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Previous Session: http://mlpg.coluna_quest/601051.html
/qt/ thread: http://mlpg.co/qt/res/217221.html

Last Session:

>After a Q&A with Merlin, you are taken to a more private room for him to inspect you while Lucent is receiving medical attention

>Merlin delves into your mind and finds the strange door that Tiamat showed to you earlier
>He demands that you open it or he will have to force it open, but you don't know how
>As Merlin starts breaking open the door, the bright light behind it starts flashing rapidly until it becomes a glaring shine
>The door and the chains around it start to break and crack, and an explosion of light in the distance summons Nightmare Moon
>Nightmare Moon attacks Starswirl, preventing him from opening the door
>Luna fades into place over Nightmare Moon and you catch her as she falls
>Frustrated, Merlin returns to being Starswirl before Luna regains consciousness and leaves the two of you in the lobby
>He swears to follow you until he finds out what's behind the door as he leaves
>Luna is unaware of what happened until you tell her, and she kisses your cheek
>She is glad that you are safe, but she is worried that the reappearance of Nightmare Moon would worry the others
>Luna asks you to keep it a secret between the two of you and you agree
>If she starts to become dangerous again, however, she needs you to tell Celestia and the Elements of Harmony
>You agree again and one of the robot pony assistants opens a door to reveal Lucent and Baron
>Lucent is in perfect health aside from a new scar
>To break the tension of the recent occurrence and to kill time while you wait for Starswirl's return, Luna suggest a bit of entertainment
>After a brief debate, everyone agrees but they don't know what to play
>You suggested charades

"How about charades?"

"A wonderful idea," Luna clops her hooves together.

"Not my favorite game," Lucent shrugs, "but it's better than nothing. I really wanted to explore the place."

"You're not going anywhere," Baron glares at her, "and if we're playing charades, I'm not going to be doing any silly poses."

"We will have to sort ourselves into teams, then," Luna notes. "One of the team members will act out the charade, and the other will attempt to identify that charade."

"Well, this was your idea," Lucent looks at you, "so we'll let you decide how to split up the teams. I'd do fillies against colts."

Lucent's eyes go wide for a minute as her gaze slowly slides over to Luna. There's a small tinge of blush on her cheeks.

"If you're okay with being my partner, that is, princess?" she says, scratching at the floor with her hoof.

"I do not mind," Luna shakes her head with a smile, then looks at you, "but it is ultimately your decision."


Current Affection Levels:

Luna - Close Friends
Lucent - Close Friends
Gold Heart - New Friends
Celestia - Low



man I wish we could do something about that


Time to have fun!


The suggestion seems agreeable. (Even if it means we're stuck with Baron.)

What do you guys think?


>fillies against colts
but we're a human.

Seems fine to me though, its not like this is one of the decisions where we get split up.


its not like we would be at an advantage with other pairings



You don't seem to have any problem with splitting up the teams this way, and reminds Lucent that you're a human.

"You knew what I meant," Lucent says and pokes her tongue out at you for a moment.

Luna gets up from her spot next to you and stands herself next to Lucent, who looks like she can barely contain her excitement. Lucent's face is beaming and her wings give an awkward flap every few seconds. Baron takes Luna's place at your side and sits next to you with an exasperated sigh.

"Let's just get this over with," Baron says, "and don't do anything hard."

"Whether he needs to do something hard or easy will depend on the rules," Luna informs you. "There are many ways to play charades from what I understand, and we will have to come up with a set of rules that best suits our situation."

"Lay it on us," Lucent says your name, eyes narrowed with determination. "We're ready."


what are the rules of charades anyway


Wait, we have to come up with the rules?
Don't we just kind of act things out and points are awarded for getting it right?
(I'm not a charades master)


"The usual rules I guess. Each time writes a noun on a paper and hands it to one of the members of the other team. After that they have a limited time to act out the word without saying anything and obviously not using sign language to spell it out.

If the other team member manages to guess the phrase the team scores a point, otherwise the opposing team wins the round."

Those are just the very basic rules, I dunno if anyone wants to add stuff like being able to nod/shake your head after a question.



"The usual rules I guess. Each time writes a noun on a paper and hands it to one of the members of the other team. After that they have a limited time to act out the word without saying anything and obviously not using sign language to spell it out.

If the other team member manages to guess the phrase the team scores a point, otherwise the opposing team wins the round."

"We don't exactly have any pa-" Lucent starts to say, until she is interrupted by robot pony who places paper and pencils before each team.

"Oh," Lucent raises an eyebrow towards the robot pony. "Uhhh, thanks… I guess?"

The robot pony nods and disappears through one of the doors.

