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Picture001.png (501 KB, 1024x1024) iqdb google
501 KB
501 KB PNG
Old threads and pastes can be found at the bottom of this paste: http://pastebin.com/gvpegtth

Previously on Celestia Quest:
You were tossed into a fight between Celestia and a group of unicorns. After the fight, you met Luna and four Elements in their camp. You get a sling for your injured arm and rest. Next day you meet with Celestia before she leaves for the day. You chill with Silver Shield and Steady, the princess' guards, and get your arm healed, against the doctor's orders. You're now talking with the Elements.

You acknowledge Rarity's statement with a nod before continuing. "These element things, how do they work? How might they get me back home?"

Rarity puts a hoof to her mouth. As she considers her reply, Pinkie climbs up your back and latches onto your head in one fell swoop, nuzzling your hair. You almost protest, but decide she deserves a little leeway. You did cut her song short, after all.

"Hmm. Again, I am no expert, but from my observation, the Elements balance out chaos and other things that, hmm, 'do not belong,' I suppose is the best way to put it. They focus on five specific character traits embodied by their holders and focus the power inherent to them through the sixth holder, Magic, or Twilight, in our case. If used on you, I would imagine they would right whatever imbalance sent you here."

"Oooh, you sound just as smart as Twilight!" Pinkie pipes in. You can't help but smile and pat her mane. She pushes her head into your hand, relishing the touch.

"Me? As smart as Twilight? You must be exaggurating." Rarity says from behind a blush.

"Ohhh, um, hi," a soft voice peeps up from behind you. Turning around, you find Fluttershy entering the tent.
hello yellow pony
what news bring you from the far reaches of space
>>11042472 (OP)
Say hello to the new arrival.
suddenly i ejaculate everywhere, drenching everyone in my hot semen
>>11042472 (OP)
"Morning Fluttershy. What's the good word?"
>>11042472 (OP)
>She pushes her head into your hand
First time I've been around when this was on, just reading through the past sessions now. Might not be active until I know what's what, but +1 person following along, I guess.
"Morning Fluttershy. What's the good word?"

She slinks away from you, shuffling along the walls of the tent to keep her distance until she makes her way to Rarity's side.

"Um, well, I was just checking on a family of birds. They're concerned about the camp here, and almost flew off but I told them it was okay." Looking away, she blushes. "But you're probably not interested..."

"Nonsense. I just asked because I was interested."

Even though you're carrying a conversation, it still feels like Fluttershy is terrified of you. You squat to her eye level, hoping to ease her fear. Pinkie hops off your head, but pushes up against your side and nudges your hand with her head, almost like a cat. You grin to yourself and pet her.

"I was just telling our visitor here about the Elements," says Rarity. "Pinkie is Laughter, I am Generosity, and Fluttershy here is Kindness. The other pony you've met, Rainbow Dash, is Loyalty."

Magic manifested through virtues—sounds like something straight out of a children's book.

Fluttershy scrounges up the bravery to scoot forward and tap your elbow. "It's not hurt anymore? If you don't mind my asking."

"Yeah, it's doing great now. A unicorn fixed it up. Thanks for your concern."

A call comes from outside.

"Hey, tall guy! The princess is awake!"
>>11042472 (OP)
"Wait, did you say six? But there's only five of you, counting Twilight. Who's the sixth?"
"Well, duty calls. I'd like to talk to you all again sometime, though."
"Wait, did you say six? But there's only five of you, counting Twilight. Who's the sixth?"

Pinkie's the one to answer this time. "That's Applejack! She's Honesty. She wanted to come, but couldn't. Her farm is really busy this time of year and coming with us would've hurt the family business. I miss her."

"It's quite unfortunate she couldn't come. I'm sure you would've liked her as well," says Rarity. "It just doesn't feel right without all six of us."

Maybe you'll get to meet her later, when this mess is all over.

Giving Pinkie one last pat on her mane, you stand up. "Well, duty calls. I'd like to talk to you all again sometime, though."

