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Wheels still spinning

As you are in uptown near the palace, you can see the university clock tower from here. The piping office isn't immediately obvious though. You take a moment to search and notice, across the square, there is indeed a building with some large pipes.

Municipal Water Reserve

Hmm, maybe this was the building the pony was talking about?

Being lost in your thoughts - trying to shut out the idea that you are Southern to the core - makes it easy to go numb and ignore your body. Blackpaw finishes scrubbing you and washing you. He pulls you out and dresses you. Yesterday, all of this might have felt like a violation of privacy, but you don't have the energy to protest.

You're left to your thoughts, sitting still on the couch. You smell like a steel mill.

In any case, it doesn't take her long to recognize Cumin in the robe. "The prodigal prince returns! Do you need some more dresses 'for the palace maids'?"

Cumin turns red. "N-no! P-lease, don't! Don't tease me. I, uh… brought you a new customer. I didn't think you would s-spread rumors…"

"Of course not darling. Is he ready for his measurements?"

"S-stop! S-she's my, uh… s-special somepony."

"Oh? This should be fun, then. Come on back."

"Maybe… it's a little disconcerting though… I'm not in the business of hurting anypony, I used to be a nurse."

She gathers herself on the couch and straightens a picture frame housing a bullet on the wall, which had been knocked askew during the shouting.
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You can't food coma yet, you're so close! Within striking distance now!

>3/8 Chocolate cake
>1/4 Sugar cookie


Giggle at the remark.
"Well, some tales have a truth to them. Are there mountains nearby?"


"You can't see it very well now because the island has been overtaken by trees, but this whole island is almost like one great slope up the mountainside. The city which has ports on the western edge where it meets the water once extended all the way up into the great mountains of the west. A city that took up an entire island, quite incredible if you ask me. Supposedly, the mountains are where the highest class of the city lived, where they could look down on the others. That's where the old palace would be, too, I imagine."


I can overcome this! I'll just work off the weight before the wedding.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Consume the rest.
Make sure I don't have any crumbs or stains on the dress or around my mouth.
Then slouch over on the chair and digest.


Incredible! After finally stuffing the last of the chocolate cake in your mouth, you call for your attendant. She looks quite surprised!

"I've never seen a bride eat the whole spread! Would you like to meet the chefs? They would be greatly honored to greet you in person, I think!"


"Just… just give me a moment to let everything settle. It would be insulting if it all left me prematurely, after all! But yes, I'd love to meet them. I've got so many question on how they made these desserts!"


"That won't be necessary, your grace. This is an opportunity to become familiar with your litter. Did you have one back in your own city? If not, it is something you will need to get used to."


"That is amazing, actually." I agree. "A whole palace used to be up there?"


"So the legends go, though no one has managed to get that high in the mountains. A few pegasi adventurers have flown by, but they said they got a bad feeling when they descended near the trees. In some ways, Mother Nature is the most powerful Goddess, isn't she? Able to reclaim the world with such ease the moment civilization pulls back?"


I'll shake my head.
"I'm afraid having servants at all is still a new experience to me. I'm still going to ask them a few things, since I do a fair bit of cooking myself. Though it will likely be turned into a hobby instead of a necessity."
Smile a bit.
"Thank you, by the way, miss…?"


"Its only the view of selfish ponies that they ever owned the world in the first place."


"I am the maid assigned to your room while you're staying here, your grace. My name is Root Fallow, and I'm one of the daughters of Sir Field Fallow VII, the Majordomo of this palace. Our family has served House Hatfield since its earliest days, when they displaced the McCoy dynasty."

With that, she summons your litter. It's sort of like a big pillowy cushion chair, mounted on poles so it can be more easily carried by two stallionservants. It looks comfy, and once you're loaded on you can visit the kitchens without any need to feel queasy! Balance may be a thing you need to master, but such are the challenges of a princess.


He nods approvingly. "Quite right, quite right. Dogs claimed it first, ponies shouldn't think it belongs to them! They barely even use the ground, they're just using the surface of it and never even look below."


"Speaking of ponies, what were you and that mare talking about?"


Smile brightly.
"Thank you, Root Fallow. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."
And I'll settle myself into the litter after greeting the carriers. Even if they are professionals who do their work without complaint, it never hurts to be polite.



