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Previous Session: http://mlpg.co/q/res/618804.html
/qt/ Thread: http://mlpg.co/qt/res/217221.html

>You return to the palace with Gold Heart and Thorn and meet up with Celestia and Luna

>Pierce informs you all that the area within Glaurumat's Mind has been sabotaged and it will be a while before they can get everything ready again
>Gold Heart and Thorn follow Pierce back into the palace, leaving you with the princesses
>Since you have time to kill, looking around the city seems like a good idea and both princesses have ideas on where to go first
>You decide to go to the Taloran Market, where you meet up with an old enemy, Slim the Diamond Dog, and sell your jewels in exchange for a gift for Luna
>The gift is a silver hairband with the oval onyx you had placed into it
>You threw the gift in your bag of 300 bits and decided to give it to her later
>After letting slip about your plans to get a gift for Celestia in an attempt to reconcile with her, Luna takes you both to a fountain to settle your differences
>After a brief apology from you both, it is decided that you will be going to the Colosseum, an area Luna was very excited about seeing before
>Celestia has more she wishes to tell you, but it will have to wait until you can return to the privacy of the palace

You can hear the roar of the crowds and of dragons as you approach the Colosseum. It stands before you almost as an impenetrable wall reaching towards the sky. The midday sun blinds you as your eyes wander towards its peak.

"Flawless," Luna is flying through the air, eyes glimmering as she presses herself into the gold of the Colosseum walls. "What timeless battles have raged within these walls? I dare not miss another moment."

Turning back towards you and Celestia, Luna's face is beaming.

"Calm down, Luna," Celestia tells her before leaning over to you. "She tends to get a bit overexcited when it comes to the Colosseum."

"Celestia," Luna says, landing before her, eyes closed and chin raised. "I see no fault in showing a bit of enthusiasm for the sport of gladiatorial combat, but it has always been rather brutish for your taste."

Luna's eyes open again, and she faces you with wide eyes and an eager smile.

"Surely, you can understand the passion and pride of conquering an opponent in a battle of wits and skill," she says, taking your hands in her hooves.

She stares into your very soul with a gaze of hope.

>Current Inventory:

- A strange key
- 300 bits
- Luna's gift (Hairband w/Onyx)
- +10 to all combat rolls, and preception rolls while in combat

>Current Affection Levels:

Luna - Close Friends
Lucent - Close Friends
Gold Heart - Close Friends [LOCKED]
Celestia - New Friends


"I've been considering signing up for a match or two, actually."


"Well, fighting against those other ponies during Gold Heart's training session WAS kinda fun"

Do you want to kill us, Anon?


What? It'd be fun. It's not like these fights are to the death.


File: 1428857331990.png (Spoiler Image, 198.56 KB, 1196x582, famous last words.PNG) ImgOps Google


Think of it this way. It'll give us some experience fighting dragons. Depending on how this whole business with Tiamat goes down, we may need to fight some later on. And under less sporting conditions.



"Well, fighting against those other ponies during Gold Heart's training session WAS kinda fun," you say. "I've been considering signing up for a match or two, actually."

Luna laughs and lifts you up into a brief aerial twirl. When she sets you back down, she stretches out a hoof before you both.

"Imagine it," Luna says. "Armor clad and stretched to your limits, you stand over your opponent, victorious. The crowd chants your name over and over again. Their love and adoration showers you for that fleeting moment, and what awaits but another great challenge to overcome. It would be magnificent."

She steps out in front of you, staring at the Colosseum with stars in her eyes and a faint blush on her cheeks.

"I would strongly suggest against trying to fight the dragons," Celestia says with a smile. "Safety regulations or not, there's still a chance he could get seriously injured."

"Then I will fight with him," Luna says, stomping a hoof to the ground.

"As much as I know you'd love too, little sister," Celestia says, patting Luna on the head. "Going to the Colosseum is quite the public appearance for us. We have to stay in the viewing box like we always do."

Luna's eyes narrow as she glares up at Celestia. She ducks her head away and stands beside you.

