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ID: 823ca 483879

Welcome to Luna Quest. Here's the format for this particular quest:

1) At the end of each post, you will have the opportunity to state and words or actions you wish to speak or do.

2) There will be good and bad endings depending on the choices and actions you make

3) Some actions will require a dice roll. I will be using 1d100 (as sort of a percentage) and your rate of success will be dependent on that. I will inform you of which actions will require a dice roll and what you need to succeed in that action beforehand.

Thank you for playing and I hope you enjoy the quest.

"Ugh," you groan.

Your wince your eyes as a dull throbbing pain pulaste across your skull. What the hell did you do last night to get yourself so messed up? As you lift a hand to rub the sleep from your eyes, the sound of rustling metal catches your ears and something cold snaps against your skin. The hell? Raising your head and blinking your vision into clarity, you spot a shining and sturdy iron shackle wrapped around your wrist. A chain leads from the bind to a metal plate that roots it into the stone floor.

"Well that's not right," you say, and look around the room to get a better grasp of your situation.

Torches hung from stone walls illuminate your surroundings, but not well enough to see anything beyond the steel bars that block your one exit. You stretch yourself out to get up and find the rest of your limbs have been restrained as well. The chains don't cut you a lot of slack, but there's enough for you to get into a more comfortable sitting position. There's a barred window off to your right showing a few stars sprinkled across a clear night sky and nothing more. Your thankful for what little air it provides. It's hot and humid in your cramped little cell. You've barely moved and already you can feel the sweat starting to form on your body from the effort.


>Decide to masturbate


Call out quietly I guess,
See if anyone is near to hear us.


Make some noise to get noticed


Shout out if there anyone near by.


What DID we do last night? Must have really overdone it to sleep through till evening the next day.


check inventory


Check your pockets (in case we wear pants)


"Hello? Anyone care to explain why I'm here? I won't bite."


See if anyone is here.
If not try calling or someone.


Remember the last prison movie you saw. Call out for 'guards," maybe ask for a bedroll at least.

ID: 823ca 483890


"Hello?" you shout into the darkness. "Anyone care to explain why I'm here? I won't bite."

You wait a few moments for a response, but none comes. Great.

"If this is some kind of joke," you continue, "It's uh, real funny, but you can let me go now."

From the distance, you can hear a door creaking open. Light pours into what you now see is an extended hallway. More torch light travels down it, trailing a small, horse-shaped shadow behind it. The heavy clunk of armor and the light clop of hooves echoes against the walls. How the hell is a horse supposed to fit in here?

"Calm down," a deep, male voice calls out to you. "I'm coming."

As the torch comes closer into view, you see now that the torch isn't even being carried, much less by a person. A magic aura surrounds the torch matching the one that glows around the horn of the small armored unicorn before you. His coat is dark gray and his armor a deep purple. Strange that there's a unicorn here, but no rider.

"That's not something you see everyday," you say, nodding towards the magical creature outside your cell.

"Neither are you," the same deep voice resonated from the unicorn.

ID: 823ca 483891


Can't check your inventory all chained up.


Well, yeah I guess not…
Can I ask you where on earth I am?


Is this dude a guard?
Ask where I am and why I'm chained up


Ask him why we are chained up up in here and where 'here' even is.


Ask who are you and why I am here.


Ask why you're chained up.


what ever you do, don't get angry
would most likely kick you in the face


"Purple? Is that a girl's color? You don't sound like a girl."


"So, about the chains … Why?"


Jeez, man
Take it down a notch

ID: 823ca 483901


Alright. So the unicorn talks. Whatever happened you, you're pretty sure this can't be real. Your probably just hallucinating from stress or something. Still, having a hallucination to talk to is more entertaining than just sitting her.


"Can you tell me where I am exactly," you say, tugging at your chains, "and why I'm chained up here?"

The unicorn gives you a short nod and says, "You are in the dungeons of Canterlot Castle. You are being held under suspicion of threat to the people of Equestria."

"I'm not much of a threat if you can just chain me up like this, am I?" you tell him.

"All the same," the unicorn continues, "as a guard of Princess Luna and the country of Equestria, it is my duty to protect it from whatever could be seen as a danger. Until it is proven that you are not a threat, I can do no more."

You shrug. "Makes sense to me."


playfully kick a nearby stone towards a wall


Guilty until proven innocent of nothing.
Do you treat all your guests this way?


