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Quest archive and previous threads: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28501521/GeneralArchive/CelestiaQuest/CelestiaQuest.html

Previously on Celestia Quest:
You were tossed into a fight between Celestia and a group of unicorns. After the fight, you met Luna and four Elements in their camp. You get a sling for your injured arm and rest. Your next day involves standing watch with Silver Shield and Steady, the princess' guards, and then getting your arm healed against the doctor's orders. Luna finds out and lectures you, but Celestia's forgiven you. It's the following morning, and Luna is just about to get you armor.

A human-sized chestplate floats in front of you, held by Luna's magic. It looks pretty nice for something their armorer whipped up in a day. It's plan metal, not polished or sheen at all, and not all that thick either, but from the looks of it, it'll stop any sort of point object going for your vital organs.

"A custom job, for me? You shouldn't have," you quip at Luna, grinning. Her eyes flatten as she turns away, letting out a harsh sigh. "Does it have sequins?"

"Sequins? Why would it have sequins?"

You put on a frown. "You're no fun."

After fitting it on, you find it's a pretty good fit, if not a little tight. You look around but find no other pieces of armor. "That's it?"

"Yes, it's all the armorer could come up with in a day. He will likely have the leggings ready tomorrow. Come." Luna starts off back to the gathering and you stick close behind.
>>11224149 (OP)
"By the way, what were you going to say back there? You looked like you had something on your mind."
>>11224149 (OP)
inb4 it's a trap
>>11224149 (OP)
So we got our armor, right? I guess we should head back to Celestia and find out more about this place we're going.
This was answered last thread, but since it 404'd before most people got to read it, I'll repost it here:

"What were you going to say back there?" Any conversation is better than this silence.

"So you noticed, did you?" She shakes her head. "I apologize. I should not have... disrupted the conversation like that. But my sister is suffocatingly trusting and naive when it comes to her subjects. I do not think she is unaware that the citizens of this region of Equestria are more sympathetic to our enemy's side than ours, but she refuses to acknowledge that it could be a detriment to our cause. While our excursion may very well go smoothly, I would also not be surprised if the nearby village does not, hmmm, object to our presence should we make ourselves known."

So there is more to it. "By why didn't you speak up back there?"

"Because it would not do well to dispute something with my sister in front of the soldiers. And because it was not worth injuring her pride. The soliders will remain vigilant, as I have trained them well. I shall stay aware and protect you, my sister, and the Elements. Together, we will be fine."

Luna wants to execute this ridiculously convoluted plan of hers just so she doesn't have to argue with her sister? This is stupid! You almost chastise Luna for her plan, but you don't want to rub on her patience after what happened yesterday. Besides, you're supposed to obey orders like a good like subject, right?
Quest archive doesn't seem to have Wed's session in it; did you have the archive handy?
"If you say so..."
Let's get this disaster-waiting-to-happen over with.
Here you go. It's a short session.
Oh, wait, just remembered your unique OP makes it easy to find.

Ooh, no [cont] this time?
>>11224149 (OP)
the [cont] is actually the OP. >>11224236
came just before it.
we still haven't figured out what that extra code from that one image is for, have we?
Map.jpg (668 KB, 1196x1444) iqdb google
Here's a rudimentary map of the area. I haven't labelled everything and there are sites you have yet to discover.

"If there's nothing else here, we should probably get back to Celestia."

"Indeed," says Luna.

You walk back over to Celestia and her gathering of pegasai, glad Luna isn't holding anything against you. At least, not as far as you can tell. When you arrive, you watch Celestia give directions to the group, pointing to a couple small shapes on her map.

"We cannot approach directly and we must stay low. As close to the treeline as you can manage. We'll start out heading east and make a half-circle loop back to the site. Remember: stealth is key. I do not wish to disrupt the village at all. We'll leave in pairs." Celestia surveys her team a moment before pairing the pegasai up except for Silver. "You'll be with my sister and I," she explains.

"Y-yes, princess!" His familiar stammer returns. You almost smile at it.

