have merely given her something else to strive for
>Whether you choose to help her or not is still up for debate, though you've already expressed that it is Luna's decision despite how you think
>In a bit of spite, Nightmare Moon calls out your ignorance of Luna's advances and feelings towards you, her power growing briefly
>Luna calms her down and you apologize, saying it was never your intention to hurt Luna
>"I know."
>"Well, you did."
>The two of them speaking simultaneously causes Luna to smile and Nightmare Moon to retreat further into her cage
>Whatever you decide, Nightmare Moon does not hesitate to stress the fact that you are hers
>In a rush of power your vision fades. Memories of Nightmare Moon's passionate cries fill your thoughts while lust and ecstasy overwhelm your senses
>Luna pulls you out of it, apologizing for not doing so sooner while Nightmare Moon claims she wanted it, and only stopped it because she felt it wasn't right
>Luna confirms that while Nightmare Moon may still be able to hear what you discuss while she's awake, Nightmare Moon will be unable to respond


>Current Inventory:
- A strange key
- A proper sword
- Harmonyllium Compass
- 10,300 bits

>Physical Ability

- +10 to all combat rolls, and preception rolls while in combat

>Magical Ability

- Current spells: Light, Shield (Average), Double (Poor), Disguise (Poor)

>Current Affection Levels:

Luna - Lovers[LOCKED]
Nightmare Moon - Lovers [?]
Lucent - Best Friends[LoCKeD]
Gold Heart - Close Friends [LOCKED]
Celestia - Good Friends


>>Lucent - Best Friends[LoCKeD]
>still the different capitalization
Okay, there must be something up with that, I doubt it is just random.

Ask NMM why she intervened when Star Swirl tried to break open the door. She would have had an interest in us finding out who we really are.


I'mma debunk that little locked thing with Lucent by saying I accidentally did that when i wrote the new list and completely copy pasted the accident


Okay. I was thinking it was something along the lines of "it's locked, be she is still in Lo[v]e with us"


>Ask NMM why she intervened when Star Swirl tried to break open the door. She would have had an interest in us finding out who we really are.

"I knew who you were the moment I appeared to protect you," she says. "Just as you will always be there to aid me, I will be there to aid you. For as long as the moon and stars exist, we will be forever bound."

"Your presence may not be welcome," Luna says and sighs, "but if there is no way to be rid of you, we shall have to plan accordingly."

"For what, dear Luna?" you hear Nightmare Moon growl.

"This is the one time of the night we have time to ourselves and I wish to enjoy it as much as possible, with or without you," Luna smiles.

"As long as you do not annoy me," Nightmare Moon says as she glares, "I have no objections."

"Splendid," Luna smiles and turns to you. "There is not much that comes to mind for us to enjoy with Nightmare Moon present, but I believe we should still try our best."

"I can think of a few things," Nightmare Moon mutters with a smile.


Try to raise a wall between Luna&Quest Anon and the cage with dreamwielding magic


>>"I can think of a few things," Nightmare Moon mutters with a smile.
>pony threesome


You attempt to raise a wall to separate yourself and Luna from Nightmare Moon, which produces itself instantly. The stone wall you've made looks sturdy enough to at least block the view for Nightmare Moon. Or so you would think. The wall itself begins to move towards the cage and then past it, as the cage itself seems to phase right through the wall.

"You won't be rid of me that easily," Nightmare Moon says as she lays down in her cage, "if at all."

"Truly," Luna says, placing a hoof on your hand. "While I do not wish for her to be here, I would not push her away."

"Thank you, Luna," Nightmare Moon smiles. "I promise to remain on my best behavior in respect of your kindness."

You can't help but feel Nightmare Moon is mocking you, but it does seem that Luna is actually okay with her being here. If it really bothers you that much, you should probably tell her. If it's something you can live with, however, you might be able to do as much, for Luna's sake.


NMM has already shown Quest Anon memories of him banging her, so from that perspective there shouldn't be any problem.
But we might risk acidentally freeing her or angering her enough that she can free herself.

Anyway, kiss the Princess


You lean down to kiss Luna who happily kisses you back. Her face is flushed and her eyes keep moving back and forth between you and Nightmare Moon.

"What was that for?" Luna asks.

Nightmare Moon laughs and asks "Does it matter?"

Luna takes a deep breath to compose herself and focuses on you.

