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Previously on Luna Quest


>Celestia brought you to her tent to have a little chat about you and Luna

>You told her that you were friends with Luna
>She seemed happy with this answer, but still worries about her
>Celestia asks that you try to remain friends with her as long as you're here
>You and Celestia are currently going over the mapped route to the Dragon Empire
>The current route will have you flying across the Appaloosan Mountains and then a straight cut towards the Royal Guard Watchtower
>Celestia is taking a more direct but cautious route, as she doesn't want to get to close to the Site of the Battle of Discord

Current Affection Levels

Luna - New Friends
Lucent - New Friends
Gold Heart - Upper-Low
Celestia - Mid-Low

"Luna is resting for the day," Celestia tells you as she makes her way outside. "I will raise the sun, get some rest as well, then we leace in the evening after Luna raises the moon."

You follow her outside and a powerful golden aura envelopes her horn. As the moon disappears behind the Apploosan Mountains, you see the sun making it's ascent on the eastern horizon. Once the sun has become fully visible, Celestia staggers a bit, her breathing ragged. You go to help her, but she holds you back with an open wing.

"I'm fine," she says, regaining her royal composure. "Now, did you have any more questions for me before I go to bed?"

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I can't think of anything important to ask her at the moment and she looks like she could really need some sleep.
"Rest well"

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"Nothing at the moment," you say. "Rest well."

Celestia gives you a soft nod and returns to her tent.

If you remember correctly, you're scheduled for morning training with Gold Heart. You've been up all night, but you could go a little longer before you actually have to sleep. Training might be a nice way to spend the time. Your not sure how you're going to be able to fight against the dragons, but maybe that's what Gold Heart has in mind. She's said something about you fighting Thorn yesterday.

"Human," Baron's gruff grumble shakes you from your thoughts. "Grab some gear. You're coming with me."

"What for?" you wonder aloud.

"Being this close to the mountains, there's a chance we could get raided by Diamond Dogs," he informs you. "We are to patrol the area and eliminate any possible threats."

You suppose going on patrol wouldn't be too bad. Last time you trained with Gold Heart, you took quite the beating and she seemed to get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Going through that again wouldn't be too pleasant.

Patrolling with Baron might not be so pleasant either. This unicorn hates your guts and has been giving you a mean look since you first showed up in Equestria. Lucent is the only one who seems to put him in less of a grumpy mood.

She doesn't seem to be with him, which is odd. The two are almost always together. If you go with Baron on patrol, maybe she'd like to come along. Or possibly Gold Heart. You could use the patrol as part of your training.

"Don't stand there all day looking dumbfounded," Baron shouts. "Get going. Unless you don't know where the armory tent is?"


He didn't really make it sound like we have a choice anyway. Just go to pick up some weapons from the tent (sword and shield I guess since those are the only ones we trained with so far) and see if we can find Lucent on the way and convince her to come with us.

I didn't remember him disliking us so much


"We've already got training with Gold Heart. We'll need a minute to let her know we've been pulled onto patrol.
Also, Diamond Dogs?"

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Which do you do first?


We should go to Gold Heart, first.
Not that we end up getting Lucent to join us and then Gold Heart tells us that missing our training is unacceptable.


I say we say the first line of
Go let Gold Heart know we won't be able to make it and grab our gear while we're at it, then ask Baron to fill us in on the DDs when we get back.
We don't really need Lucent, she'd just make Baron more tolerable and I doubt he'd appreciate us mucking about looking for her while he waits.


First thing's first, tell Gold Heart about the situation. If we see Lucent along the way, we could try and see what's up there, but otherwise just grab the gear and get going.

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"I've already got training with Gold Heart," you explain. "I'll need a minute to let her know we've been pulled onto patrol.Also, Diamond Dogs?"

"Awful mutts," Baron sneers as you lead the way. "Bunch of rotten thieves who spend their days mining the mountains and causing trouble for anyone who encroaches upon their territory."

You both arrive at the armory and equip yourselves with a sword and shield. As you leave, you easily spot Thorn resting in an open area outside the camp. Making your way towards the dragon, you spot Gold Heart herself sparring with a group of solders: an earth pony, pegasus, and unicorn.

She's handling all of them as if they were her playthings. Gracefully avoiding magical blasts and swooping charges. Matching the earth pony blow for blow against his sword and making him stumble over his own hooves. Her golden blonde mane is tied back behind her, dancing along with Gold Heart's movement. Thorn seems entranced by the display. There's a small smirk on the dragon's face.

"Wonderful, isn't she?" Thorn speaks. "An ambassador she may be, but I've never seen her more focused than when she's in combat. Simply breathtaking, don't you agree?"

This is the first you've heard Thorn speak so much aside from the occasional one word answer.


"She's handling the situation quite well. Where did she learn to fight like that?"

Normally I'd make a stupid joke but he's a pretty big dragon, so that might not be the best idea.


Uh…yeah. She usually like this? I need to tell her something, this won't take much longer, will it?


I vote for the second sentence here, but changed to "Do you think they'll last much longer?"

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"She's handling the situation quite well. Where did she learn to fight like that?"

"Her father was ambassador before she was," Thorn reminisces. "A very loud and brash man, very much unlike his daughter. He was a former soldier and taught her everything he knew. Fighting against the other dragons has also improved her skills, but I wouldn't bring it up around her."

" She usually like this? I need to tell her something, this won't take much longer, will it?"

