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Part 1: http://pastebin.com/gvpegtth
Part 2: http://pastebin.com/rb0kRWDa
Part 3: http://pastebin.com/c7qWvwBH
Part 4: http://pastebin.com/y6CdpYQn
Quick Synopsis:
You're Anon, who was very abruptly thrown into the middle of a fight between Celestia and a small group of unicorns. After making it out by the skin of your teeth, she brings you to her camp and explains the situation: Twilight has been captured by a group of revolutionaries, the same group that just tried to kill you both. You meet Rarity, Rainbow, Pinkie and Fluttershy, as well as Luna. After the chat, Luna takes you to a doctor. The doctor gives you a sling, and after an awkward moment with Luna, you go to sleep. It's the next morning, and you're talking over breakfast with Celestia.

"So what do we have on tap for today? A daring rescue mission? Infiltration, perhaps? Maybe espionage?"

Celestia covers her mouth, giggling at your suggestion. "Nothing so dramatic. I'm sending scout parties out for the day, investigating probable hideouts. Rainbow here actually volunteered to join them."

Rainbow lifts a hoof in acknowledgement, but can't speak with her mouth full.

"What did you want me to do?"

Her smile weakens. "I'm afraid I've nothing for you to do at the moment. We just don't know enough to make decisive moves."

[Quest resumes]

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You realize that there's a lack of information needed to make an informed decision, and you start to wonder: Who always knows everything? Who's never wrong? Trixie is. You set out on an epic quest to find Trixie so she can set you right and tell you what to do.

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Are pegasai the only ones scouting? Maybe we can scout with a group of unicorns or earth ponies.

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"Maybe I could train with the soldiers? If I'm going to be getting involved in all of this I should probably make sure I'm prepared for a fight, if it comes to that."

"I could also take a shift of being on watch, if you like."

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''What will you be doing?''

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>Practice fighting
>while wearing a sling around your arm
Bad idea.
Being on watch, on the other hand, sounds like somthing we could do.

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oh yeah, I forgot about the sling...
just the watch idea then.
maybe we can chum around with Shield a bit more in the process.

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"What will you be doing?"

A steward comes up to collect Celestia's dish. She nods to him before turning back to you. "I will be organizing the scouts and constructing a map of the group they cover."

"Do you need any help with that?"

She grows a smirk, making you wonder if you said anything amiss. "Unless you can grow wings or have some mystery ability of flight, I don't believe that would be possible. Organizing several groups of pegasai will require me to be flying around quite a bit."


"Could I join one of the scout parties? I feel, well, useless just sitting here."

"I would not allow it." She points to your sling. "Not while you're still injured. My ground scouts are in top shape and would be difficult to keep up with even without the injury."

Grumbling, you shift your injured arm. It's causing a lot more trouble than you first expected it would. You also feel a bit bummed that Celestia will be gone for most of the day—she's pretty interesting to talk with. But even with the injury, you won't let yourself sit idle.

"Maybe I could stand guard? Get to know some other ponies in the process?"

"You are certainly determined to help out, aren't you?" she says with a smile. You can't tell whether it's humored or concerned. "That will be fine. While I'll be out for a while, my sister will still need a guard during her slumber. You, Silver Shield, and his senior, Steady, can stand watch."

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forgot trip.

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Quoted by: >>10847652


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So, I guess we get to meet a new pony? Can Celestia at least introduce us before running off?

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i'v been waiting so long for you to return to us.

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You check your pockets, hoping to find something. It turns out you have a compass... that's now broken. You must've fallen on it at some point. The other pocket holds rocks, though you can't imagine putting those in there on purpose. You toss the rocks away but pocket the compass. It's the only thing you have from Earth.

"Can you introduce me to Steady? I think I've had enough awkward moments for a week..."

Putting a hoof to her mouth, Celestia stifles a giggle. "Of course."

The two of you get up from the table and walk over to the soldiers' tents. Silver follows close behind, eyes darting back and forth. You can't tell whether he takes he job very seriously or he's still nervous around you.