"Do forgive me," she says. "I've spent so much time worrying about Tiamat, being with you, and dealing with Nightmare Moon, that now that we can have some time together, I am not sure what to do. It is true that I would not be opposed to more intimate romantic gestures, but I admit that Nightmare Moon's presence does make me a bit uncomfortable."

"At least she's being honest with herself," Nightmare says with a smile.


Conjure a couch below her and a fire place.
Sit down next to her and lean against her. Maybe she can tell us something about Equestria


Conjuring up a couch and a fireplace for the two of you to enjoy, you take a seat. Luna joins you and you lean against her. The princess places a kiss on your forehead and you ask if there's something she can tell you about Equestria.

"I have been able to acquaint myself with more of the modern age since my return about as much as you have," Luna says, "but I can tell you tales of the old Equestria I once knew."

"What a mess we had to clean up," Nightmare Moon tuts from behind you.

"True enough," Luna nods, "but I was speaking of a time before the great wars."

Luna regales you with tales of how she and Celestia were tutored by Starswirl to become the new protectors and rulers of Equestria. Luna was always the more studious of the two sisters, having no problem pulling all night review sessions of the material. Celestia was always a bright and shining example of what they were supposed to be as rulers of Equestria, however. They often did their best to support each other in their shortcomings, but ultimately, Celestia was the more loved and respected of the two of them.

You can feel Nightmare Moon's power leaking out of the cage a little.

"Those are memories of a different time and I have come too far to let myself fall back into old grudges," Luna says.

To lighten the mood, she tells you of all the times Celestia would fall asleep during Starswirl's tutoring sessions and how her sister never failed to make her laugh.

"Celestia hasn't changed a bit since then," Luna tells you. "Rarely will she ever put her own feelings, wants, or needs before anyone or anything else, but I believe that is because of how few she actually has. Celestia has always been quite selfless, but she overwhelms herself with her sense of duty."

Luna remains quiet, staring into the fire as she ponders over something.

"If she'd spent more time with us, maybe she wouldn't have been so overwhelmed and I wouldn't be here," Nightmare Moon says.

"But we never truly made an effort to spend time with her either," Luna notes. "We were too focused on our own troubles as much as she was. But not anymore. We're both trying our best for Equestria and each other."

Luna looks down at you and smiles.

"And now I know the stars are watching over me too," she says.


Run a hand through her mane.

And since NMM can't stop herself from commenting anyway, ask her since when she has been a part of Luna. It sounds like she has always been there rather than just merging with Luna at a later point.


"Always," you say, running a hand through her mane.

Luna nuzzles into your palm and kisses your fingers.

"Since you can't help but comment, Nightmare Moon," you ask, "when were you a part of Luna. It sounds like you've always been there rather than just merging with Luna at a later point."

"How many times must I go over this?" Nightmare Moon rubs at her eyes with a hoof. "We have always been one. I just didn't manifest until Luna allowed the darker parts of herself to control her actions. Once, she relinquished control to that, I came into power."

"Was there anything else you wanted to hear about Equestria?" Luna asks.

"Things getting a bit tense between me and our lover?" Nightmare Moon smirks.

"As glad as I am that he is willing to converse with you," Luna admits. "I would prefer if you did not spoil the moment."


"You said that Star Swirl trained you and your sister to become the new guardians of Equestria. Who did that job before you two?"


"You said that Star Swirl trained you and your sister to become the new guardians of Equestria. Who did that job before you two?"

"There was a natural force of Harmony that existed within Equestria, but there was nothing actively harboring its growth," Luna tells you. "Starswirl saw himself as more of a scholar than a ruler, but he knew that if there wasn't an active force to keep the balance of harmony in check, then Equestria would likely fall in and out of chaos over the years without any sort of respite in between. Events such as the formation of Equestria were signs that chaos' influence was waning and he saw that as a time for my sister and I to take power. The two of us had existed as rather neutral parties through all of this. We merely existed to serve our purpose of moving the sun and moon as needed in order for the land to survive. Starswirl felt we could do much more for the betterment of the world, and we believed him. He made us believe in ourselves."


"Where did you two come from anyway? All the other ponies are limited to either magic or flight, but you two have both"


"Where did you two come from anyway? All the other ponies are limited to either magic or flight, but you two have both"

"There are others like us," Luna says, "both naturally born and made through great achievement. My sister and I have always been and have not questioned where we came from, at least not enough for us to become concerned about it. We are meant to control the sun and the moon and we have been doing so for as long as we both can remember."