"Oh," Thorn chuckles, the sound rumbling the ground beneath your feet. "She'll get bored here in a second."

"Good," Baron stomps a hoof. "We've no time to waste."

Baron keeps darting his eyes between the fight going on before him and the rest of the camp.


Something wrong, Baron?


"Fighting against dragons? How does a small pony fight a dragon?"

Also, ask Baron what's wrong, he seems worried about something.

I sure hope Baron isn't going to rip us a new one over what happened with Lucent, he's way too grump today


What was Baron's role, again? I'm trying to remember if it'd make sense for him to just be keeping an eye on everyone and making sure ponies are performing their duties.

At any rate
Sounds good.

…What was this? I just went back a couple of sessions and I can't find or remember what you might be referencing.


I'm not 100% sure anymore and would have to look it up, but if I remember correctly we told Lucent that she'd make a good mother and then she more or less ran off.

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"Fighting against dragons? How does a small pony fight a dragon?"

"Well," Thorn tilts his head a bit and scratches a brow with his claw. "You start off with small dragons and then work your way up to bigger ones like me. If these little ponies couldn't fight dragons, we wouldn't be taking them to fight Tiamat, would we?"

"Something wrong, Baron?"

"No," Baron shoots up at attention and glares at you. "Why do you always ask so many questions? What Gold Heart does is her business. How she came to fight dragons, who her father was, what brand of oatmeal she had for breakfast. It's all her business."

Baron's breathing pretty heavy now. He pauses for a minute, takes a deep breath, and focuses completely on Gold Heart.

"Just let her be," he says.

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Baron is just another one of the guard. Higher ranked than most, but not a commanding officer or anything.


>mentioning her father for no reason
I guess it could be something related to that then.

We probably shouldn't dig deeper into it yet though, we still have time to do that when we are on patrol with him.

Check if Gold Heart has finished off her opponents yet.


Why do I ask so many questions?
I'm stuck on a world where I haven't grown up, with no way to be sure that anything; physics, society, whatever, works the way I expect it to. I've got to relearn and reconfirm everything from scratch: questions are about all I've got.


Roll to find out how many genital piercings Gold Heart has.


I still need to tell her I'm going on patrol.

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Thorn nudges you with his claw to get your attention and directs your eyes towards the fight.

"Here she goes," Thorn whispers.

The earth pony Gold Heart has been matching blades with seems to be having trouble keeping up. Gold Heart steps aside from his slash and the earth pony takes a magic bolt to the face. The pegasus making dives at her flies in for another attack and catches one of her wings on Gold Heart's blade. Gold Heart leaps into the weight of her swing, throwing the pegasus off balance and twirling towards the unsuspecting unicorn. He tries to put up a magic barrier, but it's only half-formed before the pegasus knocks into him.

Gold Heart takes a deep breath and the sword drops from her mouth.

"Silky Smooth, you're swings are too predictable and you're easy to train into making the wrong move," she starts to rattle off as she approaches you. "Rain Right, you're going to need to be a little more quiet on your approach and get used to having someone attack you with everything they've got. Hot Mess, you're spells and aiming are getting better, but your reaction time is off."

Gold Heart stops a foot in front of you.

"And you," she says prodding your stomach with her hoof. "You're late."

You explain your chat with Celestia about the maps, leaving out the bit about Luna, and that you're going on patrol with Baron.

"Patrol?" she raises a brow. "You're training comes first and foremost. I doubt you'd even be ready for a patrol. The Diamond Dogs would make you into a quick meal and gnaw on your bones for a snack."

"It is at my request, Ambassador," Baron chimes in. "The human was helping out with duties around the camp. I was just giving him work to do."

"He is NOT your concern," Gold Heart snaps as she trots over to Baron. "If you want to take someone with you on patrol, take on of the others. They've been properly trained and will prove more than capable."


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"With your permission, Ambassador," Gold Heart bows. "Perhaps this could be seen as a training exercise for the human?"

"Hmph," Gold Heart frowns for a moment and turns to you. "And what do you have to say about all this? You'd rather go gallivanting around in caves, risking your life, than learning to defend yourself?"


>Gold Heart bows
Should that be Baron? Also, I think you've accidently doubleposted the thread


I kinda feel like no matter what we say, someone will be mad at us. We could try to prevent that a bit by making a joke about how training with Gold Heart is equally deadly I guess.

I'm not sure which is the better choice. Training with Gold Heart would probably give us more combat skill which could be really needed later on, but on the other hand it feels like Baron will tell us something important if we go with him

What kind of pony is Gold Heart again? Unicorn or Earthpony?

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File: 1405878587291.png (44.45 KB, 351x197, Twilight7.png, IO Google TinEye)


It should be Baron. I fucked up.


earth pony


>no one saying anything

Should we go with Baron or train with Gold Heart?
I'm inclined to say Baron, it seems to be important to him that we tag along and we will still have other chances to train with Gold Heart. Unless she gets upset by us skipping training


(Hmm. Baron could be planning something against us, personally, since it'd be easy to leave us for lost and say that we just weren't ready or something. We may have dampened it a bit by making sure other ponies knew about it in advance, but it's still a plausible situation if we don't come back with him.)

(On the other hand, it's a decent shot at learning more about him, and perhaps Lucent, and a successful return makes us more credible. And there might be something to the diamond dogs, after all.)


