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Quest archive and previous threads: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28501521/GeneralArchive/CelestiaQuest/CelestiaQuest.html

Previously on Celestia Quest:
You were tossed into a fight between Celestia and a group of unicorns, injuring your arm during the fight. Your next day involves standing watch with Silver Shield and Steady, the princess' guards, and then getting your arm healed against the doctor's orders. Luna finds out and lectures you, but Celestia's forgiven you. It's the following morning, and after Celestia flies you out to a site of interest her scouts found yesterday, you encounter a lone pegasus warrior, Victory Rose, who insisted on fighting you. She won by hitting you in the balls.

You get up and follow Victory back to the princesses and Silver with a slight limp, still recovering from that headbutt to your privates. Silver backs away a step on Victory's approach, but the princesses stand fast, watching with curiosity.

"It's your job to convince me to follow you, now. The clutz behind me has done his part. Do not waste your words, though. I pay more attention to actions."

Finally catching up, you see Silver's face twisted, angered by the disrespect, though he keeps silent. Probably a wise move. Celestia nods to Victory, then looks to the rest of the group.

"We should finish our survey of the site. As nice as it was to meet Miss Rose here, it was not what we came for."

Victory sticks out her tongue, faking a gag at the sound of 'Miss Rose'. "I sound like a damn maid when you say it that way. Victory or Rose is fine, just... drop the 'Miss'."

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randomly hug the nearest pony

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"Unless you need anything more from me, I think I'll go ahead and pass out from pain now."

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well, might as well wait for further orders

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Well since it's apparent from VR that there aren't any others lying in wait for us, we can probably stop worrying about sneaking and get a torch lit so we don't have to rely on Celestia's light.

Ask Rose what she knows of the site.

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Rose sounds like she needs a hug, so you oblige her. Unfortunately, you hadn't thought through the implications of suddenly jumping at a well-trained, armored, warrior pegasus. As soon as you get your arms around her neck, she sweeps a leg and a wing at yours, knocking you over. Using your momentum, she flips you onto your back and you loud with a resounding thud.

Arching your back, you groan in pain. Celestia trots over to you and inspects the damage, prodding your back and other places with magic. "Doesn't look like you've broken anything. You should heal nicely." She offers you a hoof to get up and you take it.

"Speak for his pride," mumbles Rose

"Unless you need anything more from me, I think I'll go ahead and pass out from pain now," you say, hanging on to Celestia for support.

Rose and Silver both giggle at your predicament, but, oddly enough, Rose sounds more like a stallion than Silver does.

"Stop being so dramatic," says Celestia, rubbing your back with a wing. "You'll be fine."

"Yeah, yeah." You stand up straight, looking down the cave. "So... we gonna go down there?"

"Of course. I'm most curious." Celestia turns to Rose. "Did you see anything down there while you were here?"

"Yes, though I'm not sure what it was I saw. You'll have to see it for yourself."

Your small group makes its way down the cave, illuminated by Celestia's magic. Now you're interested.

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Reposting the map from last time.

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Let's have a look-see at what mysteries this cave hides.

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Computer! Analyze that image for hidden messages!

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stay close to celestia
I think we've taken enough of a beating for one day

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The sounds of hoofsteps and footsteps echo throughout the cave. The air down here is damp, but refreshingly cool compared to the heat outside. You keep your eyes fixed on darkness before you, watching as Celestia's light forces it to yield step by step. After about a minute or so of walking, the cave widens into a much larger excess. Celestia pauses, squinting forward, but says nothing.

"This is it," says Rose. "Maybe you can make sense of it."

She passes beyond the light of Celestia's magic and you hear her hoofsteps a moment before they stop and she taps on something.

"Light it up."

The rest of you step into the chamber and Celestia gives her magic a boost. Before you is Rose, leaning against an altar of sorts, though it's taller than even you and the front is covered with writing. From the color, it seems to be made of the same rock as the cave around it, though it's worn and chipped in places. Atop it is a blue stone, though it doesn't look like it's simply sitting on top, but rather embedded in the altar. Celestia and Luna step forward, leaning in and examining the writing.

