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Previous Session: http://mlpg.coluna_quest/596890.html
/qt/ thread: http://mlpg.co/qt/res/217221.html

Last Session:

>You wake up to meet with Luna outside your tent as promised, but it turns out she's a no show

>Walking into the camp to look for her, you meet up with Lucent
>Lucent brings you over to the princesses' tent and tells you about the talk she had with Baron last night
>You meet up with Luna and Celestia who have breakfast/dinner with you at the mess tent
>While Luna gets your food, Celestia chats with you a bit about Luna's happiness and Equestria's safety
>She doesn't want anything bad to happen to you after seeing how happy Luna has been lately, but she also doesn't want you to become a threat to that happiness or the country
>She doesn't want to regret you, but she will remove you if either comes into jeopardy
>You show her the cube you found in the cave and Celestia seems startled by it, but before she can answer, Luna returns
>You eat, mostly in silence, and leave for the chariots when you are finished
>Camp has been packed up while you've been eating, but before you leave, you want to check up on Gold Heart
>Gold Heart would rather not talk about her emotional display last night, so you tell her about Tiamat invading your dream instead
>She becomes very interested in why she can communicate with you if you aren't a dragon, seemingly implying that you may be involved with Tiamat somehow without actually accusing you
>You assuage her worries by stating that she did in fact harm you in the dream
>She tells you to climb aboard Thorn with her, but you inform her that you've already promised to ride with Luna
>Gold Heart and Thorn are mildly surprised by this, but accept this fact and depart
>Lucent comes to retrieve you and brings you to the chariots now that everything is ready to go
>She teases you about Luna, then tells you that she'll be pulling the chariot you'll be riding in
>Lucent is very proud of being able to lead Luna's chariot, and informs you that Baron will be riding in a different chariot nearby
>As you approach the chariots, Luna is smiling at you and Lucent is standing proud
>Celestia is eyeing you as you pass, the weight of the world pressing down on you with her eyes
>Gold Heart is watching you too, but not with the same level of intensity
>You talk with Luna about having a word with Celestia for a moment and she allows it
>Celestia asks if you would mind giving her the cube you found and explaining everything about it when you arrive at the Dragon Empire's Capital City of Taloran
>You agree and she thanks you for trusting her with the object
>You make an intentionally cutting comment about hoping that she will have trust in you someday, to which Celestia takes offense
>You leave back to Luna and head for the air
>After a brief conversation with Luna, you are attacked by a group of dragons and knocked out of the sky
>Luna and Lucent both go to save you, with Baron falling farther away
>You reach for Lucent and Luna goes to save Baron
>You and Lucent fall to the Forest of Leota below
>When you land, Lucent is unconscious against your body and there's blood, but you can't tell whose
>The pain from the fall takes you, and you black out



Current Affection Levels

Luna - Good Friends
Lucent - Close Friends
Gold Heart - New Friends
Celestia - Low (possibly temporary)


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(possibly temporary)



wake up


Alternatively, see if we can catch Luna in the land of unconsciousness to let her know we're still alive.


Anon, you don't dream when you're unconscious.


It's dark. You feel weightless, but there's a dense pressure pushing down around you. You blink open your eyes and find yourself floating in a sea of stars.

"Oh, poor thing," Tiamat's voice calls to you. "My babies didn't hurt you too bad, did they?"

It doesn't look like there's much around you. Most of it just looks like broken bits of debris from the islands you played Hide and Seek with Luna on. No real, solid ground for you to stand on.


Hah, who's laughing now?
Well I guess not me oh god why is Tiamat here


"What do you want?"

We should check if we can still conjure things with our mind to see if its a dream or something else.
But in such a way that Tiamat doesn't realize it. Maybe letting a stone appear in our pockets or something like that?


"Not you again…"



"Not you again…" you say, attempting to conjure up something small, like a stone in your pocket. "What do you want?"

The stone appears in your pocket, smooth, round, and a little heavy.

"Just checking up on my little treasure," you can hear the wicked glee in her tone. "You're the only human in Equestria, you know? Well… almost the only human."


Conjure some earplugs into our pocket that we can pull out if she starts getting all screechy again.


"What do you mean 'almost'?"


>You're the only human in Equestria, you know?
"So what, you wanna shrink-wrap me and put me on your shelf? .. and what do you mean by almost?"



"What do you mean, 'almost?"