"I've got a lot to learn about this world. I've yet to really see interact with any of it without a large number of ponies around, either at the castle or in one of the camps: it does seem like it'd be a useful trip.
…Plus the way Baron approached me I had actually assumed it was compulsory."
With an eye quirk to Baron

ID: dd6bc 591130


"I've got a lot to learn about this world. I've yet to really see interact with any of it without a large number of ponies around, either at the castle or in one of the camps: it does seem like it'd be a useful trip," you try to convince her. "…Plus the way Baron approached me I had actually assumed it was compulsory."

You look over to Baron, and he remains silent. Gold Heart shakes out the ponytail from her mane and lets out a long sigh.

"Get up, Baron," Gold Heart says as she walks past you. "He's made his decision."

"Thank you, Ambassador Gold Heart," Baron stands at full attention once more.

Gold Heart hops on to Thorn's back and looks down at the both of you.

"I don't suppose I could tag along?" Gold Heart asks. "If anything happens, I'd like to be there, just in case. Though, once again, I don't have to come. There's still much I can do here, but I can at least give you a lift to the caves."

Baron hesitates for a minute, and you can almost hear a growl from him before he says, "With all due respect, Ambassador, it would be a shame if you were to get hurt by joining us. You are a valuable asset to ponies and dragons alike."

"The question was not directed at you, Baron," she snaps again, then her expression softens a bit as she looks to you. "It was for him."


I say we let her give us a lift. After all, Baron said we had no time to waste, didn't he? And he will still be able to tell us in private what this all is about once Gold Heart dropped us off.

ID: dd6bc 591132


"Yeah, a lift would be great," you say, "but Baron's right. You're pretty important to the mission."

"Very well," Gold Heart nods. "Climb up and we'll drop you and Baron off at the nearest caves. Baron?"

"Yes, Ambassador?" Baron pauses before Thorn.

"Send up an emergency signal should anything happen," Gold Heart instructs him.

"Yes, Ambassador."

You and Baron make your way onto Thorn and off into the air you go. Thorn remains silent and Baron seems less antsy than before. Gold Heart isn't saying much either, but her shoulders are sagging a bit as she stares off towards the mountain. Maybe skipping training did upset her? Baron's not mad at you anymore, but now Gold Heart is upset, it seems. It felt like no matter what you did, one of them was going to be upset with you.


Accept the aid. We probably need all the help we can get, in more ways than one.


I didn't think it would actually upset her.

"Don't worry Gold Heart, you will get many more chances to send me on the stretcher before we arrive." say it in a joking manner though


It could also be that she's upset about being treated like fragile goods, or maybe she's genuinely worried?


I don't know. She still told Baron to call on her as backup if we run into problems, which is the opposite of being fragile. So that one seems unlikely.

But she could be worried about us I guess


With the fragile goods comment, I meant more the "We can't risk you going into combat situations if we can help it" thing.

ID: dd6bc 591138

"Don't worry Gold Heart, you will get many more chances to send me on the stretcher before we arrive."

"Ah," Gold Heart smiles. "There it is."


"I've never seen someone lose a fight so well," she says, keeping her eyes on the destination. "Back at the castle, you joked around during your first training session. You got hurt and hurt some other ponies in the process, but no matter how bad you were beaten or you'd beaten somepony else, you were always in good spirits. My father was like that."

There's another long pause from her and she rubs one of her forelegs with her hoof.

"I know I've already apologized for being harsh with you," she says, "but I don't want that to deter you from continuing your training. If you're having any problems at all with the way I'm treating you, please say so."


"It's okay, you can hardly learn fighting when you are being handled with kids gloves."

"Thorn mentioned your father earlier, too. Who was he?" Try to check how Baron reacts to that question, too.


Good idea.

ID: dd6bc 591141

"It's okay, you can hardly learn fighting when you are being handled with kids gloves," you tell her. "Thorn mentioned your father earlier, too. Who was he?"

You look over at Baron who is now glaring back at you with a sneer. He doesn't seem to be making any motion to stop you, but the act alone seems to be enough to spike his anger.

"My father was the kindest, strongest, and most able earth pony I ever knew," Gold Heart smiles. "There was never a dull moment with him around and he always wanted me to carry on his position as Ambassador. I idolized him as a filly."

"May he rest in peace," Thorn comments.

"Thank you, Thorn," Gold Heart runs a hoof across his scales. "His death affected us all. Thorn here helped my father just as he is helping me. I've known him my entire life."

The mountains are coming closer now. Thorn starts to make his descent towards the side of the mountain and slows down just above the entrance to one of them.

"I won't be back to get you," Gold Heart says after you hop off. "I'll be making sure everything at the camp is in order, so you'll have to find your own way back."

"Understood," Baron nods. "We'll clear out these caves and head back before noon."

Gold Heart calls out your name, "Come back safe, alright?"


"I will do my best."

Wait till Thorn has taken off, then ask Baron what exactly he means with "clear out". That sounds like he already knows what's in the cave while initially he only told us about going on patrol to check if the area is clear.


So… what exactly is in these caves that we can clear out by noon? You mentioned there could be diamond dogs.

ID: dd6bc 591144


"I will do my best."

Gold Heart gives you a warm smile and turns Thorn back towards the camp. You and Baron watch for a moment as she flies away, then Baron heads towards the cave.

"What do you mean by we'll "clear out" the caves?" you ask. "I thought you said we were just going on patrol."

"Didn't I tell you to stop asking questions," Baron seethes beneath a whisper. "And be more quiet. When I said clear out, I meant we'd be making sure they we're clear. It's still patrolling. Oh, and one more thing."