The stars are twinkling overhead. You assume the stars have existed as long as the sun and moon have, and if so, it's possible that you have existed for just as long and don't remember.


"Are there others who have been around for as long as you? Apart from Tiamat and Star Swirl"


"Are there others who have been around for as long as you? Apart from Tiamat and Star Swirl"

"Celestia and I are actually older than Starswirl," Luna tells you and starts to run her hoof through your hair. "I'm not quite sure how old Tiamat is, but Celestia and I have yet to meet anyone, pony or otherwise, who has been around as long as us. We assumed there must be and even spent a good amount of time searching, but the only one we found was Discord. It was not the most pleasant of experiences.


We did meet Discord already, didn't we? At some time after Star Swirl's mansion I think



"I wouldn't be too sure about Star Swirl. You might have been around on Equestria for longer than he has, but this is not the first place he is visiting."


> the only one we found was Discord. It was not the most pleasant of experiences.

"He didn't seem too bad when I met him."


"I wouldn't be too sure about Star Swirl. You might have been around on Equestria for longer than he has, but this is not the first place he is visiting."

"Yes," Luna nods. "He has told as much, though I have heard little of these other worlds. The form you have taken seems to be from one of them and you have memories of that place, however true or false they may be."

"He didn't seem too bad when I met him."

"Discord is not as diabolical as he once was," Luna smiles as she speaks, "but his mischief has brought the world to the brink of destruction on more than one occasion. Although, Celestia admits he is a lot more fun when he's not causing chaos for the sake of being chaotic."


>The form you have taken seems to be from one of them

"It is. Assuming what I know about it is true, he took a similar role there as he does here. Providing guidance and all that."


"It is. Assuming what I know about it is true, he took a similar role there as he does here. Providing guidance and all that."

"You possess magical ability," Luna says, stepping off of the couch and letting you ease up into a sitting position. "Perhaps you might also be able to change your form."

"I am a bit curious to see what you'd look like as an adorable little pony," Nightmare Moon says and lets out a dark laugh.


Can we even cast magic in our dreams? Or is it all just reforming our dream?

Either way, can't hurt to try. Random pony seems like the best form to start, afterwards we could try if we can change into someone we know or something else like a Diamond Dog or dragon form Glauramat, for the perfect ruse against Tiamat.


Please roll to change form. Pony requires success of 40 or greater.


Haha, time for failure

Roll #1 61 = 61


>we actually succeeded for once


A simple pony can't be too hard to transform into. Much easier than trying to pass yourself off as Glaurumat. You try to imagine yourself as a pony and feel a little magical energy flowing over your body. Most of this seems to be the dream doing the work for you, but your moving things along more easily with the magic, and your magical ability helps to give you a more proper form. You've actually done a fairly decent job at making yourself into a pony. Although, you can't really see how you look.

Luna's blush is quite vibrant and you notice that she's a bit taller than you in your new form. As Luna gets closer, he smile gets bigger until she can't help but rub your noses together with a giggle of delight.

"I can't see you but I can feel how cute you are from here," Nightmare Moon says and her laughter echoes through the courtyard.


File: 1453061001603.png (569.71 KB, 1939x1861, ponelets.png) ImgOps Google

>Luna's blush is quite vibrant and you notice that she's a bit taller than you in your new form.

>we transformed into a ponelet

Check if we grew a horn or wings.


You feel around to see if you grew a horn or wings, but realize that you don't have either. You don't really need either since you can already cast magic, and being able to fly will surely come as you hone and practice your magical ability.

Luna gives you a kiss, then two more, giggling as she does so.

"I am sorry," Luna says when she steps away. "This is just too silly."

"Don't show anyone else that you can do this," shouts Nightmare Moon. "You look better as a human. Doing it with you like this would probably feel more natural. I won't say I'm not curious, but this is all just too much to take in at once."

"Nightmare Moon, please," Luna pleads, her whole face turning red.


Kinda curious what we actually look like now.
Ask Luna


For the sake of convenience, you look like pony anon.


Lets try a different form. Maybe a Diamond Dog but not the one we beheaded


Please roll to change form into a Diamond Dog. This roll requires a success of 60 or greater. For a more specific Diamond Dog form, please state the form and note that the success rate will be 90 or greater.


>the success rate will be 90 or greater.

… any random Diamond Dog will do.

