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>You arrive at the Colosseum
>Celestia doesn't seem to be a fan of the place, but Luna can't help but show her excitement
>You've thought about competing and say so
>Luna is all for it, but Celestia doesn't like having to use her royal position to get you in
>While Celestia arranges things for your fight, Luna takes a look at the competitors and doesn't find a single one worthy
>Luna says she'll accompany you into the arena to take a look at the other fighters and this only worries Celestia
>You give Celestia your word that you'll watch over Luna and hand her over the bag of bits and Luna's gift for safekeeping
>After a hammy introduction to the rest of the fighters on your part, you and Luna head to the arena for your first fight
>After a few words of encouragement, Luna gives you a kiss on the cheek for luck and takes her seat next to Celestia in the stands

You enter the arena and see the stands filled with all the races of Equestria, dragons and other large ones sitting in the higher seats. Above the exit where you came out are Celestia and Luna, sitting side by side and waving at you. The arena is a wide open circle, despite the Colosseum itself being square in structure. It's also unreasonably big for such a small being as yourself, but you can only guess that's to make room for everyone bigger than you. White sand covers the ground and an announcer calls out to the audience.

"From a land unknown, a skilled fighter, expert mage, and personal champion of the princesses of Equestria, introducing our challenger," the announcer says and shouts your name.

The crowd isn't quite sure what to make of you. There's some cheers here and there, but it's mostly mixed in with a bunch of chatter. Among the noise, you make out a very loud, "Do something."

>Current Inventory:

- A strange key
- Sword and Shield
- +10 to all combat rolls, and preception rolls while in combat

>Current Affection Levels:

Luna - Close Friends
Lucent - Close Friends
Gold Heart - Close Friends [LOCKED]
Celestia - New Friends


Now it would be really useful if we actually had magic. Especially with all the sand around a bit of wind magic would already look impressive.

I'd say we raise our sword to have something that reflects the light and distracts them, then start chanting some nonsense in a deep voice before we try to flip thing again and re-sheath our weapon. Maybe they'll fall for it and think its some kind of spell.

Also you probably want to link this thread on MLPG; I only saw it by chance and didn't know the session had started before.


Nevermind, I just saw that you DID link it. Just without a Luna pic this time.


Unless they can detect magic. Oh well, I'm sure we can exercise our bluff somehow.


Raising your sword high towards the sun, you're blinded by the light reflected by it. Your sword glows with light and the sand of the arena swirls around you for a moment. Everything fades away and the crowd erupts into cheers.

From the stands, you see Luna and Celestia both give you a wave of their wings.

"And now, from the Griffon Village of Eagleborough, a fellow newcomer to our Colosseum, Gavin the Red."

From an opposite gate, a tall, burly griffon steps into the light. Gold armor and red sashes are covering most of his body and a hefty battleaxe is draped over his back. His beak is sharp and clean cut, his feathers well-groomed and the deepest shade of red you've ever seen. With bright eyes and a charming smile, he waves to the crowd. Loud swoons erupt over the other cheers of the crowd. Gavin reaches back to grab his battleaxe, throws it to the ground, and stands to lean on it.

"Competitors," the announcer continues. "We will be following traditional colosseum rules for this fight, but with an exciting and surprising newcomer thanks to our fair princesses, comes new and dangerous surprises for everyone. Who knows what twists and turns the Colosseum will throw out and for our first fight of the day."

More chatter and some applause shows the crowds approval, but definitely gives you reason to worry. You'd come in thinking this was gonna be a one on one fight, but now, this unknown element could mean trouble. What does the Colosseum hold in store for you?

"At the sound of the dragon's roar, you may begin," the announcer says. "Dragons, at the ready!"

The dragons in the stadium all spread their wings as much as possible from their seats and raise their heads.

"On your marks!"

Gavin falls to all fours and spreads his wings.

"Get set."

The ground begins to rumble as wooden pillars rise from the sand at random points in the arena. A lot of them are already nicked and damaged from previous fights. Gavin digs his claws into the sand and his smile fades.

A deafening roar booms over the Colosseum resonating deep within your chest as fire fills the sky.


Gavin immediately scoops up his battleaxe as he runs forward, wings spread out, and leaps into the air.


Dodge his attack and then try to get onto his back by rebounding from one of the pillars.
Or if mounting him is too difficult, knock him in the head with our shield or knee.


Roll to dodge. The roll must be >30 to dodge.