Baron brings his hoof hard and fast against your face.

"That's for pulling that stunt with Gold Heart," she stomps his hoof. "Don't think for one second that I'm stupid to the game you're playing."

ID: dd6bc 591145




I'm not sure what he is actually referring to, letting Gold Heart drop us off, asking her about her father or maybe something else.
He doesn't really seem to be in the mood for telling us though, better keep our mouth shut and follow him before he hits us again.


We're not just going to take that. We're not going to hit back, but we've got to call bullshit on that.


Defending ourself verbally, retaliating, or even asking questions is probably just going to waste time and get us nothing but a more irritated Baron.


If you can come up with a good way to respond to this I'm up for going along with it. But I don't really think he's in the mood for being reasonable.

Also we might run into problems if there are really Diamond Dogs around and we don't pay attention to the surrounding because we are too busy with being mad at each other.


I asked her about her father against your wish, but that's just bloody making conversation, and I still don't understand what the problem is.
But whatever, now's not the time for this. If you've still got a problem with me, we'll sort it out when we're safely back at camp.


Also, that was supposed to be in a matching whisper.

ID: dd6bc 591152


"I asked her about her father against your wish, but that's just bloody making conversation, and I still don't understand what the problem is," you match Baron's whisper. "But whatever, now's not the time for this. If you've still got a problem with me, we'll sort it out when we're safely back at camp."

"Why do you think we're out here," Baron stands before you. "We settle this now. Like adults. Things were perfectly fine until you showed up. I've seen you flirting with Lucent and the other mares. I don't know what in Tartarus you're trying to pull, but don't you dare pull it with Lucent. She is too good for that. She's too good for you."

Baron scoffs as he wanders into the cave.

"Making conversation," he grumbles. "Tell me another one."


>he's just mad because he got friendzoned by Lucent somewhere in the past

Anyway, lets draw our weapons and carefully follow him. And pay close attention to Baron, his "we settle this now" line seemed like a threat.


Settle this, huh? Definitely need to keep an eye out.

ID: dd6bc 591155


You enter the cave and find Baron inspecting its contents.

Sunlight pours in from behind you, illuminating the room. In the center of the room is a dial with rails and track on it. There are four tracks in total, each of them leading to a different tunnel. Two tunnels cover the wall ahead of you, there's a tunnel to your left, and one more to your right. The dial in the center of the room aligns the tracks together, two at a time. There's a mine cart on the dial, but it's empty. The walls around the cave are speckled with small recesses where gems once were. You can tell because there's a few of them still left in the walls and on the floor.

"If there's still gems here," Baron says, "then Diamond Dogs are still here too. We just have to be careful if we run into them."

You draw your sword and shield. Baron levitates his sword next to him.

"There's four tunnels here," Baron points them out with his sword. "I'll let you decide which one we take. You can take the tunnel on your own, but it'd be smarter if we stayed together."

ID: dd6bc 591156


I have graphs of all this stuff drawn out, but no scanner so I can post them. I'll do what I can with written description, but if you guys are still lost, the best I can do is take a picture of them with my phone.


A photo would be helpful.

And definitely don't split off. I do want to be able to keep an eye on Baron.
Though I'm not quite sure if entering any of the tunnels is a smart idea in the first place, this looks like there might be a lot more DDs than we can take.



ID: dd6bc 591159

File: 1405886022876.jpg (465.79 KB, 3264x1836, IMG_20140720_155028_355.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)



well, the tracks don't align in paths 3 and 4

so roll for one or two and on to adventure!

Roll #1 1 = 1

ID: dd6bc 591161


Doesn't mean you can't turn the dial. Also doesn't mean you HAVE to ride the cart.

All tunnels are accessible.


what kind of adventure would it be if we didn't ride the cart?

ID: dd6bc 591163

>someone that is yanking your chain

I just walked right into it, didn't I?


If we actually want to find some Diamond Dogs, tunnel 1 seems to be the best option since that is apparently the last one they used themselves.


I dont get it


I'd say we should either just go clockwise to be thorough, or maybe Tunnel #1 since it's the direction the tracks are currently aligned (Although that would imply the empty cart came from there, meaning that since it hasn't been sent back down there's nothing down that way…)
Only intended as a suggest for the other players, since I've got to drop out and get to sleep.
Thanks for the Session, AJ!

What, no. As fun as it sounds, we're trying to be stealthy here.


I was joking that even if the platform was rotated, the cart would not line up with the tracks

ID: dd6bc 591168

File: 1405886612513.jpg (Spoiler Image, 564.02 KB, 1440x1080, Ride ze mine cart.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)


Ride ze minecart?

ID: dd6bc 591169


I am actually asking this question. Not just posting. Just to be safe.


On the one hand it sounds like it could be fun.
On the other hand the noise could give us away if anyone is down that tunnel and they would also immediately realize that the cart is gone if they are currently in another tunnel..


full speed for adventure

we can totally hop out at the last second if it's gonna smash into shit

it'll be so cash


3 bucks says the cart will come barreling after us and loaded with unruly individuals if we just leave it

ID: dd6bc 591173


"Let's go down this tunnel," you point to the left tunnel on the wall ahead. "We'll take the mine cart."

"What?!" Baron contains his shout within the whisper. "Do you have any idea how much noise that'll make?"

"I've always wanted to ride in one of these things," you tell him. "Come on."

You can visibly see a vessel starting to throb on the side of his head and he grits his teeth.