You come up to a tent larger than the others. Celestia ducks her head in then waves you inside with a wing. Gulping, you follow her. All this military stuff makes you a bit uneasy. Sure, Celestia seems peaceful enough, but she's got a serious force with her.

Something tells you she's more powerful than all of them combined, though.

"Traveler, this is Steady."

She gestures to a tall, fit earth pony, with a coat almost as dark as night. A grey mane, short and well-kept, clings to his head. His eyes seem to cut through you with a first glance, but they immediately soften and he bows.

"Pleasure to meet you. Welcome... though I hope the sorry lad behind you wasn't you first impression of our military."

Silver scratches the back of his head and looks away.

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Aww, c'mon. Let's defend poor Silver.

Might make him think better of us?

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i agree.

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Quoted by: >>10848016

smile now
right now

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"Well, he certainly doesn't lack for enthusiasm."

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"Well, he certainly doesn't lack for enthusiasm."

Steady raises an eyebrow at your statement. "Does he? Seems all the energy he spends quakin' in his horseshoes could be better spent elsewhere."

"From what I've seen, he takes his job very seriously."

"Hmph." He walks over to Silver, looking him up and down. The poor soldier shivers under his superior's scrutiny. "I know my soldiers well enough to know you ain't kidding." Steady walks back over to you. "But you can't give 'em too much credit. Goes straight to their heads."

"I don't know if you need to be putting them down, either."

Steady doubles over. "Pffffft!" Throwing his head back, he lets out a mighty laugh. "Oh, gallopin' blazes, how ever did this happen? An alien, defending one of my own soldiers from me?" He almost flops onto the ground with laughter. "Son, I think I like you. Don't worry none about Silver over there, he's tougher than he looks. I'll lead my soldiers how I see fit, you keep that spunk of yours, and I think we'll get along right well."

A grin makes it's way to your face and you offer a hand to Steady. He takes it and shakes heartily. "Name's actually Stiff Hooves, by the way, but white wings here has it in her mind I like the name Steady."

Looking over to Celestia, you find her enjoying the moment as well—but her eyes betray a deeper sort of analysis. There's a calculating mind behind that stare, though she hides it much better than her sister.

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forgot trip... again

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don't question celestia's eyes
just keep smiling and continue being good company

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"So, we're standing guard while Sleeping Beauty gets her R&R, right? Where do you need me?"

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>Look at celestia dumbfounded

>> No.10848260

You get the odd feeling she's planning something, perhaps involving you, but you keep to yourself. She hasn't given you a reason to distrust her, and, well, she did sort of save your life. Sometimes you wonder if her amusement is manufactured. Sure, she seems to enjoy herself most of the time, but her thoughts seem far too complex for the simpler pleasures of rolling around in the dirt or chuckling at your oddly-time cursing.

"Is something the matter, traveler?"

Blinking, you find you've been staring at Celestia while lost in thought. You shake your head, looking between Steady and Celestia. "Uh, no. I'm good."

"Yer an odd one," Steady adds.

Yeah, well, at least I'm not a talking pony, you think to yourself. "So, we're standing guard while Sleeping Beauty gets her R&R, right? Where do you need me?"

"Sleeping—" Celestia cuts herself off. "My, my, have you found yourself smitten with my sister already? I know she does have a beautiful coat, but it's hardly been a few hours!"

Your face flushes red. Of course, they don't get the reference—Sleeping Beauty is an Earth thing.

Steady chimes in with another laugh.


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"Well, you can take post outside our tent where she sleeps. Check in every now and then, and when she wakes, be sure she gets whatever she needs. And, as a personal favor, could you make sure she gets enough sleep? She has been just as concerned as I about Twilight. I fear for her well-being."

Those two are so worried about each other, but they never say it to the other's face. What an interesting (albeit silly) couple of sisters.

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"Sure thing, Snow White."

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Looks like it's time to get to know a couple of guard ponies. Gotta keep the noise level down, though.

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>My, my, have you found yourself smitten with my sister already?

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Actually explains it's an earth thing.

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We can do that later, when we have some alone time with her.
It'll make a nice bonding moment, don't you think? Telling Earth fairy tales to the princess.