"I say he should compete."

"Luna, that's for him to decide."

Both princesses are looking at you now. Luna knowing you won't let her down, while Celestia is pleading you to be reasonable and not risk getting hurt out there. Things haven't even had a chance to get better between you and Celestia and already you're having to choose between them. But you'd hate to dissappoint Luna, especially seeing how much this means to her.


Is dragon experience different from diamond dog experience?


I'd assume so. They probably have completely different fighting styles. Plus diamond dogs can't fly. Or breathe fire.


File: 1428858347559.png (24.09 KB, 370x321, 1327667386643.png) ImgOps Google

>Both princesses are looking at you now. Luna knowing you won't let her down, while Celestia is pleading you to be reasonable and not risk getting hurt out there.

God dammit.

Maybe we can find a compromise - are there any other fighters in the arena apart from the dragons? I guess seeing a human fight would be quite the spectacle for the visitors, but maybe we shouldn't fight the biggest creature we can find right away.


We should find out what the safety precautions are. It'll be good to know what's stopping us from getting our heads caved in and our asses fried.



maybe we can figure out a way to show for sport without actually hurting or getting seriously hurt


guys we gotta reach a consensus


The most reasonable thing to do after not fighting would be to ask if there are other competitors than dragons and what kind of safety measures they have for the fighters.


let's do that then. though I still think fighting a dragon would pay dividends later on.


Basically, we don't know enough to outright decide yet: We don't know what the limits are, what the actual challenge is, what extra safeties there are and so on. I say we hold off on our decision until we've headed in and seen what sort of stuff is going on: we did come here to see the Colosseum and the fights, after all.


"Maybe I could start small? There's gotta be other competitors besides dragons."
"By the way, what sort of safety measures do they have here? Y'know, to make sure no-one dies."


"Maybe I could start small?" you ask. "There's gotta be other competitors besides dragons. By the way, what sort of safety measures do they have here? Y'know, to make sure no-one dies."

"Anyone who wishes to compete in the Colosseum may do so," Luna informs you. "Ever competitor, however, must follow the dragon code when competing."

"Which means," Celestia says, standing before you, "that while the opponent is not allowed to kill you, accidents happen."

Celestia glowers at the Colosseum.

"The only safety measures they have in place are to stop someone if they don't restrain themselves," she says.

You feel the end of a wing wrap over your shoulder and a hoof press itself into your hand. Luna's smiling at you.

"Do not worry," she tells you. "I will not let anything happen to adventuring partner."

A sigh escapes Celestia and she says, "Aside from that, there's not much more we can tell you. How your opponent is chosen is completely unknown to me, with the exception of an open challenge, and both participants have to agree to it."

"There are few who would accept a direct challenge without something to gain from it, or a personal vendetta," Luna notes. "Perhaps we may be able to arrange something simple, but challenging."

"I'm not too find of using our royal position for things," Celestia says, mulling over the option in her mind, "but if you wish to compete, we'll see what we can do."


I think we should go for it. Hopefully we won't murder anyone this time.


we're a good humie


Damnit, I want to compete, but we'll be no good to Luna if we get ourselves too injured to help when things go bad.
We'll just have get the other guy first


Seems like Celestia thinks its a foolish idea but she won't be totally mad at us if we go for it.

I think its not the best idea and we should probably just watch rather than actually competing, but it might be too late for that now.


No risk without reward.


The question is if the reward is worth the risk.

But in this case I think Luna is already too hyped to go back on it now.


So are we competing or no?


"I'll try to keep all my limbs firmly attached."


We are.

Ask if there's anything more to the code other than "Don't kill your opponent", and ask how a match usually ends.


Oh god this is a terrible idea how do you incapacitate a dragon


we're probably gonna be fighting ponies. at least until one of the dragons decides to challenge us. we're not allowed to turn them down.


>How your opponent is chosen is completely unknown to me
Hang on, is that just because Celestia doesn't know, or is that because the matching process is determined by the arena staff for maximum showmanship?
Or maximum crushing-of-princess'-allies, if the traitors are involved


Probably the second.