"Ahaha, she's about as ugly as a mare, isn't she? But no, she's a Shiban like me. Oh, what did I do to be stuck with her? But you know, you can't choose who you live, can you? No, we were just arguing about the same old things - money, dishes, a lack of puppies. I think it's pretty clear at this point we're not having any, unless we suddenly learn we've been using the wrong body parts all these years!"


For the first time in… maybe ever? you feel like an actual princess. Stomach stuffed with sweets, wearing a fancy dress, being carried through a glorious palace down to meet your professional chefs. If you understood the tradition right, you've either won the right to choose from any of them, or maybe you get all of them!

You head down past the main floor to the first basement level, and head directly under the kitchen. It's amazing how sprawling this place is, with more stations than you care to count. A grumpy looking ram is barking out orders to staffers, who are really only cleaning dishes now. Root Fallow ran ahead and lined up the dessert chefs for your inspection, though.
An oddball assortment.

One is a hulking diamond dog missing his right eye and a limp in the left leg. He doesn't say much, but just gives a nod of respect and adds: "Cheese cake, lemon bars."

There are a couple here - they look like boy and girl twins, and so young too, maybe twelve years old! They remind you a bit of your brother and yourself. Stiffly and simultaneously, they bow and speak as one! "We did the cookies! Sugar cookies, chocolate chip, and cream vanilla!"

There's a strange, fluffy creature here, that's so wonderfully tall and exotic! It's like a sheep with an enormous neck! "Hi, Princess! I did the candies! I hope you loved them! They're so sugary and GOOD!"

And wow, gosh, there's a hijabed pony from those exotic Arabic countries so far away. In her thick accent, she informs you, "Your supreme grace, I am the one who cooked the candied apples, and the oatmeal raisin cookies. These apples are a special sentiment of my homeland, the United Apple Emirates. Perhaps you know the sprawling large Apple family, which finds its roots even here in Equestria."

Though… that leaves the chocolate cake. Root interjects: "The chocolate cake was a control, it was baked by our Head Chef, Lord Ramsay. His was the baseline to measure against, to make sure all the other dessert chefs were still at least that good."


I blush "Oh! Apologies. Sometimes I get the larger species confused. " I lie a bit but bow to him. "Please forgive me."


"Don't worry about it. Buy a drink, if you like. Maybe get the old woman off my case."


"I just might, play me something classical." I cheerfully reply and go to the counter again.


"Well, I daresay each chef matched that standard."
I'll smile at the assembled dessert chefs.
"Those were the most delicious desserts I have ever had the pleasure of eating. I don't know how they expect me to choose just one or two of you."


He puts on a more upbeat 'hoedown' theme, making the bar a little more lively


Well, maybe this wasn't the kind of classic you were thinking of, but it must be a classic to someone!


"Something for you, dear? Or you prefer Equestrian? Doggish?"


This is very different than back home, I better try to enjoy it as much as I can!
'1d10' rolling to see how I like country music.
"Neighponese is fine Miss. What sort of drinks do you carry?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


Surprisingly, the Apple speaks on behalf of the chefs, and replies, "We are most honored to have one with an appetite and culinary appreciation to enjoy our meals fully. I am certain the Head Chef will set side many cooks for you and ensure your dishes are much larger at meals. I know that Baldric was very pleased you ate his entire cheesecake, although he is not good with Equestrian language, this was an experimental dish for him, and he would like to make you a special milkshake for the road when you leave for your game. This is exotic dessert food liquid, like creamy ice. The twins would also like to thank you, for it has been so long since there has been an eater voracious enough in the palace to warrant Chef Ramsay allowing them an opportunity to cook. Normally they are held in reserve and cannot cook for real guests, so you have brought them great joy with the opportunity, and they hope you eat many large meals to come. I don't think I need to–"

She is interrupted by the strange fuzzy one who can't hold himself in any longer and shouts out: "OH I'M SO EXCITED TO HAVE A NEW FACE TO COOK FOR! This is going to be so much FUN princess!"

After the outburst, she nods. "I think you gather the picture, we are very grateful for your large stomach. Please, visit our kitchens whenever you may."