Then we'll hear them coming and can duck behind something as they go past, and get the drop on them afterwards.
As opposed to the reverse happening to us.


who knows how much space we'll even have to move in

we could run out of it real fast


Baron couldn't pull any funny stuff on us as long as we are both in the mine cart though


We should probably vote on it so that A.J. knows what to do.

[ ] Take the mine cart
[x] Go by foot

I agree with Baron, it would make too much noise and I don't really want us to end up in some Diamond Dog fungeon and force the rest of the company to come and rescue us.

Though I'm kinda wondering why we even need to worry about the DDs anyway. Our troop should be big enough for them to stay away.


By cart would annoy him, which would be great, and possibly the attention it draws would force him to focus on something other than us.

But foot is probably a more prudent option, all told. Just means we have to be a lot more on guard against Baron.

ID: dd6bc 591179


[sI've already been writing for the cart


I can live with taking the cart, too. Go ahead.

Baron will hate our guts after todays session


That's cool.

I was just bring up the virtues of the other path.

I actually want to go full Nobunaga, Fool of Owari.

ID: dd6bc 591182

File: 1405889209811.jpg (812.78 KB, 3264x1836, IMG_20140720_161956_275.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)


Baron takes a deep breath, exhales, and climbs into the cart. You follow suit and release the lock holding the cart in place. The mine cart shifts forward and the sound of screeching metal echoes through the cave. Baron eyes are filled with daggers, ready to cut you down if you dare say a word.

The cart continues to move into the darkness of the tunnel. You can't see anything for a few minutes, then a bright, red and orange light flickers from ahead. It starts to become uncomfortably warm. As you enter the room, you see that the tracks are held up by a single rock bridge with pools of lava on either side. The track takes a turn to the right and you ride it on through another tunnel. You enter another room, same as the one before it, but the lava is much higher here. If the bridge wasn't so broad, you'd fear for falling in.

"Still think this was a good idea?" Baron seethes in his normal volume. "No sense in whispering now. They'll hear us coming and be ready with an ambush."

ID: dd6bc 591183

File: 1405889226794.jpg (529.76 KB, 3264x1836, IMG_20140720_162029_923.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)


>"Still think this was a good idea?"

"In my world, people would pay a lot of money to enjoy a ride like this."

He might have been right though, dropping into the lava wouldn't be too much fun.

ID: dd6bc 591185

File: 1405889743271.jpg (543.7 KB, 3264x1648, IMG_20140720_162120_328.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)


"In my world, people would pay a lot of money to enjoy a ride like this."

"Tell me," Baron says as you enter the next tunnel. "Do people live long in your world?"

The tunnel opens up into a larger room with no lava in sight. The mine cart stops against a block at the end pf the track and you can see more carts off to your right. Exploring the room a bit more, you can see a wall of lockers behind the carts and three bedrooms on the left wall. There's an exit tucked away into the corner that looks like it leads up and out of the caves.


"Define long"


"Some of them."

First check the room to make sure that no Diamond Dogs are hiding anywhere, then check the lockers. Maybe we see some food or something like that which could tell us if the tunnels are still being used.

ID: dd6bc 591188


"Some of them," you answer. "Define long?"

Baron ignores your question as he peeks into one of the rooms. The first room has two Diamond Dogs sleeping comfortably on their makeshift bedding. One of them is snoring rather loudly, while the other seems to have his helmet over his face. They both have heavy looking paws and strong hind legs. The short, spiked tail of the one with the helmet is wagging back and forth excitedly.

"We're lucky," Baron says. "They're sound sleepers."

Perception Check - Roll a 1d100. Success will be any roll >40. Also, don't forget the +10 modifier and add it to your roll.


Do you roll for us or does one of us roll?

ID: dd6bc 591190


You roll


Time to beef it!

Roll #1 77 = 77

ID: dd6bc 591192


"Not all of us."

A slim looking Diamond Dog with tired eyes swings a paw at your head. You manage to see it coming and avoid the attack by falling into the room with the other Diamond Dogs. Baron manages to duck around Slim and ready his sword for an attack. Slim reaches into his collar and blows a whistle. The other Diamond Dogs howl in pain and Slim slams the door closed on you.

You pull open the door and see four other Diamond Dogs all surrounding Baron.

Make another perception roll. Same as before.


Like this?

Roll #1 62 = 62


This doesn't look good for us.

ID: dd6bc 591195


You hear the other two Diamond Dogs in the room get up to grab you and manage to turn and face them.

"I sure hope that training paid off, because I've got my hooves a little full here," Baron says as he's backed against the carts.

All four of the Diamond Dogs swing at Baron. He manages to avoid all but one of the attacks. A swift paw catches the side of his head, but the helmet takes most of the blow. Baron is shaken, but unharmed.

Meanwhile, you have two Diamond Dogs of your own to fight and not a lot of room to work with.

Please state your current combat action


I think the best move would be to try and knock one of them out before they are fully combat ready.
In any way, we should position ourselves in a way that both of them are standing in the same direction of us. Don't really wanna have one of them backstab us.


make some room


Try and position so we're between the dogs and Baron, but not between the other 4 and these 2. Basically so we can intercept without being pincered.

But attack at least one of ours before they get their bearings.

ID: dd6bc 591199


You move to back out of the room and the Diamond Dogs slowly follow you out. You have more room to work with now, but they've managed to put themselves on either side of you.

>between the other 4 and these 2
This is exactly where you are right now.