"Best 2 out of 3?" Lucent asks.

Baron nudges your shoulder with his nose. Looking down, you see a piece of paper in his mouth with a phrase already written down on it: Ghost.

You might be able to come up with something better than that, but this could work for now. The girls are still coming up with something, so you have some time to suggest something else to Baron.


Hmm. Has some potential. My first impulse was giraffe for some reason.

Better suggestions? We could always hold them in reserve for the next rounds.



It can be a word or phrase.

Also, since you'll be the ones acting out the charade, you'll actually have to type out what you're doing and Baron will have to guess it. Obviously the girls will hand you what you'll be doing a charade for, but it'll be your job to convey it to Baron.


Ghost seams a bit easy, all they'd have to do is move their hooves around a bit before their face.

We could go for swan
Or giraffe is fine too I guess


you guys trying to make some comment here

anyways how about raising a drawbridge for a phrase


how about 'diamond dog'?


That would be pretty funny to watch them act out.


Luna is magically waving a piece of paper between herself and Lucent.

"Whenever you're ready boys!" Lucent jeers.


Could be pretty funny or end up awkward, with all that happened when we met one last time.


well if we don't want to trigger baron
we gotta make a decision like right now on something


Nah, its fine I guess, we can just go with Diamond Dog and watch the hilarity


yeah, I'm gonna go with diamond dog on this one


Diamond Dog.



Diamond dog it is


You shake your head at Baron and he just gives you a grouchy "hmph" in response. Taking another slip of paper, you write "diamond dog" onto the slip and hand it to Baron. Baron looks at the slip, his eyes shoot wide open, and he looks back over to Luna and Lucent.

"Who's doing these again?" Baron asks.

"I am," Lucent gives a sing-song response.

A smirk tugs on the corner of his mouth and he nods at you. Taking the slip of paper over Lucent, you can see her staring at it with a frown. She saw Baron smile too, apparently. Lucent takes the slip with her wing and reads over it.

"Baron, you jerk!" she shouts, face more red than a cherry.

Taking the slip of paper from the air, you read the phrase "disco fever" on it. Luna is giggling behind her hoof.


Oh dear…


>"Baron, you jerk!" she shouts, face more red than a cherry.
I actually laughed

>you read the phrase "disco fever" on it.

Looks like its time to get out our worst dancing moves not that we'd have good ones anyway

"So, which team is going to start?"


"Don't look at me," Baron's evil smirk turns into a smug grin. "It was his idea."

Baron points to you and Lucent's face fades back a little on it's new shade of color.

"So, which team is going to start?"

"I'll go," Lucent says, head hung low as she steps forward and stands before Princess Luna. "Let's get this over with."



>"I'll go," Lucent says, head hung low as she steps forward and stands before Princess Luna
man, this was supposed to be fun, not depressing


She'll perk up again once it's our turn to humiliate ourselves.


just take it in stride
this is supposed to be good fun



Lucent knocks her right hoof against the ground once and Luna nods.

"One word," Luna says to show her understanding.

Lucent knocks her right hoof against the ground and Luna nods again.

"First syllable," she says.

You go back to sit beside Baron and he leans next to you.

"I don't know how you humans do it," he whispers, "but to differentiate between words and syllables, we just knock against the ground with the our hooves. Right front for words and left front for syllables. Both hooves for a correct answer."

Lucent rears back on her hind legs and clutches her hooves to her chest. Luna calmly makes guess after guess as Lucent changes up her portrayal of the charade. First, clutching her chest and giving pained expressions, then falling to the ground, eyes closed, with her tongue lolling out of her mouth.

"Dead? Died? To Die?" Lucent continues to spout off words and phrases.

At "die", Lucent clops her hooves together and Luna lets out a loud and resounding "YES!" in a booming voice.

Lucent and Baron both look at her strangely for a moment as Luna realizes what she's done. The princesses eye's blink once, then twice, and a sheepish smile sneaks across her lips.

"My sincerest apologies," she says, holding her hooves over her mouth.

Baron roars out a guffaw and nudges your arm as Lucent recomposes herself.




Lucent gives one knock of her right hoof, then two with her left, and Luna nods in response. It take Lucent a little longer to figure out how to convey the next syllable, but once Luna caught on to the baseball pitcher routine, "mound" and then "diamond" came only seconds afterward.

"Here it comes," Baron whispers to you in delight.

[cont.] last one I swear



Lucent displays the signals for the second word and sits down on the ground. There's a long sight from Lucent and she reaches one of her rear legs as far back as it will go. She begins scratching her ears and Luna gasps before she shouts "DIAMOND DOG."