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We think alike. Tought that'd be the setuo of that.

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"Sure thing, Snow White."

"Snow White?" Celestia puts a hoof to her chin, considering the name. "Not bad. Though, if you start give me a nickname, too, then soon the whole camp will have their own monikers for me."

Celestia's actually taking all of this in-stride. You're a bit surprised, though when you think about it, you figure this is the kind of stuff she has to deal with daily.

"It's actually an Earth thing. Snow White and Sleeping Beauty—eh, I'll explain later."

The statement piques Celestia's curiosity, you can tell, but only for the slightest second. If you weren't paying attention, you would've missed it.

"As much as I enjoy the both of your companies, duty calls me away. I shall return to relieve you when my task is complete." Walking out of the tent, Celestia gives you a wave with her wing. "Farewell!"

And with that, you're alone with Silver and Steady. The three of you head out the tent, but on the way, Steady nudges your knee.

"Hey, I think her sister is hotter, too."

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"Hey steady, since you all have powers and all... Doesn't anyone have a healing power?"

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say nothing about sister
ask about guards

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"I dunno, she seems so...serious. And Celestia's...well, she's got this sort of elegant beauty to her, y'know? Luna's pretty, but I think Celestia's got a leg up on her."

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"You, my good friend, are a man of impeccable tastes, and I salute you."

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Ask about the general goings on, or anything he feels is important to tell you about, since you're new here.

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"I dunno, she seems so...serious. And Celestia's...well, she's got this sort of elegant beauty to her, y'know? Luna's pretty, but I think Celestia's got a leg up on her."

"Well I'll be damned. You really do have a thing for her, don'tcha?"

Rolling your eyes, you sigh. "I would hardly call it a 'thing'. I just met her. It's... respect. For her mind and body."

"Alright, alright. I don't disagree with you, y'know. Couple thousand years old and still as pretty as a mare in her prime."

Silver, Steady and you stand outside the princess' tent, keeping an eye on things. You instinctively try to put your hands behind you, forgetting about the sling for a moment. The injured arm protests immediately, making you wince with the pain.

You stand still, trying to look serious and busy, but soon enough you find standing guard is actually pretty damn boring.

"Is this what you guys do all day?"

Silver is the one to answer. "Not all day. We do split our tasks up between guarding, gathering supplies, patrols, as well as breaks and a few other things."

You nod to him, going back to looking around the camp a while before boredom returns. An idea pops into your head.

"Hey Steady, since you all have powers and all... Doesn't anyone have a healing power?"

"Hmm? Didn't the doc already look at that?" he says, pointing to your arm.

[You can try to lie to him and get help from the soldiers to fix it, but that will require getting a 6 on a d10 roll. Do you want to try it?]

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Rollin with my number

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If the doc didn't feel it was worth risking magic on, go with with his advice. He is a doctor, you know?

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Try it.

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well then

>> No.10849074

Try it. We're a persuasive guy.

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Quoted by: >>10849145

If it's decided to roll, I'll be doing it with an online die roller. I just need to get a consensus first.

Looks like we have one

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Don't forget the +2 modifier!

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Quoted by: >>10849434

Forgot about that. Added to the roll, you got 11. You're a devious little man.

"Nah, went to sleep before he got the chance. I just fashioned this sling out of some scrap cloth."

The lie rolls off your tongue smoothly, and Steady eats it right up. "Ah. Well, sure, I could get a medical unicorn over here in a jiffy. I'm sure one of them could fix it up. Stick with Silver a moment, I'll be back."

He canters off for a doctor while you turn to Silver. "You think we should check on Luna?"

He nods, but adds, "Princess Luna. She likes the formality, I think."

It's safe to say your first impressions of Silver were way off. He doesn't just take this seriously, he pays close attention to detail, as well. You just figured Luna was awkward, not necessarily formal. "Alright. I'll be back in a jiffy."

You duck into the princess' tent, looking around a little, taken aback at how furnished the place was for a tent. The princesses sure seem spoiled, though you didn't take Celestia for someone who enjoyed being spoiled. Your gaze lands on Luna, still asleep on her bed, chest rising and falling slowly.