There is one thing that concerns you, though. "Excuse me, Celestia, but how am I supposed to get there? I can't exactly fly."

With a grin, she flushes her wings and shows you her side. "You have ridden me once before, have you not?"
No, no one has figured it out, and it is something you should be able to figure out. No further pieces of information are required.
anyone got that image saved, by any chance?
1370110922940.png (8 KB, 349x42) iqdb google
No I mean the cap of the extra code.
>"You have ridden me once before, have you not?"


And don't forget "LIAR" or whatever it is in the OP.
I got nothin'
Grin back. We're gonna fly!

Take note of how many are going and which groups have Dash, Echo and Swift (Are there others coming beside? I assume so, since you implied multiple pairs)
The first time you rode her, the situation was a bit more tense and dire, and you also stayed on the ground. Without the whole, "you're about to die," thing present, you're actually pretty pumped.

You're gonna fly!

"Hell yes." Rubbing your hands together, you give Celestia a knowing grin. "You sure you'll be able to handle me?"

"Ah, my dear traveler, the question is, in fact, whether or not you'll be able to handle me," she says, smirking.

A few of the guards whistle in response, earning a scowl from Luna and a chuckle from you. "Alright, alright. I admit, I'm not really experienced with this, but I'm ready and willing."

"Excellent." Turning to her guards Celestia points upwards to the east. "Move out!"

After a quick salute, the guards begin leaving in their pre-arranged pairs, several seconds between each liftoff. While they're departing, Celestia walks over to you and lets you hop on. It takes a second for you to get comfortable, in which time you realize something.

"Why would you let me ride you in front of your guards? Isn't it a bit... demeaning?"

"There is a fine line between commanding respect and mere pride. This is a necessary arrangement, and one I see no need to begrudge. My reputation will be fine. Besides, the guards enjoy having something to chat and joke about."

Taking a deep breath, you ready yourself, holding on tight to Celestia's neck. "Alright, I think—"

She moves incredibly fast for having a rather heavy person her back.
Hold on for dear life.
Try not to fall off. That would be rather embarrassing.

If we can, with the wind and the need to keep quite a solid hold onto the moving horse beneath use, keep an eye open on the journey over: we're getting a chance to see the world we've been warped to from a whole new perspective.

Also, if we can see any of the landmarks from the map despite flying low, or anything else noteworthy about the place for that matter, ask Celestia about them.
Why're the lakes called that? What made that huge tower on the horizon?
Stifle the urge to whoop. This is supposed to be a stealth mission, after all.
>spent the past half-hour staring at the code
>still looks like nothing more than a bunch of random gibberish
You grip her neck as tight as you possibly can without chocking her and grasp her sides with your thighs. In minutes, you're aching from simply holding on, but don't dare to let go. You're a little surprised Celestia hasn't poked fun at your terror. For as fast as you're moving, however, Celestia's flying is pretty smooth. She has absolutel control over everything: balance, speed, angle... heck, it feels like even the wind is going easy on her. Cautiously, you open an eye and look down.

The forest is rushing by in a blur of green, the trees indistinguishable from one another. They're not twenty feet beneath you, though it feels like you could be surfing across their canopies. You find Luna to your right and Silver to your left, the former look ahead, but the latter stealing glances at you. He's probably feeling pretty smug about the whole thing right now.

As time passes, you grow comfortable enough to speak. "Are there any landmarks around here? Things not on the map?" You have to talk directly into her ear with all the noise the wind is making.

"Nothing I know of, and that map is fairly up-to-date. I wouldn't be surprised if there are minor settlements not on there, but nothing significant."

"Why are the lakes called what they are?"

"Dragons used to roam there, before moving further south to the Dragonlands. The ponies that inhabited that area names the lakes thusly. The collection of lakes together resemble something of a dragon, and they're named after the appropriate body parts."

"What's that huge tower on the map? Red Rock something?"