It seems you aren't going to have to worry about selecting just one or two, there are plenty of cooks to go around.


"If you are from Neighpon, you may like our selection of teas. We have three flavor of black, or 'red' tea as you may call it, and two green. And some of our more adventurous guests like a mix of two or more. That being said, we've got everything from hard Musdog seastout to extremely exotic 'pop' from the land beyond the Canals. If you're feeling less adventurous, we also have water and fruit juice. The fruit is fresh - we have a bit of a problem with fruit bats, so it's daily squeezed."


I'll giggle a bit and smile widely.
"So long as you don't mind me borrowing a corner to practice my own hoof at cooking every once in a while, as it's a bit of a passion of mine, I will be taking you up on that offer as often as is sensible."


"Pop? I've never had one, bring me a glass please." I request politely.


"Normally a bride would select one of the dessert chefs for her wedding to direct the construction of the wedding cake, but it is clear that one wedding cake won't be enough for your appetite, regardless of its size. I will speak to Chef Ramsay about giving you some more options, but you need not worry about going hungry on your wedding day. Now, we must clean, but perhaps you would enjoy touring the herb garden."

Root nods. "Yes, we can go through the greenhouses, there's time. Would you like to see the materials you have to work with before you leave for the game, Princess?"

She pours a glass from a special tap. The drink seems alive, moving on its own with bubbles and pops and fizz! It's like one of your alchemy mixtures! The top is totally fuzzed over in bubble foam!

"Don't worry - it's supposed to act like that!"


"Oh, Interesting." I am gonna, sip on it carefully, like you would a tea.


"Oh, I'd love to!"
I'll just… not mention my ice box that can preserve foodstuffs for now. I hope they don't overdo it on the cake…
"Oh, and be sure to pass my thanks along to Chef Ramsay, as well! Even if it was just as a standard-setter, it was wonderful. It would be rude of me not to thank him for his work."


It still pops and fizzles in your mouth! It's strongly acidic, but deliciously sugary. What a strange and foreign drink!

No wonder where it got its name from.


Your trollop through the greenhouses is not terribly long, since you have a game to catch, but your litter keeps a brisk pace, stopping only for you to sample various fruits (the healthy foods surely balancing out all that sugar from before). Fresh apples, bananas, potatoes, yams, eggplants, and even crystal corn from the now-not-so-distant-North. The only thing that would've made it better is if you had a chance to eat some meat too, but apparently Baldric's fishing pond is a little too far from the greenhouses and would have made you late.

Soon your food tour is over, and your stallionservants help transfer you into the carriage to the stadium, so that you needn't move too much after stuffing yourself. Though Root waves goodbye for now, your two carriers and litter ride on the back of the carriage. Apparently, there will be stairs at the stadium to get up to your place in the "Box". If you like, you can take a nap now, or you can look out the windows at the city as you go through it.


Oh, and your milkshake is passed in through the window so you can suck on it while you decide whether or not to nap.


Common sense demands a nap, but I'm a mare in a new city. I have to look.
I'll thank whomever passed it in.
Then silently wonder how fat I'm going to get if I don't keep up a proper exercise routine.


The delicious, sweet liquid is just the cooling you need to hit the spot on a warm day like this. Just as you swallow the cherry from the top, you pass through a lower class 'ghetto' called "Hooflem", full of Zebra and Earth Pony immigrants from the distant lands in the Southeast. You wonder if that Apple chef clawed her way up from this area of Manehattan. Soon, though, you've passed the gloom and arrived at the gloriously large stadium! Your servants move you back onto your litter and up some countless number of stairs. Exercise or no, you're filled with a sense of relief that you don't have to challenge these. It would be exhausting, even at your best.

Soon, though, you're deposited in your "Box" - a special room near the top of the stadium that can see everything. There's an open bar and buffet with another spread of food, and your servants join up with Cumin's. Looks like it's just the two of you so far, maybe the others are getting here later.

Since your litter is essentially a chair filled with pillows, there's no need to move at all, you're in a perfect position near the glass to see the game, and reach to your side to grab refreshments from the buffet. You've been set next to Cumin's litter, and he hugs you in greeting.

