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>Last time on Luna Quest
>You appear back at the castle of your dreams and find only Princess Luna
>She teaches you dreamwielding and the two of you have a friendly sparring session
>Due to some clever thinking on your part, you come out victorious
>The two of you rest afterward and share a heartfelt moment between friends
>Luna leaves you for the waking world
>You follow her and awaken in the infirmary with Lucent standing by your bedside

"Hey," Lucent whispers. "Wake up, ya goof."

You groan as you rise from your bed and stretch out a bit before you get a good look at your surroundings. You're not on the dais anymore. You're in what looks more like an infirmary. There's a few doctors here and there as well as a few injured ponies, but the place seems rather empty aside from that. The walls and floors around you are even more white and pristine than the rest of the castle.

Lucent bats her eyelashes at you and gives you a jokingly seductive, "Morning handsome."

This is the first time you've seen her without her armor. Her pink pixie cut mane is a mess and you spot a strange mark on her flank. It looks like the shadow of a bunny against a circle of light.

"How ya feelin'?" she asks.


"A lot better now. How long was I out?"


"A lot better. What's up with that bunny on your flank?"



"Good," Lucent smiles at you. "Everybody's waiting for you in the throne room. They're still trying to get the troops together, so once I bring you there, I gotta go back and report for duty."

She lets out a weary sigh.

"Being a guard sure is a bummer sometimes."


"This," Lucent looks back at the mark on her flank, "is my cutie mark. You humans don't have one, do you?"


"You wanna check?"
If she actually seems like she's going to, tell her you were kidding.
"So what's a cutie mark? Some sort of tattoo?"


"Don't you think I'm cute enough without one?"



"You wanna check?"

"If you have to ask, then you probably don't have one," she informs you.

"Don't you think I'm cute enough without one?"

Lucent's giggle fizzes into the air.

"You're not bad I guess," Lucent says. "Looks like I'll have to cut back on the jokes though. One 'compliment' and it went straight to your head."

"So what's a cutie mark? Some sort of tattoo?"

"It's something every pony gets," she informs you. "A pony's cutie mark is a symbol of their special talent or skill. Some of 'em are really blatant about what they are, and others can be really cryptic, but only the pony who has it can tell you what it means to them."

Lucent knocks against your leg with her hoof.

"Your leg should be all healed now," she continues. "You've been out most of the day. Princess Luna's already called out the moon and everything, so we should probably get going."


Time to get moving.
Ask her what her special talent is on the way though


"Alright, let's go."
Follow her.
"So what does your cutie mark mean? What's your special skill?"



"Alright, let's go."

You hop up out of your bed and notice that your leg feels just fine. A quick look also shows that the bruise is gone too. They had to have used magic on it to make it heal that fast.

Lucent leads the way back into the castle's many halls. Things are starting to look more familiar to you in the castle now, but you're mostly going off outside landmarks to help you find out where you are. It shouldn't take you too long to get to the throne room.

"So what does your cutie mark mean? What's your special skill?"

"It's kind of embarassing," Lucent says, a soft blush fading across her face. "You'd think it'd be something cool having to do with being a guard but it's not."


"Aw, come on, you can tell me. I promise I won't laugh."
Poke her in the side.

Did you drop your name and trip on purpose?

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No. Fuck, how long has this been.
>a good portion of the beginningUgh


"You don't have to tell me if you'd rather not, but I won't laugh if you do."

ID: 5a09b 495636


"You don't have to tell me if you'd rather not, but I won't laugh if you do."

"Oh, alright," she agrees. "When I was a filly, I used to be really scared of the dark. Nightmare Night was the worst. That's a holiday we have for scary stuff. I was so scared of everything out there that was trying to get me that I wouldn't even go out unless I had a flashlight with me."

Lucent drifts over into the shadows cast by the moonlight in the hall.

"One Nightmare Night," she continues."My Daddy took me to a shadow puppet show, but halfway through, the puppeteer's light went out. It was really dark, and I was really scared, so I shined my flashlight on the stage to see the shadows again. The puppeteer asked me if he could borrow my flashlight to do the rest of the show."