"Red Rock Hightower. It's an incredibly large rock in the middle of the red plains of the Badlands. It was used as a sentry tower in years long past, hence the name Hightower. As far as I know, it is no longer inhabited."

Nodding, you look back to the scenery. Talking with Celestia made you much more comfortable and you almost allow yourself a whoop. Best not, though.

Soon, the trees thin out a bit with the mountains looming over your little trio. Celestia takes the opportunity to dip below the treeline and lands. It's a surprisingly gentle, though you suppose you shouldn't be surprised at this point. The rest of the guards are already there, waiting.

"There's our destination." Celestia points, and you look through the trees to see something of a cave... though it doesn't look quite right. Unnatural. That must be why the patrol thought it was worth mentioning.
Is about the only thing I've gotten from staring at it beside sore eyes, and I can't see how that could be anything more than a coincidence.

Incidentally, "‰PNG..." appears at the start of all .png images to indicate that it's png data, weird ‰ character and all, but that doesn't really seem to help any. This is the start of "Download this image file and we'll throw in this bonus data ABSOLUTELY FREE.png" from
for example.
Don't think on it too hard—its ultimate use is quite simple. You may be trying to use it for something it is not intended for.
there's that bad feeling again
there's pretty much no way this isn't some sort of trap
"Who's the point-man?"
How many guards are there? Is Dash with them?
Are Echo and Swift out scouting?
do the asterisks mean anything?
If so, I haven't figured it out. They sorta look like opening and closing quotations.
"I can't help but feel like this is some kind of trap."

Celestia and Luna both turn to you. "How have you come to that conclusion?" Luna asks.

"Well... it's just a feeling, y'know? I mean, we are pretty close to a village. They may have seen the patrols yesterday. This was a former enemy camp... what if they left ponies behind? Just smells fishy."

"We are nowhere near a body of water. How could fish be involved?"

You resist the urge to facepalm. "It's an expression, Luna."

"I couldn't hurt to be cautious," says Silver.

It's your turn to be surprised. Looking at Silver, you find him scrutinizing the site, gear churning in his head. You don't want to say anything, though. For more reasons than one.

"He has a point and we don't really have a time limit. I humbly suggest we establish we're really alone, first, then send our strongest ponies in."

"Hmm." Celestia rubs a hoof to her chin as she speaks, surveying the area. "With Echo and Swift on air patrol, we have eight other pegasai. Let's put a pair up the mountain a bit, a pair hovering just above the treetops, four on ground patrol of the immediate area which we investigate the entrance." Seeing Silver's confused look, Celestia answers, "You did say out strongest ponies should go in, did you not? The enemy possesses nothing that poses a thread to my sister or myself."
maybe the typos are deliberate
>"The enemy possesses nothing that poses a thread to my sister or myself."

>Send away half the backup as we investigate the most dangerous position
(I'm actually OK with this plan, I don't think more than four guards would actually be helpful once we enter the cave, and with the others posted we'll have more warning if a threat comes from outside that might trap us inside the cave)

Clearly what we need to do is collect up all the typos, use them as the key to a ceasarian cipher then apply that cipher to the first letter of each paragraphs.
"Be careful."
Oh, just realised I sort of misunderstood you. No, "***..." and "...***" don't show up as part of a typical .png file as far as I know.

No-one can think of anywhere outside the thread it could be used, right? I've tried searching the /mlp/ archive for posts with "fn9L17Rx" as the filename of their image or just containing that in their text.
not a clue
if only Soup were here...
"That sounds like tempting fate."

Luna immediately chimes in. "I agree."

"Do you have a better plan, then?" asks Celestia.

"No, I think the plan is good, I just think that going in there thinking you're invincible is a good way to find out how not-invincible you really are." You don't mean to be snide about it, but just as Luna said, Celestia has an odd sort of carelessness about certain things. Maybe she's come out of so many battles on top, she's forgotten what it's like to lose.