They both jerk back at the same time, exchanging glances.


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"So, you understand it?" you ask.

Celestia looks back to you. "Yes... though it's very unexpected to find text like this anywhere, really. It's older than I or my sister. This is the First Language, called Equinin, and I can honestly say I never expected to see it again."

Silver and even Rose are taken aback. You scratch your head, wondering what to say to that. Celestia had always seemed like the pony with all the answers, but to find something that shocked even her?

"What do you think it's doing here?"

"For that, we should be able to refer to the text. I can translate it, but it will take a moment. I'm a bit rusty. Perhaps everyone should search the room, see if there is anything else of note?"

You nod, and begin searching. Rose comes up beside you, though it seems she's more interested in merely tagging along than searching.

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bad feeling acquired

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try making some small talk while you search
ask her about herself. see if she'll open up a bit

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"How did you find this place?"

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Well fuck me, captain.

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What the...?

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"So, Rose, did you grow up around here?"

"Hmm? You really want to know something like that? It does not seem very pertinent to the situation."

You roll your eyes. "Yes, I really want to know. Otherwise, I wouldnt've asked."

"Alright, then. Yes. I grew up around here. I was born in the nearby village, but trained in a larger town to the north."

Something tells you she isn't going to give up information unless you ask explicitly. "So... what's it like around here? I'm new."

"That much is obvious. The area is nice. Peaceful, for the most part, though I hardly expected it to stay that way. Turns out I was right."

You pause in your search, inspecting the room. From Silver's location, and where Luna and Celestia stand near the altar...

"It doesn't seem like there are any exits besides the one we came from. Something tells me there isn't anything else to find besides the altar."

"Took you long enough."

You pinch the bridge of your nose, sighing and turning to Rose. "If you already knew that, why didn't you say so?"

"Because it's fun to watch you. And educating."

So you're some little experiment for her, now? Great. "Are you always this grating?"

"Only when I wish to be. Go on, keep searching for something."

"I'm fine," you say, walking back toward the altar.

"I am curious: were you good at fighting? Back where you came from."

"No, I was pretty terrible. Your victory over me didn't really mean much. Sorry."

"Would you like me to help change that?"

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Quoted by: >>11394917


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Quoted by: >>11394917


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That was found a little faster than I expected.

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"Good. We'll start tomorrow morning. I'm glad you chose not to disappoint me."

"Disappoint you?"

Instead of answering, she nudges your thigh and points at the altar. "I think they're done."

How could you disappoint Rose? You'd hardly met her. Maybe she sees some kind of fighting potential in you. If that's true, it'd be pretty cool to learn from her—she's obviously very skilled. But why would she care so much whether you learn or not?

"Ah! We're done with the translation. Over here, Silver," says Celestia.

He trots on over huddling in front of the altar with the rest of you.

Celestia recites the translation.

"'To the traveler who finds this lonely altar:

We took the Hammer, and we used it as best we could. We never imagined our choice would break it, but even in pieces, it holds great power. What could we do? The sun and moon had grown beyond our control. The unicorns hated to admit it, but their solution would no longer work. Maybe the Hammer will be whole again, one day, but in it's current form, we chose to split it; to divide the power across the land, that it might not be abused.

One such piece lies here, traveler. Should you so want it, then you act the altar loyalty.

It is the burden that leaders must hold heavier than all the rest.'"

She rubs a hoof to her chin. "That's what I believe it says, though that second-to-last sentence translated a bit odd."

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Don't wanna meta and too lazy too read past threads, but do we know what each of the EoH represent?

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I think so. We've met 5/6 element holders and been told their element. Give me a moment and I'll dig up a bit of copypaste.

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Ah, yeah, looks like we know all about them, forgot about Rarity telling us about how they might be able to get us home.

>You acknowledge Rarity's statement with a nod before continuing. "These element things, how do they work? How might they get me back home?"