Baron makes a move to swing his sword, but the four Diamond Dogs he's fighting take cover from the floating blade behind the four mine carts.

One of the two Diamond Dogs lunges forward in an attempt to tackle you to the ground.

Please state your action and make a combat roll. Success for Attacking is any roll >50. Success for defending/evading is any roll >30


There are too many of them at the moment, I don't think we can go for defending/dodging at the moment. Especially since Baron won't hold up against 4 of them for too long.

I say we attack and try to take one out as quickly as possible.
I won't roll though before someone else posted their opinion on this


I need a refrsher, what are we armed with?


A shield and a sword.


So, attack or defend?

I'm for attacking

ID: dd6bc 591204


Then roll




So maybe we should either try forcing him back or at least not get tackled..


Don't leave me hanging, dice gods

Roll #1 96 = 96


Defending when you have six enemies doesn't help though. At one point they _will_ hit you, so better take the rest and try to get rid of one of them early.
Also I think I just destroyed him anyway.

ID: dd6bc 591208


>rolls a 106



Wait, that is a good "welp", yes?


Yeah, we're showing off our inner Gold Heart!

ID: dd6bc 591211

ID: dd6bc 591216


As the Diamond Dog is flying through the air towards you, your quickest reaction is to use a quick attack with your sword. This one isn't like the other sword you used back in training. It's a little longer, but still short, and sharp. It will cut what you put against it. Taking your blade, you make a slicing motion upwards and you feel the body of the Diamond Dog collide into you. The weight is enough to cause you to fall backwards against the other Diamond Dog behind you. He manages yo escape the fall and you collide with the hard stone ground.

You wince in pain a little and open your eyes to see the head of the Diamond Dog who charged you staring back with the frozen look of ferocity. It's teeth are bared and drool is dripping from its fangs. A few feet away is the body. The other Diamond Dog you were fighting sees this and promptly flees for the exit.

"Great," Baron says, catching your attention. "Now can you help me out."

Two more Diamond Dogs come toward you, careful not to make the same mistake as their friend. You stand yourself up, weapon pointed at them in case they do decide to attack.

Please make a defensive roll. Success is any roll >30


alright, let's do dis

are other dogs still cowering behind the cart?
I vote we tip it over on them

Roll #1 19 = 19


File: 1405894279896.jpg (90.03 KB, 694x679, 1351992837308.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

>we killed him

>we beefed it


I'd like some buns and cheese for that beef please

ID: dd6bc 591223


Please roll again to defend against the second Diamond Dog. Success must be same as before.


tzeentch don't fail me now

Roll #1 94 = 94


we are on fire
literally on fire

baron is going to like us even less


Let's see how hard we can crash our friendship levels

Roll #1 11 = 11


Anon, no more rolling for you

ID: dd6bc 591233


One of the Diamond Dogs makes a swipe at you with their heavy paws and you manage to block it perfectly. There's a small whimper as his paw collides with your shield. This, however, does not save you from being struck by the paw from the second Diamond Dog. The blow goes straight to your cheek and your vision blurs for a moment. You stagger backwards, regain your vision, and see that Baron has just taken a couple of blows himself. One of them managed to knock Baron against one of the mine carts and Slim landed a strong blow to his stomach.

You'll need to take care of these other Diamond Dogs and fast if you want to save baron.

Please make two attack rolls and label them in sequence. Success is any roll >30.


I'll roll for Attack#1

Roll #1 4 = 4


Fuck me


jesus take the wheel for #2

Roll #1 14 = 14


Well shit. I guess we will have to explain to Lucent why we only brought some pieces of Baron back with us.


we might as well just put the sword away and get two shields


Dammit, I'm attacking the RNG.

Roll #1 70, 16 = 86


It's too late, Anon. We will have to watch the Dogs mauling Baron. He was a jerk, but he didn't deserve to end like this ;_;7



That hit from the last Diamond Dog hit you a little harder than you thought. You swing for both of them, one at a time, and hit nothing but air.

Baron manages to kick Slim's hind legs with both of his own and you seem Slim fall back against the lockers, howling in pain. Baron stands up and takes a swing at the other Diamond Dog with his sword, but meets only the metal of another cart.

Baron seems okay for now, but you've still got your own problem to deal with.

Please make two defense rolls and label them in sequence. Success is any roll >40, due to the effects of the last attack you suffered.


H-here I go, Defense#1

Roll #1 78 = 78


Well, if no one else wants to risk it, I'll just do #2, too.

Wish me luck.

Roll #1 41 = 41


barely made it



We do have +10 from our previous training sessions with Gold Heart I think.

ID: dd6bc 591253


You do.

ID: dd6bc 591258


The Diamond Dog to your right manages to smack his paw against your shield again, and this time there's a short cracking sound before the whimper. The other Diamond Dog swings at you with his paw, but you evade it well enough. You can feel the air brush against your nose as the paw passes by you. One of the Diamond Dogs now has a broken paw from the sound of it, and the other is open to attack after your evasion.

Baron, having incapacitated Slim, moves towards the remaining Diamond Dog and dodges a weak attempt at an attack. The anger on Baron's face is exuding from his entire being, and you see the Diamond Dog rocket back into a mine cart after a rear kick from the unicorn. The floating sword Baron has is hovering dangerously close to Slim.

"How you doing over there, human?" Baron asks walking over to Slim.

Please make one attack roll for the open Diamond Dog. Two, if you wish to incapacitate the one with the broken paw. Success is any roll >30.


"I'm a little busy right now!"