"There are a couple of ways to answer that," she says and a bit of debris explodes in a flash of light. "One of which is much more interesting than the other, but which one shall I'll show you?"


"So what, you wanna shrink-wrap me and put me on your shelf?"

"Let's just say it's been a while since I've been with a human," she cackles. "I've been in a Tartarus a very long time. Every girl has needs, after all, and a human is just the right way to break the monotony of a thousand years of forced abstinence."


"I don't even want to know what you are going for with this…"


"I'd rather shag a corpse."


>but which one shall I'll show you?

"Which one is less painful?"
She's already here, so we might as well play along and try to get some informations from her this time.


the boring answer sounds fine
I'm not sure we'd like her idea of "interesting"


Maybe I'm being a wuss, but that seems a bit much. I don't actually want to piss her off completely, and
pushing for information might be a good idea.


Fine, fine. No acidic remarks.


Thanks. A bit of negativity's good, we want to be clear we're not on her side, but given the one thing we know about her is that she's the biggest pile of narcissism in all of Equestria, comparing her to a corpse seemed like it might piss her off.



"I don't even want to know what you are going for with this… I'd rather shag a corpse."

"You're being as cold as one," Tiamat tuts. "But if it's a corpse you want, I see you're quite fond of our dear Princess Luna."

More debris bursts into light around you.


"Which one is less painful?"

"Still a bit sour after that nasty ringing in your ears, eh?" she cackles again. "Understandable. But seeing as I how I can do no more than put on a cheap light show at the moment, I guess we can go with your option."

There's another burst of light farther away from you and a door appears after the light has faded. It's a sturdy steel door made of deep, dark onyx, sealed by multiple locks and chains. On the top half of the door, dead in the center, is a crescent moon, glowing on the surface.

"Shame about those locks," Tiamat tuts again, "but there's nothing we can really do about them right now. Perhaps just a peek into the window. You're not that naughty, are you?"


I doubt she snaps THAT easily. The final boss always maintains an air of smug confidence up until the final fight when they finally realize they're fucked.


I've got a bad feeling about this.
Look in the window.


Yeah, look through the window, but also approach slowly and don't touch anything in case this is a trap


Hang on, that's something of Luna's, isn't it? I saw we turn down the evil dragon cougar trying to sow discord and respect Luna's privacy, and then ask her about it later.


Well, I assumed it was something related to other humans, since the question was related to the "almost" part of her statement.
If its something about Luna, we might wanna stay away (it's probably just something about what she did as NMM, but still)


If it involves humans then we have to know about it. Up until now we'd thought ourselves the only human here.


Yeah, but if this is somehow linking us to part of Luna's mind or something, we can always just ask her later.

I say we ask Tiamat what the hell this is before we do anything.



You go over to the door and peek inside the crescent window, careful not to touch anything. The light that's shining on the surface is come from whatever is behind the door, but it's so bright you can't really see anything. There's a violent slam against the door that pushes you back. The chains rattle from the force of it, and the light shines brighter for a second, before it fades back to it's normal glow.

"Oooh," Tiamat giggles. "Feisty, but I think we've had our fun for now. I've still got a lot more work to do, and it's time for you to wake up now."




Check if we can feel her presence in our dream.
Maybe we can use our dreamwielding to force her to fall asleep and buy us some time.




"Oh, don't be in such a rush," the sarcasm drips from Tiamat's words. "We'll be seeing each other again eventually. Maybe next time… in the flesh."

There's another burst of light in front of your eyes before everything fades to black again. Your eyes shoot open and your body is sitting up on the ground. Looking around you, your in the thick, dark Forest of Leota. There's blood on your shirt, but Lucent is nowhere to be seen.


We should check ourselves for wounds to see if its our blood.
If not, check the ground for blood droplets, if its Lucent who is bleeding we should find her that way.


Oh no…



You get up and move around, but other than some soreness, you feel fine. There's no part of your body that seems damaged in any way, which means that this isn't your blood. You check the ground for blood droplets and find a small trail leading into the forest.



"H-h-hey," she stutters through your name as she comes out of a nearby bush. "What are you doing falling out of the sky again, ya big goof?"

She's staggering as she walks and one of her forelegs are raised. She's being careful not to step on it. There's a stick pierced into her side, but it's shallow. It caught under the armor, broke the skin, and is poking out through the other side.