They all nod to you, saying goodbye, as you turn around and walk out the tent. Steady is standing right there, waiting for you.

"Let's hurry over. I don't know how long Silver will last before collapsing into a pool of awkwardness."

You shoot him a grin and hurry over to the princess' tent, ducking inside just behind Steady. Inside, you find Silver and Luna facing each other before turning to you and Steady. Luna is without her royal garb, though her mane is just as pristine as it was the day before. It kinda gives you the creeps.

"Good morning, your majesty," says Steady with a bow. You follow suit.

She greets the two of you in kind, then turns back to Silver and opens her mouth to talk before freezing. Slowly, her head turns back to you, eyes locking on to your now-healthy elbow.

"Has it healed so quickly? I thought the doctor said it would require at least a day. Or is it I've slept entirely too long?"

Steady and Silver both look to you, then each other, then back to you.

"Doctor? Why'd you ask us to have it healed then?" asks Steady.

Shit. Luna is growing visibly perturbed at this new bit of information, though she maintains her composure for the most part. "Silver, Steady, thank you for watching me, but it seems I'll need to have a talk with our new friend in private."
Aw crap...
"See you in a moment, then."
Wave at Silver and Steady with the bad arm.
...uhh, I can explain
You gulp, hoping nobody heard it. Should've known Luna would notice that.

"See you in a moment, then," waving to Silver and Steady as they walk out. Steady simply nods back at you, but Silver looks... disappointed. Ouch.

"Come take a seat," says Luna, moving a chair in front of her. You walk over, head held high, and sit in the pony-sized chair. It's awkward, but it works. Luna puts her jewelry on with magic, giving you a sidelong glance as she does so. From where you are, she's actually looking down at you.

"How many ponies did you lie to about your arm?" The questions comes out so cold you swear you feel goosebumps rising on your skin.

"Just... just Silver and Steady."

"Do you realize exactly why I'm so... annoyed with your actions?"

"I think so."

"Then tell me."

"Because I'm new here and I shouldn't be giving you any reason to distrust me. Because the doctor is the authority on medical decisions and I went over him."

"Hmmm. Those certainly do contribute, but they are not the main reason."

You wipe your brow, finding sweat on it. Odd, you don't feel warm at all. It's a damn icebox in here since Silver and Steady left. "Um..."
"Because if things had gone wrong, I would have caused Celestia even more stress than she already feels..."
>>11042472 (OP)
Is this on purpose, OP? Why is there text over your image?
"Because you'd rather I stay around the camp? You don't think I'm ready to help the others?"
Confirming.png (594 KB, 1024x1024) iqdb google
594 KB
594 KB PNG
Huh, good spotting, Anon. Checking the /mlp/ archive for OP's image shows that edited version's only been used for CelestiaQuest OPs, so looks like SmutAnon's made that edit.

...Does it say "LIAR"?
Awww shit, I finally catch one of these threads
Brb, catching up on all the shit I've missed
it says pony
>Checking the /mlp/ archive for OP's image
but.png (33 KB, 1000x1000) iqdb google
33 KB
>getting called out for lying
I've got a bad feel about this, Scoob.

Was thinking for a minute perhaps he'd just made the edit so he could easily find the threads by this method, but then I noticed what it looked like it was saying.
"Because if things had gone wrong, I would have caused Celestia even more stress than she already feels..."

Luna sighs, shaking her head. "No, though I appreciate your concern for her." Her tone shifts back to anger. "It is because Celestia requested you go to the doctor, I took you to him, and you still decided to act how you saw fit instead of following our judgement! If you are to work with us, then we will need to know you are not insuboridinate and worthy of our trust! I don't know what customs are like where you're from, but here, we obey our superiors! Do you understand?"

You drop your head. "Yes, Princess."

"Good. Now, since you once helped my sister when she was in need, I am willing to let this go without punishment. But you will find no further quarter from me. Go outside and wait." She turns back to her things, looking through papers, likely trying to figure out what she needs to do for today.