Roll #1 48 = 48


I hope the one attack from Anon is enough. They are sapient, it shouldn't be necessary to slaughter them just to get them to back off.

ID: dd6bc 591267


"I'm a little busy right now!" you say as you bring down your targe over the back of the Diamond Dog's head.

He falls to the ground unconscious and the Diamond Dog with the broken paw makes a run for the exit. You walk over to Baron's side and see that Slim is badly hurt. It looks like the kick that Baron gave him broke one of Slim's hind legs. Slim's face is tucked into his chest and he appears to be unconscious.

"Wake him up," Baron commands you.

Please make a perception check. Success for any roll is >50


Here goes…

Roll #1 34 = 34


won't the real slim shady please stand up?

Roll #1 77 = 77


Anon why. Now we will have some Diamond Dong hit us over the head from behind or something like that


shit, didn't notice this roll


ID: dd6bc 591285


You walk over to Slim's body and shake it. There's no response. You kneel down and move your hands to the sides of his head. Lifting up his face, you see the whistle from before in his mouth again. There's a smile on his face as he blows into it.

Slim winces a bit from the sound and you hear a loud thud coming from the exit.

"What in Celestia's name is going on now?" Baron points the sword away from Slim and stares as a Diamond Dog twice your height strolls in from the exit. He's wielding a large hammer in one hand and a belt of railroad spikes around his waist. Your best guess is that he built the tracks that the cart uses to get around.

"Sick 'em, Zeus," Slim cackles.

There's a loud howl from Zeus and Baron backs up beside you.

"What do you think?" he says, keeping his eyes on Zeus. "We can run, save ourselves, but they'll come back, find the camp, and I don't know if they have the numbers to match us yet. We haven't even picked up the majority of our forces from Knight's Peak yet."


"Let's take 'em."


"Shouldn't Thorn be capable of dealing with him easily?"


duel over the lava bridge and hope for a cheap shot to knock the big dude in


He is twice our size, he could just take our first hit and then knock us off the bridge. That doesn't sound like a good plan


bigger they are the harder they fall

pray for bullshit to save us since the dice sure won't

ID: dd6bc 591296


"Let's take 'em," you say. "Even if they do manage to find the camp, we've got Thorn."

"You'd think that," Baron nods his head. "But Thorn's a big dragon. If all the Diamond Dogs dig up from underneath us, they'll be too mixed in with the other ponies for Thorn to do anything that won't cost us the lives of our fellow soldiers."

Zeus is making his way towards you, his hammer swaying and knocking away the carts.

"I'll keep his attention while you figure out something to to take him down," Baron relays his plan. "Sound good?"


Yeah, let's do it.


Well, it's not like we have a choice.
We definitely have to split up so that one of us can attack him from behind.
And also try to use the surrounding - I'm not sure how big the passages to the sleeping rooms are, maybe we can get him stuck in one? Though we are fucked if one of us ends up in there with the big guy

ID: dd6bc 591301


"Get going then," Baron shoves you aside and starts shouting at Zeus. "Come on you stupid beast, let's see what you've got."

Baron's sword flies up and cuts at the large Diamond Dog's face. There are small whimpers from the cuts, but they're not doing too much damage. Zeus swings the hammer down towards Baron, kicking up a lot of dirt and rocks, but not really doing any damage. Baron managed to make it out of the way of the attack and begins firing magic blasts at Zeus.

The room is pretty much the same as when you left it. The rooms are still their. Two of the carts are still in place. The lockers haven't moved. Slim is watching the fight while he rests against them. The exit and tunnels are large enough to Zeus to come in and out of, so you could lure him into the lava rooms, but there's a chance you could fall in yourself.


I wonder what would happen if we take Slim as hostage.
Though on the other hand there would be nothing stopping them from attacking us if we escape that way I guess.

We could take the Oberyn approach and try to bring him to the ground by cutting his hamstrings while Baron distracts him.


I dunno if I trust our chances on that.


What's our other option, playing around in the lava?


Well, for Baron to distract him, he'd need to not be distracting Zeus.


Oh, I was talking about cutting Zeus' hamstrings, Slim seems to be incapable of putting up a fight anymore

ID: dd6bc 591317

Current options from what I can see you've come up with

A) Take Slim hostage
B) Cut Zeus' legs
C) Lava room fight


do all three

bait him with a hostage and cut his legs over the lava


I would go for B)
A) doesn't give us any real advantage over just fleeing
C) would mean immediate death for us if we beef it though on the other hand that could go for B) too

ID: dd6bc 591327


Please make an attack roll for Zeus's legs. Success is any roll >30.


Please dice Jesus, let me have this one

Roll #1 23 = 23


>33 with bonus
That was close


next time we pray to satan


That dog whistle seems to be painful to the dogs. If we stole it from Slim maybe we could use it to stagger Zeus.


I was thinking about that, too. But we might as well just alert even more of them.


They'd already be alerted by the two previous whistles.

ID: dd6bc 591344


Taking your sword, you run up and cut the back of Zeus' leg. There's a loud bark and a whimper as you see blood running down the large Diamond Dog's leg. Zeus' limps a bit as he turns towards you. He's still got his other leg to stand on.

"C'mon you lousy mutt!" Slim shouts as he bangs against the locker. "Finish them already."

Zeus growls, fangs bared and drool dripping as he swings his hammer towards you instead.

Please make a defensive/evasive roll. Success is any roll >50.


please dice gods don't fail me now

Roll #1 75 = 75


That hammer is gonna hurt a lot if it hits us.

