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>Last time on Luna Quest:
>You woke up as a "dangeous" prisoner in a world ruled by mythical ponies
>After painfully convincing Princess Luna to let you go, you were transferred to a room in the castle by Lucent, a batpony, and Baron, a unicorn
>Baron stood guard outside your room while Lucent went to go get you some food
>Looking through your stuff, you find a key you don't remember owning, but don't notice anything special about it other than that
>Lucent brings you back quite the feast, but as soon as you dig in, you start to feel kind of funny
>Lucent drugged the food and knocked you out

Current Affection Level
Luna - Low
Lucent - Low

Screams echo around you as you run through the halls of the castle. Your lungs are burning in your chest and the muscles in your legs are threatening to explode with each pounding lunge you make towards the exit, any exit. There's a door ahead. Gathering up what little strength you have left, you throw your weight against the door. Splinters of wood collapse around you as your body collides against the stone of the courtyard. The heat in the air weighs down on your body as you struggle to stand. The screams are much louder now, more clear. You rise to your knees and lift your head, squinting your eyes through the cloud of smoke.

You try to scream for help, but you end up coughing your plea instead. A strong gust of wind blows away the smoke around you and the bright light of burning fires illuminates the courtyard. The whole castle is on fire and there are countless ponies scrambling for safety in every direction. The higher you raise your eyes, the more destruction is revealed to you. Towers crumble, falling away into the blazing inferno below, and the sky is cracked and broken. Day and night cover each half of the sky, a shattered moon in one half, and an exploding sun in the other. A great and powerful roar, quakes the ground beneath you and pierces you eardrums. Clamping your hands over your ears, you search for the source of the roar. Atop one of the few remaining towers, a creature clings to the structure with wings spread wider than the horizon. You can't make out the true shape of it, but its size is immense and continues to grow with each furious roar. You try to move, but as you lift your legs to start running, an iron shackle tugs back on your ankle. Your heart stops. Your eyes dartback towards the creature. With one final roar, the sun, the moon, and the sky explode with a brilliant white light. You shield your eyes and the creature's dark form crashes over you in a wave.

As the wave impacts against you, your body shoots up, your eyes open, and your back in your room at the castle. There are no fires or screams. Sunlight is pouring in through your window and you can hear birds chirping away outside. You bury your face in your hands and rub the sleep from your eyes. That was one hell of a nightmare whatever that was.

"Oh, hey," Lucent greets you, poking her head in from outisde the bedroom door. "You're up."


Grab him and be mad as hell


Groan something about drugs having a Hell of a hangover.


say good morning and try to splash some water on your face


Well that's an interesting dream

Also give a sarcastic assholeish remark to Lucent


Man what a horrible dream.


"Care to explain your little 'joke' with the food yesterday?"



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"And you're a bitch," you say, rubbing your temples. "Feels like I have a hangover from Hell. Care to explain your little 'joke' with the food last night?"

Lucent grins from ear to ear.

"Sorry about that," she says as she wanders in with a glass of water in one hoof. "I was just making sure you wouldn't escape or anything during the night. I'd get in real trouble if a prisoner got away."

"I thought I already proved I wasn't dangerous," you remind her, taking the glass of water. "Why are you still keeping me locked up?"

"Prisoners are prisoners," Lucent shrugs. "Dangerous or not, we've gotta keep an eye on you."

You down the water – grateful to her for that at least – and hand her back the glass.

"Princess Luna and Princess Celestia want to see you," Lucent informs you as she takes the glass. "Me and Baron are gonna walk you to the throne room when you're ready, okay?"

"You got anything for the headache you gave me?" you glare at her. "If it's not one thing killing me here, it's another."

"Sorry," Lucent shakes her head in response. "Guess I just gave you a little more than you needed. You're kinda big, ya know?"

You hop off the bed and stand before her, noticing that the top of her head stops just short of your waist. She looks up at you with innocent, electric blue eyes and smiles.

"Let's get going then," you sigh and follow her out of the bedroom.


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Baron greets you outside with a silent nod.As the three of you make your way towards the throne room, he asks, "Doesn't sound like you slept too well in there."


"Had this horrible dream," you say.

Baron's eyes narrow on you for a moment before he turns his head forward.

"Dreams are just that," Baron tells you. "There are more important things for you to be focusing on. Earning your freedom from our princesses being one of them."