Jesus H. Christ


the wound is pretty much a bar piercing along her side. But with a stick.


>but it's shallow
>is poking out through the other side
That sounds more as if she was impaled.

"Oh shit"
See if we can do anything for her if she's really impaled we probably better leave the stick in there for now.
If we can't do anything, ask her if she has any idea where we are and where the rest of the party is located. Maybe a unicorn can fix it if we carry her there



It's not as bad as I made it sound. I'm sorry.


"Oh thank god…thought you were a goner."


Okay, in that case I think its safe to try and help her. We could carefully break off one end of the stick so we don't have to pull the whole thing through her body.


If it is shallow, maybe it'd be OK to remove it, if we had a bandage (torn shirt or whatever) to apply pressure?
I have no idea what I'm talking about.
We could always ask her what to do, since she'd have training as part of being soldier.



"Oh shit."

You start to go over to help her, but she winces and cries out, "Wait."

She carefully lays down on her unharmed side and looks up at you, smiling.

"There," she says, letting out a long sigh. "Now, I'm not sure if I broke my leg or if it's just a sprain, but I won't be able to walk right now."

She nods her head towards the stick coming out of her.

"As for that," she groans. "It's just a flesh wound, but I don't know how deep it went in before the break."

"Oh thank god…thought you were a goner."

There's a soft blush across Lucent's cheek as her smile brightens.

"I'm not dead yet," she says. "Now, stop worrying and find some way to drag me outta here. I'd ask you to carry me, but I shouldn't be moving around too much right now. Shouldn't have even walked away like I did trying to find something myself. Don't know why I did that."


You go over and lean down to check on the injury. The stick is indeed caught under the flesh, but it's broken in two. You can't tell which piece went further in or whether it would be safe to pull one of them out, but it's not bleeding at least.


Let's leave them in for now. Best not to take any chances.



"Man, from those wounds it looks more like it was you plunging to your death and not me."

Well, as long as its not bleeding or hurts too bad we probably shouldn't touch it.

Look around and see if we can find anything flat and robust we could put her on so we can carry her.


Describe it to her and ask her for medical advice: the sum of our medical knowledge tells us the best way to fix this is to get someone who actually know what they're doing.

Does Lucent have saddlebags or anything? There's probably first aid gear in there, and if individuals were carrying their sleeping materials then we've got something to help move her right there.



"Man, from those wounds it looks more like it was you plunging to your death and not me."

Lucent starts to laugh but winces again in pain and lets out a long groan.

"Please don't make me laugh right now," she says through a teary grin.

You describe to Lucent what the wound looks like and if she would know anything about removing something like this. Does she have any first aid? Maybe a sleeping bag or mat for her to be placed on?

"No," her head slumps to the ground and she pouts. "All my stuff was in the chariot, and unless you're a unicorn, I wouldn't mess with those sticks. It helps if you can actually see how far in they are before you go messing around with them. We need to find Baron or one of the other guards or the princess-"

Lucent shuts her eyes tight and thumps her head against the ground again.

"First time leading the chariot and I get blown out of the sky," she says. "Baron'll never let me live this down."


"Baron got blown out of the sky just as easily as you.
Did you find out where we are and where the rest of the party might have headed during your short trip? If they are close enough I might be able to go and get help without having to move you."


"He damn well better."
Check the immediate area. Maybe there's debris from the crash or something.


Hey, at least you saved the important cargo
Tap chest twice
But seriously, you saved my life up there. Thanks.



"He damn well better. Baron got blown out of the sky just as easily as you.
Did you find out where we are and where the rest of the party might have headed during your short trip? If they are close enough I might be able to go and get help without having to move you."

"I got a good look at a mansion as we were going down," she tells you. "There's a chance somebody else might have seen it too and gone there. Normally we'd send up a flare in this situation, but there's no telling where the dragons might be, or if they're even still here."


"Hey, at least you saved the important cargo," you tap chest twice. "But seriously, you saved my life up there. Thanks."

"Yeah, well…" her face flushes as she talks.

Her eyes seem to be darting around, looking for the right words to say. When she can't seem to find them, she closes them and goes with "You're welcome."

In the immediate area is nothing but broken twigs, leaves, and branches from where you fell. The bush Lucent come out of is disturbed enough that you can make out the path she took. It's still night in the sky, but the moon is a little farther along. You guess that it's about midnight. If the dragons are still here, they've been waiting at least a few hours.