>Rarity puts a hoof to her mouth. As she considers her reply, Pinkie climbs up your back and latches onto your head in one fell swoop, nuzzling your hair. You almost protest, but decide she deserves a little leeway. You did cut her song short, after all.

>"Hmm. Again, I am no expert, but from my observation, the Elements balance out chaos and other things that, hmm, 'do not belong,' I suppose is the best way to put it. They focus on five specific character traits embodied by their holders and focus the power inherent to them through the sixth holder, Magic, or Twilight, in our case. If used on you, I would imagine they would right whatever imbalance sent you here."

And we know Dash is loyalty.

...Hey, we brought Dash with us today, didn't we?

Wonder if the worldshard Celestia gave up when we first arrived here might not be the Magic part of the hammer.

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"Hammer...hammer...the creator lay his tool to rest...headed south..."

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we should get Dash in here.

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It doesn't look like she expressly say what each represent other than Twilight, so we wouldn't know that Dash is Loyalty.

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Nah, we get told them, I just didn't want to clutter the post with a a paste for that as well, so I just stated it outright. I'll go grab it now.

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>"I was just telling our visitor here about the Elements," says Rarity. "Pinkie is Laughter, I am Generosity, and Fluttershy here is Kindness. The other pony you've met, Rainbow Dash, is Loyalty."

>Magic manifested through virtues—sounds like something straight out of a children's book.

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"Should we get the Element of Loyalty here? Do you think that might work?"

Celestia shakes her head. "No, the Elements came long after the splitting of the Hammer. Whoever created this altar would not have attuned it to an Element."

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Ok, let's bring up Dash then.

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alright, so
>you act the altar loyalty
must refer to something else

...maybe we should try giving it a closer look

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Perform some act of loyalty?

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Seconding this. Give the text, the altar and the stone itself a close look.

>Blue gem
Ah, that should have given us an idea. Dash's element is red; it's Laughter that's blue.

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>It is the burden that leaders must hold heavier than all the rest.
>Celestia carried us here

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"Even if it's not attuned to an Element, do you think bringing Dash would help? She is right outside."

"Hmm... that would be pushing it. I know Dash is a very loyal pony, but the connection to this altar is tentative at best. We can try it later if we can't think of anything else."

"Let's take another look at the altar, make sure we haven't missed anything."

You climb up on top of the altar, wiping the dust off of it, looking for more text. It's completely blank. The stone is a deep blue, like a sapphire, and cold to the touch.

Silver takes a look at the back of the altar with Luna, but it seems they don't find anything, either. Rose looks on with a calculating gaze, far more interested in us than the altar.

Celestia's squinting at the words, scrunching her mouth in concentration. "Such an odd way to word it when everything else is so clear..."

Tapping your foot, you wrack your brain for ideas. "Maybe we should perform some act of loyalty in front of it?"

Luna pipes in. "That does not sound like a bad idea. Do you have an idea for an act that might suffice?"

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Kneel down before the princess.
Try kissing her hoof like a gentleman would kiss a lady's hand, if that doesn't work.

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>It is the burden that leaders must hold heavier than all the rest.

Any ideas what that might be, if loyalty is not the case?

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You turn to Celestia and take a knee.

"How very proper of you," she says, smiling.

As you kneel there, you start feeling a little awkward with all the attention. Nothing has happened on the altar, though. Best go for broke.

You take one of Celestia's hooves and kiss it right about her golden hoofboots. When you look up, you could swear you see the slightest tinge of red on her cheeks. It could just be the lighting, though.

Staring at the altar, Luna frowns. "Nothing. It was worth a try, however."

Celestia raises her other hoof to you, grinning. "Are you going to kiss this one as well?"

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Leave, clearly no one has any idea what to do.

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While I don't want to do this, I'm still completely flummoxed. The oddity of phrasing implies there's some trick to what's being said there, like "speak friend and enter", but I can't for the life of me work out what it is.
And it can't be that some of the text is missing: if it wasn't right at the end of the sentence Celestia would have mentioned it, and I can't imagine anything that'd correct that grammar by being added.