"Can I at least talk to some who is in charge? Your commander or maybe this Princess Luna? I'm sure we can clear up this misunderstanding, I am definitely no threat to you or your people."


Man, whad DID I do last night?


So I'm a threat because … ?


Can I get some food or water? Also, I don't know if you noticed, but there's a horn jutting out of your forehead.


Can I get a short version on how I got here? I don't remember anything.

Also could I talk to the Princess?


So how long would be staying in this dungeon?

ID: 823ca 483912


You chuckle to yourself and you playfully kick a nearby stone towards the wall. Man what DID you do last night?


"Guilty until proven innocent," you say, raising an eyebrow. "Do you treat all your guests this way?"

"It is my understanding," the guard glowers at you, "that it is better to be safe than sorry. If it is for my Princess, I am willing to accept any punishment should my judgement be contradicted by hard evidence."

"Can I at least talk to some who is in charge? Your commander or maybe this Princess Luna? I'm sure we can clear up this misunderstanding, I am definitely no threat to you or your people."

"Princess Luna has already been informed of your presence and should be here as soon as possible," the guard informs you. "She will decide if you are trustworthy or not."


"Is there anyway you could get me some food or water?" you say, licking your lips. "It's kind of hot in here and I could use a drink."

"I'm afraid I can not," the guard shakes his head. "My duty is to wait here and keep watch until one of the other guards returns with the Princess."

"Can you at least tell me how I got here?"

You're hoping to get some kind of answer out the guy. Everything else you've asked has gotten you nowhere and the constant denies form the guard were wearing on your patience.

"How you got to Equestria?" the guard raises an eyebrow of his own for a moment. "That I do not know. When I found you, you had collided into the castle courtyard with quite a large amount of force. The crater you left behind will take at least a couple of weeks to repair. Your explosive entrance is what led my comrades and I to believe you were a danger to begin with. When we found you unconscious, we brought you here to be held for questioning."

"So I'm just here until the Princess arrives, right?" you check.

"Yes," the guard affirms. "Are there any more questions?"


Oh, well that's why my body aches.


"Are you ticklish?"

Let's try to bond with him a little. That might help us out in the long run.


Why can a horse talk?


So when is the princess arriving?

Its also kind of boring down here.


Guess there's no use in trying to get more informations out of him.

"So, what do you do when you don't have to watch people who exploded into your courtyard?"


How the hell did I hit the courtyard so hard to leave a damn crater? Shouldn't I be dead at the moment?


>tickling a guard
SA, sometimes I worry about your survival abilities.


could I get a snack, like a banana or something?


Yeah. What's your name?


How long has it been since you found me? How long have I been unconcious?


"I Really need to go to the lavatory."


We're just asking… for now.

The tickles come later.

ID: 823ca 483941


"That explains why everything hurts," you say, wincing again as you change your seating position. "Doesn't explain how I survived that fall, though. Guys like me don't normally come out of things like that with nothing more than a couple of aches and pains."

The guard opens his mouth to speak, but is cut off by the sound of the door creaking open again. Looks like the Princess has arrived. From the end of the hall you can see a much taller horse-like creature on the approach. This one isn't wearing battle armor like the rest. Instead, it's dark blue body was adorned with pieces of silver around its hooves and an ebony neck piece with a silver moon in the center. Its flowing, ethereal mane and tail reflected the color of the evening sky and you could swear there were actual stars buried within the hair. This must have been Princess Luna. Was everyone here a horse?

"Good evening," the mare introduces herself as she trots up to your cell. "I am Princess Luna of Equestria."


You give your name and ask, "Why can a horse talk?"

"We are ponies," the princess corrects you, "and we have always had the ability to speak."

Of course they have.

"How is that you have come into the castle and destroyed a large portion of our courtyard?" she asks, giving you a stern glare. "Have you come to bring harm to the citizens of Equestria?"


"By no means! Strictly speaking I don't even know how I came here at all. Or where 'here' exactly is.
Could you release the shackles? It is kinda uncomfortable to be bound like this."


I crashed into your yard meteoresque and passed out immeadiety, not the most effective way to harm people if you ask me.


"Listen, I just fell off the sky, I don't even know what the hell is going on, I wake up chained in a dungeon with a talking ho-…pony,sorry, telling me that I'm in some kind of place I've never heard before.
And I seriously need to go to the lavatory. Like, right now.
It's not like you have an aspirin, right?"