You feel like you should say something more, but Luna doesn't seem like she's in a talkative mood, at least for you. She's right, too. Might as well just take your losses and go. With a heavy heart, you get up and walk toward the door. Luna says one last thing before you leave.

"I suggest you apologize to the ponies you lied to. I do not order you to as a princess, but rather offer it as advice."
I'm glad someone noticed. You may need this as well.
The image has been used since session 3, way before we lied. I think it's referring to someone else.

What's that?
An image I used last thread. Since it 404'd, there's no way other to get to it.
Take a quick glance at her ass, then head off and apologize.
Yes, lets go do that.
>What's that?
Opening it up in a hex editor (or Notepad), it looks like it's got some extra data appended to the image after the end of file marker.

Not quite sure how to use it, though. There's too little data there for it to really be anything but a small bit of text, I think. Looks like it might be a filename?
someone check that pic for hidden messages
oh great. more weird mystery crud
It's a tripcode, obviously.
Err, a trip password, excuse me.

Let's find out.
Guess I'm wrong.
>The image has been used since session 3, way before we lied.
For reference, session 3 in thread 1:
Is OP dead?
now I have an even WORSE feel about this!
but where would we append said filename?
You exit the tent and get a face full of sunlight as the sun continues its downward descent. You shield your eyes with a hand, looking around for Steady and Silver. Steady stands right next to you, though he's more concerned with his guard duty than greeting you at the moment. Silver is a bit further away, patrolling.

"Hey, uh, Steady. I'm sorry I lied to you. My arm was just holding me back, and there was just no meaningful way for me to help while I'm injured like that."

He raises an eyebrow at you, considering your apology. "You know, I ain't even mad at you. I guess I could be, but right now I'm more frustrated I didn't catch it. And while I may not know you all that well right now, I think your lie is exactly the kind of thing you would do. I said you got spirit, kid, and I wasn't exaggerating. Sometimes too much. I think it got away from you there."

You breathe a sigh of relief. At least you hadn't alienated both of your companions.

"Silver looks like he isn't very happy with me."

Steady shakes his head. "No, he ain't. But what'd you expect? He's young, looking for friends and companions, people passionate about the same things as him. You come along with all your gusto about savin' the new princess right after kickin' flank with Princess Celestia, and he 'bout fell in love. Then you lie to him? Yeah, it ain't gonna be easy apologizing, but something tells me that won't stop you."

Nodding, you put your hands in your pockets and walk toward Silver.
Maybe. He's been making a scarily consistent 20 minutes between posts all thread, and now it's been 40 minutes.
Perhaps he's waiting for some more detailed plans? Who do we need to apologise to, if we're going to?
(I'm the guy who's still catching up, got distracted digging through images)

Haven't the foggiest, at this point.
No extra data on LIAR.png or the first thread's OP that I could see, and I checked fn9L17Rx.png in all the RQ dropbox locations just in case.
Apologize and be honest about why you did it.
"Hey, uh Silver, sorry for lying to you, but you have to understand that with my injury I felt like nothing but a burden to you ponies, I had to take a risk to get it healed so I could help get Twilight back. I hope you understand."
Let's go apologize and hope he understands.
Silver looks back at you only long enough to give a withering glare before trotting off. You have to jog to catch up to him, but eventually you do.

"Hey, uh, Silver, I'm sorry I lied to you. Please understand that with my injury I felt worthless. I couldn't sit around all day doing nothing for the cause so I took a risk and had my elbow healed. I want to get Twilight back, and I can't let something like an injury stop me when there's a way around it."

He continues his patrol, huffing at your apology. "Fine. That's fine."

"It won't happen again. Luna made sure of that when she chewed me out."

"Good. I'm glad. Sounds great."

"I like to keep being your friend, Silver."

He stops, lowers his head, then turns back to you with a grimace. "I understand why you did it. I might've done the same. But you're apologizing because you think I don't understand. The problem is that you didn't trust we'd see things the same way, and that your being healed was more important than my trust. 'Sit around all day doing nothing'? What is it you think I do? Just because your stupid arm is injured a day or two doesn't mean you can't help. Try thinking about other ponies some time."