Drifting back over before you, she flaps her wings and starts to hover by your side.

"He took the lightbulb out of it and replaced his broken light with mine. He even let me help out with the puppets. The puppeteer told me that not everything in the dark was scary. They just needed a little light, so people could see how much fun they were."

A smile spreads across Lucent's face as she speaks.

"That's when I saw all the other fillies and colts smiling and laughing at the show I'd helped put on. All those things in the dark that I thought were scary, were making people laugh with the light from my flashlight. And that's how I got this baby."

Lucent pats her cutie mark.


"That's a nice story."
Ruffle her mane.
"So how'd you end up here? Being a guard, I mean."


I kinda want to ask her what kind of batpony is scared of the dark, but we promised not to laugh. So I'll just go with what Anon said

ID: 5a09b 495639


"That's a nice story," you say as you ruffle her mane. "So how'd you end up here? Being a guard I mean."

Lucent lands into a walk and replies, "As much as I knew there were things in the dark that wanted to make me laugh, there were still things in the dark that wanted to hurt me. I joined the guard because I wanted to fight against those things. I didn't want to be afraid anymore. My story's nothing special though. Ask any pony and they'll give you a story just as nice."


"You ever put on shows for the barracks? I bet they'd like the entertainment."



That wasn't embarrassing at all. Though, I have to ask, what kind of bat pony is scared of the dark? No offence, but don't you guys kinda do well in it?


Not like that!


Exactly like that.
Imply it A.J.!

ID: 5a09b 495645


"You ever put on shows for the barracks? I bet they'd like the entertainment."

"Nah," Lucent giggles. "I've put on a few shows for the kids of some of the guards though. You'd be surprised how many of us don't actually have cutie marks that have to do with defending or fighting anything."

Lucent looks up at you and asks,"What about you? Do you have any kind of skills or talents?"

Tell her
Avoid the question


Tell her.
Honesty is the best policy.


Tell her.
Simply because I don't even remember us having a special talent and want to know what it is

ID: 5a09b 495648


You tell Lucent a bit about what you do. Whatever it is, whether you think it's interesting or not, Lucent is happy that you gave her some kind of legitimate answer.

"The human world is weird," she scrunches up her face. "Beats me how someone like you comes from there."


"Whats that supposed to mean?"


"I'd say I'm pretty weird too."


I play classical guitar.


That's not a talent you bum.

ID: 5a09b 495653


"Whats that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing," Lucent shakes her head and smiles. "Just means the human world is weird."

"I'd say I'm pretty weird too."

"Nah," Lucent waves off your remark. "Not to me. To me you're just you. And I'm just me."

Lucent turns around a corner and the door to the throne room lies ahead of you.

"Alright," Lucent turns back towards you with a smile. "I'm gonna go get my gear together, but I'll see you again when we depart for the Badlands. Sound good?"


"Sounds good."
"See you later, Lucy."
Wave goodbye and enter the throne room.


I challenge you to find a reason it's not.

ID: 5a09b 495656


"Sounds good," you say, waving her off. "See you later, Lucy."

Lucent raises an eye at the new nickname, but she smiles and waves back as she flies away. Turning towards the throne room, you open the door and find a small group of ponies standing before Princess Luna and Princess Celestia. Luna spots you first and gives you a small but excited wave from beside the throne.

"There he is now," Princess Celestia motions to you.

The six ponies standing before her all turn and face you with wide-eyed astonishment.

"Wow," a bright pink earth pony with a matching curly mane shoots towards you. "You said he was big, but I didn't think he was this big. I mean this is way bigger than I was expecting."

Blurs of pink fly past you as she inspect you from head to toe, occasionally lifting or prodding a limb.

"Pinkie Pie," a white unicorn with a purple mane approaches. "You mustn't overwhelm a royal guest. My aplogies, sir, I am Rarity and this-" the pink pony darts up next to her with a firm salute "-is Pinkie Pie."

