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Part 1: http://pastebin.com/gvpegtth
Part 2: http://pastebin.com/rb0kRWDa
Part 3: http://pastebin.com/c7qWvwBH

Quick Synopsis:
You're Anon, who was very abruptly thrown into the middle of a fight between Celestia and a small group of unicorns. After making it out by the skin of your teeth, she brings you to her camp and explains the situation: Twilight has been captured by a group of revolutionaries, the same group that just tried to kill you both. You meet Rarity, Rainbow, Pinkie and Fluttershy, as well as Luna. After the chat, Luna takes you to a doctor.

"So, what is giving you trouble?"

The doctor, a unicorn, speaks plainly and clearly. You half expected him to mumble or stutter like the guard you first met, but it seems like this pony has seen much more shocking things than an alien like you.

"It's my elbow." You hold it up to show him but the pain flares up again and you pull it back down. "Landed on it pretty rough."

"Hmmm." He grabs your arm with magic and moves it in a few different directions, noting a few things mentally and watching your reaction. After that, he uses a different spell on your elbow, though you're not quite sure what it does. Scribbling some things down, he releases your arm back to you.

"Nothing broken, just a pretty bad bruising. Don't use that arm for a day or so and it will heal up. I know some magic that would fix such an injury on ponies, but as you're not a pony, I'd rather not risk it. Here," he says, floating a sling over your neck, "that should make it a bit more comfortable."

Curt and to the point. You can respect that.

Start suggesting actions

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Fuck the sling, we can handle a little bruise.

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Quoted by: >>10679873

If you're not familiar with this quest, the results of certain actions are decided by d10 rolls. These are perception, persuasion, and physical prowess rolls. Perception rolls are for spot checks and to detect a lie or deception. Persuasion rolls are for convincing someone to to something or believe you. Physical prowess rolls will deal with combat and other feats of strength or agility.

I will not take suggestions based on GETs, but rather consensus. There's no hard limit to how many people must agree on an action, I will take suggestions I feel fit.

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forgot trip

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"Thanks Doc."
We should rest up for the day ahead.

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Stick it in.

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You do nothing, for you realize that you cannot do the correct action, as it is already being undertaken, by Trixie! Instead, you lay back, secure in the knowledge that Trixie is making sure the world is wonderful and almost as perfect as Trixie herself. Also Trixie defeats Celestia, Luna, Chrysalis, Discord and King Sombra and marries Twilight and they live happily ever after. You get to be a bridesmaid at the wedding.

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"Is Celestia going to be alright? She took a beating in that fight back there."

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Better version.

Traxo, pls go

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>I know some magic that would fix such an injury on ponies, but as you're not a pony, I'd rather not risk it.
No risk, no fun.
Have him use the magic on us

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does he stock healing potions?

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Does he mean bruising of the skin or of the bone? Apparently bruised bones are a thing, not sure how the work though.
Either way, we should rest up nd ask more about this revolution.

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You suggest this, but the doctor shakes his head.

"I'm the doctor here, not you. It's just not worth the risk."

"Thanks doc," you say, waving to him as you and Luna exit the tent. It's been a long day, so you figure it'd be best to just get some rest. You ask Luna where you'll be sleeping.

"I'm afraid we have no sleeping bags made for a being of your size, but we'll provide what we can." She points to a cluster of tents not too far off. "Those are the soldiers' tents. Standard size, should be just large enough for you. I'll have one set up for you and you can sleep there."

"Do you think Celestia is going to be alright? She took a beating in that fight back there."

Luna scrunches her face in thought. "I surmised she'd been injured more than she let on, but my sister is quite difficult to bring down. I am sure she will be fine. She'd likely get annoyed with me if I worried."

Once at the soldier's tents, Luna grabs a guard and tells him to set up a tent and bring two sleeping bags. He rushes off to collect the supplies, leaving you standing alone with Luna. You still can't help but feel a little awkward around her. She's just so proper and serious, like if you tried to crack a joke around her she'd explode.

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Ask for pain killers. Something tells me we're going to have to use the arm before then and I want to be able to do so with minor effort.

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Try cracking a joke anyways. Just to see what happens.

...Anyone got any good jokes?

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Drop spaghetti. Ask to touch mane.

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"Hey Luna, what's brown and sticky?"

She looks at you with a deadpan stare, sending a shiver up your spine. "I'm aware of many things that are both brown and sticky. I am not sure what to answer."

"A stick."

She opens her mouth, pauses, then shuts it again. After a moment of silence, she says, "I do not understand. A stick is brown but does not stick to anything."