Roll #1 87 = 87


You feel the magic flowing over your body once more and the dream takes over for the rest of the work. When you open your eyes, your the same height as Luna and you have big hefty paws for hands. Your pointed ears twitch as around a bit as you feel them out and an odd mace-like tail has sprouted from your lower back. You've managed to give yourself a nice gray coat.

Luna's excited giggles are silenced as she stares up at you with one raised eyebrow.

"She doesn't like it and neither do I," Nightmare Moon comments. "We don't have anything against Diamond Dogs, but you're much more attractive as anything else."

"Perhaps, something else might be best?" Luna puts it more kindly.


"Just wanted to see if there are any limitations."

Switch again to pony form, but this time try to look like Baron.

Roll #1 97 = 97


And now, all the good rolls for the month are used up.


"Just wanted to see if there are any limitations."

You change yourself into a near perfect duplicate of Baron. Luna wouldn't be able to tell the two of you apart unless she was really looking for any mistakes.

"It would not surprise me if there were none," Luna says, taking a seat back on the couch. "But outside of the dream, you will be straining your body to sustain the form until you become used to the magic and how much you use during the form's duration. Starswirl has had an insurmountable time to perfect such things, so it is almost effortless for him to hold his form as a pony."


Switch back to the pony form Luna enjoyed so much.

"I doubt Tiamat will leave me enough time to perfect it. But it is good to know that I can even do it at all."


Roll to change form into pony. Success is any roll 30 or greater



Roll #1 59 = 59


"I doubt Tiamat will leave me enough time to perfect it. But it is good to know that I can even do it at all."

You turn yourself back into your own pony form and Luna beams.

"As handsome as you are as a human, your pony form has its own appeal," Luna says and motions you to her side. "But, yes. Being able to change your form at will is an incredibly useful skill. I can only cast immaculate illusions to mask the original form, not change it completely."


"Are you sure you cannot change your form? It might not be a deliberate transformation, but when Nightmare Moon took over control you looked differently. So you must have at least some ability to change your appearance."


"Are you sure you cannot change your form? It might not be a deliberate transformation, but when Nightmare Moon took over control you looked differently. So you must have at least some ability to change your appearance."

"I believe so," Luna says, "but my ability is more likely than not restricted to those two forms. Not many creatures in Equestria are known to change their form to begin with. Aside from temporary spells, it is rather unheard of."

Luna uses her magic over the dream to bring the fireplace closer to the two of you and reduce the couch to a large and comfortable cushion for the two of you.

"Ah," Nightmare Moon says with a smile. "Finally a view."


Are we already on the pillow? If not, get down next to her. Maybe we can sneak under her wing


ooh fiesty


File: 1453066132619.png (434.12 KB, 1280x858, luna anon sleeping Nobody.png) ImgOps Google


Luna nods in agreement and stares into the fire, smiling. With Luna distracted, you manage to nudge your way underneath Luna's wing, the feather's tickling your nose and face a little. Try as you might not to be noticed, Luna's wing opens up above you and Luna peeks down at you underneath her wing.

She laughs and asks, "What are you doing?"

You have to admit you do look a little silly. True, you're a little shorter than Luna like this, but you're still a full grown pony.


"I thought it might work as blanket"


"I thought it might work as blanket"

Luna giggles and nuzzles your nose with her own. Adjusting herself beside you, Luna lowers her wing over your body and tucks you in. A magic aura appears over her horn and a large comfy quilt with Luna's cutie mark drapes itself over the two of you.

"Are you comfortable?"




"Good," Luna says and kisses you.

Everything feels so warm and cozy that you start to nod off against Luna. She nuzzles your nose again, raises her head, and begins to hum an unknown tune into the courtyard.

"Goodnight," says Nightmare Moon.

"And pleasant dreams," says Luna.


Guess we'll pause here and I'll see you guys next week.


Thanks for the session A.J.!


A loud boom and a subsequent rumbling shake you from your sleep. Opening your eyes and shooting up from the bed, you look outside to see a heavy swarm of dragons forming a dark cloud against the daylight, casting grim shadows over the burning city before you. Many ponies and dragons have already begun to flee for safety and you can hear their screams coming closer to the palace.

The door bursts open and Baron enters your room panting, eyes wide and sweating in full armor.

"It's Tiamat," he says tossing you your equipment. "Her horde of followers came up with the sun and started burning everything in sight. We need to go, now."