"Nice to meet you," she says, rapidly shaking your hand for a moment before returning to her prior position.

"I am Twilight Sparkle," a purple alicorn with a pink stripe in her mane is the next to approach. "I hope you enjoy your visit to Equestria and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have about our world…and maybe I could ask you a few questions too?"

"Hi there," an orange earth pony with a blond mane and dusty old cowboy hat greets you with a bow. "Name's Applejack. I gotta say, you weren't exactly what I was expecting a human to look like, but hey-" she laughs "-at least you're not a hydra."

"And I'm Rainbow Dash," a blue pegasus with a rainbow mane flies up before you, puffing her chest out proudly. "Just let me know if you need anything and I'll get it before you can blink."

From the back of the group, close, but not close enough to warrant any unwanted attention, was a quiet, yellow pegasus with a light pink mane. You catch her eye and she steps up to greet you, but doesn't say much of anything beyond, "Fluttershy."

It comes out almost in a whisper, but you still manage to hear her just fin and give her a slight pat on the head for assurance.

"These are the Elements of Harmony," Celestia explains stepping down from her thrown. "The driving force behind how we will imprison Tiamat once again."


Introduce yourself and tell them how you got here.

ID: 5a09b 495658



After a brief introduction and a summary of how you got in Equestria to the group, Luna is the first to respond.

"If my memory serves me well," she says. "We must continue our investigation of the crater."

"I agree," Celestia nods, then turns to Luna, "but I don't think it would be wise for you to be there. After you were injured the first time, I'd hate to think of what would happen to you should you get hurt again."

Choice Time
Allow "L" to come with you
Agree with Celestia


Celestia's right. We don't want us to get her hurt again.
We can handle this part on our own.


Luna's the only one who's experienced and knows anything about whatever weird magical thing harmed her; seems to me like she should come with us to stop us making the same mistake.


I really want to have Celestia come with usthis time - but I'm afraid that we might miss out on a bunch of affection points we need later if we pick sunbutt ;_;


I don't know if Luna would want to be treated like a kid here… but I kinda agree with Celestia


Why not both.jpg


To clarify further. this was me
I think Celestia should come in case she can shed a new light (hah) and just so she can find out what's going on there herself, but Luna should come to stop her getting zapped too.


No offence Celestia, but what makes you think that what happened to Luna wouldn't happen to you? You're both Alicorns.


Both seems like the best option.

ID: 5a09b 495667


"Princess Celestia is right," you say. "I'd really hate to see you get hurt again."

"I do not wish to accompany you," Luna says, her face stern and sincere. "I understand that what I did was foolish and I have paid the price for that mistake, but there are other things that must be done."

Celestia smiles at Luna.

"Now," Luna says as she exits the throne room, "if you will pardon me, I must gather our forces for the Badlands."

The door to throne room closes behind her and you ask, "No offense Celestia, but what makes you think that what happened to Luna wouldn't happen to you? You're both Alicorns."

"While Luna paid for her mistake with only some minor injuries," Celestia answers, "it also gave us information on how we should approach the crater. Come."

Celestia exits the throne room with the Elements of Harmony and you follow close behind. As you approach the crater, Celestia speaks again.

"You must go into the crater alone and see if you can find anything," she says. "We'll be watching from above in case anything goes wrong. Seeing as how using magic triggered whatever happened to Luna, we'll have to do what we can without it."


Climb in.
And pray that our perception doesn't fail us a second time.


>"I do not wish to accompany you," Luna says

Climb into the crater and search for whatever triggered the spell the last time.


Let them know they'll have to give you a hand out, edges are too smooth for us to climb out.

Let's hope we're feeling more perspicacious today.

ID: 5a09b 495671


You climb on down into the giant crater and have a look around. Moonlight doesn't give you very much to look at, but it's not like there was anything here to begin with. This seems almost pointless to search without magic, but you don't want anyone to get hurt again.