Again, you find yourself speechless. There's nothing to say against that, nothing that wouldn't anger him further. "Alright. Alright, I will."

"Great. I have a patrol to finish." With that, he trots off. You follow him with your eyes until he turns behind a tent and you can't see him any more.
Lets go back to guarding with Steady and feel like shit for awhile.
Go back to guarding shit with Steady, feeling like shit for a while
Or alternatively, go and find Pinkie to cheer you up
We're coming clean when Celestia gets back, right? She'll probably hear it from Luna eventually anyways, so it might as well be from us.
I think it's best to be where we're supposed to be right now.
Yeah, I guess
Though I doubt her reaction will be as bad as Luna's
Holy fuck that pony overreacted
Still best princess though
You trudge back to the princess' tent, looking at you feet on the way there. Silver would probably forgive you in time, but you'd ruined your reputation with him. If you're going to work with him, things might be difficult for a while. Maybe the reason Luna didn't punish you is because she knew you'd already punished yourself.

You cringe at the thought of Celestia returning.

"I could hear that from here," says Steady.

"Yeah? I guess I deserved it."

"Maybe. Probably. But he's a tough kid, and smarter than he looks. If you're really a good guy, he'll come around."

"I hope so. I'd be awfully awkward working with him if that wasn't the case."

"You're a nearly-6-foot-tall alien creature in a world full of ponies a little more than half your height. I'm sure anything you do will be awkward."

You smirk at his attempt at a joke. Things seem pretty bad right now, but they'll improve. Besides, you can't let all these things distract you from the ultimate goal of saving Twilight. That's really what's important. You pick up your chin and put your hands on your hips. Steady's still you bud, right? He'll help you make up with Silver. Things will be fine.

There's a rush of wind, and suddenly the very p0ny you dreaded to meet was standing right in front of you. "Hello, traveler! How was your day?"

'Hey Snow White! So, uh, how was the scouting?'
Smile awkwardly

Well, time to confess our sins.
"Princess, I've got something to tell you that aren't going to like. I'm sorry."
"Hey Snow White! So, uh, how was the scouting?" You give your best smile, but your face conflicts your actual feelings. You hope you can at least start this conversation off on a positive note before disappointing Celestia with your confession.

Somehow, it works. She lights up like a Christmas tree. "It may be too early to say, but I believe we've found something! We'll have to wait until tomorrow to explore more thoroughly." Walking up to you, she leans in an whispers, "Steady wasn't being too much a grump, was he? I know how he likes to break the new ones in."

Glancing over to Steady, you reply, "No, he was great. Guarding went fine."

"Ah! Excellent." She looks at Steady. "Why don't you rotate, relax for a bit? I'm sure you've had you hooves full with this one."

"With pleasure, princess." He takes a bow and leaves.

A knot catches in your throat, but you know you have to go through with this. "Princess, I've got something to—"

"Just a moment!" Celestia flares out a wing and turns around, nibbling on it a second before turning back to you. "Goodness, that one has been bugging me for HOURS! Now, what was it you wanted to say?"

Sweat drips down your neck, and it isn't from the heat. "I've got something to tell you that you aren't going to like. I'm sorry."

"Sorry?" She cocks her head. "What for?"

"I kinda had my elbow healed by magic, even though the doctor—the one you told me to see—said not to." You lower your head. Seems you've been staring at the ground a lot today. "Luna already chewed me out, but I guess you'll probably want to as well." You don't know what Celestia's face looks like right now, but you don't want to know, either.

Silence drapes over the scene like a blanket for several seconds before Celestia speaks.

"Is the elbow okay?"

"A-as far as I can tell, yes."

"Do you recognize why your action was wrong?"

That sounds like a familiar question. "...yes."

"And if I go into my tent to speak with my sister, she'll tell me that she lectured you and then you apologized?"


"Then I see no reason to reprimand you. I want you to put things right, but I also do not wish to humiliate you. I expect you're doing that to yourself quite well enough right now, correct?"