Time to put our skills in battle into action.
Put on the armor and ask Baron if we have any further information on it, like how many there are attacking.



>Ask Baron if we have any further information on it, like how many there are attacking.

"Hundreds from the looks of it," Braon says. "We've already moved the princesses, Thorn, Gold Heart, and the Elements of Harmony into Glaurumat's Skull. We just need to fend them off long enough for them to finish the forging. Shouldn't take more than the day."

Baron moves over to the window and looks outside.

"Our dragon forces are already holding them back for now," he says, "but they can't catch all of them. There's bound to be ground troops crawling all over the city."

He steps down from the window and approaches you, his eyes locking your gaze onto him.

"If you really want to try and fight these dragons," he tells you, "I won't stop you. But if there's anywhere else you'd rather be right now, I suggest you go somewhere safe and wait until Tiamat's forces are taken care of."

He breaks out into a run for the door and stops to look back at you.

"Are you coming?"


>"Hundreds from the looks of it," Baron says.
The city must be much larger then than I imagined. And the situation much worse.

Follow the grumpy unicorn.


You run after Baron and he smiles as he leads the way.

"Don't worry about visiting Lucent before we leave," Baron says. "She's already been made aware of what's going on and she'll be safe with the rest of the citizens in the palace."

You follow Baron until he leads you through the palace and into a massive ballroom. Large doors lead out onto a balcony where a group of chariots are waiting. Faces of countless pony soldiers fade into a blur as you head outside.

Pierce is standing in front of one of them and gestures you forward.

"Pony," he nods to you and Baron. "Human, you and I will take to the streets of the city and ensure the safety of the citizens while our strongest defense unicorns begin building a barrier around the palace. Baron, you'll be heading up with the rest of the troops to analyze attack patterns or weaknesses and direct our course of attack."

"Understood," Baron says with a nod and takes off for another chariot.

"Come, human," Pierce says stepping onto the chariot. "There's not a moment to lose."

A strong and loud roar booms throughout the mass of dragons above Bright explosions of flame disperse the dragons forces for a moment before they all come crashing back together in a fierce wave of teeth and claws.

"It appears their general has arrived," Pierce notes.


"Shouldn't keep him waiting then."

>"She's already been made aware of what's going on and she'll be safe with the rest of the citizens in the palace."

Let's hope she stays there. Out here she wouldn't be of much help without her eyes.


"Shouldn't keep him waiting then."

"I wouldn't be so eager to die," Pierce smirks. "I've never seen or heard of their General, but that title was not merely bestowed upon him, and his display of power makes it clear he's quite confident in his victory."

You and Pierce hop onto the chariot which takes you down into one of the smaller plazas. A few dragon citizens have tried to put up a fight against Tiamat's forces while the ponies flee, but they're quickly flung aside in a show of brute strength. There appear to be three in total, all of them much larger than you or Pierce.

One of them has spotted you and a plume of fire flickers from its mouth.

Please roll to evade. Success will be any roll higher than 40.


Here goes nothing

Roll #1 53 = 53


Better than expected


A blast of fire shoots from the dragons mouth and you manage to dodge the initial attack. The fire doesn't stop coming, however, as the flames continue to move towards you. There are plenty of nearby buildings for you to hide in until you find an opportunity to strike, but you won't be able to hide from the flames forever. You might be better off just taking on the dragon now. Pierce has already rushed forward and is delivering quite a few blows to the other two dragons using some fluid form of martial art.


If we just keep running we might as well give up - charge him.


You sprint towards the dragon, managing to avoid its fiery breath and ready your sword. Its face seems to be the most vulnerable point right now but getting anywhere near the mouth would spell certain doom for you.

Please state the nature of your attack.


Can QuestAnon magic a seal over his mouth and make him choke on his own flames.
Just randomly hacking against his scales doesn't sound promising.


Please roll to create seal. Success will be any roll greater than 70. Combat bonuses will not be applied to this roll.


Choke on it!

Roll #1 33 = 33


Welp, so much for that


Please roll to defend. Success will be any roll greater than 30


At least that one should be doable

Roll #1 9 = 9


Time to get roasted


these dice hate us


You're too close for the flames to burn you at this rate, but that doesn't stop the dragon from dealing a heavy blow to your chest with a swipe of his claw. You're knocked to the side and skid across the plaza floor, pain settling into your ribs. Pierce having already incapacitated the other two dragons, begins to pummel away at the third. His short stature, agility, and significant strength make him too much for the third dragon to handle, and the enemy falls to a series of blows to the head and wings.