Another clop of Lucent's hooves and Luna is almost off of the ground, her wings spread out as wide as the smile on her face. Whatever royal composure she had almost melted away in the face of, "We are victorious!"

While Luna enjoys her revelry, Lucent lets out a short, fizzy giggle.

"Alright," Lucent says to you as she and Luna take their positions opposite of you and Baron. "Your turn, boys. Let's see those moves."

There's a glint of mischief in her eyes. She's definitely looking forward to the payback of watching you embarrass yourself in front of the princess after you made her do the same. She seems to be having fun. Not as much as Luna, but still enjoying herself. Baron is practically in tears on the floor beside you and can barely breathe through his gasps of laughter.


Ohh boy.

Let's see… "disc" "o" …"fever?"
How are we gonna act this one out?


Easy. First word we get up and do a little disco dance.
Then second word we hold our forehead in pain and tug on our collar like we're hot.



You don't have to break up the syllables in charades. You can actually just do the whole word. Breaking it up into syllables just makes it easier to do the whole word sometimes.


I think we don't necessarily have to split disco.
If we do, we could try to convey "disc" by making the throwing motion though ponies probably won't know it due to their anatomy, "o" by a surprised face
And fever by playing sick, lying on the ground, curled up, coughing and putting one hand to our forehead as if to check the temperature.

Or we could go for "disco" and pull some sick dance moves


We'll just have to hope that disco isn't radically different for ponies.


How different could it possibly be?


or that baron isnt such a square that he cant figure it out anyway

i dunno but i never tried disco on four legs


"Well, time to embarrass myself."

Get up and and stomp once with the right foot.

Then go for the most cliche disco dance pumping the hips, spinning around oneself, an atrocious copy of the moonwalk, you know the drill


don't forget the weird pointing


We're gonna rock this mansion


>"Well, time to embarrass myself."
don't say that. that could be interpreted as a hint. no talking in charades.


Well, okay, then leave it out.



"Well, time to embarrass myself."

You take a stand in front of Baron and pull out the most cliche disco dance moves you can think of: weird pointing, hip thrusts, and everything else. Baron doesn't even blink as the word "disco" leaves his mouth.

Leaning over to look past you, Baron says, "if this is all you girls got, then you might as well just gives the game here. No offense, princess."

"I have taken none," Luna replies, "but you would be a fool to think that this was our best."

"Going easy on us, eh?" Baron smirks. "Well, if you think you can take on the Equestria Charades Champion 4 yours running-"

Baron raises his head proudly.

"-then give it your best shot, Princess."

"He's bluffing," Lucent gives her aloof retort.

Baron chuckles and says, "We'll see about that."




That was supposed to be YEARS. Stupid fingers.


Right foot two stomps.
Act like you've got a major headache.


Time to act out the second word. Stomp twice, then lie down on the ground, fake shivering, coughing, wiping away sweat from our brow and stuff like that.
Unless coughing isn't allowed.


Time for a fever


You can mime coughing?


Dunno, it might be confused for throwing up without the sound I guess



Stomping your foot twice, you lie down on the ground and begin to shiver. You don't actually cough, but you make the motions of coughing: placing your hand over your open mouth, giving a short lurch. You pretend to wipe sweat from your brow and Baron says "fever".

He follows up with, "I don't understand why you didn't just wipe your head. Would't have taken me so long to guess."

"Impressive," Luna gives soft clops with her hooves. "And quite a performance from you, I must say."

Luna looks at you and giggles.

"Are humans supposed to move like that?" Lucent takes a shot. "You looked like you were really hurt after that… whatever that was."

Luna laugh a little louder and Lucent joins in.


"If there's one thing about home I don't miss it's disco."
Laugh with them.


wait, that's what she was referring to by 'whatever that was', right?
I'm suddenly not sure


Guess the next round's going to be guessing whatever Baron's doing? He's gonna be so ticked if we don't get it.


Yeah, I think that's what she meant


We'll get it.



"If there's one thing about home I don't miss it's disco."

"Didn't know you had it back in your world," Lucent says. "It was a fad that sort of died out after a decade or so. Thank goodness I wasn't around for it."

"It was fun for the adults, if I recall," Baron says, reminiscing. "I never did like the clothes though. We ponies don't wear clothes too often, but even the style for the time disco was around was pretty out there. It was the only time my mane was ever long."

"I still have the pictures," Lucent teases. "Such a cutie."

"I thought I burned those!" Baron roars. "Can we just get back to the game please?"

"Whatever you say, champ," Lucent's fizzy giggle bubbles after her words.

"Come on, human," Baron summons you to his side. "Let's stump these ponies."