I hadn't even planned on coming here if I'm honest.


Introduce myself and politely ask her why I am in a dungeon.


>"Have you come to bring harm to the citizens of Equestria?"
I think I was drunk

ID: aea20 483964

"I honestly don't even know. One moment I was minding my own business, and then the next thing I know I wake up here."

ID: 823ca 483968

"By no means! Strictly speaking I don't even know how I came here at all. Or where 'here' exactly is.
Could you release the shackles? It is kinda uncomfortable to be bound like this."

"You will forgive me if I decline that offer," she says. "There are few things aside from a powerful spell that could wreak such havoc. I could name a few capable creatures, but in all my years, I have never seen a creature the likes of you."

Princess Luna leans in closer to the bars, her eyes relaxing from her stern glare to a more inquisitive gaze.

"What are you?"

"I'm a human," you explain. "We don't come much in the way of powerful creatures unless give the technological means. But as you can see, I have none."

You attempt to spread out your arms and leave yourself open to examination, but your wrists are caught by the chains again.

"Could you please remove these?" you plead. "I swear, I mean you no harm."

"Hmm," the Princess steps back from the bars and thinks for a moment. "If you can prove to me that you are not a threat, I shall release you."

Convince her verbally - Low percentage of success
Convince her physically - High percentage of success
Trick her - High percentage of success; not without consequences


I have no idea how exactly you convince someone physically but seeing how it has the highest chance of success without consequences I'd choose that - we can't do much while being shackled so we should really get rid of them


wi see no reason not to simply do the less dignified physical attempt.


Convince her physically


>Convince her physically


I have no idea what the hell physically means but lets go with that.


Physically, as long as she doesn't try to disintegrate us

ID: aea20 483976

Take the physical route.
Whatever that means.


Physical, show we can't really punch much, and see if she can inherently detect our lack of magical power.
Ask her if she's inspected the site of our fall to see if she can work out where that magical power came from; it sure as hell wasn't us.


>If you can prove to me that you are not a threat, I shall release you.

ID: 823ca 484000

File: 1379189468750.png (6.48 KB, 325x34, Roll.PNG, IO Google TinEye)

Failure was less than 30%

"Alright," you say with a heavy sigh.

You already went through this with the guard that you really didn't have a way to prove you were capable of hurting anyone, but you have to try something. The chains attached to your shackles are shining like new. They've barely been used and would surely hold against any amount of strain you put on them.

Clenching your hands into fists, you pull up on the chains with all your might and are barely able to stand. Once you can feel the vessels starting to bulge out of your cranium, you collapse to your knees, gasping for air.

"Do you," you cough, "believe me now."

"I am not yet convinced," Princess Luna replies, her face as cold as the steel that holds you before her. "This show of strength could be a farce meant to deceive me."

"Right," you say, leaning down to wipe some sweat from your head onto your sleeve. "Of course."

You could pull on these chains for hours and she'd never believe you. Your wrists were already sore from trying the first time. With your headache getting worse from the effort, and the shackles cutting into your wrist, you were just going to continue hurting yourself more then help at this rate. Let's just hurt ourselves more, cause that will really get us out of here.

…that might really get us out of here.

"Man this is gonna be stupid," you mutter under your breath.

With one of the fists you've made, you begin punching into the stone floor beneath you. Pain shoots into your hand and you grit your teeth through it. You have to aim for something sharper. The shackles on your wrists seem to have cut in nicely. Seeing as your fists won't reach each other, the metal plates are your best bet. You aim for the edge and deal another swift blow against the metal. You can only feel the blunt force against your hand as it collides with your restraints, but when you look at your hand, a nice cut has left you bleeding a little.

"See," you raise your hand to show the Princess. "If these chains can hurt me, I should be no match for you, right?"


ID: 823ca 484006


Princess Luna leans down to inspect your injured hand and a dark aura glows around her horn and the wound. A cool sensation flows across the cut and the pain fades away. When her horn stops glowing, you can feel your headache having disappeared as well. Retracting your hand, you inspect what the Princess has done to it and find no damage at all.

"I am convinced," Princess Luna nods. "Only a desperate fool would injure himself for a chance at freedom."