What direction was that mansion?



"What direction was that mansion?"

"Should be a fair distance behind you," she motions with another nod, "but I'm not sure how far away from it we fell and the landing my have messed up my direction."


"Do you remember where the mansion was and how far away?
If its close enough I could go and try to get help - but if its too far I don't want to leave you alone and injured in the woods"


"You are sure that even just carrying you would not be a good idea?"



"I have a stick in me that could poke into something it shouldn't if I move around," she grits her teeth through the pain. "I'm sorry for being so upset, but I would really appreciate it if you could try to find something, anything to drag me along."

She thumps her head against the ground again.

"Please," she says your name. "This is super embarrassing. Just find something and bring it back."

The faint tinge of a blush returns as she waits for your response.


Well, no other option than search the surrounding area. Since the ponies are tall enough to smack us in the face, she most likely wont just fit on our shirt or something like that.


"Alright, I'll find something. Just try to stay out of trouble and if anything happens, call for me and I'll come running."


All right, I'll be back, then.
Don't go anywhere~
Is that a bit too mean?

Also, do we need to worry about warmth for her? It is the middle of the night: if she were moving around she'd be fine, it's what she's used to, but just laying there…
Also, what about critters? Are there things that might be attracted by the blood at all?


>Is that a bit too mean?
I don't think so.

And she was strong enough to walk around a few minutes ago, I'm sure if some smaller critters show up she can just kick them with one leg without moving too much.


>You guess that it's about midnight. If the dragons are still here, they've been waiting at least a few hours.
Should we risk a flare?



"Alright, I'll find something. Just try to stay out of trouble and if anything happens, call for me and I'll come running."

Lucent nods and lets out a weak, "Okay."

You leave the area where Lucent is resting and search for anything that could help bring her along with you. You walk for a few minutes, making your way through the forest. Aside from the occasional sounds of bugs and small creatures moving through the woods, there's nothing too threatening for the moment. You stumble across some of the debris from a chariot. It's not one of the princess' chariots, but there's still some supplies left in the chunk that remains.

You find a partially burnt sleeping roll, but that's about it. Picking it up, you start to head back towards Lucent and spot a Manticore passing through the forest. He hasn't noticed you, but he seems to be sniffing around for something. If you run for it, you might be able to get away without him noticing you, but he's moving pretty fast himself. There's a chance that if you sneak, he'll catch up to you.


m-maybe he just has a thorn in his paw


Oh shit, he can smell Lucent's blood can't he?



You've clearly forgotten that it's all over your shirt


I'd say we sneak. We have only been walking for a few minutes, so we can't be too far away from Lucent - if we run he will surely hear and follow us and then we need a longer distance than just the short way back to leave him behind.


Let's try sneaking.



Please roll to sneak away. Success for this roll is anything greater than a 65


Here goes nothing

Roll #1 74 = 74


Here goes…

Roll #1 12 = 12


I'm so glad you posted too slow


Well, I'm glad that other guy went first.



You carefully sneak away from the Manticore, careful not to step on anything you shouldn't or bring too much attention to yourself. You're getting closer to where Lucent is, but the Manticore is still following you. You'll need to lead him away from Lucent before you can return to her.


… I'm stupid, I knew I forgot something that was important when I said we should sneak away.

Move a little bit away from Lucent again, then drop our shirt on the ground and move back to her.


Find something big we can throw to make noise away from our position.



You remove your shirt and toss it aside. It's a bit difficult to do since you have to take your armor off as well, but you manage not to attract the Manticore to your position. After tossing the shirt aside, you reach down and find a nice, sizable stone to throw and distract the manticore.


Should we really throw the stone?
I mean, if it was following the scent of blood it should already be distracted enough by the shirt, if we throw the stone we probably just ruin our good stealth roll


you have a point…
okay, no rock for now. but if the shirt doesn't work we may have no other choice.


Lets just sneak back to Lucent then while checking if he still follows us



After pondering whether you should go through with executing a distraction or not, you decide against throwing the stone. Setting it back down, you return to Lucent.

There's a short whistle as you approach her

"Oh my lucky stars," Lucent flutters her eyelashes. "A handsome stud has come to rescue this ravishing mare. And me without my chiffon."


"Shh. Manticore."
Lay out the sleeping roll for her.