I wanna suggest 'Beauty and the Beast' but I pones probably don't know those.



I thought it might be difficult to come up with things because of the unknown differences between the worlds, so just try and stick to what you know about their world from the show or the comics.


'Starswirl the Bearded'?


Or jousting


Before no one else says anything and AJ has to wait half an eternity, I am okay with Star Swirl the Bearded, too


That would be amusing to watch Luna do, at least.



"We've got ours whenever you're ready," Lucent waves her strip of paper. "There's no way you're getting this one."

"If you say so," Baron shrugs. "What was that suggestion of yours again."

You write down Starswirl the Bearded and Baron gives you an quizzical stare as he scratches his head.

"I wasn't lying when I said I was the Charades champion," he tells you. "But that's only because I'm really good at deciphering. It's part of my cutie mark. It didn't really matter who my partner was, but it helped if they had a good suggestion. You sure this'll stump 'em? I mean we're in the guy's house."


If you've got a better one, let's hear it.


"If it doesn't stump them, it will at least be hilarious to watch, don't you think?
But if you have a better idea, spit it out."


"If you've got a better one, let's hear it."

"Well, ya got me there," he says and nods his head. "Let's do it."

You walk over to deliver your piece of paper to Lucent and she just laughs.

"This is too easy," she says and hands you your next charade.

It reads: Ursa Major. Luna obviously came up with this one as well because she seems very proud of herself for something. She's putting on the fully brunt of her royal airs just from her posture, but you can see the dance of glee she's doing in those sparkling blue eyes of hers.



"We shall allow you to take the first turn," she says, closing her eyes. "You may proceed when ready."


>Ursa Major
shit…this is gonna be tricky


damn how do we act this out


Oh, I thought it was Baron's turn.
I'm not sure how to split that.. neither of those words work very well on their own.
I guess we could try to act it out at once, walking around on all 4, then getting on our feet and slashing the air in front us while snarling or something like that - but that could be almost every monster.


Maybe we could look down to try and connote the size, but yeah, this one's a puzzler.
Ursa… I can't even think of a good syllabic way to mime that.


We could impersonate a bear, then a military officer. Maybe Baron can put the pieces together in his head.


I guess that could work. Mine was basically just imitating a bear anyway.


"Not too hard is it?" Lucent jests. "You sure are taking a lot of time over there?"

"Look," Baron turns to you. "Whatever it is, just do it. It's probably not as hard as you think and I'll get it as soon as you do anything."

He says that, but you're not too sure. You may just have to trust him on this one.


what if he's reading our miiiiind
let's try this approach


yeah, gonna go with this


Probably gonna have to describe how we do it.
I think for the bear one we can mostly take what Anon said here >>602730
For the military officer… no idea, slamming our heels together and saluting? That's not really specific for an officer


We could mime adjusting the badges on our nonexistent uniform.


I guess someone should sum it up for AJ

Stomp with our right foot one time to indicate the first word.
Then walk around on all 4, get up on our feet and slashing the air in front us while snarling. We could also look down while doing that to indicate size, bears are generally pretty tall.



You figure you might as well give it your best shot and execute one of the plans you formulated. You stomp once with your right foot to signify the first word. Going down on all fours, you start to act out the best bear you possibly can without making any sort of sound. Slashing at the air in front of you, looking down, and making a snarling face.

"Ursa," Baron's voice carries all the excitement of bland noodles.

Luna and Lucent's eyes go wide for a moment before both of their faces sink. The second part obviously shouldn't be that hard if he already knows what the first part is.


Damn this guy's good.


Welp. Stomp twice, then slam our heels together and salute. If he already guessed 'Ursa' instead of just 'bear' he knows what's coming anyway.

I get the feeling he's cheating.



Standing up back on your feet, you stomp twice, slame your heels together, and salute.

"Ursa Major," Baron says and leans over to look towards the girls. "Princess, your presence alone made that obvious enough for me to figure out."

"Guess he wasn't bluffing," Lucent sighs. "I give up. There's no way I could have pulled off Starswirl the Bearded."

"Lucent," Luna looks over at her, frowning with disappointment. "You could have at least tried and tied up the game."

"To be perfectly honest, Princess Luna," Lucent's blush returns. "The honor of being on your team was enough for me. I had a lot of fun playing with you, even if I did have to embarrass myself in the process."

"I also had fun, Lucent," she states, standing tall over the batpony before her. "But please do not give up again in the future. I will be relying on you not just for fun, but to win as well, against Tiamat and in charades."

You've never seen Lucent more radiant. She doesn't even bother hiding the fact that her wings have lifted her a foot off of the ground. She gives a proud salute.

"I won't let you down, Princess," she says as she lands.