Another magic aura flares up around her horn and the shackles at your wrists. There's a slight clink, and the bindings fall away. Princess Luna moves aside for one of the guards and allows him to open up the cell, completely freeing you from your confines.




>"Only a desperate fool would injure himself for a chance at freedom."
Geez, thanks a lot Luna

Bow down a bit - I mean, she's royalty, we should behave properly.
After that we should ask her if she has any idea how we ended up here



Mention that her stars are so much more vivid than ours


Success, I suppose.
Request something to soothe the pain.
If pony complies, kiss hooves in a sign of respect.


What this anon said >>484009


Because touching her right after we barely convinced her we're not a threat with her guards 5 feet away is a good idea.



Thank her, walk out of the cell and stretch a bit.
Yes that couldn't possibly be misconstrued as an attack.


Thats the idea.


We'll die hugging Luna.
It's a great death

ID: aea20 484031

"So…what happens now?"


be formal and polite. That'll score us a few points.

ID: 823ca 484049


You could hug the Princess right now…


…but you resign yourself to a silent cheer instead. The guards might mistake your sign of gratitude as an attack. A satisfied grin makes its way across your face as you stand and step out of the cell. Princess Luna waits before you, her eyes raising a small amount upward towards your own.


You've almost forgotten that you were in the presence of royalty. Paying her the proper respect despite your situation would be the best thing you could do right now. You lower yourself to one knee, your eyes becoming level with hers, and bow your head.

"Thank you, Princess Luna," you say in the most dignified tone you can manage.

"Your thanks is not required," she says, then gives you a small smile. "It is, however, appreciated."

Turning away from you, she walks towards the exit and asks that you follow her. The cool night air feels incredible as you step outside. You can already feel your body loosening up with the breeze and fresh oxygen fills your lungs.

"So…what happens now?"

"Now," she informs you, "I shall return to my duties to Equestria. The guards will escort you to more suitable accommodations, but will continue to keep watch over you until morning, when I will speak with you again."

Wings spread out from the sides of her body and she takes off in a gallop. When she's gained enough speed, you see the Princess flap her wings and ascend into the sky.

"Farewell," she calls out to you, "and pleasant dreams."

With that, she disappears behind one of the castle walls. One of the guards nudges your side with his head and the three of you move across the castle grounds.

Now, we can keep going here until Anon falls asleep, as I have one more thing planned, or you can end it here and I can set it up for next time.


You can end a session whenever you like or need.


Let's see what you have planned


>You lower yourself to one knee, your eyes becoming level with hers, and bow your head.
Hnnnng, what a tiny Princess

I still have time so I don't mind if we keep going.

ID: aea20 484056

I'm fine to keep going.


I could stay up a little longer and see the plan.


She's about 4'7 or so, I'd have to check the updated candy cane reference, stark contrast from Celestia who was at eye level at all times, possibly above if you're shorter than 6'


>candy cane
>not broken
ya rite


>using any other reference
All the others are awful.


I like the sizes from that one. CMC are cute, ponies are the right size and Luna is perfect size for hugs

ID: 823ca 484097


Guiding you through the many halls and wings of the castle, you come to the realization that it would be almost impossible for you to escape this place should you attempt such a thing. There's no way you'd be able to find your way out of here on your own. As your trek ends before a large white door in a hall of countless others, you wonder how the guards themselves manage to find their way around this place.

"Don't you guys ever get lost around here?" you ask one of the guards.

"Nah, not really," a raspy, bubbly female voice pipes up as she spreads out her bat-like wings. "Helps if you've got these though."

The castle had you so overwhelmed, you hadn't even noticed that there was a different type of pony besides the unicorn you'd first met. You'd guess she was a pegasus, but you'd never seen a pegasus with bat wings before. Unlike the unicorn you'd met earlier, her coat was a lighter gray. You introduce yourself and she lets out a soft fizzy giggle.

"I'm Lucent," she says, giving you a short salute against her helmet before motioning to the unicorn beside her, "and this grouch over here is Baron."

"He's not actually a baron is he?" you ask.

"Actually a baron?" Lucent repeats, one of her tufted ears gives a twitch as she smirks. "Nope, but he sure acts like one."

"I only wish I could be so fortunate," Baron rolls his eyes.

"Anyway," Lucent continues, rolling her own eyes, "if you need anything, just give me or Baron a shout and we'll help you however we can."

"No," Baron deadpans. "I won't."