The first time you were put before one of the Princess you had to break open your hand to prove a point. Who knows how far you'll have to go with two of them? At least Princess Luna seems to believe you aren't a danger, but what about this other Princess? She might not be so understanding.


examine the tunnels, learn their layout incase you need to make a break for it


Aw yiss time for some Phoenix Wright action


Ask them what Celestia's like. Get some knowledge of the encounter that lies ahead.



Is there an archive of the first one?


Chin up, deep breath, and hope for the best.

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The first one is still up. No archive though.


Ask where to go or what to do. Its not a good idea to do something hasty.

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The castle halls wind and turn in so many different directions, you wonder how Lucent and Baron never get lost. After passing through so many halls, you can't even keep track of where you were much less where you are.


"I've already met Princess Luna, but what's the other princess like?"

"Princess Celestia is a kind and benevolent ruler who has watched over our land of Equestria for over a thousand years," Baron says, raising his head with pride. "She will hear you out and decide what course of action to take with fair and honest judgement."

Celestia sounds a lot nicer than Luna already and it sounds like Baron has a lot of respect for her.

"Don't let Baron get to you," Lucent chimes in. "The princesses are just like any other old pony. Just relax and you'll be fine."

Lucent knocks against one of your legs with her hoof.

You hope she's right. All of the ponies you've met so far haven't been all bad. They're just being cautious. Being drugged might have been a little much, but Lucent doesn't seem like the type who goes around drugging people for fun. As for Baron, he might seem a little stiff, but you can tell he has a strong sense of duty. Maybe the princesses will be different too, once you get to know them.



Ask Baron if drugging their prisoners is something they normally do


as soon as we get out of these winding tunnels, search around for other options for escape


We're still waiting on the other half of that [cont] before we can take any action, right?


Why would we try to escape right now? We should talk to the Princesses first and see if we can clear that up.

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After one final turn, You, Baron, and Lucent all arrive at the doors to the throne room. Outside are two, pristine white ponies with golden armor. They don't seem fazed by your presence and open the doors to the throne room without hesitation.

"The princesses are waiting for you," Baron says, removing his helmet and revealing a well maintained, dark green mohawk for a mane. "The day guard will take over our duty from here."

Lucent's takes off her helmet as well. Her mane is varying shades of pink and purple styled in a pixie cut.

"Catch ya later," she yawns. "I'm gonna get me all kinds of sleep."

The two ponies walk down one of the halls in silence, as you take your first steps down the red carpet and into the throne room. Light pours in through stained glass windows, each conveying a different story through the art. Most of them have ponies committing great acts of heroism, but there's one or two with what looks like a small dragon and one other creature you forget the name of. Nothing matches up with the creature in your dream.

"Good morning," a female voice greets you.

On the throne sits a white alicorn with a blue, green, and pink mane as ethereal as Princess Luna's. Instead of the silver neck jewelry that Luna wore, this alicorn's is gold like her guards. This must be princess Celestia.

"Luna tells me you're not from around here," she says, her voice kind, warm, and soothing. "Is there anything my sister and I can do to help you?"


I know right?

People are hasty as hell right now. I mean, where are we gonna go once we escape?


I'm not sure how or if you can.
Not even sure how I arrived here.


Unless you can explain how I got in this world and how to get back home I doubt it.
Better question would be if i can do anything to do to help resolve the issue I mentioned and if not what can i do to integrate for the moment or permanently.

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Tell her about your dreams.


not saying to actually make a break for it, just have some plans ready for when things go ploin shaped.

I'd like to be filled in on a few details on why I'm even here


Bow down a bit. Even if they kept us imprisoned they are still royalty and we should try our best to not offend them.

And then just what >>486098 said, he already worded that pretty fitting


Grumpy for your headache, you say
"Yeah, how about telling me where the hell I am right now."


Maybe apologise for the courtyard while we're at it, while emphasizing that we don't have a clue how it happened.

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"Unless you can explain how I got in this world and how to get back home I doubt it," you groan with a bow as your headache spikes. "Better question would be if i can do anything to do to help resolve the issue I mentioned and if not what can i do to integrate for the moment or permanently?"

"Neither I nor my sister can provide such answers," Luna responds, a tinge of disappointment in her cool tones. "We had been hoping you would be able to do the same for us."

"Our only clue to how you came here is the crater you made in the courtyard," Celestia continues. "You've made quite the mess out there."

"Sorry about that," you groan, as the throbbing in your head grows stronger.



So, I'm here with no clue why I am, and neither do you.

I'm not the kind to believe in pure coincidence, so clearly there is a clear reason for my presence.