"Are you alright?" Pierce asks.

His claw is extended towards you to take. He hasn't even broken a sweat and even looks like he's smiling.


We used all our luck during the last session.

Take his claw.
"Yes, I just thought I'd give him a chance and let him have the first hit"

At this rate Pierce can just fend off the invasion by himself.


"Yes, I just thought I'd give him a chance and let him have the first hit" you say taking his claw and standing up.

"The first hit could also be your last," he says. "Please don't take any unnecessary risk. If you don't feel you can take on an opponent, please try and secure the lives of the citizens. We must do what we can to keep the city safe. Come. There's much more of this district we have to cover."

Whether you choose to continue fighting the dragons or not, at least you'll be doing some sort of good. Better than just sitting at the palace. You wonder how the forging is coming along as the battle rages above you. The sooner you can restrain Tiamat, the sooner this can all be over. Still, there has to be something you can do that can give you an advantage.

Pierce continues to follow the screams and roars through the city until you stumble across a single dragon, roughly about Thorn's size but faded green in color.

A couple of ponies have fallen in his path and in moments their ill fate will be sealed.

Pierce looks to you and says, "I can get to the ponies faster and move them out of the way, I just need you to distract the dragon until then."

Pierce could probably handle the dragon and save the ponies, but are you willing to face a dragon again, even bigger than the last? This time you might not be so lucky to have Pierce rescue you should things go wrong.


>he didn't get the joke
Pierce please.

If the dragon hasn't seen us yet, we could go for a ruse. Turning into Tiamat or Glauramat is probably not the best idea since he might tell Tiamat about it, but we could blind him with our light spell.


You do not need to roll to cast a light spell, but rolling a high number while casting will increase the brightness to blinding levels. Successful roll to blind is 60 or greater.


Alright, lets hope the dices are more generous this time.
Also give Pierce a short warning. Don't want to accidentally blind him, too

Roll #1 66 = 66


You cast your Light spell and give a warning to Pierce. The ball of light goes out in a bright flash and hovers there for a moment. While the dragon is stunned, Pierce runs towards the ponies, shielding his eyes as he drags them away to safety. The dragon is still vulnerable to attack, now would be a better time than ever to attack.


Well, someone will have to face him sooner or later and I doubt that others will get a better (or just equally good) chance than we do right now.


As blind as he is, you still need a weak point to attack. With scales covering their body, dragons don't have many weak spots. If the ponies can fight dragons, surely you can to, it's just a matter of figuring out how to damage them. Your sword is your go to for most combat situations, but it's not made of strong enough metal to actually cut a dragon. You'll have to think of something else.


Check the surroundings. Maybe there is something we can collapse on him or use as a weapon.


Taloran is made of solid gold and most of the stalls made for merchants are nowhere near large enough to make an impact on the dragon. Looking around for something else to use as a weapon doesn't seem promising either. Most of it is about as good as your sword and any "potions" you could drink would be a huge risk to see if they actually do anything and might be a waste of time.

The dragon comes out of his blind state in time for Pierce to come down from above and drive the dragons head into the ground. With another strong strike, the dragon falls unconscious.

"Thank you for your assistance," Pierce says. "Let us continue."

At this point you're starting to feel like more of a tag-a-long rather than an actual help. But you can't just go back. Your out here now and all you can do is try to fight, or try to rescue people.

You chase after pierce only to have another dragon land in front of you, pushing you back with the force of his wings. As you try to stabilize yourself, a sharp claw swings towards you.

Please roll to defend or evade. Success is any roll greater than 40


Sounds like Pierce is on an escort mission.
And we are the stupid escort who constantly gets themselves into trouble.

Roll #1 94 = 94


You effortlessly avoid the claw as it comes down before. The resounding pound kicks up enough dust around the street you're standing in to keep you hidden for the moment. It's another great opportunity for an attack, but there has to be something you can do to actually damage him.


That cloud is actually a good idea, it shouldn't be too difficult to use our magic to stabilize it and keep it going, should it?


Please roll to cast Mist. Success is any roll greater than 20.


File: 1454876974338.gif (511.78 KB, 576x324, 576153__safe_solo_animated….gif) ImgOps Google


Roll #1 24 = 24


Using your magic to sustain the cloud, you keep yourself hidden from the dragon, at least you think so. The dragon, unable to see you with all the dust floating around, proceeds to blow it all away with a flap of his wings. He spots you immediately and reaches for you with his claws again.