"Okay, then I will," Lucent places a hoof to her chest for a moment before steadying it on the ground. "Since your here, is there anything I can get for you now?"


The candy cane chart is nice
Celestia could probably rest her head on my shoulder according to that one


"Food and water, please. I'm parched."

Tease Baron just a little.


>"Since your here, is there anything I can get for you now?"
Ask her if there anything to eat. Something that isn't flower, hay, or grass.

Also, salute to Baron.


Maybe a map, but nothing else right now
[inventory check]


"Something to eat and drink would be nice."

And we should also check our pockets now that we are able to do so.
Careful though, would be kinda shitty if we have something suspicious in there and the guard sees it.



How about some reassuring words of comfort that we're in safe hands

Or hooves, whatever

You did kind of assume the worst and chain us to the ground in a dark, stone cell.

ID: 823ca 484146


"Some food and water would be really great right now," you say over your grumbling stomach. "I'm not sure how long I was out, so some food and water would really do me some good right now."

"You got it," she gives you the biggest grin you've ever seen, flashing off a couple of fangs in the process. "Be right back."

She jumps into the air and takes off down the hall with wings spread wide.

"You don't even know what he eats!" Baron calls after her.

"Doesn't matter!" Lucent waves him off and disappears around the corner.

Baron grumbles under his breath.

"Thanks for trying," you say, kneeling down next to him. "Don't know how an old guy like you handles her."

Baron shoots you a piercing gaze with a bone chilling sneer to match. He may be a more mature pony, but his short stature kills any attempt at intimidating you.

"In your room," Baron orders.

"Yes, sir," you salute him and open the door to your bedroom.

Peering inside, you see that a bed is really all there is to it. You would imagine that it would be more pony-sized, but this one seems about the size of a twin mattress to you. There's a window that opens over the courtyard. You look through it to see if you can spot your landing site, but it's nowhere to be found.


Getting ready for bed, you empty your pockets of whatever contents lie within. It doesn't look like much. From one pocket you pull out a pile of money that's probably useless now, and a set of keys. The other pocket is empty. Setting what few belongings you have on a nearby nightstand, you decide to relax a bit on the bed before the food gets here.

Choose one
Perception Check - catch something that wasn't there before, but pass out if you succeed
Constitution Check - manage to stay awake, but miss something if you succeed

ID: 823ca 484149

Sorry that took so long. Had to take care of something.


Roll for perception


Perception check


Perception check
That's no issue, everyone takes forever doing these.


Constitution check.

This is Luna quest faggots. You don't go to bed. What are you even thinking? We are the night.

ID: 823ca 484159

Perception Check it is. Success it over 50%. If you fail, you pass out and miss something important.


Perception Check

No problem. I need to sleep in a few minutes, but it would be nice to know when the next session is up.

What if she visit our dreams?

ID: aea20 484162



Wait I thought we pass out when we succeed?


>If you fail, you pass out
Oh, you said "Pass out if you succeed" in the other post, and I was confused. Thought there was going to be something 2spooky that made us faint or something.


File: 1379195860294.png (43.81 KB, 378x358, 1375633944174.png, IO Google TinEye)

>going to bed


Luna is a dreamwalker, it's not like it matters much to her if we are awake or not


No guys, we need to get good at astronomy.


>spending talents in astronomy

ID: 823ca 484198


Success at 79%

Rolling over on your side, you find yourself facing your keys on the nightstand. You hadn't noticed before, but you don't recognize one of the keys. This ones a lot smaller than the others and looks like it fits into a diary lock.

You don't own a diary.

You remove the key from the others and inspect it, but there's nothing out of the ordinary. Slipping it back onto the ring with it's buddies, you place it back on the nighstand as Lucent bursts into the room.

"Dinner time," she smiles, floating through the air with a tray on each of her forehooves. "I didn't know what to get ya, so I just grabbed whatever I could."

The trays Lucent sets down before you are covered with various fruits, vegetables, sweets, dairy products, pitchers of water and fruit juice, but no meat. Everything else made sense except for the sweets and dairy, but food was food. You thank Lucent for the meal and proceed to dig in. The whole time you're stuffing your face, Lucent just sits and watches you in amazement from the end of the bed.

ID: aea20 484200

Offer a fruit to her.


Offer her some food. Would be rude to eat in front of her when she might be hungry, too


If she has questions she's free to ask.