At least wait for the prompt.

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"Perhaps there may be something of significance within the remnants, sister," Luna suggests.

"There's only one way to find out," Celestia agrees. "I'll go down to the crater with our guest and see what we can find while you go get some rest."

"If I may, Celestia," Luna protests as she stands before the other princess. "I would prefer to accompany him. There is much for you to do here and I would prefer this issue not interfere with your responsibilities to our citizens."

"You're just as curious about the situation as I am, aren't you?" Celestia smirks.

Luna averts her eyes and you can swear her face flushes for a moment.

"Very well," Celestia says. "We'll let our guest decide who will accompany him."

Choose one


Please man, I'm trying to not derail this, don't bait me


Flip a coin


Why can't we go with both?

Anyway Celestia. She's more experienced than Luna and more in touch with everything because she didn't spend 1000 years in the moon.
It's the logical choice.

Also she's bigger
Bigger is better

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She's right, Celestia probably has a lot to do.


ID: ad165 486114

running an errand, be back shortly while you decide


If Luna's curious enough to forgo sleep, then she'll probably want to take a closer look later anyway; might as well go together now.


Luna might know something about the dream, so
It might be best to play along and help investigate.
Keep your hands where she can see them.


Celestia Quest 2?


Don't you fucking dare


You know you want it too


No thanks, I had enough of her.
Yes it's possible.


I want a Rariquest 2 ;_;


File: 1379791396159.png (22.29 KB, 143x133, 1377116876084.png, IO Google TinEye)

Oh how glorious that'll be


Aspirant probably won't ever run one again. ;_;

ID: ad165 486128


Your Choice was Luna


It might end up that way.It would certainly change the endingHow could you?


Maybe if we say please a lot. Never lose hope man

You're probably right tough ;_;

ID: 44a74 486130

What about Lucentquest?


File: 1379791788354.png (53.1 KB, 346x296, sadlestia.png, IO Google TinEye)

>I had enough of her.


But I joined up for Luna Quest, man. We've already had an epic tale of Celestia and Anon falling in to something together on the brink of Hell.

You'll always have your Snow White.

ID: ad165 486133


>But I joined up for Luna Quest

I don't make the decisions Anon. You do. I just write out the consequences.


File: 1379792008354.png (361.95 KB, 900x1593, 1379552709308.png, IO Google TinEye)

>how could you?


I should rephrase - I only hope the votes fall away from Celestia perhaps.


What are the consequences of being so gorgeous because our human appearance that the entire castle becomes our harem?


This music began playing in the background. I can only imagine this would be appropriate music as we wind down to the courtyard to look for clues.


… Never you mind someone may have absconded with the most important ones at all while you've been sleeping

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"I'd like Luna to come with me if that's alright."

Luna's face brightens and her mouth curves up into a small smile.

"You have my gratitude," Luna says as she trots up to you. "It appears you are not well. Allow me to ease your pain."

A magical aura begins to glow around her horn as she places it against your head. The cool effect of the spell washes over you and your headache fades away.

"Don't keep him all to yourself Luna," Celestia teases from her throne. "I would like to talk with him more when he has the time."

"I am certain that you do," Luna's smile fades with the spell as steps away from you and out of the throne room.

Standing yourself up, you follow behind Luna and walk towards the courtyard.


Attempt some small talk on the way there. Ask about her and Equestria

Maybe mention the dream


"Now what has you so excited?"

ID: 44a74 486155

"So, about this dream I had…"


Talk about the fucked up dream we had.


No seriously was it really necessary to drug me


This question for



Engage in small talk and try to slip the dream in. Maybe she knows if it has any meaning.

Also, try to tickle out of her why she got kinda upset when her sister told her she wants to talk with us, too
>"I am certain that you do," Luna's smile fades


Thank her for the alleviating the headache. It had been there since we arrived.


Thanks, I kind of woke up with a doozy of a headache.



ID: ad165 486189


Luna's mood is much more bright than it was when you first met. Bringing her along to inspect the crater has definitely made her morning, but you're not quite sure why.

"Now what has you so excited?"

"Forgive me," Luna smiles, "but it has been quite some time since I have been able to engage myself in something so interesting."


"I can imagine," you smile back. "Being a princess must be pretty boring. It would explain why your sister was so upset when I asked you to come."

"Celestia," Luna pauses for a moment, "has had one thousand years of her exciting rule to experience such things. I was not afforded this luxury. From my understanding, momentous events still manage to occur without my knowledge. Healing your ailments is the least I can do to thank you for this opportunity."