Make a perception check.


Here goes something!

Roll #1 20 = 20




Lets hope Anon doesn't beef it again

Roll #1 33 = 33


I spy with my little eye.


Hurf durf.

Roll #1 69 = 69


Rolls. You've have been good to me in the past. I need you now.

Roll #1 42 = 42


>79 with the 10 point perception bonus from session #3
>Difficulty was 80 the first time

Roll #1 85 = 85


Disregard that roll (as much as I wish it counted), I'm an idiot and forgot to clear the email field.

ID: 5a09b 495680


Looks like this Anon's roll just saved you from a super beef

You can feel something warm in one of your pants pockets. Reaching inside, you feel the source of the warmth and pull out the small key you found on your first night here. It's giving off a soft, pale glow. Light is passing through the keyhole used to attach it to the ring but the key itself has no shadow. There is only a small pool of light reflecting into the darkness of the crater.


Unlock the crater.

ID: 5a09b 495682


As you lean down to try and fit the key into the crater, the light passing through the keyhole disappears.


Better ask Celestia if she has any idea whats going on before we do something stupid like unlocking the door to tartarus


Maybe it needs to be in contact with moonlight?

ID: 5a09b 495685


"Princess Celestia," you call out to her. "Did you see that?"

"Yes," she nods. "Though I'm not sure what it means. This magic is older than me or my sister. My guess is as good as yours when it comes to this. From what I can tell, the moonlight passes through the hole in the key to make whatever light appears in the crater, but when you got closer, the light disappeared."


That would have been good a moment ago.


Try moving further away and shining the light around. Maybe it will reveal something that we couldn't normally see.

ID: 5a09b 495688


The further you move away, the larger the spread of moonlight through the hole in the key becomes. You try to go back further, but the slope on the sides of the crater prevents that.


Does the crater form a shadow over where the light was pooling?
If not, try again, making sure we don't block the line of sight between the moon and the key. If so, see if it's possible to dig the crater out a little more, or just wait until later when the moon is more directly overhead.


Ask Celestia if she can give us a lift (preferably in a non-magical way) so we can try it from the border


Do we want to risk having one of the other ponies hold the key so we can get a close look at what happens in the crater when it's lit? I'd be paranoid about more shocks. Maybe we can just sort of wedge it in the ground at the lip of the crater somehow?

ID: 5a09b 495692


"Princess Celestia," you call out to her again. "Would you mind giving me a lift out of here?"

"Have you found something?" she asks spreading out her wings.

"I don't know yet," you say.

Celestia flies down into the crater and lands beside you. You can feel her radiant warmth breaking through the cool night air as you approach.

You pause for a moment beside her and she asks, "Something wrong?"



Why did we pause?




"I'm just a bit worried with you being in the crater, seeing what happened when your sister entered it."


So this thing's basically a magnifying glass for moonlight.
Kinda silly, but try looking through it.


"Uh…I was thinking of you lending me an hoof…"

Roll #1 80 = 80

ID: 5a09b 495699


"No," you shake your head. "Sorry, I don't know why I paused."


"I guess, I'm just a bit worried with you being in the crater, seeing what happened when your sister entered it."

"Don't worry," Celestia assures you. "It doesn't take any magic to fly. Hop on."

You nod and manage to hoist yourself onto Celestia's back. She flaps her wings and carries you through the air towards the edge of the crater. The higher you go, the more light spreads over the crater until the crater itself looks like a 3/4 full waning moon. Some of the light has actually stopped forming on one side.

Taking a look through the hole in the key, you see nothing but white. No castle courtyard beneath you. No moon crater. No Elements of Harmony. Nothing but white, as if it's the only color you were ever able to see.


This just gets stranger and stranger.
Try sticking your finger through the hole.

ID: 5a09b 495701


You try sticking your finger through the hole in the key, but your finger is much too large. Even your pinky wouldn't go through there. You dont' even know why you tried that.


