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Those statues aren't going to collect themselves.
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It may be.
You put them away in your bag.
Surely nothing bad could come from this!

Is it time to sleep?


I suppose so.
let's try to sleep and not have any nightmares.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You have no nightmares… but sadly no dream message from your friend near Vanhoover either.

You wake up in the morning, fresh and ready to go!


Then its time for breakfast, and a flight home.
Check all my possessions, to make sure nothing left during the night.


Yep, you've got everything!
You even see the maid again, along with the other staff, heading to the kitchen as they prepare to have breakfast too!
The butler greats you.
"Good morning, sir. Had a nice and restful night, I hope? May I offer a hot beverage?"


"Yes, I'd like to have breakfast actually." I reply with a sleepy smile.


He nods.
"You may take a seat in the dining room then, if you have already left your room. I shall bring you a meal."


"I'll be waiting." I reply and go wait at the dining table, setting my bag under it.


Soon enough, the butler pony shows up, setting down the platter in front of you.
"I have brought you a selection so you may choose what you wish to eat and drink."
You see a cup of coffee, a cup of warm water with a little metal egg so you can pick from four varieties of tea, there is also a glass of orange juice, a small pitcher of milk, either to put into the drinks or be drunk on it's own…
And then the food!
Toasts, baked beans, two different butters, cheese, a variety of vegetables!


"This looks amazing." I compliment it, and take some of each of the foods, and the most exotic looking tea.


You drink some of the tea that is labeled 'Islander Delight'.
Even as you drink it you feel…
Some tingling in your muscles. As if the tea had some herbs in it that made you more springy and agile, at least temporarily!


Oh. Interesting.
Once I eat my fill of tasty breakfast.
I'll head out to the door.


The clouds from yesterday are still hanging around, but are broken up in some places, either because the weather pegasi just don't patch it or it is designed to let some light through.
It is not raining by now either, only dripping ever so slightly.


'1d10' fly into the clouds, and hop from cloud to cloud at random before appearing to dash to the west and diving into a cloud. Watch what happens.

Roll #1 2 = 2


You fly up and over the cloud curtain, hopping from cloud to cloud, making sure that you are plenty visible from below the ground when you hop over the little breaks in the grey curtain of the sky.
Once you've done that for a while, you manage to fly into a particularly thick part of the clouds, hiding in wait… although your white coat would serve better here than the black.
Still, as you lie motionless, you see an inconspicuous weather pegasus stallion fly off to the west too…


Slow float this cloud to the east, near some taller buildings. '1d10+1' pegasus cloud handling

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


You coast it over the skyline of the city with the tall buildings, but all that clou handling and squeezing makes you rather wet with the precipitation that was inside it.


That's okay. Try to sneakily fly out and land on a roof.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You manage to sneakily land one the flat roof of one of the buildings!
However, just as you are about to leave, a door swings open and a trio of earth ponies who are talking to each other, carrying toolboxes as saddlebags and wearing hard hats come up… oh, they must be doing some maintenance on the roof.
The one at the front looks at you crossly, pointing at a nearby triangular sign that has crossed out wings.
"Hey, asshole! Don't you see the sign? This is private property, not a perch for pegasi and griffins! Dumbass featherbrains, thinking they can just go anywhere because they can fly!"


"Sorry.. I had a fight with my lady, and just flew without thinking.." I explain with a sigh and move aside to the edge of the roof flapping my wings slowly.


"Well boo-hoo!" intones one of the earth pony mares.
He doesn't seem to be very touched.
"Yeah, off you go! Before I call the guards on you for tresspassing!"


Go on then, fly to the street level.


You can definitely see that ponies are a lot more self-centered and rude here, as opposed to your home.
Still, you don't feel like anypony could have kept track of you after all of this!
You're down in the hustle and bustle of the steets!


Still… just to be sure, go into an alley and remove my disguise. Should be easier now that I'm slightly damp too.


Good thing you also nicked that hoof-polish remover bottle from the mansion.
Nopony will notice, right?
In a matter of a few minutes, you are yourself again with your pretty white coat!


Great. Now, I can go peacefully toward her place.
'1d10' keep watching for anyone following.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You move fast and unnoticed, and you check around you at every twist and turn…

The only thing following you is your shadow, you're sure of it!

You arrive at the large brick house too.


Time to take a few cautious steps up.
And knock on the door.


You take a deep breath after finding the right door to steel yourself, then knock.

At first, there's a few seconds of nothing…
Then you hear heavy hoofsteps.

A slightly fat, balding earth pony stallion opens the door, looking you over with contempt.
"I'm not interested in buying anything!"


"I'm actually looking for a mare who used to live here.. She has crystal eyes."


His expression softens immediately.
"Oh, you're looking for Miss Evgenia?"
Miss?… does that mean nopony knew she was married to your father?
He shakes his head.
"Sorry pal, she has moved from here seven or eight years ago."
He motions with his head.
"I can try and find the address she left, I know I have it somewhere."


"That would be great. Anything would help."


He invites you inside as he talks.
Despite his initial appearance, it seems that all the rooms are very well kept! You also see an old lady sleeping in a rocking chair with a smile on her face.
"Haven't heard anything about her for years. Used to exchange letters with her, y'know, she even sent me pastries sometimes. She got me this place and a chance at my dream job, so I was sad when we stopped exchanging letters."
He walks to a drawer and starts leafing through papers.


"Really? Where do you work?"


"There is a little woodwork shop nearby, I work there to make toys. They are lovely, and we have a very talented mare who paints them once I craft them."
He keeps leafing through the papers.


"That sounds very nice." I reply politely, staying back as he shuffles through the papers.


He finalle takes out a large paper.
"Ah, here we go!"
He hands it to you.
It's a… map as well as being an address?
"Here you go! Don't be scared, it's not hard to find, but it's not a city she lives in!
It's some castle she found work at, north of the Tall Mountains and Hollow Shades."


Examine the paper intently.
"You mind if I keep this for a while? I'll bring it back later, promise."


He nods.
"Oh, I think I have another copy somewhere, feel free to keep it!"


"Thanks a lot. I really hope she remembers me." I say half in a daze, tucking the map away safely and walk outside again.


"Uh…I'm sure she does. Send her my regards!"
The pony waves you off and closes the door behind you…

Well, you're glad to know she lives in a much nicer place now, at least.


"I will."
Now.. the tall mountains, hollow shades.. do I know where they are? how are they?


The Tall Mountain is the center, highest peak of the Foal mountains, lying between Canterlot and Fillydelphia. Hollow shades is just north of the Mountains in a dark forest, and you hear rumours quite a few of batponies live there.

It's proximity to Canterlot makes you think it's probably a nice and safe place.


Whew. Okay. I can relax then.
I'm gonna fly toward.. Shit all this is so distracting, I need to get to that Mercenary today too. I better go there first.


It's only a two-hour flight if you get your shit together quick and use one of the wind-channels.


Take the fast route. '1d10' flying roll

Roll #1 8 = 8


With some luck and your agile flying skills, you manage to skim it down to only an hour and a half!
It's not even noon by the time you arrive!


OkayOkay. I need to disguise as a police pony '1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


It's not a perfect disguise, but looks close enough like the cloth uniform you saw Lockbox wear in the office!


It will do for now.
Go to the Emerald ponies office.

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