"Thank you for that by the way. I've had that headache since I got here and it only got worse when one of the guards drugged me."

"You were poisoned?!" Luna's eyes widen in shock.

"Nothing that dramatic," you laugh. "Lucent, one of the night guards slipped a little something in my food to help me sleep."

"After everything you have been through, a good night of rest would do your body well," Luna states with a nod.


"It wasn't the best night I've had," you say with a heavy sigh.

You proceed to tell her about the dream you had. You tell Luna about the burning castle, the exploding sky, and the dark creature that fell on top of you. As you go on about it, you can see the princess' pleasant demeanor fade away into concern.

"One of my abilities is to enter the dreams of others," Luna informs you. "While most may dismiss an unpleasant dream as mere figments of the imagination, I believe dreams hold much more about ourselves and the world around us than we would like to admit."

"So what do you think my dream means?"

"I do not know," Luna says, shaking her head, "but with your permission, I would like to enter any future dreams you have. They may hold some bearing on where you came from and how you may return."

"If you think that'll help."

ID: 44a74 486192

Let's hope she doesn't walk in on one of our more…er, "intimate" dreams.


Agree to let Luna into our dream, but warm her about some "lewd" dream anon might end up having.


I was actually asking why Luna was upset, not why Celestia was upset.

"If you think it can help finding out how I got here, you can enter my dreams any time" That sounds kinda lewd


Give her a wink following that sentence.

ID: ad165 486201


Luna said why she was upset. Celestia's been around for all the good stufff. This is the first time in a while that Luna has gotten to do something.

ID: ad165 486203


As the two of you approach the courtyard, you almost can't believe what you're seeing. The crater is at least ten times deeper than you are tall, and its expanse covers every inch of the grounds. All you can see inside of it is scorched earth and broken stone. You'll have to hop down into it to get a better look, but you don't know if you'll be able to get back out.

"Let us begin our inspection," Luna says and flies into the center of the crater.

ID: 44a74 486205

Follow her.


Ask someone for a rope or something, just so you are not stuck in a hole.

We are not worthy enough to ride on Luna's back.


Hop down anyway, if we can't get out on our own againshe will surely help us Maybe we can ride on her back

What happened to all the suggestions between this quest-post and the last one?



"Holy shit! How did we not die?!"


>I would like to enter any future dreams you have
ALL of them?



How did I not die, rather.


"This really, REALLY isn't something humans don't do on a regular basis. Well – I mean it's usually a one-way trip."

ID: ad165 486219


Assuming you won't find anything along the outside of the crater, you decide to hop on down and inspect the inside with Luna. If you really can't get yourself out of here, you're sure that Luna will be able to help you get out somehow.


"If you think it can help finding out how I got here, you can enter my dreams any time," you start to say, and then remember that you don't always have control over what you dream. "I'll have to warn you about any sort of 'intimate' dreams I have, though."

Luna smirks.

"I may be a Princess," Luna tells you, "but I have seen more than my fair share of intimate dreams. You have my solemn vow that I will not interrupt or judge you for any of them. Now, let us see what we can find."

Choose one

Perception Check - A successful roll means you'll find something yourself; a failed roll will default to the second option and you will miss something
Ask Luna for help


Perception Check

ID: 44a74 486224



Perception check. It doesn't really look like going directly for Lunas help would have any advantage
Apart from being able to get a few friendship points maybe


You should give some negative effect to a roll like that because there's no reason not to go for a perception check because we lose nothing for doing it.


Perception Check. Just make certain you share the findings explicitly.


We gotta look smart. Impress the ebony hoe

Perception check

ID: ad165 486239

File: 1379798020501.png (6.64 KB, 329x34, Roll.PNG, IO Google TinEye)


Roll failed. Success was 80% or higher
You seem to have forgotten something

Neither you or Luna can find anything of physical significance. Nothing appears to be out of the ordinary other than the fact that you should have died in this.

"I can't seem to find anything," you shake your head. "How about you Princess?"

"Luck is not on our side this day," Luna says. "Your entry was an unusal one. Perhaps there is some sort of magic at play here."

Luna's horn begins to glow with magic and an aura is cast across the crater. The magic washes over you in a cool wave and Luna closes her eyes to focus. There is a small spark near her hooves and the princess twitches in pain.

"You okay?"

"Something is not right here," Luna twitches again as a strong spark shoots out from the crater. "I have never seen this magic before."