Motion to her to be quiet and then silently explain to her that a Manticore is close.
Also that we found sleeping roll we could use to drag her to the others.



"Shh. Manticore," you say as you lay out the roll for her. "C'mon."

Lucent's flirtatious expression falls and she crawls herself onto the sleeping roll. Once she's properly situated herself, she motions in a direction opposite of the manticore.


Start dragging her that way.


Well, at least she doesn't seem to be hurt too bad.
Seems like the most reasonable choice. Ask her if that's the way where she suspects the others to be though

Maybe we should have had Luna catch us after all


She was further away. There's no guarantee that both she and Lucent would have made it to their respective targets in time.


Maybe it would have turned out better, but who knows. At any rate, it was clearly the right decision to make at the time, and there's no point wondering what we would have done if we'd had the ability to see the future back then, especially not when we've got the gal who saved us relying on us to get her to someone who can give her some competent medical help.



You drag Lucent along on the bedroll for a while, but when nothing in the scenery changes, you ask if this is the way she suspects the others to be.

"I don't know where they are," she says, "but the mansion should be coming up. This was the direction I remember seeing it in."

Sure enough, as soon as she's finished with her sentence, the mansion comes into view. It looks exactly like the mansion from your dream, but you don't understand how. You've never been to it while you were awake before. How could it have come out of your dreams?

"Come on in," an older male voice greets you. "We've been waiting for you."

You and Lucent look around for where the voice could be coming from and start to notice faint wisps of white floating through the air. The wisps become more tangible and form different ghosts of ponies you've never seen.


Is it the mansion from the dream where Luna played hide and seek with us?

"What do you mean, you've been waiting for us?"

Look back to Lucent and see what she has to say about this. Even with the ghosts, its probably the best idea to enter - otherwise we'd just randomly run around in the forest till we either starve or the manticore finds us.


"Thank you, whoever you are."
Go in. We gotta put something between us and that manticore just in case it's still snooping around.


File: 1411931258042.jpg (1.51 MB, 800x1263, 1384635381331.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Just for reference's sake, here's the map again.



"What do you mean, you've been waiting for us?"

"You're friends are already here," the voice answers. "Baron and Luna."

The eyes of the ghosts glow and their mouths open. Luna calls your name.

"Everything is alright," she says. "The stallion who lives here is an old friend of ours, Starswirl the Bearded. I know his home may not appear habitable or hospitable, but the inside is much more luxurious."

"Is Baron alright?" Lucent sounds from the bedroll.

"He is doing well," Luna responds. "Stoic, but I suppose that is to be expected of a guard."

Lucent has to restrain her laughter when she hears this by gritting her teeth through a painful "ha".

As instructed, you head through the decrepit front doors of the mansion and into a well lit, deep blue foyer.





>You're friends



anon, pls



The ghosts around you have disappeared, and as the doors close, you notice that the rotting wood has been replaced by a rich, deep mahogany. There are speckles of stars lining the fabrics of the carpet, small vases filled with exotic flowers, and the smell of dust and cinnamon fills the air.

"I'm a little hurt, so if you guys wouldn't mind giving us a hoof," Lucent says.

"Yes, yes, very well," the older voice sounds through the wide open room ahead of you.

It's a large circular room with doors spread evenly against the walls. A silver chandelier hangs from the white ceiling to provide light and there are candles lining the walls. Smoke billows out of each of the doors and gathers into a giant cloud at the center of the blue carpet floor. A gray-blue stallion with a long white mane and beard floats up out of the cloud, wearing an over-sized dark blue hat and robe, speckled with stars and constellations. Behind him are Luna to his left, and Baron to his right.

Luna calls out your name, runs past Starswirl, and leaps toward you.


Brace for impact.

"Quite an impressive entrance."


Catch her.
"It's good to see you too."


Ask her what happened with the dragons and to her and Baron after we fell.



"Quite the impressive entrance."

Luna spreads open her wings as she glides into you, wrapping her forelegs around you and scooping you up into the air. She rests her head on your shoulder and holds you in the air for a minute before setting you back down on the ground again.

"I had feared the worst until your return," she says, checking you for any signs of injury. "Are you alright? When I saw you and Lucent fall into the forest, I-"

"It's good to see you too."

"Princess," Baron calls for her attention.