I hope we don't get into danger, Luna might go full NMM otherwise again.


We've got +10 to all combat rolls. We got this.



"I'll try to keep all my limbs firmly attached."

"Very well," Celestia says, ;eading the way into the Colosseum.

It's no trouble at all for you to get into the main entrance, but it does take a few minutes for you to get around to it. Ponies, Diamond Dogs, Griffins, Dragons, and all of them varying in shape, size, and color. This place looks a lot like the Taloran Market except everyone here is more battle-scarred and bitter. Well, most of everyone. There's some fresh young faces here and there you can only guess are new to the Colosseum, like you. How many of them are competitors and how many are spectators? You won't know until you get inside.


"Is there anything more to the code than, 'Don't kill your opponent'?" you ask.

"Truly, there is no need for much else in the ways of safety," Luna explains. "Most of the code for battle deals in 'to the victor go the spoils'."

A few dragon guards notice the approach of the princesses and immediately summon another, larger dragon to greet you all. Celestia insists she talk things over with the dragon while you and Luna wait at the line for a moment. When she returns, she seems to be in good spirits. She's smiling at least.

"The dragon I spoke to oversees the operation of the Colosseum," Celestia explains. "It took some convincing, but you'll be allowed to fight one of the newcomers."

"Disgraceful," Luna says and scans the crows. "Ugh, not a decent fighter among them. A few past their prime and some getting close to retirement."

"This was the best I could do, Luna," Celestia says and turns to you. "On the bright side, you shouldn't be in too much danger. Luna and I will be in our seats and-"

"Correction," Luna says with a smile. "I will accompany him."


"I will not be fighting," Luna says, touching a hoof to her necklace. "I want to take a look at his competition. Help him prepare for the fight. You can allow me that freedom, can you not?"

"I'm not trying to restrain you," Celestia says, eyes averting Luna. "I just-"

"It is settled then," Luna says as she begins to stroll off.

Celestia watches her go, then turns to you. If she's so insistent on going with you, wherever you go, she's counting on you to take care of her. Celestia doesn't know about the promise you made to Luna, but you promised that much to her. A little assurance might do her some good, maybe a talk with Luna about treating her sister a little better? Or perhaps just letting that be.


>'to the victor go the spoils'
Oh, we should have probably asked if he have to pay a fee or anything.. give Celestia the bag with Luna's present at least, before we lose that in some stupid misunderstanding.

"I'll make sure that nothing bad happens. Can you take care of this till I'm back?"


"I'll keep us out of trouble. Thanks for this, Celestia."


"I'll make sure that nothing bad happens. Can you take care of this till I'm back?" you say, handing her the bag.

The aura of her magic suspends the bag in the air before her and Celestia gives you a smile.

"I'll keep us out of trouble. Thanks for this, Celestia."

She gives you another nod and you run off to catch up with Luna.

"She worries too much, my sister," Luna says as the two of you are led by a guard towards the preparation area. "What was that bag you gave to her? I saw you had it with you at the market and have been curious about it ever since."


"I traded one of the gems against bits back at the market - wouldn't wanna lose them in the fight."

"And your sister only means well."


"Just picked up a couple souvenirs. Couldn't resist."


"I traded one of the gems against bits back at the market - wouldn't wanna lose them in the fight," you say. "And your sister only means well."

"Yes," Luna says, here gaze drifting towards the ground. "If only there were something I could do to ease that worry."

Your attention is caught by the increased volume of voices as you are guided into another room. All of the combatants look like they're actually having a good time. A few are getting drunk at a bar near the back, while others are talking strategy and discussing the efficiency of certain weapon types. Luna's mood seems to have changed as well. Her eyes are focused and she's got a wicked grin on her face.

In a booming voice you thought far beyond her capabilities, she says, "Combatants of the Colosseum, lay thine eyes upon your destroyer and tremble at his might!"

The crowd that was terrified by her, now turns to you bewildered and waiting. Time to make a name for yourself.


