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Quest archive and previous threads: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28501521/GeneralArchive/CelestiaQuest/CelestiaQuest.html

Previously on Celestia Quest:
>Your enemy attacks the camp in force, pitting Celestia's small group of soldiers against odds they cannot defeat. You check on the Worldshards, finding one missing. In order to escape, Luna is forced to mass-teleport using the Pegasus Worldshard... but in the process, leaves Victory Rose behind. You declare your intention to go find her, and Celestia offers to come with you, much to her sister's and Steady's shock.

"I have wronged my friend, and friends make things up to each other. While I still stand by my initial choice, that does not absolve me of any fault or negative consequences. I will help you, traveler, that we make accomplish this task quickly and efficiently."

Once you mind processes her response, you're actually able to crack a smile.

Luna brings up one last protest. "Sister, there are things far more important than friendship at stake here! I enjoy his company as well, but he is only one pony! There is a greater good to be served!"

"Dear sister, tell me, what good is rescuing the Princess of Friendship if we must abandon the very thing she stands for in the process?"

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Thank Celestia.

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Grab supplies, and set out.
The more time we waste the harder it might become to find anyone.
It's not a horribly long way to the old camp from a map standpoint.

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This is my first quest, I'm glad Celestia is the one popping my cherry.

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Agree with Luna.
Celestia shouldn't be going on this quest, but you'll still need representatives of her. Grab one or two of the Elements and rescue Rose, she knows that Celestia didn't abandon her on purpose. She should understand that they'd be there on Celestia's behalf.

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grab few supplies except for the necessaries, travel light and you'll cover more ground.

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At least proofread your shit OP.

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C'mon! We're all going to die at some point, so die standing up!

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>taking anyone along
That's useless.

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What if we get ambushed, we should take someone to scout perhaps?

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Then why would we let Celestia tag along when she could be more useful elsewhere?

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The elements didn't fight.
The idea in this mission is to avoid one.

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We need something to throw at our enemy.

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She did so on her own volition.
Otherwise we'd have left alone.

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Please Anon. That's the princess you are talking about.

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We'll just run away from enemies, there's really no choice.

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Seriously, last thing we need is to, I dunno, start fucking up shit?

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"I'm not going to waste any time. If you're coming, Celestia, let's go." You spin on your heel, walking to the tent exit without waiting for a reply.

Celestia walks through the small group of ponies around her and makes to follow you.

"Sister..." says Luna, holding up a hoof.

Celestia shoots her a gentle smile. "I'll be fine, Luna. You just worry about yourself and the soldiers. If we take too long, don't hesitate to break camp. You know I can find you."

Luna swallows, nodding. It's odd to see her so bent up, but if anyone could do it, you imagine it'd be her sister.

As the two of you make for the supply tent (or what's left of it... the mass teleport only teleported about half of it), you feel several pairs of eyes following you. The soldiers are probably wondering where their leader is going. You hope none of them stop you to make a scene, but that hope is squashed when Silver trots up.

"Hey, where you off to?"

"We're going to find Rose," you say.

"R-rose? That stubborn, harsh pegasus soldier who said she's supposed to hate Celestia?"

You frown, but nod. "There's more to her than that, you know."

Silver looks to Celestia. "And you're going with him?"

"That's correct."


"Because he is my friend, and I owe him this."

"What did--" Silver zips his mouth shut, probably to avoid saying something brash. He's gained at least some ability to control himself since you've met him. Shaking his head, he says, "I should probably go, too, then."

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Celestia chose to come along herself. Also, don't forget she can fly you there. The distance back to the camp is not insignificant.

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Quoted by: >>12009389

It's entirely up to you, but remember that everything we do needs to be secretive and quiet.
We don't want an incident or a run in with anything.

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"Alright. Shall we?"

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Start flying to scout the area, just stay above the clouds for cover but enough to see the ground.

Sneaky Sneakers yo

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Quoted by: >>12009389

good point. I don't think even Dash could carry us.
Accept gratefully, but make sure he knows we're not going to try to get into any fights if we can help it.

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Quoted by: >>12009165

From your map it didn't look that great of a distance but there was no reference for how far it actually was.