Luna stops poking and prodding your bare upper body with her hooves and looks over to see Lucent, broken and lying on the bedroll. Luna walks over with all the manner of proper royal etiquette and looks at Luna.

"You have rescued someone very dear to me at risk to yourself," Luna says to her. "I will ensure you are properly rewarded when we have returned to Canterlot."

"Nothing at all, Princess Luna," Lucent smiles. "It is my honor to serve you, and you have already repaid me by rescuing my friend here."

Baron bows at the princess' side.

"All the same," Luna insists, "some expression of my gratitude will be given to you."


"I had hoped one of you could help her. She has a stick in her side and one of her legs seems to be broken, but I'm not sure. Maybe your magic could fix it?"


I'm glad to see Luna's alright.


"I had hoped one of you could help her. She has a stick in her side and one of her legs seems to be broken, but I'm not sure. Maybe your magic could fix it?"

"Of course," Starswirl replies and stomps a hoof against the floor twice.

Two completely mechanical ponies rise from the cloud and stand at Starswirl's side with a gurney. Starswirl instructs the both of them to carry Lucent and Baron to the medical wing and the two mechanical ponies get to work, gently lifting Lucent on to the gurney.


While Lucent is being cared for, you turn to Luna and ask what happened to her and Baron after the fall.

"I saved Baron and used my magic to shield our impact," she says. "The dragons tried to set the forest on fire at first, but it's being shielded by a spell of Starswirl's. He found us and brought us here until the dragons left. We were just about to look for you when-"

"When you showed up exactly as expected," Starswirl approaches you. "I can't have my friends and home being burnt to a crisp now, can I?"

Starswirl chuckles to himself for a moment.

"Now, Luna," he turns to her. "If you would be so kind as to accompany Baron and Lucent, just to make sure my little contraptions don't malfunction on them."

Lucent's eyes go wide in terror.

"What do you mean 'just to make sure they don't malfunction'?" she asks as the gurney is wheeled by.

"Just a precaution," Starswirl assures her. "Everything will be fine."

Starswirl continues speaking to Luna as he leads her behind them, "I will have a little chat with our friend here."

Lucent refers you by name and says, "He means a lot to me and he has only just returned. Perhaps, I could stay for your conversation."

"Luna," Starswirl hushes her. "This is a matter between myself and the human, not of Equestria's safety. There's nothing that will concern you, I promise."

Luna's eyes narrow at Starswirl and a frown appears on her face as she disappears into a doorway with the rest of the ponies.

"Yes," Luna says, "I recall, you do tend to ramble on during your conversations."

"Snarky as, ever," he waves her away, and as the door closes, the cloud goes with them. You can see Luna sticking out her tongue at Starswirl as she leaves.

Starswirl turns to you and the moment the door clicks closed, his expression tightens into expressionless stone.

"What are you doing here?" he approaches you. "Why are you not back on Earth with the rest of humanity?"


"I have no idea why or how I have come here - but why do you even know where I come from? None of the others seemed to recognize humans."


"Hell if I know. I was just…dropped here one day."


That's something I'd like to know, too. I woke up in the Canterlot dungeons a few days ago; supposedly I'd crashed into the castle courtyard like a meteor or something. There's even a great big crater there.
Then fill him in on the lunar portal shenanigans in the crater if he doesn't cut in somehow.

>Lucent refers you by name and says, "He means a lot to me and he has only just returned. Perhaps, I could stay for your conversation."
I'm guessing that's Luna



it was. Sorry.



"I have no idea why or how I have come here - but why do you even know where I come from? None of the others seemed to recognize humans."

"As far as humanity has come," Starswirl sighs, "it amazes me how people never manage to develop common sense."

Starswirl stomps his hoof once more and a cloud of blue smoke envelops his body. It rises upwards, overtaking him until it now stands taller than you. When the smoke begins to fall away, an older caucasian man with a long beard who looks just like Starswirl stands before you, wearing identical robes and hat.

"They call me Starswirl here," he greets you, dusting off the smoke from his form, "but in your world, I went by Merlin."



End Session



oh shiiiiiiiiiit


Oh damn, that should give us a lot of informations in the next session.

Thanks A.J.!




Thanks for the session! Time for Z's.



Fun as always man! Jeez it's getting intense


Current Affection Levels

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Luna - Good Friends
Lucent - Close Friends
Gold Heart - New Friends
Celestia - Low (possibly temporary)


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