Before you can ask anymore questions, another stronger spark strikes Luna's horn, dispelling the aura. As the magic fades, Luna begins to fall to one side.

"Princess," you shout as you run over to catch her.


Catch her and quickly check if there are any more sparks to see.
If not rest her head on our lap and stroke her mane till she wakes up again And maybe shout for help in case she doesn't.


Catch her, attempt PERCEIVE again
You might be the only one to find the clue and tell Celestia what the Hell just happened

ID: 44a74 486248

Catch her.


We forgot something?
Wait, are you talking about the key?

I thought we'll find a locked diary or something

ID: ad165 486251

oops. should have posted a [cont] after that

Princess Luna falls into your arms, her breathing ragged.

"I am sorry," Luna says, opening her eyes to look up at you. "I did not have the strength to analyze the spell further."

"Hey, you don't have to apologize to me."

"Please, take me back to the castle," Luna pleads. "The magic here is ancient, even older than my sister and I. It is imperative we inform her of what we have discovered."

"Stay here and I'll go get help."

Running towards the edge of the crater, you find that you can't hold your footing. The edge is just out of reach and you find yourself sliding back down to Luna with every attempt. As you slide back down for the fifth time, you decide it may be best to call out for help. You open your mouth to shout and are interrupted by one of the guards.


ID: ad165 486252



keep forgetting this


I don't suppose we could carry her out of the crater.


Well, shit, looks like jumping down into that crater and failing the roll did more bad than I expected

ID: ad165 486260


Slope is too much to carry her

They have dragons here?! You don't see or hear anything approaching the castle, so you take advantage of the quiet to call out to the guards for help again. One of them manages to spot you and the princess, and in a matter of moments, the two of you are sitting on the edge of the crater. Two of the guards are carrying Luna back into the castle and have refused to let you follow. As you watch them take Luna away to her bedroom, a bronze dragon soars overhead. It circles back around and makes its descent into the crater, blasting you with gusts of wind. On the dragon's back is a rust-colored pony with a long, flowing golden mane. The pony's eyes pierce into you as she jumps off the dragon and lands before you.

"Where is Celestia?" she says.

ID: 44a74 486261

"Who wants to know?"


"My name is Anon or whatever we are called, nice to meet you, too."

ID: ad165 486263


"Who wants to know?"

"I am Gold Heart," she says, her voice strong, clear, and commanding. "Pony ambassador to the dragons. It is urgent that I speak to Princess Celestia."


"My name-" is all you manage to utter before Gold Heart shoves you aside.

"I have no time for this," she groans and looks to her dragon. "Thorn, kill this one if he tries to attack me from behind."

The dragon nods and locks its eyes on you as Gold Heart storms into the castle.


Time to awkwardly do a little wave at the dragon and then see if he maybe loses interest in watching us so we can sneak to the castles entrance


"I can't even make fire with sticks, you really think I could kill her?" Trail off into the castle.


Nice going, asshole.


That seemed a reasonable enough question to me. Why she's addressing us rather than any guard I don't know, but either way you doing just point someone to the princess without finding out their intent.


>you doing just point
Whoops, should have been "you don't just point"


"I'm not going to kill her, if that's what you're thinking. I gotta go see about the Princess. … See a Princess about a Princess. Shit. Nice meeting you."


That's still a really shitty way of asking someone.

ID: 44a74 486275

"Cute girl."
"So…I've never seen a dragon before."

ID: ad165 486276


You give Thorn a slight wave and the dragon leans his head down before you. His hot breath threatens to knock you off your feet and he lets out a deep, menacing growl.


"I can't even make fire with sticks, you really think I could kill her?"

Thorn opens his mouth and blows out a strong enough gust to force you onto your back. As you struggle to stand, Thorn's chuckle bellows out over you.

"Weak," he says as he curls up into the crater. "Go now."

Great. If it's not one thing in Equestria trying to kill you, it's another. It would be better to follow Gold Heart and find out just what the hell is going on here. You've got some information to give Celestia anyway.


ID: ad165 486279


Rushing into the castle, you ask one of the guards to escort you to the throne room. He recognizes you as the "guest" the princesses were talking about earlier and obliges your request. Traversing the winding halls of the castle, you find yourself back in the throne room with Gold Heart and Princess Celestia.

"If we don't do something now, it may be too late too-" Gold Heart pauses when she notices Celestia has turned her attention to you.

"You," Gold Heart glowers.