Please roll to evade or defend.


Success is any roll greater than 60


God damn dragons, foiling all our plans.
Sounds like it's about time for Pierce to save our ass again

Roll #1 77 = 77




You manage to avoid the grasp of the dragon yet again, allowing him nothing but air. Pierce appears beside the dragon and delivers a fierce kick to the dragon's jaw. The dragon stumbles, but the blow wasn't strong enough to bring him down. Pierce bellows out fire from his mouth to keep the dragon at bay and delivers another heavy punch to the dragon, knocking him unconscious.

"Pierce," a female voice shouts out from above.

"Corona?" Pierce looks up to see Thorn's wife descending next to the two of you. "Why are you out here? You should be back at your citadel staying safe."

"Because I'm going to just let the city fall to ruin while the ponies and dragons suffer?" Corona huffs, then staggers a bit, clutching her side.

"You're wounded," Pierce says, stepping forward to inspect the gash in Corona's side.

"I've had worse," she says and wipes the blood from her scales. "How are things down here? Keeping everyone safe?"


"Yes. So far we have been fairly successful."

Check how bad the gash is and if we can do anything


"Yes. So far we have been fairly successful."

"Trying your best, eh, human?" Corona smirks through the pain.

The wound is fairly deep, but it doesn't look like there's much you can do with what you have on hand. The blood has started to clot at least, but it will be a while before it starts to heal. If she continues to fight, the wound could get worse, or she might acquire a more grave injury.

"You've done your part Corona," Pierce says as he departs again into the city. "Go home. Perhaps, you should escort her."

Pierce nods to you and sprints off.


Maybe that's not the worst idea. Pierce has been doing most of the work himself anyway, he'll be fine.
Ask her if she's ready to leave



>Ask her if she's ready to leave

"Yes," she says. "I'll allow you to ride me, human."

Despite the pain it causes her, she kneels down to allow you hop on.


Be careful that we don't accidentally tear the wound open again while we hop on


Taking to the sky, Corona turns herself back towards the mass of dragons tearing each other apart.

"We are at war, human," Corona says. "Though my husband would also have me stay at home, it is not how I do things. I wouldn't be able to call myself a dragon. Perhaps, an extra pair of eyes to keep m safe, hm?"


"Maybe I can assist you with a bit of magic."

Not like we can force a dragon of her side to go home and get into bed anyway.


"Maybe I can assist you with a bit of magic."

"That's the spirit," Corona says and roars as she picks up speed.

Corona crashes straight into another dragon and immediately begins to slash and bite her way at her opponent. It's difficult for you to hang on, but you manage to keep an eye out for other dragons that might gang up on Corona. You can't imagine how Thorn would react if he lost her. How would Gold Heart handle it? You can't think about that now. The most important thing is staying alive.

A blast of fire streams past you and hits another nearby dragon. It's incredibly difficult to tell who's friend and who's foe around you. The best you can do is probably defend Corona while she attacks.

Another dragon is coming towards you, talons ready to dig deep into you and Corona. You'll have to either try and get Corona to move, or defend against the dragon on your own.


Give Corona a short warning and then try to hit the dragons wings with magic.


Shouting a warning to Corona, you feel a sudden shift in movement. Corona is not only out of the way, but you've got a clear shot at the dragon.

Please roll to cast. Success is any roll greater than 20



Roll #1 39 = 39


The magic blast hits the dragons wings and knocks him off of his flight path. The dragon proceeds to crash into another and both collide into one of the taller golden Towers of Taloran. Corona manages to incapacitate the dragon fighting her and takes off onto the next opponent.

"Glaurumat!" a screeching voice cries out.

Your eyes are drawn to a rather thin looking dragon. Not the biggest you've seen in this battle, but you can sense a strong power coming from it. With lightning speed, the dragon swoops towards you and Corona.

"General Kukuri," Corona gasps as she falls to avoid a direct collision.

The Dragon General zips by you in a flash of silver, her long tail nearly swiping you right off of Corona's back.

"You will suffer for what you've done to mother," Kukuri shouts as she darts towards you again.

Now that you know she's coming, you have some time to react and defend yourself. At that speed, there's no way she could change directions without hurting herself and anything you throw at her would be sure to hit, but are you willing to risk being fast enough?


