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Quest archive and previous threads: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28501521/GeneralArchive/CelestiaQuest/CelestiaQuest.html

Previously on Celestia Quest:
>On a mission to find Rose, Celestia, you, and Silver fly back to the old campsite. There you find a stranger scavenging through the remains of the camp, but no one else. After a short interrogation, he tells you of a lone survivor who was taken to Withers, where you'd found the Pegasus Worldshard earlier. Your group returns there, sending Silver in to scout things out.

Celestia and you wait in your cover for what feels like an hour or so, though you can't tell for sure. Smalltalk passes the time, though you get the feeling Celestia would just as soon fall asleep.

Eventually, though, Silver does return, and from the looks of him, he's got some news.

"We're in luck. I found out where they're keeping the survivor, and it sounds like the village isn't hostile at all. In fact... I think they'd even like to see you two come back. I don't know if they'd celebrate your presence, but they're at the very least questioning things. After that speech you gave, things changed around here from what I can tell. I'd say we could walk right into the building where the survivor is and not have any trouble."
Rape the sleeping princess.
Walk into town then, hopefully find a place to stay after checking on the survivor.
>>12163959 (OP)
Well let's go then.
Offer to let celestia and silver to find a place to accomodate for the night while you check on the survivor
>>12163959 (OP)
Survivor first, sleep later. We've lasted this long.
You exchange glances with Celestia, earning a weak smile from her.

"Sound good to me. You ready?"

Yawning, she stretches out her wings and covers her mouth before nodding. "Certainly. Lead the way, Silver."

"Yes, ma'am!" He looks delighted to help out, though the fatigue still shows through his salute.

A powerful trepedation grabs you as you and Celestia leave your cover. With each step closer to the village, it grows stronger. Sure, Silver had reportied everything was most likely safe, but you still can shake your fears. You come to the first 'streetlamp', little more than a wooden pole with an iron top and brazier attached to it. Most of the light comes from the buildings themselves, laterns sitting near doorframes and candles shining through windows.

"So, Silver, where is this survivor?"

"She's in the doctor's house. It kind of doubles for a hospital, from what I've heard. There aren't many ponies living here so it's enough for the entire village."

Huh. The place is smaller than you'd thought.

On your journey there, you get the feeling you're being watched. Pretty stereotypical, but your paranoia at least has some basis in reality. It's very likely a fully-fledged princess and tall alien would attract attention.

Silver stops at a door, then knocks before turning back to you. He looks to be about to say something when his eyes shift to something behind you. The uneasy feeling you had before resurges and you turn around.

There are three ponies watching you. They're all a safe distance away, and they don't look particularly harmful, but it's a sure sign you're no longer unnoticed. You're thinking what to do about them when the door behind you opens up.

"Eh? Who do we have here?"

You look back to the door, finding a middle-aged pony with a dusty-orange coat and a blue mane. Surprisingly, he seems entirely unintimidated by you and Celestia.
Swallow the fear and great him warmly, but quietly. It is late.
Introduce yourselves and tell him that you're here to check on your friend and make sure she's okay.
present yourself and state your busisness in a normal (as "a human alien in a world of equines" as possible) manner
"Hi." You introduce yourself, Celestia and Silver to the pony. "We're here to check on a friend of ours and make sure she's okay. We're not sure, but we think she may be one of your patients. Can we take a look?"

The doctor leans in, squinting at you. "And why should I let you near my patients, hmm? You're not from 'round here. Why should I trust you?"

"Because we've come a very long way and assure you we mean no harm. We're just concerned for a friend, that's all."

He jabs you in the stomach with a hoof. "You keep saying 'we', but I'm thinkin' you mean 'I'. Now who's this friend you're looking for? You should probably know her name if she's your friend and all."

"Victory Rose. She said she's from around here."

The name drop earns a raised eyebrow from him and his face shifts from suspicion to curiosity. "That she is. And how abouts did you meet our Little Victory?"

Little Victory? The nickname about makes you laugh, though you hold your composure in front of the doctor. Don't want him feeling insulted. "In the cave just outside of town, a couple days back."

"The story checks out." He looks between you, Silver, and Celestia, pondering a moment before stepping out of the way and opening the door wide. "Alright. Up the stairs. Your friend might be sleepin' so you best stay quiet and not wake her if that's the case. Else you'll be dealing with me."

You throw a grin back to Silver and Celestia before bounding inside. It is Rose, and she's fine! The stairs are a bit awkward, made for much shorter ponies, but you manage just fine. There's only one room on the second floor. That must be where Rose is. Hoping she's still awake, you open the door, eyes eagerly searching.

The room's a decent size, even for you. There are a couple small desks near the bed, both with candles that light the room. Rose herself is lying on the bed, her usual armarments and weapons in a pile against the far wall. When her eyes land on you, she sighs, looks up at the ceiling, and shakes her head.

I couldn't be that predictable could I?
What do you mean?
Give a weak smile.
"Good to see you too."
Your grin falters a bit as you walk up to the bed. "C'mon, I can't be that predictable."

Her deadpan stare cuts right through you. "Yes, you can be and you are. I'm gone for not even a full day and you've already come looking for me. It's almost as if you expect me to not be able to take care of myself."

"You know I don't think that."