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Quoted by: >>12009558

I was just thinking I need to make a reference guide. I'll post one soon.

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"It's entirely up to you, but remember that everything we do needs to be secretive and quiet. We don't want any sort of incident."

Silver nods. "Yeah. I-I can handle that."

He doesn't sound too sure, but you don't want to question him. It's hard to tell whether or not he's still holding a grudge.

The three of you get to the supply tent and take stock of everything. There's a fair amount of food and water, as well as some weapons, though you hardly need the latter. You just need to figure out how much to take and how much to leave at camp, given at least half was lost in the battle and resulting teleport.

"By my estimate, there are about twenty soldiers left, including my sister and the Elements. We can comfortably take enough food and water for three ponies for one day and leave enough for the camp. Two days and we'd likely be cutting into a few meals, but nothing a little rationing can't help. Three days and somep0ny here may go hungry for a little while. We should not consider taking more than that," says Celestia.

"I can probably get along fine a day or two without food," says Silver.

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Quoted by: >>12009963

We'll be fine without it for a while too, ration it.

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Quoted by: >>12009963

Ration it.

Take perhaps more water than food, you can survive off water way longer than food.

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Quoted by: >>12009963

Check inventory. Do we still have that mouthblade thing? Might be a good idea to take that along if it's not too big

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Jesus christ.
That would mean Canterlot is a ridiculius space away from Ponyville in the show.

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>60 miles.

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And think About it, Celestia can pull it off with seeming ease in Lesson Zero.

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Quoted by: >>12009760

The 'official' map is not to scale, and it also requires a not-insignificant train ride to get from Ponyville to Canterlot.

Plus, you know, cartoon and all.

The entirety of this map is about the size of Texas.

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Ponies manage that flight from Canterlot to Ponyville pretty easily
That's too far for walking distance obviously.
We'll fly, preferably at night even though we won't have a direction to follow, it would be clandestine.

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You figure it'd be best to leave most of it with the camp. "We should take plenty of water, but leave more food here. How's enough water for two days sound? Can we get there and back in that time?"

Celestia nods. "I can make it there by the end of today if I push it." Looking to Silver, she asks, "Are you capable of that?"

"Yeah." He swallows, but reinterates his confidence. "Yeah, I can keep up."

"Alright, then."

You've still got the funky snout sword that you took from the enemy soldier Rose knocked out, though it's a little awkward to hold due to the grip. The supply tent has a few short swords with sheaths, as well as spears. You grab a short sword, seeing as it's only slightly shorter, has a sheath and is easier for you to hold. Picking up the weapon earns a disapproving glance from Silver, though.

"I think it's time to head out," you say.

Your small party leaves the supply tent and walks to the edge of the rudimentary camp. Taking one last look at the camp, you lay a hand on Celestia's back. She turns at the touch, looking to you, then follows your gaze. There's a tinge of guilt in leaving them as they are, but you need to find Rose. Besides, Celestia wouldn't offer to come if she didn't have confidence in their ability to care for themselves.


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Silver hovers over to you. "We might not want to wait around."

"Yeah." You hop up onto Celestia's back, getting comfortable before patting her neck to tell her you're ready. Silver takes to the air and Celestia bends her legs, preparing to launch herself up. Before she does, however, she whispers to you, "You know, you don't have to look brave for anyone. That's my job."

With that, she lifts off in a flurry of wings and wind. You hold on tight, not interested in the roller coaster experience you had last time.

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Quoted by: >>12010553

Overlook the area, try moving towards the last location they were in.

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Quoted by: >>12010675

Memories of your first flight atop Celestia come rushing back, along with a familiar anxiety. It's true you feel a little more comfortable riding her, but you're still completely unsecured except for your deathgrip on her neck. You keep your breaths even and low, trying to calm yourself down. Eventually, Celestia settles into an steady pace, allowing you to relax yourself just a bit.

Her speed is incredible; much faster than your first experience flying, but she holds her balance with breath-taking skill. She starts out at a low altitude, just over the trees. However, you decide it'd be best to get a look of the surrounding area. You lean forward and talk directly into her ear over the roar of the wind.

"Do you think we can go a bit higher, get an idea of where we are and what's around us?"