"I-it's really good to see you Marina. I'm really relieved to see you're alright! And… I feel calmer when you're near."

He sets a bucket of some strange food between you – "This is a traditional food to eat when watching a game or show, it's called popcorn. It's really good, and s-sometimes, you share it with a pony you care about. I mean, one bucket, and you both reach in… and your hooves touch."


How fun.
"Oh, I need to show my friend this, give me another glass please."


"Be careful not to spill it, it's a little feisty."

She pours you another glass.


"Thankyou" I should carry this back to our table..


Titter a little.
"Oh? Sounds like the perfect snack for a couple."
I'll give him a small kiss on the cheek, then smile.
I wonder what unicorns usually do when confronted with popcorn. Since they use magic to lift things, would they use their hooves just for the novelty?


No doubt Cumin is certainly going to be using his hoof for the sake of touching yours.

Even though the box is pretty spacious and even has a raised area behind you for a second row of litters, the only one to join you in the end before the game is Cumin's father, the brother of the Duke. You don't think you ever got his name, but then he didn't speak much at the meeting before. His servants go group up with the others, who are chatting nonchalantly by the snacks in case anyone calls for one.

They set Cumin's father down on the side opposite of Cumin, but after giving Cumin a hug of greeting, he smiles at you. "You've made a very good impression, you know. I think the Duke is very happy with you as a bride, speaking frankly."


"Frankly speaking, my lord, I'm happy to have made such an impression. I was incredibly nervous."
I'll smile slightly, and glance at Cumin.
"But it helped calm me having Cumin there."


You get a bite of the popcorn. It's coated in sugary-sweet caramel, but it's deliciously spongy on its own!

He shakes his head. "Not that, I mean, you did well at the luncheon, too, but after that. You got a good word from my wife, and I'm told you finished the dessert spread, that's very impressive, and the Duke will surely take notice. Honestly, from what you ate at lunch, I think he was worried you hiding an athletic streak."

Things are probably coming together in your head, now. You recall he wanted you to disrobe - not to see how fishy you were, but how much muscle you had on you.

"The interest of the ruling family is to accept a match which won't produce offspring which could be a threat to their inheritance. Because you're not just a priestess, but also royal in your own right, there were concerns that if you had a strong, genetically gifted child, they might one day become a Pretender."


"Oh! Oh, I see. Well, aside from trying to maintain my figure, there's little fear of me hiding anything like that."
I'll blush slightly.
"And the desserts really were quite lovely. I couldn't help but finish them!"
I'll readjust my seating so I'm on a more level eyeline with Cumin's father.
"And regardless of the potential giftedness of our future children, I wouldn't even dream of disrupting the succession of the house. I would be willing to swear that on my entire line, if necessary."


He shrugs. "It's not really a matter of whether you would or wouldn't. When I married your mother, I swore I wouldn't ever claim the throne of Hatsfield, but father wanted to be sure that Cumin wouldn't - well, before Cumin was born. After he was born, no one was too worried about that."

Cumin flushes red and stuffs a hoofful of popcorn in his mouth.

His father finishes, "In any case, my advice to you is to stop worrying about your figure until after the wedding, your clothes can be adjusted, or new ones will be bought for you. If you spend your days in the kitchens, no one will think your genes are any danger. Then, once your marriage is consummated and unbreakable, do what you wish. For what it's worth, I think you seem like a polite young woman. Maybe even a little TOO good for Cumin, but love isn't something easily controlled!"



"No, it certainly isn't. But I'd not trade him for anyone in the world."
I'll set my hoof over Cumin's.
"And you can expect me to be in the kitchen sooner rather than later, as I've got so many questions for those chefs! Especially Baldric. The cheesecake he made was simply wonderful!"


"Baldric… the diamond dog, right? Yes, he works on some of the more exotic dishes, meats and cheeses. Not for everyone. Right… you're a carnivore of course. So it shouldn't be a surprise you like is food."

Cumin leans in and shyly kisses you, and feeds you some more popcorn. Soon, the game begins!

It's a little confusing to watch, but it was good bonding. Pause


I'll just make sure to not step on his hoof or anything

No no, I need ghost mushrooms, you know, flat cap, transparent?…

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