"If I may," says Luna, stepping forward, "the plan is good if we keep caution, as our companion here suggests. However, I would like one of the two pair on ground patrol to instead be watching our rear. The greatest threat is an ambush or larger force moving in. It is true that Celestia and I are incredibly difficult to injure with the means currently available to the enemy. Physical and magical attacks pose no real threat."

'Currently available'? Then why was Celestia so concerned back when I first met her? Her enemies must've known some way to hurt her.

Celestia nods, then gives the guards their assignments. They mobilize, with Silver and one pair of guards coming with you as you make your way to the entrance.

"Everyone... be careful," you say.

The cave mouth is oddly circular—not that it's strange to see circular cave mouths, but that it's a damn near perfect circle. The landing leading to it is unnaturally flat as well. There isn't much dirt in the immediate area, it's mostly stone. Some stones are fairly smooth or flat. You estimate the opening is about fifteen feet wide at ground level, twenty at its widest and fifteen feet high. A cool air comes from inside, conflicting with the humid heat of the forest. Some sunlight makes its way inside, but you can't see anything of note. The only way to know more is to forge ahead.
I'm on to you!
Smithy on ahead, then, just do our best to make sure we give our eyes time to adjust to the lowered light levels as we go.
Your trips intimidate me.

I guess go in? We've made all the preparations.

We could also wait for a report back from the patrols.
Silver steps up to take the lead, but Celestia lays a hoof on his shoulder. When she moves forward, however, he protests.

"It's my job to protect you, princess. Please let me do this."

"And it is my job to protect my subjects. It is rare the opportunity I have to do it so directly. Let me go first this time."

"A-as you wish." There's a tinge of hesitation and frustration in his voice. While you've heard the hesitance before, the frustration is new. Is this not the first time Celestia has gotten in the way of him doing his job? You find yourself agreeing with him more than her in this instance.

Luna, Silver and you start following directly behind Celestia, but you hardly get anywhere before a voice echoes throughout the cave, one you do not recognize.

"I figured you'd come here, though I thought I'd see a guard or two before the alicorn herself."

Silver and you freeze, even so much as holding your breath. Luna hunkers down, ready to fight, but Celestia maintains her posture, if not much more alert than before.

"And who are you that I have the pleasure of meeting?"

The voice chuckles heartily a moment before answering. "Formality like that won't get you anywhere with me. But you have magic, don't you? Shine a light, see who you're talking to."

Celestia hesitates, looking back to her sister before lighting the cave with a spell.

The speaker is a pegasus mare, her coat stained red. She stands no taller than Silver, maybe up to your stomach. Her eyes take you in: a piercing, wearied gaze gleams through grass-green irises. You're not sure of her mane and tail color, as both are stuffed underneath armor. It appears to be a lighter material that clings to her body, leaving few gaps through which her coat shines. She's clearly a soldier, but if she means you harm, why announce herself? And why is she alone?
Other players are still here too, right? Just fumbling for things to say, like me?
I kind of want the princess to continue since she started the conversation, but if she seems to not be talking we could jump in.
"Expecting us, were you? Well we're here now. What were you planning next?"

We're still just inside the entrance of a straight tunnel with the red pegasus right ahead, right? If so, she could easily be alone only by a matter of metres, with others further in.
Either way, take stock of what we can see by the light of Celestia's spell. I'd considered a light spell when we first entered the cave, but figured it might give us away if there were still ponies there. So much for that.
>her coat stained red
"What happened? Is that your blood?"
asking her name would be a good start
Considered it, but she's declined that once already. Still, can't hurt, I guess.
FINALLY worked out how I needed to combine the clean image with the OP image to get the text out of it.
So yeah, LIAR!
Subtract.png (441 KB, 1024x1024) iqdb google
Also made this by accident during the process, so there's that.
"Why is your coat red? Is that your blood?"

The mare's attention shifts to you, shocked at first—you assume by your appearance—but she soon shifts to curiosity. "Blood? No, it is my natural color. Though I would not be surprised if there is blood on it, as it tends to be difficult to find."

"What are you called?" asks Luna. Took the words right out of your mouth.