"What has happened to Luna?" Celestia asks.


"She said something about something being 'very wrong,' 'ancient' magic' and sort of passed out. There's something sparking in the middle of the crater. I- well, we don't really HAVE magic back home but she seemed to think it was REALLY old."

Is it really wise to tell Celestia about some Ancient Magic strong enough to topple her and her sister in front of a diplomat?

"– She was REALLY stern about telling you about it."


"We were investigating the crater but couldn't find anything so she scanned it with her magic - I'm not sure what happened but there were sparks coming out of the ground and when they hit her horn she fell unconscious. Before she completely drifted away she said it was ancient magic older than both of you!" Do we know how old they are anyway? That might not really mean anything to QuestAnon yet

ID: 44a74 486285

"Magic happened. Something in the crater gave her a shock. A couple of guards hauled her off to recuperate."
"Am I interrupting something?"


>Is it really wise to tell Celestia about some Ancient Magic strong enough to topple her and her sister in front of a diplomat?
Oh, dang, I didn't even think of that. We should ask Celestia to take a few steps to the side so we can have a private conversation


I've seen enough Babylon 5 to distrust diplomats at least a little bit. Anyone with the brass to so command a dragon is not without ambition.


>"You," Gold Heart glowers.
Give a wave as you half-bow to Celestia. She's not someone to goad.
Unless that's goading.
I don't know if there's any winning with this woman.

ID: ad165 486290


"We were investigating the crater but couldn't find anything so she scanned it with her magic - I'm not sure what happened but there were sparks coming out of the ground and when they hit her horn she fell unconscious. Before she completely drifted away she said it was ancient magic older than both of you."

"I'm not surprised," Gold Heart scoffs. "It makes sense that some ancient magic would reawaken along with Tiamat."

"Who's Tiamat?" you ask Celestia. "And just how old are you? Princess Luna told me that you've been ruling for over a thousand years."

Celestia closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, exhales, and opens her eyes again before giving you a clear explanation.

"This is Gold Heart," Celestia explains. "As the pony ambassador to the dragons, she is well educated on them and has been keeping the peace between ponies and dragons recently."

"We've met," Gold Heart deadpans.

"I have just been told that Tiamat, an ancient dragon that Luna and I imprisoned a very long time ago with the Elements of Harmony, has just awoken and broken out of her prison in Tartarus," Celestia continues.

"Tiamat is no ordinary ancient dragon," elaborates Gold Heart. "Tiamat is the mother of all dragons. Immune to all magic and invulnerable to all forms of physical attack."

"So you can use the Elements of Harmony to imprison her again, right?" you suggest.

"It's not that simple," Gold Heart snaps. "We need the Elements of Harmony and both princesses to reforged Tiamat's chains. With Princess Luna out of commission, any plans we have will have to be put on hold until her recover. We don't have that kind of time."

"I'm afraid we'll have to make that time," Celestia says to Gold Heart, her eyes fraught with worry.

"What does this have to do with the ancient magic me and Luna found in the crater?" you ask.

"If the magic is truly older than my sister and I," Celestia explains to you, "there's a chance Tiamat may know more about it. She may have the answers you're looking for."


"… If she knows Equestria needs both Princesses to defend against you, and this is magic in her expertise, then …"

This is a little worrying.

"Did she use me as bait and send me with some sort of bomb knowing you'd look into it?"


"So to figure out the trap and maybe my arrival we have to … find her? Is she coming for revenge or just slinking off somewhere?"


* defend against Tiamat

ID: 44a74 486294

"Would she actually give said answers?"


Has she left Tartarus?


>"Tiamat is the mother of all dragons. Immune to all magic and invulnerable to all forms of physical attack."

"Then how did you stop her?"


"If she's some sort of ancient evil, why would I ask her about any of this until she's captured?"


"What exactly led to her imprisonment? I assume she won't really be up to answering my questions after she was locked up for a few thousand year."

ID: ad165 486299


"If Tiamat knows Equestria needs both princesses to defend against her, and this magic is in her expertise, then…"

This is a little worrying.

"Did she use me as bait and send me with some sort of bomb knowing you'd look into it?"

"Impossible," Gold Heart replies. "There is nothing Tiamat could have done to intentinonally affect anything outside of her cell. If any ancient magic was triggered, it was without her knowing."


"So to figure out the trap and maybe my arrival we have to … find her? Is she coming for revenge or just slinking off somewhere?"