Is there a tower anywhere near us? If yes, try to do the magic push again and let her slam into it. She's much lighter so it should work.

Also raise your sword though, she seems to have magic of her own so maybe she can block our spell


Raising your sword with one hand, you prepare to cast another blast of magic with the other. You're a fair distance away from the tower, but should your blast be strong enough, you might be able to fling her into it.

Please roll to cast. Success is any roll greater than 50. Successful push into the tower is any roll greater than 80


We could probably end this with a single strike now.
Don't fail us, dices.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Looks like the invaders will win.


Roll to defend. Successful defense is any roll greater than 30



Roll #1 74 = 74


Well at least we won't die immediately.


Your magic blast shoots wide and Kukuri's violet eyes grow wide as she shrieks. Her broad, curved claws rake down across you, but you manage to summon up a shield in time to take the blow. Unfortunately, the sheer force of the attack is enough to knock you off of Corona. Your falling through the air now. Corona would save you, but she's already being bogged down by two more dragons. General Kukuri is aiming for you again, claws ready to shred you apart.

You can't let it end here. There's too much you have to do and promises to keep. If you're gonna pull off a miracle, now would be the best time do it.


We found out that we can change our form and not just cast illusions, didn't we?
Try to let wings sprout to abruptly stop our fall, and also point our sword upwards.
Maybe we are lucky and that general impales herself.


Please roll to change form. Success is any roll greater than 30.

Please roll to attack. Success is any roll greater than 70.

Please roll to defend. Success is any roll greater than 60.


Roll for metamorphosis

Roll #1 93 = 93


Fugg, I wish that would have been the attack roll.
Which comes now can you roll more than once per post?

Roll #1 75 = 75


Do we even need a defense roll now?



Dang, I don't think we'll manage thrice

Roll #1 32 = 32



I'll miss us


We had a good run



You manage to sprout yourself a pair of wings to slow your fall and raise a sword towards Kukuri. As she races toward you, she sees the glint of your sword in the light and is unable to stop herself from colliding with it. Her hesitation in attack may have allowed you to escape her claws, but it doesn't help you escape Kukuri. With mouth wide open, shrieking in frustration, Kukuri swallows you, the teeth in her mouth tearing off your wings cleanly as you pass into her throat. With your sword extended, you feel your sword dragging through something as hot liquid covers your skin and face. The strain on your arms is too much for you to continue holding onto the sword, and you slide the rest of the way down into Kukuri's stomach. Clinging against the walls of her innards, you manage to keep yourself from falling into the boiling pit of gastric acids below. There's a sudden crash from outside that threatens to throw in, but you only fall against the other side.

"Human!" you hear Corona's voice. "Human are you alive?"


"Partly. What happened?"


Grew those wings for nothing


"You've slain Kukuri," she exclaims with laughter, "but the battle goes on. Emperor Halberd has emerged and is leading those who still remain loyal to victory."

There's sounds of scraping as talons rend flesh from bone until daylight pours in through the opening in Kukuri's stomach. Corona's claw reaches down and scoops you out, bloodsoaked and badly wounded. Now you see that changing a part of your body doesn't make it it's own separate piece. It's still you, and you're losing a lot of blood. The battered and broken remains of your wings are protruding from your back and bleeding profusely into Corona's hand.

"We need to get you medical, now," Corona says.

You're feeling lightheaded and sick. You take a knee and rest in her claws as she flies you back to the palace.

"It is a shame about Kukuri," Corona says. "She was a dear friend of mine and showed great promise as a General. Though I suppose this time of peace we live in was too much for her, and the sway of a war with Tiamat proved too tempting."

She lands in front of the palace, making a huge hole in the crowd of ponies and dragons already outside, and sets you at the front.

"They'll take care of things from here," Corona tells you. "Rest. The fighing has only just begun."


Now I feel kind of bad for killing her friend.
But medical attention right now is more important. We better get back into good shape before Luna sees us


As they carry you into the palace, you feel your consciousness slipping away. The last thing you see before you pass out is Lucent trying to fight her way to you through the crowd.


End Session


Thanks for saving me. Sorry about your friend


Thanks for the session A.J.


Thanks AJ!


Looks like everyone is aware of our Glauramat ruse now - though it is a bit weird that even dragons who are not trapped in Tartarus like Tiamat don't realize that Glauramat is still dead.

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