I feel like I'm missing something.
Turn the key around a little bit and try to lighten up the area that staid dark


>no one thinks it's weird to ride a sentient pony, the leader at that


Also, touch her mane while we habe the chance!


Try to position yourself so that the entire crater is lit up like a full moon.
Maybe something will happen.


Well sure, what else would you do with a pony?
I'd actually thought she was just giving us a boost out of the hole


What phase is the moon itself currently at, by the way?

ID: 5a09b 495709


Turning the key only interrupts the moonlight's passing through the keyhole.


Positioning yourself so that the light covers the whole crater doesn't seem to work either. No matter how you shine the light against the crater, it remains the same.

ID: 5a09b 495710


Which moon? Ours or theirs?


File: 1382219836071.gif (991.31 KB, 500x281, 1381334441388.gif, IO Google TinEye)

>what else would you do with a pony




ID: 5a09b 495716


Ours is currently a full moon.

Looking up at the moon above you, you can see that the actual moon is only a 1/4 full and waxing. The opposite of the moon in the crater.


Does shining the light work anywhere, or just against the crater?

ID: 5a09b 495718


As far as you can tell, shining the light anywhere else but the crater doesn't seem to work.


Try matching up our moon with the one in the sky.

ID: 5a09b 495725


Once again, you try shifting the light with the key, this time to match up with the current moon in the sky. However, the moon phase does not change. No matter how you shift the light, the one spot you need to be light remains dark.


"What do you make of all this, Celestia?"


I feel like we are missing something because just assuming that there's something hidden in the dark area sounds too easy.


Alright, I guess we leave the key with Celestia or one of the Pegasi and take a look at the crater whilst lit, then.

ID: 5a09b 495733


"What do you make of all this, Celestia?"

"The crater in the moon seems to be the opposite of our own, but for some reason it doesn't change from that shape. There's a chance it may be a natural change."


"Do you think there's anything hidden in the dark area?"

"Maybe," Celestia says, "but we'd have to go back down to find out."


Which would you like to do?


Dammit. We should of gotten Luna to come with us ;_;


Get Celestia to take us down, then ask Dash to fly up with it and light up the crater.
>"Just let me know if you need anything and I'll get it before you can blink."


She hats us now because we didn't pick her.
She was so cold ;_;

Let one of the guards take the key so Celestia has her hooves free to save us in case something goes wrong.

ID: 5a09b 495748


"Let's go back down," you tell Celestia.

She seems happy that you've said that. Now that you're focused on keeping on Celestia, you notice how tired she actually looks. Having her ride on you must have taken a lot more out of her than you thought.

You land next to the Elements of Harmony and call out for Rainbow Dash.

"What's up boss?" she asks.

"Can you hold this key up there for a bit while I inspect the crater?" you request, handing her the key.

"Pfft," she scoffs. "Is that all?"

Snagging the key from your hand, Rainbow Dash takes off into the air and the moon returns to the crater.


Time to go down into the crater again and hope that nothing bad happens.

I'm wondering if we should take Pinkie with us. She's good at finding stuff and probably invulnerable and immortal anyway, but she might also do something stupid


Check out the dark side of the moon.
Raisin Quest has taught me not to make assumptions about Pinkie's immortality.

ID: 5a09b 495755


How do you go down into the crater?


Check for anything dangerous looking, then down we hop, still keeping our eyes open.
Check the shadow and the light.
I wonder if Luna could have changed the moon; I get the feeling we need a particular phase.
…wonder if the key'd give off light as though there were a full moon if we had a lunar eclipse.


Slowly slide down the slope and make sure we end up in an area thats lit and not the dark one I guess



ID: 5a09b 495762


This anon>>495756 got the method in first. This is how you will enter.

ID: 5a09b 495771


After checking the outer edges of the crater – both light and dark – for any visual signs of danger, you hop on down into the crater and realize that it's not quite solid anymore. In fact, it's quite wet and you have slipped through the crater. You are now in the vacuum of space. The cold dark all around you and the the planet Equestria calls home before you. You can't breather, and in a few short moments, you know that death will surely come for you.