"Whatever happened to Princess Luna was not a trap," Gold Heart explains. "It was likely a spell that brought you here and Princess Luna triggered some sort of protection on the spell."

"Tiamat isn't so petty as to take revenge on anyone," Celestia answers the rest of your question. "She believes she is already the rightful ruler of this world and only wants to reclaim her throne."


"Has she left Tartarus?"

"No," Gold Heart shakes her head in response. "Just gotten out of her cage. Tartarus itself isn't an easy place to escape from. It's inner workings are a labyrinth beyond measure."


"If she's some sort of ancient evil, why would I ask her about any of this until she's captured?" you ask. "Would she actually give said answers?"

"If we imprison her again," Celestia nods. "She might. As I've said, Tiamat is not so petty as to hold a grudge against her captors. She just wants what she believes is hers."


"Using a special spell," Celestia informs you, "Luna and I were able to use the Elements of Harmony and our own magic to create magical chains that bound Tiamat. Tiamat is immune to all magic, but only Tiamat herself. The chains made to bind her were meant to be unbreakable. By this vague definition, Tiamat could not break them because she has nothing to do with the spell. The spell only affects the chains, not who is bound by them."


"… or not a trap set by Tiamat. If she can't have broken her chains, someone did it for her."


So what do you plan to do then?


"Why did you have to imprison her though?"
She didn't really answer that one
If we can manage to take her to the side where Gold Heart can't hear us also ask her if she completely trusts her. I could imagine that the dragons have an interest in Tiamat returning and are maybe trying to trick us into something.


Maybe dragons had a nasty habit of eating ponies at one point.


It's also possible she's not a very good ruler, more of a greedy tyrant as dragons are prone to.


"She's probably aware of whatever ancient magic helped free her, though. Do you suppose someone's orchestrated both her escape and this diversion with a funny-looking ape?"

"… But we can't know that know I guess. How do we get Luna well?"

ID: ad165 486326


"… or not a trap set by Tiamat. If she can't have broken her chains, someone did it for her."

"It may have been a trap," Gold Heart shrugs as she responds, "but it was not set by Tiamat. As I've said, there was nothing she could do from inside her prison. Setting up something like this before her imprisonment is possible, but unlikely."

"My sister and I are no longer tied to the Elements of Harmony," Celestia ponders aloud. "The spell on Tiamat's chains are not the only ones to have weakened over the millenia because of this. If that happened, Tiamat wouldn't need anyone to break the chains for her. She could break them herself."


"Why did you have to imprison her though?"

"We imprisoned Tiamat for her ruthless tyranny," Celestia grimaces as she speaks. "Before Luna and I came to rule over Equestria, Tiamat and the dragons were bringing chaos and destruction all over the world, simply because they could. To Tiamat, this is her world and she may do with it as she pleases."


"So what do you plan to do until then?"

"We wait until Luna has recovered," Celestia says, then turns to Gold Heart. "Return to the dragons and gather up any and all who would be willing to fight against Tiamat. I will gather up forces here and meet you in the Badlands."

"With all due respect Princess," Gold Heart bows for a moment. "I am an impatient mare and would feel much more comfortable having the princesses and the Elements of Harmony with me upon my return. The dragons have lived in peace for a long time without Tiamat. There are many who fear her return and it would not be good for them to see I have returned with nothing."

"Very well," Celestia nods. "You may stay and help with the formation of our troops. I will gather the Elements of Harmony."


Anything you would have me do, or should I just wait?


"So, here's a question - would it help if I poked around the crater to get a better prognosis for Luna? It didn't seem to spark at me for some reason."


Ask her how we can help.
Or maybe we can take a look after Luna
Or grab a few guards and go back to the crater and dig at the position where the sparks came out - we might find something the magic was attached to.


Is it dangerous to approach a protection spell with anyone in Equestria, though?

Humans have the benefit of having no horn as a lightning rod, right?


now hold on a moment, just what exactly are these "elements?"

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"Anything you would have me do, or should I just wait?"

"It appears that you are just an innocent bystander in all of this," Gold Heart's words cut into you. "Better that you stay out of the way."

"I agree with Gold Heart," Celestia says, "but if you truly wish to help, I won't stop you."


"Now hold on a moment, just what exactly are these 'elements'?"

"I'm sure you'll meet them soon enough," Celestia smiles. "They're an interesting group of friends."


"So, here's a question - would it help if I poked around the crater to get a better prognosis for Luna? It didn't seem to spark at me for some reason."