Everything seems to check out, so you return to the outside, finding Steady back with a unicorn.

"Things look good in there?" he asks.

"Yeah. Clear."

"Great. Here, let Swift Heart here take a look at that arm."


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The unicorn, Swift, holds your arm up with magic as he removes the sling. The touch tingles, but doesn't hurt. After a minute or so of inspection, Swift's horn glows bright and a fizzle, almost like soda, rushes up you arm. You stiffen in response, but the feeling fades in seconds. Afterward, he releases your arm and you test it out. Good as new.

Grinning, you slap Swift on the side. "Thanks a bunch! Feels great."

He nods, saying nothing, then salutes to Steady before cantering back to his post. You think he was a little nervous around you, but hid it much better than Silver.

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"Thanks, Steady."
I wonder what Rarity, Pinkie and Fluttershy are doing right now.

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Do you guys learn magic or is it something you're born with?

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The arm is fixed, great! Now let's go and scold the doctor for his lack of knowledge in the medical field and not being able to do what Swift just did.

>> No.10849869

"Do you guys learn magic or is it something you're born with?"

Steady shrugs. "You'd have to ask a unicorn to know for sure, but I think it's something they're born with. Sure, they focus and refine it through learning, but if you ain't got a horn, you ain't usin' magic."

You can't help but be a bit perturbed with the doctor for not trying magic on you. Your arm feels great, and you feel a little less useless than you did before. This guard duty was the least significant task Celestia could give you besides actually ordering you to sit on your ass. Watching your arm, you test it a bit more, getting a good feel for the flexibility and doing your best to work the kinks out from sitting in the sling for so long. Celestia is probably a little too concerned about you and Luna. It's hard to blame her, though: it's part of her job.

Sighing to yourself, you hope she doesn't get mad about getting your arm healed.

You wonder what the Elements are up to. You still haven't talked with them about going back home. Personally, if Celestia can't do it, you don't think a few regular ponies can, but she did recommend speaking with them. You should at least give it a try.

[Pausing quest for now. Need to eat and do a few other things.]

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So... You back or something?

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Quoted by: >>10853870


>> No.10853870

I am back! Sorry about that. Go ahead and give your suggestions.

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Quoted by: >>10854340

"So, I know Rainbow Dash is helping with the scouting, but what are the other Elements doing right now?"

>> No.10854049
Quoted by: >>10854340

inquire about Rarara and the others

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With our arm fixed, does this mean we can train with the guards now?
...Y'know, after we're done with guard duty.

>> No.10854154

Do a quick hook-straight-uppercut combo to the air to see if your arm's working fine.

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>> No.10854340

"So, you two know the Elements at all?"

"The Elements?" says Silver, squinting at you. Realization dawns on him and his eyes shoot open. "OH! The Elements! The ponies in the tent right next to us, the princess' special guests. I don't really know them outside of the time Celestia has spent with them, and even then, I just overhear what I can from outside the tent."

"They seem a pretty determined lot. Well, 'cept maybe Pinkie. I ain't got a clue what's going through her head," says Steady.

"Do you know where they are?"

Silver fidgets in his spot. "Well... I'm not really supposed to tell just anyone that kind of thing..."

"They're in their tent," says Steady. "Cept for Rainbow. She's out scouting. You can go talk with 'em if you want. I'm sure Silver and I will be fine guarding Princess Luna on our own while you have a chat. Tent's right there, too."

Not twelve feet away is the tent in which you spoke to them yesterday. You hope they're as friendly now as they were yesterday.

"Do you think I'd be able to do some training later today? I'm not exactly the most, er, combat-ready guy. If there are any techniques you could show me, or maybe armor I could mooch off of you, I'd greatly appreciate it."

Steady gives you a hearty slap on the back. "I love seeing someone with your spirit. Sure, I can arrange something, seeing as your arm is doing fine. With a body like you've got, you could give most ponies a run for their money."

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Quoted by: >>10854899

Lets pay those Elements a visit.

>> No.10854501
Quoted by: >>10854899

well, what are we waiting for?