That should be doable, especially with plus 10

Roll #1 8 = 8



File: 1430672713686.png (112.04 KB, 215x327, 60.png) ImgOps Google


Gavin comes down with his battleaxe and cleaves across at your body

Roll to defend. Success will be any roll >60


Someone else do it, I'm too afraid



Oh goddamnit, if we don't even manage to put on the slightest bit of a show for Luna…

Roll #1 22 = 22



Roll #1 22 = 22



literally what







You attempt to raise your shield and the battleaxe cleaves right through it. The blade hits your side and you feel the wave of power from his strike crash into your gut, knocking the air from your lungs. Falling into a wooden pillar, you spin off your shoulder and fall to the ground.

Air fills your lungs again as you cough to catch your breath. Anything that comes out of you is more of a weak scream than anything else. Over the pain your feeling, your sense of hearing catches boos from the crowd. Gavin doesn't seem too pleased about this, as he is now lifting you off the ground with his talons.

"Get up and fight," he says, thrusting you back against another wood pillar. "They want a show and I'm going to give them one."

Gavin doesn't seem to be doing much but staring at you and pacing. He's tossed his battleaxe aside, but you've still got your sword. That hit to the side he dealt you is gonna cause problems later. It would have been better if you could end this quickly, but clearly Gavin doesn't want that and neither does your audience. You could try and put on a show like they want, or you could call it quits and go back the Princesses. Celestia wouldn't blame you and maybe give you a bit of a lecture, but Luna…


Fling the remains of our shield at him as a distraction. We can't already give up after just one hit
I knew fighting in the arena would be a bad idea


Success of this action will require a roll of 50 or greater


Oh god that stupid griffon is gonna vandalize our ass so badly..

Roll #1 11 = 11


Looks like that shot to your side really did take a toll on you. You toss the shield at Gavin and he dodges it with ease. There's a roll of his eyes as he picks it up and flings it back at you.

Roll to dodge. Success of the this action will require a roll of 30 or greater. Rolling 50 or greater will resulting in catching the shield.


no fucking problem

Roll #1 63 = 63


Come on man, we are gonna catch this one and knock him right out

Roll #1 68 = 68


File: 1430674237203.jpg (32.2 KB, 500x351, tron_large_02.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Roll #1 17 = 17


I'm so glad you are slow.


Congratulations! Feel free to follow up for maximum effect.



charge him
no sense in wasting time when we're bleeding out


State the nature of your atack


Shield's dead weight, drop it, charge and stab that fucking bird in the chest


That seems a bit brutal (and potentially too difficult).
Simply slapping into him and hitting him with the shield is probably easier… though on a second thought, with our wound that might be the best idea either.


Wait, deliberately toss it past his head to distract him ,then charge

Roll #1 86 = 86


Whoops, forgot to clear the field


I'm glad you forgot it. Now we can't beef it anymore


>seems a bit brutal
they want a show and he already took a chunk out of your side
whacking him with the shield might have been a good idea early on, but now I'm not so sure
>potentially too difficult
all or nothing, baby

I'm not crazy about this idea, but you rolled high so I'm inclined to agree with you


Just a quick note.
Yes, he hit you. No, you're not bleeding out or dying. Blades are blunt for the protection of the fighters. Thought I pointed that out, my mistake. Also, thanks for coming in guys.

Gonna need a definitive action when you're ready.


throw the shield vaguely near him, run him down and give him your best stab in center mass



Two Rolls. Roll for the shield throw and again for the stab. Success will require a roll of 30 or greater for the first action. If successful, 50 for the second, and if not, 70.


let's see if we can hit him right in his stupid fucking beak!

Roll #1 96 = 96


Needed 2 rolls there.

Roll #1 23 = 23


As you charge towards Gavin, you hurl the shield again and get a direct hit on his beak. There's a brief screech of pain as you continue the assault with a straight thrust of your sword to Gavin's chest, but you're off a bit and plant your sword right into a pillar.

Laughter erupts from the crowd.

"Watch it, whatever you are," Gavin says, rubbing his sore beak. "Anywhere but the face."

"Quite the hilarious shot from the Princess' champion after taking a devastating blow to his side. Let's see how the rest of this fight turns out, huh folks?"

There's more cheering and Gavin retrieves his battleaxe. He charges at you again with an overhead strike.

Roll to defend. Successful roll of 40 or greater defends and 60 or greater grants a parry with a followup action.


Here goes nothing

Roll #1 44 = 44


hey, we survived a round!