Well, now I'm glad that I can blame it on Anon


Welp. Thanks for the quest, RIP Anon.

ID: 5a09b 495786


As you begin to float away, you turn back and see the true moon and Celestia flying towards you. Wrapping her forelegs around your body, she pulls you in close to her. Warmth spreads over your body and you can feel yourself being pulled back in towards the moon. You slip through the wet surface and fresh air rushes back into your lungs. You cough, gasping for air as Celestia sets you down on the ground next to the crater. Rainbow Dash flies down with the key and the rest of the Elements of Harmony gather around you to see if you're alright.

"Please," Celestia shields you with her wings. "Give him some room to breathe."

The Elements of Harmony back away and Celestia lies down next to you to keep you warm.

"Are you alright?" she asks, placing a wing over your body.


Try not to throw up.
Or cry.


I don't even know what happened.


"I thought I was gonna die…"


>celestia sbends over me and shields me with her wings
Guess I died and woke up in heaven.

ID: 5a09b 495799


"Fucking magic," you cough again. "I thought I was gonna dieā€¦"

"No," Celestia smiles. "Not today. I'll send for some of our medical staff and we'll get you down to the infirmary. We'll delay the trip to the Badlands until tomorrow."



Try to get up on our feet, if it works without us immediatelly falling over, disagree. Wouldn't be the best if we wasted all this time without getting any answers out of it and on top of that would also have to delay the trip.


"No need. I just need to catch my breath and I'll be fine again."


I'll be fine.

ID: 5a09b 495809


"No need," you say, lifting yourself up off the ground. "I just need to catch my breath again and I'll be fine."

Celestia's wing slides away from you as you stand and she stands by your side in case you fall over. You manage to hold your ground and look back at the crater.

Continue inspecting the crater
Leave for the Badlands


Continue the inspection.
Just don't go back in.
"So I guess it's some sort of…portal?"


Continue to inspect the crater. There must be a way we can get some information out of it and seeing how Celestia was willing to delay the whole operation just because of us, it doesn't seem to be that super urgent yet anyway.

ID: 5a09b 495817


"So I guess it's some sort of portal?" you say walking back to the crater's edge.

With the moon gone, there's only blackened earth to look at now. Rainbow Dash comes back up to your side.

"You need me to go back up?" she wonders aloud.

"You're not thinking of going back in there are you?" Celestia asks.


"No no, of course not."
See if there's some rocks we can toss in instead.


"Well I wasn't planning on jumping just straight into it - but maybe I could use something to poke around on the surface and see if it's solid anywhere."

ID: 5a09b 495825


"No no, of course not," you ease Celestia's worries. "Well, I wasn't planning on jumping straight into it anyway, but maybe I could use something to poke around on the surface and see if it's solid anywhere.

Picking up a rock, you toss it into the crater. It lands with a solid klack and bounces around a bit before becoming still.


Have Dash light up the "moon."
See what happens when you toss a rock into the lit portion, and what happens when you toss one into the dark portion.


>Moon portals occuring at the same time as someone releases Tiamat
>Nightmare Tiamat

ID: 5a09b 495831


"Rainbow Dash," you instruct her, "fly up and bring me back the moon please."

Rainbow Dash does as she's told and you throw another rock into the light portion. It sinks through without a sound. The moon itself doesn't even ripple. You throw another rock on the dark side with the same result.


I'm lost here. I get the feeling that we'd either need Luna to help us or that it is for later use (maybe trap Tiamat in there or something like that).

Can we ask one of the guards to go and get Luna?


"…Yup, it's a portal."


>we just dropped a bunch of rocks on Azathoth


>Identifying Portals: Accurate Results With Simple Tools by Anon
>Chuck a rock at it

I don't know if we or Celestia were in the right state to be certain, but that was Equestria below us, not Earth, right?
We fall out of the sky, and open up a portal to the moon that we have the key for in the process. This just keeps getting weirder.