"If you're quite finished," Starswirl's voice echoes through the lobby, "we have places to go and ponies to see."

Blue smoke billows out from beneath the doors and begins to cover the floor of the lobby.

"Celestia and the others have been located and are currently awaiting our arrival outside of Taloran," he informs you. "It appears they've gotten help from Discord."


This is gonna be fun.


>"I give up. There's no way I could have pulled off Starswirl the Bearded."

"What's a Discord?"
>Discord "helping"
oh boy


"What's a Discord?"

"Discord is the embodiment of chaos in this world," Luna explains. "I had heard since our last encounter he had been reformed, but Celestia did not want him to be part of this."

"He's not," Starswirl corrects her. "According to him, 'Tiamat is not my concern and I'd rather not deal with her at the moment.' The two of them never did see eye to eye on things, even when Discord was going around wreaking havoc."

"So this Discord guy just dropped them off and left?" Lucent asks.

"Well, I was having a lovely bubble bath," an unfamiliar voice sounds off from nearby, "but it was rudely interrupted by flaming pieces of debris."

"Hello, Discord," Luna gives her best, neutral greeting.

Sitting in a floating bathtub is a strange creature that seems to be made-up of several others. The bubbles around him seem to be forming out of thin air, and instead of floating, they fall like clear stones around the floor.

"Oh come now, princess," Discord says, scrubbing his back. "Even your sister is on good terms with me. The least I can get is a nice hello from my new friends."

Discord stresses out the word "friends" like he wants them to hear it as long as possible without being overbearing. He clutches his loofa as he says it and blinks his drastically enlarged eyes a few times, staring directly at the princess.


>The two of them never did see eye to eye on things
I'm not sure what that means. Does it mean they disagreed with each other all the time?





Whisper to Luna
"I somehow expected the embodiment of chaos to be more… fearsome."


Why bother whispering? He'd most likely hear you anyways.


Well, we don't wanna be rude on purpose, do we?


So that's a Discord.




"Ah, yes!" Discord's tub disappears along with all the accessories as he hops down beside you. "A human, eh? Quite the ugly thing, but I'm sure your a lovely person on the inside."

Discord snaps his fingers and your anatomy is flipped inside out for a moment. Lucent lets out a small scream while Baron does little to hide the horror set against his paler complexion. Luna coughs and Discord lets out a short sigh.

"Guess not," he smiles and snaps his fingers to put you back to normal. "So you're off to help fight, Tiamat, hm? Quite the weak fellow, aren't you? Barely an ounce of power in this being."

Discord knocks on your chest and a hollow thump echoes from within your body.


"…What…just happened?"


Well. Well well well.


"Oh no, quite on the contrary.. come closer and I will tell you my secret power."

Stick a wet finger in his ear once he bows down. That will teach the dork.



"…What…just happened?"

"Discord," Luna steps between the two of you, "I would ask that you please refrain teasing him. Power or not, he has decided to do what he can to help, which is more than I can say for you."

"Your words cut deep, princess," Discord falls away into sliced pieces of himself for a moment, and then pop back into the whole, "but there's not much I can do against Tiamat even if I were to help. She is as immune to my magic as she is to yours. Not to mention I'd only get her bad side, which is somewhere you do NOT want to be."

There's a silent pause as Luna gives him a dark glare.

"Oh," Discord chuckles, "right."


"Come closer and I will tell you my secret power," you say, luring him closer to you.

As he bends down, you stick your wet finger into his ear and feel only cold wetness against your own. Somehow, Discord managed to switch his head with yours for a moment. You look down at Discord's head smiling at you.

"I already told you that you have no power," he says and pops your head back onto their respective bodies. "Don't trick the trickster."

"As I was saying," Starswirl's voice booms through the lobby, "we must go. We'll play with you some other time Discord."


"Alright, alright. Play time's over."



"Alright, alright. Play time's over."

"Already?" Discord pouts. "But the human and I were just about to play fetch?"

Discord waves a stick and a collar appears on your neck.

"Farewell, Discord," Luna says, using her own magic to remove the collar.

Blue smoke begins to swirl around you, removing Discord's teary eyes, Luna, and Baron from your vision.

End Session


Current Affection Levels:

No Changes

Luna - Close Friends
Lucent - Close Friends
Gold Heart - New Friends
Celestia - Low


Thanks for the session, AJ!



Not very eventful I know, but I figured you could treat this is a sort of filler session for you to have fun with. You learned a little bit more about Discord and Baron and what happened to Celestia and the rest of the group, so next session will be the capital city of Taloran.


Thanks AJ.


Thanks a lot AJ, I had a good time!

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