Looking at the ground, you're unable to see Celestia descending upon you until you're completely wrapped up in a hug, wings and all. "I told you to see the doctor in the first place because I was worried about you, but I also respect you are not my subject and do not necessarily need to follow my wishes. Next time, however, I would prefer you speak to me about such things, instead of trying to solve them on your own."

You stand there, paralyzed, on the verge of shivering.

"Hug me back, traveler."

Without a moment's hesitation, you embrace Celestia, pulling her in and resting your head against her neck. It feels like a great weight is lifted off your shoulders, knowing Celestia, at least, isn't angry with you. Back when you first lied, you never expected things to spiral out of control like the did, but now you feel as if you've gotten at least a little bit of peace back. Maybe you're the only human out here, but at least you're not alone.
flatline.jpg (106 KB, 462x260) iqdb google
106 KB
106 KB JPG
rxn oomf.png (182 KB, 480x283) iqdb google
182 KB
182 KB PNG
Thank her for being so cool about the whole thing, Celestia knows it could've gone so much worse
Ask her what the next course of action is, try to do all of this while still hugging for extra d'aww factor
Wait, scratch that, hugging for that long could be awkward as fuck, end hug and ask what next course of action is
"Thanks Celestia."

Offer to help if she ever finds those wings bugging her.
You give her an extra squeeze before releasing the hug and taking a step back. Now with the courage to actually look at her, you lift your head. Celestia smiles at you, hiding her incredible age behind a youthful visage. Now that you think about it, Celestia is the only pony who's basically at eye level while you're standing. Your stature doesn't intimidate her just as hers does not phase you. You wonder how she feels, always needing to look down on her subjects. It doesn't seem like the kind of thing she enjoys doing.

"Thanks, Celestia. I needed that."

"Of course. A princess should always be able to understand the trials of others. It makes for excellent princessing."

For the first time since Luna's lecture, you crack a genuine smile, almost giggling at Celestia's quip. "What's the next course of action, then, now that you've found something?"

"With the day coming to a close soon, I've decided to bring the scouts back. Tomorrow will give us time to explore what we've found and search other areas. I would like you to come along. Before I say anything absolute, however, I'll need to talk with my sister." She lowers her voice. "Has she been doing well? I know she misses Twilight."

There it is again. It seems like sometimes these two never even talk to each other. "Yes, she's fine."

"Good. I'd love to chat with you later. When Steady's replacement returns, you're dismissed for the day. Try not to get into any more trouble."

Nodding, you give her a salute as she enters the tent. It's not long before the replacement guard comes and you finally get a chance to rest. Standing around all day is more tiring than you thought it'd be.

[I'll have to end it here. Got things to do. See you next time!]
Operation: Gotta Get Some of Dat Sunbutt is a go
Thanks for the thread OP, things are getting good...when can we expect the next one?
Ah, thank goodness. Was just thinking I'd have to head to bed.
Thanks for the session!
Next time is next week?
That depends. The only other time I really have for questing in the middle of the day (here, at least) is Sunday, but I wouldn't want to do it two days in a row. If people are able to participate in threads that happen around 7pm UTC-5, I'd like to do another one Wednesday. If that's not possible, then same time next week.
thanks for the session!
Cool, so if not Wednesday, next week then
I wish you could do them more often though, I love these types of stories
Me too. The problem is mostly with giving people enough warning and posting at a time where both euros and americans can participate. Plus, I have a job and other hobbies that eat up almost all of my time on the weekdays.
I could make Wednesday, though I also don't mind waiting until next week if that works best for the other players.
does wednesday around this time work?
You ran it a bit too early for me today
Wednesday around this time I'll be at work. 7pm UTC-5 would be 7 hours after the time I started it today.
I can do wednesday
I will say next session is Wednesday (7pm UTC-5), then. I probably won't be able to go another 3.5 hours like today, so it'll be a shorter session and you won't miss out on too much if you can't make it. Next session after that will be same time as this one.

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