After tossing what was left of your shield, all you have left to defend with is your sword. Bringing it up against the shaft, you hold back the weight of the blow with both hands. Gavin pulls the battleaxe down and takes your sword with it, pulling you forward for a headbutt. It'd be pretty nasty if you got hit by that. Both of you are coming at each other pretty fast, but it might hurt him just as much if not more than you. You could face him and try to do some damage here, but it would definitely be safer to roll off to the side and grab your shield again.


I forgot, do we wear a helmet?



Body armor, no helmet.


In that case going for the headbutt sounds like a bad idea, if we beef it we have his beak right in our face. I say we go for the shield.


You roll off to the side to gran your shield and Gavin headbutts the wooden pillar behind you. There's a widespread "Ooh" from the crowd as the pillar cracks. Gavin comes away dazed and vulnerable; his axe has fallen to the ground. He'll shake out of it if you don't attack now, but if he shakes out of it before you get there, it wouldn't be hard for him to grab his axe and be at the ready again. It'd be good to get that out of the way.


Good thing we didn't try to take him head-on, that would have been the end for us.

Go for the attack, with our 'wound' we can't play for time and throw away such a good opportunity to end this.


Please state the nature of your attack and roll to do so. Success is any roll greater than 20.


Grab the axe and clonk him over the head with the flat of it like a frying pan!


This sounds like a good idea. But I'm worried that I will roll 9 or below.


Pah, then I'll roll. Fore!

Roll #1 88 = 88


A dramatic turnaround!

Roll #1 74 = 74


Dagnabbit I keep forgetting to clear the field


Welp, with 88+10 this might actually give us the upper hand again


Ready to deal the final blow, you go for the axe first with the intent to use that as your weapon. You had to drop your shield to do it, but you rush forward ready to end this. By the time you're ready to strike, Gavin has recovered from his daze and dodges the blow.

"That was a close one!" the announcer says. "Almost thought it was over there for Gavin the Red, but let's say we shake things up a bit in the arena."

The wooden pillars sink back into the sand as the ground quakes again, but doesn't stop once the pillars are gone. The sand falls away as the ground opens up. Heat erupts from the cracks that form around you and you find yourself falling onto a thick grid of steel beams. Beneath you, a pool of lava bubbles as a magical barrier shoots up around the area, trapping you and Gavin inside.

"It's gonna get pretty warm in there for our gladiators," the announcer says. "Can they stand the heat?"

You're at a defnite disadvantage now. Your shield fell outside the barrier, leaving you with two weapons. But you only have the grid to move on while Gavin can fly. He's already figured this out and his talons are ready to dig into you. No blunt weapons on him. He hasn't taken to the air though. If you're aggressive enough, he won't be able to take to the air. Once he's up their though, you'll be the one on defense. Gavin spreads his wings and lunges forward with his talons aimed at your chest.

Roll to defend. Success is any roll greater than 40. A parry for any roll greater then 60 and a reward follow up.



Roll #1 65 = 65


Please state the action of your follow up.


Smack him on the wing with the axe. That should remove his advantage for the rest of the fight.


what he said >>626019
go for the wings


The swing of your sword catches his claws and halts his advance. In recoil from the strike, you take the advantage you have and disable his wing with a hard hit from the battleaxe. Gavin almost rolls off the steel beams from the force of it, but manages to claw his way back up.

A plume of fire erupts on the edges of the area and the steal beams slowly begin to shift further apart. At some point, there won't be any beams left to stand on. Gavin realizes this as well, and is slow in his approach towards you. With the beams moving, you'll have to be steady with your movements.

Gavin is closing in, not close enough to get a good attack in, but you could risk throwing one of your weapons to knock him off balance. Waiting for him to get closer would mean facing him with both weapons instead of one though, and at this point, you'll need whatever advantages you can get. There's a lot to risk, but this could be the end of it if you get this right.


Throw the axe.


Roll to throw. Success is any roll greater than 50.


Man, what's the point of blunting our weapons if they are going to boil us alive?

Yeah, go with this one. Should distract him at least for a short while and maybe we can finally finish this.



Roll #1 6 = 6



This is getting seriously frustrating.


As you ready yourself to throw the axe, it slips out of your hand and into the lava below. Gavin slashes at your legs.

Please roll to evade. Success is any roll greater than 30.