"My name is earned, not given, especially not by you."

Luna scoffs, prepared to rebuke the mare, before Silver speaks up. "Do not speak with disrespect. She is your princess!"

"A princess that lives in ivory towers above the rest of us. No, I do not think she has earned my respect. You're almost the same, answering to her beck and call."

Silver scrunches up, anger filling him like steam would a kettle. You'd offer to calm him down, but you're not sure he's comfortable enough around you for that to help at all. Instead, you continue the conversation yourself.

"Why are you angry with them? They don't even know your name. Why the disrespect?"

Celestia answers instead. "I am a princess, a leader. Do not forget this, traveler. My actions can hurt my subjects in ways I do not know or intend; such are my flaws. It seems the mare in front of us is one such example."

She seems to cool down a bit after hearing that. "So you are not so ignorant to your mistakes." Walking toward your group, she flares out her wings, revealing a metal covering of sorts along the front of it, covering the base and thicker bones. It does not seem to impede her movement at all.

"Wingblades," Silver hisses.
Not entirely, though it's been 3 and a half hours, so you've certainly missed the majority.
"Oh great...Do we really have to do this?"
Damn, I'm always late to these things
Lemme catch up and hope OP lets the thread go on longer
ask her why she's here all by herself
I've uploaded to github and fixed this since Renne Quest: https://github.com/friendlyanon/4chan-thread-archiver
Dunno if you need it, just dropping it here
"What qualms do you have with the princess? Why do you seek to harm her?"
Wasting no time, Silver jumps in front of Celestia, positioning himself in a ready stance. You don't blame him; this pony is giving off a intense vibe of precision and power. Even with Celestia and Luna standing right next to you, she feels like a serious threat.

Seeing Silver jump into place does not slow her gait at all. Her wings, equipped with 'wingblades', as Silver put it, hover up and down like waves on the air. Just as you were sure Luna and Silver would lash out, however, she stops.

"Do we really have to do this?" you ask.

She raises an eyebrow at you. "Do what? I have not attacked and, at the moment, I do not intend to."

"Why show your weapons, then?"

"I wanted to see your reaction."

You can't tell whether she's seriously trying to figure you out, or just toying with everyone. Her tone leads you to think the former. The poise with which she carriers herself is different than Celestia's, yet it still speaks of experience and rigor.

"Why are you here all alone?"

"Because no one else in my village bothers to ask the question I do." Is that annoyance you hear?

"And what question is that?"

"Whether Celestia and Luna here are worth hating or not."
"Why do you want to know the answer to that question? What purpose could the answer possibly serve?"
Finally caught up, fuck yes
What is the village's consensus?
What's the reason behind the hatred, anyway?

I'm an outsider, and I haven't really gotten the chance to find out about the source of all these troubles yet, only that there's a kidnapped pony that needs rescuing.
"You've probably figured it out on your own already, but I'm not really from around here. I was thrown here in the middle of a confrontation between Snow White over there and some revolutionaries with no clue what was going on."
"The rebels called me a monster. They were ready to do me in on the spot. Celestia saved me. And ever since then she's shown me nothing but kindness towards me. Probably more kindness than I deserve."
"I don't know anything about this civil war or what's gotten everyone so angry. But on a personal level I owe the princess a lot."

"I dunno if that makes any difference to you, but I felt like I might as well say it."
>shown me nothing but kindness towards me
dammit I can't do anything right
"Why do you want to know the answer to that question? What purpose could the answer possibly serve?"

Her eyes flatten at you, almost amused at your question. "So I know what to do next. I am not a mare of stoicism and apathy. I act. Whether it is for or against these princesses, that is to be seen."

"What's the reason behind the hatred, anyway? I'm an outsider, and I haven't really gotten the chance to find out about the source of all these troubles yet, only that there's a kidnapped pony that needs rescuing."