Great. No sense of humor. Or just really dense. The joke's failure makes the air between you just a little bit colder than it already is.

Desperate for something to occupy your attention other than the weighty uneasiness, you look around, eyes eventually landing on Luna's mane. Much like Celestia's, it's moving strangely, not conforming to the wind and, in fact, flowing in completely uniform movement, held up by some strange power. Probably magic.

"Sorry, Luna, I just can't help but be a little curious... can I touch your mane?"

"Hmm?" She looks at you in confusion. "Why
would you want to do that?"

You scratch the back of your head. "Like I said, curiosity. I've never seen anything move like that."

She considers the proposal a moment before nodding. "Very well." Stepping close to you, she presents her head. "You may touch it once."

Tentatively, you reach out, feeling the wispy hairs as they flow through your hand. The sensation is silk, but almost weightless.

The guard returns, saying the tent is ready.

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"I heard something about the 'elements of harmony' earlier. What are they?"

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Thank Luna and head off to bed.
We've got a big day of adventure ahead of us.

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Meanwhile, Trixie has just defeated Chrysalis, Mecha Chrysalis, Mecha Mega Chrysalis, and Godzilla, mighty adventures that you will never be equal to. Perhaps you should just resign from your inferior position as "protagonist" and go watch her be awesome. But of course, you won't, because that would be the perfect decision and you are imperfect.

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I hope the fact that he walked in on us touching the princess' mane doesn't make this awkward.

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You quickly withdraw your hand from Luna's mane, slapping it to the back of your head while giving the guard a cheeky smile.

"I wasn't, you know, doing anything. Just uh, petting her mane."

He raises an eyebrow, but says nothing.

You don't know whether you'd rather him stay silent or acknowledge the situation. Eager to move on, you ask Luna a question.

"So, what exactly are the 'Elements of Harmony', besides those four ponies I just met with?"

Straightening herself, Luna replies, "They are the most powerful force in this world, when together. The Elements are magical components to Harmony, which can defeat any force of chaos that rises up against it."

"Sounds cool," is all you have to offer.

"Yes, very, 'cool.'"

Silence hangs in the air, Luna saying nothing further and you having no other questions. She isn't the best at holding conversation, you figure.

"Thanks for the help, Luna. I think I best go to bed."

She nods in acknowledgement and walks back to her tent. You go with the guard, keeping to yourself, thinking about the past day. He shows you your tent which is, in fact, JUST big enough for you to lie down in. Normally, you might complain, but today, you just want to go to sleep.

Maybe tomorrow will turn out better.

[It is now morning.]

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Wake up.

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Wake up in the most glorious way.

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get up and see what everyone's up to

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With a mighty yawn, you stretch out your arms and sit up.

At least, you tried to. Your arms hit the sides of the tent before extending all the way and your face hits the top before you're able to sit up straight.


The realization of where you are comes crashing back down on you, morphing your yawn into a frown as you rub your eyes. On the bright side, it's better than finding yourself in the middle of an ambush. No one is trying to kill you... at the moment.

You free yourself from the confines of the tiny tent and get to your feet. As tall as you are, it's pretty easy to see over all the other tents and scope out where everyone is. The Elements and Celestia are eating at a wooden picnic table. Around them are several other tables, all occupied by at least a few soldiers. You see the soldier you met yesterday, Silver Shield, standing nearby and keeping watch.

Seems a bit excessive with all the other guards around.

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Lets go talk to Silver Shield! he looks like he could use some company

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Do a quick check on your bruised arm and see if it's better now.

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Talk to Silver Shield, find out what he thinks.

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Talking to someone while they are on watch. No. If we have something to talk to him about, ask him what time he gets off then talk then.

Eat food. Look into aquiring materials for a fishing pole. We are going to need meat eventually.

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Quoted by: >>10681628

You try moving your arm. It still hurts when you move it, about the same as yesterday. Maybe a little less? You can't tell for sure. At the very least, it's going to be stuck in the sling a while longer.

Chatting with Silver seems like a pretty good idea. The other ponies are busy eating and you didn't exactly make a great first impression. You wonder if he's still nervous around you or if he took Celestia's words to heart.

Strutting over, you greet him with a wave and a "Hello!"

"Uh, h-hi!" His demeanor instantly goes from stalwart guard to jell-o legs. Guess he really hasn't gotten over your presence. His ability to freak out over something like you doesn't seem like the best quality in a guard pony.