Roll #1 64 = 64


That hammer is gonna hurt a lot if it hits us

Roll #1 68 = 68


mlpg.co, please stop lagging and telling me my posts didn't went through when they did
I hope there aren't more of them coming

ID: dd6bc 591352


You roll out of the way of the hammer's strike and catch a spray of rocks and dirt for your trouble. Zeus' other leg is open to attack now and Baron is firing magic blasts at Zeus' paw to keep him from lifting the hammer back up.

Cutting Zeus' leg means he's going to take a nice fall, where he falls could mean trouble if it's not in the right spot. Baron is running along Zeus' left side. The roll you made put you near the exit at the corner of the cave on Zeus' right side. You should both be safe if you make the cut now, but you have to succeed here when you know the opportunity is right.

Please make an attack roll on Zeus' leg. Success is any roll >30



Roll #1 23 = 23


Anon please, my heart can only take so much


b-but muh +10

ID: dd6bc 591365


"Timber," you shout as your sword cuts through Zeus' other leg.

The large Diamond Dog whimpers and steps back onto his wounded leg. It quivers and buckles under Zeus' weight and the giant goes tumbling down. Baron runs out of the way and the whole cave shakes as Zeus crashes into the ground. Tears are falling from Zeus' eyes as he tries to swipe at you and Baron, but his paws won't reach.

"Hurts," Zeus whimpers. "Mean thing hurt legs."

"Of course," Slim sighs.

Baron makes his way over to Slim and knocks his hoof into Slim's face. There's a short yelp and Baron yanks the collar and whistle off of the Diamond Dog.

"Are there anymore of you?" Baron asks.

"No," Slim puts his paws up to defend himself. "No one else. Just us. What you want pony?"

"Leave," Baron commands him, throwing him against the lockers. "Leave and tell any other mutts in the area to leave with you, or I'll personally hunt you down."

Slim gives Baron some fast nodding as an answer, and crawls his way over to Zeus.

"Human," Baron says, cleaning the blood off his sword. "I don't trust the Diamond Dogs. If there are any more of them hanging around, they need to be dealt with. If you think he's telling the truth, we'll leave. If not, there are a few more tunnels to search through."


"Are you sure we could take another fight like this?"

If we explore any of the other tunnels, we should probably ask for some reinforcements so we don't end up being almost squished by some huge Dog again.

How much longer are you planning to run this session?
I'm just wondering if I should stay awake for the rest of it or if its another few hours and I should go to bed


Let's be thorough just in case. I wouldn't stake much on their honesty either.

ID: dd6bc 591375


"Are you sure we could take another fight like this?" you ask.

Baron looks at you, and you swear this is the first time you've ever seen him smile.

"One side of your face is a bit swollen," Baron says. "But you're not dead. You handled yourself pretty well."


"Let's be thorough just in case. I wouldn't stake much on their honesty either."

Baron nods and the two of you walk back over to the mine cart. You pass the dead body of the Diamond Dog you killed and Baron pauses for a minute.

"This your first kill?" he asks, face cold and eyes distant.


gotta get the loot and plunder that's bound to be in the other caves

ID: dd6bc 591378


I'll be ending it soon. Just a little bit more needs to be said.




"Yes. I didn't expect it to end like this. This all wouldn't have happened if they hadn't attacked us right away…"


"First kill that could talk, at least…"

ID: dd6bc 591388



Baron doesn't say anything for a minute. The silence just hangs there and your thoughts are left to fill the void.

When Baron does speak, his voice is clear and his eyes are focused on your own.

"In a way," he says, "I'm not sorry for what's happened here. You acted on instinct to defend yourself and this was the result. These things happen and it's never easy. The fact that this isn't easy makes me happy. It means Lucent was right."

"About what?"

"She told me you were a good…" Baron pauses, trying to find the right words as he looks at the ground. "A good guy. I already told you that I don't want you hurting Lucent. She really means the world to me, but she likes you. Even if she doesn't know it yet."

Baron looks you in the eyes again.

"If you like," he says, "I won't say a word of this to anyone. It'll be a secret between you and me. I know there are a few ponies who wouldn't be happy about what's been done here, but I know you'll deal with it when the time comes. I may not like you, but knowing that I can count on you in a fight is a start towards changing that."


"Thanks, Baron."
Let's keep moving.


thank him and get a move on


I was about to say that hiding it would make it look even worse, but the others seem to agree with Baron.

>we will either have to friendzone Lucent or Luna
oh no…


This is what happens when you raise too many affection meters at once.


But I thought she and us were just regular friends

ID: dd6bc 591398


"Thanks, Baron," you tell him.

He nods, and the two of you hop back into the mine cart. It carries you back to the main room where the three other tunnels remain. You're not sure which one to go through yet, but taking some time to process everything that's happened and what it means couldn't hurt either. Take some time to mull things over before you set out again.

Baron can see you're looking a bit tired. You've been awake for a while and that last fight took a lot out of you.

"Let's rest up for a few minutes," Baron suggests as he leans against the mine cart.

ID: dd6bc 591399


And that's the end of Session #8


Thanks for the session, A.J.!

ID: dd6bc 591401

Current Affection Levels

Luna - New Friends
Lucent - New Friends
Gold Heart - Upper-Low
Celestia - Mid-Low


Thanks A.J.

ID: dd6bc 591403


More than glad to have all of you participating


It was fun!

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