"That was clear from the moment I saw you. There was a kidnapping, yes. That's how I figured your princesses would come. The hatred, well, you would have to see it to understand it. That, or hear one of HIS speeches. How the princesses are neglecting us, ruining the country, concerning themselves too much with public view and not the real issues. It's hot air, from what I can tell, but not without a seed of truth. I decided to see for myself."

"What's the village's consensus?"

She huffs. "They fell for it, hook, line and sinker. Such wearied minds are easy to feed with morsels of speech, even if it is without substance."

"If you're looking for an answer, let me tell you the one I've found. I was thrown here in the middle of a confrontation between Princess Celestia and some revolutionaries with no clue what was going on. The rebels called me a monster and nearly did me in on the spot. Celestia saved me. Ever since then she's shown me nothing but kindness—probably more kindness than I deserve. I don't know anything about this civil war or what's gotten everyone so angry. But on a personal level I owe the princess a lot."

"Seems that way, doesn't it?" Ignoring the other ponies, her attention now fixes on you. She saunters past Celestia and Silver (who's near trembling at her) and stands in front of you, those eyes reflecting a glint of sunlight as she stares into yours. Taking a deep breath, you hold her stare, trying to communicate your resolve through it rather than use words. It seems a language she is more apt to understand. The two of your engage each other for what feels like minutes, but eventually she makes up her mind.

"Fight me."
"And why would I do that?"
"Not to the death, I hope."
Is there something we can use as a weapon? She's got those wingblades, and all we've got is some basic armor.
y-you too
Best reply
"You can fly, fully armored and have a weapon, doesn't sound like even ground to me.
You cross your arms. "And why would I do that?"

"Because I asked you to."

"That's not much of a reason."

"Only if you do not respect the wishes of the one who asks."

"You can fly, fully armored and have a weapon, doesn't sound like even ground to me."

"I never said it would be on even grounds."

Tapping a footing, you squint at the mare, trying to figure out her motives. She could simply be restless and looking for a fight. It could be she doesn't like you and wants to give you a beating. Or, on the other hand, she might want to test to see if Celestia's side is worth joining. You're in a similar position, and to her, you're the best one to measure up against. Except, of course, when it comes to actual combat. You're kinda clueless there.

"What terms do you want to fight on?"

"Simple. We try to hit each other. Is that not how fights work where you're from?"

Still can't tell if she's messing with you. "I mean, what's the stopping point?"

"Until I feel like stopping. I won't kill you, if that's what you're worried about." She pokes your knee, then your stomach with a hoof. "You should be able to stand up to a few blows."

"And what if I'm winning? How will I know when you feel like stopping if you're unconscious?"

"That won't happen."

"Excuse me," Celestia chimes in, "but I'm afraid I must recommend against this. Your body is a bit more frail than a pony's, and you might be outmatched in this fight. I do not see enough reason in risking such severe injury."

Luna nods. "I agree with my sister."

The mare scoffs and throws a glance at Celestia before turning back to you. "He's his own pony. He can make up his mind for himself."

Not a pony, but you get what she's saying. And Celestia didn't explicitly forbid you from accepting. Looking over to Silver, you spot beads of sweat coming down his face. You can't tell whether it's stress or concern.
"...Alright. I'll do it."

Time to get the shit kicked out of us.
Fight, and be aggressive. Use your superior height and reach, and never give her a chance to retreat. If she breaks away from you, she's going to dominate with her mobility and flight. If she does, wait for her charge and try to counter by slamming shoulder first into her body and avoiding her wings, hoping that her body is similar to a bird's and her bones are hollow, making any full body contact blows relatively weak from her lower body weight and density.
"Okay, on one condition, no creepy weird wing blades being used in the fight, hoof to hoof/hand whatever"
Proceed to make Neo pose from the matrix before a fight
Agree to fight her on the condition that she answers this riddle: What box has no hinges, key, or lid, yet inside a golden treasure is hid?
"...Alright. I'll do it."

"Good." She turns around, putting maybe twenty feet between you and her, then faces you and bends her legs, ready to spring forward.

"Umm, Celestia, Luna," says Silver, wiping the sweat off, "maybe we should find another place to watch? It's a little cramped in here."