"I wouldn't advise it," she yells back. "I can scan the area with my magic to detect any threats and if we go much higher, we'll be easy to spot!"

You pat her neck to acknowledge her statement. As you soar through the air, squinting into the wind, you watch her face. It's passive, like before in the tent, where she chose to hide whatever she was thinking behind the guise of a princess. Typically, you see her with that cute little smile, but now it doesn't even look like she's focused, just... out there.

Silver yells at you and you look over to him. He waves, making sure you're alright. Must've zoned out there.

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Wave back.

Let's hope this doesn't blow up in our faces...

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Quoted by: >>12010851

Please we have magic radar pony.
What could possibly go wrong?
Just don't fall off mid wave...

>> No.12010851

Leaning into Celestia to make sure you don't fall, you return the wave. Even hunched down as you are, you feel yourself start to slip from her back. Your hand darts back to Celestia's neck, gripping even harder than before. She turns around, probably after feeling the shift in balance.

"Are you alright?"

"Y-yeah. I'm good. Just zoned out for a bit."

"Something on your mind?"

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Quoted by: >>12011233

"Just a bit anxious..."

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Thinking about flight.

>> No.12011233

"Just a bit anxious." Celestia raises an eyebrow, as if asking for more. "You know, about flying. Still not quite used to it."

"I can always go slower..."

"No." The shakiness leaves your voice on that. "No, we need to get to Rose as fast as possible. It's already been too long. Don't worry about me."

She shakes her head but turns back around. "You saying that only makes me wonder more."

"I appreciate it, really, but I'm fine." You glance over to Silver, making sure he's not in earshot and lean forward to talk into Celestia's ear. "How about you?"

"I'm... managing. This isn't exactly the first time something dire has happened in Equestria, though it is the first time it has involved serious conflict amongst its people. At least, as long as my sister and I have ruled." She stops there. From what you can tell, talking about the past conflicts is one of the few things she isn't comfortable discussing. It's possible she's unsure about whether she handled things right, or the memories are simply distressing when compared to the general peace these ponies seem to live in when dragons and rebellion aren't a problem.

"I am curious," she says, "why are you so set on finding Victory? She may be a potential ally, but she doesn't seem to have much motivation to help us, nor does she seem interested in our cause."

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More than just being a friend, some of the attackers at the camp had mentioned something that has left me with questions.

>> No.12011337

That's exactly why we have to fight her. She's a potent fighting force, and ponies rally around her naturally. Even if we don't have her on our side, that's much better than having her thinking she was abandoned and having her against us.
We don't want her as an enemy.

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Quoted by: >>12011435

find, not fight. We DON'T want to fight her, is my point

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Quoted by: >>12011604

"She's my friend."

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Quoted by: >>12011671

I think he understood.
You wouldn't have to proof-read as much if you'd condense your posts.

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Quoted by: >>12011671

"Some of the attackers at the camp had mentioned something that has left me with questions."

"Curiosity, then?" She glances back at you. "Are all of your species possessed with such powerful curiosity? You're going quite a ways to satiate it."

You shake you head. "It's not just that. I want to find her to give her a reason to fight for us, to interest her in our case. She's a potent fighting force and ponies rally around her naturally. Even if we don't have her on our side, that's much better than having her thinking she was abandoned and having her against us. We don't want her as an enemy."

"So you want her to fight for us? That is not without some merit, but I am not sure victory lies within the hooves of a single pony. As useful as it may be to have her on our side, is it worth the risk of going out there to find her?"

Lowering your forehead to her neck, you take a deep breath, consider her words. Technically, Rose isn't any sort of guaranteed ally, and even if she does help, how much will she affect this struggle? You're risking yourself, Silver and Celestia to find her. Why are you so determined?

"She's my friend."

"Ah," Celestia says, smiling. "Now that makes perfect sense."

Have to cut this one a little short. Resuming Saturday at 12pm (noon) Central American Time like always.

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I-I'll do better next time I promise
even if I'm not entirely sure what you mean by condensing
Thanks for the quest, see you next Saturday!

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There's one anon that makes posts as long as SA's
If he could find a way to say more with less that'd be swell.

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Quoted by: >>12011929

Mine was only like three lines. Is that too much?

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