"So, how are you doing?" You keep up a smile, trying to make him at least a little more comfortable.


At this point, Celestia notices you talking with her guard. She looks up from her meal, making eye contact with you and flashing a smile before going back to it. Looks like she wants to give Silver another chance to interact with you.

"What's it like being a guard pony anyways? I've never met one." It's a true statement, if not a bit banal.

"W-well, it's pretty satisfying knowing that you're protecting the integrity of all Equestria. It's physical work, too, so I get plenty of exercise. Standing and walking all day may not seem like a big deal, but in this armor, it can get tough."

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As soon as he starts talking about his job, most of the nervousness seems to fade away. He must really enjoy it.

"Cool. Been in any battles?"

"Well, there was, uh, this one rat..."

Guess not.

"Excuse me, traveler!" Celestia calls out from the table. "Why don't you come take a seat and have some breakfast?" She motions to an empty spot next to her.

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Time to find out what's on the menu for this morning and try to bolster relationships.

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Quoted by: >>10682093

"Looks like the princess needs me. See you later, Shield."
Head over and join Celestia.

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Quoted by: >>10681990

If there's nothing but green on the menu, ask Celestia if there's some wildlife in the forest that you can hunt for meat. If any of them gets shocked by the idea of you hunting, tell them that your species must eat meat sometimes.

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You know we can get protein through more than just meat.

>> No.10682048

Meat contains things more than just protein that the human body needs.

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"Looks like the princess needs me. See you later, Shield."

He nods, going back to his duties as you walk over to Celestia. She taps the seat next to her and you sit down.

"Good morning," she says with the same gentle smile you remember seeing so many times yesterday. "How did you sleep?"

"Pretty well, I guess. Can't complain, given the situation."

She nods. "Of course. I do hope we can better accommodate you in the future. For now, perhaps breakfast would interest you? There's a good selection, and I believe our chefs could whip something up if none of its edible for you."

You gaze over the table, making note of everyone's breakfast. Oats, greens, cheese and fruit—that's about it. No meat, just like you expected. While you're not exactly a vegetarian, it wouldn't hurt to play one for now.

"Could I have a salad with some cheese and fruit thrown in? That should do well."

Celestia waves someone over and repeats your request. The steward rushes off to get your meal.

"I'm a bit relieved you have the same diet as us. I know some ponies do not take well to meat-eaters."

She says it so sincerely that you feel compelled to correct her, as much as it hurts to say.

"Actually, Celestia, I'm an omnivore. While I can live without meat, there are consequences."

You half expect her to freeze in place, maybe gape and drop food from her mouth, but her composure holds. As a ruler, she must have to be tolerant of a wide range of habits.

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Ask Celestia if she's feeling better. Like Luna said, that battle last night probably took more out of her than she let on.
Also see how the Elements are doing.

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"So what do we have on tap for today? A daring rescue mission? Infiltration, perhaps? Maybe espionage?"

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"How are you feeling? I know you did most of the heavy lifting during that ambush and took a few shots for me."

She dismisses your concern with a wave. "I'm doing quite well. Mornings always rejuvenate me, and the rest was exactly what I needed. Thank you for your concern, but I am actually more worried about you." She points to your sling. "That's new. Is something broken?"

"Nah, just bruised. It's to keep me from using my arm so it can heal faster."

Her swift change in subject makes you think Luna was probably right. You can't really blame her, though. She's supposed to be the mighty leader; how could she possibly show weakness in front of her soldiers?

Your attention shifts to the steward when he sets a bowl of food in front of you. It's exactly what you asked for, and your stomach growls in anticipation. A grin spreads on your face as you start digging in.

No utensils, of course, but you hardly care.

"So what do we have on tap for today? A daring rescue mission? Infiltration, perhaps? Maybe espionage?"

Celestia covers her mouth, giggling at your suggestion. "Nothing so dramatic. I'm sending scout parties out for the day, investigating probable hideouts. Rainbow here actually volunteered to join them."

Rainbow lifts a hoof in acknowledgement, but can't speak with her mouth full.

"What did you want me to do?"

Her smile weakens. "I'm afraid I've nothing for you to do at the moment. We just don't know enough to make decisive moves."

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"Can I train with the soldiers? If I'm going to be helping you guys, I should probably make sure I'm not just diving into all this with no preparation."
"I can also take a shift on the watch, if that's alright."

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Things seems to have died down. I'll put this on hold for now.

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I still have to catch up on some of the earlier parts.
When will you try this again? Same time tomorrow?

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