Come on, dices, be merciful and let us finally finish this

Roll #1 85 = 85


You saw that attack coming from a mile away. Shifting back before his talons can connect with you, Gavin starts to lose balance and fall off the steel beams. You can see the heat bearing down on him as he tries to steady himself, but it proves to be too much. That knock on the head he took earlier caught up with him again. You see his eyes fade as he starts to lose consciousness and fall over the edge. There's a large gasp from the crowd. There's a chance you could save him if you caught him in time, but with your strained side, he might end up taking you both down. You wanted to try the Colosseum, and now victory is right in your grasp. All you have to do is let him fall. The beams are moving close to the edge every second.


Well fuck, if we let him fall Gold Heart will beat up our ass again.

though they SHOULD have a safety system to prevent him from being burned alive, shouldn't they? But if they do, it is also safe for us to try and grab him, since we can't burn either. Decisions, decisions..


Save him.


Yeah, that's probably the best decision - we came here to have some fun after all, not to kill some guy we never met before.


You jump over to catch Gavin before he falls and manage to catch his foreleg before he goes over. This guy is heavy. No wonder he passed out with the weigh of all that armor on him and heat keeping him down. It's absolute murder on your side just to keep him in place.

Roll to pull him up. Success is any roll greater than 65.


fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Roll #1 24 = 24


File: 1430682309274.jpg (58.7 KB, 323x400, monitor-window.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


At least no one can blame us for him falling into the lava.
Someone with magic will hopefully save him.


Gavin's weight proves to be too much for you and you can't hold on any longer. You watch as he falls into the pit of lava below and collide with something halfway down.

"And here we have our winner!"

The announcer's shouts are overwhelmed by cheers from the crowd and the magical barrier raises Gavin up from the pit. The steel beams go back into their normal grid pattern and a couple of ponies come out to pour sand over the the spot were you once stood. A medic rushes over to Gavin to make sure he's alright and a dragon about your height steps up to greet you. It's the same one Celestia was talking to about the arrangement you'd made.

"To those fortunate enough to join us today, I present you with the Princess' champion!"

He calls out your name and holds up your hand. It was a rough fight, but aside from the pain in your side and some dehydration, you seem fine, or at least that's what the doctor tells you. He'll be able to have a better look at you once he's done with Gavin.

Luna and Celestia fly down to meet you. Celestia is smiling, but Luna's face is as cool and blank. Her eyes look up at you bright, wide, and glimmering. Celestia speaks up for Luna since she just seems to be staring at you so intently.

"That was quite the event," Celestia says. "I hope you don't plan on doing it again any time soon, at least not while I'm around. Luna loved every second."


What do you guys think, would now be a good time to ask Celestia for our bag and give the present to Luna?


"That was…intense."
Not yet. Maybe once we've got a little more privacy.


"Don't worry, I think my desire to fight in the arena is sated for today."


I was sorta thinking the same as
I've been thinking it'd be nice to give it to her while thanking her for letting us out of prison to see the world (and maybe a comment about how we've learned we aren't as weak as we thought we were)



"Don't worry, I think my desire to fight in the arena is sated for today," you say. "That was intense."

The moment the words leave your mouth, you feel a pair of hooves place themselves on your cheek and Luna's lips press into your own. The cool, soft, wetness sinking into you as her wings lift her into the air.


Holy shit.
Lean into it once you've gotten over the initial shock.


Guess Anon beating others up is her fetish.

Kiss her back


As much as you'd love to lean into it, the moment you try your side is shot with more pain and you have to fall back. You let out a small groan of pain as you clutch your side and Luna lands to take a better look.

"Forgive me," Luna says pressing her horn to the giant welt on your side. "I had not meant to wound you further."

With a little of Luna's magic, the pain fades, but the injury remains.

"I believe I'll be returning to the palace," Celestia says, a light blush on her face. "To check on the preparations. Yes."

Luna turns to stop her, but Celestia is in the air before her sister can say anything. The manager of the Colosseum asks that you and Princess Luna retire to the gladiator's lounge until the doctor can get a look at you.


Aw man, Celestia still wanted to tell us something important, she has our gift and she has to tell us about the cube. Dang

Well, time to visit the Lounge I guess.


That's it for today folks!

>Current Inventory:

- A strange key
- Sword and Shield
- +10 to all combat rolls, and preception rolls while in combat

>Current Affection Levels:

Luna - Romantic Interest
Lucent - Close Friends
Gold Heart - Close Friends [LOCKED]
Celestia - New Friends


thanks for the session A.J.


>- Sword and Shield

Isn't our shield completely wrecked though?

Thanks for the session, A.J.!


You would be right about the shield. I'll fix that next week.

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