Celestia and Luna nod, though you can tell Celestia's a bit hesitant about it as her typically-dignified gait carries some lethargy. Silver passes you last, whispering, "Don't look like an idiot," as he joins the princesses at the mouth of the cave.

Better then a "I hope she fucks you up," you suppose.

You take a good look at the cave around you. There's maybe thirty feet to the mouth, and only a few feet behind your opponent would be where the lack of sunlight starts to seriously hinder you. The cave is neither too wide or high, meaning she won't be able to put those wings to their full usage. You consider asking her not to use the wingblades as well, but she doesn't seem interested in any conditions. It's a fight, plain and simple.

You figure your best bet isn't so much in punches and kicks as it is in wrestling and perhaps dislocating a limb or breaking a bone, assuming her bones are less dense in order to allow flight.

"I'm not asking if you're ready!"

Her leg muscles fire like pistons and she rushes at you, gliding only inches above the ground with shocking speed.
[Combat begins. Suggest combat actions and I will give you roll requirements to succeed with said action. Once an action is decided upon, I will roll the die(or dice).]
But gracefully, so we impress the princesses and Silver
Evade if it looks possible, hunker down and prepare for the blow if dodging looks unlikely. Then try to get your back to wall. This should, hopefully, keep her from flying at you if any misses results in her slamming into the wall behind you.
Diving/dodging will require a 13 from 2d10
Gracefully requires 17
If the ungraceful evade doesn't affect us much, such as injuring ourselves from a hasty dive and say injuring our arm or leg, I say roll for that.
Motherfucking pressure yo
I say go for the graceful dive, even if it's not graceful, at least we'll still dodge it
Is that a "choose one" or "Roll now, >17 = graceful >13 = clumsy evade <13 = failure"
>A or B
Just barely

She screams toward you as a rushing storm, but your instincts kick in just in time and you dodge to the side. You can feel the wind of her wings narrowly miss you. Unfortunately, the dodge isn't exactly graceful, merely meant to keep you from getting clobbered first thing. You're forced to roll a few times to get away and back on your feet, which allows your opponent time to size you up and dive back in. This time, however, she's staying on the ground, hooves clicking against the rocky surface in rapid succession.

[Next action]
Put our back to the wall, force her into close range combat. If she's coming at you full charge, again try to evade and crash her into the wall.
Sidestep and clothesline her.
She's kinda too small to sidestep, maybe tripping her instead will suffice?
inb4 more hidden code
Oh hey, I didn't even think to check. Nothing there, though.
Fling the broken compass at her, then rush her while it's got her distracted.
A simple sidestep (no more) will require 12 2d10
Backing up then sidestepping (to get her to hit the wall) will require 15 2d10
Sidestep and tripping her will require 16 2d10
45%, but doesn't really progress the fight and is still a >50 change to take a pointy pony to the chest. Nah.

So it's
I think go for the trip, since that'll give us a chance to then grapple her and end it quickly if we pull it off. We'll need to come up with a plan for if we fumble the dodge at those odds, though.
what about the compass idea?
Tough choice, the first one seems like it could put her between us and the wall, and give us the close range we need, but having her slam into a wall would definitely be advantageous.
Seconding this, let's try and trip this bitch
15 2d10 to break up her charge and give you time to close the distance.
I'm accepting the trip option, unless there is objection.
here goes something
Sidestep 2d10.png (7 KB, 345x42) iqdb google
You unlock your knees and hold your hands out like you're about to take her charge. At the last possible second, you do a quick sidestep to your right. However, the mare is able to use her wings to correct her direction just enough. It's not a direct hit, but she nails your left leg pretty bad, knocking you to the ground. Pain shoots up your leg, forcing you to grunt and wince. She gets in a good strike on your back before you have time to roll away from further blows. You struggle to your feet as best you can. Your left leg is throbbing and scraped up, but still functional.

Your opponent gives you no time to rest. She's coming at you again!