>> No.10854899

You give Steady your thanks as you head into the Elements' tent. You're greeted by a familiar sight: Rarity and Pinkie are both chatting, though you can't quite make out what it's about. They both turn to you upon hearing your entrance, and Pinkie wastes no time in bounding over and greeting you.

"Hi! I'm so happy to see you again! Y'know, I usually throw parties for everyone I meet, but since I can't really do that here, I decided to sing you a song, instead! Sooo..." She takes in a massive breath, but just before she breaks into chorus, you put a finger up to her mouth, freezing her in place.

"I'm very glad you're happy to see me, and I'm sure the song is wonderful, but perhaps at different time?"

She deflates, but nods. "Okay. We'll have plenty of time after we find Twilight, right?"

You put on your best smile, aching a bit inside, but you really aren't in a singing mood. Besides, Pinkie seems to have an endless reserve of happiness. She'll be fine.

"So, Celestia told me yesterday that you girls might be able to help me find my way home. I hope I'm not being to forward with this, but... do you have anything in mind?"

Pinkie shakes her head. "I'm sorry. I really don't know how to get you back. BUT I'm sure Twilight will have loads of ideas! She's a real brain!"


>> No.10854916

Rarity gives a polite cough before chiming in. "I actually thought about it a bit since we last spoke. I believe Celestia was putting her faith in our abilities as a whole. The Elements are quite powerful, and could be the very thing you need to find your way back. I'm afraid magic is not my area of expertise, though, so you may want to ask... well... Twilight." Her eyes turn downcast. She clearly doesn't have the enthusiasm that Pinkie does.

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Quoted by: >>10855530

"Hey...hey, cmon. Why the long face? We'll get your friend back. Those rebel jerks are gonna be running home crying to their mommies when I'm done with them."

Flex your bicep to illustrate the point.

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Quoted by: >>10855530

These element things, how do they work?

>> No.10855188
Quoted by: >>10855543

...where's Fluttershy?

>> No.10855530
Quoted by: >>10855543

"Hey...hey, cmon. Why the long face? We'll get your friend back. Those rebel jerks are gonna be running home crying to their mommies when I'm done with them."

You give her a grin and a flex of your biceps to punctuate the point.

She takes your encouragement well enough. It manages to get a smile on her face, however weak it may be. "I wish words were good enough to ease my troubled mind, and I do believe we will find Twilight, truly... I'm only worried about what the experience may to do her. She has been a bit... sheltered, one could say. I fear she is not ready for the events that have befallen her." Standing up, she joins Pinkie in front of you and puts a hoof to your hand. "I do appreciate the thought, however."

You acknowledge Rarity's statement with a nod before continuing. "These element things, how do they work? How might they get me back home?"

Rarity puts a hoof to her mouth. As she considers her reply, Pinkie climbs up your back and latches onto your head in one fell swoop, nuzzling your hair. You almost protest, but decide she deserves a little leeway. You did cut her song short, after all.


>> No.10855543

"Hmm. Again, I am no expert, but from my observation, the Elements balance out chaos and other things that, hmm, 'do not belong,' I suppose is the best way to put it. They focus on five specific character traits embodied by their holders and focus the power inherent to them through the sixth holder, Magic, or Twilight, in our case. If used on you, I would imagine they would right whatever imbalance sent you here."

"Oooh, you sound just as smart as Twilight!" Pinkie pipes in. You can't help but smile and pat her mane. She pushes her head into your hand, relishing the touch.

"Me? As smart as Twilight? You must be exaggerating." Rarity says from behind a blush.

"Ohhh, um, hi," a soft voice peeps up from behind you. Turning around, you find Fluttershy entering the tent.

>> No.10855655
Quoted by: >>10855925

"Morning, Fluttershy. What's up?"

>> No.10855925
Quoted by: >>10856003

Looks like we're running out of participants. This session went pretty well (over 4 hours) so I'm happy with it. I'll resume Monday, same time.

>> No.10855945

Wait, she mentioned six elements, but there's only five that we know of so far, counting Twilight.

Where's the sixth?

>> No.10856003

Thanks for the session. It was pretty fun.

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