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I hope this wasn't integral to the plot OP, cause unless you wanna give us the answer, we're just gonna have to leave it be and move on.

>> No.11396440

If you're stumped, you can always ask more questions.

Whether or not this puzzle is solved by you will not block the progression of events, it will simply effect how things turn out later.

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Cut yourself and offer your blood as sacrifice, that's all I got left other than move on.

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Alright. Look at the inscription, and ask Celestia about the translation process. Is it left to right, words made up of sounds like our own? Are there any dual meanings that she knows to any of the words in that second sentence? Are there any oddities in the text beside the phrasing?

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then you act the altar loyalty
thenyouac thealtarloyalty

then you whack the altar loyalty

...I dunno. Try kicking it, and when that fails, get embarrassed and try to pass it off as an old custom.

>> No.11396732

Also, out of curiousity, is this gem the same thing as the worldshard that she mentioned when we first arrived?
I notice you looking more cryptic than usual off to the side there, Rose. Do you know anything about this stone, or why the others were camped here?

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maybe write the word "loyalty" on the altar?

or touch the blue stone thingie and say the word?

>> No.11396935

>act the altat loyalty

>alter loyalty
>we have VR with us who isn't fully loyal to the princesses yet


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After giving it a kiss, you stand up and turn to the text. "How does the translation work, anyways? You seem hung up on that one sentence. Is it left to right? Any dual meanings? Oddities?"

"What we have as sentences are actually single words in Equinin. It was a very compact language, meant to communicate as much as possible with the fewest syllables. However, more complicated "sentences" became very long words, more difficult to speak. As a result, statements were often very plain and direct. The sentence before the odd one, it starts with a reference to a journeying pony, or 'traveler' as I translated. Then the syllables for 'component' and 'present', in other words, 'the part is here'. This speaker tends to use longer 'sentences', so I translated it differently to match his or her voice.

"Now the next part, which I stated as 'you act the altar loyalty' is odd. It begins with a reference to the reader, or 'you', followed by a unexpectedly simple instruction, the syllables for 'action' and 'altar'. The next syllables, which I translated as 'loyalty' are odd for two reasons. The first, because concepts are more difficult to communicate properly in a direct language like Equinin. The syllables here are literally, 'choices owned to something beyond self', which, in Equinin, translates to something akin to 'loyalty'. It's odd that the speaker would write out the definition, however, as opposed to using the syllable for 'loyalty' directly..."


>> No.11397195

"...Perhaps that is not the exact word he wants? The second problem is that concepts are communicated in corollary words to the primary ones that make up a sentence. Therefore, the 'sentence' word would be modified by a 'thought' word. Similar to an adverb modifying a verb. In this case, however, the concept is in the same word as the 'sentence' word. I feel like it should be separate, which would change the meaning just a bit."

"How would it change?"

"Hmm... the sentence, modified that way, would be, 'you action at the altar 'loyalty to responsibility''. But even then, it's not completely correct. 'Action' should have been more clearly defined. And I'm not quite sure what 'loyalty to responsibility' is. Maybe the next sentence can help?"

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Quoted by: >>11397571

>loyalty to responsibility
maybe Celestia needs to go to the altar and pledge her responsibility to be a good ruler?

>> No.11397366

>Maybe the next sentence can help?
>It is the burden that leaders must hold heavier than all the rest.
Whatever it is, it's gotta have something to do with Celestia.
Possibly Luna too.

>> No.11397380

Kick the altar, tell it it is an uncool altar, and that a cool one would give the stone up. If it still refuses, call it a faggot and leave.

>> No.11397395

The altar itself is called loyalty to responsibility?

>> No.11397413


>> No.11397513

>Choices Owned To Something Beyond Self

>It is the burden that leaders must hold heavier than all the rest.

"Choices owned to something beyond self"
"Loyalty to responsibility" and that second sentence all sound more like Duty to me. How does that second sentence translate?

>> No.11397571

"Maybe you need to go to the altar and pledge responsibility to be a good ruler?"