A very modest introduction.

I'm not really sure how we could best "reply" to that. Probably flip our sword around the wrist to impress a bit and then re-sheath it and bow. If we don't fuck it up it might leave a lasting impression and our opponent is already shitting their pants before the fight even started.


Oh god dammit Luna. Guess we've got no choice but to ham it up now.
"I have come from distant lands to show you all how it's done. Who among you has the courage to stand against me?"



Roll that beautiful sword flip. Success is anything greater than a 30


Okay, that shouldn't be too bad. I can do this.

Roll #1 26 = 26


… well, fuck. That's not a very good opening. Now we'll probably chop off our own foot


No, this is good. Now everyone will underestimate us.



You withdraw you sword and try to impress the other gladiators.

"I have come from distant lands to show-" you say before the sword flies from your hand and clatters to the floor.

There's a soft chuckle around the room with a few hearty laughs thrown in, but most of everyone ignores you and goes back to their business. The ponies among them have immediately started to greet princess Luna. She's playing her part as a royal well enough, but the attention on her has sort of pushed you aside. No one's told you when your fight is going to be or who you're going fight against, so now would probably be a good time to find out. It might seem rude to interrupt Luna, so you could go off and find out on your own while she's busy. You don't think she'd like being left out of things though, especially after she made such a show of introducing you.


Try to catch her attention without interrupting her - hopefully she'll understand what we want and give us a nod or something.
Also pick up that sword.


Stick close to her. We can get the info in good time.


You pick up your sword and try to wave down Luna. She sees you trying to get her attention, politely dismisses herself from the group of ponies, and walks over to you.

"Your opponent should be in this group," Luna tells you. "All of them are well beneath your skill level from what I can see, but that is just at first glance. The mind hides what the eyes can not see and the ears can not hear."

Luna summons one of the guard and asks when your first match is. Since your a surprise entry brought in by the princesses of Equestria and something no one has ever seen before, the actually wanted you to come back later that night, but Celestia told them you were in a hurry and wanted something done as soon as possible. They'll be calling your name soon enough. Until then, you're free to do what you want.

Luna asks if there's another area more private and the guard leads you to an area just outside the entrance to the Colosseum's arena. They don't have any armor your size, so you'll be fighting with just your sword. You've been told they made it safe, but they also need to make it entertaining, so you need to do your part.

"I'm sure you will do wonderfully," Luna says, picking away at loose threads and straightening out your attire with her magic. "You performed splendidly among the others. After dropping the sword like that, I am sure everyone will fear facing their fall at your hands."


"That's…one way of looking at it I suppose. But you're right, I can do this. Especially with you cheering me on."


I get the feeling that Luna is overestimating our fighting power a bit.
I hope we won't disappoint her.


"That's…one way of looking at it I suppose. But you're right, I can do this. Especially with you cheering me on."

Luna beams.

An announcer calls your name and the gates start to rise up. Showtime. Luna walks with you towards the exit, but before you step out of the shade of the tunnel, she flies forward and faces you.

"I know you probably do not need this," Luna says, "but however foolish, a bit of good luck never hurt anyone."

Luna dips forward and places a kiss on your cheek. Her lips linger there for a moment and then a powerful push from her wings sends her backwards and out into the arena. Zipping upwards, she disappears from sight.


File: 1428869834156.png (Spoiler Image, 18.4 KB, 200x200, 1329507870365.png) ImgOps Google

>Luna dips forward and places a kiss on your cheek.

Time to turn around and see how badly we will be mauled.


That's it for today folks. See ya next week when you get ripped to shreds.

>Current Inventory:

- A strange key
- Sword and Shield
- +10 to all combat rolls, and preception rolls while in combat

>Current Affection Levels:

Luna - Close Friends
Lucent - Close Friends
Gold Heart - Close Friends [LOCKED]
Celestia - New Friends


Thanks for the session!


Thanks for the session A.J.

We will totally defeat whatever is facing us.


thanks AJ

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