"Did anything seem off or strange at any time when there wasn't magic involved?" Celestia inquires.

ID: 44a74 486346

"I get the feeling that I've missed something."


"Apart from the fact that it was way too big for me to have survived such an impact? Yes, I kinda feel like I missed something."


>"I'm sure you'll meet them soon enough,"
Okay this is just getting stranger and stranger


Make sure before we seperate from Celestia we ask if she can get us permission to move freely about. We've kind of been under guard the whole time up until we went with Luna just now, and the only reason we're not right now is probably because everyone's distracted by the big dragon taking a nap in the courtyard.

…Do you think it's a bad thing that we've got a magical beast currently resting on top of the thing that acts oddly when magic is used near it?

ID: ad165 486365


"Apart from the fact that it was way too big for me to have survived such an impact? Yes, I kinda feel like I missed something."

"Feel free to investigate the crater as much as you like," Celestia says as she departs from the throne room. "I'll expect to see you upon my return…that is unless you wish to come with me?"


"If I stay, am I allowed to move freely about the castle?"

"I don't see why not," Celestia approves, "though I would prefer if you had something to do rather than wander about."

"And if you want to inspect the crater," Gold Heart adds, "I'll make sure to move Thorn for you. I will expect you to repay the favor, however."

Choice Time
Go with Celestia to meet the Elements of Harmony - you won't be able to inspect the crate again until nightfall
Stay behind, inspect the crater, and help Gold Heart assemble the forces - you won't be able to inspect the crater again until nightfall
Stay behind and watch over Luna


When can we inspect the crater again if we choose the last option?


I guess meet the elements, they're going to be important to the plan

ID: ad165 486371


Sometime later when Gold Heart isn't around, but before Celestia comes back.

ID: ad165 486375


You'll have to deal with Thorn though

ID: 44a74 486376

Watch over Luna.


n n n o o o pe


Watch over Luna then. As long as we can still inspect the crater later, it might be useful to hear if she has anything additional to say about it.
Also she might be happy to see us when she wakes up


It'd at least be nice to tell her firsthand Celestia's been told.


Watch over Luna, though I'd really like to check that crater.


Check out the crater; Luna would understand if you gave it a shot again.


I'm inclined to take the dragon route; we may need to do some serious convincing with Tiamat later, it might help to hang around the dragon diplomat and an actual dragon for a while, not to mention learning a bit more about the situation and the plan of action (what are they planning to do with these troops they're gathering?).
I would like to swing by the medbay and find out Luna's condition and leave a note first.


I don't think we can split it unless you tell a guard to pass the word along if she wakes up

I think it's easier for AJ to assume you've committed to one course of action

I do think Luna would feel your talents were better spent doing something other than watch over her.

ID: ad165 486387


Your Choice
Watch over Luna; Inspect the crater later and deal with Thorn
There were more Luna choices than the other two from what I could tell

"If it's alright with you," you tell Celestia and Gold Heart, "I'd like to watch over Luna and make sure she recovers alright. She's done a lot for me already. It's the least I can do."

"Hmph," Gold Heart snaps. "The 'least' is right."

"Very well," Celestia nods. "I'm sure she'll appreciate the company."

After Celestia informs the guards of your situation, you are now able to move about the castle as your leisure. She seems a bit disappointed that you wouldn't come with her, but she still gives you a smile and a soft goodbye as she flies away from the castle.

Gold Heart says that she has business to attend to and that Thorn will be staying precisely where he is. You'll have to deal with him later if you want to inspect the crater again, but right now, you just want to see if Luna's okay.

ID: ad165 486388


That's it for today


>She seems a bit disappointed that you wouldn't come with her

ID: ad165 486393


Oh and an update on this:

Current Affection Levels

Luna - Mid-Low
Lucent - Low
Gold Heart - None
Celestia - None

ID: ad165 486398


How could you?

I love that line WAY too much


>She seems a bit disappointed that you wouldn't come with her, but she still gives you a smile and a soft goodbye as she flies away from the castle.



> Celestia: NONE

I said "let's go meet up with The Elements and make a battle plan," but NOOOOO
Well that's democracy, no big problem, let's keep it going mates


Don't tempt me man, it's labeled Luna Quest and I don't want people to get angry for constantly trying to go after Celestia


It'd be good to extend an olive branch.

"Gold Heart, do you want me to help with the ranks? I'm just worried about Luna; I don't know a lot about ponies but I know someone in a bad way."


Shut up you Celestifags

You had your quest. It's best princess time now.

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