"Maybe. The vagueness of the action still bothers me. I feel like we should know it."

"It's 'speak'."

The four of you turn to Rose, who'd just spoken up. She's sitting on her haunches, observing you almost lazily.

"How would you know that?" asks Luna.

"Because when Celestia here said 'loyalty to responsibility', that blue stone up top glowed a little bit. You really should pay more attention."

Luna ignores the slight at looks back at the stone. The rest of the group follows her attention.

"Loyalty to responsibility."

Sure enough, it lights up, but only the tiniest light comes forth. You must be close to what it expects, just not quite there.

"So the answer is something that my sister and I must observe," she says, "and is also a 'loyalty to responsibility'. We must then speak it to the altar."

>> No.11397582


Randomly produce a copy of Call of Duty 4 and find a disc drive.

You're welcome.

>> No.11397625

Tell it you accept the responsibility of ruling and the duty that comes with being in a position of power.

Or something.

We're not leaving this cave without that whatever-the-hell-that-is.

>> No.11397679

Godfuckingdammit I am always late to these threads
Brb, catching up

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Quoted by: >>11397891

If you want it the rock,
you speak to the altar "loyalty to responsibility".
It is the burden that leaders must hold heavier than all the rest.

Just try saying "duty" at it, I guess.

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Quoted by: >>11397900

Laying a hand on Celestia's back, you give her the first suggestion that comes to mind. "Tell it you accept the responsibility of ruling and the duty that comes with being in a position of power."

Whatever you said got the altar's attention, because the stone starts glowing intensely, almost lighting up the entire room by itself. You guess it isn't required that Celestia be the one to speak the answer. With the glow, comes a whine, one that grows in pitch with the glow. Soon, you can't even look at the stone it's so bright.

"Uh, maybe we should back away?"

You take a few steps back and the rest of the group follows suit. The sound coming from the stone reverberates throughout the chamber assaulting your ears. You wouldn't be surprised if the ponies outside could hear. Just as you were worried the light would blind you and the sound would rupture your ear drums, the stone shatters, shrapnel clinking as it hits the ground around you.

Tentatively, you open your eyes and look back to the altar. Where the stone was, a dark object hovers, outlined by some odd glow, probably holding it in place. Celestia approaches it first.


>> No.11397900

"The Pegasus Worldshard." She takes it from its place atop the altar and shows it to the rest of the group. You can feel... something radiating from it like a thick wall of humidity. It looks like little more than a sharp shard of metal, but on closer inspection, you can see a wing engraved on one side.

"Woah," says Silver, gaping. "This is so cool."

"Tell me about it," you say.

Rose gives it cursory sniff, trying to figure out what to think of it.

"I think it would be fair to say we've made good use of our expedition. Perhaps we should return to camp, sister?" says Luna.


The moment you all turn toward the entrance, a thundering of hooves comes at you down the cave. Silver hops in front of everyone, ready to take on whatever it is. A few seconds later, Rainbow bursts into the room.

"Guys, we got a problem."

>> No.11397934

"Oooof course we do. Couldn't be easy, could it?"
Let's get a sitrep from Ms. Kicky-Little-Legs.

>> No.11397941

I need to end things here. I'm hungry and have a splitting headache.

Would you like to try another Wednesday thread now that all the janitor stuff has died down? Or just wait until next Saturday?

>> No.11397980
Quoted by: >>11398084

we can try wednesday. couldn't hurt.

>> No.11397994
Quoted by: >>11398084

And just when I had caught up too :(
What would you recommend? Cause for some weird reason I never catch the one on Wednesdays

>> No.11398003
Quoted by: >>11398084

Ah good, it's a bit late here, too. I'm away from Tuesday to Monday anyway, so I won't be here regardless.

>> No.11398084

I'll do a wednesday thread, then. That will be at 7pm UTC-5 (central US time).

I've only had 1 Wednesday thread, and the janitor deleted it before it got very far. It's not surprising you weren't been able to catch it.

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