[next action]
Barrel right the fuck into her.
Try and play chicken, run right at her, see who backs down first
Throwing yourself at her will require 12 2d10
There isn't enough room for you to get a running start.
So are we near the wall? Cause if we are, wouldn't it make more sense just to dodge and let her hit the wall?
You had to roll away from her to avoid getting hit while down. That left you in approximately the same position she was when the fight started.

There are no walls right next to you.
Back to this it is then!>>11231069
Do it.
If we're going head-on, we could go for a blow to her neck, legs or lower face; if her armor's like the Celestiguards, they leave the neck almost completely exposed.

I've got to go to bed, I'm just about falling asleep at the keys. Thanks for the session, Smut!
Posessed Lyra is staring into my soul.
You hunker down, compressing yourself as much as you can and launch yourself directly at your opponent. If it was a direct hit, you may have won out. However, her height works to her advantage, as you're not used to tackling people so close to the ground. The attack went mostly at her head, allowing her to duck underneath it and strike your already-injured leg again. You cry out and try to roll away again, but this time she's sticking close, not allowing you time to get up.

[next action]
God damn rolls are shit. Just grapple her, win or lose here, let's not waste anymore time.
>dice glowing red
uh oh
Try throwing the compass as a distraction.
Then punch her in the throat.
grappling will require 14 2d10
punching her throat from the ground will require 16 2d10
Throwing the compass is redundant. If you have time to pull it from your pocket and throw it, you have time to punch her.
Well, we knew from the outset that we were probably going to get our ass handed to us, so might as well take a shot in the dark.
We've been trying to get her close the whole time, so why not grapple?
I agree, grapple that pone
in4 snake eyes
Now that's a roll.

You stop rolling, realizing she isn't going to let you get away. Instead, you watch her eyes and posture, trying to gauge when she'll attack next. The strike comes from a forehoof, trying to hit the side of your head, but you grab it before it connects and, in the same motion, wrap an arm around her neck. With one hoof forced off the ground, she needs to readjust to keep balance. Gritting your teeth with effort, you sweep your legs at her rear legs as hard as you can. It's not a fierce blow, but it's enough to make the already-wavering pony fall atop you. The second her legs all leave the ground, you roll over, putting yourself on top. Finally, things are going your way, but you've no time to smile. You hardly allow yourself a congratulations before raising a hand to punch her face.

She headbutts your groin.

Stars dance in your vision as you double over, fist dropping to hold your stomach. The mare pushes you off while you contemplate hating everything that ever existed, hoping she finishes you off before the pain tears your soul from your body. The next blow never comes.

"We're done. I've seen all I needed to."

Panting, almost sure you'll puke any second, you choke out a few words. "I hope... I hope you enjoyed the damn show."

what the fuck, 4chan. That wasn't my image at all.
"I always enjoy fighting. That's why it's my job. Now get up." She nudges you with a hoof and offers her back as a support. You raise an eyebrow at the gesture.

"Mind telling me what the point of all that was?"

"I fought to measure you, to analyze you. There is much to be learned from fighting another."

"And what did you learn?" you say, leaning on her back.

"You have conviction and now, my respect. I have not yet made up my mind about those who lead you, but if you are willing to follow, I am willing to watch."

"Well... thanks, I guess. Could've gone without the ball-check, though. I thought you were messing with me the whole time." You cough, finally getting up off the ground with the help of her back.

"No, this is me messing with you." She promptly trots off, removing the support you were currently dependent on. Your hands slip from her back, causing you to tumble back down onto your ass. You grumble to yourself, giving her the finger to her back. "Oh, and with my respect comes a name," she says over her shoulder. "Victory Rose."
So ends today's session. I'm worn out. See you next Saturday, same time.
>>11224149 (OP)
>>11224149 (OP)
Cool, another general
Wow, you did not read any part of this thread, did you?
Thanks for the extra long and extra awesome thread SmutAnon, now we wait for the next one
See ya next Saturday!
thanks for the session! that was a long one!
This was exciting!

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