She crosses her forelegs. "I don't know. You may think I'm some single-minded soldier who can't do anything more than fight, or you could think me the most capable pony in the world. We've known each other all of a day." With a frown, she points an accusatory hoof at you. "I was hoping you wouldn't be so disposed to drop everything and come after me. I figured you would, but I hoped you would not. You are predictable in that way."

The door creaks behind you, announcing Celestia's entrance. Seeing Celestia, Rose smirks. "Now this I did not predict." She looks back to you. "Did you bring her? Perhaps things are not as I thought."

"Nobody 'brought' anyone. She volunteered to join me."

"As a favor," Celestia interjects, approaching the bed. "I only came because he had his mind set on it." She lays a hoof on the bed, checking Rose for visible injury. "How are you?"

"I'm fine. I still don't know why the doctor insists on keeping me here."

"I heard that!" a shout comes from downstairs.

"And the stallion has uncanny senses. The first two times I tried to leave he beat me until I agreed to return."
"HE beat YOU?"
Glance back at the door.
"Remind me never to piss him off."
Chuckle quietly.
"That's Harsh."
"HE beat YOU?" Eyes wide, you gape at her as she looks away. If she's blushing, you can't tell through the red of her coat.

"One of my wings wasn't working fully and I was completely exhausted from the trip here. Besides, he's a unicorn. They're crafty like that."

Chuckling at the image, you say, "That's harsh."

"More annoying than harsh." Rose turns to Celestia. "And what's your story, specifically? Why come her for him?"

Celestia looks at you, then Rose. "He is my friend, and I owed him a debt for holding him back. He wanted to leave the teleport to help you, you know."

"Really?" Rose's tone is not curious or appreciative, but rather facetious and disappointed. From the look in her eyes, you'd think she's about ready to hit you.

"I do not see why you are so adverse to assistance," says Celestia. "You cannot do everything on your own."

"No. No, I suppose not. But friends are hardly necessary in a situation like this. You only truly need comrades and soldiers."
Is there a difference?
Saving comrades is honourable. Something that is commended where I am from.
Friends, comrades, is there really a difference?
"Is there really a difference? Saving comrades is honorable where I'm from."

"You need ponies whom you get along with well enough. Ponies you know will cover you when needed and will follow orders when necessary. Those are comrades. Friends are... different. They fight battles off the field as well." She shakes her head. "Enough talk about that; it is a pointless subject. I am wondering what your intentions are now that you've found me."

"Well, once you're able, we can head back to the new camp. Luna had to teleport everyone away to escape that battle."

Rose takes only a moment to consider. "Very well. At the insistence of that doctor, I will need to rest the night here." She inspects you and Celestia. "And it seems I am not the only one in need of rest."

"Don't ask for any beds! I'm all full!" yells the doctor from downstairs.

"Ears like a cat, I tell you," says Rose.

Celestia turns to you, a weary smile on her face. "It appears we'll need to sleep on the floor, then. At least we'll have a roof over our heads." She turns to the doorway. "I wonder where Silver went off to." Tapping your shoulder with a hoof, she makes for the door. "I'll be right back after I find him."

The air feels dense with just Rose with you in the room, like there's an unspoken tension building. Rose is perfectly content to lie there in silence, from the bored look on her face, but you want to say something--you're just not sure what. You DID come all the way out here to find her, and all you've gotten so far is sarcasm. Is it gratitude you're looking for?

"You look as squeamish as a salt-ridden fish out of water. Out with it before I force it out of you."

Ah, there's that tact you missed so dearly.
I'm just glad you're alright, I was worried.
"I know you think my methods are foolish and unwarrior-like, but I wish you'd show a bit of appreciation anyways. What I did, I didn't do out of any doubt of your competence. You're treating like me coming here is an insult!"
"You make it seem like you wish I'd left you for dead."
"I was worried about you Rose, so I came here, looking for you. Then, when I find you, all I get is dry wit and chiding, almost as if you wish I'd left you for dead. Maybe you didn't need me. Maybe my methods are brash and unrefined, but I wished you'd show some kind of appreciation." You sit down on the bed as Rose's hind legs, trying to keep from becoming more animated. "I'm not here as some kind of insult or because I doubted your ability."

"So you're here to ease your own mind about my well-being? Why should I be showing appreciation when your motives are more selfish?" Her eyes narrow. "And how was I supposed to know you were so worried about me? We're just barely aquaintances. Why should I assume you have such an investment in me?" Letting out a sharp breath, she shakes her head. "I suppose I should apologize for the harsh demeanor if you truly did not come thinking I was unable to help myself. But I am with your group only because of selfish interest; nothing more."

You take a deep breath. It wouldn't do either of you any good to start arguing. "Alright, alright. I get it. Don't expect any coddling from you." Looking out the window, you ask, "Why is it you're always trying to hard to be disconnected from the emotion of the situation?"

"Do not mistake my demeanor for a disconnect. It is merely a result of my knowing how to control my emotion; knowing where and when to use them."

Celestia returns, that same weary smile on her face. Rose and you both turn to her.

"It seems Silver has already fallen asleep on the couch in the living room. The doctor said he'd be fine there for the night." A mighty yawn escapes and she blinks in surprise at herself. "Oh my. It must be my bedtime as well." She picks a corner near the pile of Rose's belongings and lies down. "You should find a spot, too, traveler. Tomorrow will likely be just as long as today was."


That's all for today. Next session is Saturday at noon UTC-5.
thanks SA

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