Offer her some food. Ask about Luna.


Offer Blood to pon id she wants a light snack while we eat.



Well, we did bleed a little before.
It's a vampire pon.
I'm not telling her to tear my jugular open, jeez


>It's a vampire pon.
she is?


Too many questions to ask and not enough time.

Speaking of which, ask her what time it is. Need those 8 hours of sleep for my healthy glow.


Do we get a window? We should probably see what we can see (and if we can spot our impact crater) before we sleep.



>"Nah, not really," a raspy, bubbly female voice pipes up as she spreads out her bat-like wings. "Helps if you've got these though."

And I'm the one that should be sleeping


Wait, I'm an idiot, that was covered here.
>There's a window that opens over the courtyard. You look through it to see if you can spot your landing site, but it's nowhere to be found.


I don't see vampire anywhere in there.


We don't know if batponies are vampires though.
Would be a bad idea to creep her out since she seems to be the pony that's most likely to help us right now.


bat-like wings


well why would you assume she is a vampire?
you just woke up in prison


But muh batpone fanon


Bat ponies canon don't have canines though

ID: 823ca 484226


"Mango?" you say, nudging a tray towards her.

"Nah," she shakes her head and giggles. "This is more for you anyway. I'd be in major trouble if I ate any of this stuff."

"Wait," you pause to swallow and continue to speak, "so if it's not okay for you to eat it, how come I can?"

"Rea-sons," Lucent sings in a rather clear, but high pitch before she returns to her normal tone. "Reasons that should become pretty apparent any second now,"

"What do you-" you start to say before a dizzy spell causes you to lose a bit of balance.

Once you regain it, you look towards Lucent and see her laughing her fizzy giggle. You glance down at the food and it all clicks together.

"You drugged-" is all you manage to get out before another dizzy spell overtakes you. This time, your eyes fall shut and Lucent's soda pop laugh fade into the darkness.

ID: 823ca 484227

That's it for today. I might pick it up again Sunday, but definitely next Saturday. Probably around the same time as when this started.



No reason to assume that's a blood sucker without seeing the teeth, though. Plenty of bat species that eat fruit or bugs or fish.


File: 1379197074729.jpg (33.42 KB, 272x228, 1374997198206.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

This is what happens when you go to bed guys

This is what happens when you trust bat ponies

What did I fucking tell you


What a sneaky cunt.


That is not nice of her. Would I see Luna in my dream, though?


Aj tell us, are the batpones on the quest real? Do they suck blood?

ID: 823ca 484237

Oh and by the way. In case you were wondering about how you got bad endings. This is how:

Luna's affection increased when you were respectful
Lucent's affection increased when you offered her the food
Luna's Affection - Low
Lucen't Affection - Low


Try and post at least a tentative time and date on your /qt/ thread so I don't somehow miss it.


uh, what?


Being nice = good end

What's not to get?

ID: aea20 484242

inb4 we all get sidetracked and go for Lucent instead


Wooing Luna or Lucent apparently will give a good ending.


>In case you were wondering about how you got bad endings
this is what confused me
did we get a bad ending?


They're going to cut us open and experiment on us.


Talk for yourself.


I don't think so. I mean, as far as quest starts go, we could've had a super spooky nightmare that foreshadows future events. We only got drugged. Bullet = dodged


>we could've had a super spooky nightmare that foreshadows future events
Which is good. Foreshadowing and action is better than comatose sleep.

ID: 823ca 484254


There will be multiple ponies with affection levels for you. Doing things like this:

>inb4 we all get sidetracked and go for Lucent instead

Will change your ending as much as going after only Luna will. There will be more potentials as the quest continues, but the potential romances are just half of it. The other half is solely based on the decisions you make in certain situations that affect how the story will go.

I meant to put this up before we started, but I thought it would be a nice surprise.

Aside from rolls, your decisions, and who you end up romancing, nothing else will affect your ending. Welcome to Luna Quest.

ID: 823ca 484255


Will do.


I take it its the end for today?


ID: 823ca 484259


yes. I feel it's run as long as it needs to for today.
I don't have anything planned past this point aside from things I can't reveal to you. At the moment.

ID: fe93d 484262

I miss that.

I can't wait. Thanks for the little quest so far. I hope I could join in for the next one.


>things you can't reveal
Those are my favourite.

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