ID: 5a09b 495847


"I don't suppose we could call Luna out here, could we?" you ask. "She does move the moon after all."

"No," Celestia shakes her head. "If magic is used around the portal, it may trigger another event like the first. If you're looking for answers, perhaps Twilight can help."

"How can I help, Princess?" Twilight asks. "My whole thing is being the Element of Magic."

"But you also have a brilliant mind, Twilight Sparkle," Celestia compliments her. "Surely you've come up with a few theories of your own."

"Well," she begins. "The moon in the crater is clearly reflecting the opposite of our moon. If shifting the light won't change it, and we can't use magic on it, there may be nothing we can do here. You said yourself that it may be a natural occurrence, though I've never read about anything like this."

"Yes," Celestia nods. "However, it's magical properties beg me to question how it works. If only it weren't beyond my time."

"Alright," you say. "So we can't use magic on it or else it triggers some sort of trap. The only thing that seems to affect it at all is the key, but if I go through it as is, I end up in space."


"Speaking of which," you continue, "I don't even know if that planet below us was your planet or mine, and I don't know if jumping back through would be the only way to find out."

ID: 5a09b 495849


>>Identifying Portals: Accurate Results With Simple Tools by Anon
>>Chuck a rock at it

Every time.


Will Celestia give us an answer to the implied question in the last line?


If it's linked to the moon, perhaps it behaves differently depending on the phase. Transports us somewhere different, or does something different entirely. Guess puzzling that out will have to wait until we get back.

ID: 5a09b 495863


"We could have Luna move the moon from a safe distance away from the portal," Celestia suggests. "If the moon in the crater moves with our moon, we'll know that the moon doesn't show your world. Doing so now would interrupt the natural order of things. It would have to wait until morning."


"On another note," you chime in, "perhaps it behaves differently depending on the phase. Transports us somewhere different, or does something different entirely."

"We won't know for sure until there's a change in the cycle," Celestia says.

"I hate to interrupt," Gold Heart says from a castle corridor, "but the troops are ready. Tiamat is getting closer towards the exit every second and the sooner we can be there to stop her, the less of an attack she'll be able to mount upon us in the future. So, if you don't mind, may we leave, please?"

Thorn swoops overhead and lets out a low grumble.


I guess that's the cue for us that there is no more to get out of this at the moment.
Though if we leave now, we can't do the experiment with Luna in the morning.


Alright let's go.
Maybe if worse comes to worst we can lure Tiamat into the crater and then portal her into space.

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"Yeah," you say, letting out an exasperated sigh. "Sorry to hold you up."

Rainbow Dash flies down and gives you back the key. The moon in the crater disappears and Thorn lands into it. As Celestia and the Elements of Harmony head back towards the castle, Gold Heart stands in your path.

"No," she says. "You ride with me."

"Ride?" you ask.

Gold Heart motions towards Thorn with her head and a monstrous deep chuckle resonates from behind you. The dragon lets out a huff of air, baring his fangs at you as Gold Heart shoves you aside.

"Yes," she says as Thorn lowers a wing for her to climb onto. "I know, he's very handsome, but I'm afraid you're just not Thorn's type."


Then we'll be fucking Earth in the process.


Our moon is like a week's flight time away from Earth. She'll suffocate long before she gets close.



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"Just, get on," Gold Heart smiles.

You bring yourself up onto the scaled of Thorn's wing and climb onto his back next to Gold Heart. With a few flaps of his wings, Thorn is soaring into the night sky, flying you towards the Badlands.

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That's it for tonight.Let's get those affection levels going.

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Current Affection Levels

Luna - New Friends
Lucent - Upper-Low
Gold Heart - Mid-Low
Celestia - Low


New Friends?

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Were you not there for session 4?



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Thanks for the session!


Thanks boss. See ya next Sat
Or not. Life is unpredictable.


>went to bed before the end because I was getting to tired
>quest ended 2 minutes after that
Bad timing.
Thanks for the session A.J.

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